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2023.06.10 05:57 TheRealWillNash A pundurful story

Trying my best at being punny.
Sadly, with most puns, when they are told (usually by dads) they are often dismissed in ways that seems cold and mean. Before you judge my punderful abilities and read any burrrther, you have to understand pundamentals of pun... itself.
Oh this is going to be so pun, isn't?!
By the way, did you know the actor who plays Legolas tried to meet some fans privately but couldnt because everyone kept screaming its-elf!!
Fun fact! I wanted to share with you something that I thoroughly enjoy. I love a very deep, almost circular hole that stores fresh water. If you dont like that... oh well.
At my old job, I was a bodyguard to a well-known electrician. You wouldn't think an electrician would need a body guard but the power dynamics at his job were shocking, to say the least. Ive heard stories that'll make your hair stand up. To be honest I wasnt very bright, kind of a dull on the job, and because of that, my boss would always blow a fuse. Watt could I do? Watt you dont do is try to run power lines through the wirehouse and bolt out of there. They'll close the circuit on you. That wasn't a very positive experience and I was charged up with negative energy so I took my lunch breaker.
On my lunch break I saw a worker bee contemplating his life choices on a beautiful plant with flowers. Beeing that and beeing his sadness, I muttered to myself 'Oh honey, youre bumbling through life the same way I am. My advice is dont go wasping your life away. I know life stings sometimes and its always pollen you down. You have my sympabees. Please moving forward little friend, bee-have!' Beefore I buzzed the door to let me back inside to work, I looked over to the beeautiful bee on the flower and waspered... dont stop bee leafing my friend!
Feeling stressed at work, I prayed.
Dear Lord, I ask you to please crest me with strength to deal with this singing pig that is my boss, for it is sow-fully terrible to listen to. I beg you to let me rise up and not lose prominence. If I dont receive your cressing, I know Alp fall from this elevation and land boar-down on my face. Can you blame me? This singing pig is trying to swine-dle me! For peaks sake, Im stuck listening to his hymns-illayus! Alas! My lord, being the bigger man is hard, hard ad a rock. This elevation I now sit upon is breathtakingly high up, not for the weak and pun-y!
Haha as you can see, my puns are great! Spanning a vastly huge mountain range of topics and being very (Cl) could say I'm not only very punny, but absolutely peaking hill areas !!!
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2023.06.10 05:57 arzen221 Weekly Wrap Up

How is everyone feeling today? What are our goals for the day?
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2023.06.10 05:57 needle-roulette do you think there is a slow global social decline? how are you prepping for it? most valuable preps for the last 30 years i can expect to enjoy living if everything keeps sliding, but never collapsing.

do you think there is a slow global social decline? how are you prepping for it?
What are the signs of a civilization in decline? Despite its subjectivity, archaeologists do have characteristics they look for that signal the decline of civilisations, including disruption to trade routes, shifts in supply and demand, disease, environmental degradation, and extreme political dysfunction
all i hear on the news is supply chain failure to support demand everywhere, hospital and medical systems being overloaded once again pretty much everywhere, and the last two listed are pretty much not stable anywhere world wide, with most every vote split very close to 50-50.
while i don't expect anything to outright collapse while i am alive, when there are very serious society system failures (like hours long wait for an ambulance in major cities and ERs are even worse,) i start to wonder what preps will be the most valuable over the last 30 years i can expect to enjoy living.
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2023.06.10 05:56 30to50feralcats Help with a Cycling Cap

Hey all,
So I need a cycling cap. The main reason is I am getting a new helmet and my current helmet has a visor. Yeah go ahead make fun🤣 (it was my first I didn’t know better).
However in all seriousness, I have some thinning hair. Today I wear one of those cap things for the UV protection but the one I have (Bontrager) isn’t the best fitting (little small and moves around etc). I really do need the UV protection as skin cancer has run in my family. I wear sun screen for ever ride.
So my next helmet will not a visor. And I was thinking about getting the UV protection via a cap . Bonus the cap has a visor 🤣 Also a non visor helmet will make me a little less dorky!
I was looking at the Rapha ones since they come in two sizes.
Any suggestions would be very helpful.
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2023.06.10 05:56 jett_black_heart Depression after visiting a friend. Am I being self-centered?

I don't get to visit with many people and I keep my circle small. I visited with my friend today who I consider my best friend. We don't have much family and I consider her family. We've known each other for 12 years.
She got engaged earlier this year & went from planning a wedding to finding out she was pregnant, and changing gears to just planning to go to the courthouse & have a baby shower about a month apart.
She calls me bestie sometimes & maybe I just expect more when I consider someone a BEST friend, like a sister, because I felt really hurt when she told me that an ex-coworker was going to host her baby shower and when they get married at the courthouse they were just going to "keep it small" and just have a few family members. I can't help but feel disappointed & sad that she doesn't want me a part of these big moments like I thought I would have been. I feel like maybe she doesn't consider me as close of a friend as I've considered her.
Am I making this out to be more than what it is? Do you think I should just find some new friends and not consider her as close of a friend so I won't take things like this so personal? I'm not the type to make things about me, I just thought I was going to be a part of these moments in her life. I didn't even get to help her look for a dress or anything & I always imagined that I was going to be her maid of honor, go wedding dress shopping with her, & host her baby shower, but I'm not involved in any of it. I can't help but to feel down & hurt about it.
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2023.06.10 05:56 samslash82 Trying to read the daken, dark wolverine in order.

I just got done reading dark wolverine empire arc today. I want to continue reading, but I feel like I missed some things. Who's the wolverine that's on fire. Why does a shadowy partner of daken, who want mystique dead? I'm reading it in paperback format. The empire story is somewhere after dakens dark avengers time, but there seems to be more story in-between. I don't know if this made sense but i hope someone can shed some light on it.
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2023.06.10 05:55 Optimal_Argument6759 I feel so childish

I would describe myself as sensitive and have been my whole life. I cry very easily and feel so stupid for it. Today, I feel is a perfect example of that. Earlier this week, my friends all wanted to go out for drinks tonight (Friday night) at a bar my friend works at. Turns out the bar will not be open til next week so we called it off. Since everyone seemed on board for drinks, I threw out the option to have a girls night in at my place or we could still go out for dinner and drinks. When I texted them this morning to see who was still in, everyone said they were busy. This really upset me and I haven’t spoken in our group chat since. I went on a date with this guy last weekend and had a really good time. We planned to have brunch at my house tomorrow (Saturday morning). I had just prepped some stuff for tomorrow when he texted me saying he was called into work and could no longer come over. I then laid in bed and began crying. I’ve been extremely upset since and began desperately swiping on my dating apps to find someone else to fill my time. I was planning on ignoring all of them (friends and date) tomorrow. I feel like this isn’t normal behavior but I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Any time I get upset with my friends I ignore them. If I have a bad experience with a date, I scramble to find someone else to occupy my time. I’m aware that I do it but I can’t help how I feel.
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2023.06.10 05:55 Xysmix I don't really know what to post

I've been wanting to get into content creating for a while now (years in fact, because i always admired the idea of making content to entertain others) but now that I have everything setup to do so, I don't know what kind of video to make.
Let me elaborate: I know that I don't want to upload unedited garbage. I know that I want to make decent quality content with the equipment I have. I know what game I want to make videos on (Minecraft in my case). I also even have some actually good video ideas to do.
The issue? I don't know what type of content I actually enjoy making (my ideas are scattered among all the spectrums of Minecraft content).
In case that didn't make too much sense, I'll try to explain it a bit better. Basically, I have a lot of options of Minecraft content to choose from (tutorials, lets play, roleplay, the list goes on). And I have interesting video ideas for the majority of those categories. However, I'm not sure which type of Minecraft content I want to make my channel about. This decision is very hard for me, especially since I have to make this content by myself with no one to record with (long story short no one close to me plays Minecraft).
I was just wondering if you guys had any way of truly telling what branch of content you enjoy creating the most. This question is not limited to only Minecraft players, by the way. Any help is appreciated.
Side question: What editing software do you guys use? Capcut isn't really doing it for me.
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2023.06.10 05:55 qveyo Should I move to a different state/country and if so where?

In a few years from now I will graduate college and work. I am wondering about where I should live or what place is right for me. Right now I live in a small town in Indiana. I was thinking about moving to a somewhat bigger city in Indiana, but now I’m not to sure if I want to stay here or not. One of my friends thinks I would like it in Japan and another thinks I would like it in California. So I’m going to list my preferences for what kind of area I would want to live in or just random information that might make a difference.
-I prefer to live in a suburban type area. (Somewhere that isn’t a huge city but not a small town either.)
-I want to live in a house. I would hate living in an apartment building forever.
-I would want to have my own car and drive it around. I don’t think I would like being in a subway all the time.
-I don’t want to live somewhere that has a high crime rate. I want there to be little crime.
-I want to live in a safe place. I don’t want to deal with dangerous places weather that be people or issues with nature.
-I think it would be cool to live in a beachy area but I also don’t want to deal with hurricanes.
-I think it would be cool to live in California but they have a lot of wildfires and things are expensive there. But maybe it wouldn’t matter if I made a lot of money.
-I want a decent sized backyard. I want to own a trampoline.
-I don’t plan on having kids and I probably won’t get married either.
-I want to be able to walk around and get exercise.
-I would want there to be nice places to shop.
-I don’t want to live in a boring place with nothing to do.
-I would love to explore my city and go to new places in it and walk around a lot.
-I would prefer to be in a liberal area. I would want to be around people that are pro lgbt.
-If I ever got raped and got pregnant I would want to get an abortion.
-I want to live around kind and chill people.
-I want it to be quite around my house, or at least pretty quite. As for in town I don’t care as much.
-I can’t handle supper hot environments. I have been to Florida and it’s too hot for me. I wouldn’t prefer to live in a super cold environment either but if I had to choose I would prefer a cold environment over a hot one. But a place with like a 60 degree Fahrenheit temperature would be nice.
-I don’t want to live in a poor area. I want to live in a place that I would make a lot of money from or at least a decent amount. (I plan on becoming an interior designer.)
-I would probably need to live in a somewhat busy city for my job. There aren’t many interior design jobs in small towns.
-I would probably prefer to live in the U.S. If I did move to a different country I would probably go to Canada.
-I hate super busy traffic.
-I get lost easily and I need to use a GPS a lot.
-I don’t know if I really care about being around relatives. A lot of my friends and family live out of state and my parents and grandparents and a couple of other relatives live in Indiana. I wouldn’t mind not seeing them all the time.
-I would want to live in a house that’s modern, minimalistic, and an average size.
-I would prefer to live at least somewhat close to work.
-I don’t want to work more than 40 hours a week. A couple of hours less would be cool. I would want a lot of vacation breaks. I would not want to work on the weekends. I would probably like a normal Monday through Friday 9-5 job.
-I would prefer to stay in one area and not move around all the time.
-I have a tree but allergy so even if I did move to a random country I would have to be careful about the food. I also hate seafood.
-I want to do my own laundry at my house.
-I like cloudy weather the best.
-I hate snow and ice and I get super anxious when driving in the winter.
-I don’t like wind and I don’t care for super sunny weather.
-I don’t mind rain that much.
-I don’t want to be in a super foggy place.
-I want to be able to hang out with friends on the weekends.
So based on this information, what place do you think would fit best for me? Thanks!
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2023.06.10 05:55 letlea I (15f) want to break up with my bf (15m) and date my best friend (15nb)

I (15F) have a boyfriend (15M) but I fell in love with my best friend (15NB), or I think I've never loved my actual bf. Thinking about breaking up and dating my friend...
This is such a long story
Last year I met this person (let's call them W), we became best friends very fast and they started to have some feelings to me, I actually never noticed.
In January I moved to a city not so far from were W lives, now we study in different schools and I met K, since we had our first talk he said that he really liked me and really enjoys being with me. (I've never been in a relationship before, he's my first bf (K))
Ok, in 4 months he asked me if I would accept being his gf, and at first I was a bit confused but ended up accepting it. At the same time, W kept send me messages all the time, they were acting very weird to me and where not the person I used to talk with, I even though about ending our friendship, so I started ghosting them.
I faked that my mom was mad at me for having low grades and I just could go out with them at July, and also told W I was dating. W got really sad, It made me feel so bad for lying to them, they even started going to therapy :(
But now, now I realize that I don't really loves K - I'm a very talkative person, and he's not, that makes me so sad cuz it feels like I'm annoying the hell out of him - I think he's just with me for status - he doesn't like talking about himself, like wtf I need to know more about you, you feel so distant - he said that he never knows when I'm happy or not with him (I'm autistic this is a real problem) but I try my best to show him but I think he doesn't care - his grades are SO LOW that makes me angry, idk if I'm being an asshole but it annoys me SO MUCH, I try my best to help him, I send study tricks and tons of things related to study but he keeps doing nothing - we just don't have the same dream, we don't. - he's fucking addicted to his phone
I tried to keep it cool but I can't stand it anymore, I wish I could breakup with him before valentines day (in my country it is on this Monday) but I can anymore cuz he just told me he bought a present and I'm afraid, I will make him sad.
So today after a long while I went to the mall with W, and fuck, it was one of the best days of my life. I couldn't believe I just left them for K, the saddest part is that I'm not sure if W still loves me cuz I was a fucking asshole with them :( I told W I had to buy a valentines gift for K, but I wasn't sure about keeping our relationship because it was making me sad. They kept flirting with me (very lightly, maybe just as a joke) and I thought it would be a nice idea to keep it going, they said if we were in a relationship, they would break up with me if they knew I was sad with it, then I said "well, I would love to accept dating with you when u asked me yk" and W kinda talked about this answer later, but I'm not sure if W is still into me... Oh, I thought it was a good idea to say what annoyed me about K to W, I was using W as an example of "nice person" and maybe now he may be more confident about asking me again? Idk maybe I'm just repeating what I've done to them earlier but with K.
Me and W we are so alike, we enjoy the same things and we also have some view of our future. Living with K is so depressing cuz he never knows nothing...
Should I try to date my best friend and break up with my bf? I'm afraid of losing both of them if W rejects and ofc K would not want to come back.
TDRL: I tried leaving my best friend behind because of my current boyfriend, but I think I love my Best friend and I'm thinking about breaking up with my bf and dating my friend, should I?
I'm sorry about my English xd
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2023.06.10 05:55 singular_green_bean Bruno wasn't the most curious (?) madrigal imo

So I know a lot of people noticed this but what's your take?
Julietta madrigal is listed as a "supportive role" but she seems to be the most mysterious of them all! First, Bruno states there is a lot to apologize to her for but they never go into detail about what that is. I assume she knew Bruno was hiding? In fact, her relationship with Bruno was basically left at siblings and that's kinda it, instead of giving background like they did for Peppa and Mirabel so everything is theorized. But then, Augustin states that Mirabel takes after Julietta. Innocent comparison? In what way is Julietta and Mirabel similar? Juliette has a gift, mirabel does not. Julietta has abided (supposedly) by the family rules. BUT Julietta is not discussed a lot. So maybe she has a rebellious past? Does it have anything to do with what Bruno apologized for? Did abuela tell the family not to associate with bruno after he "abandoned the family?" Did Julietta go through a lot hiding his presence in the home? We have established that the triplets are close to if not already in their 50s, so there's a lot of gap between getting the miracle and the current time.
What connection did Bruno have to apologize for and what does Augusta mean when he states that Mirabel takes after her? Is it simply that Mirabel has a healing energy about her? Julietta can only heal physical wounds, mirabel seems to help heal the mental/parasocial ones. She parallels Abuela because she's the next head of the family. Despite being the center of family dysfunction, Abuela was a fun loving girl once too. And Mirabel was seen as the issue for the longest time, when it was really abuela.
There's a lot here and I would like a prologue that discusses it so I know what the dynamic here is 😊
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2023.06.10 05:55 Humblefo0oL Need help with partywear rentals

Hello guys I'm having a farewell today at my college and I had a last minute change of mind to attend the event. But I don't have any partywear like blazers or any fancy shirt and pant. Is there any good shop that rents out such partywear?
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2023.06.10 05:54 xXxKazukixXx1 Struggle with current work and thinking of leaving while still under probation.

Here are a few more details regarding my predicament and a little history of who I am. I'm an events management graduate and have been involved with events scene ever since I was in highschool and organized plenty of them. Up until last year was when my downfall hits hard. I was diagnosed with ADHD and, on top of that, I worked in a small-company toxic atmosphere where our employer gave us assignments that were outside the scope of our jobs, poorly organised tasks that were provided to us at the last minute, and really poor communication between us. In essence, my former manager lacked effective leadership abilities. I continued to work for him until April of this year, at which point I decided enough was enough. Working for this company alone has increased my stress levels, which has made my ADHD worse. My ability to communicate has drastically declined, and I frequently make stupid errors because I'm not paying close attention due to stress. So I made the decision to depart before I further lost myself.

I was given the chance to be recruited by this one 5-star hotel as an Event Coordinator, and while initially I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to work in a setting where event planning is done professionally, it turned out to be a rude awakening. To sum up, everything moves too quickly, and almost any of my prior experiences can't be applied because the tasks and everything else are completely different. I'm so overburdened that I hardly know how to function. My attention to detail and focus have significantly deteriorated due to the stress that has been building up, which has an effect on my ADHD. My work pace is really slow, and I frequently make unintentional mistakes. Which, in the context of events, is intolerable. Only one month in, and I've already come to terms with the fact that I'm unfit for hotel events. At this point, I'm not event gonna be surprised if I'm no longer fit for events in general.

I still have another 2 more months before the probabtion review will be held. And I really have no confidence at all that I'm gonna pass it. It's either extend the probabtion period or be let go. Should I immediately begin looking for a new employment or at the very least wait for the probabtion results? What should I respond to the future employer during an interview when they ask as to why I worked for this hotel in such a brief amount of time? Should I just admit I'm unqualified for the hotel job up front?
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2023.06.10 05:54 DukeLadybird First session IV. Anybody else given clonodine?

Today was my first Iv session for treatment resistant depression and anxiety. 35 yr old male. I don’t currently take any meds (I’ve tried them all) and I’m not really a drinker but I am abstaining from alcohol completely to maximize my chances of positive effects. I’m also giving up my occasional edible.
I was given clonodine to take the night before and morning of my session to counter blood pressure effects of the k. The night before the clonodine made me extremely groggy. The next morning I took it again before I went to the clinic and skipped my usual coffee. I also didn’t eat anything.
When I got the iv I was also given toradol and something else I can’t remember before the ketamine, I think for nausea? I listened to nature sounds/ambient music and wore an eye mask.
During the session I honestly didn’t feel much except a little dazed. I focused on my intention and never seemed to fully dissociate. I did see some things but I couldn’t be sure if it was just the standard things I’d see with my eyes closed (dim shapes). I also found the bp cuff going off every 10 minutes pretty distracting… I was fully alert about 45 minutes in, so i decided to take my mask off and wait. I’m guessing my dose wasn’t high enough so I think they’ll be increasing it next time.
Afterwards I journaled, and I was extremely thirsty and hungry. and then for the next several hours my head felt heavy, I was groggy, and had a slight headache. Hoping the next session goes a little better and I’m contemplating asking the doc if I can lower my clonodine dose. I’m also going to ask what my dosages are for everything else.
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2023.06.10 05:54 captainkoloth Can't figure out how to join the Discord server

I've accepted the rules, I've clicked everywhere in and around the M emoji... what am I doing wrong? Is it closed to new members?
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2023.06.10 05:54 KraakenTowers New to Collected Editions (Absolutes, Omnis, etc) and Looking For Recs

I'm thinking of making the jump to getting one of the "premium" hardcover offerings for my collection, but I was hoping to hear from some people who may already own the books I have in mind
The first option would be the two Absolutes of Wonder Woman Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang. I read the majority of this run when it was new and own a lot of the singles, so I know I liked the direction (and love the art). The Absolutes being larger books are interesting to me, because it adds another dimension besides just being a particularly wide comic (as the omnibus would be, I presume). I don't know how the papebinding quality differs between the two though.
The other one I'm eyeing is the collected edition of Kelly Thompson's Captain Marvel. This one I've only read maybe one issue of, so it would be a lot more new reading material than Wonder Woman. I've heard good things about the run overall as it's come to a close, but moreover Carol Danvers is the character who first got me into Marvel Comics back when KSD first started writing her. I haven't read anything with her since the second KSD run (I actually left before Civil War II because I didn't like the way Kris Anka redesigned her outfit, but that's neither here nor there).
Based on all that over-sharing, what do you think I should try? Are one publisher's hardcovers known to be better than the others'?
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2023.06.10 05:54 oknature2 Is it immoral for me (27F) to have a romantic (non sexual) fling with a much younger guy?

Need some advice. I am a 27F and currently on vacation in Hawaii for 4 weeks. I met a guy who I clicked with right away. He came to Hawaii to celebrate his 17th birthday and here for 3 weeks. We are both from the same country which is pretty cool
I'm here with my grandma and he's there with his older cousin. I bumped to him at the beach last week. We are both into surfing and went together few times. We went dancing as well. He can actually dance and it was so nice dancing with someone that legit dance. We just clicked and it just feel comfortable talking to him. He's like one of those ppl that actually make you feel good about yourself/more confident when you are around them. Very rare to find. Most ppl are pleasant and nice/kind on the surface but don't have that effect
Yesterday I bumped into him in a beach alone and ended up talking/laughing for about 6 hours about random stuff and made these really neat sand castles and sand snow men. I don't know what it is about him but everything he does is so.. so alluring. Little stuff like just brushing his hands through his hair, his dimples, the darn lip bites. Around 11pm we finally decided to go to our hotels to sleep. He decided to kiss me all of a sudden and we made out for several minutes and there was some light groping and we almost had oral sex until I ended it. I just simply said we haven't done anything to be ashamed of but we shouldn't go further than this. He was super respectful and apologized and we went our separate ways.
I spent the whole day with him today but he hasn't tried anything with me. I know this wouldn't be a long term thing but even short term fling is nice to think about. Sexual fling would be nice but given the situation I am leaning more towards romantic fling ( just making out, holding hands, cuddling etc and not sex). If we are still somehow in contact after he turns after he turns 18 then maybe it can esclaate to a sexual one. But the sexual aspect is not a priority to me. I would still want to be with him if we never had sex. It just feels people are ok with such relationship if both parties are 18 and over. But 17 is only 1 year younger and age of consent in Canada is 16.
What are you thoughts on morality of such situation? I would really appreciate non emotionally charged answers (it's easier to communicate with people who use logical reasoning than just emotional)
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2023.06.10 05:54 xNeji_Hyuga Young Talent actually sucks

I was excited for a passive skill of this style, but there's just one fatal flaw
Works as intended, but just like super armor in Xenoverse, it causes you to take damage in situations that you wouldn't normally when dodging
So basically, instead of dodging normally and only taking damage when you mistime a dodge, you just take damage on nearly every close dodge that would have been clean otherwise
0/10, don't recommend. Unconscious Control is loads better for the same purpose. UC would still be better even if Young Talent didn't increase damage received
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2023.06.10 05:54 DnDBambi Random Nighttime Wilderness Encounter Table

Random Nighttime Wilderness Encounter Table
So I'm running SKT and they have a nicely detailed random encounter table for day time travel, but I also really wanted something for the nighttime while the party are trying to safely rest. So I made this!
I added a few unique ideas/suggestions I'd seen around the internet while also creating a few of my own. I had my own party in mind for this (4 x Lv. 6) but I'm hoping it's universal enough to adapt for any party!
Feel free to use and let me know what you think :)

Random Nighttime Wilderness Encounter Table

  • At the beginning of each night/long rest, roll a d20. On a result of 12-20 a nighttime encounter occurs. Roll a d100 and consult the table based on the party's current location
  • Roll a d4 (reroll 4s) to determine if the encounter occurs on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd watch of the night
  • Once they have their first nighttime encounter, the d20 range shrinks by two for every future nighttime encounter thereafter until they reach the next settlement, upon which, the range resets. This is to prevent there being an encounter every single night they're on the road and not bogging down gameplay. Feel free to adjust these DCs if you want less or more random encounters.
    • After first nighttime encounter, new range = 14-20
    • After second nighttime encounter, new range = 16-20
    • After third nighttime encounter, new range = 18-20
    • After four nighttime encounter (and every encounter after) a Nat20 must be rolled to receive a new encounter
The Table

Encounter Table Notes:

Abominable Yeti:
  • A single abominable yeti ambushes the party hungering for flesh and blood. If the party manage to defeat this yeti, there is a 30% chance that 1d3 regular yetis show up after battle, drawn in by the sounds of combat and the scent of blood
  • You can choose between bandits or barbarians for this encounter based on the location and frequency of previous encounters
  • Bandits:
    • 1 bandit captain and 3d6+2 bandits
    • Mounted on riding horses
    • 25% chance they attack without warning
    • Promises the party not to attack if they 'pay a toll' (no less than 100gp of treasure)
    • Is this a potential way to introduce the 'Happy Fun Ball'?
    • Treasure: Each bandit carries a pouch containing 1d10gp. The bandit captain’s pouch holds 2d10gp and 1d6 gems worth 100gp each
  • Uthgardt Barbarians:
    • Hostile group of Uthgardt barbarians made up of 4d6 tribal warriors, and 1 Uthgardt shaman (Appendix C). If the total number rolled is great than 20, add 1d3 berserkers and a tribal chieftain (berserker w 90hp)
      • If dealing with the Gray Wolf tribe, use the werewolf stat block for all berserkers and chieftains (+90hp) and add 1d4 wolves as animal companions
    • Uthgardt Barbarian General Info
      • Black-haired and blue-eyed people
      • Take their name from Uthgar Gardolfsson, a hero chief who battled giants and conquered much of the North before ascending to godhood
      • Currently 11 tribes scattered across the north
      • They speak Bothii (their own language) and most speak common
      • Their spirit mounds are sacred as it's a place where tribe members gather to revere Uthgar, honour their ancestors, make sacrifices to their totem animal spirit, and choose a new Great Chief
      • Uthgardt fear magic so much so that they attempt to kill and dismember any spellcasters they meet
      • Tribal shamans aren't attacked because their power comes from spirits of their dead ancestors
      • Tribes will unite against a common enemy, like a giant (whom they hate most of all)
      • Each tribe consists of 1 Great Chief, 2-5 chieftains, and 1-3 shamans depending on the size of the tribe
      • Use the "Reghed Chieftain" stat block for a Great Chief
  • Uthgardt Tribes and Locations
    • Black Lion Tribe
      • Northern Silver Marches and the Druarwood
      • Spirit mound - Beorunna's Well
      • Great Chief - Stellok Kolraavi (male - wears armour made of orc hide)
      • Shaman - Tysis Kolraavi (Stellok's younger sister)
      • Hate diplomacy and civilisation
      • Avoids settlements in the Silver Marches
    • Black Raven Tribe
      • Icy foothills west of Mirabar including the ice lakes and Spine of the World north of Mirabar
      • Spirit mound - Raven Rock
      • Great Chief - Ojin Voninsdottir (female - orc-skull helm)
      • Prey on caravans travelling via Northern Means or Blackford Road
      • Often ride Giant Vultures into battle
    • Blue Bear Tribe
      • Believed to be extinct but have been spotted throughout the Delimbiyr Vale (from the Nether Mountains to the northern tip of High Moor)
      • Spirit mound - Stone Stand
      • Great Chief - Kriga Moonmusk (female - old and travels in a fur-draped chair carried by 4 tribal warriors)
      • Stays hidden while travelling to preserve the myth of their extinction
    • Elk Tribe
      • Wanders the Evermoors and the plains between Flint Rock and the Dessarin River
      • Spirit mound - Flint Rock
      • Great Chief - Rond Vaarson (male - old)
      • Rond has spilled so much blood in his past, he no longer craves it
    • Gray Wolf Tribe
      • Located throughout the North, as far west as the Sword Coast and as far east as the Delimbiyr Vale
      • Spirit mound - None
      • Great Chief - Recently slain Syken Nightblaze
      • Syken was slain by adventurers from Neverwinter
      • His daughter, Envir Sykensdottir, now controls the pack and plans to attack Neverwinter to prove she should be named the next Great Chief of the tribe
      • Potentially run a surprise encounter if the party ever goes to Neverwinter
      • The tribe roams in packs with ordinary wolves
      • Will hunt down and kill those who survive their attacks to prevent the spread of lycanthropy to non-tribal members
      • The only members of the tribe who possess lycanthropy are the chieftains and berserkers. The rest of the tribe are regular tribal warriors
      • In an encounter have all barbarians start out in human form, then have them use their 'Shapechanger' action on their first turn to turn into a Hybrid or Wolf form and freak the party out
      • Lycanthropy Cure: Can be cured with a 'Remove Curse' or 'Greater Restoration' spell
    • Great Worm Tribe
      • Based themselves at Great Worm Cavern and strike out occasionally to defend their territory (surrounding mountains, Feel Pass, Frost Hills, Lurkwood, and the northern reaches of the Silver Marches)
      • Spirit mound - Great Worm Cavern
      • Great Chief - Wormblod (male - brutal and hoards treasure)
      • Venture into the Crags and its southern plains when food is scarce
    • Griffon Tribe
      • Located throughout the North, as far west as the Sword Coast and as far east as the Silver Marches. Never going further south than Triboar and Yartar in the Dessarin Valley
      • Spirit mound - Shining White
      • Great Chief - Halric Bonesnapper
      • Tribe is dwindling as they have made too many enemies of late (still 300 strong though)
      • Different from all other tribes as they have established a permanent settlement (Griffon's Nest)
    • Red Tiger Tribe
      • Found throughout the Silver Marches but have recently begun moving into its surrounding forests, including elf-controlled regions of the High Forest
      • They are trying to find the Grandfather Tree and lay claim to it
      • Spirit mound - Beorunna's Well
      • Great Chief - Seriska Hungermaw (female - ruthless yet cautious)
      • Often attack settlements in the Silver Marches and prey on caravans travelling on the roads
      • Skilled at avoiding heavily fortified keeps
      • Even known to attack boats on the Rauvin River from time to time
    • Sky Pony Tribe
      • Found near the base of the mountains in the Silver Marches
      • Spirit mound - One Stone
      • Great Chief - Arnzan Vashk (male - orc spearhead sticking out of his chest and he attempts to hide the pain)
      • The tip of the spear is very close to piercing his heart and killing him
      • Was wounded during the War of the Silver Marches
      • His rivals are circling and preparing to unseat him
    • Thunderbeast Tribe
      • Currently hiding in the depths of Lurkwood preparing for a 'stampede' through the Surbrin Hills and the Dessarin Valley to the south
      • Spirit mound - Morgur's Mound (hasn't been visited in years)
      • Great Chief - Harthulk Hornspear (male - towering man with a terrible scowl and cracked, tough skin like dinosaur leather)
      • Their stampede won't stop until their people or their enemies are dead
    • Tree Ghost Tribe
      • Share the High Forest with the native elves
      • Spirit mound - Grandfather Tree
      • Great Chief - Boorvald Orcbane (male - honourable and a protector)
      • Declared themselves the protectors of the Grandfather Tree after years of conflict with other tribes and the elves of the High Forest
      • Rarely seen outside of the forest
      • Boorvald hunts orcs and frequently launches attacks against the Iceshield orc-holds along the western edge of High Forest
      • Boorvald has 6 sons and 3 daughters, each of whom was given an "Oathbow" from the tribe's elf neighbours as a gift of friendship
      • The tribe contains tribal warriors from other tribes who came to the Grandfather Tree, gained enlightenment, and forsook their allegiances to pledge to help the Tree Ghosts protect the Grandfather Tree
Bioluminescent Lights:
  • Depending on the location, this can be represented as bioluminescent lights or more of a aurora borealis in the night sky
  • The party, or person on watch, notices a faint glow coming from nearby in the camp. A small pond (or tree/shrub/etc) is emitting a faint, beautiful glow that seems to be a wonder of nature
  • Describe how the lights beautifully dance and shimmer in the night
  • The effect is harmless and the party can spend as much or as little time engaging with it as they want
  • 2d4+1 vine blights and 2d4+1 needle blights attack the party in the night
  • The vine blights move in close and camouflage using their False Appearance ability. Once they're within 20ft, they run forward and use their Entangling Plants ability to subdue the party
  • The needle blights then move within 30ft and release a volley of needles at the party from a distance
  • Alternatively, the party may happen to set up camp in a congregation of unmoving vine blights who are relying on their False Appearance to strike when the party is caught off-guard. The needle blights join in later in the combat
  • A single bodak is drawn to the party's campsite by the light/noise, following its mission from Orcus to spread death across the Material Plane
  • Any non-war trained animals will flee right before this encounter takes place
  • If it fits in your narrative, the bodak can be a fallen NPC that one of the players used to know. It is seeking out all allies and enemies from its past life to wipe them from existence
  • Increase the HP if a single bodak doesn't pose much of a challenge
Dire Wolves:
  • 3d4 dire wolves encircle and ambush the party at night
  • The wolves won't attack outright. They will surround and then slowly close in on the party, giving anyone a chance to do something that might scare them off before combat begins (PC Intimidation check vs Wolves Insight check)
    • Potentially nominate a pack leader that will have an impact on how this plays out
  • If the party don't do anything or fails to intimidate the wolves, they will attack
  • If things aren't going well for the party, you can have the wolves' survival instinct kick in if their numbers are reduced to less than the number of still-threatening PCs
Displacer Beasts:
  • 1d4+2 displacer beasts ambush the party either for food or just general sport
  • One displacer beast might lash out at the party in an attempt to draw them away from the group to a location where the rest of the pack are waiting for a bloodier ambush
  • 1d4 ghosts appear and attack the party
  • If a 1 is rolled, a solitary, sad-looking ghost appears in the middle of their camp and sings a haunting song, then walks to where its grave is marked by a filthy stone. If the party ignore the ghost or leave the grave alone, nothing happens and the ghost remains suspended in the air looking at the grave until the party leaves. It they clean the grave site out of respect for the dead, the ghost disappears and turns into a shower of 777 silver pieces. If they desecrate or disrespect the grave for some reason, it attacks
    • If it attacks, bump its HP up to 60 so it poses somewhat of a challenge
  • 1d4+4 ghouls attack the party led by 1 ghast
  • The ghast will give orders to the ghouls to attack who it feels is the strongest party member
  • If ghouls are attacked while feasting on a paralysed creature, they will drag their prey their full movement (half speed) away while also continuing to use their bite on their paralysed victim
Giant Snakes:
  • 1d4+1 giant constrictor snakes slither into the campsite and attempt to snap up a tasty meal
  • You can have the snakes appear and pause, waiting to see the party's reaction, to give your PCs a chance to do something that might prevent this from being a combat encounter
Magical Glowing Mushrooms:
  • Tasha's Cauldron of Everything - Magic Mushrooms (pg. 166)
  • The party stumbles across a collection of magic mushrooms near their campsite, radiating this magical glow
  • Those proficient in Medicine, Nature, or Survival can surmise that these are not naturally forming mushrooms and with a DC12 roll, can recall stories of magical mushrooms and how some can save lives or bestow unusual powers when consumed
  • If a mushroom is eaten, roll a d10 to determine its effects:
    • 1: The creature’s skin turns an unusual colour. Roll a d4:
      • 1 - Purple with yellow splotches
      • 2 - Bright orange with tiger stripes
      • 3 - Tree-frog green with red squiggles
      • 4 - Hot pink with yellow spots
      • This change is permanent unless removed by a Greater Restoration spell or similar magic.
    • 2: The creature gains the enlarge or reduce effect (50 percent chance of either) of the Enlarge/Reduce spell for 1 hour.
    • 3: The creature regains 5d8 + 20 hit points.
    • 4: Vocally, the creature can only cluck and croon like a chicken. The creature can also understand and speak to chickens. This curse lasts for 1 hour unless ended by a Remove Curse spell or similar magic.
    • 5: The creature can understand and speak all languages for 1d4 days.
    • 6: The creature gains the benefits of the Telepathy spell for the next 24 hours.
    • 7: The creature gains the benefits of the Speak with Plants spell for 8 hours.
    • 8: The creature immediately casts the Time Stop spell, requiring no components. Constitution is the spellcasting ability for this spell.
    • 9: The creature immediately casts the Detect Thoughts spell, requiring no components. Constitution is the spellcasting ability for this spell.
    • 10: Magical mists pour out of the creature’s eyes and ears, acting as a Fog Cloud spell for 1 hour that is centred on the creature and moves with it.
  • An old halfling woman with a small glaive will approach the party's campsite looking for a place to rest and some company to talk to
  • The glaive is a custom weapon made for a halfling that she's had since she was a young woman. She's pretty handy with it but getting quite slow in her older age. It's her only form of protection as she travels
  • The old woman is really an oni who has used it's Change Shape ability to be able to get closer to its prey
  • When the oni feels the party is no longer believing its lies or has completely let their guard down, it will attack
  • This attack may begin with a Cone of Cold to surprise the party, and then on its next turn it will transform into its true giant form. Or it could also start with the oni transforming prior to combat, then on its first turn casting Invisibility on itself to create a sense of fear amongst the party
Owlbear Pack:
  • A loud, deep hooting sound can be heard throughout the night, not close but not too far from the campsite. The hooting sounds like it comes from something much louder than a regular owl
  • Players who made a successful DC12 Perception check, notice off in the distance a pack of 5 owlbears slowly moving through the terrain in single-file
  • There is a large owlbear at the head of the line, and another large owlbear bringing up the rear. In the middle of them are three smaller offspring
  • They don't appear to be hunting at this moment, just moving from A to B
  • Unless the party does something to draw the pack's attention, they will move on into the night
  • 1d4+1 hunting owlbears will spring into the party's campsite, hunting them for food
    • If a total of 5 is achieved and you feel this encounter is way too deadly for your group, have the hunting pack be a family made up of two adult owlbears and three younger offspring (40hp) who are hunting for their first time (no multiattack)
    • If an offspring is killed, the parents will fight to the death with unbridled fury seeking vengeance
    • If both parents are killed off, the offspring will flee
  • If only 2 owlbears are rolled and you feel this encounter too simple, max out their hit points (91hp)
  • A glimmering, white pegasus descends from the sky and lands not far from the party's campsite, looking for a place to drink, eat, or temporarily rest
    • If this occurs along a road/trail, the pegasus won't land, but will instead gracefully soar past the party, basking in the night air
  • Pegasi are usually quite jumpy, so will immediately take off into the sky if any loud noises are made or it is attacked
  • However, if a good-aligned character can quietly approach and succeed on a DC15 Animal Handling check, the intelligent creature will stay grounded and watch the character as it approaches
  • Narrate a peaceful interaction between the two before the pegasus takes its leave and flies off into the night
    • If a character tries to mount the pegasus they will need to succeed on a DC25 Animal Handling check
    • A failure will result in the pegasus bucking them and flying off
    • A success, and the pegasus will just stand there, MAYBE briefly trot around, before indicating for the character to get off and then saying goodbye and flying off
  • 1 revenant stumbles into the party's campsite, appearing initially like a zombie, but will begin speaking to the party. Very much unlike a zombie.
  • The revenant says he has come to seek justice for the wrongs the party did to him, killing him in such a brutal manner and taking the life of his greatest love, Kella. The party will then see past the unfamiliar face and recognise him as the slain leader of the Seven Snakes, Xolkin
  • As Xolkin has sworn vengeance on the party, he can now only be completely destroyed by either using a Wish spell when his soul is bodiless, the party just straight-up dying, or the party survives for over a year from when the vengeance was enacted. After one of these has occurred, the Xolkin's body will crumble to dust and his soul will fade into the afterlife
  • If Xolkin can't beat them in this first encounter, next time he appears, it will be with weapons and backup (spectres, wights, ghasts, etc). He won't quit until he is successful, making sure each future encounter is harder and more challenging
Stormy Night:
  • The clouds final erupt and the remainder of the night is filled with thundering rain and high winds
    • Rain can be replaced with a blizzard if the party is in the upper mountains or far-north sections of the continent
  • Unless one of the party members has a way to avoid/negate the rain and wind (such as Leomund's Tiny Hut for example), the party has a very restless nights sleep
  • They gain the effects of a Long Rest but everyone also gains one level of Exhaustion and cannot recover any previous levels of exhaustion
  • A single wight leads an undead army to attack the party. The army is made up of 2d6 zombies and 1 ogre zombie
    • If the number of zombies rolled is less than 6, replace the single ogre zombie with 1d4 ogre zombies
  • The wight will send the horde of zombies in first while it attacks from range to begin with, then moving in closer for melee
  • A figure will emerge out of the darkness, staggering a little. They make no effort to stealth either. They are friendly and will comply with whatever reasonable requests the cautious PCs make
  • They will reveal themselves to be a vampire, in dire need of blood. They will ask for a donation, but if refused, will walk away disappointed
  • If the player does contribute blood, the vampire will thank them, and next time this encounter is rolled, the vampire may have a gift for them (magic item, gold/platinum, jewels, etc)
  • The player may choose to drain some blood into a vial or pot for the vampire to then drink, or they may choose to let the vampire bite them. Regardless of the way, they will take 1d6 piercing/slashing damage (based on how they draw the blood), then 3d6 necrotic damage, and their max HP is reduced by that amount until the end of a long rest
  • If concerns are raised, the vampire will assure them that a simple bite isn't enough to turn someone. They must be killed with a bite and then buried in the ground to rise as a vampire
  • If the party is very brazen and choose to attack the vampire, it is the DM's choice whether the vampire straight away flees, or decides to bite a character to take some blood by force to teach them a lesson for their rudeness, then flee
  • A cluster of 1d6+1 will-o'-wisps appear and start floating around the campsite
  • Initially the wisps will appear as beautifully coloured, bobbing lantern lights offering hope and safety
  • Eventually the wisps will surround the party and launch a surprise attack
  • Alternatively, you can have the wisps attempt to lure the party away from the campsite by somehow beckoning them to follow. From here the wisps will lead the party into some sort of hazardous trap like quicksand pits or monster lairs so they can feed on the suffering of their prey and revel in their death screams
    • If you are considering this option, potentially reduce the wisp numbers to only 1d4

If you're interested in the possibility percentages that went into calculating these d100 results, you can see them in this picture here:
Wilderness Encounter Possibility Calculations
If you would like all of the above in a neat PDF format, you can download it here.
Looking forward to hearing people's thoughts!
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2023.06.10 05:54 GamingThiefOFFCIAL Fuse Life Roleplay New Server Looking for members!

Welcome to Fuse Life Roleplay. Fuse Life Roleplay (FLRP), is a new community that is based around storytelling by the community. We are currently using vMenu, but will be rolling out a vMenu Hybrid in the coming weeks. Our aim in the community is to tell stories and have long term tales told by our community members. Fuse Life Roleplay is the perfect place to start your story today.
We have many things to offer!
Los Santos Police Department (Currently closed; will talk about people joining to start it up)
Blaine County Sheriffs Office Application Status - OPEN Sheriff: Justin Clark
BCSO is a department that focuses on the Blaine County area. They focus on Keeping the Citizens of Blaine County Safe! They do what, they do best, stopping crime, keeping the streets safe. BCSO Has all sorts of fun in the name. They Got Sub-Divisions such as K-9, S.W.A.T, Air & Marine Support Units and much more to offer! The Sheriff's department is looking for someone like you to join today as a Deputy! Put that shiny badge on and put the good out in the streets of San Andreas! Showing what it means to be apart of Law Enforcement! Join the Blaine County Sheriff's Office with Sheriff Justin Clark and his High Command as well as Command Team! We look forward to seeing you in state. ~Sheriff Justin Clark
San Andreas State Troopers Application Status - OPEN Commissioner: Anh Long
The San Andreas State Troopers' primary role is to enforce state laws and maintain public order within the State of San Andreas. We are law enforcement officers who work at the state level in San Andreas, with jurisdiction over the entire state, from Paleto Bay to the Port of Los Santos. Our agency is responsible for enforcing state laws, maintaining public safety, and providing various law enforcement services. Our responsibilities are ensuring the safety of the citizens, patrolling highways, and responding to various emergencies and incidents throughout San Andreas. It is the mission of the San Andreas State Troopers to safeguard the lives and property of the community we serve, to reduce the fear and incidences of violence and crime, and better public safety while collaborating with the state’s many diverse communities to improve resident’s standards of living. Our mandate is to do so with the highest level of honor, integrity, safety, service, and security, while at all times conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards to maintain public confidence. Join the San Andreas State Troopers today and make a better tomorrow. Safer roads, safer people.
Department Of Communications - Coming Soon!! (If interested in Dispatch please join the discord and dm Thief)
Civilian Operations - OPEN (If interested in running Civilian Operations Please Dm Thief)
Don't like filling out applications and then leaving the server because you don't like it? Fuse Life Roleplay has a program called Guest Features. This means ANYONE can join our server! However, they will have limited permissions. These are limited to pistols, melee weapons, certain vehicles, and a few other things. The Guest Features in Fuse Life Roleplay is to let people come in and experience the server and community. What are you waiting for? Start your story today!
If you have any questions, please feel free to join the Discord and DM GamingThief//Thief
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2023.06.10 05:54 PlatinumRooster The mount experience is kinda pants.

Before I begin, I'll just say that the CONTENT available for the horses, including those in the shop that I'll never touch, is all pretty good.
I've found a number of horses already, horse adornments, and trophies.
My favorite combo is the Light-Bearer with the Scosglen Barding armor. Of course, trotting around with the exaggerated swagger of a standard ATC member.
Anyway, onto the aforementioned 'pants'.
So, remember that issue from the betas where walking out of towns was almost impossible because of the broken instance loading? Remember how they fixed it for launch and it was awesome? Yeah, mounts break that because of their speed. In fact, mounts seem to break everything, everywhere, all at once.
Let's discuss.
  1. Random stopping
I'm kinda glad that mounts don't have seatbelts, because I'd rather fly off my mount at a bajillion miles an hour in one piece than get cut in half doing so. I'm not armor spec'd.
When I'm cruising around Sanctuary using Spur and I cross into another territory, even if it's through a seemingly wide open glade, my mount will get caught on seemingly nothing, or maybe the smallest pile of Ghoul shit in the middle of the road. Beats me, because I can't see it. This happens all the time when rounding corners as well. It's bloody frustrating.
  1. Speaking of Spur...
I truly don't know what the fuck it actually does when activating it multiple times. It says it makes the horse move faster, but relative to what? Sometimes when I click it, we'll enter a hearty gallop. Other times, my mount will be gifted with the kindred spirit of Seabiscuit and will move faster than I have time to react to.
And what about spamming it? Does it stack? Seems to sometimes, and other times it doesn't. Does stacking it make the Spur last longer, or just 1x, 2x, and 3x the speed for the original duration? Don't have a clue.
What about the times where I click it and my mount just ain't feelin' today and says 'naw fam', and just continues to trot? Just a very inconsistent experience.
  1. Ability dismounts
I straight up feel like Kung-Fu Panda sometimes flying off my mount as a giant angry hairy meat nugget... in slow motion. Again: this seems to be an issue with the speed of mounts. There's no rubberbanding or anything, which is the silver-lining I guess, but I'm literally in the air for up to two seconds watching myself fall with style. Additionally, akin to the issue with Spur, sometimes it doesn't even trigger, and then I'm sitting awkwardly in the middle of a pack of Lunatics hoping they don't laugh at me as I take the time to clunkily turn my mount around to try again.
  1. Celine Dion
Celine Dion had some pipes. I used to wake up to the shit at 2 in the morning all the time. Well, apparently, so does my horse. I wish to god I could muzzle his big beautiful stupid fucking face... because I'm tired of hearing it every 5 god damned seconds. It's ear splitting after the first two times.
Please let me mute him or only allow the whinny for the initial mount, or make it exceptionally rare.
TL;DR: plz fix kthx. fun game btw
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2023.06.10 05:54 youvebeenyeeted Weird spots/scratches on body

Weird spots/scratches on body
Apollo is an almost 5 year old crestie. He’s been in a bio active tank for about a year and we haven’t had any problems. Recently I noticed he had a scratch under his eye but noticed some shed under one of his nails and assumed he scratched himself. Today I noticed another scratch/abrasion on his snout and under his lip. He also has some weird scales on on the top of his head right above his eyes. I did my best to get pictures of it all.
I checked for mites and didn’t see anything obvious. Could this be caused by a bad shed? We try and keep his humidity high, usually above 70% but it’s possible it could have dropped at some point.
I’m not sure if I’m over reacting about this or if I should go and get him checked out. I’m not sure what would be causing it. Any advice would be much appreciated. ❤️
P.S. the curve of his lip in the last picture is a solved issue and is healed, assumed from feeding tongs.
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