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2023.06.10 06:22 peekaylove [discord][pbta] Looking for 2 - 3 more people to come play some pokemon and explore Unova!

Hello hello, as the title says I'm looking for two or three people for a pokemon game! We will be using one of two PbtA systems depending on which type of game people are most interested in - Fellowship (which I did a quick interest check about last month, hello again!), or Pocket Monster of the Week. Let's do some quick and easy dot points about what's going on. Some of these things will be repeated in the application
Two game options:
  1. Unova Legends - Using the PbtA hack Pocket Monster of the Week, players will be navigating a Unova ten years after Plasma broke everything. The player characters have come together to help one section of the region - maybe you're following leads on Terrakion and the strange electrified Tyranitar, or diving into Undella Bay to figure out why drowned ghosts keep returning. This game is more focused on a smaller area and protecting a home.
  2. Pokemon: Into the Entralink - Using the Fellowship system (another PbtA game), players will be in charge of creating their own version of Unova (with a few shared traits between all Unovas). Characters will be flung across these different 'verses trying to figure out how to stop everything falling apart, seeing how similar and different things could be. This game is more about the spectacle of travel and finding a home.
aaaand finally, a bit about me!
Thanks for reading through everything so far. You can find the game application here. I will mark this thread as closed when I start reaching out to people. This is not first come first served.
Please do not DM me, but feel free to ask questions and have a chat in this thread since someone else may have the same question and may not have a reddit account.
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2023.06.10 06:21 Space_Cowboy10859 Bronx Park East Farmers Market

Bronx Park East Farmers Market
It's really special to be invited back for another season of @bxpemarket located near #bradyplayground at 2222 Bronx Park East in #thebronx coming up this #FathersDay June 18th from 9AM to 2PM. #fresh #organic #fruit and #vegetables available to YOU along with #delicious #madefromscratch #authenthic #homemadetasting #chocolatechipcookies Remember #missmyrtleschocolatechipcookies 🍪🍪🍪is about #community and #localbusiness so #comeondown 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️
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2023.06.10 06:19 Fablerdeedoc Difference Between Suggestive (5) Fe & Ignoring (7) Fe?

TD;DR: If you accidentally express anger when you instead mean to express that you’re under distress, is that an example of Suggestive or Ignoring Fe? Or could it be both?
Longer explanation: I’m struggling to figure out how to tell them apart, specifically when I’m (accidentally) using Fe. I’ve found that sometimes when I’m feeling some kind of distress from something, I come across as more angry than how I actually feel.
First time I noticed this, I had heard my dad got into a car accident (he was perfectly fine, btw, but I didn’t initially know that) and I was so upset I was going to start crying. But, based only on my facial expression and voice, my aunt thought I was angry and ready to start yelling and fighting her if she didn’t agree to drive us to see him. I guess maybe that was my determination showing because I was going to take a $200+ Uber ride to go see my dad if she had refused, but I wasn’t going to get mad at her if she did.
The second time happened just a couple days ago, I was at work and I felt miserable. For most of the week I had worked overtime, but on that day I wanted to go home exactly when my schedule told me to go home. I was stressed out about it because I was worried my manager would insist that I stay, but I was determined to just leave. I had told my coworker “I’m leaving at 6.” She took it as “I’m leaving at 6 😡” when I meant it as “I’m leaving at 6 😥”. I was really surprised she took it that way because I really didn’t mean to express anger.
There have been other times when I have accidentally expressed one emotion when I meant to express a different emotion instead, but currently I can’t remember what happened to cause that.
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2023.06.10 06:18 HalfPint1885 Roller skating!

I just got back from the most fun evening I've had in a long time. I went roller skating at a roller rink!!! It was a BLAST. All the calculators say roller skating burns around 330 calories an hour, and I probably skated for an hour and a half total. I didn't feel like it was work at all, but now that I've stopped and I'm resting I can feel it in my legs and butt for sure!
I absolutely love skating, but I've not had anywhere to skate, and parking lots can be kind of rough to skate in. The rink was lovely, and the music was fun. It did not feel like a workout at all, and I can't wait to go back. If you are looking for a non-workout workout, I highly recommend skating! And apparently roller blading actually burns more calories than skates.
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2023.06.10 06:18 keeprpa Elly De La Cruz /15. ebay buyer backed out. $330 OBO on it, fielding serious offers

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2023.06.10 06:18 peosteve A song about a woman and her sister named Flick

This was on Spotify at one point, but I haven't been able to find it. I think it might be from a Broadway show.
The song is about two sisters who grew up together, and when their parents die, their relationship falls apart. Lyrics include "When I was 14, and Flick only 8". (May be 19 instead of 14 - I'm a little fuzzy on the details).
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2023.06.10 06:18 Smooth_Ambition_264 Broke up with my GF of 2.5 years today

So, yeah, its pretty much what the title says.
This is my first relationship and it was such a nice, beautiful one... In the beginning. We were so close (I am a reclusive person who's grown up pretty much socially distant from everyone else), she was my first genuine friend and I loved her to bits. She did too.
I'm not gonna talk about our problems, we both had faults, and I realise now that both of us have deep seated issues. We broke up over something that is really ridiculous though - I wanted her to be frequent with words of affirmation ("I miss you"; I am currently far away from her and home and will remain so for like a couple months). She didn't think she could do it, she's always been resistant to compromises (which is weird because she was the one that always said compromises are essential).
I asked her last night if she was over me (things had been really fractured for the past few months), and she said she loved me, she was not over me, but maybe she was over us. She loved to talk to me and call me and tell me everything about her day (suffice to say, she does most of the talking over a call or even physically, I am just naturally quiet and I love to listen to her chirping) - I realised she was talking about being friends (even though she has romantic/sexual feelings for me).
I am sorry that I couldn't be the kind of boyfriend that can remain friends with his ex. We have so much history, and its been the first time I have ever connected so well to someone else - I just couldn't imagine burying all those memories and feelings and just being friends. I broke up with her (I basically texted her since she was sleeping at the time - so was I, but I wake up incessantly in a new place and I basically read her texts about being over us.
I told her I was done with fighting for her love and regardless of her feelings, I have been saying that I feel like I'm being taken for granted for a long long time. I told her I couldn't take it anymore, I love her with every essence of my being, but I couldn't bear to feel like a burden, to feel so inadequate for her. I went to sleep after that again and felt loads better when I woke up...
... Except she also woke up and refused to accept I broke up with her. I am not sure why she thought I couldn't/wouldn't break up, but she kept saying stuff like "you're still my boyfriend". When I saw her saying stuff like "I do miss you, I am sorry I don't say it as often", I believed like the dumb idiot I am that maybe she realised what had happened and that I was a calming presence in her life and maybe she'd finally agree to what I asked of her.
We discussed for like 2 hours? All of that... She accepted everything I said... She admitted her faults, she said she was so sorry, I was right... And then... She said, it was better to break up.
I feel shattered again. I was feeling better before that conversation (and seriously, I asked her what the point of it was, she said, "nothing in particular"), and now its worse than ever before. I feel so suffocated, so void. I have 0 friends, and no one to talk to, I am stuck in a new place with people I don't know, and it just feels my world is falling apart before my eyes.
I am so done with people. I am so done with feelings. I really wanted acceptance, a connection. I am so much in pain.
So, basically, yeah... I would like some advice on how to get past this and move on really. It seems to me I can't, and I am just barely stopping myself from texting her again.
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2023.06.10 06:18 JamminShady Lonely in a room full of people (and other fun)

I’m gonna try to format this in a way that is coherent but I apologize if it’s kinda rambly.
I 20m (infj myer-briggs if that system is accurate at all) have been having a really hard time for the past year or so. I’m in college studying computer engineering and working retail part time on the side. I am on venlafaxine and was going to therapy virtually until recently (my therapist stopped scheduling me but I just haven’t gotten around to finding another yet).
I’m lonely. I have trouble connecting with people and don’t know what it takes to be close with someone anymore. I’ve done it in the past but those people aren’t in my life anymore. Covid made it so that my friends from high school and I have drifted apart and even though we’ll still hang out occasionally we’re definitely not as close. I’m in a fraternity so I have the opportunity to be in social situations but I just have a hard time relating to people. A lot of people I talk to often talk about things that are so superficial like sex or partying . Like, to each their own but while segs is great and all I could really go for some deep emotional understanding. I was in a long distance relationship that went off and on for a a little over 4 years. The ghosting started a couple months ago. I wouldn’t call it trauma cuz I know there are people out there with real issues but I think that relationship is where a lot of my issues stem from. I’ve never been able to really talk about it with anyone including my therapist because I try hard to keep my composure.
I think that last bit is why I’m so lonely. I don’t really express myself. I feel like nobody really knows who I am. I’m in a fraternity. I have opportunities to socialize all the time because of it. I joined it and went through the semester of pledging hoping it’d help me come out of my shell but it’s so hard. I think I’m just scared. This summer I’ve really been trying to focus on myself doing things like focusing on my hobbies (weight lifting, music, guitar, etc.) (I used to be really into gaming but it was more of a social thing I did with friends and playing alone makes me cry which sounds pathetic but idk), doing self care like taking care of my skin, hair, etc. but I keep thinking to myself that I’m doing it more so that other people will like me and less for myself. If I dislike superficial things so much why do I keep chasing feedback complimenting my appearance and get so happy when I get it?
I tried dating again but the girl was just as shy and in her shell as me so obviously I didn’t feel that emotional connection I’ve been craving. One time she laid her head on my shoulder while we were at a bus stop and it was so overwhelming that once I got to my car I just sat there and cried. I don’t know why I’d do that. Isn’t closeness what I want? My current explanation is it had more to do with feeling less numb to how starved I am of intimacy. I really try to avoid thinking about love because although loving is a really important and central part of who I’d say I am, it seems any real form of it is unattainable right now.
Does anyone have any general advice for someone in my situation? I feel like I should be happy in my situation and that I definitely can be happy I’m just struggle bussing. How do I take certain steps towards getting to know people past a surface level. How do I go about letting people get to know me under my shell? I worry a lot about if people think I’m being weird when I take advances to get to know them more or be closer. I typically avoid parties like the plague and when I do go I tend to stay in my comfort zone with people I know more than the rest. How can I just stop worrying about things and just be myself in front of other people. If you read all of this, just know that I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day and any kind of feedback you may have would be greatly appreciated as well :)
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2023.06.10 06:17 Briznar TMNF TAS For TM2020 Map

So I got this idea in my head of rally cars racing through a course in a parking lot marked by cones.
I thought that was a cool idea, so I made a 2:00 map in TM2020 designed to look like you're racing through a parking lot. There are street lamps every couple of blocks, and you go from the start to the finish, collecting every checkpoint at every street lamp.
I'm currently grinding this track for a GPS and Author time, and my best is 2:16. If anyone would be willing to recreate my track in TMNF and create a TAS to see just how far I could push this, that'd be really cool.
PS: The map is designed so you need to do a little bit of pathfinding, so whatever path you use is fine as long as you don't use quintuple nose-bugs lol.
The attached photos are of the track, and the intended route if you need it.
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2023.06.10 06:16 Full_Science1503 Reviews for my local Kroger

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2023.06.10 06:16 oldgoggles Touch a truck!

Touch a truck!
An odd way to raise money for scholarships, the name made me cringe.
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2023.06.10 06:15 _SheWhoShines Night Watch: How were lilacs and Vetinari involved in the original timeline?

Just finished Night Watch (wow). I am struggling to piece together the original timeline, when the real Keel died on the barricade. Insight from other Pratchett fans would be appreciated :)
My understanding is this: According to the time monks, the real John Keel was not replaced by Vimes in the original timeline- that is, they confirmed that the timeline was changed. Vimes also confirms internally that Keel originally died on the barricade, not in the alley.
This is where I'm confused. The seven coppers who died in the altered timeline wore lilac so they could tell themselves apart from Carcer and the Unmentionables in hand to hand street combat. This was not necessary when they had been fighting on the barricade - and that's where they died along with Keel in the original timeline. So why were Vimes, Colon, etc wearing lilac BEFORE the timeline was altered??
One last related note. In the original future, Vetinari was wearing lilac to commemoratethe 25th of May. But he only entered the fight because his aunt told him to stop Winder's death squad from killing Keel. If Keel had died in the barricade, Winder wouldn't have needed to send the death squad, (the lilac wouldn't have been needed at all), and Vetinari would have never entered the fray.
Can anyone explain how lilacs and Vetinari became involved in the 25th in May in the original timeline?
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2023.06.10 06:15 cryocalm

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2023.06.10 06:14 Big_Investigator_767 Peerless High Rye Bourbon

Peerless High Rye Bourbon
I’m not sure if they vary, but this one is 110.6 proof and it’s NAS. The price on this is 140 or so. It looks darker, but I think it’s the label. Not pictured, I did a side by side with one of my single barrel Peerless picks. The color is basically the same. It’s a very kind amber.
Nose: I get a good amount of citrus and dark fruit and sweet oak. There’s also a darker element to it that I couldn’t put my finger on. I used the side by side with the single barrel to help me get my bearings on how this would differ with their typical mash bill. I actually blinded them a bit and you can tell the two apart pretty easily. The regular is brighter.
Palate: sweet up front, the dark fruits and citrus show up on the sweet side, with vanilla. As it moves front to back, you get chocolate and cinnamon developing towards the back. I wouldn’t say that I got a ton of oak on it. If any, it was mild. As I sipped it, it almost had a sweet tea kind of thing going on with a pleasing spiciness on the back end. Really pleasant and expressive with a number of flavors playing well together. Compared to the regular mash bill, it’s got that darker and spicier element to it.
Finish: The finish lingers with a pleasant fruit sweetness and cinnamon spice.
Overall, it’s a really nice entry for their lineup. I’ve never really had any non-picks of Peerless, but all the Peerless I own, I enjoy. I have no idea how old this is, which is kind of an issue at 140, but it’s not young and it’s not old. I think a lot of people would like this. It’s got a sweetness to appeal to masses and a complexity that would appeal to those who’ve been around the block. I tasted this one before buying at the Gold Eagle and I really liked it, so I added it to my bar. It’s a hefty pricetag for an NAS, so I’d say you should find a way to taste it before you decide on buying it but it’s a really nice pour.
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2023.06.10 06:14 Aoshi_ Need advice on buying an aircon

Sorry it's another air con post. I just moved into a new apartment and I need to buy two aircons but think I'm a bit late to get a decent deal at a store.
I've been trying to get a Daikin or Mitsubishi but all I've seen at the stores are current models or rather expensive deals on them.
I just wanted to ask if anyone had an advice on buying an AC online. There I can find last years models for good prices. I found a nearby shop that will install for 20,000-30,000ish. I'm just worried about warranty if I buy from Amazon/rakuten.
Anyone have any advice about buying online? I'd appreciate any help. Thank you.
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2023.06.10 06:14 Judasdac Returning home after 28 years away. Excited and curious. Where do I start my exploration

Finally returning home to Buffalo after 28 years living pretty much everywhere from NYC to Baltimore to Upstate NY to Milwaukee to Reno to San Diego. When I moved away I was only 22 and my life was fairly limited to getting drunk at the same handful of bars, new and old pink, icon, good bar, Chippewa, and going to the occasional show at the icon, Randall studios, showplace.
It seems like everything has changed in a positive way. I’ll be in living near Delaware Park. I’m Curious as to where I should start diving in when I finally get home at the end of the month… thoughts and suggestions?
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2023.06.10 06:13 tintin1602 Re-let 1 bed/1 bath in a 4 bed/4 bath at Octave (2023-2024 school year)

Re-letting 1 bed/1 bath in a 4 bed/4 bath unit at Octave Apartments (210 S 4th St) for next school year
Rent: $915/month (utilities included and electricity paid by Octave up to $25)
Dm me if you are interested!
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2023.06.10 06:13 AggressiveYellows Watch France stabbing video – Man Stabs Baby In Pram At Park In France – Casually Walks Around – Today Leaked

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2023.06.10 06:13 AggressiveYellows Watch France stabbing video – Man Stabs Baby In Pram At Park In France – Casually Walks Around – Today Leaked

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2023.06.10 06:13 Ok-Interest2668 AITJ? (The situation is so confusing I can't come up with anything.)

Before we start, I will be using placeholder names, not their real names.
Warning: maybe a little too long. (the "Too Long; Didn't read" is at the end.)
Ok, so I am a sensitive 5th grader, because sometimes I cry because i don't like people yelling at me. Sometimes i cry because some teachers pick on me. Example: when i forget something they say they are worried for me (i am a top student btw, but my memory at times is not so good.) out loud. This makes mostly everyone in my class just look and I hate being looked at in public so sometimes after i get sent back to my desk, i just put my head down, and do my work while i silently cry.
I am not that popular in my school, many people (not everyone, about 1/3 in my class (5-7) kinda think i'm annoying. But there is somebody who everyone (except 1 kid), including me, thinks he is very cringy and annoying. Let's call this kid Hank. Now, apart from being a crybaby, i'm also not that soft myself, if i wanted to, i could roast anyone so bad, they would have to come up with a roast so bad that i don't even have a comeback for it, or they would have to steal mine.
Anyway, back to Hank. Barely anyone likes Hank, I actually used to be friends with Hank, but seeing how he has become cringe and annoying, i stopped being friends with him. (Hank is in 7th grade btw when i was his friend he was in 6th) I then became someone who would roast him on a daily basis if I had to. (Hank actually once almost pushed me down the stairs but that's another story.) Sometimes, in mandarin class, we would team up on this much cringier and annoying kid. Sometimes i would comment on some things that he would do very frequently because it was cringe and unnecessary. (Not just me but quite literally almost the whole class but since he knew i wasn't lying he usually yelled at me,or that is what i think.)
Hank would always bring balloons to school. This other kid in the same grade as him, let's call him Alan, accidentally popped his balloon. Consequently, Hank chased him down. I followed and spectated the situation while commenting. However I was talking to Alan, not Hank. I told Hank I was not talking to him and if I that offended him that I was sorry and that I didn't mean to hurt him but I was very clearly talking to Alan. I thought Hank would brush it off and continue chasing Alan down and ignore me, God knows i couldn't have been more wrong. Few minutes later, I said to Alan that it's quite sad to see this happen. Then Hank walked up, and hit me. I hit him back (self defense) and told him I already said I was not talking to him. But Hank grabbed me and yelled at me to leave him alone even though i was not doing anything wrong!
So it was quite literally a 7th grader attacking a 5th grader for no reason. I told on him with a teacher, then that teacher told me to tell my homeroom teacher, which i did. Then Hank said that he already said that he was sorry very angrily and yelled at me asking if i wanted a party because he said sorry. Newsflash ladies and gentlemen, I had already accepted his apology. So, Am I the Jerk?
TL;DR: Kid thinks i'm talking to him, hits me, and when i fight back, he attacks me and yells at me for no reason.
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2023.06.10 06:13 Mr-Reanimator Hi, is it possible for fruit scented body wash to attract bugs?

I've been finding fruit flies (or some small flying insects that aren't too unlike them) in my apartment recently, it seems like at least once every few days one gets in here, and then it just dies in my bathroom for some reason.
Initially, I thought that having my bathroom light on may have been tempting them, as moths have taken a liking to my bathroom window recently, as well... but I'm also starting to wonder if it's the new(ish) bodywash that I started using, being that it definitely has a noticeable scent in my bathroom. I thought that, maybe, they're smelling it too, and that's why they're coming in?
I haven't been keeping fruit around for a little bit, same with vegetables and other produce, and I've been made sure that I don't keep any food that's gotten to or beyond its expiration date.
So, would cherry scented body wash be enough to get them in here? Is it the lights? I'm not really sure what's going on lol. It's not an infestation, it seems more like they just kind of get in here, and then die soon after. They always die near those lights in my bathroom, too, so idk.
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2023.06.10 06:12 alexsmith2332 Updated trip report- 8 day trip

Updated trip report- 8 day trip
I had a made a post earlier about the learnings and tips for iceland after my trip (please read and I hope its useful to you) and in the comments I was asked if could provide an itinerary of what all we did.

A couple of points, our trip was a little more relaxed as we didnt want to spend all the time rushing from place to place but it was still wonderful. Hopefully this post will help some of you

  1. Day one : Day one was completely Reykjavik , we picked up our car from Lotus car rentals (they were great and the car we got was pretty new which was refreshing compared to the reviews of the other places where people were complaining about getting really old cars), we did a kind of self guided walking tour - we roughly followed the route suggested in this blog and we stayed in the Hotel Holt which was really good and centrally located

  1. Day two : The plan was to to drive along the Snaefellsnes pennisula and stop along the sites we really cared about. The unfortunate thing was that it 100% rain and when Iceland means 100% rain, they really mean it, it never stopped even for a minute. Hence we really were glad we had that we had waterproof pants and jackets and protection for our cameras - due the to the weather we didnt hit all the sites but we ended up going to Gerduberg cliffs, Bjarnarfoss, Budakirkja (the Black church), and Arnastapi. We unfortunately had to stop our trip in Arnastapi and make the decision to return to the hotel since it was non stop rain and we were exhausted and cold, even then the country side is beautiful in the mist and etheral

Budakirkja (the Black church)

  1. Day three was the golden circle namely Thingvellir National Park (strongly recommend taking the time to walk around and actually explore the park, the more you move away from the main viewing points, the further you get away from the crowds) and in the park please ensure you visit Oxarafoss Waterfall as it was really beautiful. Post Thingvellir we drove to Kerid crater lake (please note you need to pay for parking), Strokkur and finally Gulfoss which was easily one of the most impressive waterfalls I have seen


Kerid crater lake

  1. Day 4 : Horse riding tour and Sejalandsfoss and Irafoss. The horse riding tour was atIcelandic HorseWorld and they were absolutely great, it was a small group of only 4 people and as some one who hasnt ridden for a very long time, they were super accommodating of my hesitation in general. Post that we drove to Sejalandsfoss which though busy is definitely worth it. Close to Sejalandsfoss is a really nice waterfall Irafoss which no one visits and it was totally empty (like the only people there were the two of us) and definitely a nice detour after visiting the crowded Sejalandsfoss



Day 5 : Skogafoss , black sand beach and driving to Foss Hotel Glacier Lagoon - we got to Skagafoss early (8:30 am) and that was a really good thing as the falls was mostly empty, i could take the time to get the photographs I wanted and we also did the hike which goes to the top of the falls and then navigates through a bunch of smaller waterfalls (we walked till the 4rth one), definitely a good one to do early in the day when not many people are there. Post that we stopped at Vik and also the black sand beach

Day 6 : Driving to Diamond beach and Jokulsarlon- getting there early (9 am helped as there were hardly any people at the beach allowing us to take pictures as needed), it was unfortunately cloudy so could not get the glint of the sun on the "diamonds" but was still fun. Post that we went to Jokulsarlon and its beautiful. While you get a great view of the lagoon from the parking lot, strongly recommend walking around the lagoon as the more you walk, the crowds thin out and about 15-20 minutes into our walk, we were the only people in the area . Post the visit, we drove to Hofn

As I said,20 minutes into the walk, only the two of us were there in the lagoon and it was super quiet
Day 7 : Hofn to Vestrahorn and then vik while stopping at Svartifoss : we then drove to Vestrahorn and timed our trip so that we arrived at low tide so that we could get the water reflection photography shots we were looking for, there is also a fake abandoned viking village there (made for a movie) which is worth a stop but it wasnt anything special compared to the landscapes around

Near the viking village

On the way back to Vik


Day 8 : we basically took it easy and drove back from Vik to Keflavík while making a pit stop at Selfoss, again a really beautiful drive we could have stopped a lot more but we were tired and since we had a chip on the windshield due to gravel damage, we wanted to get to the car rental agency and get it sorted out (please read my other post about the importance of gravel protection)

Had to throw in a food picture here especially lamb
Hope this post was helpful, happy to answer any questions.
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