Nigerian embassy dc appointment booking

Unable to book appointment on VFS Global website

2023.03.26 15:01 Delicious_Room_814 Unable to book appointment on VFS Global website

I booked an appointment on the VFS Global website but got the message: "Sorry, you have either 1) exceeded the maximum number of attempts allowed to access our system within the current session or 2) your access to our application has been restricted right now. Please try again in another 2 hours".I have tried to try again many times on different devices but still not fix the error. Can someone help me to solve this problem. I have contacted VFS customer care but they have not responded. I sincerely thank!
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2023.03.26 14:58 ltfp93 SET (M) - Australian - Super Priority Appointment

Hi all,
Hoping you can help, you've all been amazing so far! Tuesday 28 March will be 28 days before I have been on my spouse in the UK for 5 years. Just to check, that means I can submit my application/book my appointment that day?
I've heard various things about when the super priority spots become available. Is it 12am, 1am or 2am? Do I log on at that time, and they should appear?

Thanks in advance for all your help, I really appreciate it!
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2023.03.26 14:46 Afraid-Penalty-757 When did Thoris Darus begin his term as Supreme Chancellor?

According to wookieepedia his chancellorship only lasted from 60-52 BBY. Yet the book itself seems to imply that his term of office seems to be 56 BBY - 52 BBY. As he was said to be challenged by Frix who eventually won the office. Thus means he can’t be the chancellor who appointed Ranulph Tarkin as the Governor-General of Seswenna sector In 57 BBY. So that means there was a different chancellor from 60-56 BBY who succeeded Vaila Pecivas?
It actually his chancellorship a bit short and much like some our real-world presidents would have been forgotten yet some citizens of the Republic would blame him for beginning the culture of decadence that consumed the government before the rise of the Galactic Empire?
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2023.03.26 14:40 rocky_rainbow Does anyone else get really bad migraines?

I've been on this since July (last year) going from 50mg to 100mg. And I've always had bad headaches, particularly around my period.
But jeez this new pain is sharp and constant. I'm getting migraines or externally bad headaches almost daily now. I take painkillers and those migraine strips.
I would call my doctor but I have to call bang on 8am and wait up to an hour for an appointment. And they might be fully booked. So then I have to do it the nest day and the next day.
Its exhausting. How do I fix this problem please without seeing my doctor? Or speaking to anyone really as my anxiety is still bad :(
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2023.03.26 14:36 TheRedShadow1 Questions regarding copyright status on Fawcett, Quality, and other publications

I'm well aware that a lot of comics from the Golden Age did not have proper copyright statuses or renewed for various reasons. I have a question on the copyright of a shared universe of public domain superheroes. DC Comics has a lot of characters originating from multiple publishers, such as Fawcette, Quality, Charlton, and more. Material from the original books is free to use, but does DC own the copyright to have these characters in the same universe?
Though the event that I ever do create books with these many characters is unlikely, I want to know in case I run into any legal trouble with DC and/or Warner Bros. For example, DC made the Quality Comics hero Kid Eternity related to Fawcette hero Captain Marvel, Jr. when they licensed Captain Marvel from Fawcett in the 70s. If I were to have a crossover with the Marvel Family with, say, Plastic Man and Ted Kord Blue Beetle, would DC send a cease and desist notice to me?
I also want to know about changing elements of the characters to make them different from their more iconic versions. With Captain Marvel, (sorry for bringing him up so much, he's one of my all-time favorite superheroes), if I make the trimming in his side buttoned jacket outfit yellow with a collar added to the top, would this infringe on the Captain Marvel design from the 2010 "Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam" animated movie? (Link below) I want to give those changes to Mary Marvel and Cap Jr. to complete the military-inspired look given to Captain Marvel.
I also have a question revolving around changes I thought about to Mary Marvel's design. I want to give her the same jacket top as Captain Marvel with the changes listed above while keeping the skirt and the paratrooper boots. However, in light of the recent "Shazam: Fury of the Gods" movie, Mary received a new suit based on that movie with the sleeves and gauntlets (Image below).
Based on recent cover art for the upcoming volume of Shazam!, Mary is based on her original costume, but would this still be considered copyright infringement? Because DC made Mary transform into an adult post-Crisis, I imagine having her turn into an adult would certainly fall under copyright infringement.
I also question how I could implement the wizard Shazam since the Wizard he became an influential character at DC. If I have Shazam become a god-like character in terms of raw magical power, would that infringement on DC's version of the character, who in the 90's attained godhood and in the current reboot is the Aboriginal God of Thunder. In the original Fawcett comics, Shazam only appeared when the Marvels lit a torch that summoned the ghost of Shazam. Will I be limited to that version only, or can I expand on that and bring him up to the levels of a God?
Naming is also a question I have. Because DC owns the trademark to "Shazam!" and Marvel "Captain Marvel", I decided to re-name the character "Captain Thunder ". Captain Thunder was his original name, but another company owned the trademark to the name, and Fawcett changed it to Captain Marvel. I was originally going to follow this theme, re-naming the other characters Captain Thunder, Jr. and Mary Thunder. However, I wanted to give the team a military influence as Captain Marvel was based on the founder of Fawcette, Wilford "Captain Billy" Fawcette.
Because the Lieutenant Marvels (a team empowered by Billy Batson) are public domain, I had the idea of naming Jr. Lieutenant Thunder, and because Mary was the third member, giving her a name like Sergeant Thunder. However, the animated series Young Justice follows this trend with the characters, and I could possibly infringe on that copyright if there is one. Will I have to stick with the previous names I created, or will I be fine?
If anyone is able to answer these questions, I'd gladly appreciate it.
Captain Marvel:
Mary Marvel:
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2023.03.26 14:32 D1_Reckoning DD 214 upload

I started doing my claims and appointments for disability about 100 days before my ets. About a month later I received a letter saying that I need to submit my dd 214. I was active at the time, so obviously I didn't have it but I recently ETS'd so now I do. When I was finalizing my dd 214 the lady who helped me mention that she's going to send 1 copy of my dd 214 to my state VA (TX) and 1 to DC, I believe. Do I still need to upload my dd 214 to
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2023.03.26 13:53 NotApathia Peptides for weight loss

Hey all! So, I recently went to see my doctor as I had been experiencing an almost continuous pain in my left foot for three months or so. The doctor checked my blood and my uric acid levels were stupidly high for someone with my background (30f). He thus booked me in for regular physio appointments and started me on peptide injections.
Thirty days later, I've gone from 88.9kg to 82.3kg, which is pretty good considering I have only been injecting myself and doing some IF. The rest of my lifestyle is pretty much the same as before, though I am trying to reduce my carb intake, as per the doctor's orders.
What I'm worried about is that the peptides are working, but will I have to keep using them to subsidise my metabollism? If I stop taking them, will I gain all the weight I will have lost back?
Any advice you have will be much appreciated!
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2023.03.26 13:52 ireovcgsu123 Buy Luxury 3BHK and 4BHK in Victory Valley Gurgaon

Buy Luxury 3BHK and 4BHK in Victory Valley Gurgaon
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Buy Luxury 3BHK and 4BHK in Victory Valley Gurgaon
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2023.03.26 13:26 scatman54 Toyota highlander 60000km 29000k worth it?

Wouls this be a decent buy in this market?
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2023.03.26 13:13 Ok_Lead_6730 Honduras tourist visa application procedure and requirement for Cameroon citizens

Am Hilary, a Cameroonian residing in Bahrain. I wish to visit Honduras for tourism. My worries;
  1. Online application link
  2. Requirements
  3. How to book an appointment at Honduras embassy in Kuwait
  4. Whatsapp or contact number assist in case of any difficulties.
Waiting for your feedback. Thanks and nice day.
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2023.03.26 13:12 Automatic_Creme_6664 VFS PORTUGAL

Anyone knows when Portugal releases vfs appointments?? Was trying to book a slot for past 2 weeks and only shows cancelled appointments that get booked within 1 second. Do you know any agencies that could help in London?
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2023.03.26 13:11 autotldr Turkmenistan votes for new, opposition-free parliament

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 40%. (I'm a bot)
ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan - Voters in Turkmenistan headed to the polls on Sunday to elect a new parliament that is expected to be opposition-free and loyal to the government of the gas-rich Central Asian nation.
A total of 2,602 polling stations opened in Turkmenistan at 7 a.m. to accommodate about 3.5 million registered voters, with another 42 polling sites set up at embassies abroad. Voters will elect 125 members of parliament out of 258 candidates, put forward by three political parties or running independently.
Berdymukhamedov, 41, was elected last March to succeed his father, Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, who had run the isolated ex-Soviet country for more than a decade.
Earlier this year, Serdar Berdymukhamedov appointed his father to be the chairman of Halk Maslahaty, or People's Council, the country's supreme representative body.
The People's Council has the power to change the country's constitution and determine the main guidelines of domestic and foreign policies, giving the 65-year-old Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov powerful levers to shape the country's course.
The vote on Sunday will "Mark the new stage of democratic changes" in Turkmenistan, President Serdar Berdymukhamedov was quoted as saying by state media.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Berdymukhamedov#1 Turkmenistan#2 country#3 vote#4 polls#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.26 13:00 AutoModerator Have a question? Ask the veterans of DC Comics!

Let's face it, comics can be confusing. No matter how big or small your question may be this is the place to ask and /DCcomics will do our best to answer it for you!
As the /DCcomics community continues to grow we are receiving an influx questions from readers of DC comics, or simply new readers to comics entirely. As Stan Lee has said, every comic book is someone's first, and even though he maybe be one of those other guys it certainly applies here as well. With this spirit in mind, these Q'n'A topics are intended to give those who may be puzzled a centralized place to connect with other knowledgable readers and clear up some confusion.
A new Ask the Veterans thread is posted every Sunday, and in the future answers to these questions will be organized into this subreddit's wiki page.
To those answering
Avoid vague replies like "yes" or "no". Rather do your best to explain your answer, and if necessary provide a link that may help anyone interested in learning more. Remember to hide spoilers when discussing major events that have taken place within one year of its release..
Other online resources that may be helpful are listed below.
For news and updates on this subreddit and DC Comics, be sure to follow us on Twitter!
Also be sure to join our Discord server for suggestions and advice in real time!
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2023.03.26 12:56 Pale_Cry2284 What supplement causes longer period?

I have PCOS and my gyno put me on spironolactone (50 mg and then 25 mg) for three months to lower androgens. I stopped it on the 9th of February. I follow balanced diet (low to medium carbs but no crazy restrictions) and have lost 3.5 kg. It is not a lot but I started my first natural period. My gyno also recommended a list of supplements: - Inositol (myo and d chiro inositol blend) with alpha lipoid acid - vitamin d - omega 3 - magnesium & b6 - synbiotic.
I also drink spearmint tea and take chelated copper for hair and eye supplement that contains lutein, zeaxantine, rutin, selenium and zinc.
So long story short does any supplement I take cause longer period? I am on day 7 and it is still red blood. Not a lot but usually by day 7 it’s just brown spotting for me. I am worried that maybe it’s not period but something else. I couldn’t book appointment with my doctor as she is away.
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2023.03.26 12:39 AudreysEvilTwin How to live with someone I have a poor relationship with? (Me 30F, my mother 67F)

TL;DR I live with my mother, we don't get along and have serious communication struggles, leaving is not yet an option for financial reasons, and I don't know how to endure this situation without going crazy.
I live with my mother for now, while I save up money to renovate my apartment. I expect I'll finally be able to move out next year, but until then I don't know how I'll be able to preserve what's left of my sanity while I still live here.
We don't get along well. She may not be the stereotypical toxic narcissistic parent, but she has some serious issues that have caused chronic relationship difficulties between us. I cannot communicate with her at all; every time I try to raise a concern with her, she employs just about every communication no-no in the book, from dismissiveness, stonewalling, knee-jerk denial and defensiveness, tu quoque, to joking around pointlessly in an attempt to deflect the conversation (one time I was trying to have a serious conversation with her about something important to me and this woman just stuck out her tongue at me), to simply not listening and not trying to understand my point of view. She lacks basic psychoemotional skills, doesn't understand concepts such as boundaries, and has never been interested in educating herself in that regard.
Our arguments usually involve me trying to teach her basic communication skills while I'm upset about a problem and need her to have those communication skills already in place in order to solve it. And I'm just exhausting myself and working myself up into a state of despair while I feel that she just doesn't give a shit and wants me to fuck off along with my grievances.
And the communication problems are just one small part of the problem. She mismanages the household and I have to ensure I do everything myself if I want it done well (I work a full-time job, she's retired), because of course it doesn't work if I communicate with her about it and hope for the best. She makes some really questionable financial decisions that she refuses to be held accountable for, and then I have to foot the bill. We have joint ownership over a property (me 75% and her 25%) that we need to renovate and sell, and she went behind my back to get my uncle to do some shoddy work on it, because she's in a hurry to sell it and it's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission, I guess, and, again, I have to foot the bill. She has told private things about me to random people, and suddenly I had my third cousin's creepy husband asking me about them, shit like that. She randomly gets mad at me, acts pissy and passive-aggressive, and refuses to tell me why. During the pandemic she fell for the antivax and Covid denialist/conspiracist rhetoric (as a doctor and a cancer survivor, no less), and I was basically living in close quarters with someone who refused to protect herself, and that's when I decided she was a lost cause.
If this were a marriage, I'd have filed for divorce several times over. In many ways I think life with her is influencing me for the worse. She's a deeply religious person from a rural background, with a very austere and anhedonic lifestyle and very conservative beliefs, and I don't think the upper levels of the hierarchy of needs are real to her; she doesn't read anything non-religious, doesn't do anything for fun, doesn't appreciate ideas or aesthetics or new experiences, complains all the time, and just seems to content herself with taking care of basic needs and going to church and that's it. And she sets the tone in this house. I often feel like I'm living inside someone else's life, and it's not a life I'd have chosen for myself. It's a struggle to stop myself from decaying into the same kind of person.
I mention all this particularly because this attitude of hers has caused me great damage as a young teen, when I was seriously struggling with social exclusion and body image and the transition to a more "adult" level of independence and self-expression, and she didn't consider these problems valid at all, and was basically useless in helping me deal with them. I'm still dealing with the fallback of having been a "loser" kid. Even being in my predicament at 30 is seen as a "loser" thing; I wasn't even sure of posting this, because I'm sure there are many people who have zero sympathy for adults living at home and probably believe I should be ashamed of myself for having this problem.
So basically I'd like to know how to tolerate an inescapable bad situation at home. Typically, inescapable bad situations translate to depression, and I've been dealing with some of that recently; my coping mechanisms are a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Yes, I have a therapy appointment for the next month, but I'm not really getting my hopes up; it would be good to have someone to talk to nonetheless. Regarding my living situation, renting right now would make no financial sense for me, and my own apartment isn't yet habitable (no kitchen, no working toilet, very little furniture).
Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.26 12:37 Your_Local_Insomniac Dental Question: Black stripe on cats' molar-- Possible cavity or crack? Does not appear painful, what can I do to keep it at bay until we go see his vet?

Oliver (M, 3yo, Neutered, indoors only domestic Shorthair) gets his teeth brushed twice a week (sometimes thrice, sometimes only once). Oliver does not have any known dental diseases.
Today as I was brushing his teeth I noticed there seems to be what resembles a cavity (or crack?) on one of his bottom left molars, it's the shape of a stripe and the affected area is black in coloration (see pictures). Oliver does not appear to be in any pain. He eats, drinks, cuddles and plays like crazy, he does not shy away from attempting to chomp his toys to bits when we play. This is to say he is behaving normally.
Until I'm able to book & bring him in for a vet appointment next week to get it looked at, what are things I should keep in mind to slow down possible spread (assuming) it's a cavity? I will be keeping a close eye on it, and switching things up to really try and brush his teeth daily, if not every other day at the very least (even after this is resolved).
Would it be more ideal for him to eat only wetfood until the appointment to avoid putting stress on the tooth until his vet & I are able to make a care/treatment plan?
Any insight is greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.26 12:25 rebeccaisalifestyle My autistic bf is draining me

TW : suicidal thoughts
We are both autistic. He went trough something pretty bad almost a year ago and got burnt out. He didnt seek help because it was too hard. I have been handling his emotional needs all by myself for a year because he has no friends.
He doesn't protect me towards his racist family because its too hard.
He can't make a decision or stand up for me because its too hard.
He can't make an appointment to the therapist because it's too hard.
And guess what, those things are also hard for me, but I end up sending emails for him, helping him with school and phonecalls, reminding him of events he has to attend, making him take a decision about his family.
And there is no room for my needs. I am drained. I started getting suicidal thoughts. I feel like I never have time to reset and relax even in my own home (we live together).
I am this close to booking a holiday and just fucking leaving him

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2023.03.26 12:24 UnbreakableArgonauts [Ireland] [H] Hellboy miniseries, full DC runs, TPBs - help me fund my comic! - [W] PayPal

Hello, I’m currently crowdfunding my first comic and am selling off a ton of books to help things along
Shipping will be calculated after, usually cheap
Action Comics 2011 #1-16 - $70 for the lot, or $30 for #9 and $40 for the rest
Green Lantern: Far Sector #1 - $15
Future State Wonder Woman #1 - $15
Jonah Hex (2006) #1-13 - $5 each or $50 for the lot
Shazam (2018) #1-15 - $5 each or $50 for the lot
Deathstroke Inc #10-15 - $5 each or $25 for the lot
Justice League (2018) #59-75 - $5 each
Lazarus Planet - All one-shots - $6 each
Knightfall (all 19 floppies) - $4 each or $65 for lot
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Swamp Thing Green Hell #1-3 - $18
Suicide Squad (2021) #1-15 + annual - $5 each or $70 for lot
The Swamp Thing (2021) #1-10 - $60
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The Green Lantern (Season One) #1-12 - $40
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Batman #417-420 - $40
Batman/Hellboy/Starman - $12
Almost Colossus #1-2 - $15
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BPRD 1947 #1-5 - $20
Pickens County Horror #1-3 - $15
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Ghost Rider: Hell On Wheels - $30
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Tomb of Dracula 2010 TPB print Vol.1 & Vol.2 - $35 each
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Rogues’ Gallery #1 - $12
A Town Called Terror #1 - $8
Sin City Silent Night - $7
Big Trouble in Little China/Escape from NY #1-3 - $18
Kong on the Planet of the Apes #1-6 - $35
Once & Future #1-4 - $40
Moon Knight #1 2021 - $10
Old Man Logan #1-18 - $4 each or $60 for lot
Willing to negotiate price on bulk buys
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2023.03.26 12:15 Grocery-Super DC Motor Speed Control Potentiometer

DC Motor Speed Control Potentiometer

Overview of potentiometer and speed of DC motor

DC (direct current) motors are essential components in many industries and applications, ranging from small household appliances to large industrial machinery. In most cases, it is crucial to control the speed of the motor according to the requirements of the task. This is where the DC motor speed control potentiometer comes into play. A potentiometer is an electrical component that can be used to vary the voltage applied to the motor, thereby controlling its speed.
Install a potentiometer to change the speed of the DC motor
🔺 The speed of a DC motor can be determined by the following equation:
N = K(V – IaRa)/ø
Where N is the speed of the motor, K is a constant, V is the voltage applied to the motor, Ia is the current flowing through the armature, Ra is the resistance of the armature, and ø is the flux of the motor. As per this equation, there are three ways to control the speed of a DC motor: by varying the magnetic flux and current through the field coil, by varying the armature voltage and armature resistance, and by varying the supply voltage.
🔺 When it comes to method 2 and 3, a potentiometer can be used to control the armature voltage and supply voltage, respectively.
  • In method 2, the potentiometer is connected in series with the armature circuit, and by varying the position of the potentiometer wiper, the voltage applied to the armature can be varied. This, in turn, varies the speed of the motor. The potentiometer acts as a variable resistor, and its resistance can be varied by changing the position of the wiper. This changes the voltage drop across the armature and, therefore, the motor speed.
  • In method 3, the potentiometer is connected in series with the supply voltage. By varying the position of the wiper, the voltage applied to the motor can be varied, which changes the motor speed. In this case, the potentiometer acts as a voltage divider, and its position determines the voltage that reaches the motor.
The DC motor speed control potentiometer is a simple and effective way to control the speed of a motor. It is easy to install and use, and it allows for precise control over the motor's speed. However, it is essential to use the right type of potentiometer for the application. The potentiometer's power rating should be high enough to handle the current flowing through the circuit, and it should be designed for use with DC circuits.
The DC motor speed control potentiometer is an essential component in many applications where precise motor speed control is required. It offers a simple and effective way to vary the voltage applied to the motor, which, in turn, changes its speed. Whether used in method 2 or method 3, the potentiometer is a versatile device that can help optimize the performance of DC motors.
Learn more: Variable Speeds For DC Motors

Example: How to change speed of dc motor using potentiometer?

🔺Problem: I want to change the speed of a DC motor(12V,2000RPM) using a pot and operate a table fan(where I've replaced its AC motor with DC).Now the problem is I get a regulated output at o/p of 7812 but not after connecting the pot(10k)! Need ua help guys! Thanks!
🔺The answer:To use your 10K pot you can use it for R2 and change R1 to 1.2K ohms. It will not work correctly without the fan connected because the load current will be too low for the LM317 to regulate.
DC Motor Speed Control Potentiometer
Adjustment range (with fan connected) should be 1.25 to around 12V, assuming at least 14V in. Check it doesn't get too hot- you might have to add a heatsink or bolt it to something- at least you have a fan to cool it.

DC Motor Speed Control Potentiometer for sale

If you are looking to buy a DC motor speed control potentiometer, there are several options available on e-commerce markets. These potentiometers come in various shapes, sizes, and power ratings, and choosing the right one for your application is essential. It is recommended to consider the specifications of the potentiometer carefully before making a purchase, such as its power rating, resistance range, and type of construction. You should also ensure that the potentiometer is designed for use with DC circuits, as using an AC potentiometer with a DC motor can result in damage to the motor or the potentiometer itself.
It is also important to buy a potentiometer from a reputable seller, who can provide you with accurate product information and after-sale support if needed. Before making a purchase, you can read reviews from other customers who have used the product, and check the seller's rating and feedback to ensure a smooth and reliable buying experience. By choosing the right potentiometer and seller, you can ensure that your DC motor runs smoothly and efficiently, with precise control over its speed.
🔺List of DC Motor Speed Control Potentiometer for sale:
1/ 10A 5V-16-12V DC Motor Speed Control Potentiometer Governor PWM Switch Module ($3.18)
2/ DC 6 to 12 V 24 V 28VDC 3A 80 W PWM motor speed control Lehr regulator Adjustable Variable speed control potentiometer ON / OFF
3/ diymore DC Motor Speed Controller DC 6/12/24/28V 3A PWM DC Motor Speed Governor Adjustable Potentiometer with Flat Cable ($1.13)
4/ DC Motor Speed Control Potentiometer Governor PWM Speed Regulation Board LED Dimming 10A 5V High Linearity Band Switch Module ($0.89)
5/ L0371 DC 6V-30V 80W 10A DC Motor Speed Controller Adjustable PWM Speed Regulator with Control Switch Potentiometer Reversible ($1.38)
6/ Adjustable DC Motor Speed Controller DC 12V-40V 400W 10A Potentiometer PWM Motor Controller Module 13kHz 24V 36V CCMHC CCMHCW ($1.55)
7/ PWM DC Motor Speed Controller, 12V/24V/36V Regulator Potentiometer Overload Protector Motor Speed Control Board 15A ($11.06)
8/ PWM DC Motor Speed Controller, DC 10-55V/60A, LED Display Stepless DC Motor Speed Controller with Adjustable Potentiometer and Forward-Brake-Reverse Switch ($20)
9/ DC Motor Speed Controller, 6-60V 12V 24V 36V 48V 30A PWM DC Digital Display PWM Motor Speed Controller Start Stop Switch with Speed Control Potentiometer ($13)
10/ DC Motor Speed Control Switch, High Power Replaceable Digital Display DC Motor Speed Controller 15KHZ Adaptable 60A with Potentiometer for Power Supply ($14)
11/ DC Motor Speed Controller 30A Stepless Ajustable Potentiometer Motor Speed Control Switch Aluminum Alloy Safe Material ($15)
12/ DC Motor Speed Control Potentiometer from dealers and production facilities ($0.45 to Max).
🔺Good books on DC induction motors and generators:
🌀 Classical Electronics: 👉 Application of Back EMF conversion in DC motors and AC generators to generate generators (create a self-powered, free-energy generator)
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2023.03.26 12:11 RagnaTheBloodedge344 Top 10 Comic Book Characters As A Guest Character For Soul Calibur 7

Top 10 Comic Book Characters As A Guest Character For Soul Calibur 7
Hey everyone,today's post I wanted to do something basic,Im gonna be making a list 10 Comic Book Characters that I want for Soul Calibur 7 as a guest character,now since we had spawn a long time ago and haven't gotten another comic book character in Soul Calibur series for a long time,so why not make a list of Comics characters that should be in Soul Calibur 7
10: Conan The Barbarian (Dark Horse Comic)
9: Hercules (Marvel Comics)
8: Sara Pezzini (Witchblade) (Image Comics)
7: Angela (Image Comics)
6: Valkyrie (Marvel Comics)
5: Aquaman (DC Comics)
4: Thor (Marvel Comics)
3: Ares (DC Comics)
2: Wonder Woman (DC Comics)
1: Lady Death (Chaos! Comic)
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2023.03.26 12:07 solidsurfboardsusa Solid Surfboards

We redesigned and improved the surfboard to have a lower environmental impact and a greater impact on your surfing experience. We eliminated the need to cut down trees to make wooden stringer reinforcements by using organic hemp, volcanic basalt, and less toxic materials.
We also reduced the toxic fumes released into the air during production, and our foam cores and shaping remnants are 100% recyclable. As a result, the board floats better, paddles easier, is more durable, and has a better flex response than traditional surfboard construction.
BIOflex Solid Surfboards are for surfers with a deep care for the environment.
None of us want to sacrifice performance, so we have designed our BIOflex Boards to out perform, out last, and out paddle the old alternative.
Want to start surfing sustainably?
Book a free appointment today and we can design your next board together remotely from anywhere in the world.
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2023.03.26 11:53 kurtanglesmilk Phone repair shop damaged my phone and forgot to get me to sign their waiver form absolving them of responsibility. Do I have grounds to claim from them?

I got the charging port on my iPhone replaced at a high street repair chain. A fairly quick and cheap repair, but around 2 days later my screen developed an issue with ‘ghost touches’ and was barely usable. I took it back and spoke to a different person, who conceded that it was most likely their repair that caused the problem, but because my phone was already cracked there was nothing they can do. Looking at their T&Cs this is stated in there -
2.9 In order to complete a diagnostic or repairs it may be necessary to disassemble the device, which may result in further damage to the device. We take no liability for any further damage to the device, because of any existing damage. We will not cover the cost of replacement parts in any circumstances including if the device is not repairable.
However, it also says this -
2.1 This Agreement shall commence from the date you sign the service check-in form and shall continue until we have repaired or otherwise returned your Device, whichever is sooner, and received any payment due from you.
In my conversation with the man in the shop he realised that nobody had asked me to sign anything. He then palmed me off to the head office, who don't even have a phone number so I have been trying to resolve this by email but have been largely ignored. All they've said is that I agreed to it when I signed the waiver form when booking the appointment online, despite me reiterating on three occasions that I had booked the appointment in person and wasn't asked to sign anything then either. They've now gone radio silent.
Based on the events I'm wondering if I have cause to claim for damages since they messed up and never got me to agree to their terms of service? Thank you!
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