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A subreddit about photography techniques and styles. Post your work here to ask for critique, or browse the submissions and learn how photography techniques are achieved.

2023.03.29 11:55 svpschool Engaging Young Minds through Activity-Based Learning

Engaging Young Minds through Activity-Based Learning
Creating an optimal learning environment that actively engages learners can be overwhelming, but it is the foundation of effective learning for preschool children. Activity-Based Learning is a strategy that characterizes and nurtures cognitive and constructive approaches, fostering qualities such as inquisitiveness, self-learning, critical thinking, and a student-centric focus. This approach helps children become more efficient learners and includes various activities such as “No Book Week”, “Show and Tell”, “Role Play”, “Group Discussion”, “Quizzes”, “Debate”, “Mind Mapping”, “Projects”, “Journal Entry”, “Songs”, “Culinary Learning”, and “Scientific Learning”.
No Book Week:
No Book Week is a beloved activity week that includes pre-learning activities such as sensory walking, studying animal habitats on land and water, time calculation, the water cycle, and culture studies on Tamil Landforms. In the pre-kindergarten classes, children learn daily routines like brushing their teeth to make them healthy habits. Sorting transportation is used to help children identify different types of transportation. The primary and secondary color identification activity is a sub-curriculum for children.
In the quizzes, students were divided into different teams such as Knights, Titans, Warriors, and Spartans. They were given questions related to the curriculum and had to answer them to earn points.
Show and Tell:
Show and Tell activities required children to choose their favorite toy and share their thoughts about it with their peers, boosting their self-confidence, public speaking, and critical thinking skills.
Role Play:
Role Play activities involved staging short conversations with different emotions, enhancing story narration, creativity, expressions, conflict resolution, and communication skills.
Mind Mapping:
Mind Mapping is an effective activity that can be applied to all subjects, as children find it easy to map the concepts taught to them by constructing simple sentences. In this activity, children are introduced to a story and asked to map it using elements such as the beginning, characters, conflict, resolution, and conclusion.
Projects provide an excellent platform to enhance children's fine motor skills, project management, critical thinking, problem-solving, and team-building abilities. As part of this approach, children were tasked with creating a project focused on a variety of food styles found in different states of the country.
Songs are an enjoyable and effective way to facilitate learning, particularly for young learners. Children love to sing, dance, and create their own fun-filled world. The song "Slippery Fish" made the teaching of the life cycle of animals more interesting and engaging for the children.
Journal Entry:
Journal Entry is an activity that aims to improve children's literacy skills. As part of this exercise, children make entries about their day-to-day activities. This activity not only enhances their writing skills but also reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and develops critical thinking, cognitive learning, vocabulary, sentence construction, and spelling skills.
Scientific Learning:
Scientific Learning is an activity that engages children to become active learners about space, life in space, planets, and the existence of life below and above the atmosphere. In this activity, children are grouped together to discuss planets and the solar system using stories as a medium of communication.
Culinary Learning:
Culinary Learning is a part of developing fine motor skills, where young learners are introduced to flameless cooking and creating healthy food styles. Children enjoyed portraying themselves as Young Chefs to express their culinary artistry.
Learning becomes fun when it extends beyond the walls and pages, and that is exactly what Sona Valliappa Public School strives for - to nurture young minds with innovation.
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2023.03.29 11:54 black-knight-13 Master of the Long Bow: Yamamoto Asaya

Name: Yamamoto Asaya
Age: 16
Appearance: Short, sandy blonde hair, dark green eyes, lean frame, pale skin, pupils shaped like crosshairs.
Clothing: Black cargo pants, short-sleeved green shirt, black boots, grey vest, black fingerless gloves, beaded necklace around his neck with an arrowhead charm, grey sunglasses.
Personality: Serious, calm, level-headed, easy-going, dedicated, charming when he speaks, kind, and family-oriented.
Quirk: Deadshot. Asaya's Quirk gives him an incredible range of vision. The crosshairs in his pupils are a mutation that has been passed down in his family for generations. Asaya has traditional sight but added effects such as night vision, thermal vision, micro-vision, Interscope, and even X-ray. These different types of vision give him a range of advantages in the field and his sense of vision is so great that he can even detect the movements of his opponents by analyzing their body motions such as footsteps, muscle coiling, hand gestures, and even eye movements.
Quirk Drawbacks: Since his Quirk is entirely dependent on his vision, Asaya is weak against any kind of bright light. If he comes in contact with anything that could potentially disrupt his vision then he will be at a major disadvantage in the field. Plus, his Quirk allows him to detect minute movements in his opponents if they can stay out of his line of sight or finds some way to distract him then he could get weaker.
Quirk Supermoves: (Asaya doesn't have any physical super moves due to the way his Quirk operates so he uses different Trick Arrows to aid him in battle.)
Sonic Arrow: Unleashes an ear-piercing sonic echo upon impact or creates a confusing echo of a voice or sound Asaya has heard before.
Incendiary Arrow: Burns its target upon impact.
Flashbang Arrow: A flashbang grenade in the form of an arrow.
Shock Arrow: An electrifying arrow that shocks its target upon impact.
Zip-tie Arrow: Unleashes a set of zip-tie handcuffs that can be used to retrain a target.
Grappling Hook Arrow: An arrow that shoots a line to a target that can be used to reach higher areas by using swinging lines and zip lines.
Echo Arrow: An arrow that can either record voices or listen in on conversations.
Freeze Arrow: Unleashes super fast freezing liquid nitrogen that freezes a target in place.
Knockout Gas Arrow: Unleashes a gas that renders all who inhale it unconscious.
Hero Name: The Archer Hero: Justice Arrow
Hero Costume: Black and red cargo pants, long-sleeved black shirt, crimson hooded vest, black and red gauntlets with black fingerless gloves, and black boots. Black-trimmed red armor covers his shins and knees, armor padding covers the backs of his hands, and curved armor padding covers his shoulders. On his thighs, he carries a set of Eskrima sticks made especially for Asaya, his belt carries kunai knives and shuriken, and on his back, he carries a quiver of arrows each one designed for a different purpose. He also carries a specially made collapsable, compound bow which is his primary weapon. Over his eyes, he wears a specially made pair of goggles that increase his range of vision even more than normal along with keeping his eyes protected.
Background: Asaya grew up as the only son of a famous Kyudo Dojo. His family had been archers ever since the Warring States Era and had continued the tradition even in the modern days of Quirks and Heroes. As the only son, Asaya was tasked with continuing the tradition and began training since he was old enough to pick up a bow. Most children would have found this taxing and boring but Asaya found it rather enjoyable. The way he felt totally at peace when he drew his bow and notched his arrows, made him feel whole. As Asaya grew, he planned to continue on with his family dojo until the day his elder sister became sick.
On the eve when his sister was supposed to meet her future husband, she was caught in the crossfire of a villain attack. One that could use poison gas to his advantage. When Asaya heard of this he immediately left the dojo to help her but a moment too late and his sister inhaled a severe amount of poison gas and nearly lost her life if Asaya hadn't taken her to a hospital. His sister survived but the poison affected her body and she has been confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Seeing his beloved sister in such a state and feeling the bitterness of not being able to help her during a dangerous time angered Asaya immensely. He chooses to set aside his role of being the dojo's successor and turns his attention to being a hero. So that no one ever feels the pain of seeing someone they love harmed by the cruelty of villainy.
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2023.03.29 11:53 Arsenal_27 Struggling to create chances and keep possession. I use both 433 and 4231 (same team instructions, no player instructions). I also can’t get Almada to perform, what’s his best role?

Struggling to create chances and keep possession. I use both 433 and 4231 (same team instructions, no player instructions). I also can’t get Almada to perform, what’s his best role? submitted by Arsenal_27 to footballmanagergames [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 11:48 josephinesparrows Update Post: Growing My IG Experiment (Changing my strategy!)

Here's link to the original post from 11 days ago and I'm already changing my strategy and mindset
I wanted to grow my social media to increase the possibility of book sales focusing on IG first and I do agree that it can help, but after watching a video from Bethany Atazadeh interviewing Sarra Cannon, I've changed my mindset and I'm SO EXCITED.
When I first posted I had 304 followers and now I have 311. I've done 3 reels and 3 photos. Reels received a total of 44 likes and the photos only 13. No comments except the reel I did about a day in the life of an Aussie maternity leave parent.
Reels are undoubtedly more popular, so I will put more effort into learning how to do a quicker style reel than what I had been doing (mashing a ton of different clips together so the editing took forever).
I also was going to do Mondays - writing post, Wednesday - book post, and Friday - life post. I struggled with the life post.
After watching the video from Bethany & Sarra:
I'm going to post more bookish content than anything else. I'm not going to post life content unless I have something I deem share worthy and then I may just do a story. I would like to do a regular writing update to remind people about my book, but I need to focus more on what readers will enjoy instead of the nuts and bolts. E.g. when outlining, instead of talking about which save the cat beats I'm struggling with, I should talk about how a brainstorming session led to extending the elemental magic so that some characters can wield extensions of their base element, e.g. some water wielders can also control ice. I'm still talking about my story, but in a way that will interest potential readers.
In the video Sarra talks about how having a 1000+ following on social media doesn't translate to sales. That her writing channel has thousands of subscribers, but not many buy her books because she does writing content so the writers flock but they aren't necessarily readers of her genre. Bethany also echoed.
So, if you goal is to use social media to sell books, you need to tailor your content to readers. For me, that means posting about what I'm reading and getting a bit more involved in bookstagram challenges to give me ideas of what to post (I'm a slower reader and wouldn't have enough currently reading content) and also hopefully to get more people seeing my account.
And then advice for marketing the first book in your series before you've got title, blurb & cover to reveal, is the good ol' reader magnet to your newsletter. This can be a short story, first few chapters from the novel, fantasy map, character art, etc., etc.
Part of my marketing plan is to also use Book Sirens and paid Book Tours because they seem the most budget friendly, but also have a decent success rate. I would like to look into newsletter swaps too, but I don't have much to offer at the moment since I have 4 people 😂 When draft #1 is resting, I'm going to write my short story, but in my spare time (haha) I might try to make a fantasy map of the magical campus to offer as a reader magnet straight off the bat.
In summary, the video is super encouraging because it has made marketing seem doable and much less scary. I know my best tools are to write a great book, and sequels, and have gorgeous covers and blurbs, but it's also nice to have a plan on how I'm going to get my books in the hands of readers.
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2023.03.29 11:46 Captain_Pie_ Crochet Tutorial for a Cute Fox Toy + Style of Yae Miko

Crochet Tutorial for a Cute Fox Toy + Style of Yae Miko
Link to the tutorial
Distribution and copying of the pattern without my permission is prohibited.
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2023.03.29 11:44 Dirus GPT for Recipes with whatever is in your fridge

Does anyone have or know how to create a GPT shortcut that can suggest recipes?
I tried making my own by revamping another user's shortcut (David Cohen's Rephrase with GPT), but I don't know much about creating shortcuts, so can only edit others work. Anyway, I got stuck on how to have the conversation continue.
My idea was to have the user type in the ingredients available in the fridge
Ask the user to choose from a list of cuisine styles
Input the text and cuisine style into a text that includes a list of cookware and always available ingredients. Then ask "ChefGPT" to suggest 3 recipes from that information, but only the name and a short descriptive sentence.
(This is the part where it fell apart for me)
The user would choose one of the three recipes then ChefGPT would share the recipe and ask if you want to copy or try again or even send it to notes or something.
Much appreciated
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2023.03.29 11:41 Blake-Freer Why would they do this?

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2023.03.29 11:41 Captn_Thatch Celtic and Rochester: A WoWsL Tier 7 Review

HMS Celtic

USS Rochester (CA-124)


These ships were given to me by Wargaming for review.
Welcome back. Sure, it does seem rather apt to jump into the first published review in sometime with the addition of two new Baltimores…well, one Oregon-City Cruiser, and another Baltimore. With both ships being so closely related, it seems fitting to tag them both together here. Per the norm, there will be lots of pretty charts, and a comprehensive breakdown of both ships; with the added benefit of showing exactly where these two wrap up into the bigger picture.
All stats are current to the best of my knowledge as of v5.1. Stats are subject to change in the future, and this review may not reflect those changes.
Celtic is a GREAT ship, with a MODERATE Skill Floor and a HIGH Skill Ceiling.
Rochester is an AVERAGE ship, with a LOW Skill Floor and a MODERATE Skill Ceiling.
Quite obviously, this review is going to be mostly centered on Celtic, with some Rochester slapped in there to show exactly how she stacks up to the competition. 2 for 1, or a freebie, you decide.
Nothing could honestly make me happier than to be able to bring reviews and writing to you all full-time. If this interests you and you enjoy reading my work, please support me if you can, as every little bit helps. My goal is to keep my reviews free and public for all to read; and by supporting my Patreon you can help keep me at my desk.

Matrix Rating


The design was first commissioned in the late 1930's, which adapted lessons learned from the preceding Wichita-Class and the currently under construction, lighter Cleveland Class. Baltimore's design featured an orthodox A-B-X configuration of 3 triple turrets of (8") 203mm guns. Fast and well-armed for the era, the fate of the project ended by cancelling later ships construction in favor of the Cleveland Class which were both faster, lighter, and quicker to build which meant more ships out at sea protecting US Navy Carriers. Baltimore Class Cruisers were built from 1941-1945 with some serving in various sub-classes until the 1970's.
With 14 completed ships of the class, the Baltimore-Class had the most constructed heavy cruisers built of any one class from nation during the war-time period. Generally considered a success, the class was preceded by the USS Wichita, and succeeded by the Oregon-City Class. With attached sub-classes, the Boston Class featuring the world's first Guided Missile Cruiser in the early 1950's USS Boston (CAG-1) and Flagship variations. The design was most notable for incorporation of surveillance radar, gun control fire systems which allowed for calculation beyond the horizon, 5'' Anti-Air, and 8'' Main Battery. This design was focused in on the ships ability to be a Carrier Fleet Escort Ship, capable of both Anti-Air Screening, Shore Bombardment, eventually being modified to serve as the world's first guided missile cruiser.
USS Baltimore (CA-68) herself was laid down in 1941, by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corporation at the Fore River Shipyard in Quincy, Massachusetts. The ship was launched in 1942 and served until 1956 when she was decommissioned, and eventually scrapped in 1971. The ship served primarily in the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign, earning 9 battle stars.
HMS Celtic is a made-up ship that never actually existed but rests on the concept that would have been if the Baltimore Class had been sent to the Royal Navy. This was not an entirely foreign concept of the era either, with the two allied nations cooperating heavily with some ships being used by the other’s navy. It would be this cooperation that ultimately played a decisive role in every major theatre of World War 2.
USS Rochester (CA-124) was laid down in the same shipyard as her predecessor, in May 1944. She would be launched in August the following year, then commissioned into the US Navy in 1946. Succeeding the Baltimore Class, the Oregon City Class featured many similarities, with changes to her exhaust, superstructure and Anti-Air Suite. Rochester would serve throughout Korea and Vietnam, being decommissioned in the 1960s, and scrapped in the 1970s. 10 Oregon City Cruisers were planned, with only 4 completed.

Strengths: Celtic

Weaknesses: Celtic

Strengths: Rochester

Weaknesses: Rochester

The Basics

A Baltimore with a Super Heal and longer-range radar? Sign me up. Baltimore on her own is already one of the stronger ships in the game and in terms of utility, one of the stronger team players. Celtic takes an interesting concept and adds a new flair to an older line. She has her own strengths and weaknesses, all of which will be identified, some of which are likely to be seemingly splitting the finest of hairs. This ship has a bit less of a grudge against controlling caps than the traditional Baltimore but should be readily found in the same niche doing the same things, just slightly different. Radar support, anti-destroyer, area control are all tags that apply. Celtic is strong, strong enough to be thrown in with the likes of AL Baltimore, Mainz CE and Wichita CE.
Trashchester is tough. I’ll honestly do my best to not shred this ship into a bajillion pieces while pouring out the salt, but I’m only human. She was painful on release, and since she’s had work done, fitting for her review to be finally finished and published for you all to use as a dash of seasoning for dinner. On release, Rochester had a smoke fire concealment on par with her sister’s base concealment, meaning, her smoke was essentially pointless and served only to blind herself, and not her opponents. Lacking radar, Rochester presented as a clumsy self-blinding target unable to deal the things that engage her. What’s worse, Rochester trades her heal for her smoke, meaning, players are left purchasing a regular old Baltimore, with some fancy AA, or a deaf-mute without a heal. Yes. She was that painful; a concept that bumps in the worst of ways, both theoretically and in practice. While her concealment has been buffed, it’s still an awful kit as her smoke fire concealment is still too weak to present much of a force upon the caps. If we’re stuck to smoke firing spam, there are better ships than Rochester; even making good old Belfast 43 seem like a knight in shining armor.
Both of these ships do sport improved AP performance, in the shape of improved ricochet angles. We’ll tear this apart in the ballistic section, as per the norm. Baltimore’s ballistic performance has been studied quite extensively in the past, which has set up an excellent point of comparison.


Let’s start with the prodigal child and then work towards the bought rented mule. Celtic does well here, in terms of heavy cruisers (203mm) she sits nearer the top of the lists dropping more midfield when included with the rest of the pack. Apart from some of those silly DPM small caliber ships, Celtic packs a noteworthy punch. Rochester starts more midfield and holds her placing through the pack. For a 203mm cruiser, a 2s difference in reload is often enough to bump a ship up or down a rank, entirely. This translates to roughly 20k between the two, and about a full salvo difference.
AL Chapayev 2850 256 500
Cleveland 2300 254 769
Weimar 1700 244 800
Suzuya 2700 243 000
AL Montpelier 2300 220 800
Bayard 2200 221 200
Belfast 43 2450 207 529
Harbin 1900 207 273
Chapayev 2300 207 000
Mainz CE 1700 204 000
Kutuzov 2200 198 000
Mainz 1600 192 000
Ochakov 2200 182 069
Charles Martel 2800 151 200
Wichita CE 2800 151 200
Celtic 2700 145 800
Albemarle 3300 142 560
Wichita 2600 140 400
AL Baltimore 2800 137 454
Mogami 3300 132 000
Baltimore 2800 126 000
Rochester 2800 126 000
Atago 3300 123 750
Pyotr Bagration 2500 122 727
Azuma 5100 114 750
Hipper 2700 112 696
Riga 3050 106 625
Amalfi 3100 104 625
Prinz Eugen 2500 92 308
Sigfried 4400 60 923
Edinburgh - -
Perfect 10 - -
Plymouth - -
In terms of alpha punch, Celtic and Rochester are somewhat similar separated by the performance of firing different shells off different reloads from the same gunnery.
Weimar 3750 540 000
Mainz 3900 468 000
Mainz CE 3900 468 000
Plymouth 3100 457 846
Cleveland 3300 365 538
Perfect 10 2800 358 400
Bayard 3300 316 800
AL Montpelier 3200 307 200
Chapayev 3400 306 000
Edinburgh 3100 297 600
Kutuzov 3300 297 000
Suzuya 3300 297 000
AL Chapayev 3100 279 000
Ochakov 3300 273 103
Harbin 2500 272 727
Charles Martel 4900 264 600
Belfast 43 3100 282 570
Hipper 6000 250 435
AL Baltimore 5000 245 454
Celtic 4500 243 000
Wichita CE 4200 226 800
Baltimore 5000 225 000
Rochester 5000 225 000
Pyotr Bagration 4550 223 364
Prinz Eugen 5900 217 846
Wichita 4000 216 000
Riga 5750 200 323
Azuma 8650 194 625
Albemarle 4500 194 400
Mogami 4700 188 000
Atago 4700 176 250
Amalfi 5100 172 125
Sigfried 11 600 160 615
Celtic has among the better AP DPM values for a 203mm armed cruiser, only being outclassed by ships with meatier AP. In terms of overall, Celtic sits more midfield. Her overall AP ballistic performance allows her to unlock more of this actual number than many of her counterparts.
Range (Km) Reload (s)
Weimar 15.3 5.0
Harbin 14.5 5.5
Ochakov 15.5 5.8
Mainz 15.8 6.0
Mainz CE 15.8 6.0
Plymouth 15.2 6.5
Cleveland 15.3 6.5
AL Montpelier 13.9 7.5
Perfect 10 15.2 7.5
Edinburgh 15.3 7.5
Bayard 15.8 7.5
Kutuzov 16.0 8.0
AL Chapayev 16.0 8.0
Chapayev 16.0 8.0
Belfast 43 15.3 8.5
Celtic 15.5 10.0
Suzuya 15.3 10.0
Charles Martel 15.8 10.0
Wichita 15.5 10.0
Wichita CE 15.5 10.0
Pytor Bagration 16.0 11.0
AL Baltimore 15.5 11.0
Hipper 15.8 11.5
Baltimore 15.5 12.0
Rochester 15.4 12.0
Albemarle 15.5 12.5
Prinz Eugen 15.8 13.0
Mogami 15.3 15.0
Riga 16.1 15.5
Amalfi 15.4 16.0
Atago 14.7 16.0
Azuma 15.8 24.0
Sigfried 16.2 26.0
Overall, there’s not all that much to crow about here. Rochester sits a bit lower on the charts than Celtic due to reload. Both have improved ballistics to offer compensation for a lack of torpedoes. The DPM numbers are at their worst, workable, and at best, functional, neither being awful nor spectacular. Celtic takes the edge due to better numbers overall.


The tell-all ballistic chart. Royal Navy Cruisers and US Navy Cruisers sport among the best AP performance in their respective classes and tiers. Celtic has among the best HE DPM numbers of the Baltimores, but takes a hit on her fire chance percentage. Rochester SHAP hits like a truck, along with her Baltimore cousins. Things get interesting here the more you study this chart, captains. Celtic has arguably better HE, but worse AP. Rochester has SHAP and excellent AP performance, but poor shell count. AL Baltimore once again takes the cake with the best “happy medium” of the bunch, sporting a decent shell count, SHAP with excellent penetration and a lower muzzle velocity introducing slightly higher arcs yielding much more forgiving angles on the receiving end…
What I can say definitively, is Baltimore SHAP has much greater penetration than the standard AP. Wichita leans on HE at range, and she has the numbers to back it up, Baltimore hardly ever shoots HE in practice which is backed up by her AP performance and penetration values. Captains, it would not be entirely erroneous in terms of gunnery to compare Stock Baltimore to Celtic and Wichita or Elite Baltimore to Rochester and AL Baltimore.
Ricochet (o) Fuse Time (s) Sigma Velocity (m/s) Projectile
Albemarle 45/60 0.033 2.0 814 AP
AL Baltimore 60/67.5 0.033 1.8 762 SHAP
Balti-Stock 60/67.5 0.033 1.9 853 AP
Balti-Elite 60/67.5 0.033 1.9 782 SHAP
Celtic 60/67.5 0.033 2.0 853 AP
Rochester 60/67.5 0.033 2.0 762 SHAP
Wichita 60/67.5 0.033 1.8 853 AP
Wichita CE 60/75 0.01 2.0 853 AP
The major and palpable difference in performance here is between Celtic and the native Baltimores, is that Celtic lacks SHAP. This means Celtic’s AP shells weigh less, which translates to depleting velocity and thus penetration values faster than the Baltimores heavier shells. Fortunately, Baltimore has some of the best AP penetration in her class which means that Celtic can afford to lose some raw penetration value before she begins to suffer. Rochester wins the AP argument here, while Celtic takes the HE side. It’s almost literally splitting hairs, and Baltimore Mains will feel right at home in either ship.
Fire Chance % HE Pen (mm) Shell Count Velocity (m/s) Projectile
Albemarle 17 33 43 814 HE
AL Baltimore 14 33 49 823 HE
Baltimore 14 33 45 823 HE
Celtic 10 33 54 823 HE
Rochester 14 33 45 823 HE
Wichita 14 33 54 823 HE
Wichita CE 14 33 54 823 HE
If you’re looking to start fires, grab Albemarle. However, this is about the only such category she takes. Celtic manages better with access to a shorter reload and better overall ballistic properties. Shell by shell, edge Rochester, overall, solidly in Celtic’s favor by a full 9 shells.


Neither of these ships sport torpedoes, so this section is predicably blank.


Let’s jump into the major category of defense. Celtic arguably may be one of the best, Rochester, rather mediocre. From the top.
Celtic has among the best effective health pools, just edging out Edinburgh with a chunky 66k. It’s worth pointing out Albemarle tops both with a mighty 78k, though most Albemarle tend to be much more passive alluding to a different playstyle entirely. Baltimore is considered “tanky” at 56k, and Celtic adds in a super-heal. I wouldn’t chance to say Albemarle is particularly tanky, but she can heal quite well. A Baltimore is tanky enough to access that 66k EHP and is a scary thought. Baltimore can take a punch, where Edinburgh relies on defense by trickery, clever armor schemes and angling, Albemarle by range and angle. It’s also quite worth mentioning that Celtic rests with 36,7k base HP, meaning on par with most Cruiser Lights. Captains, you will feel getting hit in Celtic. Kit with 9.9km radar, sonar, a super heal, decent armor, excellent AA and workable concealment…captains, this is a literal no-brainer. Celtic is a slightly different twist off some of the most competitive ships in the game.
Rochester is rather tanky like most of her preceding Baltimore cousins. She has the same armor scheme essentially, and similar HP/EHP values. While this would normally be good on its own, Rochester has an Achilles’ Heel. Rochester must choose between having smoke or having a heal, and outright lacks Radar. While she has defensive AA, this is mostly a living meme rather than consistently as effective in combat as Radar. As said before, in terms of smoke cruisers there are just better options some of which don’t involve sacrificing your heal, or even radar. This relegates Rochester to just being a rather average 203mm CA, with very slightly better AA and decent enough armor.
The ranking seems a bit harsh, but that’s generally the difference between the hunter (Celtic), and the hunted (Rochester). Rochester initially will feel getting hit less, due to a larger health pool however, the table quickly swings in favor of Celtic, which gets most of it back.

Health Effective Health
Azuma 52 500 78 960
Albemarle 43 800 78 840
Sigfried 55 000 70 400
Celtic 36 700 66 020
Edinburgh 36 400 65 520
Hipper 43 800 58 517
Plymouth 41 000 58 220
Prinz Eugen 45 000 57 600
AL Baltimore 42 400 56 646
Baltimore 42 400 56 646
Mainz 44 000 56 320
Riga 42 000 56 112
Rochester 41 900 55 978
Amalfi 42 800 54 784
Mainz CE 42 500 54 400
Kutuzov 40 700 54 364
Pytor Bagration 42 000 53 760
Atago 40 100 53 574
Mogami 39 100 52 238
Perfect 10 36 500 51 788
AL Chapayev 37 000 51 504
Chapayev 37 000 51 504
Belfast 43 38 400 51 302
Suzuya 38 000 50 786
Wichita 37 900 50 634
Wichita CE 37 900 50 634
Charles Martel 38 000 48 640
AL Montpelier 36 900 47 232
Cleveland 36 900 47 232
Ochakov 34 750 46 426
Weimar 32 000 42 752
Bayard 34 700 -
Harbin 26 500 33 892


This chart below sticks to the USN and RN CA/CLs for now... At some point, this chart will include overmatch and juicy other details for all the cruisers, but for now, it is simple enough to get the point across. Most Cruisers have their critical spaces directly abutting the hull, others don’t. Cruiser armor varies widely and is worth looking at because there are absolutely ships with specific advantages worth exploring and exploiting. For now, let’s keep it simple.
As summarized before, the Baltimore Class has relatively good armor, while it has its weaknesses, is generally functional enough to get by. They are neither needlessly weighed down by their armor, nor under-armored. It’s worth saying Rochester and Celtic have vaguely the same armor lay out and will handle 380mm Battleships.
Extremity Plating (mm) Belt Armor (mm)
Albemarle 25 152
AL Baltimore 27 152
AL Montpelier 25 127
Baltimore 27 152
Belfast 43 16 114
Celtic 27 152
Cleveland 25 127
Edinburgh 30 114
Perfect 10 16 114
Plymouth 16 114
Rochester 27 152
Wichita 27 152
Wichita CE 27 152

Anti-Air Suite

Rochester takes the cake here, with better and larger AA guns she’s rather resistant to airborne pests. Celtic ties in with the close second, along with her sisters. The truly beautiful thing about either ship is that captains will not need to waste any energy into building this into making this sector a functional kit. Captains, you can save some defensive energy by focusing into Celtic’s Radar and by leaving Rochester in port. The magic number here is being north of that 350/s line, Azuma scrapes by with a bit of focus, where pretty much all the USN ships will laugh off aircraft. A major point of contention that is worth noting; Rochester is immune, Celtic is quite resistant to CVs, where Albemarle gets by here, and Edinburgh is rather hindered. I suspect this will be massively impactful for competitive players.
Range (Km) DPS
Rochester 5.0 370
AL Baltimore 5.0 365
Baltimore 5.0 365
Celtic 5.0 365
AL Montpelier 5.0 363
Cleveland 5.0 363
Mainz 5.0 357
Mainz CE 5.0 357
Sigfried 5.2 354
Azuma 5.0 342
Hipper 4.5 288
Pyotr Bagration 5.0 280
Prinz Eugen 4.5 279
Plymouth 5.0 276
Perfect 10 5.0 276
Albemarle 5.0 272
Kutuzov 5.0 264
Amalfi 4.0 225
Wichita 5.0 217
Wichita CE 5.0 217
Bayard 5.0 212
Belfast 43 5.0 207
Al Chapayev 5.0 207
Chapayev 5.0 207
Charles Martel 5.0 204
Ochakov 5.0 196
Riga 5.2 188
Weimar 4.5 181
Edinburgh 5.0 175
Harbin 5.2 170
Mogami 5.0 127
Atago 5.0 90
Suzuya 5.0 67
Rochester takes the cake here, because everyone deserves to be really good at something. However, with CVs it’s important to remember everything is relative.


Technically these are the same values while stock, and their rating is the same. However, this is quite deceiving. Rochester is GOOD leaning on GREAT where Celtic is GOOD leaning on AVERAGE. The reason for this follows their available commanders, which Shelly Beapley offers a unique 4th row concealment skill unavailable to any other commander, or nation. The result of this, Rochester, like her cousins sits at a comfortable 9.3km, where Celtic sits at 9.9km. Rochester can do almost nothing with this concealment, as she lacks radar, and her smoke fire window is just a pale 1.7km below her surface concealment. However, that .6km is a palpable difference and can open huge strategic windows; particularly once south of that magic 10km line.
The obvious connotation here is that hiding a radar cruiser inside 10km is far scarier than hiding a smoke cruiser inside 9.5, provocatively when that same smoke cruiser can be spotted inside her smoke at 7.6km. Captains, this 7.6km is on par with her sisters, however, this is a very narrow margin even for a support cruiser. Smoke is infinitely easier to use than radar, however, infinitely less forgiving.
Stock Concealment
Amalfi 11.4
Atago 11.7
Harbi 11.8
Belfast 43 11.9
Plymouth 12.0
Edinburgh 12.0
Albemarle 12.1
Mogami 12.3
Suzuya 12.3
Cleveland 12.5
AL Montpelier 12.5
Celtic 12.6
AL Baltimore 12.6
Baltimore 12.6
Rochester 12.6
Wichita 12.6
Azuma 12.7
Weimar 13.0
Sigfried 13.0
Perfect 10 13.2
Bayard 13.2
Pyotr Bagration 13.3
Charles Martel 13.4
Hipper 13.5
Prinz Eugen 13.6
Mainz 13.7
Mainz CE 13.7
Kutuzov 13.8
Ochakov 13.8
Riga 14.2
AL Chapayev 14.3
Chapayev 14.3


Celtic sits almost smack dab of the upper midfield pack of heavy cruisers where Rochester sits more towards the end of the pack. Rochester feels clunky and handles like it, where Celtic feels more “native” to her respective class sharing the same stats. While this is rated good overall, its more average in the face of Lighter Cruisers, representing more of a bang-for-the-buck scenario.
Rudder Shift (s) Turn Radius (m)
Weimar 6.4 660
AL Montpelier 6.9 660
Harbin 7.2 660
Cleveland 6.0 680
Wichita 6.0 680
Wichita CE 6.0 680
Perfect 10 8.0 680
Edinburgh 8.6 680
Belfast 43 9.9 680
Plymouth 10.1 680
Amalfi 11.0 680
Charles Martel 8.9 690
Mainz 10.5 720
Mainz CE 10.5 720
Albemarle 10.7 720
AL Baltimore 7.0 730
Baltimore 7.0 730
Celtic 7.0 730
Bayard 9.3 730
Hipper 9.7 740
Suzuya 5.6 750
Mogami 6.4 750
Ochakov 7.4 750
Rochester 10.5 750
Kutuzov 6.5 760
Prinz Eugen 9.8 770
Atago 8.1 790
Sigfried 14.0 880
AL Chapayev 8.7 890
Chapayev 8.7 890
Pyotr Bagration 10.5 890
Azuma 12.3 920
Riga 11.5 920


Celtic essentially has one commander that is head and shoulders ahead of the rest, while the rest kind of just work. HotRod offers the best fit here inarguably, along with Radar Edinburgh and Radar Minotaur. This sets Celtic up to be a near par build with the USN CA Queen Shelly Beapley. While her 4th row skill’s absence here is certainly felt and results in a 9.9km concealment, the build is largely similar and works well for any radar focused cruiser. While there are other builds out there, this is the gem of the lot and helps unlock that sacred mantra of utility that surrounds the Baltimore Class. Inspirations should focus on concealment, Mikawa and Swirski, to bring Celtic’s detection to pair with her Radar.
Nothing can be easy with Rochester, and naturally, building her was to the same effect. Essentially there are two trains of thought for this ship, build into dispersion or build into utility.
AL Montpelier seemed to mesh the best, which then turns Rochester into a little flamethrower capable of merging all her shells into a single pixel. However, this build is rather finicky to use and has a fair number of weaknesses. The build heavily relies on team spotting and is itself a second-line cruiser. Something like a 19-20% fire chance and a nasty dispersion circle. Rochester already has excellent gunnery performance as discussed; Montpelier really sharpens the sword. Pair with AL Scharnhorst and Scott to reduce dispersion and sigma, respectively, even further.
AL Montpelier
It's a rare day when Shelly gets sat down in favor of another commander in the USN CA tree, but I kept falling into the same pitfalls using the same build for similar ships often being able to use radar. Shelly will help bring out Rochester’s utility, but she’s arguably not as well fit in on Rochester as AL Montpelier is. Pair Beapley with concealment inspirations from Mikawa and Swirski and enjoy a very beautiful 9.3km concealment. Rochester has SHAP and excellent penetration values, meaning she can readily ambush and critically strike ships quite larger than her, all without torpedoes.
Shelly Beapley


Ok, rather than spell out everything, everywhere, all at once; I’m going to keep it simple here.
  1. Damage Control: Standard, unlimited uses. 60s cooldown.
  2. Sonar: 3km Torp, 4.2km Ship detection. Lasts around 98s when kit with Hot Rod and reloads in 132.
  3. Radar: 9.9km range and lasts about 28s when built.
  4. Heal: 733/s over 20s. Yep, that’s over 14k HP. Reloads in less than a minute too.
Celtic has a near ideal consumable suite. There are some differences off the mainstream, such as slightly less sonar range or shorter radar duration. Glossing over the minor differences, the bigger picture reveals something better. Built, Celtic can regenerate a LOT of health.
  1. Damage Control: Standard, unlimited. 60s cooldown.
  2. Defensive AA: +200% average AA damage. This is memes, it's sort of like a bug zapper for planes.
  3. Sonar: Standard 3.3km/4.4km detection over 96s. The average sonar found on everything.
  4. Smoke/Heal: 30s duration, 104s dissipation time for the smoke. 251/s over 28s for the heal.
Rochester is rather standard in her access to her consumables, with the killer choice between smoke or a heal. I’ve gone back and forth, generally landing on the heal. Rochester is essentially a decent cruiser hampered by her rather average consumable suite.


  1. Aiming Systems Mod 1: -7% Dispersion
  2. Steering Gears Mod 2: -20% Rudder Shift
  3. Concealment Mod 1: -10% Detectability
  4. Main Battery Mod 3: -15% Gun Reload
Ok, so the modifications section is super easy because both ships share the same builds. Aiming Systems mod 1 for the dispersion, player’s choice on slot 2 with either propulsion mod 2 or steering gears mod 2. Concealment Mod 1 for slot 3 and finishing off slot 4 by increasing DPM with main battery mod 3.




Celtic is a joy. Rochester is work.
I can see Celtic becoming a popular contestant in competitive play with the access to that 9.9km radar and her super heal. I rather lamented her HE performance, more due to her lower fire chance then her DPM or ballistic performance. While it would be nice to see her have ¼ pen HE, she doesn’t need it. I find her nicely balanced and well measured to take on Tier 7. She is just unique enough to warrant her own review, whilst similar enough to stay nearer the beaten path. While she may not comfortably and outright usurp Wichita CE and AL Baltimore from their spots, she’s worth mentioning with the group. That’s saying something.
Rochester, well, let’s just say that not everyone can be the best. This ship is tough but can be rewarding in a sense of overcoming the demands of a challenging ships. My issue with Rochester is 2-fold, her smoke and her heal. She ideally needs both to function in this current meta, and running the ship’s gimmick leaves her with abysmal EHP in a plummet from pretty good to 3rd worst overall, which only trumps Harbin and Bayard while being out-healed by Weimar. With a smoke-fire penalty in the mid 7’s km, smoke is hard to use effectively that is not relegated to back line, HE spam. As said before, if we’re really going to be stuck to this, there are ships which do this better. While I love the perspective of a USN CA without radar just to offer something more unique, a USN CA without Radar is like a cart without a horse. Hilariously enough, Rochester seems to avoid CV games like the actual plague, so I suppose that’s one strong point. Otherwise, and largely, captains are left with a rather average 203mm CA.
Written By: Capt Thatch
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2023.03.29 11:39 Ok_Bluebird5136 Old Skool with short toe beds: what is this feature called and how would I search for more? I thought it might be style 36, but not all style 36 have short toe beds. I tried other words listed in the name and descriptions, but no luck. Help :-)

Old Skool with short toe beds: what is this feature called and how would I search for more? I thought it might be style 36, but not all style 36 have short toe beds. I tried other words listed in the name and descriptions, but no luck. Help :-) submitted by Ok_Bluebird5136 to Vans [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 11:32 silverdress Listening to people talk about how much fun they had during lockdown really upsets me.

While they were chillin’, I was watching patients I’d known for years deteriorate. People who’d been contact-guard assist went to bedridden and hallucinating in a matter of weeks.
I was doing CPR by myself, praying the EMTs would come soon. And when they did, they had to break it to me that there was no hospital able to take the patient; they were all full.
I was bathing and dressing and styling the hair of deceased patients, trying to give them a little dignity before the funeral home people came.
I was hiding an extension cord beneath the passenger seat of my car, in case I just couldn’t face another day and needed to unalive myself in the parking lot.
A coworker reached out to me and said she’s unable to work and seeking disability due to Long COVID now. I had dropped off the face of the earth and she wanted to know if the same thing happened to me too. Not exactly the same, I guess.
Therapy hasn’t been helpful. It seems like nobody understands how hopeless and scary it was for me. I’m trying to move forward, but whenever the memories come back, I break down.
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2023.03.29 11:31 WarmStew23 The War of Tears - Chapter 2

File - Journal Entry Report - Elias Dexter
Species - Human
Date Stamp - December 2, 3023, Standard Union Time
Location - TAS LockHaven, in deep space

The Union accepted our plea for a war declaration. We should have been happy, right? The truth is none of us were happy. Video footage of the Grim’s attack on our expedition spread through the Union media like a wildfire. It was practically impossible not to see it. The Union stated there was going to be a mandatory draft. Something like that didn’t affect us, the Terran Alliance had already met their quota within a week after the draft announcement.
I was already a First Lieutenant in the Terran Alliance’s Army, so any draft already didn’t apply to me. It just meant the most likely scenario was our immediate deployment into no man's land. The Terran Alliance, or TA for short, wasted no time drawing up battle plans. While the rest of the Union drafted and trained their militaries, the Terran Alliance, along with the Luthal Commonwealth were set to launch a coordinated preemptive invasion on the Grim territories. Little is actually known about the Grim, other than the fact that they have the ability to consume us. They have some kind of technology that would allow them to drop us out of FTL in a moment's notice.
But I suppose I should start at the beginning of the battle, I’ll try my best to remember as much as I can. During the briefings we were given we were told we were about to take the planets most likely to be their outer worlds. Planet hopping a few of us even called it. The plan was derived from what the old United States did over a millennia ago in one of their major wars. But what most of us overlooked in the history books was how bloody those battles were.
The first mission would put us on a Grim planet you could say bordered the sol system, it was the closest habitable system to sol inside no mans land. The planet, we would later find out, the Grim called Drug. I'm not sure why the Grim gave one of their planets such a bland name but that was the least of our concerns. Our top priority was to eliminate all military assets on and around the planet. We would conduct orbital bombardment to soften up the anti-air defenses we knew had to be there, then we would drop in all sorts of assets. Tanks, armored vehicles, portable command centers, anything we should need in case of a long, drawn out war.
However, our first mistake was assuming we would make it to Drug easily. I know I mentioned we knew about the FTL disruptors, but the TA must've overlooked that key piece of intel. Hell, we all watched the video of Captain Hugh Adam’s crew. They experienced the FTL disruptors first and even warned us about them. Even the commons soldiers knew that.
I was in the mess hall when it happened, attempting to down what I speculated would be my last good meal for the foreseeable future. My closest friends in the service, Christian Newman, and Julian Smith sat across from me on the other side of the table. When the FTL disruptor hit us, there wasn’t much the Inertial dampeners could do to soften the blow. The table, along with myself, flipped over my two friends. I ended up landing on top of the table, which crushed them both. I rolled over, noticing I spilled some of my dinner on myself.
I quickly helped my friends push the table off of them, both of them rubbing parts of their body that the table must have hit. An alarm started blaring just in time for us to regain our sense of reality.
“That’s the battle sirens,” Julian spits out, “Bastards must have intercepted us, they must really not want us to make it to their planet.”
“Whatever, lets just head to the armory, I’ll fucking kill the bastard who made me spill my potatoes all over my uniform,” I mutter. We jog down to the armory and fit ourselves with our vests, knee guards, helmets, and our weapons of choice. Personally, I prefer a rifle, but Julian has always preferred the shotguns. Whenever we would go to the range to practice our shooting, he always boasted about how he puts bigger dents into the targets, especially at close range.
After I finish grabbing the last magazine of ammo I need, I have to push through a dozen other soldiers who need to grab their gear. I walk back out into the hallway, where Julian and Christian are already waiting for me, and secure my final magazine in my vest.
“All units, prepare for a Grim boarding party, I repeat, prepare for a Grim boarding party!” the loudspeaker shouts to all of us. “Grim forces are docking from airlock 3-C on the starboard side!”
Airlock 3-C? That should be right below us, I think to myself.
“Let's go,” Julian shouts to me and Christian. We follow him to the stairwell, where we can already hear intense gunfire.
“God damn it,” Christian says, “How the hell did they catch us with our pants down this far?”
“Relax,” Julian says, as we fly down the stairs. “Let's just focus on getting out of this alive.”
I open the door to the hallway, when we open it, one of our soldiers flies past us and lands hard on his back. When he landed, the three of us could clearly hear the snapping of some kind of bone in his body. The soldier shrieks out in pain. Christian quickly rushes to the soldier, while me and Julian turn our attention to the direction of the airlock.
There has to be two or three dozen Grim already on our ship, with several more barreling their way in. Several dead Grim soldiers blanket the floor in front of the airlock, their fellow soldiers walking over their bodies as if they couldn’t give a second thought about them.
I rest my rifle on a storage crate and begin to unload my ammo onto the Grim soldiers. I attempt to save several Terran soldiers who have gotten themselves cut off from retreating to us, but there is only so much I could do. I watch as one of the Grim appears to absorb one of our dead comrades. It's as if their skin opens up to allow the human into their body, and their body immediately breaks down everything. I put a bullet into the shoulder of one, missing the headshot that I was aiming for. Reinforcements pick off the remaining Grim soldiers from behind. Roughly two dozen soldiers stand on the other side of the dead Grim boarding party. Julian is the first one to point his shotgun in the storage room.
“Get the hell out here you bald headed piece of shit,” he shouts. The Grim soldier walks out with his hands above his head. Amazingly, the wound on his shoulder has healed.
“I shot you,” I shout, “Why the hell isn’t there a gunshot wound on your shoulder?”
The Grim soldier smiles, “It is the energy I stole from one of your pals, my body converts energy much faster this way, and the more energy I have, the quicker my body heals itself.
Julian shrugs, “Alright, let's test that out real quick,” he lowers his shotgun to the Grim’s knee, I grab the barrel of his gun and point it away.
“Relax, we captured one, we can’t go executing prisoners. Just detain him and help gather up our dead and wounded. Me and Christian will help board their ship. Clearly they underestimated us.”
Julian nods in agreement. Clearly watching our fellow soldiers getting eaten like slaughtered cattle was something that bothered him, hell it clearly bothered all of us. But it was clear he needed to process the situation on his own. I glance over to find the other soldiers had already abandoned us, all but two, who detain the Grim soldier while Julian watches.
“Christian,” I say, getting his attention, “me and you will catch up to our boarding party and back them up in the event they need it.” He gives me a nod and we head for the airlock.
The sheer smell of the Grim ship is overwhelming, we can smell it before we even reach the airlock. I quickly clear the airlock, even though Terran soldiers entered less than five minutes ago, we were taught never to assume an area is cleared unless we were the ones who personally cleared it. The other side of the airlock is dark. Given the Grim’s physical appearance, both their lack of body hair and pale body, I estimate the Grim must prefer dark environments. Me and Christian flip down our night vision goggles and enter the ship.
The hallways were probably three or four times the size of ours. It is clear from out initial observations the Grim must really appreciate personal space. We hear a couple of gunshots echo from the left side of the airlock, so we begin to make our way down towards the sound. We quickly pass few rooms, so far all of them appear to be storage rooms.
After another minute or so walking down the hallway, we catch up to the Terran group, who stand posted up aside from a large steel door.
“God damn it Dexter, we almost shot your ass, don't ever sneak up on us like that again,” Sergeant Morgan Chang states. “Several Grim soldiers are barricaded inside this room, the door is too thick for us to open it. What should we do?”
Since I am technically the highest ranking officer among us, It makes sense they would look to me, even if it did catch me off guard. “Honestly, depending how thick the door is, I say we weld their asses in there. But that probably isn’t the smartest tactical solution. Just use some C4 to blow the door in and we’ll just pick them off.”
The soldiers nod in agreement and begin deploying a large amount of C4 to the door. After they are finished, they hand Sergeant Chang the detonator. “These bitches are about to find out exactly why you dont fuck with us,” She says, then she squeezes the detonator, blowing the door inwards. Five pops from Chang’s soldiers, then silence. Myself and Chang enter the room last, with Christian keeping post outside, to inspect the damage.
Six Grim soldiers dead, which is odd because I only remember hearing five shots. “I thought I only heard five shots?” I ask Sergeant Chang.
“That is my fault,” one of her soldiers says with a smile. I look at the nameplate, which reads Fraizer. “They lined themselves up, so I guess one bullet went through both of their skulls,” he says.
After confirming all six Grim soldiers are dead, we move on. We still don’t know much about the layout of the Grim’s ship, but we ignore our ignorance and continue to make our way down the hallway. After another 100 feet or so, we reach the end of the hallway, only a secured door sits at the end of it. I sit back as Chang’s forces follow the same procedure from before to blow the door open.
This time, me and Christian sit back as they clear whatever is on the other side of that door. “Uh, Lieutenant,” I hear Chang’s voice shout, concerningly, “You might want to come take a look at this.”
I leave Christian behind as I enter the doorway. On the other side however, it appears to be some kind of holding center for prisoners. Blue light emits from the shield that holds its prisoners inside. I lift my goggles up to inspect the holding area. Four out of eight cells are in use, and the prisoners are all of the same species. The prisoners appear to be almost rat-like. They seem smaller than us humans, comparable in size to the Luthal.
“Who are you?” I ask one of the creatures, but get no response.
“I already tried that,” Chang replies, “They must not have neural-transmitters like we do, so we probably won't be able to speak with them, unless you have a portable translator device.”
“No, we don’t, we’ll have to get them back to our ship, I’m sure we have something back there,” I reply. “Free them, make sure you make no threatening gestures, if they struggle, then detain them. Our safety comes first, but just remember they are prisoners to a species that eats other creatures by touching them, so they are probably scared.”
Chang’s soldiers nod in agreement and begin smashing the controls to each cell, releasing the blue shield keeping them locked away in their cells. The frightened creatures follow us out of the holding cell.
“All Terran forces fall back to the LockHaven,” We hear over our radios. That order can only mean one of two things. Either the Grim are retreating, or we are. We secured the alien prisoners with cuffs, which I hated to watch Chang and her soldiers do, and began to head back onto the LockHaven. After securing the airlock, we watched the Grim ship disconnect from ours. Out the airlock’s window we could witness our ship and the Grim’s exchanged plasma fire. After we put a good distance between us and the Grim ship, dozens of missiles rocketed towards the Grim ship. The missiles collided in an explosion, leaving only debris where the ship once stood. I look around the space near us to see we were the last ones to ward off our boarding party. I don’t know if we all succeeded, but it definitely looks like we kept most of our fleet intact.

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2023.03.29 11:31 ParaMoon42 Angry Now And Just Venting...

Hello, everyone. It's me, Dani. :-)
I'm the 42-year-old sibling/anime nerd/writer, who's trying to care for my 57-year-old brother named Rob with a brain tumor and a badly infected leg (due to diabetes, thanks to the brain tumor). Along with my sister, Ace, who is the true rockstar and angel in all of this. And Rob's wife is a SAINT! She's put up with this madness for over a year and deserves all of the flowers possible! =p
So, it's been *checks notes* NINE days since I made my first post here, which started out with me venting about the horrible state of Rob's leg, the difficulty in changing his bandages (and peeling chunks of his skin away in the process, because the infection was THAT BAD!), about me going into a room to silent cry after those changings - before putting on a happy face again and approaching Rob with empathy and compassion again.
And just like the erosion of his leg, so is the state of our sibling relationship - as I've reached the point of screaming, cursing him out, and blocking phone calls altogether from Rob! I'll explain...
So, Ace took him to the best VA hospital in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Once the medical staff saw the state of his leg, they IMMEDIATELY admitted him and set up a whole team of specialists for him. Two wound-care specialists, a new endocrinologist, a GP (that Rob loved and kept praising a lot), a head nurse named, uh... let's call him Calvin - that took to him as a fellow ex-soldier himself, a psychologist (as he voiced that he was feeling a lot of anxiety and wanted to talk with someone), a social worker, and a group of nurses to tend to his every need and whim.
This dream-team would football huddle together and work quickly with the goal to save Rob's leg from being amputated from the knee, as that was a real possibility on the table. (Keep in mind, this isn't on his Veteran benefits - no, it's on his wife's private insurance). And the treatments were super effective, with every one of his doctors pretty much giving the green light that he'd likely be released from the hospital by Monday. Meaning the Monday that's already passed now...
By Saturday, Rob decided, "My leg is healed enough! I want to go home!" He meant that he wanted to go back to our apartment for my sister and me to resume playing nurse-maid to him. Every doctor was adamant in their professional opinion that it would be unwise for him to leave the hospital in the middle of the treatment that will save his leg! So many times, the phrases "not recommended" or "I wouldn't recommend it" was repeated by every doctor and specialist. They would tell Rob this directly and oftentimes with Ace in the room to witness it.
Somehow, Rob heard, "Something-something... you can go home now if you want to." Every. Single. Time. And when Ace went home from her visit with him, he'd get the doctor to get on his phone, to relay to Ace that he can skip out on his treatment, but the doctor would repeat over the phone, "I don't recommend that your brother signs out of treatment prematurely, in my professional opinion." Then Rob would take the phone back and shout to my sister, as if he was vindicated, "You see? Doctor says I can go home!"
Calvin tried to warn him, "If you leave this hospital, you'll lose the leg for certain!" Rob tried to argue with the head nurse that his leg wasn't that bad, so Calvin stated the truth, "Dude, I can smell the infection, as we speak." I had experienced that smell for two days before he went into the VA... it smells of rotting flesh! No lie or "no cap" as the kids say these days.
Rob got angry and decided that it was all his wife's fault that he was losing his leg. He called her up on the phone, screaming at her, and asking for a divorce, as poor Ace tried to calm him down. His wife's account was, that she gave him his antibiotics - he refused to take them and the infection got worse. And that's an observable truth, as Rob has a habit of not taking his medication when he's at home and it's left up to him to do. And, he's too prideful to let anyone else manage his medications for him.
Either that or too paranoid. I don't really know.
Before Saturday, on Friday, Rob decided that Calvin was at fault and should be fired. He blamed Calvin for "lying" to him about the risk of losing his leg, deciding that it was never that serious at all, and that Calvin was purposely trying to get him to divorce his wife. And then, more bizarre conspiracy theories against the hospital and staff occurred. (see the previous post, if you're curious.)
So, it's been days of nonstop gaslighting and emotional blackmailing from Rob! And... for some crazy reason, he believes I'm the "weakest link" (even though, Ace has openly admitted that she's the weaker of the two of us and has been leaning on me for support to not cave into his mind-games), and his presumption that he's somehow "smarter" than me and that he can easily get his way from me only pisses me off MORE so! :(
And the worse thing is - the leg thing is situated now... It's not great, but they managed to stop the infection. Rob took it upon himself to flood my phone with photos of his bloody mess of a leg, to "prove" to me that his leg is fine. Even though it looks like a shriveled and dead tree limb with huge gaping bloody wounds, that are actively staining the white linens within the photo. Yes, there is no more liquid and pus, just lots of blood flowing now, but... Seriously, any special effect artist would be PROUD to recreate the way his "leg" looks now, for any horror movie!
BUT, on Sunday, his brain tumor swelled up so much that his eye is drooping, because it is pressing on the optical nerve. Rob's vision is impaired by the tumor and the surgeon wishes to schedule him for brain surgery as soon as possible. They're trying to get a spot for him in the OR and everything set up, but... you know, COVID, so the systems are still bogged down, and the soonest they could get it was in a few days from now. He has to STAY for a few more days to get the brain surgery that he most certainly needs.
And he will... because he has no other choice. =p
In my last post, I explained that Ace and I set an ultimatum to him - if he signs out AMA, he'll have to figure out on his own how to get back to our apartment and how he's going to climb the stairs to the second floor alone. Fat chance of him being successful at either - because he's too weak to sit up on his own, let alone stand on two legs without any help, and he's not been in Minnesota long enough to learn how to travel it yet. (FYI, we're far away from the hospital, in a suburban town many miles away! And he doesn't have any money to pay for that kind of cab fare, even if he wanted to!)
Ace and I are doing a little "tough love", refusing to take him out of medical care, which would be actively helping him to die on our sofa if we did. Nope.
His wife is in FULL and EAGER agreement with this too, along with Rob's social worker as well. The social worker will speak to his new GP about getting a psych eval for him (because the doctor that he praised so much before was harassed and driven up a wall so much - he switched rotation to another floor, just so Rob could stop insisting that he speak with Ace on the phone several times a day and say that it's okay for him to leave the hospital with a huge swollen BRAIN TUMOR in his head!!!)
It's okay... I'm taking a breath. LOL.
So... in order to stop getting his gore-fest photos and his constant calls, still trying to convince me that I'm a better nurse to him than, you know, nurses who went through medical training and all. And trying to hit every pain point in me to get me to cave into what he wants, I blocked his number. Leading up to the blocking, I DID blow up at him on Monday and shouted, "No, you listen to me! Your leg is f**king falling apart! I was peeling off your skin, every time I changed the bandages! Why do you think I'd immediately go back to my room, every time? I went to my room to CRY!" Rob paused, but he didn't care at all, he continued to argue that his leg was NEVER that bad and now that the infection was gone, he should come home... ignoring the swelling BRAIN TUMOR!!!!
I had enough and erupted with, "You're not going to manipulate me, you mother****er!!!" I don't use that swear, usually, as it was my mother's favorite swear. Perhaps, I was channeling a bit of her short temper, at that moment.
Then Rob tried to argue that I can't see very well (trying to use my eye condition against me - I am visually impaired with Keratoconus, yet in my constant blurred vision, I could see his skin sloughing off his wounds anyway. And so did my sister, who isn't visually impaired... nor were his doctors who were shocked and stunned at the state of his leg too, and poor Calvin the head nurse too), that I was seeing his leg "wrong" and "imagining things"... and that's when I hung up and blocked him.
For the past two days... of blissful peace! XD
I went about my day and life as usual while checking in on my sister, from time to time, who was still taking his calls and being driven up a wall.
And the phone block on Rob should have remained...
Tonight, he used the nurse's desk phone to contact me and leave a message on my voicemail. Before he went into the hospital, I had happily presented him with a "house-warming gift". You see, I suffer from PTSD and night terrors (will not get too much into that, just mentioning it for clarity's sake), and my sister bought me a tank with osculating jellyfish in it, to help me sleep better at night. It's a lot pretty, and calming, and it does help me out a lot.
When Rob came to visit us the first time (in far better health than he is currently in and not at all the asshole that we know him to be as now - I know, I know... it's the tumor.), he saw it and thought it was the coolest thing ever. So, I asked my sister to send the link to where she bought the tank, so I that could buy one for Rob when he came back to live with us/seek medical treatment in Minnesota. (That was THE PLAN, after all, that Rob would move in with us for a while and seek medical care here in Minnesota, as he said that our state had better doctors here than in Maryland.)
So tonight, Rob decided to leave me a message, saying that he was sorry and that if he was to go back to Maryland - would it be okay if he took along the jellyfish gift with him? No matter how much of an asshole someone is to me, a gift is a gift. I don't take back gifts, NOT EVER. That's not my style at all. And so, I took him off the phone block to text him just that. Word-for-word.
He wrote back - his words jumbled and misspelled heavily, because of his vision impairments, that was along the lines of "I know that you hate me now." And I replied back, "I don't hate you. I'm just not willing to put up with emotional blackmail bullshit." So then he called me and I kind of KNEW it was a bad mistake to answer, but I did answer...
Immediately, he tried to convince me that he can come home now because there was a "scheduling error" and the doctors said that he can leave for two days and come back for the brain surgery this weekend! This began a shouting match between him and me! LOL! Ace had talked to the doctors and social worker YESTERDAY, who said no such thing. And they keep stressing, if Rob leaves now, it will take at least three whole weeks before he would be able to get in brain surgery. Because, COVID, things are stressed and short-staffed in every hospital.
He will not last that long. He will either die of starvation (as he's not eating meals - and that's not anything new. Ace and I noticed that for a while now, before he went to the hospital, and had asked his wife about it too. She confirmed that Rob wasn't eating much in Maryland either. It may be time for a feeding tube to be introduced soon), or the pressure of the tumor may cause him to have a fatal stroke or other grizzly brain horrors and he'll die on our sofa.
I said to him (and please excuse my swears), "Stop being such a bitch-baby and stay for the surgery!" And he grumbled, "Stop calling me a bitch-baby..." And I literally punched the air, because I was so pissed off, and I snarled, "Okay, I will when you STOP acting like one!!!" Then I realized that I was screaming my head off past midnight, caught myself, and said, "You know what? Ace is in the next room, trying to get some sleep, so she can work in the morning... I'm NOT doing this with you, Rob!"
Then he asked, "B-but... do you still love me, as your brother?" I answered, "Yes, I love you, Rob... even though you're f**king nuts right now!" And he sulked, "I'm not f**king nuts..." Then he said, "Okay, I'll let you and your sister rest tonight then." And... he's back on phone block. I don't think I'll unblock him until AFTER his brain surgery. =p
Fool me once...
Anyway, sorry for this crazy long post! I did try to edit it down, but... so much has happened in the last... *checks notes again* OMG! TWO DAYS, since I last posted here. Seesh! :(
I'll update - AFTER Rob has gone through surgery and is situated. I just needed to vent and blow off some steam... at, currently, 4:30 AM in the morning. I'm hoping that this long af post was at least a little entertaining and provided a few chuckles, at the very least. ;-)
Be excellent to each other. And peace out!
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2023.03.29 11:30 Carnivorous-Aust Carpark issue

I’m a support worker for an autistic lady and today is her day for inclusive dance at Cockburn Youth Centre ( they rent out a room for this class) . Today she was having a particularly loud day and it was quite busy and hard to find parking. I was driving along and a car pulled out in front of me, I couldn’t see another car waiting so I took the spot. Exited the car to get my client out (she sits in the back) and a red car screeched to a halt behind the car. A quite angry Scottish lady yelled at me and said ‘ I’ve been waiting ages for that space and you just scooched on in there‘
I replied ‘ sorry I didn’t see you‘ and was about to say ‘I can move’ but she yelled something else and me and took off.
Its really annoying when someone steals a carpark spot you’re waiting for but we could have resolved it nicely. Maybe she was having a bad morning and this was the final straw, I don’t know.
If anyone knows a Scottish lady with a red car, short hair and a cool punk tshirt. Tell her I’m sorry, I genuinely didn’t see her and I would have moved and I hope she has a better day tomorrow :)
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2023.03.29 11:29 panicked_butter Boomshakalaka - im so sorry

Im typing this at almost 2am on a phone so whatever standards ya have lower them to the fuckin floor. This shit's gonna be all over the place. No this isn't feel pity me or "im not like other girls" i just need to get all this shit off my chest.
The night before i turned 12 my mom had told me i could grt whateber haircut i wanted and she'd let me. This meant the world to me, i absolutely hated(and still do) having long hair. I had really long thick hair with natural highlights and it went way past my shoulders before i got it cut. Ever since i was little i remember constantly getting told that people paid hundreds to have it, i couldn't give a shit less and still couldn't, so, i got the levi ackerman haircut with a side part- the only time i had short hair before this was when i was a baby and it was growing. I was so excited, i felt so happy and proud because i was finally able to somewhat express myself. I was mainly excited to see what my papa thought/said though, he never told me happy birthday because he couldn't, like, he was too sick and physically hurt too. It hurt, but i understood. The day after my birthday aka the day after my haircut he passed away. I didn't get to talk to him or even say anything for about a week or more prior. That was last year, my birthday is coming up. Im not sure how to feel. I was excited to see what he had to say since he is/was rhe only positive male rolemodel in my life, he was like my father figure since my actaul dad is a peice of shit that should've left a long time ago but sticks around like a fucking leech or parasite. I've always been the bud of the jokes in my family since as long as i could remember, immediate and extended on both sides. I remember getting made fun of for being ,fat" when i was a toddler and it never stopped and still hasn't, in kindgergarten i developed a eating disorder that im still trying to get over. My family loves to say family is important yet the second one of the family members gets out of earshot they immediately start talking shit about them until they come back. When we got the call my papa passed we headed over to say our goodbyes, everyone complimenred my hair and we(me and my brothers) were trying to lighten the mood. We came back a little over a month later and my aunt and her kids were there. My cousin kept talking to me about my hair, they said "uncle (name) said you were probably gay" or "grandma says you look like a boy" and many other things along those lines, including thise exact things. What the fuck? I literally just got a haircut. My sexuality is and none of their fucking business. Especially not because of a haircut. I'll admit, im queer, that still doesn't make it ok for them to talk about me or anyone like that ever. They, and my own immediate family, are literally the reason i was only excited for my papa to see it
I remember being told if my papa had a favorite grandkid it was me. He bought me my first real bike, got me my first real fishing pole, taught me how to use those long stick styled knife sharpeners from when he owned a butcher shop, and sooo many other things i can list. You know those boxes of Raspberry filled powder donuts? He'd get those and give me one or two(at dif times obviously) and tell me to keep it a secret since it'd sometimes be before dinner. I remember he used to babysit me when i was little. I remember everything we did together, how on Saturday's he'd cook breakfast and save me a peice of crispy bacon and watch cartoons with me, how on a couple occasions i put face paint on him, another couple occasions i did his hair, and sooo sooo much more. In summer we did yard work, winter we helped put up christmas decorations(he loved to go all out and we accidentally started a little bit of a contest for a few years with the neighbors), and later in the summer we'd have(and still have) beach family reunions for four days at the campsite we've stayed at for years. And for my 10th birthday he got me my own box of Raspberry filled powder donuts, which i had to wrestle out of my brothers' and cousins' hands on a few occasions, all the same day. Now every now and then my uncle and/or gramma get me my own box.
I really miss my papa. All the great memories we had and made. I wish i could tell him about all the new things in my life since he passed since so much has changed. I got a puppy since she was rescued, my other dog is taller then me when she's on back legs, im going to a new school, i have great grades and got into leadership, im starting track, and so many other little things like the recipes I've tried/or made that i know he'd love, I've gotten counseling, and all the really stipid and funny things i do at school. All because he's the only one who'd every actaully tell me he was proud of me, the only one who was actaully excited and happy for and with me. Like yeah other people would get happy and excited too, but at the same time it feels like it's something they expected and it was just a fake. And the only other time i get told someone's proud of me is whenever it's a joking type of mood, all i want is for someone to tell me they're proud of me and it not be fake. My papa made a very specific type of potato salad, I've never had anything like it and nothing better then it. He said his secret was cream cheese and love, along with whatever else he had put in it that you wouldn't typically put in potato salad. I used to get huge servings of it and would always go back for more. My uncle and gramma have tried to remake it on a few occasions, i either mever ate it or ate a small amount. Everyone agreed it was different even though they'd followed the exact recipe. I miss it as stupid as it may sound.
I haven't cried about his passing but as i right this i feel like i might cry, or sneeze, i cant really tell yet they feel the same to me when the come on lol. I know this was a lot and i doubt anyone actaully read it all, but if you did thank you.
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2023.03.29 11:23 WilliamsJulia673 Get the Perfect Look With the Clip-Ins That You're Always Wanted

Get the Perfect Look With the Clip-Ins That You're Always Wanted
Indique Hair is a premiere hair extension company that specializes in kinky curly, wavy, straight clip in hair extensions. Indique Hair offers a wide variety of clip-in and crochet hair extensions to give you the perfect look you’ve always wanted.
Clip ins
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2023.03.29 11:23 is_he_in_jersey Mettaton Concept

Obtain by using Perseverance on Standless
(LMB): Dancing Combo
(LMB 1): The user swings their leg to the left dealing 15 damage if it hits
(LMB 2): The user's other leg will swing to the right and if anyone is in the way they they take 15 damage
(LMB 3): The user punches the enemy, once with each arm. With each punch dealing 5 damage.
(LMB 4): The user then walks forward a tiny bit and kicks upwards, making them go upside down and land back on their feet, similar to a handstand but with no hands. This deals 10 damage.
(LMB 5): The user grabs the opponent by the neck, stretch their arms out bringing them high into the air, and throws them forward, knocking the player away dealing 25 damage.
[COOLDOWN]: 4 seconds
(Q): Mode Switch
The user if in normal mode will take out a remote control and press it summoning metabots to his side. If in Metabot mode, the user will keep the remote and their moveset will change
[COOLDOWN]: 2 seconds
(E): Upward Boot
The user swings their leg into the air, knocking the person up and dealing 10 damage. Mettaton then jumps up, and kicks them twice with their legs each dealing 10 damage, finishing by kicking them away onto the ground and inflicting 50 damage. This also slows the opponent down by 15%.
[COOLDOWN]: 7.5 seconds
(R): Propeller Boost
The user will leap into the hair and land with their hands they will then do a cartwheel forward and kick the opponent right in the chin sending them flying into the air a moderate distance and dealing 55 damage.
[COOLDOWN]: 17.5 seconds
(T): Downward Kick
The user will raises their leg into the air with incredible flexibility even bending to the user's head, the user will then slam it down onto the opponent dealing 63 damage and ragdolling them for 3 seconds.
[COOLDOWN]: 22.5 seconds
(Y): Fancier Dance Combo
The user jumps a short distance into the air, and a good amount of distance forward, going upside down and spinning his legs like a propeller while in the air. If he hits someone, he'll kick them twice in the face while in the air, land back down, charge up a kick and knock them away. Deals 53 damage in total.
[COOLDOWN]: 18 seconds
(G): ChainSaw Barrage
The user takes out a chainsaw and sits on it if anyone comes close to the user, the user will suddenly jump off the chainsaw and grab it midair, they will then send it downwards into the opponent slicing them up for 8 seconds the opponent is slowed by 40% and each second the user is getting chainsawed they take 9 damage. Uses 30% of meter
[COOLDOWN]: 8 seconds
(V): Backwards Smash
The user leaps backwards with their leg smashing into the ground sending opponents into the air and dealing 47 damage if it hits.
[COOLDOWN]: 7.5 seconds
[Metabot Mode]
(E):Hearts and Bombs
The user bends their arms together and folds their legs in a dramatic pose, this causes 4 robots forward and they while they will throw a ring of hearts with each ring having 10 hearts. Each heart does 3 damage and this does 120 damage in total. This can actually also deal no damage at all if the opponent is good at dodging.
[COOLDOWN]: 26 seconds
(R): Metabot Rain
The user will fling their arms forward and suddenly 3 robots will fly forward and fly towards the opponent, they will then dive up and down attempting and homing onto the user, of the robots hit the user the will explode and deal 10 damage and then they will duplicate themselves into 2 other robots which will then do the same as the first 3 but they deal 5 damage. The robots can be killed if they take 20 damage and they will not explode but they will still duplicate if it is the first 3 robots. This bypasses block and does 60 damage in total if all the bots hit.
[COOLDOWN]: 15 seconds
(T): Grabbers
The user will smile and slowly put their hand forward and raises one finger and moves from side to side taunting the opponent, suddenly two robots will come from no where and grab the opponent by the leg holding them in place for 2 seconds but still allowing them to attack. Can be blocked.
[COOLDOWN]: 15 seconds
(Y): Big Bomb
The user raises his hand and points forward and a robot carrying a bomb drops it at the cursor causing an “+" shaped explosion that does 75 damage, big knockback and ragdoll. Takes 65% of meter. Breaks block.
[COOLDOWN]: 30 seconds
(H): Electric Soul
The user summons their heart, and it floats in front of themselves, the heart will then proceed to fire out bolts of electricity, each bolt does 40 damage and stuns for 0.25 seconds, one bolt comes out of the heart every 2 second and the heart lasts for 12 seconds. If the opponent hits the heart however they take 2x the damage. This can deal zero damage if the opponent is good at dodging. Uses 45% of Meter
[COOLDOWN]: 32.5 seconds
(G):Disco Ball
The user will throw a disco ball into the air and it will shoot out blue and orange beams of light. This autoaims towards the opponent so the beam will follow the opponent wherever they go. If it is a blue light they have to stay still, while if it is an orange beam the opponent has to move to not take damage. Each light does 10 damage with each beam and there are 20 beams with 10 being blue and 7 being orange and 3 being an actual beam which does damage if they touched it. Uses 70% of meter
[COOLDOWN]: 40 seconds
pose theme and pose in normal MTT mode
"OH YES!!"
"But how are you on the dance floor.'
"Oh, you are you giving up."
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2023.03.29 11:23 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 5 Modded Accounts 👑 Cheap Accounts ✅ Fury Modz

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2023.03.29 11:19 webzguruservices Web Copy Vs Web Content: Which One Does Your Business Need?

Web Copy Vs Web Content: Which One Does Your Business Need?
In today’s digital age, every business needs a strong online presence. But when it comes to creating content for your website, do you know the difference between web copy and web content? It’s easy to confuse the two terms, but understanding their distinct purposes can make all the difference in attracting and converting visitors into customers. In this blog post, we’ll break down the differences between web copy and web content so that you can determine which one is best suited for your business needs. So grab a cup of coffee and let’s dive right in!


Web copy and web content are two of the most important components of any website. They both play a vital role in helping businesses communicate with their customers and promote their products or services. But what’s the difference between the two?
Web copy is the text that appears on your website, typically in the form of headlines, paragraphs, and call-to-actions. It’s designed to inform and persuade your visitors to take a specific action, such as signing up for your email list or making a purchase.
On the other hand, web content encompasses all the text on your site, including your blog posts, product descriptions, About Us page, and more. Unlike web copy, it’s not necessarily designed to sell anything; rather, its purpose is to provide valuable information that will help your visitors make an informed decision about whether or not to do business with you.

What Is Web Copy?

Web copy is the text on a website that is used to sell a product or service. It is usually short and to the point, and it often uses persuasive language to convince the reader to buy something.
Web content, on the other hand, is the information on a website that is not trying to sell anything. It might provide information about a company or its products, but it is not trying to persuade the reader to buy anything.

What Is Web Content?

Web content is the information and experiences that are available on a website. This can include text, images, videos, and other forms of media. Web content is what makes a website useful and engaging for visitors.
There are many different types of web content, and each serves a different purpose. For example, some web content is designed to inform or educate, while other types are meant to entertain or sell products and services. The best websites have a mix of all different kinds of content to keep visitors coming back for more.
Creating great web content isn’t always easy, but it’s worth the effort. Visitors who find valuable and relevant information on a website are more likely to come back in the future and recommend the site to others.

How Does Web Copy Differ from Web Content?

Web copy is the text on a website that is meant to sell a product or service, while web content is the text on a website that is meant to inform or entertain. Web copy is usually shorter and more to the point than web content, and it often uses persuasive language to get the reader to take action. Web content, on the other hand, is typically longer and more detailed, and it often includes information that is not directly related to the product or service being sold.

How to Use Web Copy and Web Content Effectively in Your Business

There’s no denying that web copy and web content are both important for businesses. But which one does your business need?
Web copy is the text on your website that’s designed to sell your products or services. It’s usually short and to the point, and it’s often written in a persuasive tone.
Web content, on the other hand, is designed to inform and engage your audience. It can be anything from blog posts and articles to videos and infographics. And while it’s not always explicitly selling something, it can help promote your brand and build trust with your audience.
So, which one should you use in your business? The answer is: both!
Web copy can be used to drive conversions by asking visitors to take action, such as buying a product or signing up for a newsletter. But if you want people to stick around for more than a few seconds, you need engaging web content that will keep them coming back for more.
The key is to strike a balance between the two. Use web copy to make the hard sell when appropriate, but complement it with web content that provides value and builds relationships. That way, you’ll have an effective online presence that helps you achieve your business goals.

Examples of Great Web Copy and Content Strategies

There’s no question that all businesses need web copy and content. But what’s the difference between the two, and which one does your business need?
Web copy is the text on your website that’s designed to sell your products or services. It’s usually short and to the point, and it’s often written in a persuasive or marketing-oriented style.
Web content, on the other hand, is the text on your website that’s designed to inform and educate your visitors. It’s usually longer and more detailed than web copy, and it’s often written in a more neutral or objective style.
So, which one does your business need? The answer depends on your goals. If you want to sell something, you’ll need web copy. If you want to inform and educate your visitors, you’ll need web content. And if you want to do both, you’ll need both!
Here are some examples of great web copy: -“Buy now and get free shipping!” -“Click here to learn more about our product!” -” limited time only!” -“Don’t miss out- sign up today!”
Here are some examples of great web content strategies: -Create a blog to share industry news, tips, and advice -Write helpful how-to articles -Share customer stories and testimonials -Provide detailed product descriptions -Include an FAQ page to answer common questions -Create downloadable guides and resources -Publish videos and podcasts


Ultimately, when deciding between web copy and web content for your business’s website, it is important to take into account what you are trying to achieve. If you want concise yet powerful messaging that will grab the attention of visitors quickly then web copy may be a better choice. On the other hand, if you want to provide more in-depth information about your products or services then creating engaging web content would be ideal. In either case, both types are essential components of any successful online presence and should be used together strategically in order to maximize their impact.
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2023.03.29 11:18 lilstupidbanana Help me find a game

genre: adventure, point and click, puzzle, wild west setting but NOT SHOOTER (PLEASE KEEP IT IN MIND) platfrom: PC Graphics style: 2D Charecters: Main character that came to the town aand a Singer named Rita, That was first seen at Saloon Stryline: The story begins on a train. Main charecter was heading a town to meet a woman he only chatted with. When he met her it appears that she was ugly. But he couldn't go back home. Because there was no trains on a schedule. So he stayed at that town for a while. Then he meets Rita at Saloon. She had red hair. He fell in love with her. But she was just playing him. And there was also a location of mansion with La Vénus de Milo in it Played it late 2000 or early 2010
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2023.03.29 11:15 lilstupidbanana Help me find a game

genre: adventure, point and click, puzzle, wild west setting but NOT SHOOTER (PLEASE KEEP IT IN MIND) platfrom: PC Graphics style: 2D Charecters: Main character that came to the town aand a Singer named Rita, That was first seen at Saloon Stryline: The story begins on a train. Main charecter was heading a town to meet a woman he only chatted with. When he met her it appears that she was ugly or sum. But he couldn't go back home. Because there was no trains on a schedule. So he stayed at that town for a while. Then he meets Rita at Saloon. She had red hair. He fell in love with her. But she was just playing him. And there was also a location of mansion with La Vénus de Milo in it Played it late 2000 or early 2010
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2023.03.29 11:13 collectivehair1 Everything Men Need to Know about Fades Haircut

Everything Men Need to Know about Fades Haircut
The purpose behind this cut was to style the top long hair with pomade or gel and keep the bottom surrounding hair as short as possible to keep it from interfering with the top appearance. The Fades in Zetlandwas previously seen as an edgy look that wouldn't be appropriate for the workplace. However, recently people have taken to fades with a more intense liking and with it came great acceptance. Fades have taken an even larger leap in their rise to fame as more men are experimenting with different fades and beards.
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2023.03.29 11:13 Sorry-Ruin-62 story time #1 in my hogwarts dr !!

hello everyone! since a lot of you have been asking me for a storytime of sorts, i figured why not make a post. i haven't shifted to my dr for like a week (like 5 days) now, so this is gonna be about my day in my dr before i shifted back. :)
i'll try making it as detailed as possible! (i kind of suck at storytelling so bear with me here.)

so, the last i was in my dr, it was nearing a full moon and rem was... not in the best condition to say the least. i usually hate shifting back before full moons because i always want to be there for him when it happens but with all the stress that had been going i wanted to take a break(?). he always gets all twitchy and sensitive to a lot of things when a full moon's approaching, and no matter how many times i've lived through that experience with him, it still breaks my heart to see him like that. :(
i'm also afraid of "the prank" (i don't know how many of you guys know what that is) happening, even though i could probably script it out. but the fear is so deep in my heart that i'm afraid i'll subconsciously end up shifting to a timeline where it does happen. (kind of like how i never scripted wolfstar to happen but it did, WHICH IS ADORABLE, they're literal soulmates.)
we had breakfast, and i had transfiguration first. but since we had already completed our transfiguration owl (WHICH WENT SO WELL, I WAS SO RELIEVED) we had a substitute class. basically how that works is, when you complete a subject's owl, that subject is essentially "dropped" until your next year. (as long as your score is on par with the professor's requirement score, of course.)
anyways, i had potions as the substitute subject. and god, do i hate potions. listen, it's nothing against professor slughorn (although he does get kind of annoying sometimes, with his endless invites to his slug club parties, which i've heard enough of about from moony to a 100% not wanna go.) he's honestly a fine teacher, and he teaches very well. it's just that i SUCK at it. i don't get why. the theory part i can do it's pretty easy to just memorize the potions and their ingredients + effects blah blah. but we usually have practical aspects that we need to pass in order to reach the o level of owl's. my next shift i have one lined up and i'm genuinely stressed about it.
practical work (for potions) works like this, you usually have the professor hand you a paper in which he states the name of the potion to be brewed. they're always short-term brewing potions since it's mandatory to complete them during the hour of the class. and once you were done with the potion, you would leave and wait for your results the next day. if you wanted an o on your owl's, your potion had to be perfect because if your potion sucked ass but you did really well in the paper, you would still only get an e. it's extra annoying because slughorn never gives us a concrete list of potions he might ask us to brew. we just have to assume! (it's a very long list of assumptions.)
anyways i got too technical sorry, i finished potions class and i had history of magic next. i don't hate history of magic but it really isn't a thrilling subject AT ALL. it gets boring very fast. the only upside is being seated next to pads. (even though he never lets me take notes, like EVER.)
i'm not gonna lie, most of the day was spent either in classes or in the library. the library is FILLED these days because of owl's. i've started just studying in my dorm because the library is just too noisy. ( doesn't matter how many shh's madam pince lets out lmao.) that is of course, unless i'm being tutored by either lily or ari.
nothing too special happened in any of the classes to be honest. we started our topic on bowtruckles and they're ADORABLE. i could make an entirely different post about them. (better than porlocks for sure.)
i spent a lot of time with rem, in the guise of "studying". (i just really wanted to check up on him, but he hates getting "babied", his words not mine.)
one of the things i hate seeing about rem is how determined he gets about not missing classes (even though he literally has a permission slip from poppy to do so whenever he pleases. if i was him i would ABUSE the hell out of it not gonna lie.) he's always up early, gets to every class early LIKE WHY. the only time he rests is the day of the full moon. he always looks like he's been through hell and back until he finally lets himself rest. sometimes i wish i could just stupefy him and strap him to the bed. (i won't lie i've tried it before, my stupefying skills aren't very good.)
quidditch practice was cancelled. AS DEPRESSING AS IT WAS, i get it. frank (who's our captain) has been so stressed that alice keeps teasing him about already growing grey hair LMAO. they have their newt's right now and i've never seen frank more stressed in my life. (not even when we almost lost to ravenclaw during that one match.) i hope we get more practice soon. i love waking up at ass o clock in the morning just to practice.
anyways, after dinner i went over some more potions coursework with lily, (she's insanely good at potions, and since rem was too tired to help me out, i asked her for help.)
me and pete dropped moony off at the hospital wing (poppy was fretting so much over him, which validated me very much.) and we got back to our dorms.
that's kind of all to be honest. i'm pushing back on shifting back because as i've said before, potions practical work is nearing and i'm DREADING it. so.
feel free to ask any questions! :) i hope this was a fun read.
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