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Picky eater or just self regulating?

2023.06.05 04:25 Efficient-Till-7271 Picky eater or just self regulating?

Picky eater or just self regulating?
I have this lil terrier mix and she is a very sweet and nervous dog. One thing that recently started (after visiting my family) was that she doesn’t really want to eat that much.
If I sit down with her, she will. If I hand feed her, she’ll eat most of it if we act like we’re training. My partner as mimicked eating her kibble to get her more interested. We’ve used bone broth, I started putting frozen veggies she likes on it, and even switched foods a couple of times. She almost went three days not really eating when I left for a trip recently. I honestly don’t know what to do. We have a vet visit scheduled but my partner thinks she is just self regulating and if she isn’t gaining or losing substantial weight she’s fine.
I’ve only had very food driven pets before so it’s a little odd to me to have to figure out ways to make a pet eat
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2023.06.05 04:16 Cidagosa 27 [M4F] NJ / NYC 6'7 man looking for help in raising my foster kittens! [Relationship]

Welcome to my ad! My name is Aliou I am 27, 6'7, I live in north jersey, and I work in Manhattan. I am looking for a consistent partner in life, ideally a relationship lol. I have a great family and friends (like all guys lol) so I am looking for a woman to balance things out. I do like to start out as friends but please let me know what you have in mind!
Stuff I like include PC gaming, exercise, hiking, photography (I want to get into portrait photography but I mostly take animal or landscape) and all the other normal stuff. I have a dog named Chica and I foster kittens during the summer so I always have pets. I am a bit old fashion as in I like discord calls if we vibe cause I think that is the best way to get to know someone. Anyway can't wait to hear from you!
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2023.06.05 04:16 Cidagosa 27 [M4F] NJ / NYC 6'7 man looking for help in raising my foster kittens!

Welcome to my ad! My name is Aliou I am 27, 6'7, I live in north jersey, and I work in Manhattan. I am looking for a consistent partner in life, ideally a relationship lol. I have a great family and friends (like all guys lol) so I am looking for a woman to balance things out. I do like to start out as friends but please let me know what you have in mind!
Stuff I like include PC gaming, exercise, hiking, photography (I want to get into portrait photography but I mostly take animal or landscape) and all the other normal stuff. I have a dog named Chica and I foster kittens during the summer so I always have pets. I am a bit old fashion as in I like discord calls if we vibe cause I think that is the best way to get to know someone. Anyway can't wait to hear from you!
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2023.06.05 04:15 Cidagosa 27 [M4F] NJ / NYC 6'7 man looking for help in raising my foster kittens!

Welcome to my ad! My name is Aliou I am 27, 6'7, I live in north jersey, and I work in Manhattan. I am looking for a consistent partner in life, ideally a relationship lol. I have a great family and friends (like all guys lol) so I am looking for a woman to balance things out. I do like to start out as friends but please let me know what you have in mind!
Stuff I like include PC gaming, exercise, hiking, photography (I want to get into portrait photography but I mostly take animal or landscape) and all the other normal stuff. I have a dog named Chica and I foster kittens during the summer so I always have pets. I am a bit old fashion as in I like discord calls if we vibe cause I think that is the best way to get to know someone. Anyway can't wait to hear from you!
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2023.06.05 04:11 WorriedSupermarket86 Children's book series where each book would have a girl finding some type of animal (usually a puppy) who comes from another world and had to become a puppy in her world to disguise themselves, and by the end of the book the "puppy" always gets sent back and the protag sees him in his human form

extra info:
*the girl was always going through some sort of life change, or some big event that she was nervous for (the disguised "puppy" would help her through this in some way) *something awful always happened for the "puppy" to be sent to the human world, different every book but that was the sense of urgency *sometimes their caretakers had a no pets rule so a big part was keeping the puppy hidden
there was a few book plots i remember, two of them being - a girl living on the beachside, the book opens with her father collecting driftwood and she comes home to find the disguised "puppy" behind the garbage cans, i think the story of the runaway "puppy" was that they were under attack and his mother sent him to the human world or something like that - a girl moving to her family member's farm for the summer (forget the rest of the plot)
i've been thinking of this book for years and google is no help
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2023.06.05 04:08 CR03K042 Do not buy a Sniper EFI system

So background for the vehicle it’s a ‘77 K5 with a 350 HO with an RPM air gap MSD 6A and billet distributor and of course the sniper system. So we went to the system because the truck is my daily and we wanted to see more mileage and to see how much better the air gap would preform over the GM intake. Me and my dad did it together he’s done Holley EFI for his 408 in his 64 GMC a terminator for our buddy in his 408 ‘87 K10 and a sand limo computer in his 64 when he had an LQ9 back around ‘04 so not a first time on fuel injection. Our first unit had a bad o-ring for one of the injectors and a driver in ecu for another injector. We got another unit and ran into EMI/RFI issues we relocated the wires for the CD box straight to the battery instead of a positive post was trying to figure out some initial tuning left they key on with the truck off and the injectors were running full tilt while I ran to grab some thing from inside the house we brought it over to a family friend who has done over 100 units at his shop he said the sniper did not like it’s tachoutput going to our auto meter tachometer so we changed it to where the MSD is the tachoutput and the auto meter is completely disconnected It seemed to had fixed the issue after that and we were into the third unit as it seems the ecu in the second one was burnt. Now also every wire on this truck has been gone through no frayed wires or partially cut and all OEM quality connectors and it has been the same with no issues for the past 5 years or so now I am stuck on the side of the road waiting for aaa to bring the truck back to Phoenix because I need to be back on Camp Pendleton by tomorrow morning the unit was stumbling showing negative TPS . Indicative of a emi issue which we know is not the case as every piece has been gone through. Spent two weeks of leave and thousands on equipment trying to sort it so it’s getting put up for sale and the truck is gonna get a street avenger instead. Beware of this product as it seems overly sensitive especially for daily driven use.
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2023.06.05 03:56 Dchane06 How to better socialize my Alaskan malamute with other dogs?

Little context here: I have a 2 year old Alaskan malamute, I play with her outside a lot, take her on walks, etc. But the walks are mainly around my neighborhood and most of the time, there aren’t any dogs outside. If there is one outside, say in the front yard, my dog will try to run over to it but I keep her away due to not wanting angry neighbors and being nervous she might get aggressive.
To humans she’s very sweet. Shy at first but warms up. Usually when she first meets someone she’ll stay away when they try to pet her. But then within half an hour she’s fine and let’s them pet her, play with her. Etc.
My parents have a 5+ year old yorkie. (I don’t live with them). But throughout the year I go to the lake with my parents, they have a house down there so they go quite often and always take their yorkie so they don’t have to find someone to watch her. I also usually bring my dog because I also don’t have anyone to watch her.
There have been two incidents so far. The first time we were at the lake house, and my mom was giving both dogs one treat each. We all had been keeping an eye on them together because I was worried since my dog is big and theirs is small that mine would kill theirs if they were to fight. And since they hadn’t been around each other much, didn’t want anything happening. One of the treats fell on the floor and both dogs went for it, my dog then bit my parents dog, drawing blood but was quickly pulled apart. My dog didn’t growl, snarl, or show any real signs of aggression. The two dogs had been on the porch outside together all day and there weren’t any issues. I was shook up because I’ve never had that happen. We eventually just kept them separated at all times.
Then, the following time I went to the lake with them. We were still keeping them separated since we didn’t want another incident. A family member opened the door to the inside where the yorkie was, and my dog went inside and suddenly went after the yorkie again. From what I was told it was for no reason. Just out of no where. But again, no growling, etc.
So my questions are: Is this a common thing to happen? Do some dogs just not like other dogs? I wasn’t near them either time, so it wouldn’t be something like she felt defensive over me or anything.
Is this because I need to get her more socialized with other dogs? If so, where could I possibly do that without having any more incidents?
I have seen I believe on the AKC website that some malamutes don’t get along well with other dogs. Would training help at all with this instance?
Any help would be appreciated.
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2023.06.05 03:51 BluebirdMurky8360 Which Job

I have two job opportunities that both have pros and cons, but I am not sure which is the better. Overall, I was looking for a job that offered full remote (WFH) to allow me to move to a different state while employed. I have 20+ years until retirement.
Job Opportunity #1: Stay in current role, boss is changing to full remote (WFH) with possible promotion potential within the next few months as a retention tool to keep me from leaving. No experience growth outside of what I've been doing, high stress/pace environment. Already have an established reputation.
Job Opportunity #2: Different business, will require a new skillset that they would train me to do, would be required to travel one week each month for work, full remote (WFH) (outside of the monthly travel requirement). Promotion potential within 2-3 years. No knowledge of the work environment/culture.
Both are same pay and benefits.
No family, but I do have pets.
Open to any constructive advice as I'm not sure which direction to go. Stalemate.
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2023.06.05 03:49 most_unseemly 4:49 a.m. EEST; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 467th Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. Art You Can Own! + ART FRIDAY AWARDS + Discussion + Charities

4:49 a.m. EEST; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 467th Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. Art You Can Own! + ART FRIDAY AWARDS + Discussion + Charities



Art Friday Awards!

Art Friday Awards for the week of May 29, 2023
But before we proceed to the awards, here's some...

Art You Can Own!

Space Marines for the 72nd Mechanized Brigade by brammo1991
u/brammo1991 improves Warhammer 40K figures with Ukrainian livery, places them in wonderfully detailed dioramas, and auctions them off to benefit United24 and Come Back Alive. This weeks offering honors the 72nd Mechanized Brigade. Check out the full diorama here, and pop on over to eBay to bid on it!

L-R: Limited edition engraved knife and painted bullet shells by Maxim Kilderov
Artist u/kilderov, whom you can read about here, was forced to leave occupied Nova Kakhovka for his own safety. He now sells his work to support the civilians in his city and the warriors from it, who are mostly fighting in and around Bakhmut. In addition to his ongoing painted shells initiative, he's currently selling a limited edition series of engraved knives signed by the artist. Also, check out his latest post and DM him if anything catches your eye! (What I wouldn't give to be able to afford one of his boomsticks boomboxes....)
So far, Ukraine, you've helped him raise over $16,000 for Humanity, which provides humanitarian aid and evacuation in Nova Kakhovka and Kherson, and for Nova Kakhovka's warriors at the front. Here's a great example of what he's doing with the funds you help him raise.

L-R: Upcycled russian materiel by 21vetal01 and treasure box by his wife
u/21vetal01, whom you can read about here, turns scraps of destroyed russian equipment into trophies and souvenirs, and his wife makes beautiful little treasures and beautiful little treasure boxes. Proceeds support every facet of the war effort, from military aid to humanitarian aid to cash assistance for families of the fallen. Here are some examples of what they make, here's their latest work, and here's a small example of what they do with the funds they raise.
And now ...

Art Friday Awards!

The Damn Right ППО Працює Award

(ППО працює = PPO pratsyuye = Air defense is working. Local Telegram channels send the message "ППР працює" during russia's air attacks so that residents know the booms they're hearing aren't necessarily successful strikes.)
Glory to Ukraine's air defenders [OC], created and submitted by u/booksbeer.

The Damn, Kyiv. You Pretty Award

I know it's a painting. My point stands. Damn, Kyiv. You pretty.
Landscape of Kyiv, Obolon, painted and submitted by u/SytchArt.

The russian Warship Fucked Itself (With A Little Help From Our Friends) Award

A fun little piece of art. Moskva crushed under the weight of Ukraine, submitted by u/Traditional_Bar6723, who received it as a (friggin' awesome) gift and doesn't know who the artist is.

The Ukrainium People Award

Soldiers in trenches, submitted by u/efraimg. The artist is uncredited

The People's Choice Award

Hi! I'm an Ukrainian artist with 3yo daughter. We've been invadеd at the beginning of the wаr near Buchа and lоst our home but thanks to the Rеdditоrs we were able to get out of the occupatiоn. Now we are paint and send colourful pet portraits to people who ask about it and support Ukrainiаns, submitted by u/SkrinT4.


Thank you to all the thoughtful, creative, talented people who created and/or submitted art this week!


The 467th day of a nine-year invasion that has been going on for centuries.
One day closer to victory.



Verified Charities

  • u/Jesterboyd is a mod for ukraine and local to Kyiv. His current project is to fund some very interesting drones. Link to donation
  • United24: This site was launched by President Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. Funds will be allocated to cover the most pressing needs facing Ukraine.
  • Come Back Alive: This NGO crowdfunds non-lethal military equipment, such as thermal vision scopes & supplies it to the front lines. It also provides training for Ukrainian soldiers, as well as researching troops’ needs and social reintegration of veterans.
  • Trident Defense Initiative: This initiative run by former NATO and UA servicemen has trained and equipped thousands of Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Ukraine Front Line US-based and registered 501(c)(3), this NGO fulfills front line soldiers' direct defense and humanitarian aid requests through their man on the ground, Ukraine's own u/jesterboyd.
  • Ukraine Aid Ops: Volunteers around the world who are helping to find and deliver equipment directly to those who need it most in Ukraine.
  • Hospitallers: This is a medical battalion that unites volunteer paramedics and doctors to save the lives of soldiers on the frontline. They crowdfund their vehicle repairs, fuel, and medical equipment.
  • Humanity: Co-founded by u/kilderov, Humanity is a small team of volunteers securing and distributing humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable populations in temporarily occupied Kherson Oblast. Kilderov and his friends were under occupation in Nova Kakhovka in 2022.
You can find many more charities with diverse areas of focus in our vetted charities article HERE.
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2023.06.05 03:42 Dear-Coconut-1743 My stepmom is trying to make me feel guilty for not being there even though they are the ones that moved away

When I was a baby my mom and dad got divorced and my dad and my stepmom moved across the country shortly after. They said this was for my stepmoms job, but her job is available most places. I think they just wanted to live somewhere warm and fun.
When I was a kid they always made jokes about how miserable it must be living where I live bc it's so cold. I was raised for a while by my mom who was terrible, and by her mom and stepdad when she she didn't feel like doing it anymore. (The grandparents were mostly good and it was my choice to go live with them over my dad) but I had a terrible childhood that still learning how to heal from.
I've only met him maybe about 5-10 times but when I was younger he called a lot and Ive never went longer than a year without talking to him, but it's all very superficial conversation. I feel like we have the exact same conversation everytime and he doesn't actually know anything about me. I also feel like he oversteps for someone who has been largely absent and he probably feels like we have some great relationship or something. I haven't seen him in about a decade.
He's very sick and has kidney failure and all these other problems. Realistically he might be dying. My stepmom has been asking me to come visit him but I totally don't want to. I still live in my hometown and would have to take a plane which in scared of and I work a temp service job so I don't have paid time off and I have a disabled pet I don't like to be away from for more than one night.
I've been avoiding the subject and the other day she had the audacity to send me this text about how it's so overwhelming taking care of him and she wishes I was there to help. Why would I ever want to do that? You are the one who decided to move away from your family and I like it here. I'm super resentful bc I feel like she was the reason they moved and now she wants to make that my problem. Would it be productive to tell her something like that?
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2023.06.05 03:34 Accurate_Ad_7219 I hope my biopsy results confirm cancer

For context, I (24F) have had swollen lymph nodes in my neck, armpit, and groin for the past 3 months. After some appointments and having blood work and a CT scan done, there's some indication of concern but no definitive diagnosis has been made on my medical record. This past week I got a call from a specialist in the head and neck surgery department who is suspecting lymphoma and is urging me to undergo biopsy. I tried to negotiate having it done in a month so I could finish my classes but he, understandably, wants it done asap.
The most stressful part after the appointment wasn't concern over my health, but that I'm an international student taking an accelerated term in a different country from where I had all my appointments and I have to make travel arrangements (for ease of medical coverage and speed of getting an appointment) during the busiest time of the semester. Aside from that, I've been under a lot of stress trying to complete my 6th year of uni by the end of this year so I don't feel so behind all my friends with successful and rewarding careers which means taking the maximum course load I'm allowed per term, trying to work with a shitty group for a project where communication and dividing up tasks still leaves me doing all the work if I don't want to miss a deadline and get points docked off my grade, trying to find opportunities that would look good on my grad school applications/resume, and working out what to even do with my life like what kind of career I want or where to work or whether to work in my home country after I graduate to save money and be with my family or work in the country I go to school at even though rent is expensive as hell but my SO could continue to advance his career here and we could get married and start our life together sooner.
But as I was discussing the biopsy with my parents, they encouraged me to maybe defer my program and stay at home for a bit until my health improves which means I get quality time with my family and pets again while not having to worry about rent or bad roommates or hour-long commutes on the crowded bus to school/work, I won't have to deal with food insecurity, and I could drop next term's classes which I've been dreading my entire degree. I was also making arrangements for my absence with my profs and I'll be able to miss the next midterm to just have it count toward my final, I can complete equivalent assignments to the group project without having to actually deal with my group, I'll have class recording available to me, and I'll get extensions for other assignments that coincide with my absence.
I know that actually having cancer sucks. I've witnessed all of my grandparents die of cancer, my mom had and was treated for cancer as I was growing up, followed by my aunt and great aunt and even my older sister got diagnosed with cancer this year and is currently undergoing treatment. I've seen firsthand how draining it is physically and emotionally for everyone involved and I know I shouldn't even dream of entertaining the idea, yet there's still a part of me that hopes that's what my diagnosis is just so I could have a valid excuse to put a pause on my life and all the decisions I feel like I have to make.
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2023.06.05 03:24 GothBrujita Please Help: Neighbors cat attacked mine in my front yard

Idk what to do, I don’t want to make the wrong moves. Last night around 6pm-7pm ish my cat was attacked in my front yard. My brother was outside with her, but he was doing some tricks on his bike so he wasn’t completely watching her. She never leaves our yard, she never goes further than the sidewalk and that’s only when 2 of us are outside with her. If she sees anything she scurries by our side.
I’ve seen this white with black cat physically come up to her and try to attack her when I’m literally right there. I always shoo it away and it always runs to the neighbors house.
The thing is, idk if this neighbor claims this cat as theirs or just feeds it and will say it’s a stray.
This cat keeps coming into my yard and scaring my cat and it’s honestly pissing me off, last night was the last straw though. I can’t even go inside for a bit without coming back outside to find my cat hidden behind the trash cans with her tail bleeding and her covered in cat slober.
I’m extremely pissed off right now, her vet is closed on weekends but first thing tomorrow morning I’m taking her in bc today her little foot has been getting more and more swollen. My cat is spayed (has been since she was 5months) and she has all her shots, so I’m hoping she doesn’t get any kind of disease from that cat bite.
I keep my cat indoors but she likes to go into the front and explore while me or a family member are outside too. We always put her collar on with her name tag when she’s outside too, bc there’s a lot of “stray” cats here. I say “stray” bc all those cats go to the same house to be fed. They’re not fixed and always have new litters every couple months. Those same cats spray our patio with piss and even sometimes spray our cars. (Mostly mine ig because I take my cat for drives and they smell her scent idk) They also like to jump on our cars and sleep on top. It’s getting old and this has been going on for about 3 years.
Idk what to do. I want to call this lady I know who gets strays fixed and give them their shots, then puts them up for adoption in PetCo. However…. I don’t want to do that if they are the neighbors pets bc that’s just messed up.
If they are their pets though, how is it fair that their cats get to roam around the neighborhood and sleep on the neighbors cars, piss and shit wherever they want and come to my front porch and harass my cat?? How tf is that fair. I’m livid and I just want to know how tf to go about this.
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2023.06.05 03:13 TheShadowspawn Chapter Forty-Nine - Attachment

Capital walks into the cargo hold with his new avian friend perched on his shoulder.
Human Dave is lying down on the floor, covered in sleeping Aflarrians.
Alien Captain: "Human Dave, are you awake?"
Human Dave: "Yes, Captain. Just catching my breath after playing with the little guys."
AC: "I had some questions regarding this creature on my shoulder."
HD: "The Viscer-Tel? Captain, you probably know more about it than I do."
AC: "Human Dave, how did you manage to control the Aflarrians in the way that you do? The Viscer-Tel is not as accommodating with me as the Aflarrians are with you."
HD: "Well, Captain, you have to understand that they're both very different species'. The Aflarrians are more like cats, while the Viscer-Tel is more bird-like. Yes, both apex predators in their respective environments, but that is where the similarities end."
The Viscer-Tel flies down onto Human Dave's chest, and begins to settle amongst the sleeping Aflarrians.
AC: "See? The creature did that completely unprompted. It does not listen to me when I ask it for space, but the moment it sees you, it simply accepts you."
HD: "... Captain, you can plainly tell I didn't ask it to do anything. It came here of its own accord. Most likely because it sees some other creatures calm enough to sleep on me, and assumes I'm safe enough to be around.
AC: "..."
HD: "Besides, you trust me, so the Viscer-Tel probably senses that trust, and acts like this with me."
AC: "... I see."
Minnie opens an eye, and spies the Viscer-Tel beside her.
The Viscer-Tel eyes her somewhat warily.
Minnie scoots a little closer, and begins to sniff at the Viscer-Tel.
The Viscer-Tel stands up and grips Human Dave's shirt with its talons.
Minnie bats a paw at the Viscer-Tel's talons warningly.
The Viscer-Tel immediately releases its talons from Human Dave's shirt, and Minnie lays back down.
The Viscer-Tel slowly lowers itself back down onto Human Dave's chest, and Minnie closes her eyes.
Both Human Dave and Captain observed the little play-by-play between them.
AC: "Human Dave, what just happened?"
HD: "... I think Minnie just warned the Viscer-Tel not to hurt me."
AC: "Human Dave, how could you possibly know that?"
HD: "I did say that I think that's what happened, Captain. I mean, Minnie started acting up when there was a perceived threat to me, and only did enough to stop my getting hurt. She laid back down once the danger to me was over."
AC: "Human Dave, I believe you are ascribing characteristics to a creature that does not possess them."
HD: "Captain. You know full well how smart the Aflarrians are. Is it so difficult to think they might be protective of me?"
AC: "Perhaps more that they don't wish to lose their source of heat and attention."
HD: "... Captain, I think I figured out your problem with the Viscer-Tel."
AC: "Oh?"
HD: "You're treating it like it's an animal. Not as a creature that won't harm you, but as something that won't harm you now."
AC: "... I do not understand."
HD: "Pack-bonding is something that all humans go through. It's an instinctive thing for us. We treat those we pack-bond with as family. It's why we go to the lengths we go to in order to keep them safe, even to the detriment of our own health and safety."
AC: "... this is all very fascinating, but I fail to see what it has to do with the current predicament."
HD: "You see, Captain, he... she? ... it's not treating you like an equal, because you're not treating it like one. It's not listening to you because you're still treating it like an animal; a pet, not a family member."
AC: "Human Dave, it is an animal. Just like the Aflarrians!"
The Aflarrians all perked up, and stared at Captain after hearing that.
HD: "Oh, they absolutely know what you said, Captain."
The Aflarrians slowly get off Human Dave, and start making their way towards Captain.
AC: "Human Dave, why are they advancing on me in such a menacing manner?"
HD: "Captain, you insulted them. Naturally, they won't take too kindly to such words."
It takes a moment to register, but Captain slowly freezes up; the beginnings of Apex Fear overtaking his instincts.
AC: "Human Dave, please call them off."
HD: "You forgot that were apex predators, didn't you? Spending so much time with them has changed your opinion of them. To the point that they stopped registering as a threat, yes?"
The Viscer-Tel hears the panic in Captain's voice, immediately flies onto his shoulder, and squawks at the approaching Aflarrians warningly.
HD: "Alright, alright. Guys, it's alright. He's still learning."
The Aflarrians stop, and turn to look at Human Dave.
Human Dave smiles at them, stretches out his arms in a hugging gesture, and they come back to him, settling down either in his lap, or in front of him.
HD, smiling: "Aw, you guys are just so cute!"
Human Dave starts stroking them, and purring sounds begin filling up the cargo hold.
Captain stands there, stunned that the Aflarrians had done such a thing.
AC: "Human Dave, how did you do that?"
HD: "Do what?"
AC: "Stop them with mere words."
HD: "Well, Captain, there's a lot more than just mere words happening."
AC: "..."
HD: "First, there is a foundation of trust between us. They know that I won't hurt them, and they, in turn, won't hurt me. I give them attention, food; basically, lives where they don't have to do too much, other than play with the human, and occasionally hunt down some rats or pirate scum."
AC: "..."
HD: "But they are very smart. They know how to follow simple instructions, and even have some limited understanding of my language. They even understood that you didn't mean what you said, after a little placating on my part. And the little interaction taught you a valuable lesson."
AC: "... what is that, Human Dave?"
HD: "That even if you don't pack-bond easily, or for very long, that doesn't mean that others are the same way."
AC: "... exactly how was that lesson taught to me, Human Dave?"
HD: "When the Aflarrians started moving towards you, what else happened?"
AC: "... the Viscer-Tel came to my shoulder."
HD: "Exactly. You might not see it as family, but it already considers you as such. It didn't even hesitate to stand up for you, and try to protect you from what it perceived as a threat to you. Just like the Aflarrians did when they thought the Viscer-Tel was threatening me."
An expression of shock appears on Captain's face, and the Viscer-Tel puts a wing over his head.
Human Dave laughs aloud, which startles the Aflarrians in front of him.
HD: "Oh, sorry, guys. I think it's about time to feed you now."
The Aflarrians perk up again, and start moving out of the cargo hold.
HD: "They already know where to go. Are you coming, Captain?"
AC: "?"
HD: "I'll assume you haven't fed the Viscer-Tel yet. It needs to eat as well."
AC: "... ah. Yes, Human Dave."
HD: "Might be best if you're the one to feed the little guy. If you're going to keep him, it'll be good to get both of you used to the routine."
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2023.06.05 03:00 Nomar116 Is running a ceiling fan bad for allergies?

Is running our bedroom ceiling fan making my families allergic reactions and sinus problems worse?
If it is kept reasonably clean (little to no visible dust, mildew, or mold) can the benefits outweigh the costs?
This is what my research has indicated so far:
Benefits: Cools the room, collects dust on blades that can be wiped off, if paired with an air purifier and/or HVAC it could help move air for those devices to filter.
Risks/Costs: When operating, the fan stirs up dust into the air that likely aggravates allergies if you're in the room.
Our Dr suggests leaving it off which we're giving a try now. Now I wonder if I should also look at running the ceiling fan or our split AC when we're not in the rooms to filter the air.
Background: My 3.5 year old just saw his pediatrician and an allergist. He is having a terrible time with allergy like symptoms when we are at home. As soon as we get him out of the house, his complaints drop significantly.
The allergist saw "3 years of nasal allergy damage." My son will be tested tomorrow for typical allergens. The most likely thing that is bothering him are our pets. My wife is allergic to cats yet we have two adult cats and a dog.
We live in Hawaii with no central AC. For the last two years we have had a mini-split AC system. Over the last year, we have spent most nights running the AC, windows closed, Air Doctor and ceiling fan running. Prior to that, since my child was born, we spent at least half of our nights windows open, ceiling fan on, no AC running.
Edit: Grammar.
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2023.06.05 02:55 humble_hedgehog Breed Recommendation For A Single Working Person

I am hoping to get a dog in the next year and am looking at several different breeds, looking for advice on which one would be the most suitable for my situation. 1) Will this be your first dog? If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs? Had a family dog (rescue, border collie mix) growing up. Did some basic training with her but most of the caretaking was done by my parents. 2) Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a [reputable breeder]( No, although with my job I need several months of notice to book time off, so it may be easier to go with a breeder so I know the exact date of when the dog would come home.
3) Describe your ideal dog. Small (around 15lbs), low-shedding, calm, easy to train, can be trained to walk off-leash, goes with me everywhere. 4) What breeds or types of dogs are you interested in and why? Breeds that seem to fit my size and low-shedding criteria include miniature poodle, bichon frise, coton de tulear, havanese, mini schnauzer. 5) What sorts of things would you like to train your dog to do? Basic obedience and walking off-leash. 6) Do you want to compete with your dog in a sport (e.g. agility, obedience, rally) or use your dog for a form of work (e.g. hunting, herding, livestock guarding)? If so, how much experience do you have with this work/sport? Not necessary but I think it would be fun to do something like scent detection. 7) How long do you want to devote to training, playing with, or otherwise interacting with your dog each day? Maybe 1 hour of active training/playing. 8) How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What sorts of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly and does that include using a dog park? On weekdays, likely 1 hour split between 3 walks. Longer on weekends including dog parks. 9) How much regular brushing are you willing to do? Are you open to trimming hair, cleaning ears, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly? Open to quick brush every day or every other day, and regular professional grooming. 10) What size dog are you looking for? Small (around 15lbs) 11) How much shedding, barking, and slobber can you handle? Minimal shedding and barking, slobber is fine. 12) How important is being able to let your dog off-leash in an unfenced area? Very important as my family dog could never be trusted off-leash and it caused a lot of stress when she would escape. **Dog Personality and Behavior** 13) Do you want a snuggly dog or one that prefers some personal space? Snuggly 14) Would you prefer a dog that wants to do its own thing or one that’s more eager-to-please? Eager to please 15) How would you prefer your dog to respond to someone knocking on the door or entering your yard? How would you prefer your dog to greet strangers or visitors? Polite curiosity 16) Are you willing to manage a dog that is aggressive to other dogs? No 17) Are there any other behaviors you can’t deal with or want to avoid? Hyperactivity, destruction of furniture **Lifestyle** 18) How often and how long will the dog be left alone? Most weekdays about 4.5 hours, one day a week 8.5 hours (will hire someone to check in at lunchtime) 19) What are the dog-related preferences of other people in the house and what will be their involvement in caring for the dog? N/A 20) Do you have other pets or are you planning on having other pets? What breed or type of animal are they? No 21) Will the dog be interacting with children regularly? No 22) Do you rent or plan to rent in the future? If applicable, what breed or weight restrictions are on your current lease? No 23) What city or country do you live in and are you aware of any laws banning certain breeds? Ontario, Canada - pitbull ban 24) What is the average temperature of a typical summer and winter day where you live? Summer - 25C, Winter - can be down to -10 or -20C **Additional Information and Questions** 25) Please provide any additional information you feel may be relevant. I would love to hear from other people who live alone and work outside the home! Although I would love to get a puppy that I can train "from scratch", I think it would be hard since I could only take maybe 2 weeks off work when they first come home. After that I would have to rely heavily on my family for a few months, luckily they live close by. Ideally I would get a 5 or 6 month old that is already house-trained but they are probably in short supply from both breeders and rescues.
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2023.06.05 02:27 Some-Donkey The family cat has passed

After almost 20 years our cat finally died on Wednesday. It's the first "major" death in our family and I don't know how to feel. At first I didn't feel anything, tonight I can't stop crying remembering all the silly cat things she did, and how her unique little personality is lost forever. The little kitty nests she'd make in the long grass in the garden, the way she'd plod up to you meowing as she went if you were outside hanging up clothes to distract you with pets, or how she'd sit on the top of the shed watching over her kingdom. I can't remember a time in my life she wasn't there and now I've got to go through the rest of it without her. I feel ridiculous that I'm so destroyed over a cat I've since moved 50 miles away from when I went to uni and guilty for the fact I couldn't even feel a smidgen of grief the day she went. I just want her back
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2023.06.05 02:04 Fly_Rough [Listing] Leasing-Out 1 bedroom in Bed-Stuy in a 3Bed1.5Bath

I am currently looking for someone to rent my room. I am a part of a lease with 2 other roommates (3 of us in the apartment), but due to a family emergency, I now need to leave and lease out my room ASAP. The lease ends in August 2024, so it is about roughly a year.
Here are a few descriptions of the general apartment:
Description of the room:
The other 2 tenants are women, so they would also like the 3rd tenant to be a woman. They are also on the cleaner side, so they want someone that isn’t messy and will pick up after themselves. Also, no pets and no cigarettes. The current tenants are in their mid-twenties.
The rent is $1036.67. The utility is not included in the rent and is split between roommates.
Ideally would love to meet you via Facetime or grab a coffee before giving you the address, just to make sure you’re not a psychopath (not a huge fan of giving my address to random strangers on the internet).
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2023.06.05 02:04 jacksonrslick [Waybound] Final Power Up/Path Predictions

Lil Blue:
I think she needs the most work of everyone. She has a few of Lindon’s techniques but no real techniques or her own.
Leaning into restoration could be a likely direction but seeing as she also clearly likes to fight perhaps she develops some more potent striker techniques. Being a spirit she has to go the Herald route (if I’m remembering correctly).
Perhaps she’ll learn to incorporate some of the other principles of pure madra that we haven’t learned of yet.
First and foremost I want Orthos to manifest the Dragon Icon, as he’s the most dragony dragon around. But I also hope it’s appearance is a Turtle in the sky, but feels exactly like the Dragon Icon to anyone who can feel the Way.
We saw one of the Black Dragons condense balls around themselves to shoot multiple beams of Blackflame. And I think that’s exactly what our Turtle boy needs. Since he can only shoot from his mouth as it is now. Blackflame beams seem to be his go to attack anyway, so being able to do it from multiple directions at once would be great for him.
I’d also like to see him make a forger techniques, namely one that makes wings like he mentioned in the last book. He could use them to fly, or just explode. I assume any forged Blackflame is easy to make explode.
Lindon may end up giving the Silent King weapon created from its binding to Dross. He’s the most suited to it after all.
This would let Dross find and developed his own Path based on his new weapon, his knowledge of the Path for the White Fox, and overall all the information he has stored. Making him a capable fighter in his own right despite being a Presence.
Equally likely that if gets the Silent Kings binding it just lets his be a Presence for the whole gang rather than giving him combat potential.
It’s all about subverting while simultaneously making use her book. She needs to embrace the unique super OP treasure she has while also getting out of her mothers shadow.
Making use of the remaining techniques is a no brainer. But whether or not she modifies any of them I’m not sure. The mindset of her family is a larger problem than the actual path she’s been provided so it’s entirely possible she makes zero chances and just fully masters her book and the remaining pages.
As far as new capabilities go I think a new bow is on the table using a Dreadgod binding. While I think Ziel needs to take down or majorly contribute to taking down the Weeping Dragon but the binding I think suits a bow with striker techniques more than anything Ziel could use. I have no idea what she’d do with Suu tho, perhaps Lindon could combine the binding to make a bigger super dragon bow.
She also seems likely to go the Sage route first since it was teased she started to feel the ArcheBow Icon. But I also see her as a prime candidate for the Joy Icon and Shadow Icon.
We already know he’s getting time rune powers. That’s an insane power up already, and Ziel without any nerfs is already fairly versatile and got to his rank on his own. So I don’t think he needs much more improvement on his Path beyond advancement and understanding how to use willpower. The Titan/Shield/Rune/Script Icons all seem likely. All encompassing the same thing, protection via script circles and whatnot.
As for Dreadgod weapons, I think the Wandering Titan as a shield would be the most practical. Unless he really wants the satisfaction of having the Weeping Dragon for a weapon himself, but I don’t really see him caring once it’s dead.
Yes I think one of the strongest beings in the multiverse needs a power up.
I’d love if he manifested the Joy Icon to defy every prediction/fate that Makiel and Daruman have seen. Letting both himself and Suriel survive the encounter.
Unless Mercy manifests the Joy Icon which I honestly think is more likely.
Her whole path boils down to one thing: cut stuff real good. And weirdly enough I have the most ideas for her.
For one I think she’ll inherit and use the Red Faiths floating blood dagger set. They’re absolutely perfect for her path, creating blood and sword aura for her to resonate with wherever she sends them. Learning to control them is apparently hard according to Red Faith but I doubt it will be for Yerin.
Second we’ve seen that since fusing with Ruby she’s better at cutting flesh but worst at cutting everything else. So I think to shore up this weakness she’ll learn to, like Tiberian Arelius, draw one aspect of her madra more prominently to the front than the others. So if she’s cutting a big wall the madra would be mostly sword, and some blood/hunger. While if she’s cutting a living being it’d be mostly blood, and some sword/hunger. This would work especially well with Yerin as she uses aura so much in her path she could perhaps use it to balance to madra differently.
Third she needs a consume technique. Preferably one she can use through a weapon. This is fairly simple.
Fourth a new forger technique. She almost never uses Hidden Blade. It’s even been brought up in story before. So I think she’ll simply make a new one for her new path. And the most obvious idea would be a living forger technique. So she can use the Ruby tactic again.
As far as icons go I can see her getting the blood icon and then immediately getting the sword icon. Or a “dual meaning” kind of icon containing both concepts. Like “war” or “carnage” or literally “the wolf” like the Abidan division.
Finally her Dreadgod weapon. The Red Phoenix binding as a sword. Lindon and Yerin both have pretty much confirmed this is the plan. To make the sword I’m guessing they’ll use Netherclaw, the broken pieces of the Sword Sages blade (with both her and her masters authority in it), the binding of course, and a whole lot of Yerin’s own blood.
He is already the most ahead, and the most versatile of the group. So I think his primary focus will be consolidating his new power. Not that he won’t keep working on new stuff, that’s kind of his thing.
Living technique seem like something he’ll make since he already has good willpower control. I’d like to see the Dragon Descends become a literal living dragon. Extra points if he can make a pure madra version too (you reading this Lindon points are up for grabs!)
The armor will finally be completed. I have no idea what the final form will be or it’ll take any inspiration from the 8ME but I can’t see him not finish up his pet project in the time chamber.
The dismantle technique he started to learn in the labyrinth could be combined into his Hollow Domain, increasing its effectiveness.
Mosty I think he’ll manifest a new icon. Whether that’s in the chamber of not, and like many I think it’ll be the Creation or Hammer icon. And that’ll bleed over to improving all his abilities all round.
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2023.06.05 02:02 chlobo123 Custody of Family Pet

Hi everyone, I have a family dog that I’ve been taking care of for the past year here at college. Now that I’ve graduated, my parents (and sister) are trying to get me back home to talk to them about post-grad plans (I don’t plan on moving back) and have been texting me constantly since. They also want the dog back whenever I go and talk to them; however, I brought her here since our other dog passed away and my roommate has a dog, so the two naturally bonded. Her quality of life is much better here - back at home, she didn’t get tons of attention and my family doesn’t believe in taking dogs to the vet.
For reference, my ndad did not want to take our late dog to the vet because it “ruined his schedule” and TW would just shoot the dog himself.
I also texted to my sister a long explanation about why the dog shouldn’t live at home, especially since the dog is getting really old with minor health problems. 2 days later, she said she wanted her back anyways. I’m pretty upset and am just thinking of going NC with my family now.
What do I do?
TL;DR - family wants dog back but do not care about its quality of life as much as i do - why?
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2023.06.05 01:52 Dear-Coconut-1743 Apartment/neighbor/cat advice needed

So basically I rent an apartment from a family member who has a property management business and work here taking care of the common areas etc. Everything was super cool until this lady with a cat moved in.
The cat is supposed to stay in her apartment but it doesn't. When she first moved in the car was roaming the hallway and yard daily. After other pets in the building started getting fleas my relatives sent her a letter saying it's a lease violation and the cat needs to stay in the apartment or they will call the humane society. She called and yelled at my relative a bunch and was pretty unreasonable.
For a while I didn't see the cat but now its been out there a lot again. I'm pretty sure they actually might call the humane society because the person who owns the building takes those kind of lease violations pretty seriously.
I feel bad telling them about the cat bc I know it's not the cats fault that it has a shitty owner but idk what to do. The owner is coming in a few days and he will be really mad if he sees the cat hanging around. I dont want to talk to the human bc she's generally not reasonable. Here's the main issues I have about the cat.
Fleas. My pet rabbits and some other residents pets have all gotten fleas within a month of each other since the cat moved in.
Sharpens claws on inappropriate things like carpet in hallway and wooden edges of walkway
Sometimes the lady leaves food out for it when it's been in the hallway overnight and she doesn't clean it up. It's stuff like tuna and ham which I hate cleaning up. I'm super grossed out by meat and try never to touch it. Beyond that I'm worried about bugs.
She doesn't leave the cat any water when it spends the night in the hallway.
Cat isn't neutered and has urinated in the hallway.
I'm at my witts end with cleaning up after this cat but i will feel awful if it got sent to the human society. I've seen it I. The hallway two days in a row now. What can I do about this situation that's fair for the cat but doesn't make me have to clean up after it?
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2023.06.05 01:30 usernamemustbefunny hiding tags

hiding tags
Does anyone know how to hide the tags in the review screen? I'm assuming there's been some updates overnight because last night these weren't there. the only shortcut i know is to hit "C" on the card to hide them but I have to do that on each card... not ideal
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2023.06.05 01:19 neXday Two yorkies fighting

My family has two yorkshire terriers. One of them is 2.5 years old and the other one recently turned one(both females). The one that is 2.5 is the one we had first and she is a pretty laid back dog and the younger one still has that puppy energy. They would play with each other here and there but the younger one would sometimes make it a little rougher and since the older one is more laid back she kinda gets over it. Recently I don't know if it was over a treat or what but they really started fighting and we had to break it up(I even got bit). After really going at each other it seems to have escalated where the older one will not let it go now and the younger one has let it go. The older one walks around with her tale up moving slow and they make eye contact and she starts growling and then the little one then starts and the cycle continues. Before this they were even sleeping with each other and now its attack mode. I would also like to add that it does seem to get worse when we are near. They will go up smell each other and keep walking a lot of the time but if you were to lean down and pet one it seems to be a trigger and the older one does seem to lay near my mom and start growling when the younger one sees her. Can anyone recommend anything? Thank you
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