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2019.05.04 02:37 rriolu372 Gacha Life Cringe

(The subreddit has been shutdown, so nobody can post, only comment.) The video game Gacha Life created by Lunime has a very bizarre fanbase. While most of it consists of kids ages 6-14, the content they create can be violent, inappropriate, or downright pornographic. Don't forget that these videos are marketed towards kids. Luckily, most of the fandom's content is just cringeworthy. This sub is for showing the icky and cringeworthy things made by members of the community.

2023.06.10 06:24 hallowed_Lethargy Posting garbage manga art for yall's enjoyment

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2023.06.10 06:23 YogurtRoutine7875 shit from my notes app, maybe poetry? definitely heavy stuff

the bittersweet mix of sadness and relief when scars can be mistaken for stretch marks
the absolute pure pain that overcomes you when you realize you have totally and completely lost in the way you feared you would
the sadness and dryness and puffiness and complete dread and exhaustion after you’ve cried as if someone tore your heart out
no one talks about the aftermath of depression and self harm. no one talks about the silent glances between you and your former weapon of choice. the very weapon you used on yourself. for not being good enough. for not being strong enough. for not being able to control. for not being able to fear.
all i want is my mom. all i want is my dad. instead i have pain. and feelings of regret. and feelings of failure. and feelings of giving up hope.
when the anniversary comes around and for some twisted comfort you run ur fingers along the grooves in ur skin. the grooves that would’ve been foreign to you a year ago.
the words try creeping out of my teeth as the letters, words, and phrases dance in my head, but anger burns in my mouth barely letting me breath let alone speak. again. the words are pushed down and only tears are shared. only a scowl. the anger only showing through the shaking of my body. and yet again. the true weight of my feelings overlooked.
somehow someway, there’s a weight on me here. sometimes on my shoulders. sometimes pushing on my chest. sometimes giving me a headache as i struggle to find the logic. and sometimes numbing my heart. all aching me to leave. to throw the white flag. to call it quits. decide this isn’t my battle. but the one i so often cannot let go. let myself lose. but if i continue, will i ever know peace? know true and honest unconditional love? live the life I was meant to have and not the one I think THEY want? how do i come out of this whole again? how do i come out of this me again? how do i come out of this without hating myself and without more scares than i even have now? how do i forgive? how do i let go? how do i stop fighting? stop protecting?
the early morning or late night feeling sitting in your room, in your pajamas, dried tears, wrapped in blankets and trembling. the silence of all of you being zoned out before someone says something. something so deep and cringey and dramatic that would never be said in any other circumstance, but hits so close to home everyone takes a minute. these moments when you feel so close to ur siblings yet so far from ur parents and even the world. still contemplating if you’re the problem. if there even is a problem. and in this moment, the only thing you long for is peace. is waking up with the sun and hearing the birds, is being a little kid and dancing with mom in the kitchen, all you want is to lay in the sun with your brother with no worries. all you want is for someone to tell you it’ll all work out and be ok. all you want is for them to come to their senses and just listen. just give u a hug. just be there for you. but you tighten the blanket around yourself. you rub your eyes. wipe a tear away. look at ur younger brother. think about your younger siblings. and remember that u don’t get those things. you are those things for the little ones. and for a moment that brings you peace but immediately following that moment is unworldly pain. what did you do wrong?
not being listened to. what does it feel like? i don’t even know how to describe it properly. it’s an awful. hopeless feeling. since i was little, everytime i was sick, i would have a dream. this dream was only of muffled screaming. screaming that i can’t get to. or can’t get anyone to get to. and it’s terrifying. all i want is to help. it would wake me up almost immediately. too soon for me to know if it was someone else’s screams or my own. but recently theyve been my own. i’ve been sick. not in the fever way. sick in the mind way. and i’ve been screaming. And no one can hear me. or if they can, they don’t care. and it’s hopeless. all i want is to be helped.
i hear a lot of times, in media and in everyday life, that people wish they could shut their mouths, that blowing up and saying too much gets them in trouble too often. i wish that could be me. and it’s not that i wish i would get in trouble more, i don’t care for trouble, but not saying what you’re thinking and feeling is a terrible feeling. the feeling that ur thoughts are useless. the feeling that no one wants to hear what u have to say so u just shut up and don’t say a thing. not for lack of words. but lack of courage.
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2023.06.10 06:23 samhain2000 Dune (1984)

Dune (1984)
One of my favorite! Voted worst movie of 1984 by Siskel and Ebert. I think David Lynch bit off more than he could chew taking on this story.
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2023.06.10 05:59 Tricky-Action-660 I'm afraid I already met the love of my life and I'm never really going to fall in love with anyone else again.

I know the title sounds dramatic, and I know it's not the end of the world if it ends up being true. It's just really sad to think about. I met my (27f) partner (37m) "Mike" four years ago and immediately fell hard. For a long time I just brushed the feelings off as new relationship energy. I was young, and got excited about any new relationship. But this feeling lasted for months, and every time we were together, I left feeling giddier and more lovedrunk than ever. And after a year, I finally admitted it to myself. I was in love, and maybe for the first time. I didn't tell him I loved him, not at first. If I kept it to myself, it didn't have to be real. He couldn't break my heart if he didn't know he had it, right? But it slipped out a few months later, when we were saying goodnight to each other. It was a casual "I love you," like you say to your family when you get off the phone, but from that point on, I didn't keep it a secret anymore. I loved him, and he loved me. But I still hate saying it. I hate saying it, because there's this invisible countdown clock to the end of our relationship as we know it. There is no happily ever after for us. I get to love him for another year, maybe five, maybe ten. But there's no growing old together. There's no moving in together, no meeting the in-laws, no marriage, no children, no building a life together. I don't know if I even want those things. But if I did, it would be with him.
When we met, we both had primary partners. I had a boyfriend of two years, and he had a girlfriend of ten years. I have since broken up with that primary and haven't seriously dated anyone else. Mike is still with his primary girlfriend, of course, and their relationship is so beautiful and I like her a lot and I think they are perfect together. They spent their formative years together. They became adults together and built a life together and shared experiences that I could never understand. This post isn't about her. Even if she were out of the picture, it wouldn't really change anything. The fact is, someday life is going to take us on separate paths. Neither of us have roots in this town where we live, and both of us are expecting major life changes within the next 1-5 years. If I get a job offer in another state, I'm leaving, and he isn't coming with me, and vice versa. Of course this wouldn't mean we never talk to each other again. I expect we would keep in touch, maybe check in with a text every couple of months. But it would mean no more cuddling on the couch every Wednesday night. No more stopping by with soup when I'm sick. No more weekend bike rides and no more last minute invites to the bar.
I've known this and understood this from the minute our relationship began. It was always meant to be temporary, short-term even. What bothers me is that I'm pretty sure I'm never going to feel this way about someone again. Believe me, I've tried. I've dated a lot in the past four years, and I have met so many interesting, kind, beautiful people. I've had flings that lasted a couple of months, and I have friends who I hook up with every once in a while. But I have never felt about anyone the way I feel about Mike, not even close. Sometimes I think it would be easier if I had never met Mike--then I would just think the lukewarm feelings I have about everyone else were as good as it gets. The way they sing about love in songs? The way it's described in books and poetry? I could go on imagining that those were exaggerations, or that I just wasn't the sort of person to get swept up in some epic romance. But I HAVE met Mike, and I HAVE known love. Now when I hear someone singing about love, I get it. I understand how it fills you up and makes you want to explode. I understand wanting to yell from the rooftops because you just can't contain your feelings. And I'm afraid that this is it for me. People talk about soulmates, they talk about finding "the one," and I used to think that was stupid because there are so many people on this planet that are amazing in so many different ways, and there are so many ways and reasons to fall in love, but after four years of trying, I'm beginning to think this is it. I found The One. And maybe I'm lucky, because if it really is so hard to find someone that you truly connect with, most people probably never find that kind of connection. But all I can think is how devastating it will be once we've separated, because I'll know how good it can get and I'll know what I'm missing out on.

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2023.06.10 05:59 witcharithmetic Who needs coasts when you’re perfectly adrift? Dreamer/professional artist seeks friends. M34 from California

Who needs coasts when you’re perfectly adrift?
I’m a dreamer on a hammock on a spring California night.
Professional photographer and amateur poet. I love scary movies and sad songs.
Let’s be sleeping dogs, let’s be cats in another life
Calling all weirdos. Say hello!
Our dreams play games in convincing ways.
Speak easy and sing slow and tell me who you are when no one else is looking.
I love the smell of coffee and haircuts, and snapdragons in the garden on a day when your allergies act up and you can stop crying even though you’re feeling just fine.
Introvert, dreamer, wanderer, faker.
We’re all just make believe people and none of it matters in the end.
Tell me your favorite scary movie. When was the last time you cried? What was the last thing that truly made you happy?
My favorite colors are teal and purple, my favorite drink is an appletini(made correctly please)
My favorite song is
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2023.06.10 05:57 TheRealWillNash A pundurful story

Trying my best at being punny.
Sadly, with most puns, when they are told (usually by dads) they are often dismissed in ways that seems cold and mean. Before you judge my punderful abilities and read any burrrther, you have to understand pundamentals of pun... itself.
Oh this is going to be so pun, isn't?!
By the way, did you know the actor who plays Legolas tried to meet some fans privately but couldnt because everyone kept screaming its-elf!!
Fun fact! I wanted to share with you something that I thoroughly enjoy. I love a very deep, almost circular hole that stores fresh water. If you dont like that... oh well.
At my old job, I was a bodyguard to a well-known electrician. You wouldn't think an electrician would need a body guard but the power dynamics at his job were shocking, to say the least. Ive heard stories that'll make your hair stand up. To be honest I wasnt very bright, kind of a dull on the job, and because of that, my boss would always blow a fuse. Watt could I do? Watt you dont do is try to run power lines through the wirehouse and bolt out of there. They'll close the circuit on you. That wasn't a very positive experience and I was charged up with negative energy so I took my lunch breaker.
On my lunch break I saw a worker bee contemplating his life choices on a beautiful plant with flowers. Beeing that and beeing his sadness, I muttered to myself 'Oh honey, youre bumbling through life the same way I am. My advice is dont go wasping your life away. I know life stings sometimes and its always pollen you down. You have my sympabees. Please moving forward little friend, bee-have!' Beefore I buzzed the door to let me back inside to work, I looked over to the beeautiful bee on the flower and waspered... dont stop bee leafing my friend!
Feeling stressed at work, I prayed.
Dear Lord, I ask you to please crest me with strength to deal with this singing pig that is my boss, for it is sow-fully terrible to listen to. I beg you to let me rise up and not lose prominence. If I dont receive your cressing, I know Alp fall from this elevation and land boar-down on my face. Can you blame me? This singing pig is trying to swine-dle me! For peaks sake, Im stuck listening to his hymns-illayus! Alas! My lord, being the bigger man is hard, hard ad a rock. This elevation I now sit upon is breathtakingly high up, not for the weak and pun-y!
Haha as you can see, my puns are great! Spanning a vastly huge mountain range of topics and being very (Cl) could say I'm not only very punny, but absolutely peaking hill areas !!!
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2023.06.10 05:54 DnDBambi Random Nighttime Wilderness Encounter Table

Random Nighttime Wilderness Encounter Table
So I'm running SKT and they have a nicely detailed random encounter table for day time travel, but I also really wanted something for the nighttime while the party are trying to safely rest. So I made this!
I added a few unique ideas/suggestions I'd seen around the internet while also creating a few of my own. I had my own party in mind for this (4 x Lv. 6) but I'm hoping it's universal enough to adapt for any party!
Feel free to use and let me know what you think :)

Random Nighttime Wilderness Encounter Table

  • At the beginning of each night/long rest, roll a d20. On a result of 12-20 a nighttime encounter occurs. Roll a d100 and consult the table based on the party's current location
  • Roll a d4 (reroll 4s) to determine if the encounter occurs on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd watch of the night
  • Once they have their first nighttime encounter, the d20 range shrinks by two for every future nighttime encounter thereafter until they reach the next settlement, upon which, the range resets. This is to prevent there being an encounter every single night they're on the road and not bogging down gameplay. Feel free to adjust these DCs if you want less or more random encounters.
    • After first nighttime encounter, new range = 14-20
    • After second nighttime encounter, new range = 16-20
    • After third nighttime encounter, new range = 18-20
    • After four nighttime encounter (and every encounter after) a Nat20 must be rolled to receive a new encounter
The Table

Encounter Table Notes:

Abominable Yeti:
  • A single abominable yeti ambushes the party hungering for flesh and blood. If the party manage to defeat this yeti, there is a 30% chance that 1d3 regular yetis show up after battle, drawn in by the sounds of combat and the scent of blood
  • You can choose between bandits or barbarians for this encounter based on the location and frequency of previous encounters
  • Bandits:
    • 1 bandit captain and 3d6+2 bandits
    • Mounted on riding horses
    • 25% chance they attack without warning
    • Promises the party not to attack if they 'pay a toll' (no less than 100gp of treasure)
    • Is this a potential way to introduce the 'Happy Fun Ball'?
    • Treasure: Each bandit carries a pouch containing 1d10gp. The bandit captain’s pouch holds 2d10gp and 1d6 gems worth 100gp each
  • Uthgardt Barbarians:
    • Hostile group of Uthgardt barbarians made up of 4d6 tribal warriors, and 1 Uthgardt shaman (Appendix C). If the total number rolled is great than 20, add 1d3 berserkers and a tribal chieftain (berserker w 90hp)
      • If dealing with the Gray Wolf tribe, use the werewolf stat block for all berserkers and chieftains (+90hp) and add 1d4 wolves as animal companions
    • Uthgardt Barbarian General Info
      • Black-haired and blue-eyed people
      • Take their name from Uthgar Gardolfsson, a hero chief who battled giants and conquered much of the North before ascending to godhood
      • Currently 11 tribes scattered across the north
      • They speak Bothii (their own language) and most speak common
      • Their spirit mounds are sacred as it's a place where tribe members gather to revere Uthgar, honour their ancestors, make sacrifices to their totem animal spirit, and choose a new Great Chief
      • Uthgardt fear magic so much so that they attempt to kill and dismember any spellcasters they meet
      • Tribal shamans aren't attacked because their power comes from spirits of their dead ancestors
      • Tribes will unite against a common enemy, like a giant (whom they hate most of all)
      • Each tribe consists of 1 Great Chief, 2-5 chieftains, and 1-3 shamans depending on the size of the tribe
      • Use the "Reghed Chieftain" stat block for a Great Chief
  • Uthgardt Tribes and Locations
    • Black Lion Tribe
      • Northern Silver Marches and the Druarwood
      • Spirit mound - Beorunna's Well
      • Great Chief - Stellok Kolraavi (male - wears armour made of orc hide)
      • Shaman - Tysis Kolraavi (Stellok's younger sister)
      • Hate diplomacy and civilisation
      • Avoids settlements in the Silver Marches
    • Black Raven Tribe
      • Icy foothills west of Mirabar including the ice lakes and Spine of the World north of Mirabar
      • Spirit mound - Raven Rock
      • Great Chief - Ojin Voninsdottir (female - orc-skull helm)
      • Prey on caravans travelling via Northern Means or Blackford Road
      • Often ride Giant Vultures into battle
    • Blue Bear Tribe
      • Believed to be extinct but have been spotted throughout the Delimbiyr Vale (from the Nether Mountains to the northern tip of High Moor)
      • Spirit mound - Stone Stand
      • Great Chief - Kriga Moonmusk (female - old and travels in a fur-draped chair carried by 4 tribal warriors)
      • Stays hidden while travelling to preserve the myth of their extinction
    • Elk Tribe
      • Wanders the Evermoors and the plains between Flint Rock and the Dessarin River
      • Spirit mound - Flint Rock
      • Great Chief - Rond Vaarson (male - old)
      • Rond has spilled so much blood in his past, he no longer craves it
    • Gray Wolf Tribe
      • Located throughout the North, as far west as the Sword Coast and as far east as the Delimbiyr Vale
      • Spirit mound - None
      • Great Chief - Recently slain Syken Nightblaze
      • Syken was slain by adventurers from Neverwinter
      • His daughter, Envir Sykensdottir, now controls the pack and plans to attack Neverwinter to prove she should be named the next Great Chief of the tribe
      • Potentially run a surprise encounter if the party ever goes to Neverwinter
      • The tribe roams in packs with ordinary wolves
      • Will hunt down and kill those who survive their attacks to prevent the spread of lycanthropy to non-tribal members
      • The only members of the tribe who possess lycanthropy are the chieftains and berserkers. The rest of the tribe are regular tribal warriors
      • In an encounter have all barbarians start out in human form, then have them use their 'Shapechanger' action on their first turn to turn into a Hybrid or Wolf form and freak the party out
      • Lycanthropy Cure: Can be cured with a 'Remove Curse' or 'Greater Restoration' spell
    • Great Worm Tribe
      • Based themselves at Great Worm Cavern and strike out occasionally to defend their territory (surrounding mountains, Feel Pass, Frost Hills, Lurkwood, and the northern reaches of the Silver Marches)
      • Spirit mound - Great Worm Cavern
      • Great Chief - Wormblod (male - brutal and hoards treasure)
      • Venture into the Crags and its southern plains when food is scarce
    • Griffon Tribe
      • Located throughout the North, as far west as the Sword Coast and as far east as the Silver Marches. Never going further south than Triboar and Yartar in the Dessarin Valley
      • Spirit mound - Shining White
      • Great Chief - Halric Bonesnapper
      • Tribe is dwindling as they have made too many enemies of late (still 300 strong though)
      • Different from all other tribes as they have established a permanent settlement (Griffon's Nest)
    • Red Tiger Tribe
      • Found throughout the Silver Marches but have recently begun moving into its surrounding forests, including elf-controlled regions of the High Forest
      • They are trying to find the Grandfather Tree and lay claim to it
      • Spirit mound - Beorunna's Well
      • Great Chief - Seriska Hungermaw (female - ruthless yet cautious)
      • Often attack settlements in the Silver Marches and prey on caravans travelling on the roads
      • Skilled at avoiding heavily fortified keeps
      • Even known to attack boats on the Rauvin River from time to time
    • Sky Pony Tribe
      • Found near the base of the mountains in the Silver Marches
      • Spirit mound - One Stone
      • Great Chief - Arnzan Vashk (male - orc spearhead sticking out of his chest and he attempts to hide the pain)
      • The tip of the spear is very close to piercing his heart and killing him
      • Was wounded during the War of the Silver Marches
      • His rivals are circling and preparing to unseat him
    • Thunderbeast Tribe
      • Currently hiding in the depths of Lurkwood preparing for a 'stampede' through the Surbrin Hills and the Dessarin Valley to the south
      • Spirit mound - Morgur's Mound (hasn't been visited in years)
      • Great Chief - Harthulk Hornspear (male - towering man with a terrible scowl and cracked, tough skin like dinosaur leather)
      • Their stampede won't stop until their people or their enemies are dead
    • Tree Ghost Tribe
      • Share the High Forest with the native elves
      • Spirit mound - Grandfather Tree
      • Great Chief - Boorvald Orcbane (male - honourable and a protector)
      • Declared themselves the protectors of the Grandfather Tree after years of conflict with other tribes and the elves of the High Forest
      • Rarely seen outside of the forest
      • Boorvald hunts orcs and frequently launches attacks against the Iceshield orc-holds along the western edge of High Forest
      • Boorvald has 6 sons and 3 daughters, each of whom was given an "Oathbow" from the tribe's elf neighbours as a gift of friendship
      • The tribe contains tribal warriors from other tribes who came to the Grandfather Tree, gained enlightenment, and forsook their allegiances to pledge to help the Tree Ghosts protect the Grandfather Tree
Bioluminescent Lights:
  • Depending on the location, this can be represented as bioluminescent lights or more of a aurora borealis in the night sky
  • The party, or person on watch, notices a faint glow coming from nearby in the camp. A small pond (or tree/shrub/etc) is emitting a faint, beautiful glow that seems to be a wonder of nature
  • Describe how the lights beautifully dance and shimmer in the night
  • The effect is harmless and the party can spend as much or as little time engaging with it as they want
  • 2d4+1 vine blights and 2d4+1 needle blights attack the party in the night
  • The vine blights move in close and camouflage using their False Appearance ability. Once they're within 20ft, they run forward and use their Entangling Plants ability to subdue the party
  • The needle blights then move within 30ft and release a volley of needles at the party from a distance
  • Alternatively, the party may happen to set up camp in a congregation of unmoving vine blights who are relying on their False Appearance to strike when the party is caught off-guard. The needle blights join in later in the combat
  • A single bodak is drawn to the party's campsite by the light/noise, following its mission from Orcus to spread death across the Material Plane
  • Any non-war trained animals will flee right before this encounter takes place
  • If it fits in your narrative, the bodak can be a fallen NPC that one of the players used to know. It is seeking out all allies and enemies from its past life to wipe them from existence
  • Increase the HP if a single bodak doesn't pose much of a challenge
Dire Wolves:
  • 3d4 dire wolves encircle and ambush the party at night
  • The wolves won't attack outright. They will surround and then slowly close in on the party, giving anyone a chance to do something that might scare them off before combat begins (PC Intimidation check vs Wolves Insight check)
    • Potentially nominate a pack leader that will have an impact on how this plays out
  • If the party don't do anything or fails to intimidate the wolves, they will attack
  • If things aren't going well for the party, you can have the wolves' survival instinct kick in if their numbers are reduced to less than the number of still-threatening PCs
Displacer Beasts:
  • 1d4+2 displacer beasts ambush the party either for food or just general sport
  • One displacer beast might lash out at the party in an attempt to draw them away from the group to a location where the rest of the pack are waiting for a bloodier ambush
  • 1d4 ghosts appear and attack the party
  • If a 1 is rolled, a solitary, sad-looking ghost appears in the middle of their camp and sings a haunting song, then walks to where its grave is marked by a filthy stone. If the party ignore the ghost or leave the grave alone, nothing happens and the ghost remains suspended in the air looking at the grave until the party leaves. It they clean the grave site out of respect for the dead, the ghost disappears and turns into a shower of 777 silver pieces. If they desecrate or disrespect the grave for some reason, it attacks
    • If it attacks, bump its HP up to 60 so it poses somewhat of a challenge
  • 1d4+4 ghouls attack the party led by 1 ghast
  • The ghast will give orders to the ghouls to attack who it feels is the strongest party member
  • If ghouls are attacked while feasting on a paralysed creature, they will drag their prey their full movement (half speed) away while also continuing to use their bite on their paralysed victim
Giant Snakes:
  • 1d4+1 giant constrictor snakes slither into the campsite and attempt to snap up a tasty meal
  • You can have the snakes appear and pause, waiting to see the party's reaction, to give your PCs a chance to do something that might prevent this from being a combat encounter
Magical Glowing Mushrooms:
  • Tasha's Cauldron of Everything - Magic Mushrooms (pg. 166)
  • The party stumbles across a collection of magic mushrooms near their campsite, radiating this magical glow
  • Those proficient in Medicine, Nature, or Survival can surmise that these are not naturally forming mushrooms and with a DC12 roll, can recall stories of magical mushrooms and how some can save lives or bestow unusual powers when consumed
  • If a mushroom is eaten, roll a d10 to determine its effects:
    • 1: The creature’s skin turns an unusual colour. Roll a d4:
      • 1 - Purple with yellow splotches
      • 2 - Bright orange with tiger stripes
      • 3 - Tree-frog green with red squiggles
      • 4 - Hot pink with yellow spots
      • This change is permanent unless removed by a Greater Restoration spell or similar magic.
    • 2: The creature gains the enlarge or reduce effect (50 percent chance of either) of the Enlarge/Reduce spell for 1 hour.
    • 3: The creature regains 5d8 + 20 hit points.
    • 4: Vocally, the creature can only cluck and croon like a chicken. The creature can also understand and speak to chickens. This curse lasts for 1 hour unless ended by a Remove Curse spell or similar magic.
    • 5: The creature can understand and speak all languages for 1d4 days.
    • 6: The creature gains the benefits of the Telepathy spell for the next 24 hours.
    • 7: The creature gains the benefits of the Speak with Plants spell for 8 hours.
    • 8: The creature immediately casts the Time Stop spell, requiring no components. Constitution is the spellcasting ability for this spell.
    • 9: The creature immediately casts the Detect Thoughts spell, requiring no components. Constitution is the spellcasting ability for this spell.
    • 10: Magical mists pour out of the creature’s eyes and ears, acting as a Fog Cloud spell for 1 hour that is centred on the creature and moves with it.
  • An old halfling woman with a small glaive will approach the party's campsite looking for a place to rest and some company to talk to
  • The glaive is a custom weapon made for a halfling that she's had since she was a young woman. She's pretty handy with it but getting quite slow in her older age. It's her only form of protection as she travels
  • The old woman is really an oni who has used it's Change Shape ability to be able to get closer to its prey
  • When the oni feels the party is no longer believing its lies or has completely let their guard down, it will attack
  • This attack may begin with a Cone of Cold to surprise the party, and then on its next turn it will transform into its true giant form. Or it could also start with the oni transforming prior to combat, then on its first turn casting Invisibility on itself to create a sense of fear amongst the party
Owlbear Pack:
  • A loud, deep hooting sound can be heard throughout the night, not close but not too far from the campsite. The hooting sounds like it comes from something much louder than a regular owl
  • Players who made a successful DC12 Perception check, notice off in the distance a pack of 5 owlbears slowly moving through the terrain in single-file
  • There is a large owlbear at the head of the line, and another large owlbear bringing up the rear. In the middle of them are three smaller offspring
  • They don't appear to be hunting at this moment, just moving from A to B
  • Unless the party does something to draw the pack's attention, they will move on into the night
  • 1d4+1 hunting owlbears will spring into the party's campsite, hunting them for food
    • If a total of 5 is achieved and you feel this encounter is way too deadly for your group, have the hunting pack be a family made up of two adult owlbears and three younger offspring (40hp) who are hunting for their first time (no multiattack)
    • If an offspring is killed, the parents will fight to the death with unbridled fury seeking vengeance
    • If both parents are killed off, the offspring will flee
  • If only 2 owlbears are rolled and you feel this encounter too simple, max out their hit points (91hp)
  • A glimmering, white pegasus descends from the sky and lands not far from the party's campsite, looking for a place to drink, eat, or temporarily rest
    • If this occurs along a road/trail, the pegasus won't land, but will instead gracefully soar past the party, basking in the night air
  • Pegasi are usually quite jumpy, so will immediately take off into the sky if any loud noises are made or it is attacked
  • However, if a good-aligned character can quietly approach and succeed on a DC15 Animal Handling check, the intelligent creature will stay grounded and watch the character as it approaches
  • Narrate a peaceful interaction between the two before the pegasus takes its leave and flies off into the night
    • If a character tries to mount the pegasus they will need to succeed on a DC25 Animal Handling check
    • A failure will result in the pegasus bucking them and flying off
    • A success, and the pegasus will just stand there, MAYBE briefly trot around, before indicating for the character to get off and then saying goodbye and flying off
  • 1 revenant stumbles into the party's campsite, appearing initially like a zombie, but will begin speaking to the party. Very much unlike a zombie.
  • The revenant says he has come to seek justice for the wrongs the party did to him, killing him in such a brutal manner and taking the life of his greatest love, Kella. The party will then see past the unfamiliar face and recognise him as the slain leader of the Seven Snakes, Xolkin
  • As Xolkin has sworn vengeance on the party, he can now only be completely destroyed by either using a Wish spell when his soul is bodiless, the party just straight-up dying, or the party survives for over a year from when the vengeance was enacted. After one of these has occurred, the Xolkin's body will crumble to dust and his soul will fade into the afterlife
  • If Xolkin can't beat them in this first encounter, next time he appears, it will be with weapons and backup (spectres, wights, ghasts, etc). He won't quit until he is successful, making sure each future encounter is harder and more challenging
Stormy Night:
  • The clouds final erupt and the remainder of the night is filled with thundering rain and high winds
    • Rain can be replaced with a blizzard if the party is in the upper mountains or far-north sections of the continent
  • Unless one of the party members has a way to avoid/negate the rain and wind (such as Leomund's Tiny Hut for example), the party has a very restless nights sleep
  • They gain the effects of a Long Rest but everyone also gains one level of Exhaustion and cannot recover any previous levels of exhaustion
  • A single wight leads an undead army to attack the party. The army is made up of 2d6 zombies and 1 ogre zombie
    • If the number of zombies rolled is less than 6, replace the single ogre zombie with 1d4 ogre zombies
  • The wight will send the horde of zombies in first while it attacks from range to begin with, then moving in closer for melee
  • A figure will emerge out of the darkness, staggering a little. They make no effort to stealth either. They are friendly and will comply with whatever reasonable requests the cautious PCs make
  • They will reveal themselves to be a vampire, in dire need of blood. They will ask for a donation, but if refused, will walk away disappointed
  • If the player does contribute blood, the vampire will thank them, and next time this encounter is rolled, the vampire may have a gift for them (magic item, gold/platinum, jewels, etc)
  • The player may choose to drain some blood into a vial or pot for the vampire to then drink, or they may choose to let the vampire bite them. Regardless of the way, they will take 1d6 piercing/slashing damage (based on how they draw the blood), then 3d6 necrotic damage, and their max HP is reduced by that amount until the end of a long rest
  • If concerns are raised, the vampire will assure them that a simple bite isn't enough to turn someone. They must be killed with a bite and then buried in the ground to rise as a vampire
  • If the party is very brazen and choose to attack the vampire, it is the DM's choice whether the vampire straight away flees, or decides to bite a character to take some blood by force to teach them a lesson for their rudeness, then flee
  • A cluster of 1d6+1 will-o'-wisps appear and start floating around the campsite
  • Initially the wisps will appear as beautifully coloured, bobbing lantern lights offering hope and safety
  • Eventually the wisps will surround the party and launch a surprise attack
  • Alternatively, you can have the wisps attempt to lure the party away from the campsite by somehow beckoning them to follow. From here the wisps will lead the party into some sort of hazardous trap like quicksand pits or monster lairs so they can feed on the suffering of their prey and revel in their death screams
    • If you are considering this option, potentially reduce the wisp numbers to only 1d4

If you're interested in the possibility percentages that went into calculating these d100 results, you can see them in this picture here:
Wilderness Encounter Possibility Calculations
If you would like all of the above in a neat PDF format, you can download it here.
Looking forward to hearing people's thoughts!
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2023.06.10 05:48 salor123 The start of a new tale (Storyborn act: 0)

New story time baby. This one would be about god of stories salor and if you know anything about gos salor's backstory then throw that out because I'm retconning it. Plus this is not part of the main salor but a different one. Also I'm don't going to fully work on it yet because I wanna take a break do this type of lore because I just finished SCP salor like 3 days ago lol and just need a break in total. So enjoy the beginning of this tale
The house of ideas. The house of ideas is where most stories are held. Stories about people, there, stories that are lost to time by people, there, if you even made a story it is there. Any story you could think of is stored there safely. Today was a important day for the one known as Salor has been accused of the act of going against the house of ideas.
Salor would be handcuffed with material that couldn't be broken by the most powerful of weapons. Two tall guards with golden armor that had black outlines and markings on them. They had strange looking helmets that even Salor never seen before with purple eyes showing out of them. They wield axes in their hands that in one slash could cut a planet in half. They would arrive at a giant door that went into what Salor could describe as a mansion that was from the 1900th century.
The two guards would put their hands on the door and push it open. The mansion would be far bigger inside than it was outside. It looked like it went on for an endless amount of time with bookshelves of stories. The bookshelves would be made out of the finest wood you could see in several lifetimes as they would hold several types of books about different people, different stories, different legends and far far more. The two guards would continue to bring Salor to where they are going. Salor would try to strike up a conversation.
“So where are we going?”
“I suggest you shut up defendant because your questions won’t help you.” the guard on the left of Salor would say.
“Whatever the boss decides.” Salor would say back.
Before Salor could look to his right, the right guard would grab his ax and would sweep his legs. Salor would be in the air for a bit as he would go back a bit. The guard would lift his ax over him and bring it down with the handle of it hitting Salor in the stomach. Salor would quickly be on the floor and coughing trying to recover from the heavy blow.
“SHIT, what was that for!” Salor would say looking at the right guard.
“Those who defined orders will be put back in line” The right guard would reply.
The two guards would grab Salor by the arms and lift him up where his feet couldn’t reach the floor and only dangle in the air. Salor would try to move his arms but it didn’t work a bit. The two guards would continue to bring Salor to where they were going. They would pass many bookshelves that contained many stories. When he took a closer look he could see they were ordered by series and what genres they were. After some time the three of them would arrive in what seems to be the middle of the grand mansion or library. There was also a book reception desk that was high up like it was a judge’s bench. The guards would drop Salor and kick him down onto the ground. His head would hit down ground as he would give a grunt. The two guards would bring down their axes and they would land right by his head, seeming like they were ready to kill him right there with no hesitation. Saloe was stuck there. His hands were handcuffed behind his back, he was laying on the ground not being able to get up, and finally two axes by his neck that could slice his head off like it was paper. Man, such place to be, his day isn’t going well.
Then up above in the air, two beings would appear.They would both be pitch black and had blue outlines on their clothing and even blue eyes.They would look far different from each other too with the taller one would have a appearance of a grown up woman that would be wearing a overcoat on and wearing a black and blue wedding hat. The other one would have the appearance of a small boy that is wearing a black and blue suit with dapper black shoes on. They would look at each other then look down to the guards and Salor.
“Is he the one who did it?” the boy would say.
“It seems like he is the one.” The woman would reply with.
“Who the hell are you-” salor would try to say but one of the guards would move his ax to have it touch his skin but not hurt it. Salor then went quiet not because of fear but because he was smart.
The two mysterious beings would look at each other and would descend down and where the library-like desks were they would sit down on their respective seats. The woman would pull out a file on the desk and would open it. The file was on Salor and the “crime” he did.
“Today is trial of the house on the character known as Salor who had committed the crime known as rujukanria or the act of disturbing the house of ideas in an act 2 type manner.” The woman would say.
“Woah woah woah there slow down, can anyone tell me what is happening here”. Salor would say in response.
Both of the guards would move their axes closer to his neck, but the boy would raise his hand making the guards move their axes back but still by his neck.
“The one known as Salor, you have been accused for rujukanria act 2. This means that you have knocked over a bookcase that damaged some books apart from the house of ideas.” the boy would say. He would nod to the lady and she would get out a picture. Could you even call it that or something for it looked like a picture but worked like a video. It would show a video of Salor purposely knocking over a giant bookshelf that contained lots of books and tales. It would soon stop as Salor would now have a shocked face.
“That can’t be me, I never even knew about this place until I actually came here.” salor would respond with.
“It sure does look like you and besides it even says in your story it shows you were going to do this and you were there to steal a very variable book” the woman would say with a serious yet disappointed voice.
“It couldn’t be me, it couldn't be…” Salor would look down a bit and realize something. He realized that the “Salor” on the video thing didn’t have a part of his ear was gone where he took a gunshot to the ear. “I was framed…” Salor would whisper to himself.
“What was that defendant?” the Left guard would ask him.
“I was f-”
Before he could finish his sentence he would be cut off by the boy with him raising his hand.
“I think we are done here, there is fine and clean evidence that supports your guilty Salor.”
Now both the boy and the woman would start to speak together
“We, the guardians of the house of ideas have decided to give Salor who has committed rujukanria act 2, shall receive-”
Suddenly a massive explosion would come from the north-westish of where they were. The guards would quickly get ready in a battle stance as they rushed over to the explosion. The two beings would look at each other and decide that the explosion was more important than the Salor trial. The both of them would teleport away leaving Salor alone.
“Should I go see what that was…maybe not”
Salor would get up and start to walk in a random direction that was south-west. He would walk until he saw a section of the library that had the stories of people he knew like old friends and comrades from war. He would continue to walk down the bookshelves and would soon arrive at a specific spot. He would notice that his story was also here too but also by three other versions of him? He didn’t know why there were 3 other books of his but he wasn’t too interested in those but his. He would grab his book and it had a green cover which made him confused. It also had some gold on it for effect which made Salor feel cool. He would flip through the book and he would be shocked that it told every detail throughout his long life even when he went into that long sleep. He would flip until the pages went blank. As he did he could see that his book would have purple markings on one of the pages. He would read it and it was just the exact detail that was on the picture thing. He knew it, he was framed. He didn’t know how but he wanted to know who and how they did it. He would close the book and start to carry it around with him.
He would leave where that around was after a bit of walking he would be lost. Then another explosion could be heard and he saw a yellow, black, and purple cloaked figure dash in front of him and start to race out of the place. Salor would run away and hide and as he predicted, some guards would rush over to where the mysterious figure would dash off too. Luckily they didn’t notice him. What was strange is that those two other people from before weren’t with them.
Yet soon, Salor could feel something. It felt like an unknown force was pulling him to something or somewhere. After the guards went away, chasing the mysterious figure, Salor would sneak away. He would walk for a bit until he would reach a more, far bigger bookshelf. It would have stories of many villains, heroes, and even gods. Salor would keep on walking until he found a green glowing book. This was the thing that was calling him. He would grab the book from the shelf and on the cover it would have the words “The story of the god of stories loki”. It would have green and gold colors on the cover and back. He would look at his book and he realized, they would look the exact same but with different words. He would open the book and would start to read the story about the god of stories loki.
He would sit there reading the story for what felt like hours even though only 30 minutes had passed. He would be done with the book after sometime and a look of excitement. He also felt that his body was a little strange. He would spot a mirror and would walk to it. As soon he looked in the mirror he could tell he was far different. He would have gold horns that tore through two spots on his hat that came from a gold thing that lined up against his hairline. His clothes would completely change with them now being a green overcoat with gold on them and white fluff on top of the coller. His pants would change to gray-blueish pants with brown boots on. Finally, he would notice that he would grow a foot taller now being 5’5.
“Holy shit…I look cool.” Salor would say to himself as he did a little spin.
He would soon walk away with him holding both of the books in his hands. He would walk out of the area of bookshelves. He would continue to walk around a bit until he arrived back into the center of the place and he would see the same exact two beings from before floating in the air talking to each other.
“You think that the mysterious figure would come back again?” The boy would say to the girl.
“I don’t think so. Just by his smirk I could tell that he was satisfie”d with stealing his book.” She would reply with.
“That would be troublesome just by itself. We also have to deal with that salor-” The boy would reply with but stop his sentence when he looked over to Salor and notice his new appearance
“It seemed like he changed.”
“His tale did go into action.”
“What the hell are the both of you talking about?”
The two beings would look at each other, seeming like they were talking to each other through their minds. After a bit they would be done and look down at Salor as he looked on, crossing his arms.
“We have decided on something, Salor.” The woman would say.
“Yea what is it?”
The boy would speak up “prove yourself to us. You have a brand new life thanks to that book. Prove to us you can be the next god of stories and prove your innocence.”
“Next god of stories?” Salor would say to himself and look down. He didn’t know what he meant to be the next god of stories but he needs to prove his innocence to survive.
“What do I get if I do prove myself?”
“The act of rujukanria act 2 shall be dropped, you will have free access to the library, and the respect from the two of us.” The woman would say.
Salor would think to himself again. Getting free from his charges was good and he was interested in the library. He would also get their respect but he conflicted on that part.
“I accept” Salor would say looking up at the two beings.
“Good.” The boy would say.
Now both of the beings would be talking together “as the guardians of the house of ideas mojiama, the woman of peace of the house, and trejiama, the boy of order of the house. Shall see if you are worthy of innocence or you are guilty, now- “
They would bring their right and left arms respectively up, pointing to the sky and then back down to Salor. Some blood would come out of his mouth and as he looked down, he could see 4 bar-like things would be stabbed into Salor. One in his right knee, one in his left shoulder, one in the abdomen area, and finally one in the heart.
Survive” The both of them would finish their sentence.
Salor would start falling backwards and as he did, a hole would appear on the ground. He would fall into it and would start to fall father and father away from the house of ideas. Blood would quickly leave his body but couldn’t cover them. He would continue to fall though all of space seeing many universes, planets and many many more. What felt like an eternity, he would land on something. It was the ground of the void. A splash of blood could be heard as even more blood would come out. He would soon start to lose consciousness but before he did, he could see a tall man that was black as night would approach him. He couldn’t tell what he was or what he was wearing for his vision would be blurry. Soon he would pass out with the mysterious man standing over him.
To be continued
submitted by salor123 to Dbmlore [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:48 SmurfSmurfton How to introduce a god: Lo po bia Traumerei

Consider this as just flattery for SIU's introduction of the head of the lo po bia family.
It is, with out a doubt, the best character introduction we have gotten in the series, and one of the best I have ever seen. Up till now we have been told that the family heads and Zahard are like gods in the tower. Immortal, never age, thousands of rankers and tens of high rankers at least at their beck and call, and so strong that everyone else may as well be pebbles at their feet. Until Traumerei, we had been introduced to two of these gods in the current forms; Gustang and Zahard.
For Gustang seemed like a powerful man sure, but he was treated more like a celebrety or great doctor. Zahard on the other hand certainly had that final boss energy but with only baam witnessing it via chokehold it was more "bad things are about to happen" than anything else.
None of this is the case with Traumerei. From the very moment Evankhell realizes he could even be there you watch as more and more characters begin to crap their metaphorical pants. And then he shows up, holding his legs like a child that has been grounded, and everyone bows. It doesn't matter who you are or how you feel about him, you bowed.
Even better is when he decides to get a bit serious and create the blackhole sinsoo sphere. The entire battle pauses. No ine dares make a move. His presense alone demands attention. there is no question about who is in control here. It's him. He could say whatever he wants, and does, and no one can refute him.
Because he is one of the eleven gods of the tower, and one of the 15 or so people in the tower that was not born in it and thus is not bound by it. His introduction is like comparing rankers and regulars. To fug and the army this battle is ametter of life and death. To Traumerei, it's entertainment, and whether or not to stab a baby god to death from his point of view.
In every moment of his introduction, Traumerei is everything we have been told the family heads are. And it's awesome.
submitted by SmurfSmurfton to TowerofGod [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:45 jeangatech Musical hallucinations in a total aphant

Being a total aphant, I can not create any auditory images in my mind. I am very non-musical, I cannot sing or play any instrument and rarely even listen to music. And yet about 4 years ago I had musical hallucinations that went on for months. It sounded like a radio was playing recordings of a full orchestra in the next room. After visits with a psychiatrist and neurologist I was diagnosed with an auditory Charles Bonnet Syndrome brought about by hearing loss. The hallucinations did not bother me much, as I knew they were hallucinations and they were of low enough volume that they did not interfere in my daily life. But, I am quite struck by the knowledge that even though I have no musical talent and little interest, a part of my brain was able to compose and orchestrate symphonies
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2023.06.10 05:44 FeyRiven [TOMT] [Song/Music] [2003] Mellowdrone's "Fashionably Uninvited" sounds ridiculously nostalgic to me but I can't place why.

I recently discovered this band, Mellowdrone and their song from 2003 "Fashionably Uninvited" sounds incredibly nostalgic to me, like a song I heard while growing up that my mom played a lot. I asked her about this to see if she either recognized the song and it actually WAS this song (I was born in 1997 so it's possible) but she thought it also just sounded familiar but didn't believe she had heard it specifically before.
Link to song for easy reference:
Does anyone know of songs that sound wildly similar - Specifically the first 40 seconds? Something about those notes at the start and the way he sings the lyrics sounds so familiar but I cannot place it. Any ideas are welcome because I have driven myself and my mother insane as we both have been searching songs trying to find what it sounds like. My original thoughts were it was possibly "Life in Mono" by Mono or "You Look So Fine" by Garbage but it was not either of them that this song reminded me of.
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2023.06.10 05:40 TheRealLanAmore Management screwing over Opp techs which is screwing over…everything?!

So full disclosure, not all Opp techs are bad. In fact I really most of the guys in my branch. Now to the gist;
So I’m currently in residential sales. (I can already feel you rolling your eyes lol) don’t worry, I did my time with install, service, maintenance and fabrication for almost 10 years. Switched to sales only a year ago. I am no stranger to the tasks and hassle of service calls that a lot of you deal with every day. I truly admire it and even miss the work sometimes. However, at my company, it seems like management is encouraging techs to turn over leads on systems that are basically brand new.
It’s an uphill battle for me as a salesmen, and extremely dishonest to the customer. A fan motor slightly out of tolerance is not even kind of a good reason to suggest a replacement. I ran a call today for a 6 year old system because the tech said there is “some growth on the blower motor!??!?” Dude what? I fully understand these guys are just trying to hit their kpis and this issue really falls on management pushing them to churn out turnovers for literally any reason. This has a direct trickle down effect to the entire company and all the fingers get pointed back at the sales team.
In my previous company we took a lot of pride in being honest and transparent with the customer about what their system needed and genuine thoughts on life expectancy. Because of that, our client base trusted us and consistently kept us busy with returns and referrals. At my current company I walk into the home and the homeowner KNOWS replacement is bullshit before I can even say anything.
All this to say; thank you to all the honest, hardworking techs and installers who actually care about the service you are providing. This is a tough industry to make a career out of and I have nothing but respect for my fellow trades-men and women. I just wish corporate bullshit kpis didn’t screw us all over at every turn.
Anyways I’m done ranting.
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2023.06.10 05:26 ForniteOrNothingPL Ventures ends what date, Commanders?

Hey there, Commanders…hope yall having a great evening or night(whatever the case)in virtual gameplay or real life. I was wondering and hoping one of you know, when does venture ends? Because I haven’t played once and I don’t want to start grinding…end up not the amount of superchargers an individual can receive from battle pass and challenges.
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2023.06.10 05:25 speak_friend_ IMPORTANT hot takes after finishing the series (TOG + ACOTAR spoilers)

I just finished the TOG series (loved it so much and am empty now), but there are a few things that have stuck with me...
1) Why didn't we get any closure on Aelin's water magic from Mab? She taps into it briefly in KOA and Rowan alludes to her "continuing her training so she can actually do something useful with it".. I thought after forging the lock she would rely on her water magic to help stop Maeve, but feel like it wasn't mentioned again after that. It seems to me this means the series can't really be over if she still has this other side of her magic to explore? (I know SJM confirmed the series might not actually be over, but i need a full plot line around this magic!!)
2) What about Elide's magic/powers?? Multiple times it's mentioned that she has witch blood, that her uncle bound her ankle in iron specifically to impede her using any magic, and Manon claims her as a witch, which is critical in Elide's empowerment to escape from Morath. When Elide arrives at Terrasen and unites with Manon and the crochan/ironteeth alliance i thought there would be some awakening of Elide's power or at least allusion to them being her people.. but it seems like her witch heritage was completely forgotten.
3)I 10000% think Dorian + Lysandra/ Aedion + Manon make more sense as pairings. As king it's expected Dorian would find a queen eventually, and there's a poetry in a queen who began her life impoverished on the streets of Adarlan as a symbol of the new world they're building. They also share similar struggles - dealing with the implications of this powerful magic that has made them outsiders in their communities, wearing many "faces" (both figuratively then literally as dorian gets his shapeshifting magic) based on the setting in order to survive, and ultimately both evolving from bystanders in bad systems in Adarlan to actively fighting for a new world (I know Dorian is much more of an enabler and Lysandra is much more of a victim, but I think the death of her lover really transformed Lysandra from someone who would endure arobynn and the life he forced on her to someone who would take arobynn down). Also, both Lysandra and Dorian had first loves who were murdered, and it would be really lovely for them to find each other on the other side of that heart break. On the other hand, Aedion and Manon are both lethal weapons who are struggling to find the good in themselves after the things they've done on the battlefield. Neither has had a true romantic love before but both are evolving in their capacity to hold that romantic connection and can grow in that together. I feel like SJM pumped UP the temperature of Dorian's badboy flirtiness to match Manon's level in the last two books, giving him way more swagger than he had before (he came across as a super nice if not a little simple in the first books), but Aedion already had that bad boy flirty energy!!! Yet he suddenly felt super muted/not like the same character through all of KOA bc SJM pumped all that personality into Dorian!!! Since Aedion's life's purpose is to serve Aelin, he also wouldn't need to marry in the traditional sense and can offer Manon the freedom she needs. I loved Dorian and Manon's story line but i really do think it only made sense bc SJM wrote Dorian like he was Aedion, meanwhile i've seen many people say Lysandra and Aedion's chemistry fell flat and i have to agree.
4) I freaking love SJM, I love acotar and i love TOG even more, but I am so over the "unite the three parts of obscure magical object" thing (wyrdstones, cauldron) and the "big bad horrible evil king/queen that is completely unstoppable and so evil (erawan/king of hybern) until a convenient magic rule is made up just in time to save the day" thing. I know it's so hard to avoid this in fantasy, and i think it's better done in TOG because it has a slower build, but the wyrd portal bringing in the lost fae of terrasen who hadn't been mentioned much just seemed to deflate the excitement of the epic battle. Why wouldn't aelin have brought in those extra warriors earlier when so many, including Gavriel, were literally dying and it seemed hopeless? It would have been cooler if aelin ultimately was able to rely on her assassin training to out maneuver Maeve even without her powers. Or if aelin used the old books from the torre to unlock an old wyrdmark message from Nehemia, using the portal to bring in a hidden army from Eyllwe or Nehemia from the afterlife to take down maeve, something that connected more to the core plot and players vs. bringing in new elements.
5) What's up with SJM's obsession with couples binding their lives together??? Chaol and Yrene with her healing magic, Rowan and Aelin (i don't think formally with magic but he says multiple times when she goes he'll go), Lorcan giving up his immortality for Elide, Rhys and Feyre binding their lives with an oath in acotar... between Lorcan and Elide i get there's the fae/human dynamic, but the rest of the pairings are expected to have the same lifespan! I can see how it's a somewhat romantic notion, but it just seems creepy/over the top/unneccesarily dramatic and weird death pact vibes and i don't understand why she does this over and overrrr again
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2023.06.10 05:18 ChaotixSux (Selling)Super Mario Bros Movie, Creed 3, Ant Man Quantumania, Knock at the Cabin, 80 For Brady, Justice League X RWBY, Magic Mike Last Dance, Devotion, Plane, MAY AND JUNE Universal Rewards and many more, HD/4K Available

Please let me know if you're interested in bundle deals, willing to work price down for multiples. Cash App/Venmo/Paypal (No FF unfortunately) accepted! Price firm for single codes
Prices and format are listed in the post and can be hard to view if you are viewing from the mobile app, please scroll over to view them
My Universal Rewards movies available at $3 a piece or 2 for $5, please check here for the available movies, this changes monthly.
Name Price Format Redemption Site
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Deadpool $3 HD
Deadpool 2 $3 HD
The Dentist (1996) & The Dentist 2 Brace Yourself (1998) $6 HD
Despicable Me 2 $3 HD MA
Devotion $5 HD MA
Die Hard With A Vengeance $3 HD MA
A Good Day to Die Hard $3 HD MA
Divergent $3 HD
Doctor Strange $3 HD MA
Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness $6 4K MA
Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness $4 HD MA
Dolittle $3 HD MA
Downtown Abbey A New Era $4 HD MA
Dreamwork 10 Movie Collection $20 HD MA
Dumbo (2019) $5 4K MA
Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among Thieves $10 4K iTunes/Vudu
Dungeons and Dragons Honor Among Thieves $8 HD iTunes/Vudu
80 for Brady $7 HD iTunes/Vudu
Elvis $4 HD MA
Empire of Light $5 HD
Fast & Furious 8 Film Collection $15 HD MA
Fast and the Furious $5 4K MA
Fate of the Furious $3 HD MA
Fifty Shades Darker $3 HD MA
Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy $6 HD MA
Flashdance $5 4K Vudu
The Forever Purge $6 4K MA
Free Guy $4 HD MA
Friday the 13th (1980) $4 HD
Frozen $3 HD MA
Frozen II $3 HD MA
Game of Thrones House of the Dragon Season 1 $6 HD Vudu
Gentlemen $3 HD iTunes
Ghosts Season 1 $6 HD
Ghostbusters $3 HD
Ghostbusters II $3 HD
Ghostbusters Afterlife $4 HD
The Good Dinosaur $4 HD
Guardians of the Galaxy $3 HD MA
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 $3 HD MA
Halloween (2018) $4 HD MA
Halloween Kills $4 HD MA
Halloween Ends $5 HD MA
Hitman's Bodyguard $3 HD MA
Hitman's Wife Bodyguard $3 HD MA
Hunger Games 4 Movie Collection $10 HD MA
Incredibles 2 $3 HD MA
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark $3 HD iTunes/Vudu
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom $3 HD iTunes/Vudu
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade $3 HD iTunes/Vudu
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull $3 HD iTunes/Vudu
Independence Day Resurgence $3 HD MA
Insidious Chapter 2 $3 HD MA
Insidious Chapter 3 $3 HD MA
Insidious The Last Key $3 HD MA
Jesus Revolution $5 HD iTunes/Vudu
John Wick 1 & 2 Combo Pack $5 HD MA
John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum $3 HD MA
Jumanji 2 Pack (2017/2019) $6 HD MA
Jumanji Trilogy (1995-2019) $4 SD MA
Jungle Cruise $5 4K MA
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom $4 4K MA
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom $3 HD MA
Jurassic World 6 Movie Collection $12 HD MA
Justice League x RWBY Super Heroes and Huntsmen Part One $8 4K MA
Justice League x RWBY Super Heroes and Huntsmen Part One $6 HD MA
Justice Society World War II $4 4K MA
The Kid (2019) $4 HD iTunes/Vudu
Kin $5 4K
Knock at the Cabin $8 HD MA
Knives Out $3 HD MA
Legion of Super Heroes $5 HD MA
Leon the Professional $3 HD MA
Lightyear $6 4K MA
Lion King (2019) $5 4K MA
Lion King (2019) $3 HD MA
Lion King (1994) $3 HD MA
The Little Mermaid $3 HD MA
The Lost City $6 4K
Luca $5 4K
Mad Max $6 4K Vudu
Mad Max 2/ Mad Max 3/ Mad Max Fury Road $15 4K MA
Magic Mike Last Dance $7 HD MA
Mary Queen of Scots $5 4K MA
Man on the Moon $4 HD
Matrix Resurrections $6 4K MA
Memory $4 HD MA
Men $5 HD
Minions The Rise of Gru $4 HD MA
Minions 2 Movie Collection $6 HD MA
Miss You Already $3 HD Vudu
Morbius $3 HD
Mulan $3 HD
Mulan 2 $3 HD
Mulan (2020) $5 4K
Mummy $3 HD
Mummy Tomb of the Dragon Emperor $3 HD
News of the World $3 HD MA
007 No Time to Die (iTunes only) $5 4K iTunes
The Northman $4 HD
The Old Way $6 HD
Onward $6 4K MA
Operation Fortune Ruse De Guerre $8 4K Vudu
Pitch Perfect $3 HD MA
Pitch Perfect 2 $3 HD MA
The Pirate Fairy $3 HD MA
Plane $7 4K Vudu/iTunes
Plane $5 HD Vudu/iTunes
Dawn for the Planet of the Apes $3 HD MA
Rise of the Planet of the Apes $3 HD MA
War for the Planet of the Apes $3 HD MA
Pocahontas 2 $3 HD MA
Predator 4-Pack $12 HD MA
Prey for the Devil $5 HD MA
Queen and Slim $4 HD MA
A Quiet Place $3 HD
Rambo 5 Film Collection $15 HD
Raya and the Last Dragon $6 4K MA
Raya and the Last Dragon $4 HD MA
Reservoir Dogs $6 4K iTunes/Vudu
Rock Dog 3 Battle the Beat $2 HD
Rocky 4 Film Collection $20 4K MA
Ron Gone Wrong $4 HD
Scream (1996) $6 4K iTunes/Vudu
Scream (1996) $3 HD iTunes/Vudu
Scream (2022) $4 HD iTunes/Vudu
The Scorpion King $3 HD MA
Secret Headquarters $4 HD iTunes/Vudu
Secret Life of Pets $3 HD MA
Shazam Fury of the Gods $8 HD MA
Shivers $4 HD Vudu
Silent Night, Deadly Night Collection $10 HD
Smile $7 4K iTunes/Vudu
Sonic the Hedgehog $4 HD iTunes/Vudu
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 $6 4K iTunes/Vudu
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 $4 HD iTunes/Vudu
Soul $6 4K MA
Snake Eyes GI Joe Origins $6 4K
Snow White & The Huntsman $4 4K
Space Jam A New Legacy $4 4K MA
Spider-Man $3 HD MA
Spider-Man 2 $3 HD MA
Spider-Man 3 $3 HD MA
Amazing Spider-Man $3 HD MA
Amazing Spider-Man 2 $3 HD MA
Spider-Man Homecoming $4 HD MA
Spider-Man Far From Home $4 HD MA
Spinning Gold $8 HD MA
Spirit Untamed $4 HD MA
Spider-Man No Way Home $4 HD MA
Star Trek Into Darkness $3 HD
Star Trek Beyond $3 HD
Star Trek The Motion Picture $6 4K
Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan $6 4K
Star Trek III The Search For Spock $6 4K
Star Trek IV The Voyage Home $6 4K
Star Wars The Last Jedi $4 4K MA
Strange World $4 HD MA
The Super Mario Bros Movie $11 HD MA
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) $3 HD
Thor Ragnarok $3 HD MA
Thor Love and Thunder $6 4K MA
Thor Love and Thunder $4 HD MA
Ticket To Paradise $6 HD
Till (iTunes Only) $5 HD
To Kill A Mockingbird $3 HD
Top Gun $3 HD
Top Gun Maverick $6 4K
Top Gun Maverick $4 HD
Toy Story 4 $6 4k MA
Toy Story 4 $4 HD MA
Training Day $6 4K MA
Transformers Age of Extinction $6 4K Vudu/iTunes
Transformers Dark of the Moon $6 4K Vudu/iTunes
Transformers The Last Knight $6 4K Vudu/iTunes
Trolls $3 HD MA
Trolls 2 Movie Collection $6 HD MA
The Turning $4 HD MA
Turning Red $6 4K MA
Turning Red $4 HD MA
Uncharted $6 4K MA
Underwold Rise of the Lycans $3 HD
Venom $3 HD MA
Voyagers $5 4K
The Walking Dead Season 11 $6 HD
Wayne's World $6 4K
West Side Story (2021) $3 HD MA
West Side Story (2021) $5 4K MA
Wolf of Wall Street $3 HD MA
The Woman King $7 4K MA
The Woman King $5 HD MA
Wreck It Ralph: Ralph Breaks the Internet $6 4K MA
X-Men Apocalypse $3 HD MA
X-Men Trilogy (First Class/DOFP/Apocalypse) $9 HD MA
The following movies are the current Universal Rewards and are $3 each or 2 for $5
May 2023 Rewards 4 LEFT
Assault on Precinct 13 HD MA
Being John Malkovich HD MA
The Black Dahlia (2006) HD MA
Fifty Shades of Grey 4K MA
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry HD MA
Larry Crowne HD MA
Snow White and the Huntsman 4K MA
This is 40 HD MA
12 Monkeys 4K MA
Welcome to Marwen 4K MA

June 2023 Rewards

About Time HD MA
American Pie HD MA
The Boy Next Door HD MA
Definitely,Maybe HD MA
Eastern Promises HD MA
Empire HD MA
Fifty Shades Darker 4K MA
The Great Wall 4K MA
Jarhead 2 HD MA
Josie and the Pussycats HD MA
Reservation Road HD MA

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2023.06.10 05:11 HelicopterMoon Living in the Shadows of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I find myself in a situation that often feels like an endless night, surrounded by the hazy fog of chronic fatigue syndrome. It's as if life has taken a detour into a realm where exhaustion reigns supreme, and hope seems to have lost its way. Today, I come to you seeking solace, understanding, and perhaps a glimmer of guidance.
Like many others who battle CFS, my days are often defined by relentless fatigue, cognitive fog, and a host of other symptoms that make even the simplest tasks feel like climbing mountains. It's a lonely journey, one that can be difficult for others to comprehend. While I strive to explain this invisible burden to my loved ones, it can feel like speaking a language that only I understand.
What weighs heavy on my heart is the sense of hopelessness that often accompanies this condition. Despite countless visits to doctors and specialists, it feels like a quest for answers that always falls short. Medical science may be advancing, but when it comes to CFS, it still feels like a puzzle waiting to be solved.
But here's where I turn to you, the ever-supportive Reddit community. I believe that within these digital walls, I might find solace and words of wisdom from those who have walked a similar path. How do you manage to find light amidst the darkness of CFS? Have you discovered any coping mechanisms, treatments, or lifestyle adjustments that have made a significant difference?
One aspect of my struggle with CFS that further complicates matters is my disrupted sleep schedule. I battle with difficulties falling asleep and, once sleep eventually claims me, it's a relentless cycle of oversleeping that throws my days into disarray. It's like being caught in a perpetual dance with fatigue, where the rhythm is always out of sync.
Whether it's the power of a carefully curated routine, dietary changes, alternative therapies, or even unconventional methods, I'm eager to hear your stories. Perhaps your experiences hold the missing pieces of this puzzling condition, shedding light on paths to explore and avenues of support I may have yet to uncover.
Moreover, to those who have found hope in the face of CFS, your insights are particularly valuable. Please share your uplifting tales of resilience and triumph. For those of us who are struggling, it's these stories that offer glimpses of a brighter future, reminding us that there is still hope to be found.
So, my fellow night owls, I implore you to lend me your voices, your experiences, and your guidance. Let's come together in this digital haven and shed light on the shadows cast by chronic fatigue syndrome. Together, we can build a community of understanding and support, where hope becomes a beacon that guides us forward.
Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I eagerly await your responses, and may we all find strength and solace in this collective journey.
Stay hopeful, stay resilient, and keep chasing the stars. 🌟
submitted by HelicopterMoon to cfs [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:09 Aeincrad Story

Its been 10 years since i started this dark Journey. It all started cuz my perfect life in a bubble burst due to heartbreak. Heh It's g Funny once you think about it. If she didn't make a fool out of me I wouldn't have started doubting myself, I wouldn't question everything, I wouldn't have started rebelling against society, against the world. If I'm being honest I'm thankful to her for making me who i am now. Ah you are probably thinking why I'm telling you all this rubbish. Hmmm call me ... sentimental. Well to be fair, after the pentacross society of fantasy unlocked the secrets of magic, rebelling against the world is as easy as sipping tea from a wine glass. Tho it's not easy to carry the weight of people you killed in cold blood. U never get used to the feeling of warm blood dripping from your hands... you know you should count yourself lucky i haven't taken your heart out of your body.. sigh I told you people.. NO! I specifically warned you people not to enter my domain, I told you not to disturb my peace, I TOLD YOU NOT TO TRAMPLE THE SANCTUARY I CREATED... . .(the dots represent time skip) . You said you name was ##***#.. hmmm I'll call you.. hero, yeah it suits you. A hero tied up and tortured in the evil villains castel.. if you ask me its been 3 weeks since u guys attacked me and lost and i captured your heart... literally. Hahahaha haaaaaa.... well it's not like you could do anything to me or escape till u have this curse etched in your heart.. rest easy hero we've got a lot to talk about . . . Ah you're awake... What's this? You're wondering why this castle is clean without any cleaning spells or servants.. that's because of the robot I made with my magic.. technically you can call them golems cuz th3y use magic instead of electricity.. but that's not what u really wanna ask, do you... you wanna know why you're alive after all it's been 3 months since your capture.. like i said before It's me being sentimental.. and i got no one else to talk to …
. . I've got to show u something.. this... see how the magic lines just wrap around the nodes and its not creating any redundancy in the formula.. i've added extra mana circuits to battle the looping problem and the efficiency... looking at your face you don't understand a thing... let's see... "magic circle function, will do job fine". Heh now u get it.. silly human.. well u go do what u want except leaving of course.. . . . . WHY ARE YOU HERE? DID YOU READ YOU JOURNALS!?.. I TREATED U LIKE A GUEST AND NOT A PRISONER... AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME.. BY READING. MY. JOURNALS. ABOUT MY OLD. LIFE... get out, go now before i rip you tO SHRED.. GET THE FUCK OUT THIS INSTANT. . . . . What do you want? I told you you're free to leave.. you're "people '' have not entered my realm for the last year and haven't done anything suspicious.. you can go to your world and leave this place behind.... why do you wanna know what i will do.. ah i see, the evil villain can't be left alone without any good reason.. don't worry, now that I've completed my magic circle I'll use it to go back in time... No. Not to turn things around... I just wanna see how i was before i lost her... you've read my journals.. you know she didn't love me as i did her but i did love her more than she could know.. she was killed as a result of my uprising. I never forgave your government to drop glintstone shrapnel missiles on my home town to stop me... and I never will... but if i stopped before.. she would be alive.. she would be happy... anyways get out or I'll really kill you this time... . . . . . Hmmm.. hero you've come back... it's been.. 3 years since I last saw you I think.. i don't know what time it really is due to all the chrono-disallow around me... oh this... it's nothing just a wound from a glintstone shrapnel... yeah i tried to change it.. change the history of the world itself... the world rejected it.. countless times.. until it didn't. It was probably an error but still it was something... I saw the universe split into two the moment I decided to redirect the missile. Although this world.. which I ruined from my actions still exists.. be happy that there is another version of this world which goes on normally... oh yeah after i die... the two universes will collide and the best possible result will be dominant and absorb the less dominant one... the less one being this universe... I'll cease to exist but everything else will have a chance to flourish... hero.. you'll be the new ray of hope for that world... heh yeah for you I've made some adjustments... you'll forget about me but you'll never forget the stuff u learned here... help the world flourish into a new golden age... a world without darkness. A world without me.. without Aeincrad.....
submitted by Aeincrad to fantasy_storie [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 05:03 xSkullfinderx [OoT] Why I love Ocarina of Time over the others.

A lot of what I'm typing is likely influenced by nostalgia, and it's also more of a rant that's been on my mind for the past few minutes. When you're born around the time of a video game's release, and you have older siblings who play it in front of you, I imagine it's really hard to separate those good memories from honest criticism. From my childish confusion about the main character not being named Zelda to the terrifying ReDeads and Dead Hands to the not-so-secret story progression of becoming a brave adult, Ocarina of Time has simultaneously given me the warm fuzzy feels and also scarred me.
I just went through the Ocarina of Time soundtrack - which also includes shorter tunes like "Open Treasure Box" and "Item Catch". I was looking for specific songs to put in a "Mysterious" music playlist to help me concentrate on writing - specifically my Legend of Zelda fanfic, ha. Somber, calming video game music, with all its minimalism and repeating themes, is like Adderall to my brain. No lyrics, no same rhythm between each song, and unless it's a high-energy tune, nothing that'll make me dance. I'll still hum along if I can.
Going through the list of songs on a Youtube playlist, it's mostly in chronological order. I picked out the ones that sounded the most like crawling through a dark, somewhat scary cave or at least had the "dread but chill" vibe. Skip the first two, "Deku Tree," skip to "Inside the Deku Tree," twenty-three songs later, we're at "Dodongo's Cavern," and then to "Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly." Cool - most of these are dungeons, which makes sense. I got further down the list, and with the exception of the ocarina songs, there are not many upbeat songs to skip. Granted, in the game, you still have to go to some places with peppy music, like the Gerudo Valley or the windmill. The fact I always come back to when I listen to the soundtrack, and, relating back to the "progression to adult life," there are a lot more challenges (dungeons) as Adult Link.
I'm not much of a theory video person in general - I won't seek out several different theories about something I like, but I do like learning new things about a story that I may have originally missed. It's why I'll go back and play games over and over, no matter how much they might have been difficult to beat. I once watched a video - which I'm sure so many of you are familiar with since it has over 2.8 million views - about the subtext of Ocarina of Time and why it is the saddest Zelda game. That video describes so much of what was part of the story that I could never have consciously realized, and partially why it affected me to the extent that it did (the other part being that I grew up with that game). I won't spoil it here since it's a fantastic analysis that's about thirty minutes long, but I'll put a link below for those who are curious. It's called "OCARINA OF TIME - A Masterclass In Subtext."
Going back to the playlist, it was easy enough to get distracted by the masterful, big-bad organist playing his own theme. But then I listened to "Final Battle Against Ganon." This is definitely where the nostalgia kicks in. What I haven't felt so much in other games, but mostly Breath of the Wild (don't get on me about Tears of the Kingdom, I haven't played it), is the impending sense of doom when going through the last dungeon to face The Big Bad Guy, and then facing a different, more terrifying version of said Bad Guy. I love the darkness of the final fight - how I could only see Ganon's face when the sky flashed with lightning, how the battlefield is littered with debris, surrounded by fire, even how the music emulates a choir singing - not with loud and bright high notes, but low, almost mournful tones.
A lot of what I've said relates to the music itself. I suppose music has a way of triggering that nostalgia - the way I felt while playing those scenes, certainly. The story, while maybe not immediately obvious to a child, has more to it than just a hero saving the world. You lost before you had the chance to face the evil head-on, but you have friends from childhood to adulthood helping you defeat this evil in the ways only they could. You are not alone, even if it feels like it.
I love The Legend of Zelda series. I will play any story that relates to a fantasy hero saving the day. But Ocarina of Time will, for me, stand above the others.

Sorry for my essay. Just felt the need to type out my feelings, and I'm sure some of you share the sentiment. Here's a link to that video:
If you happen to be curious, here's a link to read my fanfiction on Wattpad:
OR Quotev:

...My official top three are 1. Ocarina of Time, 2. Wind Waker, 3. Twilight Princess
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2023.06.10 05:01 River_7890 I'm drunk but I absolutely adore my spouse. A ramble about overcoming hard times.

He's amazing. I just had to tell someone, anyone who might see this. We've had our hard times, we had infant losses that nearly destroyed us but even then we never stopped loving each other. He was/is an amazing father to my children. I wanted to send our kids to private school, most likely they will have adhd from us so I'll gladly pay the 6,000+ a semester for Montessori schooling that focuses on one on one learning throughout their elementary years. He's loving, inventive, caring, perfect. Perfect doesn't mean he's without flaws but that he's perfect to me. He understands my PTSD. He understands my anxitey. I'm thankful that everyday he stands by me and provides me comfort/safety.
We rarely argue. The only time we've truly even yelled at each other was when I was about to leave due to months of being so in my head from our loss (something I regret but I was so deep in grief I was blinded). I was so consumed by it I planned to end it all. I never stopped loving him despite everything he did. We're on the same page 95% of the time but even then after explaining we're on the same page 99% of the time. I love seeing him light up with joy over something he enjoys. I collect certain things and he looks so happy and content to see me ramble about the history of what I enjoy. He'll gladly take me to enjoy something I love. I want to do the same for him anytime I can. I have a special plan for him if I can work it out soon but incase he reads this it's secret.
I cook sweets for his massive sweet tooth, I try to make our home welcoming/safe, I would give him everything and anything I can ( I would give my life to give him the world). We met as small children but it wasn't until we were adults we really connected long term. I knew before we even dated I would marry him. I was pissed cause I didn't even want to date, I had just got out of a bad relationship and wanted to focus on college but I knew deep down he was the one for me. If soulmates are a thing he is mine. He's everything to me. My entire world. I'm so grateful for him. I don't focus my entire life on him but I know he's a big part of it. We just clicked.
I love seeing him smile playing guitar, I love listening to him sing. I wish he did it more. He plans to teach me eventually and I'll gladly teach him piano/violin in return. I love seeing him focus on the small details of his special interest hobby, he has at least 10 examples of it on the dash board of our car. He uses my paint but I don't mind. He can use every drop of it until it runs dry for all I care as long as he's happy.
3 years done and lots to go. Might not seem like much but I know we'll last decades. We are conscious of each other and are careful to make sure we are both "seen"
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2023.06.10 04:55 FuriousKoala14 [Online] [Other] [Homebrew] [Long Term Campaign] [Friendly to all] *pssst* Do you like dead things?

No? Well too bad.
You're already as good as dead. Whatever semblance of life you once had, has vanished before your eyes. The world you once knew, gone, replaced by nothingness. You have been drifting in utter darkness since time immemorial, feeling whatever is left of your soul being slowly drained away from you; pain being the only thing truly yours in this hellish existence. Your memories, friends, enemies, battles, accomplishments; nothing but a fragmented dream, gone as soon as you grasp for anything more than vagueness. Were they or you even real in the first place, or just a hallucination brought forth from your shattered mind trying to numb your constant suffering.
Suddenly you’re jolted back to consciousness; a tug on your soul stronger than any that came before, the pain: excruciating. Finally this is it, at long last your suffering can end. Or…
No it must of; the pain has vanished that has to mean you're finally dead and gone, right? You muster whatever will you have left to take one last…. you're definitely dead; err well, more dead. It seems you've been attached to some kind of construct, an undead. The void you once knew is gone, replaced by bone; one prison traded for another. At least this one doesn't make you constantly suffer, but where there once was pain is now a deep longing, a want; No a need! A need to get stronger, to become the best, to reach the top!
There is something more, hidden deep inside your being, trying to get out.
In a flash, images race before your eyes: nostalgic but new, disconcerting yet exciting, terrifying though beautiful; is this you…?
Now onto the more boring stuff.
About Me: I live in cst (utc-5/-6). I'm 23, neurodivergent, and enby. I have years of experience playing/running ttrpgs though I'd still consider myself a novice gm, so don't expect flawless work, but I am actively trying to get better. I really enjoy the cooperative aspect of ttrpgs and making things in general. Bouncing ideas off of each other and seeing where they take us is so much fun.
Campaigns/Schedule: I am looking for both a new group, and one more player for a group that plays weekly Saturday Evenings, starting around 19:00ish (cst) and plays for 3-4 hours; session 0 for them is tomorrow the 10th. Both games will be in the same world and have the same premise.
I run games in the evenings (cst) and am free any day excluding Tuesday and now Saturday.
Game: (4-5 players) (RP/character focused) This is a sandbox campaign, the world is alive and will carry on with or without you, but your choices are important and will have an affect on the direction it takes. I'm actively creating and working on this, so I'm looking for creative players who would enjoy working on/making stuff with me, and can give me feedback. There aren't any set paths or builds to take; as you play your character they will get stronger depending on the decisions you make. Skill takes time and effort or a little body modification, but lucky for you your undead, so you have all the time in the world; if it waits for you. (If you're reading this put a little <3 at the bottom of the form or don't I'm not your mom.) This campaign is less video gamey and more co-op narrative story/book-like.
System/Style: It is wip homebrew system. I use a d100 with the pbta system style of failure, success with twist, or success, there are also a few optional rules. I like more narrative games with normal combat being short, but brutal; with initiative being a rare thing. I do a mix of silly and serious moments/npcs, not everything in life is always serious and-or always silly. I ground my games within the reality of the world it is in.
Logistics: All I'll be using (at least for now) is discord, so a good mic is necessary. Video is optional. Apart from that most of the game will be theater of the mind.
Player Expectations: You can be new or veteran to ttrpgs, neurodivergent, or any flavor of lgbtqia+, I don't care as long as you're cool.
Be mature and respect other people. Communication, don't ghost or not show up to a session. Make sure everyone is having fun, that includes yourself. Overall just be a mature human being, don't be gross.
Put in the time/effort to make/rp your character.
Age: As long as you're an adult I do not care.
If you have any questions feel free to ask. There is more info on the form; Hopefully I'll see you in the Atrium of Deafening Silence.

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2023.06.10 04:51 docXfamas [H] June Choice and other bundled games [W] Paypal, TF2 keys



JUNE 2023 games
MAY 2023 games
APRIL 2023 games
MARCH 2023 games
Safe in Our World Charity Bundle 2023
FEBRUARY 2023 games
Survival Instinct Bundle
JANUARY 2023 games
DECEMBER 2022 Monthly Bundle Leftovers
Black Friday VR Voyager's Pack
NOVEMBER 2022 Monthly Bundle Leftovers


MY REP Wishlist
TF2 keys/ Csgo Cases
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2023.06.10 04:50 Forsaken_Season08 A little quote..

This really hit me today… and i felt like sharing i really needed to read this today with all my emotional battles…. “ if it was easy, everyone would do it.” Battling staying clean i needed to read that because truth be told its hard staying clean but it’s a want more then anything in this world.. 24 days.. and I’m still kicking ass i don’t wanna look back but some days are so hard but i know this is what I’ve worked so damn hard for… ain’t no going back only forward i tell myself this daily look what that crap caused you and now look how happy you are how free you feel without the crap.. i thought i was so powerful on that crap in reality sober me is the most powerful I’m in control of myself now not a damn substance… they say “not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path…” I’m trying so hard this time i don’t wanna go back i wanna keep going forward. I hope all of you are doing well 🙏 i pray everyone in this group overcomes this demon even clean it’s still not easy… but i know it’ll get better i hope you all are well friends 🩷🩶
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