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2023.06.08 20:48 deelyte3 Looking for insight. It’s lengthy, so thanks in advance for reading.

I have been working on a business for two years. I have a business partner who is a financial backer.
Over the course of the two years, the following has happened: the first 6 months were spent researching one avenue of revenue, but we ultimately opted for another. I.e., we thought of processing one thing, but logistics and regulations drove us to another (market).
My partner has a lot of money. Has even had gall enough to say “I’m rich”. He has two cars, but only one parking spot.
During the first summer, I drove to Virginia (from Toronto, Ontario) for a two day workshop about the specifics of using the machine we purchased ($27,000 CDN).
When I returned, he told me to keep the car, as I’d need it for business. I asked him, later, what he was going to do with the car ultimately. He said he’d keep it for a few years and then probably give it to me. (The car is over 20 years old, has 150,000 k. It runs pretty well, but it does need work).
At one point he suggested that I should “draw a salary” from the business. He suggested $3,000 / month. I live quite lean, and, as of last years’ personal taxes, I took a total of $17,000 from the business account when necessary. I hold a part time job to offset needing to do so.
Two times during this two year period, my partner was away - once in Cabo and once in Bahamas. He invited me to come with him but both times I had to cancel due to Covid -imposed restrictions.
Late 2021, I experience an issue with my machine, and because of backlogs of materials, I did not receive a replacement part for 7 weeks, during which time my sister died of cancer.
In summer of 2022, he abruptly took his car back for his daughter to give his son driving lessons (?). That was 3 weeks, and I had to cancel social arrangements out of the city (visiting a cottage, summer camp reunion).
In late 2023, more machine issues, and because it is a highly specialized machine, there was a lot of work in finding someone who could properly assess and repair.
In January of 2023, I booked a booth at a trade show as a launch. It was a good start; made some professional connections. No sales. He said he was going to attend, but never did and only told me so when I texted to ask where he was.
In April of 2023, he took the car back again for his newly-licensed 17 year old child to use. Said it would be 3 weeks. It’s been 7 weeks, during which time I have had to pick up supplies, deliver an order, and get other business-related things accomplished. I did these things via transit and Lyft.
In late May, I held an open house at my office for industry people. It was my partner’s suggestion. I orchestrated the whole thing, and invited nearly 200 people. He said he was coming, but by then the second day, with two hours left, I again messaged him to see where he was, whereupon he informed me that he wasn’t coming because he was out of town dealing with a personal emergency. No details on that.
I was supposed to get the car back the next day to make a delivery. When asked about it, he said he’d give it back to me when he returned. No details about that.
I asked “when will that be?” He replied “Sunday”.
Sunday came and went and on Monday I messaged him. He didn’t reply until Tuesday with: Hi l am thinking , the car needs a ton of work, and depending on the amount, may not be worth it. WRT to the business, l am pretty unclear it will work, l can meet with you this weekend to discuss. I am in a very dark and sad place , nothing to do with you, but you should know.”
I wrote “That’s a pretty abrupt declaration. I know the car needs work. I have been making all kinds of arrangements regarding [the business] including hiring a social media pro and we have mapped out a schedule for promotional videos and information to be imparted. If you are without hope for it, well, then you let me know. Whatever you’re going to do to with the car, that’s fine. I’d love to be able to use it until then.”
Not wanting to wait until the weekend, I called instead in the evening, but he was unable to talk. I’m calling again tonight (Thursday).
He has many investments on the go (says he) that are in the millions, that have been in the works for years.
Please, if I’m unclear on anything, just ask for clarification. Otherwise, any insight?
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2023.06.08 20:47 HauntingIron3087 Long Method transition - water additives?

Hi! Question about doing the Long Method of transition from soil to semi hydro — which I understand to be cleaning off a plant’s soil roots and plopping them in water for a bit to shed and/or sprout new water roots before they’re substrate-ready.
What additives do you recommend for the water during this period? Are additives necessary? Does it depend on the plant?
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2023.06.08 20:47 No-Yogurtcloset8960 Need help on ICE 1

Need help on ICE 1
What does this mean and why is the train relentlessly shouting at me in German
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2023.06.08 20:46 2sonsAndAStar Hi. Can someone enlighten me what does this odometer record is all about? My friend toldme its just the mileage it run from its last passing was too high and doesnt mean its tampered.Is my friend right?

Hi. Can someone enlighten me what does this odometer record is all about? My friend toldme its just the mileage it run from its last passing was too high and doesnt mean its tampered.Is my friend right? submitted by 2sonsAndAStar to dubai [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 20:46 Creslin321 Cornell West’s announcement makes me incredibly cynical and suspicious

You’ve probably heard that Cornell West announced that he is running for President with “The Peoples’ Party…” also known as the party of Jimmy Dore. A complete grifter joke of a party that, unsurprisingly wants to stop supporting Ukraine.
And before this, I thought Cornell West was an intelligent, articulate, genuine person with a good message and an honest heart who was excellent at communicating with all kinds of people. But after seeing him jump on the people’s party, and talk about how he’s going to tell us the “truth about Ukraine…” man my respect for him just completely plummeted.
How can he square his life’s work of acceptance and love with having a policy of allowing Russia to just slaughter Ukrainians and destroy their culture? It just makes him look like he was playing a long grift the entire time.
And I don’t think it’s irrational to think that somewhere along the line, this party has been influenced by Russian agents. I mean, Russia has to know that the only way they will eke out some kind of victory is if the US stops financing Ukraine’s war effort. And the best way to make that happen is to make sure that Biden loses…so OF COURSE Russia would be all for someone like Cornell West running third party as a spoiler candidate, and spreading anti-Ukraine propaganda while he does it.
Oh and we also have Tucker Carlson’s new show, which is a blatantly anti-Semitic, anti-Ukraine power hour.
It just makes you wonder how much of the American political fringe is directly or indirectly influenced by Russian agents. It seems conspiratorial and crazy, but we already know they do this kind of thing.
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2023.06.08 20:46 SevereFlorality Discovering that I’m stupid broke me

I was always considered to be extremely intelligent. I was always ahead of children my age - when I was 6, in kindergarten, I would be reading medical books instead of interacting with children and all adults (except for my parents) always praised me for my intelligence. Even in secondary school my physics teacher started rambling about how intelligent I am in the middle of the class because I got shy when she told me that my project was fantastic (it was absolutely embarrassing I wanted to disappear from the room), even though I had mediocre grades from this subject on that level (all B’s).
(Now, shortly: in my country, you get into highschool based on your points. Points = points from your final exams from secondary school added to your final grades from secondary school and eventual addictional activities/achievements. Classes in our highschools are strictly profiled: for example classes with extended biology-chemistry-maths or maths-physics-english etc.)
I got into the best class in my region. Actually, I was supposed to be in a different class, but you can always write a document to a headmaster, asking whether there is a room for a new student in a different class and they will most likely transfer you and that’s what I did.
Nonetheless, even if I didn’t get into this class, I would still be at the best school in my region. I’m in class with extended biology, chemistry and maths, with additional extended French (DELF course).
Being in here made me realize how insanely stupid I am. Dumb, empty and hopeless. Surrounded by all of these actually talented kids, being probably one of the worst students in the class.
(No I’m not failing anything. My grades are just mediocre. And mediocre is bad in my class, because the other kids have stunning performance)
Because I was smart. Intelligent, whatever. But not in general - I just was that compared to my other peers. And now when I’m faced with the best people from around my region, it opened my eyes.
It makes me feel so bad. Intelligence was the only good thing about me, ever. Because I’m ugly and not very social, and I would rather observe than be a part of something. Which is considered unattractive (in many meanings of that word) by an extremely big group of people.
And yeah, I befriended someone. We clicked so fast, because we’re so similar.
The difference between us, that we’re not similar in?
She is so fucking intelligent and beautiful at the same time.
(And guess who isn’t)
She gets good grades without studying, whereas I could study and still get a bad grade.
And far enough, I’ve had undiagnosed ADHD and just got diagnosed and all, but still. So many people with ADHD have extremely good performances and I’m just… there.
I’m glad that I got faced with this, because I was and always will be scared that I’m living in my own bubble. And I did, with my intelligence. But it just hurts so bad. I also want to be smart, and pretty, and cool and I also want to have good grades and good social life.
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2023.06.08 20:46 thatguy1934 I ran a redlight

I ran a red light driving at one of the intersections that go into the mall between HWY 7 & Bullock and HWY 7 & McCowan. I know they have cameras on top but from what I know they are just traffic monitoring cameras. I wasn't pulled over and thankfully no one was hurt. Will I get a fine for this? Does anyone know if there are any red light cameras between Bullock and McCowan if you go down on HWY 7?
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2023.06.08 20:46 VisualRp (M4F) The spy and the programmer university athlete star and the surprise pregnant girlfriend

(Oc x Oc) 1960s America Washington D.C-FBI headquarters 4th Floor, Window Office
Again, Tom was staring out the window at the blue sky as the bright clouds drifted across past the sun. He was bored. This was his life. The well built man would look across the room and his eyes latched into the secretary. She seemed to be Eastern European a tough thing to be during this time in America. She interested Tom and of course they were close since toms life was mostly spent out of his office they had gained an early Jim and Pam kind off bond as the last couple years she had wiggled her way into his life. Tom would have been way too nervous or anxious to even give her a smile but she made him come out of his shell.
What Tom didn’t know was that she was a spy. The woman he had grown a crush on only wanted information. The late nights they spent together weren’t organic in the slightest. She never meant to hurt Tom but she has to be a spy as Russia have something of hers. Does she chose love or her home country that only ever treated her like another soldier?
They are both haunted by despicable pasts and they find out they’re not that different from one another.
(Oc x Oc) Michigan-Michigan State University Student Accommodation
Their relationship was on and off due to their busy schedules. A pregnancy would soon make their schedules much more packed. She sat on the edge of the bed holding the fifth pregnancy test she had taken. She obviously was worried and so was he. Andrew was stood in front of the woman with a face deep in thought. “What do we do?” He asked.
She wanted to be a career woman with no kids till later in life but she might have to drop out of her university because of Andrew. She wanted him to use extra protection but he convinced her not to. ‘What’s the chance of the pill failing?’. With Andrew heading to be a professional they both have some hard decisions to make and what will this do to there images?
Hello everyone thanks for reading. I hope one of the two caught your eye as they’re pretty different prompts. I hope we can flesh out the stories and make our own characters that work well together. Please don’t be shy and if you have any questions just ask.
If you’re going to message please be 18 or above as smut will be involved in the rp. These are also long term so please come into my dms with that in mind.
For the spy rp we can swap roles if you feel it suits us better as a pair!
My reply length is 1-5 paragraphs any length is great if it has detail! I also rp in 3rd person and I mostly like to rp on discord as formatting is just better there.
Again, thank you and hopefully I’ll see you in my messages!
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2023.06.08 20:46 NenPame People on the East Coast, does the current air quality make you feel like protesting against the lack of government action to stop climate change? If not, then what would convince you to start protesting against the current status quo?

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2023.06.08 20:45 Taco-Esq How to overcome issues staying focused?

I'm having trouble focusing at work again. In fact, I am at work, writing this. Despite really liking what I do (and trust me, I'm not exaggerating when I say I get a lot of satisfaction from the work I do) my mind is still wandering into "la-la" land, so to speak, when I should be focusing on my tasks for the day. Next thing I know, I have spent the entire morning daydreaming of drawings that I'll never finish, or personal projects I would love to do, meticulously plan out in my head (and sometimes even on paper), but never end up doing. My work notebook, along with my work notes, is littered with scribbles of things that intrusively pop into my head as I'm trying to work, and of course -- the first thing, without even thinking about it, is stopping mid-work and scribbling it down, before promptly scratching it out with a pen to hide it. Looks like the drawings of a madman, honestly, and a perfect example of just how discombobulated my thoughts can be.
I fear it is only a matter of time before I get in trouble at work because of this. But I can't seem to gain my focus. I love my job. It isn't a boring job, and I enjoy all the stuff I do. So why does this keep happening? Some days, I'll admit, are worse than others.
As I stand back to look at it all as a whole, I realize it isn't just my school life, or my college life, or my work life that was affected, but my home life as well. My home life growing up was often spent obsessing over things. Start a project, amend the project, often not finish the project. Sometimes I would hyperfocus on games -- oftentimes it was the only thing that made me feel truly focused. Games were a source of outlet, freedom, because there was so much to do, and so much goal setting and rewards for completing tasks. I can't hyperfocus on games anymore because I have a husband and son, and quite frankly, I do not want to hyperfocus on games anymore, even if it did provide me a source of comfort. It was an extremely unhealthy obsession. My husband tries to keep me from hyperfocusing on things.
I have many hobby projects that I am working on, but I often find myself struggling to focus when doing them, despite them being things I truly want to do. I then find myself beating myself up for not finishing them when I said I would work on them. Then, there are the projects that I started and then stopped, and never picked up again (here's looking at you, lovely sewing project with the pretty fabric that I bought the supplies for and never removed from it's packaging over four years ago). And the many garden plants I killed because I just stopped caring for them and completely forgot about them. Which leads me to the next thing...
Forgetfulness. Which, for myself, and for my husband, has been a frequent source of problems. That laundry I did and left in the basket? Oops, I forgot about it. The food I bought during our shopping trip? Forgot we had it. My pen, phone, keys, sticky notes I had just a second ago? Completely missing. My husband literally hooked my wallet to a chain, and then chained it to my purse so I wouldn't misplace it. The chores in the house, such as tidying, cleaning the toilets, the dishes, etc. often wont get done, because I forget to do it. I can look right at it, see that it's messy, and then go off into la-la land again and forget all about it until I am reminded that I forgot. If I make a list of things to do, sometimes I even forget the list. Thankfully, I have managed a strict to-do list procedure at work, which has helped tremendously with remembering tasks for the day, and I rarely forget it, because it stays on my person, or at my desk, at all times. I have also been working on trying to just do chores at home as I see them, so that I don't forget them. This has helped to a small degree.
What really upsets me the most about it, is that my husband has started calling himself a housekeeper rather than a husband. He does all of the housework most of the time because he admitted that, if he doesn't do it, it won't get done at all, and I find that incredibly unfair to him given that he also takes care of our son all day. I honestly I want to do better for him and for our son.
I really feel like I am a horrible excuse for a mother and wife, being the way that I am. I try my best, I really do, but I feel like the only answer is to try harder. I want to be better for them, for my colleagues, and most importantly, for myself. I just feel so helpless as to where to start at this point
Has anyone had anything similar? How do you manage to get your mind to keep its eye on the ball?
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2023.06.08 20:45 DarthArcanus A Probably-Not-Original Idea: Capstone Perks

So, for a suggestion to be good, I think it should address a problem in the game. A couple of the problems I see with the current Lifestyle system:
(1) I often bounce around and cherry-pick perks I want/need depending on the situation. This is good, and the 5-year cooldown on swapping makes this balanced, but the issue is that unless a particular tree has something really good at the end, I often just swap out after I grab the perk I want. (2) Some trees are taken too often, such as Medicine. Living longer is almost always a good thing, so I inevitably find myself swapping to the medicine learning branch at some point in the game. Having a system in place to make this not such an obvious choice would be good. (3) Some perks are just too good, such as Meritocracy (what kind of prompted this idea).
So, my proposed solution: Capstone Perks. These would be powerful perks that could only be taken once all three branches of a lifestyle were completed. This would make them difficult to acquire, and often only acquired towards the end of a characters life, so they could be "overpowered" without making the game too easy. For example, let's say the capstone perk of the Martial lifestyle allowed you a one-time invasion CB? What if Meritocracy was locked to the capstone perk of the Intrigue lifestyle? I can't claim to have the best idea for the capstone perks themselves, so by all means add in suggestions, but here is why I think they would be such a good thing.
Let's say I'm going through my campaign, I hit my 50s, and normally I would swap to the Medicine tree to hopefully get Whole of Body before I hit 70, and thereby extend my character's life into his 80s, maybe 90s. Those extra years can be very potent, but what if I were a stewardship focused character, which is often a good first choice to get your initial buildings down, your MAAs built up, and the extra demesne limit is invaluable. I often take the Architect tree, to be able to build up all those buildings, and sometimes the gold tree, as gold is very useful, especially early game. But I rarely take the Administrator tree. Not because it's bad, but because the other two trees are often better, and by the time I'd get around to it, I need to swap to the Medicine tree.
What if the capstone perk of the Stewardship tree let you build buildings from one tech level above your current one? Or maybe it added one extra building slot to your capital? Now you have to make a choice. Do you swap to Medicine, and live longer, or do you stick Stewardship out and perhaps build extra buildings to leave a stronger demesne upon succession?
Maybe make the capstone perk of Martial be "Eliminates the ability to randomly die in a duel, however, injuries sustained from duels can still kill you by reducing your overall health." This would eliminate one of the sources of frustration: that 0 Prowess old man who had to be told which end of the sword to use ending the life of your 48 Prowess berserker viking. Or maybe have it unlock a special type of Journey where you could go on an Adventure, similar to the Adventures you'd go on in warrior societies in CK2, where you'd go to a foreign kingdom, duel a bunch of people, and depending on how well you did, and if you succeeded or not, you'd earn a ton of renown for your family, and maybe even come back with a unique artifact.
I'm getting off track, so I'll end with this: the best way to encourage different player choices is to give them two (or more) GOOD options. Force the players to make a decision, but make those decisions both impactful and fun. It would also make you heavily consider which education to give your children. "Hm, during my son's reign, he'll reach the next tech level, so the stewardship capstone of getting buildings of the next tech level would be very broken. But I also kinda wanted to do X, so maybe I should educate him in Y instead..." That sort of thing.
What do you guys think? Any ideas for capstone perks? Remember, they'd have to be strong enough to justify the investment, because getting more than 3 lifestyle trees finished in a single lifetime is difficult enough.
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2023.06.08 20:45 sonoma132 Experiences with CaPA service

Hi to all.
I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with the HSE counselling service for adults abused as children, CaPA?
I'm mostly curious about what type of therapies they use (cbt? emdr?) and if it's one size fits all or more dependent on the individual client needs or therapist skills. How structured does it tend to be and what happens if you're not ready to finish after the allocated time is up?
I'm also curious about how people attending navigate the reality that if they mention a person's name Tusla might notify them? Is is easy to get used to talking in a roundabout way to avoid this or do you just have to allow it to happen?
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2023.06.08 20:45 alexandercecil Brimmed hat options - both styles and specific items - no ball caps

Brimmed hat options - both styles and specific items - no ball caps
I would love advice on hat styles for both warm and cold seasons.
My doctor says I need to become a hat guy. Early onset cataracts mean I need to wear brimmed hats as much as possible
Here is a faux-straw Panama hat from DXL I have started wearing. Ideally, my hats should have a wider brim for added eye protection.
My daily style is essentially what you see here - a collared patterned shirt with jeans or chinos or similarly styled shorts in the summer. I usually wear prescription contact lenses and wrap around sunglasses instead of my prescription glasses you see here. I wear my hair both down and pulled back as I wish. I will layer shirts for added effect when appropriate, and a sport coat with a dressier casual shirt is also not uncommon.
What hat styles would you choose for me? I want to look as nice as I can and avoid the neck beard stereotype. If you can recommend specific hats that are not hundreds of dollars and fit my massive head (size 7 7/8), I would be even more grateful.
Thank you for your thoughts!
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2023.06.08 20:45 Comfortable-Table-57 Does this mean that the WhatsApp user had blocked me? I can still see her about area, and it is normally not shown if I was blocked.

Does this mean that the WhatsApp user had blocked me? I can still see her about area, and it is normally not shown if I was blocked. submitted by Comfortable-Table-57 to teenagers [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 20:45 Supr_Sldier 34 [M4F] California/Arizona - Looking for that special someone, hoping she is looking for me too…

Hello! To whom ever is reading this post, it’s very nice to meet you. A little bit about me:
I recently got out of military on the active duty side after serving 10 years, during that time I was a Canine Handler, so I’m a very big dog lover (I also like cats too haha), but now currently in the Military Reserves as well a marketing head representative for Verizon Wireless.
Things I Like To Do:
I enjoy road-trips, the outdoors, hiking, cooking, music (all genres), drawing, working out, and movies (especially horror). Lastly I don’t mind being a home body and enjoying the day with someone either doing an activity together, curled up on the couch binge watching a show, or hell even cleaning the house together while we dance listening to music.
Working on plans to go to school full time for a degree in architecture or criminal justice. Also getting into business with my buddy to be a dog trainer.
What I’m Looking For:
Someone who can hold a conversation and doesn’t talk for just one or two days then just ghosts you (not trying to be rude but being blunt because there is a lot of people both men and women that do this on Reddit, if you are too busy to where you can’t send a few texts daily, or at least have the courtesy to communicate what’s going and that we will chat later that day and actually keep your word. Then please look for someone else to talk to only when your bored. I am genuinely looking for someone who wants to talk daily and enjoy the day with). Anyways, someone wanting to get to know me as much as I would like to get to know them. Hopefully having some of the same interests as I do but I don’t mind getting to know about the other person’s interests or things they like to do, that’s the fun of getting to know someone and understanding them.
Someone who is serious about wanting a relationship and knows what is needed to have one (meaning not bringing the past or ex issues into the relationship, I’m ready to find my future not dwell on my past and I expect the same from you as well). Lastly someone who is open, caring, honest, and good with communication.
If I caught your attention I would like to see where thing go (I hope I caught your attention haha). Also please be over the age of 21 and please say more than “hey” or “what’s up” tell me about yourself, hope to hear from you!
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2023.06.08 20:45 happydude4 I feel the urge to hurt my cat

I am writing this because I am looking for psychological help or for someone to recommend what I can do about my situation
Recently my girlfriend and I adopted a cat, however after 2 months I have felt hatred and anger towards my cat Why? I don't know, the cat literally hasn't done anything to me, but I feel the need to hit the cat and take out my anger on the poor cat where does that anger come from? I've noticed that sometimes when it sees me tries to run away from me as if it were afraid of me (I havent hurted it since we adopted it), well when I notice that it tries to run away from me as if it were afraid of me that is when my anger and desire to hit the cat arises , clearly I'm not going to do anything to it because I understand that you should not hit a harmless animal and so far I have not done anything because I try to contain that anger.
I've had pets before that I have loved with all my heart and that I've never wanted to hurt or anything at all but in the case of the cat that anger and that impulse is still there and sometimes I feel like I'm not myself when I feel like this, my thoughts get distorted, it's not normal for me to feel like this at all. I've had 2 parrots as a child that I loved more than anything in the world, I have a black Labrador retriever which my mother is taking care of because I had to go to study in another city, but he is what I love the most and without him I would feel completely miserable because that dog has made me very happy and in these days I will see him again which make me even more happier.
But... why do I feel like taking it out on a cat that hasn't done anything to me? It makes me feel sick to know that I feel like mistreating an animal just because he tries to run away from me.
You can hate me, curse me, throw hate as you want because I know I deserve it and for that very reason I want to know what I can do. I have been searching on google but I can't find anything that can tell me about it, only issues of why people mistreat animals but not a solution
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2023.06.08 20:44 RyunosukeHideyoshi I want to start an army of chaos knights but I need some guidance help with the kits because i have some doubts

1 from what I see for chaos knights there are the following kits:
the abominant knight that seems to include the rampager and desecrator
the Knight Despoiler, which seems to include only that option and weapons of the loyalists. My question is, are these extra weapons compatible with those of the Rampager and Desecrator, or on the contrary, does this kit only include the spoiler for chaos?
If they are compatible, does it mean that only the knight abominant is different because I think I remember that it has a tail that the others don't?
2 in the war dogs it seems that something similar happens there are 3 in one kit (karnivore stalkers and brigants) and another 2 in another (huntsman and executioners) my question is is it just weapon options or is there something else?
3 the Knight Tyrant seems to have several weapon configurations but it doesn't change the name as far as I can see so it's one of a kind I guess?
4 How many pilots come in the Knight Despoiler? As I see in the spure it seems that there are 2 torsos 2, pairs of legs, 2 pairs of arms and 2 heads so it seems that you can get 2 pilots I say this because a friend is also going to start her army of chaos knight and she would love it paint her own pilot but she likes knights that are completely corrupted while I'm looking for a more renegade look than chaos so I want to know so she buys the knight abominant and I buy the despoiler and I give her a pilot
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2023.06.08 20:44 stressedandfun NEED ADVICE

I have probably likeeee 20 tattoos on my arms. I have experienced tattoo regret before and usually it passes. i recently got another tattoo on the front of my bicep and the tattoo regret is not leaving. It’s not bad i wouldn’t say but can’t stop thinking that i put the wrong thing in that spot. Does anyone have anything they can say to me to help me feel better !?!?
Or advice if i should laser or re work!?!? Idk what to do but this feeling sucks lol
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2023.06.08 20:44 Mr-PFM [WTS] VINTAGE • 1930's Celluloid Waterman 92V (Pocket Pen) - Red & Bronze (Rare Color) - Fine Flex Nib - Restored - [C] $120

Photo Gallery & Writing Sample
Paypal only. I ship fast (usually within 24 hours). Internationally shipping is available for an extra $20.
Waterman 92V Red Gold / Red & Bronze - Flex F Nib - Restored - [C]
Selling a Waterman 92V. The V means it's short aka pocket pen size.
The pen is 4.25 inches capped and becomes 5.25 inches when posted.
This pen uses the same exact nibs as the Waterman 52 which everyone goes nuts over. The 92 model was released in 1936 as Waterman transitioned from hard rubber to celluloid.
It's basically a celluloid Waterman 52v.
The only difference between the 52v and a 92v is the material and the clip design. The thickness of the barrel and grip section are identical as well as the overall dimensions of the pen.
The 92 was the more expensive & premium pen in waterman's celluloid lineup. It came in more exotic celluloid colors than the more economy line #3 and #32 models (though they all used the same nibs).
Red & Bronze is one of the rarer celluloid colors Waterman used. There's also a blue and gold version called Turquoise which is considered the rarest.
This color doesn't craze or rot so don't worry about celluloid decay.
You can use pretty much any ink color in it. I personally stick to Diamine, J Herbin, Aurora, Pelikan, Waterman, Sheaffer and Parker for vintage pens.
The nib is a highly flexible Fine with stubbish tipping as you can see in the writing sample photo. Grip section is made of ebonite as is the feed. Writes smooth without any issues.
Fully restored and working perfectly. It's got a brand new latex sac which I just installed this month.
[C] condition due to missing part of the clip. Only the top part of the clip that's on the cap is still there. I polished the rough edges away with micromesh so what's left is smooth and can function as a roll stop.
Other than this the only other cosmetic flaw is some plating wear on the lever but not the lever box. No plating wear to the top of the cap. Tiny bit of plating wear to the cap band but you kinda need to shine a light on it to see that.
No cracks or noticeable scratches. There's a small scruff on the cap where the ball of the former clip used to rub against the celluloid but that's it. Waterman imprint is crisp and the nib has zero damage and perfect tipping.
Priced very reasonably for restored Waterman with a flex nib. If this pen a clip I'd be listing it for $195 .
Photo Gallery & Writing Sample
Price w/ US shipping: $120
If it doesn't say PENDING or SOLD above, it's still available.
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2023.06.08 20:44 ThrowRAhomop I (20F) finally called out my sisters (29F) homophobia & decided to educate her kids. What now?

Hey all. I (20) am a lesbian, you know, go gays. My sister (29) is the type of person to be all "I support you, but i dont want that around my children."
My girlfriend (19) and I have been together for about three years and our entire relationship my sister has maintained to her kids that we're friends. I've tried to talk to them here and there but honestly the relationship has been strained.
My girlfriend is non binary & uses they/them & xe/xyr pronouns. I use said pronouns for them which have in the past confused the kids.
This past weekend my mom was babysitting for my sister and I dropped by. My sisters kids are 9, 5 & 4, old enough to at least know about gay people.
While there I mentioned buying something for my girlfriend and the oldest asked why I used "xem" and what it meant. I gave a very basic explanation to her and she accepted it. Before I left she asked me, again, about my partner. I told her we were dating and left it at that.
The following day my sister send me a slew of messages, demanding to know what I said. Apparently my niece went home and asked questions.
I told her calmly that I wouldn't allow her bigotry to cloud the kids and would help them where I could, regardless of her wants. She was annoyed but left it.
On Monday my mom text me to pick something up for her. Kids were at hers again. Niece comes up to me asking a million questions. I answer every single one, knowing her mom would hate it.
I explained pronouns & lesbians & trans people. It was a lot and I told my niece she could ask me or her gma (my mom) whatever. We'd both help.
I was honestly quite glad. My girlfriend is no contact with her family due to their bigotry and my sister being a ticking time bomb was making them uncomfortable.
As expected my sister blew up my phone later that evening. We ended up on a call where she called me selfish. I said, paraphrasing, "You're a bigot. If you don't want your kids learning about life look after them yourself."
Following that I ignored her and she has since started annoying our mom. She won't say anything to her and so is asking me to apologise. I don't know if she deserves it or not.
I don't know what to do from here. The kids mean a lot to me and, despite her behaviour, I do really love my sister. What do I do now? I would apologise, but I don't know if I should be the one taking that step. Does anyone have any idea?
(PS; girlfriend will be lurking in the comments, so if two accounts reply to you the other one is xem).
TLDR; My sister is borderline homophobic and I got tired of it and decided to educate her kids without her permission. Its, obviously, caused a rift and I don't know what to do. Should I apologise first and let her think she's "right"?
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2023.06.08 20:44 pinpoint321 Remortgaging for slightly more than the redemption figure

We started the remortgage process around six months ago and we agreed a mortgage that has turned out to be about £2000 more than what we owe. We knew we were estimating that figure and erred on the side of caution.
Does anyone know what happens to the excess? Are we just paid it? Thanks
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2023.06.08 20:44 Inner_Chapter_1973 My hair looks weird and overall bad

My hair looks weird and overall bad
Hello. About a year ago I used to have fluffy, shiny and soft hair that some people literally got jealous about (before pictures attached), now- my hair looks just terrible. It looks more greasy even though I wash it every 2 days. I noticed hair loss even though I’m a female and only 20yo 😭 (I take prescription vitamins for that). My hair also grows weird now; some parts are shorter, even though I didn’t cut them.
I don’t even know what happened; I didn’t change my hair care routine or anything.
Does anyone know what I can do? It makes me really insecure.
Please don’t be mean in the comments, thank you
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