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This subreddit based on the 20th Century Studios film studio, is a haven for film buffs and movie fans to discuss their favorite TCS films or just the logo itself! 20th Century Studios is a film studio with a rich history spanning 80+ years. Behind some of the largest franchises in entertainment history such as Ice Age, Avatar, Deadpool, and hundreds of other films.

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A place to discuss 20th Century Fox adaptations of Marvel Comics. Fox's first Marvel movie adaptation was X-Men in 2000. This is separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2023.06.10 04:47 Takksuru What languages are associated with certain sciences?

Just as the title says: What languages are associated with certain sciences? I want to figure out if any of the languages I'm learning could help me understand the concepts without having to translate the publication into English.
Of course, English will dominate a good amount of these, but since I speak it natively, free to add a runner-up language(s)!
Examples of an answer that would help me:
  1. Since Russia and the US manage the ISS, astronauts have to learn (at least) intermediate level Russian and English. Other languages like German or French may be used but are less common in written publications regarding aerospace.
  2. Since Germany and France toyed with the concept of psychology in 19th and 20th century, you might be able to find some of those works in their native language. The concepts may be outdated or disproven, but this could help you research about history and anthropology.
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2023.06.10 04:32 Busy_Ad2627 An Open Letter to Metallica (Why They Are the Most Important Music Act of the 20th Century)

An Open Letter to Metallica (Why They Are the Most Important Music Act of the 20th Century)
Like what I do? Please send me a tip via Cash app, chime, PayPal and even Venmo to Rockinrobsa210

music #writing #metallica #jameshetfield #larsulrich #kirkhammet #roberttrujillo #jasonnewsted #davemustaine #cliffburton #metal #heavymetal #openletter #thrashmetal

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2023.06.10 04:32 Busy_Ad2627 An Open Letter to Metallica (Why They Are the Most Important Music Act of the 20th Century)

An Open Letter to Metallica (Why They Are the Most Important Music Act of the 20th Century)
Like what I do? Please send me a tip via Cash app, chime, PayPal and even Venmo to Rockinrobsa210

music #writing #metallica #jameshetfield #larsulrich #kirkhammet #roberttrujillo #jasonnewsted #davemustaine #cliffburton #metal #heavymetal #openletter #thrashmetal

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2023.06.10 04:31 Busy_Ad2627 An Open Letter to Metallica (Why They Are the Most Important Music Act of the 20th Century)

An Open Letter to Metallica (Why They Are the Most Important Music Act of the 20th Century)
Like what I do? Please send me a tip via Cash app, chime, PayPal and even Venmo to Rockinrobsa210

music #writing #metallica #jameshetfield #larsulrich #kirkhammet #roberttrujillo #jasonnewsted #davemustaine #cliffburton #metal #heavymetal #openletter #thrashmetal

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2023.06.10 04:18 AGOTFAN 🇺🇲🇨🇦 Daily Domestic Chart for Thursday June 8

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2023.06.10 04:13 Noxibot55 How to deliver a historical report

This is going to be a tricky one to answer as I'm not sire how to even ask this question. But long story short, I did some work experience with the local online news during this time I wrote a magazine piece about the small village I live in which was read by basically everyone in my local area and beyond. In light of this a few of the older local men, have asked me to do a job for them. This job involves providing a more in depth historical look into my town, so basically from the early 20th century to now. I have gathered interviews and heaps of old photos and news papers dating back to the 1930s so I have everything I need. Where I'm stuck is how do I write this? I don't know whether I write this as a small story or create almost a whole website that acts as a historical chronicle of sorts. Ant feedback or ideas would be appreciated, I'm also stuck on what to do once I finish it, like how to get people to see it.
(For a bit more context the village has about 100 residence and I'm also only 16 so my experience is limited)
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2023.06.10 03:48 D12sAreUnderrated [Online][Other][CDT][LGBTQ+ friendly][18+] Electric Bastionland one-shot

The electric hub of mankind. The only city that matters. Everything is here, everything is complicated, and everything is shared. Perpetually stuck in an era of carriages and gothic street lamps, yet entering a time of great innovation and discovery and electrically-charged technology... and poverty. You have a Failed Career. You have a colossal debt. Treasure is your only hope.
Hello everyone. Me (the GM) and three players are looking for 1 more player to join us for an Electric Bastionland one-shot, Sunday June 11th, from 8pm to 12am CDT. I will run it through Discord vc, character sheets on Google Sheets, and maps on Owlbear Rodeo. We will also use safety tools to make sure it's a fun one-shot!
Electric Bastionland is a rules-lite d20 system that focuses on high risk and high octane adventures. Dice rolls are only made to avoid a risky or uncertain outcome, or if you're in combat. The setting is a turn-of-the-20th-century city with people and mockeries (muppet-people) and aliens and borgs and all kinds of strange citizens.
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2023.06.10 03:45 thegreatgarrlic I have no theories to back this up but I just think it’d be cool if to get to Laugh Tale you need to go through a blue hole

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2023.06.10 03:39 Ambrosia_CaratBB What would Krat look like in 2023?

We seen what it looked like in the 19th to early 20th century, but what about now? What about years later? Would P still be alive if he was still a puppet? What do you guys think?
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2023.06.10 03:34 HinamizawaVictim [CA][US][Selling] Blame singles, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Breath, Eyeshield 21 Complete, Ghastly Prince Enma Burning Up, Love Com, Occult Academy, Story of Saiunkoku Season 1 DVD, The Big O, Triage X, Vagabond singles and More

Hi everybody, below is my list of anime, manga and light novels available for sale.
Anything that's in the timestamp but not listed below has been sold. I've tried to address most potential questions below, but feel free to ask me any questions.
Please comment on the thread before sending me a PM or Chat message, especially given the new feedback system in place. Please make sure your shipping address is updated on your PayPal account before sending payment.
No holds for longer than 1-2 days and throw out the first offer if you want to negotiate, though prices are firm for some things.
I won't split any sets unless it's stated otherwise.
I'm a Canadian seller that is willing to ship to most places on this planet. Prices are based in Canadian dollars - the listed USD price is provided as a reference, as FX rates fluctuate slightly every day. (PayPal will automatically convert your USD/local currency to CAD when you pay.) Local pickup and payment can be arranged if you live in the Greater Toronto Area.


Prices include shipping and tracking to Canada & the USA for anime. If you live anywhere else, I will need you to provide me with your postal code and country so I can provide you with a shipping quote.
Blood-C: The Last Dark (Blu-Ray+DVD, SAVE Edition) - $80 CAD / $61 USD
Ghastly Prince Enma Burning Up Premium Edition (Blu-Ray+DVD) - $300 CAD / $230 USD
Occult Academy Premium Edition (BD) - $220 CAD / $168.50 USD
The Story of Saiunkoku Season 1 Complete Collection (DVD) - $230 CAD / $176 USD


Shipping costs for single volumes of manga or light novels:
Canada - starts at $11 CAD with tracking, but can increase depending on distance, whether you live in an area that Canada Post deems as rural, and weight. I may consider shipping via Canada Post Lettermail ($7 CAD, no tracking provided) for books at or below $25 CAD if it fits within the size limits. Please provide me with your postal code for an accurate shipping quote.
USA - starts at $11 CAD (around $8.50 USD) including tracking for 1-2 normal sized volumes. Price will increase slightly for 3+ books and depending on weight and insurance.
Europe - starts at $15 CAD for one normal sized volume to most European countries. Please provide me with your postal code for an accurate shipping quote.
Anywhere else - I will need you to provide me with your postal code and country, so I can provide you with a shipping quote.
Light Novels:
Ai no Kusabi Vol. 1: Stranger - $55 CAD / $42.50 USD
Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion Stage 2 - Knight & Stage 3 - Sword - $150 CAD / $114.75 USD (Will Not Split)
The Asterisk War Vol. 3 - $130 CAD / $99.50 USD
Manga - Single Volumes:
20th Century Boys Vol. 22 - $100 CAD / $77.50 USD
A Drifting Life (spine has creasing) - $40 CAD / $30.50 USD
Black God Vol. 11 - $40 CAD / $30.50 USD
Blood Blockade Battlefront Vol. 2 - $30 CAD / $23 USD (partial set also available below)
Boys Over Flowers Vol. 19 - $55 CAD / $42 USD
Boys Over Flowers Vol. 24 - $55 CAD / $42 USD
Casino Lily (BL, Sealed) - $40 CAD / $30.50 USD
Dr. Slump Vol. 16 - $110 CAD / $84 USD
Freezing Vol. 19-20 - $85 CAD / $65 USD
Haganai: I Don't Have Many Friends Vol. 8 - $45 CAD / $34.50 USD
He's My Only Vampire Vol. 4 - $40 CAD / $30.50 USD
Hey Class President! Vol. 1 (BL, Sealed) - $60 CAD / $46 USD
Innocent Bird Vol. 3 (BL) - $85 CAD / $65 USD
Inu x Boku SS Vol. 2 (front cover is bent inwards, but no creasing except for a small one by the X) - $20 CAD / $15.50 USD
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3 Vol. 1 (Paperback release, no Stardust Crusaders subtitle on the cover) - $20 CAD / $15.50 USD
Kannazuki no Miko Vol. 1 (Sealed) - $40 CAD / $30.50 USD
Lady Snowblood Vol. 1 - $50 CAD / $38.50 USD
Kill la Kill Vol. 1 - $35 CAD / $27 USD
Knights of Sidonia Vol. 15 - $60 CAD / $46 USD
Magika Swordsman and Summoner Vol. 5 (has black remainder mark on the bottom) - $25 CAD / $19.50 USD
Neon Genesis Evangelion Vol. 13 - $45 CAD / $34.50 USD
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Private Teacher! Vol. 3 (BL) - $183 CAD / $140 USD
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Stay Close to Me - $70 CAD / $53.50 USD
Stepping on Roses Vol. 5 - $52.50 CAD / $40 USD
Strike the Blood Vol. 6 - $50 CAD / $38.25 USD
The Testament of Sister New Devil Storm! Vol. 3 - $85 CAD / $65 USD
This Ugly Yet Beautiful World Vol. 1 - $40 CAD / $30.50 USD
To Love-Ru Vol. 5-6 - $60 CAD / $46 USD
Tokyo Babylon Omnibus Vol. 1 (G2-3 condition) - $35 CAD / $27 USD
Vampire Hunter D Vol. 4 - $160 CAD / $124 USD
Yowamushi Pedal Vol. 6 - $95 CAD / $72.50 USD
Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World Vol. 1 - $20 CAD / $15.50 USD
Manga - Sets:
Prices for sets include shipping and tracking to Canada and the USA. Other countries, please inquire for a shipping quote. Sets will not be split up unless stated otherwise!
Blood Blockade Battlefront Vol. 1-3 & 5-7 (Vol. 1 has a black remainder mark on the bottom) - $600 CAD / $459 USD (Separate vol. 2 also available above)
Blame! Vol. 1-2 (Tokyopop release) - $100 CAD / $76.50 USD
Breath Vol. 1-5 (BL, Complete Series) - $500 CAD / $382.50 USD
Eyeshield 21 Vol. 1-37 (Complete Series, Vol. 21-22 are sealed) - $1300 CAD / $995 USD
Fruits Basket Vol. 16 & 18-21 - $95 CAD / $72.50 USD, Vol. 16 available separately for $25 CAD / $19 USD including shipping to Canada and the USA
Gunsmith Cats Revised Edition Vol. 1-4 and Gunsmith Cats Burst Vol. 1-5 (Complete Series) - $750 CAD / $574 USD
Hey Class President! Vol. 1-2 - $185 CAD / $141.50 USD
Love Com (Lovely Complex) Vol. 1-15 - $690 CAD / $528 USD
Madness Vol. 1-2 (BL, Complete Series) - $40 CAD / $30.50 USD
Monster Vol. 4-6 (singles) - $95 CAD / $72.50 USD
Monster Vol. 4-6, 12 and 15 (singles) - $135 CAD / $103.25 USD; Vol. 12 separately is $50 CAD / $38.25 USD including shipping to Canada and the USA; Vol. 15 separately is $50 CAD / $38.25 USD including shipping to Canada and the USA
Please Tell Me! Galko-chan Vol. 1-2 - $115 CAD / $89 USD
Rabbit Man, Tiger Man Vol. 1-2 (BL) - $195 CAD / $149 USD
Tegami Bachi Vol. 2-7 - $95 CAD / $72.50 USD
The Big O Vol. 1-6 (Complete Series) - $217 CAD / $160 USD
Toriko Vol. 1-6 (Vol. 2 is in G3 condition) - $120 CAD / $92 USD
Triage X Vol. 1-11 (Vol. 11 is Sealed) - $550 CAD / $421 USD
Vagabond Vol. 3-12 (Single Volume release) - $440 CAD / $336.50 USD
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2023.06.10 03:31 Willnors [US][Selling] MHA, Fire Punch OPM, Black Clover, Junjo Ito, Chainsaw Man and many other great titles!

Looking to move off some series or extras I’ve collected. All have either been read once or never. All in G5-4 condition. If you’d like more pictures, feel free to ask. Shipping is included. All Prices are as stated obo. Willing to bundle singles.

Images Here - https://imgur.com/a/88XYbL6

20th Century Boys : 1 : $15
Ajin: 1-9, 17 : $50 SOLD
Berserk Deluxe: 1 : $30
Black Butler : 1 : $8
Black Clover: 1-29 : $180
Chainsaw Man : 1-11 (part 1) : $65
Deathnote Black ED : vol 1 : $15
Deathnote All in One : $20
Dorohedoro : 1-3 : $15 SOLD
Fire Punch : 1-8 : $65
I Am Hero Omnibus : 1-4 : $80
Junji Ito Bundle (see pictures for all included) : $45 (no longer human novel sold)
Jujutsu Kaisen : 1-16 : $85
Kaiju No. 8 : 1-2 : $15
My Hero Academia Box Set : $80 SOLD
My Hero Academia : 1-30 : $150
One-Punch Man : 1-12 : $85 (13-24 $80 sold)
Spy Family : 1 : $6
Undead Unluck : 1-8 : $45

Thank you for looking please let me know if anything seems at all unreasonable.
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2023.06.10 03:27 HerrBuxton 22 (soon to be 23)M from Northern USA looking for a pen pal or two!

Hello! I’m looking for a pen pal or two over snail mail. I’m a history major, part time in university and I mainly study German history (mainly late 19th and early 20th century) and culture. I speak French and English really well, and I’m in the process of learning German. I can read Ukrainian phonetically but I’m barely conversational in it, as my mother is from former SSR Ukraine. Other interests include: anything post-war 1940s America; fountain pens; typewriters; science fiction, comedy, and action films/shows/books; vinyl. I have some other interests, too, but those are my main ones. I do occasionally play a video game, but not terribly often. Maybe we could first DM over Reddit to get to know one another a little bit before becoming pen pals?
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2023.06.10 02:39 HnryChls Need primary sources for essay on Shanghai crime early 20th century

Hello all. I am looking to find some english language databases on Shanghai between 1900-1940ish. I know there were international settlement and french concession police forces that might have some reports etc in english. I am not sure, but would love any assistance!
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2023.06.10 02:28 No-Fish-6443 Abstract art model recs

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2023.06.10 02:22 Different-Gas5704 Is Pat Robertson responsible for the decline of American Christianity?

The question is a bit of a hyperbole (Jerry Falwell was just as important, if not more so), but the recent death of Pat Robertson is what brought the idea to my mind.
According to all indicators, the number of Americans self-identifying Christians is rapidly declining. While the numbers have continued to decline steadily since then, the numbers first began to decrease in the mid-to-late 1970s (The 700 Club entered national syndication in 1974). This was shortly after evangelical Christianity overtook Mainline Protestantism in terms of numbers.
There have always been conservative strands of Christianity in America, of course, but until the late 20th century many of the most prominent Christian voices in the U.S. fell on the progressive end of the spectrum. They were some of the key figures in the abolitionist movement (the Quakers were ardent abolitionists nearly a century before the Constitution was ratified), the women's suffrage movement, the civil rights movements, etc.
Clearly evangelicalism was (and remains) attractive to a large number of people, but as it's key figures began self-promoting by starting media empires, colleges and political committees - the marriage of evangelical Christianity and the GOP being solidified when Robertson ran for President in 1988 - and the Mainline denominations lacked the resources or will to compete with them, they became the face of Christianity for a lot of people. And for every person they managed to convert, hundreds caught a few minutes of their TV shows or came across one of their pamphlets in a bathroom stall and decided that they wanted nothing to do with them or their religion.
The media hasn't helped in this regard. The headlines announcing Robertson's death have referred to him as a "minister" or "televangelist," while media coverage of figures like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton usually finds them relegated to the role of "activists." It seems like Falwell and Robertson's goal of making Christianity synonymous with right-wing politics was a success and attendance at most churches seems to be suffering as a result.
So how much of a role do you think Robertson and his ilk have played in the decline of Christianity in this country?
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2023.06.10 02:19 BeginningStage956 Reading list for the geopolitics of the 20th century from a Marxist perspective

Or any authors that you'd recommend in general.
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2023.06.10 01:52 threeimaginarythems shopping haul

shopping haul
I did a big closet clean out (heck yeah, got rid of a bunch of jeans that no longer fit and I didn't feel horrible about weight gain) and decided to buy a few clohes. I'm in my late 20s and I'm going for a super chill, genderqueer and lowkey luxurious (esp trying to wear mostly non-synthetic fabrics). Think 20th century bi writer. I'm still semi-closeted so I'm playing it safe. I don't want to look masculine enough that most people will know I'm not cis, but I want to look un-femenine enough that queer people can tell and cishet people will suspect.
This is from H&M (don't judge me, I'm broke). Bought a few sports bras because I'm still scared of binders but still want to keep my chest flat for some shirts, and threw in a few pants to make up for the jeans I got rid off. I'm not 100% sure about the beige one though. I have big hips/butt and I'm not sure I can pull it off, but I love the wide legs. I opted out for some short-sleeved linen men's shirts that I loved, but not sure I feel confident enough to pull off and I would've gone overbudget anyways, maybe later. Any tips on styling welcome.
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2023.06.10 01:49 StandardMysterious88 Kung Fu Sock Awakening was released in October 6th, 2023

Kung Fu Sock Awakening was released in October 6th, 2023



  • Sofia Gomez as Tee Zeng/Kung Fu Girl
  • Adam DeVine as Man-Long, a dragon.
  • Seth Rogen as Ho-Yin, a beetle.
  • Anna Faris as Fei Fei, a monkey.
  • Alex Teixeira as Master Kicko/Kung Fu Sock
  • David Spade as Jin, a crane.
  • Alex Machado as Hiro Hao/Sword Master
  • Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi as Master Zhong
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Gaunyin
  • Nick Kroll as Sun Wukong
  • Stephanie Beatriz as Jiuwei
  • Max Greenfield as Ne Zha
  • Ving Rhames as Peng Khan
  • Jude Law as the Bull Demon King/Death
  • Danny DeVito as Grand Master Yaoguai
  • Travis Roig as Manipulens
  • Dariana Fustes as Min/Kung Fu Girl
  • Rachel Bloom as Peach/Kung Fu Girl
  • John Cena as "Pigsy" Zhu Baije
  • Ayo Edebiri as the Spider Queen
  • Tim Robinson as Dragon of the East
  • Sam Richardson as Dragon of the West
  • Kevin James as the Jade Emperor
  • DJ Khaled as Tang Sanzang
  • Natasia Demetriou as Baiguijing the Lady Bone Demon
  • Ghia Brimbawm as TZ's Mom and Master Kicko's Mom
  • Rómulo Bernal as TZ's Dad and Master Kicko's Dad
  • J.K. Simmons as Ping, Min's father
  • Renato Nicastro as Gossip Boy/Sword Master
  • Eva Longoria as TZ's Aunt
  • Jessie J as Hiro Hao's Sister
  • Phillipa Soo as the Star Princess
  • Jimmy Wong as the Ethical Mantis
  • Phil LaMarr as the Governor of Starry Island
  • Al Roker and Hota Kotb as Gao and Guo Shen
  • Tim Blake Nelson as The Grim Reapers/The Singing Angels
  • Paula Abdul as Chang'e
PLOT: Tee Zeng was worried about going out with Master Kicko. But with the help of her friends, Min, Peach, Hiro Hao and Gossip Boy, Tee Zeng could be brave and be himself. But then, there was an army of the Quay. Starry Island was invaded and destroyed by Peng Khan, Spider Queen, Manipulens, Baiguijing and the rest of the army. The Kung Fu Squad needed help. Gaunyin, Sun Wukong, Jiuwei, Ne Zha, Star Princess and the rest of the celestials are here to help Tee Zeng and the Kung Fu Squad to save Starry Island, and defeating the army of the Quay.
Directors: John Musker, Ron Clements
Genres: Family/Animation/Comedy/Musical/Action/Adventure
Rated PG: For Action/Violence, Rude Humor, Some Thematic Elements, and Some Scary Moments.
Theatrical Release: October 6, 2023
Disney+ Release: December 8, 2023
Digital Release: December 12, 2023
Blu-ray/DVD Release: December 19, 2023
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Country: United States, Canada, China
Technique: CG Animation


  • 20th Century Studios (2023) (theatrical) (USA)
  • Disney+ (2023) (VOD) (USA)

Production Companies

  • Timeless Films
  • Fifth Season
  • Flying Horse Pictures
  • Mad Solar Productions
  • Uyoung Media
  • Tencent Pictures
  • Align
  • GFM Animation
  • HB Wink Animation
  • Aniventure
  • Cinesite
  • L'Atelier Animation

Opening Themes

  • 20TH CENTURY STUDIOS presents
  • in association with L'ATELIER ANIMATION and CINESITE
  • This story is a Mythical Tale...
  • and PHILLIPA SOO as the Star Princess
2023@ Kung Fu Sock Productions Ltd. All Rights Reversed.
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2023.06.09 23:46 Prudent_Bug_1350 Tailism

Image Transcription: Reddit Comments
*User A *
I did not enjoy or agree with the video. Both of the key questions, the family and immigration, that the author raises are treated in a superficial manner. It broadly comes down to obvious points (a) the development of the nuclear family was structured around private property; (b) you shouldn't blame immigrants. However, as to what a socialist movement should be arguing for in 2023, it is a bit more difficult. I think the 'abolish the family' discourse is hugely unhelpful, as neoliberalism is already abolishing the family - people are having fewer children, long-term relationships and sex. This is not a good thing, as Adorno realised already mid-20th century - for the average working class person, the family is one of the only broadly non-capitalist spaces in their life. Would this change with a socialist revolution? Probably but that does not mean it is wise for the left to hold an anti-family position.
As to immigration, it is difficult because the obvious and correct answer (unionise migrant workers) has not worked. This does not mean that it is acceptable for anyone on the left to pursue any anti-migrant activities but it does mean that just shouting 'open borders' is probably counter-productive. Immigration does bring down wages (as Marx also said..) and it is horribly managed by the husks that are neoliberal states, further breeding far-right reaction. The mission of any left government should be to better manage migration, create easier access to citizenship and jobs, and to promote trade unions. That's about as close as we can get to any coherent strategy.
Most fundamentally, the key error of the video is assuming that a mechanistic and crude 'scientific socialism' has all the answers. This is like going back to early Kautsky who was in denial about a revolution not having taken place because the theory says it should have. Anyway, just a couple of thoughts - I appreciate the initiative of the creator but I was not too keen on the content.
User B replying to User A
What you are proposing is really just tailing the most reactionary elements of the working class under a "left wing" guise, since it is up to the Communists to put forward the correct line even if it is unpopular, it was unpopular two decades ago to stand for lgbtq equality, it is still unpopular to stand for trans equality, as Marxists, we are the vanguard of the masses, not simply lagging behind them and taking up the worst politics of the reactionaries, or even keeping mum and tacitly allowing for reactionary views to go unchallenged.
And the same with Immigration, simply blaming the immigrants for not joining useless yellow unions is no real solution to anything, it isn't even a solution to "native" workers, since unions are just there to represent the Union Leadership, who are, by and large, bought out. This has historically been the case, and the shameful support the American Union threw behind the Chinese Exclusion Act shows this to be the case. The real answer is of course revolution and the destruction of the capitalist imperialist system which America is a head of, and the creation of a genuine Worker's State, which definitely will welcome all workers with open arms, as the USSR did, and for which such "light" bigotry that you have displayed will have no place.
Finally, the error you are making is that your own view and analysis aren't grounded in revolutionary politics and a material analysis, but on your own prejudices based on "pragmatism", i.e. that you are denying the possibility of revolutionary change, and hence need to give all these reactionary concession to the right. Rather than they being like Kautsky, you are more like most of the Second International following the most reactionary "patriotic" element and throwing their full support behind the imperialist war (and not even Kautsky, since he, in an extremely tepid way, at least opposed the first world war and voted against War credit)
User A replying to User B
Okay, taking points in turn. Thank you for an extended reply:
(1) I agree that sometimes doing the right thing is unpopular. However, I disagree with vanguard of the masses bit, maybe a self-proclaimed vanguard but there is no serious communist movement in the Western world - either vanguardist or otherwise. LGBT rights definitely benefitted from the support of socialists (see Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners in the UK) but they were not won by any concentrated communist action - it was a liberal coalition and now the cause has been taken up by the establishment forces. This battle is broadly won, at least for now.
(2) I don't think trade unions are the only socialist institutions that matter but at this time, they are the key institution. I think you're American, so you might have a slightly different perspective on the history of unions from a European. I've never blamed migrants for not joining unions.. It is incredibly dangerous for these individuals and they face significant level of structural violence in order to stop them from joining. That said, one of the left's key focus should be to organise migrant workers - I think a trade union is more fitting than a Marxist vanguard party, as again, except for Trotskyist groups or niche political parties, the left does not really have any proper institutions in the Anglo world (I'm not going to comment on DSA, as I don't know about it enough).
(3) Finally, I think you're replicating the worst of 20th century communist culture by just throwing slogans around. I'm not reactionary in any serious sense - I just don't think we should open all borders tomorrow or aim to abolish the family under neoliberalism. Both of these views are compatible with anti-racist and feminist perspectives. As to revolutionary politics - it is deeply saddening that the lesson many people have learned from Lenin is that you need to shout your slogans as loudly as possibly and then expect the people to follow. They won't. There is no revolutionary potential in the short-term in the Western world and I would challenge you to tell me where it could come from. Labour is weak and disorganised. This needs to be rebuilt before any sustained challenge against capital will be possible. Vivek Chibber's latest book 'The Class Matrix' is an interesting contribution toward the question 'how'.
User B replying to User A
(1) The question is whether socialists should take unpopular opinions or not, even if it is to their (electoral) detriment, such as one of our oldest platform, "abolish the family". I use the example of lgbtq+ rights, but Socialists have always been for their rights, even in the 1898, when Socialists, like August Babel, fought to decriminalize homosexuality.
(2) European Unions are just as much a tool of the union bosses as American ones, and taking an anti-migrant stance on account of their "lowering wages" has, even by the limited scope of bourgeois parliamentarianism, been a losing strategy. Why is the PCF, once the most popular Communist Party in the West, failing to find any support amongst the migrant population- people remember! And they remember Georges Marchais and all the PCF affiliated union shooting up xenophobia throughout the 80s in order get that temporary electoral high.
(3) Your condensation aside, the history of socialism throughout history is not a vindication of your reactionary (and anti-Marxist) tailing, but rather that it is up to the socialist to be the vanguard of the masses. I think you ought to reread Lenin rather than go to Vivek Chibber (an intellectual only recruited since he can provide some sort of intellectual heft to the intellectually bankrupt position of "class reductionism" that the Bernie People were desperately hungry for), since he is one for "sloganeering" as you say, since he was the one that created the term "vanguard party" precisely for this type of organization. Yes, the left is "weak and disorganized", but most communist party starts off small. The Communist Party of China started off with 20 members in 1921 in a country where everything is "weak and disorganized", and kicked out the Japanese and the American lackeys by 1949.
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2023.06.09 22:36 Fault_Spirited What if the world was behind 100 years

So. basically instead of it being 2023 its now 1923, meaning that meaning that world war 1 and 2 happend in 1814 and 1845 were germany and france start both of the war due to their empires and instead of the vietnam war introducing the helicopter the gattling gun would be introduced. And the biggest war in the 20th century would be the great war of the middle east. And that main of the games ans show wouldve been converted into films or books
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2023.06.09 21:32 TheCelloPlayer Senior Recital Suggestions?

I’m in university and scheduled to give my senior recital next year. I have several pieces picked out and practiced already, but I wanted opinions on if there are better alternatives and/or how I should program them. Here’s what I’m thinking so far:
-Schumann’s Adagio and Allegro -Bach’s 5th suite prelude -20th century piece (I have the 1st movement of Shostakovich’s sonata prepared from a couple years ago, but I kind of wanted to learn something else.) -Dvorak’s concerto 1st movement -Possible encore: ThePianoGuys The Mission/How Great Thou Art (They’re the reason I started cello! I thought it would be nice for that reason, as well as because I’d play it with my mother. We’ve played some of their stuff together over the years, and she’ll be in town at the time.)
I’m open to any suggestions! The requirements are that it takes 50-60 minutes and everything has to be memorized. I’ll also be preparing for graduate school and would love to practice performing the pieces I could use for that too. (I’ll be doing auditions, not this next year, but the year after).
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2023.06.09 21:32 thelittlestrummerboy My acoustic version of the 20th Century Fox opening music!

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