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2020.03.30 10:47 IndoorWorkouts

Can’t get outside? Learn how to exercise at home, and share what you do with others.

2013.01.22 06:44 llieaay Cat Training: Tricks and Treats

Cat behaviour, cat tricks, cat training. Cats!

2008.09.22 05:30 Ursines

What kind of bear is best? This is the home to all eight species of bears - American Black Bears, Brown Bears, Polar Bears, Asiatic Black (Moon) Bears, Sun Bears, Sloth Bears, Giant Pandas, and Spectacled (Andean) Bears.

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2023.06.05 05:52 AlphaDoge1234 What this game really needs.

I want to first off say that apart from these minor oversights from the devs, I still think this is one of the best games ever made. That being said...
I feel as though the current ability system is not very intuitive, It's fairly clear that having ascend, recall and ultrahand all on the same wheel can be very confusing.
Instead I suggest that we have a separate npc follow us around for each ability that we have to chase down (how fun!) whenever we wish to use said ability.
This change not only makes more sense, but would be so much more exciting as you progress through the game slowly surrounded by more and more friends. Imagine getting to play hide and seek with Robbie whenever you want to use the camera!
This would be a much more intuitive system that I think would really bring this game from a 3/10 to a 10/10 in my books.
(In case it wasn't blaringly obvious /s)
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2023.06.05 05:48 sea-lass-1072 In Defense of Gale Hawthorne

Calling all Gale Defenders!
I know right away this is not going to be a popular post - and that’s fine! But as someone who appreciates the character of Gale Hawthorne, the amount of hate that is thrown his way is deeply upsetting. (And yes, this is ultimately in response to a recent Gale-hate post lol)
I am hoping to start a conversation about his merits and positive qualities that make his character more well-rounded than many people seem to perceive. I have no idea how long this post will be so apologize in advance.
PS - if you have only watched the movies, I already don't care about your Gale take. sorry not sorry!
  1. Gale did not kill Prim.
Did Gale help create the bombs that killed Prim? Probably. Did Gale decide to kill Prim? No. Arguing anything else is ridiculous.
Did Gale know that innocent people would die at the hands of his bombs? Yes, of course, but they were literally fighting a war. He didn’t know they would be used against medics and children, and was clearly upset when Katniss asked if the bomb were his. After the war, Gale arguably left for District 2 because he knew Katniss wouldn’t want to see him and understood she needed space to heal and grieve - even though Katniss herself acknowledges that Gale is not at fault for Prim’s death.
Anyone still using the “Gale killed Prim” defense is just creating their own narrative because they don’t like him, and I stand firm on this.
It’s made clear in the narrative that Coin killed Prim, and would have found another way to kill Prim if it wasn’t for the bombs anyway. She needed Katniss in the palm of her hand, and convincing Katniss that it was the Capitol that killed Prim was Coin’s goal - so she could keep Katniss in check and on her side.
  1. You don’t need to pit Gale and Peeta against each other.
Gale himself admits that Peeta is a likable guy and wishes it was harder to dislike him - and Peeta is often jealous of Gale.
The truth of it is that Gale and Peeta have had vastly different life experiences. Gale is a man of color, living in the Seam, whose father has died, who has had to help raise his three younger siblings alongside his mother, who has been risking his life to hunt in the woods to provide for them, who had to watch helplessly as the closest person in his life fought in the Games, and had to watch first hand as his home was completely obliterated.
Peeta is a white man who lived in town and was abused by his mother growing up and suffered deep trauma from the Hunger Games.
Their lives are different. They have different motivations. Peeta is not trying to keep his entire family alive, and does not have to risk his life in the woods or the mines. Gale wasn’t reaped and didn’t have to experience the brutality of the Games.
By pitting them against each other, you are the one feeding into the love triangle narrative.
  1. Gale’s main motivation is NOT “ending up with Katniss”.
I am so confused at all the comments I see about Gale prioritizing his “romance” with Katniss during her post-Games experience and manipulating her to be with him. What?!?! Did we read the same books!? Yes, they kiss a few times. He kisses Katniss before she leaves for her Victory Tour, and that confuses her, but to be fair to Gale (which many of you are not…), he says he only wanted to do it once. Katniss is the next one to initiate any kisses with Gale - and even tells him that she wants to run away with him (which is what prompts Gale to admit he loves her - he likely would not have said this to her if she hadn’t suggested they run away together).
Secondly, Katniss is the narrator. Again - Katniss is the narrator. Basically everything we see with Katniss and Gale is coming from Katniss. She uses Gale as a distraction (see: Mockingjay) and Gale acknowledges time and time again that Katniss only is interested in him when he’s hurting.
Gale kept her family alive while she was in the Games, and they have been some of the most important peoples in one another’s lives since they were 12 and 14. There is a lot of trust between the two of them as they have a deep interwoven history. That doesn’t mean he is constantly trying to romance her or pull her away from Peeta - he doesn’t like that Katniss is putting on a show for the Capitol with Peeta, but to some extent he does understand it.
Thirdly, see point four.
  1. Gale has suffered the brutality of the Capitol just like everyone else.
Yes, Katniss had to fight in the Games. That is horrible and there’s no taking away from that. But don’t forget that Gale was raised in District 12, also lost his father to the mine collapse, has been raising his 3 siblings alongside his mother through illegal hunting, and was whipped publicly in the square. And then was there when the entire District was bombed! He is one of the sole reasons there were even any survivors.
To say he has “no regard for human life” isn’t entirely true - he’s fighting against the Capitol, who routinely sent children to their death and displayed it on television - and then firebombed his district so hundreds (if not thousands?) of people died. He knows the enemy, and understand that there is no rule book here.
His main motivations are not “being with Katniss” - he loves Katniss, and makes that very clear, and yes he Does want to be with her. But his main motivation is taking down the Capitol. Katniss even wants to run away with him at one point and he says no, I’m staying here. He chooses the fight over Katniss, and while he does prioritize her, I would argue she is not his main priority.
Anyway, onto some other things…
  1. Gale is a caretaker.
Is he angry? And full of fire and rage? Yes. Does he have a family that he loves and would do anything to protect? Also yes. He looks after them from the moment his father dies. He looks after Katniss’s family as if they were his own.
  1. Gale helped save people from District 12.
I mentioned this above, but without Gale stepping up as a leader during the bombing there likely would have been many more lives lost.
  1. Gale is not selfish.
This argument never makes sense to me. Everything he does is either for Katniss or for the cause. He helps carry Lady to Prim because he’s excited to see the look on her face. He drags Prim away from the Reaping because she’s screaming and he’s trying to protect Katniss. He takes care of her family while she’s away. He hunts for his own family, and sells in the Hob. He doesn’t return to District 12 after the war - and the argument for why can be debated, but it’s implied in the book that he is giving Katniss space (there is likely his own trauma involved too).
  1. Gale never pressures Katniss.
“I know you just killed children in the Games but like can we make out and also what are we lol” ?!??!?!? ha ha ha you're very funny, fandom! Gale has Never said or acted Remotely like this is true but the fandom is hellbent on assigning this narrative to him. He is jealous of what Katniss had to do to survive, yes, but Katniss admits that she would be jealous if the roles were reversed and Gale had to do the same to survive.
He never asks to define their relationship - he understands Katniss has to present as a couple to the Capitol with Peeta, even if he doesn't like it and makes that known. He doesn’t accept the gloves that she gives him - and he makes a comment about them being her fiancé’s, but ultimately rejects them because they’re from the Capitol (not because they’re associated with Peeta - they’re Cinna’s anyway). He kisses her once before her Victory Tour, and tells her he loves her after she says she wants to run away with him.
Other than that, Katniss kisses Gale after his whipping and many times in Mockingjay - For Her Own Benefit and Distraction. Please find me a quote in which Gale is pressuring Katniss into a relationship or a kiss or something she doesn’t want to do with him and I’ll step down, but this argument is frankly bullshit to me.
  1. Gale’s mindset - his anger and rage and the choices he makes that stem from those feelings - is both a narrative device, and true to how many people in the Districts would feel about the Capitol.
Yes, Gale has brutal viewpoints when it comes to the Capitol. ‘I would press a button a kill everyone in the Capitol’ is something he says and he doesn’t think twice about it. But he has also lived his entire life in the clutches of an oppressive regime. He’s never traveled to the Capitol like Katniss has, has never met people from the Capitol who have shown him kindness, has no reason to believe that anyone there actually cares about anyone in the districts. AND HE JUST WATCHED HIS ENTIRE DISTRICT FIREBOMBED TO DEATH.
It’s propaganda. You have fallen for the propaganda (just as Gale did). The Capitol has done everything to keep the Districts and the Capitol apart from one another, and Gale has fed into this belief on the District side of things just like the people in the Capitol feed into it on their side of things. He was raised this way - on top of the brutality of surviving in the Seam.
So to wrap this post - it’s fine that you don’t like him. Genuinely. But you can’t say that he killed Prim, because he didn’t. And if you want to argue that he’s selfish, you have to give some reasons other than his feelings for Katniss. And if you don’t like this paragraph, then you should reread the books and consider Gale’s point of view for maybe the first time in your read-through.
Ultimately, I don't expect to have changed anyone's mind here lol, but as someone who genuinely loves Gale and understands where he's coming from with a lot of his decisions - to see the hate is super disheartening.
Lastly - not that it really matters, but this reddit page makes me think I should say it anyway - I adore Peeta, and am glad that he's the one Katniss ultimately ended up with. I agree that Gale and Katniss wouldn't work on a romantic level long term. That doesn't make me hate him though, lol. y'all are wacky.
I know there are other Gale fans out there like me - so this one's for us! What are some of your favorite moments from Gale? Favorite traits? What has kept you from hating his character?
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2023.06.05 05:48 windshakes WAN002

My parents live 1200 miles away in Wisconsin. They had been unhappily paying for a sub-par local WISP, but besides starlink, it’s the only game in town.
I visited recently and took a look at the TMO 5G coverage map and suggested they give TMHI a spin. I didn’t expect it to work, but I was willing to help and there was little downside.
So, they brought the new Sagemcom device home, plugged it in and got a Weak signal that worked sporadically. That’s not surprising since the tower they connect to is 15 miles away across a lake.
I had to head back home, but before I did, I got them set up with the Waveform 2x line of sight antennas. I figured it was worth a shot and we could return it all if it didn’t work.
The antennas improved the situation dramatically - they got Fair to Good connections and 100+mbps speeds with the antennas indoors, even. It still wasn’t rock solid reliable but it was much more usable than their previous ISP.
Without warning a few days ago, the trash can suddenly started showing the WAN002 error - it’s been rebooted and reset numerous times. I had them put the external antennas temporarily outside (didn’t want to mount anything without knowing how likely it is to work) and when they do it says it has “Very Good” signal strength on boot before going back to showing WAN002 error again.
If you search that error, explanations have ranged from tower maintenance, to bad firmware, to fried trash cans, and SIM card issues. Short of having them disassemble the trash can and remove the external antenna wires so they can exchange it, is there anything else I should have them try?
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2023.06.05 05:37 Butt_Fucking_Smurfs You can punch one person right in the nose. Who do you choose and why?

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2023.06.05 05:36 Elezen514 Game randomly make my pc crash/restart *NOT BSOD (SOLVED)

I had a few random restart while playing D4 (only happen in D4) No specific game time or on specific action.. Had to use DDU to reinstall my GPU Driver and ive had 0 crash/restart since then Hopefully it can help you guys
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2023.06.05 05:35 Arktikos02 There are two people. The first one can speak A2 level of your language but they are completely culturally literate. The second person speaks B2 level of your language But is culturally illiterate. Which person do you think should be given citizenship?

By the way cultural literacy simply refers to being very educated and knowledgeable about cultural aspects that do not have anything to do with language. So that includes reading books, watching the news, understanding the political system, and stuff like that.
View Poll
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2023.06.05 05:35 michaelcoffey Will show off if you can make me ache. Try me. Snap guitarmanmick

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2023.06.05 05:34 iforgotthecannoli How do you deal with your own emotional response when you see bad parenting in a public place?

Before I even jump in, a couple clarifications: • I know that there are myriad choices any parent can make, and that it’s not clear-eyed to necessarily label decisions “good” or “bad”, but I imagine anyone familiar with child development would respond with concern to what I’m recounting. • This is my response to what I was able to see and hear in a small sliver of time, and I understand that I may not have heard every word or known the whole story. • I know this is minor compared to what others have witnessed, or witness on a regular basis, but it’s simply a recent example that is fresh on my mind.
I took my kid to the playground. Another dad showed up with a kid who looked to be 4 or so, which is isn’t that far from my own. Here are a few things that I overheard, as we were the only people in the park:
• They’re on bikes, and literally as soon as they enter the park, the dad is speeding up and distancing himself at least 10-15 paces from this kid. The kid is physically struggling to keep up, pained look on his face, saying “Dad, wait, this isn’t a race!” And dad responds with “Then you better hurry up!”
• The sidewalk they’re biking on encircles the playground. After one lap, no surprise, the kid wants to stop and play. He neatly parks his bike at the bike rack and gets off to walk to the playground. Here comes the dad passing by him: “Get back on your bike! You said you wanted to bring your bike, so we’re biking. We came here to ride our bikes. Come on, let’s go!” The kid hesitates and sees my child and me on the playground. “Guess you don’t want that bike then!” Yells the dad. “Nope, you don’t need that bike anymore! Now I’m going to sell it.” The kid gets back on his bike for another lap. After that, he’s so antsy that he parks it again and chases his dad on foot for fun. His dad just keeps biking at a decent speed in the wide circle around the park while the kid tries to catch him.
• Finally the dad relents and lets the kid play. He sits down on a bench and stares at his phone while his kid runs off. Within a couple minutes I hear the kid thud onto the mulch and start to cry loudly, running back to his dad. His dad responds with “What happened?! What happened! What’s going on?!” The kid is so upset that he’s not putting words together, the dad tells him he needs to calm down and breathe, and then “Back up, look, you’re getting me dirty.” He sits his kid next to him on the bench, no physical contact that I can see, and gets his kid to admit that he had tried to run up a slide. “If you want to be a big boy you need to play smarter. This isn’t about doing whatever we want, or racing around, or showing off here at the park. Here, brush yourself off, you’ve got to smarten up.” Kid’s still crying and getting no comfort. Meanwhile dad is imparting his “don’t show off” lesson loud enough that I can hear him.
I spent the time keeping distance when possible, keeping my kid focused on what we were doing, singing with and talking with my kiddo so all that mine would pick up on was simply that there was another kid there to play with their dad.
I’ve seen enough posts here to know that engaging to address something would have been a terrible idea. The only interaction I had was saying “thank you” when the dad complimented my kid’s hat, and when the other kid got curious enough to play near us as we were walking away, I asked him if he had seen an interactive feature on the playground — he looked and interacted with it a bit, and I said it was one of our favorite things there.
But the whole time, I’m wanting to scoop this kid up and give him a hug, or just do something to shine a little more light into his day. Every time I witness a kid who could use more in a particular moment, it really sticks with me, and I think about how many millions of kids could use more love, more comfort, more acceptance, more support.
When you see things like this in passing, how do you handle it? What do you do in the moment, and what do you do or tell yourself in the time that follows? I get stuck thinking w about all that a particular child might be experiencing in their lives, and although empathy is an important thing, I don’t know that getting stuck on this set of thoughts helps me move forward constructively.
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2023.06.05 05:34 0-naske-0 i’m kind of a total amateur. do y’all like it?

i’m kind of a total amateur. do y’all like it?
you all are so intimidating. i want to make beautiful art that resounds with other people.
i drew the face only and it reminded me so much of my past best friend so these words came to mind and i just wrote and wrote.
what do you all think?
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2023.06.05 05:33 ShadyWolverine Route dropped and you get sent home. It is amazon.

Its amazon. So dsp have to turn in a list the day before the routes that they can cover. Next morning amazon will reduce the dsp and that is why you will not have a route. Its not your dsp its amazon.
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