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2023.05.30 00:58 gto_granturismo_girl 2013 Maserati GranTurismo Sport - Misfiring Diagnosis Help

This will be a long detailed post, so I hope this is ok and someone has patience with me!
2013 Maserati GranTurismo Sport - 41,623 miles , 4.7L v8 , ZF 6 Spd auto trans. 2 owner car prior, appears clean, was not tracked, or rented out, no flood damages etc. I got it last year and it had not had any issues until the alternator recently and now misfire. Always use best gasoline at stations. Gas was put in February so it is not year old gas ....also the 2013 model should not have the old cam variator design ..that should not go bad on this one.....
Misfire started on Mother's Day...
Important Back Info: Battery light came on in late February - alternator was undercharging - tested voltage output- my retired mechanical engineer father and I fixed it.....whole intake and fuel comes off .... ..brand new OEM part....brand new intake manifold gaskets all 8 done.....new air filter.......we took pictures, we made diagrams, every bolt was back in place, car was actually missing bolts (so we replaced them). I had guidance from a Maserati tech on removing systems etc.....correct torque amts...
Once finished, car started up, no more battery light, alternator output was normal and good again with the new alternator. Car was running fine on idle for some minutes. We had this alternator fixed a few days before Mothers day. Car was on CTEK battery charger while I ordered the parts etc
Issue: 3 days later I drive it on Mother's Day.... 5.2 miles to my mom's house. Seemed ok. Then I tried to leave hours later.....car starts, about 20-30 seconds in it starts sounding BAD, like a cam lope but terrible, car starts shaking like a 9.0 earthquake is happening, and flashing CEL lights. Move it in my parents garage where it has been for weeks. OBDII was giving 4 misfires and general misfire , occurring both sides of engine bank.. Misfire Cylinder 1, 5, 8, 7 plus generic misfire code
We looked at the plugs....they looked not great. I was not convinced that was the issue however. Ordered new NGK plugs, they are all in. Did not fix the issue, but needed to be done on this car, so no regrets. After plugs, erased codes, new codes read Misfire cylinder 1,5, 8 plus generic misfire code
All the codes have said along with misfire on cylinders "OVER MAXIMUM THRESHOLD"
Switched coils 8 and 7 , then the next code reading only had Misfire Cylinder 5 and generic misfire.....Odd.... switched coil 8 (in 7) into 5, and 5 into 7.......code read as generic misfire, cyl 5 misfire, , cyl 1 misfire
Disconnected MAF sensor, car did not like that, check transmission light , check suspension light, traction control light stuck on. Guessing electrical gremlin from doing that. the MAF seems clean. anyways. Idle was still BAD with it disconnected..

Basically: Car when completely totally totally cold starts up okay, system check runs ok, as in check engine light comes on and goes out at 15-20 seconds into start up (normal for this car).......about 30-40 seconds into the start up (when very cold ....) idle goes BAD , choppy, smells, car rocking/shaking, and CEL light flashing will come on.

Is this a sensor issue ? O2/lamda ?? VVT ? solenoid?
Can a vacuum leak seriously act this way despite the car being fine on the drive over to my moms? If we had the intake on wrong surely it would have been bad then?????
I would like to narrow down what it could be before towing it in to a shop if it is something I cannot diagnose or fix in my garage - which is likely - I still would like some idea of what it might be
Please no comments about me being stupid and buying a Maserati or how I should have no problems throwing $20,000 at it because I bought what I bought etc. That is not really helpful after all.
I would really appreciate any thoughts into what can be done at home to narrow down the possibilities or any thoughts at all about what could be happening so I can have productive conversations with mechanics about this. No need to go into a ton of detail....just in your experience, is anything ringing bells about a cold start being smooth and then transitions into horrible misfiring ? The car is running very badly .. I know you cannot diagnose it for sure, I am just interested in opinions if you have the time to read this and give a few thoughts.

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2023.05.30 00:57 Gloomy_Rain_Cloud Which scar pattern looks better?

Which scar pattern looks better?
Makeing a Generation Loss oc and I can't decide on a scar pattern
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2023.05.30 00:55 StiffBlade 2 boxes of 22-23 Trilogy. I’m stoked!

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2023.05.30 00:53 NayrYllucs Can you offer me advice/support/help on my breakup ?

Hi everyone
My gf of two years has left me and moved out of the flat we shared for 10 months. She was very quick to leave and I didn't see it coming.
I am upset that she didn't communicate her feeling of doubt and the reasons she gave for falling out of love/stopped finding me attractive were easily rectifiable with semi-consistent communication (the odd night I'd come home drunk, which she didn't like, I was a bit messy around the house). I would have quickly rectified if I knew she was being pushed away. She is a mature student and I am a young professional, roughly same age but different life stages.
I now lurch from feelings of wanting to win her back, by showing her how I can rectify the issues she raised and attempting to move on or simply pushing forward with my life. How do I decide, how have you decided? All of her behaviour thus far has pointed to that she wants out: left me and within two weeks she's found a new place to live and left our flat. She texted me saying that she went back to clean the place and had cooked me a meal to eat for when I got back from my parents, which I think is a way of her to subside her feeling of hurt me.
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2023.05.30 00:53 Possible-Nature-4075 [WTS] Pilot Custom Urushi (FM) Vermillion

Hello my fellow inky savages! I’m trying to find a new home for my Pilot Custom Urushi. This pen comes equipped with pilots number #30 nib in Medium-Fine, which is actually just the sexy nib of a fountain pen really. It’s so springy and just feels so good to write with.
The pen is in A1 condition and has no signs of wear. The vermilion urushi is flawlessly applied with a finish that looks machine made. It’s really quite amazing that this was done by hand. The pen comes with the pilot con-70 converter installed.
I am also adding the Kimono 👘 style pen wrap from my Sailor KOP Wabi Sabi, a $2500 pen, in the deal as well. The Same one listed in the photos above.
Lastly I am including 9 ink samples equaling 50 ML of ink as a token of appreciation to the buyer. All in all this is a lovely combination of items.
I’m asking $750 or best offer for the Custom Urushi ,Kimono pen wrap, and all 9 ink samples. This price also includes CONUS Shipping.
Thank you so much for your time and consideration.
Cover Photo: Gallery https://imgur.com/a/giTuTpr
Size Comparison: Visconti HS https://imgur.com/a/axLTR7i
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2023.05.30 00:53 Kratangg 「Neon Wound」

Namesake: Neon Wound by Silversun Pickups
User: Berc (Deceased)
Automatic stand
Power: A
Speed: D (Steady gait similar to a human; capable of running if need be)
Range: Ø (Posthumous stand; can move anywhere)
Durability: A* (Bears countless scars and dents, but still stands strong and cannot regenerate)
Precision: E (Can be directed by manipulating its preprogrammed responses, but not controlled)
Potential: E (Can no longer adapt of alter directives)
「Neon Wound」 is seven feet tall, and has the appearance/texture of oxidized copper. Its silhouette is wide-shouldered, armored, and imposing. Its internals seem to consist of an overlapping series of fluorescent webs.
It wears a flowing scarf, and an abundance of chains trail down the back of its neck from the top of its 'helmet', which possesses a protruding section from the forehead down past the chin. Its eyes are rotating white triangles in a black void.
「Neon Wound」 was originally an automatic stand, which could be released aimlessly or instructed to target an individual/category of entity. It would perform the first action done to it upon summoning to the targeted individual(s) or to those it encountered, depending on the setting. While not possessing a personality of its own, it retained its user's chivalrous nature and respectful mannerisms.
After its user's death, during which it was elsewhere summoned and performing its duty, the stand was miraculously preserved. It retains and continues to carry out the designated actions it was executing at the time, those being [Behead via weapon] and [Defend self]. These instructions, both vague and restrictive, have led to its current state and use.
「Neon Wound」 can be seen, touched, and harmed by non-stand users.
User information/backstory:
There was once a traveler that sought only the growth of others, and would go to great lengths to achieve such results. The wanderer, having shed his true name long ago, was known only by ‘Berc’, and is rumored to have once served in some high court in the past. While no longer a true knight, he was still a chivalrous warrior and desired nothing more than to help others. He had made a great many mistakes and lost his one love to events he may have been able to prevent, and had perhaps been responsible for. Deep in his mind, back then, he had wished death upon himself. Redemption was truly unattainable, and he surely needed to pay for his sins. What good could come of him continuing on?... Yet, he was saved. Not by himself directly, but the actions of a mysterious giant that arrived at his feet one day. It put him through trials he, deep down, wished for. He emerged a better man, and while not perfect, saw the path forwards. He wished for others to be picked up in this same way, and his knight would be the way.
And so it remained. Always present, always watching, always signifying and reminding of the past. It was his 「Neon Wound」, serving not to denigrate him in memoriam of past wrongdoing, but as a reminder of his purpose, and the key to a better future. After his experience and revelation, Berc traveled about as a hermit of sorts, assisting others via his stand. His methods were…touch love, to say the least. Many involved intense trials or attacks, forcing them to act and improve themselves, testing them, etc. Though, regardless, it tended to work out for the best, and he left a great many soothed souls in his wake. The jovial man often met his ‘students’ in his endless travels, sharing freshly caught game and joyous stories. He was easily recognizable by his snappy green attire and large beard matched by long hair that only grew longer with age. His laugh was not one to forget, and time spent with Berc was time well spent. Though, there was one trait that had never changed in all his years, and would be the end of him…
He was a fool.
He was trusting, jolly, and held no grudges. Yet, not everyone was grateful to the wandering knight, and there were those who sought vengeance the man was no longer capable of comprehending. One such individual had finally tracked the hermit down. He was once chased down by 「Neon Wound」, but let off as one that would not help themselves and therefore could not be helped by others. Berc looked the man up and down, noting the unsheathed blade. His knight was elsewhere, testing a young man and unable to defend its master. Advanced age had left him weak despite his best efforts, and he could see the writing on the wall. He laughed, gave a sorrowful smile, and apologized. He had clearly failed this man, and was deeply sorry for that fact. His final wish was that this alleviated the pain caused to his soon to be murderer at least a bit. Though, it was deeply regrettable that he would not be able to help others from this point on…unlike his gallant stand, he could not live on without his head…
Meanwhile, the young man Berc had sent 「Neon Wound」 to give a push to was undergoing great emotional change. The fight had been perilous, forcing him to reconsider his time up until that point. Just moments before, he had been sitting in a ruined home simply waiting to die, but was now attempting to preserve his own life. Why? The sudden looming force of death had done it. It reminded him he had others to truly live for, not merely rot away alongside the out of the way manor where he had failed to protect his loved ones so long ago. They pushed past the pain, accepting the blow it dealt to their neck and tearing the weapon from their attacker’s grasp. 「Neon Wound」 halted, assuming a patient position at 'attention'. The former prince had overcome the trial, and gazed upon the blade he had torn from the giant’s grasp. With a bow, he left the stand and returned to a, hopefully fulfilling, life. 「Neon Wound」, however, would not be recovered by its user. It would stand resolute and wait for one that would not come, remaining perfectly still in front of the ruined manor for thirty-two years. The forest had long overtaken the area, and the nearby path had since transformed into a road that few strayed far from.
One of those few, a knight surveying the area at the behest of their king, would be the first living person to see the stand since that fateful day with the prince. The knight, Den, approached the decaying manor. The area was good land, and his liege was seeking a new location for an outpost along this road. Drawing his sword to cut down obscuring foliage, he took note of the topography, state of the current dilapidated structures, and a salvageable well. Finally, after circling the area, he stood face to face with the noble statue that had guarded this hopeless home for God knows how long. A thankless job, to be certain. Den cleaned up the statue to the best of his ability, cutting off vines and removing rubble to find its actual structure completely untouched by age. Fascinating.
He would rest afterwards, setting his sword down and removing his stand’s semi-transparent feathers from his eyes in preparation to send back as part of his report. He began unpacking his supplies to pen the accompanying letter as a glint of movement shone in the edge of his vision. Den felt an overwhelming presence-a powerful force unlike any he’d encountered before. He innately, instinctually understood the danger he was in before snapping his gaze towards the statue. It was moving before his very eyes, and was moments away from grabbing his sword, which rested against the same log he sat upon. He rushed to kick the sword away as his stand, 「DESTINY」, screeched to life and recreated the ferns that once enclosed the statue’s knees to bind it in place for the time being. Den dove for his sword, managing to recover it mere seconds after the statue tore through the metal foliage.
It stopped.
The statue wound down, and had returned to its stoic pose. This…was a discovery of great importance. Their kingdom was a special one, founded by a mighty warrior given power through a Holy blade. The sword itself was currently kept within the deepest bowels of their fortified capital, only to be used in special rituals such as coronations and granting knighthood. Its power to bless those worthy with miraculous abilities was the bedrock of their nation’s success. The fact the area he now stood in, suggested after consultation by a high priest with a similar blessing to his own, housed an artifact comparable to the founder’s sacred blade was beyond telling. This could not more clearly be fated by God, who had led this humble knight to a guardian. Den’s prodding and investigation revealed the giant could be led by the hand, confirming his theory. He dropped to his knees and hurriedly scribbled his report, sealed with 「DESTINY」’s feathers and sent back via his messenger bird. The King needed to know of this at once.
Den began the slow journey home behind his letter, leading the giant. An incident late one night only magnified their awe and appreciation, as it defended him in his sleep, slaughtering a rabid wolf that had apparently lunged at him. The various events like this that transpired over the course of the walk home would be relayed as well, securing the statue’s place in their kingdom’s legacy. The guardian sent by God would reside in the throne room, and would be tasked with performing rituals with the nation’s sacred blade from this point onwards. Its actions, as the knighthood had learned through trial and error, were perfectly suited to the duties. It would stand tall in the throne room as its loyal guardian, and act as the liaison to determine which princes were chosen to lead the kingdom for well over a century. It served its purpose until the tragic end of the nation…
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2023.05.30 00:52 billycano Indonesia Theory

Personal theory: Suzie retired in Indonesia to be near Tess.
It would make sense, because Tess is the only family Suzie cared about. She also seemed guilty about shipping her off to Indonesia when Tess brought it up at the Testirostial. When it comes down to it, Suzie had a big heart and often wanted to make things right.
Tess was not in a good place and even asked for help with her singing career, which Suzie reluctantly gave into (in her own way).
Suzie’s retirement home is in a tropical setting, it’s day time even though it’s nighttime in New York…
What do you think? I know I’m probably stretching here.
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2023.05.30 00:52 HiBye4627 Believe

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2023.05.30 00:51 Itsa_funnystory Advice on adopting a second guinea pig

Advice on adopting a second guinea pig
I adopted a guinea pig without having any prior experience a year ago because the poor baby needed a home and he won me over with his cute little eyes.
His previous owner left him in a pretty bad state to where he didn't like people and while I understand they're social creatures, I wanted to make sure that I got him situated well enough to feel comfortable in his new home, let alone shock him with a new companion. So now he's totally socialized (he loves pets and comes up to he constantly for some loving), and I actually feel like he's ready for a playmate now as I feel he gets bored no matter how many toys or enrichment items I get him (he seems to prefer one on one time rather than be with his toys like before).
Do you have any advice or stories on what to look out for before I get him a buddy? I'm not sure how he'll react to a new boy guinea baby in his space as he's never been around other guinea pigs prior. I'm leaning towards yes on getting him a friend because I feel like if he enjoys one on one playtime more than his toys and hay and food, it's showing me he's ready for a companion. I'm just worried they're going to fight or not know how to handle them if they don't get along right away.
I'm pretty prepared on what to expect from a guinea pig in general and how much space I need for a second baby, so I'm fine there, just worries about the first baby and having a second one where they're not getting along and stressing both of them out more than putting them in a good environment 🥲
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2023.05.30 00:51 FruityFaiz Backup server

I currently have Debian on a 500GB SSD and have two 1 TB hard drives I plan to run in raid 1. Just have a few questions.
I just have a few questions as I'm quite new to this. Would love some guidance.
First of all should I go with btrfs or zhs for the raid 1. Secondly any steps on setting it up in raid 1.
Now to my main question which is the following.
I'd like to backup my /home partition from 1 laptop and 1 PC automatically at least once a day to the server. How would I go about doing this? Any recommendations for software, partition type etc.
Next I'd like to also setup a virtual mount point with my common files to be accessed from Windows and Linux. Such as books and other files I will be accessing. How would I set this up. How do I prevent the autobackup from backing this mount point up.
Also anything for photo backups from Android
Lastly I'd like to setup an auto torrenting and streaming setup. As seamless as possible. If there's anything for this?
Thank you for reading all the above, any advice is welcome. Cheers
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2023.05.30 00:49 appalachiana Hired an associate who is deaf. Want to make sure I'm not missing anything, but also not being too helpful/a nuisance.

I'm an administrative staffing assistant at a home improvement store. I've been in the position just a couple months, but I've worked here four years. I, myself, am deaf in my left ear after a high fever when I was a kid so I suppose I relate -- but no where in the same capacity as someone who is deaf and has cochlear implants. I get by with most of the hearing in my right ear, I only know some conversational sign, and most people at work don't notice my hearing aid or even know it exists. I even worked in the garden center for four years and drove power equipment.... mostly because I kept my hearing deficit to myself.
So, when this lady applied and I learned she had her own lawn care business, worked in a competitor store in another city for six years before moving, and has had experience with retail I knew I wanted to hire her.
A lot of people at work, and my management team are hesitant, but I really think she'd do well in the garden center as a floor associate in the plants. At least starting out. Everyone is worried about equipment, but she drives a car, has a lawn care business, and we had a long chat together about her cochlear implants and learning the sounds of the equipment. This woman has gone through a decade or more of speech therapy, speaks as well as anyone else -- with a minor lisp--, is fluent in English, ASL, and a third language. She navigates everywhere by herself without an interpreter. She's excited and ready to work a full time job here in a new town. I think she'll be a great fit.
I spoke with her about getting her a vest that has ASL on it and to tap for assistance/please face when speaking, getting a badge noting that she is deaf and signs, and a name tag as well to ensure people face her when speaking. It sounds excessive, but it's meant to make sure the hearing people are well aware and less likely to be a jerk who is screaming. We chatted about using the text system at work for alerts because some alerts don't set off the lights, and I've already spoken to the garden center associates about inclusivity and making sure to keep her informed if she misses anything overhead such as a page. She and I talked about training her cochlear to recognize new sounds. I've got her some pens and notepads for if she needs them, and getting a phone to do texting because inevitably customers suck and occasionally she may need them to type something if their lips aren't moving to create the proper word. That may sound funny, but we're in rural Appalachia... writing it may mean a lot of misspellings (people tend to write like they talk) just because that's the nature of this area, but it could be helpful for people who are twangy or don't seem to move their mouths when they speak. I'm really not being funny here -- I've noticed it myself.
Anyway, is there anything else I should consider? I also gave her the info for our accommodation company if she needs any. She's pretty confident in herself and says that the vest should really be all she needs so people are aware and don't get super frustrated. We've already discussed how it may deter some people and she's talked a bit about how when people know they tend to avoid her which is not what we want. The goal is for people to realize she's deaf so they aren't screaming, but that she speaks and can communicate as well as anyone else so long as they are facing her and are close to her. She speaks well, she reads lips, her cochlear gives her some auditory feedback and a bit of an advantage having it for years and growing up with it, etc. I just want to make sure I'm making her new job as open as possible without being a public nuisance to this lady. She had been afraid to apply because she said previous places said they couldn't hire deaf people because it was dangerous under OSHA -- There is no rule stating this. It's just in-house nervousness with the equipment moving around. Equipment shouldn't move without a second person spotting at our store. I've already been explicit with associates outside to make sure they use the lights, horn, spotters, blockers etc. and give her a chance to learn all the sounds and such. I know it'll be a learning experience for everyone but I'm hopeful. Are there other things I should consider? I can sort of relate, but no where near to the same extent.
TLDR: Hired an associate who is deaf. She's verbal, signs, reads lips, and has cochlear implants. I've gotten her a vest, badges, name tag to note ASL & shoulder tapping, as well as notepads and pens and a store phone for texting and alerts. We've discussed learning/training her cochlear for the new sounds and info on our accommodation company. Anything else I should be doing?
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2023.05.30 00:48 FallenPillar The pay for teachers is either really high then, or hasn’t changed:

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2023.05.30 00:48 Toxicelectrolyte Police search for people who tossed explosive from truck in Lakewood, New Jersey

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2023.05.30 00:48 DiceBoysPlayerRed Boardgame tables are worth the money if you have a dedicated group of friends

I recently purchased a house and decided to buy a Boardgame table. I purchased it from table4games and spent $2,000 including a tabletop and shipping. When factoring in quality and price, I find it a better value than similar tables. I am very happy with my purchase.
Because of my table and new home, my buddies and I are playing much more frequently than before, and we’re starting to have a “routine”. I don’t mind hosting because I’m just happy that we’re all together.
I am so glad I splurged on my purchase, and it has removed a barrier of a dedicated space. My friends are impressed with the table, and their is an appeal to play on it, which I feel is a factor in people wanting to play more often.
So if you’re on the fence, I would say pull the trigger if you have a dedicated group, and save your money if you don’t. Cheers!
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2023.05.30 00:48 ISlavSquat Site being broken again, huh?

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2023.05.30 00:47 OGClouds420 28 years old, how do I make new friends? I know I’m not the only one sick of being lonely.

At 25 yrs old I stopped being friends with 3 out of the 4 people in my friend group (stoner circle), due to quitting smoking and realizing they haven’t been friends to me at all.
1- tried to hookup with my ex- instant cut off 2- left me behind while on vacation and got on the plane back home without me, and refused to give me back the couple hundred I loaned him while on vacation-cut off. 3- When I quit smoking he was making jokes about how I can’t do it, inviting me to come smoke, etc, and basically never hit me up again once I actually stopped smoking. I’ve spent my 18-25 years keeping bad company.
How do I go about meeting new people and making new friends, even if I’m 28? I can’t be the only one who realized their highschool friends were trash and wants new friends?
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2023.05.30 00:47 aaronw0915 War on raccoons update. Thanks to home helpful advice and constructive criticism/feedback from the lovely members of this community from a previous post I have now built the top for my new enhanced version of my raised bed. And the raccoons have already started showing their faces.

War on raccoons update. Thanks to home helpful advice and constructive criticism/feedback from the lovely members of this community from a previous post I have now built the top for my new enhanced version of my raised bed. And the raccoons have already started showing their faces. submitted by aaronw0915 to vegetablegardening [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 00:45 elonmustty My parents constantly call me a lazy bum.. But I made their yearly in five months.

I (24F) come from a very toxic and controlling household. After fleeing abuse from my mother at 12, I moved in with my father, his wife, and my three younger half siblings and lived with them up until I moved away after graduation. My six years in their home was absolutely miserable.
My father is a lineman and he was often away for long periods of time for work, weeks at a time and on some occasions even a month. For whatever reason, my stepmother singled me out as her punching bag for the emotional turmoil of having to raise three young children practically on her own and her abundance of other mental health problems. I was constantly both verbally abused and physically punished if anything had happened that day to tip her already very sensitive emotional scale. I wasn’t allowed to have any friends or privacy, and spent the better half of my high school years playing ‘mommy’ to my siblings while she (unemployed this entire time btw) was either out getting shitfaced with recent HS grads, getting botox, out shopping, or already passed out on the couch from mixing too many anti anxiety narcotics that day. I was constantly blamed by her for being the reason my parents never had money. I ate too much of the food, needed too many clothes, etc. My father wasn’t rich, although he did make in the low 100ks every year– he was also fully supporting four children and two adults and paying private school tuition for my three siblings on this single salary. So while we had what we needed, there wasn’t room for much else after my stepmother’s terrible spending habits.
I moved away to uni after HS but dropped out after the first year. I got a small apartment and started waiting tables to support myself. I was partying a lot and got into some heavy drug use for about a year. I’ll admit, I was lost and a complete wreck. But, hey, I was also barely twenty years old. My parents hated this, and while even being an hour away I was, and still am to this very day, met with text messages, phone calls, and in person arguments about how I am lazy, entitled, good for nothing bum who will never do anything with my life by both my stepmother and father.
By the time I turned twenty-one I had gotten a little bit of my life back together. I had gotten clean on my own, and moved into a house with my very motivated best friends whom I still live with. During the beginning of covid I decided to learn a new skill, one that if I was able to master had the potential to make me a lot of money. When I first told my parents about this, they laughed in my face. So, I continued pursing this dream in private. Worked my ass off nearly every day for two and half years. Thank god I did. This year has been the best year I’ve ever had financially and personally, and I’ve still yet to drop the bomb on how well this is working out for me. The only people that know are my roommates. Just this most recent mother’s day I endured all the drunken insults from them both with a huge grin.
I’m happy of how far I’ve come, but it really sucks that I have no family to share my newfound success with. I know it sounds whiney, but all I ever wanted from my father was for him to tell me he believed in me, that he knew I could make something out of myself.
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2023.05.30 00:44 EEEEEEEEEKKCCHH How to make new apps appear on the home screen?

Is it possible to make it so that when you install an app it just appears automatically on your home screen without having to find it in the app drawer and drag it up manually? Thanks!
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2023.05.30 00:44 martinisawe How to improve sales

Hey guys, so over the last few years I've been wanting to become an entrepreneur. A friend i met online introduced me to a book called "millionaire fastlane", in 2020. I read that book 5 times, but there was alot of obstacles that i had to go though, specifically overthinking, since i thought becoming one would be fast but not simple. I didn't get the fact that it takes alot of work and discipline to become one. You need to learn how to start with one thing to be in the path, to be where you are. Also it's not an easy journey, you don't just get a "small loan of a million bucks" just for being inspired.
So the last few months I started to develop skills i could use to help others, like on freelancing like web developing, tech writing and web design. I mostly was focusing on web development and learning JavaScript. The hard part was becoming discipline since I recently learned I have ADHD. I went online to see how to deal with it. But overall, i made a deadline to finish all the beginners JavaScript courses before a certain date(I finished 80% of the course). So last week I made a new deadline, which is to learn advanced Javascript and make projects, learn AI(specifically chat GPT) and develope new hobbies.
So the question in hand, I'm starting in a vocational program possibly next week and I've been asking around the neighborhood if anyone needs help with things like cutting grasses. Most refused, even when i offer it for free(which my mom hates), and I live in a mobile home btw. (Also background, I've done landscaping since i was 12). Also i read "how to win friends and influence people" 5 times as well so i know how to interact with people (not trying to sound cocky lol). The question is, how can I make people say "yes" on helping them out? Also how can I be better on emailing others on freelancing?
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2023.05.30 00:43 Casa218713 Pregnancy blood pressure

Currently 33 weeks pregnancy. History of HELLP at 37 weeks with prior pregnancy. I’ve been monitoring my blood pressure at home and over the past 2-3 days it has been consistently between 150/95 and 160/100. There have been a few occasions that it’s gone down to 130/85 for a couple of hours. I went in to labor and delivery today to have it checked and they were getting readings around 130/85. They tried with my cuff and it was still significantly higher. They did some labs and saw a urine protein level of 50.7 and a protein creatinine ratio of .2. My doctor said the labs looked good and we assumed my at home cuff was incorrect. I bought a new one and the readings on the new one are the same as my old one. (Fortunately they are lower than previously today.) Now I’m wondering if my cuff was more accurate. Theirs did seem like the Velcro was loosening while it was taking readings. Would this possibly affect the readings? I’d appreciate any advice!
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2023.05.30 00:43 marma_iz_da_best Sick Tree?

Sick Tree?
Hi everyone! I moved into a new home this winter. In the spring this tree in my backyard was blooming and looked beautiful with some white flowers. Now as we’re inching closer to summer it’s developed these dark brown, hard, shell-like pods all over the branches. It seems like it’s killing the leaves?! I’m very confused. I’m not sure if this is normal or if something is wrong. If anyone is familiar with this type of tree and or tree disease any and all help is appreciated! I would hate to tear it down, so I want to act fast if something is wrong!
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