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2023.06.10 05:11 Neat_Quantity853 Tips on styling/ outfit ideas for these boots (for concert)

Tips on styling/ outfit ideas for these boots (for concert)
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2023.06.10 05:01 The_Alloquist [A Lord of Death] - Chapter 64 (Sorore)

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In a rare moment, Sorore was actually having a nice dream, a normal one, one could even say. She was back home, in that moderately seized house in Erratz, laying on her mother’s lap. She could even hear the gentle sound that the needle made as it went in and out of the cloth. It was peaceful, pleasant, surrounded by familiar sound and smells, though her sight was blurry and confused.
It was not to last, as the sound of rushing water overtook all else, until she was forced awake by its unrelenting pace. When she sat up, rubbing her eyes in the broad bed, she released that it wasn’t the sound of water, nor was it relegated to her dreams. There was a commotion outside people talking in hushed but harsh tones.
Neither Lillian, nor Aya were within the room, and she wondered if they were having an argument. That wouldn’t be good - she’d watched them have the spat earlier, and that dispute didn’t need much worsening. Sorore crept to the door to the outer hallway - she loved how they slid to create whole new rooms. It was something she’d have to think about more she decided as she pulled it open and realised several things at once.
One, there were a whole lot of armoured figures in the hallway, at least four, maybe half a dozen. Two, the balcony door was open, and Lillian was currently arguing with one of them, Aya standing by looking like a mining explosive had gone off right next to her. Three, her brother and Niche had just emerged out of the room beside, and Niche was about to draw his sword at the sudden intrusion.
For a moment, she panicked, her mind going completely blank. Her mind raced with visions of bloody aftermath, and a chase through the city, back to the dinner she’d had with all those nice people.
“Oh, hello!” she blurted, drawing the surprised stares of several of the men, “who might you be?”
There was an instant of shocked silence between all parties.
“Nobody do anything!” called the man who was out on the porch, “We are representatives of the sand-shell legion, on behalf of the matriarch of the Eisen. We have come to retrieve her granddaughter.”
Niche lowered his hand from his sword belt, but Sorore could tell that he was ready to fight on a moment’s provocation. She also noticed that Kieren, in the same gown she’d worn to the square was standing in the stairwell. The woman looked so nervous Sorore thought she might fall over and down the stairs.
“Let’s move to a less cramped area,” said the captain, in a tone that brook no argument.
Eventually, it was sussed out, though not without considerable resistance on part of the paladins, that they were to meet in the great hall. As they sat, they were brought simple drinks of milk and honey, flavoured with something else that Sorore could not quite place. The two paladins looked like pacing cats, constrained on their chairs, arms crossed and eyes hard.
“Under no circumstances can we give one of ours into you custody,” said Lillian, locked in a match with the captain.
“Within the city, you are under the authority of the guard, no matter who you are. If the matriach has sent for this girl, then we have our orders.”
“As do we, captain,” said Niche, “to protect and guide each of these young women and… man, unto the holy lands of Angorrah.”
One of the guards flanking the captain whispered something in his ear.
“She’s not going to like it,” the captain said, then heard something else.
“Very well. Bloodshed before the Festival would be unwise. We have enough of that already. Right then, one of you paladins, assuming you are who you say you are, shall come with us and the lady to be received by the Eisen. I cannot say it’s likely you will have a happy reception. They will expect you to come unarmed.”
The paladins were bristling at the implied threat, and several hands were already dangerously close to their sword belts. Sorore gripped the mug that she was being offered, before Aya sat up and proclaimed to the group.
“Leave two of your men with us, then,” she said.
The captain’s eyes furrowed.
“I don’t wish to second guess you, my lady,” he said, “but why would I do that?”
“Trust,” Aya said, with a side long look at Lillian, “simple. If you leave your men with us, you can’t simply waltz off with me and my friend. Plus, it gives us men who know, and can quickly get around the city, so they can find you whenever they need to.”
The captain considered, and nodded.
“Very well my lady. Two men will be left for the disposal of your party members. But you shall have to come with us, immediately.”
“Me as well,” said Lillian.
“As you wish,” he said, “but you must disarm yourself. That is non-negotiable.”
Lillian was fuming, but unbuckled her belt and handed her armaments to Niche. The legionaries surrounded them, and departed with them out the front of the pyramid. They were left in front of the roaring fire, Kieren sitting beside them holding a considerably more full glass of the amber coloured alcohol.
“You said that this-” Niche began, his face reddened, “you sold us out!”
“Sold you out?” said Kieren incuriously as she swirled the glass around, “sold you out?”
The woman slammed down the glass on one of the nearby table, somehow not breaking it in the process.
“Maybe, you should of told us that you had the granddaughter of Aystara godsdamned Eisen in your retinue? No, forgot that little detail?”
“Okay, can we get this over with?” said Frare, picking at his nails.
“What?” said both the paladin and the trader, staring at the temerity of the youth.
“Blah, blah, we’ve all kept things from eachother,” he said, “so let’s all move on. Who is this ‘Aystara’? Why is she important?”
While Niche gaped at the casual ease from which Frare dismissed the turbulence, the trader seemed to settle.
“Only one of the two most powerful people in the city, young man,” she said, downing a shot from the glass, “between her and Edmund Poutash, it’d be easier to list what they don’t own. The docks, the schools, the farms… if you want an import or export licence? You go through her. You want to own a ship bigger than a rinky-dink fishing boat? You go through her or Potash.”
She finished the glass, and reached for the decanter, and stopped herself.
“And you waltz into the city, and conveniently forget to mention that you have her granddaughter, who hasn’t been in the city ever, if I remember correctly. To say she’d be furious that you didn’t bring the young lady before her immediately would be an understatement. And worse, you dragged us into it.”
“She must be awfully mean - you had nothing to do with us. You just hosted it.”
The woman blinked at the boldfaced remark, and Sorore delivered a good kick to his shins to drive the point home.
“No, no,” she ultimately said, “no I don’t think she’ll do anything to our family, if she believes us. She’s not unreasonable. At least, so I’ve heard. I’ve only met her once, and that was for a brief time. As for what she’ll do to you...”
She gave a pointed look at Niche.
“You tried to hid her granddaughter from her, maybe unintentionally, maybe not. If I were a betting woman, which I’m not, I would say that means trouble. If you want my advice-”
“I don’t,” said Niche, crinkling his noise.
“Don’t be stupid,” said Frare, before he howled at another kick.
Sorore’s face was burning with indignation and embarrassment. This was all too much.
“If you want my advice,” Kieren pressed on, “you’d go find and talk to your commander immediately. I could fetch for him if you wish - I know where Amicio’s home is.”
Niche, through narrowed eyes and clenched teeth, acquiesced.
“Good, now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some letters to send,” she said, “of course, though this has earned you no small amount of displeasure from certain peoples, we’ve been instructed to provide you with house and board for as long as it takes to sort this out. You are still welcome guests and you will be treated as such.”
The tepid truce struck, the children were sent back up to their rooms. Sorore tried to sleep, and managed no more than half an hour before she was woken by her brother.
“The commander’s here,” he said, “he wants to talk to us.”
The commander, looking very tired, but light of step than Sorore had ever seen him, waited by the fire. He was talking with Kieren and the two remaining legionarries in the fast-paced trading tongue of the city, but stopped when he saw the girl come downstairs.
“My lady,” he said, “it seems there’s been a huge misunderstanding.”
She realized that it was his manner of dress which was throwing her off. Instead of his usual worn and thoroughly practical travelling clothes, he wore the long flowing silks of orange and cream. It suited him, matching his calm personality.
“What misunderstanding?” she said.
“Well, we had no idea that our own Aya was the granddaughter of Aystara Eisen herself. I was surprised as anyone. Of course, I knew she was an Eisen, from her mother.”
He looked at Kieren, who looked like she was about to fall asleep.
“But I never imagined that she was a direct descendent of the main house. I thought she was part of the branch, not necessary to cause any fuss, especially during the preparation of the festival. Ah!”
He slapped his head to indicate his shock at the realisation.
“What a terrible mistake I’ve made,” he said, patting the woman’s arm, “this is all on my horrendous lack of judgement. Here’s what’s going to happen, one of these gentlemen and trader Amicio will be vouching for me at the gate. I’m going to the Eisen estate and having a friendly chat with the matriarch, to clear up this misunderstanding.”
Sorore felt at last some suggestion that someone around the city knew what was happening and what they were going to do.
“Here’s what I need you and your brother to do,” Naia said, “I want you to wait and enjoy the hospitality of the madame of the house.”
The term seemed to flatter Kieren, who flushed at the complement. Or that might’ve been the drink, Sorore wasn’t entirely sure.
“Niche, you take care of them. I expect that I might be at the estate for the rest of the night, and possibly onto next afternoon. Things are always so chaotic around the Festival. There’s no reason for you not to attend the festival opening tomorrow, if you can.”
“You want us to attend a festival?” said Niche in disbelief, “right now?”
“Well, not right now, it hasn’t started yet,” said the commander, “but, if Kieren would graciouslly agree to take you as guest of honour, you’d have excellent seats. If that’s not too much to ask, especially after our little debacle.”
Kieren nodded, and affirmed that she wouldn’t mind at all, if the matter was going to be soon cleared up. Sorore was now certain that it wasn’t just alcohol.
“Great. You’re all taken care of, now I’d better explain myself. If you wouldn’t mind,” he said, pointing to the quarter full glass, which Kieren handed to him. The commander downed it all in one, rolled his shoulders, and smiled.
“Don’t worry. It’ll all work out in the end,” he said, “in fact, I would say to enjoy yourselves, as much as you can. And best go back to bed, unless you want to be sleeping during the festival, which, I assure you from experience, you do not.”
Before they could say anything, the commander had swept by them, vanishing out of the front of the pyramid.
“You should heed him,” said Kieren, picking up the decanter and the glass and moving towards the kitchens, “if you’re stuck here for the time being, you might as well enjoy it And that starts with getting good sleep.”
“Last time you said that, we woke up to armed guards,” Niche said flatly.
“Well, I assure you, I’m not boring enough to do that a second time. It would be assassin’s from across the streets, who approach over the rooftops.”
“Do they actually exist?” asked Frare, suddenly excited.
“Oh, I’m sure,” said Kieren as she stowed away her drinking equipment, “but not tonight. Go get some sleep sir paladin, and you two young ones as well. You’ll need it.”
Sorore was cajoled up the steps, Frare coming up after her. Niche seemed placated enough for the time being, though he was clearly unhappy with the outcome. The pleasant dreams neglected to revisit for a second time, but at least the sleep was uninterrupted. When Soroe next awoke, it was a young handmadein, pulling open the screen doors.
“Good morning, my lady,” she said, “how did you sleep?”
“I- well enough, I suppose,” she said, stretching and yawning, before quickly covering her mouth.
The maid had the presence of mind not to notice as she revealed the bright sunlight streaming through the open balcony.
“It must almost be midday!” Sorore exclaimed, leaping out of the bed as she tried to straighten herself.
The maid chuckled as she finished opening up the room.
“Not to fear, my lady,” she said, “it’s customary to sleep into the early afternoon. The Festival does not start until just before sunset, afterall. In fact, you might be earlier than many of the household.”
“Oh,” Soroe said, feeling rather foolish, “Um. Well, I guess I’ll get dressed.”
“Of course. I’ve left out some clothes for you. Madame Kieren suggested that you try clothes from our city. I hope you’ll love them. Do you bathe?”
Sorore wrinkled her nose at the prospect. What kind of question was that?
“Of course I do,” she said.
“Well, there’s a place to bath at the bottom of the pyramid. If you wish to bath alone, you should go now - I’ll bring you clothes for you to change at the waterfront.”
“You bathe together here?” Sorore said
“In the mornings and evenings,” she said, “we do not bring water up into the house if we cannot avoid it. To the stone goes the sea, and to the home goes the sky.”
She looked around, then leaned in with a smile.
“Also, water is very troublesome to carry up all those flights.”
“So just come down to the waterfront?” she said, gathering up what spare things she needed.
“Just follow me, my lady,” said the handmaiden, picking up a pile of clothes and leading her down the stairs.
They emerged onto an inset pool carved into the pyramid interior. A smooth stone deck, with benches and chairs and stacks of towels, as well as several large paper screens, presumably for changing. Sorore was glad to see they were alone, at least for the time being.
At the handmaid, Kiroe’s, direction, she stripped down naked and plunged into the pool. The water was a perfect temperature - cold enough to dispel the last of the grogginess, warm enough to be pleasant to float in. She swam around for a bit, constrained by the relatively small volume, while Kiroe prepared her outfit on the deck.
“Do you mind if I join you?” came a voice from the other end.
Kieren slipped out of a thin morning dress and stepped into the water. Sorore swam over and came to stand beside her.
“Is there any news? About Aya and the commander?” she said, a little too quickly.
Kieren, who’d been sinking into the water with a sigh of contentment, opened one eye.
“Straight to business? Perhaps you are better suited to the city than I thought.”
Sorore tried to smile, but her concern was betrayed, judging by the woman’s softening of expression.
“My knowledge is limited. My uncle is serving as our representative for now. Sounds like your commander was at least allowed to make his case to the Eisen. He made note of one other companion of yours.”
“Oh? Who?” she said, pushing out into the pool, feeling the water surge over her shoulders.
“A man in black clothes,” she said, “who hides his face behind a mask. He was there for the meeting.”
“The mage?” said Sorore, before considering that she maybe shouldn’t have mentioned it.
“A mage?” said Kieren, before submerging herself in the water.
She tossed her hair back as she came back up, spraying water in a neat arc.
“Well, that explains his odd demeanour,” she said, “now, regrettably, that’s all the time I have today for bathing. I will see you at the festival.”
“Hello cousin! May I join- oh,” came a voice from the steps leading out.
It was Ivers, dressed in nothing but a loose robe, which was already half-way off his body, sculpted with muscle from hauling rope and tackle. Sorore stifled a gasp and turned away, trying not to redden.
“I can come back later,” he offered.
“Do you mind?” Kieren said to Sorore, “if you do, it’d be best to finish soon and let others bathe.”
“No, no,” she said, waving her host away.
Kiero had warned her, after all. It would be best to become accustomed to the strange ways of this beautiful city. Besides, it’s not like she hadn’t bathed before in the company of men her age back home. She cursed herself for being so self-conscious, and forced herself to turn around.
“Are you sure? I can leave if you want, it’s not-” Ivers began.
“No, it’s fine. It’s fine,” Sorore said, smiling at him, “it’d be good to have companionship.”
“Well, then, Ivers, I trust you’ll behave yourself,” said Kieren rising from the water.
“Of course, cousin,” Ivers said, casting his eyes to the floor.
Sorore tried not to take a wicked pleasure at the blush that crept across his dark complexion.
“Oh, one more thing,” whispered her host, bending over to the girl, “it’s considered polite to not look when they’re outside the water.”
Kieren laughed at Sorore’s own furious blush as she made for one of the poolside changing screens.
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2023.06.10 04:29 OrangePhilosophy 29 [M4F] [Dallas] One of these things has to go: spray tans or iced coffee, which is it?

A bit of a tough dilemma, eh?
Now, to be clear, this has nothing to do with me wanting to dress or behave more femininely. I just happen to have a very specific interest in women who take their appearance or their own femininity very seriously. There’s something about the way that women seem to fixate on makeup, hair, outfits, their own aesthetic, and the image that they broadcast to the world that really, really interests me.
So basically what I am posting for is a conversation topic that would cover any of these areas. I am interested in talking about the following purely as examples of future conversation:
Makeup techniques, brands, styles that you prefer or have favored over the years.
The same about outfits. Do you prefer heels? Flats? Another type of shoe entirely?
Have you ever worked at a job where you felt as if your appearance was one of the central reasons that you had the job? I’m thinking ‘eye candy’ specific occupations.
In the interest of making this an equal exchange of ideas, thoughts, etc, I want this to be a conversation. I do not want to be the only one coming up with things to ask or say. This isn’t simply a one-sided 20 questions. I am genuinely hopeful that I will make a new friend on here!
My name is Rick and I’m from Dallas, Texas. I have a degree in business from one of the nearby universities and I just turned 29 years old. My interests include working on my car, catching up on television shows (I’m weirdly into the Bachelor), and getting into highly charged political debates that never really solve anything.
I am only interested in having an online friendship/conversation. I will never, ever ask you for pictures or verification of your identity.
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2023.06.10 04:21 DutchVanDerLinde- Any ideas on how to make a good "western film" type of outfit? (For story)

I want to create an outfit for John that gives him a mixed look of your generic western outlaw and one of those badass gunslingers from western films.
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2023.06.10 04:17 ReBOOting_Osu F2F attire

F2F attire
So I know on the F2F, they say to dress in buisness appropriate attire but theres also the saying of "dress for the job you want." this outfit doesn't scream flight attendant, but its still buisness friendly attire and so i want to gague if yall think its a good idea to wear this to my F2F.
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2023.06.10 04:09 UncleCeiling Writing on the Wall, Chapter 16

First Chapter Here
Previous Chapter Here
My other story, Going Native Here
Hey look, a chapter released in a somewhat reasonable timeframe! As always, thank you for reading and let me know what you think!
Faye hadn’t noticed right away that Meechie missed her regular stop. The pair had been standing in relative silence, Faye’s thoughts drifting off to debate whether or not she would go to the next movie night at the Library, and it was several stops before she realized that she hadn’t said goodbye to the Rakiri. It was in a bit of a brain fog that Faye half-turned, figuring she should hurry and say it now before Meechie got too far away, but instead she jerked her head to find the brown-furred woman staring directly at her.
“I am still here,” Meechie said quietly, a small smile causing the fur on her cheeks to bristle.
“You are,” Faye agreed. “I thought I missed seeing you off.”
“I am accompanying you to the library,” the young woman declared. Faye tried not to read too much into vocal cues, especially when she had little-to-no experience with the species in question, but there still seemed to be something nervous in Meechie’s voice. Nervous and pleading.
“I don’t need a bodyguard,” Faye said cautiously. “And I definitely don’t need someone making a decision like that for me.”
That seemed to strike a nerve. Meechie slunk back as if hit, causing some grumbles from the other passengers. The Rakiri took a moment to smooth out the fur on her face with one hand before replying.
“I did not express myself well. I wished to visit a library after work, and as you work at one I thought it would be nice to travel alongside you.” Meechie’s eyes lowered. “I should not have presumed.”
As if on cue, the bus slowed to its next stop and Meechie moved to leave. It would put the furry young woman at a corporate business park near absolutely nothing of interest. Faye shot out a hand and grabbed Meechie by the shoulder. The Rakiri froze mid-step as if turned to stone.
“Don’t!” She tugged gently and Meechie shifted back to Faye’s side. “No need to run off. Sorry. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions.”
“I…” Meechie seemed to be glancing everywhere except at Faye. “It’s alright?”
God damn was this poor girl shy. “Yes, you can ride to the library with me. I just wish you had mentioned it earlier; we don’t have a lot of time to talk shop now.” Faye considered Meechie again, clothes that looked brand new and not a speck of grease to be seen. “Is that why you got all dressed up?”
Meechie nodded, still keeping her eyes somewhere to the left of Faye’s face. “I normally go straight home, but it wouldn’t do to soil any of the books.”
“The books and I both appreciate it.” That earned Faye a smile, at least. “What are you looking for? I didn’t take you for much of a reader.”
“I like adventure stories,” Meechie replied.
“Hmm…” Faye tapped a fingertip to her lips as she thought. “Historical? Big battles?”
“The fighting isn’t what’s important.” Meechie stopped, eyes drawn to the motion of Faye’s finger, and she self-consciously brought her hands back down to her sides. “It is more about the people the hero meets on his travels.”
His travels?
The pronoun threw Faye for a bit of a loop; she was so used to hearing the feminine form used as the general that it stood out. It only took a moment for her to understand. Faye grinned.
Romantic stories?” She asked the question in a faux whisper, slightly teasing, and Meechie immediately went wide-eyed. Her freshly-cleaned fur puffed up in what could only be panic. Faye reached over and gave Meechie a couple quick pats on the shoulder before leaning in.
“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”

“...should have what you’re looking for. I’m going to be upstairs at Archives, but the help desk can find what you’re looking for if you get lost. And remember, no judgment.”
Mahnti glanced across the lobby more out of instinct than anything else. Hearing Faye’s voice simply drew his attention, especially considering he didn’t think her shift had started yet. His eyes quickly picked her out as Faye turned away from the entrance and towards the hall that led towards the employee lounge. He also took note of who she had been talking to.
Rakiri weren’t uncommon in University City, but the way this one stood in place, staring at Faye’s back with an unnerving intensity, was setting off alarms all down Mahnti’s rather sizeable spine. He began to make his way on an intercept course towards Faye, trying to imprint the furry girl’s look into his memory just in case. Brand new clothing, still showing the creases of packaging. Not quite the right fit for the woman’s frame, and she moved like she was profoundly uncomfortable in them. Dark brown fur that seemed to puff up as she stared at Faye, then flattened as she noticed Mahnti watching her.
The Senthe flared his hood slightly, emphasizing his size instinctively as he narrowed his eyes. The Rakiri stared at him unblinking for a moment, then turned and wandered off towards the main stacks. It only took another moment for him to catch up to Faye.
“Who was that?”
Faye jerked slightly, then stopped and turned with a small smile decorating her lips. “Good morning to you too.”
“Yeah, yeah, good morning and all that. Was that your bus Rakiri?”
Faye nodded, the smile fading as she picked up on Mahnti’s unease. “Yeah. Why, do you know her?”
“No, nothing like that.” Mahnti sighed. He didn’t want to cause problems, but he also had some serious bad vibes going. “She was just standing there staring at you. It was pretty creepy.”
“Yeah, I’ve noticed her doing that a lot. I think it might be a Rakiri thing? Meechie seems to have latched on for whatever reason.” Faye shrugged. “I don’t think she has any friends.”
“I’m not surprised if that’s her way of making them. She seriously looked like she was about to attack you or something.”
“Doesn’t know anybody, trying to figure out how to socialize with people…” Faye shrugged again, adding a lopsided smile. “I can relate. She seems harmless enough, even helped protect me the other day.”
Mahnti slumped a little. “I suppose. I just… be careful, okay? I don’t want to have to frame another dent in a wall.”
He also didn’t want to have to worry about Faye bleeding out in some dark corner somewhere. She could outrun a Shil, but a Rakiri with ill intentions would be a far more dangerous proposition.
“After what happened before, I’m not taking chances.” Faye patted the side of her purse conspiratorially and Mahnti could see the outline of a cylinder. It seemed to be a fair bit larger than the grinshaw spray he carried in a vest pocket, but that could have just been a trick of the bag it was in. Regardless, he felt a little better knowing she had something. It wasn’t until he saw the fear she was tucking down behind her smile that he suddenly realized just how vulnerable Faye must feel.
She was smaller and weaker than a Shil’vati, easy to pick out of a crowd and easier to pick on, and with the way she dressed and styled herself Faye really was priming the pump for trouble. A random attack at her place of work had nearly killed her and, less than a week later, here she was trying to take it in stride. All while knowing that the chance of it happening again was approaching certainty.
“Come on,” Mahnti said quietly. He took one of Faye’s hands and pulled her deeper into the hallway, away from prying eyes and towards the break room. He almost told her that she was safe here, but that was a lie. Nowhere was safe if you stood out, and he knew that better than anyone.

Ib’aest Jamia, chronic layabout and day manager at the Jamia Library, hoped he didn’t look too guilty when Faye’s face poked through his office doorway and interrupted the scandal rag he was reading on his pad. He slipped his pad face-down into his desk drawer in a single smooth motion and slapped on his second-best friendly but not flirtatious smile.
“Hey Ibby.” Faye seemed suddenly nervous herself, glancing around the room as if to ensure that it was just him in his office. “Can I talk to you for a minute?”
“Is it work related?” Faye shook her head in the negative. “Then of course! Come on in and shut the door.”
Faye followed his lead, latching the door and stepping gracefully to the chair he indicated on the other side of his desk. It was odd, watching the way she moved. Too graceful for most women he knew, but still nervous. Faye sometimes seemed to approach the world as if everything was made of glass. Or perhaps that she was.
Ibby looked the girl up and down, trying for a “kind older friend” vibe. The Human was dressed simply in one of the outfits she seemed to have a knack for throwing together. He knew he had seen at least some of it before, the tights and the skirt at least, but the overall effect was new to him. She struck such an odd balance, clearly a woman but throwing off such a distractingly masculine vibe. In this one person Ibby had a real empirical example of the strange dichotomy that made Humanity so interesting. That said, there was really only one reason for a young woman to ask to speak to an older man in private. At least, only one he figured Faye would be up for.
“Boy troubles?”
Faye blinked at Ibby, confused for a moment. “Kind of, yeah. I guess you could call it that.”
Ibby ran through the list in his head. Mahnti was the obvious first choice, but the way that pair seemed to be getting along he didn’t think there would be any trouble he’d have to intervene with. Besides, the Senthe had said they weren’t doing the perpendicular poke. At least not yet. Faye also knew Tevor, but Ibby had yet to see anyone aside from Sade who could pull that poor kid out of his shell. Maybe Iora over in Digital Media. Did Faye even know Iora?
“Have you ever been to any fancy dress parties?”
Ibby’s racing mind slammed into a drift, changed gears, and nearly ran headlong into the answer. “You’re going on a date with that reporter!”
“It’s NOT a date. I have gone to great lengths to make that clear to both of us.” Faye’s voice was firm. The girl was apparently a better liar than Ibby thought. “He invited me out to go see a play being performed in English at a fancy theater.” Faye pulled out her pad and showed Ibby a copy of the playbill.
“Ooh, the Icosahedral Garden. That’s a great venue.” Ibby considered. “I assume he’s dragging you out to dinner first?”
“I guess? I didn’t really think that far ahead. I just realized that I have no idea what’s culturally acceptable to wear to an event like this.” Faye blushed prettily. “I don’t want to show up in a ball gown and have it turn out to be more of a spikes and corpse paint thing.”
“I… what?”
“Nevermind. Just making a joke.” Faye shrugged, eyes drooping as her expression soured. “It seems like I make a scene no matter where I go. It would be nice to blend in for a change.”
Fat chance of that, Ibby thought. Still, he could be of some help. “What would you say to another shopping excursion? I wouldn’t mind helping you out.”
Faye nodded, relief washing over her. “I would appreciate that. I have an errand to run tonight and plans for tomorrow, but how about the day after? I’m free all day and that will still give me plenty of time before the show.”
“It’s a…” Don’t say date, you idiot. Poor girl is nervous enough as it is. “..plan. Truth be told, it’ll be nice to show you the sights properly. Most of your new friends seem to be more of the indoor sort.”
Faye snorted back a laugh. “Ain’t that the truth.”

Faye tilted her head to one side just to give her eyeroll a running start. The sign hanging above the shop door was written in a rounded style made to emulate the shape of English letters despite being Shil’vati script. Through the window she could see an assortment of Human snacks, assorted tchotchkes that somehow made her feel victimized on behalf of every race and culture involved, and an embarrassingly large amount of soft-core pornography.
"Chad Nova’s Human Emporium" was probably the single cringiest store that Faye had ever seen, and she distinctly remembered hanging out at the mall back when you could get jeans with pockets big enough to hold a CD player. It didn’t help that, while Faye was standing in the mall concourse staring at the store, the clerk inside was staring right back. That girl seemed to consider blinking an afterthought.
After a moment to square her shoulders and pat the side pocket on her purse reassuringly, Faye entered the store. It was a riot of mismatched goods, poorly made display swords and replica firearms tucked alongside “authentic” Polynesian nose flutes and decks of playing cards. After accidentally locking eyes with what she was fairly certain was an Abraham Lincoln body pillow, she decided to simply accept that this was what her species boiled down to.
“Can I help you, miss?” The voice was high and cracked around the edges. Faye turned to look at the clerk, a Shil’vati girl barely out of school with a face still lightly dusted with acne. The girl seemed to be about ten seconds from exploding in excitement.
“Actually, yeah. I was wondering if you do special orders.” Faye pulled out her pad and started tapping at the screen. “I brought some sundries when I moved out here and I don't know what I’m going to do when I run out.”
“Moved, like from Earth?” Make it five seconds.
“Yes, and to answer your next question, yes, I’m a Human. Nobody decided to bleach a Helkam or anything like that.”
Four… three… two…
The Shil girl turned away and ran to the back of the store, sliding to a stop in front of a rather tacky looking beaded curtain hanging next to an “Employees Only” sign. She shoved her head through the beads.
Faye took a moment to collect herself. She glanced around, cataloging the strange array of goods. There were some things that clearly fell into similar themes, like the large snack section or the graphic novels (emphasis on graphic), but much of the place was simply a cacophony of crap. She noticed a stuffed doll of the Statue of Liberty fallen over into a container of brightly colored, thumb-sized plastic crucifixes. All the little Jesuses seemed to be staring in mute, cross-eyed horror at the plushie green giant.
“Oh! It’s you!”
Faye turned away from the plastic Jesusai and saw that the young Shil’vati clerk was now accompanied by another woman. Definitely not old enough to be the clerk’s biological mom, but with how things tended to go with Shil families and how long lifespans could get it wasn’t the most surprising. If the clerk was a Human seventeen, she’d put this new one at twenty three or twenty four.
“Yeah, it’s me,” Faye replied to the stranger with a shrug.
“We saw you on the news, but…” the young woman trailed off, her black and gold eyes focused on the still-fading bruises on Faye’s face.
“Lost a fight,” she said curtly. Anything to move this along. “Some friends of mine recommended this place to get Human snacks, and I figured if you’re getting regular imports you might be able to get me some other stuff.”
“..Ah. Oh! Yes!” The woman blinked, then looked at her daughter. “Can you go grab my order book?” Turning back to Faye, she continued, “What sort of things did you need? We have quite a collection here.”
“You certainly do.” Faye tried to focus on the woman, but her eyes kept getting drawn off to the side. An anime-style wall scroll of a mostly-naked, hugely muscled brown-skinned man was staring at her, and she couldn’t place who it was supposed to be. Bob Sapp maybe?
“Mostly I was thinking about makeup, maybe some comfort food. Stuff you probably don’t stock but I can’t afford to import on my own.”
The young woman nodded, her dark hair bouncing. “I’m sure we can work something out. You’re lucky; most Human stores are part of a chain, but we’re independent. We’re not confined to ordering from just one catalog.”
As if she was just waiting for her cue, the Shil kid arrived and plopped an oversized binder into her mom’s open arms. She placed it on a table and flipped it open with a thump.
It was like someone tried to print the Internet. The woman quickly fingered her way through hard-copy recreations of digital storefronts while Faye groaned inwardly. She liked paper more than most but this just seemed so awkward. An alien luddite.
“My brother-in-law’s cousin-in-law works on Earth at one of those new superconductor factories. They ship a lot of materials here, so I was able to negotiate a good deal to take up their extra mass allotment for cheap.” The woman stopped on a page, then pointed. “Something like this?”
Faye leaned over the book and looked. It was the digital storefront of one of those corner store and pharmacy chains that sells makeup on top of everything else. Not exactly top of the line, but better than the dollar store.
“Perfect.” Faye started noting individual things she’d like and the woman dutifully started marking things down on a scrap of paper. The big items on Faye’s shopping list were more foundation and concealer, but she picked out some blush, lipstick, and eyeliner pencils too; she was leery about trusting Shil makeup in general. It was hard enough to find brands that didn’t make her skin break out into an oily mess without getting alien biochemistry involved.
“We can order whatever you like, but the fewer stores you have to pick from the better. I would hate for our buyer to get pissy because she has to run too many errands on the hot guy planet.” The clerk paused for an eye roll. “Also, keep in mind that these prices aren’t what you’ll pay; there will be an additional convenience fee.”
Faye nodded. “Of course. What are you thinking?”
“Hmm…” The woman looked Faye up and down in a way that suddenly made her feel a lot smaller and more vulnerable. While this stranger wasn’t particularly tall for a Shil, that still made for a five or six inch height difference. “You are pretty cute…”
“Dad said no more cute discounts!” Faye’s attention was drawn to the younger girl, who had been watching the whole exchange from a few steps back. The darkening purple blush on her face matched Faye’s own red one.
“You’re no fun!” The Shil mock glared at her (step?)daughter, then turned back to Faye. “Seriously, though, as long as the mass and volume are small the cost to get this sort of thing here isn’t too bad. Say twenty percent. It'll be more if you want anything big or our buyer has to go to a specialty store, but we can do that too. It will still be a lot cheaper than trying to import anything yourself.”
“Twenty percent isn’t bad.” It was a great deal, honestly. Faye doubted they’d be doing much more than breaking even on her little orders. She closed her eyes for a second, clearing her mind. She could feel the spray canister in her bag, pressing against the inside of her arm. Its presence was reassuring. “Can I add an absolutely no flirting policy to our agreement?”
The woman nodded, suddenly looking abashed. “Sorry, I forgot Human women aren’t normally into other girls. I didn’t mean to upset you.”
Whether or not Faye was into girls was irrelevant, but she wasn’t about to get into an argument about it. Instead, she turned a few pages back and forth, adding a few more odds and ends to the list that she hadn’t been able to find in University City. Much of the list consisted of condiments and seasonings that might help make the Shil instant meals Faye had been purchasing a little more palatable.
By the time they were done, Faye had an order totaling a couple hundred credits and a promise that she would have her goods in three to four weeks. Before she left she made a point of stocking up on junk food and picked up a few English-language graphic novels that looked interesting. She rounded out the visit with a couple decks of playing cards. Tomorrow was game night, after all. She should be at least somewhat prepared.
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This is a fanfic that takes place in the “Between Worlds” universe (aka Sexy Space Babes), created and owned by u/BlueFishcake. No ownership of the settings or core concepts is expressed or implied by myself.
This is for fun. Can’t you just have fun?
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2023.06.10 04:01 DPP-Sadist0428 [M4f] Arranged Marriage

Stepping off the plane, weariness clung to my bones after months spent managing my parents' overseas business. The weight of their expectations pressed upon me, for an arranged marriage had been set in motion, an archaic tradition that still prevailed in our family. I had little say in the matter, but now, back in my homeland, I sought solace within the familiar confines of my own house. As I exited the airport, a team of security personnel awaited me, a testament to the wealth that surrounded my family. With their watchful eyes, we made our way through the bustling crowd towards the waiting vehicles. Escorted by this entourage, I found myself in the backseat of a luxurious car, embarking on a journey that would lead me not to her house but to the sanctuary of my own abode. The drive from the airport provided a brief respite, allowing my mind to wander amidst a mixture of exhaustion and trepidation. My thoughts meandered through memories of the past and dreams of an alternate future—one where the decision to marry would be mine to make, and love would blossom organically, unburdened by societal expectations. Arriving at my house, a sense of familiarity enveloped me as I stepped out of the car. The grandeur and opulence that had always defined my family's estate surrounded me, a testament to our wealth and status. In this space, I sought temporary solace, hoping to find clarity amidst the turbulence of my emotions. Entering through the majestic front doors, I was greeted by silence. The emptiness within the vast foyer mirrored the conflict within my heart. As I ascended the grand staircase, memories of my upbringing and the dreams I once held dear flickered through my mind. I wondered if the path set before me aligned with my true desires, or if it would be a path paved with compromises and unfulfilled aspirations. In the confines of my private sanctuary, surrounded by possessions that spoke of privilege and abundance, I sought solace. The view from the window provided a glimpse of the world beyond, a world teeming with complexity and contrast. The weight of the impending arranged marriage pressed heavily upon my shoulders, its significance lingering in the air. With a sigh, I acknowledged the magnitude of the decision before me. The traditional alliance, forged by familial expectations, tugged at my conscience. Doubts and uncertainties clouded my thoughts, as I grappled with the notion of embarking on a journey that did not resonate with my own desires. But as the silence enveloped me, a resolve took shape. I knew that I must confront the path set before me, face the challenges head-on, and find a way to reconcile my own desires with the expectations placed upon me. This detour to my own house, a temporary refuge, allowed me a moment of introspection—a chance to gather strength and determination before embarking on the next stage of this arranged marriage. Leaving the comforts of my house behind, I knew that the time had come to confront the reality awaiting me. With a renewed sense of purpose, I set forth, determined to navigate the uncertain waters of tradition and personal choice, seeking a union that would transcend mere obligation and foster a connection... (Hello ladies. Would love to find a longterm partner willing to play this out. I have a few ideas for my character and would love for you to come with yours so we can brainstorm ideas. HIGHLY prefer pics of your character and outfits. Kinks and limits will be discussed in chat or dm. Prefer to play this over discord.)
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2023.06.10 03:21 hklj9000 What are some good outfit options for a female officiant?

I (30F) am officiating my brother’s (33M) wedding in October so I am starting to think about what outfit I’m going to wear. I have no idea where to start so am just looking for some advice or fashion ideas from my fellow redditors.
I’ve asked my brother and his fiancee and they have no preference aside from it being wedding-appropriate aka not jeans and a T-shirt. They’re very laid back and said whatever I wanted would be fine.
What do you all think are good options? Long dress vs short dress, more colorful vs more plain, dress vs suit of some sort?
Any advice would be appreciated!
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2023.06.10 03:01 Own_Wash3693 New king, who this?

New king, who this?
Hey there! I typically go by Turtle. I've loved drag for a long time; my mom and I have been watching RuPaul's Drag Race for as long as I can remember.
I tried to pull together a quick drag outfit, based on a character I made a couple years ago for my creative writing classes. His name is Suda Mevalu, pulled from the word of (nearly) the same spelling meaning Heartbreaker. I think I did pretty decent on my binding, since I'd never done it before!
I plan on using some of the energetic Badflower songs if I ever perform (I've already got an idea of what to do for Johnny Wants to Fight, as it fits his story as well!)
If anyone could hit me with some advice on how to improve, I'd be forever grateful!
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2023.06.10 02:41 anonymous_cd91 Application to be my new bestie!

I'm looking for a long term bff🩷 someone to just share memes with, talk to, be silly with and just hsvr fun talks with! Little about me, I'm 31, genderfluid, getting married in October, and have two little ones 🥰 I like sports, wwe, casual video games, binging TV shows and movies, true crime, AHS, shopping, cooking and memes! More random facts about me:
I love helping girls pick outfits and accessories, and I'm awful at it for myself 😂😭 *I love American Horror Story, but the last couple seasons have been very hard to get through for me *I work with the general Public, and I hate it *I have no idea what I'm wearing to my wedding 😳 *I'm *obsessed with my new Jammies
Please hit me up if you wanna be my new BFF 💓 🩷
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2023.06.10 02:33 digit009 [M playing F 4 A playing F] Hey gang! I'm in search of a gxg/fxf/wlw plot!

So! I had this idea for a dramatic, romantic, supernatural/kind of but not really horror plot!
Plot: You were one of those girls who always made friends wherever you went, even in the most unlikely of places. One day after being hospitalized for [any reason of your choice], you wind up meeting a sickly and pale young girl around your own age. The two of you begin hitting it off and chattering late into the night about anything and everything. She eventually opens up to you that she has a horribly fatal disease, the doctors had been surprised she'd made it to six years old and assured her that she'd be dead before seven. You two were discharged around the same time and swapped contact info and found out you were both set to go to the same school.
You two made it through the highs and lows of having a disease like this in your friendship and shortly after your friend turned 16, she took a turn for the worse. Over the last few months, she had been getting a little bit of definition to her body, a bit more meat on the bones. Six months after she turned 16 she had never looked worse. Barely anything but skin and bone, even her hair had begun withering and dying. Two days before her seventeenth birthday, she gave you a locket with a picture of them when they went to prom. They'd made an acception for the two of them because of the terminal diagnosis. It was you two at you best, you in [an outfit of your choice] and her in a custom tailored dress that hugged her body and made her look alive.
On her seventeenth birthday, she was declared deceased and a funeral was held the week after. When you saw her body, dressed in a pastel blue dress, you hated it. Despite being sickly she was always a goth at heart. When you looked around, no one seemed to actually be mourning, they were almost relieved. You even hear one of her uncle's whisper to her father, "good thing too, she was eating up so much of your time and money. Now you focus on having a real child."
Years later, you had convinced yourself you'd moved on, wearing the locket as a momento every day and a reminder that no one deserves to be called a burden. One day in the mail, you receive a letter that was written in a beautiful flowing script. There was something familiar about the wording. The letter was inviting you to dinner at the address of the old gothic mansion that had been legend in your childhood neighborhood. You'd thought it was abandoned. On your next day off, you make your way back to that mansion and, upon ringing the doorbell, are greeted to an old man in a nice suit. "Ah, mistress Y/N. My mistress has been expecting you." He ushers you inside and you look around the immaculate gothic decor and hear a pair heeled boots coming down the stairs.
The form of a woman with supple curves, wearing a black skirt over torn fishnets and knee high leather boots with a lot of unnecessary fake buckles. She wore a belt with spiked studs, a black crop top that did a poor job of hiding her bra straps, a choker with the same spiked studded pattern as the belt and hair the shield in the dim light, as black as obsidian. Her makeup was everything one would expect from a fashion sense like that, large wings on the eyes, black glossy lipstick and matching fingernails. She wore a wrist band of the spiked studs on one wrist and a mess of bracelets on the other.
As she stands in front of you, you can feel your heart skip when you see the face attached to all of this. It was a familiar face but... More supple, plump, like the two of you would imagine she would look if she weren't ravaged by disease. "Y/N, it's been nearly six years since I last saw you." As she speaks, you catch a glimpse of her teeth and her canines seemed... Large. Even by healthy standards.
So! What do you think? Interested? If you are, go ahead and pm me and we can move to discord! This is strictly a gxg/fxf/wlw plotline.
There it is! And yes the romance is mandatory! Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.10 02:15 doodlefairy_ Bohemian/classy flowy dresses for a wedding? From somewhere with expedited shipping?

Any website ideas? I have a wedding next weekend and procrastinated getting an outfit
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2023.06.10 01:58 AdviceTS Looking for advice/knowledge on transitioning and just being trans in general.

To preface, this will probably be a long post and I may unintentionally say something that may be offensive to someone. I'm just a bit scatterbrained a bit new to all this, so I don't really know the in and out of the community and its members, but I just want to say that I would never try to offend anyone.
I am a 24 y/o male(?) and I'm kind of just looking for advice and maybe some answers to some question. For my whole life (until relatively recently) I've seen myself as male, acted like it, and never really thought otherwise. Even while acting like that, from as young as I can remember I would always have the thought of "I would be feel a lot better being a girl" or "I wish I would wake up tomorrow as female". I still feel that way, but I've just been being/acting male my life because that was the "normal" thing to do. But, maybe in the past half a year to year I've been thinking about it more and more, and have finally begun very much thinking about it in a serious manor.
I'm going to split my thoughts/questions into sections and just kind of roll with it. Some of what I ask may be "general" knowledge or I may even have an idea, but am just looking for a bit more info/advice. Some of the questions I could probably find the answers by just using google and looking, but I wanted the perspective from people in the community.
  1. Transitioning/Hormones. Where to start? Is this something I would bring up to my normal doctor and they recommend me to someone to start the process or is there some other "start point". I honestly just don't even know where to start, as I said this is relatively "new" for me.
  2. Family. More specifically, I mean bringing it up to family who are not keen on trans people or are straight up transphobic. Its very unfortunate because at least to me, my immediate family are all generally friendly, fair people, but for some reason most of them are very opposed to trans people for some reason or another. Like just the other day, the subject of people identifying as other genders, not even trans people, was somehow brought up around my parents and they genuinely said something like, "It's weird for a girl to identify as a boy and completely wrong" with a face that showed it was something that disgusted them. I just wouldn't know how to bring it up or even what I would do if the conversation went south. I share a house with some immediate family members that have these opinions and I wouldn't know what to do if I came out to them.
  3. Friends. What were people's experience with friends / friend groups after talking to them about it. I have a handful of female friends but most have moved away after college or similar and most of my other friends were part of the "guy group" that I've had since middle school. I honestly think most of my very close friends would be very accepting, but I also am scared about the possibility of being alienated.
  4. Relationships. What is the process like/is it any different than how I would think about it before? Are they specific dating websites/apps for trans people or are there subsections for them on general dating sites/apps? What's it like looking for a relationship as a trans person? Do you mostly interact with other trans people is there also a significant portion of cis people you meet?
  5. Looks/Fashion. I honestly don't know how to approach this subject at all really. As a male, I wouldn't say I look(ed) amazing or bad but somewhere in-between, probably a 6/10 maybe a 7, but I can't say that I ever looked at myself and was satisfied with how I looked. Don't get me wrong, its not like i didn't take care of myself/my looks, but I never really could look in a mirror and feel very confident or satisfied with any look/outfit. I'm about 6ft tall, maybe a bit shorter, generally quite fit but could some weight. (I actually started trying to get healthier with food and exercise because I want to look good if/when I transition). My biggest concern/ part of myself that I am/would be self conscious about, would be my hair. I have medium-short curly hair, but the top front has recently started to thin. This is all just what's been floating around in my thoughts. Any potential resources for fashion/clothing for transitioning would be appreciated as well. I don't think I would feel confident wearing women's clothes right away, just due to how I currently look, but would love to have ideas for when I am.
  6. Other Advice. Anything else that people feel would be nice to know for someone that may transition or thing else in the same realm. As I previously said, this is very new for me, but I feel I'm at a point where I actually want to take the next step.
Thanks for reading and potentially replying. Apologies if anything is formatted oddly or if this isn't even the right right place for a post like this.
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2023.06.10 01:34 ToastdButtr Should I talk to my parents about this, or “come out”?

Hi there! I’m a young adult that lives in a Christian/relatively conservative household, and I was wondering if it’s a good idea to talk about gender identity to my parents, or at least to one that’s more open minded. How I’d describe myself is a gender nonconforming (GNC) female/woman. I want to experiment by wearing men and women’s clothing and generally dress however I want. Baggy clothes, skirts, gender neutral outfits, etc. I just wanna look and feel comfortable. I know it’s safe in the sense that I know they won’t kick me out or refuse to support or house me, but since I’m home for break, I’m afraid of things being at least awkward and uncomfortable, especially when I go to places like church. I don’t know, have you ever been in a similar position, and if so, what did you do and how did it go? I really want to start wearing clothes I want to wear, but I’m afraid of potentially outing myself.
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2023.06.10 01:23 JasmnPhose77 Struggling CD

I am so jealous of y’all “girls”! I have been crossdressing for as long as I can remember. It started with just wearing pantyhose and evolved into full wardrobe. However, I am far from passable. I feel very comfortable when I wear outfits, but I can not muster up the courage to wear in public. My wife knows and enjoys “playtime” in the bedroom, but my kids, friends, and family have no idea. There are times that I wear pantyhose and/or panties under my pants and I love the feeling. I would love to be made over head to toe and go out just once, but it’s just a dream. Mad props to y’all for just being you regardless of what society thinks! Embrace it and enjoy it!
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2023.06.10 01:15 CringeyVal0451 Two Girls, One Cuck (Funky P. Beard, Part 6)

Chapter 6: Two Girls, One Cuck
Me: Is he always like this during gaming weekends, or is this all my fault?
Athena: He’s always ranting and raving about his crusade of the week. And he usually gets into a screaming match with Mori over something dumb. But this is some next-level rage.
Sage (to Athena): You ummm... told...
Athena: She knows, babe. She already knew.
Sage: Okay. So sorry about that, by the way.
Me: It’s fine. It’s nothing new.
Sage: He usually has some nasty chick come over on Friday or Saturday. They go... do whatever they do, and then he comes back either completely chill or completely enraged. And fucking RANK.
Me: Maybe I should have packed his fleshlight for him.
Axton: Why the hell does he need a fleshlight when he’s got you?
Me: Oh, he hardly ever tries to do anything with me. And the last few times he tried; he was too plastered.
Snorlax: Whisky wang?
Me: Bingo.
Axton: That’s criminally negligent. Do you need a hug?
I smiled. “It’s fine. The whisky wang lets me off the hook. But I’m not gonna turn down a hug.”
I crawled over to him and let his arms envelop me. As I had been starved for affection for nearly a year, this was better than sex. Underneath the general aura of cigarette smoke and whiskey that permeated the room, I could smell his skin. It was intoxicating. So I nestled into that rare, delicate balance of euphoria and tranquility until we heard the back door open and close. Axton and I scrambled to opposite sides of the room. But it was just Mori.
Mori (grinning mischievously): What did I walk in on?
Athena: Nothing that would excite you, Mori.
Mori approached me and sat down. “I think he’s chilled out. Right now, he just needs to know that you’re not mad at him. Are you up for going to talk to him.”
I blinked. “I am mad at him. I’m embarrassed. And anything I say to him is just gonna piss him off.” Plus, I was high as a fucking kite on Adderall and affection. “Let me think about it for a minute?”
I considered a novel approach. After the puke-inducing fight that he’d had with Mori last night, they had made peace. I decided I would mimic Mori’s actions and try call a truce with as few words as possible, which would ideally prevent FPB wasting hours playing the victim and assassinating my character.
Me: I’ll let him know that it’s chill. That’s all I can do.
Mori nodded.
I headed for the back door and stepped onto the porch.
Me: FPB?
He grunted. He was sitting slumped in a chair on the porch, smoking a cigarette. I moved around so that I was standing in front of him and I offered my hand.
Me: Peace?
FPB: From now on, you only talk to Athena and Sage. No talking to ANY of the single dudes.
He was pointing his cigarette at me and punctuating each phrase with a little jab of the cherry in my direction.
Me: That’s not reasonable. Would you prefer it if I just left? How am I supposed to play if I’m not allowed to talk to half the people on the team? Or the GM?
FPB: Then you only talk about game-related stuff. Mori’s junk doesn’t go anywhere near you, you don’t share beer with Snorlax, and you don’t so much as look at pretty boy, Axton.
Me: If it’s game-related stuff, Axton’s the one I need to be talking to the most. You talk to Snorlax when we’re planning an attack.
FPB: That’s different.
Me: HOW?
FPB: Because Snorlax isn’t trying to get in my PANTS.
So much for a succinct truce. I decided to try and steer the conversation in a different direction.
Me: I’m being serious. I tagged along this weekend so that I could try to have FUN learning to play this game you love so much. (I extended my hand more fervently.) Peace?
FPB: Swear to me that you won’t so much as look at that jizz-mopping pretty boy.
Me: Only if you swear to me that some girl didn’t come over here to hook up with you last night.
FPB went white.
Me: It is what it is. But if you get to receive booty calls here, I’m allowed to interact with your friends. ALL of them.
FPB grunted dismissively.
I wanted to say, “If you’re allowed to LICK, I’m allowed to LOOK.” Again, I refrained from deliberately angering FPB out of respect for the other people whose time was being disrupted by his rage. And he was no longer snarling and shouting. That was as about as good as it was gonna get. I went back inside and took my seat. Everyone looked at me, appearing anxious to hear what had happened.
Me: Well, he had some unreasonable demands... I refused them. But I think he’s calm enough to play again. No promises.
FPB slammed the back door and trudged back to his assigned seat.
Mori: Axton and Sage, please trade places.
FPB: Why? Do you think I’m gonna...
Mori held up his magic Funky-silencing hand. “My run, my rules.”
It was FPB’s roll. It wound up being successful. Very successful. As he entered the media station, a swarm of heavily armed guards surrounded him, but he managed to obliterate all of them, wielding a sword in one hand and an SMG with homing bullets in the other hand. This might have been just the thing we all needed to calm his ass down!
Mori: Show of hands for all who consider this an epic success!
We all voted affirmatively.
Mori: Then my Assistant GM shall prepare the finest tincture in the land for our supreme Street Samurai, Funky P. Beard.
Sage soon returned with a shot of Johnny Walker Blue. FPB sniffed it deeply, toasted to the team, and slugged it back in one gulp. I think I even saw a small smile on his face, although it was hard to tell underneath that behemoth of a beard.
I exhaled and felt myself relax as much as I could with Adderall fueling my wakefulness. I planned a super sick (albeit risky) complex action, rolled, and... got hit with Tar Baby. That was a giga-glitch.
FPB looked over at me with menacing eyes. But I had an idea.
Mori: OP, come accept a staff punishment!
Me: Game Master... Sir? FPB, our epically successful Samurai, suggested to me that I should kiss Athena instead of kissing your staff.
I glanced nervously at Athena. She was giggling. Good. I hadn’t offended her. I also glanced nervously at Sage. He was grinning from ear to ear. Good. I hadn’t offended him, either.
Mori pretended to ponder...
Mori: ACCEPTABLE! You shall kiss for 15 seconds. Assistant GM, you keep time.
Sage: No way, dude. I’m watching.
Snorlax: I’ll do it. No promises that I’ll keep my eyes on the timer.
FPB growled at him.
Athena and I turned to each other, trying to keep from laughing. This was nothing new to me. I had kissed girls onstage, at theatre parties, during games of truth or dare... And I was confident that this wouldn’t anger FPB in the slightest. If anything, it might put him in a better mood.
Snorlax: 3... 2... KISS!
Everything was fine at first. Athena was giggling, which made me giggle, but we kept our lips locked. Then, after only a few seconds... she seemed to vanish. I opened my eyes and saw that FPB had grabbed her, pulled her away, and was now dragging her to the corner of the War Room near the staircase.
With an almost feline stride, Sage crossed the room and put FPB in a chokehold. FPB was screeching and furiously thrashing about, but Sage seemed to be trained in martial arts (couldn’t tell you which one, specifically).
Silence fell over the War Room.
Mori: So... You wanna go snort coke off my ass?
I laughed. “I’m good with the Addy, Mori. But thank you.”
I glanced over at Axton, and he raised his eyebrows, silently making the follow-up to Mori’s joke. I felt the corners of my mouth involuntarily turn upwards and I raised my eyebrows in return.
But the beard stirred. Sage was still in full attack mode and Athena stood by at a safe distance. I crossed the War Room and asked if FPB had hurt her. She shook her head.
Athena: No, I’m fine. I just don’t want another fight to break out.
Me: I’m so sorry. I had no idea he’d get mad about THAT.
Athena: Right?! What’s wrong with him? I thought all guys liked to watch girls kiss.
Mori made his way over to a defeated FPB and an enraged Sage.
Mori: Gentlemen... Shall we take a break from the planning phase and settle this score with some PVP?
Sage: NO. We’re not settling this in game. Funky P. Beard called my girlfriend a horrible name, he physically attacked her...
Athena: I’m fine, babe. Can we just play without FPB for a while?
Sage: Okay, maybe he didn’t hurt her. But he definitely crossed a line.
Mori: I agree. There should be consequences.
Sage: No dick slaps or looking at your butthole or sitting in your lap as “punishments” this time. Actions have natural consequences. The natural consequences are that he scared my girlfriend, he embarrassed his girlfriend, and he pissed me off. He also disrupted our game, so I assume the rest of you are pissed off?
Before anyone could answer, FPB played the victim and pretended to cry over Sage choking him out after he grabbed Athena and called her that awful name. Nobody cared. Once he realized that he wasn’t getting any sympathy, he began to rage about being forced to watch his girlfriend “cuckold” him and how he was being made to feel like he wasn’t manly since he was offended by the sight of two girls kissing. Mori used the magic Funky-silencing hand and invited the rest of us to express our grievances. He also challenged Funky to take it all in without verbally (or physically) attacking anyone.
Snorlax offered FPB some weed to help him calm down, and FPB launched into an irrational tirade about how much he hated drugs. He also mocked Snorlax for his weight, which isn’t cool. If your personality sucks, your physical appearance is fair game for mockery. Otherwise, it’s just rude. Plus, Snorlax is a cute chubby guy. They do exist.
Axton basically told him he needed to take the stick out of his ass, and FPB barked out some more accusations of lust. In the midst of these accusations, he referred to me as “his property,” and declared that I was too “shallow and FEMALE” to make my own decisions. Axton clenched his fists and took a few steps towards FPB, but Mori intervened and gave a very flowery speech about going outside and letting the fresh air carry away the aggression.
Snorlax followed Axton outside, merrily carrying a bong. The whole thing wrapped up when I said, “I’m not your property. I agreed to be your partner once upon a time, but this isn’t a healthy partnership. I’m out. I’m done trying to be a girlfriend to someone who thinks so little of me.”
This was far from the first time I’d delivered this speech to FPB, so I had it memorized. Of course, it never “hit” the way I hoped it would. FPB wasn’t contrite. He didn’t seem sad to lose me. He seemed, as always, righteously angry over having a possession confiscated. So I went to join Axton and Snorlax on the porch. Athena whispered, “Good for you, girl!” as she followed me out, leaving the principal and the vice principal to deal with the delinquent.
A lot of commotion ensued in the corner of the War Room after FPB muttered a very offensive term for “lesbian” at Athena as she exited. Mori had to physically restrain Sage from beating the tar out of FPB. Mori also apparently got a little excited whist restraining his Assistant GM, and they traded some colorful words. Athena closed the door on the hullabaloo.
The bong was bubbling away and the sweet, skunky scent of gonja filled the air.
Snorlax: Want a hit?
Me: Nah. I feel like I might have to dash any minute now if FPB keeps raging, so I need to keep my head clear.
Axton: You’re not leaving with him, are you?
Me: Hell no! I’ve got my car here, and he’s NOT coming with me if I feel like it’s time for me to ghost.
Axton: Is there any way we can vote his ass off the island and convince you to stay?
I cautiously approached the bench where Axton and Snorlax were sharing the bong. They shifted a little to make room for me, and I sat down next to a still shirtless Axton. Athena pulled up a chair next to the bench and took a tiny flask from the pocket of her PJs and slugged back a few sips of liquid tranquility.
Me: For the sake of the other people on the road, I wouldn’t let his drunk ass get behind the wheel. Does Sage have a soundproof basement where we can lock him up?
Athena: I WISH.
Axton unapologetically threw his arm around my shoulder, and I brazenly laced my fingers through his.
Athena: OP, why did you start dating FPB? That might be too personal...
Me: No, it’s fine. Believe it or not, he was incredibly nice to me at first. He thinks I keep pulling away from him because he’s too nice, but... Let’s just say that he and I have very different definitions of “nice.”
Snorlax: Maybe I’m just high, but I think he was pretty chill when we first formed the team.
Axton: I didn’t join until last year, so I’ve only known him as a raging psycho.
Me: You’re both right. That’s his M.O. He’s nice and normal until he’s secured his place.
Before I had the chance to fully explain my perception of FPB’s uncanny ability to simulate sanity, Sage and Mori stepped onto the porch, with FPB trailing dejectedly behind them.
Mori: We’ve decided to wrap it up for the night. Feel free to get drunk as hell, smoke weed, snort coke off each other’s asses, party like rockstars! We’ll reconvene at noon tomorrow.
But fucking Funky lifted his head and roared, “You’re cheating on me AGAIN???”
Me: I told you, Funky. I’m out. I quit. We’re done. And you hate my living guts, so what the hell do you care???
FPB: I didn’t agree to that. So we’re still together.
Sage: That’s not how breakups work, FPB. And what exactly is your definition of cheating?
FPB: She’s cheated on me with EVERYONE. Except you, Sage. You’re actually the only one I still trust. OP’s a SLUT.
Me: WHEN have I cheated on you?
FPB: You let Mori put his dick on your face...
Me: So did literally EVERYONE here...
Mori: Hell, I’d put it on my own face if I were flexible enough!
FPB: I’m still talking. You also stuck your hand in Mori’s butt crack. You shared a beer with Snorlax. You kissed Athena. And now you’re sitting there canoodling with Pretty Boy in front of everyone. CHEATER.
Mori threw his arm around FPB. “This? Is this a good canoodle, or is your noodle still limp?”
FPB shrugged him off. “Barf me a river, Mori. It’s the intention.”
Mori (hugging FPB around the waist): Okay, suppose I’m imagining going to Pound Town with you right now. (He added a few demonstrative pelvic thrusts.) Does that mean we’ve hooked up?
FPB flailed about until Mori let go of him, bellowed some barely intelligible insults towards everyone, made some random animal noises, and stomped back into the house. As much as I hated to see my new friends on the receiving end of his wrath, I don’t think I would have ever been able to effectively stand up to him without five witnesses to his bizarre behavior who miraculously had my back, despite having a long history of friendship with FPB.
I had tried to discuss our problems with close friends in the past, but FPB would always be on his best behavior in front of them, so I always wound up looking like the asshole. It took the presence of people with whom he felt comfortable enough to stomp around (sans mask) in order to gather witnesses to the insanity. And gather them, I had. I was FREE.
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2023.06.10 01:03 Miniver_Cheevy_55 How much time does checking luggage add?

I haven't travelled internationally for more than 20 years, and I'll soon be going to Greece for 3 weeks. In past travels, my husband and I have always just used carry-ons to avoid the hassle of checking luggage. But I'm flying Emirates for the first time, and their carry-on allowance is a joke: 1 carry on of no more than 15 lbs and NO personal item (e.g., purse, laptop, etc.). I can, however, check a bag of about 50 lbs. My husband keeps insisting that we can get by with just a carry-on each. I wouldn't even mind having to wash out and re-wear the same 3-4 outfits, but what bothers me is that I won't be able to buy any souvenirs.
I'm trying to gather info before putting my foot down and insisting on one checked bag. In your experience, how much time and angst does checked baggage add to your trip? How much earlier do I need to be at the airport, how long does it generally take to retrieve the bag, etc.? I know this varies, but I'm just trying to get a general idea since I haven't travelled in so many years.
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2023.06.09 23:31 dlschindler My Crow And The Faerie Heist Horror

Ashes shaped like the entire rave remained in the outline of a single soaring rook. I awaited their arrival. I had known to go no further than Man's Bane. I first had to sort out the Choir. I had no choice but to choose which of them would stay and live with the animals and which ones could come with me and my talking crow Cory, back to our own world.
They had a chorus of questions, most of them difficult to answer, for they were the inquisitions of the enchanted and the insane. The gibberings of the transformed ravens, now escaped medieval asylum patients, earned the attention of the inhabitants of Man's Bane. I glanced around nervously at the various animals attempting to walk upright, some of them wearing a single article of clothing or clutching an artifact of the old world.
"We are here to sort out a few of you." I told them plainly. Many of the Choir were compulsive murderers and worse. I simply couldn't unleash them back on the world. They'd have to live among the animals.
I first pointed to Serene Sinclair. "Do you want to stay here or come with me?"
She walked over to where Cory and I were.
"Well if she's your first choice, why not all of them?" Cory squawked.
"You'll remain under my supervision, right?" I asked her.
"I just want to be helpful." She promised.
"You do? Is that right?" I stared. Cory made a grinding noise in the back of his throat that meant he found her words amusing somehow. He was laughing and said in Corvin:
"She quotes you, my Lord. Remember when you met my Winters?"
"Uh, yes." I clicked to him in annoyance. "She has magics."
"Oh. Is that all?" Cory sassed me.
We continued to argue in Corvin as I selected a few more of the Choir. I was being careful. If I picked the wrong one or wasn't careful of the commotion, I could have a riot of lunatics and beastmen. I just wanted to make it home in one piece.
"Dini Ghanat, Jessica Darling, Clide Brown." I called on several more dangerous ones, yet they were the ones that were too dangerous to leave behind. Cory clicked rapidly at me in disapproval.
"Your bird. It does not like me." Dini Ghanat said with his heavy accent. I reached into my bag and took out the little leather case with his serum inside.
"You will not operate without my oversight." I told him.
"Of course not. You are our fearless leader." Dini Ghanat grinned obsequiously. I trusted him as far as I could reach. I knew better than to leave him behind in the fertile world of unguarded labs and shuffling beastmen. He'd experiment on them and make some kind of weird animal-man realm that I would have to worry about. I wanted to leave Man's Bane behind and forget the world or time period entirely.
"Christo?" I asked the man with a different Christo in his mind. He looked at me as the Christo I could trust.
"You can come too." I told him. Then I told him he was on fire and the other Christo stared at me. I told that Christo: "Sorry. You gotta stay here. You will never have another birthday if you come with us. Here though, it is always Saturday. Tomorrow is your birthday, and you know what that means."
"I can play with Polly?" The other Christo asked. His menacing grin spread, reminding me vaguely of the cartoon of the Grinch from my childhood.
"Well, goodnight Christo." I smiled. Christo turned around and then looked at me and asked:
"Where are we going?"
"I'm going home and I am taking you with me." I promised.
"I don't think this is how this works." Cory advised me with mock cynicism.
"It was your idea!" I hissed back.
"Oh yeah." Cory made a noise that was his most mischievous.
I picked a few more before we took that final flight as ravens. I got Samual Monica, Castini Ishbaal and Father Dublin the Exorcist. We flew the rest of the way, backwards through time, as ravens. The Choir was split, I'd say those I left there became the Choir and those I took were no longer really of the Choir anymore.
The world had changed in many ways and yet it had stayed the same. What I mean, is that the disasters of the time when we struggled to close the book of evil, or the time we were in Dellfriar and the world ended, all seemed to be gone.
The effect of such horrors pressed in from the sides of the familiar world I had once known. I asked Cory:
"Am I experiencing hallucinations from the medications we were taking in Dellfriar?"
"No, my Lord. We are escaped mental hospital patients in the same world we left long ago. How is this possible?" Cory sounded amazed and spoke in English.
I looked at the assembled ex-Choir members with me. They were all somehow out-of-place if we weren't facing the post apocalyptic horrors I had expected.
"You look confused." Dini Ghanat told me.
"I thought." I stammered. "I thought things would be different out here."
"How? We escaped." Father Dublin smiled. "What did you expect?"
"A world in ruins and desolation. A world ruled by rampant monsters and vengeful enemies like the Folk Of The Shaded Places." I tried to explain what my expectations were. "This changes things."
"This world is coming apart at the seems. It is about to collapse. The ends of all worlds push at its sides, like a dying universe, everything dies." Serene Sinclair announced in proclamation.
"Now wait." I told her. "You sense all of that too?"
"Indeed. You have chosen a tribe of the most dangerous, and some might be too dangerous. You chose most of them not." Serene Sinclair prophesized me. "And you would know death either way. At least this way you shall know its form."
"I'm starting to like her too." Cory chirped meanly.
"Your bird doesn't like any of us, does he, Mr. Briar?" Dini Ghanat was somehow behind me. I'd taken my eye off of him for one second.
"He doesn't trust you. He's seen how dangerous you all are. I'm taking you home to my family, showing a lot of trust in all of you, despite what I too have seen you all do. However, unlike those we left behind, none of you have ever threatened me or Cory or my family. To be fair, you've never given me a reason not to trust you."
"You're speaking to all of us, then?" Clide Brown asked.
"Dude, you're a werewolf." I gestured that I was making my point anyway. He nodded and muttered:
"Good point. I see your point. Yeah."
"I couldn't leave you people behind. Over these years, stealing artifacts and everything, you all have become like this depraved, lunatic family to me. Stop drooling." I said. I was looking at Christo on my last beat. "The point is, I have another family. Can I count on all of you as I already have? I have to ask."
"You can't count on me. We don't know if the moon is full. I could kill everyone." Clide Brown had changed his discord as he spoke. His confidence always went out of him whenever anyone mentioned his other half.
"Cory, is the moon full?" I asked my talking crow. Cory called out and his crow's call was answered by another.
"Of course it is." Cory said in English.
"See?" Clide Brown started swearing.
"Relax, I am only joking. We have a few nights to get ready for your monthly puberty." Cory teased the agitated werewolf.
Clide Brown frowned but was obviously still far from any sort of anger. He had the best anger management skills.
We all got onto the back of a hay wagon with nobody driving it and rode into town. In the street outside Dr. Leidenfrost's apartment we stood, a gaggle of straight jackets and a gleaming razor sharp hook on the end of Jessica Darling's prosthetic arm. There were no other visible weapons, but I knew all of them were armed.
It was early evening and I sensed something watching us. They were in the shadows, moving along in the darkness and avoiding the streetlights as they turned on one-by-one in the gloom.
"What is it?" Father Dublin asked, fear beaded on his forehead as he realized we were being stalked.
"Folk Of The Shaded Places." I thought I saw one as a dark rod, moving in jagged animation through a patch of shade and shifting light. Somehow the Cambrian elder was like a centipede, in its general shape. They were intricate and with a hundred different limbs and their faces somehow evoked an image of all-teeth, the kind that snack on trilobites. I knew their intelligence too, an angry and ancient species, waiting for their world to return to their endless hands. It was just my imagination, but it was also reality. Folk Of the Shaded Places could travel instantly from one dark corner, into a dream, through a wall and back into another shadow. To see them in any capacity, always occurs as a partial glimpse, easy to ignore.
"What to they want?" Dini Ghanat was perplexed. He used a simple charm to look and try to see them magically. "I'd like to know them better."
"No, you wouldn't. Trust me." I assured the mad alchemist and disgraced scientist that stared after the spy from the darkness.
The spies in the darkness were gone, I could sense that they had left us.
"Daddy!" Came the voices of Persephone Briar and Penelope Leidenfrost, my daughters. They came running out to greet me.
"I knew you were coming. I've watched all of your flights." Penelope told me. Her heterochromic eyes were the most beautiful in the whole world. She blinked as she spoke to me for the first time in her life.
"Daddy, you're back. Sister told me you were here." Persephone told me.
I stared at her, unbelieving how she had grown. My mind flashed to the rampage of the giant horse, death, gemstones, all of it to serve the cats so that she would live. I had always loved her, even when she was not alive, at the beginning.
I hugged them both.
"Such a sweet reunion." Samual Monica commented. There was always a strange hint in his voice. Part of me was not happy to let him near my family, but also, he was family now too.
Then I looked up and saw the love of my life, after being away for so long. She stood there, every aspect of her was dark, as she stood in the shaft of light from her home. A fairy flitted from her shoulder back to the sanctuary of indoors.
"Heidi?" I stared and stood and trembled. My legs forgot their strength when I tried to walk towards her. Clide and Christo were there to hold me up.
"I can walk." I said softly and I did. I walked to Dr. Leidenfrost.
"Welcome home, Lord." Dr. Leidenfrost stared at me. I wondered if she still loved me too. I noticed Isidore approaching me. She hugged me and then stepped back next to Dr. Leidenfrost.
"Who are all of these people?" Dr. Leidenfrost asked me.
"These people are my new family members." I told her.
"A gang of murderers that have escaped from Dellfriar with you?" Dr. Leidenfrost asked strangely.
"Well - I mean -when you put it in that way." I argued against her wording.
"I've missed you so much!" Dr. Leidenfrost nearly jumped me in the parking lot.
"You all have to stay out here." Isidore told the escaped insane asylum patients. "Girls, come inside, now."
And our daughters obeyed and I went inside with my family and Cory flew on in ahead of me and landed on the back of the couch.
"Right now." Dr. Leidenfrost wanted to rekindle our marriage immediately. I went with her and did so. When we were rekindled we found it was almost morning already.
"Your friends are keeping quiet out there." Isidore told me, over breakfast.
"What is going on? You're the only people we've seen." I ate.
"There's a massive evacuation going on." Dr. Leidenfrost explained. "But Agent Saint called and told us to stay right here. She said it would be safe until she gets here."
"Why?" I asked.
"Supposedly there is to be a tsunami. That was more than two days ago." Dr. Leidenfrost nodded sagely. "It was all a lie."
"I see." I gulped. "We gotta feed them. No low blood sugar for our crazy people."
"I already fed them. I didn't want to stay in the apartment while you two, you know." Isidore blushed.
"Did you want some of him? He's still yours too." Dr. Leidenfrost teased her.
"Stop, Heidi." Isidore looked at me and our eyes met briefly. I wondered if she had ever loved me. It didn't matter, she loved me as a friend, which was fair enough. I hadn't felt particularly crazy about her, after-all.
Dr. Leidenfrost watched our gazes repulse each other like opposing magnets and made a clicking sound with her tongue. Cory appreciated the word and translated, hopping up and down with excitement:
"My Matron calls you both cowards!" Cory exclaimed in English.
"You are both cowards." Dr. Leidenfrost confirmed. "That's why I am the head of this family."
"Fair enough." I muttered. Isidore said nothing.
"I don't agree." The soft and melodious voice of our resident fairy spoke up. "Lord has shown courage when he fears for another's sake. I've seen him stand against wrongdoing with no guarantee he could survive."
I looked over and spotted Silver Bell alight upon Dr. Leidenfrost's shoulder. I smiled and greeted her:
"Hello Sylvia." I recalled her earthbound name and used it instead of her Faerie name.
"I've waited a long time to go home." Silver Bell was glowing. "Penelope has drawn my key, but she is not strong enough to conjure. She needs her father for that."
"What?" I asked.
"You stole the way for such a key to be crafted. In Faerie, it was your theft that removed the one who would have touched the gold to craft it into what we needed. No new key can be made, without the hand of a smith. Do you remember?" Silver Bell explained. In her voice she sounded tired, there was no resentment.
"I rescued a child from your queen." I recalled. "Is that the consequence?"
"There is a horror upon your world. If we do not reverse the ways of magic, Man will fall. Nothing good will rise in your place. I have learned of all these things while trapped in your realm. I must report to my queen that Faerie cannot stand and do nothing or we will be obliterated next. What happens to one part of the body affects the whole." Silver Bell spoke slowly and we all listened.
"What horror?" Dr. Leidenfrost asked, her voice hushed.
"Lord knows of it. That is why I know he will help me. Your daughter has drawn my key. Now her father will forge it for me. It must be done." Silver Bell demanded.
Dr. Leidenfrost stood up and went to her desk. She opened a drawer that contained a stack of drawings made by the girls that hadn't made it to the gallery on the refrigerator.
After a silent shuffling she found a drawing of a key. She stared at it and then her eyes watered. She hadn't known what it was.
I got up and walked over to her and said quietly:
"She is like me. She is also like you."
"I know Lord, that's what scares me."
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2023.06.09 23:31 Calligaster An open letter to Nintendo (spoiler for master sword quest) #RemastertheSword

I've got a rant to unleash.
Leading up to the release of Tears of the Kingdom, I avoided all promotional material. I wanted to come in fresh and experience a new game like I hadn't in at least a decade. I wanted to feed my nostalgia goblin.
When I saw the master sword shatter, I was shocked, but soon found myself hopeful. It would have to be reforged anew. The thing I was most annoyed by in BOTW was the fragile master sword. It was an interesting idea, but I was done with it. When I later learned that the master sword was bathing directly in sacred light for (by my best guess) 40,000+ years, I thought we would get the Master Sword we all knew and loved. One that didn't break under a korok's fart.
I first fought a lizalfols pair with it and was underwhelmed by the damage. "Oh, it's probably only strong against undead or bosses to balance that it doesn't break now." Oh, what a fool I was. I next dropped down on some Bokos and soon saw the dreaded text. "The Master Sword is running low on energy." I guess the master sword is like my last phone, no matter the charge time you won't get more than 73 seconds of use out of it.
The Master Sword is an icon of the series. About as much as Zelda, Link, and Ganon. I would argue moreso than the triforce, the hylian shield, and the green outfit combined. Balance it so it's not great for day to day use, not very versatile, but reliable and dedicated to the destruction of evil. Make it incredibly durable and high damaging, but require a pilgrimage, ritual, or very rare resource to recharge. Any of these would be a valuable way to make us Revere and respect the blade, rather than seeing it's recharged, attaching a Boko horn to it and spam "Y" until it breaks again.
TL/DR: Nintendo, it's time to Remaster the sword.

Remaster the Sword

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2023.06.09 22:56 CatboyBiologist Leaving reddit? Here's my shameless self promo of where you can find me elsewhere!

I know I haven't posted a selfie here in ages, but that doesn't mean I've been dead. With the recent API changes that reddit is making, I know a lot of people will be leaving or have different forms of engagement with reddit. I won't dump commentary yet, but if you want to see my selfies, inane ramblings on fromsoft games, science infodumps, femboy & transfemme fashion tips and dumb opinions, nature photos, and whatever else the ~980 of y'all follow me for, here's where else you can find me:
Instagram: https://instagram.com/catboybiologist?igshid=MzNlNGNkZWQ4Mg== I've been posting random pictures here this entire time, so there's already a lot of stuff here!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CatboyBiologist?t=E-GUf_mFjHnew9kuTTw8ZA&s=09 empty for now, I literally made it yesterday. I'll populate it with my reddit and instagram backlog, and then we'll see how that works out!
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRdSNiO2WJXH5NnDm-ybtmg also completely empty, but I have a couple of video ideas! Mostly, they'll be podcast style things about femboy stuff, biology, queerness, etc with visual aides, and of course, some cute outfits. Probably won't see activity for a while, though.
I also want to start a mastodon, but tbh I'm a little confused where to start there, and what servers are good. If you have suggestions, let me know!
Edit: and of course, if you have suggestions for other sites or places like discord servers you like, lmk!!

So with that out of the way, here's my soapbox. If you don't know what's going on, I'm not the one to explain it- [this comment on outoftheloop](https://www.reddit.com/OutOfTheLoop/comments/1451ldq/comment/jnjc062/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) does a good job.
Ngl, this whole situation stings a little. I've been on reddit a *while*, well before this account. My primary way of using the site is through RES on a computer, and sync on mobile. I use the official app mostly for an incredibly limited set of features, notably chat, but other than that... yeah. Just of sheer break from habit, my reddit usage is probably gonna go down. I'm still probably going to continue to use reddit. 1, I'm far too addicted, and 2.... I like the communities here. I know I'm getting sappy about a bunch of people posting selfies and shitposts, but seriously, this account has been a huge part of me figuring out how to embrace my queer identity, which I've carried over to how I conduct myself irl. I'm really happy that I've also been able to contribute something small in return. I hope the guide and tips I post have been helpful. I've had a couple comments which genuinely surprise me, from transfemme or genderqueer people saying that I helped them either with the guides I post, or just by giving them some kind of confidence themselves. I know I have like, a pathetically small following to make this kind of bullshit post for. and I know I haven't even posted any selfies on reddit for months due to some personal stuff, but like... holy shit. If I've made that tiniest positive impact on a couple of random people's lives, then hell, I'll take it.
And about the communities I've posted in.. lots of femboy communities require *tight* moderation. I don't think I need to say that these places are filled with fuckwads who assume its entirely sexual and send nasty messages to people just trying to show off a skirt or something. Destroying a lot of the bot tools, and mod tools through third party apps, that are used to keep these communities as civil as possible... it's gonna change the atmosphere, a lot. Even if you only use the official reddit website and official reddit app, you'll probably notice changes in the general vibe.
So yeah. That's all. I hope I can keep my nice little following on other platforms- my insta has been nice and friendly, and I have some nice outfits I posted there over these months. I hope there's a similar vibe going forward.
So this isn't goodbye to reddit, not by a longshot... but it is giving y'all alternatives if you want them. I could talk on and on about this, but I'll cut myself off now lol
Edit: if you're not convinced... Here's an example of the nasty effects this will have: https://www.reddit.com/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns/comments/144tnfl/thirdparty_api_access_or_i_am_so_tired/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button
Many subreddits in the queer community will be changed or permanently shut down over this. Honestly very dismaying.
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2023.06.09 22:33 throwaway856021 Was it wrong to tell DH to go to SD9’s event alone on BS5’s birthday weekend?

We each have 1 from a previous relationship and 2 together. I love planning birthday events and in years past, I would throw each of the kids a big party and invite my friends’ kids and maybe one or two of their friends from school. In the past year, two of my friends with kids moved away and we’ve grown apart from another family the kids used to play with often, while my BKs are getting older and making closer friends at school. SD9 is primarily with her mom in a different school district and now that she’s a little older, most of her play dates and extracurriculars are facilitated by HCBM. So this year I offered to throw a party for her but she just wanted to take two friends to an amusement park. I HATE having to talk to her friends’ parents because I always feel like HCBM has poisoned the waters against us, and sure enough both moms made an excuse to decline the invitation but their daughters attended the party for SD at HCBM’s. I did not pursue the party idea after that but instead got tickets to an expensive event just for me and SD, which I haven’t done with any of the other kids. At some point weeks later, DH accused me of blowing off SD’s birthday party even though I was literally the one to do everything for her birthday from ordering and wrapping the presents to baking her cake, buying her birthday outfit, decorating the dining room, inviting my family over for her family birthday dinner and taking her out dinner and to the event a few days later.
This weekend our BS together is turning 5 but my cousin, with whom I’m admittedly not close, is getting married 2 hours away and we’ll have to stay overnight. I regret saying we’d go because I don’t want to leave BS5 now, but we already rsvped and booked a room, and my whole family is going. We’re leaving as late in the day as possible and returning as early tomorrow morning as possible because we planned to spend the whole day Sunday doing birthday activities for BS.
Two days ago HCBM messaged saying that SD9 has a performance on Sunday midday. She’s known about this for months, she’s just lazy and awful at planning but the CO says we have to be given access to cumulative events. We missed this event last year bc DH forgot about it. I said he should go to SD’s event and I’d take the other kids out to do the birthday activities as planned (nothing formal, just park, bookstore, ice cream, etc). He immediately got mad and accused me of trying to shaft SD, saying that if it was my older BS (whom I share with my ex) I’d never suggest going alone. That is absolutely not true, as I am very conscious of not planning my BK’s lives around their older sibling’s schedules any more than we already have to due to custody orders and visitation, and I said as much. I don’t want to make them sit quietly and watch a performance that SD is in (she’s just one performer in one group, and it’s multiple groups performing) for 2 hours on a day that is supposed to be about BS5. It’s not like I told DH not to go. He then said well we’re going to your cousins wedding on his actual birthday, which I responded to by saying he had no issue with that until it became a bargaining chip to get everyone to make BS5’s birthday weekend about SD.
Was I wrong? I am looking for alternatives regarding the wedding (bringing the kids and a sitter, maybe bowing out and sending a bigger check) and I just said “whatever, fine” about going to SD’s event, but I’m so sick of being accused of shafting her when I spend the same amount of time and energy on her as I do on my other kids—more than he does—even though I’m NOT HER MOTHER (and she doesn’t want me to be, she’s close with HCBM). I also feel like he is fine with shafting BS5 and our other kids in favor of SD because of dad guilt and because the other kids are with us full time (or close to it in my older BS’ case).
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2023.06.09 22:29 Dangerous_Resort2079 Private video message to Adam from her pool

Private video message to Adam from her pool
At timestamp 12:20 in Adam's video titled "my relationship with colleen ballinger"
Ths is a private video message she sent to Adam. She says at the end, ".......and like it was REALLY expensive to do last time. So, I don't know if it's worth it for me to spend thousands and thousands of dollars for everyone to hate me".
I don't think Adam explains the context of that message in his own video but he does in the interview with DCP.
Even though the video is semi-blurred, we can see that for some strange reason, she is not recording this message in a regular outfit in a room or something. She's in her swimsuit in her own pool. Why did she have to record that message from her pool??!! This might not have been a message about the work she was making him do (which would ideally demand a professional setting), but it should have been done less casually, especially when this is a personal interaction with a minor fan.
Also. The audacity to be in the pool (which she would not have without people like Adam who she sent this to) and complain about ideas she herself had to fly her fans to Vidcon. The audacity to say to especially Adam who was doing unpaid work for her, in an almost passive-aggressive tone, that of course she's not going to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to fly him out, from her pool (which she owned partly thanks to thousands and thousand of dollars she got from people like Adam).
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