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2023.06.10 23:37 itstatietot Pet boarding/doggy daycare?

Looking to make a week-long trip up there, reconnect with some of my Chippewa Roots on the Michigan side 😉 My dillemma: I have an older dog. She's 12. The casino is my cheapest option to stay for 8 days but they're not dog friendly. I have an aunt up there but she's much older and I'm not sure if she will let me keep her in her yard. Is there anywhere local that I could maybe put her in doggy daycare?
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2023.06.10 23:37 SkyD_02 I’d give up everything to get my brother back.

Today 4 years ago he died.
When I was a kid my mom was nowhere to be seen most of the time, she was high. My step father was abusive piece of sh!t in all sorts of ways but I don’t want to talk about it. The light of my life was my older brother Dylan (4 years older). He always protected me even if he got beaten to h*ll for it. He was always there for me, and basically raised me. It’s with him I felt so safe and warm. He made me smile. He made me feel loved and worthy of love. He was always there to help me and guide me and make me feel confident and comfortable. He always cheered me up when I was down. He was everything. I love him, I love him, I love him so much, I could write it a thousand times and it wouldn’t do it any justice. I love him. I really really really love him. And I wish he was still here.
I don’t want to tell too much of my background but long story short there was some legal ppl involved and so my mostly absent mom made it out that she was a victim of domestic violence (it was a whole freaking thing but it didn’t matter because Dylan was working with some attorney towards becoming my legal guardian after he turned 18 and we planned to move to America together)
Obviously she (mom) had no proof of assault the first time she made the claim so there was a case opened but my father was not arrested or anything. And he got super pissed.
I was 13.5 and Dylan was 17.5 at that time.
My father shot Dylan 2 times.
At the hospital they inserted a tube into his nose to try and suck the blood out of his stomach, and operated on him, but there was some problem of infection and they said he died peacefully but I know that’s bullshit. he died slowly as sh!t and suffered for so many freaking hours.
He did not deserve to die like that. HE DIDNT FUCKIN DESERVE TO DIE LIKE THAT. I want to scream and scream this until everybody knows. HE DID NOT FUCKIN DESERVE TO DIE LIKE THAT. He deserved to go out in real peace, not in pain. He deserved to finally live his life to the fullest. Visit Alaska and snowboard and join dance classes. And put makeup on because it made him feel pretty and confident. He deserved to have a girlfriend that loved him and adored him and a family. And he would have been the most amazing father ever, and I would have been the fun aunt to his kids.
And I… don’t I deserve to have him here with me? Don’t I deserve a little happiness as well after all that sh!t we went through?
After Dylan and father died Mom and I proceeded to move to America, at first we were at the crappiest apartment ever and honestly I was busy crying everyday to notice what the f was going on but then she found some widower surgeon (Thomas) to marry and we moved in his huge ass house.
Thomas was actually alright. But he wasn’t much at home. He had two kids, Mary (my age) and Jackson (1 year older). Mary and Jackson were nice as well. They introduced me to many ppl at school when I just came. But to be frank I was so incredibly jealous of Mary because she had Jackson and I didn’t have Dylan. Lmao I’m still jealous. And back then I used to in secret hate Mary’s guts and tried getting Jackson to fight her and hate her because I was being dumb. I hated her with burning passion when her only “crime” was that her brother was still alive. I grew out of it tho.
My mom died of overdose last year and so I am left with Thomas, Mary and Jackson. In the end he’s (Thomas) a pretty good dad even though he’s working long weird hours and Mary and Jackson are good too. Jackson is actually at college so it’s only Mary and me.
I’m a little over 17.5, which was the age Dylan was when he died.
I have good grades, good friends, I live in a really nice place. I got the newest phone and I got accepted into a really really good university for electrical engineering.
If I dare being sad I get shut down immediately by everyone. “Your dad is rich” “you’re hot/popular” “your grades are good” “you should be grateful for your life” “how could someone like you be sad?”
But honestly? I’d give it all away. Everything. Literally EVERYTHING If I could have Dylan back.
There’s isn’t one day I don’t think about him, I miss his hug, I miss his smile, I miss his voice, I miss his idiotic jokes and sad attempts to cheer me up. I miss him so much. I remember one time he tried on a skirt he bought secretly when our dad wasn’t home and I wish I could tell him again how much he rocked that skirt and how badass he looked. I still have that skirt btw. And you know everytime I see it in my closet I kind of pick it up and hug it and I smile but also it makes me so fkin sad. That’s one of the only things I have left of him. I don’t have any pictures of him at all, and It’s making me crazy. Sometimes I wonder if he actually existed or maybe my memories are false. Sometimes I want to scream until I pass out.
It’s like there’s this huge hole in my heart that nothing can fill. Actually not a hole, half my heart is missing. Literally. Nothing can help it. Not Thomas. Not Mary and Jackson. Not my friends. Not my boyfriend. This void will never be filled. It’s like I’ve been stuck in a nightmare for 4 years and I can’t wake up. I’ll never wake up. Dylan will never come back to me.
Even thinking of saying that he’s looking at me from the sky and I should make him proud and that he’d want me to live my life and be happy without him makes me sick. I just can’t cope with the fact that he’s gone. I can’t. Sometimes I have nightmares and right when I wake up I think about going to Dylan for a hug and then I remember that I’m alone. No matter how many friends or boyfriends or expensive cloths I have or anything. I’m always so freakin alone. I can be at a party surrounded by ppl and lights and I’ll still feel like everything is miles away and I just stand in the middle of nowhere in the darkness and I’m just waiting for someone.
In case anybody asks, I am going to a therapist, I’ve been going for a year because Thomas thought I’d be needing it after mom died.
It doesn’t matter how many hugs I get from my friends. And how many times I talk to them (they don’t know anything but they know my mom died). It will never bring Dylan back.
I’m sorry for this long ass rant, but truly off my chest, I’d give my new family, the house, the cloths, the friends and the grades and my place at that university if it means I could have my Dylan back.
It’s gonna be so lonely today. I will visit your grave and talk to the headstone until it’s dark and hope you are somewhere out there and you can hear me. I miss you, Dylan. And I don’t think it will ever get easier living here without you.
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2023.06.10 23:37 AutoModerator [] ✔️John Anthony – Approach Breakthrough Challenge ✔️ Full Course Download

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This is why you need to focus on meeting girls in real life, they’re everywhere in your city and you never know when you’re going to see them…
But more than likely you’ve been sold the myth that being able to walk up to a woman and talk to her is extremely difficult.
Most dating coaches tell you that you need to reinvent yourself, they tell you…
  • Solve your childhood trauma…
  • ​Meditate for hours and don’t touch your you know what…
  • ​Become an alpha by spending years in the gym…
  • ​Create some sort of celebrity social circle and spend your life in the club…
What a load of BS.
There’s a better way, and that better way is the Natural Approach System.
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2023.06.10 23:36 M-4-Monkey New to all...This

Late 40's Male, Health issues derailed my life at 16, have not been able to work for 20+ years (These days I'm not sure if I was looking for an excuse or not) Unable to live apart from family due to being only on SSDI. Always had those tiny voices in the background saying it would be better if something happened to me, less a burden to others around me. The loneliness is hard, wanting to meet someone, yet terrified of the rejection my mind tells me will happen, so I get older, fatter, and still jobless. Finally culminated in the largest hole I've been in since high school. Took me an entire week of fighting with the fear to even talk to my doctor and I'm on day 3 of 25mg for starters.
Not really sure why I'm posting. I think part of me is so fearful of being alone that I'm going mad if I don't tell at least someone how I feel. Hard part is seeing how others seem to feel sort of the same, yet that little part of my mind still telling me I'm alone and nobody will understand me. The weight on my chest still feels like it will always be there, but from what little I have read from others, being only 3 days in is not even the starting line to trying to feel better, so I am doing the best I can to tell myself I need to be patient and let the medication do its works. Thanks for listening
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2023.06.10 23:36 babyfattrules Older nonbinary ready for Pride Night at the club

Older nonbinary ready for Pride Night at the club
Straight folks should be scared
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2023.06.10 23:36 InternationalBite345 Windows 10 vs Low end laptop

Hi guys,
so consider this post to be a quick brain-storming, I'm out of solutions and don't seem to find something that would help.
My specs:
Dell latitude e6440
Intel i5-4310M 2.70 base, Turbo boost is on, up to 3.36
Intel HD 4600
12 G Ram 8X4 Dual Channel
Crucial BX500 has latest Windows 10 Pro
Seagate HDD for games
Basically, I've been using windows 7 for a very very long time. Obviously due to the system limitations and that it was more suitable for the type of gaming I do on my laptop, this was until Google announced the end of support for it, I got windows 10 and I wanted the upgrade anyway.
Everything since then is very smooth, no problems, overheating, nothing is slow, all works fine and pretty quick specially after I removed the bloatware.
However that's until I launch a game, what would happen exactly is that the game would run, sometime at very high FPS, even higher than expected, on low graphics of course, and for a minute or two, it would drop to unbelievably low rates, and comes up again.
That's a list of Games I regularly play:
- GTAs - San Andreas and V specially (Yes I stretch it that far)
- Paradox Grand Strategies, Victoria 2, EU4 etc.
- COD from MW1 to BO 1
- AC from 1 to Rouge
- Mount&Blade: Warband
- FIFA 14, PES 17
- Mafia 2
- SimCity 4
- Dark souls 1&2
I included the list not because I actually play them all at the moment, but because nearly each and everyone of them was working with no drops or stutter on windows 7, but on windows 10 they do, even the older fifas, COD, and I tried San Andreas today and the same happened.
I tried too many things, way to many, from running debloating scripts, reinstalling windows multiple times, using windows GPU driver, deleting with DDU and using Intel's latest, disabling DVR, undervolting with XTU and Throttlestop, putting CPU to 99% max instead of 100%, turning on and off turbo boost, messing with Intel GPU settings, BIOS updates, and all the other thing like compatibility, putting games in the Exclusions for Windows defender, EVERY SINGLE THING I FOUND.
But still, microstutter, however, the only game that I have tried and didn't notice the same dip in performance is Warband, it has a bit more stability despite using heavy mods like AD 1257 Enhanced (This game runs on Directx 9 as a maximum), however it's still lower than the performance on Windows 7.
This has been driving me crazy, and the reason I'm insisting to understand what's even the reason for it is because every other task I do on it is flawless, even doing some quick editing with Shotcut is going fine with no problems.
I used afterburner and capped FPS at 30 with RTSS, they got lower than 30 for a minute and then go up, I noticed it doesn't have to do with the area I'm in inside the game, it happens in the menus, happens in dense vegetation, happens everywhere and all the time.
One last thing is that I noticed it measures very hot temps some times reaching +90c, but this was the same with Win7 sometimes and this never happened, and it doesn't reach those level's on older games but the stutter happens.
Did anybody face this before and knew what's in Windows 10 that is causing this? Am I crazy?

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2023.06.10 23:36 Hannyx3 Unfair

Today i had conversations with my crush, it's was nice at first, we pass hour talking and everything, my crush know that i love him and but didn't love me, i always thought that he doesn't like me because of my age or the way we met but no and today i had the reason of why he not interested by me, his reason: he wants a woman who know what she wants, a woman who own her life, a woman who have a job/position even maybe a child. I feel so devastated right now, i don't know what i want for my future because i never thought about future because of my mental health and i didn't have a job or motivation to find one because my anxiety is really bad and that mental health is bad. So i feel so like shit right now, i'm a fucking failure... it's so unfair! I want to cry, to scream, why I'm like that?
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2023.06.10 23:35 InternationalGoats How to deal with failed situationship due to circumstances at the time? Will I ever find someone as good?

I (23m) was questioning my gender and recently thought I was trans for a bit. This past January I met a guy on tinder (25m) who I told day one I was questioning my gender and he didn’t seem to mind. We talked for two weeks, he visited me for two nights and then we talked for another two weeks before we had a conversation where I basically told him I was considering transitioning. We stopped talking in early February (because he’s gay and couldn’t date a trans woman). Well, recently i’ve been thinking I don’t really want to transition and be a woman after all, and just want to be more fem as a gay guy. Recently, I tried to catch up with the guy as well, my intention was just as friends, and I didn’t tell him yet that I decided to not transition. Well, he has a bf now which I didn’t expect to hurt so much. From what he said it seems like he started talking to his current bf right after him and I stopped talking, and he spends most of his time with him now. The conversation basically went:
Me: hey how’ve you been Him: I’ve been good, just doing an internship lately, hbu? Me: I’ve been good, you still at the same job you had before? Are you still living with your brother? Him: Yea but I’m rarely home now because I spend most of my time with my boyfriend.
And he went on to say that they met in early February (which is when him and I stopped talking), and became official in April. I feel kinda bad that he met someone else and became so involved with him so quickly, or like i did something wrong that this happened and I missed my opportunity with him due to the circumstances of me still figuring out my gender at the time him and I were talking. This is also my first time I’ve really had an ex officially date someone else (that I know of) which makes it feel worse. I’m worried about if I’ll ever find a guy as loyal as he seemed for example.
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2023.06.10 23:35 Suspicious_Bag_7045 My son is an asshole

I’ve had a day. My (22F) partner (24M) is on a business trip so I’m alone with our son. He was playing by himself so I thought I had a moment to relax but next thing I know, the window screen (2nd story apartment) is missing and I cant find my son. I ran around outside panicking and shouting his name because I thought he fell out the window. I eventually found him hiding in the closet behind my clothes and he’s been pretending like the whole thing never even happened. Not even an hour later, he knocked my muffin off the counter while I was doing laundry and started eating it on the floor. Before today I was seriously considering adopting a sibling for him but now I’m feeling overwhelmed by just one. Picture of the bastard is attached, any advice on how to get my son to be less of an asshole would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.10 23:35 tryonosaurus94 AITA for going no contact with my mother?

AITA for going No Contact with my mother?
So, I (28F) was raised by my single father. I have had a rocky relationship with my mother (59F) my whole life, due to drugs and alcohol and gun violence. She is incredibly volatile, and has alienated a majority of her family due to her volatility. I can include more of that in comments if folks would like some backstory. So, my father (M76) had been struggling with esophageal cancer for 2 years, and it was approaching hospice time. Where my mother had been horrible, my father was exceptional. He was an amazing dad. As good and kind of a man as you could possibly imagine. I was taking care of him throughout his cancer, but I put aside the crappy relationship with my mom and called her.
My mother came up immediately to help. My father had been living with me so that I could take care of him, so I took off work to do full time home hospice. My fiancee (27F) had quit her job to help out as well.
In order to shorten this a bit, I’ll have to leave out the drama where she started stealing my liquor. I didn’t know she was back to drinking, she had been sober. I have a normal relationship to alcohol, and thus didn’t think about hiding my liquor from her when she came over.
There was so much manipulation that it would be hard to include everything she did during the month she stayed with my father and I. It was an incredibly stressful time for all of us. I tried to have sympathy for her stress levels as well.
One night, we had a different nurse come by. She told us to put liquid pain meds under my father’s tongue, as his feeding tube wasn’t an option at the moment. At this point, my father was non responsive. He was clearly on his way out. The nurse being a medical professional, I listened. Unfortunately, this caused my father to cough and choke on the meds. My fiancee and I suctioned until he stopped, and he got comfortable again. I called the nurse and explained what happened. She came up with a way to make his feeding tube viable again and that was that. I felt very bad for having made my father cough, but I thought I was doing right, as that is what I had been told. My mother had absolutely zero medical experience, but was incredibly mad at me for not listening to her suggestion not to. I was following medical advice. He was okay after the nurse's mistake. I thought it was over with.
She accused me of trying to drown my father. She kept yelling that I was drowning him. My fiancee politely asked her to stop. She said “this is a really stressful time for all of us, and OP already feels really bad. Can you please stop, this isn’t helping”. Then she started freaking out and yelling at me over everything. I had some martini glasses and a bar mat out to dry after washing. Me putting those away after drying was apparently offensive to her. She screamed at me about not trusting her with medical stuff, and she’s right, I didn’t. She had fucked up the antibiotics multiple times, and gave a medication that was contraindicated despite the nurse specifically telling her not to.
She started to threaten to leave. She was screaming at my fiancee even more than she was at me. The last straw was when she was screaming, and I quote, “I rebuke thee Satan!” directly in my fiancees face. I told her to get the fuck out. She started packing her bags. We had been going through family photos on the couch and coffee table together, she made sure to snatch those first. Then she said I’ll never have photos of my father, and why didn’t HE have childhood photos of me?? (He did. They’re in a large box in my closet.)
Importantly, she left one packet of photos on the couch. I saw them, and, afraid that she’d follow through on not letting me have any photos of my father, quickly took photos of them with my phone. My fiancee then put them on the coffee table between two books. My mom came out of the bathroom accusing me of having stolen photos from the room. I said I didn’t know what she was talking about, because I didn’t. I hadn’t stolen anything or even moved out of the chair I was sitting in. When I realized she was talking about the photos she left behind, I gave them to her immediately. She continued to accuse me of theft. This coming from a woman who has struggled with drugs and alcohol and various crimes her whole life, to her daughter that has never once even had a speeding ticket. But I’m a thief apparently. A normal person would have simply asked if they left those ones out there, but she can’t possibly do that.
All of this screaming while my father is literally on his death bed.
She left after midnight, screaming at me for over an hour. Had she refused to leave I would have called the cops. The next day I calmly asked her to scan copies of the photos. She continued to try to hold them over my head as leverage. Eventually she did, and dropped the copies off.
My father passed a week later. I briefly spoke to her at the funeral. I hugged her, but didn’t accept any apologies. I haven’t answered the phone since. I sent a Merry Christmas text but that’s it. The calls aren’t as frequent now. I think she’s gotten the message. My half brother still tells me to talk to her. I have no desire to talk to someone who would treat me so poorly. I don’t care that she’s my mother. She’s had her own health issues lately. Heart surgery, her own cancer treatments. I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned, I became an orphan when my father died.
Am I being unfair to her? Should I give her another chance?
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2023.06.10 23:35 carbonatoconsprite Clothing Donation Pick Up

I'm looking for a service that will come pick up my clothes and running shoes for free. I have a few bags worth of clothes and many pairs of old running shoes that are still in good shape.
I would like my clothing to go to a shelteorganization that gifts the clothes to those in need. I don't want to sell. Women's clothes and shoes only.
Any suggestions? Located in UES.
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2023.06.10 23:34 furyflourish To everyone in this sub & Mindy…

I just want to say thank you for being so authentic and transparent. When everything went down I honestly didn’t know who to believe because I was a follower of JK for YEARS and I was also a follower of you for about a year. Now I realize and see through Messica’s lies and I feel so stupid for not noticing sooner as someone in recovery myself. I’m on this sub because I want JK to hold herself accountable, I know she sees this subreddit. Ironic how she deleted her video of her being diagnosed with Antisocial Personality Disorder. That’s very telling, especially now. I’m also on this sub because I feel like an idiot. “Following”/“supporting” someone on the internet who is the complete 180 of who they are in real life saddens me and maybe other users on here can agree. As (ex) addicts, we are smart. We can smell BS. I feel as though I’m finally not alone in feeling so betrayed. On Tik Tok, she never thanks her followers in her lives for any gifts sent. She’s never been thankful or shown genuine gratitude. Mindy, on the podcast you did just recently with Wildflower, you’ve shown more class, integrity and smarts than JK ever has and probably ever will. Thank you. 🙏🙌
I am also worried for you… I don’t want you to go back to prison. You do not deserve to be there. If anyone… the woman who leaves her daughters with known child abusers should go! The woman who’s manipulated millions and threatens acts of actual violence should go. Here I am, just saying gently, you putting on a restraining order or making a police report to protect yourself and your children, at this point… wouldn’t classify as a “snitch” or a “rat”. In my eyes, you’re a great woman (who’s made mistakes just like everyone does) and even though you’ve mentioned that you’ve moved and they wouldn’t be able to find you, I live states away from you and I’m worried for you. From what I’ve read, Jason and JK are sending you actual threats and this is not okay. They have taken this too far and then they want to spin the narrative, it’s not okay. I’ve seen people not take certain threats seriously thinking those people wouldn’t ACTUALLY do anything, and they did. I don’t want to lose you Mindy to the system… or worse. Just please hear me out on that even though I’m a stranger to you. 🙏 I care and I’m positive others on this sub care too. It’s time to think about your safety now. You’re not a snitch or a rat. You’re a woman with kids and you DESERVE safety.
I feel so betrayed by JK. To think there was someone who made it big on social media talking about the real and raw reality of recovery… for it to all be fake. Completely fake.
Thank you to everyone on this sub, and I hope Mindy, you realize if you took any steps to protect yourself via a police report or restraining order, I would APPLAUD you. I am applauding you regardless but I hope you know what I’m trying to say. Everyone stay safe and well. ✌️❤️
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2023.06.10 23:33 UnrealTaco123 Am I (26M) wrong for being mad at my GF (31F) for not wanting me to come to her house?

My brother has been very sick; he landed himself in the hospital this week due to impaction of feces in his colon. My brother, who is 29 years old, suffers from the disease of addiction, and because of that and some other health issues, he was backed up for almost a month and could not use the bathroom. Things got very scary this week when he experienced excruciating pain, and an ambulance was called. I went to see him two times, but each time he received minimal attention from the nurses and doctors. He was often either vomiting or soiling himself while waiting for someone to clean him up, which didn't happen very often.
My brother, crying in excruciating pain, would call for the nurse to help clean him, but no one would come, or if they did, they would tell him that someone would be right with him. Because I love my brother, I cleaned him up each time he soiled himself. He was very grateful for my help, and I know he would do the same for me.
Fast forward, I have back-to-back-to-back finals due this weekend. The plan was to go home, freshen up, change my clothes, and then go to my girlfriend's place, whom I have been looking forward to seeing as I have been under a lot of stress and take my tears online. However, I made the mistake of telling her that I had to clean my brother. In response, she told me not to come over and said she needed some time to distance herself from me because I cleaned him up instead of waiting for a nurse to do it. She even said she doesn't want me to touch her and essentially told me to "f*** off" this weekend. To make matters worse, my brother, despite his condition, asked about her, as my family often does. I am angry, upset, and feel disgusted by her reaction. Am I wrong for feeling this way?
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2023.06.10 23:33 DeadEyesSmiling An Intriguing MashUp

An Intriguing MashUp
I'm both quite a fan of MashUps, and very weary of MashUps involving Queen; the band has such a particular sound that often doesn't gel when combining them with others.
That being said, this one came across my path and I was shocked at how well the artist was able to integrate these two wildly different songs, especially considering the 1) sacredness of Bohemian Rhapsody, and 2) that it has such distinct sections.
Anywho, if you're up for a surprisingly comfortable spin on the ol' classic, give this a listen!
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2023.06.10 23:33 Perfect-Passenger-83 3rd Grade Dream

Okay. I'm older than I was back then, but I still remember the dream so clearly.
This was...mid-november or January I think? I fell asleep (On a Monday) and was anticipating the next day, which was crazy hairdo day at my school.
The dream I had depicted the day ahead; I can still remember my friends rainbow afro. But my school was a tad bit different (the lunch system, and I was in a different class). When I woke up, the events of the day happened exactly in my dream (My friend having a rainbow afro, for example) except the things that changed...didn't. I was in my regular class, and the lunch system was back to normal.
In the dream, I woke up like normal. Did everything like normal and nothing seemed weird to little 3rd grade me, but I looked throughout this subreddit, and some people's dreams seemed to be like mine.
Anyone have a clear answer? I don't remember much before the dream, so it could be possible that I hopped universes that day and didn't realize. Or it was just a one day thing.
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2023.06.10 23:33 dragonfiregun Why are you transgenda?

I totally accept you for being trans but I just don't understand why you would feel the need to transition. I personally wouldn't care whether I had the body of a man or a woman, I wouldn't feel uncomfortable at all. Can't you just live with the body that is given to you?
/uj somebody please explain this to me, do (some) people really not care what sex they are?
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2023.06.10 23:32 linemanshandset Raspberry Pi retro media center

Does anyone have any experience setting up a media center for older content with a Pi?
I set it up to boot to composite in 4:3 mode. I installed VLC to play video files because MPV doesn't detect any video output and omxplayer isn't available for the latest version of the OS. It's doesn't seem ideal to control it through ssh (with vlc) because I can't seem to pause it or fast forward. I may be able to rig something up though.
Overall it works O.K. It just doesn't seem to look quite right. It might be mostly the fault of the video files themselves but I haven't compared it to other media centers so I can't say for sure. I have a couple alternative options in storage such as an xbox360 and a modded wii. I'm also wondering if the composite cables I got for the Pi could be better. The white on black font seems to have some rainbow artifacts as soon as I boot the thing up, but I don't notice anything nearly that bad as soon as I start watching stuff.
Does anyone have any advice for getting things to work better? Perhaps someone has an alternative device I could run through composite to watch media over the network?
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2023.06.10 23:32 Background-Ground-59 my new neighbor chain smokes and now my apartment reeks

I'm dying. What can I do ?
This is a sensory nightmare for me, plus all my clothes smell like smoke now so I can't even escape the smell when I leave my place.
Can I offer to buy him an air purifier ?
What do I do ??
This is causing meltdowns
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2023.06.10 23:32 Anheledir My first bunnies are moving in tomorrow!

My first bunnies are moving in tomorrow!
I am being obsessed with bunnies for a long time, reading a lot of books, forums, watching videos .. but I was always a bit afraid to adopt some on my own as I only want them to be happy and healthy, and with no garden nor being able to dedicate a room to them I was thinking I couldn’t offer this to them.
But recently I saw some poor little bunnies in a pet shop in italy during a camping trip, living in really bad circumstances: Tiny cage (not even a square meter!), almost no hay, water bottle and no toys or hiding place, with 3(!!) tiny bunnies living inside. I was so angry, frustrated, sad, furious... almost was about to buy them for rescue and load them in the car. But we were still staying another week on that camping site and the drive home would have been 20h.. and of course I definitely didn't want to even support that shop and they would have had new bunnies the week after anyway.
That still left a huge mental impact and I couldn't stop thinking about it. Started doing more research and looking around shelters and similar.
Long story short ... I found a seemingly nice woman living about a 3h drive away that has two cute dwarf rabbits (2 year old siblings, he is neutered, she apparently isn't). She developed a bad allergy lately and therefore is looking for a new home. We talked a bit and she asked me a lot of good questions, since I openly told her that I had no bunnies before. Also had contacted with some strange / dubious guys before that, giving me several red flags! (I might be a first-time Bunny Dad but I'm not naive and did my research! 😒) So I really appreciated that the woman was very curious in who would give her bunnies a new home.
She asks for far less money than all of the hay, litter, litter boxes, pen and other accessories are worth, even if it's rather new, just not to scare away potential interests.
So - as the title already gave away: She liked my application as new "Carrot giver" and as sad as she is to be forced letting them go, I'm visiting tomorrow to pick up the two cuties and all their Accessoires! (even going to double the original 100€ payment so she wouldn't make a loss on it as little surprise). Also offered to send her pics and videos regularly and that she can visit when being around, which she gladly accepted!
So ... currently still preparing last things and making my living room bunny-proof. I'm really excited (and honestly still a bit worried if these furballs will like me and their new home)! Less than 24 hours now... 🫢🫣🥰
PS: Photos are not made by me, but show the two bunnies. If you would be interested I coukd provide some new photos of our journey starting tomorrow 👀😇
PPS: How would you name these two cuties?? 😘
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2023.06.10 23:31 Censoriousnesss Birthson wants me to text him

I placed my son for adoption almost 13 years ago this August. It has always been an open adoption. I was a lot more involved when he was younger. I always struggled to feel connected to him and it kind of worsened as he grew older. I still visited him and kept in contact with his mom.
I had my daughter almost 4 years ago and she is my first to parent. I was sad for many years after having placed him so having my daughter was a blessing and kind of helped heal some wounds in a sense. About a year ago my birthson and his family ended up moving about 4 hours away. It made me incredibly sad because I’d always had the comfort of knowing he was close by. I haven’t seen any of them since they moved and our contact has significantly lessened.
His mom reached out to me today and said that HE said he wished I would text him sometime. I didn’t even know he had a phone but of course I would love that. I wrote her back and said of course I would as long as she was okay with it. It’s funny I’ve envisioned this many times and now staring at his name in my phone I’m not sure what to say. He is almost 13 and so big now. It felt so easy when he was a toddler. Im sure many people would love to text their birth children and I feel blessed to have this opportunity but I just feel anxious and I don’t know what to say.
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2023.06.10 23:30 Amansenpai69 My bestfriend turned out to be bi

So i met this guy 9 months ago we both were pretty close but today he came to me and said to me that he's bi now I'm in denial but i can't cut ties with him i wanna support him cuz he's my bestfriend and I'm the first male friend with whom he have shared this thing he used to be homophobic and now he takes photos like fuckin femboy and share them with me not everyday he shared today only just to prove he's bi and the worst part is it's her gf fetish to have a femboy as a bf and I'm blaming all this things to her gf i don't wanna rude to him cuz he love her sm that he thinks that it's his decision to be bisexual i have no clue I'm just in denial cuz he's the first person whom i have considered best friend and now he turned out to be some peacock worshippers i don't know what to do and I'm not blaming his gf for no reason she's the reason why he started doing make up and wearing girls clothes cuz he shared few picks with me 3-4 month ago wearing female clothes i thought it was the first time so i shouldn't be just negative but now i regret not saying anything i have lost my on only best friend who had same personality as me
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