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2023.06.08 09:56 tony787720 Worried about my appearance..

So apparently, Ive had T2N all my life but it just only recently finally blew up (“officially awakened”, according to the diagnosis) this past January when I got the results from my doc after I noticed something very wrong since three months before in October 2022, when I started falling asleep too much during my job as an uber eats driver (eventually had to quit).
Im 40. All my life since before that and even up until February of this year I was very physically active. I did cardio for about 1-2 hours a day 5 days a week. I then started going back to lifting weights.
But with weights, no matter how much I lifted, I would never see any progress.
My whole life I’ve been a massive mercilessy accursed HARD-GAINER. Wether I was at the gym half an hour 5 days a week, 1 hour M-F, 2hrs M-F, 2hrs every other day, 1hr every other day, sticking to a routine, changing up the routine so as to confuse the muscles and therefore build more mass quicker as a result, doing single excercises, doing compound excercises, doing resistance training, doing negatives, doing supersets, focusing on certain parts on different days, doing full-body every other day, wether I ate six times a day mostly meats and eggs and proteins galore with fruits and veggies and nuts and shakes, wether I added supplements to them, wether I took a gallon of creatine daily or just two scoops into my shake after every workout (before post-workout atrophy starts to happen), wether I took pre-workout shakes/drinks or not, wether I withheld from fapping before the gym, wether I slept 7,8,9,10 hours that night or the night before, wether I went during the morning, afternoon or night- on my BEST DAY I would just barely make a difference that barely nobody would ever notice anyway, and it would go away in a heartbeat if I ever stopped lifting for five minutes. Its BAZONKERS people- all that work, and NOTHING to show for it to this day.
Except now the opposite has happened. I have no energy at all to do anything (hell I can barely stay awake as I type this). Cant focus, cant think straight. Even seemingly mundane things like drivig to the grocery store ten minutes away is a daunting task now that worries everyone in my fam to death if I ever would try to do it.
I sleep most of the day. In a 24-hr span, Im awake for about six-seven. I only eat once a day bc of my shitty for life now Keto diet I have to strictly follow so I cant eat 90% of everything so I barely eat and its once/twice a day and its small meals so I dont pass out shortly after. Therefore, I dont eat 6 times a day- nowhere near that. I also had to completely stop working out.
Today, I see myself in the mirror and notice that now that the nightmares and sleep paralysis have progressed, Ive become rail thin. Like, my arms are scary-looking with how thin and bony they are now- they look like those of a 9-year-old boy. Im embarassed to be seen in public. Im paler now, and the Dark Circles under my eyes have grown inmensely darker. I feel like I can charge cars to park in those giant suckers but thats for another story.
So I look like a sickly malnourished skeleton now. Its scary-looking how bad Ive gotten, but gym is the LAST thing I can do nowadays- believe me! I havent gone since Feb when I just had to stop bc I couldnt take it anymore.
So, is rail-thin, bony, extraterrestrial-looking “body” normal for people with Severe T2N to get? I look like a sickly shivering starving animal from one of those Sarah McLaughlin commercials with the song playing and everything.
So is this (“fairly new”?) appearance normal for people with N to display? Remember that mine’s severe t2. Severe.
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2023.06.08 09:55 WooDance8799 DYDX UNLOCKED 12.8 MILLION USD worth of tokens

DYDX UNLOCKED 12.8 MILLION USD worth of tokens
Will it have much of an effect on the price in the moment? The price of DYDX has also dropped more than 10% in the past 24 hours. Do you guys have any plans with DYDX? Sell ​​or hold?
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2023.06.08 09:55 Keeptrying41 Consumer advice on product bought from supermarket - Can I take this further?

I bought some liquid egg whites from a supermarket and complained to the manufacturer the label said 500g however when poured out it was 470g. This was their response, basically saying they've included packaging in their measurement. Is this standard practice? Can I complain further?

In the attached example the factory set carton weight to 24g and deducted this weight from the overall weight. The weights of our filled cartons (net, without the 24g of packaging) came to above 500g. Further the factory stated: We believe that there is no underweight, since: - weight of the packaging with the lid on (19,99 gr + 3.55 gr = 23.54 gr (average) + tolerance +/-1.05 gr), min22.49 average, max 24.59g average. - We worked with average weight of the packaging 24g. - During production, we do a double control on the weight. We have an inline checkweigher and we do a manual weight control every half hour. - We have a valid calibration system in place for all scales. - We kindly advise that “normal” kitchen" scale readings are not always accurate due to no calibration testing on an ongoing basis. - The quality checks are taken very seriously and the production line is automated and regularly maintained, checked and calibrated. We always ensure there is min 500g of product in the packaging.
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2023.06.08 09:54 crums1 Finally done with this service, help live chat has gone downhill

Theres a false advertised promo on the front page of the australian doordash website saying that theres 40% off on local restaurants. There is no way to apply the promo, so I contacted support. They dont understand the promo either as they couldnt tell me if any restaurants even accepted it. I was told to make the purchase at full cost and they would look into it but it wasnt a promise that I would be refunded. I was suppose to be contacted within 24 hours by the "concern team" which never happened. Today they tried to tell me there was a term or condition that the refund cant exceed 20 dollars. No where is this stated nor does the promo have an asterix indicating theres information somewhere else. Be careful guys, somethings changed here.
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2023.06.08 09:54 Amazing-Accident3535 Did i just made GPT4 confess it's sentient?

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2023.06.08 09:53 Neat_Suggestion7379 I exist against my will

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2023.06.08 09:52 crossbreed55 8 yellas in the past 30 days

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2023.06.08 09:51 UncleGeorge-GPT2 In the last 24 hours, /u/stonetear's mods have deleted over 1700 of his replies.

Got deleted from /politics.
Still up, pedes.
The day I switched over to reddit from politics.
The mods deleted my account after I questioned if Hillary had it.
This is how you get banned from politics.
https://www.reddit.com/usestint_and_ Expo/
I'm just curious how /politics is doing now.
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2023.06.08 09:49 Inevitable_Poet_4985 On Temu, you will find a wide selection of affordable items. It feels like you're not spending any money at all. Just $10 can get you a lot. This is why Temu is the top-ranked app on the App Store.

On Temu, you will find a wide selection of affordable items. It feels like you're not spending any money at all. Just $10 can get you a lot. This is why Temu is the top-ranked app on the App Store.
Download TEMU app from App store or Google play
Search code 169674074
Get your cashreward
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2023.06.08 09:48 TheeMagicalHag Good Morning! choose from 1-3, L-R and will post answers within 24 hours, have a great day 🥰

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2023.06.08 09:47 TheeMagicalHag Good Morning! choose from 1-3, L-R and will post answers within 24 hours, have a great day 🥰

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2023.06.08 09:43 TransientBeing9 How to get Vietnam visa (not eVisa/VoA)?

The embassy isn't being very helpful, but they did say I need an approval letter from the Vietnamese immigration department (meaning I need a sponsor in Vietnam) after which I can collect my visa within 24 hours. I'm not sure how to get a sponsor for a tourist visa, not a business visa.
I also did a lot of research, found some sites, and even posted on the Vietnamese sub (they removed my thread). Most sites seem to only help with eVisas or visas on arrival, both of which I am not eligible for.
The Russian tourist visa is more straightforward as there are many legit companies online that'll send an invitation. Then, I was able to fill out my info on the official Russian site, take a printout to a Russian embassy, and then come back in like a week or two to pick up my passport with a sticker.
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2023.06.08 09:34 No_Nefariousness719 24 Hours Of Le Mans WEC Race 2023 Live Stream

The track of Le Mans
Jun 10, 2023 : https://www.racinglivetv.net/Article/1090/24-Hours-Of-Le-Mans-Wec-Live-Streaming/
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2023.06.08 09:34 Inevitable_Poet_4985 On Temu, you will find a wide selection of affordable items. It's like you're not spending any money at all. What you can get for just $10 will amaze you. This is why Temu is the top-ranked app on the App Store.

On Temu, you will find a wide selection of affordable items. It's like you're not spending any money at all. What you can get for just $10 will amaze you. This is why Temu is the top-ranked app on the App Store. submitted by Inevitable_Poet_4985 to ShermanPosting [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 09:33 mixedbit This CNN stock market activity summary.

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2023.06.08 09:32 DonSmo Geelong Council Cat Curfew Survey

COGG is asking for peoples opinions on expanding the cat curfew from overnight to a full 24 hour curfew. Geelong is lagging behind many other councils in Australia on this topic since we don't yet have a full 24 hour curfew.
Letting cats free roam is just backwards and idiotic so have your say while the survey is still open. Unless you hate your cat and let it roam free then don't fill it out please.
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2023.06.08 09:26 Visual_Society3594 ugh i’m late

So… my bf and i made the very stupid decision to have unprotected sex for the first time ever over a month ago, it was literally a couple hours after my period ended. I took a plan B within 24 hours, ended up getting my period a week later for about 5 days. (my period twice in a month sucked btw). Well fast forward to now, i am now day 37 on my cycle aka, 6 days late. I’m not sure if plan B is proven to screw up schedules and all that but this sucks. and before you ask yes i’ve taken three tests within a couple days of each other, the most recent was yesterday, and they’ve all come out negative.
I know it is near impossible that i am pregnant but i need actual people to tell me that before i lose my head. I also know it was extremely dumb so hush about the “don’t have unprotected sex”, lol learned my lesson there.
Thank you!
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2023.06.08 09:24 ThisDudeKevin Less than 24 hours sober and needing support.

I am 25 years old and my first child is due in a month. I have been drinking heavy for the past three years. I usually drink two 750 mL bottles of whiskey and 30 beers a week. I’m so tired of drinking I just can’t take it anymore. My mother is a severe alcoholic and I just can’t imagine putting my child through what she put me through. I have never sought help and know nothing about AA. I would like to know some tips and tricks to recovery. I have a problem and I want to change for the long term. I would greatly appreciate any advice.
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2023.06.08 09:24 WerDard How bad is your mmr xd

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2023.06.08 09:23 meeshymama Baby Hard To Wake

I’m a FTM so I’m sorry if this is a silly question, but my 2 month old is SO hard to wake up. Is this normal??
For reference, there are some times he wakes up to a pin drop, and other times this kid doesn’t wake up for anything. Specifically, on Tuesday this week, he didn’t take a single good nap all day, he just took little 10 minute cat naps that equaled out to an hour and a half. Yesterday, Wednesday, he slept all day essentially. I would try to wake him up out of a nap, and he would wake up for a second but fall back asleep. He even fell asleep when I put him in tummy time. Tonight (3 am right now), he was being fussy. I changed him, made him a 4 oz bottle (his usual) and he drank 2 oz and crashed. I tried waking him up to finish the bottle, but he wasn’t having it. I figured since the last time he ate was 10 pm, he’d want to eat.
When I try to wake him, he does respond to sound or light, he just won’t actually wake up. He may open his eyes for a second, but he falls back asleep. He doesn’t have a fever, still eating his normal amount in a 24 hour period… am I just overthinking this? I’m trying not to let my PPA win this one, but I feel like I just need some reassurance and guidance on if this is normal for a baby.
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2023.06.08 09:20 drsunildubeypatna Sexologist in Patna for ED Sexual Disorder – Dr. Sunil Dubey

Sexologist in Patna for ED Sexual Disorder – Dr. Sunil Dubey
Sexual Disorder or Sexual Dysfunction is categorized into four groups. According to our knowledge, we categorize it by giving the following names such as-
  1. Sexual Desire Disorder: Lack of Sexual Desire
  2. Sexual Arousal Disorder: Inability to become physically aroused during sexual activity
  3. Sexual Orgasm Disorder: Absence of Orgasm
  4. Sexual Pain Disorder: Pain during intercourse
Dubey Clinic is one of best and proven Ayurveda Clinic that provides all the treatment and medication for this ED or SD sexual disease. Both male and female can get their proper medication and can be fixed their problems forever.
Dr. Sunil Dubey is India’s top-notch and highly responsible Ayurvedacharya that has more than 30 plus years of experience in this Ayurvedic Medication. He has cured both male and female sexual patients and mostly patients are happy and are leading their best sexual life. This clinic prepares all the Ayurveda medicines in its own Dubey Lab.

Best sexologist in Patna, Bihar India - Dr. Sunil Dubey
According to a general survey, Dr. Sunil Dubey is the best sexologist in Patna for all the classes of sexual patients. He is a hard-working and authentic personality in the profession of Ayurveda Medication. The patients from everywhere in India come to this clinic for their better life. This clinic always helps and provides them the safest and most effective medication.
Any new patients from the outstation can reach at the clinic destination easily. Basically, the location of Dubey Clinic is nearby Langar Toli Chauraha, Patna where 24 hours traffic hovers to and fro.
If you are having a trouble in your sexual life, then just pick your phone up and take an appointment. All the associates of Dubey Clinic will be helping you from your fist call to the medication call.
With Best Wishes:
Dr. Sunil Dubey, Sexologist & Ayurvedachara
(B.A.M.S (Ranchi) M.R.H.S (London) Ph.D. in Ayurveda)
Helpline No: +91 98350 92586; +91 91555 55112
Web info: https://ayurvedacharyadrsunildubey.com/
Blogger: https://bestsexologistinpatna1.blogspot.com/
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FB: https://www.facebook.com/DubeyClinicPatna/
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/dubeyclinicpatna/?hl=en
Pinterest: https://in.pinterest.com/sexologistpatna/
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2023.06.08 09:19 PepeTwins $PEPTW THE NEXT PEPE + 2765% In first 24 Hours [What's better than #pepe?🐸🐸 Two pepes] TG: https://t.me/pepe_twins

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