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2023.06.09 17:25 dansfor1 Spark plugs, 2012 Camry

I was gonna do the spark plugs on my 2012 camry; my stepdad told me to use a 14mm which I did and they wouldn’t come out. I also tried a 5/8 and still nope. now I tried tightening and loosening it, it didn’t feel as if it doing either. Anyone know what to do? Car has 138k miles and pretty sure they haven’t been changed in awhile. Any tools that would help me take them out? I use a ratchet with an extension
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2023.06.09 17:25 SkribbzAstra [REQ] ($700) - (#Ocala, FL, USA), (repay $850 in $100 a week installments starting July 14), (paypal, venmo, zelle)

My old beater car finally died on me. Have a friend willing to let me take his for $300. Will cost about $4-500 to get the title and everything put in my name, according to the BMV persons estimate.
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2023.06.09 17:25 LetLong7778 Heart dumping

My husband gave me his old computer and said I can use it, I don’t often but I has a bigger screen than mine so was using it Monday. I found he’d left himself logged in across google and his tracking showed he’d been in a totally different place in the Thursday before and he’d blatantly lied to me saying he was in city X for an interview and then out for drinks with colleagues.
I messaged him and said I knew he’d been in city Y and why had he lied repeatedly to me about it. He then said he went to X for his interview then Y as he just wanted some time out. At that point I told him I could see exactly where he’d been and when and he’d never gone to city Y, who was he having tapas with at 7pm?
He sent me screenshots of his bank statement which looks like he had a couple of coffees or coke or whatever in the afternoon at a pub but at 4pm a £12 charge appears which suggests two drinks, and then nothing else until Google shows he went to the tapas restaurant at 6.45pm. The bill from the tapas restaurant is £82, they add a 10% service charge in. He claims he had a bottle of good wine (most expensive is £32) and a sherry (£4.50) but he had to drive home from the station later that night in his pride and joy, brand new car and I doubt he’d have risked drink driving in that. Most of the tapas are £5 to £7, most expensive £12 of which he’d maybe have 4 on his own. It just doesn’t add up.
He knows he’s screwed up, he didn’t expect to be found out and the list of lies is long, you’ve got the edited version. He searched places to eat out in City X the night before, it was definitely planned.
Me, I’m hurting, lost appetite, lost smile, and my friends are fed up hearing about it hence I need to dump it here.
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2023.06.09 17:24 Ucireddit01 Should I ask my coworker out?

So I have a coworker who is shy, as in she can't go to places alone and usually always says she has no plans for the weekend. She has been wanting to go places but she says she is too shy to go alone.
Recently we have gotten closer and talk a decent amount. She seems relatively comfortable now sharing personal things with me, stuff she sometimes says she hasnt mentioned that to anyone else yet. She also seems interested in me and my hobbies (she will ask alot of questions during our conversations and has indicated she wanted me to teach her a video game i play) however she does seem to talk to everyone.
At one point i did flirt by gently grabbing and holding her arm when asking about a bracelet and after i did this she invited me to touch her other arm. I do have her number but I am unsure if she actually likes me or is just friendly to me at work. Initially she did make the first approach to talk to me but since we have started talking more she never initiates conversation both in person or text. Usually we will be walking and she will be next to me or near me but she will never start the conversation or say anything to me. I always do start the conversation after a bit and she is responsive and prolongs the convo.
I am just unsure if she is just being nice and friendly at work when I talk to her or if she is actually interested in me since she never initiates conversation with me or never texts me either.
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2023.06.09 17:23 Morphus_17 Got some pics of me and my friends cars

I drive the cobalt lmao. Gonna hire someone to get rid of the rust on my car soon but figured id share my buddies scion. He wants to paint the wing black and get a carbon fiber hood.
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2023.06.09 17:22 thrownaroundtown2 Insurance/legal question

I caused a car accident but was not charged (clerical error) but the victim is suing me(my insurance) will my rates go up? Am I insurable still?
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2023.06.09 17:22 moonchildtky 2nd NUS window acceptance

I accepted an offer (my 2nd choice) in the first window. Due to available vacancies, they offered me my 1st choice in the 2nd window after I accepted my 2nd choice offer.
If i accept the new offer, will it supersede the previous acceptance?
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2023.06.09 17:22 Ok_Juggernaut_5293 WoW Ascension Private Server: The Cheat Box

WoW Ascension Private Server: The Cheat Box
World of Warcraft's private server: Ascension, just may be the largest private server currently in existence, after the closing of Nostalrius. It features a classless system in the Burning Crusade era that allows for some innovative class construction. It mixes the talents of all available wow classes of that time period, allowing for players to come up with some interesting designs.
For PvE it seems to work out well and player's enjoy the experience, however in PvP things seem to take a drastic turn for the worse.
Player's in PvP will mix the talents of the other classes and choose a legendary enchant that sort of replaces the classes. Legendary Enchants like Dark Ranger and Dragon Warrior decide which abilities a player will choose to define their playstyle.
Sounds Cool right?
But alas no, because the balance of these legendary enchants seems to shift drastically, sometimes multiple times a week. Which means the Dev's are clearly getting first hand regular feedback on PvP, enough to make almost daily alterations to builds.
While on the surface this sounds like a dream scenario, as the Dev's must be very focused on the PvP. And yes they do seem to be very focused, but for all the wrong reasons.
Certain builds are protected and buffed endlessly, perhaps the ones favored by the dev's? While others are nerfed into oblivion. Meanwhile, a group of 5-10 player's runs around blatantly using cheats to amplify their dmg, with absolutely no regard for getting caught.
And it's always the same 10 players who seem to have some way to boost their PvP dmg by over 100%. You can report them as much as you like, but nothing is ever done about it.
And when I say blatantly I mean blatantly...
Here you can see a player hit for 2400 dmg, which is close to max dmg for anyone not staff or cheating in PvP on project ascension. My 14k PvE nukes are often reduced to a measly 1.8k crit. Below you can see his standard PvE dmg.
Here you can see his PvE dmg with no boosters for around 8k, which is good dmg for a single nuke. But suddenly his PvP dmg will shoot up out of nowhere...
And now you can see his dmg boosted to insanity, even with his 20% dmg increase from BG boost and Arcane Power, this is impossible damage for a normal player to attain. 6300 is 3x his normal pvp dmg and less than 20% of his pve dmg. While every normal player suffers around a 80% decrease in dmg for PvP, this band of merry jokers are running around with a 20% decrease, 2 shoting people.
Below is another one...
Here, you can see his normal dmg just as he is coming off the hidden dmg booster. His crits are a mere 2.4k. But if you look closely you can see his normal shot for 2.4k, the same as his crits. This is a record of his dmg while he was on the booster.
Below you can see his dmg on the booster...
Here his damage just boosted up, no BG boost or Avenging Wrath to amplify his dmg, just out of nowhere starts dealing 100% more dmg for a small window of time. Dealing 3.8k crits and 2.4k normal shots. Below you can see his PvE dmg with Avenging Wrath.
He hit for 12k boosted in PvE, while great dmg for one nuke, it wouldn't translate to 3.8k in pvp dmg for anyone else. I tried testing the damage to make sure it wasn't something legal I had missed. I was able to attain more PvE dmg that very same day with the same spell, as you can see below.
Doing more dmg in PvE I wasn't able to come close to that dmg even with the very same spell. Even boosted in PvP I never dealt anyone over 2.6k. There is just no ability or item in the game that would allow you to do more PvP dmg than someone who is doing more PvE dmg than you. Which confirms this is without a doubt an illegal dmg boost. You can see below another example of them using it...
Every time it is the same, a huge surge in dmg, 2-4x what other players can attain with the same abilities, regardless of gear, build or booster.
I find it hard to believe that cheating could be happening this wide-spread on a regular basis without the staff being aware. On top of the fact that I submitted these shots without any interest from the GM's whatsoever. Which leads me to believe that these cheaters might also be your PvP staff testers?
Which if true, makes any form of PvP on this server an absolute farce as a group of: "cheaters" (staff or not) ruin any chance of a fair competition. It is pointless to PvP on a server where 10 or so players have such an extreme advantage over everyone else. And what else could they be using? Especially If they are willing to use cheats like this so obviously without any regard for being caught.
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2023.06.09 17:22 MeaninglessSunshine Soulful Sarahtonin and Beastly Appetite

Sorry for the fresh account. I am a community member for a lot of Disneyland creators, and don't have anyone to talk to about this 🤣 I also don't need them to know it's me.
I was going to rope drop last Saturday, and was at the intersection of Ball and Harbor at 7am. Across the crosswalk right in front of me, Sarah and Beastly walk by coming from the Starbucks, in their pajamas, going back to the Four Points hotel across the street.
The turn light was red for long enough that I saw them walk back TO the hotel, not to a car (which wouldn't make sense anyway, since the Starbucks across the street has parking).
I never got any vibes from them like that, and I thought he had a girlfriend. But either way, Sarah's just making the rounds in Disney boys apparently.
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2023.06.09 17:22 magisteralexander "The Mysterious Death of a Octavian P. Ramsden" or "The Fortune Teller who couldn't predict his own Death" Investigation in Victorian London [CoC][PAID][15 $][Investigation][6-8 Session][Tuesday 7 pm UTC/3 pm EST][Campaign][Online][Discord]

Type Campaign
Length 6-8 Sessions
Session Duration 4 hours
Players 0/6 (minimum 3)
Cost 15 $ (Session 0 is free)
System Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, Cthulhu by Gaslight, Cthulhu thought the Ages
Requirements Discord, Microphone
Session 0 20th June
London 1888
Doctor Watson's "A Study in Scarlet" has changed the City, as lords and ladies, businessmen, traders and even simple workers are organising themselves in Gentlemen Clubs dedicated to "solving crimes".
Most of them are just wealthy people playing detective but not the "Gryphons' Club". At least, that's what you like to say and, according to the club's recent history, you aren't lying.
And as you meet once again, a letter come from your officially non existent Patron: "A Man killed himself, I disagree. Find the murderer"
Information and Setting
This is an investigation set in Victorian London. While we will use Call of Cthulhu 7E and Cthulhu by Gaslight, this campaign will have 0 supernatural elements.
It will be real 1888 London with a few tweaks (Sherlock Holmes, for example, is a real person)
As the historical period wasn't kind to many people (Racism, Homophobia, Misogyny, etc etc) during Session 0 we will discuss how present will such subjects be in the story.
Your Characters will all be people, wealthy or poor, who are members of the same Gentlemen Club. Your are all interested in ensuring that justice is served, either because of duty, morals or coin.
Character will be created by rolling and assigned the results. Full character reroll will be considered for particularly unlucky results Post Session 0, I'll be freely available for a short character creation private session
Players This game is open to all players, new or veterans, LGBTQ+
Payment Session 0 will be free
All other sessions will be paid through startplaying. This is also the link to the game
Me as a GM
I've been running games for the 9 years and for the last four I run four different Campaigns (including this one) a week. I have more than 1000 Sessions under my belt and I'll bring the accumulated expertise to the table.
I follow and enforece the Rules as they were Intended (RAI) more than as Written (RAW), but the Rule of Cool is an extremely rare occurrence, for the sake of consistency and realism.
Nearly all of my games are Sandbox and all are Open Worlds. In this campaign, you'll be free to run around London (or beyond its borders) and do as you please.
I'll be your number one fan but I will never make it easy.
I always try to make stories and NPC worthy of my players and their time.
Additional Info Fell free to contact me through Private Messages
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2023.06.09 17:21 LumpyGrumpySpaceWale Vinewood car club rant/thoughts

I am speechless. (Proceeds to make a speech)
They first announced that they would be removing clutter from the car websites, a lot of people are angry, but to me personally i thought it would be fine.
I've had many times where I want to browse the websites for a new car, take one look at the near endless stream of cars that I either don't like, already own or aren't even worth my time/money and then get off of the page. Besides, most of those cars aren't even thought about by most people nowadays anyway.
Rockstar go on to add that these vehicles that will be removed will be available randomly from dealerships and the like. I think to myself, "yeah thats a good idea, its a good compromise".
Then i see the latest newswire. The vinewood carclub. A GTA+ member exclusive location where -
"You’ll have access to a curated stock of distinct vehicles to test drive, order to your location and use while in Freemode, and purchase at an exclusive discount of 20% or more. You can also inspect the complimentary GTA+ vehicle inside The Vinewood Car Club and claim it directly from that location."
It goes on to say -
"As a GTA+ Member, you’ll be at liberty to utilize The Vinewood Car Club’s rotating selection of vehicles at your leisure and convenience in Freemode, either by dropping into the Car Club and driving one out or by using the Interaction Menu to order your chosen ride directly to your current location."
I really hope that I'm reading too much into this. If the only way for you to get these cars once they're removed from the websites is at a dealership, the stock of which rotates weekly, then having this paid access to the vinewood car club would give you a much higher chance at getting these cars.
As a hypothetical: lets say a new player logs in. They finally get enough money to buy a new car and the car they want is the hotknife (or something of that calibre) well, it's not in simeons shop, but it's going to be locked behind a paywall... The hotknife, a car that has been in the game forever, locked behind a paywall.
The hotknife was just an example. But apply that scenario to whatever vehicle they choose to remove (notice how we don't have a list of these vehicles) and you'll get the same narrative. You will have a much higher chance of getting the vehicle you want if you pay for a subscription to a 10 year old full game.
I really REALLY hope that I'm just reading too much into this.
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2023.06.09 17:21 throwaway_coin_4_car Bored of my Honda Civic

Hey y'all,

I'm getting bored of my 2016 Honda Civic after 7 years of ownership, and I'm looking to trade it off. It's been great on gas and very reliable, but it's a small coupe and frankly not interesting to drive anymore.

I enjoy road trips, driving down trails, and offering rides to my friends. It's kind of embarrassing asking them to climb way down into the backseat. The Civic definitely prefers smooth, well-leveled, pothole-free roads... a rarity in Oklahoma. It would be great to drive something more rugged and capable for passengers (4 doors please!) and rough roads. Still, you will also see sedans and hatchbacks on my list because I think they are a good value. I make longer road trips occasionally: my family lives 700 miles away, and there are trips to Dallas about 3 hr away. Although they are great all-rounders, I dislike nearly all unibody SUV's made today. They all look and feel the exact same to me.

I'm aware that the car market and most dealers are still horrible, and it may really not be a good time for me to trade away the Civic. However, I'm looking forward to hearing from y'all so I can narrow my search! :-)

Current car:
2016 Honda Civic Coupe LX-P, ~78,000 miles. Paid off.

$34,000 on hand including the expected value of the Civic. Prefer not to finance or lease; don't want to pay interest.

A shortlist of the cars that I'm most interested in, in no particular order:
* Jeep Wrangler w/ the 3.6L (2015+)
* Toyota Tacoma w/ V6 (2016+)
* Toyota RAV4
* Toyota Corolla Cross
* Honda Accord LX (2023)
* Honda Civic Hatch EX-L (2021+)
* Subaru Crosstrek w/ the 2.5L (2021+)
* Subaru Outback w/ the 3.6L

About me:
25 M, single, no prospects, no kids. Apartment. Graduated college and moved out to Oklahoma a year ago. No debts. 10-mile daily commute.

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2023.06.09 17:20 im_h2o Moving for climbing.. sort of. Any suggestions?

I recently landed a fully remote job and now I have the opportunity to move anywhere I want. There is not a city or state that really calls to me, I haven't had the chance to travel a ton. However, as you can guess I am an avid climber (mostly bouldering but I enjoy sport as well), and proximity to outdoor climbing will factor in to my living choice. I don't necessarily need "after work" type access to climbing, but I do want day-trip accessibility to a variety of climbing areas (up to ~2.5hr drive). Accesss to at least one great gym is also non-negotiable, but this isn't too much of a concern in most major cities at this point.
A few non-climbing things that I am looking for in a home, but are negotiable
The places I am considering now are:
Tier 1: Philadelphia, Charlotte, Knoxville
In the running: Atlanta, Nashville, Chattanooga, Lexington, Pittsburgh
Unlikely: Colorado Springs, Denver, Seattle
Does anyone have experience living in any of these cities (particularly the tier 1 options) and have good or bad opinions you can share with me (climbing related or not)? Any other cities I am missing which I should look into?
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2023.06.09 17:20 thrownaroundtown2 Canadian insurance/legal question

If I cause a car accident and the victim sues me (my insurance) am I still insurable? Will my rates go up?
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2023.06.09 17:20 Mr__DC Alternative Universe Asimov

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2023.06.09 17:19 RoseRelationships Hard drive Question please help

Hard drive Question please help
My HP laptop needs a new windows hard drive.
I was asked to purchase one before bringing it to be installed at local tech repair shop.
Can you tell me what to buy? The guy was no help.
He told me to take a picture of this so I could know which one to buy. But, this is like another language for me. Lol
I think he said n.2 2200 SSD. Does that make sense?
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2023.06.09 17:19 hoffsta Camera app making corrupt video files

Yesterday I was filming some musicians and happened to notice the camera randomly stopped recording at about 8 minutes with no warning about being out of storage space. I thought I was weird because it’s never done something like that before. I checked my storage and I’m only using 100 of 256gb so that can’t be it.
I go back to recording and notice it keeps happening, the camera just randomly stops after several minutes of filming. Ok something is obviously up.
Later that evening I went to review my clips and notice that most of the files are only like 12 seconds, after I know it indicated it was recording for a lot longer. The clips seem to glitch out toward the end of the file; the video freezes for the last second or two while the audio keeps playing, and obviously it doesn’t make it nearly as long as it was supposed to.
Finally, I try to share the videos via airdrop, iMessage, or even just “save to files” and I get stuck at an endless “preparing…” dialog window that never finishes.
Obviously the phone has written corrupt files. I’ve never seen anything like this since buying my first iPhone 3g. Anyone else seen this?
More background: Storage on phone and iCloud definitely not even close to full. I was filming in a location where I didn’t have cell or Wi-Fi reception at all. iOS 15.1.1, iPhone 13 Pro, stock camera and photos apps.
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2023.06.09 17:19 vth2 Lidiando con Testigos de Jehová.

Hay un Salón del reino de los Testigos de Jehová en la ruta entre mi trabajo y mi casa. Por la zona se les suele ver mucho y en otras zonas como por ejemplo el centro. Habían desaparecido completamente debido a la pandemia, pero luego reactivaron el salón del reino y están ahora muy presentes. Incluso llegaron a mi casa una vez (no es la primera vez).
El problema es que me encanta debatir con ellos, así que cada vez que me detienen para darme uno de sus panfletos me detengo un poco para decirles algo por el estilo de "Pues, yo soy gay, así que no creo que yo sea muy bien recibido en sus reuniones" siempre se quedan un poco shoqueados antes de retomar el guion que tienen aprendido de memoria desde el principio. Si tengo la oportunidad de grabar la conversación lo hago para reírme posteriormente. Algunas veces menciono que soy un satanista (técnicamente me uní al Templo de Satán por internet así que no es tan mentira) para poder tener más de donde divertirme. La última vez que los testigos llegaron a mi casa tuve una larga conversación con una vieja acompañada de una chica mas joven. Casi logro convencer a la vieja de que Dios creó a las personas homosexuales con un propósito, ella incluso dijo "no lo había pensado de esa forma".
Como me sé bastante de los testigos de Jehová pues algunas veces les sorprendo con cosas que ellos no se esperan que sepan la "worldly people" como uno de los más altos rangos de Watch Tower quien es conocido por prohibir a los testigos usar pantalones ajustados porque dice que los homosexuales controlan la industria de la moda así que popularizaron los pantalones ajustados para verles las nalgas a otros hombres. En esa ocasión me lo intentaron justificar con un discurso puritano sobre la ropa y tal.
Hace un rato estaba llegando al trabajo y me detuvieron unos testigos para darme un papelito e invitarme a una conferencia sobre la "paciencia" y blablabla. Les dije "Bueno, pues yo soy gay y me parece que ustedes no le tienen mucha paciencia a la gente gay, viendo cómo los excomulgan inmediatamente. Pude ver cómo se le reseteaba el Windows en la cara para regresar al guion de siempre de "bueno, en la conferencia se hablará de blablabla y no está en las competencias de los seres humanos el juzgar y blablabla" y luego seguí caminando.
Lo recomiendo bastante, me divierte mucho, pero claro, tengo con qué argumentar, no te lo recomiendo mucho si no sabes cómo funcionan las sectas y si no tienes experiencia encontrando huecos argumentales en tiempo real porque capaz hasta te convencen y no vuelves a salir de la secta nunca.
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2023.06.09 17:18 LEFTi1337 Elgato HD60 S+ freezes in OBS when USB facecam is plugged in

I've been trying to solve this issue for about 3 days now. Only today did I figure out that Elgato was freezing because of my facecam. Anyways, I've finally gotten my capture card working in the first place, so now I just want to figure out how to use my camera as well.

The card and my camera worked in unison when I disabled the capture card's audio device from Windows Control Panel, but I do want to hear audio and disabling my camera's sound instead of the card did not help, and the freezing continued. I am now trying to figure out how to capture both video and audio through my capture card while also getting video from my camera.

Tl;dr plugging in facecam freezes Elgato capture card and I wanna use both at the same time.

If anyone has any idea what settings to change, etc. please tell me!
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2023.06.09 17:18 Junior-End6331 Hearst on I-95 North

I was driving on I-95 North bound near wilmington and there was Hearst with a lot of cop cars around it. Does anyone know what that could be?
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2023.06.09 17:18 joefife Dangerous speed limit due to other drivers

There is a section of the A92 dual carriageway which has been temporarily restricted to 50 for a mile and then 30 for another half mile, before returning to NSL. This is due to a temporary side barrier.
Unfortunately, even when braking gradually just before the 50, cars (and buses!) drive right my arse get angry. Sometimes they'll overtake, and sometimes they'll remain inches from my bumper. This gets worse as I reach the 30 limit.
The problem is, nobody is respecting the limit. Occasionally police sit with a camera, but not often enough.
This repair is not showing any signs of any work ongoing, which I suspect is causing drivers to feel less sympathetic.
I really think it's time that either police enforced this limit, or, it was removed, or, if it's to protect nighttime work that the limit was active then. This is dangerous because of the behaviour of other drivers. I've seen several vehicles nearly be rear ended by people who can't drive safely.
Has anyone encountered dealing with such an issue before? Did you speak to the council? Is it a police matter?
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2023.06.09 17:18 Organic_Lake3736 Advice on trespassing/homelessness

I want to preface this with, I have no issue with homeless people, they deserve kindness and I know things are getting worse because Portland is forcing them out rather than help them.
I work in a building near the Rock Creek Park. We have cameras on the exterior of the property that are picking up a lot of transient trespassing activity. Every night two or more people will wander around the building, look through our windows, and hang out for an hour or more on the back area where there is a table. I also go for walks in the park and have noticed some camping in the brush, which just confirms that this area is becoming more active for homelessness.
The owner doesn't know what to do and is worried we will be broken into, which has happened before.
Does anyone know if we should contact the police, the city, or some other agency? They haven't actually done anything other than trespass and loiter.
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