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2023.06.10 07:27 NonCertifiedThug I Teach Automation

Hi there,
I'm a Senior Software Engineer in Test (SDET), or Automation Engineer, at an S&P 100 company. I recently launched my teaching academy specifically designed for individuals who aspire to become software QA automation engineers like many of you here. Currently, I have one published course on C# - API Test Automation for beginners. This course focuses on building a testing framework in .NET C# to invoke and test web APIs. Teaching automation has been a long-time goal of mine, and I've decided that this year is the year to make it happen.
Now, let me answer some possible questions you may have about who I am and my qualifications. It might sound a bit lengthy, so feel free to skip if you're not interested.
My Qualifications:
I have 10 years of industry experience, having worked for five different companies in various technology sectors such as banking, fintech, tax processing, higher education universities, and commercial real estate (my current company). I consider myself to have a high level of expertise in automation. This doesn't mean I know everything about automation, but it means I have mastered multiple ways of architecting highly efficient, robust, and scalable test automation frameworks for front-end or backend applications (excluding mobile automation). Some might even say that my methodologies are innovative. I code as much, if not more, on a daily basis than your average developer. Additionally, I am well-versed in fundamental QA practices, as every automation engineer should be. I have also led and trained the QA departments at my current and previous two companies. I possess extensive knowledge in this niche field, and I aim to share it with others.
My Career Journey:
I started from the very bottom as a manual QA engineer without any relevant background in computer science back in 2013. I was given the opportunity to work in QA because I was already employed at a tech company, albeit in a data entry role. Initially, I was the sole QA engineer on my development team and received training from four senior developers. Naturally, being raised by wolves, I became a wolf myself and learned programming in C#. I utilized my newfound knowledge to create automated tests and became obsessed with automation while still being the champion of QA. From there, my automation skills further developed, and it gained great momentum after I built my first testing framework.
With each job switch, I had the chance to expand my knowledge. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working alongside some exceptional software engineers. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I inherited their design patterns and architectures, which I applied to my testing frameworks whenever practical. Time and again, I refined and strengthened my testing frameworks to the point where I can easily create new ones based on the solid foundation I've built over my decade-long career.
Why Teaching?
I never had a mentor to guide me through learning QA or automation. Most of what I learned was through trial and error, with numerous instances where I felt shy, embarrassed, and inadequate when my work didn't meet my colleagues' expectations. I even encountered condescending teammates who believed I slowed down project delivery due to my perceived incompetence as a QA engineer. At the time, I longed for a mentor who could validate that I was on the right path. However, I picked myself up each time, and I was determined not to repeat the same mistakes. I continuously sought ways to improve my processes, test strategies, and frameworks. I also worked on improving my interpersonal skills because it was limiting me from being able to advance my career into leadership positions. Through countless trials and tribulations, I became highly proficient at my job.
Teaching is something I genuinely enjoy, just as much as automation. Over the years, I have trained numerous colleagues, and I realized I needed a better methodology instead of repeating myself endlessly. I attempted to create courses on YouTube two years ago, but I wasn't satisfied with the quality of my content. To effectively reach students, I needed to make an investment. I had to learn how to use photo and video editing tools and carefully devise a lesson plan suitable for people of all experience levels. That's when I thought, "If I'm going to make this significant investment, I should do it on a global scale, rather than just training my colleagues." Automation will be my career's legacy, and I want to leave a lasting impression on anyone who appreciates it.
The Big Question: Why Learn from Me and Not Someone Else?
There are only a handful of automation "experts" out there. In the past few years, senior QA and automation engineers I've worked with have regarded me as their lead. I have yet to meet anyone in this field who can match my efficiency and quality of work. On average, I work with 4-5 developers on a team, and all of my testing is fully automated in-sprint. The core of my testing frameworks has been refined to the point where any application I come across can be easily tested through automation. It's challenging to express this humbly, but you get the idea.
Not all experts are adept at teaching. While there is a lot of valuable information available on the internet, much of it is outdated. Within the limited pool of quality information, it's difficult to distinguish curated guides that provide a clear path from point A to B. You want to acquire the necessary skills to become an automation engineer, but tutorials on starting from scratch are nearly non-existent. Or if they do exist, the instructors may be poor communicators who struggle to create engaging content. I know this because I've been there myself, desperately searching for guides to improve my skills.
It's possible that you could make a breakthrough on your own and create a testing framework with functional test code, which would be a significant accomplishment. However, how confident are you that it is the correct approach for building tests? It is highly likely that further down the line, you will have to undergo extensive refactoring due to a poorly built foundation, resulting in significant technical debt. While the time and effort you poured into self-learning builds character, I understand that you want to achieve quicker results without the friction that accompanies it. Well, now you no longer need to search aimlessly. I wouldn't have dedicated substantial effort to creating my teaching content if there were already excellent resources available.
If you're looking to advance your career in automation, I will guide you in acquiring the necessary skills. However, please note that I'm not doing this solely for you. I have made significant investments in teaching that have yet to yield returns. By the time I complete transforming all the planned content into courses, the overall cost to you will be considerably lower than what you would spend on a boot camp or degree program. Moreover, the knowledge you gain from me will be more up-to-date, relevant, and applicable to the majority of tech companies you may work for. I can attest to this based on the fact that recruiters approach me regularly. As a guarantee of my commitment, if you are not completely satisfied with my teaching, you are eligible for a full refund within the first 30 days. My aim is to attract quality students who share my passion for automation.
Thank you for your attention, and I hope to see you in the course!
My Academy
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2023.06.10 07:27 meme21911 We need to stop this shit (read description)

Most people just keep shiting on stuff that barely harms them JUST CRITICIZE THEM INSTEAD MOST OF YOU HAD TO BE SAD FUCKS most of this fandom is toxic over little stuff just stop being assholes YOU KEEP SAYING "oH ThIs FaNDom iS gONnA Be ruINeD By" stfu ITS ONLY YOUTUBE AND YOUR BRINGING THIS SHIT TO HERE WHEN WE CAN JUST IGNORE ABOUT IT stop being toxic AND LISTEN for once you guys are acting like machines like toppin gals doesn't have to be 100% PORN and minus 8 doesn't deserve the depression (even tho he did deserve being a pedo or some shit) DOESN'T MEAN YOU TRASH AT HIM and LYON SPD YOU GUYS ATTACKED HIM JUST BECAUSE OF THE UNFUNNY EDITS it wasn't his fault A N D Y O U G U Y S A T T A C K E D HIM and you made 2 people depressed you shits like how would YOU feel if you got attacked huh you would be pissed off now stop being a dumbass and be nice to people even how much they piss you off and if you do your just 10X workers than the content now I'm going back to do some dumb shit and I'm fine if you downvote this but if you attack ME ... go fuck yourself
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2023.06.10 07:26 curlyinsomniac Does such a book exist or did I cook up a new plot

Ok. So I had a dream today. Though I'm not sure if the dream played out a scene I read in a book or was it something my brain cooked up.
Here's how it went: The FMC was coming out of her apartment to for a walk with her dogs (doberman) when she runs into a women in the hallway. She tries to pet her dogs only for them to growl and bark at her. The FMC tells her they're assistance dogs and can't touch them. The women gets all hauty and tries again when the a dog almost bites her hand off. She starts screaming and bitching when a man with wavy dark curls swoops in and tries to calm her down. He looks like a golden retriever with big grey laughing eyes and a cute accent. He explains to her about assistance dogs but the women continues to be a, well, bitch. FMC starts to lose her temper when the women fun of the man's bright orange shirt on his lanky frame and colour- stained pants. But then a big muscled man comes rushing and tries to move her away. The man apologises to the FMC and the wavy-haired without meeting their eyes and moves the women down the hallway. The FMC and the other man are left somwhat stunned. The man says something funny that irritates the FMC and she moves away with her dogs.
Fastforward the way dreams sometimes do.
The FMC is coming back from an evening stroll with her dogs when the wavy-highlighted-haired man runs into her, a violin case in hand. They strike a conversation that soon turns into banter as he begins to irritate the FMC. When they near their apartment building, they hear the same women screaming and hitting at the muscled man as he stands their taking it all in. The FMC tries to intervene but her companion stops her, a worried expression on his face. When the big man tries to placate her and tell her to be quiet as they're outside, the women slaps him and spits on him before stomping away. The FMC and the other man runs towards the big guy and ask him if he's alright. He doesn't meet their eyes but nods. When the violin-guy asks him if that was his girlfriend, he says ex-girlfriend as of now. He tells them in a dazed inflectionless voice that she cheated on him in their new apartment they bought before their marriage 2 weeks from now and then got mad at him for being a workaholic and that he's to blame for her cheating and looking for comfort elsewhere. The FMC and the other guy are stunned. They forms a sort-of front in an instant an takes the man's arms, pulling him away, saying to fuck that red-flag of woman.
The last scene I remember from the dream is when the trio is sitting in a bar somewhat drunk. The violin-guy is trying to flirt with the bartender who's his friend into giving them another shot, the big guy twirling a rose with a surly expression, another rose behind his ear put their by a groups of loud, bachelorette party girls while the FMC looks on at the guys with a resigned, adoring expression.
So. Can anyone think if such a book exists?
If there's any similar book out there, please rec me. I'd love to read it. Or suggest me books with a healthy polyamorous relationship (preferably something similar to this)
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2023.06.10 07:26 ZookeepergameFun6884 Level 3 - Moments of Transition

Level 3 - Moments of Transition
Hit Level 3. Normally wouldn’t post that, but this community is genuinely helpful - and can keep me “accountable.”
This is a weird place in the DS journey. Intermediate’s speed makes earlier ones feel slow, uncomfortably so. Playing them at 1.5x, 2.0x, with brief bouts at 1.0x to hear the “original.” Thought this might’ve been a pride thing: “can’t just go down a level, must justify it somehow” etc, but can still understand at the higher pace. Even vids I’ve never watched.
So far it’s not as intimidating as I thought. Don’t understand everything, but not lost either.
The lack of a structured curriculum works. No chapters to complete, no questions to answer, just get that input. Helps me embrace the whole “getting comfortable with uncertainty.” So many different topics, don’t have that crutch of: topic A leads directly to B leads directly to C, or learn addition, then multiplication, which is just a faster addition.
Under no illusions that this will be quick. Roadmap says to take this progress so far and double it to the next level, then double everything again. Must 10x in total to hit that Level 7. Parabolic, not linear. It’s accurate so far. Paused in the middle of a Sandra vid (I see now why her return was celebrated) after noticing more abstract terms, to check the Roadmap description. “You start learning more abstract terms…” Eerily accurate.
Thanks to all who wrote about their experiences, and who commented on other threads with advice. Makes the path smoother for those who follow.
This will take time, but it feels as if a firm foundation is being laid.
(Any Fallout: New Vegas fans? Realized I sound like Ulysses at times)
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2023.06.10 07:26 WishIWasStevie I keep multiple pairs of noise canceling earplugs on me at all times.

And I never apologize for sticking them in my ears and moving away from noise. People incessantly speaking is what normally triggers me the most. Airports are torturous. I'm at one right now and I feel myself getting more and more impatient and annoyed with the loud chatter. Is this common in people who suffer from misophonia?
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2023.06.10 07:26 majesticpuffnstuff 27 M, Working late tonight! Anyone want to become new best friends? [chat]

Hey there everyone 👋🏻 It’s nice to meet you! So I guess a run down, I’m Spencer! I’m 27, from Ontario 🇨🇦, I’ve got two cats that are my absolute world, I work nights at as an auditor at a hotel and am a game master at an escape room/board game cafe during the day, I play the ukulele and skateboard and hike in my free time, love music and movies as well! I play DND and WoW with my friends on the weekend. Big fan of crime and conspiracy documentaries. I love the outdoors, just the basic stuff for now! there’s a little blurb about me, am willing to pay my cat tax, hope y’all have the best day🙏🏼
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2023.06.10 07:26 Kernaledchips_1 AITAH: For walking out when I needed time to clear my head

This is skipping a whole story of the relationship but: My partner (27F) is pregnant and has been really quite nasty to me(26M) lately. And we put it down to hormones from the first trimester of the pregnancy. Last night she was talking with her best friend (also her ex) (I’m not comfortable with them spending as much time together as they do) and she was being really lovely and just talking how she would to him on the phone, but as soon as i start talking about anything, she snaps and ridicules me, calls me names and cusses me out.
So i made a joking suggestion on what her ex/bestfriend should wear to a concert (nothing rude) while she was on the phone, and she snapped back at me. And having spent the last 3-4 weeks of having not many fun interactions with her, i blew my lid. But instead of starting a screaming match. I walked out the front door. She followed me down the hallway and asked where i was going. I just responded with “out” Then when she asked what my problem was, i responded with “at the the moment: its you” And shut the door.
I was out for a little over an hour to clear my thoughts and i had a message from her saying “The house is yours. Enjoy” and she hasn’t returned home in over a day now. I’m suspecting shes with her ex/bestfriend.
We have messaged back and forth and i have told her that i needed the time to clear my head. And when i ask where she is, she responds with “out”. i have told her multiple times that i am ready to talk and deal with it to help her understand how i feel about what happened and she keeps bringing up that i walked out on her and she isn’t ready to talk it out. Meanwhile on her adventure to relax from the situation, she’s used my credit card and that i cant call her “baby” anymore.
I have noticed that whenever i disagree with something she does or bring up how i feel about something, she tells me to grow up and turns the situation to make it like I’m a bad guy.
I’ve tried defusing the situation and asked her to come back to talk about it to no avail.
I love her more than anything, but did i fuck up by needing time to think and cool off before talking?
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2023.06.10 07:26 Puzzleheaded_Code600 AITA for breaking up over text

So I have been casually seeing this person, they wanted a monogamous relationship which I don't believe in, and I was honest about it from the start. so we have casually been seeing each other for three months till one day we had a minor fight . They texted me to apologize after few hours of me not responding ; they asked me if I no longer wish to be with them. I said no I would like to focus on myself for a while. Granted I wanted to break up with them in person or over the phone. But they gave me an easy way out, now though they kept calling me & texted if I'm still mad. I was like no, why would be mad?...they didn't text back & called me two more times. From my point of view, we broke up & truly confused why they are asking me if I'm still mad😩 i keep ignoring the calls cause I have nothing further to say. They have only themselves to blame for asking me that question. I know I need to have a conversation with them but I lack the mental and emotional capacity to deal with this at the moment.
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2023.06.10 07:25 DakotaTheAtlas It feels like everything is coming to a head...

My mom and I have always had a rocky relationship. At least from the teen years on. And at first, I thought that was normal. What teenage girl really likes her mom, ya know?
But as I got older, the more I saw how toxic she really was. But I was conditioned to think it was normal. Just like the sexual abuse from the step grandfather, the physical abuse was normalized at a very young age. The only difference was the sexual abuse stopped when I finally got the courage to tell. The physical abuse, though... I just got sent to live with cousins so she could focus on her other daughter. But let's stay on track, I guess.
Now that I'm nearing 30 and have a daughter of my own, I'm seeing more and more toxic behavior that I just... accepted? Honestly some of it I even adopted. Emotionless until fits of rage with everything coming spewing out at once, a voice full of venom and malice, words carefully chosen and aimed with the precision of scalpels.. I was my mother, at least in the way I carried and expressed myself, for a long time. My father, the crackhead, had a friend that dubbed me "little monica" and I thought it was an insult then, but now... it makes my stomach turn.
In the last year, I went from having a rocky relationship with the father of my daughter to being a single parent and living with my mother and stepfather (a different step than the step grandfather, rest assured). In that year, I've learned a few things. One, that when I was a teenager and felt like a maid, I was justified. I'm an adult now and I've still been shouldered with the responsibility of cleaning up after the other adults in the household. Two, that my lack of communication skills as a teenager and young adult weren't for lack of trying. I was communicating in the best way I knew how, the one that was modeled for me my entire life by a single mother. It was hinting and cold shouldering until directly asked what was wrong, and then there was an explosion. Blame shifting. Gaslighting. Resentment. And through all of it, physical abuse to double down on the "do as you're told and do not question me."
The third thing I learned is that I truly do not want to be my mother. When I was young, I looked up to her. I justified all her actions, and reactions, because she had a cruel childhood. But now.. I'm realizing that I did too, and I'm making the choice to be better. I've begged her to heal with me, to let me teach her what I've learned so far, and she's told me point blank that she isn't interested. She WANTS to be this way. She wants to be cold and uncaring until she needs something. She wants her children and grandchildren to fear her, because to her, fear equals respect. And I truly do not understand why an adult would want a child to fear them... I've been afraid of adults before, the adults i should have been able to trust, and I don't want that for my daughter. I never want that for my daughter.
Things are coming to a head, though. My mother is crossing more and more lines with me regarding my own daughter, and she is coming so close to losing us entirely. I know that if I did go no contact, I would be made out as the bad guy. She would take absolutely no accountability for her role. And I just.. can't help but wonder if she ever really cared, or if I was just a reminder of the life she never got the chance to live and thus the focal point of her resentment. The thing is, though... I never asked to be born. She had her chance to get rid of me, twice even, but she chose to keep me both times. And I feel like because she made the choice then, and things turned out the way they did..she wishes she would have chosen differently.
She loves to play the doting grandmother for Facebook. She loves the attention. But at home, it's screaming and "come get your kid, i can't deal with this," after my daughter being in the same room as her for ten minutes. My daughter hates being home. Anytime we're out, if I say we're going home, she throws a fit. "No gamma, no gamma". She's two and she knows how toxic the woman is, and I hate to subject her to it. I'm working on getting us out, I have an escape plan, almost feels like I'm running? My mother always called me a runner. She always said, "when shit stops going your way, you just take off. You're so immature." And it's like it's engraved into my psyche at this point. "Stay in the toxicity, endure, or you're immature." And I know that's wrong, but it's..hard.
I'm just..very tired. The end is in sight but I'm so tired of the fight. I just want out and I'm gonna make damn sure I continue putting in the work on myself to NEVER be my mother again. I've never been partial to child abuse myself, but as far as her attitude and the way she carries herself... I understand why the crackhead called teenage Dakota "little Monica". I was just like her back then, and it's taken a lot of looking in the mirror and being disgusted with how I handled my interpersonal relationships to realize that and realize I had to change. I can't model that for my own daughter and set her up for failure like my mother did to me. But it's not just for my daughter. I deserve to be better, too. My mother is so miserable, and the misery just feeds off the chaos she creates. I don't want that for me. I deserve to be happy, for once, after a lifetime of my own misery. I'm ready for it, and I'm working every day towards creating the environment I needed as a child, and the one my own child deserves.
I will not be the product of my environment anymore. I am who I want to be. And I will not be my mother.
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2023.06.10 07:25 majesticpuffnstuff 27 M, Working the overnight shift tonight! Anyone want to become new best friends?

Hey there everyone 👋🏻 It’s nice to meet you! So I guess a run down, I’m Spencer! I’m 27, from Ontario 🇨🇦, I’ve got two cats that are my absolute world, I work nights at as an auditor at a hotel and am a game master at an escape room/board game cafe during the day, I play the ukulele and skateboard and hike in my free time, love music and movies as well! I play DND and WoW with my friends on the weekend. Big fan of crime and conspiracy documentaries. I love the outdoors, just the basic stuff for now! there’s a little blurb about me, am willing to pay my cat tax, hope y’all have the best day🙏🏼
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2023.06.10 07:25 misunderstood_fatty AITA for being pissed off at change of plans?

My (39M) boyfriend and I (37F) have been in a relationship for a little more than a year. During this time, we moved in 6 months ago in my apartment with a set timeline to engagement and house purchase with different sets of prerequisites. He has a son from a previous relationship and I wanted to make sure that his son and I are comfortable together and that his ex and him had a defined court order.
We initially started talking budget for the house that we would buy together (50/50 split), agreed on a budget and an individual contribution for a deposit. His contribution would require him to sell his flat. He agreed to do so to come up with his share of the deposit. I would not need to sell mine.
In parallel, we spent a week with his son which was very trying due to lack of discipline. I was blunt in saying that I don't think I would cope with this lack of discipline on a regular basis and this is the type of situation that would make me reconsider a relationship. We agreed that we were not quite ready to make the move yet but would work a revised timeline.
On further house conversations he mentioned that he changed his mind about selling his flat because I was not able to give him the security he needed re his son. He is still willing to contribute whatever savings he has to the house purchase. This would mean that our standard of family home would not be feasible. I understood his need for security but was also annoyed at his change of plans and I wanted us to have a timeline as to when we could progress things. Whereas I understood that his need for security (driven by my comment) means that we are not ready to do this now, I stressed that this was an all or nothing situation as contributing his savings alone would not be enough. I am also worried about this setting the scene for me having to do more now and in the future and said this was not the type of relationship I wanted to be in. He is saying that I am reconsidering this relationship due to money. AITA?
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2023.06.10 07:25 RecommendationNo2800 The school where the victims of odisha train accident were kept is being demolished due to superstition of ghosts and paranormal experiences🤦🏽.Now please tell me Atheists don't believe in ghosts.
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2023.06.10 07:25 TinyAgent0 Advice Needed: Conflicted and Confused About Current Living Situation Plan

Hi I am 19, nb, and I just got through my first year of college. Unfortunately, it is summer break and now I am back in my hometown. Which means I am back at home. Which means I am back in hell. I orginally did not plan to be here for the summer, but nothing really went exactly as planned so I thought maybe just maybe I could tough it out for summer and not go insane. Which I knew would still be risky and the idea frightened me. But I convinced myself that could keep the mental progress I made in college protected and come out just fine when I move into my apartment in august. I thought so so wrong. Like colassally wrong.It of course has not been easy with nparents. And I really can't take this mental warfare any longer. I can only lose so much of my sanity. I haven't had a single day of peace. so instead of a break its feeling a lot more like solitary confinement.
Long story short, im at my limit. and while I can easily ignore them myself and grey rock for myself. I cannot do that when they abuse my 6 year old brother. I've tried. its no use that's my weakness I just can't sit and let that happen. which unfortunately just bites me in the ass of course. You ask an adult to just not hit a child and suddenly the adult throws a fit and suddenly feels the need to threaten to not help pay for college and calls you a b word. luckily they tend to do that often, i know that there is an actual word for it i just cant recall, but i wasnt exactly shocked they would do that. despite them having insisting that i focus on my studies and not worry about paying for college (bs). in short whatever helps me move foward in life is always at risk of being sabotaged. I know that they are not dependable. Im well aware it’s always been something ive known. But I could not help but depend on people that are supposed to be my parents. I digress its a lesson I’ve learned time and time again. And I’m just sick of this waiting game. And im sick of being toyed with. And im sick of being tired. Because I’m 19 now they are well within their rights one day to just simply randomly kick me out. Regardless of them also insisting that it’s a “better idea” to stay home for the summer rather than on campus and to not worry about the money. I did worry but not enough. I’m scared they’ll kick me out and I won’t be prepared. There’s two months left until break ends. I will continue to work my ass off and pay for college myself no sweat. But the issue here is if they kick me out I have no where to go. I’ll be homeless. I have a friend in town but cant stay with her not because she doesn’t want me to but because 1. parents are well acquainted with mine and 2. She lives in my neighborhood. But I’m worried that that’s their next step. And I don’t know what to do. The other choice I would have is jumping the gun and just going to a homeless shelter myself. But thats no walk in the park at all. What I hope is that despite not enjoying the nparents dungeon i at least can make food and i have the bare necessities. if I can tough it out for 2 months and then go to school that would be my best bet. But I just don’t know how to secure that. Despite everything though I do plan on packing to have what I need on hand just in case. TL;DR How do I ensure that I have the two months here at “home” to work my ass off and then go right back to college and never look back? Or should I just go to a homeless shelter on my own for two months? And see where to go from there?
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2023.06.10 07:25 Arxlightning Problems in new job is apparent

I just been hired by a company a month ago which develops electronic devices for industrial use in a warehouse.
Now here is my issue so far. I have been placed in a department where I need to service 3 other divisions and we are talking R&D, 1 special item department and 1 regular items department the company produces.
What I have run into is that as the person who procure parts for these departments is also responsible for everything being right in a sense. The guy I work with does a job where its impossible for him to make a mistake because he has isolated himself between my position and the rest of the company. he recieves wares and puts them into storage, but that job has no chance to make a mistake because if there is a wrong item on a shelf it still falls to me to move it to the right shelf and do the same in the system, because in the end it will only affect me.
What we are talking here is thousands of devices a day with hundreds of small parts which all need to be hand counted.
So in other words I get the job where I take all the responsibility of making every order completely 100% right to various departments, while recieving non of the actual power to do my job effectively.
The last 3 guys in my position left or was fired within months and I am starting to see why..
But effectively I am being used as a shield to take all the blame in my department, while every metric that is positive is attributed to my colleagues. Is that fair?
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2023.06.10 07:24 Expensive-Bad5568 I have questions about Draft League

So I have been very interested in Draft League for some time now, since I've heard that many Pokemon actually have a niche there. However, I still have 4 questions about it that I want answered.
  1. Is it casual-friendly? I'm a casual player, so at first I was quite intimidated by Draft League. From what I've think, it's insanely competitive where every player strives to win at all cost! No casuals allowed! That... sounds overwhelming for me. I've always preferred to take things at a pace I would like. Now, if it's competitive, but casual-friendly, then my interest would skyrocket!
  2. How do I join? I've always been interested, but I don't know how to actually join one.
  3. How stressful is it? I've heard that it can be hard to participate because of a couple of reasons. One of them being scheduling. I've heard that sometimes you fight opponents that are in different timezones, and as a result, you can miss a match because of either miscommunication or the time wasn't right. That sounds insanely stressful to me. I don't want to do a Competitive Pokemon battle at 4:30 in the morning!
  4. How does it work? I know it's basically selecting Pokemon made way more exciting, but besides that, idk.
Now, I'm no competitive expert, but this sounds insanely fun to me! The idea of picking Mons that don't have a niche and making them good sounds exciting! I could actually use my favorite mons! But, I want to know if it's something that I can actually find fun to play. It sounds fun, but I want to know if I would enjoy it.
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2023.06.10 07:24 johnhtii24 62 (M4F) Looking for now

Oh the joy of hearing her sighs With my head pressed Between her thighs When her hips should Begin to buck Then I will know that She is ready to fuck
Now that you know what a cunning Linguist I am why not invite me over to experience for yourself. Please be HWP or at least close.
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2023.06.10 07:24 Practical-Border-265 Apartments in Midtown, Inman Park

I am an incoming grad student moving to Atlanta. I'd like to live in Midtown or whatever area would be as safe as possible. I have a lot of friends that live in Midtown which is another motivator as I do not know if I will have a car as of right now (they can drive me to campus if need be).
I am also looking for an apt. that is 1200/month. For the sake of this discussion, I am looking for a 1 or 2 person apt that I can have this rate at. I have looked at a lot of different apartments online.
Some that I have looked at are:
-The Flats
-Theory Interlock
-Auburn Glenn (not in Midtown but seems good)
-Link Apartments Canvas
-Townhouse Atlanta (between downtown and midtown)
-25 Bradley St SE (small apt. in O4W)
-Crest on Peachtree

I'd like to hear from anyone their opinion on the areas (Inman Park, Midtown, O4W) or the specific apartments, or completely new apartment suggestions. I just need to narrow down my search somehow and hear from people who are actually in Atlanta or have lived there.
Thank you!
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2023.06.10 07:24 ZookeepergameOwn6726 Klandma turns on Christianity.

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2023.06.10 07:24 FinnBalur1 A private high school in Toronto cheated me out of my pay by disputing my online teaching hours. Any idea how to go about this?

I keep getting different advice from so many different people, but in the end this is my life I'm gambling with. One wrong move and I could end up homeless. I signed with this school on May 8th, as a high school English teacher, after quitting a 10-month contract job that I had and that ensured me EI for July and August and even sickdays and holiday. I switched over for a couple dollar hourly wage increase. So, I work this new job, and they paid me less than half of what I'm entitled to get on May 20th. I was shocked. I complained, and so they stalled for weeks and made promises to rectify it on the next payroll period. June 6th comes, and the pay is wrong again. So, I complain again, and at this point they are bouncing me between each other: "go to him," "email her," "do this," "do that." They said I was an independent contractor, not entitled to holiday or sick days, or even paystubs. I am teaching OLC4O to their students, a course the kids need to graduate high school, by the way.
They are saying the reason this is a problem is because I did not record my online teaching using Adobe. The issue is my schedule was really busy, and they didn't train me on it. I expressed to them many times I was having technical difficulties with it. The vice-principal even referred me to a person I can email and their response was "we don't have experience with macs, but here's a [very unhelpful] link." I finally got it to work on my own, outside contract hours, but now I keep asking to get paid for my unpaid work (about 30 hours or so), and i am gettinng the run around. I threatened them with the Ministry of Labour but they don't seem to care, even ignoring my emails. I literally have an email from them saying "we will compensate you on the next paycheque," and a message from my VP with a photo of my timetable. But they don't care, still. I would have quit earlier but I believed them and said "okay, my money will arrive soon" as they stalled for time. I was naive, and now they financially drained me; I am in so much credit card debt, and I've had multiple anxiety attacks, I feel sick to my stomach all the time. I'm late on rent; I can't afford my car payments, nor any of my bills.
I will file a complaint with the ministry of labour, but it might take time to process and it's not guaranteed. An agent on the phone told me they may have misclassified me (as an independent contractor), and that it didn't make sense. A friend who used to work for EI told me to get a sick leave doctor's note for my anxiety and apply to EI, but I think as an independent contractor I may not be entitled to sick leave EI, or even regular teacher EI.
I don't know what options I have at this stage, but I feel so helpless and broken-hearted... All I wanted to do was teach. That was all. And to get paid for it.
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2023.06.10 07:24 Sassy_neuppp Issaaa vibe all da time 😂

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2023.06.10 07:24 Fallen0angell I found out my bf’s mother and my mother are dating the same dude and I’m about to move in with his mom but I want to break up with my bf

I’ve been dating this guy (18m) for about a month now and I don’t feel any connection to him. The thing is I don’t know if I should break up with him or stay with him for awhile.
I just found out that my mother is dating the same guy my boyfriend’s mother is. My mom and I are about to move into the house with them and my boyfriend doesn’t know that. He doesn’t even know that his mother is dating someone or living with a guy. His mother left him during COVID to go live with her boyfriend.
I honestly don’t know what to do. My mom said that his mom was going to tell him today but I don’t think she told him yet. It’s going to be really awkward if I break up with him and then move in with his mom. I have no where else to go. It’s going to be super awkward when he gets told that our moms are dating the same guy and that I live with his mom. I know he’s going to react bad to that.
If I break up with him now it’s going to be a double whammy for him because he got told that his mom was dating someone and that his ex (me) is living in the same house as his mother who left him for a guy during COVID.
I honestly just want to change my name and move to California or something. Send help please. I’m suffering and I want to jump off a bridge. Should I break up with him now or wait until I move out of his moms house?
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2023.06.10 07:24 Naive-Distance-6830 I am such an idiot

I am (34f) met my husband (52m) at work 9 years ago. I was married at the time (divorcing, we got together way too young and it was awful) and he had a live in girlfriend. In 2016, the owner of our company died and his wife sold it. It was then we started dating. But it was flipping awful! He was mean, he cheated, I lost any and all confidence, became highly insecure, jealous. All these identities I have never been. It was about 9 months of dating before he considered me his girlfriend, after that I tried to leave 2x.
Why did I try to leave? Well there is a man who I fell deeply in love with the prior year. Yes it was an affair while married to my ex-husband. He was married too. But we have this undeniable connection. He of course didn't leave his marriage and moved away. Well about 9 months into this relationship, this man I love contacts me. It was like a dream come true. At that point I wanted to drop everything to be with him, including the 9 months I have spent with my now husband. But I couldn't. I didn't trust him and although my husband wasn't nice to me at the time, he was a safe choice.
Then, few months goes by and I find my husband was cheating on me with his ex sister in law. He said that is wasn't they were doing but they were exchanging photos and talking. He said he was giving her advice on her marriage. Ya, ok. I wanted to leave the relationship again. But he asked for another chance to improve.
Things seemingly improved over the next few months. Then I got pregnant. Then we get married. Then we buy a house, sell a house, live with his parents to build a new house. All the things. We've been married 5 years now, with an almost 5 year old son.
Somethings have remained the same though, intimacy has always been terrible. I went from an active and adventurous gal to I have no idea how to even be naked in front of a man. My husband always has a comment for everything, an opinion. And it's always opposing mine and what I think or say. He's upset that I am in the prime of my career. I am the VP of a small business with about 30 employees. I am busy, he wants to retire and is upset I work all hours. My 16 year old daughter has health problems that are still getting diagnosed and it majorly affects the whole family. And now the best part. I have lost 60# and my husband suddenly accuses me of cheating. But I am.....
For 8 years, I have never stopped loving the man I had an affair with. I have never not thought about him, my dreams are of him, I see things everyday that remind me of him. When I look into the future, I see him.
We've text off and on my entire marriage. 90% of the time just checking in, making sure everyone is healthy. But this last time? Things have changed. I am thinking more than ever what an idiot I am. I chose safe and I hate myself. I love this man more than anyone I have every loved in my life. He's 1100 miles away so it's not like we're banging.
I know what I need to do and I just don't have the energy. I am so upset I will hurt my husband.
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