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2023.06.09 16:27 feeltheday June 2023 Noom Diet Referral Link Get 20% off

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2023.06.09 16:27 ThriftySM Traffic Misdemeanor - NC

I (32, F) got a traffic citation for going 58 in a 35 in Johnston County, NC. My court date is July 14th.
I would prefer not to have to hire a lawyer, but do I have any hope of getting the charge reduced or dismissed if I don't? Of course every legal website I look at says to hire their lawyers to help with the case, but is that actually necessary? I don't mind paying the court fees but would like the ticket reduced so that my insurance doesn't go up. The reason I was even out that day is because my husband works for the city and one way you can get your health insurance reduced is to go to the biometric screenings at the convention center. You have to fast for at least 10 hours before the screening so I had not eaten anything since the night before. I was rushing home to get some lunch and wasn't concentrating on driving. I don't normally drive under these conditions and haven't had a moving violations this sever prior (only speed cams that catch you going 41 in a 36 and red light tickets). Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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2023.06.09 16:27 Semi-Pro_Biotic Handling He Gets Us

Blocking isn't working. It is only leading to complaining. We should take action instead. Let us instead attempt to neuter the campaign?
I have to admit my knowledge of internet ad revenue is limited, so there is someone who is going to read this and be able to tell us how to do it better.
The gist is that the advertiser has to pay per click. Depending on the keywords, market, demographic, etc, that cost per click is different. The average reddit cost per click is over $3. The highest keyword CPC I could find that brings up a He Gets Us ad is "christianity belief" for $3.27 via Google.
Every time you click on the Reddit ad and it opens the webpage, that Hobby Lobby motherfucker gets billed at least $3. So please, click on it at least once per day.
And if you find yourself with 5-10 minutes, open your internet browser and search engine of choice. Search for "Christian belief". Find the HeGetsUs ad, make sure it has 'Sponsored' in the corner. Right click on that ad link and select "Open in New Window." Keep opening the link until your computer starts to slow down because of all the open browser windows. Close the windows and repeat if you want. Every time it opens the page it costs them $3.27.
I spent about $500 of their advertising budget in less than 5 minutes. There are thousands of us and it only takes a couple minutes.
Hail Satan. Hail Yourselves!
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2023.06.09 16:27 VayneTILT Why are most of you so against a more adult oriented mature version of Star wars?

I have been reading up on threads of this and the idea is always shot down and dismissed like it’s not even worth considering. I understand the reasoning of not wanting to alienate the franchise for future kids and that SW was always meant for children. I just think there is room for both to exist and that there is an untapped market for darker and more mature, gritty stories in this universe that George Lucas created. an example would be the Darth Vader comics, especially the 2017 run. Why is the majority so vehemently against this idea?
It would lead to better writing, more complex character development, a more coherent plot and less "cringe" moments. I’m thinking Game of Thrones level maturity in a sci-fi enviroment. Does this not appeal to anyone?
On the ending note, i’m not advocating shifting the entire format entirely, just a small portion for us who grew up with this franchise and want to still be interested in it but has not been able to connect with the new stuff as an adult.
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2023.06.09 16:27 your_evil_clone Turning Alien RPG "stress" dice into a Twilight 2000/Blade Runner style stepped dice system?

I'm currently using the Free League SRD to develop a stepped dice game, similar in mechanics to Twilight 2000 and Blade Runner. While most Free League games involve rolling big dice pools of D6s and counting 6s, instead Twilight 2000 and Blade Runner give you just a couple of dice (one for attribute, one for skill), and if you are good at something you roll D8s or D10s or D12s, with anything above 6 being a success and 10+ being two successes.
I prefer the stepped dice system to dice pools, because I'm not a fan of rolling big handfuls of 13 dice that go all over the place, and also it means being better at something increases your chances of getting 6s without increasing your chance of critical failure (rolling 1s).
However, my game involves exploring very dangerous environments (with both monsters and environmental hazards), so I feel that the stress and panic mechanics from Free League's Alien RPG would be a very good fit.
In Alien RPG, which only uses D6s, your stress level adds more dice to your dice pool. This increases your chances of rolling a 6 and succeeding, which represents the scary situation giving you sharper reflexes, making you pay more attention etc. But it also increasing your chance of rolling a 1, which causes a panic check. The higher your stress level, the worse the consequences of a panic check. (You roll a D6, add the result to your current stress level, and consult a table.)
So as things get more dangerous and everyone gets scared and the stakes get higher, the game becomes a mix of spectacular heroic successes and spectacular failures and doom.
I also love how it makes small amounts of stress beneficial: if you only have a few points of stress, rolling a 1 isn't a problem because the panic checks don't yet have severe consequences. (If you get 1 to 6 on the panic table, nothing happens, results like 7 or 8 are just getting the jitters, etc.) While lots of stress causes an escalating spiral, where a high result on the panic table causes someone to completely freak out, which in turn increases everyone else's stress.
Anyway, the problem is that I can't figure out a way to turn that D6 stress dice pool into a stepped die. The Alien stress system relies on the fact that more stress = more dice = more chances of a 6 or 1, they are equally likely. While the entire point of the stepped die system is that a bigger die lowers the chances of a 1 and increases the chances of a 6.
Twilight 2000 already uses a pool of D6s as "Ammo Dice" when firing a gun full-auto, and using both Ammo Dice and Stress Dice would be unfeasible, an absurd number of D6s. I would have quite liked to use the Ammo Dice system though.
Or I could go the Blade Runner route and not use Ammo Dice. That would mean a system of two stepped dice for your core stats, and then a pool of D6s for your stress.
But I feel like maybe I'm missing something. Perhaps something involving stepping dice down rather than up, or using target numbers rather than counting 6s or 1s, or counting doubles... I feel there has to be some way of having similar probabilities without adding more than 1 or 2 dice.
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2023.06.09 16:27 ZeroBS-Policy How to go about developing a custom autopilot?

First of all, I need to make it clear I have no experience with using drones whatsoever. So if any of my questions sound really dumb, this is why.
I am developing a sensor that will eventually be mounted onto a drone and guide it. The drone will not fly waypoint missions, and the final product will probably not even have GPS or a camera (or a human pilot for that matter). Does it make sense to build on Ardupilot or some other autopilot software, or would it make more sense to use some other framework? Maybe Betaflight? Given that the sensor will ultimately determine the drone's course, I am effectively building an autopilot.
My short-term focus is proof of concept, so I don't expect what I do here to be the final product in any shape or form. If it works out, a team of specialists will have to take it apart and build it from scratch. I just want to get to a demo.
There's obvious risk involved during development and testing, so what would be a good way to debug the guidance logic before actually strapping it on a vehicle and flying it? Are there any open source simulators that I could use?
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2023.06.09 16:27 scotthunter1 iPhone 14 Pro overheating

My iPhone 14 Pro can’t be put on recharge without the screen dimming when using it for basic tasks like checking notifications while it’s being charged using a standard 20W charger. It also dims even when not on charge when using apps like Adobe Lightroom Mobile, which for me renders the phone useless if you are trying to edit a photo, as I have to wait a while for the phone to cool down before using it again so I can correctly adjust the brightness sliders within the app, as I calibrate my photos to 100% brightness. I have noticed my battery health went from 100% to 96% within the last month (brought on launch). I went to Apple to question why their “Pro” iPhone can’t handle “Pro” apps like LR Mobile without it overheating the A16 processor. They didn’t think there was anything wrong with it. I’m currently writing this in my room with my phone on charge. According to my HomePod it’s 22°C, and the phone feels like a hot potato.
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2023.06.09 16:27 Seattle_Jenn S3E3 Re-Kap

I posted this as a reply to another thread, but thought (thot?) I would share here, too. Please to enjoy my recap of S3 Episode 3. Spoilers (obviously).
  1. Starting off in LA. Kim's body guard/ stylist puts them both in black coats and camo pants so she can go meet Scott for pizza and pre-planned gossip. They're both single, so they have lots to talk about. Like how it's too hard for Kim to go on first dates with guys and also too hard for Kim to break up with guys. She did go out with a guy in NYC, but wasn't smart enough to not go to the same place where she used to hang out with Pete, so everyone thought she was getting back together with Pete. Scott recommends she go for an older Italian businessman, but only if he's hot. Kim's not into it. So they talk about Cher and her much younger boyfriend AE. It's the best. But also probably the worst because Cher must be too old to bang him with the lights on. Kim only bangs with the lights off now. You know, because she's shy.
Two. Kourtney is doing a photo shoot for Lemme "Fall in Love" with Travis. Their love was not the result of a Potion No.9, but for people without their chemistry, who have $30, these supplements containing the essence of flowers will open your heart. Domineco Dolce and his dudes stop by so Kourtney can remind everyone she knew them way before her wedding. Also, Kourtney is shy and didn't speak as a child. Until she was a teenager. The stylist puts Travis in no shirt and they roll around together taking pictures very similar to all the other pictures they've taken before.
  1. Kris stops by to see Khloe and Rob. I mean Tate. I mean Tatum. Khloe and Tristan are doing great because they are never ever getting back together ever again. They have very good boundaries and Khloe does not want to fall into old habits. Khloe feels guilty she isn't connecting with her second baby -- that she had in secret via surrogate while her ex-fiancee was having his fourth baby with his side chick -- the same as True. So we have to talk about the difficulties of surrogacy/ miracle of being a mother again. Tatem is now on goat milk formula. He might, but does not puke on Kris.
  2. In NYC, Kendall is getting ready to attend a Marni show at Fashion Week. This is much more fun and relaxing than when she used to walk the shows because now she is good and healthy and has good boundaries. Kris calls and tells Kendall she's the favorite daughter. But we all know it's really Kylie. Kris said so yesterday while taking a lie detector test on TV.
  3. Back in LA, it's 6 days before the D&G show and Kim's glam team is getting her ready for a pre-show photo shoot. Her role as Kreative Director of the show has involved creating looks. Well, looks D&G originally created in the 90s. They are so cool and Kim-esque. Crystals from head to toe. Kim is worried about how Kourtney will feel about this whole thing. She probably wouldn't mind at all if it was just a little bit later. (Because time heals all wounds?)
  4. It's stormy in NYC. Kourtney is in town for fashion shows and Lemme press. She has anxiety and PTSD and needs drugs. Or maybe Lemme matcha. Kourtney wants to show how passionate she is about vitamins. She used to hate press because of the criticism and pressure from the family to earn her keep. But now she's married and confident, so she was able to decide on flavors for her vitamins. Kris watched the Today Show interview and gave it a thumbs up, because Kourtney looked beautiful. Simon thinks that's amazing. The team thinks Kourtney did a great job of organically talking about Lemme during the interview about Lemme.
  5. Still in NYC, Kourtney is making rounds of the magazines, handing out Lemme pills like Halloween candy. Kourtney loves Lemme Focus, but can't remember why. Travis wore no shirt to perform at a Tommy Hilfiger fashion show. Kris and Kendall show up. Kris tries out a few tag lines for the next campaign like "Lemme get the hell out of here and get a drink." They talk about Khloe's good test results from her melanoma situation. Which Kendall has diagnosed as a result of Khloe being too tired and stressed. Kourtney is a perfectionist and Kendall is a control freak both because of pressure from Kris. Kris thinks thats hilarious. Kendall suggests if they can channel the baggage of their dysfunctional childhoods into productive work, it's all good. Kris will take the blame for any anxiety she has caused, as long as it results in a successful product release.
  6. Back to LA. Kim is spending quality time with North by allowing her to do her makeup with special effects makeup while she talks to Scott. Scott pitches an idea for an episode where they pretend to be normies. According to Kim, Kris is sad that she has pushed everyone into being so famous they have no sense of actual reality. But Kim can handle it. She's never been depressed. While her daughter continues to work on turning her into an old lady, Kim talks about being fine when her dad died. North farts. It smelled bad. North walks Kim around the house introducing her to the staff as Anika the Art Teacher. The staff helps Kim make her alone time with North fun by playing along. Kim loves making North happy by playing pranks and hanging out with Scott.
  7. Kourtney and Trav are walking around NYC. Kourtney's outfit choice -- an oversized Blink-182 shirt and over the knee boots -- can't survive the 12 minute walk because the boots are falling down. Trav thinks she should take them off (And walk around barefoot in the rat feces and period blood covered sidewalk? Khloe would never let her set foot in her house ever again!) They make it to the Matcha shop without Travis needing to carry Kourtney like last time. NYC was a whirlwind, but Kourtney will always put family and husband ahead of work.
  8. Kim arrives in Milan. However, her stylist does not because she forgot her passport. How is Kim supposed to do her job as Fashion Show Kreative Director without a stylist? How is Kim supposed to know what she likes and doesn't like without Danielle there to tell her? Someone needs to fly to Milan with her passport. There are 3 days left and they have no looks. Kim arrives at the D&G studio where 10 people are there ready to get a room full of D&G pieces into looks. Domineco tells Kim, "Your opinion in this case is very great for us." Kim wants people to think this show of rehashed 90s fashions is "Fresh" and "Cool." But it's going to be problematic for Kreative Director Kim to pull this off without her stylist. She always needs someone to confirm that something looks good. Kim doesn't want to do veils (Because Kourtney?). Kim wants more bedazzles, but also needs to check with Danielle. Domineco isn't crazy about bedazzled glasses with a corset dress, but Kim doesn't know without talking to Danielle. There's that fear people won't like it. (Is Danielle supposed to be the scape goat in case this whole show sucks?) A bad show could hurt Kim's brand. People might say Kim doesn't know how to work on the creative side. (Um... they're sure going to say that now, after she is such a floundering mess without her stylist!). She just doesn't know how she's going to do this without Danielle.
Scenes: Kim thinks Danielle not being there happened for a reason. Kendall takes Kylie horseback riding and tries to kill her. Kourtney wants to kill Kim for kopying her wedding. Kim is taken completely off guard by Kourtney's reaction. The producers try to pretend there's going to be a "Kendall is pregnant" story line.
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2023.06.09 16:27 Whokneewankenobi Santa Fe movie culture

We’re a couple in our Mid and late 20’s. Personally I love going to the movies, have since I was young. I’d say I watch too many movies and have taken deep dives into “So bad it’s good” territory countless times. The Room and Troll 2 were peak. Other than that I try to make it to most major releases.
How is the general Movie going experience?
I’m not a fan of commentary during films, I try to pick theaters or times that aren’t generally packed. Really like ordering ahead of time online.
Does Santa Fe show out say for Marvel films? Is there an underground film scene?
Thanks ahead of time.
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2023.06.09 16:27 Opposite_Tax9806 Recently became a recruiter and I hate it. Where do I go from here?

I recently left my previous job of 2.5 years as BDC in a car dealership for this position. The large dealership I worked for recently shut down their e-commerce division which includes 3 massive layoffs, and then changed my commission structure and I haven’t had a base raise since starting. This put me in a financial hardship since my income was heavily based on that original commission structure thus leading me explore other options. I had many hesitations about this recruiting offer, wasn’t too interested in what a recruiter does and couldn’t see another path to pivot to once being a recruiter, but the base pay made me feel more secured than my old job. I’m almost 2 months in and I fucking despise it. I dread going to work, I dread waking up knowing I have to go to work, I’m exceeding expectations but most time I just sit at my desk repeating “this is so stupid” or feel like banging my head on my desk. I hate sourcing and looking over peoples resume, I secretly hope my interviews don’t show up, people lie on their resumes, these companies we recruit for usually pass over most candidates. It just feels like such a waste of fucking time. This job just isn’t for me. I’m 38F, single mom of 4, ex husband is fighting child support and refuses to help me in anyway. The onset depression that I feel coming on that this job is causing is not helping me with being a good/healthy mom for my kids. Thing is…as I go back to indeed or LinkedIn, I realize how much I hate sales and just reading job descriptions for things I’m qualified for makes me even more depressed! I started in retail/sales while in college working part time but never finished school. Tried going back to finish my nursing degree about 6 years ago and that’s when I had to leave my ex and couldn’t finish. 3 semesters left and couldn’t finish. Having to work full time to pay bills doesn’t allow me to go to school for nursing but man I can’t do another 30 years working in this field, but I’m not qualified for any other jobs that pay enough to raise a family of 5. I’m burnt out and hopeless at this point. I’m not interested in tech or coding or anything involved with sitting at a computer all day. I have a ton of science credits (if they’re still valid) thought of maybe going back to school to be a science teacher… but am I too old to start a career in education? Don’t really know what else I could do or where to go from here 😩
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2023.06.09 16:27 feeltheday June 2023 Bokksu Referral Link Japanese Snack Box $15 off $40

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Happy shopping,
[email protected]
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2023.06.09 16:27 nks12345 Godox Warranty?

I purchased a Godox V1-N via Amazon in November 2022. The flash does not fire reliably. However when I contacted Godox they referred me to contact the Amazon Store for support and despite providing video evidence they simply are offering me a $35 Amazon Credit as compensation. Has anyone had luck with Godox Warranty?

The issue that I have with the flash is that it will not fire when mounted to camera or when in manual mode and pressing the test button (when illuminated green). The flash will fire intermittently at best and the output of the flash does not seem to impact when/if it fires.
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2023.06.09 16:26 brittanyb00 Should my partner take new job offer but completely burn the bridge at his current job?

I'm mentally exhausted from talking through options with my husband, and he's really struggling on whether to take a position. He works in HR and unfortunately has made some moves that he regrets up until this point. So we need some unbiased opinions!
Current Role (for almost 3 years): Sr HR Generalist in TN. He recently got a pay bump to $75k/year.
New Role: HR Manager in southern VA. Pay would be $105k/year with $10k relocation reimbursement.
Important notes: 1) He isn't miserable in his current job but has been looking for opportunities due to feeling restless and bored. 2) We have a toddler and a teenager. 3) We would be moving away from said teen's father, but she's actually not that upset...but still... 4) We do not have a lot of family holding us in TN, and VA is closer to my best friend at least. 5) We do own our home and would need to sell. Rent would probably be ~$1k more a month than what we pay in mortgage.
Background: His current job is comfortable. He knows what to expect and likes the people he works with. This new position has a lot of unknowns since they have been doing a complete restructuring of their HR department BUT he did visit and liked the new team. He would have to put in more work, and it could be very challenging/rewarding, but there's always a risk when taking a new position. Now, he thought he was doing the right thing by giving his current job more than a 1 month notice (mistake #1). His boss immediately freaked, posted the job, and verbally offered it to someone else within 2 days - not even joking. Fast forward a week later, and my husband is anxious about whether things will continue without issues/background will cleanew job fears. He voices being scared and the irritation with his job being offered to someone else so quickly to his current boss. She gives him the option to actually stay but says he has to make a decision THAT day. So, I personally told him I would not stay b/c he was looking for a reason, but fully support whatever his decision is. He told her he would stay (possible mistake #2). The new job has countered that they would double relo, now $10k, and really want him to consider taking the job because he would be such a good fit.
Decision Help: He has until end of TODAY to tell the new job if he'll take it. If he does, he will then have to tell his boss, who he has already told he would stay, that he has changed his mind yet again. In doing that, he would have to immediately resign and any reference for this job would go out of the window. He partly doesn't want to deal with the emotional fallout either; he's had multiple people call and voice how excited they are that he's staying after all. We would need to figure out housing and logistics of moving. But he's struggling with the decision of not taking a job with growth since he has the opportunity. What to do?? And are there other things to consider? We've talked about this sooo much for the past 2 weeks; we've looked at every different angle and pros/cons of both. I'm just ready to have the decision made and be done.
Tl;dr Husband wants to take a higher title making more money but is afraid to ruin is reference and lose work/life balance. So, he's at a gridlock of not knowing what to do.

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2023.06.09 16:26 Words_and_weapons Rental homes with lenient credit requirements

Does anyone know if there any rental homes or communities that rent to folks who have plenty of income but credit is not in great shape? Getting kind of desperate. We are currently in a 3 bedroom apartment but the rent is going up to $2700 a month. We would like a townhome or house for around $2000-$2250. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 16:26 Rocketlucco Am I doing something wrong or does Sorc suck at the early end game?

Either I'm playing wrong or sorc is way undertuned compared to other classes in the early-middle end game. I just got to world tier 4 in the mid level 60's and it is shockingly obvious how poorly I perform compared to my friends with other classes.
Most sorc build options are the same (Teleport Frost Nova Core Skill of Choice) and they all have the same limitation-- they only perform well against groups of enemies. This is for 2 reasons-- both the damage & their ability to maintain their mana pool are tied to hitting large amounts of enemies at the same time. Their damage is tied to AOE mechanisms causing chain reactions (Ice shards, chain lightning, charged bolt, fireball enhancement slot) and your single target DPS drops off significantly. More important than that, all the aspects that regenerate mana are tied to hitting lots of dudes and do not work well against small packs or single targets.
It can take twice as long to kill the 2-3 remaining dudes than it did to kill the group of 100. It can take forever to kill a boss or difficult elite. You run out of mana very often against tanky single targets. If you get a tanky pack of enemies who can survive your initial frost nova combo, you are going to be in a lot of trouble. This remains true despite me being very lucky and having amazing gear with multiple uniques like Raiment of the infinite and Iceheart Brais for an ice shard build or Staff of Lam Essen for a charged bolt build (Ice shard build does 3-4x the damage of a charged bolt build).
Apparently this remains a problem for every sorc build until you can accumulate a very high amount of mana regen so you can actually use your core skill at will. That will essentially require excellent rolls on helmet, boots, amulet, and focus. That's also ignoring the need to accumulate huge amounts of cooldown reduction so you can actually use frost nova more often than every 12-14 seconds.
I know the answer might be just to go back down to World Tier 3, but none of my friends are having that issue with the other classes. My brothers bow rogue has such high DPS he can easily solo clear nightmare dungeons with enemy levels in the upper 70's. Barbarians and druids at level 65 seem to be able to easily tank and beat down the level 73-80 mobs. The only other class I don't know much about is the necromancer.
Anyone else playing sorc around this level and have any recommendations?
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2023.06.09 16:26 Cookieton How do you create healthy and long lasting friendships and relationships?

(Kind of long nor am I good at explaining stuff, so I apologise for that)
I (22F) am autistic. This in itself is not an issue of course, except in one place. Socially I struggle a lot (which is very typical for someone with autism.) but my issue is that… I can’t seem to hang on to any kind of friendships long term? I’ve basically had a new set of friends every year since I’ve left school (in uni now), and none of those people I’ve been able to keep in contact with, as the usual outcome is that they’ll ghost me and I’ll be on my own again. The only one I do have has been kind of toxic in the past couple years to the point I was willing to give up our friendship entirely.
That friend has a whole host of their own problems, which is not their fault and I won’t go into as it’s not my place. But for a while, I was expected drop everything and it was incredibly draining with their toxic, but self destructive behaviours.
And I did, because I do love my friend and appreciate the friendship I’ve had with them, but I don’t necessarily have the mental space to be able to deal with their problems as well. This has also made me feel like I can’t talk to them about my problems because I don’t want them to have to worry about my issues with theirs.
As a result, I don’t have a support network to talk to, and any time I’ve had a friend and tried to talk about it, that’s the point they usually become distant to me or blank me entirely.
(Not close with my family so no luck there either)
Thing is, I want to have a positive relationship, someone so I can actually talk to without the fear of being continuously left alone. For so many people to leave, there must be an issue with me, right? My best guess is that my autistic quirks freak them out too much (I have desperately tried to mask it to avoid it) but also, I don’t know what it is exactly that does that. I want to improve socially, but how do I do that when there’s no communication as to what’s wrong?
I have a feeling my current group don’t really like me either, they never say my name, invite me to hang out or even really acknowledge me in passing. Chances are, we won’t be staying in contact after we’ve left for this year.
Admittedly, I cry often over the fact I have no one, and that will probably continue until I figure out how to get rid of the problem. I also have high-functioning anxiety, so that doesn’t help at all.
I really want to be able to hang out and laugh with friends, hell, I even want to get in a relationship. But the last person I really liked, blanked me after we met in person. (Context: we met on the uni group chat and spoke/called every day over the summer) I have a feeling this was because I freaked him out over my quirks, or because I was burnt out at the time and didn’t have much passion for hobbies.
So… what could the issue be that I need to fix in order to have a heathy relationship with anyone or what’s any advice people have when it comes to making friends? (Platonic or otherwise)
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2023.06.09 16:26 SnarkySeahorse1103 QUESTIONS : TIN AND Tina (Spanish Horror Film)

Just watched the horror film and I have a few questions. Perhaps they could start a discussion to help clear up the ending a little. * Spoilers below *
1) The Little Draculas asked about the distance between the convent and the home. Is this hinting that the tragedy at the end was caused by them, or are they innocent, and that was just an attempt to confuse the viewers?
2) The Twin Dog Murderers also stated that "nothing is impossible" at some point in the movie. Does that tie in to the ending where the nun tells Lola that it was impossible for them to be guilty? Or is it just another meaningless connection?
3) Lola and Alofofofo or whatever nearly hit something in front of their car on the way home from the restaurant. Do you think it was actually White Willy Wonka and her brother, or just deers, like Alfonso or whatever suggested?
4) At the convent, once the transparent-twins went to sleep, the scene shows a nun who is supposed to be keeping watch on them start nodding off in her chair. Was this to show us that had the Translucent-Duo decided to escape Christian Child Prison, they easily could have sneaked out ? Do you believe that they did sneak out and nearly got hit by Alfafa and Lola?
5) If they did sneak out, what did they even do? Clearly Alfoloofah got hit by lightning while adjusting the TV, or maybe Lola messing with the electric caused something near him to light on fire, but either way, it wasn't The Chinese Spinning Plate Enthusiasts, so what are all the hints leading to them for?
6) When cooking dinner, Lola tells Tina Terminator to sugar dust the cake. The Blanco Slayer nearly used insecticide before Lola stopped her, remarking that it is odd that the poison was in the cooking cabinet. Why was this line added? Could Alofolalaloo have been poisoning his wife? If not, why was the anti bug juice there?
7) Lola lost her leg in a fire, and in the end she loses her husband in the fire. Do these synonymous incidents have a hidden meaning?
8) What was all the random political commentary throughout the movie for? Does the entire film have a deeper meaning?
9) Why was Kiko the dog frightened of the Monochrome Minors? Could the dog sense something? It was afraid enough to bite it's owner's hand to get away from the kids.
Thank you, Regards.
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2023.06.09 16:26 Unhappy-Yogurt-8398 How to avoid tea drunkenness?

Hello! A couple days ago I was drinking a Yunnan golden snail I got from Whispering Pines. I haven't had this tea in awhile but I love this tea, so malty and spicy and really does smell like chocolate. It was pleasant at first, but once I finished the session I felt very nauseous and my head felt strange, like I couldn't concentrate on things properly. I felt slightly nauseous for the rest of the day. I brewed it gong fu style and had around 800ml of tea in total, but perhaps some of that could have evaporated or it didn't fit in the cup and I poured it out, I also rinsed the tea, so really I am not sure how much I actually drank. I think I brewed it very nicely, the first steep I over-brewed a little, but each steep after that was great. I am pretty sure I had something to eat before my session as well.
What was the cause of this tea drunkenness? Is it an intolerance I need to build up, or is it the quality of the tea? I am sometimes very intolerant to caffeine, perhaps it was a caffeine overdose? However, I didn't feel jittery or nervous like I sometimes do. Perhaps I just had too much tea? Any help for avoiding this would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for your time :)
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2023.06.09 16:26 King_the_Titan Monohedral convex pentagonal tilings and Rao

I was reading an old geometry book and it mentioned that the problem of monohedral convex pentagonal tilings was an open one. Of course, I checked Wikipedia and it said there that Michael Rao published a computer-assisted proof in 2017, but also claimed that even at the end of that year the paper had yet to be peer-reviewed fully. All other results I find date back further than December 2017, so I have no idea if the proof survived the scrutiny of the remaining parts. Does anyone have any further information?
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2023.06.09 16:26 GrayfoxOnReddit Looking for help identifying my bike!

Looking for help identifying my bike!
So about 6 years ago I bought this bike. I remember I did a fair amount of research and paid a decent amount for it. It was one of those “You’re paying for the frame but other components should be replaced” type of things. Well life came crashing down and after a few moves and what not, I’m finally ready to ride again! Unfortunately I have zero memories of what company I bought this from. I went deep into my IG history to see if I had pictures from when I got it… check my credit card statements but they don’t go back that far…
I’m sure it may be irrelevant but wanted to see if there’s a way to find out the make and model from its serial number. I googled for a bit and I don’t think it’s possible. Hoping someone recognizes the build? But really any legit shop should be able to make upgrades without that info, right?
Thanks I’m advance!
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2023.06.09 16:26 ExMorgMD Should I structure my local bar band as an LLC?

I am in a 4 piece rock band. We are all middle aged dads who have day jobs. We aren’t seeking a record deal or touring. We play local-ish bars and festivals playing mainly covers. However we have 25ish dates this year (about the max of what we want to do). We own all our own gear. Most of the “band” gear I paid for out of my pocket and plan on retaining it/when the band folds.
All our gigs previously paid us cash under the table. But a few gigs this year have had me fill out a W2 and issued a paycheck which I have cashed and paid out band members.
I am looking for advice on how to legally structure the band (sole proprietorship, partnership vs LLC). How do I handle paying band members If I want to avoid surprises come tax time? Are there any resources online that can help?
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2023.06.09 16:26 ssendavocadosplss Can’t pay rent, can’t afford food, what am I supposed to do?

I’ve been paying all of my bill late for the last 6 months and I just keep getting father and farther behind. About two months ago, I needed to take out two payday loans to pay rent. And now every paycheck I get is $350 short to pay those off. I was supposed to get my tax refund last week but it’s nowhere to be found and that was going to help get me back on track. I’m lucky if I can afford to eat one meal a day. I have a really good job, making about $1,300 a paycheck, my rent is $985 but comes to about $1175 after utilities and since I’ve had to pay late every month, it’s $1375. I’m always $200 short and if they didn’t charge the late fee, I’d be to totally fine. My job is about an hour away by bus and I work about 40 hours a week. The hunger pains are starting to make it really hard to function day-to-day. I used to Doordash for grocery and gas money, but my car stopped working a few weeks ago. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I’m looking around to see if I can rent a room in someone’s house, but I haven’t had much luck. If I don’t pay rent by the 15th, they’ll file for eviction. I don’t know what to do. I just need advice. I can’t get any other payday loan to pay rent, it’s just going to screw me over even more.
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