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2023.06.05 04:10 Wreck_the_market AITA for using my friends death as motivation to change my life’s trajectory?

summary: I'm a 21 y/o Male living in a small town in

The US, I currently live with my mom and while I don't pay rent, she said I can stay free as long as I pay for my college and bills and so on. I've been a bum most of my life but ambitious-

late 2022 when a friend died and this forced me to reconsider how I spend my life. We weren't super close but l've known him since preschool and we've hung out when our mutual friends do. He was a great guy, tons of people showed up to his funeral but seeing such a turnout after being depressed thinking about my own life and death for the past year (at that time) made me really analyze my values. At this point I went from depressed and frozen in the face of my ambitions to what I call my " alignment period " which is where my actions began to actually align with my goals.

Since his death last august this is how my life has changed:

At first I started hitting the gym 3-4 times a week, then I decided on a career (film makedirector) after debating 20 different ones for such a long time, I have been working since I was 14 but recently I hated that my work was meaningless and I was easily replaced (warehouse freezer worker) so I quit my job, bought a professional camera and a gimbal, tripod, small lighting equipment, and a microphone- and flew to japan 2 weeks after quitting that job. I wanted to build my portfolio and see the world to get a better understanding of people and the way the world functions. I did b y I'm back home, jobless at the moment but volunteering as a camera man for the video production crew at a local church. And I plan to move out at the end of July with my two best


While I know my goal is a big one and doesn't necessarily ensure the best return on investment, I believe I'm on the right track to achieve my goal. I still think about my friend who died last year, every morning, like I said we weren't incredibly close - but his death forced my perspective to change and my life has only gotten better since then. I love the guy and wouldn't blatantly wish this to have been the reason changed but I appreciate the fact that I gained this outlook from him. AITA or is this a respectable way to honor his life and death?
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2023.06.05 04:04 akirarita Can nicotine cause anxiety?

Hey everyone, first and foremost I wish everyone to get rid off anxiety and panic disorder because most of us have this in this group. I wish you all health 💕 I’ve been diagnosed with GAD back in November and been put on lexapro 10 mg ever since. Started feeling way better by March and had no panic attacks since end of February. Everything was perfect until recently. I came to visit my bf in another state and smoked his vape (just nicotine) and the first night I had a big PA after not having them for months. I don’t smoke vape back at home. For a couple of days straight I keep having crazy anxiety like I’m back to that terrible time of my life when I had to take Ativan every single day…has anyone noticed that nicotine sparks his/her anxiety or I’m just making up stuff? Can’t find other explanation.
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2023.06.05 03:59 Person_existing_17 Mother Abused Me, so I Danced on Her Grave

I am well aware that the title makes me sound horrible, but here me out. I am a 14 year old male who is slightly autistic and have horrible vision issues. Why? According to my dad, my mom who knew damn well she was pregnant with me started smoking and drinking heavily to try and kill me out of her womb. What I wonder is why she wouldn't just go for an abortion? I will never understand that. If that sounds weird, it gets worse. When I was 3, and still living in Seattle with my mother and grandfather, I had pneumonia and a 105 fever, but my mother was too busy partying out with a bunch of random people to help me. I was sick for a week before my grandpa finally took me to the doctor. I apparently almost died. Don't ask how I remember that, I just do. When I was 6, my dad was out getting groceries and I was left home alone with my mom. She started smoking and stubbing her cigarettes on the couch. I told her that dad would be mad, and she stubbed her cigarette on my leg and screamed "I am your mother! Your father is just some (insert horrible words here)! To you, I am God, you f***ing retard!" I never got over that. Then, shortly after, she went away and I heard not one word from her for 3 years. When she came back into my life, she was fine at first, then she became abusive again. She would just hit me when no one was around. When I tried to tell my dad, he would just say, "she's your mother". I mean, what the hell? She disappeared again after about a month and was gone for a 2 years. Then she started coming to me begging me for money. I would say yes, because she seemed desperate and I'm a nice guy. But when I found out she was using the money for drugs and cigarettes, I started refusing to give her even one dime. She thought I was joking when I said no at first. But after the second time, she brought a knife and stabbed me in the leg. Then she ran away and blamed it on my dad. CPS wound up getting involved, and my dad was almost arrested. Side note, my parents were never married. Back to the main story. She disappeared for about 6 more months. Then she was raped and came crying to my dad to take her in. Dad did NOT want to help her, but me trying to help convinced my dad to let her in. By this point I'm almost 12, and still being dumb, which is something I really am not. I should mention I have straight A's, have never gotten below a 94, and am taking all honors classes. Sorry for the second tangent. Back to the story. She lived in my house for 3 days, made a mess of it, and then left. When I say she made a mess, I mean the threw her garbage all over the place, she took a crap on my kitchen floor, and plenty more s*** I won't even get into. When she left, I vowed to never let her in again, because the house was trashed and I was the one who had to clean it up. Well 6 months later, she's back. But this time, she has a dog. This is the part where some people will really get triggered. She used to beat the dog. She would slap it as hard as possible on its back. When I would step in and try to stand up for the dog, mom would take off her belt and beat me across the face with it. This went on for two months. Then once again, she disappears. But this time it was worse. She tried to have my dad arrested for drug possession (which was complete bullcrap), she tried to have me put in foster care, and the last thing she did before she left was beat me, with a belt, across the face, again. Fast forward two years to now. So she died recently, and I felt pure joy. After the funeral, I went and danced on her grave. My family saw. Some were furious, but some, like my grandma and dad, understood completely. I've gotten some hateful calls from some of my family members calling me an entitled brat, demanding that I apologize for what I did. I've also gotten some calls from family who told me I wasn't in the right, but they understood.

Some things to clear up:
  1. Why did I not get CPS involved? I tried to, but my mom would always tell them my dad was abusing me, which was bull
  2. Why did my Dad not do much? He probably thought I was lying, until the marks started getting worse. Then he did step in. This led to a lot of fights, often times my mom would pull a knife on dad.
  3. Was it just this stuff that got me heated at my mom? Well there was plenty more she did, but this story is long enough as it is.
Was I the Jerk?
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2023.06.05 03:49 Siw5389 Financial aid issues

So I’m halfway through my clinical year of PA school but I’m absolutely drowning in debt and I’m not sure what to do anymore.
Our school has been steadily decreasing our loan amount that we receive for housing and food due to random tuition increases almost every semester. I’ve been sent to 3 different states so far (one being on the west coast and I go to school on the east coast). Every place I’ve been sent to has been super expensive and I am still paying rent and bills back home on top of this. My issue is really paying for all this travel that is what’s drowning me.
I asked my school if I could take out some more loans because what they give us is not enough and doesn’t account for all our travel we have to do during rotations but they’re saying they can’t because they’re giving me the max amount so I can’t take out any more student loans and I’d have to take out a private loan. But I can’t take out a private loan with no income so I’m at a crossroads right now. I know I’ve come so far but a part of me wants to drop out so I can’t stop struggling and just work again. I hate feeling like this and I don’t know what to do but I know I need more money very soon. What should I do?
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2023.06.05 03:19 Propoofol My Dad Died Tonight

I had a wonderful day today - I even made a point of thanking my partner for making things so good. Then, about 30 mins later, my dad had an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.
He came home after a 15h shift as a lorry driver. He was exhausted as usual, but extremely chipper. We sat in the sunny garden for an hour just chatting about stuff. He booked a hotel for my upcoming graduation (I just qualified as a doctor and live with my parents while waiting to start work) and everything was normal.
Approx 8pm I came downstairs to feed my dog. My dad was sleeping in the next room, the conservatory. I suddenly heard snoring which sounded out of character, so I popped my head in and saw he was struggling to breathe. I instantly went into doctor mode as he deteriorated, identified the arrest and quickly got him to the floor to begin my first ever CPR. He had compressions within seconds.
I was going for about 5 mins when paramedics arrived and took over. He was eventually taken to hospital, but I knew it was futile. Efforts were called over an hour later.
I’m home now. I’ve supported my mum and sister tonight, and tomorrow I’m tasked with organising the finances, funeral and breaking of news to loved ones.
I haven’t cried yet and I feel completely numb. As soon as I started CPR he became my patient and not my dad - I just seem to have brushed off grief in the way healthcare professionals do at work to protect myself, so it doesn’t feel real at all. I know this isn’t healthy and it doesn’t feel right, but I can’t change it for some reason.
I’m not sure what the point of this post is. I think I feel unable to share this with my family because it makes me feel guilty. I don’t want them to think that I don’t love/miss him. So maybe I need to just vent in a judgement free zone that wouldn’t impact the grieving process of my loved ones. Maybe I’d like some advice from anyone who has seen or experienced similar.
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2023.06.05 03:04 ofstoriesandsongs (More or less) evidence based timeline

I did a full rewatch of the first three seasons in preparation for season 4, and while I was doing it I decided, for my own amusement, to attempt to track the passing of time throughout the show based on time references, context, weather and wardrobe. I was handwriting these notes in a notepad and I wasn't strictly planning to share them, but I transcribed them a few days ago in a reply to u/joe4645, who suggested that it may be interesting to share them in the sub for everyone. So, here's that.
Methodology: As I said, I paid extra attention to stated time references, weather, trees, wardrobe choices and context as I was watching. However, I did not watch every minute of the show specifically for this reason and it is possible that I missed something. Additions, comments and corrections welcome.
Conclusions: Provided that my math is correct, I've determined that 1x01-4x01 take place over precisely two years to the day, with the rest of season 4 unfolding over approximately two weeks immediately following that period.
Show my math:
Season 1:
Season 2:
Season 3:
Season 4:
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2023.06.05 03:03 Gold-Anywhere4655 Need advice on accepting or not accepting a job offer in a different field

Hey! I posted in another Reddit forum for advice but only got one response so I’m hoping I’ll get some more feedback that I can consider from jobs. I’m 24, non-binary, live and work in PA. I currently work in a community and school-based behavioral health classroom as a behavioral health technician. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and I’m pursuing a masters degree online in social work. I’ve worked at my current job for about a month now, and I make $16.50 an hour. I was initially really excited for the current job opportunity I received but I feel like certain aspects of the job weren’t explained to me upfront and I’ve found out about additional job responsibilities that make me uncertain about whether the job is a “good fit” for me and my lifestyle. For example, there’s a therapeutic summer program so I’ll have hours in the summer but the program is only six hours a week so I’m expected to do community outings with the teens I work with to get to the 40 hours. I’ll be expected to purchase whatever they want or pay for whatever we do, like getting them food or paying for admission to an amusement park. I’ll get reimbursed, but a month later. I’m really worried about this aspect that wasn’t explained to me upfront at the job interview because I live paycheck to paycheck and I’ll have to budget expenses for taking the teens out when I really don’t have the money left after bills to do so. Additionally, I was told I would have to be on-call crisis management once a month for a week and that I wouldn’t have to go to the actual hospital if a teen is in crisis and wait with them during my interview (I’ve previously had a job with on-call where I’d have to go out and meet with the children and families, no matter the time so I made sure to ask about that during the interview because that’s not something I want to do again. I need my sleep.) but I spoke with another BHT who said he spent five hours in the ER with a kid. I do get paid 16 hours of overtime for that week I’m on-call, regardless of whether the phone rings or not and if I do get a call or have to go out, I get paid for however long I’m on the phone or out in the community or home on top of that 16 hours. I don’t think it helped that the interviewer was an HR representative instead of someone who works in my department so she didn’t know all of the information. I really enjoy working with the teens I work with, they’re great kids. I interviewed for another job in a completely different field (medical marijuana industry) before getting this job and they just got back to me this week with a job offer. I’m conflicted and unsure about what to do. I tried making a pros/cons list but that didn’t help me decide. Financially, the medical marijuana job would be better because it pays $18.57 an hour and there’d be no responsibility for me to purchase items for the teens at that job. Also, there wouldn’t be an intense and stressful amount of paperwork at the marijuana facility. Additionally, I wouldn’t need to work on-call. Both jobs are union jobs, full-time, with healthcare benefits. The pros of working in the school are that I like working with the teens, I like my coworkers, I feel like I’m making a difference, it’s related to my degree, I want to potentially do my internship for my masters degree through the agency so I want to maintain a good relationship with the agency I currently work for, and it’s a union job. The cons are the on-call aspect, the lower pay, the expectation that I’ll pay for teens expenses and later be reimbursed when I live paycheck to paycheck, and there’s so much paperwork (I’ve worked as a BHT before and this is the most paperwork I’ve ever had to do). The pros of the medical marijuana job are that it pays more, it’s still a field I’d want to work in even though it doesn’t relate to my degree, there’s advancement opportunities, it’s a union job, no on-call, no intense levels of paperwork, and it’s the type of job that I can just show up, do my job, and go home without worrying about everything that happened at work that day and the well-being of the teens I work with so I could focus on my schoolwork and life outside of work. Cons of the medical marijuana job are that I wouldn’t gain more experience relating to my degrees there, leaving my current job might make it difficult or impossible to get an internship at the agency I work for now in the future, and I’d feel like I was disappointing the kids and coworkers I work with now by leaving. Especially because they’re talking about increasing my caseload at my current job and it stresses me out that I’m thinking about leaving when they’re so excited for me and think I’m a great worker that they want to give me more work. But at the same time, I’m worried that I’ll want to leave my current job in the future and there won’t be this other job opportunity waiting for me. Please help me decide because I’m so stressed! Thank you in advance for any advice, comments, or feedback!
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2023.06.05 03:01 RyderHammer Hi! I still didn't publish Nick Gooder And Hades Wrath but..... here's a short story I made initially for r/creekyhours but now I'm sharing it with you!

Alright, I don't have much time, I am currently hiding in a cramped-up closet. I can hear it moving outside my room. You're most likely wondering how I got here, or why I don't have time. Well here is my story. One sunny California day, I was sitting on my lumpy couch with a new phone I had just bought. It had all the important apps I would spend most of my days on (Youtube, Tiktok, etc.) But I was too lazy to insert a SIM card into my phone. I was checking some Youtube, then over to TikTok repeat like what I always do. Eventually, I decided to put the SIM card into my phone so I can add my parents' numbers and my friends as well. I glance over to the counter where I had left the SIM and lazily get up from the couch as its leather detaches from my skin.
It's only a few steps from the couch but for some reason, it felt longer, maybe it was my laziness or tiredness but it felt as if you were walking up a never-ending staircase. Eventually, I reached the marble counter, but instead of the SIM card being there, there was nothing! "Must have misplaced it?" I thought, trying to come up with a reason. I closed my eyes for a long blink before jogging over to my closet, things always got lost in there. For some reason though, I couldn't shake off the feeling of being watched.
As I was miles deep into the pile of clothes I heard, a few steps away from me *BUZZZZ* The very distinct sound of my phone ringing "Must be my imagination" I murmured. My entire body was covered by this point. Then I hear the same sound again, then again, then again. Eventually, I get fed up with the ringing and burst out of the sea of clothes. And trudge over to my still-ringing phone.
"19 Missed Calls" it reads. "Odd" I blurted out loudly. I pick up my phone with a sense of urgency. *BUZZZZ* Another call rings in. I've seen enough horror movies to know to not pick up the phone. *RING* It goes, I had got a text, "Let me in!" It read. I looked at my phone in fear, I have no idea why, but still, it sent chills down my spine. Just then an Amber Alert set off in my phone "Masked killer seems to be stalking around (they said my neighbourhood)" it read. I almost screamed. But I managed to stay calm and ran into my bedroom.
I ran so fast I almost knocked down a picture of my mom- we had just had her funeral last Tuesday. When I got into my room I closed my window and locked my door. *BUZZZZ* my phone went, I decided to be a man and answered it, and all I could hear was low breathing, then another Amber Alert "Masked killer has been sighted outside of (they said my address)" My heart pounded, I ran into the closet I am in now, and here is where my story resumes, "Honey, come out now" A familiar voice says outside, another Amber Alert rings on my phone "Masked killer can replicate voices, STAY AWAY" it reads. I remember the voice now, it's my mom's. "Honey, it is ok" My mom repeats. I have to open the door now, goodbye. My mom is home...
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2023.06.05 02:10 DueBarracuda PNW National Parks Itinerary

PNW National Parks Itinerary
Hey everyone - my friends and I are planning a 3 week trip out to the Pacific Northwest national parks in late August/early September. I just wanted to share the potential itinerary I was drafting up and see if anyone had any thoughts on it.
Fly into Seattle, rent a car
3 days - Olympic NP 1.5 days - Mount Rainier NP, drive to Portland OR 1 day - drive along Columbia River gorge, waterfalls and hikes
OPTIONAL Drive to Crater Lake NP (adds about 8 hrs total driving time and a day touring the park)
Drive east towards Jackson WY (1 day) 3-4 days Yellowstone 1 - 2 days Grand Teton
Take Beartooth Pass north and drive to Whitefish Montana (1 - 1.5 days) 3 - 4 days in Glacier NP (yes already have car reservations)
Drive west to Washington (1 day) 1 day in North Cascades Drive back to Seattle and fly back home
Obviously this is a very rough, basic itinerary that I just started putting together, so will need some fine tuning, but this is the general route we are thinking of following. I know it involves lots of driving, but we really do want to hit the parks in Washington, as well those in Wyoming and Montana. So the most logical option seemed to be to start in Seattle and make a loop like this (pictured). I will be traveling with 2 others so we can all split the driving.
Does it seem like we are giving an adequate amount of time to each park? The time spent in each place could be adjusted as needed, we are very flexible (as long as we are in Glacier on the days I have reservations for).
Also is it worth the lengthy detour to visit Crater Lake? A bit undecided on that aspect.
Other than those few questions any advice/criticism is welcome!
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2023.06.05 01:49 StacksDragon Family portrait, 1907. My great and great-great grandfathers are in this photo! G-g-grandfather was 46 when this was taken. On porch of family home, Clearfield, PA.

Family portrait, 1907. My great and great-great grandfathers are in this photo! G-g-grandfather was 46 when this was taken. On porch of family home, Clearfield, PA. submitted by StacksDragon to TheWayWeWere [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:21 gottogo167 Advice!!

My advisor in college was on the board of admissions a few years ago. He left because it was a lot of work. Anywho, he asked me when he was advising me what I wanted to specialize in, in medicine. I told him FP and the reasons why. I witnessed the aftermath of a drive by shooting and saw the person take their last breath. I was young but instead of being scared, I was very intrigued. Fast forward a few years, my grandma dies and we paid extra to watch the cremation and press the button for her to go in and such. I start college and start reaching out to coroner offices in hopes to be an intern. I get two internships and there I am hands on in assisting autopsies. Fast forward to a week ago, my cousin dies at home and when I go to the home, she is still there deceased waiting for the coroner office and funeral home. These events kind of solidified my interest over the years. I was a anthropology major my first semester of college and switched to biology. Biology would also secure me a job in a crime lab in town. Chemistry would too but I’m not that great in it. (I talked to the owner of the crime lab in town for an internship but he said to come back when I graduate because I’d have to be full time.) He tells me that I would be put in a different category when I apply because of the shortage of FP and how it’s very different from a traditional doctor. I don’t know how true this is. I’m going to apply next spring to medical school and am very nervous and scared. I’m open to other specialities like ER, neuro (really liked the brain when assisting in autopsies) , or ICU. I like the thrill of the unknown and rush of adrenaline. One of the main and only reasons I wanted to go into medicine is because of FP. I am open to other things like I said however. I have all of the other options in forensics and liked FP the most. I’m scared about my personal statement and if I should make it all about why I want to go into FP. Or if I should also mention I’m open to other specialities. I’m also kind of burnt out of school and would like advice on how to keep going.
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2023.06.05 01:16 ooREV0 [CA 92563][FS][FT] ISS Vanguard, Etherfields, Marvel Champions, Sushi Go, Raiders of the North Sea, Eldritch Horror, + More [W] Cash/Venmo/PayPal

All games are either NIS or in excellent condition unless otherwise stated. Items come from a smoke-free home. Everything ships from 92563 via Pirate Ship or is available for local pickup.

Possible trades: Aeon Trespass: Odyssey, The Witcher: Old World, Kanban EV, Nemesis Medic, Nemo's War Journey's End Expansion.
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2023.06.05 01:00 the_og_bryanj JJ Bittenbinder, Sept 1 1942 - May 26 2023

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2023.06.05 00:54 ThePhlyingPhish What Happened on June 3rd?

Honestly? I have no idea how to start this one. In fact, I don't even know if I should post this, period. My parents brought me my phone a couple hours ago, and scrolling through YouTube and Reddit doesn't do much to take my mind off of things. I might as well write my heart out, right? Maybe somebody out there can find my story helpful, insightful, thoughtful... I dunno. Anyways, I might as well get writing before another couple officers walk in, looking for some details that they missed the last time I told them about what happened on June 3rd.
This part isn't exactly central to the story per se, but I'd like to just honor my buds, say what I thought about them before I forget. These guys, to me, were like a second family. The type of guys you'd call to help get rid off a body, the type of guys who would follow you anywhere. I've known them since I transferred in 4th grade. Only pair of dudes that would give me the time of day in the entire school, Andy and Gabriel. Andy was a sort of short and skinny guy, but he'd talk so much you'd swear he was six inches taller than he was. He'd always go on like he was God's greatest gift on Earth, especially when it came to sports. He'd yell Kobe and miss a rebound, or tell us to call him Messi and miss every goal. Your typical jokester. We didn't start off as friends either. It was around the fourth time
in the Office for fighting that I got wise, looked over at him, glanced at his bruised eye, then felt my own jaw. "Hey, we good? I got my licks-" I paused to scratch my cheek for effect- "and you definitely got yours..." Andy just looked me up and down once, checked himself, grinned like a Hyena and that was that. I met Gabriel through Andy. He was the only one of us you could call a popular kid. He's good at Baseball, really friggin' athletic, tall, built like a milk truck, and kind. Super kind. Like you could just ask him for a french fry, or a slice of bacon off his burger or something and he'd just do it. Didn't expect anything back. Didn't say anything. He'd glance up and just give you whatever you needed, no BS. We were walking back to Gabe's house after a party at a Junior's house, some slacker that wears a bunch of fake bling to school and takes "bathroom breaks" to vape in the stall. Some dude destined to be handing you a Big Mac in a couple years, you know? Not exactly the shining example of morality, not that I would know. Anyways, I really only showed up to shoot the shit with my buds and for some "apple juice" in those plastic red cups. I was going to bounce when I figured out this dude who was hosting the party, Mr. "I'm too cool for school", didn't have anything that could get me plastered. As it turns out, Gabriel wasn't feeling the party either, and Andy was "having no luck with the ladies", (Giggity,) so we all decided to nab a couple of waters and cookies for the road and stepped out into a warm summer evening. (Seriously, Andy gives me pedo vibes sometimes)
It wasn't exactly dark when we left the house. It was that perfect time of night where there was red, orange and purple reflecting off of the clouds in the sky. I snapped a photo 'cause I'm that kinda guy, and we started walking. This neighborhood was one of those aging 60's neighborhoods with all of the one story buildings, rusty chain-link fences, crack houses, senior citizens, that sort of stuff. Perfectly square blocks and blocks of houses with the peeling paint, broken sidewalks, barking dogs, you get the picture. If you were to think of the neighborhood from the top down, it would be like a big square with about three streets of depth inwards, with a big forest in the middle. Inconveniently, the party was in the western corner, while Gabe's house was down a slope, on the exact opposite side, the east side of the neighborhood. Basically a big pain in the posterior. Now just to be clear, we couldn't call Gabriel's mom for a pickup because of the nature of the party, and we weren't really feeling like taking the shortcut path through the woods at night, so we took the long way around. about a quarter of the way down, like 10-15 minutes into the walk, the lights lining the street flicked on. Now, that didn't bother us too much, because Gabe's casa was su casa, or whatever. In short, we had spent a lot of time walking around here before. Anyways, when the lights turned on they sort of dazzled my eyes, and a whole thing happened with me and the sidewalk called tripping. I went down and cut up my hands real nice and both of the guys turned around to help me up. It took them a second to spot me, because the lights lining the street were spaced in such a way that they would have a sort of staggered area of effect when they turned on. I had happened to trip right in one of the dark spots, so like I said, it took them a second to get me off of the ground. I got up, and did that thing you do when your hands hurt after a fall and you smack them together and rub them against your pants.
"You good?" asked Andy.
"Yeah yeah, I'm fine," I said, still slapping my thighs.
I looked up and saw somebody standing underneath the closest streetlamp. They were positioned in such a way that they faced the road from the lip of the sidewalk they stood on, with their head cocked slightly way from us and down, like they were staring intently at a bug or something in the road.
they guys must have seen me gazing off into the distance and they turned around to stare with me. the figure was around 20 feet away, right underneath the halo of light that the streetlamp made. they were wearing an old ice cream coat and uniform, like something out of the 60's. The folded cap on their head at a jaunty angle, a shock of slicked back golden hair just underneath it.
"Whaaaaat theeeee fuuuuuuck..?" I whisper to no one in particular.
When did he get there?
We had started walking towards the man, transfixed, and stopped just outside of the light's reach. He looked gaunt, sickly, almost. His mouth was pulled into a thin customer service sort of smile. the uniform he wore was a bit dirty, with a twig or two hanging from his pants like he had been running through the forest or something. that something on the ground seemed to be pretty interesting to him, so we all turned to try to sot what was capturing his attention. Looking back, I should have known right there. Have you ever seen someone doing or wearing or saying something that had compelled you to stare at them? Like a junkie downtown or some dude wearing a sign saying the end is nigh? And do you remember how you tried not to stare but kept that person in your peripheral vision, because they were interesting or suspicious or whatever? That's exactly what this guy was doing. He was looking at us. We never even noticed. Anyways, we hadn't seen anything on the ground so we looked back at this dude. BOOM! Instant time-out. Somewhere in that quick glance when we weren't paying attention, his head snaps up and locks us with this piercing stare. Now my heart's going a mile a minute. Fight or flight's kicked in and I tense up. my hands come up and I'm making fists. Meanwhile, the rational, thinking part of me is analyzing this guy. He hasn't broken that unnerving, artificial customer service smile. in fact, it looks almost wider, almost hungry. that's not the worst part. there's blood on his left thigh, black now after so much time. His eyes. I'm going to remember those eyes 'till the day I die. Even at night, his pupils were a darker black than anything in the world had any right to be. All consuming, omnipotent, soul-seeing eyes. The killing intent radiating from this thing was overpowering. Time-in.
"Jesus Christ!" Gabe barks.
It's the first time I've heard him swear. Andy's transfixed.
"What's the game plan?" I say, surprising myself with the icy calm in my own voice.
Andy's practically talking to himself. "I-I think we should-" he swallows audibly- "go around?"
The light creates an invisible barrier between us and the man-thing. we shuffle along the edges of each streetlight's effect. The neighborhood goes silent, save for a slight breeze along my back. every time i glance towards the ground to make sure I stay out of the light, he seems to get closer. of course he doesn't in actuality, because every time I look up in fear, he's still standing there, right there on the curb. We finally make it around that first light and turn around to face the second one. He's right there. Right on the border. that invisible line that separated the living from the dead.
Andy falls backwards. His arm falls into the light and instantly it's upon him. it's nails have turned into long, wicked claws. They rip into his upper arm and shoulder. It managed to nick his artery before we pull him out of the light. Andy is screaming bloody murder and I take off my shirt and tie it around the worst around the worst of his wounds. An uncaring, cold part of me surveys the damage and notes that Andy is unlikely to live more than an hour without emergency care. I hate that part of me. I hate how in that time of crisis, I could come to terms with one of my best friends dying to a freak on the street. Did it even matter? those years of friendship, now that I look back? That's one of the reasons I'm writing this story I guess. This story is me caring, right? The fact that I'm writing this shows I care, right? Anyways, in that instant I know we're screwed. there's no way we can get Andy back to Gabriel's house in time if we have to deal with this thing. The Ice-Cream Man surveyed his work as Gabe tried calling his mom for the fourth time. Andy had stopped screaming and passed out. I ended up holding his hand, staring up at this monster. It seemed to enjoy hurting us, enjoy it's handiwork. I grimaced and turned to Gabriel.
"Time to go, dude." Gabe looked up at me, still holding his buzzing cellphone to his ear. there was desperation and shock in his eyes, and I guess it was the same for me too. "We've got to go."
I made it clear this wasn't a conversation to be having.
It's sort of an open secret that I'm the thug of the school. At least, that's what everyone else thinks. It's not like I'll try to rob you or anything, but everyone knows that time I bent a kid's knee backwards. I didn't get into major trouble because of it, due to the fact there was a recording showing three guys ganging up on me, hurting me. I didn't have to make that kid a cripple, but I did. I got beaten for a year and a half, by those same three guys, and it all came out at once. I wanted to hurt him, and I did. but when you do that to someone, no matter how justified, people treat you different. especially when they're the same people who watched me get punched, and kicked, and hit, and put down. In a heartbeat, I was an untouchable. No more social life. No girlfriend, or anything like that. So, my only friends on this earth were Andy and Gabe. Blah blah blah, I'm sure you don't care about the sob story screw-up called my life. Anyways, the important part is that Gabe knew my business voice when I spoke.
"Okay, here's the idea." I glanced over to Mr. Freak. "We're going to take the forest path. It doesn't have any lights, so we'll be fine. if we move fast on the downhills, we can make it to your Mom's house and go to the hospital before..." I spared a glance to looked at Andy's face. he looked like he was sleeping. I felt around for his pulse.
He was still alive, thank God.
Gabe looked like he wanted to say something, and I knew exactly what he wanted to say. We were going to cross that bridge when we came to it.
We had, like I said, been around the block before. we made it to the trailhead, with that thing following us all of the way. jumping from streetlight to streetlight. The streetlight that would normally light the signpost and path into the forest was out, and it had been for years. That wasn't the issue. The issue was that the exit, the exit that was a short jog away from Gabe's house, had been replaced just last summer. we both knew that it was very likely that someone wouldn't make it. Gabe hoisted Andy into a fireman's carry, and we started our descent down the hill in silence. I made a sparing glance backwards, and there the Ice-Cream Man stood waiting.
It was hard keeping track of which trail we were on and where to turn in the pitch dark. It was around 10:00 now, and Andy seemed to get worse as time went on. We almost got lost a couple times, and we had to double back every now and again too. Gabriel and I said nothing as we went downhill. We said nothing when we saw the trail outlet at the bottom of the hill. We said nothing when the Ice-Cream Man appeared right underneath the lamppost. The sign read; "Rubicon Valley River Loop: 1.1 mi". We came right up to that invisible border again.
"I'll go first."
"Will you? We both know-"
"Shut the hell up and listen to me."
Gabriel. He was good at Baseball, really friggin' athletic, tall, built like a milk truck, and kind. Super kind. Like you could just ask him for a french fry, or a slice of bacon off his burger or something and he'd just do it. Even if there was a deadly monster chasing you, with his Mom's house just a short jog away. Even if you were willing to fight it instead, even if it didn't make sense for him to stay behind. Even if he knew you wouldn't want to keep living without him and Andy. Didn't expect anything back. Didn't say anything. Even though I'm writing this story just 6 hours later, I can't remember for the life of me how I got across that halo of light without him right behind me. Gabe's Mom flew down the porch when I rounded the corner of the cul-de-sac. I bet she was wondering why we were home so late, why Gabriel wasn't with us, why I was staying clear of the streetlights.
I remember her asking me where her niño was.
When I woke up in the hospital, the police asked me where the wolves attacked us. I didn't correct them. What was the point? I assume they knew what was actually out there. After all, wolves bite and tear. It was just a line for the news stations. Turns out I was raked across the back by a wolf too. The doctors told me I was very lucky. They said if Gabe's Mom was a second slower getting us to the ER, I would have ended up like Andy. I feel cold. I haven't been crying. Do I even care? I feel like I'm a horrible person. I hope that I'm allowed to go to their funerals, pay my respects. My Dad has a Machete hidden under the bed. That Ice-Cream Man better be counting every second he has left, because I'm going to do more than bend his knee backwards next June 3rd.
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2023.06.05 00:52 LongAccomplished1236 Looking for input: best ways to received 7+ figure transaction bonus from company sale

In the tech start-up I essentially run, we are selling to a large, private, strategic. I don't have equity but as recognition for my pivotal role, I've just been informed that I should expect 5-10% of the purchase price and have been advised to figure out what would be the best way to receive it, for tax considerations. Would be grateful for your input of you've seen something like this before. Thanks!!
Details (all I have at the moment as the transaction gets closer to close): - I will continue in the purchase as the division head within the buyer - $25-50M EV/purchase price - two payouts in the deal 1) at close for ~$25M, 2) in 2024 for $0-25M depending on hitting earn-out contingency (likely) - Uses: likely vacation home purchase, savings, travel, may eventually pursue law school (a dream of mine) - goal seems to be minimizing tax impact - married, mid 30s, with kids, Washington state
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2023.06.05 00:37 NFCAAOfficialRefBot [POST GAME THREAD] Montana defeats The Citadel, 23-0

The Citadel The Citadel @ Montana Montana
Game Start Time: 2:00 PM ET
Location: Washington-Grizzly Stadium, Missoula, MT
Watch: Root Sports
The Citadel The Citadel
Total Passing Yards Total Rushing Yards Total Yards Interceptions Lost Fumbles Lost Field Goals Time of Possession Timeouts
0 yards 0 yards 0 yards 0 0 0/0 0:07 3
Montana Montana
Total Passing Yards Total Rushing Yards Total Yards Interceptions Lost Fumbles Lost Field Goals Time of Possession Timeouts
0 yards 90 yards 90 yards 0 0 0/0 6:11 3
Drive Summary
home for 90 yards in 371 seconds ending in touchdown
away for 0 yards in 3 seconds ending in delay_of_game
away for 0 yards in 0 seconds ending in delay_of_game
away for 0 yards in 0 seconds ending in delay_of_game
Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
Montana 23 0 0 0 23
The Citadel 0 0 0 0 0
Game thread

Game complete, Montana wins!

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2023.06.05 00:32 Long_Yesterday1052 Detox recommendations?

Sorry if this isn’t the right sub for this question. (If it’s not, do you know where I can ask?) I am looking for a medically-supervised alcohol detox center near Downingtown, PA. All I can seem to find are inpatient treatment centers.
I don’t want to detox at home because I know it’s unsafe, but I do really want to stop drinking. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.05 00:24 NFCAAOfficialRefBot [POST GAME THREAD] Oregon State defeats Washington State, 59-21

Oregon State Oregon State @ Washington State Washington State
Game Start Time: 10:30 PM ET (Thursday)
Location: Martin Stadium, Pullman, WA
Watch: ESPN
Oregon State Oregon State
Total Passing Yards Total Rushing Yards Total Yards Interceptions Lost Fumbles Lost Field Goals Time of Possession Timeouts
0 yards 412 yards 412 yards 0 3 3/3 16:48 3
Washington State Washington State
Total Passing Yards Total Rushing Yards Total Yards Interceptions Lost Fumbles Lost Field Goals Time of Possession Timeouts
299 yards 0 yards 299 yards 2 0 0/0 11:08 2
Drive Summary
away for 70 yards in 227 seconds ending in touchdown
home for 6 yards in 40 seconds ending in turnover
away for 0 yards in 37 seconds ending in turnover
home for 7 yards in 29 seconds ending in turnover
away for 46 yards in 39 seconds ending in touchdown
away for 35 yards in 72 seconds ending in touchdown
home for 5 yards in 67 seconds ending in turnover
away for 44 yards in 38 seconds ending in touchdown
home for 7 yards in 45 seconds ending in turnover
away for 32 yards in 44 seconds ending in touchdown
home for 70 yards in 128 seconds ending in touchdown
away for 37 yards in 41 seconds ending in end_half
home for 2 yards in 50 seconds ending in turnover
away for 39 yards in 47 seconds ending in touchdown
home for 70 yards in 80 seconds ending in touchdown
away for 4 yards in 81 seconds ending in turnover
home for 21 yards in 53 seconds ending in turnover
away for 46 yards in 105 seconds ending in field_goal
home for 17 yards in 47 seconds ending in turnover
away for 42 yards in 139 seconds ending in touchdown
home for 75 yards in 90 seconds ending in touchdown
away for 17 yards in 72 seconds ending in turnover
home for 1 yards in 27 seconds ending in turnover
Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total
Washington State 0 7 7 7 21
Oregon State 15 24 7 13 59
Game thread

Game complete, Oregon State wins!

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2023.06.05 00:12 cozy_e Is there anyway to have permission over a deceased family member grave?

My sibling recently passed away and due to some shady things my other parent name is now on the funeral home/cemetery paperwork.. is there anyway to have like a sole custody over a grave site to PREVENT the other party from doing anything to the grave? (Such as putting a tombstone) (FYI: and my mother is the legally in charge over my siblings things/estate)
Background: my father is a deadbeat.. and his family members are deadbeats as well.. when my brother got sick.. they all came In and made a side deal with the funeral home folks and now my dad as half of my brother’s insurance policy (which we didn’t know about) and now they are trying to put a tombstone on my brothers grave.. which we don’t feel is right because they had no contact with us since his passing (even while he was alive) and my father does not take care of his 2 remaining kids and spent my brothers life insurance policy on drugs.
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2023.06.04 23:43 SorryToComplain My GF(28F) blames me(31M) for another person having a panic attack

To start off I just want to say thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this and also that it doesn't not feel good sharing details of my relationship online but my Gf (Emily for the sake of the story) has encouraged me multiple to share on reddit. So here we go. Emily and I are in a argument today, the start of this was my younger brother(28M) asked if we wanted to join him and his gf(30F "Vicky") to go to the spring fair that the town he and I grew up in holds every year. At first I was apprehensive about this for a few reasons the 1st being that Vicky is an alcoholic with a rather serious problem who has a history of picking fights with anyone when she feels stress and makes scenes in public. For some context my brother has tried extensively to get her into rehab to no avail it just leads to her getting aggressive so he just does his best to keep her from getting blackout drunk everyday he doesn't drink anymore because of her and does his best to keep it out of their house. After mentioning it to Emily she wanted to go so I figured why not at least for the nostalgia of going back to somewhere we use to have fun as kids. So the plan was that we would go grab some fair food watch the derby that stated at 7:15 and check out what else is there. So to me if the derby starts at 7:15 that means get there for at least 7 so we can grab some seats, but to Vicky that meant getting in the car to leave at 7:30. I did not say a word even tho I think it is really rude and selfish, just tried to talk and joke with my brother who I haven't really seen since before Christmas (long story) so we brought the presents we haven't been able to give them yet, since it's June I was shrugging and making a wide eyed face in an awkward joking way when we handed them the gifts which I didn't have to do but was trying to lighten the mood since Vicky was storming around blaming everyone else for her not being ready yet, and then Emily who wasn't really paying attention when I was talking to my brother handed him some laundry detergent that she ordered to much of online and I made the same face. It was not my intention but without saying anything Emily took this to be deeply offensive as she thinks I was making fun of her and refuses to see it any other way. Also while this interaction was taking place Vicky took the opportunity to take a couple shots of Jägermeister when she thought no one was looking. By the time we actually parked it was almost 8 and Vicky was still taking forever to get out of the car and start walking toward the fair grounds because she is yelling at my brother how she needs a smoke when we get to the gate as I'm paying the absurd admission fee of $20 per person I can hear on the PA that the derby is finishing, I am not sure if anyone else heard it but within 30 seconds of getting through the gate Vicky started to have a panic attack. I am no expert but it's always been my understanding that it is best to give someone having panic attack space, not to surround them and repeatedly asked are you okay. So that is what I tried to do and let her and my brother have a moment since it is literally what Vicky was asking for. Emily took offense to this as well and thinks I was being insensitive and uncaring when in reality I was just trying to do what I thought was best in the situation since in the past Vicky seeing me when she gets like this makes things worse. We waited a few minutes for her to settle and feel okay while making it clear we have the option of leaving right then, it's no big deal. She decides no we should at least get some food since we came all the way there and weren't getting our admission fee back anyway. So we went and grabbed a blooming onion from a food truck. After receiving our food Vicky walked over to a corner I thought she was looking for somewhere to sit and eat since there was a bench over there but it was clearly for the food truck employees to have their break area. I asked 4 or 5 times what are we doing over here, do you guys want to go find some where to sit, let's go this way.. no one responded to me, I did not realize Vicky was having another panic attack since she was acting completely differently from the panic attack she had 15 minutes earlier, thinking I guess they're just waiting for me to move since my back was facing the only direction we can walk I see that the Emily is following me but she had already made it clear with her body language she wasn't interested in holding my hand walking through the crowd like we usually would do so I keep walking since 1 I hate being in a flow of crowded people 2 who stops and stands in the middle of where hundreds of people are clearly walking? We get through the crowd and Emily is right behind me but upset because she thinks I was insensitive to Vicky again/ thought I tried to leave her behind. My brother and Vicky were 20 seconds behind us we sat and ate without anyone saying much of anything then after maybe about an hour after getting through the gate we decide to leave. Get back to the car and Vicky is again angrily demanding smokes but also just realized she has no idea where her phone is so my brother and I spend a few minutes looking for it and then stop because it's not the first time she drank to much before leaving and just left her phone at home this upsets her of course but ends up being the case. So driving back home from my brothers place Emily is giving me the silent treatment, get home have a few minutes to unwind still not talking to me, she goes to start playing a game on the computer, I felt that was enough time for her to bring it up on her own and didn't feel like being treated like this again so I asked calmly if she wants to talk about what the problem is, Emily then proceeded to list the things I explained above while accusing me of being the problem and that I am at fault cause she thinks I was angry. It was a pretty bad night but reflecting I do not see how to do things differently in the future at no point throughout the night did I raise my voice, show any type of upset expression on my face, say anything that was rude or combative, I didn't take a deep breath because she gets upset when she can hear me exhale. I apologized for hurting her feelings about the laundry detergent but will not say I did it intentionally because I did not do it intentionally so she stormed off to bed. More silent treatment today until she needs a ride to work even tho I made it clear I'm not going anywhere today and she can drive my car herself since it's only a 5-10 min drive from our place she insisted I drive her. On the way there she tried to tell me an even more elaborate detailing of what she feels I did wrong while also insisting that I did not apologize the night before and I am not allowed to speak on my own behalf, then yelling at me every time I did try to speak which escalated and lead to her stating in a clear voice repeatedly that "now she is going to cry at work" like it is a threat or something. She deals with PTSD from SA by her stepbrother (she has given the green light for me talk about this on here, she did a post herself going into detail about it both to vent and for the sake of awareness about speaking out even when your family tries to tell you that you can't) I have known from the very start of our relationship and have always been as supportive and sensitive as possible when caring for her needs, not to say that I am perfect at it but I always have tried to be supportive in whatever way she says she needs. Like many other people I deal with my own anxiety, I have a different brother who I haven't spoken since I was 18 because he is an addict among other things but because we use to look so much a like I have been jumped twice, almost been stabbed and when I was in high school some guy came into my school with a gun threatened to shoot me in the face over problems with that brother. I don't try to use it as an excuse but the truth is I don't like large social settings, no matter how much I try it is hard to not be a little on edge, I pay a bit closer attention to my surroundings than the average person does and even tho I've explained it the best I can to her she gets upset when she notices I get like that and thinks there is no acceptable reason for my behaviour. We met when I was 19 and she was 17 she approached me at my work and asked for my number. We have been through a lot together and I love her however lately it feels like this is a repeating pattern where if anything goes wrong that negatively impacts her view of a experience it is my fault and keeps defaulting to yelling that I'm an asshole and she thinks I need therapy and tho I have explained repeatedly I have sought out someone to speak to online and the idea of sitting down and paying someone to hear your problems is a concept that I am not very comfortable with she stubbornly and in my opinion aggressively denies I am doing anything and inadvertently repeatedly states that she is "healthy" and I am not which feels really insulting after all the support I gave while she was going through her therapy which she procrastinated on for a year without a peep out of me because I understand it was a hard situation and that forcing yourself to "get help" is not necessarily the best move if your not mentally ready for it. TLDR -- Being called an asshole for how I handled Vicky having a panic attack.
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2023.06.04 23:36 Adorable-Climate6915 (Selling) Large Selection w/ New Additions. Mostly $3 Codes

All codes are HD unless indicated by a (4K or SD)
(4K/HD) means I have both.
Some codes might work on other redemption sites. Just ask, and I'll check!
Payments through PayPal FF and Venmo (DM me)
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Spiral: Book of Saw (4K/HD) (Itunes/Vudu/Google) ($4/$3)
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Split (MA) ($3)
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Zootopia (MA) ($3)
I also have some rewards sheets (Disney/Sony/Universal), but I don't know what to do with them if anyone wants to buy them. ($1 per code)
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2023.06.04 23:34 JohnLemonnn69 [Aldridge] Ish Smith on winning a ring: “It would be gratifying, honestly. And, that’s not everything. A piece of jewelry isn’t any and everything. But, man. The years you go through, the 13 years and counting. The years you won 10 games... A ring isn’t everything, but man, it (would feel) good.”

“It’s obvious why he’s stuck around as long as he has. He’s such a good dude. Guys love him,” says Jeff Hornacek, who coached Smith in Phoenix in 2013-14.
“Anybody asks me about my professionalism, I tell them, I learned a lot from Ish,” says KCP, who’s been on three teams with him. “Just being with him in Detroit, and him moving around, and (us) meeting up in Washington. It never seems like it bothers him. He stays happy, smiling, like always supporting the group. I learned a lot from him.”

It took humility — most coming honestly, because Smith is that kind of man, from that kind of family. His mother cleaned houses in the mornings and raised him, along with his two sisters and a brother, in the afternoons. His father taught at a high school in the morning, then did janitorial work in the evenings, for the family company.
There were no excuses in the Smith home, and no shortcuts. When Smith was entering his senior year at Central Cabarrus High in Concord, N.C., he wanted a car — “a green Honda Accord, $2,500, 1993,” Smith recalled. His father pointed down to the baseboards in a classroom at his father’s school.
“‘Ish, you want this car?,'” his father asked him. “‘We’re going to pull (the old baseboards) off, and you’re going to put some new baseboards down. They need new baseboards. That’s how you’re going to get your money.’ That’s kind of indicative of how I was raised, why I work, why I don’t trip. If you told any of us that we’d be sitting there, at this time, when we were young, we would have signed up.”
It’s still hard, though, in a league that tests you every day, and that works overtime to grind you down, question your worth, to not get jaded about the business. Yet Smith never has complained about the myriad trades that have been a regular part of his Februarys, or the minimum contracts, or the sporadic playing time.
“He’s been like that forever,” says Stan Van Gundy, now an analyst for TNT, who coached him in Orlando and Detroit.
“He’s just, he totally gets how fortunate, not just himself, but anyone, is to be in the NBA and playing. He’s just one of the most grateful people — not just in the NBA — that I’ve been around. He appreciates everything that’s happened. And he’s worked his ass off to get all this. But he doesn’t even really talk about that. He’s just seriously grateful to be able to play in the league, and everything else. … I never saw a day, not one, where Ish was down and didn’t have enthusiasm, didn’t have energy. Not one day.”
It’s why Smith is fine with playing only a little more than nine minutes a game this season. The Nuggets have Jamal Murray to handle the rock, and have revitalized Bruce Brown’s usage as a point guard, as he played effectively earlier in his career. So Smith sits. Yet the one achievement Smith’s never been able to reach through his play is now three victories from happening, in a season where he’s rarely played at all. The Show is funny that way.
“It would be gratifying, honestly,” Smith says. “And, that’s not everything. A piece of jewelry isn’t any and everything. But, man. The years you go through, the 13 years and counting. The years you won 10 games. The years you were enjoying a city, you’re on a team, and all of a sudden they call you and say, ‘Ish, you’re about to get traded.’ Then the years you’re in Detroit and keep hitting your head on the ninth seed, then you finally get in the eighth seed and play Milwaukee, and they bust your head. Those, it just feels like it’s putting an icing on the cake.
“A ring isn’t everything, but man, it (would feel) good.”
Good read for a guy who has the NBA record for most teams played and is now just three wins away from finally winning a title after enduring team mediocrity throughout his career.
Would be happy for Ish, Jeff Green and DJ to win it all. I think it is safe to say that they will finally hang up their journeyman tag as they found home in Denver
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