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Hang Out in Lexington, KY

2013.12.14 15:03 Nachie Hang Out in Lexington, KY

Find things to do and people to do them with in Lexington, Kentucky USA

2009.11.04 10:31 outsider Metalocalypse

Blacker than the blackest black, times infinity!

2012.04.20 18:07 Matt872000 Dwarf Fortress Succession Forts in the Subs of Reddit

A subreddit dedicated to sharing the stories of Reddit's [Dwarf Fortress]( succession / bloodline forts and keeping the forts alive just long enough for some interesting stories of !!fun!!.

2023.06.05 05:34 Tooth_Virtual Thoughts on De goey bump as a WCE fan (highlighting key points and different perspectives for hopefully an unbiased view)

In AFL of course things that happen on the field is fast paced and split decisions can have big implications. Maybe it was an accident, maybe the bump was executed poorly, all in all it happened to an 18 year old and De Goeys was the perpetrator. His reputation doesn't help the situation with his past issues (Bali). The game is also raising more awareness about concussions and the possible long term and detrimental effects, look at Daniel Venables and what happened to his promising career and even look at other sports around the world and the bad impact concussions have had. Understandably fans West coast fans will be upset as we are in a season where we are struggling to have a team every week because of injuries and exposing these young players, especially Elijah Hewett who was pick 14 is very important. Exposing young talent and hopefully getting a few more rising star nominations is the goal (and of course hopefully getting Oscar a coleman)

From a Collingwood perspective I can see the outrage that one of your gun players is facing a possibly long suspension and that the time it took for De Goey to think and execute the bump he wouldn't be able to know whether or not he would make contact with Hewett's face. The issue is that the game is becoming more strict with head collisions and the bump seems to be promoted more for when there is small judgment for error (and watching players do the bump is cool). Collingwood are a passionate group and obviously see De Goey as one of their stars, however this gives opportunity for a player like Nick Daicos to experiment in De Goeys role and add another skill to his already brilliant game.
TLDR: It was a poor execution or decision perpetrated by someone with a bad reputation and is emphasised through the long term and detrimental issues that have been found with concussions and head collisions in the AFL.
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2023.06.05 05:34 jeremykunayak 1982 Ad introducing the Sony Watchman

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2023.06.05 05:34 Flimsy-Seaweed9468 This game is too easy?

Heyo! I finished the game on my 3rd run and was honestly quite disappointed with how easy this game is. I really like the concept of the game, but I honestly think it could've had another 5 levels and a harder final boss. I'm very tempted to refund the game, as I don't see myself playing the main route again. Is there more to this game and if there is, what should I try to achieve next? I'm not really into getting 100% of the achievements, because it tends to get more tedious than rewarding.
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2023.06.05 05:33 ApprovedPest What to buy next?

I am new to Warhammer and I am looking forward to actually learning the game with 10th edition. Right now I have a Start Collecting box, Broodcoven set, a Boarding patrol box, and a standalone Guard Sentinel. My birthday is coming up and I have the choice of either the Combat Patrol Genestealer cult box or the Combat Patrol Imperial Guard box. I plan to get both eventually but I need guidance on what to take now.
Obviously the Genestealer box makes a lot of sense as more neophytes and acolytes seem like a solid plan. The Goliath would probably be the most crucial thing to get right now as I don't have any transport. But... on the other hand the Guard box is really cool as I love the look of Sentinels and the new Field Ordinance looks sick too. I figured I could just use neophyte heads for the guard units and play them as such. Personally I am more excited about getting that guard box, but I was wondering if its a bad idea so new to starting my army collection especially with how I am lacking transport. What would pick in my shoes?
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2023.06.05 05:33 davethewave2727 Trouble logging in

Hello everyone I am trying to login with my Microsoft account but every time I try it says there was a problem I don’t know where to enter the code and my login info is all correct I tried restarting game and computer but it still won’t let me login if anyone knows the way to fix this I would greatly appreciate it
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2023.06.05 05:33 Previous_Ad_1240 21M- Looking to chat with people with similar interest

Hey, so I'm 21 and a bit awkward not going to lie. I'm into reading, swimming, video games and watching anime. I'm also a really great listener so if you'd like to talk about your day or yourself in general I'm all ears
I'm from the Caribbean and finding people with the same interest are difficult so I'm trying reddit Plus being introverted and shy doesn't really help, lol
My chats open to anyone, so yeah.
This doesn't feel like enough but this all I can think to say atm 😅
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2023.06.05 05:33 anastasiaraine23 Beginners guide to mastering ek lottery game

A lottery (or lotto) is a type of gaming in which numbers are drawn at random for a prize. Some countries forbid lotteries, while others support them enough to hold a national or state lottery.
Governments frequently regulate lottery games to some extent. The most prevalent rule is that lottery tickets cannot be sold to minors, and sellers must be licensed to sell them.
It is well known that if you want to win lottery, you will be able to do so only after playing it for a long time. It is because the more you play, the better your chances of winning. However, if you are not confident about how to play ek lottery or are afraid of losing money while playing this game then we have some information which will help you learn how to win ek lottery jackpot.
Why you should play ek lottery.
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In addition to being fun and exciting, ek lottery also offers some great benefits over other types of gambling games such as casino games or sports betting because all players have an equal chance of winning regardless of skill level or experience with playing lotteries before this one existed on this website (this means no matter how bad at math someone might be).
How to play ek lottery.
Ek lottery is a game of chance, therefore you can play it online or offline. If you are looking for some fun with friends and family members, then this game will be perfect for you. You can also play ek lottery with your partner or colleague at work.
The best part about playing ek lottery online is that there are many websites which provide this service so that anyone who wants to play this game can easily access them without any difficulty whatsoever!
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2023.06.05 05:33 B1ueThunder Tcg accessories ( Damage Modifier Tracker/Token)

Tcg accessories ( Damage Modifier TrackeToken)
Looking for a similar idea to this out there.
Original is fom the card protagonist would recommend to any who likes card games
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2023.06.05 05:33 Arc_au NSW 5/8 - Stat comparison

NSW 5/8 - Stat comparison
As per request off the back of NSW Halves - Stat Comparison post I've gone through and detailed out the comparison between the NSW 5/8 prospects. Obviously with Luai the incumbant, his decent showing in game 1, not injured and the "Penrith connection", I expect he retains his spot. But for argument sake, how does he stack up against the likes of the force that is Cody Walker, Matt "Big Boot" Burton or the other two?
As pointed out in my original post, it is important to mention upfront that stats are all well and good on paper but don't always correlate to the eye test. What this has shown is from a purely statistical point of view:
- First and foremost, unlike the halves, we have a clear leader and close second across the span of the stats and then an absolute chasm. Cody Walker has been in incredible form this year and has the stat lines to back it up. Removing the count for 'teams avg possession' and Luai falls further behind.
- Cody is dominating all scoring metrics, line breaks, LB assists and TB % show Cody to have the highest 'touch potency' of all of the halves. This is extremely obvious when looking at Cody's LBA % by run - 33% of his total runs (61) for the season have resulted in a line break for a team mate.
- Luai while decent around TBs and offloads, falls short in a lot of the attacking departments and sits at the lowest overall involvement for his team. As caveated in the halfback thread, Cleary dominates posession with almost double the touches per game - but given Luai's low possession count, his 'touch potency' isn't what it should be to constitute touching the ball less.
- It is no surprise that Burton leads by a country mile around the kicking statistics, but outside of that and comparable numbers around tackle breaks per run and solid run metres, he has been relatively weak when creating opportunities for his team mates despite his try assist tally. This might suggest his kicking has opened the door for the Bulldogs more often than not.
- Keary's possession numbers and game involvement have seen a considerable spike since Walker was dropped as he took over the reigns at Halfback. Prior to this, he had the lowest team involvement. Despite his apparent lack of form though, there are some good signs around his work with his team mates, albeit are relatively middling with the rest of the pack.
- Moylan was included purely for anyone that wanted to think about a 'club connection' for Hynes. Moylan has made the least errors, that is all.
Based on this breakdown, it is no surprise to anyone that Cody Walker is the form 5/8 in the comp and would be best utilised to partner Hynes in the halves. This is obviously just stats though and we saw how his club form didn't correlate into Origin form - if I were the Rabbitohs, I'd almost prefer Walker not be picked. As last time he was, his club form plummeted off a cliff after being hooked.
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2023.06.05 05:33 ispaamd What if every single cool-down in the game was removed?

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2023.06.05 05:33 Funny-Transition7869 Is Jokic still injured?

Didnt he have a thumb or wrist injury before the playoffs? His touch has been just a little off all playoffs long. Do Denver fans notice this? It makes the difference in games like this
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2023.06.05 05:32 BoxingInRayBans 28M Boxer looking for friends during my downtime!

Figured it'd be nice to have some like minded friends to talk to from time to time. I'm just a amateur Thai boxer with a cool job that likes to play PC/PS5 games and hit the gym. Father of 1 and happily married. Anyway if you wanna chat shoot me a PM
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2023.06.05 05:32 Mr_username_4648 Rant: Veronica and the stupid Dead Claptrap parts.

(Note: This whole thing will sound like a copypasta and it isn't, its merely a half joke, half serious rant about Claptraps rejection from Veronica and the dumb reward in the end.)
Yes, I just made a long winded rant about how Veronica's existence gives me anger. Its true tho. People have said they wanted better for Claptrap. Just shows they've beaten Claptraps comedy into the ground. He was helpful in the 1st game, but now he's like the minions. Turned into an annoying pieces of capitalized garbage.
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2023.06.05 05:32 GarchompDaddy56 Newer Holo Rares/Reverse-Holo Rares worth keeping in collection?

I have been a huge fan of Pokémon since the original episode aired. I play the Video games, TCG, and have a collection that expands a good amount. I got out of collecting years ago to focus solely on another Collectible card game that I had been invested in competitively, but decided I would quit for reasons. It also didn't help that as a child I didn't know the value of my cards. I picked up again during the HGSS sets all the way to the BW sets last release of "Legendary Treasures" but due to the pandemic, I had to sell a large portion of my collection. I was able to pick up again after the Sun and Moon Tag Team sets and have been building a collection since. I am now thinking about keeping Holo Rares moving forward but am unsure if that's necessary. I collect WoTC cards too and know those Holo and promo's are worth keeping of course. I also collect alt arts, V, VMAX, EX, GX, LV. X, shiny vault, radiant, ⭐, etc by default and special reprints like the Celebrations set. The only dilemma is I feel like I have a large gap of missing Holo Rares/Reverse-Holo Rares from Sun and Moon sets up till now as I usually donate, add to decks with what I need, or trade them to my friends/local game store for credits. I would only keep 1 of each so not a ton to collect but the gap is what's bothering me. What would you do?
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2023.06.05 05:32 camhayter 5 kills, 5 assist, 4 participation, and this is all I got?

5 kills, 5 assist, 4 participation, and this is all I got?
Even tho I won the game I still got less than 400, this is what kills the ranked games for me
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2023.06.05 05:32 Joey_The_Bean_14 Looking for recommendations

The game "a mall near you" or "last night" are some cool ones I really liked. I found them from YouTube but haven't been able to find many like them without a main horror plot. Just eerie and empty feeling games ate my favorite. Any recommendations?
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2023.06.05 05:32 saradabtothebab Fire Encounter Ideas

Hi there everyone!
I'm running my first Pathfinder game tomorrow, and I am super excited!
My friends and I come from D&D 5e, and one of our gripes was how the combat system was starting to feel stale. I wanted to find a creative way to introduce using the combat system that wasn't necessarily "Monster comes in. You attack monster." So I came up with the idea that the building they meet in erupts in flames, and they must escape. My problem being idk how to keep it interesting after it starts other than like things falling.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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2023.06.05 05:32 Living_Molasses5037 The game crashes after selecting continue from the menu. (Epic games) Started when entering the old town after the orphanage(the one with delevering insulin) side quest. The same happened with the radio station mission(when leaving the building to the old town).

The game crashes after selecting continue from the menu. (Epic games) Started when entering the old town after the orphanage(the one with delevering insulin) side quest. The same happened with the radio station mission(when leaving the building to the old town). submitted by Living_Molasses5037 to dyinglight [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 05:32 Shmryder Star Wars galaxy mod pack nerfed?

i got the full battle talent game and got the star wars galaxy mod pack. idk if anyone else is having this issue but all the lightsabers are insanely weak. does anyone know anything about it ?
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2023.06.05 05:32 Chandelier_609 Aren't Harmony characters kind of pointless?

IDK if anyone has done the math but isn't having another Hunt character just better than having a buffedebuffer?
Are Harmony characters really boosting your damage enough to justify not just putting in another Hunt character? Like why have Bronya + Dan Heng when you can just have Dan Heng + Sushang instead? Buffing damage is cool and all but isn't it more damage to just have another DPS?
I feel like people are too conditioned to Genshin. Since in Genshin you can only have 1 character out so you buff the one DPS. This game doesn't work like Genshin, you have your entire party out at all times. I know skill point management is a thing but I feel like you would still end up doing more damage having to spend a few turns basic attacking (the basic attacks probably does more dmg then buffers give dmg anyways??) than having buffers.
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2023.06.05 05:32 JGalla88 1 Year

Just another day at this point. The months are going quicker than the early days/weeks.
I sometimes wonder if it's worth it, but I know it is.
I've learned a lot about myself and realize how my brain is towards life in general - addictive.. I played a video game for 30 hours this weekend.. diablo 4 launch!
I need to beat sugar and fat next...
Just thought I'd vent and tell someone, since my wife didn't really care.
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2023.06.05 05:32 diaz0830 Paranoid maybe

I have had a 100 percent total and permanent rating for 4 years now. Among other things I have a 70 percent for ptsd. At one point my life was hell. I found the right combination of medications including thc to allow to live a semi normal life. I can function well in public now although I prefer to be alone. Now the concern my stepdaughter plays soccer and I enjoy watching her play. Recently a bew girl joined and her father is a psychologist for the local VA. I am terrified that if he sees me at the games and able to enjoy it he will assume I am ok and question my rating which he well know I have because of my license plate. I really just don't want to go through the whole c and p again, everytime I have to relive the shit I went through in my 06-07 it kills me. I do my best to not even think about it but this has had me stressed to the point I can't even attend my daughter's games. Opinions?
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