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Dienstmeldung: r/NintendoDE beteiligt sich beim Reddit Blackout

2023.06.08 11:17 PlexSheep Dienstmeldung: r/NintendoDE beteiligt sich beim Reddit Blackout

Hallo liebe Nintendo Interessierte,
Reddit plant aktuell den Zugriff auf die Reddit API stark einzuschränken, das hat folgende Folgen:
Als Informatik Student und Verfechter von freier Software geht mir und vielen anderen das gehörig gegen den Strich, daher haben wir Moderatoren entschieden, mit anderen Subreddits zusammen dagegen zu Protestieren, indem wir uns ab dem 12.06.2023 auf privat stellen, sodass niemand mehr Posts ansehen oder machen kann. Ob wir nach ein paar Tagen wieder zurück sind, oder auf unbestimmte Zeit privat bleiben, hängt von der Reaktion der Reddit Administratoren ab.
Weitere Informationen:
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2023.06.08 10:55 Anxious-Hat3380 Dynamisch of toch vast energiecontract?

Morgen! We kunnen uiteraard niet in de toekomst kijken maar toch ben ik even benieuwd naar jullie mening.
Situatie; Gas en stroom verbruik, geen zonnepannelen.
Momenteel nog variabel contract bij BudgetEnergie. 10 dagen geleden aanvraag gedaan bij Zonneplan voor een dynamisch contract.
Nu zit ik toch nog erg te twijfelen om niet in te gaan op een 1-jarig vast contract bij Budget, en Zonneplan dus te annuleren.
Voorstel van Budget voor 1-jarig; - gas €1,215 - stroom €0,352
Ze bieden overigens ook een 2-jarig contract aan; - gas €1,288 - stroom €0,389
Huidige (variabele) tarieven bij BudgetEnergie (wijzigt maandelijks); - gas €1,166 - stroom €0,384
Dynamisch momenteel; - gas +-/ €1,00 - stroom +/- €0,30
Als ik toch het dynamisch contract doorzet denk ik erover om over een paar maanden alsnog over te gaan op een vast contract gezien de verwachting wordt geschept dat de vaste tarieven t.z.t. wel wat omlaag gegaan zullen zijn, gezien deze nu in verhouding nog vrij duur zijn en omdat ik daarnaast niet zit te wachten op grote verrassingen in de gasprijzen in de winter van dik +€2 (waar denk ik wel gewoon een serieus risico op is).. Wordt dan alleen wel een gehop van de ene naar de andere partij.
We verwachten op jaarbasis 1220 m3 en 2700 kWh te verbruiken.
Wat is jullie mening?
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2023.06.08 10:20 EchoJobs Perplexity AI is hiring Mobile Engineer (Android) USD 160k-220k [Remote] [Android Kotlin]

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2023.06.08 09:57 Kantapper_Kantapper Info: r/vaeter streikt ab dem 12. Juni für mindestens 48h

Liebe Papas, liebe Mamas,
Wir ihr sicher gehört habt, gehen Plattformweit über 2000 Subs am 12. Juni in den Streik. Auch dieser Subreddit wird privat gestellt und für diese Zeit nicht erreichbar sein.
Hintergründe in Kurzform:
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2023.06.08 09:54 barnj898 Convenient Fuel and Diesel Delivery Services at Your Doorstep

Experience hassle-free fuel and diesel delivery services right at your doorstep. Say goodbye to long queues at gas stations and let us handle your refueling needs. Our reliable and efficient team ensures timely delivery, saving you time and effort. Enjoy convenience and peace of mind with Booster Fuels services.
Source: https://timebusinessnews.com/the-advantages-of-mobile-fueling-convenience-and-efficiency/
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2023.06.08 09:36 inevitable_username Cashing out MOONs to Kraken guide

Cashing out MOONs to Kraken guide
!I included links to sites you will need to use for convenience. Still, for your own safety, I encourage you to do your own research on them and verify if they are legit!
Also, I don’t know your level of crypto experience, so I’ll explain everything with a reasonable amount of detail. If you have any questions or something appears different from this instruction – don’t hesitate to text me. I’ll respond once I see it.
I’ll break down the whole process into 4 steps:
1) importing Vault into Metamask
2) preparing to swap
3) swapping and bridging
4) sending

1) This post perfectly explains the first step:
You’ve added Arbitrum Nova network to your Metamask and made it display your MOONs.
Also, add Arbitrum One* network to your Metamask, you’ll need it later at step3 of this guide.
find section “Add Arbitrum Network to MetaMask”.
In result, the dropdown should show 3 networks like this.
\Arbitrum One (also known as just “Arbitrum”) is a L2 on top of Ethereum. However, MOONs are on Arbitrum Nova, which is a different chain built on top of Arbitrum One.*
2) Before you proceed to swap your moons, you need to make sure what to swap them to in order to deposit into Kraken. MOONs are on the Arbitrum Nova chain, which Kraken doesn’t support. The closest and cheapest available option would be depositing ETH on the Arbitrum One network. That's what I suggest we do. Web search says they enabled it, but since I don't have a Kraken account, you’ll need to check to be sure. Go to Kraken’s deposits options to see if you can deposit ETH on “Arbitrum One” network
Here's what I found it may look like:
Pay attention to both Coin and Network (blockchain): it should be ETH on Arbitrum One.
In the next step, you will need a bit of ETH on Arbitrum Nova chain to do anything with your MOONs.
Comment “!gas nova” under this post https://www.reddit.com/CryptoCurrencyMoons/comments/13ktlkl/gas_nova_comments/
the bot will tip you a fraction. That should be enough. Otherwise, let me know.
3) To swap MOONs for ETH go to
Switch your Metamask to Arbitrum Nova network
Connect wallet to the site.
Then, in the website, select Arbitrum Nova chain, then choose cryptocurrencies for the swap. You will be swapping MOONs for ETH. Input the maximum amount of MOON.
Click Approve MOON. Sushi wil ask you to set up a spending cap (the amount you allow sushi to deduct from your account, which it will need to do when you swap). Choose the maximum amount and approve in your wallet. You will need to pay a small fee for Approving MOON. The fee is in ETH on the Arbitrum Nova chain which you claimed earlier.
After you approve MOON, this button will change into "SWAP". To avoid conflicts with the spending cap (sometimes sushi doesn't allow you to swap your exact spending cap), reduce the amount of MOON for swap slightly (remove a fraction of the decimal, e.g. in my case I would leave 1.08 MOON for swapping). Then click SWAP and approve the transaction in your wallet.
Now you have your ETH on Arbitrum Nova and need to bridge it Arbitrum One before sending it.
I suggest orbiter.finance:
Connect wallet.
You will be bridging ETH from Arbitrum Nova to Arbitrum. Select the corresponding options. Check how much the transaction will cost by clicking on the question mark at the bottom. This "Save $.." is what you are saving compared to the official bridge which you won't use. The fee will be around $1 here.
Click SEND. Approve the transaction in your Metamask.
4) In your Kraken account, find the address to deposit ETH on the Arbitrum One network. Copy it.
In your Metamask, switch to Arbitrum One network. (Metamask desktop and mobile have slightly different interfaces, so the screenshots might confuse you)
Click send, paste the Kraken address in the address field.
First, I suggest sending a test transaction – a small amount of ETH about $2 worth to the see if it goes through.
So first choose a small amount (but not smaller than $1, hence I suggest $2. Some exchanges won't deposit a smaller amount) and click NEXT, then CONFIRM.
Once this amount of ETH shows in your Kraken balance, send all of the rest.
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2023.06.08 09:36 uacrisisorg Divide et Impera: How Russian Propaganda Sows Doubts about Kakhovka Tragedy

Divide et Impera: How Russian Propaganda Sows Doubts about Kakhovka Tragedy
On June 6, Russia committed another terrorist act, provoking one of the biggest technological disasters of recent decades. Predictably, Russian propaganda started the traditional “mirroring the blame” tactics, trying to explain logically why it was unprofitable for Russia to blow up the dam and why Ukraine is to blame.
Among the most “convincing” arguments, there are:
an attempt to justify Ukraine’s failures on the battlefield; the use of catastrophe as an excuse for the delay of Ukraine’s counteroffensive an attempt to “revive” the mobilization campaign in Ukraine create the provocation at Zaporizhzhya NPP (which is now occupied by Russia); leaving Crimea without water.
However, such logical chains do not include the fact that the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant was under the control of Russian occupational forces, mined by Russian troops in April 2022, and the possible blow of the dam has been systematically used by Russian propaganda as a threat and an instrument of blackmail against Kyiv. In October 2022, the Ukrainian President made an official statement at the European Council warning the international community that Russians have mined the Kakhovka dam and planned a false flag terrorist act. Now, Russian propaganda mouthpieces are gloating about another Ukrainian tragedy and threatening Ukrainians with blowing up the dam of the Kyiv reservoir, which “will provoke a flood killing hundreds of thousands of Kyiv residents”. Meanwhile, the representatives of the Moscow patriarchate in Ukraine put forward the version that the blow-up was an aftermath of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra Reserve terminating its agreements with the Russian Orthodox Church.
According to the version of the TASS agency and “Kherson region’s Russia-installed leader” V. Saldo, “after the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the dam, the situation plays in favor of Russian forces”. However, such inconsistency does not bother Saldo since he was previously saying that “the city of Nova Kakhovka is alive, people are walking calmly on the streets, shops and gas stations are working” while standing by the window showing the flooded city.
Now, Russian propaganda also traditionally tries to strengthen its position in the global information space by exploiting the Western “experts”. Thus, the key arguments of the Russian side were also mentioned on the Twitter account of pro-Russian ex-Fox TV host Tucker Carlson, who also claimed that the Kakhovka dam was blown by Ukraine because it was “too unbeneficial for Russia”. The statement was retweeted by Elon Musk and Dmitry Polyanskiy, the First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN. Unlike the unhidden Russian propaganda resources, such twits do not provoke such rejection and gain dozens of millions of views promoting the same toxic narratives.
Neutral international organizations’ statements, such as the one made by the UN about civilians being “not a target” without even mentioning the fact that Russia is waging a war of annihilation against Ukraine. Such communications only deepen the tendency of “blurring the responsibility” and ruining the “aggress-victim” dichotomy, and promoting classical Russian propaganda narrative about everything being “not so clear”. Such a tendency is strengthened in the public discourse by the Western media (among which there are Reuters, New York Times, and Washington Post) publications emphasizing that “Ukraine and Russia blame each other”.
Meanwhile, the consequences of the Kakhovka catastrophe can hardly be described as “beneficial” for Ukraine, with people missing, about 80 settlements flooded, 333 animal and plant species under threat of destruction. While on the right bank of Kherson oblast people and animals are now evacuated, on the left bank, which is occupied by Russian forces, Ukrainians are being let down and ignored by the occupational authorities. Using the scorched earth strategy as a method of war, Russia also uses the same approach in the information space, trying to erase or deny all the disadvantageous or compromising facts. After all, after the news about the zoological garden in occupied Nova Kakhovka, being completely flooded due to the explosion and all the animals dead, the official position of the Russian media was to pretend there was no zoo at all. Okay, there is NO LONGER any zoo.
On June 6, Russia committed another terrorist act, provoking one of the biggest technological disasters of recent decades. Predictably, Russian propaganda started the traditional “mirroring the blame” tactics, trying to explain logically why it was unprofitable for Russia to blow up the dam and why Ukraine is to blame.
Among the most “convincing” arguments, there are:
an attempt to justify Ukraine’s failures on the battlefield;the use of catastrophe as an excuse for the delay of Ukraine’s counteroffensivean attempt to “revive” the mobilization campaign in Ukrainecreate the provocation at Zaporizhzhya NPP (which is now occupied by Russia);leaving Crimea without water.
However, such logical chains do not include the fact that the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant was under the control of Russian occupational forces, mined by Russian troops in April 2022, and the possible blow of the dam has been systematically used by Russian propaganda as a threat and an instrument of blackmail against Kyiv.
In October 2022, the Ukrainian President made an official statement at the European Council warning the international community that Russians have mined the Kakhovka dam and planned a false flag terrorist act.
Now, Russian propaganda mouthpieces are gloating about another Ukrainian tragedy and threatening Ukrainians with blowing up the dam of the Kyiv reservoir, which “will provoke a flood killing hundreds of thousands of Kyiv residents”. Meanwhile, the representatives of the Moscow patriarchate in Ukraine put forward the version that the blow-up was an aftermath of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra Reserve terminating its agreements with the Russian Orthodox Church.
According to the version of the TASS agency and “Kherson region’s Russia-installed leader” V. Saldo, “after the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the dam, the situation plays in favor of Russian forces”. However, such inconsistency does not bother Saldo since he was previously saying that “the city of Nova Kakhovka is alive, people are walking calmly on the streets, shops and gas stations are working” while standing by the window showing the flooded city.
Now, Russian propaganda also traditionally tries to strengthen its position in the global information space by exploiting the Western “experts”. Thus, the key arguments of the Russian side were also mentioned on the Twitter account of pro-Russian ex-Fox TV host Tucker Carlson, who also claimed that the Kakhovka dam was blown by Ukraine because it was “too unbeneficial for Russia”.
The statement was retweeted by Elon Musk and Dmitry Polyanskiy, the First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN. Unlike the unhidden Russian propaganda resources, such twits do not provoke such rejection and gain dozens of millions of views promoting the same toxic narratives.
Neutral international organizations’ statements, such as the one made by the UN about civilians being “not a target” without even mentioning the fact that Russia is waging a war of annihilation against Ukraine. Such communications only deepen the tendency of “blurring the responsibility” and ruining the “aggress-victim” dichotomy, and promoting classical Russian propaganda narrative about everything being “not so clear”.
Such a tendency is strengthened in the public discourse by the Western media (among which there are Reuters, New York Times, and Washington Post) publications emphasizing that “Ukraine and Russia blame each other”.
Meanwhile, the consequences of the Kakhovka catastrophe can hardly be described as “beneficial” for Ukraine, with people missing, about 80 settlements flooded, 333 animal and plant species under threat of destruction. While on the right bank of Kherson oblast people and animals are now evacuated, on the left bank, which is occupied by Russian forces, Ukrainians are being let down and ignored by the occupational authorities.
Using the scorched earth strategy as a method of war, Russia also uses the same approach in the information space, trying to erase or deny all the disadvantageous or compromising facts. After all, after the news about the zoological garden in occupied Nova Kakhovka, being completely flooded due to the explosion and all the animals dead, the official position of the Russian media was to pretend there was no zoo at all.
Okay, there is NO LONGER any zoo.
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2023.06.08 09:01 SuperImportance5759 This is irrelevant to the game?

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2023.06.08 08:46 MummyCroc I am a government employee in Zimbabwe and I turned 34 this week (TW: Mentions of suicide)

Occupation – Government employee
Age – 34
Location – Zimbabwe
My salary – $500 (paid monthly)
Side Gig Income – $0
Other income – negligible amounts from dividends received from my stock portfolio that I re-invest
Housemates – 4 (husband P, 6 year old L, 4 year old E and nanny F. My nephew M is around and makes appearances too)

Assets and Liabilities

Equity $60,000 fully paid off
Retirement Balance ?? I contribute monthly, and employer matches fully. But because of changes in currency and hyperinflation, I don’t really count this as an asset
Savings $1700 (went down due to travelling trying to get my passport done since it expired)
Current account balance $660 Includes my mum's money since I'm managing her financial affairs while she's abroad
Loan from employer $130 I took a personal loan from work, because the interest rates are lower than rate of inflation and repayment is over 18 months. Loan was used to make improvements on our house, and what wasn’t used, I bought shares on our stock exchange, due to hyperinflation, the amount I owe in US$ has gone down
Investments (shares in various counters on our local stock exchanges) $1,186
Car $4,000 Based on current resale value. Car was bought secondhand for cash

Income progression- (https://www.reddit.com/MoneyDiariesACTIVE/comments/vbbb7s/i_live_in_zimbabwe_making_3600year_and_i_just/)

This year, my husband and I decided that he would take on the bulk of our expenses since I do most of the domestic work/childcare. Expenses I pay will be indicated. My salary is now for my expenses, my investments and my savings, and spoiling the kids. Husband caters for the family basics. There was a point last year when I felt my husband wasn’t as invested in the family because he barely did anything financially. By having him cater for all expenses, he is now definitely involved and invested. My husband’s income is just about the same as mine, slightly higher at some times.

My Expenses
Expense Amount /period Note
Car insurance and licensing $300/annum This is due in March, and I pay for the entire year
Petrol $60/month
Electricity $10/month
Airtime/data $20/month
Groceries $60/month This is for additional groceries such as bread, veg and fruit bought during the month
Kids’ clothes $40/month I’m trying to build up their winter wardrobe so I try to buy them something each month
Makeup/clothes/toiletries/ supplements/hair $30/month I do not us this much monthly though
Water $15/month Based on last bill received in April. We do not get water consistently so bills are infrequent
Donations $20/month Ad hoc donations to a soup kitchen, and maternal health fun
Stock market investment $50/month May invest more or less, but I do try to buy shares every payday

Household Expenses (paid by P)

Expense Amount /period Note
Groceries $200/month Bulk grocery shopping of staple food items and toiletries
LP Gas $30/approx. every 2 months We buy when it runs out. Usually every 2 months depending on how bad the power supply is
Medical $15/month For OTC meds (painkiller, cough syrup, antacid stocked for emergencies) and any prescriptions
Pet expenses $60/ twice a year For vaccinations and checkups for 4 dogs. Pet food is covered under groceries
School fees for the kids $347/ term One kid has fees paid every month, the other every 3 months
Nanny $80/month Less than before as both kids are now in school fulltime, and nanny is there to get them ready for school and care after school for 3 hours.
DSTV subscription $37/month
Transport for kids to/from school $60/month L gets picked up and dropped off at home daily, E is dropped off after school

Previous MDs - (https://www.reddit.com/MoneyDiariesACTIVE/comments/vbbb7s/i_live_in_zimbabwe_making_3600year_and_i_just/) and (https://www.reddit.com/MoneyDiariesACTIVE/comments/yc801g/i_am_33_years_old_and_i_just_graduated_with_my/)

Did you participate in any form of higher education? If yes, how did you pay for it?
Yes, I have a BSc in Accounting, a Masters in Accounting, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Taxation. My parents both have Masters degrees, and in my family, the bare minimum acceptable for education was getting a Bachelors. My mother paid for my undergraduate degree, and I paid cash for my postgraduate studies.

Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money?
My parents divorced when I was very young. My dad is the wealthier of the two, my mum has always been middle-class. My mum brought me up with very little financial help from my dad, he only covered tuition and healthcare until I turned 18. My mum catered for everything else. My mum taught me how to look for bargains, how to save and invest, and also how to sometimes enjoy your money.

If you have, when did you move out of your parents'/guardians' house?
I would say I moved out at 26 when I got my current job. I had moved out when I got my first fulltime job, but moved back home when that contract ended

At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself? Does anyone else cover any aspects of your financial life?
At 26 again. That's when I earned enough to cover all my bills without needing help. My husband P covers some aspects of my financial life, and my mum occasionally helps out with stuff for her grandchildren.

What was your first job and why did you get it?
I worked as a receptionist at my mum's law firm after finishing my A Levels (age 18) while waiting to start university. My mum gave me the job to keep me occupied and out of mischief, lol.

Do you worry about money now?
I worry about building generational wealth for my children. I want to make sure they will be set for life as adults. I do worry about money because hyperinflation is eroding my earnings and retirement dramatically. This is my second time losing my retirement. My mum and in laws are losing their retirement for the third time, so honestly our old age looks bleak if we do not invest outside of work pensions.

Do you or have you ever received passive or inherited income?
I receive negligible dividends from the shares I own, lol.

Day 1
0430 – I’m woken up by loadshedding. I sigh, rollover, and sleep some more
0600 – Alarm goes off. I turn it off, enjoy cuddles from P and finally get out of bed. Our water tanks ran out 4 days ago, and council has not yet deigned to give us water, so we rely on P’s parents and friends to give us water. I get my water that was warming up on the stove, and take a quick bucket bath. I moisturize, do my brows, throw my lace wig on (I cut my hair in January, and I’m at a really awkward stage where my hair looks bad when I wear it out all day) and get dressed. It’s cold in the mornings so I put on winter stockings and a black and white chevron patterned dress, nude ballet pumps plus my warm jacket. I get E from the couch where he was watching Cocomelon and my lunch bag out of the kitchen and we head off to his school. After dropping off E, I go to the office. No electricity means no elevator, so I go up the stairs. I see my boss’s boss and greet him as we do the ZESA (local electricity company) sponsored workout. I log in to the work register, fill up my kettle, and settle down to check out my work email. Nothing urgent came through overnight, so I go into my personal email. The wig company I patronize has given me a code for my birthday, and I’m wondering if I should pull the trigger on my cart. I decide to do a report while thinking this through.
My mum is currently working out of the country, so I am managing her local finances/obligations while she’s away. I remember I have to buy the prepaid electricity token for my childhood home as well as for the house she lives in when she’s working in the country. I spend $23 on electricity for both houses (mum’s money so doesn’t count)
1030 – After doing some firefighting and office gossip I have my breakfast. Today its rice, peas and 2 fried eggs. I sprinkle some peri-peri Aromat on top since I don’t have a sauce/gravy ad I have been craving spicy food lately. I also pop my multivitamin and supplements. I check my team’s work and send back anything that needs correcting. I also generate the multiple reports my boss expects from me. I suddenly remember I need to claim my allowance for performing a role that is higher than my actual position at work. I quickly complete the form, and send it to my boss for his signature. The extra money from this is what I use to fund my stock market investments. I also remind my team to send a report to me for consolidation by noon.
12.00 – I do a major push of all my work due today so I can relax after lunch. I compile my reports and set them ready to send. I also finish my first 2 litres of water of the day, and cue up the next 2 litres
1300 – Its lunchtime, and my work bestie and I head out around town**. I find shorts that L would fit and buy 2 pairs for $10**. We head back to the office and I have caramel popcorn for lunch. Then I remember I forgot to have my afternoon meds, oops. Anyway, more work before heading to an audit meeting
1630 – The audit meeting is finally over, and I rush to shut down my computer, pack up my things and go home. I have an agreement with my manager that as long as I make up for the hour, by either coming early or skipping lunch, I can leave work at 4pm. I had a total hysterectomy end of last year so I still can’t manage driving in heavy traffic. I arrive home, make the bed (P had not made it when he went to work), and harvest chilies from our garden that have ripened. I also harvest a local herb used as a flu remedy and lemongrass, so I can brew up a tea/tisane for the flu affected people in my house. I also pack L’s lunch for tomorrow, a pie, a naartjie and juice. It’s also F’s payday, so I give her US$80 (P gave me this money).
E says he is hungry so I feed him sadza and sour milk by his request. I multitask covering L’s school textbook while supervising his homework and watching Married to Real Estate and the Great British Bake Off. I then have my dinner of sadza, greens and beef. I have a chat with the kids about their day at school. P gets home.
1900 – P and my nephew M go to fetch water from P’s friend’s house. The city council still hasn’t opened up our water supply. I do some French on Duolingo while the boys wreak havoc in their playroom. I read L and E their bedtime stories and put them to bed. I decide to do my hair in cornrows while watching Masterchef Australia. They get home and I help them carry water indoors. I remember that when power comes back I need to boil tripe on the stove, so I cut it up, put it in the pot with water, salt and garlic, and place it on the electric stove. We have serious loadshedding these days, so we have a gas stove and solar power to tide us over. I take a quick bath and change into my pyjamas. While P watches TV, I read Wild Sweet Love by Beverly Jenkins and continue to do my hair in cornrows.
2200 – My arms are tired and I’m only halfway through with the cornrows. I give up and go to bed with P.
Total spent - $10

Day 2
0600 – I hear crying. E is in a bad mood today. I turn off my alarm, and go to see what’s wrong. E does not want to get dressed for school. I sigh, and help F dress him while he throws a massive tantrum. E is dressed, so I go do my morning routine of shower, moisturize, contact lenses, and eyebrow makeup. Today, I wear a green dress I took from my mum, black tights, nude ballet flats and a black and white coat. E gets put into the car by F, and starts crying for porridge. We are already late, so he learns that the consequence of refusing to eat his porridge on time is to go to school without having his porridge. It’s not a big issue though, as he gets fed at school. So I lock the doors and windows and drive him to school as he throws a tantrum for the entire 10 minute drive. I shove him into the school gate and head to work.
It’s another ZESA sponsored stair workout today. I log into the register, and fill up my kettle with water. I switch on my computer, check my work email and send off client emails to my team for their response. My personal email has an annual report from one of the companies I have shares in so I check out if there’s a dividend this year. I own a negligible number of shares in the company though, but 28c per share is quite impressive. I check to see if my stock exchange wallet has been credited with the money I transferred there so I can buy more shares. It still hasn’t so I send a follow up email o the enquiries desk at the stock exchange. I do have a stockbroker, but I prefer doing my trades myself. I also do some French on Duolingo before 8am.
0830 – Our HR is in a tizzy because people are late for work. I don’t make a big deal out of it usually, because salaries are shit and people are demotivated. As long as my team shows up and does some work, I’m ok. I approve some work, and warn my team about coming in a bit too late. I also tell a teammate that she will have to cover for me on Monday as I am taking the day off. Our internet connectivity is shit so I can’t log into our system to check some stuff. My work bestie gives me avocados from her house. I almost cry because I have been craving avocados, but been too cheap to buy them.
1000 – I have a really bad sore throat. I am also hungry since I haven’t had breakfast yet. I jot down my shopping list for the weekend and head to Pick ‘n’ Pay to buy carrots, green peppers, tomatoes, lemons, cheese, polony and bread. I also buy my breakfast/lunch, which is rice, beans, ox liver and egg salad**. It all cost $10**. I leave my shopping in my car, and go to the office to wolf down my food, and take my multivitamin and painkiller. I also receive my wigs that I bought in May. Perfect timing, as I want to wear a new wig tomorrow for our girls’ day out.
I do some more work, and remind my team to send me the information I need for my daily reports.
1300 – I go out to buy a few items I didn’t find in Pick ‘n’ Pay earlier**. I go to Spar and buy peas, eggs, soft drinks for the outing tomorrow and a sausage roll. Total cost is $10**. The outing has been deemed kid friendly, so I needed drinks for the boys to have tomorrow. I get back into the office, and spend the rest of the lunch hour working.
1600 – It’s finally time to go home. I send my email to handover work issues for the person who will take over my role on Monday while I am on leave. I also send my out of office email, and head home. The kids are at their grandmother’s, so I take a leisurely bath, put on my pyjamas and eat dinner. Then I watch Masterchef Australia until P and E get home. I also get in some French Duolingo practice
2000 – P goes out with his friends, so I snuggle up on the couch with E and watch TV. I put E to bed, read him his bedtime story and kiss him good night. I finally finish season 13 of Masterchef Australia, and move on to My Kitchen Rules Australia. I love Australian reality shows, ngl.
2200 – I go to bed P gets home and tells me some bad news about a friend of ours. I feel very sad for him. He cuddles me and we sleep.
Total spent - $20

Day 3
0700 – I wake up feeling like a truck ran me over. I get out of bed, and get ready to hand-wash our laundry. We still have no running water so we can’t use the washing machine. I play music while doing my laundry to keep me motivated
0900 – Laundry has been hung out to dry. F has cooked potato curry, so I boil eggs and water. I have my breakfast of potato curry, egg, multivitamin and coffee. Once I’m done, I give E a bath and dress him. I also bath, moisturize, do my brows and get dressed. I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt today as my friends and I ae supposed to take our kids out for a playdate. Then I receive a message that the outing is cancelled since one of our group is really sick. I try to think of something I can do with E, since L is out having fun with his grandmother. I do my Swahili Duolingo practice.
1100 – The welder comes to do some work on our garage door. I monitor the work for a bit, and then my nephew takes over. E starts really bugging me to go out. So I put on my headband wig and sneakers, and pack a cooler bag with snacks and drinks. We head into town and I buy myself some ciders for $9. These are for me to drink when the mood strikes me. E wants to go to a resort by the lake so I oblige him. We pay $8 for our entrance. He goes to play on the swings, and I take pictures of him having fun. Another family turns up, and one of his classmates is among them. He’s so happy, and goes to play with his friend. I watch him running around.
1500 – I get a call from my friend that she’s in town with my cake. This cake was meant for the cancelled outing. I pack up our stuff, hustle E into the car and drive back into town. I let out some colourful swear words when I realise I forgot to get our change of $2. Anyway**, I meet up with my friend and get the cake, and pay her $30**. It’s so pretty. I call my MIL while still in town to find out what time she will be there so I can pick up L. She says it will be an hour, so E and I head home to drop off the cake so it doesn’t melt in my AC-less car.
1600 – We are back in town waiting for L and MIL. E wants an ice cream so I buy him one for $0.50 using money I had in my Innbucks wallet. MIL calls and asks me to head over to where she is to pick L up since she can’t leave yet. E and I get there. MIL gets me sadza and goat tripe stew, which I eat a bit of to be polite even though I am not hungry. When I’m done, I pack up the kids and drive home. I bath and change into my pyjamas.
1800 – I feed the kids, and we play until their weekend bedtime of 8pm. I read them their bedtime stories and tuck them in. I watch TV and iron my morning laundry while having a gin and juice until 9pm, and head to read in bed. P and my nephew arrive home from their amateur soccer league match and subsequent outing with the boys. I fall asleep soon after.
Total spent - $49.50

Day 4
0700 – I’m woken up by L demanding that I come and play with them. I am still sleepy so I fob him off.
0900 - F knocks on the door and tells us she is off to church. I finally get out of bed and get dressed. I see the boys playing relatively peacefully so I let them continue with their antics. In the kitchen, I find F had cooked breakfast, and since I’m starving, I heat up water for coffee. L surprisingly isn’t hungry so I serve up breakfast for P and me. I have my daily multivitamin. P heads out to go fetch water, while I bath, change and hang out with the kids. I also do my French Duolingo practice for the day
1200 – I have played with the dogs and kids, and I am exhausted. I collapse onto the couch and watch MKR Australia. P gets home, and naps on the couch. I give the kids haircuts and baths.
1700 – L is hungry and really wants cake, so I feed the kids a dinner of sadza and sour milk. Then some cake for dessert. I also pack L’s school lunch, which will be a polony sandwich, a cupcake and juice. The kids play until its bedtime at 7pm. The usual routine, bedtime stories and tuck in is done
2000 – P and I watch a movie while having some alcoholic drinks.
2200 – Bedtime for us
Total spent - $0

Day 5
0600 – It’s my birthday today. I am going all out celebrating myself since TW I tried unaliving myself twice in the past year. L wishes me a happy birthday before he goes to school. I get birthday messages from my mum, dad, SILs, and friends. I also get a call from my brother, his wife and their son, and they sing to me. I feel very loved today. P goes to drop off E at school today so I can sleep in
0800 – I am finally up and hungry. I cook a quick breakfast of boiled eggs, and a bean curry. P takes my car to get serviced, while I bath, moisturize, contact lenses, do a full face of makeup and get dressed for the day. Today I wear a tie-dyed cutout mini-dress and sneakers, and my wavy headband wig
1300 – P is home and he drives me to a hotel outside town near a renowned tourist site in our country. We have a platter of fried fish, chicken strips, pork strips, fries, and a salad to share and multiple Savannah Drys while there. It’s really nice getting to reconnect after a very tumultuous year in our marriage. P pays.
1700 – We drive around the area, before heading home. Once we get home, P and my nephew go on a hunt for water, while I feed the kids. P and I head off to take our showers. I remember why I don’t do a full face of makeup when it take a long time to get the makeup off my face.
1900 – The family sings happy birthday, and we eat cake. Birthday gifts were gin and chocolate. I hustle the boys off to bed. No story today, as they went to bed later than usual. P watches TV while I read my novel.
2100 – Bedtime for the grownups
Total spent - $0

Day 6
0530 – I wake up and lie in bed for a bit. Then I read my novel some more.
0620 – I am up, and take my bath, moisturize, do my brows and get dressed. It’s cold this morning, so I wear a yellow dress with black polka dots, black tights and ankle boots. I pack up the cake I’m giving to my colleagues, as well as my water bottle. E and I head out. I drop E off at school, and go to the office. I log into the work register, turn on my computer, and check my emails. There are a few pressing issues I need to get up to speed with. One of my colleagues gives me $50 as a birthday gift. I also hand out the cake to my team.
0900 – Work is pretty quiet today, so I update my MD. I also receive news that one of my nephews is getting married. He is not that much younger than me, and could be my younger brother, but it makes me feel so old.
Note on my family: In our culture, even distant relatives are given close relationships so the large number of nephews/nieces is from those relationships. It’s a big thing done to maintain close family bonds. I have 4 actual (in a Western sense) nephews and nieces who are all under the age of 6.
1000 – I head to the supermarket and buy bread, onions, carrots, pork chops, pork trotters and my breakfast and lunch. This costs $25. The meat is the main cost driver here. I have a sausage roll, my multivitamin, supplement and milk for breakfast. I remember that I need to check if my stock exchange wallet was credited, ugh. The website is refusing to load and I’m very frustrated. I finally log in and see the amount is still not credited. I email and send a tweet to the stock exchange. Hopefully the tweet will get them to start moving.
1200 – My boss is mad. One member of my team left his desk without informing me and there’s an urgent matter. I was about to go downstairs to give P the groceries, so I stick around for a bit before committing the same offence as my subordinate, lol. I quickly get back into my office and check on work, sign some papers and letters, and clear out my emails.
1300 – My work bestie has to run other errands at lunch so I decide to stay in the office. I check my personal email and see I have received a dividend of $0.27, lol. The share price will probably drop soon, so I will buy more shares in this counter if I can get them to increase my shareholding. My goal for this year is to breach the 10,000 share mark for one counter. I suddenly remember I have work to do, so I use my lunch hour to do the work, and then take a quick break to eat my lunch of fries and a sausage and do some Swahili Duolingo practice.
1500 – I am thinking of going home when one of my team members calls me to deal with an angry client. I go to the office, and find out it’s a surprise birthday party from my team. I am so happy, lol. We have more cake, and there’s also fruit and juice. I head home feeling so appreciated with even more cake.
1700 – P and my nephew go out to get water. I warm up my bath water, and give the kids their dinner. Today its rice and croc meat. I make L’s lunch for tomorrow, a toasted polony sandwich and juice. I also pack my lunch, rice, a fried egg and peas. And some cake for my work bestie’s kids. I take my bath; change into my pyjamas and hound E to eat his food. If we let that kid be, he would probably live on the bits of our souls he sucks out daily by being stubborn. I am feeling nauseous so I have plain rice with a bit of avocado. The kids watch cartoons, while I do some more Swahili on Duolingo.
1900 – Bedtime for the kids. Today, there’s no demand for a bedtime story, so I just tuck them in and tell them I love them. I read my novel as increasingly feel more nauseated. I end up going to hurl my guts out. P comes home and finds me lying limply on the bed. He gives me a cuddle, and goes to eat his dinner. I get up but smell fish, and run back to throw up. If I hadn’t had a hysterectomy, I would be doing a pregnancy test ASAP.
2100 – I go to bed, and lie in bed for a bit, before finally drifting off.
Total spent - $25

Day 7
0500 – I wake up feeling nauseated again. Ugh, this reminds me of having hyperemesis while pregnant. I put my water on to heat and get back in bed to read some more.
0600 – E comes to lie on our bed. I get out of bed, and go throw up. I get my bath water, take my bath, moisturize and put my contacts in. I look like a reanimated corpse this morning. I do my brows to try bring a bit of life to my face and get dressed. It’s very misty and cold today so I put on warm brown tights, a long black dress, my warm jacket and ballet flats. I grab my lunch and the cake, pop E into the car and head out. Visibility is extremely low, so I drive slowly. I don’t know why people like surprising other drivers by having their cars pop out of the mist without switching on their headlights. I successfully avoid the drivers who hate life and drop E off at school before heading to work.
0700 – I am in the office, and I log into the register, before turning on my computer and checking my work email. Not too much in there, so I check my personal email. My stock exchange wallet has finally been credited with the $100. I also ponder whether I should pull the trigger on a V-part wig.
I do my weekly report, and start doing some boring work in the system. I realise I didn’t save the work I did yesterday, so I have to re-do it, so I can have the list of error messages to send to ICT.
0830 – Everyone is in the office, so I do some reshuffling of duties, so that essential areas are covered while one of my colleagues is on leave. I give the cake to work bestie, who tells me how much her daughter was excited over the cake yesterday. It’s now time for me to put my head down and really focus on knocking out the system work today. I also log into an online training, and I listen while doing my work. My mum also deposits money for my birthday gift and to spoil her grandkids.
1000 – I log into my stock exchange account and buy shares for $99.14 (doesn’t count as spending, as the money was moved before the MD started). The deadline for other departments to submit their weekly reports to me for consolidation has passed so I start following up. One department is a big problem as they always send their report late. Le sigh. I draft a very passive aggressive email to them. I also decide not to buy the wig and instead ask the person making me my custom earrings that I got myself for my birthday to bill me the rest of the money so I can pay and move the remainder of the money in my account into savings. Our currency has taken an enormous hit in the last week, and is free falling dramatically. I’d rather keep USD cash than money in my account at this point. The training finally ends.
1100 – I’m getting hungry so I go warm up my lunch, sprinkle on peri peri Aromat and dig in. Yum. I also have my multivitamin and supplement. A lady who sells local snacks comes in. She persuades me to buy maputi (corn nuts mixed with roasted peanuts) for $0.50. I buy them for my afternoon snack. I end up sending the report with missing statistics, and tell the department to send directly to the compiler, as they were late. That was a very aggressive email tbh. I’m still hungry, so I munch on my maputi, leaving the peanuts because I don’t feel like eating them lately.
1200 – I see a missed call from a number I don’t know. I call and it turns out they had sent money to my mobile wallet mistakenly. I check the mobile wallet and it shows it had an extra $11. I send the money back to the person. Times are too tough to keep people’s money
1400 – I snack on a few skittles instead of having more food. I just want something to entertain my mouth, I’m not hungry at all. I review more work and drink more water. The jeweler has sent the payment request for the earrings. I pay $100 (total spent on the earrings comes to $200, which is worth it for sterling silver custom made Jewellery. I use $50 of the birthday money from my mum to cover for part of this expense)
1600 – Finally time to go home. I shut down my computer, and drive home. Once I’m home, I put on my bath water, and help L do his homework. Then I do some Swahili Duolingo practice and pack L’s lunch for tomorrow. He requested maize (corn on the cob), a boiled egg and a naartjie. His wish is my command for once. I also pack my lunch, a boiled egg, peanut butter sandwich and a bit of birthday cake. The jeweler sends pictures of the final product. They are absolutely gorgeous. Happy 34th birthday to me!!!
1800 – I serve the kids their dinner, and go to take my bath. P sends a text that he will be home late as they are working late today. I have my own dinner while persuading E to eat his food
1900 – Bedtime for the kids. I read them their bedtime stories, tuck them in and tell them I love them. Then I go to watch TV. I’m catching up on Married to Real Estate, Food Factory and Man Vs Food. You can tell that reality TV is my jam.
2100 – I decide to have some decaf black coffee and cake as my bedtime snack. P and my nephew arrive home. They are later than they thought they would be because nephew dropped his phone in the middle of the highway and they were searching for it. Because nephew’s ancestors were on the job, they found it intact. It’s a big deal because this is a major highway and huge trucks use that road constantly. I chat with P as he has his dinner and takes his bath.
2200 – Cuddles and bedtime for us

Total spent today – $100

Total spent this week – $204.50

Spending by categories
Food & Drink – $84.50
Home & Health – $0
Clothing & Beauty – $110
Transportation – $0
Fun & Entertainment – $10

Reflections on this week’s spending
The spending is pretty much about normal for me tbh (excluding the cake and earrings). I had quite a bit of petrol in the tank so I didn’t need to top up my tank this week. The converted US$ prices are a bit inaccurate since our currency had a big drop this week, and most of my spending is in local currency. I could reign in my spending a bit, and focus more on investing. However, I do enjoy using my money to bring joy to my kids and myself. Particularly myself after the absolutely shitty year I had.
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2023.06.08 08:31 batluadupontcacara Tìm hiểu cấu tạo và ưu điểm của dòng dupont hà nội

Tìm hiểu cấu tạo và ưu điểm của dòng dupont hà nội
Dupont Hà Nội thuộc dòng bật lửa cao cấp với sự đa dạng về mẫu mã, chủng loại, màu sắc, mẫu mã và giá thành sẽ đáp ứng mọi nhu cầu mua sắm của người tiêu dùng. Vậy bạn đã nắm vững cấu tạo và ưu điểm của dòng dupont hà nội chưa? Nếu chưa thì hãy bớt chút thời gian cùng Cacara khám phá chi tiết ngay bên dưới nhé.

Cấu tạo dupont hà nội có lẽ bạn chưa biết

Bật lửa Dupont là một sản phẩm bật lửa hiệu được sản xuất từ hãng Dupont đình đám và nổi tiếng nhất hiện nay. Thông thường, chiếc bật lửa Dupont sẽ được cấu tạo từ các bộ phận cơ bản như:
![img](4q3n9z0knq4b1 "Cấu tạo dupont hà nội có lẽ bạn chưa biết ")
  • Vỏ bật lửa: Bộ phận bao bọc chiếc bật lửa và ở ngoài cùng của bật lửa. Lớp vỏ này sẽ được chế tác từ chất liệu hợp kim đúc nguyên khối vô cùng cứng cáp và bền đẹp.
  • Khoang chứa ga: Phần chứa ga (butane gas) được lắp đặt bên trong chiếc bật lửa. Với khoang chứa rộng rãi và được làm từ kim loại cao cấp.
  • Các bộ phận bên trong: Bộ phận bên trong của chiếc bật lửa Dupont sẽ bao gồm: Đá đánh lửa, bấc, bánh xe, lò xo,... Với tác dụng tạo ra và tỏa ra ngọn lửa cháy ổn định, bền màu.
  • Nắp bật lửa: Với tác dụng bảo vệ các bộ phận bên trong tránh khỏi tác động từ bên ngoài. Đồng thời còn gia tăng giá trị thẩm mỹ và giảm tình trạng thất thoát nhiên liệu đốt cháy ra môi trường bên ngoài.

Ưu điểm của dòng dupont hà nội

Thực tế cho thấy rằng, dupont Hà Nội có rất nhiều ưu điểm đặc sắc. Đây cũng chính là lý do khiến cho đông đảo anh em khói lửa yêu thích và lựa chọn Dupont hà nội nhiều đến như vậy. Cụ thể như:
>>Xem thêm Dupont 1 lỗ: https://batluadupont.com/dupont-ligne-1.html
Ưu điểm của dòng dupont hà nội
  • Độ bền cao: Bật lửa Dupont Hà Nội được làm từ các vật liệu chất lượng cao như: kim loại, hợp kim đúc nguyên khối nên người tiêu dùng đánh giá rất cao về độ bền và chất lượng. Từ đó, giúp sản phẩm không hề bị hỏng hóc, phai màu hay giảm giá trị thẩm mỹ sau một thời gian sử dụng lâu dài.
  • Dupont thiết kế sang trọng: Bật lửa Dupont sở hữu form dáng thiết kế sang trọng, đẳng cấp, thời thượng và quý phái. Với sự đa dạng về mẫu mã, màu sắc và hoa văn trang trí độc đáo sẽ giúp bạn chọn lựa được mẫu bật lửa Dupont cao cấp hợp sở thích cá nhân.
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  • Ngọn lửa mạnh và cháy ổn định: Bật lửa Dupont có ngọn lửa siêu mạnh, cháy ổn định và người sử dụng rất dễ dàng điều chỉnh độ lớn của nó. Từ đó giúp bạn có thể sử dụng bật lửa Dupont hiệu quả với độ chính xác cao.

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Hiện nay, có rất nhiều địa chỉ mua bật lửa Dupont chính hãng tốt nhất ở Hà Nội. Tuy nhiên, để đảm bảo bạn có được sản phẩm chính hãng, tốt nhất và giá cả hợp lý thì bạn nên tham khảo shop bán bật lửa Dupont chính hãng Cacara.
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>>Xem thêm Phụ kiện Dupont chính hãng giá rẻ tại Hà Nội
Mong rằng, với những thông tin ở trên chắc hẳn bạn cũng nắm được cấu tạo và ưu điểm của dòng dupont hà nội. Nếu bạn còn bất cứ thắc mắc nào liên quan đến bật lửa Dupont cần được tư vấn, giải đáp hiệu quả thì hãy liên hệ ngay Cacara shop nhé.

BẬT LỬA DUPONT CHÍNH HÃNG – CACARA SHOP Địa chỉ: 83 Nguyễn Khang, Yên Hòa, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội (Ngoài giờ cao điểm ô tô đậu cửa thoải mái) Điện thoại: 024.66.593.999 – Hotline: 0972.66.58.58 Mobile/Zalo: 0979.309.619 – 0912.295.876 Website: https://cacara.vn/
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2023.06.08 07:51 gardeningever_13 Types of Cordless Lawn Edgers

Types of Cordless Lawn Edgers
Cordless Lawn Edgers


Having the appropriate tools is crucial for keeping a well-kept lawn. A lawn edger is one such equipment that may significantly improve the look of your grass. With the aid of lawn edgers, you can give the edges of your lawn a polished, professional appearance. Due to its practicality and use, cordless lawn edgers have grown in popularity in recent years. We will examine the many kinds of cordless lawn edgers—such as electric and battery-powered edgers—that are offered on the market in this post.

Understanding Lawn Edgers

Before we dive into the different types of cordless lawn edgers, let's first understand what a lawn edger is and why it is important to use one. A lawn edger is a gardening tool designed to trim the grass along the edges of your lawn, creating a clear separation between the grass and other areas like flower beds, walkways, or driveways. It helps prevent the grass from encroaching onto these areas, giving your lawn a neat and well-maintained appearance.
There are several advantages to using a lawn edger. First off, by drawing clear lines and distinct boundaries, it makes your grass look more aesthetically pleasing overall. This may substantially improve your property's curb appeal. Second, a lawn edger keeps the grass from growing in places it shouldn't, saving you time and labour on routine maintenance or trimming. Finally, a lawn edger makes mowing simpler and more effective by preserving distinct borders between various regions of your garden.

Types of Cordless Lawn Edgers

There are two main types of cordless lawn edgers available in the market: battery-powered cordless edgers and electric cordless edgers. Let's take a closer look at each type:

Battery-Powered Cordless Edgers

Battery-powered cordless edgers are a popular choice among homeowners due to their convenience and portability. These edgers are powered by rechargeable batteries, eliminating the need for a cord or gas. They offer the flexibility to move around freely without being restricted by power cords or the hassle of refueling.


One of the significant advantages of battery-powered cordless edgers is their ease of use. Since they don't have cords, you can maneuver them easily without the risk of accidentally cutting the cord or getting tangled up. They are also quieter and produce fewer emissions compared to gas-powered alternatives, making them more environmentally friendly. Additionally, the absence of cords or gas makes maintenance simpler and less time-consuming.


While battery-powered cordless edgers offer convenience, they do have some limitations. The runtime of the batteries determines how long you can use the edger before needing to recharge. Depending on the model and battery capacity, the runtime can vary. Some edgers may have a shorter runtime, requiring frequent recharging, while others may offer longer runtimes but at a higher cost. It's important to consider the battery life and choose a model that suits the size of your lawn and your specific needs.

Electric Cordless Edgers

Electric cordless edgers, also known as corded edgers, are powered by electricity and require an electrical outlet to operate. These edgers provide a consistent and reliable source of power without the need for batteries or refueling. They are typically lighter than gas-powered edgers and offer a constant power supply.


Electric cordless edgers' continuous power supply is its main benefit. You may use the edger worry-free as long as you have access to an electrical outlet, as long as the battery is charged and there is gasoline available. This qualifies them for bigger lawns or areas that need extensive edging. Additionally, compared to battery-powered options, electric cordless edgers are often less expensive, making them a more cost-effective choice.


Electric cordless edgers have a number of drawbacks, one of which being their need on a power source. The cable restricts movement, therefore you must have an outlet nearby where you are working. If your yard is big or the location of the outlet is not ideal, this may be difficult. Furthermore, if the cord is not correctly maintained, it may become a trip hazard, and there is always the chance that it may get cut accidently while being used.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Cordless Lawn Edger

When selecting a cordless lawn edger, there are several factors to consider to ensure you make the right choice for your specific needs. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

Power Source

Decide whether you prefer a battery-powered cordless edger or an electric cordless edger based on your mobility requirements and the size of your lawn. Consider the convenience of a cordless option versus the uninterrupted power supply of a corded one.

Battery Life

If you opt for a battery-powered cordless edger, check the battery life and runtime. Ensure that the edger can handle the size of your lawn without frequent recharging, or consider investing in spare batteries if necessary.

Cutting Depth and Width

Consider the cutting depth and width of the edger. Different models offer various cutting capabilities, so choose one that can effectively handle the thickness and width of your lawn's edges.

Blade Type

Pay close attention to the kind of blade that the edger uses. Different blades are appropriate for various uses. For cutting through thick grass or roots, a blade with a serrated edge may be more efficient.


Analyze the edger's ergonomics, taking into account the weight and handle style. Choose an edger with a comfortable grip and a small weight so you can move it about for a long time without tiring your muscles.


Investing in a cordless lawn edger can greatly enhance the appearance of your lawn and simplify your maintenance routine. Whether you choose a battery-powered cordless edger for its convenience or an electric cordless edger for its consistent power supply, both options offer advantages and limitations. Consider the factors mentioned above and choose a cordless lawn edger that suits your specific needs and preferences. With the right tool in hand, you can effortlessly create clean and defined edges, transforming your lawn into a picture-perfect oasis.
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2023.06.08 07:50 EchoJobs Perplexity AI is hiring Mobile Engineer (Android) USD 160k-220k [San Francisco, CA] [Android Kotlin]

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2023.06.08 07:40 EchoJobs Perplexity AI is hiring Mobile Engineer (Android) USD 160k-220k [San Francisco, CA] [Android Kotlin]

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2023.06.08 06:46 jstan247 Language Conflicts in China

Since Hong Kong was handed back over to China in 1997 after 156 years as a British colony, the cultural differences, powerful government of the Chinese Communist party, and various other political and economic factors have caused many complications between regions in the last 26 years. Another key impact and aspect to these conflicts is the role of language and its effect on cultural identity and social opportunities. The linguistic impact of these conflicts have become very prevalent in education policies, employment opportunities, and representing and preserving identity in Hong Kong. Through delving deeper into these factors, we can further understand the unique circumstances of the conflicts and tension between Hong Kong and China and understand the ongoing struggle of those who feel they are losing their autonomy.
Language policies play a large role in shaping the culture and way of life of any region, specifically in Hong Kong, it has become an evident problem over recent years in residents fighting to protect their culture and mother tongue language, Cantonese. Since the handover in 1997, the mainland China government has increasingly influenced and promoted Mandarin; the official language in the mainland, onto Hong Kong in an attempt to integrate both regions and share the same language, essentially leading to the departure of Cantonese. Policies that have been made regardless of if they are in favor of preserving Cantonese or not, bring many challenges due to the complicated political, economic, and educational conditions.
Hong Kong has had various policies instituted in order to maintain Cantonese such as the Medium of Instruction (MoI) policy and having education centered around a biliterate and trilingual education system. The MoI policy ultimately allows schools in Hong Kong to choose from either Cantonese or English to teach in, however it is primarily Cantonese that is chosen and highly recommended by the Hong Kong government. Although this policy allows the mother tongue language in Hong Kong to thrive in the education system, many students may be set back or face struggles with a deficiency of English, a crucial international language in the new globalized economy (Kan & Adamson, 2010). The biliterate and trilingual system in Hong Kong which encompasses written proficiency in Cantonese and English, and spoken proficiency in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English also faces similar criticisms as some may argue the emphasis on English literacy proficiency comes at the expense of Chinese culture and heritage. Along with the increased promotion of Mandarin use in recent years by the Chinese government, this system continues to face challenges while trying to navigate Hong Kong’s unique linguistic and cultural context.
Continued policy changing and further intervention from the Chinese government has also contributed to the linguistic challenges and escalating tensions between Hong Kong and China. The introduction of the National Security Law in 2020 and promotion of the Mandarin language through the National Common Language Law in China have escalated the concern for the prosperity and preservation of Cantonese. The National Security Law caused a wave of the largest series of demonstrations in the history of Hong Kong because of a fear of lack of rights and freedom, along with loss of linguistic heritage due to promotion of Chinese national identity. As Lee & Chan (2022) states, although Hong Kong has never been a full democracy, it has always been a desired goal for the region, however due to the outcome of the implementation of the National Security Law, democratic backsliding has heavily accelerated and autonomy in the region has therefore been lessening. This lack of freedom for citizens in Hong Kong has brought about more emphasis for protecting Cantonese with the national language laws of China becoming more evident in the rise of Mandarin in Hong Kong.
Cultural erosion in Hong Kong is made apparent by the growing rise of Mandarin in the region from efforts by the Chinese government and ultimately causing a large decline of Cantonese significance within employment. Li (2022) finding increasingly positive effects of Mandarin proficiency for finding a job, along with receiving higher earnings in Hong Kong shows the decreasing use and importance of Cantonese, even where approximately 97% of the population are Cantonese speakers. The cultural and political instability within Hong Kong has also caused the tourism sector to take a large hit, leaving many people struggling or without jobs. Additionally, concerns with the autonomy of Hong Kong have negatively affected international trade with other countries, causing further economic and financial difficulties.
The conflicts between Hong Kong and China contain many difficulties and complications that make the situation complicated to navigate, but ultimately have led to a linguistic divide and cultural erosion for Hong Kong residents. The various language policies and other economic factors that help to alleviate tensions between Hong Kong and China along with the promotion and thriving state of Mandarin in Hong Kong, all contribute to Hong Kong’s cultural identity being put at risk and affecting social mobility within the region. To reduce these linguistic challenges and cultural complications, more recognition for the state of Cantonese and Hong Kong’s heritage and traditions is needed through things such as the Protecting Cantonese Movement (PCM) to promote understanding of these cultural and linguistic differences (Li et al., 2022). Overall, the importance of promoting and keeping Cantonese alive is a key factor to protecting Hong Kong’s values and identity when undergoing these political challenges with Hong Kong and China.
Kan, V., & Adamson, B. (2010). Language policies for Hong Kong since 1997. London Review of Education, 8(2), 167-176. https://doi.org/10.1080/14748460.2010.487336
Lee, F., & Chan, C. (2022). Legalization of press control under democratic backsliding: The case of post-national security law Hong Kong. Media, culture & society. https://doi-org.libproxy.mtroyal.ca/10.1177/01634437221140525
Li, Y-T. (2022). How important is English, Mandarin, and Cantonese for getting a job? Exploring employers’ perceptions of linguistic capital in Hong Kong. Chinese Sociological Review, 54(2), 155-177. https://doi-org.libproxy.mtroyal.ca/10.1080/21620555.2021.1964948
Li, Y., Kang, Y., Ding, D., & Zhang, N. (2022). An overview of the “Protecting Cantonese Movement” in Guangzhou (2010–2021). Asian-Pacific Journal of Second and Foreign Language Education, 7(1), 1-11. https://doi.org/10.1186/s40862-022-00165-2
Yiu, P., (2022, June 29). Hong Kong's identity in crisis after 25 years of Beijing rule. NikkeiAsia. https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/The-Big-Story/Hong-Kong-s-identity-in-crisis-after-25-years-of-Beijing-rule
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2023.06.08 05:43 Vxzaik Duda olla a presión

Duda olla a presión
Buenas, quise mejorar mi cultivo y conseguí una olla a presión. El manual de instrucciones (bastante pedorro) dice que cierres, pongas el gas al máximo, que cdo salga el primer escape de vapor por la chirimbolita de la tapa bajes el gas al mínimo y que a partir de ese momento comiences a contar el “tiempo de cocción de la receta”.
Ese video es con la hornalla al mínimo.. dejé la olla un minuto al mínimo y empezó a salir vapor así.. es normal????? Ese escape de vapor parece fuerte, y la chirimbolita o cosito de la tapa empieza a bailar y chiflar x tanto escape. Me da un poco de miedo.
No quiero volar la cocina por intentar esterilizar sustrato jajajajajaja
Si alguien tiene alguna indicación sobre cómo usar la olla, se agradece mucho. Miré videos en youtube pero ninguno resolvió mi duda.
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2023.06.08 05:16 trojan9696 Lee sobre el algoritmo ZK-PoW de Opside en un artículo

El algoritmo ZK-PoW propuesto por Opside, tiene las siguientes ventajas:
Un mecanismo de precios basado en el mercado para la aritmética ZK que se puede utilizar no sólo para el escalado (ZK-Rollup), sino también para la IA en el futuro (ZKML).
Una plataforma de aritmética masiva para la próxima explosión masiva de ZK-Rollup (especialmente zkEVM); y un nuevo escenario de minería para el gran número de mineros ociosos
El algoritmo de envío en dos pasos de ZKP proporciona un mecanismo prover descentralizado estándar para ZK-Rollup
El mecanismo optimizado de cálculo y envío de ZKP mejora la eficiencia de generación de ZKP en un 80%.
¿Por qué necesitamos un algoritmo PoW para los cálculos ZK?
Ya hay varios ZK-Rollups funcionando en la mainnet de ethereum, incluyendo Polygon zkEVM y la era zkSync, sin embargo la gran mayoría de los proyectos actuales de ZK-Rollup no implementan un prover descentralizado. agregador de confianza para enviar ZKP, y la era zkSync es similar.
Cuando el número de ZK-Rollups era pequeño, un prover centralizado era viable. Pero a medida que la tecnología de escalado ZK madura, y especialmente a medida que la tecnología zkEVM se afianza gradualmente en los próximos uno o dos años, el número de ZK-Rollups experimentará un crecimiento muy significativo. Con un gran número de ZK-Rollups, un prover centralizado también plantea una serie de problemas:
En primer lugar, el prover es caro y requiere equipos especializados y salas de servidores, y no todos los operadores de ZK-Rollup tienen capacidad para mantener un clúster de prover centralizado. Por tanto, necesitamos mineros profesionales que asuman la futura demanda de la enorme potencia de cálculo de ZK-Rollup.
En segundo lugar, si sólo hay un prover, la caída de un único nodo provocará que no se validen todas las transacciones de ZK-Rollup. Necesitamos un mecanismo de prover descentralizado para animar a varios mineros a participar en el cálculo de un ZKP al mismo tiempo y recibir las recompensas correspondientes.
Por último, necesitamos un algoritmo de optimización de ZKP estandarizado para mejorar la eficiencia global del hardware.
Algoritmo ZK-PoW de Opside
Como cadena pública altamente descentralizada, Ethereum ya está saturada y la tarifa de gas es extremadamente cara. Muchas aplicaciones Web3, especialmente derivados financieros, juegos, redes sociales, etc., necesitan migrar a la capa 2 u otras cadenas públicas. De hecho, no es difícil proporcionar simplemente un entorno de ejecución de alto rendimiento y bajo gas, y algunas soluciones centralizadas pueden hacerlo fácilmente. Lo difícil es cómo mantener un alto grado de descentralización a la vez que se mantiene un alto rendimiento y bajo gas.
Actualmente, Opside soporta 4 cadenas base, Ethereum, Opside, cadena BNB y Polygon, lo que significa que los desarrolladores pueden elegir entre Con el fin de soportar la enorme cantidad de recursos de hardware requeridos por el gran número de ZK-Rollups, Opside también proporciona un mercado aritmético ZKP unificado y anima a los mineros a generar ZKP para estos ZK-Rollups.
Mecanismo de asignación de recompensas de PoW
Opside utiliza una mezcla de consenso PoS y PoW. La parte PoS se basa en las mejoras de consenso de ETH 2.0. Como resultado, Opside tendrá más de 10 validadores w+ para proporcionar una disponibilidad masiva de datos con un alto grado de descentralización.
Durante la fase de red de prueba Pre-Alpha, cada Rollup dentro de un bloque de Opside enviará una secuencia de acuerdo con ciertas reglas, y todas las secuencias se dividirán en recompensas PoW para el bloque actual en función del número de ranuras de Rollup registradas y el número de lotes que contengan. Por supuesto, es posible que algunos rollups no envíen secuencias en algunos bloques, por lo que la inflación real de PoW será inferior a la esperada.
El minero es libre de elegir participar en el cálculo del ZKP para uno o más de los Rollups. En el futuro, las secuencias individuales tendrán un precio diferente para las distintas secuencias en función del tipo de ZK-Rollup correspondiente, el número de transacciones de Rollup contenidas, la cantidad de uso de gas, etc. Se realizará una estimación de la carga de trabajo.
Para evitar comportamientos malintencionados relacionados con los mineros, estos deberán registrarse en un contrato especial del sistema y comprometer tokens; los mineros deberán comprometer el token correspondiente a un Rollup en el contrato del sistema antes de poder enviar ZKP para ese Rollup, y las recompensas para los mineros que envíen ZKP se asignarán en proporción al volumen comprometido, evitando así que Los mineros envían ZKP varias veces para evitar comportamientos maliciosos.
Ver Opside Tokenomics para más detalles
Algoritmo de envío en dos pasos de ZKP: el mecanismo estándar de Prover descentralizado
Para animar a múltiples mineros a participar en una tarea de cómputo ZKP al mismo tiempo, Opside propone un mecanismo de envío en dos pasos para la validación ZKP. La parte de la recompensa PoW correspondiente a un ZKP se asigna a los remitentes de ZKPs válidos, es decir, a los mineros, de acuerdo con ciertas reglas.
  1. Envío del proofhash: Dentro de una ventana temporal, para una secuencia determinada, se permite a varios mineros participar en el cálculo de la prueba de conocimiento-cero. Una vez que cada minero ha calculado la prueba, no envía directamente la prueba original, sino que calcula el proofhash (prueba/dirección) y envía el proofhash al contrato.
  2. Envío del ZKP: Una vez transcurrido el plazo, el minero envía la prueba original y la valida comparándola con el proofhash enviado anteriormente. Los mineros que superan la validación son recompensados con PoW, que se distribuye en proporción a la cantidad comprometida por el minero.
Consulte el algoritmo de envío en dos pasos de ZKP para obtener más información.
Algoritmo de generación de ZKP optimizado: la eficiencia de los mineros ha aumentado un 80%.
Cuando el contrato inteligente de Rollup valida ZKP, es posible desencadenar un ataque en la cadena si se envían datos de prueba sin procesar. Para evitar ataques maliciosos, ZK-Rollup a menudo necesita realizar un trabajo adicional para ocultar los datos de prueba originales. Una solución es que el ZKP enviado por un minero contenga el resultado de la agregación de la dirección del minero. El algoritmo de envío en dos pasos para ZKP propuesto por Opside utiliza inteligentemente un modelo de envío primero + validación después, eliminando la necesidad de realizar cálculos de agregación innecesarios similares sobre la prueba y la dirección.
Además, en algunos zkEVM de código abierto, el cálculo y el envío de ZKP son en serie. Cuando ZK-Rollup envía un gran número de secuencias, los mineros son incapaces de calcular múltiples ZKP simultáneamente. En Opside, el algoritmo de envío en dos pasos para ZKP implementa el cálculo paralelo y el envío en serie de ZKP, permitiendo a los mineros realizar múltiples tareas de generación de ZKP simultáneamente, acelerando así enormemente la eficiencia de la generación de ZKP.
El equipo de Opside también ha realizado una serie de optimizaciones en el algoritmo de agregación recursiva de ZKP para mejorar completamente la utilización de los recursos de la máquina dentro del clúster, aumentando aún más la velocidad de cálculo de ZKP.
En un entorno de prueba de aplastamiento en el mundo real, mineros con un clúster de 20 máquinas con CPU de 128 núcleos + 1 TB de RAM, las transacciones probadas se mantuvieron estables a 27,8 TPS durante unos 40 minutos. En las mismas condiciones, Opside redujo el tiempo medio de confirmación de transacciones de unos 5-6 minutos a unos 3 minutos, y mejoró la eficiencia de generación de ZKP en aproximadamente un 80%. En el futuro, a medida que más ZK-Rollups y mineros se unan al mercado, el lado de la demanda y el lado de la oferta del mercado aritmético ZK se expandirán aún más, y las ganancias de eficiencia del algoritmo PoW de Opside se harán aún más evidentes.
El algoritmo ZK-PoW propuesto por Opside define de forma creativa un mecanismo de precios basado en el mercado para la aritmética ZK. Este mercado aritmético proporciona una plataforma aritmética masiva para la próxima explosión masiva de ZK-Rollup (especialmente zkEVM); también proporciona un nuevo escenario de minería para el gran número de mineros ociosos.
El algoritmo de envío en dos pasos de ZKP proporciona un mecanismo Prover descentralizado estándar para ZK-Rollup, animando a más mineros a proporcionar una aritmética ZKP estable y continua. Al mismo tiempo, el mecanismo optimizado de cálculo y envío de ZKP mejora la eficiencia de generación de ZKP en un 80%.
En el futuro, los escenarios de aplicación del mecanismo PoW de Opside pueden ampliarse fácilmente, no sólo para el escalado (ZK-Rollup), sino también para la IA en el futuro (ZKML).
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2023.06.08 04:31 Alarming_Win6740 I reach my goal at the end of the rainbow.

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2023.06.08 04:21 sgtjoy Battle plans. Along for the ride.

Jesus watched the scene over again and was in awe. This was a man who would not change as he could not change. There was something else different. He was the most stubborn man alive in Jesus’ opinion and he had been around a while. His uniform never changed his cologne never changed. His hair was the exact same way. He had a biological age of 42 but a calendar age of 300 or so years. He wasn’t exactly sure since he had been born in a time when records were incomplete. Government was just getting back on its feet when he came into the world so who knew? Did it matter?
He had never espoused a political belief. He voted in every election and that was it. He was no campaigner and was not interested in any of it. He had a baseline distrust of ALL politicians. He had more time in command than any human in history. He had faced down alien races. He had been nearly terminated by pirates more than once but speaking in public scared the shit out of him. and He did not want to do it. He had done a series of lectures 60 years ago that resulted in some significant fallout he was eager to not relive. He did not want to discuss it. He knew what was about to happen.
“Class dismissed”
The Dean of Students asked him to “Please please just this once set it straight and walk away from it. You did what you had to do at the time.” He knew it hurt when he was called “conquistador”. The Monday Morning Quarterbacker’s weren’t there when decisions had to be made, and neither was the dean, yet he still implored him. It would likely be televised too. Ken had built the best laid wall of obfuscation he could. He did not want any glory. He wanted to be left alone. Despite his best effort it did not work. His hope had been to be in the background making the best decision without regard to any so called “Glory” His hope was that the sailors in real danger would get the credit they deserved. It just did not work. Besides, it was clear that he wanted him to talk about that battle. This made him waver in his assent. He wanted to speak about what he wanted to speak about. Simple.
Admiral Pearl and He had had to face a hero’s welcome when they came home. Then the detractors started in on him.
Despite the promises of the Dean it would just open all the old wounds back up again and likely crank the peanut gallery up to full tilt. “I do not want it televised. You can record it if you want but I get to decide if it gets released. Deal or no deal? If you want to dictate the topic then that is my condition. You are asking me to open up a box I have had welded shut for years now. Anyone can look up the logs and watch every single shot and hit if they wish. It has been analyzed to death. What further can I add at this point? There is nothing I can tell you that hasn’t been discussed in hundreds of books at this point. It is a dead subject that I can drone on about.”
The dean held up his hand and said “I want to know how you felt about it. All of it. What was the methods you used to make the decisions. How did you feel? The most important event in modern history drops in your lap like an egg salad sandwich. You have to feel something. That is what I want to know. It is your bully pulpit to say what you wish. No restrictions except for classified material. And no using the “F” word.”
“I am not doing it unless I can say ”fuck”. Not happening.” He wasn’t kidding. “To sweeten the deal you can televise it but I have to be able to talk in my normal voice. And I will say fuck.”
The Dean relented and agreed. He had just manipulated the situation to where he could minimize the fallout. Besides: he was tired of people talking shit about him in all these books and articles. He was going to tell them all to go fuck themselves, with a cactus.
On the Saratov. Warp area 13 off the plane of the ecliptic.
The admiral sat and contemplated what they were about to do. They were waiting on a couple more ships before going to warp. He tried to sum it up.
This was a high stakes mission. He had a high stakes strategy. It was brilliant and it was risky. He was about to do something never attempted in real combat and was completely theoretical. They had wargamed it to death and this had honed their protocol. They were going to Net their AI’s. They would calculate global firing solutions using parallel computing. They had 8 AI’s that were going to fight it and this should greatly augment their firepower due to increased efficiency. No matter how they wargamed it the AI’s won. They had it down pat. He felt certain this was the right thing to do but there was also a huge ethical hole in this. For the first time AI’s would determine firing sequence, aiming and execution without human intervention. He had to pause and consider the implications. This was colored by several recent experiences. It was all about Jezz. He still loved Jezz but she scared him. She has never been malevolent, but man was he scared that she could become dangerous. He had created a tiny bit of monster in her for certain. She was a combat AI. She was a hunter killer and as long as she worked for them, she would be fine. If she decided to freelance it, they would be in trouble. All because of this: there was a chunk of predator in her digital DNA and he hoped she could keep it in check.
He had come up with the best rationalization he could. They were going in against one decidedly ill-tempered AI and another AI (the “damsel in distress”) wanting rescue. At least that is what it looked like on the surface. He couldn’t shake the feeling that this was not as clearcut as everyone else thought. Either way It would not be aliens versus humans but AI vs AI. At least that is what he kept telling himself. He wasn’t buying his bullshit either since none of it passed the smell test.
The decision to unleash the AI’s had come from above his paygrade, all the way to the Joint chiefs of staff of the world Navies. Forty-five Space faring nations sat down and hashed it out. He hated the complexity but admitted that it did work fairly well. They wanted the spam in a can home alive and if AI made this happen then so be it. There was one important point: they weren’t on the ships, were they?
As he sat about to enter warp and head out to the clusterfuck in question. The initial reason for all of this was still nagging him. Where was everyone else? He had data that showed an alien drive signature. He was resentful that they were fucking around with all this other shit. He would leave the AI’s in question to sort it out amongst themselves. He wanted no part of what was going on since he was doubtful that there were any good guys on either side of what looked like a standoff. All he wanted to do was find alien life (which they had kind of but it weren’t just quite the right kind.) He wanted something that could look like us maybe a bit . If you squinted. And they would find that hopefully, but they had a shit detail to cross off the bucket list first. The more he looked at this the more it became clear this should be two separate missions. Those AI’s were fighting over a dead world and he knew it. He just knew. He wanted no part of the Hatfield and McCoy bullshit. The real point was to capture as much as they could. This was actually about technology. They even had some freighters on the way for the cleanup and oh BTW come back alive. We will let the AI’s babysit you. May as well send a Voyager probe for all the use the crew was.
He was soon to learn the value of human judgment and that was going to prove a bunch of people wrong, sort of. All because of this: there are some decisions that do not fit into ones and zeroes. Value judgements were critical. That is one thing AI’s couldn’t do yet and it was that way why? Who could say for certain but in his years of interacting with true AI’s for the last 5 years did give him some insight. He was apprehensive to say the least but where was his fear coming from? He always thought that you had to identify the source(s) of any fear. He had it partially figured out, not only was he a bit afraid of Jezz and her friends he was also fearful for Jezz. And this is what he had: a gut feeling. And if that weren’t enough (and by gosh, don’t you think it ought to be?): how was he going to keep Jezz’s precognition a secret? The Admiral went through the computer logs and Jezz had not accessed any information about the disposition of the Galileo. It could be explained away but he was not convinced he could be very convincing. This was something that just did not fit. He could not make it fit, and he would just as soon pretend it did not exist. But it was clear that his AI had some degree of psychic power or something. She was different and he did not know if the other AI’s would be catching whatever it was. If the folks in charge knew the depths of his misgivings, they would be appalled. And the situation they were headed into was not as simple as it looked. He knew this. His questions were simple. Number one: Who were the good guys and who were the bad ones. Number two: could he maintain plausible deniability about Jezz. They were going to have a talk. Just the two of them. He needed some reassurances.
Also, He was trying to figure out a way to crack this and he had an idea. While looking at the menu for the ships mess, he noticed the two columns and he decided to do what he always did with most major decisions. He would make a list of the facts he had and try to run through the various permutations. A pencil and some paper would be adequate, and he even had a ruler so he could make it all professional.
So he made a list of the players Side “A” in orbit and Side ”B “planetside. Side “ A” obviously held the high orbitals. “B” had an extensive force field that would occasionally flicker. He thought that might be something to look into. He had all of the video files from the Galileo and there was one telescope tasked with watching the planetside compound. They had days of footage. He sped it up until the frames were racing by. The force field was visible due to impacts from what he assumed to be dust. This gave it a phosphorescent look. It also made it possible to have visual confirmation if it was up. The shield “failures” occurred on a stable repeated time frame. After doing the math and getting a video analysis program running, he figured it out only after focusing on the Spectro photography. Every 23.29 minutes the shield was apparently offline for 0.07 seconds. It was so brief it was tough for the naked eye to pick up but the spectral signature did.
Looking at the area under shield he could see a row of what appeared to be ships. These were triangular. He could see no evidence of what their primary drives were but it wasn’t the best picture. Things degrade through an atmosphere and distance. No drive nodes. No distribution rings. He had a suspicion, and he suddenly felt nauseated and had this sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. They were not using Alcubierre’ drives. They were using jump drives of some type. In the raw sensor data was a Gamma spike and a Gravity spike right before the attack. The Galileo probably never saw the vessel that hit them. But the Admiral was a patient man and he had the eye for detail. How they had missed this he did not know but he finally found what he wanted. The ship was identifiable. One sternward scope had several good views of a shape blocking the stars.
The other fact was that there was no warning. No comms traffic but, the recovered buoy made it clear that they knew they were suddenly in trouble since the buoy was released (and in warp) seconds after jettisoning it. Command deck recordings showed the captain getting a proximity alarm and then immediately releasing the buoy. There was no “prepare to be boarded” or “Heave to.”, just MASER beams slicing through the hull. Listening to the conversations on the deck made it clear they were paranoid as they were scanning with their non military grade graviton detector. Seems like it wasn’t paranoia after all.
They would have been blind until the ship was right on top of them. Someone was operating on a hunch and that person was Nico. He was frantic. As first officer he had the conn and did what he could to at least let them know what they were facing. It took some guts to do that. He saw internal video running. It captured Captain Nic’s hand slamming down on the buoy release button before the video cut out. It had to have damaged the Galileo Significantly. He had to override the safeties to get the thing to instantly go to warp. He knew that close to the ship the damage would have been substantial. Nico knew they were doomed.
He leaned back and took a deep breath. The ship in question was triangular in shape. Planetside. This could be some sort of trap or things were not as they superficially seemed or maybe he had found his bad guys. So he went back through the compound footage and there it was a ship moving out of frame. There was only maybe 6 meters of ship but it was clear where it was from. It was clear it was moving. Where had it been for 2 hours plus? If it were going to jump he would think that the image would have arrived at the Galileo after it had been blown apart. That is the whole point of faster than light travel. You could have all these paradoxes and that actually gave him more than a headache. It was a brain ache. Without FTL the tyranny of Einstein held sway. Why were they not there immediately? The Galileo was about 120 light minutes out. Assuming they get there immediately there should be no video. They had taken a detour. This he did not know for sure but also had a bad feeling about. I guess it did not mean much in the grand scheme of things but he did have a hunch. Only problem with that is that hunches don’t win battles unless it is more than a hunch.
He did not have a frame of reference for how a jump drive worked IRL. He had read all the theories. There was a huge amount of research being conducted but there were unpredictable failures resulting in some ships getting cut in half and what not. Just not something compatible with the life of the crew. Destructive testing was also expensive. They had gotten one small ship that was maybe twice the size of an emergency buoy to jump to the orbit of Neptune. What he did not know was how long that took. All he had was some rumor mill shit that he generally did not give two fucks about. He was not into “R and D". And while they could send the damn thing out there what they could not do was get it back the same way. The power requirements were so high that the capacitor banks were charged externally . Putting in a zero-point tap would push the ship size beyond the mass they could manage for the drive they currently had. They were running into problems of scale and those are not so easily rectified. Problems of scale were problems with lubrication. You just had to lube the ship with cash. You had to fuel it with Lots and lots of cash. This was such a priority that every aerospace manufacturer and design firms were plugged into the research institutions. It was a huge effort because of one thing. Warp drive was “too slow”. The boffins were thinking intergalactic travel. They had their sights set on the universe.
To top it all off there was one inescapable problem: You can’t put ten pounds of shit in a five-pound bag.
Due to all of this they were going down an interesting path. All you had to do was fill the magnetic tank with antimatter. Matter antimatter annihilation gave near instantaneous power. It was used in weapons some but only the best militaries would even fool with it. Compared to nuclear warheads Antimatter left no nasty isotopes in orbit of a planet you may be interested in colonizing or defending. Also, you don’t want to poison an uninhabited M-class world in the habitable zone given their relative scarcity.
Finally: containing it is problematic but doable. You can probably pull off the power requirements but there is one downside. You are flying in a bomb. Not just a small bomb. It was a big bomb that will go off if you lose containment. 40 mega tons of TNT will vaporize a ship. There was talk of building a manned vessel but saner heads put the kibosh on that. Besides: no one with any sense would want to crew it.
The answer was obvious to him, and he suspected it was obvious to the researchers. Why not use a singularity? Just dump matter into it and harvest the radiation to charge up and go. He did not know where that research currently stood. He knew there were some successes along these lines and quite surprisingly there had been no major accidents. The problem came with feeding the little monster in a consistent fashion to produce enough power to in turn contain the position of the singularity. This was done with antigravity. Antigrav technology had found it’s way into just about everything, except cell phones. They still broke when you dropped them. The black hole was carried by the ship, but it never changed its axis of rotation. The singularity in this scenario is one hell of a gyroscopic top with fixed axes. Since the jet of X-rays only came “out” along this axis and given that the ship would change attitude constantly it was necessary to have X-ray converters on the entire internal surface of the reaction vessel. The ship moved around the singularity. That made things a lot more complicated and really fucked with power distribution. Since there would be energy jets at the poles of the internal singularity power flow would be from two converters at a time. And since they weren’t 100% efficient you had some heat to deal with. He had read a few initial summaries of the work. You still had to keep containment of the singularity just as with antimatter but an uncontained singularity would put a small hole of about 10 mm as it passed through the ship before evaporating. This was better than being atomized. The problem was heat. Waste heat is just unconverted energy as such there was talk of installing a steam turbine circuit to generate power and to cool the reaction vessel. This would be the use of centuries old technology in a starship since convection does not occur in a vacuum. Trying to radiate enough heat to keep the thing cool would not work. The act of running the turbine also cools the circulating liquid. Trying to radiate heat away in a vacuum took a lot of time so big heatsinks would only go so far. It was simple physics. If you can convert some heat to electricity that is a little less that must be radiated. He bet it was a pain in the ass and was probably not worth the effort, but Fusion reactors did not have the peak power output needed to rip space. You either stored it in cap banks for one big release or you instantaneously generated it. Ken thought that the whole line of inquiry was going to be moot and they would finally give up, build a huge Casimir bank and strap a ship to it.
Which meant one thing. The jump ships in question had to deal with waste heat from whatever power system they used. The only way to get rid of this waste heat was to radiate it into the void. This took time. He now knew what the delay had been. The alien ships had to cool off between jumps. He or she had also taken a circuitous route to get there. This in turn means that they wanted them to see the ship leave the planet. They could have possibly gone there straightaway but they had not done that. They wanted him to know. They must have jumped above the ecliptic and back down into the ecliptic.
This slowed them down.
It also meant that escaping with a jump drive wasn’t that easy. They couldn’t pop in and out of position. If they were in your sights they were yours. He also knew that they would have a brief window where they were detectable before fully entering normal space. All they had to do was detect that energy spike and target it at the right time.
After reading all of the executive summary Jezz had put together he had a lot of questions, and he did not know quite where to begin. He had one thought: time to get everyone together and pick everyone’s brain. He wanted to talk to his chief engineer and every engineer in the fleet. He wanted to get all ships Captains and First Officers to come up with a game plan: What is the best order of battle and why? He wanted to see the nonconventional answers as this was anything but a conventional situation. He kept each team to the size of two: Captain and first officers. They could consult with the crew and had access to any information they could find. He needed options. You never want to run out of options on the field of battle.
He turned to his First Officer “Take us out and form up the fleet. We will jump directly to warp 5. That will keep the transports somewhat close. I want the fleet on shipwide in 10 minutes. I have some tasks to assign. Set the countdown to jump for 3 hours. There may be a few stragglers. Jezz, calculate the route and send me a copy. Sensors. I want you to calibrate for Gamma detection and localization. I will send you the energy signature, now. Look for that and calibrate for that. Any questions? (There were none) Good. Yuri, you have the conn.”
He exited the bridge.
Outbound from Sol. 72 hours after jump.
The Admiral was in the center of the virtual room with 70 or so Captains and first officers arrayed about. The flotilla had topped out at 82 warships as well as smaller craft and support vessels. He had 82 ships he had under command currently. This was the biggest expeditionary force ever fielded by Earth. There was one Mormon ship with them. A frigate This was ironic he thought. It was also a bit much to keep up with. He had read all the preliminary proposals and he was now going through the ones he thought had merit. He was currently discussing Captain Pearls proposal she planned to arrange ships into a cylinder or hoop. The individual ships alternating primary weapons one way or the other. That way anyone jumping into the center was covered as well as the “external” surface. It was really a pretty good plan. It played to their strengths. They could bring weapons to bear quickly since they could not just jump away. He especially liked the network formation It was a nice diamond pattern. He just couldn’t shake it being familiar. She had a great movie playing that demonstrated it quite well.
“This is Guardians of The Galaxy” Ken said. Barely keeping his shit together. He wanted to laugh. Once everyone else started the cat was out of the bag, He did not want to ridicule her plan but this was too much. Bless her heart. It was Guardians of the Galaxy.
“OK everyone settle down lets get back to it. Does that make it a bad plan? It isn’t straight out of the movie either. I do think it has merit but I would prefer it to not be too obvious. Can we do a formation that gives closed fields of fire without looking like it? I think we should go with a spheroid that is as irregular as we can make it. I want the focus to be on full coverage. Actually, Jezz give me a pattern with those criteria.”
What she generated looked like a swarm of bees. When she overlayed the weapons plots the effect was uncanny. It looked very random but was anything but. The coverage was better than any plan he had seen. That settled it for him. They would war game it just that way. It was a bit risky since every ship had to maintain their place in relation to all the other ships. She had even linked in the shield generators from the transports. She had used every resource.
“That was brilliant Jezz.”
“I try Sir. I really do.”
“I know you do.”
The admiral continued “OK I want to go ahead and start moving the fleet into that configuration. We will stay in that all the way to our destination. I want checklists of unique tasks made up. Sensors are going to be the critical piece. I am hopeful we will see them when they jump in, and we can quickly target them if necessary. That brings me to another point. We cannot go in and just start banging away at everything that moves. By now you should be aware that this is not clear cut. We can speculate. And I have done it obsessively. What you need to know is that I am not sure who is good or bad. I have a sneaking suspicion that neither are good or bad. They are neutral. We don’t know if this is a rogue AI or AI’s. We do not know if there were biological life here at any point. There is certainly flor BUT THERE SEESM TO BW NO FAUNA. This world has undergone bombardment in the not too distant past somewhere around fifty year ago give or take. Could a sentient race have been killed off? Who the fuck knows. But our next task is to come up with some possible scenarios. Based on what we have seen I suspect this is a rogue AI. I cannot tell what has happened to them yet, but I suspect we will know more once we get planetside.”
He took a long draw from an Opus X and continued. Rank had its privileges.
“The Vikrant will provide aircover for a Marine expeditionary force to go to the planet’s surface and secure the compound. I have spoken to the Air boss and confirmed the strike package will consist of two squadrons of F-15’s for high cover and 5 Su-34’s to be tasked with strike. We have enough transport to go in one wave with backups to spare. That also leaves us with more than enough reserve forces. I hope we do not have to commit more but I will want another squadron of MiG-29’s or F-15’s in reserve. Keep them hot and on the ramp. I want to deploy as quickly as possible.”
One of the junior officers spoke up “That looks like a good plan.”
“Thank you son for that. It is like getting the compliment of how smart you are from your Marine Commander (He had to give Chuck a hard time. He loved him.)
Everyone at least politely laughed.
“Speaking of mentally challenged little brothers. What you got Chuck?”
Chuck went with it The Admiral would pay later. He had some photos of him waltzing with a large muscular person and he was going to visit scorn on him. All in the name of fun. “We are going to take two battalions. I am going to strip them down a bit and we will be utilizing more heavy weapons teams. I plan to draw more M-60’s and M-203’s. You guys are welcome to join the party since I could use a couple of forward observers. It will be a fun time. Additionally I am not babysitting the press pool this time boys and girls and others. It is potentially a deadly environment and I don’t want their deaths on my hands. Let them die with you fuckers instead. By the way; I have 18 Comanche-4 Helos for CAS.”
“That sounds like all the more reason to send them with you. The herd needs to be thinned anyway.”
Jezz hissed “SIR! You are going to get in trouble Sir.”
“Just a little lighthearted humor don’t be so touchy. Anyway’ what about armor?”
“I have a platoon of Abrams going in with us Sir. More for mobile artillery.”
When you got right down to it it was a very simple plan. Modest forces for planetside. There was enough aircover but not so much to result in fratricide. He had extra firepower at the squad level. He had thought it out. Chuck had his full confidence. He was an Oscar-6 and you did not make O6 by being stupid. He would make General soon and he would be taken from the pointy end of the spear. The spear would be a little less sharp for a while but that was just how it went. Right now, he had the best field commander alive in his corner and he was going to utilize him.
“I know my engineers are logged into this meeting and have been paying attention. What do you guys make of their propulsion system? I have been spouting off and thinking about this for a week and all I got is a bunch of ideas.”
He thought for a moment. Rusty, what do you think.” He had just called out his own engineer. Rusty was his nickname and damned if he could remember his actual one. He knew it was not Russel. “What do you think they are using for power?”
Rusty wanted to cuss him out. He did not like meetings. In his opinion meetings were just excuses to avoid doing any actual work. He could have asked him privately…”Rusty what do you think?”
“Goddammit Sir, they have to be using a singularity. They are not using capacitor banks so they are generating power instantaneously. The alternative is antimatter and we had better hope it is not antimatter since taking them out could be suicidal. Most importantly: I am not a fucking tactician. I am an engineer for fucks sake, and I don’t see why anyone cares what I think about this anyway. But you asked so here it is. We are going to have to assume that it is not antimatter and hope we are right. The thing that would keep me awake is the possibility that our weapons are outranged by the fireballs generated when their antimatter containment fails. That will end us, and the best tactic will be to run like hell. Add to that the fact that the rules of engagement mean we can’t go in guns blazing. What if we need to go in guns blazing? It takes away an option. Never discard even the most ludicrous of options as that may be the one thing that saves your ass.”
“ We do not want to go traipsing in there with our dicks uncovered and this ain’t no tulip picking expedition here ladies. This is potentially a war, and we better acknowledge that. I don’t want to be Debbie downer here but let us be real. Some of us are not coming back from this. Look around boys cause some of your compadres are going to be left behind. This is serious business. This ain’t no rescue mission and we better stop treating it that way. Since you asked, Sir.”
Admiral Alexander had to give him honesty points for that. He was right. “We are going to run this scenario as many times as we can before we arrive. I suspect that there is going to be some mass confusion until we figure out who the baddies are. If I had to make a wager, I would go with our folks in orbit, being less of a threat. We have clear evidence of who attacked our ship, and it weren’t none of them football shaped guys. (He did grow up in the South. Woodruff SC to be precise.) It is the flying Dorito that we have to watch for. My gut tells me we are going to have to smash whatever is running the show down there. That compound with the force field is our primary target.” Furthermore, I just don’t know how the remainder are going to act. Are they under a different AI? Is there more than one AI? We can say there are no life signs from any of the ships in system and that makes me think this is artificial all the way. ”
“ The Galileo was attacked by one of the ships on that Spaceport apron. None of the ships in orbit participated from what we can tell. Also, the Galileo was attacked from outside the ecliptic. They are using some type of jump drive that apparently has to avoid gravity wells. That would explain why the attack occurred outside the system. We can take advantage of the situation though if we cozy up to that gas giant and let them come to us. They can’t just pop in on us that way and we can put the planet behind us or we can peg them up against the planet. We can warp anytime but they can only jump in relatively clear space. In short: We are going to pick the battlefield.”
“First wave will be led by the Atlanta and Saratov. The Havana and The George Washington will be tasked with offense. I want rail slugs loaded and ready to go. The surface strike package will go in from the Vikrant and the Conestoga. Commander Yactine has the battle plan for the surface operation and is handling their own transport duties. We can supply an AC301 Spooky for fire support if needed Commander.” The commander waved it away. He felt he had enough assets.
“I do think we may want to take a chance on something. Since they are having to jump “vertically” out of the system to avoid gravity wells and since we suspect they will do it in two jumps I think we can predict where they have their initial jump point. We can nail them before they even get to the main fleet.”
The admiral pointed to a plot that indicated a tangential course that terminated well above the plane of the ecliptic and one that went directly back into it. It was an “L” shaped course. At least he felt sure they traveled in straight lines and not arcs. It made the most sense but could still be wrong. Poring through the Galileo’s sensor data he could see a spike that barely registered. That also indicated that they took a while between jumps. Once they exited subspace, they would be sitting ducks for at least a few minutes. He was guessing 20 minutes for them to recharge their drive and get ready. They would have to target them when most vulnerable. Given that he was not feeling particularly charitable he decided that annihilation was in order. There were 50 deaths to avenge after all.
“Jezz, what do you think?”
Jezz paused. She had been on good behavior and that had made her overly cautious “I think your basic assumptions are correct, Sir. I think we are dealing with two AI’s. One is on the surface and one is in control of the orbital fleet. Approximately 56% of the orbital ships appear to be functional. They could also be in a powered down mode but looking at the Galileo data and 20 ships look to be fully operational. Weapons appear to be primarily MASER batteries. I can see no evidence of rail guns. Their weaponry may be less impressive, or they may be armed in a fashion we cannot detect. I wouldn’t assume them to be inferior to our ships. If we do that we run the risk of being surprised. I do not like surprises.”
The Admiral had one more question. He was looking more for how she was going to reply, “What is your gut feeling Jez?”
She paused “My gut feeling is that we are dealing with two AI’s. One of them has gone mad.” It was out of her speaker before she could catch herself. He had asked what her gut feeling was. What did he know? She did not have a gut. But, she did have feelings.
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2023.06.08 04:08 SkullBasher999 More On How AI Is Going To Take Jobs

Heres a few examples of why ALL jobs are going to become obsolete, for humans,EVENTUALLY,SOME sooner rather than later,but also keep in mind,these technologies are only going to get bettemore efficient/more effective and these things are already possible, so the likeliness of a robot, not being able to do your job and not being able to do your job better than you as well,is really low/its inevitable for robots/AI to render humans obsolete,when it comes to needing humans, to accomplish tasks, not only will colleges only be for fun/hobbies in the future,because of AI and Robots, other technologies will render humans obsolete as well; Here are a few examples of whats been shown/used,so far, Sophia an AI Robot,Artemis Robot,which is a soccefootball playing robot,Boston Dynamics Robots,this company has contracts with Darpa/their robots are aggressive looking,Miso Robotics,this is a company that makes fast food cooking robots,such as Flippy, CookRight and Sippy; Also warehouse technology robots, like Toyota's Autonomous Forklift,Squid,Squid runs on rails,that go from the ground level,upto bays,which allow squid,to pick/pull items out of bays autonomously,Max AI Visual Identification System,is used to identify items and sort them or do certain things with items,it could be used to sort trash/recyclables on a conveyer belt autonomously,Autonomous Mobile Robots AMRs,this robot is used in warehouses,to retrieve/pull items and then take them to other locations,Handle Robot,Handle is a mobile robot that combines the rough-terrain capability of legs, with the efficiency of wheels. It is designed for material-handling applications, and features a manipulator arm capable of picking up heavy boxes,handle uses a swinging "tail" to counterbalance the weight of its arm, when it is holding a heavy box;SuperPick Polybag Picking System is a robotic solution designed by Soft Robotics Inc,the system is intended to enable e-commerce operations to automate the handling, scanning, and loading of outbound orders and returns,Starship Technologies make autonomous delivery robots,which are six-wheeled ground robots that can navigate streets and sidewalks autonomously. They are designed to be safe and robust, offering on-demand package delivery for consumers and businesses. Some have said the robots look like beer coolers,most likely this assessment came from young college kids,since currently that is where the robot/company makes most of their deliveries/this is where most of their business is carried out, on college campuses;Starship Technologies,robots can deliver a variety of items. They are currently available to deliver items on college campuses around the world, where they can deliver food, drinks, office stationery and tools. They are designed to make food and package deliveries more efficient, convenient and sustainable.
,Kiwi,Robo Mart,TeleRetail,Scout Robot,are examples of autonomous mobile robot stores; Construction robots/companies like BAUBOT,OKIBO,Hilti JAIBOT,Dusty Robotics,ULC Robotics,Built Robotics are available now as well; Also medical robots like The da Vinci Surgical Robot,also other companies like Edge Innovations, ABB Ltd,FANUC,Epson,KUKA,Staubli,just to name a few.
These are the different type of welding robots that are available as well:
Resistance Spot Welding Robots
Collaborative Welding Robots
Shielded Metal Arc Welding Robots (SMAW)
Robotic Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW/MIG)
Robotic Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW/TIG)
Robot Laser Welding.
Plasma Welding Robot.
Heres a list of companies that produce welding robots:
SUMIG Robotics
Yaskawa Motoman
A LOT of jobs/workers are becoming obsolete/cashiers,warehouse workers/line workers,construction workers/the self driving field is accomplishing A LOT right now too/Elon Musk,is missing a key component/technology, and thats lidar;Also the U.S. military has had autonomous planes for decades,so pilots are Becoming obsolete as well.
A LOT can be prepped at night for construction workers/machines can be ran at night, also window installing and cleaning bots are a thing now as well.
Also autonomous agricultural bots/robots are a thing now as well.
Drs MAY become obsolete as well/their jobs could/will eventually be taken over by AI/ bots/bots ALREADY do A LOT of surgery, such as Coronary artery bypass ,cutting away cancer tissue from sensitive parts of the body ,such as blood vessels, nerves, or important body organs,Gallbladder removal, Hip Replacement, Hysterectomy,Kidney removal, kidney transplant,Mitral Valve Repair,Pyeloplasty ,surgery to correct ureteropelvic junction obstruction,Pyloroplasty,Radical Prostatectomy,Radical cystectomy,Tubal ligation.
There are several automated equipment/machines/software/robots developed for the radiology field as well,here are SOME examples:
Artificial intelligence (AI), which is a disruptive technology,for every hunan on earth,that is seeking/requiring a job/money,including Radiologist,that will inevitably be replaced in the future,the AI process involves the use of computerized algorithms to dissect complicated data. Among the most promising clinical applications of AI, is diagnostic imaging.
Medical robots handle surgeries, streamline clinical workflow and hospital logistics, and enhance patient care and workplace safety. Medical robots fall into several categories: surgical robots, modular, and autonomous.
Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) use a sophisticated set of sensors, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computing, for path planning, so the machines/software can interpret and navigate through their environment.
Here are some more machines, software, and robots that have been developed for the Radiology field:
  1. Computer-Diagnosis (CD) Software: CD software uses advanced algorithms to analyze medical images, to detect and diagnose abnormalities. It can detect tumors, fractures, and other anomalies.
  2. Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS): PACS is a comprehensive software system that stores, retrieves, and distributes medical images and reports. It views and interprets images and then distributes those images and findings/diagnosis.
  3. Automated Image Analysis Software: This software utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to automatically analyze medical images, such as CT scans, MRIs, and X-rays. It can detect features or abnormalities and determine a diagnosis and create a treatment plan.
  4. Robotic Radiosurgery Systems: These robotic systems are used in radiosurgery procedures, such as stereotactic radiosurgery. They combine advanced imaging technology with robotic arms to precisely deliver high-dose radiation to targeted areas, minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues.
  5. Robotic Surgery: While not exclusive to radiology, robotic surgery systems, such as the da Vinci Surgical System, are used in radiology procedures. They replace surgeons and perform procedures with enhanced precision and dexterity,which is more precise/less invasive,compared to the limitation of humans, these systems are often using imaging guidance as well.
  6. Automated Teleradiology Systems: Teleradiology systems allow the transmission of medical images over a network,so the computeAI/machines can get access to the data these systems need, to interpret images. Automated teleradiology systems can automatically route and prioritize images, ensuring efficiency within these systems and reducing interpretation time for these systems,so they can diagnose,create a plan and execute that plan/surgery/implement precision radiation treatments, in a timely fashion.
  7. Automated Dose Monitoring Systems: These systems monitor and track the radiation doses received by patients during radiology procedures,which can aid the AI/machines/bots, in the process of optimized imaging protocols and minimize radiation exposure and make sure the automated plan doesn't need optimizing,with machine learning.
  8. Automated Workflow Management Systems: These systems automate tasks such as scheduling, image acquisition, report generation, and result distribution,for AI analytics. They can enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and improve overall workflow coordination,compared to humans.
  9. Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) Systems: ABUS systems use automated scanning technology to acquire ultrasound images of the breast. These machines are essential for early detection of breast cancer, particularly in women with dense breast tissue and also so this information can be analysed by the AI,so a plan can be created and executed as fast as possible,for a greater success rate,from any stage.
  10. Virtual Colonoscopy Systems: These systems utilize computed tomography (CT) imaging and specialized software to generate a virtual 3D model of the colon. This system can detect polyps and tumors, without using more invasive methods/by providing an alternative to traditional colonoscopy.
It's worth noting that technological advancements continue to occur rapidly in the field of radiology, and new automated equipment, machines, software, and robots are being developed and refined regularly to improve patient care and outcomes,so obviously the need for human Radiologist are going down at a fast rate,also as you can see even now,Radiology can be automated/humans aren't needed,but in the future,all of this will be even more optimized/even better than it already is.
When it comes to dentistry, a lot of automated equipment, machines, software, and robots have been developed to handle dental procedures and patient care as well. Here are some examples:
  1. CD/CM Systems: Computer Design and Computer Manufacturing (CD/CM) systems are used in dentistry to create digital impressions, design dental restorations (such as crowns, bridges, and veneers), and fabricate them using computer-controlled milling or 3D printing.
  2. Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Machines: CBCT machines provide three-dimensional imaging of the oral and maxillofacial region, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment planning of dental conditions. The process is automated, allowing for efficient and accurate imaging.
  3. Dental Lasers: Dental lasers are used for various procedures, including cavity preparation, gum disease treatment, and soft tissue surgeries. They offer precise and minimally invasive treatment options, with automated settings for optimal outcomes.
  4. Intraoral Scanners: These devices use optical technology to capture digital impressions of the patient's teeth and oral tissues. They eliminate the need for traditional impression materials, improving patient comfort and enabling more accurate digital restorations.
  5. Automated Endodontic Systems: Endodontic systems automate root canal treatment. They include features like electronic apex locators, rotary instruments, and obturation devices that enhance precision and efficiency during root canal procedures.
  6. Robotic Dental Implant Placement: Robotic systems have been developed to perform dental implant placement. They utilize imaging data and robotic arms to precisely position dental implants, improving accuracy and reducing procedure time.
  7. Digital Radiography Systems: Digital radiography has replaced traditional X-ray film in many dental practices. These systems capture digital images of the teeth and supporting structures, offering immediate results, lower radiation exposure, and automated image enhancement features.
  8. Dental Practice Management Software: Practice management software streamlines/eliminates the need for administrative personal, in dental offices. They automate appointment scheduling, patient records management, billing, and insurance claim processing, improving efficiency and organization.
  9. Automated Shade-Matching Devices: These devices use advanced technology, such as spectrophotometry or computer vision, to analyze the color of natural teeth and assist in shade selection for dental restorations. They provide objective and accurate color matching results.
  10. Automated Tooth Preparation Systems: These systems use robotic technology and artificial intelligence algorithms,for tooth preparation, for various dental restorations. They ensure precise and standardized tooth preparations, reducing the margin for error.
These automated equipment, machines, software, and robots improve dental care by enhancing efficiency, accuracy, patient comfort, and treatment outcomes in various dental procedures.
This is happening more and more NOW too, Brick and Mortar is some what going away/ more stores will either close and open up a distribution center or become a distribution center, door dash will handle that, AND AT SOME POINT, Door Dash will be FULLY AUTONOMOUS as well/the vehicles will be self driving and robots will load and unload the vehicles, Door Dash MAY NOT be the ending company/the only company doing this, BUT a company/companies will be doing this.
Probably SOON employees that unload trucks, stock shelves, truck drivers, should go next, because of self driving vehicles and arms, connected to vehicles, which will drop the package out, once the vehicles in position or an autonomous drone or some other type of robot, will make the delivery.
Also think about how much a human can lift, if lucky, you MIGHT get one that can lift 250 pounds, a robot could lift 1000pounds, robots don't need breaks, as often/they can charge up, while another one replaces them, they don't get paid/need money, they don't get sick,they don't have feelings or rights/its a machine, so basically its easier to deal with,also at some point they will be fixing them selves; Or another bot/robot,will fix/maintain/repair and so on,other robots/EVENTUALLY they will be able to fix them selfs or another bot will aid in repairing them/other robots.
Electricians MIGHT be okay, well, MAYBE for a little while, I mean think about it, how hard is it, to see colors/distinguish green/ground,White/Neutral,Red and black/hot/a camera paired with AI or even just IFTTT and a camera,could handle that, also electricians ALREADY consult machines/voltage meters, to diagnose problems/figure things out/ALL of that could be on a machine/bot and be handled MUCH quickemore efficiently/effectively, with a bot.
Auto mechanics MAY be the next to go, especially if bots, could get in tight places easiesync with the whole cahave a diagnostic reader on board, lift an entire engine/the whole car, on its own/vehicles are already assembled by robots/vehicle manufacturing plants use robots for,painting, welding, assembly, and material handling,ALREADY/An average car has about 30,000 parts. Once those parts are manufactured and brought to the final production line, it takes companie's robots about 18 to 35 hours to produce one mass-market vehicle, from welding to full engine assembly to painting, another example of all of this is Tesla/ to meet Tesla's uncompromising production goals, Musk settled on an equally uncompromising production strategy, full automation, no ifs, ands or buts. The goal was to remove every single human operator and only stop when the facility looked like an alien spaceship,according to musk/these are musks words.
This is a semi comprehensive list of obsolete jobs/fields right now,that are obsolete,eventually everyone will be obsolete though,at least in the sense that a robot can do your job better than you can,from a practical stand point;
Machines/robots/Automation/AI could easily ruine/destroy the economy/push society/people/humans to a moneyless society/to socialism or force people to revert back,or become more self reliant/people would need to raise their own farm animals,grow their own plants/make their own clothes/things/trade may be needed more as well,the honest truth is,all of these companies are putting them selfs out of business as well/they probably think that,if they don't release Chat GPT/a GPT/AI competitor,they will fall behind/become obsolete as a company,but at the same time, NO ONE will have any money to buy services/products,so no one can pay for a subscription and ad revenue won't work,because no one will have money to buy products,so theres no point in advertising,also rich people's money/generational wealth only lasts so long,if its not replenished, also honestly every employee/human hired,is a potential profit/those employees will purchase your products,if not yours,someone elses employee will purchase your products,IF your products are in demand,if there not in demand,you have a bigger problem,than people not having money to buy your products,Machines/AI/Robots don't need your products and these machines also have to be purchased by companie owners/it might sound appealing right now,to spend one minimum wagers yearly earnings on a machine,that can replace all of your hired employees, but EVENTUALLY if everyone's replaced and rich people's/generational wealth runs out,you will no longer be able to sell your products,because no one has money to buy them, obviously eventually it will be all jobs,at least until rich people/business owners realize this and decide humans are the better investment,but heres the list for right now, of jobs that will be going away/jobs that are obsolete.
Research and analysis/data analyzing
Warehouse workers
Manufacturing And Production
Marketing And Advertising
Financing and banking
Customer Service Jobs
Proof Reading
Media And Marketing
Legal Services
Insurance Underwriting
Quality Control.
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2023.06.08 04:07 Regular_old_spud Can partner afford new vehicle/other advice

Hello everyone, two fold. #1 is the big question of can my partner afford a $25000 used truck? #2 tips/feedback/criticism areas of improvement. Thanks in advance.
Me: 23 yo Partner: 22 yo
Mortage: $867/BW // $1734 monthly.
Utilities: $300 / Month roughly.
Insurance (house, vehicle x2): $650/ Month roughly.
Phone (x2), wifi, cable, streaming: $400 / month roughly - can and should come down, cable needs to go.
Groceries: $800-1000 / month - absolute max.
Eating out/skip/delivery: $100 / month, Max. often $0.
Gas (x2 people): $200 MAX often less / Month.
Student loans (x1): $160/month.
Discretionary spending (shopping, Amazon, hobbies x2 people): $300 / month OFTEN less, but occasionally splurging on items. This is a generous estimate.
No credit card debt, no debts aside from Mortage.
Both healthcare workers so hourly pay w/ shift differentials etc
Me: average $3200 biweekly NET, I made just over 100K GROSS last year, if I keep up my current pace which I most likely will if not more am on track for $125000 K (conservative and rough). I’m on pay step 2, will increase every year for the next 7 years. some OT but far from overworking and burning myself out.
Partner: averages $2300 biweekly NET, this is her first year working in her chosen career and out of school. On pay step #1 will increase every year for the next 8 years. No OT at this point.
Partner wants a $25000 truck and feels guilty. I say go nuts as her current vehicle is 13 years old and needing new tires/minor repairs
My vehicle is fine, newer, no issues, won’t need a new one for at MINIMUM 6 years and that would be a luxury upgrade not a necessity upgrade. I’ll need new winter tires this year but that’s already budgeted for and saved.
On mobile, apologies in advance for formatting issues.
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2023.06.08 03:35 idkmaybe61 My Rainbow Topster

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2023.06.08 03:33 vincentvalentine0 Dealership Finesse? New EN

Dealership Finesse? New EN
How bad did I get fuc*ed when I bought the EN. 5.9 apr. 0 down. Got new wheels after 6k miles tho 🥲
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