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Where is Tera Smith?

2023.05.25 09:33 worminabirdsnest Where is Tera Smith?

when I was 5, this girl from my community went missing. She was older than me. Her name was Tera smith, she was 16 at the time. I vaguely remember seeing her and all the other teens at church gatherings, but mostly I remember putting up missing flyers all over the city with my family to try and help find her. I remember my dad leaving the house late the night she went missing and not coming home till I was already in bed, I remember all the things people were saying. This was in 1998. (Sorry I’m adhd, so bare with me) since then I have always wondered where she is, I’ve asked around my family, not wanting to disturb hers, they have been through so much and they keep fighting, but she needs someone to find her. I’m now states away and unable to physically and financially search for her and it breaks my heart for her and her family. No one deserves to go missing and be forgotten. Recently her case resurfaced because of the woman who faked her own kidnapping (Sherri panini) but I want to do what I can to keep sharing her story, her killer is STILL out there and free, and we are fairly certain who it is, but we never found a body. I’m going to quote a news paper article here to help me tell her story a little better if I may, in a more recent article on ABC 7, KRCR news says,
“Tera was a 16-year-old Central Valley High School student who disappeared from her family's home on Tarcy Way in 1998 after officials say she went for an evening jog and never returned.
"Our parents told us to never leave the house at night on our own. I was like, 'Tera, you're not allowed to go,'" Sierra said. "She told me that she would be back before our parents ever got back home. I remember watching her as she jogged out of my line of sight."
Sierra said the then 29-year-old Troy Zink was dating Tera at the time and was her former martial arts instructor. She said the family believes he had something to do with this, but officials have never named Zink as an official suspect.
"His name is still hard to hear in our house," Sierra said.
Tera remains missing to this day.”
I just hope someday soon we can find her and bring her killer to justice and make him face his truth. My parents both have had to talk me out of creating a catfish account to reach out to him, because yes at times I have found what I thought was his Facebook account. So I’m posting this here to once again tell people she is still missing.
The rest of this message is to tera: we will find you one day, and everyone will know the truth.
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2023.05.19 13:26 SourcerBot Car rushes Vatican gate, is fired on by gendarmes; driver apprehended after reaching courtyard

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Vatican gendarmes fired a shot at the speeding car’s front tires after it rushed the gate, but the vehicle managed to continue on its way, the Vatican press office said in a statement late Thursday. ROME -- A car driven by someone with apparent psychiatric problems rushed through a Vatican gate Thursday evening and sped past Swiss Guards into a palace courtyard before the driver was apprehended by police, the Holy See said.
Keep reading with 3 related articles: WPLG Local 10 (2023-05-18 at 20:52) Car rushes Vatican gate, is fired on by gendarmes; driver apprehended after reaching courtyard WXYZ 7 Action News Detroit (2023-05-18 at 15:26) Car rushes Vatican gate, is fired on by gendarmes; driver apprehended after reaching courtyard KRCR (2023-05-18 at 23:07) Car rushes Vatican gate, driver arrested after reaching courtyard
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2023.03.18 09:14 Izder456 [Ratpoison + Gruvbox] Emergit!

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2023.01.17 23:04 SunShine_MAC 5th Annual Winter Classic Yuba City Blood Drive

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2023.01.17 23:02 SunShine_MAC 5th Annual Winter Classic Redding Blood Drive

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2023.01.17 23:00 SunShine_MAC 5th Annual Winter Classic Chico Blood Drive

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2022.11.18 15:34 Otters_4_Science Local news outlet decides whiny, racist white people = serious news

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2022.11.12 16:33 Ghost_of_Society CA Sheriff's Office to discontinue day shift patrols

By Ashley Silver Police1
TEHAMA COUNTY, Calif. — One California sheriff’s office is reportedly suspending >daytime patrol services due to a “catastrophic staffing shortage.”
The suspension will take effect Nov. 20. According to KRCR News, the Tehama County >Sheriff's Office (TCSO) is continuing to experience barriers to recruitment and >retention due to pay disparities. Tehama County Sheriff's Office discontinues daytime patrols due to staffing >shortage. Tehama County Sheriff's Office discontinues daytime patrols due to staffing >shortage. (Photo/YouTube via Action News Now)
"A drastic rise in attrition, coupled with the inability to present enticing >recruitment efforts have resulted in an unprecedented staffing shortage," TCSO wrote >in a statement shared by KRCR News. The release also states the department was forced to reassign deputies to fill >vacancies at courts and jails due to staffing issues in their custody division, >according to the report.
As the TCSO works with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to find other >resolutions, the CHP will be responding to calls when TCSO is not patrolling during >daytime hours. Nighttime patrols will not be impacted.
How close is your department from doing this?
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2022.11.11 17:23 bigbezoar Now isn't this a weird coincidence??

On the very same day that KRCR (the local TV station with Mike Mangas that covered Sherri)- runs the story about Sherri going to jail-
Guess what's also on the front page of their news stories??
It is a story about Donald Stroud also going to jail- why is that so interesting? It's because Donnie Stroud is one of SHERRI's old boyfriends. Here's some previous discussion about him. Lisa Jeter actually thought he was involved in Sherri's 2016 disappearance. (see 2nd link below)
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2022.11.07 18:02 DC-archer Local News Channel

My parents used to watch KRCR in the morning before work, but they used to pay for cable. In this day and age, I figured there should be a way to get the local news channel on the TV without cable. What do you all use?
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2022.10.25 20:34 Apisatrox Sinclair news would like your opinion today on the summer of 2020 it seems.

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2022.10.23 17:48 Dependent-Interview2 Sinclair Media is the epitome of asshole design

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2022.10.21 16:41 Otters_4_Science LaMalfa & Steiner Candidate Forum

In case you all are interested, here are some links to the candidate forum put on by the League of Women Voters hosted last night and the article that KRCR wrote about it.
Be an informed voter.
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2022.04.02 04:32 8088XT8BIT A drug house shutdown - Sheriff Johnson must be on the ball in Redding - KRCR News.

Multiple felons arrested at feces-covered drug house in Redding
That is a sure way to ruin / destroy a town .. Allow a drug operation like this one to operate.
Sheriff in charge of Sherri Papini case on how mother's alleged plot unraveled l GMA
Sheriff Johnson
ABC News talks to Sheriff Johnson
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2022.03.09 19:22 bigbezoar Mike Mangas reporting on the Papini case

The Papini family friend and the church deacon who married the Papinis, now working as an on-air reporter for KRCR-TV, is still reporting on the Papini story. (I won't judge, but isn't that a little like Chris Cuomo reporting on his bro the Guv?)
Anyway - where everyone else is simply reporting the text of the judge's order or retelling all the old parts of the Papini story...
At least Mangas is doing some real reporting. he's going to Bosenko and the current sheriff and reporting their responses -
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2022.02.04 12:01 unresolvedmysteriesG Who killed Sherri Papini? [Unresolved Disappearance]

Sherri Papini was a 28-year-old mother of two young sons when she vanished while jogging near her home on October 3, 2018 in Redding, California. A friend who was running with her reported seeing her running from him, and later Papini's husband filed a missing persons report. He was later arrested on suspicion of murder, on October 5, 2018.
Sherri Papini had a prior criminal record. According to the Sacramento Bee, in 2006 Papini pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor trespassing charge and was placed on probation with a jail term of 18 days. Papini was also charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, while in the early 2000s Papini was convicted of driving on a suspended license.
Papini's husband, Keith Papini, released a written statement at the beginning of October that stated, "While no body has been located, I have been advised there is a very high probability that Sherri is alive and was attacked." The couple have repeatedly claimed their daughter was abducted by a stranger and murdered. They also released a video of Sherri's husband in September. Sherri's parents have also released more than a dozen video and audio recordings over the course of the investigation.
From the family's Facebook page, Sherri's husband's post regarding the Papinis
At the time of her disappearance, Sherri Papini was a stay-at-home mom to her two sons—Matthew and Zachary. She ran a business that manufactured and sold yoga mats, and in 2015 she posted a video from the office about their company. She also posted several other videos of her teaching yoga and sharing experiences with her yoga friends, including her experience on the Everest with Everest Yoga Alliance.
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2021.10.07 18:10 Bobos__toupee This lady is a wack job
I used to work with Tiffany Fulkerson briefly, back when she worked at Sierra Pacific in Anderson, and whoo boy, she was a real piece of work. Not surprised to see that she is rabidly anti mask, anti vaccine and as "Chief Business Officer" (what?) Of the oak run school she is leading walk outs and shut downs.
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2021.08.20 11:59 Akinyemibabs001 Jessica Burch, KRCR News

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2021.07.30 03:30 Majoroniell KRCR News Channel 7 on Twitter - The Shasta County District Attorney's Office has determined that PG&E is criminally liable for causing the deadly 2020 Zogg Fire.

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2020.10.19 03:17 PitchMeALiteralTent Intense attack story found on Facebook tonight

Today Summer and Dakota we’re walking by a neighbors campsite and one of the four pit bulls attacked a woman, grabbed her face with his jaws and wouldn’t let go. She was screaming and crying for for help and there was blood everywhere! This viscous dog bit her face, her hands and her waist. The owner got the dog off her after 10 minutes. They tried to give her medical attention and soak up all the blood.
We called 911, Animal Control and the RV Resort Front Office. The fire department, police and an ambulance came to assist. They helped her and she went to the hospital with facial wounds and other bites, injuries to her body.
The local police woman who is also animal control let the owners keep the 4 pit bulls at the RV Resort stating the CA Code says the owners can quarantine the dog after an attack in their private residence.
However, this place is an RV Resort full of people, families and small kids. It’s not a private residence and a huge safety issue for everyone here! The police department was not interested in hearing our concerns. The woman cop who is also the animal control person was rude, bitchy and unconcerned!
She’s not the right person for this job!
The PD said it was up to the owners of the RV Resort to remove or allow the dogs to stay ? They let the pit bull that just attacked a woman stay at the RV Resort. Are you kidding me! Wow.
The written policy states only “friendly dogs”. Obviously this dog is not friendly and a risk to everyone here. We asked to be moved away from them and they accommodated us but it’s still amazing the owners let this pit bull stay on the property.
We called the Local News because this is not right and since the police and the owners of Durango RV Resort are not concerned with public safety we think the public should know that. Be warned there are many people here with pit bulls, not on leashes and there was a viscous attack this weekend.
The front office lady was very kind and very understanding. She’s caught in the middle and doesn’t make the decisions. I felt sorry for her because the owners put her in a bad spot and are totally inconsiderate of the other campers here, especially after this violent attack.
Summer had to witness this and is overly traumatized by the brutal aggressive attack. Summer grabbed our 1 year old baby and just ran as this attack happed directly in front of them.
The police woman didn’t want to take her statement because Summer was upset and overwhelmed by what just happened. The police woman said they already decided the camper could keep the dog in their camper and only take it out to walk the dog to go to the bathroom on a lease. However the dog was again just hours later.
The lady who was attacked, was attacked when the dog was on a lease. So that makes no sense. Horrible decision by the police and by the owners of the RV Resort.
We felt completely unsafe and very concerned. Frustrating to say the least. Dogs like they need to be away from people and families and especially kids. Not roaming around an RV Resort after a savage attack!
Durango RV Resort KRCR News Channel 7
Summer Harrison
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2020.06.28 04:00 autotldr At least 3 injured in shooting at Walmart distribution center in Red Bluff, California

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 27%. (I'm a bot)
RED BLUFF, Calif. - Two people were fatally shot and four others were wounded Saturday at a Walmart distribution center in Red Bluff, California, officials said.
Four people were injured and were in fair condition, Allison Hendrickson, a spokesperson for St. Elizabeth Community Hospital in Red Bluff, told The New York Times.
Original report: According to witnesses and employees, the shooting occurred at 3:30 p.m. during a shift change, the Red Bluff Daily News reported.
According to authorities, the gunman drove into the distribution center south of Red Bluff and began shooting, The Associated Press reported.
"There was an active shooter, he was shot, last I heard he was on his way to the hospital," Red Bluff City Manager Rick Crabtree told KRCR-TV. Scott Thammakhanty, an employee at the facility's receiving center, told the Redding Record Searchlight he heard the shooter fire from what he believed was a semi-automatic weapon.
Red Bluff is located about 120 miles north of Sacramento.
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Post found in /news and /californianews.
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2019.11.26 18:10 bigbezoar KRCR-TV has another new 3-year followup story
(sorry if this is linked elsewhere...)
Saturday was the 3 year anniversary of when Sherri was found along I-5 (November 24, 2016). I like how KRCR uses the terms "reportedly" when describing what Keith said and "Papini told the police" or "Papini described"...when referring to what Sherri said.... instead of referring to any of this as factual, proven, or accepted as truthful.
These guys claim the case is not "cold"...and that the police are still soliciting tips...
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