Fluent Design skin for Bing

2023.05.15 00:10 Designer_Koala_1087 Fluent Design skin for Bing

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2023.05.12 17:53 Select-Budget-9673 Can’t sell my labradoodles

I have 11 f1 labradoodle puppies that I can’t sell. They are 8 weeks I’m selling for $700 which I think is fair. I’ve posted on puppies.com, Facebook pages, and puppyfinder.com any advise?
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2023.05.12 17:49 Select-Budget-9673 Can’t sell my labradoodles

I have 11 labradoodle puppies that I can’t sell. I’m asking 700 have them posted on Facebook pages. Puppies.com puppyfinder.com and even craglist. I don’t know what to do at this point any advice?
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2023.04.12 22:01 imnotWALuigi AITA for telling my sister I wouldn't get a dog while Im living with her?

I(27m) just got out of rehab and am trying to put my life back together after a very tumultuous few months. My sister(30f) was kind enough to let me stay in her house with her and her roommate while I complete outpatient, which I am very grateful for. The conditions are I take part in regular household duties, pay my part of rent and utilities, and most importantly, stay on track with my recovery (52 days sober, yay!)
For a little background, about a year and a half ago, my ESA past away. Kingly was the family dog until he bonded with me and I took him with me when I moved out. I noticed how good he was at taking care of me and began ESA and some therapy dog training. He was well behaved enough that I was allowed to take him in with me while I worked at different group homes and other healthcare settings. Hell, he was so good, we'd all joke he was the best coworker. He was an incredible dog and I miss his light in my life very much.
Now, to the problem. My friends and family are all encouraging me to get and train another dog as part of my recovery. This I'm totally on board with, however I don't want to get one while living here. My sister and her roommate already have two dogs, which are terribly behaved.
Don't get me wrong, I love these dogs, but they are menaces. Both are barely housetrained. I can let them both out and then go into another room, and when I come back there is already a mess on the floor. They are also barkers. Anything that catches their eye in the window sets them both off. They are generally bad mannered(though usually not aggressive) and neither my sister nor her roommate take any action to discipline or curb their behavior. Hell, my sister sometimes praises her dog for bad behavior, saying the dog is just a little wench(her dog is a Great Dane mix btw)
I don't want to raise and train a new dog in this environment where it will pick up these behaviors. An easy barker would never be allowed into a nursing home. Not to mention how much it would interfere with me just having a companion that doesn't destroy my own home.
My sister has been bringing up puppyfinder searches and asking when she could expect other paws in the house. I usually dodge it with saying I don't have a job yet, or I'm busy with outpatient assignments, but yesterday she was pretty persistent and I told her I didn't want to be responsible for a dog in this environment. We got into an argument about it and she called me a judgemental asshole and that she's doing me a favor already. She said that I needed one to progress in my recovery.
TLDR I'm living with my sister and she wants me to get a dog, but I don't want to raise it with her and her roommates dogs.
UPDATE: I appreciate all your feedback and advice. I did really question my decision, as I'm putting a lot on my sister right now. Me and her didn't talk again until yesterday as she's been very busy at work and stressed out.
We were able to calmly discuss the matter and I got to see her reasoning. As some suspected, yes she did partially want a new puppy to play with and somehow thought that I would train all 3 dogs by myself. But more than that, before becoming sober, I'd had a conversation with her that I'd completely forgotten about(thanks alcohol:p). I'd told her different ways Kingly had kept me responsible over the years eg. I can't get f'd up tonight, who will take him out in the morning, I can't drive under the influence, Kingly's in the car, or I can't call out of this shift, I promised the old ladies they'd get to see him ect.
That shed some light on her insistence. But I told her I'm sticking to my decision. Kingly kept me functional, not sober. It's up to me to learn how to do that on my own right now. For now though, we established some ground rules for training her dog that she'll also enforce and so we can at least have things a little more peaceful around here.
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2023.04.02 19:48 MichaIsGAY On the Search For my Dogs Sibling!

Hi, I currently looking for my dogs sibling. I know this is a huge Longshot, however I don't have access to the breeder and im currently awaiting on getting the money for a doggy dna test! Just in advanced, please do not judge.
We initially adopted our dog in an amish town in Ohio, we found him on Puppyfinder and didn't realize they were an amish breeder until we showed up and they arrived at the meeting point. He is a toy poodle mixed with a Miniature Aussie and is roughly 7lbs. He was born March 22nd 2022 and is full of energy.
Thank you so much!
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2023.03.02 04:25 Ashlor7371 I’m looking for a chihuahua puppy currently

I found one I’m interested in on puppyfinder.com but a friend of mine told me that website was a puppy mill which obviously I have concerns buying from but does anyone know and if so can you confirm or deny
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2023.01.20 18:52 bigheineyg Are the online puppy market places legit?

Lost my GSD in Oct of 21 and due to some moves have waited until the start of 23 to try and get a new pup. Since the end of last year I have been reaching out to breeders with good reviews but most of them have had some slow response times in emails and I have not been able to find a puppy yet.
Are the online puppy markets legit such as the puppies.com, gooddog.com or puppyfinder.com? I'd prefer to go through a breeder with a good reputation and hesitant to use one of the sites where it might be a puppymill or not the best of lines.
Any recommendations to help find a puppy would be appreciated. Currently located in the Virginia Beach area and willing to do some driving if needed.
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2023.01.08 17:44 letterkennypr0blems Screen shotted this pic before I picked him up. Sent it to my wife and this is her time hop. Should have saw the signs…🙄

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2022.07.28 20:39 andy404040 23 pet websites - Find your next pet buddy, Watch heart warming animal videos, travel with ease with your pet, get someone to pet sit for you while you are away.

Find a Pet
https://www.puppyspot.com/ - Find the perfect puppy for your family. From breed selection to training to long-term healthcare, PuppySpot will be your first and last puppy stop.
https://www.puplookup.com/ - website for finding the perfect puppy dog breed for you and your family. See breeder advertisements and puppy ads.
https://marketplace.akc.org/ - From finding an AKC Puppy to connecting with a S.A.F.E. Groomer, AKC Marketplace is your Expert Source for Canine Connections
https://www.nextdaypets.com/ - Our massive directory of dog breeders with puppies for sale will make finding your next puppy a breeze. Check out our informative dog breed profiles to find the best puppy for you!
https://www.puppyfind.com/ - Directory of dog breeders with puppies for sale and dogs for adoption.
https://www.gooddog.com/ - Find healthy, vet-checked puppies and dogs from trusted breeders and shelters. Easy to Apply. Arranged Transport. Free articles and resources.
https://www.thesprucepets.com - Bringing a pet into your home is a huge commitment. We'll help you navigate through everything from adoption to training and care.

Adopt a pet
https://getyourpet.com/ - Pet adoption with less stress. Rehoming a dog or cat at no cost. Adopt a pet directly from their owner, who knows them best.
https://adoptapet.com/ - Search dogs or cats near you. Adopt a Pet Today. Pictures of dogs and cats who need a home. Search by breed, age, size and color. Adopt a dog, Adopt a cat.

Pet youtube channel
https://www.youtube.com/useTheDodoSite - place for everyone who loves animals and cares about their wellbeing. Our goal is to make caring about animals a viral cause. We want our fans to fall in love with animals, be entertained while they’re doing it, and feel empowered to help animals in need.

https://www.petcoach.co/ - Ask a Vet Questions Online Now. Verified pet experts standing by 24/7
https://yourfuzzy.com - Fuzzy vets are on call 24/7 for members pet health questions, big and small. We take the time to make sure that your pet is getting the care they need with wellness and care products delivered to your door. Weave heard it all, so don't be shy. Become a Fuzzy member today!

pet transportation
https://www.pettravel.com/ - Find current pet travel info to transport your dog or cat to over 200 countries. Serving pet owners for 20 years.
https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel - APHIS Pet Travel
https://www.petrelocation.com - Take your friend wherever life takes you. U.S. and International Pet Shipping Services"
https://petairways.com - Fly Your Pet in the Safety and Comfort of the Main Cabin, NOT in the Dangerous Cargo Hold

Pet tracking
https://www.pethub.com/ - PetHub's original digital pet ID tags return lost pets in under 24-hours. Free accounts. Use AI, IoT, GPS, SMS, etc. to make Rover wag while walking.

Pet Sitters
https://dogvacay.com/ - The nation's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers
https://www.pawshake.com - Find experienced pet sitters near you who treats your pet like family. Pawshake is the largest and fastest-growing online community of pet care providers.

Pet friendly places
https://www.bringfido.com/ - Where do you want to bring Fido?

https://www.certapet.com/ Get an Emotional Support Animal Letter Consultation You Can Trust.
https://republic.co/fluentpet - (fun find) Your dog has a lot to say—our technology gives them a voice
https://upgradedpoints.com/travel/traveling-with-pets/ Helpful traveling with pets article

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2022.06.02 15:18 gr00ve88 Buying a puppy - want to make sure I'm asking the right questions / what to expect

Hi all,
I've recently begun my search for a puppy (Mini Dachshund to be exact) and am doing everything in my power to avoid buying from a 'puppy store'/mill/etc.
I came across an ad on puppyfinder for a breeder I suspect, based on what I've read in the wiki sidebar, may just be a casual breeder. I don't think they are registered anywhere, no mentions of AKC registrations or the like. Based on their website, they've been breeding dachshunds for years.
Despite that, what questions could I ask to determine if this person is selling healthy dogs? I've seen pictures of the parents. The dogs come with vet paperwork, de-wormed, and vaccinations.
What else should I ask, what else do I need to know, about the puppy/parents, or breeder in general?
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2022.05.25 04:21 Slippedbonds F2BB Goldendoodles for sale. AKC registered standard poodle dad. F2B goldendoodle mom. 10-weeks old. They had their first shots and have been dewormed. Smart and hypoallergenic. Only $950, and we can deliver. Click below for our puppyfinder.com link and contact info.

F2BB Goldendoodles for sale. AKC registered standard poodle dad. F2B goldendoodle mom. 10-weeks old. They had their first shots and have been dewormed. Smart and hypoallergenic. Only $950, and we can deliver. Click below for our puppyfinder.com link and contact info. submitted by Slippedbonds to PuppiesForSale [link] [comments]

2022.04.11 19:13 sirenscreams Suggestions from German Shepherd breeders?

My client, who is also my in-law, is a responsible breeder.
His dog recently gave birth to 6 German Shepherd puppies, and I'm trying to help him sell them.
I'm a digital marketing consultant by trade. I'm running Google ads, and we're on Puppyfinder, Good Dog, AKC Marketplace, and the Pedigree Database. We're getting leads but no sales, and I'm at a total loss for what to do.
I would appreciate any suggestions or insight. Thanks!
Also mods, please note that I am not selling here. I am asking for tips on where to sell. Thanks!
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2022.04.11 19:10 sirenscreams Suggestions from German Shepherd breeders?

My client, who is also my in-law, is a responsible breeder.
His dog recently gave birth to 6 German Shepherd puppies, and I'm trying to help him sell them.
I'm a digital marketing consultant by trade. I'm running Google ads, and we're on Puppyfinder, Good Dog, AKC Marketplace, and the Pedigree Database. We're getting leads but no sales, and I'm at a total loss for what to do.
I would appreciate any suggestions or insight. Thanks!
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2022.03.07 15:34 voneek [Breeds]

[Meta] New breed questionnaire for "What breeds are right for me?"
Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. This is meant to get you thinking about your life with a dog and provide a basic introduction to some important concepts in dog 1. What breeds are you interested in and why? If not specific breeds, then what types of dogs are you interested in? Some examples of types include herding dogs, retrievers, small terriers, and more.
  1. What role is your dog expected to fill and how do you envision your dog fulfilling that role? Here's a brief list to get you started: companion, hobby (tricks and casual sports participation), working dog, serious dog sports prospect, watch dog (intruder deterrent), service dog for a disability, emotional support animal to mitigate mental illness, etc. Click here if you’re interested in more than just a watch dog.
  1. What experience do you have owning dogs? How about training dogs? Have you been the primary caregiver of a dog before? If yes, what breed(s)? What is your experience with puppy or senior dog care?
  1. Do you have other pets or are you planning on having other pets? If so, what breed/type, age, and sex are they? Please include cats and small animals.
  1. Do you have children or are you planning on having children? Do you often have children as visitors, such as nieces, nephews, cousins, or friends' children? If you have children or children visitors, what are their ages? If you're planning on kids, when?
  1. Do you rent or will you be renting in the future? If so, what breed or weight restrictions are on your lease? What type of building do you rent (condo, apartment, high-rise apartment, townhome, single-family home, etc)?
  1. Who lives in your household and who will be responsible for taking care of the dog? How do the other members of the household feel about having a new dog?
  1. How often do you have visitors to your home?
  1. Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a knowledgeable and reputable breeder? Please consider adopting a dog from a rescue or shelter. Look for a rescue organization that fosters their animals to get a more reliable assessment of a rescue dog’s behavior and needs. If you need a dog with very predictable health and behavior, you must go through a good breeder—not craigslist, not the newspaper, not Puppyfind or Kijiji, or anywhere else. Here is an introduction on why the quality of breeder is important and here is a list of questions that can help you find a good breeder. Feel free to search the subreddit or make your own post for more information.
  1. Do you want a puppy, a young adult (1-3 years), an adult, or a senior? Why? Puppy- huge time commitment required, adult personality/behavior unknown and impacted by early life experience but ultimately limited by genetics; Young adult- youthful exuberance and energy without the puppy headache, adult temperament/behavioral traits mostly apparent but fairly moldable by new life experiences; adult- personality fully formed but slightly moldable by new life experiences, steady energy requirements; senior- old, lazy, needs cuddles, grateful to be adopted.
  1. What size dog are you looking for? Give the approximate height of the dog at the shoulders or mention breeds that are around the size you want. Also indicate if there are sizes you really don't want. Here is a size chart for your convenience.
  1. How much barking is too much barking? Are you put-off by other, quieter vocalizations like grumbling or mumbling?
  1. How much regular brushing are you willing to do?
  1. How much shedding do you think you can handle? Some breeds of dogs shed more than others. Some breeds don't shed, but require trimming or other coat maintenance instead.
  1. Are you open to trimming your dog's hair, cleaning ears, clipping nails, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly? Dogs that don't shed require regular trimming and other grooming to maintain their coat. All dogs need nail maintenance. Many breeds need regular ear cleaning.
  1. How do you feel about slobber? What about farts? All dogs drool, but some breeds leave a slime trail. Others tend to be abnormally gassy.
  1. How eager-to-please or independent do you want your dog to be? Eagerness to please is known as being "biddable". Do you want your dog to listen to you because that's what dogs should do, or do you not mind if your dog ignores you unless you have something they want? Are you okay with something in between? Independent dogs require more motivation and effort to train and are less likely to look to you for help, giving the impression of being stubborn.
  1. What sorts of training do you want your adult dog to have? Being able to learn a lot of commands and tricks is known as being "trainable". Think about the level of training your adult needs to have, as well. Aspirations beyond "sit", "stay", and "down" will be easier for some breeds than others. Some breeds struggle to get the basics.
  1. Is there any behavior you can’t accommodate? For example, aggression towards other dogs, stealing/carrying household objects, mouthiness, unbreakable focus on small animals, barking at the door, escaping enclosures, etc. Many undesirable behaviors are related to training and habits, but some are breed-related.
  1. How important is being able to let your dog roam off-leash in an unfenced area? Be aware of your area's leash laws and follow them.
  1. How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What kinds of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly? For example, biking in the neighborhood for an hour, several 20 minute leisurely neighborhood strolls, two-hour long visits to the dog park, 45 minutes of fetch in a fenced yard, regular hiking or swimming, doggy day care two days a week, etc. For jogging or running, please include pace, distance, and terrain covered. Take note that puppies can’t start regularly biking/running/jogging until they’re over a year old, so think of ways to exercise your dog for the first year or two, as well.
  2. when I’m not hiking an hour each day with my dog I will take him on two or 3 thirty minute walks daily. We also spend a lot of time working or playing in the backyard. I can slow that down for a dog that would not be as active but I don’t think I could handle a dog that requires more than that.
  3. How long do you have to devote to mental stimulation each day? Mental stimulation is necessary for many working breeds and encompasses training of all kinds, from basic obedience training at home to training for a serious competitive sport, or even training for a real job. Games and puzzles where you actively engage the dog count as mental stimulation too.
  1. Where will the dog be kept when alone and where will the dog sleep? Will the dog be crated, kept in a single room, left to roam the house, kept outside in a yard, in a dog run, or somewhere else?
  1. How often and for how long will the dog be left alone? On an average day, how long will nobody be in the house?
  1. If needed, could you hire a dog walker, pay for doggy day care, or come home during lunch to take care of your dog? Puppies need to be let out every few hours and your schedule should be flexible for the first few months of owning a new puppy. Adults can be left alone all day, but more than 9-10 hours is pushing it.
  1. What is the general location in which you live? You can decline to answer, but responses will likely assume you’re somewhere in the US without breed-specific legislation (BSL).
  1. What is the average temperature of a typical summer day where you live? A typical winter day? Please indicate Celsius or Fahrenheit. Also include the climate of places you may move to, if known.
  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how prepared are you to care for a dog and prioritize its well-being over your career, entertainment, or other life choices for the next 12 or more years? Do you have an emergency plan for the dog in case something were to happen to you or your living situation?
  1. Are you aware of the costs associated with dog ownership on an average annual basis? Have you budgeted for additional emergency veterinary care and/or pet insurance? Dogs are expensive. If you can’t afford the maintenance costs of a dog including routine vet care, emergency vet care, and medications, then you can’t afford a new dog. Please fully budget for your new pet. The purchase price of the animal is a drop in the bucket compared to the lifetime costs associated with caring for that animal.
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2022.02.07 20:56 duckedbyaporcupine [help] Am I being scammed?

One of my dogs had puppies. I've found homes for most but am still trying to find homes for 4. I posted an ad on puppyfind.com 2ish weeks ago. Yesterday I got a reply from my post and I just want some input...
The person asked if I would accept a check for the dog. I responded that I would accept a cashier's check. The buyer will mail it to me and arrange for pickup by a "nanny." Below are the text messages I received that are sending me red flags:
"The check will include the money that will be sent to the nanny picking up the puppy from you once payment clears.
As soon as the check clears deduct your funds and the rest will be sent to the nanny, so they will come down to your location to pick up after when the puppy is ready for the pick up."
I made it clear that pick-up of the puppy would be at a safe space location (parking lot of my local state police barracks).
Should I be concerned about the way the buyer is paying for the dog or that a "nanny" will be sent to retrieve the dog and I'm expected to provide the payment to them? also, should I be concerned about the dog potentially being used as a fighting dog and the potential owner is trying to hide his identity?
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2022.01.12 19:29 Complex_Proof_2817 Puppyfinder.com? reputable?

Hello, I am looking to adopt a puppy. This site seems to match people with breeders all over the nation which is great as I am unable to find the dog I want in my area. However, I can't find alot of information online about this site and decided to ask. To clarify, this site is different than Puppyfind. com Has anyone used/heard of this site? And any tips on puppy adoption with reputable breeders?
Thank you
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2022.01.09 23:11 MeepMoop96 Bad Experience with Oregon Australian Shepard Breeder Monica Aguiar

TLDR: Based on my experience, I would recommend avoiding Monica Aguiar as an Australian Shepard breeder in Oregon if you are looking for pups. Skim through my experience below if you want to make the judgment for yourself. This was also a way for my to finally move on and to try and stop thinking about this situation and being so upset by it.
The Aussies Parents codes for my pups were:
Sire: RRA Red Sun DN63706701 (AKC)
Dam: MA Blue Moon Aguiar E216239 (ASCA)
First thing I want to point out some red flags I wish I took more seriously before taking the pups home.
  1. The breeder changed her prices multiple times before the pups were even 8 weeks old. When I brought it up, she tried to tell me this was normal and I believed her. With further research online, more reputable breeders will usually keep their prices the same until they are at least older. We provided a down payment when the litter was only about 3 wks old. Only a couple weeks after, the price was dropped from $2000 to $1500 for her siblings. Another couple weeks (still before I picked the pup up) she dropped the price to $1200.
  2. The breeder also allowed me to purchase two puppies, which based on further research is not something reputable breeders would commonly do.
  3. The breeder stated the runt of the litter passed away. I thought this could be somewhat common or normal, but I am unsure in retrospect if it was a lack of care/experience that could have caused it (and I'll really never know).
  4. She stated this litter was accidental.
  5. She didn't know her male was an MDR1 carrier until after I questioned more about their genetic history. This means the litter was made with two carrier parents which is very bad practices. I believe she stated she bought another female because of this (so at least it seems like she is correcting the mistake), but I should have taken this red flag much more seriously with respect to her potential professionalism and lack of experience. She also didn't offer to reduce the price after finding this out based on my question, but shortly later reduced them to get them out of her house.
These red flags were looked passed since we had our hearts set after meeting the pups in person and the breeder seemed so kind, genuine, and caring. The breeder was so nice by sending us updates and videos weekly. She was willing to let us have a choice between two females depending on if one of them had Heterochromia. This meant we were getting update pictures for both of them. When the final decision was made on one of the pups with Heterochromia (Cherry), we got an update video where the breeder was holding her and stated "it looks like you beat your sister out of a home." Whether it was intentional or not, those words rang in my head for awhile. It was the reason I even brought up buying the two sisters to my household (Cherry and Rose). She agreed to sell them both to me (one for $2000 the other for $1500).
The night we brought the pups home was on Christmas day and they seemed to be pretty comfortable with us. To make sure the pups were safe we watched them 24/7. I really mean this since we had 5 adults on vacation. People were watching them outside, inside, and while they slept over night. The night we got them, Rose had a terrible seizure at 5:15 am (26th). I notified the breeder that morning with a detailed description of the event, and brought her into the vet the following day for a check up. The following days were so dreadful and full of stress/worry since no one of my household had every owned or took care of pets that seized.
A couple nights later, Rose seized again at 6:45 am, and again we contacted the breeder and also took Rose out for an emergency vet visit. The vet mention that it could potentially be blood sugar level issues due to them being near a similar time at night. We asked if bloodwork would help, and we were told that usually puppy blood work can be pretty finicky and it most likely wouldn't be able to help us with the seizure issues (unless bloodwork was done at the time of the seizure to try to rule out blood sugar issues) so we opted not to get blood work done. We talked about feeding times to the vet and mentioned that we were feeding them twice a day: once at 8-9am and once at 4-5pm. We had these feeding times and frequency based on what the breeder told us her feeding times were. My vet (and a quick google search) can tell you that this is not the proper feeding schedule for puppies this age and that they should be fed 3-4 times a day spread out more (red flag #6). We gave this information to the breeder and talked about why we didn't do bloodwork and how we were changing her feeding based on the vet's recommendations.
One of the key difference with the second seizure/event, is that we setup cameras for her after the first event so we could get it on recording if it occurred again. After notifying the breeder and providing the video, I expect a sympathetic response, but instead I got "that doesn’t really look like a seizure to me." Even after I stated that she urinated, defecated, and was chattering during it - there was no acknowledgement of the issue. But she did state "If I had known or seen a seizure myself I would not have sold her without informing the new owners."
Here were some of the many things we contemplated on to make our next move:
Based on these points and more household discussions, we made the daunting decision to return Rose to the breeder to be Rehomed to a home that can handle her special needs. We talked over phone with the breeder about this and we mentioned a partial refund (but with no acknowledgement about it from the breeder). When we met the breeder in person to return Rose, the breeder seemed so concerned and worried for the pup that she stated was "like her baby." I felt a lot more comfortable after this interaction since I just wanted what was best for Rose and in the moment I honestly felt the breeder could provide that. I even intentionally didn't bring up money in-person since I wanted the focus to be on Rose first. If a little bit of the money didn't get refunded for tests for her I would have been completely fine with that.... But things went down a way we never would have expected.
Here is a summary of how things went after we dropped Rose off. If you want to see the exact wording HERE are the screenshots of the worst spot in our conversation. The breeder wanted to do bloodwork on her (Even after we talked about why we didn't do it for her and what our vet stated). The day the bloodwork was completed she stated that the Rose was healthy based on her bloodwork and that because of this there would be no refund. She also questioned (again) if we wanted her back or if we wanted to rehome her. This was really frustrating because at this point we had already stated multiple times (through text, phone, and in person) that we cannot handle the issues she has been having and think she'd be better off in a more equipped home. Here is where I felt the breeder didn't really even care for the dog and in a way just wanted to be done with her.
She also stated "The blood work cost me $160 so it wasn’t cheap and I have been advised to seek repayment for that since I only had to do that based off what you were telling me." Which was completely false since I stated multiple times why we didn't do bloodwork and that blood sugar levels would mostly only be useful if it was after a fast or during a seize (to only weed out blood sugar related seizures). After I confronted her about this payment, she later stated "I wasn't going to charge you the $160." Which really just made me feel like she was going to try to get any bit of money out of me just because she knew I cared for Rose.
Pretty much anything I said after that was ignored and during the conversation the breeder:
And worst of all.... You know why I have to make that assumption? THE BREEDER GHOSTED ME AND POTENTIALLY BLOCKED ME for multiple days (Red flag #∞)! The bulk of the drama happened in one day, she seemed decent for the most part and then completely flipped becoming a very unprofessional and rude person. At this point, I'm mostly frustrated that I even left poor Rose in this breeders arms, since she seems to only wants to acknowledge anything that agrees with Rose being a healthy puppy. Knowing that the breeder might try to resell her as a healthy puppy is the worst part to me. I really hope Rose is able to get a home that will really take care of her needs.
A few days later I took a shot at meeting somewhere in the middle by sending her a request on Venmo for only 67% of the purchase price. I also stated if it was denied that I would be consulting with a lawyer to pursue legal action. She denied the request and a couple days later sent me this last paragraph. At this point I contemplated asking a bunch of question about what she stated, since she still has yet to tell me if she observed her over night, if she had recorded her during the 2 hour period that we encountered the seizures, if she ate before her bloodwork, or if she changed their feeding schedule. And to be completely honesty, I don't know if I'd be able to believe what she could have said in response at this point.
She also previously stated she was recommended to charge us for the $160, then that she wouldn't, and is now back to charging us for the $160 bloodwork we didn't request. The only thing I could think is that I don't know if anything useful would actually come out of the conversation I could have had with her at this point. I decided to take the $600 to avoid the trouble and strain from going to court with her. I really hope she is being honest about Rose's health, but I don't know and I don't think I will never know the truth.
All I can say is that I have learned a lot from this situation and anytime I think about it I tear up and get a huge knot in my stomach. I know this was a really long read, but hopefully others can be warned about my experience with this breeder specifically, or at least see some of the red flags I should have taken more seriously. Please, please try to buy from a researchable and reputable breeder (and get reviews if you can!). Currently I am out a good chunk of money, out so much time, felt so much anxiety, and worst of all I don't even get to know if Rose is going to be okay where she ends up. Please learn from my mistake.
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2021.12.30 21:53 oneofthosecakes Kolbyhold

I just want to say that I'm really glad this puppy's name is Kolbyhold. Kolbyhold.
I think his facial markings look like he's trying to contact alien intelligence.
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2021.12.02 14:03 blondeboss101 White Aussie - NOT a double merle possibility??

I plan on purchasing a 5 month old Australian shepherd. She is mostly white, with a pink nose and light blue eyes.
My friend informed me that Aussies that are mostly white are likely a product of breeding double merles, which produces a puppy lacking pigment which leads to deafness and blindness.
The seller sent me photos of the parents which are clearly a black tri and red merle.
QUESTION: Is it possible that a black tri and red merle can produce a white puppy without defects?
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2021.10.23 05:07 Forevaa526 Best way to purchase American Bully online?

My boyfriend and I are searching to buy a American Bully or Micro Bully if possible. We want a 8-10 week old pup. Small. Struggling to trust some places I've seen online that ship the pups. Some don't want to facetime or want down payment through Zelle. I'm currently on puppyfind.com and it's looking legit with some issues. Reviews basically say that they did get a dog or got scammed. Seems 50/50. So was wondering if anyone else have any recommendations. Would be very helpful and appreciated. I am in Central Arizona but I could drive a couple hundred miles to find a fur-pal.
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2021.09.29 04:56 usernametoolong1 Husky Breeder Indiana Area

Hey everyone, I'm looking into getting a husky towards the end of the year. I was wondering if anyone knows a breeder that has puppies planned for October or November. I'm in Indianapolis, but I am willing to travel within reason!
I checked puppyfinder and akc's website, but there's not a lot of information about future puppies.
I appreciate any responses!
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2021.09.26 21:46 Careless-Recipe-4597 2 German Shepherd 12 weeks old need to find their forever home - any suggestions

Hello my German Shepherds got frisky and next thing I know I had 4 pups to care for. 2 pups were adopted at 9 and 10 weeks but I'm having trouble finding homes for the other 2. They are now 12 weeks old and I'm getting nervous. I am asking for a small donation because all the literature says a donation gets the new family to invest in the pups future and causes animal abusers to think twice. I have a post on puppyfind but I'm not getting any response and craigslist removed my post. I tried everyone I know already and I'm close to standing in front of Walmart. Please help me find these to pups their forever home. Thank you
PS dad's getting clipped in 2 weeks and mom is soon to follow
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