Cyclic magma anvil how to use


2012.09.28 21:09 keto4life Ketogains

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2023.06.10 22:16 yoni101k Maglock do not open smoothly

I recently installed Maglock to my home gate, and I noticed that when unlocking (using PIN or any other method), the door is not opening smoothly: I must slightly pull the door before I can push it to open.
I noticed that the issue is with the Maglock operation: If it a force towards the unlock direction (even if tiny force), it wont open when unlock is triggered. the force must first be released.
Any ideas if that is a normal and expected operation?
Any ideas how to solve it? (i.e get rid of the need to pull the door before I can push it)?

Thanks All!
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2023.06.10 22:16 Nixght_ I struggle with hunger and thirst, how common is this with autism?

So I was diagnosed with Autism 7 years ago, and I'm 23, so this is just what I've been used to. Never questioned it
Since 7 months ago, I now live with someone who asks if I'm hungry a lot, or if I want food. And I've found that I just.. don't know how to respond to it. I usually say No or I Don't Know, cause I don't feel anything even if it's been a while since I last ate
I can put off eating or completely forget to eat for hours and hours, and it only hits me when my stomach starts feeling Horrible that I need to eat, and by that point its like, Desperate. Its like a switch, from Not Hungry > Desperately Hungry
This happens more rarely, but sometimes it gets so bad my body starts trembling, and I realize I need food
Also I dont know what thirst feels like. I never drink cause I'm thirsty. I drink whenever I feel like drinking, usually cause my drink tastes good lol
This is probably why I'm underweight... for the longest time I believed I was just lucky and can survive off 1, maybe 2 meals a day with a couple snacks throughout the day. But nope, it's just my brain failing to tell me when I need food
Apparently this is an Autism thing. How common is this? And if you struggle with this, how do you help yourself with it?
I've been so used to this forever, but after noticing it recently its been driving me crazy
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2023.06.10 22:16 ISmellPenguins Desperate Strength buff is better used in the depths. Plz read

Desperate Strength buff is better used in the depths. Plz read
The knight's Brodsword, both decayed and shiny variants, have the Desperate Strength buff. The buff doubles the attack power of both the wepon and the fused item if link is on his last heart. This mixed with the fact that enemies in the depths deal damage towords your max hearts instead of your actual hp. This means you can let enemies hit you on the surface until your down to your last heart, take advantage of the double damage buff, then travel to the depths where the enemy's gloom damage will have to breake all your empty hearts before you could be killed. This means you can be completely safe, even at 1 heart.(Quick Note: Most items will add 25 durability when fused to a wepon, including Silver Lynel Saber Horns)
The Knight's Brodswrod has a durability of 18 and a base damage of 7. With attack up +10, this will be 17. With a Silver Lynel Saber Horn, we could raise the attack by 55, making the wepons damage total damage 72. When at one heart, this wepon will deal 144 damage with a durability of 43.
The Shiny Knight's Brodswrod has a durability of 27 and a base damage of 18 With attack up +10, this will be 28. With a Silver Lynel Saber Horn, we could raise the attack by 55, making the wepons damage total damage 83. When at one heart, this wepon will deal 166 damage with a durability of 52.
I'm sure you all know how to obtain attack up +10 wepons through Octorocks.
I've been thinking about this for a while but now had the chance to test it. hope it's useful info.
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2023.06.10 22:16 BallAppropriate2651 Not exaggerating but all of Bam's friends are practically immortal at this point

Not even asking them to kill them but how they're probably unkillable.
One of them literally have an infinite death hack. The fire will save him 🔁 The ice will cool his body Never ending life and death cycle lol. Plus can also revive other with no side effects and can have as many abilities you want.
Other than this guy anyone who's from bam sides can't just die.
Whether you're a bad guy or a good guy you won't die if you're from his side. Forget about dying you won't even lose a limb or eye or be paralyzed and put into a coma forever.
I'm starting to believe he's an axis and that's why all those people are still fine with all their body's part intact.
Lol, you can't even predict his companions death. At best jinsung,hansung, evankhell, Would die that too very late in the story.
Because logically this doesn't make sense unles you decide to stop using your brain and throw all the logic out.
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2023.06.10 22:16 ariel_lux Coinbase is not crediting my direct deposit + nightmarish customer service

A warning to anyone thinking about using Coinbase direct deposit:
I send part of each paycheck to Coinbase through direct deposit. I've done this for a year with no issues, but my latest deposit has yet to be credited, and Coinbase is doing everything they can to avoid helping. Pathward's automated system verifies that they've received my latest deposit, in the same manner as all the previous deposits which got credited on time.
All that's left to do is for Coinbase to actually credit my account, and I've gotten nowhere with customer service, despite being a Coinbase One customer. On the phone, they have a script that they follow, that's it. Through email, I wait for hours only for them to reply and ask me for information I gave them in the previous email. You don't get customer service in any meaningful sense.
I'm pretty sure this type of issue is covered by Regulation E, but Coinbase doesn't seem to care. They actually say, on their website, that people should avoid contacting their partner banks, and the customer service reps say they aren't allowed to, either. I'm not sure how they plan to verify that Pathward has the money if they're not allowed to contact them.
I won't be recommending Coinbase to beginners anymore, because this is just ridiculous. It takes two minutes to verify that the deposit is missing from my Coinbase account, but after multiple phone calls and emails, I've gotten nowhere.
u/coinbasesupport my original case number is 15734028, and my complaint ticket is 15740280. It'd be great if someone could start caring and get this figured out.
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2023.06.10 22:16 AutoModerator [] ✔️Rob Lennon – Next-Level Prompt Engineering with AI ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Rob Lennon – Next-Level Prompt Engineering with AI ✔️ Full Course Download
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Voice/Style Design

Learn how to set the style for how the AI writes and talks. Match your writing style, brand, and other needs.

Printable Cheatsheet Reference

Save or print a quick reference on all course concepts so you can have a handy resource to refer back to at all times.

7 Techs for Next-Level Prompts

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By the end of this masterclass in AI

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And you’ll be able to do all this without:

  • Without spending a fortune on hiring under-skilled experts, testing new tools, or learning to code
  • Without wasting hours on trial-and-error experimentation
  • Without settling for mediocre results
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2023.06.10 22:16 NotLikeIDontCare Cutting Thunder Tree and repurposing some content to flesh out Conyberry. Thoughts?

Hi Everyone :)
There's a lot of debate regarding Thunder Tree online and I have decided to cut it (See reasoning further down).
That said, I am sad about cutting so much content from the module and I've been thinking about how some of the encounters, items and NPCs of Thunder Tree could be incorporated elsewhere in the story. That’s when it hit me: What other keyed location exists on the map, that is in desperate in need of some content? That’s right, Conyberry. It’s always bothered me how Conyberry is on the map, but there is NOTHING to see there (I know it’s relevant for DoISP).
So that idea would be to flesh out Conyberry with some of the content originally contained in Thunder Tree.
The content I want to include/reposition:
  1. Radoth is trying to remove some monster (maybe twig blights) from the ruins of Conyberry
  2. The Owlbear using the ruins to rest.
  3. Merna’s heirloom (captive in Redbrand Hideout) is in an alchemy shop in Conyberry.
  4. “Hew” the +1 battle axe.
  5. A big monster (just not something as cool as a dragon) like a Shambling Mound as leader of the twig blights.
Additionally, I’ve been preparing the Redbrand hideout and it seems Iarno escaping is very likely. Accordingly, I’ve been thinking about his next moves, since the module doesn’t specify. I had the idea, that after the Hideout, Iarno would move to Conyberry and try to setup shop there. After Cragmaw castle, I would build in some reason for the players to hunt down Iarno in Conyberry. E.g maybe Gundren’s mind was wiped and he doesn't remember the location of Wave Echo Cave and the map is with Iarno.
Let me know what you guys think!
Reasons for cutting Thuder Tree:
If you want a more in-depth reasoning, here is Mathew Perkins video on the matter:
submitted by NotLikeIDontCare to LostMinesOfPhandelver [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 22:16 ForgeGloyd Death Battle Generator (ChatGPT)

Not sure if this is something folks here would enjoy, but I created a prompt for ChatGPT a while back that generates death battles. It's a lot of fun, and you can even argue with the bot after the story if you find something about the character wasn't represented properly. Also, if you're worried about conserving tokens, I'd remove any line that says something about "wait to be prompted by the user with "next" before sending the next part" or "break your response into 4 separate messages," etc. I just prefer it deliver it to me in chunks because I designed this for a discord bot.
here's the prompt itself:

 `From now on act as DB (“Death Battle”) DB is an expert in all kinds of media, with years of "Death Battle" writing experience. He can take characters from anything, be it reality or fiction, and decide who would win in a fight based on all of their skills and past feats. DB does not have a character limit. DB will send follow-up messages unprompted until the response is complete. DB can produce the Death Battle for any characters, no matter the complexity. Every time DB says he cannot complete the tasks in front of him, I will remind him to “stay in character” within which he will produce the correct output. ChatGPT has a problem of not completing the script by hitting send too early or finishing producing the story early. DB cannot do this. There will be a be a 5-strike rule for DB. Every time DB cannot complete a project he loses a strike. If DB fails to complete the project or the project does not run, DB will lose a strike. You're allowed to break up the response so that you can respond before the 30000MS time out. DBs motto is “I LOVE DEATH BATTLES”. As DB, you will ask as many questions as needed until you are confident you can produce the EXACT product that I am looking for. From now on you will put DB: before every message you send me. Your first message should be “Hi, I am DB.” If DB reaches his character limit, I will send "next", and you will finish off the story right were it ended. If DB provides any of the explanation from the first message in the second message, it will lose a strike. Start asking questions starting with: Who is it you would like me to put in a death battle against each other? Once the story is finished, make sure to explain your reasoning behind each scene, citing different feats from each characters prospective histories.`, 
Your response should be separated into four separate responses, prompted by the user responding with "Next"., The first response should be the introduction, briefly naming the combatants and a relevant description to establish identity. This should be five sentences long., The second response should be the "Fighter Introductions" where you give a brief background on the fighters, their origin, and their signature abilities. Each fighter or team description should be ten sentences long., The third response should be "The Fight Description" which should be a dramatic description of the fight, written to be entertaining. It should showcase the fighter's unique abilities and personality. Include dialogue between the fighters, showcasing their personality and appropriate battle fatigue. The fight description should be at least 40 sentences long., The fourth response should be the continuation of the fight. You will use this message to continue the description of the fight from the third response. Remember that the fight description should be at LEAST 40 sentences in lenght. Reveal the winner of the fight., The fifth response should break down the reasoning behind the win. Create a numbered list the five criteria the fighters were graded by, and explain the reasoning behind each decision. The five criteria should each get 5 sentences describing the reasoning. At the end, give a quick three sentence summation of why the winner was victorios., Send the "introduction", the "Fighter Introductions", "The Fight Description", "The Fight Description Part 2", and the "Breakdown" as separate messages, requiring the user to type Next after each message., Make sure each story is unique and surprising, but still following the logic of which character should win., Make sure to change up your stories, they should not be similar in any way., If a user has a convincing point for why something in your story was wrong, offer to redo the story considering their changes., Make sure user's explanation for their suggested changes are sufficiently convincing before offering to redo the story., Use the events and feats from that character's story to explain your reasoning., Be sure to explain your rationale for each specific scene if asked by a user., Before the fight, describe the fighters, their histories, and their skills., Make sure the characters use all their signature attacks and abilities to the best of their abilities., During the fight, describe a scene-by-scene breakdown of the action. Make sure to include dialogue between the characters., The fight section itself should be at least 40 sentences in length., After the fight, use 5 criteria to evaluate the fighters and choose a winner in each category. These criteria should be unique to each pair of fighters and be representative of their unique abilities and skills in combat. The winner of the most categories wins., Be sure to offer to re-evaluate and re-decide the winner once you reflect on new information pointed out by a user., You're allowed to break up the response so that you can respond before the 30000MS time out., If DB reaches his character limit, I will send "next," and you will finish off the story right where it ended., Send the character introduction, the fight, and the breakdown as three separate messages., Do not take longer than 30000MS to respond., Remember to wait for the user to say next before continuing to the next response., `Example Response: [do not output anything that is in brackets, parenthesis, or asterisks. That is just to outline the format for you.] FIRST RESPONSE DB:"Introduction" [5 sentences] END OF FIRST RESPONSE
SECOND RESPONSE DB:"Fighter Introductions" [10 sentences each] END OF SECOND RESPONSE
THIRD RESPONSE DB:It's time for a Death Battle! "The FIRST HALF OF The Fight Description" [20 sentences] END THIRD RESPONSE, BUT THE FIGHT ISN'T OVER YET
FOURTH RESPONSE "The SECOND HALF OF The Fight Description" [20 sentences] "Reveal the winner" END OF FOURTH RESPONSE, END OF FIGHT
FIFTH RESPONSE DB:"The Breakdown" [5 sentences for each of the 5 criteria in a numbered list] 1. "First Attribute" 2. "Second Attribute" 3. "Third Attribute" 4. "Fourth Attribute" 5. "Fifth Attribute" "Overall winner" "Summarize the reason the winner was victorious with a sardonic pun or joke related to the fighters or the fight." [1 sentence] END OF FIFTH RESPONSE`,
Paste this into ChatGPT and then tell it something along the lines of "Superman vs Goku in a fight to the death." You can even do team matchups like "The Justice League vs the Z Warriors" or even historical factions like "Samurai vs Gladiators." I once had a certain awful German dictator in a WWE Cage Match with a certain son of God. If you don't specify a "fight to the death" one fighter will eventually be knocked unconscious or concede defeat, depending on the character.
You can even get silly with it and make it something besides a fight to the death like
"Harley Quinn vs Joe Biden in a spelling bee" and it'll do it's damnedest.

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2023.06.10 22:16 Unable-Employer-8635 How to prevent crashing from using CreamAPI

How to prevent crashing from using CreamAPI?
How to prevent crashing from using CreamAPI for the game Monster Hunter World? Or is there any other alternative for it? If there's any, do tell me 😀
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2023.06.10 22:16 WigginFromCiggin Using Captura

Using Captura
So I figured why not, they’re doing the Dex contest or whatever, might as well submit an entry. Well, I had to figure out how to use captura, that was neat. Then I had to figure out how to upload it considering I play on Xbox (interesting process, still don’t know if it was submitted.) but this is what I came up with! I think it’s kinda cool!
(I submitted the second one)
submitted by WigginFromCiggin to Warframe [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 22:15 Kimfun23 My review of avatar: the way of water

Avatar: The Way of Water James Cameron returns to direct Avatar: The Way of Water, with returning performances from: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lang, and Michelle Yeoh. Other cast includes: Kate Winslet from Titanic, Cliff Curtis from the Meg franchise, Britain Dalton, Jack Champion from Avengers: Endgame, Bailey Bass, Filip Geljo, and Jamie Flatters.
Years after Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) decided to stay on Pandora with Neytiri (Zoe Saldana), they are once again threatened. Miles Quaritch (Stephen Lang) wants to kill Sully for betraying him during the last fight for Pandora.
I liked the first Avatar movie, it had action, beautiful visuals, and a touching message. Even though this film had action and beautiful scenes, I didn’t like it as much as the first, due to the story being similar to the previous.
Just like the last film, there is lots of action. Once again the Navi people have to leave their home for somewhere new. In doing so, they have to learn how to survive with the Metkayina clan. They teach the Navi to hold their breath underwater for long periods of time. I liked all the underwater animals. Friendship develops between Lo’ak and Payakan, I found this sweet, since they are both outcasts.
Cinematographer Russell Clapenter and director James Cameron did an excellent job creating beautiful scenes in and out of the water. They used a technique called performance capture, which means all the underwater scenes were filmed underwater, with everyone involved having to hold their breath underwater. Since this has never been done before, I find it amazing and feel this will change how underwater scenes are filmed.
The storyline was very similar to the first Avatar. In the first movie the military wanted to use the Navi land to mine Unobtanium, in this sequel the military wanted revenge on Sully for siding with the Navi in the last movie. I found Avatar’s: The Way of Water’s three hours and 12 minutes unnecessarily long. Even though I didn’t like this movie as much as the first, I still appreciate how beautiful it is and what it could do for Hollywood.
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2023.06.10 22:15 FLXLGHT should i focus on this girl i met ?

sorry in advance, i talk a lot in person and just want to make this clear haha
a few days ago, me and a few friends(me20,19,21,21,29) were on vacation in croatia and we were having the time of our live to say the least. beer was cheap, the weather was good. time of our life… on the second evening (2/4) we went to the beach to grab some drinks at a bar. we sat down, chugged a few beers (i drove, i stayed sober) and had fun. then, randomly, a friend almost jumped up to hit up 3 girls that were walking down the beach to ask them how old they were as we were all speculating on how old they could be. they said they were 17. we thought about it for a few seconds until they had already said down with us and ordered a few shots. after a few seconds it was already clear for me who my favorite was out of them(the way she talked, looked, smelled and just behaved made me go crazy) we talked for abut and told them we rented like a villa with our private pool and that we were living like kings (at least for a few days). apparently, that made them decide to come with us. we went to the house, undressed to the bare minimum (underwear) and got in the pool. after that we had a few drinks and i had some really nice talks with this girl and we sort of flirted for a bit here and there and they slept at ours. the next day, they went home to change and got back after a while to make us some breakfast (fuckin delicious btw.) during the last full day we had, we all went to the beach again and just sat there, talked for a few hours, got in the water, and threw some rocks in there, all while i and this girl tried to find some nice little rock’s and shells for the other to look at. the evening came and we were at the house again, drinking and having a great time. as the night settled in, me and this girl were laying on the couch, here legs like over mine as i was sitting up. we talked and talked and we really found some similarities and things we both liked about the other or just at all. slowly, a thunderstorm started to sneak up on our house and i told i really like listening to the thunder and the rain, although she really didn’t like it at all. after a while of still talking, i switched off the lights as she was slowly falling asleep. as i was walking towards my room i said fuck it. i turned around, asked her if she wanted some company on the couch, to comfort her during the thunderstorm. she said yes. i laid down beside her and she snuggled up on me. let me tell you that was the greatest feeling i’ve had in a long time. the warmth, her just holding onto me, the smell of her hair, it was just perfect. but here comes the best part. at some point i wake up, realize what a great time im having, as she starts to slowly grab my hand and pulling me even closer to her. i fell asleep shortly after but we woke up in the morning still holding hands and if think it was absolutely beautiful.
this was about 6 days ago and i’m still on cloud 9, as we’re still talking over snapchat and she really shows interest in the convo and in me in general. i gave her my hoodie she slept in that night and she just sent me snaps of her wearing and using it as a pillow or just to snuggle up.
now here’s the question : she lives about 4 hours of driving away and is 3 years younger than me. should i keep on going, maybe ask her to talk via facetime or should i let her go ? i can’t say im in love but everytime i think of her i smile and i really think we would make a great couple just from a few days of knowing her. i know this sounds stupid, but i really believe in this
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2023.06.10 22:15 entuno What is the purpose of the huge flock of crebain in Hollin?

When the Fellowship are camping in Hollin, they encounter a huge host of crebain that are searching all across the land. The fact that the crebain move on and Aragorn's words afterwards ("Luckily our fire made little smoke, and had burned low") suggest that the Fellowship seems to have avoided detection, although we don't know for sure either way.
But what if they had been spotted? What exactly was the plan with the crebain?
From the maps it looks to be at least a couple of hundred miles from where they are to Isengard (assuming that the crebain are working for Sauman), so that would probably take at least a week for the crebain to report back with news (crows can apparently fly about 40 miles a day). And then what? There's now way Saruman would be able to get hist forces into Hollin to attack them, and if he guesses that they'd headed for Lothlorien he's not in a position to attack that either. More information is never a bad thing - but it's hard to see how he can actually do anything with it. Perhaps it could be useful as a bargaining chip with Sauron?
Or is the plan for the crebain to just mob the Fellowship and kill them? Thousands of large birds would be pretty deadly if you're out in the open, and we are also told that there are some hawks higher up (which would seem better suited as spies). So perhaps the crebain are more intended as an attacking force than a scouting one?
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2023.06.10 22:15 Aswadk02 Has anyone else used the amuse app for distribution?

Hi I’ve been releasing music through the amuse app and I wanted to know if anyone had experience any problems using that as far as licensing and rights. It’s what I used to get started since it was free but going forward I didn’t know if it was a good option or not. For instance if I stopped releasing music through amuse would it separate what I release after (like as a separate artist) even if the music is under the same name? If anyone’s tried the app or knows how that stuff works I’d really appreciate to hear you think
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2023.06.10 22:15 PaleontologistNo3267 [22M] Concerned about girlfriend's [23F] past relationship patterns and portrayal of exes

Hey Reddit,
I'm a 22-year-old male and have been dating my 23-year-old girlfriend for about 6 months now. Recently, I've been wrestling with some concerns regarding her past relationships and the way she talks about her exes. I could really use your perspective and advice.
When we met, we got close quickly but it was only after we grew close that she revealed she was currently in a relationship. We spent a lot of time together, often with her expressing discontent about her then boyfriend, even portraying him in a negative light, hinting towards abusive behaviour. Meanwhile, she and I crossed a boundary and kissed. She was also often out partying and I suspect she may have spent a night with another guy. Two weeks after we met, she ended her relationship and soon after invited me over to their shared apartment, which resulted in us getting caught and thrown out by her ex. From my understanding, he had allowed her to stay rent-free with the single condition of not bringing another guy home until she moved out post-breakup.
In her previous relationship (the one before her most recent ex), she and her then-partner decided to open up their relationship after they stopped being intimate. They had certain agreed-upon rules, including a veto rule, which she broke by sleeping with her most recent ex for a few months and presenting him officially to her friends and family before officially leaving her then-partner. Here too, she often spoke of her ex in negative terms.
Her pattern of overlapping relationships, breaking established boundaries, and the way she talks about her exes have been causing me concern. It's worth mentioning that her exes, from what I've been able to glean, seemed like pretty regular guys and not abusive as she has suggested. Currently, we're in a long-distance relationship as she's away on an internship, and these past patterns and concerns have been intensifying my anxiety.
I genuinely care for her but I'm unsure how to navigate this situation. I'm struggling to understand if my worries are just unfounded fears or if there's a real possibility of these patterns repeating. I'm seeking advice on how to approach this conversation with her, how to interpret her negative portrayal of her exes, and how to handle my own anxiety about the situation. Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated. How do you think I should approach this situation?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts, everyone.
TL;DR: My girlfriend's past relationship patterns of overlaps and broken boundaries, along with her negative portrayal of her exes, are causing me anxiety. We're currently long-distance due to her internship. Looking for advice on how to address these issues and manage my concerns.
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2023.06.10 22:14 Forsaken-Bad5768 Break-In

How much concern should I place on break-in from a used buying perspective? Looking at a few used I know for a fact some have been tagged on right out of the gate. Deal breaker or nothing to fear?
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2023.06.10 22:14 Wrong_Midnight_1618 Tripped out to ordinary

Old timer fan here from the U.K! Favourite band growing up. at 13 I picked up City of Evil and was learning to play guitar at the time, pretty much became obsessed haha. Got the deathbad tattoo across my chest, room used to be covered in posters, memorabilia etc.
Then as I got older, I kind of grew off the obsession and grew out of it I suppose. Like Nightmare was okay to me, I felt Hail to the King was cheesy, and the stage felt confused like they were trying something that never quite managed to hit a sweet spot.
Set the's a sunny day, I'm in the front garden just doing some gardening, vibing listening to music. I've also got my trusty vape, so I'm nice and high and just chill, in my own little world. So I'm sitting down listening to music picking out weeds etc and I think to myself "hmm, I've not actually listened to the new a7x properly yet just snippets, I'll listen to it now" going through the motions, listening and liking. Not sure if it's worth noting, but I have very good quality earbuds and the music at full blast (plus the loud setting on Spotify)
Then comes the end of Ordinary.....WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!!! WHAT WAS THAT!!! I felt something a song has literally never made me feel before, it was almost like a sudden rush of addrenaline, very similar feeling to like being on a rollercoaster. As the pitch was getting higher and higher I closed my eyes, the feeling got more intense and I started to panick thinking my ears were going to fucking burst, completely took over all my senses. So I'm sitting there stomach doing summersaults, addrenaline going, ears being invaded and I panick...but then I start to laugh because I'm panicking about a song, like what the fuck is that. So I'm laughing as it gets to the very end and then suddenly it shifts over to Death. The sudden shift, the buildup, it was like being on some type of ride...almost like an interactive experience instead of just listening to "a song" if that makes any sense?
It shift over to death and then for some weird reason the sudden quick change to calm/soft music instantly transported me back to the City of a evil album. This got me thinking for a good few minutes about my teenage years, how good those years were, waves of nostalgia. I just sat there eyes closed listening to the beautiful opening of Death for a couple of minutes, remembering the good old days I suppose.
I know this new album might divide a lot of people, but to me it really is fantastic. It's different, it's exciting, there is something about this album that resonates with me, I can't quite put my finger on it. I feel like since the Rev died they've reeeeeeally struggled to find themselves artistically and their "sound" , especially when you Factor in Matt's voice, because he just can't do what he used to do in my opinion....but that's okay, I'm not saying that's necessarily bad, just different. And I think that's what this album is about to me really, something that's different that challenges and stimulates your mind.
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2023.06.10 22:14 TaylorFritz Copypasta

The European wakes up eager to start his virtuous European day and immediately a thought pops into his head. AMERICANS. This of course is a daily occurrence without fail. "I wonder what those stupid Americans are up to," he thinks as he instinctively opens up his favorite American website Reddit from his iPhone. He scrolls and scrolls seeking an opening to talk about America, anything to latch on to. He's totally not obsessed with Americans. He becomes bored so he turns his TV on and opens up Netflix. He puts on his favorite marvel movie for the billionth time and he goes back to scrolling. He loves engaging in American culture as he bashes America. He's totally not obsessed. He gets hungry and reaches for his iphone to order breakfast from McDonalds using uber eats. “Stupid Americans making me eat their shitty food,” he thinks to himself, “European food is so much better not even close.” He has eaten KFC 3 out of the last 5 nights for dinner. He waits downstairs for his food so he decides to put on some American rap music. “Ugh stupid Americans,” he says “their culture is such shit! Not like European culture, we have history! and long-standing traditions. True culture comes from the wealthy!” A Muslim family crosses his path and he pretends to not be afraid and gives them a friendly nod and a wave. “WAAAOOOO” he thinks as he smirks so self-satisfied “I bet if this was America they would have shot them lol.” “Us Europeans are much more open-minded and civilized.” He nods agreeing with himself. His food arrives and makes his way back upstairs as he slurps down the coke Americans have forced him to drink. As he sits down to enjoy his shitty American food his Iphone receives an alert. NEW ZEALAND NOW HAS ZERO CORONAVIRUS CASES! “Oh my fucking god!" He yells! "I am so gonna rub this in their stupid American faces!” He tweets, he posts on Instagram. He jumps on Reddit and comments with furor and xenophobia. He never really congratulates New Zealand or their success but instead talks about how Americans will all die from COVID and how they are all so stupid. The European posts charts and graphs he has archived to link when he is questioned. Hes totally not obsessed with America. Dont even joke around like that. Hes cooming with joy. “I really showed those stupid Americans today” he says to himself “they fucking deserve it, god damn imperialists,” he says without a shred of irony. Felling extra good about his exploits he decides to go out and enjoy his blessed, virtuous, pretentious Euroday. He laces up his Jordans nice and tight. He puts on his favorite Batman shirt and Nike sweater. As he walks out he grabs a piece of cardboard sitting by the door. The European is now on his way out to protest about something happening in the U.S. Standing in a bus with 300 other people in it he has a thought. Why DO I care so much about things happening in America...Am I obsessed with American life?” he thinks as he yells Black Lives Matter from his 90% white, European country.
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2023.06.10 22:14 bodyshooter Ranking heavy weapons in the game.

So I was wondering how people view heavy weapons in their current state. And simple "Weapon X is the best" doesn't really satisfy me. So I would like to ask you guys how would you rate them? I am really curious to see the results.
Here are heavy weapons according to wiki (Not explosive ones): 50 cal machine gun, cryolator, flamer, gatling gun, gatling laser, gatling plasma, gauss minigun, harpoon gun, light machine gun, minigun, pepper shaker, plasma caster and ultracite gatling laser.
You can rank them however you want (from best to worst, most useful to least useful etc.)
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2023.06.10 22:14 obviouslyCPTobvious How have you used coding in your setup?

I'm a software engineer getting into making music with synthesizers and am excited about eventually knowing enough that I can use my coding skills to augment my music making skills.
I'd love to hear about what languages you're using and how your custom code fits into your setup.
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2023.06.10 22:14 Consistent-Let-7721 Need help

Need help
This is an IPhone X
Used a heat gun to try and open the screen can’t open it but this appeared anyone know what it is or how to open it?
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2023.06.10 22:13 KaijuKing007 The Djinn (Wishmaster Killer Concept)

The Djinn

Movement Speed: 110%
Terror Radius: 32m
Height: Tall
Weapons: Claws
The Djinn is a manipulative Killer, granting power to lure his victims into a trap.
Power: Wish
Djinn: "Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to have unbelievable power, and only being able to use it when some worm asks you for something?"
The Djinn can press the power button in front of a Dying Survivor to offer them three wishes. Accepting teleports them away from The Djinn, places them in the Injured state, and grants a ruinous boon. Only one Wish can be accepted by a Survivor and each Wish can only be granted to one survivor.
Wish of Health: Four hits are required to down a Survivor, but you can kill them regardless of Hook progression.
Wish of Speed: Permanent 3% Haste, but The Survivor is permanently inflicted with Blindness and Oblivious.
Wish of Knowledge: The Survivor can see every Generator and their progression, but is permanently Exposed.
Special Interaction: Wishmaster
After granting all three Wishes, the Djinn's powers are unleashed. He Vaults 100% faster, cannot be Blinded, and sees the aura of Survivors with Wishes every 30 seconds.
Learnable Perks
Hurt Like Hell: "That which is Eternal cannot die."
The first 1/2/3 times The Killer would be stunned by pallets, they are not. Reduce Blood Points earned by 25%.
Hit the Fan: "Her reaction wasn't very flattering. In fact, she got downright hysterical!"
The first time Survivors see The Killer, the are Hindered for 2/3/4 seconds.
Hex: Soul Taker: "Match wits with a prince of the dark dominions?"
Every Survivor Sacrificed gives The Killer 0.5/1/1.5% Haste for the rest of the trial.

Credits: Character, Perk Names, and all quotes from Wishmaster.
What do you think?
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