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2023.06.08 09:48 Senior_Department_84 Important Safety Tips to Consider before Switch Boards Installation By AGM Electrical Supplies

Important Safety Tips to Consider before Switch Boards Installation By AGM Electrical Supplies

switch boards
AGM Electrical Supplies has an assortment of top quality switch boards to meet all of your electrical needs. Each piece is constructed for optimal durability, reliability and industry compliance - so you can trust AGM to deliver innovative switchboard solutions for all of your projects. Switch boards are essential components of electrical systems, serving as the center for electricity control and distribution throughout a building. Their proper installation is essential to ensuring their safety, reliability and efficiency; in this article we'll review some helpful installation techniques with specific focus on key considerations and best practices.
Planning and Design:
Any switch boards installation project should begin with careful planning and design. Consider your electrical load requirements, anticipated expansion plans, building specifications and any unique switch boards building requirements when starting this undertaking. Enough space should be allotted for components like circuit breakers, fuses and wiring; seeking professional advice regarding compliance with local codes and regulations may also prove invaluable.
Location and Accessibility:
It is of utmost importance that switch boards be placed in accessible spots free from excess heat, moisture, chemicals or moisture - such as near windows for air circulation - as this makes maintenance and troubleshooting much simpler. Furthermore, switch boards must not be placed near flammable materials or flood-prone areas as this would undermine their effectiveness as tools of maintenance and troubleshooting efforts.
Adequate Sizing and Capacity:

PVC switch board
Acknowledging electrical load requirements is of utmost importance when choosing a switchboard size; under-sizing could result in overheating, circuit overloading or possible hazards. Care must be taken when selecting an ideal switchboard size by taking into account current and future building needs, expansions or upgrades planned as well as consulting an electrical engineer regarding capacity rating requirements and ratings.
Proper cable management and labeling are integral elements of an organized switch boards installation. Cables should be laid out neatly without excessive bends or tangles, and colored labels for circuits and connections should make troubleshooting and maintenance tasks simpler; quick identification of circuits lowers risks while simultaneously increasing safety.
Earthing and Grounding:
Electrical safety depends upon proper earthing and grounding practices. Make sure that your switch boards is adequately grounded with low resistance pathways that enable fault currents to travel freely through. Stick to regulations and guidelines regarding grounding systems; utilize conductors/connectors/coaches suitable for your environment, and regularly inspect/maintain connections to ensure their effectiveness of switch boards.
Surge Protection:
switch boards With today's increasingly digital world comes a greater emphasis on protecting sensitive electronic equipment from power surges. Install surge protection devices (SPDs) into switchboard installations in order to shield against voltage spikes and transient surges; SPDs provide vital protection from equipment damage while keeping operations uninterrupted; so before making your selection consult an expert regarding type and placement.
Ventilation and Cooling:

switch board
Proper ventilation and cooling are an integral component of switchboard longevity and performance. To dissipate heat produced by electrical components, use fans, louvers or vents as necessary; additionally consider installing temperature monitoring devices so as to quickly detect overheating issues.
Safety should always come first when installing switch boards to protect both users and equipment. Installation must include providing protective barriers like lockable doors or enclosures to restrict unauthorized access and accidental contact; insulation; fastening all electrical connections securely; inspecting regularly to identify and address potential safety risks promptly, and performing regular inspection and maintenance to detect and address them quickly.
Documentation and Maintenance:
Accurate documentation is vital for future reference and maintenance requirements associated with switchboard installations. switch boards To meet this demand, create complete records of your switchboard's installation including circuit diagrams, cable schedules, component specifications and troubleshooting aids such as schematics for use when troubleshooting modifications/upgrades/new issues arise; additionally providing these details helps troubleshooting efforts when performing modifications/upgrades while speeding troubleshooting efforts overall. Also establish regular maintenance schedules so components are checked, cleaned/tested regularly over time in order to maintain reliability over time.
Compliance With Regulations:
AGM Electrical Supplies, regulations, and standards vary considerably across countries; therefore it's vital that when installing switchboards they adhere to all relevant guidelines to ensure full compliance throughout. Take time to become acquainted with any relevant guidelines to ensure full compliance every step of the way.
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2023.06.08 09:45 endersai Rule 3 - rule update coming and some clarifications

Hi Auspol users
We're going to be rolling out revised R3 and R4 wording shortly. The intent was to move away from a difficult-to-enforce rule 4 on downvoting content, and shift emphasis to post and comment quality.
/AustralianPolitics is a discussion forum, and it says as much in the sidebar, when describing the point of the community. A discussion involves conversing on a matter to facilitate an exchange of ideas. Rule 3 therefore can be seen as a means to help hold the sub to a slightly higher than average standard.
As a result, we generally frown on comments that are clearly low effort. This is, of course, subjective but the litmus test I use is; is the user actually trying to engage in the topic? Or are they just saying stuff so they can be seen to be saying stuff.
Right now the standout Rule 3 is of course, people commenting in threads about articles they have not and will not read.
There are some misconceptions so ahead of launch I wanted to clarify a few points via an imaginary Q&A type session:
Insisting on quality means every post is an essay
It actually doesn't, and this is why we go to lengths to inform users who suggest this that the emphasis is on quality not quantity. A one sentence comment can be R3 compliant, and a 2 paragraph comment can be pure soapboxing and in breach of R3.
It's trying to determine what we can and can't think as users
Again, no it's not. People are allowed to be wrong (note: I said people, so Nazis don't get this leeway). We don't have Group Think or Correct Thinking enabled. With minor exceptions, like the Higgins/Lehrmann matter, we let you have an incredibly wide range of topics on the table and views across the spectrum. Where we don't, it's because of wider and often site-wide factors that compel us to limit the conversation rather than allow it.
It's not what you think about a topic. It's how you engage with it.
Every person that's accused us of political bias or curating viewpoints has done so because their low effort comment got removed and they ignored the removal message to instead think it's censorship on their beliefs.
It ends up removing more left-leaning comments than right
Perhaps, but not by design. Auspol is probably 80%+ left leaning. In a perfectly statistically represented sample of 10 removed complaints, 8 would be left and 2, right. This is proportional to subreddit representation, and not out of any particular allegiance to any party or parties.
It stifles the sub
I would challenge any assumptions around this, by stating that without it the sub would have massive quality issues and as a result, significantly more Rule 1 issues as people got more frustrated with lazy posters.

I cannot stress enough that we don't have any desire to control (or even much of a care) what you believe. We do expect that you put an effort in around engagement and conversation. It's not about wordcount - though my favourite thing is seeing people have an automod-removed comment repost it with "adding more words so it doesn't get removed", like that'll fool us - it's about the ability of a post or comment to facilitate a discussion beyond itself.
The rules will be shared in a day or two, but ahead of them, opening the floor to commentary on Rule 3.
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2023.06.08 09:45 ProteinFarts123 Found pricing for a DMARC vendor which are pushed by Microsoft, and it is disgusting.

Been evaluating DMARC recently, and I couldn't find much information to help guide me when comparing options. So I tried to write down my thoughts in a way I would have found useful. I hope someone on here gets a bit of value out of it.
A few observations is that there is a huge disparity between bottom range vendors and top range vendors in terms of price, and that there is a corresponding disparity in terms of tool functionality and Trust-center maturity. Top tier vendors offer some cool functions, but the increase in price was hardly worth it.
Common DMARC vendor problems
Common problems among nearly all DMARC vendors we spoke to (with 1 exception) was that they all had a hard time giving us a fixed quote, claiming that they needed to run a PoC/Trial to analyze our volumes before being able to quote us. A few would provide gross estimates for us. I got a bit grossed out, because it felt like the sales reps we met with were trying to gauge how much money they'd be leaving on the table.
Bottom Tier DMARC vendor problems
The bottom tier were sketchy in terms of where support is located, where data is processed (issue especially if we collect Forensic reports) and had a difficult time answering questions on the robustness and maturity of their organizational/technical controls for whatever certifications they held. They also provided low-usability UI:s and underwhelming project management features.
One of the vendors even suggested we spin up 2 instances of their platform to manage active/inactive domains separately. I assume sales person was either a) incompetent or b) thought we had just jumped off the bus from Jokkmokk or c) the tool was horrendous.
Another consideration was that these vendors were mostly in start-up mode, and really pushed their logo-slides, indicating to me that they are desperately accumulating corporate value to become attractive acquisition targets. God forbid they'd be purchased by like DarkTrace or something.
I did a bit of quick and dirty math, and couldn't see how they were running sustainable business models. When they described their headcounts and I looked at the revenue generated with an average across their entire "we have this many customers" slide. Especially since a few of the logos these guys said were 'customers' are actually using their freemium/trial to monitor (checked with contacts at company's who were part of the logo-slides.).
These vendors cost next to nothing, but introduce a level of risk I was not happy with.
Top Tier DMARC Vendor problems
3 of the vendors we looked at fit into this category, and the prices were absolutely outrageous. As in +30x higher prices. Than the other vendors. 2 of these were more forthcoming about price estimates, and the last one did the thing where the sales rep was really shady about the pricing so we finally had enough (I found their price list through google dorks and nearly puked).
However, the 2 vendors who were more forthcoming about their prices advised us that there is a mandatory Managed Service tacked onto the DMARC tool. The managed service sounded nice (bi-weekly/monthly project calls with a consultant from their side, effectively brining our time investment down by from ~6-8h / week to ~1-4h / week, which is helpful due to backlog). But we would be unable to unsubscribe from the managed service even after achieving p=reject and just monitoring.
The vendor who's prices nearly made me puke literally had 1 unique selling point compared to peers. The ability to generate DKIM keys through their console. Helpful, sure. But it absolutely does not merit a 2x higher price than the other 2 Top Tiers. The issue I have here is that this was the vendor pushed by Microsoft, and it really got under my skin that the sales rep almost took it for granted that the business was theirs because of the recommendation by MSFT. It made me wonder how many deals these guys get for outrageous price points by buyers who don't know any better.
These vendors cost a bunch, but offer the level of risk I am OK with introducing
What did we end up doing?
One of the vendors who didn't fit into either Top Tier or Low Tier fulfilled our criteria;
  1. Mature trust-center backed by good contracts, DPA:s ISO-certs and SOC-II etc. Sales rep and Engineer could speak towards various elements and were happy to make introductions to their CISO:s direct reports for more information.
  2. Price point was in-between Top tier & Bottom Tier.
  3. Price transparency and Predictability (They could provide prices based on # active domains + number of employees, irrespective of email volumes & sending services)
  4. Managed service portion could be removed upon renewal (once every 12 months) and the price effectively goes down by 50%.
  5. The sales rep was slightly less sleazy, but maybe that was because their licensing model was simpler? He was also transparent when we asked about recent negative feedback about their support.
  6. UI is decent & Integrated project management section so that tasks created in other sections of the console are populated into the project management time-line and assigned to an owner.
  1. I don't want to break any policy here. So won't post a link to the price-list I found via dorks. I found it on a publicly facing governmental digital market place, published by one of the vendor's partners. Example:
    1. 3-10 Domains + <5 Sending Services scales from £17.5K / year up to 3-10 Domains + <27 Sending services for £100K / Year. And god help you if you have +50 domains.
  2. Don't want to mention which vendor we went with in the end. But we got 25 Domains + Unlimited volume + unlimited sending services for ~ €12K / year.
    1. As a comparison this is 10x the price of the Low-tier vendors, and 35% of the price of the most expensive vendor (when accounting for our number of sending sources, email volume and domains)
    2. Year 1 we added on Manage Services to help with our backlog, which we plan on cutting away once p=reject can be safely activated (expected time frame ~6 months -- Which realistically means ~8 months). At this point our annual bill goes down from €18K to €12K / Year.
  3. A key consideration that I found tricky before finding the vendor we went with, was trying to forecast expected email volumes since the company is planning on entering new markets, with big marketing pushes. We could have woken up one day and gotten a "true-up" call with up-to a 6x license price increase if our outbound volumes exceeded 2.5million emails. (I don't see that happening anytime soon, but I'd hate to forget about this as the company grows).
  4. Getting approval for the spend was done together with marketing, and we split it 50/50. We basically asked our CMO-lite what would happen if their marketing emails went to junk-folders or were rejected outright because one of their marketing services was unaccounted for.
    1. Convo went something like:
      1. "What's your worst-case projection for this initiative?"
      2. "It's x% of target"
      3. "Okey, does that worst-case projection account for if your email marketing ends up in junk folders?"
      4. "Ye... erhh.. end up in junk folders...?"
      5. (Marketing now has a vested interest in being open about the crap they use/want to get, and CMO-lite has raised this twice with her team so far).
Sorry for any spelling/grammar issues, guys. English =/= first language. Some of the information here could be inconsistent between territories/markets. Hope someone finds it helpful.
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2023.06.08 09:43 CyanideLovesong Learning a new DAW (making appreciate Reaper even more)

I used Cakewalk SONAR many years ago. As most of you know, Cakewalk was bought by Bandlab and they have a new version (paid) coming out at end of year. I thought I'd re-learn it in anticipation of that.
But it's really, really hard coming from Reaper.
The more DAWs I become fluent in the more convinced I am that Reaper wins in every category except possibly appearance in some regards. (However, the streamlined appearance arguably contributes to one of its best qualities -- unmatched performance... And TBH I like the default theme and I'm OK with the programmer look of the plugin scripts, although I wish they all had input/output meters.)
Anyhow -- tonight I'll talk about few killer Reaper features, and two ways that Reaper could improve.
  1. I bound a hotkey to expose an automation lane for the last touched control in any VST/VSTi (action = "FX: Show/hide track envelope for last touched FX parameter)
  2. After that it's just a couple more clicks to enable an LFO or random oscillator on the automation. Most DAWs can't do this, and it's a FAST way to add life & movement to a track. Best of all, it works in-addition-to any recorded or drawn automation... So you can modulate your manual automation!!! This is incredibly powerful and fast.
  3. This one everyone here knows -- any track can act like a bus. So you can create complex nests of folder busses or routings, whatever you need. You don't realize how important and simple this is until you're in a DAW that doesn't have it.
  1. This one is a must. There's no reason not to have it. It's simple, good, and non-controversial... In Cakewalk, if you're zoomed in on a track such that clips are off to the right -- it leaves a trail of breadcrumb dots so you know the track isn't empty. So you know, subtly, that there are clips to your right. Reaper doesn't have this, and if you're zoomed in on a track you can end up deleting it by mistake.
  2. Navigator. I experienced it first in Mixbus, but Cakewalk has it too. It's a sort of miniature view of your tracks and whole song, so you can quickly navigate it. It's only controversial in that some people wouldn't use it, but it's a good feature that some other DAWs have.
In the end, every DAW has its own unique benefits. Reaper just has an unusual amount of benefits related to power, function, stability, customization, external scripts & community supported plugins, speed, reliability, and price.
This makes it really hard to learn other DAWs because you have to set that aside to appreciate another software... But it's a LOT to set aside!
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2023.06.08 09:42 ConsciousArticleXBS Five Tips on Efficient SaaS Apps Provisioning [Part 1]

Provisioning and onboarding are irreplaceable parts of modern business. With the rise of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, people are using more software than ever. The reason is that such solutions are easy to access, and there’s no need to install them on your devices. Considering the ever-increasing number of applications used in the workplace, the provisioning process may turn into quite a challenge.
It’s necessary to ensure that all employees have access to the right SaaS apps, the software is configured correctly and running, and nobody can reach data lying beyond their scope of work. At the same time, businesses must consider the security implications of provisioning and the need to protect sensitive data. The task may seem unbearable. However, by following best practices and being mindful of the risks, businesses can ensure their applications are correctly provisioned with minimal effort and cost.

Why Invest in Smart Provisioning

First, provisioning is crucial since it enables access to the data that keeps your business up and running. Most probably, you won’t open your SaaS apps to some random people. Provisioning focuses on the employees of your company with whom you have interviewed and currently plan to build a long-term relationship. However, there’s always a risk that information not intended for prying eyes can be used in ways harming your business. Financial fraud and data leakage are only the tip of the iceberg.
The more extensive a company you have, the bigger the problem you have to deal with. The chances of providing the wrong people with the right to use your SaaS solutions increase with every new employee we include in this equation. Here, you risk your money and business reputation, which is even harder to earn. Nobody must have access to everything, and a reasonable provisioning strategy can help determine who must be granted specific rights in advance.
The second primary reason intelligent provisioning is essential is that the process can be very time-consuming otherwise. SaaS development is pretty popular, and BetterCloud statistics show that an average modern company uses approximately 130 such applications. These apps are distributed unevenly between departments and employees. All employees may use a single task tracking app, while there’s a solution used exclusively by the QA team for tracking found bugs.

Read Also IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS: Three Options — One Solution or How to Choose Between the Alternatives

The company may have divisions or individual remote workers in other countries, and if employees use the SaaS app from different time zones, some additional configuration may be required. Setting up SaaS app configurations can take a significant amount of time without a properly designed approach to provisioning. You can follow the techniques described below to avoid time losses and eliminate security risks.
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2023.06.08 09:41 MikeMana Devices Not Responding

Earlier my thermostat (Nest) wasn't responding to Home commands. Logged in to Hoobs, and it was very sluggish just to load in browser. I restarted, and still can't change the temperature from Home app, or inside Hoobs.
I cannot control myQ garage, Govee light, or the stated Nest thermostat from the Home app or in Hoobs. They all work within their individual apps. However, my Roomba and Dyson connections are working as normal.
Trying to update the system software, and this is how it starts out
6/8/2023, 3:14:02 AMReading package lists... 6/8/2023, 3:14:03 AMBuilding dependency tree... 6/8/2023, 3:14:04 AMReading state information... 6/8/2023, 3:14:04 AMCalculating upgrade... 6/8/2023, 3:14:15 AMThe following packages will be upgraded: 6/8/2023, 3:14:15 AMarmbian-firmware avahi-daemon avahi-utils base-files curl 6/8/2023, 3:14:15 AMdebian-archive-keyring ffmpeg git git-man grep hoobsd isc-dhcp-client 6/8/2023, 3:14:16 AMlibavahi-client3 libavahi-common-data libavahi-common3 libavahi-core7 6/8/2023, 3:14:16 AMlibavcodec58 libavdevice58 libavfilter7 libavformat58 libavresample4 6/8/2023, 3:14:16 AMlibavutil56 libc-bin libc-dev-bin libc-l10n libc6 libc6-dev libcurl3-gnutls 6/8/2023, 3:14:16 AMlibcurl4 libgnutls30 libncurses6 libncursesw6 libpam-systemd libpostproc55 6/8/2023, 3:14:16 AMlibssh-gcrypt-4 libssl1.1 libswresample3 libswscale5 libsystemd0 libtiff5 6/8/2023, 3:14:16 AMlibtinfo6 libudev1 libwebp6 libwebpmux3 libxml2 linux-dtb-current-sunxi 6/8/2023, 3:14:16 AMlinux-image-current-sunxi linux-libc-dev locales ncurses-base ncurses-bin 6/8/2023, 3:14:16 AMncurses-term nodejs openssl systemd systemd-sysv tzdata udev 6/8/2023, 3:14:36 AM58 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. 6/8/2023, 3:14:36 AMNeed to get 128 MB of archives. 6/8/2023, 3:14:36 AMAfter this operation, 141 kB disk space will be freed. 6/8/2023, 3:14:36 AMErr:1 bullseye-security/main armhf libssl1.1 armhf 1.1.1n-0+deb11u5 6/8/2023, 3:14:36 AMSystem error resolving '' - getaddrinfo (16: Device or resource busy) 6/8/2023, 3:14:36 AMErr:2 bullseye/main armhf nodejs armhf 16.20.0-deb-1nodesource1 6/8/2023, 3:14:36 AMSystem error resolving '' - getaddrinfo (16: Device or resource busy) 6/8/2023, 3:14:36 AMErr:3 stable/main armhf hoobsd armhf 4.3.0 6/8/2023, 3:14:36 AMSystem error resolving '' - getaddrinfo (16: Device or resource busy) 6/8/2023, 3:14:36 AMErr:4 bullseye/main armhf base-files armhf 11.1+deb11u7 6/8/2023, 3:14:36 AMSystem error resolving '' - getaddrinfo (16: Device or resource busy) 
Err continue into the 50s
I tried to update the Govee as I am on version 7.9.1 and the current release is 9.0.2. I get this after the initialization
6/8/2023, 3:32:11 AMerror An unexpected error occurred: " getaddrinfo EBUSY". 6/8/2023, 3:32:11 AMinfo If you think this is a bug, please open a bug report with the information provided in "/valib/hoobs/whitehomehoobs/yarn-error.log". 6/8/2023, 3:32:11 AMinfo Visit for documentation about this command. 
Anyone have any idea as to what the issue could be? Nothing in my home has changed.
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2023.06.08 09:40 michael2109 Corsair Vengeance - Unable to post with XMP and higher frequency

I've bought Corsair Vengeance 2x32GB DDR5 6600hz RAM. Looking in the bios it is set to 4500hz.
I would like to increase this to a higher amount so enable XMP and it automatically increases the frequency to 6600hz but it won't boot.
Is it possible for me to achieve the higher specs? If not I may aswell return them and buy lower spec RAM?
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2023.06.08 09:38 smashbrosamus Simple Fourier Series

I have been trying to do some simple (not the simplest, but not anything too whacky) Fourier series graphing and have found that when I define something in terms of an integral, I end up with a really, really, ... , really slow output (I left Desmos alone for about an hour doing other work, and it still hadn't graphed the limited Fourier representation). Is this a known issue when you take the summation of something that is define as an integral? I've seen a few posts saying Desmos can sometimes have issues with integrals, but the two problems I've worked through using desmos don't seem too much more complicated, but one was able to work in a few minutes and the other is still loading. (Yes, this is homework, but I managed to work it out eventually. Just looking to see if this is a known issue with a fix).
P.S. this is my first time posting in the sub, so if there's additional information that is typically included, lmk and I'll get it ASAP.
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2023.06.08 09:36 Lummykins 'This Is Fine': A token by the people, for the people.

Howdy, Crypto Moonshooters!
Ever sat there, staring at the fiery red candlesticks of your portfolio while clutching a bag of popcorn in one hand, and thought, "This is fine"? Well, then buckle up, because we've got the perfect community for you!
We're 'This Is Fine' - a new meme token that's all about embracing the chaos of the crypto market and the world at large, and having a good laugh while we're at it. But hold on to your popcorn! We're not just another meme coin trying to tickle your funny bone; we're building something a little more substantial here.
Our primary goal is to build a vibrant, diverse, and dedicated core community from the ground up. We believe in the organic growth of our community and value each member's contribution.
'This Is Fine' is a community-driven initiative striving to unite the crypto-verse through laughter, creativity, and shared experiences, all while pushing a meme token that's as decentralized as it gets. But that's not the punchline. We're working on a DeWe (Decentralized We) platform that's all about incorporating the spirit of memes into the fabric of crypto!
Our aim is to create a platform that's as fun and accessible as it's equitable. Imagine a place where you can farm memes to earn, participate in community voting, and even get your hands on some exclusive meme NFTs - a platform where your 'This Is Fine' tokens are more than just tokens; they're your ticket to a world of meme magic!
But let's get one thing straight. We're no Shiba Army, Doge Army, or PEPE Army. We're the 'This Is Fine' legion, and we stand as one, united by humor and resilience. We don't merely plan to survive the market's ups and downs; we will laugh along the way.
Here's where you come in, fellow Moonshooters. We're inviting you to be part of this extraordinary journey from the very start. We're not just launching a token; we're building a community – a community where everyone gets rewarded, where everyone has a say, and where everyone appreciates a good chuckle.
If you're a fellow degen who knows how to appreciate a good meme and a promising project, come join us. Let's shape this crypto revolution together, one meme at a time.
Get on board and find us here:
🌐 Website: (Best viewed using the desktop version on mobile, if you are viewing from your phone. The full mobile integration is yet to be finalized).
🐦 Twitter: tifcoinbsc
📱 Telegram: ThisIsFineBSC
P.S: Remember, invest wisely, even in laughter!
Disclaimer: Always do your own research and invest at your own risk. 'This Is Fine' is all about transparency and community engagement, and we believe in the long-term growth and potential of our token.
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2023.06.08 09:36 inevitable_username Cashing out MOONs to Kraken guide

Cashing out MOONs to Kraken guide
!I included links to sites you will need to use for convenience. Still, for your own safety, I encourage you to do your own research on them and verify if they are legit!
Also, I don’t know your level of crypto experience, so I’ll explain everything with a reasonable amount of detail. If you have any questions or something appears different from this instruction – don’t hesitate to text me. I’ll respond once I see it.
I’ll break down the whole process into 4 steps:
1) importing Vault into Metamask
2) preparing to swap
3) swapping and bridging
4) sending

1) This post perfectly explains the first step:
You’ve added Arbitrum Nova network to your Metamask and made it display your MOONs.
Also, add Arbitrum One* network to your Metamask, you’ll need it later at step3 of this guide.
find section “Add Arbitrum Network to MetaMask”.
In result, the dropdown should show 3 networks like this.
\Arbitrum One (also known as just “Arbitrum”) is a L2 on top of Ethereum. However, MOONs are on Arbitrum Nova, which is a different chain built on top of Arbitrum One.*
2) Before you proceed to swap your moons, you need to make sure what to swap them to in order to deposit into Kraken. MOONs are on the Arbitrum Nova chain, which Kraken doesn’t support. The closest and cheapest available option would be depositing ETH on the Arbitrum One network. That's what I suggest we do. Web search says they enabled it, but since I don't have a Kraken account, you’ll need to check to be sure. Go to Kraken’s deposits options to see if you can deposit ETH on “Arbitrum One” network
Here's what I found it may look like:
Pay attention to both Coin and Network (blockchain): it should be ETH on Arbitrum One.
In the next step, you will need a bit of ETH on Arbitrum Nova chain to do anything with your MOONs.
Comment “!gas nova” under this post
the bot will tip you a fraction. That should be enough. Otherwise, let me know.
3) To swap MOONs for ETH go to
Switch your Metamask to Arbitrum Nova network
Connect wallet to the site.
Then, in the website, select Arbitrum Nova chain, then choose cryptocurrencies for the swap. You will be swapping MOONs for ETH. Input the maximum amount of MOON.
Click Approve MOON. Sushi wil ask you to set up a spending cap (the amount you allow sushi to deduct from your account, which it will need to do when you swap). Choose the maximum amount and approve in your wallet. You will need to pay a small fee for Approving MOON. The fee is in ETH on the Arbitrum Nova chain which you claimed earlier.
After you approve MOON, this button will change into "SWAP". To avoid conflicts with the spending cap (sometimes sushi doesn't allow you to swap your exact spending cap), reduce the amount of MOON for swap slightly (remove a fraction of the decimal, e.g. in my case I would leave 1.08 MOON for swapping). Then click SWAP and approve the transaction in your wallet.
Now you have your ETH on Arbitrum Nova and need to bridge it Arbitrum One before sending it.
I suggest
Connect wallet.
You will be bridging ETH from Arbitrum Nova to Arbitrum. Select the corresponding options. Check how much the transaction will cost by clicking on the question mark at the bottom. This "Save $.." is what you are saving compared to the official bridge which you won't use. The fee will be around $1 here.
Click SEND. Approve the transaction in your Metamask.
4) In your Kraken account, find the address to deposit ETH on the Arbitrum One network. Copy it.
In your Metamask, switch to Arbitrum One network. (Metamask desktop and mobile have slightly different interfaces, so the screenshots might confuse you)
Click send, paste the Kraken address in the address field.
First, I suggest sending a test transaction – a small amount of ETH about $2 worth to the see if it goes through.
So first choose a small amount (but not smaller than $1, hence I suggest $2. Some exchanges won't deposit a smaller amount) and click NEXT, then CONFIRM.
Once this amount of ETH shows in your Kraken balance, send all of the rest.
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2023.06.08 09:35 omninostechnology How a Gojek Clone App Expands Your Reach ?

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of business, staying ahead of the competition requires innovative solutions to reach a wider audience. In recent years, mobile apps have revolutionized the way businesses operate and connect with their customers. One such transformative solution is a Gojek clone app, which can enable businesses to tap into a vast and diverse audience base. In this blog post, we will explore how a Gojek clone app, developed using Omninos Solutions' cutting-edge technology, can help businesses expand their reach and achieve remarkable growth.
Seamless Multi-Service Experience:
A Gojek clone app offers businesses a unique opportunity to provide customers with a comprehensive range of services in a single platform. From ride-hailing and food delivery to grocery shopping and beauty services, businesses can offer multiple services through a single app. This versatility not only caters to the diverse needs of customers but also helps businesses to position themselves as a one-stop solution provider. Omninos Solutions' expertise in app development ensures a seamless user experience, making it easy for businesses to engage and retain customers.
Geographical Expansion and Localized Services:
Expanding business operations to new geographical locations can be a challenging endeavor. However, with a Gojek clone app, businesses can efficiently expand their services to different regions. By replicating the successful model of Gojek, Omninos Solutions helps businesses establish a strong local presence while ensuring that services are tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each location. This localized approach enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty, driving business growth.
Enhanced Customer Convenience:
Convenience plays a pivotal role in attracting and retaining customers. A Gojek clone app brings a host of convenient features to businesses, such as real-time service tracking, multiple payment options, and seamless communication channels. By offering a user-friendly interface and a hassle-free booking process, businesses can provide exceptional convenience to their customers, resulting in higher customer retention rates and positive brand experiences.
Increased Brand Visibility:
A Gojek clone app developed by Omninos Solutions offers businesses a dedicated platform to showcase their brand and services. With personalized branding elements and a visually appealing interface, businesses can enhance their brand visibility and recognition. Additionally, the app's integration with social media platforms enables businesses to leverage the power of social sharing and organic marketing, further amplifying their brand reach and attracting new customers.
Advanced Features and Scalability:
Omninos Solutions goes beyond cloning the Gojek app by incorporating advanced features and scalability options to meet the evolving needs of businesses. These features may include real-time analytics, intelligent routing algorithms, driver-partner management systems, and customer feedback mechanisms. The app's scalability ensures that businesses can expand their operations seamlessly without compromising performance or user experience, allowing for sustainable growth.
In an increasingly digital world, a Gojek clone app, powered by Omninos Solutions' expertise, can be a game-changer for businesses seeking to reach a wider audience and drive growth. By offering a multi-service experience, localized services, enhanced convenience, and increased brand visibility, the app empowers businesses to connect with diverse customer segments and establish a strong market presence. Embracing the potential of a Gojek clone app enables businesses to expand their reach, stay ahead of the competition, and achieve long-term success in the rapidly evolving business landscape.
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2023.06.08 09:31 SurajSigh Top Tractor Companies and Prices in India 2023 – KhetiGaadi

Top Tractor Companies and Prices in India 2023 – KhetiGaadi
In India, the agriculture sector plays a crucial role, and tractors are essential machines for farmers. In Recent years have witnessed the introduction of new tractors with advanced features. These tractors are equipped with powerful engines that offer higher horsepower, enabling efficient farm operations. Many new tractors come with modern technologies such as GPS navigation systems, precision farming capabilities, and digital interfaces. They offer improved fuel efficiency and better maneuverability, making them suitable for various terrains. Additionally, these tractors often have ergonomic designs, comfortable cabins, and enhanced safety features. The introduction of new tractors in India aims to enhance productivity, reduce labour, and improve the overall efficiency of agricultural practices.
India, being an agricultural country, has a vast and thriving market for agricultural products and machinery. There are several renowned brands in India that offer a diverse range of tractors at affordable prices, equipped with cutting-edge technology. Let's know the top tractor companies and tractor price in India in 2023.
Top 2 Tractor Brands in India with Price
Mahindra & Mahindra Tractors Company
This is one of the biggest and most well-known tractor brand not just in India but worldwide. The company provides an extensive range of tractors and other agricultural machinery, including 35+ different tractor types. The company provides the latest farming implements using advanced technology and research. Mahindra & Mahindra is well renowned for producing sturdy, long-lasting tractors.
Mahindra & Mahindra is present:
Since 1964 businesses have been providing farmers with advanced agricultural equipment and tools.
Prices of Mahindra tractors range
Mahindra tractors are affordable, with prices ranging from INR 2.5 lakh to INR 12.50 lakh.
The company is renowned for offering the highest-mileage tractors in India. Some of Mahindra & Mahindra's most popular tractor models are the ones listed below:
John Deere India Private Limited
This tractor and farming equipment business is based in the United States, with a manufacturing facility in India that opened in 1998. They have a large selection of 35+ tractors in addition to other items including gardening tools, farming tools, etc.
John Deere is present
The company has been manufacturing high-tech agricultural equipment and tools in India since 1998. US-based beginnings date back to 1837.
Price range of John Deere Tractors:
John Deere tractors price range is from INR 4.80 lakh to INR 29 lakh.
Top tractors from this brand include;
The agriculture sector in India heavily relies on tractors for efficient farm operations, and recent years have witnessed the introduction of advanced tractors with powerful engines and modern technologies. Mahindra & Mahindra is one of the leading tractor brands in India, offering a wide range of tractors known for their durability and affordability. Their tractors are equipped with cutting-edge features and come at prices ranging from INR 2.5 lakh to INR 12.50 lakh. John Deere India Private Limited, with its US-based origins, also holds a prominent position in the Indian tractor market. Their tractors are known for their technological advancements and fall within the price range of INR 4.80 lakh to INR 29 lakh. These top tractor brands play a crucial role in enhancing productivity, reducing labor, and improving the overall efficiency of agricultural practices in India.
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2023.06.08 09:30 blzyadam Unleashing the Power of NFT Influencer Marketing: A Revolutionary Approach to Digital Advertising

Unleashing the Power of NFT Influencer Marketing: A Revolutionary Approach to Digital Advertising
The rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has revolutionized the way we perceive and interact with digital assets. NFTs have opened up new avenues for artists, content creators, and brands to monetize their work and engage with their audience. One such groundbreaking application is NFT influencer marketing, a concept that combines the power of NFTs and influencer marketing strategies to create impactful digital advertising campaigns.

➡️ Exploring the Synergy Between NFTs and Influencer Marketing

To comprehend the significance of NFT influencer marketing, it is crucial to understand its two fundamental components: NFTs and influencer marketing. NFTs are unique digital assets that are stored on blockchain networks, allowing for verifiable ownership and scarcity. On the other hand, influencer marketing is a strategy that leverages the influence and reach of individuals with a dedicated following to promote products, services, or ideas. NFT influencer marketing combines the benefits of both, creating a synergistic relationship.

➡️ Enhancing Authenticity and Credibility

One of the key advantages of NFT influencer marketing is its ability to enhance authenticity and credibility. NFTs provide a transparent and immutable record of ownership, ensuring that the promoted content is genuine and not subject to alteration. This adds a layer of trust and legitimacy to the influencer's endorsement, strengthening the bond between the influencer and their audience. The unique nature of NFTs also creates exclusivity, making the promoted content more desirable and sought after.

➡️ Engaging and Rewarding the Audience

NFT influencer marketing introduces a novel way to engage and reward the audience. By associating unique NFTs with promotional campaigns, influencers can create interactive experiences for their followers. These NFTs can be used as giveaways, limited edition collectibles, or access tokens to exclusive content, creating a sense of excitement and exclusivity. The audience not only gets a chance to own a piece of digital art but also becomes an active participant in the influencer's journey, fostering a deeper connection.

➡️ Unlocking New Revenue Streams

For content creators and artists, NFT influencer marketing presents an opportunity to unlock new revenue streams. By collaborating with influencers, they can create and sell NFTs that showcase their work, generating additional income. Furthermore, influencers can earn royalties from the secondary sales of these NFTs, providing a sustainable source of revenue even after the initial promotion. This empowers creators to monetize their talent in innovative ways, reducing their reliance on traditional models.

➡️ Reshaping the Advertising Landscape

NFT influencer marketing has the potential to reshape the advertising landscape as we know it. It enables brands to leverage the power of NFTs and influencers to create immersive and interactive campaigns that resonate with their target audience. By embracing this approach, advertisers can move away from traditional interruptive methods and focus on building meaningful connections with consumers. NFTs become a medium of expression, allowing brands to showcase their values, creativity, and unique offerings.

➡️ Conclusion

NFT influencer marketing represents a paradigm shift in the way we approach digital advertising. By combining the authenticity and credibility of NFTs with the influence of content creators, brands can create impactful and engaging campaigns. This approach not only rewards the audience but also provides new revenue opportunities for artists and content creators. As NFTs continue to gain prominence, the potential of NFT influencer marketing to reshape the advertising landscape is immense. It's an exciting time for advertisers.
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2023.06.08 09:30 Oops_Cat WiMi Hologram Cloud(WIMI)Developed And Innovated Its BCI Gaming Model

WiMi Hologram Cloud(WIMI)Developed And Innovated Its BCI Gaming Model
Last Monday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter that brain-computer interfaces could solve the biggest bottleneck in human progress. Musk is known to have launched the Neuralink in 2016. He believes the company’s technology can help humans achieve “symbiosis” with artificial intelligence. Simply put, people will be able to combine their brains with computers.
When it comes to brain-computer interfaces, the first impression may be that Musk makes monkeys “mind-type.” Since then, Musk’s Neuralink has been developing brain implants designed to treat diseases such as paralysis and blindness. Recently, however, the Chinese team was surprised.
The world’s first brain-computer interface test on monkeys was successfully conducted
Recently, the world’s first nonhuman primate interventional brain-computer interface test has been successful in Beijing, which is of great significance to promoting the field of brain science research, marking China’s brain-computer interface technology among the international leading ranks.
The experiment was led by Professor Duan Feng’s team from Nankai University and jointly completed with the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army (301 Hospital) and Shanghai Xinwei Medical Technology Co., Ltd., which broke through core technologies such as endovascular EEG signal acquisition and interventional EEG signal recognition. According to the video, the surgical monkey just needs to “think” to bring the food to the imports.

This technology has been widely used in medical, military, and other fields, such as it can help patients with stroke and ALS recover, and even store human thinking, consciousness, and memory in the future. This series of very magical results have begun to happen. It seems that some scenes in sci-fi blockbusters are not so far away from us.
Brain-computer interface refers to a direct connection between the brain of a human or animal and an external device to exchange information between the brain and the device. At present, there are mainly three kinds of BCI, invasive, non-invasive, and interventional BCI. Neuralink, founded by “Iron Man of Silicon Valley” Musk and a team of scientists, is one of the few companies that develop invasive brain-computer interfaces.
In contrast, the interventional brain-computer interface technology used in China is safer. According to information released by Nankai University, the team sent interventional EEG sensors through the singular vein into the sagittal sinus and the motor cortex brain region. After surgery, the team successfully collected and identified the non-human primate interventional EEG signals, realizing the active control of the robotic arm.
It can be said that the interventional brain-computer interface takes both intrusive and non-invasive strengths while avoiding the shortcomings of both. From the current development, brain-computer interface technology has made breakthroughs, which may first help to the medical industry. Guotai Junan Securities pointed out that medicine and health is the main application scenario of brain-computer, and the future will gradually penetrate entertainment, smart home, and other fields, and become an important form of human-computer interaction.
Brain-computer interface technology will enable the metaverse
Brain-computer interface is a complex system and a basic tool for reading and writing on dynamic network data of neurons. What is more surprising is that, with the sudden rise of the Metaverse, people have great expectations for the integration and interaction of the virtual world and the real world. Many people in the industry believe that the brain-computer interface is the cutting-edge technology hatched by Metaverse.
In the future, brain-computer interface technology will enable Metaverse, and the brain-computer interface is expected to become the next generation of human-computer interaction technology, the ultimate form of Metaverse. At the same time, with the continuous development of Metaverse in the future, the strong support of national policies, as well as the continuous exploration of brain science, the brain-computer interface will become the next generation of Metaverse entrance after VR and AR, realizing the real Metaverse.
According to the White paper on brain-computer Interface standardization released by the China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization, the potential market for brain-computer interface technology (Brain-Computer Interface, BCI) will soon reach tens of billions of yuan. Another prediction analysis believes that the brain-computer interface in the next 20-30 years, the commercial application will gradually land, will open a 100 billion dollars of market.
The technical race has already begun. Brain-computer interface technology is an important strategic direction of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. The future industry represented by the brain-computer interface has stepped into the fast lane, and the formation of breakthrough scientific research achievements and innovative applications is the strategic need for innovative development.
WiMi Hologram Cloud focuses on brain-computer interface achievements
At present, the brain-computer interface field has tried to combine technology in the consumer field, and the application of in-game interaction is becoming more and more popular. It is understood that WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has started to develop BCI game models and paradigms based on brain-computer interfaces. The game model was designed with a P300 brain-computer interface to explore a feasible and natural game execution experience using electroencephalography (EEG) signals in a practical environment.
According to the report, the novelty of the WiMi Hologram Cloud study is reflected in the design of the BCI games and the paradigm, which integrates the rules of the game and the characteristics of the BCI system. In addition, the convolutional neural network (CNN) algorithm is introduced to achieve high accuracy on the training samples. This brain-computer interface system not only provides a form of entertainment but also provides more possibilities for game control.
To be sure, WiMi Hologram Cloud is based on the CNN BCI game model, forming a platform that can meet the interests of both healthy and disabled users. For healthy users, brain-computer interface games are mysterious and technical, which increases the charm of the game and is very conducive to the promotion of the game. For users with disabilities, BCI games provide them with a fair gaming platform, not only allowing them to play games with healthy users in the same way but also as a functional rehabilitation system to help patients with rehabilitation training. WiMi Hologram Cloud’s application of brain-computer interface technology to entertainment games is an important part of promoting BCI technology from the scientific research stage to the practical application market stage.
On the whole, although the new achievements of brain-computer interface technology in China have attracted global attention, it needs to be admitted that at present, the research perspective of foreign brain-computer interface technology is more advanced than that in China, and there can be some technological breakthroughs from 0 to 1. However, the advantages of China are more reflected in the range from 1 to 10, that is, domestic enterprises are good at learning from overseas innovative ideas, making better improvements and engineering realization of products, and pushing the products to the clinic more quickly. In short, if you want to catch up, and eventually lead the industry trend, the core point must also be to increase the investment in basic scientific research.
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2023.06.08 09:29 fujianironchain 5 More Nights in Tokyo

I have previously written two posts about gay (sex)adventures in Tokyo about 6 months ago, they are HERE and HERE. I just made another trip last week, this time more focused on general tourist activities, including a side trip to hike near Mount Fuji. But nothing would stop me from exploring the night and sex life of the city. Hope you'd find the additional information useful:
About bars - as a mature Asian muscle bear myself I again ended up going to first to Tokyo Eagle, then off to Eagle Blue to see a gogo dance performance by a group called Bear Train. Both places are in the middle of Shinjuku's gay district Ni-chome. Eagle Blue is more of a basement club than bar, and it was packed full of people that night. It'a a cover charge of ¥1,500, but you get one big drink up to the same price. They do serve drinks in big plastic cups. The atmosphere was great, so if you happen to be in Tokyo during the weekend go check out their Twitter to see if they have any performance.
As it was still early I decided to also go check out Dragon Men, which has a more professional troupe of muscle gogo dancers. This is a legit club and I read the weekend before the US singer Lil Nas X was there having fun after a promotional tour in Japan. I gotta say the performance there was way better than Bear Train's. So unless you, like me, have a thing for bears, Dragon Men is probably more entertaining.
A few people have asked me about "masseurs" and "escorts" in Tokyo. This is not something I usually go for but since Yen is now really cheap against USD, one can get a full service massage for only between ¥15,000 (around USD110) to ¥20,000. I was traveling with 2 other buddies this round and one of them knows more about the scene than me - here is what he did. There is actually a website that lists all the independent "masseurs" through out Japan. You can see their basic information and there are links to their Twitter accounts and websites to find out more. The main website is in Japanese and English, and you can set your browser to auto-translate from Japanese to English when viewing their own webpages.
Most masseurs prefer you contact them by emails first. You can use English and from what my friend has shown me they have no problem replying in English too. You should also contact them at least half a day in advance. Some of them regularly update their availability on Twitter. For some reasons Twitter is still very popular with Japanese and local businesses too. My friend hired one for an afternoon massage; he was so happy afterward that he is still talking about it. But please be mindful that this is a list of "masseurs" even when some are very explicit in what additional services are being offered. Use your own judgement and be respecful when setting up an appointment.
Since I was sharing a room with a travel buddy, we did decide to stay in more expensive hotels this round. The first one is in Ginza, and the second one is a "hot spring" hotel in Shinjuku right next to the gay district Ni-chome. It has a large bath in the basement with one big hot pool of hotspring water that can sit up to 8 people comfortably. There are also two smaller ones in an sealed off "outside" area. If you like the experience Japanese hotspring bathing this place is a very good deal, with the additional bonus that since it's also close to Ni-chome, it's popular with gay tourists and locals alike. All of us have encountered some very discreet cruising.
I don't encourage anyone to cruise in a public place that is not meant to be exclusively gay, but a smile and a friendly nod to the right person can definitely make your trip more interesting. I did exactly that and ended up in another hotel guest's room one evening.
Much as I wanted to visit at least one gay sauna or sex club this trip, I decided not to. Monkey pox is still a concern in Japan, and people are getting infected despite being vaccinated. This is just my personal choice, but you can still read about the 24 Kaikan sauna chain and various sex clubs in my two previous posts.
It's still really cheap to visit Japan now, but its economy is recovering faster than everyone else. It may not be cheap for long.
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2023.06.08 09:28 AsthmaBeyondBorders Is this installation I did ok?

Sorry for the vague title, I just wanted to confirm because my knowledge of any of this is close to zero, I was seeing tutorials for installations and they all mentioned having a separate device, or a VM or docker and I did none of that. Because I only care about my laptop, it's not for the entire network just one device, I was using the browser Brave to escape ads but I got fed up with it and Pi-Hole was a common result when I was looking for alternatives (is it an overkill?).
So I just ran that bash command to run the installer as recommended on the website and installed Pi-Hole on my Debian that is just my everyday home use OS, no VM, no docker or anything. Then I went ahead and set my DNS to and it is working.
I was only a bit worried that this may not be recommended for some reason I don't know, because I googled a bunch and literally didn't find anyone instructing people to do this, it always involved setting it up on a dedicated device or a VM or docker container. Maybe there is some security or performance concern? Or is this 100% fine?
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2023.06.08 09:23 lottery248 it has been for years that more companies are trying to be protected from all necessary competitions. Microsoft, Adobe, Twitch, and more; and then a large amount of ridiculous monetisation models coming out, and worse, censoring things in the name of protecting children which is known to never work.

in short: more and more companies are attempting to force their clients' loyalty to maximise profits. even if they could rationalise it with intellectual property law, it has at least been contradicting with the competition one. Reddit's API change is one of them, and all the theoretical QoL losses and side effects as mentioned are exactly what they want to do, therefore everything is as-is. these corporations that chose to sacrifice the good values and anything that made them great are practically soulless, it's better to force them bring it back or get it destroyed and build a new one with those back.
after reading what you guys have been talking, considering more companies are turning into exclusivity, monetising the basic service component that everyone uses, playing with their power, i have also decided to make a post about this. below, i will share part of my findings from elsewhere to explain the current situation of Reddit. forgive me that i might not be able to have everything at once.
so the context from what i have heard from the flyer, is that Reddit is now changing the API pricing, removing API from mature content, lowering limits for third-party apps we commonly use.
speaking of the new API standard, so much as Twitter now requiring people paying for certain API and then requiring monthly fees.
regarding premium access that is to be introduced, i want to throw out a simple question: why would they want another paycheck when other advertisers and premium users could literally cover those instead of optimising the servers' technology stack to decrease the unneeded cost?
the reason is simple, exclusivity and profits. it has been a while that this narrative that "if you don't pay for the service, you're the product." however, the same reason, they are moving to a trend that not only having it worsened no matter you have paid or not, you are not given any choices and are required to subscribe to a complete service that is supposed to be free, while removing essential communication features like forum or email things. which means the need of money is debunked to certain extent.
now look at some examples from elsewhere. on YouTube, the monetisation threshold is that they want to bring a better content creation platform. but if you search certain terms like free game credits live (which is obviously a scam), you can see several channels with monetisation enabled and you can even send a super chat for it. not only smaller creators having to race for that, it's no way you can survive without those tools. if you know how to use bots, you could spam people with traffics and chats with absolute ease. which has actually increased the use of bots (when they were supposed to decrease it), because it's actually hard to have organic traffic nowadays even for certain talented creators.
now it comes to the apps. if you use Reddit on your phone web, the website pursues you to use their app per 2~3 hours (see the video below). if you are a website developer, nowadays you do have tools being optimised for mobile web, allowing the entire app being run on a website with second-to-zero tradeoffs in terms of performances and features.
when they want you to use apps instead, they want to introduce another monetisation model, they want a more complete tracking through apps, considering you could block trackers with ease using a browser.
take a look at the Windows 11's interface? even for the latest Windows 10, it is full of data tracking, advertisements, and even hardware DRMs on plain sight. not only going worse, they are moving forward to the exclusivity like Reddit does. how bad it is? even Valve has been developing Linux compatibility for a while.
the second one is that they are removing the mature content from their API. it has been for a while that they are locking guests out from accessing. what i find is that is traumatising legal users' safety with their real-life identity verification, more than it is even meant to protect children from those abuse. here is a video explaining:
in short, it's all about censorship and letting bots ramping up to do it, mature content is just a pretext. it is a matter of time all other services you use will do the same.
remember the day that the "place" sub was a thing? remember how a large chunk of people drew 2B's ass and then got immediately deleted in the form of black pixels? so at the end of the day, if Reddit isn't going to back down, we should find a way to double down, whether everyone leaving from it or getting banned all at once is going to work.
people willingly trade freedom for temporary security deserve neither, and will lose both. - Benjamin Franklin
the last one is about your daily lives that has been relevant to this. notice how they are slowly changing the system against the users, often because they have all the cards that they are betting you are going to stay at the end of day. they are trying to change it into a subscription service so that they are always profitable, and less likely they will need to innovate to compete.
Twitter's Blue verification process, it was meant to have those bots or false identity less likely to spam by demanding payment of so, but i have seen certain bots paying for that and also being able to take advantage of. if you knew how those works, you could significantly decrease the cost of doing so, as well as being prioritised.
look at YouTube after they introduced their Premium. if you don't pay for it, more likely you suffer a long series of advertisements that may not even be relevant to anything you are watching, and sometimes, it's a literal scam. meaning they are doing things specifically to pressure you pay for it, even though paying for channel payments like super chats would charge a 30% fee.
Adobe, a company that pioneered what we call it subscription-based software. it is the leader of the entire content-creation industry, and their Creative Cloud is $55 per month. if you don't have enough money to start with, you're practically ineligible to it. what happens if you end up a loss that you cannot afford that payment at the time? things do happen.
Twitch made one of the most controversial policy ever on the recent few days, and the huge backlash has basically forced them to at least apologise about it. however, it has been notorious that they would charge people 50% of what audiences have paid, and then often sudden ban or double standard.
i don't think boycotting will work, considering it is a coordinated threat towards the people, don't assume that any words will make then listen. every time the backlash ended, they will silently impose all those things. so as soon as any alternatives become suitable, copy all the posts to that place as an archive and go on there.
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2023.06.08 09:23 No-Mycologist2855 Graphic Design Course with Placement in Bangalore

Are you passionate about graphic design and looking to turn your creativity into a rewarding career? Look no further than our Graphic Design Course with Placement in Bangalore! Designed to provide you with comprehensive training and industry exposure, this course is the perfect launchpad for your graphic design journey.
Our Graphic Design Course is specifically crafted to equip you with the essential skills and knowledge required to excel in the dynamic field of graphic design. Whether you're a beginner with no prior experience or a professional seeking to enhance your design capabilities, our course caters to individuals at all skill levels.
Throughout the course, you'll learn a wide range of design principles, techniques, and software applications used in the industry. From mastering the fundamentals of design theory to gaining proficiency in industry-standard software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, our experienced instructors will guide you every step of the way.
What sets our Graphic Design Course apart is the focus on practical application. Through hands-on projects and real-world design briefs, you'll have ample opportunities to apply your newly acquired skills and build a professional portfolio that showcases your talent. Our instructors, who are seasoned graphic designers, will provide valuable feedback and mentorship to help you refine your work.
Additionally, our course offers a placement program that aims to connect you with top design agencies and companies in Bangalore. We have established strong industry partnerships, enabling us to provide you with internships and job placement opportunities upon successful completion of the course. This hands-on experience in a professional setting will not only boost your confidence but also give you a competitive edge in the job market.
Our Graphic Design Course is conducted in a modern and well-equipped learning environment. You'll have access to state-of-the-art design software, high-quality design resources, and a dedicated design studio that fosters creativity and collaboration. This immersive learning experience ensures that you develop the skills needed to excel in the industry.
Upon successful completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate that recognizes your achievement and demonstrates your proficiency in graphic design. This certification, combined with the industry exposure gained through our placement program, will significantly enhance your employability and open doors to a wide range of graphic design opportunities.
Don't miss out on the chance to pursue your passion for graphic design and kickstart your career in Bangalore's thriving design industry. Enroll in our Graphic Design Course with Placement in Bangalore today and embark on a transformative learning journey that will shape your future as a successful graphic designer.
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2023.06.08 09:22 Pierceman [For Hire] Front end developer, looking to join a group project to help out

Not a "for hire" post per se, but reddit requires me to put the tag on the post.

I've been teaching myself front-end for a bit over a year. So far I've worked on a few solo projects, however I don't have any experience on team projects.
I would like to gain experience working with a team, get the feel of how it's actually like working in the field. I'm planning to freelance however I have no experience on how a team tackles a project.
Do any of you guys plan on, or are already working on a project and you need a helping hand? Here are some of my projects I've worked solo on:
Battleship web browser game (styled for both mobile and desktop screens)
Made with vanilla Javascript and CSS, used Jest for running tests. Also used Aseprite to manually create all the pixel-art assets of the game.This project was a part of the course where the goal was to practice Test Driven Development.
Online Shop Mock-Up (styled for both mobile & desktop)
Made with React, styled with CSS. Also used Material UI for some of the components here. Used Jest for running tests.The goal of the project here was to create a web store with a responsive shopping cart. Any items you add should be shown in the cart where price is calculated. You can also remove any items from the cart.
Memory Card Game (styled for both mobile & desktop)
Made with React, styled with CSS. Used Material UI for most components.The goal for this project was to practice state and hooks in React. I wanted to try out Material UI as well at this point, I was using it for a lot of the components here.
Photo Tagging Game (styled just for desktop)
Made with React, styled with CSS. Used Firebase for hosting and storing some of the data.For this project a requirement was to use firebase for the back end. Used Firebase for the hosting, storing the game image, storing the coordinates of the map areas of the characters you have to find on the image, as well as the leaderboard. Had a bit of trouble creating a dynamic image map, that is why size responsiveness is quite limited here.
CV Application Generator (just for desktop)
Made with React, styled with CSS.The project was meant for React practicing. You can create an application in which you can add various information such as personal info, education, and work experience. Then you can print out a PDF of the application. Local storage is used to store any applications you have created by clicking save. There is an option to load them as well upon page load.
Weather App (just for desktop)
Made with Vanilla JS, styled with CSS.Goal of the project was to practice asynchronous code and API calls. The app lets you search for a location, makes an API call to to get a number of matching locations. When you click on a location it gets the weather data for that location and displays it.
To-Do List generator (just for desktop)
Made with vanilla JS, styled with CSS.Project was made to practice OOP. You can create separate projects, each with a due date and priority. You can add a list of tasks to the project which you can check off once you finish them. You can save and load projects to local storage.
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2023.06.08 09:21 AmalgamatedLocks The Advantages of Installing a Home Security System

Today's rapid-paced environment, in which crime is increasing, makes it more and more necessary to put the security and safety of our homes first. In order to safeguard your family's safety and that of their belongings, it is important for you as a homeowner. This is when a house security system can be installed. Due to advancements in the technology field, electronic home security has become easier and more affordable. The article below will explain the benefits and advantages of having a house security system. It can also provide peace-of-mind for both you and your loved one.
1. Deterrence Of Intruders: One of the main benefits of having an alarm system in your home is that it deters potential thieves. Simply having electronic security cameras, alarms and motion sensors can make a significant difference in reducing the chance of someone breaking into your house. As the likelihood of being caught grows, criminals tend to avoid targeting a well-protected home.
2. Alarm systems can protect you from home burglaries: Alarms will be triggered if someone attempts to intrude into your house. This alerts you as well as your neighbors. Security systems can send alerts to smartphones, in addition to audible alarms, to enable you to immediately take action.
3. monitored remotely: Thanks to technological advancements, most security systems can now be monitored remotely. This allows you to monitor your home from afar. This allows you to view the video feeds on your security cameras in real time, receive notifications and manage certain features of your home. For example, lights or door locks. Remote monitoring offers a sense control that allows you to connect to your home wherever you may be.
4. Carbon Monoxide, Fire, and Smoke Detection: Home electronic security systems are not restricted to protecting your home from burglars. Many security systems are equipped with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors and other features. These vital additions detect harmful gases or smoke quickly, and can trigger alarms to give you and family time for a safe evacuation. It is important to detect fires and carbon monoxide before they become serious. An alarm system will provide an extra layer of safety.
5. Benefits of Insurance: A home electronic security system will often result in a reduction in homeowner's policies. Insurers recognize the extra protection provided by security systems and will give discounts to those homeowners who are proactive in protecting their home. A security system is a great way to not only safeguard your home, but save you money.
The system will protect not just your home but your precious belongings as well. Simply having security cameras installed can help deter thieves. Camera footage is vital evidence that can help law enforcement identify and capture burglars.
6. Peace of Mind: A security system for your home can give you peace of mind. When you know your home is protected by a reliable system, you feel safer and more comfortable. You'll have peace in mind knowing that, whether you're at home or on vacation, your home is always protected.
7. Integration with Home Automation: Many modern security systems for the home are integrated seamlessly with automation technology. You can use a centralized app or system to control your home's various features, such as the temperature, door locks, and lighting. Multiple functions can be managed from a single interface, which enhances home electronic security.


Installing a home safety system has numerous benefits. This system offers peace of mind and increased security for your family and can even be monitored remotely. Included electronic security measures, such as cameras and sensors for motion, will give you full control and awareness over the safety of your residence. Do not wait any longer to install an effective home security solution. Amalgamated Locks is known as a reliable company that provides top security solutions.
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2023.06.08 09:21 tallfeel The Golden Pinecone Daily Tournament (8th June 2023) Stalking Horse Edition)

The Golden Pinecone Daily Tournament (8th June 2023) Stalking Horse Edition)
The Golden Pinecone Daily Tournament ( 8 June 2023 )
The future is a Golden Pinecone
(Reminder to check the other guesses before posting yours)
~~~About the Tourney~~~
Begun in the year of the Cone (July 28th, 2022), the tournament pitted Wrinkle Brains and the Memelords in a daily contest to predict the closing price of the Most Fabulous Stock in the world; Gamestop. For many months, and countless hours, we have engage in reddit combat until a victor lifts the Golden Pinecone in victorious jubilation. Season One ended in the 3rd week of April at Game #267
We’ve seen players come and go like the passing's of time, immemorial, yet many have stayed true To the game; knowing their one salvation for the day would be to win a pinecone, and all of the glory that comes with it. What started out as an elaborate game to pass the time, with charts, graphs, and beautiful artwork, has devolved into a spectacular match of Luck, Chance, Skill, and one guy with a actual DeLorean Time Machine.
This year, 2023, exploded with multiple Sub bannings, which then spread across social media platforms like dank memes on wholesome subs. Posts were taken down, and the ban hammer ran supreme, but there was one corner of the interwebs that held firm, continued to guess, and stacked up those pinecones as though winter was coming.
To those that know the price isn’t right, who accumulate, speculate, prognosticate, and DRSstigate, I salute you. You should salute yourself. It has been a glorious game these many months, however the Season One finale has completed. We thank you all for playing in the inaugural season of the Golden Pinecone! Now begins Season Two!
All Golden Pinecone seasons are hodling points between different variations in your game. With each new season, we will see massive changes to the float, fud and shill tactics, and new rewards for first time winners and special events.
We know that the Seasons of the Golden Pinecone cannot go on forever, but until phone numbers & Cells, we will be here with a daily battle of wits and guesses.
**The Rules are simple*\*
  1. Time Rule: All guesses must take place before 12:00 eastern standard time each day.
  2. No Edits: your guess is your guess, and once it is in, it cannot be changed. Early bird gets the guess.
  3. B2B sniping Rule: Last guess of the day cannot win back to back games
  4. All guesses must be in USD amounts, on the W&M sub unless previous arrangements have been made with a game moderator.
**To Win:**Guess the closest to the final daily price. (the final settled price, not including After-hours trading) Ties can happen.
Last Seasons winner: Lorien6 ( 31 Wins )
Closing Price: $26.11
Winner: Love_Is_Wonderful ( 26.00 )
Note: - A solid number 2 for LIW
MoreThingsInHeaven ( 4 )
Bloodshot_Blinkers ( 4 ) - 1 Tie
Lorien6 ( 3 )
JDAB18 ( 2 )
stevefstorms( 2 )
NurseANDit ( 2 ) - 1 Tie
Love_Is_Wonderful ( 2 )
armbrar (2) - 1 Tie
PooPlumber ( 1 )
isthatfair1234 ( 1 )
tallfeel ( 1 ) - 1 Tie
JMarie777 - ( 1 )
Transient_Moonjumper - ( 1 )
DutySpirited ( 1 )
Ok_Daikon8253 ( 1 )
Buchko24 ( 1 )
pawzonzrock ( 1 )
carbinatedmilk ( 1 )
DynastyFSU2 ( 1 )
lemos304 ( 1 ) - 1 Tie
cellardoorenterprise ( 1 ) - 1 Tie
djsneak666 ( 1 )
(New for season 2, we celebrate those that ‘got it on the nose)
MoreThingsInHeaven ( 2 )
PooPlumber ( 1 )
Love_Is_Wonderful ( 1 )
Lorien6 ( 1 )
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2023.06.08 09:20 AwadSalem Top 4 Benefits of Online Betting

Online betting is becoming popular with each passing day and is fast becoming a favourite pastime that allows you to have fun and increase your bank balance. There are many online websites available that enable you to place bets, providing you with the opportunity to pick the best one. Many online platforms provide services like live match streaming allowing you to place bets conveniently. If you wish to start betting online, in this post, we will discuss the benefits of online betting.
Benefits of Online Betting:
1. Convenience: Many punters are now betting online because it offers a lot of convenience. Placing bets online also saves a lot of time, a significant aspect of online betting. Online betting allows you to place bets on various sports within a very short period. While you can place physical bets, you will need to travel to and from the local venue, which is time-consuming. Online betting is much more convenient compared to other ways of betting.
2. Attract New Gamblers: Since many punters live active lives, the facility to place bets in short periods can help place more winning wagers. Another aspect of convenience that attracts new gamblers is that it lets them set in within a minute because all they need is a mobile or desktop and an active internet connection. Online betting sites allow you to sign up at any time from anywhere.
3. Save Money: Online betting also allows you to save money as it does not include any travelling costs. To make things more convenient, many betting websites offer facilities like NBA live stream.
4. Promotions and Bonuses: Another significant advantage of online betting is that it provides you with the opportunity to claim regular bonuses and promotions. Your favourite bookie may provide you with some attractive perks but the odds are that you will find much better deals online. Online platforms offer thousands of dollars as free cash. They provide excellent welcome deals and lots of other promotional deals. Since all online betting platforms are trying to attract as many as players possible, they offer lucrative bonuses and promotions.
Additionally, many online platforms offer live match streaming services to facilitate their customers to place live bets. With live streaming, you can watch your favourite games from the comfort of your home. On the other hand, live betting allows you to bet on the events you watch.
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