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0 SECURITY DEPOSIT & FULLY FURNISHED Middle Room at M Vertica, Cheras

2023.06.05 06:06 Salt_Lengthiness508 0 SECURITY DEPOSIT & FULLY FURNISHED Middle Room at M Vertica, Cheras

0 SECURITY DEPOSIT & FULLY FURNISHED Middle Room at M Vertica, Cheras
Virtual 601163816078
Room Detail:
Comfortable Fully Furnished Room For Rent ✨ FREE WIFI
ROOM: ✅ Room With Aircond ✅ Complete Bedding Set ✅ Chair ✅ Table ✅ Wardrobe ✅ Personal Fridge ✅ Smart Meter (Room electricity in individual room (whole room) is measured based on smart meter)
COMMON AREA ✅ Water Heater ✅ Washing Machine & Dryer ✅ Microwave & Induction Cooker ✅ Water Dispenser ✅ Main Door Smart Lock
Rental included 🔴 Fully furnished 🔴 FREE High Speed internet WIFI 🔴 Common Area Cleaning Service
📍 Perfect Location 📍 ➡️ Sunway Velocity Mall ➡️ Walking distance to MRT ➡️ swimming pool, gym, cinema & other facilites
Amenities: ➡️ 5 Minutes Walking Distance to LRT/MRT MALURI ➡️ 5 Minutes Walking Distance to AEON MALURI ➡️ 2 Minutes to SUNWAY VELOCITY MALL ➡️ 5 Minutes to IKEA & MyTownKL ➡️ 8 Minutes to ZOUK TREC ➡️ 10 Minutes to Pavillion ➡️ 15 Minutes to KLCC
  • Monthly rental depends on room type
  • Queen bedroom can rent for 2 pax
  • Additional RM100 per month for extra 1 pax
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2023.06.05 06:05 brownie0802 I was scared when I saw the men strap down the woman onto the electric chair.

Because I knew I’d be next.
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2023.06.05 05:36 ColoHusker Moving/clear out sale, mostly tools, woodworking, remodeling items

If you are interested in something, lmk and I can send or upload pics and pull model numbers. If you are interested in a bunch, we can setup a time to come by.
Sometime the week of 6/12 whatever is left will be donated to the tool library/maker spaces/Habitat Restore.
Corded power tools in great shape or near new. with storage cases. Prefer to sell together or at least in decent grouping.
Large corded tools:
Pneumatic tools
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2023.06.05 05:22 TheJollyRogue I have a dream

I have a dream
So, this all started from finding this chair from next level racing on amazon. spent some good time conceptualizing a very janky idea with Microsoft paint 3D. gonna be a hosas + peddles set up, Ultrawide main monitor with 12" touch screen MFDs for comms and stream management, (if star citizen ever gets an API and someone makes a program for MFDs that function and input like the ones in game, they will be used for that), PC is gonna go on a stand on the floor to backlight the peddles with the RGB lighting, and to top it off a track ir for headtracking.
Im curious if anyone has comments, critiques, tips, etc that could be shared before I go and dump money into a set up
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2023.06.05 04:18 SunshineTae Looking for a very specific desk chair, help please

So I've been sitting in a desk chair most of my life, and I've never found one that is 100% or even 50% comfortable. I'm looking for a desk chair that helps with my uppemiddle/lower back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. Every desk chair I can find has one of these things:
  1. it curves inward at the butt, outward in the middle of the back, and then an extreme curve back in at the upper back or neck area. this is the EXACT opposite of what I need and no amount of support pillows or cushions helps. I need support RIGHT on my spine but every chair I can seem to find wants to avoid that like the plague for some reason. also why do they curve SO far forward at the top?? am I not supposed to have the chair touching my back at all? it just doesn't work for me and literally every single chair i can find has this.
  2. little to no adjustment options. I need a chair that lets me adjust the seat height, the back recline, and the forward/backward and height on the arms. no chair I can find has all of that, and I'm pretty well convinced there's no chair on earth that would fit me perfectly without all of that.
  3. an awful fabric that messes with my sensory issues, like suede or corduroy for some reason.
Can anyone find me a chair that doesn't do any of these things for under $500? I've literally been looking for ten years and my back pain is to the point it's driving me insane. I have a desk job and I officially need a chair that isn't going to kill me to sit in all day.
edit: if it helps the Steelcase Criterion is the only chair I've ever sat in that feels even slightly good. They don't make it anymore though.
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2023.06.05 04:05 OceansCarraway Good Morning, Mr. Uoka (2/3)

It was hard work pushing papers down the long bench. Mr. Uoka found himself drinking tea and eating nutrient scnes with countless other bureaucrats. Suddenly, however, he found himself suddenly eating scones with Mr. Hay Rekk, and didn't quite know what to say. all of his imagined witty barbs and urbane comments disappeared when what remained of the man looked down on him, sneering through his photoreceptors. 'Hatarti.'
'Come into the damn conference room.'
Mr. Uoka practically tripped over himself to follow. Rekk kicked a number of people out of the conference room, stuffed a cipher secretary into a chair, and then began. 'Harati. We're fucked. You're fucked. I'm fucked. And I don't even have a penis or a butthole, that's how fucked we area. Nearly five billion...fucking...insane. Your trade bloc going down the drain. You think you can help. Make it quick, or I'll make it happen somehow.'
'Thank you, Chancellor. Well...this is a very complicated situation, as you well know, of course-'
Rekk sagged. 'Uoka.'
'Yes, sir.'
'I know. I know how your fucking kind talk-'
'Are-are you saying that I am lesser because I am a-?!'
'Stelliberal? Yeah. Fuck you, lib.'
'Short words. Give your point. We don't have much time.'
'Yes. Rekk—we need market development. Not maket-lead or centric—development of the market itself. Not just the places-'
'Cashification. Specialization. Less farmers.'
'Yes-precisely. No more barter. More goods moving through markets. Less subsistence.'
'Wagies, then. Townies, or urban poor.'
'I support urbanization, sir.'
'Don't call me sir.'
'Ok. Urbanization. Towns cannot grow the requisite numbers to break out into proper cosmopolitanism.'
'What if we can get them commuting?'
'A good idea, if done, sir!'
'I'm gonna do it. The cities are getting cargo and people rail. Fancy people rail. Good people rail. Make them get around and keep mixing.'
'Wonderful! Perhaps they might have sports leagues-'
'Only if they have riot divisions.' 'Tragic, sirr-Chancellor.'
'Rekk. Liberal.'
‘What about local commuting, to bind the cities and townies into one greater mass?’
‘I’m working on it. Gonna do freight lines out, and if they don’t attack the trains, then we’ll move on maybe getting some of them on them. Cargo stakeholders first, then maybe passengers. That might take a generation, but I’m going to make it happen.’
'You should accelerate cashification.'
'I'm trying. Right now, we’re slowly doing money storage. Making local banks. Moving money still needs to be figured out. I can't fucking even let them consider paper, they'll go nuts.'
'Armored cars and trains, local banks being able to do deposit transfers? That kind of thing?'
'Armored trains are rolling out now. Banks are gonna get fucking permitted at some point. Their majesties want strong basic regulations. It'll go slow, but the problem is how heavy that shit is.'
'Yes, indeed. Perhaps one can make the coins self-lighten?'
'Good idea, lemme write that down.'
'Here is a white paper, chancellor.'
'Got it. Next. Fusion.'
'Yes. Fusion. Civil fusion. The power of a star. Will they get electricity?'
'Everything is electric for the clones already. Fixed the web, too. For the peasants? Fuck no. We're gonna dole out miracles slowly so they don't melt down street lamps to make into weapons. Biggest one is atmospheric nitrogen fixing. We'll give em superstitious fertilizer, not some crap. Use lightning banks. We're also gonna light up all the cities, and electrify all public buildings and entertainment areas. The towns are gonna have a slow drip of things, very slow. Elite exposure first, gauge fuckery. If they act up, beat them smart.'
'There's no personal incentive right now to electrify, Rekk. Outside of the workplace, are you trying to generate mass demand?'
'Yeah.' Rekk looked pensive. 'Get the kids. Get the house managers…err…wives. That’s what they’re called. Make work-life easier.'
'Perhaps you might offer rental machinery, to ease the-'
' have another white paper?'
'Indeed, Chancellor.'
'Give it. What else?'
'Well, there is the Shining Lord's legacy of...advanced sciences.'
Rekk sighed. 'Yeah. Fuckers. Peasants...we were wrong. Couldn't see. They'd been made weak many years ago, before we were made. Broken people. Lost their chances. Their wants. Their selves. You speak about consumers. Buyers. Wanters. Needers. These people can't want or need anything that the Golden Ones said was bad.' 'They can act on their own.'
'Yeah. Everything Kweens did is stuff they'd do on their own. Build them up comfortably. Make them feel better. Safer. Not terrified. You seen them.'
Mr. Uoka had. 'They need to be able to want again. Or to recognize that they have needs.'
'Yeah. No more fear. No more pain. No empty bellies, or sick ones.'
'They need healthcare.'
Rekk tried to sneer. 'Working on that. Real busy. You think I got a headshrinker?'
‘I think it would help.’
‘I got drugs. Why don’t you take some?’
Mr. Uoka reminded the Chancellor that he was a liontaur, and that clone drugs wouldn’t work on him. Chancellor Rekk reminded the consultant that he had tried clone drugs and that they’d worked. Both stared at each other for a moment before moving on.
‘Healthcare, Rekk. Healthcare. They need it. On all worlds’
‘The Sunforgelands are unfucking themselves.’
‘I’ve watched them begin to separate from Kabria and develop their own identity. Of course, they will not be one for quite some time. If peasant marketisation truly fails, then they will be the obvious backstop.’
‘Yeah. But I’m not counting on them. We’re gonna use fusion electricity here to make a lot of drugs for the cities. Really pump them up. Introduction will take a while. The cities will export them to the townies.’
‘But why will the townies even go to the cities?’
‘Unno. It’ll be easy. Maybe get some money. Maybe come back and work for more money and clout. Farming will keep getting easier, so less people for less farms.’
‘Will you truly make an effort to make powered farming equipment common again, Rekk? Or will you be defeated by someone being afraid of tractors?’
‘We won’t. But we will make fuel at home. And we will figure out which of the fucked up mosses and weird foxes won’t be killing people. Seeds-’
‘The biotechnology of the Shining Lords persists. But how much does it, truly?’
‘Enough for us to gather it up and use it, though. Against them. We will use their seeds, and their bugs, and their birds, and we will force them to give us honey and nectar and grain. And we’ll keep em in hives and tree trunks and in farmlands and in those fucking makeshift swamps. And we’ll eat em. Tear the head off and suck out the guts until the little legs kick, kick, kick…’ Rekk seemed to be having more fun thinking about torturing the old animals of the Shining Lords than anything else.
‘ they have…sufficient nutritional value?’
‘Yes. Taste like shit.’
Mr. Uoka considered saying that if the clones thought something tasted like shit, it truly did, but he kept that thought to himself.
‘How much will you be allowing them to see?’
‘All of it, cause fuck em. Let’s scare 'em straight.’
‘...that is an unusual motivation, Rekk. But I admire your commitment.’
‘Yeah, yeah. We’ll knock in some gardens with nice plants that make medicines and antibodies and stuff, and we’ll give em nutritional supplements-’
‘And birth control.’
‘Yeah, good point. Don’t want too many of them. Abortions should be cheap, fast, and easy.’
‘And birth control, Chancellor.’
‘You mean like for-before they screw?’
‘Yes. It will lead to a significant amount of independence for women–I don’t think the Shining Lords allowed anything beyond the gender binary, did they–and break up some of the core cycles of reproduction with an Epistocided people.’
‘Put the paper on the table.’
Mr. Uoka obliged.
‘They’ll shit their pants, Haraati-’
‘And we’ll make em clean up the shit, and dry it, and use it for fucking manure. I will drag these dense ass motherfuckers-literally half the goddamn time-to decency, whether they like it or not. They’ll farm the land, and they’ll pay taxes, and they’ll buy regional, and they’ll fucking like it. And if they cause problems, Mr. Uoka, I’m going to-’
‘To show them some fucking compassion. They’re scared children. That’s what they are deep down.’
‘No, we’re going to give the fuckers the baton and ten years fixing hedgerows with powered equipment.’
‘During the riots, I took shelter in a building with some clone functionaries–Happies, a few Biggies or specials. A number of peasants…I’m not sure, must have been about 60…broke in. They were going to burn the place down around us, and I was scared. They were ignoring commands, and we were prepared to shoot them, and then–well–I didn’t want to shoot them. So I roared. And threw a chair. They all fled. Not a shot fired. They were that easily scared off. You don’t have to beat them. You don’t need to be harsh all the time. Spare them, Rekk. I’m not asking for absolution, but don’t be like your makers. They’ll be better if they can relax comfortably; they’ve tasted a bit of safety with all of the turmoil. Let them keep eating.’
‘ the stunting, huh?’
‘Above all else. The Shining Leeches enslaved-’
Rekk cut off Mr. Uoka with peels of laughter. He enjoyed the multifaceted implications of that insult: weaknesses, dependency on others, ineffectiveness, false bravado–and the chance to cut the stress. Eventually, he got back on topic.
‘...they used biology to enslave ourselves. We use biology to free ourselves. But this doesn’t cover the magic.’
‘It’s degraded a lot over time, right? And her majesty is satisfying the demands of many of the laws. So there should be no problem.’
‘I hope so. There’s…big changes coming. Stuff I can’t reveal to you. Yeah, the investors will like it. But it’s going to be big, Hattie.’
‘What is it?’ Mr. Uoka overlooked his name being messed up again.
‘The beginning of the end.’
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2023.06.05 04:04 TheUnknownParadoxIII I’ve had enough of the korok’s shit, so I decided to put one in an electric chair

The legend of Hitler: war crimes of the country
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2023.06.05 03:54 Bangaladore Free Office Chair

I'm moving out and need to get rid of this chair—in good condition, about 1.5 years old.
I will give it away for free if you pick it up sometime around the 15th of June. I live at the base of campus. DM me.
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2023.06.05 03:52 MelodicPollution1981 Razer Iskur is AMAZING (appreciation post)

I've been struggling with back issues since 2014 after an injury (which resulted in two herniated discs).
Recently I moved to a new city and did a lot of manual labor to move and assemble furniture. This wasn't wise and my back is killing me again and I wasn't able to sit on a chair for more than 15 mins. The pain is unbearable as soon as I stand up.
I read about the Iskur and many people thought that it is too firm and the lumbar support is too aggressive and I thought that must be perfect for me. I was thinking maybe I need aggressive support to keep my back and spine in the right posture.
So I found the XL version on amazon for $390 the other day and ordered it (what a catch, right?!). I got it last week and assembled it immediately and I was MIND-BLOWN.
The aggressive lumbar support is just perfect and I literally go sit on the chair for a few minutes whenever my lower back is killing me. I game for a long time and when I stand up there's not a single pinch of pain.
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2023.06.05 03:16 Ok-Watercress-8331 Uhh case dismissed

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2023.06.05 02:54 rvairat Recent showroom purchase experience

Recent showroom purchase experience
I decided to finally get a sactional and I wanted to share my experience. This was the second time I went to the showroom. My first time, I actually tested everything: standard vs deep seating, standard vs slanted sides, sizes, fabrics etc. I let the sales rep talk to me about everything and build the quote but left without purchasing so I could wait for discount codes and finalize decisions.
I decided I wanted to get this couch for as cheap as possible (but with features that I wanted). I got 5 seats 6 sides, Slate Twill Covers, 4 Storage Seats & Standard Foam fill. This all would come out to be $5,140 but I used: -a showroom only coupon code (25% + 5%) -100$ off referral code. After all my discount codes my total including tax came out to $3,619.89.
I will be using a PureFit Super Stretch Chair Sofa Slipcover ($45 on Amazon using lightning deal & 20% off coupon) over my sactional until I can purchase nicer lovesac sactional covers.
The benefits of going to the showroom were: -being able to ordenot order pipping or paneling -being able to ordenot order slanted sides -made sure everything we ordered would fit and aesthetically work (e.g. our sale rep ordered us 3 deep pillows and 1 standard so our back cushions wouldn’t look sparse) -helped set us up with financing -gave us advice on the cover material we were ordering -let us know that within 60 days we can order accessories using the same discount percentage that we got for our sactional (I.e. 30% off)
I like going into a store, already knowing exactly what I want and having the sales rep use their knowledge to make that happen (without pushing me into getting anything other than what I want).
Overall I’m super happy with my showroom experience.
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2023.06.05 02:32 snkde [Amazon] 3-Count Oral-B Cross Action Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads $15.75 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+

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2023.06.05 02:32 BroMandi [Amazon] 3-Count Oral-B Cross Action Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads $15.75 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal: $15.75, Actual: $28.99]

[Amazon] 3-Count Oral-B Cross Action Electric Toothbrush Replacement Brush Heads $15.75 + Free Shipping w/ Prime or on $25+ [Deal: $15.75, Actual: $28.99] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:35 Gizmoripley87 Rubicon wheelchairs?

Has anyone here ever purchased/used any Rubicon brand electric wheelchairs? I need something that my fiance can easily lift in and out of vehicles. He has DDD in his spine and can only handle so much. Rubicon is the only one I've found that only weighs 40lbs. I have a manual chair but I can no longer propel myself. I have, once again, found myself trapped in my home. We were going to go through insurance but 1. It would take entirely too long and 2. They would provide something that doesn't fit the weight requirements. So after searching until I can't take it anymore, the only thing I found that would work is the Rubicon DX06. Anyone with experience?
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2023.06.05 01:30 Stntdvl54 Is this safe for use

Is this safe for use
Context: i have a 15 amp breaker running to my garage with 3 outlets and 2 light bulbs. all everything all outlets run off of one gfi plug. I would like to power my air compressor which has a 240 plug (matching adapter piece). Should i convert (if possible) one outlet or can i use this adaptor?
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2023.06.05 01:07 WeakSand-chairpostin Would you get strapped in to a computerized electric chair for a million dollars and stay there for an hour if the staff told you there's a very small chance the computer could randomly malfunction in the hour, causing the chair to turn on, causing you to be electrocuted to death?

The chair
To win the million dollars, you'd have to remain tightly strapped in (headpiece, msk and all) for an hour. Once you agree to it you can't back down. The chair is located at a prison, and it has killed 6 inmates so far.
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2023.06.05 01:06 WeakSand-chairpostin Would you get strapped in to a computerized electric chair for a million dollars and stay there for an hour if the staff told you there's a very small chance the computer could randomly malfunction in the hour, causing the chair to turn on, causing you to be electrocuted to death?

The chair
To win the million dollars, you'd have to remain tightly strapped in (headpiece, msk and all) for an hour. Once you agree to it you can't back down. The chair is located at a prison, and it has killed 6 inmates so far.
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2023.06.05 01:03 WeakSand-chairpostin Would you get strapped in to a computerized electric chair for a million dollars and stay there for an hour if the staff told you there's a very small chance the computer could randomly malfunction in the hour, causing the chair to turn on, causing you to be electrocuted to death?

The chair

To win the million dollars, you'd have to remain tightly strapped in (headpiece, msk and all) for an hour. Once you agree to it you can't back down. The chair is located at a prison, and it has killed 6 inmates so far.

View Poll
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2023.06.05 00:40 Icy_Tour6509 moving sale

Hi guys, I’m moving out this month, I’m selling my furniture. If you’re interested in any of the following, please DM me for photos.
All in good condition
IKEA Floor lamp $40
Queen size bed frame $50
Wood dining table with 4 chairs. $150
Recliner $100
Office desk $75
Ergonomics chair $80
Some items are still in use, please DM me for available pickup dates!
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2023.06.05 00:36 traveller-16-16- Under the Authority: chapter three

As I follow the nurse I take note of my surroundings, there are pictures of strange red and yellow plants that plaster the hallways. The walls are made of metal with a small plastic ledge separating the upper and lower walls. The walls are frequently broken by wide doors with a window in the room, from those I can see Ullgo wasn’t lying, most are women whether they were intentionally targeted or most the men were killed instead of injured I can’t say. We continue to walk down the halls with the occasional female alien guarding something, after two or three minutes of silence we pass under a sign written in an alien language that I involuntarily understand reading 'bionics and cybernetics.' The plants painted on the walls suddenly disappear as we pass into the branch, they are replaced by smooth metal with there being a strange glowing port on the walls every so often,
“right in here,” Ullgo says while pointing at a door I hadn’t noticed. As we enter the room lights with a dull blue glow, the place looks pretty much like dentist’s office with a chair in the middle and several overhead arms and a light, only difference is that there’s no sink and there are strewn about robotic parts and a couple wrench like tools on the counter, “please sit on the chair Yagak,” the male says gesturing to the middle of the room. I sit down and the chair suddenly leans me back while several straps crawl over my body, locking me in place so I can just barely wriggle.
“What the fuck! Let me go or so help me!” I shout at the man slithering over to me
“Please, calm down, this is just to scan you to produce a custom arm, if we didn’t do this we would just slap something incompatible on and call it done.” His voice is soothing and soft, but practiced like he’s done this a million times. He slowly lowers a glowing robotic arm to my feet before pressing a couple buttons and the arm moves up my body, slow but steady until it reaches the top of my head and suddenly shoots back down to my feet, beginning again, “I will go get the bionic fitter, you just stay there and don’t move, or we’ll have to do it all over again.” With that the door slides back into place, the arm does four more pass overs before staying at my feet. A full minute later and Ullgo along with a 7 and half foot woman slither in, “this is fitter Yukanag, she will be custom making your arm.”
“Hey little human, you look so vulnerable in that.” the woman says with a snicker and a lick of her lips.
“The fuck?” is all I can say, what the hell is she saying?
“Please do not sexually harass the patient, Yukanag.” the smaller male says with a frown and a surprising amount of spite.
“I’m just kidding, unless?” she looks at me with her four pink eyes, creeping me the fuck out, they didn’t just take my arm, language and name, but also my dignity, I am suddenly feeling like shit again.
“Hell no, one of you slimy fuck blew of my arm, I would sooner die then fuck you, bitch.” I really would, fuck these freaks, and their bizare nature.
“Alright, alright, I’m sorry.” she says with a shit eating grin telling me she’s not. “Now lets see here…” she pulls the arm up so she can read whatever it’s telling her.
After making a couple 'hmm' sounds she turns to a cupboard and pulls out what looks to be a bicep, smooth white metal parts streaked with centimeter wide cracks letting you see into the mechanisms below. She puts the piece up to the cylindrical port on my shoulder covering, and with a click and a twist it is locked into place. Then from a separate cupboard she pulls another piece of similar make and design, this one being a forearm. She places it on the counter, grabbing a wrench and doing something I can’t see before turning back around with the limb being smaller, to accurately match my organic arm, placing it at an exposed shoulder joint, another click and twist and that too is locked into place.
“Alright, now the hand is the tricky part.” she says while pulling one of the overhead arms over my face, “we have a few Thagerton models we can print, just pick one and we’ll change the fingers around to match your natural structure.” my right arm is unstrapped to let me choose. There are several options all of which have two long ass fingers and a proportional thumb, one looks bootleg with several mismatch parts, another that would match my current parts, yet another this one with sleek boney fingers covered by a cloth material, the last one looks to be made out of red pieces of scrap metal. Strange design choices, but I select the one with a similar plan of smooth metal with cracks between where the bones would be. As I try to press the screen my finger just goes through it, nevertheless, the option turns blue and Yukanag nods, “I’ll go get this printed dewdrop, don’t miss me too much.” she says winking with her upper right eye before slithering out. All the straps release as Ullgo turns to me
“I am so sorry for her harassment, the women on this ship simply see an opportunity and take it most of the time.” His eyes look similar to a human, begging for forgiveness.
“Well she was fucking weird I’ll give her that, are all your females like that?”
“Um, kind of, there is a gender disparity of six women for every man, so many just hope to hit someday. according to your neural scans, culturally in terms of gender roles, we are the exact opposite due to us males being smaller than the females.”
“Still don’t like that you poked ‘round my head, it’s fucked up man.”
“I wasn’t the one to do it, though I must apologize, it is the best way to limit confusion.”
Nodding, I try to change the subject, “how long this gonna take?”
“She’ll be back with your hand in a few minutes, you’re the first one in this sector to get a new hand, males get priority.”
“Great, do I get a prize, And why’s that, the males first? If we’re opposites surely you’ll change things.”
“I’m not the one who makes the rules, just the one that follows them.”
We went back and forth about the whole gender thing until the bionic fitter made her appearance. Slithering casually, she precariously dangled the new hand by the pointer finger with a satisfied look about her work.
I decided to point out that she should probably be more careful with an expensive bionic, but she just replies, “don’t worry your pretty little head off, you’ve got a two standard year warranty on your whole limb, and these things are cheap as one of your phones and far more durable, has to be a hand after all.” well, that's good to know at least, wait, “how long is a standard year in earth days?” I ask both of the aliens, Yukanag just shrugs, assuming that means the same thing, while Ullgo pulls out what looks like a really wide pen that then projects a holo screen thing.
“A standard is 366 earth days, give or take a few hours”
“oh, convenient.”
“It is odd, but I’m no astronomer, anyway let's get this hand on you.” he gestures for Yukanag to approach.
The whole lock on and click was the same as the last two times but something feels off now, like when your arm gets tingly and feels heavy and useless, like that but without the tingling as if some part of me refuses to function. Seeing the look on my face Ullgo reassures me that, “the neural link is complete, just need to turn it on.” Yukanag snickers as she grabs a long cable that has no prongs on the end plugged into the wall and drags it over to me,
“this human is turning me on, you should just walk around naked if you’re gonna wear that.” her four eyes with pink sclera and yellow irises look over my entirety, stopping for a full second at my crotch before continuing down my legs, “and I gotta say, love the walking arms.” I stifle a chuckle before my fellow male corrects her,
“legs, they’re called legs.”
“I knew that!” she blerts, but based on how yellow her face is turning she must be blushing from her failed seduction. “Just never talked to an alien before…” she does not quite mumble. You're the alien I think to myself, but that wouldn’t be true, sure they invaded earth but there’s plenty of science fiction where humans invade a primitive world, guess we’re all just aliens to another species. She places the cable on my artificial bicep and presses a button on the end of it. A sudden and violent electric shock shoots into my left shoulder as I instinctively pull away my arm from the cable, wait I lost my left arm to an alien not that long ago,
“what the fuck” I stare dumbfounded at my new limb, I can feel the room’s slightly cold temperature, the chair’s soft material, the air flowing into the mechanical parts, all like my own flesh was never lost but instead turned into the bionic. “HOLY SHIT, THIS IS FUCKING AWSOME,”
I practicaly scream as I bring it over my face to view it, nothing changed about its appearance other than the underlying mechanisms moving as I did. The straps holding me to the chair snaked off of me as I sat up still looking at my hand, opening and closing it truly felt just like the real thing. I stand up and walk over to the fitter before shaking her hand and bringing her in for a one arm hug, “holy shit, you guys are amazing!”
“N-no problem, cutey” she says while patting me on the back. “Hope I get to see you again someday.”
“We mustn't keep you, Yukanag, there are other patients and Yagak must get back to his room.” Ullgo interjects, but I swear I catch a faint smile on his face. “Come now sir, you have hours before you get shipped off to your new life.”
“Wait, what? Where the fuck you think thats gonna be?” I almost forgot they are practically kidnapping me
“Sir, I am very sorry but there is nothing I can do about it, as a new species your pay will have an increase for your first 200 standard years and you may pay for vacations if you wish” he looks tired of arguing this it seems
“Hold on 200 years? Humans don’t live that long.”
“It’s a long story but humans now won’t age past their prime, we’ve done this with every other member species of the authority. Alien DNA is all the same at some point so making every living and future human live for theoretically ever was a trivial matter, at least according to the genetics branch, but those girls are just looking to impress.” well… that’s… good? I heard we were decades off of doing it ourselves but I guess aliens did it in, wait how long have I been out?
“How long was I unconscious recovering?” me and the nurse begin towards my room passing another nurse and a guy in a wheelchair
“Well our days are only 4 of your hours off, so three and half days.” well, could have been longer, “oh and to limit confusion and clarify: our seconds are the same however there are 100 seconds in a minute, 100 minutes in an hour, and 10 hours in a day.” simplified, that’s gonna be a pain to convert to though, maybe I just won’t
“You’re spewing a lot of facts at me. Why? This isn’t a video game tutorial, is it?”
He rolls his lower pair of eyes while the top pair look at the ceiling, “no you’re just about to be put on a ship so protocol says I have to inform the primitives on their new time measurements.”
“Primitives? Well fuck you too.” he didn’t need to insult me like that. He turns his head down and mumbles an apology just as we reach my room.
“Your old clothes and belongings are on the couch, it’s 5:60 right now and you’ll be leaving at 9:80, so be ready, oh and there’s a manual for the holo screen on the tail rest. Have a good life, Yagak Grolgem.”
With that, the door shuts and I’m left to my lonesome. Walking over to the couch I find my clothes perfectly clean and splayed out, maybe they don’t fold them? Slipping into my shirt there is now a huge hole where my cybernetic sticks out, kinda cool but it sucks because it seems like this’ll be my only shirt for a while. I leave the spandex on the couch and begin searching the alien internet for anything interesting that doesn’t have to do with earth. Their webpages are diverse like our own but the overall aesthetic is blocky. I found something that might be a kin to their youtube, many videos on random subjects from a couple different aliens. I settle on a let’s play of some odd multiplayer fantasy-like game with many different alien characters and a cheerful female Argochuria in the face cam.
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2023.06.05 00:11 Artistic_Soup_6788 Would this be a good esc and motor for a ecx amp mt

Would this be a good esc and motor for a ecx amp mt
I'm thinking about getting this combo for my ecx amp mt I don't know if it's any good though my cousin had one however and he said it was good so should I get one?
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2023.06.04 23:55 MisterOreoGod Hey I just got the S5 and it has tubed tires for my first mod on it I want to switch it to tubeless . My question being is if a rim has tubed tires ,Is it even possible to switch to tubeless?

Hey I just got the S5 and it has tubed tires for my first mod on it I want to switch it to tubeless . My question being is if a rim has tubed tires ,Is it even possible to switch to tubeless? submitted by MisterOreoGod to ElectricScooters [link] [comments]