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2023.03.29 11:15 shkavu Should I separate my cats?

Okay so I have two cats. A 7y girl and 2y boy. She was my first cat, we rescued her as a newborn and she miraculously made it. He was a rescue too, I should’ve rehomed him but got attached.
The girl is always confined to one small room, she does have access to the rest of the house, but does not leave the room unless forced to. What keeps her inside the room is because my male cat is a pain in the ass. He chases her and bites. They don’t fight because he stops when she’s annoyed, but her life here is pretty boring. They barely play together. We’re in this situation for a year now (we lived in a different house)
I’m planning to take her to my apartment with my partner, and leave the other cat with my mother (currently where they live). Should I split them? I think the male will miss her a bit, but he’s making her life difficult. He does have a dog companion and the entire house to explore.
There’s another female cat at my partner house, also 7. Both cats are very calm, so I think they’ll get along or at least not bother each other.
I should split them, right? I don’t want to break his heart, but I must provide a better environment for my girl.
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2023.03.29 11:15 defaultclouds Old house. Old gas line.

The gas company sends an inspector to check our indoor meter every couple years. It’s getting inspected again tomorrow. Last time they were here they said get insurance through the gas company. When i looked into it the company said get your own insurance we don’t offer it. I have a feeling I’m going to get stuck with paying for a new gas line if the old one becomes rotted out. It’s an 85 year old house.
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2023.03.29 11:15 Savings_Progress9826 when Mars Attack's was filmed here at the Pink Church in Dolan Springs Arizona and I almost saw the Church. ,burn down from my house to close for comfort

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2023.03.29 11:14 FragrantAd1769 I had a threesome with my friend and her husband and I can’t stop thinking about and wanting his dick.

It was my first first FFM threesome. I am totally straight but it was so good. My friend approached me with the idea and at first I was surprised when she asked but then decided to try it as I always wanted to have a threesome. We’re all really closes so I trust them.
We planned it out for maybe a week and then finally got a hotel and some drinks and did it last Saturday. At first it was awkward and we were just talking about life for maybe 2 hours.
After two hours me, and my friend laid in bed, and her husband took a shower… when he came out both her and I were naked in bed. When he came in bed, we started off giving him head together after she sat on top of him while I rubbed her clit and she rode him.
After I asked her if she wanted to go down on me and she said yes, so she went down on me while he took her from behind
After that he came on top of me and fucked me hard while she rubbed my pussy. I was so wet and was literally screaming at how hard and deep he was fucking me.
We spent 2 hours fucking and sucking each other and at one point she was tired and he fucked me for 15 minutes straight while I was screaming and dripping wet while she watched. It was amazing. I haven’t been fucked like that in a while. She kept talking about how wet my pussy was and he kept telling me he could fuck me all night.
This was the best sex experience ever. They mentioned they wanted to do it again and she even said she would be okay with just me and her husband fucking while she watches but I’m confused on why she would be cool with it?
Her husband messages me everyday now. The texts are dry but I really want to tell him I want to fuck him again 😩😩
Edit: she messaged me on Monday telling me not to be shy and to ask when I want it again but I’m still so nervous. They have 3 kids so it’ll be awkward going to their house and doing it. They also live an hour and a half away.
She also explained that he has a high sex drive and she doesn’t have as much sexual energy as him and can’t keep up. I’m younger than them and have probably just as much sexual energy as him 🥵
I just really want him to fuck me regularly. Whether she’s involved or not.. we him on insta but I’m scared she has his password so it’s all very respectful there haha
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2023.03.29 11:13 emoselohw_drawde I'm sorry but please help me. I can't take it anymore. I just wanna give up now. I tried to be happy but it didn't last long.

In the beginning of our relationship, my GF gave me everything that I needed. And she made me a better man in her perspective since then. I wanted to be a musician which is my childhood dream. I practiced and gave all my time into music before meeting her. But when we went into the relationship, she says she doesn't want me to be a musician since it has no guarantee for my life. And I happily sacrificed my whole passion and started learning business which I hate the most. Now I'm a full time employee and learning business on the other hand which made her pleased. But I became very tired and didn't give her enough love (her POV). However my daily life be like, getting up, going to work, hanging out with her and when I get home I talk with her on the phone. But sometimes I'm very tired in that kind of life. So i tried to talk to my old friends who i dumped to make her happy. She doesn't like when I spend my time alone without interacting with her. Like she doesn't want me to talk to my friends or hang out with them or play guitar which was the only reason for me to live at this point. I stopped doing these things since she doesn't seem happy with me doing what I love. But lately, I feel like our relationship has become very toxic. Whenever she says something, I normally reply or advise her with my pov on that problem. But she doesn't want to hear them. She says why I am trying to oppose her all the time. So I gotta swallow my thoughts and nod whatever she says and try to think like her. But things get even worse and now I don't even know who I am.
And i tried to break up with her but she crier and begged me to stay. She told me that she would do anything to make me stay. I couldn't get away since I love her more than anything. Literally anything. But she didn't change. She even got worse after that. She's always thinking like I doesn't love her anymore. She want me to give her more attention, and love her more. But I am loving her with all my heart. I sacrificed my dreams, my friends and even my personality. But she thinks it's not even a thing to mention. I don't know how to satisfy her anymore. I really love her, but she thinks I don't. She yells at me, and makes me feel small most of the time. She said it's just her habits and to forgive her. But every time I get blamed for not loving her, it makes me feel useless and guilty. Yesterday I went to a sleepover at my old friend's house. I asked her permission first and she said yes. But later that night, she starts to tell me to live with my friends and break up with her. I texted her every 30 minutes before she was mad. But she didn't reply. I begged her to stay but she said she was really disappointed and told me to break up. She cried too and she said she thought i loved her, but now she just realised that I love my friends more. I begged and she asked me to give her a month of break. And now she blocked me in every way. I can't call her nor text her. She said she will disappear from my life entirely. But i know she'll come back like she used to. But the problem is I'm too scared to face her again, I don't wanna make her life harder or hurt her emotions. Now I just wanna die but I'm too scared to end it all just by thinking that she'll be alone without me. Please help me, I'm going crazy.
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2023.03.29 11:13 StepwiseUndrape574 Huge GTA 6 Leak Claims Rockstar’s New RAGE9 Graphics Engine Is Incredible

Besides offering up chaotic open-world action, one thing that Rockstar's games have done ever since Grand Theft Auto III is push the envelope in terms of technology. This is somewhat debatable up to Grand Theft Auto IV, which stunned audiences with its mix of macro-scale simulation and micro-scale detail. GTA V and the newer Red Dead Redemption 2 have continued this tradition, and both are still capable of putting the hurt on modern PCs. That's largely thanks to their forward-looking design that integrates features that contemporary systems weren't really ready for when the released.
gtaonlinerain GTA V can still look startlingly realistic at times.
The thing is, even though it just got a re-release on the current-generation consoles, GTA V originally released in 2013. The game's still fun, of course, especially the online mode that has seen continual updates over the years. The technology behind the title is getting a little dated, though, and fans of the series are understandably chomping at the bit for a new release. Rockstar has confirmed that GTA VI (or at least, the next GTA game) is in the works, but as usual, the company hasn't released any information about the title, nor mentioned a release window.
The leaks and rumors that we've heard so far place a hypothetical "GTA VI" at the end of next year, or even in 2025. That's a lot of development time, even if the company only moved into active development in the middle of last year, as is supposedly the case. In a time when almost every other development house (from Square-Enix to CD Projekt Red) is moving to the Unreal Engine, it seems like Rockstar will thankfully stick with its own in-house tech, known as RAGE.
That bit of information comes from a tweet by Chris Klippel, who is among other things the creator of Rockstar Mag, a French-language gaming news site that focuses on topics surrounding Rockstar Games and its releases. You can see the tweet above. Chris says that he has been in touch with people who have seen the latest version of RAGE in action, and that its graphics engine is "assez incroyable." Chris describes the latest version as RAGE9, which is interesting; Rockstar doesn't talk about RAGE as a separate product from its games, likely because it doesn't license the tech.
gtaonlinearcade The arcade area added to GTA Online would look amazing with ray-traced lighting.
It's not hard to imagine what sort of features the game engine might include to warrant that description. Heavy usage of ray-traced graphics will go a long way toward impressive presentation, but based on what we've heard in the past about GTA VI, it seems likely that the latest RAGE might be more impressive in its ability to scale content from infinitesimal details all the way up to gigantic cityscapes. We've seen demonstrations of similar technology in Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5, and given the nature of "GTA", such capability would be perfectly suited to the games.
Another impressive characteristic in GTA VI might just be the NPC AI. Historically, Grand Theft Auto's NPCs have been extremely simple stand-ins mostly intended to give the scene a realistic look without having much in the way of personality or believable behavior. That could all change in the next GTA game, based on a patent filed in October 2020.
From what we've heard, the next Grand Theft Auto title will be set in Vice City once again, so look forward to exploring the city's tropical environs. No word on the chronological setting, though; it could be set as far back as the Cuban Missile Crisis, or it could be set in the modern day. We also don't know necessarily what platforms the title will appear for, but based on Rockstar's history, we'd expect it to be available for the PS5 and Xbox before it appears on PC later.
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2023.03.29 11:13 Areces1 Birthday 🎂

May everyone in there life has faced a hard time in there life . Same goes with me . I was born in middle-class family in Nepal .. our family members has a big believe at me . As a only child I got love , care and support from my family members . Let me explain about too. My name is Ritu Shrestha . Talking about my personality I don't talk with many people nor I have many friends . I am a introvert kind of person . Thing incident happened with me . When I use to study at grade 9 .I was quite a brilliant student . Date:Magh 16 . that day was my birthday .. As everyone in the class thought of telling a paranormal story . I was also quite interested in stuff like that .. although I never believe nor saw any ghost at my whole life . After this incident everything changed .. After the school completed I was returning back .. When I went inside my house .. I saw my mom and dad crying .. when I came inside they looked at me in a creepy way .. I also was shocked after seeing them .. boz at this time my parents should be at office .. I didn't asked them a single word and went in my room . But I realised that my parents were still watching me in a creepy way .. I went inside my room and closed the door .. I was scared of their behaviour . As I was going to change my clothes I heard a strange noise outside .. I opened and saw my parents sitting in sofa .. my father told me to make a milk tea .. I hurried and made him the tea as fast as possible .. But when I gave him the tea . He told me to put the tea at the table .. I took my phone which was in charged . As I was moving towards my room .. I saw a call in my phone and pick it up .. There was my mom in the phone .. she told me that they were going to my uncle house .. When I heard that I collapsed .. As I turned my head . I saw my father and mother watching me and smiling in a creepy way .. As I looked at them . My father stood up and looked at me I realised that my father eye has turned black .. As he told me in a creepy sound " Come to your father " .. I was fricked out and hurriedly closed the door .. Both of my parent were banging the door .. And shouting " Open the door sweetie " But as they got louder and louder .. my parents voice turned into a veryyyy loud and creepy voice . I hurried and called my parents .. But I realize I don't have balance to call back .. So I hurried and called the cops .. The lock on the door was also going to broke . Lucky the call was picked by a officer .. he asked me " what happened " ..I didn't have any word to tell .. so I shouted " Help Help me plzz😭😭 .. In a hurry I told him my address .. but before I would complete the full sentence .. The door opened . And my eyes went blank .. After a while I was in my bed .. There were cops . My parents were outside .. As they saw me waking up they came running to me and asked what happened .. I just told them a lie .. that was a theft .. As my parents were talking to the cops .. I saw towards the table and saw a cup .. As I realized .. I saw a shadow towards the hallway .. After that incident I went to my sister house to living . For couple of days. RIGHT now .. I study at grade 12 but that days still Hunt me .. Till now I haven't forgot those creepy sound .. and smile at there face ..
This is me Arces signing off
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2023.03.29 11:13 PearMaleficent7333 Need advice

I need advice on how to deal with a really unfortunate situation. I met a Pakistani man online about 2.5 years ago and he seemed really compatible with me. He was completing his PhD in the States at the time but after he successfully defended his thesis, he had to leave the country and go back to Pakistan. He asked me if I would like to marry him and live with him in the country. Although I had only been to the country a handful of times and the most I lived there was for two months when I was 12, I agreed to join him. We got married. But I noticed that he started changing. He would spend 10-15 hours with his mother who would not allow me cook, but would get me to wash the dishes and clean the house. When I finished washing the dishes, she would tell me to go upstairs. Everything revolved around her and my husband and I would get to see eachother at the end of the night. I grew irritated because I would end up spending up to 10 hours all by myself. To add to my dismay my husband didn’t take me anywhere after we got married. Not even for a walk outside. We would have to live everyday according to his mother’s schedule. I ended up getting very frustrated and started questioning him. And when his mother noticed the heated exchange, she used the opportunity to accuse me of pushing her, which did not happen. She swore it did and used it as an excuse to kick me out. I was shocked that a) husband didn’t defend me and b) this type of thing can still happens in Pakistan. Now that I’m back to Canada, my husband isn’t responding to my phone calls or messages. Although he did apologize to me before he dropped me off at the airport. He never spoke about how important his mother was before marriage, but suddenly she’s become an incredibly important figure in the marriage, so much so, that he obeys her blindly. The only reason I can think off that has brought these changes in him is because he’s heavily dependent on his mother financially because he can’t find a job. I need advice on how to navigate this situation because it seems cultural and frankly I’m to embarrassed to tell/ask my friends. This has never happened in my family or anyone I know for the matter and I’m shocked that it happened to me.
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2023.03.29 11:12 Shooter913 My mom gave up her career for my brother and me. Now I want to help her fulfill her dream of coming back to the SWE industry.

I'm not a frequent poster on Reddit, but this is very important to me. My mom is one of the smartest people I know. Before I talk about her, I'll share a bit about myself. I was born in India but grew up in the United States. I've always loved computers, and hence computer science, thanks to my mom. I'm finishing my MS in CS and will be joining a FAANG+ company this summer. My brother was also born in India and raised in the US; he's a talented 10th grader with many more achievements than I had at that age. My brother and I owe a lot of our success to our mom. She sacrificed her career to become a full-time stay-at-home mom and always put our education first. She instilled in us a love for learning and computer science, which has led to our academic and professional achievements. Without her guidance and support, we wouldn't be where we are today. I want to help my mom achieve her dream of working in the computer science industry.
Mom was born and raised in India. For education, she earned a bachelor's degree in Physics (1987), a master's degree in Computer Science (1990), and worked on her Ph.D. in compiler design (1999). She was also a lecturer at a university in India. When she was trying to have kids, there were a lot of complications, and she had to move a lot for medical reasons to have me. By the time she had me, she had already lost so much that she was determined to always be there for me. So she quit her job and became a full-time stay-at-home mom. She had planned on going back to the industry, as she had a job lined up at IBM before having me, but circumstances kept changing, and it kept getting delayed. We moved to the US in 2010 through my dad's work (also a software engineer), and due to H4 limitations, she couldn't really work. So she spent her time taking care of the house, praying, and learning whatever she could in CS. This overflow of energy is how, when I was in 4th grade, she randomly taught me fundamentals in C, jumpstarting my own love for CS. Now fast forward to my sophomore year in college, I'm grinding LeetCode for interviews, and she sees me and asks me what I'm doing. After my explanation, she asks if she could try, so I gave her the link. Recently, when I went back, I learned that she's been grinding LeetCode so hard, doing four problems a day because she has nothing better to do. She has also done random training courses and internships here and there but nothing substantial.
Now she has a green card EAD but still doesn't know how to get into the industry. She keeps talking about it and wondering what she could do in the industry. Most entry-level jobs require a "Class of 2023 Graduate" or something similar. She's one of the most hardworking, passionate, and smart people I know, and I'm confident she'd ace any interviews thrown her way. I really want to help her. She's nearing 50, and I'm just not sure what to do. She has been there for the ups and downs of our family and always stood by us helping us in whatever way she can. If anyone has similar experiences or any suggestions, I'm all ears! Pay isn't really an issue, she just wants to work and solve problems.
TLDR - My mom gave up her career and passions for my brother and my success and I want to help her fulfill her dream: get back into the industry as a software engineer.

Sorry for the longer post just wanted to get it all out :')
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2023.03.29 11:12 entsav Best Audio and visual companies in Milton Keynes, Bedford

Audio and visual companies in Milton Keynes, Bedford from Ents.A.V for your upcoming event. Nowadays audio visual rental services have high demand on the market. So hiring us can be benefitted for you because it will free you from arranging the audio-visual equipment for the event. Every company can’t buy an audio-visual system for their every event so it can be great for them to rent audio-visual equipment from us.
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2023.03.29 11:12 Revolutionary_Cold28 PRP Hair Treatment in Delh

Realhairhouse is one of leading service provider for men & wonderful wigs service all over in Delhi. We have thousands of varieties in Gents Hair Wigs in Delhi made from natural human. Get PRP Hair Treatment in Delhi. Contact now: Sardarji Real Hair House
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2023.03.29 11:12 CygnusMaffei Old vs new regime income tax

Hello everyone, I've been trying to calculate and figure out which tax regime would be better for me. From the calculation (using a tax calculator), I could see only a small save by maxing out 80c, NPS and HRA in old regime.
My salary per month: Basic: 60667 HRA: 30333 Special allowance: 18200 LTA: 12133
Professional tax: 200
I'm currently paying: Term insurance (2 policies) total yearly = 32234 Medical insurance (1 policy) total yearly = 22485 House rent total monthly = 14500
I'm planning to max out 80C to 150000 by investing the remaning 117,766 (after term insurance) in mutual funds and also put 50000 yearly in NPS
What would be the right tax regime to choose after the latest budget?
Thanks for any help
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2023.03.29 11:11 esteban-colberto Valid option for adding conservatory to this terraced house?

We are interested in adding a conservatory to this terraced house. Potentially add it in the patio area next to the kitchen as shown in the pic? What would be the typical cost for that? And, will it improve the house value as well?
Link to layout:
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2023.03.29 11:11 Riifty East avenue crime rating

Hi all, I am looking for housing in the Rochester and Brighton areas of new york and I came across a nice apartment on the edge of Brighton and Rochester. I looked up the area (called East Avenue) and found on one website that it has a high rate of crime, especially property crime as well as some violent crime. On a different website, the crime rating was higher, meaning that website’s data determined that the area’s crime isn’t actually that bad. I’m not sure what to think of this data so I wanted to ask if someone could give me a personal opinion on the area. Obviously, you should be living in or near the area. Thank you in advance.
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2023.03.29 11:11 Alert_Acanthisitta39 Transphobic parent likely kicking me out, what can I do for covering housing costs?

Hi all! MTF 27 here, been living with either one of my parents (regrettably) for years and had another fight with my transphobic mother that has likely led to me being kicked out 🤷‍♀️ I have a few jobs currently but want to make sure I have enough to stay afloat with somewhere including rent, which has not been a part of my bills until now obviously. Just need some resources to see if somewhere can help with low income trans people or just general social services or lgbtq programs. I’m in South Carolina for reference, which isn’t the best state I know. Any help would be massively appreciated. Thank you for your help in advance!
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2023.03.29 11:10 Remarkable-Face-9079 My Window in my flat has just fallen out. Been reporting the rotting windows for over a year.

I’ve been reporting broken & rotted windows for over a year in my rented flat in London. All of these multiple reports where essentially ignored - a chunk of glass came out in the storms about 15x20cm which was left like this for months until they came to me and said they would up the rent by £350 a month. Naturally I asked for a compromise considering the window situation. I was then ignored for two weeks until I phoned the agency who then told me that I am being evicted at the end of my rolling contract. (December) I’ve practically been begging them to stay as my flat is unfurnished no lift and 5 story’s up so moving all my sofas/beds etc & finding something that will fit everything is a nightmare, not to mention how inflated the market is right now.
I’ve managed to convince them to let me stay until the “works” to fix the window are happening (mid April). I’ve also said I will find temp accom while the work is being done & will move back in when finished just let me leave my furniture there.
The window has now actually just fallen out (2days ago) and smashed 5 stories down& shattered everywhere (single glaze glass). What is my legal stand point on this? Should I be entitled to money back I’ve paid the full rent for over 2 years.
I’m also suspicious of the agency playing me and the landlord of each other because they think we might cut them out the deal or something? They won’t let me contact the landlord directly and all contact I’ve had I’ve had to send to them and they will tell me what they’ve said. They never tell me the reply until I ask. Is the a way I can get in contact with the landlord?
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2023.03.29 11:10 Remth2_0 NVIDIA and the edge of Artificial Intelligence

NVIDIA and the edge of Artificial Intelligence
Good community.
The technological world is facing its second revolution. The world of AI has entered with great boom and companies know it. Right now NVIDIA has implemented a paid service that is around € 35,000 so that we can work with our own AI. These teams equipped with their CUDA production cards make it so that any company that can shell out the money can train an AI to a good level. For this NVIDIA offers us 8 H100 or A100 cards and 640 GB of memory which will make learning optimal. At the user level, the best option is to rent service or development packages in the cloud.
I look forward to your doubts, questions and comments. Remth 2.0
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2023.03.29 11:10 Puzzleheaded_Ice4781 Micro Content Marketing Micro Video Content

Duration – 3 Years

Semesters – 6

Key Highlights
The program (VFX Course) includes fundamentals of film making, vizchroma shoot, 3D modeling, creating photo realistic lighting, particle effects.
Students will learn to develop visual effects in tandem with characters and story.
Focus on seamless integration of CGI and live action.
Internship and Placement Opportunities with Well-Known Animation & VFX Studios.
Training and Assistance In Building Portfolios, Show-reel and Resume.
The medium of instruction of the RSACE visual effects course will be English and hence candidates seeking admission are expected to have English as a compulsory subject at least up to XIIth.
Candidate should have a minimum of 45% marks in his/her 10+2 or equivalent.
This VFX course duration is of 3 years aiming to help students learn not only the theory but also the Artistic & professional skills that will help the students later in life. VFX can be embedded in live action depicted through techniques such as Matte Painting, rear and front Screen Projection, Digital sets, a miniature of forced perspective sets, Computer Graphic Objects, Characters, Environments, and Compositing. Our courses are designed in such a manner that we cover each of these techniques with real practical examples.

The course also includes fundamentals of filmmaking, chromo shoot, 3D modeling and creating photorealistic lighting, dynamic effects and particles like fire, cloth, explosions and smoke realistically.

The students will learn how to develop VFX in tandem with characters and story. The students have to understand, storytelling, cinematography, and seamless integration of CGI plus Live action.

In addition to the best of the faculty in the industry, they get an opportunity to attend workshops and seminars conducted by the industry veterans. There will be tie-ups with domestic and international studios so students will get an opportunity to work on domestic and international projects as soon as they complete the course. They can also participate in film festivals and competitions world over.
Looking to Join Vfx Animation Course! Ask RSACE, India’s best Vfx Institute in Mumbai which helps to Learn all fundamentals of film making, vizchroma shoot, 3D modeling, creating photo realistic lighting, particle effects.

Making seamless and photo-realistic renders is the prime objective of this course. The aim of this 3-year VFX course is also to equip the students with skills that will help them find employment in the global market. However, adding visual effects can be a humongous task and involves a lot of people for rendering a perfect shot. Therefore artists should be able to have full control over their images. VFX is not only used for science fiction or fantasy film but is also used in period drama. Upon completing the program, students can work in:

TV channels/ Production houses
VFX studios
Gaming Industry
Media and Advertising
Also as an independent freelancer.
Upon graduation from this VFX academy there are a number of options are open for students. Some of them are listed below

Storyboard artist
VFX artist
Motion graphic artists.
Color key artist
Asset Development
Architectural Modeling
Roto Artist
Paint Artist
Junior compositor
Compositing artist
Match move artist
Matchmation Artist
Short film maker
The field of cinema is rapidly changing. With the advent of 2D and 3D stereoscope, the way of looking and experiencing films is altering. VFX has grown tremendously in the past decade because of the onslaught of new and changing technology. Visual effects are used in games, movies and television shows. With the advanced technology and equipment Hollywood and Bollywood use VFX to create overwhelming realistic and non-realistic environments. The Indian VFX and animation industry are expected to grow up to Rs. 7340 crores rupees by the year 2017. India is one of the most preferred outsourcing destinations for the Hollywood production companies. The Indian studios have made a significant contribution to the blockbuster VFX films like Jungle book, Avatar, Life of Pie, Doctor Strange, and many more. Visual effects help to recreate interesting phenomena in the world of movies like natural disasters, bomb blasts, flying objects, superheroes, volcanoes etc. The VFX is usually done at the last stage that is the postproduction in editing but it is planned at the preproduction and production stage under the guidance of the director and VFX supervisor after the story is finalized.

The key elements of the RSACE offering that could help you in making a decision about your academic future are:

The Courses have been curated under the guidance of Mr. Ramesh Sippy.
The training will be led by industry Experts.
70 – 75% of the training will be on-set.
Students will have the opportunity of internship projects during the Program of 3 years.
Degrees awarded by The University of Mumbai are internationally recognized.
Privilege to study in the expansive Kalina campus of The University of Mumbai situated in the heart of the city.
100% placement assistance.
Loan assistance can be provided.
Hostel facility on a first come first serve basis.
Having shared the above, our primary efforts will be to WORK ON YOU, WORK WITH YOU & WORK FOR YOU.
For More Information-
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2023.03.29 11:10 ArtofZed Competition in renting market around Solothurn area

Hey guys, i've seen a couple of appartments around the Solothurn area (20km radius) in price ranges from 1300-1700 CHF.
Weirdly enough it seems not to hard to get a final contract.
Are landlords desperate to rent appartments or how come they insist on getting the contract done as soon as possible? Coming from germany it almost feels odd because we are used in seeing over 20-30 appartments until we get a chance for a contract.
I havent found a 100% perfect appartment yet so i might decide into waiting around 2 weeks more for new or worst case use airbnb for 1 month and see what new appartments pop up.
Would like your input!
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2023.03.29 11:10 Zamo1010 Methotrexate vs biologics

Hi all! Disclaimer from the get go, I know I need to speak to my rheumy about this and I absolutely will; I am asking questions here beforehand because I've found my rheumy is better with targeted questions than more general/bigger picture questions so I want to make sure I'm asking the right thing when the time comes.
TLDR is I want to ask to switch from MTX to other medication and wondering how best to go about it
In more detail - I've been on MTX for a few years now, since I was first diagnosed. I'm in the UK, where MTX is the default drug and have been told I need to "fail" MTX before they consider other treatment. I don't have other autoimmune diseases or long term conditions beyond RA and am in my late 20s so was diagnosed fairly young.
The pros of MTX are that between that and a couple of steroid injections at the start, my most active inflammation has gone and my condition is pretty stable. I'm very thankful for that. That doesn't mean I don't get flare ups but those seem to be mainly weather related and specific to the hands - though they have been increasing in frequency over the last 6 months. X rays done about 2 years ago showed no further damage to my joints since starting to take it, which again - very grateful for.
The cons are basically everything else that comes with the MTX. I'm already on injections to manage side effects, and have a number of strategies in place to try to make the day after the injection better. These include a big meal before the injection, fasting for most of the next day except for a small/bland dinner as nausea is just too bad to be able to stomach anything, and managing my work around having that day as a non working day. Even with these and other things in place, post injection days are just a wash out, I rarely feel well enough to leave my room let alone the house. I've put up with this quite happily so far as it was better than the pills, which put me out of action for 3 days after taking them, but it's really starting to sink in that I am losing a seventh of my life to this.
I'd like to talk to my specialist about this but don't know how best to frame it. Is "failing methotrexate" also about quality of life or will they only care about whether the RA is under control? If so should I mention that flare ups are getting more common or are weather flare ups just to be expected? Are these side effects beyond what you'd put up with, or do I just need to suck it up? What sort of alternatives might they consider, and what sort of factors will they be weighing around them?
Thanks for any advice, or even just for reading this far
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2023.03.29 11:09 Commercial-Kick-8184 Should I trust him?

Waking up, I had an off feeling about my future plans with him. Going to a local shopping center to enjoy a meal…potentially shopping for some cute clothes, it sounded appealing. This was until I had a realization.
To answer a very likely question running through your head, who exactly is “him”. Well, “him” is a friends boyfriend in which they met through a dating app. Since knowing “him” (which has only been for a month or so), there hasn’t been too much red flags. Of course, everyone has their own idea of what a red flag could be, so maybe he does have a few, but I wont waste you’re time with what I consider to be red flags.
I’m not sure if its my overthinking or intuition telling me to not meet up with “him”, but I feel as if I can’t trust an ultimate stranger, especially off a dating app too quickly.
I don’t know exactly who he is.
Yes, my friend(s) may trust “him”, but their trust doesn’t reflect my trust in him. I read stories of people having terrible experiences with trusting individuals off dating apps, because who they showed themselves as wasn’t who they became, or in reality, truly where. To add emphasis to why I have a hard time trusting folks from online platforms is also from personal things I have experienced, along with friends sharing negative stories as well.
I have a strange feeling of this exact outing, with us being alone in his vehicle. I have to trust him to drive me safely from my house and back. I wasn’t scared until now, when I realized my safety (and life) can be in the hands of someone I don’t trust.
Yknow that off feeling you experience right before something bad happens?
Thats me right now.
Anxiously deciding if I should put my trust into “him”, or if I should go with my gut and cancel.
Advice is appreciated, im not looking for a direct answer as truly it is my ultimate decision. What are your thoughts?
EDIT/clarification: I am a woman while the man and friend involved in the story are a gay couple
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2023.03.29 11:09 AgentOfASignal 26 [M4F] UK/Europe - Language and History Fan, in the (very fun) process of moving house. Huzzah!

Good morning/evening/night/eternal darkness to whomever may be reading this! I come to you from the mythical land of checks notes England. Okay, not very mythical. All the dragons are in Wales, Excalibur's been melted down for scrap, and all the unicorns were hunted to extinction.
But hello regardless. I'm a 26M, and I work a very exciting office job. That's right, I get to do all the fun stuff, like nagging clients who refuse to reply to me, filling in forms, and praying for a 300% pay rise. All the fun stuff like that.
Oh, and I'm plus sized. Which I should have mentioned right away, but then you wouldn't have heard about the extinction of the unicorns.
I speak German, Italian, passable French, and I'm learning Spanish. Oh, and I speak English, which would be an odd skill to be lacking. Quite something to be able to fluently write English but not be able to speak it.
I'm a big History fan, which some people have mistaken for me being an expert. Trust me, I'm not. It was one of my worst GCSE grades. But I'm fascinated by how life was a long time ago, the older the better. Anything post-Hastings starts to get a bit too modern, I like the really old stuff. Stuff like Ancient Egypt, or even older. I'd love to get in a time machine and see all this history for myself.
Currently buying my first house! Got my mortgage, just gotta wait for all the paperwork to go through. Woo!
People usually message me to ask what I'm looking for, so let me answer it: I don't know. A cure for loneliness I guess? So come and be that cure!
In terms of pop culture, I'm a big Assassin's Creed, Doctor Who and Star Wars fan. Believe it or not, I've never read/watched Harry Potter or any of the MCU movies. I'll get around to them one day, I swear. I mostly game on the PS5/PC, although I do have a Switch and Xbox. Other than what I mentioned, I play stuff like Hitman and Red Dead a lot.
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