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2023.06.08 03:05 TheDuzzyFuckling A Breakdown of the Splash Hits at Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T/Oracle Park

A Breakdown of the Splash Hits at Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T/Oracle Park
On Friday, June 2nd, 2023, Giants' first baseman Lamonte Wade, Jr. smoked the opening pitch of the game into McCovey Cove to take a 1-0 lead over the visiting Orioles. The historic home run was the 100th round tripper hit into the water by a Giants player since the best stadium in baseball (sorry Pittsburgh) opened in the year 2000.
While I found helpful data sources on and Baseball Almanac, I wanted to dig a little deeper into Splash Hit data by both the Giants and opposing teams, specifically because I knew Barry Bonds had the most waterballs, but I had NO idea who was #2. Let me throw some fun facts at you first - these will be great trivia questions for the other, more offline baseball fans in your life.

Splash Hit Fun Facts

  • While Giants players have now combined for 100 Splash Hits, all other opposing teams have combined for 55
  • Joc Pederson and Ryan Klesko are the only two players to have Splash Hits as members of the Giants and another team - the Dodgers and Cubs for Joc, and the Padres for Klesko
  • Including Joc, four players have hit more than one Splash Hit as members of more than one other organization - the others are Adam Laroche with the Diamondbacks and Pirates, Bryce Harper with the Nats and Phillies, and Carlos Delgado with the Mets and Marlins
  • The Diamondbacks are the opposing team that has hit the most Splash Hits with 8
  • No player on the Guardians, Tigers, Royals, Twins, Orioles, Yankees, Rays, Blue Jays, A's, or Mariners has hit one yet, mostly due to limited appearances in San Francisco (not the A's though, they just suck)
  • Tim Lincecum is the Giants pitcher who has given up the most opposing Splash Hits with 5, and ten other pitchers are tied for second with two
  • Barry Bonds hit the first Giants Splash Hit on 5/1/2000, while Todd Hundley of the Angels was the first opponent to hit one two months later on 6/30/2000
  • No right-handed hitter has ever clubbed a Splash Hit, although Buster Posey came close a few times
  • EXTREMELY GOOD TRIVIA QUESTION ALERT: Who was the second Giant after Bonds to hit one into the cove? Utilityman Felipe Crespo, who bounced around the league for five years, amassing ten career home runs... 20% wet dongs isn't bad.

Splash Hits by Giants Player

Here is the graph showing the top thirteen Splash Hit bombers for the Giants. No surprise that Barry Bonds is alone at the top (and will probably stay there until we get Ohtani next season).
Take a shot if you thought you'd see Aubrey Huff in this post.
I was pretty surprised that Brandon Belt was #2, considering that he never achieved the power numbers it seemed like he could. Regardless, hitting almost one Splash Hit per year as a Giant was enough to get him there. It's great to see current players Yaz, Lamonte, and Joc moving up each season, and I think Joc will take #2 from Belt if he stays a few more years.


Giants Splash Hits
Splash Hit Batter Date Pitcher
1 Barry Bonds 5/1/2000 Rich Rodriguez
2 Barry Bonds 5/10/2000 Andy Benes
3 Barry Bonds 5/10/2000 Heathcliff Slocumb
4 Barry Bonds 5/24/2000 Mike Thurman
5 Barry Bonds 7/19/2000 Brian Meadows
6 Barry Bonds 9/20/2000 Steve Parris
7 Barry Bonds 4/17/2001 Terry Adams
8 Barry Bonds 4/18/2001 Chan Ho Park
9 Barry Bonds 5/24/2001 John Thomson
10 Felipe Crespo 5/28/2001 Bret Prinz
11 Barry Bonds 5/30/2001 Robert Ellis
12 Barry Bonds 6/12/2001 Pat Rapp
13 Felipe Crespo 7/28/2001 Curtis Leskanic
14 Barry Bonds 8/4/2001 Nelson Figueroa
15 Barry Bonds 8/14/2001 Ricky Bones
16 Barry Bonds 8/31/2001 John Thomson
17 Barry Bonds 9/29/2001 Chuck McElroy
18 Barry Bonds 5/13/2002 Kevin Millwood
19 Barry Bonds 5/18/2002 Brad Penny
20 Barry Bonds 5/18/2002 Vic Darensbourg
21 Barry Bonds 9/8/2002 Brian Anderson
22 Barry Bonds 9/28/2002 Jeriome Robertson
23 Barry Bonds 10/12/2002 Chuck Finley
24 Barry Bonds 4/14/2003 Wade Miller
25 Barry Bonds 4/30/2003 Matt Clement
26 J.T. Snow 6/5/2003 Kyle Lohse
27 Barry Bonds 6/27/2003 Ted Lilly
28 Jose Cruz, Jr. 7/8/2003 Dan Haren
29 Barry Bonds 8/8/2003 Jose Mesa
30 Barry Bonds 8/19/2003 Ray King
31 Barry Bonds 9/13/2003 Doug Davis
32 Barry Bonds 4/12/2004 Matt Kinney
33 Barry Bonds 4/13/2004 Ben Ford
34 Michael Tucker 5/30/2004 Joe Kennedy
35 A.J. Pierzynski 7/6/2004 Denny Stark
36 Barry Bonds 7/30/2004 Chris Carpenter
37 Barry Bonds 8/3/2004 Cory Lidle
38 Michael Tucker 4/9/2005 Scott Dohmann
39 Randy Winn 9/14/2005 Woody Williams
40 Barry Bonds 9/18/2005 Hong-Chih Kuo
41 Barry Bonds 8/21/2006 Livan Hernandez
42 Barry Bonds 4/18/2007 Ryan Franklin
43 Ryan Klesko 5/21/2007 Trever Miller
44 Ryan Klesko 6/29/2007 Livan Hernandez
45 Barry Bonds 8/8/2007 Tim Redding
46 Fred Lewis 4/26/2008 Matt Belisle
47 John Bowker 7/2/2008 Ryan Dempster
48 Andres Torres 6/15/2009 John Lackey
49 Pablo Sandoval 7/30/2009 Rodrigo Lopez
50 Pablo Sandoval 8/29/2009 Jason Marquis
51 Aubrey Huff 5/1/2010 Rafael Betancourt
52 Aubrey Huff 6/16/2010 Jeremy Guthrie
53 Andres Torres 7/28/2010 Jorge Sosa
54 Pablo Sandoval 8/12/2010 Randy Wells
55 Pablo Sandoval 9/30/2010 Barry Enright
56 Pablo Sandoval 7/4/2011 Ernesto Frieri
57 Nate Schierholtz 7/8/2011 R.A. Dickey
58 Pablo Sandoval 8/31/2011 Rodrigo Lopez
59 Carlos Beltran 9/14/2011 Mat Latos
60 Brandon Belt 9/27/2011 Alex White
61 Brandon Belt 6/14/2012 Wandy Rodriguez
62 Brandon Belt 9/4/2012 Ian Kennedy
63 Pablo Sandoval 5/12/2013 Kris Medlen
64 Brandon Crawford 4/13/2014 Rex Brothers
65 Tyler Colvin 5/12/2014 Gavin Floyd
66 Brandon Crawford 5/14/2014 David Carpenter
67 Travis Ishikawa 9/12/2014 Kevin Correia
68 Brandon Belt 9/25/2014 Andrew Cashner
69 Brandon Belt 6/8/2016 David Price
70 Denard Span 6/13/2016 Chase Anderson
71 Denard Span 8/20/2016 Bartolo Colon
72 Brandon Belt 5/13/2017 Lisalverto Bonilla
73 Brandon Belt 6/10/2017 Jose Berrios
74 Denard Span 7/7/2017 Dan Straily
75 Denard Span 7/19/2017 Carlos Carrasco
76 Denard Span 9/11/2017 Kenta Maeda
77 Pablo Sandoval 4/4/2018 Felix Hernandez
78 Brandon Belt 5/15/2018 Tyler Mahle
79 Stephen Vogt 8/9/2019 Drew Smyly
80 Scooter Gennett 8/11/2019 Jake Arrieta
81 Brandon Belt 8/29/2019 Chris Paddack
82 Mike Yastrzemski 7/29/2020 Matt Strahm
83 Mike Yastrzemski 9/25/2020 Chris Paddack
84 Mike Yastrzemski 4/24/2021 Yimi Garcia
85 Brandon Crawford 4/27/2021 Daniel Bard
86 Steven Duggar 6/15/2021 Alex Young
87 Mike Yastrzemski 6/15/2021 Humberto Castellanos
88 Brandon Belt 6/19/2021 Aaron Nola
89 LaMonte Wade, Jr. 7/31/2021 Zack Greinke
90 Alex Dickerson 8/11/2021 Tyler Clippard
91 LaMonte Wade, Jr. 9/17/2021 Ian Anderson
92 Jason Vosler 4/30/2022 Erasmo Ramírez
93 Mike Yastrzemski 5/8/2022 Génesis Cabrera
94 Joc Pederson 5/24/2022 Drew Smith
95 LaMonte Wade, Jr. 7/17/2022 Jason Alexander
96 Joc Pederson 8/30/2022 Nick Martinez
97 Joc Pederson 9/2/2022 Kyle Gibson
98 LaMonte Wade, Jr. 4/8/2023 Brady Singe
99 Brandon Crawford 4/22/2023 David Peterson
100 LaMonte Wade, Jr. 6/2/2023 Dean Kremer
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Count of Giants Splash Hits by Player
Batter Count
Barry Bonds 35
Brandon Belt 10
Pablo Sandoval 8
Denard Span 5
Mike Yastrzemski 5
LaMonte Wade, Jr. 5
Brandon Crawford 4
Joc Pederson 3
Felipe Crespo 2
Michael Tucker 2
Ryan Klesko 2
Andres Torres 2
Aubrey Huff 2
J.T. Snow 1
Jose Cruz, Jr. 1
A.J. Pierzynski 1
Randy Winn 1
Fred Lewis 1
John Bowker 1
Nate Schierholtz 1
Carlos Beltran 1
Tyler Colvin 1
Travis Ishikawa 1
Stephen Vogt 1
Scooter Gennett 1
Steven Duggar 1
Alex Dickerson 1
Jason Vosler 1
Table formatting brought to you by ExcelToReddit
Count of Splash Hits Surrendered by Giants Pitchers
Pitcher Count
Tim Lincecum 5
Anthony DeSclafani 2
Madison Bumgarner 2
Johnny Cueto 2
Hunter Strickland 2
Ryan Vogelsong 2
Tim Hudson 2
Matt Cain 2
Kevin Correia 2
Matt Morris 2
Brett Tomko 2
Jacob Junis 1
Kevin Gausman 1
Trevor Gott 1
Jeff Samardzija 1
Tony Watson 1
Shaun Anderson 1
Connor Menez 1
Chris Stratton 1
Will Smith 1
Ray Black 1
Matt Moore 1
George Kontos 1
Yusmiero Petit 1
Jake Peavy 1
Javier Lopez 1
Barry Zito 1
Ramon Ramirez 1
Sergio Romo 1
Jonathan Sanchez 1
Osiris Matos 1
Vinnie Chulk 1
Jamey Wright 1
Brad Hennessey 1
Jason Schmidt 1
Tyler Walker 1
Ryan Jensen 1
Kirk Rueter 1
Tim Worrell 1
Shawn Estes 1
Robb Nen 1
Table formatting brought to you by ExcelToReddit
Opposing Players Splash Hits
Splash Hit Batter Team Date Pitcher
1 Todd Hundley LAA 6/30/2000 Robb Nen
2 Luis Gonzalez AZ 9/23/2000 Shawn Estes
3 Mark Grace AZ 5/28/2001 Tim Worrell
4 Luis Gonzalez AZ 5/30/2002 Kirk Rueter
5 Ryan Klesko SD 4/9/2003 Ryan Jensen
6 Hee Seop Choi FLA 4/30/2004 Kevin Correia
7 Corey Patterson CHC 8/7/2004 Tyler Walker
8 Cliff Floyd NYM 8/21/2004 Brett Tomko
9 Russell Branyan MIL 4/23/2005 Brett Tomko
10 Larry Walker STL 7/8/2005 Jason Schmidt
11 Carlos Delgado FLA 7/23/2005 Brad Hennessey
12 Cliff Floyd NYM 4/25/2006 Jamey Wright
13 Carlos Delgado NYM 4/26/2006 Matt Morris
14 Carlos Delgado NYM 5/9/2007 Matt Morris
15 Adam LaRoche PIT 8/11/2007 Tim Lincecum
16 Lance Berkman HOU 5/15/2008 Vinnie Chulk
17 Prince Fielder MIL 7/19/2008 Osiris Matos
18 Brian Giles SD 8/24/2008 Kevin Correia
19 Miguel Montero ARI 9/29/2009 Jonathan Sanchez
20 David Ortiz BOS 6/27/2010 Tim Lincecum
21 Adam LaRoche ARI 8/27/2010 Tim Lincecum
22 Adam LaRoche ARI 8/28/2010 Sergio Romo
23 Rick Ankiel ATL 10/8/2010 Ramon Ramirez
24 Dioner Navarro LAD 7/20/2011 Tim Lincecum
25 Mitch Moreland TEX 6/9/2012 Ryan Vogelsong
26 Brian McCann ATL 5/10/2013 Matt Cain
27 Carlos Gonzalez COL 5/25/2013 Barry Zito
28 Garrett Jones PIT 8/22/2013 Matt Cain
29 Carlos Gonzales COL 4/11/2014 Madison Bumgarner
30 Yasmani Grandal SD 4/30/2014 Tim Hudson
31 Freddie Freeman ATL 5/12/2014 Javier Lopez
32 Curtis Granderson NYM 6/8/2014 Tim Lincecum
33 Adam Dunn CWS 8/13/2014 Jake Peavy
34 Corey Dickerson COL 8/27/2014 Tim Hudson
35 Ender Inciarte ARI 9/9/2014 Yusmiero Petit
36 Bryce Harper WAS 10/7/2014 Hunter Strickland
37 Cody Asche PHI 7/11/2015 Ryan Vogelsong
38 Ben Zobrist CHC 5/20/2016 George Kontos
39 Joc Pederson LAD 6/12/2016 Hunter Strickland
40 Curtis Granderson NYM 8/19/2016 Johnny Cueto
41 Chase Utley LAD 9/12/2017 Johnny Cueto
42 Cody Bellinger LAD 9/13/2017 Matt Moore
43 Matt Carpenter STL 7/820/18 Ray Black
44 Rougned Odor TEX 8/24/2018 Will Smith
45 Max Muncy LAD 9/30/2018 Chris Stratton
46 Max Muncy LAD 6/9/2019 Madison Bumgarner
47 Michael Conforto NYM 7/21/2019 Connor Menez
48 Robel Garcia CHC 7/22/2019 Shaun Anderson
49 Bryce Harper PHI 8/9/2019 Tony Watson
50 Shin-Soo Choo TEX 8/2/2020 Jeff Samardzija
51 Daulton Varsho ARI 9/5/2020 Trevor Gott
52 Mike Moustakas CIN 4/13/2021 Kevin Gausman
53 Joc Pederson CHC 6/3/2021 Anthony DeSclafani
54 Bryson Stott PHI 9/3/2022 Jacob Junis
55 Jack Suwinski PIT 5/29/2023 Anthony DeSclafani
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Count of Splash Hits by Opposing Team
Team Count
Arizona Diamondbacks 8
New York Mets 7
Los Angeles Dodgers 6
Chicago Cubs 4
Pittsburgh Pirates 3
Philadelphia Phillies 3
Texas Rangers 3
Colorado Rockies 3
Atlanta Braves 3
San Diego Padres 3
St. Louis Cardinals 2
Milwaukee Brewers 2
Miami Marlins 2
Cincinnati Reds 1
Washington Nationals 1
Chicago White Sox 1
Boston Red Sox 1
Houston Astros 1
Los Angeles Angels 1
Cleveland Guardians 0
Detroit Tigers 0
Kansas City Royals 0
Minnesota Twins 0
Baltimore Orioles 0
New York Yankees 0
Tampa Bay Rays 0
Toronto Blue Jays 0
Oakland Athletics 0
Seattle Mariners 0
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2023.06.08 01:35 ortseamle New seat

New seat
New seat. Fuckers pretty damn sweet. Needed something to get in that lumbar. Had a solo seat before that cunt was messin my spine all to hell. Honestly though I’m just pretty convinced that softails are good for in town. Wouldnt be comfortable enough on these for cross country. Thats just me though. This one is a step up i believe but not as ridged as the step ups you normally see. That offset is like 8.5” Got it from Dennis Kirk website. Its a saddlemen. Got it delivered in 3 days. Model: Tuck and Roll Profiler Seat - 806-23-148 only $345.00. Only thing about new seat is that I’m sitting up a lot higher and I’m already a big ass dude I make that softy look like a sportster. Taller bars and 21 rim up front next. Need recommendations for hard bags
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2023.06.07 22:51 AC_the_Panther_007 Out of My Casts for X2: X-Men United (2003), Which One is Your Favourite? (Version 2)

Alec Guinness as Charles XavieProfessor X
Harrison Ford as James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
Michael Douglas as Scott Summers/Cyclops
Diahann Carroll as Ororo Monroe/Storm
Sissy Spacek as Anna Marie D'Ancanto/Rogue
Julie Newmar as Jean Grey
Vincent Price as Erik LehnsherMagneto
Ann-Margret as Raven Darkhölme/Mystique
Orson Welles as Colonel William Stryker
Michael Caine as Kurt WagneNightcrawler
Jeff Bridges as Bobby Drake/Iceman
Gary Busey as St. John Allerdyce/Pyro
Kieu Chinh as Yuriko Oyama/Lady Deathstrike
Kirk Douglas as Senator Robert Kelly
Director: Franklin J. Schaffner

Donald Pleasence as Charles XavieProfessor X
Kurt Russell as James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
Patrick Swayze as Scott Summers/Cyclops
Pam Grier as Ororo Monroe/Storm
Jamie Lee Curtis as Anna Marie D'Ancanto/Rogue
Susan Sarandon as Jean Grey
Christopher Lee as Erik LehnsherMagneto
Karen Allen as Raven Darkhölme/Mystique
Joss Ackland as Colonel William Stryker
Timothy Dalton as Kurt WagneNightcrawler
Judd Nelson as Bobby Drake/Iceman
Alan Ruck as St. John Allerdyce/Pyro
Angela Mao as Yuriko Oyama/Lady Deathstrike
Fred Gwynne as Senator Robert Kelly
Director: Ridley Scott

Michael Caine as Charles XavieProfessor X
Mel Gibson as James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
Tom Cruise as Scott Summers/Cyclops
Angela Bassett as Ororo Monroe/Storm
Winona Ryder as Anna Marie D'Ancanto/Rogue
Geena Davis as Jean Grey
Max Von Sydow as Erik LehnsherMagneto
Daryl Hannah as Raven Darkhölme/Mystique
Dennis Hopper as Colonel William Stryker
Daniel Day-Lewis as Kurt WagneNightcrawler
Ethan Hawke as Bobby Drake/Iceman
Sean Patrick Flanery as St. John Allerdyce/Pyro
Michelle Yeoh as Yuriko Oyama/Lady Deathstrike
Donald Sutherland as Senator Robert Kelly
Director: James Cameron

Ben Kingsley as Charles XavieProfessor X
Kiefer Sutherland as James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
Matt Damon as Scott Summers/Cyclops
Vanessa L. Williams as Ororo Monroe/Storm
Christina Ricci as Anna Marie D'Ancanto/Rogue
Nicole Kidman as Jean Grey
Terence Stamp as Erik LehnsherMagneto
Milla Jovovich as Raven Darkhölme/Mystique
Tommy Lee Jones as Colonel William Stryker
Rhys Ifans as Kurt WagneNightcrawler
Aaron Paul as Bobby Drake/Iceman
Sam Worthington as St. John Allerdyce/Pyro
Lucy Liu as Yuriko Oyama/Lady Deathstrike
Anthony Heald as Senator Robert Kelly
Director: Bryan Singer

Pierce Brosnan as Charles XavieProfessor X
Tom Hardy as James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
Chris Pine as Scott Summers/Cyclops
Naomie Harris as Ororo Monroe/Storm
Shailene Woodley as Anna Marie D'Ancanto/Rogue
Charlize Theron as Jean Grey
Jeremy Irons as Erik LehnsherMagneto
Adrianne Palicki as Raven Darkhölme/Mystique
Christoph Waltz as Colonel William Stryker
Scott Adkins as Kurt WagneNightcrawler
Taron Egerton as Bobby Drake/Iceman
Jai Courtney as St. John Allerdyce/Pyro
Kristin Kreuk as Yuriko Oyama/Lady Deathstrike
Bryan Cranston as Senator Robert Kelly
Director: Denis Villeneuve

Jude Law as Charles XavieProfessor X
Scott Eastwood as James "Logan" Howlett/Wolverine
Austin Butler as Scott Summers/Cyclops
Jurnee Smollett as Ororo Monroe/Storm
Mackenzie Foy as Anna Marie D'Ancanto/Rogue
Rebecca Ferguson as Jean Grey
Daniel Craig as Erik LehnsherMagneto
Cara Delevingne as Raven Darkhölme/Mystique
Russell Crowe as Colonel William Stryker
Eddie Redmayne as Kurt WagneNightcrawler
Chandler Riggs as Bobby Drake/Iceman
Dacre Montgomery as St. John Allerdyce/Pyro
Karen Fukuhara as Yuriko Oyama/Lady Deathstrike
Patrick Dempsey as Senator Robert Kelly
Director: Anthony and Joel Russo
View Poll
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2023.06.04 21:17 The1realRoo Bagger nation

Bagger nation
Anyone here put on some 12” Paul yaffe oem monkey bars? If so how did the instal go? #roadglide
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2023.06.03 18:28 89iroc Air filter question

Air filter question
This is supposed to have a foam sleeve on it (it disintegrated). When I search the yeamodel on like jp cycles, dennis kirk, or whatever it shows those but also like k&n ones. Question is, will the k&n style work or are the sites just showing them?
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2023.06.01 19:17 BasicJackrabbit Voice Actor Credit List Project!

I have been trying to assemble a complete (or as complete as possible) list of credits for who voiced the different characters in the game, since quite a lot of the voices aren't credited. I was wondering if anyone else wanted to lend and ear of expertise to help? I'm not looking to credit every last character since that seems an impossibly large project, but there are quite a few notable characters who have gone uncredited. Here's what I've gathered so far: EDIT: Have confirmed Nigel Whitmey as the voice of Sheriff Jones and Karim Noel.
Al Rodrigo - Padre, El Gallo Alana Maria - Regina Jones, Susie Q, Roxanne (Clouds), Lucy Thackery Alanah Pearce - Lana Prince Alec Newman - Anders Hellman, Adam Smasher, Muamar Reyes, Dino Dinovic, Max Jones, Arthur Jenkins Alex Ivanovici - Fingers Akie Kotabe - Charles Bucks, Fredrik Persson Ako Mitchell - Nix, Bob (Aldecaldos), Coach Fred, Lucius Rhyne? Alix Wilton Regan - Alt Cunningham Antonio Alvarez - Mateo Alpha Takahashi - Hanako Arasaka Amelia Rose Blaire - Theo Bryan Dechart - Brendan Carla Tassara - Judy Alvarez, Journey Ruiz, Rachel (Capitan Caliente) Cherami Leigh - Female V, Sachiko Kusama? Christian Lanz - Gustavo Orta Cristina Valenzuela - River's Nephew, Sachiko Kusama? Cynthia Kaye McWilliams - T-Bug Dar Dash - Vazquez Dave B. Mitchell - Wilson, Weldon Holt Derek Hagen - Kirk Sawyer Diarmaid Murtagh - Saul Emily Woo Zeller - Panam Palmer, Yawen Packard Emma Ballantine - Skye Erica Lindbeck - Misty, Spider Murphy, Meredith Stout Fryda Wolff - Carol (Aldecaldos), Rachel Casich? Gavin Drea - Male V Graham Vick - Thompson Grimes - Lizzy Wizzy Hideo Kimura - Yorinobu Arasaka Hiromi Dames - Blue Moon Jane Perry - Rogue Jason Hightower - Jackie Welles John Schwab - Brick Joseph May - Jefferson Peralez Josh Han - Chang Hoon-Nam Kari Wahlgren - Evelyn Parker Keanu Reeves - Johnny Silverhand Keisuke Hoashi - Angel (Clouds) Kosha Engler - Elizabeth Peralez, Nancy (Bes Isis), Melissa Rory Krizia Bajos - Mama Welles, Sasquatch Lovensky Jean-Baptiste - Placide Maddie Taylor - Claire Mark Ebulué - Crispin Weyland Mark Holden - Milt Nauman Martin McDougall - Mitch Anderson Masane Tsukayama - Saburo Arasaka Matthew Yang King - Kerry Eurodyne, Harold Han Michael Gregory - Viktor Vektor Michael Leon-Wooley - Dexter DeShawn, Dennis Cranmer, Harry (Corpo-Prologue) Nicolas Roye - Cesar Diego Ruiz, Hal Cantos Nigel Whitmey - Karim Noel, Sheriff Jones Noshir Dalal - Oda, Scorpion, Roh Chi Won? Rebecca Yeo - Rachel Casich? Ren Hanami - Wakako Robbie Daymond - River Ward Rome Kanda - Takemura Ronan Summers - Joshua Stephenson, Ozob Sabra May - Dakota Smith Samuel Barnett - Delamain, Skippy? Shai Matheson - Teddy (Aldecaldos), Tom (Clouds) Shane Taylor - Bryce Mosley Stefan Ashton Frank - Cassius Stephen Oyoung - Grayson Tonantzin Carmelo - Joss Kutcher
Voice Actors credited for the game without confirmed roles: Alexis Rodney Andrew Spooner Ben Cura Carolina Ravassa Carolla Parmejano Christina Sherman Christine Farmer Danny Pardo Dario Coates Eric Meyers Erika Ishii Esh Alladi Geoffrey Newland Hollie Bennett Izabela Perez James Goode Jared Dye Jason Forbes Jimmy Jean-Louis Jonathan Joss Lara Sawalha Kendal Husband Niamh McGrady Nikki Freeman Robert Perry Bierman Robert Vernon Susannah Fielding
Notable characters without a credited voice actor: Aaron McCarlson Anna Hamill Anthony Gilchrist Anthony Harris ("Peter Pan") Barry (Your Neighbor) Benedict McAdams Cassidy Ryder Denny Dum Dum Henry Iris Tanner Lucius Rhyne - Possibly Ako Mitchell? Maiko Maeda Maman Brigitte Mendez Mr. Blue Eyes Mr. Hands Pepe Petrova Purple Force Red Menace Rita Wheeler Royce Sandra Dorsett Santiago Aldecaldo Skye Woodman Zen Master Zuleikha
Feel free to add anyone else you or are curious about. I will update this as I learn more.
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2023.06.01 16:53 AC_the_Panther_007 Out of My Casts for Jurassic World Dominion (2022), Which One is Your Favourite?

Kurt Russell as Owen Grady
Sissy Spacek as Claire Dearing
Janet Leigh as Dr. Ellie Sattler
Burt Lancaster as Dr. Ian Malcolm
Henry Fonda as Dr. Alan Grant (Last role before his retirement)
Margaret Avery as Kayla Watts
Ernie Hudson as Ramsay Cole
Julie Anne Haddock as Maisie Lockwood
Charles Bronson as Dr. Lewis Dodgson
Jack Soo as Dr. Henry Wu (Last role before his death)
Fred Williamson as Barry Sembène
T.K. Carter as Franklin Webb
Barbara Carrera as Dr. Zia Rodriguez
Michael Douglas as Rainn Delacourt
Cheng Pei-pei as Soyona Santos
Stephen Furst as Jeremy Bernier
Jodie Foster as Denise Roberts
Brian Dennehy as Wyatt Huntley
Director: George Lucas

Kurt Russell as Owen Grady
Sissy Spacek as Claire Dearing
Jane Fonda as Dr. Ellie Sattler
Charlton Heston as Dr. Ian Malcolm
Kirk Douglas as Dr. Alan Grant
Lynn Whitfield as Kayla Watts
Keith David as Ramsay Cole
Soleil Moon Frye as Maisie Lockwood
Christopher Plummer as Dr. Lewis Dodgson
James Hong as Dr. Henry Wu
Carl Weathers as Barry Sembène
Kadeem Hardison as Franklin Webb
María Conchita Alonso as Dr. Zia Rodriguez
Mickey Rourke as Rainn Delacourt
Jodi Long as Soyona Santos
Dan Schneider as Jeremy Bernier
Jennifer Connelly as Denise Roberts
Tom Berenger as Wyatt Huntley
Director: George Lucas

Mel Gibson as Owen Grady
Julianne Moore as Claire Dearing
Farrah Fawcett as Dr. Ellie Sattler
Roy Scheider as Dr. Ian Malcolm
James Garner as Dr. Alan Grant
Robin Givens as Kayla Watts
Wood Harris as Ramsay Cole
Michelle Trachtenberg as Maisie Lockwood
Lance Henriksen as Dr. Lewis Dodgson
George Takei as Dr. Henry Wu
Michael Clarke Duncan as Barry Sembène
Donald Faison as Franklin Webb
Jennifer Lopez as Dr. Zia Rodriguez
Matt Dillon as Rainn Delacourt
Joan Chen as Soyona Santos
Eric Stonestreet as Jeremy Bernier
Natalie Portman as Denise Roberts
Bruce Campbell as Wyatt Huntley
Director: Steven Spielberg

Matthew McConaughey as Owen Grady
Heather Graham as Claire Dearing
Michelle Pfeiffer as Dr. Ellie Sattler
Michael Douglas as Dr. Ian Malcolm
Robert Redford as Dr. Alan Grant
Gabrielle Union as Kayla Watts
Tyrese Gibson as Ramsay Cole
Chloë Grace Moretz as Maisie Lockwood
Stephen Lang as Dr. Lewis Dodgson
Dennis Dun as Dr. Henry Wu
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Barry Sembène
Donald Glover as Franklin Webb
Michelle Rodriguez as Dr. Zia Rodriguez
Anson Mount as Rainn Delacourt
Kelly Hu as Soyona Santos
Paul Walter Hauser as Jeremy Bernier
Elizabeth Olsen as Denise Roberts
Liev Schreiber as Wyatt Huntley
Director: M. Night Shyamalan

Chris Pine as Owen Grady
Rebecca Ferguson as Claire Dearing
Nicole Kidman as Dr. Ellie Sattler
Michael Keaton as Dr. Ian Malcolm
Harrison Ford as Dr. Alan Grant
Teyonah Parris as Kayla Watts
Winston Duke as Ramsay Cole
Dafne Keen as Maisie Lockwood
Dermot Mulroney as Dr. Lewis Dodgson
Russell Wong as Dr. Henry Wu
Mike Colter as Barry Sembène
Jacob Latimore as Franklin Webb
Aubrey Plaza as Dr. Zia Rodriguez
Andrew Garfield as Rainn Delacourt
Gemma Chan as Soyona Santos
Jacob Batalon as Jeremy Bernier
Joey King as Denise Roberts
John Krasinski as Wyatt Huntley
Director: Colin Trevorrow

Austin Butler as Owen Grady
Jodie Comer as Claire Dearing
Charlize Theron as Dr. Ellie Sattler
Mel Gibson as Dr. Alan Grant
Keanu Reeves as Dr. Ian Malcolm
Ajiona Alexus as Kayla Watts
Ashton Sanders as Ramsay Cole
Paisley Day Herrera as Maisie Lockwood
Jeremy Renner as Dr. Lewis Dodgson
John Cho as Dr. Henry Wu
Yahya Abdul-Matten II as Barry Sembène
Isaiah Russell-Bailey as Franklin Webb
Camila Cabello as Dr. Zia Rodriguez
Dacre Montgomery as Rainn Delacourt
Jessica Henwick as Soyona Santos
Cyrus Arnold as Jeremy Bernier
Julia Butters as Denise Roberts
Tom Hopper as Wyatt Huntley
Director: Jordan Vogt-Roberts
View Poll
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2023.05.31 05:15 overpregnant Shirley Jackson's 'The Lottery' comes to mind

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2023.05.26 15:29 Crutch_Banton Jordan Peterson sure does associate with a lot of far-right figures. Probably just a coincidence.

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2023.05.25 11:47 AC_the_Panther_007 Jurassic Park (1963)

What if Jurassic Park was made 30 years ealier?

Kirk Douglas as Dr. Alan Grant
Jane Fonda as Dr. Ellie Sattler
Charlton Heston as Dr. Ian Malcolm
William Demarest as John Hammond
Lloyd Bridges as Robert Muldoon
Anthony Quinn as Donald Gennaro
James Hong as Dr. Henry Wu
Ossie Davis as Ray Arnold
Benny Hill as Dennis Nedry
Ron Howard as Tim Murphy
Veronica Cartwright as Lex Murphy
Director: Franklin J. Schaffner
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2023.05.24 20:35 mrumack Golf parlays for this weeks Charles Schwab…

What’s up friends
I posted a bunch of parlays last week and hit a +3704 cut parlay. so surely for all you who didn’t tail I will come up empty this week. I’ll preface this week by saying w the weaker field it is much harder to predict, but golf is far too fun to bet on to miss a week. Here’s my parlays for this week.
To make cut This first parlay is the lowest odds as it has many shoe ins and a few wild cards
Tony finau, sung Jae Im, Jordan Spieth, viktor hovland, Collin morikawa, max homa, russel henley, Brian harman, Brendan Todd, Taylor moore +502
(Id say the first 6-7 guys are locks 90-95% of the time..last 3-4 guys are solid players but probably the ones we’ll be watching closely)
Min woo Lee, Harris English, Nate lashley, Kurt kitayama, Tom hoge, Justin rose, Collin morikawa, Sam burns, viktor Hovland, tommy Fleetwood. +1481
Long shot top 10/20/40 parlays Chez reavie top 40 Ben griffin top 40 Collin morikawa top 20 Max homa top 20 Scottie Scheffler top 20 Jordan Spieth top 20 —— +6175
Viktor Hovland top 10 Jordan Spieth top 10 Rickie Fowler top 40 Russel henley top 40 Justin rose top 40 Si woo Kim top 40 Patrick rodgers top 40 —— +7722
Russel henley top 10 Nick Taylor top 20 KH Lee top 20 Eric cole top 40 Sepp straka top 40 —— +26372
Sam burns top 20 Collin morikawa top 20 Viktor Hovland top 40 Justin rose top 40 Nick Taylor top 40 Min woo Lee top 40 Justin Suh top 40 —— +10933
All top 40 Chris Kirk Stephen jaeger Tyler Duncan Jimmy walker Christian bezuidenhout Denny McCarthy — +10228
I threw $110 total w 60% or so on the first two parlays. I’ll screenshot any others I add in and put them in the comments. Good luck fellow degenerates! Let’s get it!
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2023.05.21 18:27 BombSquad570 Projecting All Depth Charts after the NFL Draft

Player name (2022 PPR FPPG)
Players injury/IR concerns in italics
Notable Trade/cut candidates bold
Atlanta Falcons
QB1 - Desmond Ridder (9.7)
QB2 - Taylor Heinicke (13.6)
RB1 - Bijan Robinson (R)
RB2 - Tyler Allgeier (10)
RB3 - Cordarelle Patterson (11.9)
RB4+ - Caleb Huntley, Avery Williams, Carlos Washington (R)
WR1 - Drake London (10.5)
WR2 - Mack Hollins (9.1)
WR3 - Scotty Miller (3.5)
WR4 - KhaDarel Hodge (3.2)
WR5+ - Keilahn Harris (R), Justin Marshall (R), Frank Darby, RaShaun Henry
TE1 - Kyle Pitts (7.6)
TE2 - Jonnu Smith (4.3)
TE3+ - Parker Hesse, John Fitzpatrick, Feleipe Franks
Carolina Panthers
QB1 - Bryce Young (R)
QB2 - Andy Dalton (13.1)
QB3+ - Matt Corral, Jacob Eason
RB1 - Miles Sanders (12.7)
RB2 - Chuba Hubbard (6.3)
RB3 - Raheem Blackshear (3.3)
RB4+ - Camerun Peoples (R), Spencer Brown
WR1 - DJ Chark (8.9)
WR2 - Adam Thielen (10.6)
WR3 - Terrace Marshall (6.4)
WR4 - Jonathan Mingo (R)
WR5 - Laviska Shenault (5.6)
WR6 + - Shi Smith, Daniele Byrd, Preston Williams, Josh Vann (R)
TE1 - Hayden Hurst (7.9)
TE2 - Ian Thomas (2.9)
TE3 - Tommy Tremble (3.5)
New Orleans Saints
QB1 - Derek Carr (15.5)
QB2 - Jameis Winston (16.3)
QB3 - Jake Haener (R)
RB1 - Alvin Kamara (SUS?) (14.1)
RB2 - Jamaal Williams (13.3)
RB3 - Kendre Miller (R)
RB4+ - Eno Benjamin (6.9), SaRoderick Thompson (R), Derrick Gore, Dwayne Washington
WR1 - Chris Olave (13.2)
WR2 - Michael Thomas (17)*
WR3 - Rashid Shaheed (8.4)
WR4 - TreQuan Smith (5.3)
WR5 - AT Perry (R)
WR6+ - Bryan Edwards, James Washington, Keith Kirkwood, Shaq Davis (R), Sy Barnett (R)
TE1 - Juwan Johnson (8.4)
TE2 - Taysom Hill (9.1)
TE3 - Foster Moreau (6.1)
TE4+ - Lucas Krull, Joel Wilson (R), Miller Forrestall
Tampa Bay Bucs
QB1 - Baker Mayfield (10.8)
QB2 - Kyle Trask
QB3 - John Wolford
RB1 - Rachaad White (8.2)
RB2 - Chase Edmonds (5.7)
RB3+ - KeShawn Vaughn, Sean Tucker (R), Ronnie Brown (R), Patrick Laird
WR1 - Mike Evans (15)
WR2 - Chris Godwin (14.9)
WR3 - Russell Gage (9.5)
WR4 - Trey Palmer (R)
WR5+ - Kaylon Geiger, Deven Thompkins, Rakim Jarrett (R), Kade Warner (R), Taye Barber (R)
TE1 - Cade Otton (5.8)
TE2 - Payne Durham (R)
TE3 - Ko Kieft
Arizona Cardinals
QB1 - Kyler Murray (18.9)
QB2 - Colt McCoy (9)
QB3 - Clayton Tune (R)
QB4+ - Jeff Driskel, David Blough
RB1 - James Conner (15.4)
RB2 - Keontay Ingram (1.6)
RB3+ - Emari Demarcado (R), TySon Williams, Corey Clement
WR1 - DeAndre Hopkins (16.9)
WR2 - Marquise Brown (13)
WR3 - Rondale Moore - (11)
WR4 - Michael Wilson (R)
WR5 - Greg Dortch (7.1)
WR6+ - Zach Pascal, Auden Tate, Javon Wims
TE1 - Trey McBride (5.1)
TE2 - Zach Ertz (11.6)
TE3+ - Blake Whiteheart (R), Joel Honigford (R), Bernhard Seikovits
LA Rams
QB1 - Matthew Stafford (12.9)
QB2 - Stetson Bennett (R)
QB3 - Brett Rypien
RB1 - Cam Akers (9.4)
RB2 - Zach Evans (R)
RB3 - Kyren Williams (3.8)
RB4 - Tiyon Evans (R), Ronnie Rivers
WR1 - Cooper Kupp (22.4)
WR2 - Van Jefferson (7.9)
WR3 - Ben Skowronek (6)
WR4 - Tutu Atwell (5.3)
WR5 - Puka Nacua (R)
WR6 - Lance McCutcheon, Tyler Hudson (R), Braxton Burmeister (R), Sam James (R)
TE1 - Tyler Higbee (9.5)
TE2 - Hunter Long
TE3+ - Brycen Hopkins, Davis Allen (R)
San Francisco 49ers
QB1 - Brock Purdy (12.3)
QB2 - Trey Lance (4.5)
QB3 - Sam Darnold (14.9)
RB1 - Christian McCaffrey (21)
RB2 - Elijah Mitchell (8.7)
RB3 - Jordan Mason (2.7)
RB4 - Tyrion Davis-Price (2)
WR1 - Deebo Samuel (13)
WR2 - Brandon Aiyuk (13.4)
WR3 - Jauan Jennings (5.2)
WR4 - RayRay McCloud (3.4)
WR5+ - Ronnie Bell (R), Danny Gray, Willie Snead, Chris Conley, Dazz Newsome
TE1 - George Kittle (13.4)
TE2 - Cameron Latu (R)
TE3+ - Braydon Willis (R), Ross Dwelley
Seattle Seahawks
QB1 - Geno Smith (18.5)
QB2 - Drew Lock
RB1 - Ken Walker (13.5)
RB2 - Zach Charbonnet (R)
RB3 - DeeJay Dallas (3.1)
RB4 - Kenny McIntosh (R)
WR1 - DK Metcalf - (13.3)
WR2 - Tyler Lockett (14.8)
WR3 - Jaxon Smith-Njigba (R)
WR4 - Dee Eskridge (1.5)
WR5+ - Dareke Young, Cody Thompson, Easop Winston, Matt Landers (R), Jake Bobo (R), CJ Johnson (R), Cade Johnson
TE1 - Colby Parkinson (4.9)
TE2 - Noah Fant (7.2)
TE3 - Will Dissly (5.8)
Dallas Cowboys
QB1 - Dak Prescott (17.8)
QB2 - Cooper Rush
RB1 - Tony Pollard (15.6)
RB2 - Malik Davis (5.7)
RB3 - Deuce Vaughn (R)
RB4 - Ronald Jones
WR1 - CeeDee Lamb (17.7)
WR2 - Brandin Cooks (11.2)
WR3 - Michael Gallup (7.5)
WR4 - Jalen Brooks (R)
WR5 - KaVontae Turpin
WR6+ - Jalen Tolbert, Simi Fehoko, Dennis Houston, Antonio Callaway, Dontario Drummond
TE1 - Jake Ferguson - (4.4)
TE2 - Luke Schoonmaker (R)
TE3+ - Peyton Hendershot, Seth Green, Sean McKeon
NY Giants
QB1 - Daniel Jones (18.4)
QB2 - Tyrod Taylor
RB1 - Saquon Barkley (17.8)
RB2 - Eric Gray (R)
RB3 - Matt Breida (3.5)
RB4+ - Jashaun Corbin, Gary Brightwell
WR1 - Darius Slayton (9.9)
WR2 - WanDale Robinson (8.6)
WR3 - Parris Campbell (8.8)
WR4 - Jalin Hyatt (R)
WR5 - Isaiah Hodgins (11.1)
WR6 - Sterling Shepard (11.5)
WR7 - Jamison Crowder (3)
WR8+ - David Sills, Makai Polk, Collin Johnson, Jeff Smith, Kalil Pimpleton
TE1 - Darren Waller (9.4)
TE2 - Dan Bellinger (6.8)
TE3+ - Tommy Sweeney, Lawrence Cager, Chris Myarick
Philadelphia Eagles
QB1 - Jalen Hurts (25.6)
QB2 - Marcus Mariota (15.8)
QB3 - Tanner McKee (R)
RB1 - D’Andre Swift (13.7)
RB2 - Rashaad Penny (10.4)
RB3 - Kenneth Gainwell (5.2)
RB4+ - Boston Scott, Trey Sermon, Kennedy Brooks
WR1 - AJ Brown (17.6)
WR2 - Devonta Smith (15)
WR3 - Quez Watkins (5)
WR4 - Olamide Zaccheus (6.5)
WR5+ - Britain Covey, Tyrie Cleveland, Devon Allen, Greg Ward
TE1 - Dallas Goedert (11.8)
TE2 - Grant Calcaterra (2.2)
TE3 - Jack Stoll (2.3)
TE4+ - Dalton Keane, Tyree Jackson, Dan Arnold
Washington Commanders
QB1 - Sam Howell
QB2 - Jacoby Brissett (12.5)
QB3 - Jake Fromm
RB1 - Brian Robinson (9.4)
RB2 - Antonio Gibson (11.1)
RB3 - Chris Rodriguez (R)
RB4+ - Jaret Patterson, Jonathan Williams
WR1 - Terry McLaurin (13.5)
WR2 - Jahan Dotson (10.9)
WR3 - Curtis Samuel (10.4)
WR4 - Dyami Brown (3.6)
WR5+ - Dax Milne, Marcus Kemp, Kyric McGowan, Mitchell Tinsley (R), Brycen Tremayne (R)
TE1 - Logan Thomas (5.9)
TE2 - John Bates (3.1)
TE3+ - Cole Turner, Armani Rodgers, Curtis Hodges
Chicago Bears
QB1 - Justin Fields (20.5)
QB2 - PJ Walker (7)
QB3+ - Tyson Bagent (R), Nate Peterman
RB1 - Khalil Herbert (6.9)
RB2 - D’Onta Foreman (8.2)
RB3 - Roschon Johnson (R)
RB4+ - Trestan Ebner, Travis Homer
WR1 - DJ Moore (11.7)
WR2 - Darnell Mooney (9.2)
WR3 - Chase Claypool (7)
WR4 - Tyler Scott (R)
WR5 - Dante Pettis (3.8)
WR6+ - Velus Jones, Equimaneous St Brown, Daurice Fountain, Nsimba Webster, Aron Cruikshank (R)
TE1 - Cole Kmet (8.7)
TE2 - Robert Tonyan (6.6)
TE3+ - Chase Allen, Jake Tonges
Detroit Lions
QB1 - Jared Goff (17.1)
QB2 - Hendon Hooker (R)
QB3 - Nate Sudfeld
RB1 - David Montgomery (11.1)
RB2 - Jahmyr Gibbs (R)
RB3+ - Craig Reynolds, Jermar Jefferson, Greg Bell
WR1 - Amon Ra St Brown (16.7)
WR2 - Jameson Williams (SUS) (2.5)
WR3 - Josh Reynolds (8.7)
WR4 - Marvin Jones (7.3)
WR5 - Kalif Raymond (6.8)
WR6+ - Antoine Green (R), Tom Kennedy, Trinity Benson, Maurice Alexander
TE1 - Sam LaPorta (R)
TE2 - Brock Wright (4.5)
TE3 - Shane Zylstra (4.6)
TE4+ - James Mitchell, Derrick Deese
Green Bay Packers
QB1 - Jordan Love (2.9)
QB2 - Sean Clifford (R)
RB1 - Aaron Jones (14.6)
RB2 - AJ Dillon (9.9)
RB3 - Lew Nichols (R), Patrick Taylor, Tyler Goodson
WR1 - Christian Watson (11.7)
WR2 - Jayden Reed (R)
WR3 - Romeo Doubs (7.8)
WR4 - Samori Toure (4.8)
WR5 - Dontayvion Wicks (R)
WR6+ - Grant DuBose (R), Bo Melton, Jeff Cotton
TE1 - Luke Musgrave (R)
TE2 - Tucker Kraft (R)
TE3+ - Josiah Deguara, Austin Allen, Tyler Davis
Minnesota Vikings
QB1 - Kirk Cousins (18)
QB2 - Nick Mullens
QB3 - Jaren Hall (R)
RB1 - Dalvin Cook
RB2 - Alex Mattison (5.2)
RB3 - DeWayne McBride (R)
RB4+ - Ty Chandler, Kene Nwangwu
WR1 - Justin Jefferson (21.7)
WR2 - Jordan Addison (R)
WR3 - KJ Osborn (9.2)
WR4 - Jalen Nailor (4.1)
WR5 - Jalen Reagor (1.6)
WR6+ - Brandon Powell, Thayer Thomas (R), Malik Knowles (R), Cephus Johnson (R), Trishton Jackson
TE1 - TJ Hockenson (12.7)
TE2 - Johnny Mundt (3)
TE3+ - Josh Oliver, Ben Sims (R), Nick Muse, Ben Ellefson
Buffalo Bills
QB1 - Josh Allen (24.2)
QB2 - Kyle Allen (6.6)
QB3 - Matt Barkley
RB1 - James Cook (6.3)
RB2 - Damien Harris (8.3)
RB3 - Latavius Murray (11)
RB4+ - Nyheim Hines (5.1), Jordan Mims (R)
WR1 - Stefon Diggs (18.9)
WR2 - Gabe Davis (11.4)
WR3 - Khalil Shakir (3.4)
WR4 - Trent Sherfield (5.2)
WR5 - Justin Shorter (R)
WR6+ - Deonte Harty, KeeSean Johnson, Dedmon Patmon, Isaiah Coulter, Jalen Wayne (R), Tyrell Shavers (R)
TE1 - Dawson Knox (9)
TE2 - Dalton Kincaid (R)
TE3+ - Quintin Morris, Zach Davidson
Miami Dolphins
QB1 - Tua Tagovailoa (18.4)
QB2 - Mike White (15.1)
QB3 - Skylar Thompson (2.9)
RB1 - Raheem Mostert (10.5)
RB2 - Jeff Wilson (9.9)
RB3 - Devon Achane (R)
RB4+ - Myles Gaskin, Salvon Ahmed, Christopher Brooks (R)
WR1 - Tyreek Hill (20.1)
WR2 - Jaylen Waddle (15.2)
WR3 - Chosen Anderson (4.4)
WR4 - Cedrick Wilson (2)
WR5 - Braxton Berrios (3.4)
WR6+ - Erik Ezukanma, River Cracraft, Freddie Swain, Braylon Sanders, Daewood Davis (R)
TE1 - Durham Smythe (3.1)
TE2 - Tyler Kroft
TE3 - Elijah Higgins (R)
TE4+ - Eric Saubert, Tanner Conner, Julian Hill (R)
New England Patriots
QB1 - Mac Jones (12.9)
QB2 - Bailey Zappe (10.7)
QB3+ - Trace McSorley, Malik Cunningham (R)
RB1 - Rhamondre Stevenson (14.7)
RB2 - James Robinson (8.1)
RB3 - Pierre Strong (2.7)
RB4+ - Kevin Harris (2.2), Ty Montgomery, JJ Taylor
WR1 - JuJu Smith-Schuster (11.6)
WR2 - DeVante Parker (7.9)
WR3 - Tyquan Thornton (5.5)
WR4 - Kendrick Bourne (5.5)
WR5 - Kayshon Boutte (R)
WR6+ - DeMario Douglas (R), Tre Nixon
TE1 - Mike Gesicki (5.8)
TE2 - Hunter Henry (6.5)
TE3+ - Johnny Lumpkin (R), Matt Sokol, Scotty Washington
NY Jets
QB1 - Aaron Rodgers (14.8)
QB2 - Zach Wilson (11.8)
QB3+ - Chris Streveler, Tim Boyle
RB1 - Breece Hall (16.4)
RB2 - Michael Carter (7.9)
RB3 - Izzy Abanikanda (R)
RB4+ - Zonovan Knight (8.4), Travis Dye (R)
WR1 - Garrett Wilson (12.7)
WR2 - Allen Lazard (11.7)
WR3 - Corey Davis (7.5)
WR4 - Mecole Hardman (11.7)
WR5 - Randall Cobb (6.3)
WR6+ - Denzel Mims (3.3), Diontae Spencer, Jason Brownlee (R), Xavier Gipson (R), TJ Luther (R)
TE1 - Tyler Conklin (7.7)
TE2 - CJ Uzomah (4)
TE3+ - Jeremy Ruckert, Zack Kuntz (R), Kenny Yeboah
Baltimore Ravens
QB1 - Lamar Jackson (20.3)
QB2 - Tyler Huntley (10.6)
QB3+ - Anthony Brown, Nolan Henderson (R)
RB1 - JK Dobbins (10.2)
RB2 - Gus Edwards (6.6)
RB3 - Justice Hill (2.8)
RB4+ - Keaton Mitchell (R), Owen Wright (R)
WR1 - Odell Beckham Jr
WR2 - Rashod Bateman (8.9)
WR3 - Zay Flowers (R)
WR4 - Nelson Agholor (5)
WR5 - Devin Duvernay (8.3)
WR6+ - James Proche, Tylan Wallace, Andy Isabella, Dontay Demus (R), Mike Thomas, Shemar Bridges
TE1 - Mark Andrews (12.7)
TE2 - Isaiah Likely (6.5)
TE3+ - Charlie Kolar, Travis Vokolek (R), Brian Walker (R)
Cincinnati Bengals
QB1 - Joe Burrow (21.7)
QB2 - Trevor Siemian (5.6)
QB3 - Jake Browning
RB1 - Joe Mixon (16)
RB2 - Chase Brown (R)
RB3 - Trayveon Williams (0.9)
RB4+ - Chris Evans, Calvin Tyler Jr (R), Jacob Saylors (R)
WR1 - JaMarr Chase (18.6)
WR2 - Tee Higgins (14.9)
WR3 - Tyler Boyd (10.3)
WR4 - Charlie Jones (R)
WR5 - Trenton Irwin (7)
WR6+ - Andrei Iosivas (R), Trent Taylor, Malachi Carter (R), Mac Hippenhammer (R), Shedrick Jackson (R)
TE1 - Irv Smith (6.9)
TE2 - Drew Sample (0.9)
TE3+ - Devin Asiasi, Tanner Hudson, Nick Bowers
Cleveland Browns
QB1 - Deshaun Watson (15.1)
QB2 - Dorian Thompson-Robinson (R)
QB3 - Josh Dobbs (11.4)
RB1 - Nick Chubb (16.6)
RB2 - Jerome Ford (0.1)
RB3 - Hassan Hall (R)
RB4+ - Demetric Felton, John Kelly, Nate McCrary
WR1 - Amari Cooper (14.5)
WR2 - Elijah Moore (5.5)
WR3 - Donovan Peoples-Jones (9.8)
WR4 - Cedric Tillman (R)
WR5 - David Bell (3)
WR6+ - Marquise Goodwin (6.9), Jakeem Grant, Anthony Schwartz (2.7), Jaelon Darden, Michael Woods, Isaiah Weston
TE1 - David Njoku (10.1)
TE2 - Harrison Bryant (4.4)
TE3 - Jordan Akins (7.8)
TE4+ - Zaire Mitchell, Thomas Greaney (R)
Pittsburgh Steelers
QB1 - Kenny Pickett (12.2)
QB2 - Mitch Trubisky (11.3)
QB3 - Mason Rudolph
RB1 - Najee Harris (13.1)
RB2 - Jaylen Warren (5.8)
RB3 - Connor Heyward (FB)
WR1 - George Pickens (9.8)
WR2 - Diontae Johnson (10.6)
WR3 - Allen Robinson (8.5)
WR4 - Calvin Austin III
WR5 - Miles Boykin
WR6+ - Anthony Miller, Cody White, Gunner Olszewski, Dez Fitzpatrick, Jordan Byrd (R)
TE1 - Pat Freiermuth (9.9)
TE2 - Darnell Washington (R)
TE3 - Zach Gentry (2.3)
Houston Texans
QB1 - CJ Stroud (R)
QB2 - Davis Mills (13.1)
QB3 - Case Keenum
RB1 - Dameon Pierce (12.8)
RB2 - Devin Singletary (10.5)
RB3+ - Mike Boone, Dare Ogunbowale, Gerrid Doaks, Xazavian Valladay (R)
WR1 - Nico Collins (9.7)
WR2 - John Metchie
WR3 - Robert Woods (6.8)
WR4 - Noah Brown (7.2)
WR5 - Xavier Hutchinson (R)
WR6 - Tank Dell (R)
WR7+ - Steven Sims, Amari Rodgers, Jalen Camp, Jared Wayne (R)
TE1 - Dalton Schultz (9.5)
TE2 - Teagan Quitoriano (4.3)
TE3 - Brevin Jordan (3)
TE4+ - Eric Tomlinson, Mason Schreck
Indianapolis Colts
QB1 - Gardner Minshew (8)
QB2 - Anthony Richardson (R)
QB3 - Sam Ehlinger (9.7)
RB1 - Jonathan Taylor (12.2)
RB2 - Deon Jackson (7)
RB3 - Evan Hull (R)
RB4+ - Zack Moss (5), Jake Funk, Darius Hagans (R)
WR1 - Michael Pittman Jr (13.5)
WR2 - Alec Pierce (7)
WR3 - Josh Downs (R)
WR4 - Isaiah McKenzie (7.5)
WR5 - Ashton Dulin (4.3)
WR6+ - Mike Strachan, Malik Turner, Juwann Winfree, Zavier Scott (R)
TE1 - Jelani Woods (6.2)
TE2 - Mo Alie-Cox (3.9)
TE3 - Will Mallory (R)
TE4 - Kylen Granson (4.7)
TE5+ - Andrew Ogletree, Pharaoah Brown
Jacksonville Jaguars
QB1 - Trevor Lawrence (17.9)
QB2 - CJ Beathard
RB1 - Travis Etienne (12.1)
RB2 - Tank Bigsby (R)
RB3 - JaMycal Hasty (5)
RB4+ - D’Ernest Johnson, Snoop Conner, Qadree Ollison
WR1 - Christian Kirk (14.2)
WR2 - Calvin Ridley
WR3 - Zay Jones (12.4)
WR4 - Parker Washington (R)
WR5 - Jamal Agnew (4.8)
WR6+ - Seth Williams, Kevin Austin, Tim Jones, Kendric Pryor, Elijah Cooks (R), Jaray Jenkins (R)
TE1 - Evan Engram (10.4)
TE2 - Brenton Strange (R)
TE3+ - Luke Farrell, Leonard Taylor (R)
Tennessee Titans
QB1 - Ryan Tannehill (13.9)
QB2 - Will Levis (R)
QB3 - Malik Willis (3.2)
RB1 - Derrick Henry (18.9)
RB2 - Tyjae Spears (R)
RB3 - Hassan Haskins (1.9)
RB4+ - Julius Chestnut (1.4), Jonathan Ward, Chuck McClelland (R)
WR1 - Treylon Burks (8)
WR2 - Nick Westbrook-Ikhine (5.2)
WR3 - Kyle Philips (3)
WR4 - Chris Moore (7.7)
WR5 - Colton Dowell (R)
WR6+ - Racey McMath, Reggie Roberson, Mason Kinsey, Jacob Copeland (R), Tre’Shaun Harrison (R)
TE1 - Chig Okonkwo (6.1)
TE2 - Josh Whyle (R)
TE3+ - Trevon Wesco, Kevin Rader, Alize Mack, Thomas Odukoya, Justin Rigg
Denver Broncos
QB1 - Russell Wilson (15.8)
QB2 - Jarrett Stidham (15.2)
QB3 - Ben DiNucci
RB1 - Javonte Williams (10.5)
RB2 - Samaje Perine (8.9)
RB3+ - Tony Jones, Damarea Crockett, Tyler Badie, Jacques Patrick, Jaleel McLaughlin (R)
WR1 - Jerry Jeudy (13.6)
WR2 - Courtland Sutton (10.6)
WR3 - Tim Patrick
WR4 - Marvin Mims Jr (R)
WR5 - KJ Hamler (3.7)
WR6 - Marquez Callaway (3.8)
WR7+ - Montreal Washington, Lil’Jordan Humphrey, Jalen Virgil, Kendall Hinton, Taylor Grimes (R)
TE1 - Greg Dulcich (8.6)
TE2 - Adam Trautman (3.4)
TE3 - Albert Okwuegbunam (4.3)
TE4+ - Chris Manhertz, Nate Adkins (R)
KC Chiefs
QB1 - Patrick Mahomes (25.3)
QB2 - Blaine Gabbert
QB3+ - Shane Buechele, Chris Oladokun
RB1 - Isiah Pacheco (7.9)
RB2 - Jerick McKinnon (11.5)
RB3 - Deneric Prince (R)
RB4+ - Clyde Edwards-Helaire (9.8), LaMical Perine
WR1 - Kadarius Toney (6.4)
WR2 - Marques Valdes-Scantling (7.2)
WR3 - Rashee Rice (R)
WR4 - Skyy Moore (2.7)
WR5 - Justin Watson (3.4)
WR6 - Richie James (8.3)
WR7+ - Justyn Ross, Ihmir Smith-Marsette, John Ross, Cornell Powell, Jerrion Ealy, Nikki Remigio (R)
TE1 - Travis Kelce (18.6)
TE2 - Noah Gray (4.1)
TE3+ - Jody Fortson, Blake Bell, Kendall Blanton
Las Vegas Raiders
QB1 - Jimmy Garoppolo (15.3)
QB2 - Brian Hoyer
QB3 - Aidan O’Connell (R)
RB1 - Josh Jacobs (19.3)
RB2 - Zamir White (0.6)
RB3 - Brandon Bolden (2.4)
RB4+ - Ameer Abdullah, Brittain Brown, Sincere McCormick, Austin Walter
WR1 - Davante Adams (19.7)
WR2 - Jakobi Meyers (12.9)
WR3 - Hunter Renfrow (7.9)
WR4 - DeAndre Carter (6.6)
WR5 - Tre Tucker (R)
WR6+ - Cam Sims, Phillip Dorsett, Keelan Cole, Kristian Wilkerson
TE1 - Michael Mayer (R)
TE2 - Austin Hooper (5.7)
TE3+ - OJ Howard (3.3)
TE4+ - Jesper Horsted, John Shenker (R)
LA Chargers
QB1 - Justin Herbert (17.1)
QB2 - Max Duggan (R)
QB3 - Easton Stick
RB1 - Austin Ekeler (21.9)
RB2 - Joshua Kelley (5.4)
RB3 - Isaiah Spiller (1.7)
RB4+ - Larry Rountree, Elijah Dotson (R), Tyler Hoosman (R)
WR1 - Keenan Allen (16.4)
WR2 - Mike Williams (13.6)
WR3 - Quentin Johnston (R)
WR4 - Joshua Palmer (10.6)
WR5 - Jalen Guyton (4.2)
WR6 - Derius Davis (R)
WR7+ - Keelan Doss, John Hightower, Terrell Bynum (R), Pokey Wilson (R)
TE1 - Gerald Everett (9.3)
TE2 - Donald Parham (4.8)
TE3 - Tre McKitty (1.3)
TE4+ - Stone Smartt, Michael Ezeike (R)
Available Free Agents
QB - Tom Brady (16.5), Carson Wentz (15.2), Teddy Bridgewater (8.4), Matt Ryan (14), Nick Foles (2.9), Joe Flacco (10.3), Josh Johnson, Bryce Perkins (3.5), Chase Daniel
RB - Ezekiel Elliott (12.4), Leonard Fournette (14.2), Kareem Hunt (7.5), Darrel Williams (4.2), Rex Burkhead (4.8), Mark Ingram (5), JD McKissic (6.2), Kenyan Drake (8.7), Dontrell Hilliard (6.4), David Johnson (2.3), Marlon Mack (4.8), Gio Bernard (1.2), Justin Jackson (3.4), Royce Freeman (3.8), Malcolm Brown (3.3), Benny Snell (2.1), Darrynton Evans (3.6), Trenton Cannon, Taiwan Jones
WR - Julio Jones (7), Jarvis Landry (6.7), Kenny Golladay (3.4), Sammy Watkins (5.2), TY Hilton (6.4), Byron Pringle (3.6), Demarcus Robinson (6.5), NKeal Harry (4.1), Breshad Perriman (2.9), Rashard Higgins, Marcus Johnson, Jake Kumerow, Andre Roberts, Cody Hollister, Olabisi Johnson, Quintez Cephus, Antoine Wesley
TE - Kyle Rudolph (2.4), Cameron Brate (4.2), Adam Shaheen, Geoff Swaim (2), Marcedes Lewis (4.4), Ryan Griffin, Stephen Anderson, Maxx Williams, Richard Rodgers, Anthony Firkser, MyCole Pruitt, Jesse James, Tommy Sweeney
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2023.05.21 15:53 AC_the_Panther_007 Out of my casts for Breaking Bad (2008-2013), which one is your favorite?

Henry Fonda as Walter White
Olivia de Havilland as Skyler White
Peter Falk as Jesse Pinkman
Sterling Hayden as Henry R. "Hank" Schrader
Yvonne De Carlo as Marie Schrader
Tommy Kirk as Walter White Jr.
Woody Strode as Gustav "Gus" Fring
Danny Thomas as Jimmy McGee/Saul Goodman
Fredric March as Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut
Lauren Bacall as Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
Dennis Hopper as Todd Alquist
Original Network: NBC (A Screen Gems Inc. Presentation)

Kirk Douglas as Walter White
Janet Leigh as Skyler White
Dustin Hoffman as Jesse Pinkman
Telly Savalas as Henry R. "Hank" Schrader
Anne Bancroft as Marie Schrader
Nicholas Hammond as Walter White Jr.
Ossie Davis as Gustav "Gus" Fring
Dick Van Dyke as Jimmy McGee/Saul Goodman
James Stewart as Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut
Lee Meriwether as Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
Richard Dreyfus as Todd Alquist
Original Network: ABC (A Screen Gems Film Presentation Television Subsidiary Columbia Pictures Corporation)

James Garner as Walter White
Jane Fonda as Skyler White
Jeff Bridges as Jesse Pinkman
Dabney Coleman as Henry R. "Hank" Schrader
Stockard Channing as Marie Schrader
Michael J. Fox as Walter White Jr.
Sidney Poitier as Gustav "Gus" Fring
Gene Wilder as Jimmy McGee/Saul Goodman
Robert Mitchum as Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut
Jaclyn Smith as Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
Eric Roberts as Todd Alquist
Original Network: ABC (Columbia Pictures Television/Columbia Pictures Television: The Unit of the Coca-Cola Company)

Donald Sutherland as Walter White
Jessica Lange as Skyler White
Kevin Bacon as Jesse Pinkman
Kurtwood Smith as Henry R. "Hank" Schrader
Mary Steenburgen as Marie Schrader
Wil Wheaton as Walter White Jr.
Clarence Williams III as Gustav "Gus" Fring
Ed O'Neill as Jimmy McGee/Saul Goodman
Christopher Plummer as Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut
Lorraine Bracco as Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
Brendan Fraser as Todd Alquist
Original Network: Fox (Columbia Pictures Television: A Unit of Columbia Pictures Entertainment, Inc./Columbia Pictures Television: A Unit of Sony Pictures Entertainment Company)

Gary Busey as Walter White
Melanie Griffith as Skyler White
Edward Norton as Jesse Pinkman
Michael Ironside as Henry R. "Hank" Schrader
Courteney Cox as Marie Schrader
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Walter White Jr.
Samuel L. Jackson as Gustav "Gus" Fring
Michael Keaton as Jimmy McGee/Saul Goodman
Scott Glenn as Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut
Diane Lane as Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
Jensen Ackles as Todd Alquist
Original Network: Showtime (Columbia TriStar Television: A Sony Company Pictures Company/Sony Pictures Television)

Liev Schreiber as Walter White
Kate Hudson as Skyler White
Zac Efron as Jesse Pinkman
Cole Hauser as Henry R. "Hank" Schrader
Mila Kunis as Marie Schrader
Ty Simpkins as Walter White Jr.
Jeffery Wright as Gustav "Gus" Fring
Paul Rudd as Jimmy McGee/Saul Goodman
Steve Buscemi as Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut
Alexandra Daddario as Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
Jacob Elordi as Todd Alquist
Original Network: AMC (Sony/Sony Pictures Television)
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2023.05.14 20:37 MidnightDrive84 Josh, (AKA The Boner Machine) Doing A Video Ad For Dennis Kirk

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2023.05.09 20:02 darthjoker01 Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Three (2016-2019) Alternate Fancast

Captain America: Civil War (2016)
Chris Pine as Steve Rogers/Captain America (Leader of Team Cap)
Jason Bateman as Tony Stark/Iron Man (Leader of Team Stark)
Rebecca Ferguson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow (Team Stark)
Adam Driver as James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes/Winter Soldier (Team Cap)
John David Washington as Sam Wilson/Falcon (Team Cap)
Jamie Foxx as James "Rhodey" Rhodes/War Machine (Team Stark)
James Marsden as Clint Barton/Hawkeye (Team Cap)
Chiwetel Ejiofor as T'Challa/Black Panther (Team Stark)
Jude Law as Vision (Team Stark)
Lily Collins as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (Team Cap)
Adam Scott as Scott Lang/Ant-Man (Team Cap)
Charlie Rowe as Peter ParkeSpider-Man (Team Stark)
Evan Rachel Wood as Agent Sharon CarteAgent 13 (Team Cap)
J.K. Simmons as General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (Team Stark)
Jon Bernthal as Brock Rumlow/Crossbones
Andrew Scott as Helmut Zemo
Director: Joe and Anthony Russo

Doctor Strange (2016)
Christian Bale as Dr. Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange (And Christian Bale as Dormammu (Dual Role))
Ricky Whittle as Karl Mordo
Bryce Dallas Howard as Christine Palmer
Don Lee as Wong
Nick Offerman as Dr. Nicodemus West
Esai Morales as Jonathan Pangborn
Ray Park as Lucian
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Kaecilius
Michelle Yeoh as The Ancient One
Director: Scott Derrickson

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)
Zachary Levi as Peter Quill/Star-Lord
Rosario Dawson as Gamora
Terry Crews as Drax the Destroyer
Dwayne Johnson as Groot
Aaron Paul as Rocket Racoon
Willem Dafoe as Yondu Udonta
Vanessa Kirby as Nebula
Jamie Chung as Mantis
Alice Eve as Ayesha
Glenn Fleshler as Taserface
David Dastmalchian as Kraglin Obfonteri
Robert De Niro as Stakar Ogord/Starhawk
Don Johnson as Ego the Living Planet
Director: James Gunn

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)
Charlie Rowe as Peter ParkeSpider-Man
Bruce Willis as Adrian Toomes/Vulture
Vince Vaughn as Harold "Happy" Hogan
Rachel McAdams as Virginia "Pepper" Potts
China Anne McClain as Michelle "M.J." Jones
Michael B. Jordan as Aaron Davis
Taylor Russell as Liz Toomes
Rico Rodriguez as Ned Leeds
Karan Brar as Eugene "Flash" Thompson
Colman Domingo as Herman Schultz/Shocker
Sissy Spacek as Anne Marie Hoag
Diane Lane as Aunt May Parker
Jason Bateman as Tony Stark/Iron Man
Director: Jon Watts

Thor: Ragnarok (2017)
Henry Cavill as Thor
Dan Stevens as Loki
Lena Headey as Hela
Bill Murray as Grandmaster
Zazie Beetz as Scrapper 142/Valkyrie
Joel Edgerton as Skurge
Ewan McGregor as Bruce BanneHulk
Mahershala Ali as Heimdall
Kristofer Hivju as Volstagg
Brian Tee as Hogun
Billy Magnussen as Fandral
Gemma Arterton as Sif
Rose Byrne as Jane Foster
Aubrey Plaza as Darcy Lewis
Peter Stormare as Erik Selvig
Jemaine Clement as Korg
Ian McShane as Odin
Director: Taika Waititi

Black Panther (2018)
Chiwetel Ejiofor as T'Challa/Black Panther
Corey Hawkins as N'Jadaka/Erik "Killmonger" Stevens
Jodie Turner-Smith as Nakia
Naomie Harris as Okoye
Simon Pegg as Everett K. Ross
John Boyega as W'Kabi
Zendaya as Shuri
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as M'Baku
Viola Davis as Ramonda
Laurence Fishburne as Zuri
T'Nia Miller as Ayo
Andre Holland as N'Jobu
Danny Glover as T'Chaka
Kenneth Branagh as Ulysses Klaue
Director: Ryan Coogler

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)
Jason Bateman as Tony Stark/Iron Man
Chris Pine as Steve Rogers/Captain America
Henry Cavill as Thor
Ewan McGregor as Bruce BanneHulk
Rebecca Ferguson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
James Marsden as Clint Barton/Hawkeye
Lily Collins as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
Jude Law as Vision
Jamie Foxx as James "Rhodey" Rhodes/War Machine
John David Washington as Sam Wilson/Falcon
Adam Driver as James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes/Winter Soldier
Chiwetel Ejiofor as T'Challa/Black Panther
Charlie Rowe as Peter ParkeSpider-Man
Christian Bale as Dr. Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange
Zachary Levi as Peter Quill/Star-Lord
Rosario Dawson as Gamora
Terry Crews as Drax the Destroyer
Dwayne Johnson as Groot
Aaron Paul as Rocket Racoon
Vanessa Kirby as Nebula
David Dastmalchian as Kraglin Obfonteri
Liev Schreiber as Thanos
Dan Stevens as Loki
Mahershala Ali as Heimdall
Don Lee as Wong
Rachel McAdams as Virginia "Pepper" Potts
Emily Blunt as Peggy Carter
Jodie Turner-Smith as Nakia
Naomie Harris as Okoye
Zendaya as Shuri
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as M'Baku
Warwick Davis as Eitri
Rico Rodriguez as Ned Leeds
J.K. Simmons as General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross
Bill Murray as Taneleer Tivan/The Collector
Evan Rachel Wood as Sharon CarteAgent 13
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Maria Hill
Bob Odenkirk as Phil Coulson
Dennis Haysbert as Nick Fury
Director: Joe and Anthony Russo

Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)
Adam Scott as Scott Lang/Ant-Man
Anne Hathaway as Hope van Dyne/Wasp
Sam Rockwell as Sonny Burch
Patrick Wilson as Jim Paxton
Lennie James as Gale
Zoe Kravitz as Ava StarGhost
Gabriel Iglesias as Luis
Ludacris as Dave
Jenna Fischer as Maggie Lang
Julia Butters as Cassie Lang
John Cho as FBI Agent Jimmy Woo
Ben Schwartz as Kurt
Keith David as Dr. Bill Foster
Holly Hunter as Jane van Dyne
Ted Danson as Hank Pym
Director: Peyton Reed

Captain Marvel (2019)
Margot Robbie as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel
Dennis Haysbert as S.H.E.I.L.D. Agent Nick Fury
Eric Bana as Talos/Keller
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Korath
Alexander Skarsgard as Ronan the Accuser
Anna Diop as Maria Rambeau
Sonoya Mizuno as Minn-Erva
Frances McDormand as the Supreme Intelligence/Mar-Vell/Dr. Wendy Lawson
Bob Odenkirk as S.H.E.I.L.D. Agent Phil Coulson
Orlando Bloom as Yon-Rogg
Director: Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck

Avengers: Endgame (2019)
Jason Bateman as Tony Stark/Iron Man
Chris Pine as Steve Rogers/Captain America
Henry Cavill as Thor
Ewan McGregor as Bruce BanneHulk
Rebecca Ferguson as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
James Marsden as Clint Barton/Hawkeye (Formerly Ronin; Five Years Ago)
Jamie Foxx as James "Rhodey" Rhodes/War Machine
Adam Scott as Scott Lang/Ant-Man
Margot Robbie as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (1985; 28 Years Later in 2013)
Aaron Paul as Rocket Racoon
Vanessa Kirby as Nebula
Don Lee as Wong
Zazie Beetz as Valkyrie
Jemaine Clement as Korg
Vince Vaughn as Harold "Happy" Hogan
Rachel McAdams as Virginia "Pepper" Potts/Rescue (Iron Man MK 49 Armor)
Ken Watanabe as Akihiko
Liev Schreiber as Thanos (2008 Version death and 2004 Version)
Christian Bale as Dr. Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange (Blip)
Chiwetel Ejiofor as T'Challa/Black Panther (Blip)
Charlie Rowe as Peter ParkeSpider-Man (Blip; with Iron Spider Armor)
John David Washington as Sam Wilson/Falcon (Blip)
Adam Driver as James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes/Winter Soldier (Blip)
Anne Hathaway as Hope van Dyne/Wasp (Blip)
Lily Collins as Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (Blip)
Zachary Levi as Peter Quill/Star-Lord (Blip)
Rosario Dawson as Gamora (2004 Version)
Terry Crews as Drax the Destroyer (Blip)
Dwayne Johnson as Groot (Blip)
David Dastmalchian as Kraglin Obfonteri (Blip)
Jodie Turner-Smith as Nakia (Blip)
Naomie Harris as Okoye (Blip)
Zendaya as Shuri (Blip)
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as M'Baku (Blip)
Dan Stevens as Loki (Flashback)
Michelle Pfeiffer as Frigga (Flashback)
Emily Blunt as Peggy Carter (1945)
Milo Ventimiglia as Howard Stark (Flashback)
J.K. Simmons as General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (Flashback)
Donald Sutherland as Alexander Pierce (Flashback)
Kirk Acevedo as Jasper Sitwell (Flashback)
Mark Strong as Johann Schmidt/Red Skull (Flashback)
Andrew Lincoln as Jack Rollins (Flashback)
David Tennant as Edwin Jarvis (Flashback)
Jon Bernthal as Brock Rumlow/Crossbones (Flashback)
Michelle Yeoh as The Ancient One (Flashback)
Evan Rachel Wood as Sharon CarteAgent 13 (Blip)
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Maria Hill (Blip)
Bob Odenkirk as Phil Coulson
Dennis Haysbert as Nick Fury (Blip)
Rose Byrne as Jane Foster (Blip)
Aubrey Plaza as Darcy Lewis (Blip)
Jessica Biel as Betty Ross (Blip)
China Anne McClain as Michelle "M.J." Jones (Blip)
Rico Rodriguez as Ned Leeds (Blip)
Viola Davis as Ramonda (Blip)
Holly Hunter as Jane van Dyne (Blip)
Ted Danson as Hank Pym (Blip)
Diane Lane as Aunt May Parker (Blip)
Peter Stormare as Erik Selvig (Blip)
Michelle Monaghan as Laura Barton
Mia Talerico as Morgan Stark
Jenna Fischer as Maggie Lang
Patrick Wilson as Jim Paxton
Hailee Steinfeld as Cassie Lang (Five Years Later; Teenager)
Asher Angel as Harley Keener (10 Years Later)
Director: Joe and Anthony Russo

Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)
Charlie Rowe as Peter ParkeSpider-Man
Dennis Haysbert as S.H.E.I.L.D. General Nick Fury
China Anne McClain as Michelle "M.J." Jones
Mary Elizabeth Winstead as S.H.E.I.L.D. Agent Maria Hill
Vince Vaughn as Harold "Happy" Hogan
Chris Rock as Mr. Julius Dell
Rico Rodriguez as Ned Leeds
Karan Brar as Eugene "Flash" Thompson
Elle Fanning as Betty Brant
Chosen Jacobs as Jason Ionello
Ross Butler as Brad Davis
Jason Schwartzman as Dr. Roger Harrington
Diane Lane as Aunt May Parker
Bill Hader as Quentin Beck/Mysterio
Bryan Cranston as J. Jonah Jameson
Director: Jon Watts
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2023.05.03 03:57 Brooklyn_University OK, here it is; your objective greatest of all time never played for the All Blacks NZ XV. Come at me, bro.

15: David Halligan.
A brilliant, versatile player who met all the milestones – NZ Colts, NZ Universities, South Island, NZ Juniors – before playing in the 1981 NZ trial, where he scored all his side’s points in a 16-9 victory. Selected to start as All Blacks fullback vs. Scotland, he had to pull out the week of the test because of a quad muscle injury picked up in training, giving Alan Hewson the inside run as incumbent. Halligan reached peak form the following year (singlehandedly saving Otago from relegation to the second division by scoring twenty-six points – two tries, five penalty goals and a dropped goal – in a single do-or-die game) and sat on the reserve bench for the 1982 series against the Wallabies but in a pre-substitution era never took the field. (Shout outs to Daryl Halligan, who found himself third in the pecking order at the end of the 1980s behind John Gallagher and Matthew Ridge and opted for an epic career in the NRL – ironically, just before both All Black incumbents also defected to League – and Dave Laurie, who played for Auckland from 1966 to 1969, the NZ Juniors against the touring Lions in 1966 and for the North Island in 1967, but whose career was cut short by injuries).
14: James Lowe.
New Zealand’s loss is truly Ireland’s gain. Lowe emerged from the Tasman renaissance to play four seasons for the Chiefs and be selected for NZ Maori in 2014, 2016, and 2017, yet somehow was allowed to slip through the net and emigrate for Hibernian shores, where he has scored nine tries from twenty tests in emerald green since 2020. (Shout-out to Paula Bale, a prolific try-scorer for Canterbury – touching down 24 times in just 16 games in his debut 1989 season alone – who trialed for the All Blacks in 1990 and 1992 but was never selected, although he did eventually play for Fiji).
13: Isa Nacewa.
Speaking of Fiji, the two minutes New Zealand-born Isa Nacewa played as a substitute for that country in 2003 spiked any chance of his wearing black. A key player for Auckland and the Blues, Nacewa found a second home in the Northern Hemisphere, consistently starring for Irish club Leinster across multiple seasons. (Shout-outs to Murray Kidd, who as a 17-year-old was plucked from the New Plymouth Boy’s High School First XV to play for Taranaki against the 1971 British Lions; an All Black trialist who played thirteen seasons for Taranaki, Manawatu and finally for King Country, he coached Ireland for one year in the mid-1990s; John Hainsworth, a powerful center for Wanganui and Wellington from 1984 to 1991 who was tapped for selection in the NZ Juniors and NZ Emerging Players; Bundee Aki, another emigrant who has made forty-six appearances for Ireland since 2017; and Robbie Fruean, three Super Rugby franchise representative, 2009 Junior All Black and 2012 ITM Cup player of the year whose aspirations to higher honours were perhaps compromised by his requiring open-heart surgery for rheumatic heart disease just as his career was taking off).
12: John Leslie.
The rock of a brilliant Otago backline in the early 1990s. Practically every other member of that lineup (Jeff Wilson, John Timu, Marc Ellis, Tony Brown, Stephen Bachop, Stu Forster) was selected for the All Blacks, but somehow he never got the call, after multiple seasons for New Zealand Universities and selection for the South Island and the Barbarians. Unwanted in his own country, Leslie went on to an outstanding, twenty-three test career for Scotland. (Shout-out to Tony Marsh, whose career had a remarkably similar trajectory. A powerful contributor for Counties from 1993 to 1998, who also represented NZ Combined Services and NZ Maori, he left for Europe at the end of the decade, playing for Clermont from 1999-2007 and scoring seven tries in a twenty-one test career for France).
11: Paul Cooke.
One of the best finishers in the game from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. Never the fastest man on the field, or the biggest, or the most flash, but he possessed an uncanny instinct for being in the right place at the right time. The statistics speak for themselves: forty-five tries (in fifty-one matches) for Hawkes Bay between 1985 and 1989, and another fifty-eight for Otago between 1990 and 1996. Cooke played for the NZ Colts, took part in two All Black trials, and was a regular for the NZ Maori from 1992-1995, but was passed over for the ultimate prize. (Shout-outs to Dennis Panther, a great finisher for Northland from 1967 to 1972, a NZ Junior in 1968 and multiple All Black trialist who sat on the All Black reserve bench for the 3rd test against France in 1968 but never took the field, and Morrie Collins, an Otago/Canterbury rep from 1967-73, who played for the NZ Juniors, the South Island, and in an All Black trial, as well as five seasons for NZ Universities from 1967-72).
10: Glen Jackson.
He did it almost entirely under the radar of the national selectors, but one of the biggest point scorers of his era; 550 points in fifty-one games for Bay of Plenty, 252 points in forty-nine games for Waikato, 118 points in thirteen games for the NZ Maori, and 481 points in 60 games for the Chiefs, before moving on to the northern hemisphere, where he racked up another 1,505 points in one hundred and thirty appearances for Saracens. Jackson subsequently found a niche for himself as an international referee, becoming the first Kiwi to play and referee 100 first class fixtures. (Shout-outs to Ron Preston, Bay of Plenty stalwart from 1980 to 1991, who also represented the NZ Juniors and NZ Maori, and David Holwell, who scored 2,201 points in a 270 game-career between 1995 and 2010 playing for – among others – Northland, Wellington, the Blues, the Hurricanes, the NZ Colts in 1995 and 1996, and NZ A in 1998 and 2000).
9: Kevin Putt.
An NZ Universities rep stuck in third place for Otago behind two other halfbacks who would win All Blacks selection – David Kirk and Dean Kenny – Putt shifted north to Waikato and proved dynamic, winning selection for the North Zone in 1988 and 1989 and scoring a try in the All Blacks trial in 1992, yet somehow couldn’t win over the selectors (despite the fact the All Blacks coach of the day, Laurie Mains, had been Putt’s coach during his Otago tenure). Frustrated, Putt headed overseas for South Africa, where he represented Natal in the Currie Cup, the Sharks in Super Rugby, and finally won selection for the Springboks in 1994 and 1996, before winding down his career in the UK for London Irish and ultimately Leinster from 1998-2001. (Shout outs to Tim Burcher a legendary stalwart of university rugby and a key player in the ascendancy of Auckland during the Hart era of the early 1980s. Represented both Islands – South in 1976, North in 1979 – but never rose higher; Brett Iti, a sharp halfback for Auckland during its dominant era of the late-1980s, scoring fifteen tries in just seventeen games in his peak season, 1989; Neil Sorenson, who served Wellington loyally throughout the 1980s and represented the NZ Colts and NZ Juniors; and Bay of Plenty’s Mark Basham, another 1980s stalwart who also won selection for the NZ Juniors).
8: Dale Atkins.
An immensely powerful No. 8 for Canterbury during Alex Wylie’s great Ranfurly Shield era of the mid-1980s. His lack of height was always cited to justify non-selection for the All Blacks, but that didn’t stop him from being selected by practically everyone else, including the South Island, NZ Colts, NZ Juniors, NZ Maori, and NZ Universities. Went on to a successful stint as coach of the Black Ferns before being controversially dropped. (Shout outs to Emosi Koloto, a points machine for Manawatu – 7 tries in 8 games in 1986, 12 tries in 14 games in 1987 – and Wellington – 17 tries in 16 games in 1988 – who also represented NZ Universities and the Central Zone twice before leaving for a league career in the UK; Deon Muir, a powerhouse for Waikato – 12 tries in 14 games in 1998 – and the Chiefs who also represented the NZ Maori from 1996 to 2002; and Nasi Manu, who, finding himself trapped behind Kieran Read at the Crusaders, shifted one franchise south, only to lose two seasons with injury. Devastating when in form, he carried the Highlanders to their debut Super Rugby title in 2015 before heading to the Northern Hemisphere).
7: Duane Monkley.
How he never got called up is a complete mystery after consistently outplaying All Black incumbents over a ten-year, one hundred and thirty-five match career for Waikato. Monkley was selected as a NZ Colt, for an All Black trial, and for an All Black XV twice, but never wore the Silver Fern. Offering some compensation, the award for MVP in the Mitre Ten Cup has been named in his honour. (Shout-out to Wanganui’s finest, Bruce Middleton; NZ Colt, NZ Junior, North Island, All Black trial, All Black reserve for the one-off test against Fiji in 1980, but never took the field. Also in the running – Dirk Williams. His remarkable career saw him play 28 games for Otago from 1980 to 1982 and 68 more for Wellington from 1984 to 1988, as well as the NZ Colts in 1980 and 1982, NZ Universities in 1982 and 1983, the NZ Barbarians in 1987, and the Central Zone in 1987 and 1988, before heading overseas. A long stint in Oz culminated in his playing for New South Wales in 1996 and, brought into the Wallabies squad as a conditioning coach for the end of year UK tour, taking the field after an injury crisis left the team short of qualified loose forwards and scoring the first try in a 25-9 win over Scottish Districts).
6: Alan Dawson.
An institution at Counties, where he served for fourteen seasons and a record-setting 201 matches, most of them as captain. Always on the cusp of national honors – he was awarded multiple selections for the All Black trials, North Island, and NZ Juniors – but he could never quite convince the selectors he was All Black material. (Shout-out to Wellington and Hurricanes stalwart Brad Shields, and Taranaki’s Ross Fraser, who was selected for the All Blacks squad to take on Argentina on the day he broke his leg in a representative match against Counties in 1979).
5: Jim Coe.
Fittingly for a steel worker, Jim Coe was the iron man of the Counties pack from 1986 to 1999. Selected for the NZ Colts, NZ Maori, the Barbarians, and multiple All Black trials, he was drafted into the All Black squad in 1992 but never took the field. Named the greatest player in NPC history over its first quarter century. (Shout-out to Paul Tito; from NZ Colt to NZ Maori legend, a fixture with Taranaki and a long career with the Hurricanes, but couldn't force his way past Chris Jack, Ali Williams, Brad Thorn, etc. for higher honours).
4: Grahame Pohlen.
Freakishly tall for his era, Pohlen would fit in nicely as a ball-winning lineout specialist in the modern game. Represented almost everyone else (Wellington, Otago, Southland, King Country, Auckland, NZ Universities, and the South Island), and played in the AB trials of 1966 and 1968, but turned down selection to tour South Africa in 1970 on ethical grounds. (Shout-out to Rod Abel, who played eighty games for Hawkes Bay during its great Ranfurly Shield era of the 1960s and in five All Black trials without ever getting the ultimate call-up).
3: Huia Gordon.
His massive, hulking presence in the front row earned him spots with the NZ Colts (for three consecutive seasons), NZ Maori and the South Island, but he never wore black. Perhaps his reputation as a journeyman (he represented Mid Canterbury, Wanganui, Manawatu, Wellington, and Hawkes Bay over the years) ultimately counted against him. (Shout out to Peter Fatialofa, who was mentored in front row politics at Auckland by Steve McDowell and John Drake and could have represented New Zealand before becoming a legend at Western Samoa).
2: David Latta.
The prototype for the modern, Dane Coles mode multi-talented open field hooker, an extra loose forward in broken play without ever neglecting his responsibilities in the tight stuff up front. Represented Otago one hundred and sixty-two times but was never considered for higher honors. (Shout outs to Frank Colthurst, the darling of the Rugby Almanack throughout the 1960s, who played for Auckland, Thames Valley, Northland, the North Island in 1964 and 1965, and in no fewer than six All Black trial matches, but for some reason couldn’t force his way into a black jersey; Slade McFarland, who played for North Harbour from 1993 to 2004 and practically everyone else during those years – an NZ XV in 1995, NZ A from 1998 to 2000, and NZ Maori from 1994 to 1999 and 2001 to 2003; and Highlanders hooker Jason Rutledge, who played an incredible twenty seasons for Southland from 2000 to 2020).
1: Tom Pearce.
In the most perplexing selection snafu of all time, Tom Pearce, the greatest prop of his era, was overlooked for All Black selection against South Africa in 1937 when the squad was desperate for muscle to keep the mighty Boks under control up front. Rumour had it off-field incidents were largely responsible for his never achieving All Black honours (significantly, he was the basis for comic character Loosehead Len), but Pearce went on to an outstanding career as an administrator, becoming chair of the Auckland Rugby Union during a great Ranfurly Shield run, and manager of the 1960 All Blacks tour to South Africa. (Shout-outs to Bay of Plenty’s Paul Scott, All Black trialist from 1965 through 1967, who played for the North Island in 1966 and was an All Black reserve for the test series against the Lions that year without ever taking the field, and Auckland prop Greg Denholm, who turned down the invitation not just once but twice – in 1976, when called up as a replacement to the All Black squad touring South Africa, and the following year when selected for the tour to France – because he could not spare the time off from his legal practice).
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2023.05.02 22:13 TimelyFisherman This week's approach packs should be called Rory Sabbatini packs

Always download the csv before buying packs. DK being shady.
Collectible Name Pack Allocated Quantity
Adam Hadwin: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Adam Hadwin: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Adam Schenk: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 45
Adam Schenk: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 13
Adam Scott: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Adam Scott: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Alex Noren: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Alex Noren: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Alex Smalley: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Alex Smalley: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Andrew Putnam: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Andrew Putnam: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Brian Harman: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Brian Harman: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
C.T. Pan: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 45
C.T. Pan: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 13
Cameron Davis: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 54
Cameron Davis: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 15
Cameron Young: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 54
Cameron Young: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 15
Chez Reavie: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Chez Reavie: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Chris Kirk: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Chris Kirk: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Corey Conners: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Corey Conners: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Denny McCarthy: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Denny McCarthy: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Emiliano Grillo: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Emiliano Grillo: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
J.J. Spaun: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
J.J. Spaun: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
J.T. Poston: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
J.T. Poston: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Jason Day: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 45
Jason Day: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 13
Justin Thomas: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Justin Thomas: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Keegan Bradley: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Keegan Bradley: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Lucas Glover: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Lucas Glover: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Mackenzie Hughes: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Mackenzie Hughes: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Matt Kuchar: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 54
Matt Kuchar: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 15
Rory McIlroy: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 54
Rory McIlroy: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 15
Rory Sabbatini: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 180
Rory Sabbatini: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 50
Seamus Power: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Seamus Power: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Sepp Straka: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Sepp Straka: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Shane Lowry: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Shane Lowry: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Tommy Fleetwood: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Tommy Fleetwood: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Trey Mullinax: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Trey Mullinax: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Troy Merritt: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Troy Merritt: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Tyrrell Hatton: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Tyrrell Hatton: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
Viktor Hovland: 2023 Approach Set (CORE) 18
Viktor Hovland: 2023 Approach Set (RARE) 5
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2023.05.01 15:35 stonescoldtakes NFL Update and Draft Grades: 04/24/2023 - 04/30/2023

— Individual Team News + Draft Grades + Stone’s Cold Takes
— Miscellaneous/Other NFL News
— Restaurant of the Week - Cleveland
Arizona Cardinals: DRAFT GRADE - A
The Cardinals this draft needed to load up on good quality picks to allow them to build a team in wake of their recent departures, future departures, and just holes in general they had to fill. With that said I feel that they did a pretty dang good job. Paris Johnson will be a significant addition and Clayton Tune was a sneaky good quarterback pick who may end up needing to start for the first half of the season while Kyler Murray rehabs from injury. This was a very well rounded draft for the Cardinals and should set them up well again for next years draft so they have a better chance to compete in the 2024 NFL season.
Atlanta Falcons: DRAFT GRADE - B+
Definitely made things exciting when taking RB Bijan Robinson. I like the pick because it is fun but am skeptical about a running back going off the board so early. I feel like they should have gone Jalen Carter since he was still available. Either way it was a solid draft for the Falcons and they should get some good production out of these rookies. I loved that they used one of their early round picks on Matthew Bergeron, I think the key thing to note here is that they are doing everything they can to make Desmond Ridder’s life as easy as possible and if he can’t get it done with what is around him this year then it will be easy for them to move on next year.
Baltimore Ravens: DRAFT GRADE - B+
The draft kind of felt like an afterthought because of the extension Lamar Jackson signed. Great job to the Ravens and Lamar for getting the deal done. It also shifted the focus of the draft and made everyone want to watch and see what they got done for Jackson. Drafting WR Zay Flowers was something that probably made him very happy and then getting the two offensive lineman for their last two picks was a great move, especially Andrew Vorhees who dropped because of his injury but should make a fully recovery before the season and was ranked one of the top at his position prior to injury. I gave them a B+ though for their middle of the pack picks they used on the defensive side of the ball. Feel like they could have been a little smarter with those and gotten an edge defender.
Buffalo Bills: DRAFT GRADE - A
I loved their first pick. Dalton Kincaid is listed as a tight end but really probably can be considered more of a big slot receiver. He has to work on his blocking more but is a great weapon for Josh Allen because he was great at Utah in finding the holes in the defense. He was definitely the best pass-catching tight end in this years draft! Other picks by the Bills that I appreciated were the two along the offensive line. This team needed to get deeper and more there. Justin Shorter could be a fun pick to watch as well as he offers another big target that can make plays. Overall great draft for the Bills but makes me feel like they are going to be the ones who end up landing DeAndre Hopkins.
Carolina Panthers: DRAFT GRADE - A
They made the smart choice with the first overall pick and in the second round got the best wide receiver in the draft in my mind. Jonathan Mingo stood out on Ole Miss last year even while playing with erratic QB play from Jaxson Dart. He will go a long way in helping Bryce Young settle in and feel more comfortable. DJ Johnson was also a great pick and should develop nicely getting to work with some of the veterans on defense.
Chicago Bears: DRAFT GRADE - B
Underwhelming last fews days for the Bears. I feel like everyone was so excited for them in free agency and I don’t feel like they got that much better and then in the draft everyone was so excited for them because they had so many picks but definitely feel like they missed on a few picks. Only time will tell but their first pick was one I really liked with OT Darnell Wright because they need to do what they can to keep Fields from having to bail out of the pocket every time he snaps the ball. If they can help him to have a clean pocket it would show them whether he will be able to become a pocket passer or not. Noah Sewell was a great late round addition and it will be fun for him to get to play his brother twice a year. Other than that, a lot of draft picks and hopefully they make the team better this year.
Cincinnati Bengals: DRAFT GRADE - B+
Loved the early round focus here on defense after bolstering the o-line a bit in free agency. Their defense was key in keeping the Bills down in the playoffs and could be a difference maker for them in the long run. I also thought they were able to get some good value offensive picks later in the draft. It will be interesting to see what Chase Brown’s role end ups looking like depending on what happens with the Joe Mixon situation.
Cleveland Browns: DRAFT GRADE - C
Overall this was a fine draft for them but not great. I liked the pick of Dawand Jones though and getting him in round 4 was great value. Just based on size alone he was worth the pick and should prove to be an anchor if he develops properly. I know some folks are high on Cedric Tillman too out of Tennessee so hopefully he can find his way back after an injury shortened season that allowed for WR Jalin Hyatt to emerge. Feel like a tight end would have been a nice addition to have in this draft and a little more o-line help early in the draft.
Dallas Cowboys: DRAFT GRADE - A-
This was a tough team to grade because their rival probably had the best draft out of everybody. However, when I was looking back through my notes I always had Mazi Smith higher than most and think he has a never quit motor that will fit in well on the defense. Schoonmaker is a good addition at tight end even though I think a lot of Cowboys fans may have been hoping they could get Kincaid, I think Schoonmaker will fit the run heavy offensive because he is a better blocker. It was a great moment getting to see Deuce Vaughn’s dad give him the call to tell him they were going to draft him and I am excited to see Viliami Fehoko when he gets to rotate in on the Cowboys defense. These guys will be fun to see in the offseason and how things all shake out for them.
Denver Broncos: DRAFT GRADE - D+
I didn’t love what they did in free agency and was not a fan of their draft. I think that Marvin Mims was overrated and no one really jumped out to me as a great pick. Also, they still have work to do along the offensive and defensive lines and they did not spend a pick until their last one on either one of those. I am excited for Sean Payton to take over this team but haven’t been thrilled with the moves made thus far.
Detroit Lions: DRAFT GRADE - C-
I liked the Lions draft a lot less before they traded De’Andre Swift. After doing that it felt a little better to me but I still believe drafted Jahmyr Gibbs way too early. I am not saying he won’t be great but he would have been available later in the draft. I feel like there were better value picks than Jack Campbell as well but I understand that linebacker may have been their biggest need in the draft. I would have loved to see them get Van Ness at 12 and then maybe still take Campbell where they did. Then they could have taken Gibbs in the early second round or traded up to get him late in the first round and taken a tight end later in the 2nd round. Overall though I imagine the Lions will go on to prove me wrong and that they made all the right choices. I hope they do because I am a big fan of HC Dan Campbell.
Green Bay Packers: DRAFT GRADE - B-
A lot of expectations for this team after trading away long time starter QB Aaron Rodgers. A lot of rumors floating around that they would take a first round wide receiver for the first time because it was the draft right after Rodgers left. They did not and made a better move in getting Van Ness. Other than that though nothing jumped off the page to me with their draft but was definitely good in the sense that they had a lot of picks and spread them out across different needs. Time will tell though if the players drafted will actually help them meet those needs or not.
Houston Texans: DRAFT GRADE - C+
I liked the excitement draft night but it felt like a lot for them to give up to be able to have the #3 pick as well. Great first 2 picks if you ask anyone besides me but then after that I feel like things were a bit lackluster. I am still thinking that QB Davis Mills is likely every bit as good as CJ Stroud and prefer that they would have drafted and built around him which means they wouldn’t have had to trade up to #3 and could have just drafted Anderson. The other thing that I think could have helped them more was to trade back and get some more picks because they need weapons on offense and they only drafted one. There is a big hole after Brandin Cooks left and outside of him a quarterback did not really have much else last year. I imagine this team will be towards the bottom of the league again this year.
Indianapolis Colts: DRAFT GRADE - A
The Colts are going to be exciting again this offseason. I am all for the Anthony Richardson pick and I think if any coach is going to help him hit his ceiling it is going to be Shane Steichen. Also, I loved the Josh Downs pick and they got him later than I thought he would be available. I think he was a top 3 receiver in this draft and is going to be a solid day one contributor. On the this offense he will have to be with the limited number of options they have in the passing game. Blake Freeland was another great pick and should get the help he needs to develop from the current guys on the o-line in Indy. Overall great draft by the Colts and expect some excitement from this team if Anthony Richardson can catch on sooner rather than later.
Jacksonville Jaguars: DRAFT GRADE - B
Loved the Anton Harrison pick and getting another running back in Tank Bigsby. I think he is better than a lot of people had him because he played on a bad team and didn’t get the attention he deserved. Overall though this draft was one for them to load up on talent on both sides of the ball and that is what they did. Will be fun to watch things shake out this offseason and how Trevor Lawrence gels with some of the new guys on offense.
Kansas City Chiefs: DRAFT GRADE - B
Usually I feel like the Chiefs have the best draft and just make me feel terrible because they just keep getting richer. However, I have to say with this draft I felt a lot better about my team’s chances this season. They did not draft one of the big name receivers and I don’t really know how good I feel about their first pick. Wanya Morris though made a lot of sense and the rest of their draft overall made sense but didn’t make me scared like in years past. I imagine though come the start of the season I will be back to worrying for the rest of the league because of how good this team is going to be.
Las Vegas Raiders: DRAFT GRADE - A-
Feels like for the past several years the Raiders did not do well in the draft but I thought did pretty dang good this year. They have an uphill battle this season with the teams in their division but having Crosby and first round draft pick Wilson on the outside of the line should help bring some of those quarterbacks back down to Garoppolo’s level. Michael Mayer is a great pick and someone that will fit in with an offense well that is built more for Jimmy’s strengths. I also liked the Aidan O’Connell pick quite a bit and getting him late in the draft rather than the Raiders trying to get one of the top quarterbacks early. If they need a top quarterback they can try and reach next year but it was smart of them to hang back and see if they could find someone late that can be a producer.
Los Angeles Chargers: DRAFT GRADE - B
Great first pick here to give Herbert a young big bodied target to complement the older guys on the roster. The rest of the draft was not all that exciting but was not bad either. Hence the reason for the B grade. QB Max Duggan was a bit of a head scratcher for me because they have Easton Stick who appears to be a solid backup. Maybe they can use him in more of Taysom Hill type role.
Los Angeles Rams: DRAFT GRADE - A
Great draft overall by the Rams despite the lack of top picks. I don’t know if anyone necessarily stands out over everyone else because I feel like their task was to get as many potential players on both sides of the ball as possible. The Stetson Bennett pick was exciting because he won the national championship in LA, Stafford was also a Bulldog QB, and he provides them with a backup option and potentially someone to transition to after Stafford finishes his career. I think Puka Nacua could be a great value pick for them and complement the offense well. It will be great for him getting to work with Cooper Kupp.
Miami Dolphins: DRAFT GRADE - B
Nothing too crazy stood out here. It sounds like they are still poking around about RB Dalvin Cook but did a good job insulating themselves in case that doesn’t happen. Liked the Elijah Higgins pick as well but don’t feel like the Dolphins really had that many holes to fill going into the draft.
Minnesota Vikings: DRAFT GRADE - B+
Overall solid draft here. I liked that they didn’t try and get a QB too early and think Jaren Hall was the perfect pick because he is someone late in the draft who can develop behind Kirk Cousins without attracting all of the media coverage. Jordan Addison while not my favorite receiver this draft makes sense in this offense and will benefit from being opposite Justin Jefferson. I really like that they focused on defense with their 2nd thru 4th picks in the draft because that was the main area of need for them. It will be exciting to see how those guys drafted and the rest of the defense respond to Brian Flores.
New England Patriots: DRAFT GRADE - A
Great pick to start the draft for them in getting Christian Gonzalez. It seems like they always find a way to get or have really good corners. I love the Marte Mapu pick as well and think he is one of those guys who’s engine just never stops running at full speed. Keion White could have a big impact and should get coached up well this offseason. Overall I thought this was a great draft and the only thing I may have done differently but don’t disagree with what they did was maybe try and draft a receiver a little earlier to help out either of the young quarterbacks more.
New Orleans Saints: DRAFT GRADE - B+
I really liked Kendre Miller and think he is a great get for them especially since Alvin Kamara has had his issues legally. Otherwise, Jake Haener was a great pick and someone that was compared to Drew Brees during the draft day coverage. He will benefit a lot from playing behind Carr. This team needed to go defense early and did just that so can’t complain there. Excited to see what the offense will look like now with Carr.
New York Giants: DRAFT GRADE - B-
Great value picks for the Giants in getting Jalin Hyatt and Eric Gray. The Giants have a lot of options on offense now but none that necessarily can do it all as a wide receiver. Hyatt is someone who has a limited route tree but is very smooth and could develop nicely into a complete WR. Eric Gray depending on how things continue to progress with Barkley could slot in well with the team and allow them to have a young and healthy spark there. Wish they would have gone with a big tight end in the draft to complement Waller but overall can’t complain too much with the Giants and the draft.
New York Jets: DRAFT GRADE - B
Draft didn’t feel like all that big of a deal after getting Aaron Rodgers similar to how it felt in Baltimore. However, I thought it was smart of them to start with defense and then get Aaron Rodgers a couple more pieces on the offensive line as he continues to get older and become less mobile. I thought this was a solid draft but that after getting Rodgers there wasn’t much of a need for other positions in this draft for them.
Philadelphia Eagles: DRAFT GRADE - A+
This team won the draft and did so relying on the the national champion Georgia Bulldogs again this year. Both of their first two picks should not have been available when they got them but perfectly replace folks they lost on defense. Jalen Carter has the potential to be a top player on the d-line and Nolan Smith with his speed and athleticism has shown he can be impactful in both the run and pass game. Kelee Ringo has major upside when it comes to just refining his craft and Tyler Steen should help out along the o-line. Fantastically executed draft by Howie Roseman and co. Eagles just got scarier!
Pittsburgh Steelers: DRAFT GRADE - A
Steelers were the other team that I thought challenged the Eagles for the best draft. They did a great job early shoring up holes they had on both sides of the ball and then got Kenny Pickett a great target in TE Darnell Washington. I know that he was overshadowed last year by Brock Bowers but has the ability to be a difference maker especially since he is basically always open with the height advantage he has. The Steelers are going to be a hard nose football team again this year and should benefit from Pickett having a full year under his belt now.
San Francisco 49ers: DRAFT GRADE - C
It kind of feels like this organization is a mess all the time but still manage to win consistently. If you read the media headlines you never know who the starting quarterback is, never know who is actually happy to be on this team, and a whole lot more but somehow ownership and the coaches seem to figure it out to give the team a deep playoff run each year. I liked the Ji’Ayir Brown and Darrell Luter picks. Other than that I thought they may have been reaching a bit with Jake Moody and Cameron Latu. Can’t complain though too much about the Moody pick because they needed a kicker and probably got the best one to come out of college in the last few years. Also, Robert Beal could be sneaky good for the Niners but a lot of unknowns.
Seattle Seahawks: DRAFT GRADE - A
Pete Carroll is a great head coach and knows how to draft. It feels like every year the Seahawks do a good job with the draft. Devon Witherspoon is a stud and while I don’t think many were expecting them to take Smith-Njigba he makes perfect sense in this offense and gives Geno Smith another great weapon to attack defenses with. RB Charbonnet was a great pick and can be a great second option behind Kenneth Walker. I could go down the whole list of these guys and just be happy with where and when they got all of them. The Seahawks are definitely emerging more and more as the likely top competition for the Niners this season.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: DRAFT GRADE - A
The Buccaneers did a great job of getting big and strong football players. The first 5 guys they got should all be able to go toe to toe with anyone they have to line up against. With their final three picks I liked it because I feel like they got some more high upside guys that need a bit of refinement but kind of flew under the radar last year due to their teams having pieces elsewhere or just not being that great. Payne Durham is going to be an interesting one to watch because I could see him really fitting in well if Mayfield ends up winning the job as most expect.
Tennessee Titans: DRAFT GRADE - A
Great draft by the Titans after an offseason that had a lot of turmoil and rumors. Peter Skoronski was the perfect pick for them early and the fact that they were still able to get Levis in the second round has to make them very very happy. It was an all offense draft which I did not expect from a Mike Vrabel led team and with a GM who just came over from the Niners but it appears they know what they are doing. It will be fun to watch how far Levis moves up that depth chart this offseason since he is starting out as QB3.
Washington Commanders: DRAFT GRADE - B
I know the Commander pride themselves on having a good defense but I thought this might have been the year to go offensive line and tight end with your top 2-3 picks to support a young quarterback. They did end up getting a couple offensive lineman and got a sleeper in my mind in RB Chris Rodriguez. He can be a game changer and is going to be a great complement to Brian Robinson and Antonio Gibson.
Miscellaneous/Other NFL News:
Restaurant of the Week: (Cleveland - Danny's Deli and Restaurant)
Not going to lie this week was one that I had to think about because it had been a while since I had visited Cleveland. Was actually there a while back to watch Lebron play during his second stint with the Cavs. This Deli though is a must visit. They are known for their Corned Beef and have both breakfast and lunch options but close at 2pm so don’t expect to go there for dinner. Here it is best to go with the Hot Corned Beef and a side of fries. The nice thing too is that this is only about a mile away from the stadium so you will have easy access on game day.
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2023.05.01 05:17 TryingToDoGreatStuff Some possible casting choices for a serialized big budget live action Spider-Man TV series/show set in its own alternate universe somewhere in the multiverse.

For context... =>
Recasting/Fancasting Spider-Man for Today in 2023
Potential Cast:
Some Alternate Choices:
Big thank you to both u/DGenerationMC and u/ChronoKix for helping me put together this fancast list! ❤️
Thoughts? Casting that works? Casting that doesn't work? What do we think?
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2023.04.30 00:03 lilmacktruck85 The Political Climate at UCLA for Conservative Students!

Hi there,
Incoming freshman here planning on double majoring in Business-Econ and Political Science.
I just had a few questions about the political culture at UCLA. You see, I’m from a conservative area near San Diego and I happen to be a staunch conservative. I'm also a registered Republican.
I believe in small, limited government; limited interference in the private sector and deregulation, i.e. free markets; pro-life policy; supporting the NRA and gun rights; the fact that climate change claims are way overblown; not being ashamed of my heritage; lowered taxes; curbing illegal immigration; and putting America First, etc.
I’m also an avid listener of podcasts and shows hosted by Ben Shapiro (my favorite), Steven Crowder, Dennis Prager, Michael Knowles, Andrew Klavan, Charlie Kirk, Jordan Peterson… the list goes on and on.
Now, given that my views are right-wing, my question is: If I wore t-shirts to class and around campus that with messages such as, "Facts don’t care about your feelings” or “Reagan Bush ‘84” or “Socialism Sucks” or a “Capitalism” but in the style and font of the 'Coca-Cola' logo, would I be attacked for my views? Would I be singled out, scorned or ostracized by students who can’t stand the fact that someone disagrees with their left-wing worldview? In other words, I refer to the hard line leftists who are common on every college campus -- the type of students who draw consistently on either emotion or logical fallacy instead of air-tight, sound arguments to present their positions like most on the right. You all know who I'm talking about, the students who tend to major in gender studies, ethnic studies or sociology. Now, I'm not insulting those fields; rather, I'm merely saying that they tend to attract individuals with particular political inclinations. I also believe these fields help entrench these extreme left-wing views in students. Simply, I want to know if these individuals will give me hard time for my openly conservative views.
I also ask because I tend not to shy away from correcting liberal professors when they try to proselytize their left-wing socialist views in class. I did it all through high school and was known as the kid who wouldn’t back down from an intellectual scuffle with my leftist teachers. At one point I even had to have a mediation in the vice-principal's office with my AP government teacher who couldn’t get over the fact that I didn’t buy his “tax cuts are terrible for the economy myth." This was after it got pretty heated one day between us in class. Long story short, I agreed to no longer bring my “liberal tears” coffee mug to class every morning lest I set him off again, haha. But boy, was he full of rhetoric and baseless arguments. It was honestly kind of sad. It’s just too bad my peers didn’t see it. I actually should've kept quiet most of the time because I ran the risk of being graded unfairly and thus risking my position as one of my school's valedictorians. Luckily, it wasn't an issue. But the fact that I had to worry about it at all tells you a lot about the state of left-wing bias in schools these days: it's everywhere, especially in colleges.
Anyway, I would just like to know what kind of an experience a proud conservative freshman would have, given these viewpoints and predilections. Based on the fact that UCLA is the top public university in the nation and attracts bright students, I don’t expect to encounter many (if any) students who would do anything drastic, but you can never be too safe. Even schools like Yale have leftists who scram at professors and get away with it. That’s why I inquire opinions on how the political climate is at the moment and what I can expect in the fall.
Also, how’s the Republican club on campus? I honestly can’t wait to join. Btw, if any kooky far-leftists are reading this: get ready because UCLA is about to produce another Ben Shapiro. 😉 You’ve been warned, lol. Coming to a poli-sci discussion section near you! SOON. 😎
Go Bruins!
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2023.04.28 02:30 johnr41a Shout out to great customer service from Dennis Kirk and Arlen Ness 👍

Ordered an Arlen Ness Big Sucker air cleaner from Dennis Kirk. One of the backing plate stand-offs had some messed up threads. Couldn’t get the set screw in. Me being me decided to try to fix it myself and tap new threads. Wound up messing it up even worse and even snapped the set screw in half. I contacted Dennis Kirk and explained what I received and what I did to make it worse. Fully expecting them to say you’re SOL, they contacted Arlen Ness to see if they could help. Two days later I had a new full set of hardware for the kit at my door at zero cost to me. That’s how it’s done. That’s customer service.
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2023.04.21 06:13 DoNotTradeKirk Kirk Cousins on Twitter: “A huge thank-you to Dennis Ryan who is now retiring after 47 years with the Vikings. His servant-heart and can-do attitude are ELITE!”

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