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2023.06.05 04:33 Tangou-888 The Hoax Story of Remarkable Testimony of a Buddhist monk in Myanmar (Burma) (Part III)

Taken from for the intellectual discussion purposely. Not for commercial gain
When Jesus met Buddha Something remarkable happened when evangelists for two great religions crossed paths more than 1,000 years ago: they got along By Philip Jenkins December 14, 2008
While few mainline Christians would put the matter in such confrontational terms, any religion claiming exclusive access to truth has real difficulties reconciling other great faiths into its cosmic scheme. Most Christian churches hold that Jesus alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and many also feel an obligation to carry that message to the world's unbelievers. But this creates a fundamental conflict with the followers of famous spiritual figures like Mohammed or Buddha, who preached radically different messages. Drawing on a strict interpretation of the Bible, some Christians see these rival faiths as not merely false, but as deliberate traps set by the forces of evil.
Being intolerant of other religions - consigning them to hell, in fact - may be bad enough in its own right, but it increasingly has real- world consequences. As trade and technology shrink the globe, so different religions come into ever-closer contact with one another, and the results can be bloody: witness the apocalyptic assaults in Mumbai. In such a world, teaching different faiths to acknowledge one another's claims, to live peaceably together side by side, stops being a matter of good manners and becomes a prerequisite for human survival.
Over the past 30 years, the Roman Catholic Church has faced repeated battles over this question of Christ's uniqueness, and has cracked down on thinkers who have made daring efforts to accommodate other world religions. While the Christian dialogue with Islam has attracted most of the headlines, it is the encounters with Hinduism and especially Buddhism that have stirred the most controversy within the church. Sri Lankan theologians Aloysius Pieris and Tissa Balasuriya have had many run-ins with Vatican critics, and, more recently, the battle has come to American shores. Last year, the Vatican ordered an investigation of Georgetown University's Peter Phan, a Jesuit theologian whose main sin, in official eyes, has been to treat the Buddhism of his Vietnamese homeland as a parallel path to salvation.
Following the ideas of Pope Benedict XVI, though, the church refuses to give up its fundamental belief in the unique role of Christ. In a widely publicized open letter to Italian politician Marcello Pera, Pope Benedict declared that "an inter-religious dialogue in the strict sense of the term is not possible." By all means, he said, we should hold conversations with other cultures, but not in a way that acknowledges other religions as equally valid. While the Vatican does not of course see the Buddha as a demon, it does fear the prospect of syncretism, the dilution of Christian truth in an unholy mixture with other faiths.
Beyond doubt, this view places Benedict in a strong tradition of Christianity as it has developed in Europe since Roman times. But there is another, ancient tradition, which suggests a very different course. Europe's is not the only version of the Christian faith, nor is it necessarily the oldest heir of the ancient church. For more than 1,000 years, other quite separate branches of the church established thriving communities across Asia, and in their sheer numbers, these churches were comparable to anything Europe could muster at the time. These Christian bodies traced their ancestry back not through Rome, but directly to the original Jesus movement of ancient Palestine. They moved across India, Central Asia, and China, showing no hesitation to share - and learn from - the other great religions of the East.
Just how far these Christians were prepared to go is suggested by a startling symbol that appeared on memorials and stone carvings in both southern India and coastal China during the early Middle Ages. We can easily see that the image depicts a cross, but it takes a moment to realize that the base of the picture - the root from which the cross is growing - is a lotus flower, the symbol of Buddhist enlightenment.
In modern times, most mainstream churches would condemn such an amalgam as a betrayal of the Christian faith, an example of multiculturalism run wild. Yet concerns about syncretism did not bother these early Asian Christians, who called themselves Nasraye, Nazarenes, like Jesus's earliest followers. They were comfortable associating themselves with the other great monastic and mystical religion of the time, and moreover, they believed that both lotus and cross carried similar messages about the quest for light and salvation. If these Nazarenes could find meaning in the lotus-cross, then why can't modern Catholics, or other inheritors of the faith Jesus inspired?
Many Christians are coming to terms with just how thoroughly so many of their fundamental assumptions will have to be rethought as their faith today becomes a global religion. Even modern church leaders who know how rapidly the church is expanding in the global South tend to see European values and traditions as the indispensable norm, in matters of liturgy and theology as much as music and architecture.
Yet the reality is that Christianity has from its earliest days been an intercontinental faith, as firmly established in Asia and Africa as in Europe itself. When we broaden our scope to look at the faith that by 800 or so stretched from Ireland to Korea, we see the many different ways in which Christians interacted with other believers, in encounters that reshaped both sides. At their best, these meetings allowed the traditions not just to exchange ideas but to intertwine in productive and enriching ways, in an awe-inspiring chapter of Christian history that the Western churches have all but forgotten.
To understand this story, we need to reconfigure our mental maps. When we think of the growth of Christianity, we think above all of Europe. We visualize a movement growing west from Palestine and Syria and spreading into Greece and Italy, and gradually into northern regions. Europe is still the center of the Catholic Church, of course, but it was also the birthplace of the Protestant denominations that split from it. For most of us, even speaking of the "Eastern Church" refers to another group of Europeans, namely to the Orthodox believers who stem from the eastern parts of the continent. English Catholic thinker Hilaire Belloc once proclaimed that "Europe is the Faith; and the Faith is Europe."
But in the early centuries other Christians expanded east into Asia and south into Africa, and those other churches survived for the first 1,200 years or so of Christian history. Far from being fringe sects, these forgotten churches were firmly rooted in the oldest traditions of the apostolic church. Throughout their history, these Nazarenes used Syriac, which is close to Jesus' own language of Aramaic, and they followed Yeshua, not Jesus. No other church - not Roman Catholics, not Eastern Orthodox - has a stronger claim to a direct inheritance from the earliest Jesus movement.
The most stunningly successful of these eastern Christian bodies was the Church of the East, often called the Nestorian church. While the Western churches were expanding their influence within the framework of the Roman Empire, the Syriac-speaking churches colonized the vast Persian kingdom that ruled from Syria to Pakistan and the borders of China. From their bases in Mesopotamia - modern Iraq - Nestorian Christians carried out their vast missionary efforts along the Silk Route that crossed Central Asia. By the eighth century, the Church of the East had an extensive structure across most of central Asia and China, and in southern India. The church had senior clergy - metropolitans - in Samarkand and Bokhara, in Herat in Afghanistan. A bishop had his seat in Chang'an, the imperial capital of China, which was then the world's greatest superpower.
When Nestorian Christians were pressing across Central Asia during the sixth and seventh centuries, they met the missionaries and saints of an equally confident and expansionist religion: Mahayana Buddhism. Buddhists too wanted to take their saving message to the world, and launched great missions from India's monasteries and temples. In this diverse world, Buddhist and Christian monasteries were likely to stand side by side, as neighbors and even, sometimes, as collaborators. Some historians believe that Nestorian missionaries influenced the religious practices of the Buddhist religion then developing in Tibet. Monks spoke to monks.
In presenting their faith, Christians naturally used the cultural forms that would be familiar to Asians. They told their stories in the forms of sutras, verse patterns already made famous by Buddhist missionaries and teachers. A stunning collection of Jesus Sutras was found in caves at Dunhuang, in northwest China. Some Nestorian writings draw heavily on Buddhist ideas, as they translate prayers and Christian services in ways that would make sense to Asian readers. In some texts, the Christian phrase "angels and archangels and hosts of heaven" is translated into the language of buddhas and devas.
One story in particular suggests an almost shocking degree of collaboration between the faiths. In 782, the Indian Buddhist missionary Prajna arrived in Chang'an, bearing rich treasures of sutras and other scriptures. Unfortunately, these were written in Indian languages. He consulted the local Nestorian bishop, Adam, who had already translated parts of the Bible into Chinese. Together, Buddhist and Christian scholars worked amiably together for some years to translate seven copious volumes of Buddhist wisdom. Probably, Adam did this as much from intellectual curiosity as from ecumenical good will, and we can only guess about the conversations that would have ensued: Do you really care more about relieving suffering than atoning for sin? And your monks meditate like ours do?
These efforts bore fruit far beyond China. Other residents of Chang'an at this very time included Japanese monks, who took these very translations back with them to their homeland. In Japan, these works became the founding texts of the great Buddhist schools of the Middle Ages. All the famous movements of later Japanese history, including Zen, can be traced to one of those ancient schools and, ultimately - incredibly - to the work of a Christian bishop.
By the 12th century, flourishing churches in China and southern India were using the lotus-cross. The lotus is a superbly beautiful flower that grows out of muck and slime. No symbol could better represent the rise of the soul from the material, the victory of enlightenment over ignorance, desire, and attachment. For 2,000 years, Buddhist artists have used the lotus to convey these messages in countless paintings and sculptures. The Christian cross, meanwhile, teaches a comparable lesson, of divine victory over sin and injustice, of the defeat of the world. Somewhere in Asia, Yeshua's forgotten followers made the daring decision to integrate the two emblems, which still today forces us to think about the parallels between the kinds of liberation and redemption offered by each faith.
Christianity, for much of its history, was just as much an Asian religion as Buddhism. Asia's Christian churches survived for more than a millennium, and not until the 10th century, halfway through Christian history, did the number of Christians in Europe exceed that in Asia.
What ultimately obliterated the Asian Christians were the Mongol invasions, which spread across Central Asia and the Middle East from the 1220s onward. From the late 13th century, too, the world entered a terrifying era of climate change, of global cooling, which severely cut food supplies and contributed to mass famine. The collapse of trade and commerce crippled cities, leaving the world much poorer and more vulnerable. Intolerant nationalism wiped out Christian communities in China, while a surging militant Islam destroyed the churches of Central Asia.
But awareness of this deep Christian history contributes powerfully to understanding the future of the religion, as much as its past. For long centuries, Asian Christians kept up neighborly relations with other faiths, which they saw not as deadly rivals but as fellow travelers on the road to enlightenment. Their worldview differed enormously from the norms that developed in Europe.
To take one example, we are used to the idea of Christianity operating as the official religion of powerful states, which were only too willing to impose a particular orthodoxy upon their subjects. Yet when we look at the African and Asian experience, we find millions of Christians whose normal experience was as minorities or even majorities within nations dominated by some other religion. Struggling to win hearts and minds, leading churches had no option but to frame the Christian message in the context of non-European intellectual traditions. Christian thinkers did present their message in the categories of Buddhism - and Taoism, and Confucianism - and there is no reason why they could not do so again. When modern scholars like Peter Phan try to place Christianity in an Asian and Buddhist context, they are resuming a task begun at least 1,500 years ago.
Perhaps, in fact, we are looking at our history upside down. Some day, future historians might look at the last few hundred years of Euro- American dominance within Christianity and regard it as an unnatural interlude in a much longer story of fruitful interchange between the great religions.
Consider the story told by Timothy, a patriarch of the Nestorian church. Around 800, he engaged in a famous debate with the Muslim caliph in Baghdad, a discussion marked by reason and civility on both sides. Imagine, Timothy said, that we are all in a dark house, and someone throws a precious pearl in the midst of a pile of ordinary stones. Everyone scrabbles for the pearl, and some think they've found it, but nobody can be sure until day breaks.
In the same way, he said, the pearl of true faith and wisdom had fallen into the darkness of this transitory world; each faith believed that it alone had found the pearl. Yet all he could claim - and all the caliph could say in response - was that some faiths thought they had enough evidence to prove that they were indeed holding the real pearl, but the final truth would not be known in this world.
Knowing other faiths firsthand grants believers an enviable sophistication, founded on humility. We could do a lot worse than to learn from what we sometimes call the Dark Ages.
Philip Jenkins is Edwin Erle Sparks professor of the humanities at Penn State University. He is author of "The Lost History of Christianity: The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia -- and How It Died," published last month.
© Copyright 2008 Globe Newspaper Company.
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2023.06.05 04:29 Tangou-888 The Hoax Story of Remarkable Testimony of a Buddhist monk in Myanmar (Burma) (Part II)

The Hoax Story of Remarkable Testimony of a Buddhist monk in Myanmar (Burma) (Part II)
Dear All NDE Fans, I was alerted and requested by someone in a responsible position to check for the authenticity of the story behind this posting. After speaking to and exchanging Emails with Myanmar (Burmese) monks as well as fellow Myanmar Buddhism experts in many countries, I am 100% confident that this NDE story is completely fictitious. The reasons are given below.
(1) All Burmese experts said they had never heard of the story about this Myanmar Buddhist monk before.
(2) There is also no reports either in Burma or outside Burma of mass defection of Myanmar Buddhist Monks to join the Christian Church.
(3) The monk in the story said he became a novice at the age of 18. It is rather unusual as most boys Burmese boys join the monastic life at younger age than 18.
(4) At the age of 19, he became a monk. This is also unusual as the entry age for becoming a fully ordained monk is 20. (There is one exception when one considers the foetal life while in the mother's womb)
(5) U Zadila, also known as 'Kyar Ni Kan Sayadaw' was described as probably the most famous Buddhist Teacher of the time. That is disputable. Venerable Kyar Ni Kan Sayadaw was indeed well known and very popular as public speaker and preacher. But he was not regarded as the most distinguished monk academically and intellectually.
(6) The monk said 'Kyar Ni Kan Sayadaw' died in a car crash in 1983 . In fact Sayadaw died in Myanmar Era 1339 = about 1977. There was a 6 years discrepancy which is unacceptable as the monk said he studied under him. He should know the exact year when his teacher died. And that 1977 was also the year when he became a monk. This fact alone is enough to brand the story as a fake or invention.
(7) He said he was given a new name of 'U Nata Pannita Ashinthuriya' when he entered the monastery. In Burma, the title 'shin' was used for the novice. 'U' was never used for a novice.
(8) The monk's new name itself was unusual nor unheard of, according to the monks I consulted.
(9) Doctors diagnosed Malaria and Yellow fever. Actually the Yellow Fever was not known to exist in Burma.
(10) To recover completely after very severe malaria is most unusual especially after being discharged to die.
(11) To regain Life after the body started to decay (decompose) is impossible according to conventional medical thinking.
There are other discrepancies regarding his actual NDE. But there is no need to dig deeper. It is a complete FICTION. It is very regrettable that a Christian Church was reported to be involved in creating this dishonest practice.
We expect 'James' to say something about our findings. He is the one who reported the story to the world media. After reading his various postings to this forum, I believe that he is either a priest or a serious Christian. We welcome his reply as well as the communication from the Church authorities who wrote the Introduction to this fictitious story and published in their regular bulletin.
Best wishes to all, Melvin, [email protected]...
Note: The old link was no longer there so try this link instead
Resurrected Burmese Monk Story Revisited During the year 2000, numerous emails circulated on the Internet passing on the dramatic story: ‘BACK FROM THE DEAD The Remarkable Testimony of a Buddhist monk in Myanmar (Burma) who came back to life a changed man!’
With CCG Ministries’ involvement in Asia, including Myanmar, we were very interested in this story and its authenticity.
It was brought to ‘life’ on the Internet through the promotion of a Christian missionary organization then called, Asian Minorities Outreach, later changing its name to: Asia Harvest, headquartered in Texas, USA, and operating from Thailand. Its Director, Paul Hatthaway, has written several books, including ‘The Heavenly Man’.
For quite some time the ‘resurrected Buddhist monk’ story appeared on the front page of the organisation’s website. Then the actual story was removed from their website, but a remaining reference to it encouraged people to request a copy of the story by email. The following explanation for the change, was given by the group at the time:
‘A Quick Note: We have been asked by many people why this testimony is no longer available on our website. We were ordered to remove the story by the government of Singapore, who had apparently received complaints from Buddhists. As our website is housed in Singapore at the moment, we didn’t have much choice.’
AMO/Asia Harvest introduced the story with the following introduction:
‘The story that follows is simply a translation of a taped testimony from a man with a life-changing story. It is not an interview or a biography, but simply the words from the man himself. Different people react in different ways when they hear this story. Some are inspired, some skeptical, a few will mock and ridicule, while some others have even been filled with rage and anger, convinced these words are the ravings of a mad man or an elaborate deception. Some Christians have opposed the story simply because the radical and miraculous events described herein do not fit their feeble image of an Almighty God.’
We were concerned with the above wording and commented in our 2001 report that it was interesting to note the approach they took in the introduction. Anyone who questioned the story would immediately be labelled as a sceptic, a mocker or ridiculer, someone filled with rage and anger, or worse a Christian whose concept of God is feeble and who does not believe that an Almighty God can be radical and perform miracles.
This could be seen by some as a form of bullying and intimidation to dismiss any form of thought and questioning of the story. It is not a healthy or biblical approach to dealing with questions about such a dramatic story, nor does it encourage people to use their minds.
The resurrected monk’s story was quite a dramatic tale and it has impressed many people. It was even reported in the well-known Christian Singaporean magazine: IMPACT (June/July 2000, p.45). It continued to be circulated and passed on through emails for some time.
But was it true? If it was, it SHOULD be circulated - whatever the consequences. But what if it was NOT true? Should it then continue to be circulated never-the-less? We believe not!
It should be noted that there have been several versions of the story circulating. One version, which was circulating in March and April of 2000, began with an ‘Extract’:
‘Myanmar: Buddhist monk raised from the dead - 300 monks turn to Jesus. “In 1998, a Buddhist monk died. A few days later, his funeral was held, at which he was to be cremated. From the smell, it was obvious that his body had started to decompose - he was very clearly dead!” according to the report from missions agency Asian Minorities Outreach. “We have attempted to verify this report which reached us from a number of sources, and are now convinced that it is accurate,” they write.
Hundreds of monks and relatives of the dead man attended the funeral. Just as the body was about to be burned, the dead monk suddenly sat up, shouting ‘It’s a lie! I saw our ancestors burning and being tortured in some sort of fire. I also saw Buddha and many other Buddhist holy men. They were all in a sea of fire!’ ‘We must listen to the Christians,’ he continued emphatically, ‘they’re the only ones who know the truth!’
The events shocked the whole region. Over 300 monks became Christians and started to study the Bible. The resurrected man continued to warn everyone to believe in Jesus, because he is the only true God. Tapes of the monk’s report were distributed throughout Myanmar. The Buddhist hierarchy and the government were soon alarmed, and they arrested the monk. He has not been seen since and it is feared that he was killed to keep him silent. It is now a serious crime to listen to the tapes, because the government wants to dampen the sensation.’
On Sunday 19th November 2000, CCG Ministries’ Director, Adrian van Leen, interviewed and spoke with a man who claimed to be the ‘resurrected’ Paul in a hotel function room in Yangon in the company of four Myanmar Christian leaders.
That interview raised serious questions as to the authenticity of the story under consideration.

Our detailed review of the interview with the man claiming to be Paul, the ‘resurrected’ monk, was published as a report, sent to Asia Harvest, and placed on our website. After emailing a copy of the report, we also sent a ‘hard’ copy of the TACL containing the printed article, to Asia Harvest. In the latter part of 2003 we received the following email from Asia Harvest:
Greetings! I’m sure you will remember our communications a year or two back regarding the story of the Buddhist monk in Myanmar who came back to life. We were the ones who first had his testimony translated and published on our website.
Then you travelled to Myanmar and met with a man regarding this story. Your graphic report of that interview, his seemingly unstable mind and completely inconsistent testimony left us with no option but to withdraw the story from our website and offer our deep apologies. The last thing we want to do is discredit the name of our Lord Jesus by publishing any story that is untrue. I wrote to you of our intentions and you accurately reported,
[After Asia Harvest received a copy of this report they removed all references to the story from their website and stopped sending out email transcripts of the claimed resurrection account. They will be making some statement regarding their initial endorsement of the story. When this is available we will gladly append it to this report.]
However, when we received your magazine article which carried a picture of the man you interviewed, we showed it to two Burmese pastors who met the original “Paul” in Myanmar and they immediately said this was the wrong man! Later a missionary who lives here in Thailand but who works in Myanmar also said the man you interviewed looks nothing like the monk, being much younger.
More information since has revealed that there are actually three or four different people in Myanmar who claim they were monks who rose from the dead! Our contacts in Yangon (Rangoon) say that two of these are completely untrustworthy men, with little evidence of a genuine conversion to Christ. One of these is the young man you interviewed. No wonder his birth-date and other key facts were different from the testimony we published - it was not the same person! It almost seems that Satan sent along these counterfeits with false testimonies and a poor witness in order to discredit the original testimony.
Can we absolutely guarantee the story we published is true - of course not. Only God and the person involved can know what happened in such a story. We stated this when we first released the transcript of his testimony. But as far as can be verified, we have yet to be convinced that this testimony is false. We have been told it now seems likely that the monk Paul was killed. He was in hiding for more than 12 months and has not been heard of since. Another ex-monk who lives in Shan State, who also converted to Christ through miraculous circumstances is also being hunted by the authorities in a bid to silence him.
In the interests of fairness, would you be willing to publish our comments in this email with the story that is on your website?
God bless you,
Asia Harvest
Unfortunately, this update from Asia Harvest still fails to answer many of the questions and issues CCG Ministries raised in our report initially.
Our report had already acknowledged that there were several people in Myanmar (Burma) claiming to be the ‘resurrected’ monk: Further complications have arisen with this whole saga. According to the beliefs of some people in Myanmar (or some with friends and/or relatives in Myanmar), several different people supposedly, or apparently, are claiming to be the resurrected Buddhist monk - at least an older man and a not-so-balanced young man.
Even if we completely remove the questionable ‘Paul’ interviewed by CCG Ministries’ Director and several Myanmar Pastors, we are still left with serious questions about the whole story anyway. These were made clear in our 2001 report and remain unanswered by the recent comments from Asia harvest.
Apart from the contradictions made by [the suspect] Paul in front of witnesses, there are still serious questions about the content of his [the ‘original ‘Paul’] supposed visions or visit to hell and heaven, as well as questions about editorial comments made by Asian Minorities Outreach/Asia Harvest.
AMO/Asia Harvest has made statements about Paul being radically transformed and having a 180-degree shift in his life, and him continuing to be a fearless witness for Christ, of him being persecuted, scorned by family, friends and colleagues, and facing death for his unwillingness to compromise. But some Myanmar Christian leaders have asked (as we do also) on what do they base this, apart from his say so [or the say-so of unnamed pastors whose comments seem in clear conflict with that of the majority of pastors – especially from known established churches and denominations]? What evidence do they have?
Statements that [the ‘original’] Paul had been arrested and imprisoned - probably several times, not seen since, and that it was feared that he had been killed to keep him silent - are all highly emotive. While claims of imprisonment in such a situation are plausible and even probable, they remain unsubstantiated.
AMO/Asia Harvest has stated that the story was first told them by several Burmese church leaders, and that since being initially told they ‘have attempted to verify this report which reached us from a number of sources, and are now convinced that it is accurate.’ IMPACT Magazine reported that a spokesman for AMO/Asia Harvest stated: ‘We believe it to be true as there are many witnesses to these events.’
CCG Ministries’ Director, Adrian van Leen, before, especially during, and after his visit to Myanmar in November 2000, [and subsequent visits in 2001 and 2002] has spoken to a number of [numerous] Myanmar Christian leaders - including a number who are involved in inter-church/inter-denominational work, as well as leaders of several denominations. He spoke with leaders from Yangon and across Myanmar who attended a conference in Bago, and also Christian leaders in Mandalay and a regional township. Many of these leaders from across varying denominations had contact with other Christian leaders across the country.
No one was able to give ANY form of authentication to the story. A number of leaders, including those who had been in Christian leadership in Mandalay, knew of no evidence to confirm any part of the story. Some of the Myanmar Christian leaders would very much like to know who the ‘several Burmese church leaders’ are that AMO/Asia Harvest refers to as their sources for this story.
In fact, it was pointed out very clearly that, had the story been true, especially had there been a number of Buddhist monks converted to Christianity - especially as many as 300 and very much so if there were as many as 7,000 - the news would have spread rapidly. While the government-controlled media might have tried to suppress such news - the Christians and churches (particularly in the Mandalay area) would not have been able - nor have wanted to - suppress such news. It would have spread rapidly and widely through the churches. The Buddhist community would also have spread the story - though for different reasons.
The claim that ’there are many witnesses to these events’ is also disputed by Myanmar Christian leaders, who have stated that they had never met anyone who had been a direct primary witness - nor anyone who had personally met a direct witness to these events… The reality is that in Myanmar itself no one has been able to find any witnesses or any evidence whatever, to support the story of the resurrected Paul.
It was also pointed out that [the ‘original’] Paul’s claim to have seen Aung San, the revolutionary leader of Myanmar (father of current opposition leader, Aung San Suu Kyi) in hell ‘because he persecuted and killed Christians, but mostly because he didn’t believe in Jesus Christ’ was completely without foundation. He is a well known figure in Burmese/Myanmar thinking and history - and there is no evidence at all that he persecuted any Christians, let alone killed any.
AMO/Asia Harvest has invited ‘Christian believers to judge it [Paul’s resurrection story] according to Scripture.’

As one senior Myanmar pastor pointed out, the story and description of hell given by Paul, is itself contrary to Scripture. Paul’s story is also in conflict with the story Jesus told in the account of the rich man and the beggar, Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31). When carefully examined it is also in conflict with the comments of the Apostle Paul in 1 Corinthians 15 - in particular where that Paul was able to name eye witnesses to the resurrection of Christ - and acknowledged at the time that some were still living - in other words, he was able to produce witnesses who could testify to the authenticity of his claims.
Pastors in Myanmar are still asking for real evidence and living witnesses to the claimed miracle with whom they can discuss and verify the story. So far, the story’s authenticity remains with the claims made by Asia Harvest.
The story of the ‘resurrected Paul’ is known throughout much of Myanmar - and his tape has circulated (in several versions). Hardly anyone in Myanmar - especially amongst Christian leaders - has accepted or believed the story. There is just nothing to back it up.
Far from the ‘resurrected monk’ story providing a ‘fearless and faithful witness to Jesus Christ, whose testimony is converting Buddhists, strengthening the church or bringing glory to God’s name’, Myanmar pastor have told our Director that it has brought fear and suspicion to many Christians in the country. We concluded our 2001 report with the comment: Whatever the truth behind this sad saga, most Christians, and most pastors and church leaders in Myanmar, are not taking this story seriously and see little value in it for the growth of the Christian community in that country.
From the evidence we have been able to examine, including the claims and content of the story itself, and all the discussions with Pastors and others in Myanmar, we believe it would have been wiser for the story not to have been published and circulated.
We believe that ‘miracle stories’ which cannot be adequately substantiated ought to be treated with caution – especially if those stories, or significant parts of those stories, do not conform to Scripture. Lives continue to be changed by the resurrected and living Jesus Christ – sometimes dramatically, sometimes quietly – the substance of those changed lives are quiet miracles that are often clear and undisputed. They continue to honour Christ and encourage others.

Burmese \"Paul\" as in the story
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2023.06.05 04:23 Volodio The fifth ruler of the new Argead dynasty

The fifth ruler of the new Argead dynasty
First ruler
Second ruler
Third ruler
Fourth ruler

Leontia (1006 – 1042)
After the death of their father, Leontia, Kyra and Aigida shared his domain. Leontia, as the oldest, she was 33, took the title of despotissa, which the others were not happy about but initially accepted when Leontia promised to work with her sisters, including Garyphallia who had not received any land. While the idea of them all taking the title of despotissa was present, like after the death of Alexandros the Judge of Men, their independence from the Eastern Roman Empire also meant they had no protection. As a result, they agreed to keep the realm united to be stronger together. This was especially motivated by the Pope in Rome who declared that the presence of so many people in Greece having renounced Jesus was a threat of Christianity. That declaration was universally seen as an announcement of incoming military actions.
In 1007, Leontia gave birth to a son named Alexandros. She had also a 2-year-old boy named Kallistos. In 1009, she had a daughter, Eudoxia. During those years, she focused on improving her domain in Attica and stabilizing the realm. Yet she did not have the diplomatic skills of her father and struggled to gain the allegiance of the nobility. Even her sisters distanced themselves from her.
In 1011, half of the Bulgarian nobles rebelled against the Argeads. Leontia sent Pankratios with 3 800 men to crush them. The conflict became very costly as supplies were hard to come by for the Greeks. In 1013, Roman nobles saw this as an opportunity and attacked the Argeads for Moesia. The despotissa hired mercenaries and called for the Myrmidons to face this new threat. The Myrmidons brought 3 000 soldiers to the ongoing Bulgarian campaign and defeated the rebels at the Battle of Zica in May, putting an end to the revolt. The vanquished were stripped of their lands and titles, given to Pankratios as a reward, and sent to a special prison to live the rest of their lives.
Meanwhile, Pankratios, with 4 700 men, defeated the 2 400 Romans at the Battle of Silistria in June. Pankratios continued the campaign and captured several forts of the noble families. In 1014, Basileus Anthimos intervened as he did not want to lose these lands. He forced the families to pay a ransom to the Argeads in exchange for the return of their cities. That year, Leontia made a deal with the nobility to give them more rights and autonomy in hope of keeping the stability of the realm. She also had another daughter, Simonis.
However, the agreement did not last as one of the nobles, duchess Lyudmila, revolted against the Argeads in 1015. The Myrmidons were once again called and their leader, Marko, led the campaign against the rebels, who had made sure they enjoyed a lot of popular support for the conflict. Marko successfully crushed the rebellion in a few weeks only, by boldly ambushing the rebels and taking all of their resources before they could organize. Lyudmila was arrested and stripped of all of her titles and lands while the other leaders were executed.
The peace lasted for some time, during which Leontia was once again able to invest into Attica, which by that point was by far the most prosperous region in the realm. Until 1018, when Leontia discovered a conspiracy where the Argeads from Cyprus were trying to peacefully add Thessalonika to their domain by switching the allegiance of the officials. The despotissa sent some men to deal with the situation, however they were murdered and then she sent an entire army to bring it into the fold before Cyprus could intervene. The officials were defeated, stripped of their ranks and Leontia began to manage Thessalonika more closely.
The next year, Leontia reorganized Rashka, which had previously belonged to Lyumlida. She created noble houses from the local Serbian population and gave them titles and lands in the region, in hope of counterbalancing the Bulgarian nobility which was causing her such trouble since the beginning of her reign. In 1020, Leontia began the construction of a grand temple in Athens in honor of the ancient Greek gods and the Argead dynasty.
In 1021, Prince Alexandros died during an accident. Leontia began to drink heavily to drown her sorrows. Yet, she also found more time and gold to work on her domains as there was peace and stability in the realm. She improved the law, the administration, the organization of the cities, the farming system, all while being fair and just. Her court was open to everyone, including commoners. Athens became so prosperous during this period as to be called “the small Constantinople”.
In 1025, Princess Eudoxia married a member of the Skleros family who were ruling in Epirus. The following year, Leontia sent 1 600 elite soldiers led by Maximos to invade Montenia, in the kingdom of Wallachia. The latter was weak and in the middle of a war. As a result, the conquest ended swiftly with a victory, at a low cost. This good news was shadowed by the death of Princess Eudoxia in childbirth. Leontia worked even more to deal with the grief, reproducing what she had done in Attica to the rest of her domains, especially the ones in the north near the Danube.
In 1029, the despotissa attacked the count of Duklja for his lands. However, he was a Catholic and because Leontia did not follow Christ, he was able to call on the Knight Templars, an order of warriors made to fight the enemies of the Catholics. The despotissa, in turn, called for the Myrmidons. In total, the Catholics had 10 700 men, while the Argeads were 11 400, under the command of Maximos. Maximos forced his enemies to split and defeated one part of their army at the Battle of Moraca in April. The Christians gathered their armies and met their enemies at Skadar in June, but they were defeated once more. The victory was complete a few months later when all the cities and forts were under Argead control.
In 1030, Princess Simonis was married to Miroslav II, a Bulgarian who had taken control of Rashka. Over the following years, the prosperity of the Argead realm increased even more under the rule of Leontia. Most of the gold was reinvested, but the despotissa also used it to increase slightly the size of the army. In 1033, Prince Kallistos married Aigida, of the Pastillas family.
In 1034, the despotissa attacked the count of Beroë who controlled the lands between the Argead-controlled Bulgaria in the north and the Eastern Roman Empire in the south. The lands had a symbolic value for they were part of the ancient kingdom of Macedon. Over 9 000 soldiers were involved in the invasion under the command of several nobles in order to make the conquest as swift as possible. It was successful as the area was completely under Argead control after a year of war. Leontia immediately got to work and helped rebuild and improve the newly conquered cities. While she was busy in Beroë, she lent 2 000 soldiers to Theognosia, a Greek woman trying to take a city from her brother, in exchange for her allegiance after the campaign.
In 1038, Leontia declared war on Basileus Anthimos. The Eastern Roman Empire, despite the loss of such a large territory with the Argead independence half a century before, had managed to hold together under the leadership of Anthimos, who was a skilled general. Leontia had had the goal to invade for several years and was waiting for an opportunity. But the Empire stayed stable and she was getting old, so she decided to attack nonetheless. Anthimos gathered 12 000 men. However, under Leontia the Argead realm had grown stronger and richer. Including the Myrmidons, she was able to rely on 15 000 soldiers for the war.
The two armies faced each other at the Battle of Smolyan in September. The Argeads, led by Viseslav, were victorious, though it was not a decisive victory. Viseslav went back in Argead territory for the winter, and then both sides started capturing the forts and cities of the other, the Argeads in Thrace and the Romans in Asia Minor. This went on until November 1040, when Anthimos led his army back to Thrace to defend his land. They fought at the Battle of Ustra. The Romans were defeated and Anthimos himself was captured during the battle. It was the decisive victory Leontia had been looking for. With the Basileus in her custody, she imposed harsh conditions on him. He was forced to give back the forts taken, while confirming the loss of the cities taken by the Argead and even giving more, including Constantinople itself.
The surrender of Constantinople was a shock to the Christian and Muslim world. For centuries it had been held by the Roman Empire without ever being captured, and for the first time it was abandoned to a foreign power. People from the time saw it as a sign of the coming end of the Eastern Roman Empire and the rise of a new power in its place.
After the war, Leontia focused on rebuilding and changing Constantinople. She planned for it to be her new capital. However, during the year 1041 she lost first her lover and then her daughter Simonis, dying in childbirth. It took a heavy toll on her and she took her own life in early 1042, at 68. Despite all of her successes, she faced a lot of loss and her mental health was definitely affected. It is believed her tendency to bury herself in work only made matters worse. She was a heavy drunkard, even for the time, and it is even surprising she lived as long as she did.
Despite her difficult early reign, Leontia managed to make the Argead realm rich and prosperous. Athens became the fourth most important city of Europe, behind Constantinople, Rome and Cordoba. She is also seen positively today for having been such a just ruler, which is not to be exaggerated by believing she was a friend of the peasants in her realm. She was still part of the elites. Her capture of Constantinople had a large impact and completely changed the balance of power between the Argeads and the Eastern Roman Empire. For all her achievements, she is seen as one of the most important women of the Middle Ages. Lastly, she is studied through her mental issues, particularly her struggles with losses and stress.

The extent of Argead's control (Hellas) in 1041
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2023.06.05 04:18 Upbeat_Elk8093 IMPORTANT TRACKING INFO + Timeline for Locator 18

Very detailed but moral of this first story: The State Dept. put the wrong UPS tracking number on the online portal, which caused our family to think one passport wasn't shipping when it really was on the way, but under a different tracking number. Timeline down below.
I have been following this page for about two weeks now, and I have never seen anyone post about this, so I'll start with it. My brother and I applied for our passports in March. They finally changed to "Shipped" on Friday. Both applications updated on the website and provided tracking numbers. I began tracking both packages using the UPS app and website. The package containing my passport was scanned by the UPS driver in Hot Springs, AR at 5:35PM Friday (6/2.) My brother's package was never scanned by the driver. Obviously, I start freaking out. Both of our passports needed to be shipped by Friday in order to arrive on Monday (6/5) so we could leave on Tuesday (6/6) at 6AM. I call UPS. UPS says they don't have that package (it was never picked up). I wake up Saturday morning and call NPIC because my brother now needs an appointment. NPIC tells me they can't give me one because the package is being shipped. I say, it's not being shipped, the package was not picked up from AR. The lady on the phone is incredibly agitated, and basically yelling at me, I guess because I was insistent this package wasn't ever picked up. She says the only thing she can do is send the tracking number to my email. (Okay, great I already have it, but whatever.) Our family spends the rest of Saturday figuring out what can be canceled from our trip for refunds. Then, my brother is looking at the email the NPIC lady had sent earlier and clicks on the tracking number. (We didn't think to look at it because already had that info from the portal on the website.) But.....the package with this tracking number is on the way to our house. After further investigation: IT WAS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT UPS TRACKING NUMBER THAN THE ONE ON THE STATE DEPT. WEBSITE PORTAL. It made more sense that the NPIC lady kept saying that the passport was on the way, but UPS was saying it was never picked up because they put the wrong number on the website. I guess internally, NPIC I had access to the correct number, but that wasn't what was on our tracking portal. Luckily we hadn't canceled anything super important yet and we were able to rebook everything, but that was almost a horrible outcome. Both passports are scheduled to be delivered at 12 PM tomorrow (6/5).
I imagine this may happen again as the State Dept. continues to get more and more backlogged, so hopefully this helps someone else. NPIC or the State Dept. never found this issue it was our family. If you get a tracking number and it's not moving per UPS or USPS, call NPIC and verify it. Even if it turns out to be correct, it won't hurt to know for sure.
Here is our complete timeline for Locator 18.
DOT - 6/6/23
3/14 - Applied at Local USPS
3/21 - Received by State Dept.
"In Process"
4/28 - We start to get worried: Upgrade shipping and pay to expedite
5/24 - We are 14 days out and start calling NPIC. They send over a notice of DOT and take separate credit card information. Said to call back 5/30 for an appt.
5/26 - I reached out to our Congresspeople. Sent privacy release, flights, and all communication I had with NPIC. (If you're in IL, I recommend Dick Durbin's office.)
5/30 - Received response, said they put some kind of Congressional notice on it. Dick Durbin's office said to monitor the portal. I called NPIC all day for an appt. Nothing
5/31 and 6/1- Called basically all day for an appt. (College student with no job, that was really the only way I could do that). Still no appt. Pretty much no hope for our trip.
6/2 - Called NPIC when it opened and got a great operator who said it would be printing that day in AR. Received tracking numbers mid-day and had so much hope for our trip. Then realized my own passport was moving, but my brother's was not. NPIC wasn't open. Everything came crumbling down and once again I had no hope. This leads into the story above.
6/5 - UPS says both passports will be delivered by 12 PM.

Some tips I've gathered from my 35 hours on hold and over two weeks dealing with this:
- Call 2 min before the NPIC line opens and be ready to press the last button on the menu right at when it opens. This gives you the shortest wait time. (3 to 4 min when I did it.)
- I think contacting your Congresspeople helped a bit, but honestly I think the State Dept. is just so overwhelmed that they are waiting until the last second to push passports through. Though, contacting a Senator gives you a bit of relief because you know that someone else is working on your behalf.
- If you contact your congresspeople, make sure your first email to them contains literally anything you think they may want. (Privacy release, proof of travel, any emails you have sent or been sent regarding your passport application, DOT, DOB for the applicant, Full names, Locator numbers, and detailed description of your timeline, and anything else that could be unique to your situation - Basically, if you think "Should I included this," put it in there). Then make sure to answer your calls. Someone from their office will, more than likely, follow up with you via phone.
- If you have any questions for the NPIC operators, write them down and ask many people. I got the sense most operators barely knew what was going on. But, I got a few who gave me detailed answers and were very pleasant. I found myself forgetting things after being on so many calls, so I recommend writing everything down.
- I was always very very very nice on the phone. The last thing I wanted was for them to delay my passport out of spite. (That probably can't happen, but I didn't want to chance it.)
- Just. Keep. Calling. I understand it was much different because of my situation (College student with no summer job.) But I called basically all the time for 5 days. I was offered an appt in PA that had been canceled while I was on the phone. I wasn't able to take it because it was on our DOT, but the only reason I was even offered it was because I was on the phone right then.
- Know that even if it's 5 days before your DOT, they may still print your passport. They printed and shipped ours 3 days before our DOT, so there is still hope.
- Finally, if you get a tracking number and it's not moving call NPIC and verify it. Even if it's correct, it's not going to hurt and you won't end up in our situation.
This thread helped me a ton and I feel like I have a lot more information that I've gathered throughout this experience, so I'll try to answer any questions in the comments too.
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2023.06.05 04:13 Radical-Shadow Sizing/Gauge Help

Hi! It gets pretty cold up where I go to school, and I was asked by a professor to make him two hats for the winter. He picked out the patterns from a list I sent him, and the first one I'm working on is the braid and rib cable hat. By the time I had already finished the brim, I realized I had used size 7 needles rather than size 9 accidentally (lesson learned now!), but thought I could just write it off and work through the pattern until I believed the hat big enough (to keep the two size increase, I just moved up to my size 9s instead of size 11). However, after getting about a repeat and a half through the braided cable chart, I realized something: it was too small for my head, which I like to think is around average in size (I think the same goes for the professor, but I haven't asked him to measure his head).
So, I unraveled the whole thing, and am starting over with the correct size 9 needles for the brim. However, I was wondering if I should edit the pattern a little to ensure it fits. I am using Bernat Softee Chunky yarn (super bulky, as the pattern recommends). Despite using the wrong needles last time, I'm hesitant to do the instructed 60-stitch cast on, since it didn't fit me last time. As the pattern reads, when you switch from the brim to the chart (and thus increase your needle size to 11), you should increase the stitch count by 12 (from 60 to 72). This is because the chart is 12 stitches across. Should I just do as the pattern writes, and hope it'll fit this time around? Or should I increase my stitch count? I was thinking I'd start with 72 stitches (and do the same 12-stitch increase) to keep the ratio, but would that be the right move?
I know I should be knitting a switch to find my gauge, but I'm unsure if the 3 stitch by 3.5 rows per inch is for the size 9 or size 11 needles mentioned in the pattern.
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2023.06.05 04:12 eclipsenow Does the "Small Israel" / aleph theory of the Exodus and Numbers impact Innerancy of Scripture?

Hi all.
Numbers 1 in our English bibles 603 thousand military men which would make Israel a conquering super-power across the whole Middle East - like China vs Taiwan against any of the nations of the period. We think the Egyptian army at the Battle of Kadesh - possibly the generation before Moses - had about 53,000 men. With a 12 to 1 ratio, why was Moses pleading with Pharaoh instead of marching up onto the throne himself and kicking the Egyptians out of the place?
The bible presents Israel as smaller than the surrounding nations. Deuteronomy 9:1–2 says:
“Hear, Israel: You are now about to cross the Jordan to go in and dispossess nations greater and stronger than you, with large cities that have walls up to the sky. 2 The people are strong and tall—Anakites! You know about them and have heard it said: “Who can stand up against the Anakites?””
Each of the seven individual Canaanite realms was “more numerous and mightier than” Israel - Deut 7:1. Only Moab expresses fear over Israel’s size: Numbers 22:3.
Israel’s success is all down to God - Deut 7:7 says “The Lord did not set his affection on you and choose you because you were more numerous than other peoples, for you were the fewest of all peoples.” In fact, God reassures Israel not to be afraid! “But the people who live there are powerful, and the cities are fortified and very large.” (Numbers 13:28). Or try Deut 7:17 “You may say to yourselves, “These nations are stronger than we are. How can we drive them out?”
Then there is the problem of the census of the Levites and the firstborn from the rest of the tribes of Israel. This whole story is about Israel dedicating their firstborn to God - and a little mathematics around subtracting how many Levites already serve God full time - just to be fair. The problem? There’s only just over 20,000 firstborn! Accounting for boys and girls to stretch just over 20,000 breeding couples out to over 2.5 MILLION Israelites (600,000 military males) each family would have to have something like 30 to 50 boys and another 30 to 50 girls each - so something like 60 to 100 children per family! Numbers 3:39
There’s clearly something wrong. Also, they didn’t have enough people to invade and take over the land all at once. It was going to take time or the land wold lie fallow and abandoned because there were so few Israelite’s! Deut 7:22 “22 The Lord your God will drive out those nations before you, little by little. You will not be allowed to eliminate them all at once, or the wild animals will multiply around you.” But a nation of 2 to 2.5 MILLION people on the move would have sent their super-power military sweeping across the land and moved in to work the whole land at once!
I love the “Undeceptions” podcast by my friend John Dickson. Here he’s covering the historicity of Moses, interviewing an Egyptologist about both the archaeology of Egypt and what internal evidence there might be in the bible about Moses and the Exodus, and Semites generally in Egypt. It’s a great episode - and well worth listening to in its own right. But there is a short conversation about how the Hebrew numbers are actually not numerals as we use them, but words. The word for ‘thousand’ also in some places means ‘unit’ or ‘troop’.
For quick reference, as “Got questions” summarises where aleph is used this way under “Option Two: Small Israel; Misinterpretation of the Hebrew”
sis’sāh vav arbā’im ‘elep vav hamēs mē’owt. The traditional, literal translation is “six and forty thousand and five hundred,” usually rendered as “46,500.”
However, two words in this phrase are subject to variations: ‘elep and vav. The term ‘elep (or ‘eleph) is used elsewhere in Scripture as a reference to groups, not a literal number, including descriptions of Israel during and after the exodus. It is applied to tribes (Numbers 10:4), clans (Joshua 22:14; Judges 6:15; Micah 5:1), families (Joshua 22:21), and divisions (Numbers 1:16). Further, the connecting word vav can mean “and,” but it can also mean “or,” depending on context. Exodus 21:15 and Exodus 21:17, for instance, use vav to say that certain sins are committed against one’s father “or” mother. If ‘elep is a reference to groups of some sort (not numerical thousands), and the second vav in the phrase is understood to mean “or,” then Numbers 1:21 would be translated “six and forty clans, or five hundred.” The tribe of Reuben, then, would have had 500 fighting men from 46 family groups.
For a fuller mathematical analysis based on the first born census, try here. You’ll have to log in with a google address for free access, but I found it to be a good read.
(Log in, look to the right button where it says “Alternative methods” and read online for free.)
…it means that a scribe from some later century made some assumptions and added the text together. EG: The total of the census in Numbers 1: 46 would have been 558 Troops vas (or) 5,550 men. But written out in Hebrew, with the original use of aleph fading over time, you can see the temptation for a scribe many centuries later - possibly AD - to add the numbers together. 558 troops counted as thousands and then adding in the 5550 men equals the totals in Numbers 1:46.
It could easily be the same story in Exodus 12:37.
My question: if this is indeed the case - is inerrancy even at stake? Would we be worried about some weird inconsistency in say the chapters and numbers added in by monks at a later date?
submitted by eclipsenow to Reformed [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 04:05 OceansCarraway Good Morning, Mr. Uoka (2/3)

It was hard work pushing papers down the long bench. Mr. Uoka found himself drinking tea and eating nutrient scnes with countless other bureaucrats. Suddenly, however, he found himself suddenly eating scones with Mr. Hay Rekk, and didn't quite know what to say. all of his imagined witty barbs and urbane comments disappeared when what remained of the man looked down on him, sneering through his photoreceptors. 'Hatarti.'
'Come into the damn conference room.'
Mr. Uoka practically tripped over himself to follow. Rekk kicked a number of people out of the conference room, stuffed a cipher secretary into a chair, and then began. 'Harati. We're fucked. You're fucked. I'm fucked. And I don't even have a penis or a butthole, that's how fucked we area. Nearly five billion...fucking...insane. Your trade bloc going down the drain. You think you can help. Make it quick, or I'll make it happen somehow.'
'Thank you, Chancellor. Well...this is a very complicated situation, as you well know, of course-'
Rekk sagged. 'Uoka.'
'Yes, sir.'
'I know. I know how your fucking kind talk-'
'Are-are you saying that I am lesser because I am a-?!'
'Stelliberal? Yeah. Fuck you, lib.'
'Short words. Give your point. We don't have much time.'
'Yes. Rekk—we need market development. Not maket-lead or centric—development of the market itself. Not just the places-'
'Cashification. Specialization. Less farmers.'
'Yes-precisely. No more barter. More goods moving through markets. Less subsistence.'
'Wagies, then. Townies, or urban poor.'
'I support urbanization, sir.'
'Don't call me sir.'
'Ok. Urbanization. Towns cannot grow the requisite numbers to break out into proper cosmopolitanism.'
'What if we can get them commuting?'
'A good idea, if done, sir!'
'I'm gonna do it. The cities are getting cargo and people rail. Fancy people rail. Good people rail. Make them get around and keep mixing.'
'Wonderful! Perhaps they might have sports leagues-'
'Only if they have riot divisions.' 'Tragic, sirr-Chancellor.'
'Rekk. Liberal.'
‘What about local commuting, to bind the cities and townies into one greater mass?’
‘I’m working on it. Gonna do freight lines out, and if they don’t attack the trains, then we’ll move on maybe getting some of them on them. Cargo stakeholders first, then maybe passengers. That might take a generation, but I’m going to make it happen.’
'You should accelerate cashification.'
'I'm trying. Right now, we’re slowly doing money storage. Making local banks. Moving money still needs to be figured out. I can't fucking even let them consider paper, they'll go nuts.'
'Armored cars and trains, local banks being able to do deposit transfers? That kind of thing?'
'Armored trains are rolling out now. Banks are gonna get fucking permitted at some point. Their majesties want strong basic regulations. It'll go slow, but the problem is how heavy that shit is.'
'Yes, indeed. Perhaps one can make the coins self-lighten?'
'Good idea, lemme write that down.'
'Here is a white paper, chancellor.'
'Got it. Next. Fusion.'
'Yes. Fusion. Civil fusion. The power of a star. Will they get electricity?'
'Everything is electric for the clones already. Fixed the web, too. For the peasants? Fuck no. We're gonna dole out miracles slowly so they don't melt down street lamps to make into weapons. Biggest one is atmospheric nitrogen fixing. We'll give em superstitious fertilizer, not some crap. Use lightning banks. We're also gonna light up all the cities, and electrify all public buildings and entertainment areas. The towns are gonna have a slow drip of things, very slow. Elite exposure first, gauge fuckery. If they act up, beat them smart.'
'There's no personal incentive right now to electrify, Rekk. Outside of the workplace, are you trying to generate mass demand?'
'Yeah.' Rekk looked pensive. 'Get the kids. Get the house managers…err…wives. That’s what they’re called. Make work-life easier.'
'Perhaps you might offer rental machinery, to ease the-'
' have another white paper?'
'Indeed, Chancellor.'
'Give it. What else?'
'Well, there is the Shining Lord's legacy of...advanced sciences.'
Rekk sighed. 'Yeah. Fuckers. Peasants...we were wrong. Couldn't see. They'd been made weak many years ago, before we were made. Broken people. Lost their chances. Their wants. Their selves. You speak about consumers. Buyers. Wanters. Needers. These people can't want or need anything that the Golden Ones said was bad.' 'They can act on their own.'
'Yeah. Everything Kweens did is stuff they'd do on their own. Build them up comfortably. Make them feel better. Safer. Not terrified. You seen them.'
Mr. Uoka had. 'They need to be able to want again. Or to recognize that they have needs.'
'Yeah. No more fear. No more pain. No empty bellies, or sick ones.'
'They need healthcare.'
Rekk tried to sneer. 'Working on that. Real busy. You think I got a headshrinker?'
‘I think it would help.’
‘I got drugs. Why don’t you take some?’
Mr. Uoka reminded the Chancellor that he was a liontaur, and that clone drugs wouldn’t work on him. Chancellor Rekk reminded the consultant that he had tried clone drugs and that they’d worked. Both stared at each other for a moment before moving on.
‘Healthcare, Rekk. Healthcare. They need it. On all worlds’
‘The Sunforgelands are unfucking themselves.’
‘I’ve watched them begin to separate from Kabria and develop their own identity. Of course, they will not be one for quite some time. If peasant marketisation truly fails, then they will be the obvious backstop.’
‘Yeah. But I’m not counting on them. We’re gonna use fusion electricity here to make a lot of drugs for the cities. Really pump them up. Introduction will take a while. The cities will export them to the townies.’
‘But why will the townies even go to the cities?’
‘Unno. It’ll be easy. Maybe get some money. Maybe come back and work for more money and clout. Farming will keep getting easier, so less people for less farms.’
‘Will you truly make an effort to make powered farming equipment common again, Rekk? Or will you be defeated by someone being afraid of tractors?’
‘We won’t. But we will make fuel at home. And we will figure out which of the fucked up mosses and weird foxes won’t be killing people. Seeds-’
‘The biotechnology of the Shining Lords persists. But how much does it, truly?’
‘Enough for us to gather it up and use it, though. Against them. We will use their seeds, and their bugs, and their birds, and we will force them to give us honey and nectar and grain. And we’ll keep em in hives and tree trunks and in farmlands and in those fucking makeshift swamps. And we’ll eat em. Tear the head off and suck out the guts until the little legs kick, kick, kick…’ Rekk seemed to be having more fun thinking about torturing the old animals of the Shining Lords than anything else.
‘ they have…sufficient nutritional value?’
‘Yes. Taste like shit.’
Mr. Uoka considered saying that if the clones thought something tasted like shit, it truly did, but he kept that thought to himself.
‘How much will you be allowing them to see?’
‘All of it, cause fuck em. Let’s scare 'em straight.’
‘...that is an unusual motivation, Rekk. But I admire your commitment.’
‘Yeah, yeah. We’ll knock in some gardens with nice plants that make medicines and antibodies and stuff, and we’ll give em nutritional supplements-’
‘And birth control.’
‘Yeah, good point. Don’t want too many of them. Abortions should be cheap, fast, and easy.’
‘And birth control, Chancellor.’
‘You mean like for-before they screw?’
‘Yes. It will lead to a significant amount of independence for women–I don’t think the Shining Lords allowed anything beyond the gender binary, did they–and break up some of the core cycles of reproduction with an Epistocided people.’
‘Put the paper on the table.’
Mr. Uoka obliged.
‘They’ll shit their pants, Haraati-’
‘And we’ll make em clean up the shit, and dry it, and use it for fucking manure. I will drag these dense ass motherfuckers-literally half the goddamn time-to decency, whether they like it or not. They’ll farm the land, and they’ll pay taxes, and they’ll buy regional, and they’ll fucking like it. And if they cause problems, Mr. Uoka, I’m going to-’
‘To show them some fucking compassion. They’re scared children. That’s what they are deep down.’
‘No, we’re going to give the fuckers the baton and ten years fixing hedgerows with powered equipment.’
‘During the riots, I took shelter in a building with some clone functionaries–Happies, a few Biggies or specials. A number of peasants…I’m not sure, must have been about 60…broke in. They were going to burn the place down around us, and I was scared. They were ignoring commands, and we were prepared to shoot them, and then–well–I didn’t want to shoot them. So I roared. And threw a chair. They all fled. Not a shot fired. They were that easily scared off. You don’t have to beat them. You don’t need to be harsh all the time. Spare them, Rekk. I’m not asking for absolution, but don’t be like your makers. They’ll be better if they can relax comfortably; they’ve tasted a bit of safety with all of the turmoil. Let them keep eating.’
‘ the stunting, huh?’
‘Above all else. The Shining Leeches enslaved-’
Rekk cut off Mr. Uoka with peels of laughter. He enjoyed the multifaceted implications of that insult: weaknesses, dependency on others, ineffectiveness, false bravado–and the chance to cut the stress. Eventually, he got back on topic.
‘...they used biology to enslave ourselves. We use biology to free ourselves. But this doesn’t cover the magic.’
‘It’s degraded a lot over time, right? And her majesty is satisfying the demands of many of the laws. So there should be no problem.’
‘I hope so. There’s…big changes coming. Stuff I can’t reveal to you. Yeah, the investors will like it. But it’s going to be big, Hattie.’
‘What is it?’ Mr. Uoka overlooked his name being messed up again.
‘The beginning of the end.’
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2023.06.05 04:00 AutoModerator Weekly Discussion Thread; Upcoming News; ICYMI [June 05, 2023]

Amapá Iron Ore Mine, Brazil [KDNC] [Flair]

Sonora Lithium Project, Mexico (Ganfeng Joint Venture) [KDNC] [Flair]

Hastings Technology Metals, Australia (ASX:HAS) [KDNC] [Flair]

Evergreen Lithium, Australia (ASX:EG1) - [KDNC] [Flair]

European Metal Holdings, Cinovec, Czech Republic (LSE:EMH) [KDNC] [Flair]

Passive Equity Investments - Notable Developments [KDNC] [Flair]

See the above menus for company links and announcements - noting that additionally Macarthur holds 20% of spin off Infinity Mining ASX:IMI

Analyst Reports and Recommendations [KDNC]

Date Link Who SP Summary / Price Target
2023-02-28 Kemeny Capital Kemeny Capital (investment research) 12.9p "Cadence Minerals has built a robust portfolio of base and battery metals with ample opportunities for shareholder value creation. Recent developments have helped to substantially increase the potential of two of the group’s asset positions, while adding to the overall corporate valuation. Our sum-of-theparts (SotP) indicative fair value is 43.6p."
2023-02-02 W H Ireland Research W H Ireland (broker) 14.5p WHI View: Our assessment is that the Amapá mine could be company-maker for Cadence. We are firmly of the belief that the current market cap is more than covered by the legacy investments that Cadence holds in various new technology metal companies and projects and that the addition of the Amapá stake to its portfolio can only be value enhancing. In our opinion, the development of Amapá will be transformational for Cadence and we see fair value at 71p/sh with plenty of upside potential.
2022-07-24 Reddit Post u/EV-BULL (private investor) 10.75p Due diligence short term price target: 60p-80p; 1-2 year price target: 130p; Long term bull case price target: 300p+
2022-07-02 Reddit Post u/Observer842 (private investor) 10.4p Due diligence Near term: £37.5m (21.5p) - £92m (53p); Medium term: £160-420m; Longer term: £1-2B+
2022-02-18 Daily Mail Anne Ashworth for the Daily Mail (Journalist) 20.4p "The white gold rush appears to be an inviting prospect. But if you want to join, remember that fortunes are far from guaranteed in any foray into commodities. Options include the Aim-listed businesses Cadence Minerals and Zinnwald Lithium."
2022-02-18 Edison Group Edison Group (investment research) 20.4p QuickView report
2022-01-01 Daily Mail Justin Urquhart Stewart (fund manager) 28p Top pick for the Brave in 2022

ICYMI [Previous]

Date Article Comment & Quotes
2023-04-21 Cadence Minerals Q&A session with Kiran Morzaria Most recent of the presentations and interviews with CEO Kiran Morzaria.
2023-04-13 The Vox Markets Podcast / Kiran Morzaria of Cadence Minerals: Evergreen had a very successful IPO and we are the largest shareholder
2023-03-29 Cadence Minerals Investor Presentation March 2023
2023-02-28 Cadence Minerals - value waiting to be unlocked - SoTP indicative fair value 43.6p 6 page analyst Research report from Kemeny Capital which can be obtained for free by qualifying investors.
2023-02-02 WH Ireland Research Report: Cadence Minerals - Developing Amapá iron ore mine and strategic new technology metal interests (sees fair value at 71p / share) To obtain this 34 page Analyst Research Report for free, (optionally) first register for Research Tree, then whilst logged in, register for WH Ireland (optionally) using your Research Tree account.
2023-01-03 Completion of PFS on Amapá Iron Ore Project Post-Tax Project NPV10 US$949 million, Internal Rate of Return of 34% and a Project Maiden Ore Reserve Estimate of 195.8 Mt (Cadence attributable of 58.74 Mt) at 39.34% Fe Declared
Anything missing or incorrect? Let us know in the comments or LSE chat - the mods.
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2023.06.05 03:57 xacobcr I’m not sure why I bet against the Rays or for the Rockies. Would’ve been $20k, Luckily I played a 13 pick round robin with it

I’m not sure why I bet against the Rays or for the Rockies. Would’ve been $20k, Luckily I played a 13 pick round robin with it submitted by xacobcr to sportsbetting [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 03:56 RedditUsernameApp Vehicle stolen from police impound, police nor city have reached out to inform me or indicate any course of action

What type of lawyer do I need? Two years ago I was approached by police while on the side of the road parked on my ATV. The ATV was not turned on nor was I driving it on the road. Police determined that because of where they saw me parked I had to have ridden on the road previously which is illegal in this state. Ultimately I was only given a citation for failure to wear eye protection but they impounded my ATV. It had only been a year since I purchased it brand new from the dealership and after financing was a little over $12,000.
It was not impounded in a way that I could simply go to the impound and pay the tow/storage fees to have it released. It was to be impounded pending the outcome of my case.
I was initially given a court date about 6 months out from the incident. A week before my appearance it was rescheduled to the next month. It continued to get rescheduled every time my appearance would come close for over a year. I eventually visited the court house clerk who referred me to a district attorney who finally dismissed the ticket on the spot because I was not moving at all and the engine of the ATV was never even on.
In the midst of dealing with the court shenanigans a friend reached out to me with a screenshot of a marketplace listing that featured pictures of my ATV for sale in a group with several other ATVs and dirt bikes. Besides other obvious tells, my ATV had a custom made vinyl wrap which was made to order and one of a kind. A lot of people in town frequent trails together and are familiar with what vehicles people ride. There turned out to be others who also recognized their previously stolen vehicles, and a couple that were previously impounded, on the same couple of market place posts.
Since my case was dismissed and I was not charged or cited with anything, my ATV should have been released to me without issue at the conclusion of my case. However, since I never seen a judge and this was dismissed at the hands of a DA at the court clerk window, the intricacies of my case were never heard. No one has reached out to me to inform me of my property being stolen while in police custody, nor have they reached out to the other vehicle owners which were stolen from the same impound lot.
I believe they know that it was stolen and that is why they continuously delayed my court date for so long. I have not went to the court personally with the information of it being stolen yet as I expected to hear from them when the loss occurred. Then I was afraid they would use that happening as motivation to decide that it was not going to be released to me anyway, and use that claim to cover their responsibility of losing the vehicle while it was under their supervision. However now that the case has been outright dismissed, I’m not sure what to do or how to go about recovering/being reimbursed for what’s rightfully mine (assuming I would be owed some type of compensation?). And I do not want them to use some type of legal jargon that would make them seem not liable because IANAL.
Any advice on what I should do or who I should be reaching out to? Am I SoL or am I wrong for believing I’m owed some type of reimbursement? What form would the reimbursement be and how would they go about determining that? What type of lawyer would handle this type of matter? Since the ATV was financed I have continued to make monthly payments throughout this whole ordeal. It seems to me a clear cut case of the city being responsible for this but I could be wrong. Thanks in advance for reading this long convoluted situation.
Tl;dr my ATV was stolen from a police impound lot and posted for sale along with other vehicles from the same lot. The citation which was preventing the ATV from being released to me was dismissed but the city has said nothing to me regarding the theft even occurring or recovery of the property. What steps should I take next?
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2023.06.05 03:53 Canadian_AirBnB Airbnb Class 8 Depreciables

CRA says for Class 8 "Class 8 (20%)
Class 8 with a CCA rate of 20% includes certain property that is not included in another class. Examples are furniture, appliances, and tools costing $500 or more per tool, some fixtures, machinery, outdoor advertising signs, refrigeration equipment, and other equipment you use in the business.
Photocopiers and electronic communications equipment, such as fax machines and electronic telephone equipment, are also included in Class 8."
Furniture I purchased for the airbnb, most of it is under $500 but collectively it's a lot more. I intended to write off say a mattress that is $400 purchased at Costco with a bedframe purchased at Ikea for $229 which would put the "bed" over $500 so this would be Class 8, depreciable.
For furniture like a coffee table that is $199.99, it appears I would not depreciate it but write it off the year purchased (because it is under $500.00). Same for Ikea dishes, or towels, bedding etc.
Is this correct?
Edited to add Class 12 which is 100% deductible in the year of purchase (so kitchen utensils for the airbnb):
Class 12 (100%) Class 12 includes property such as tools, medical or dental instruments, and kitchen utensils that cost less than $500 and were acquired on or after May 2, 2006.
Class 12 includes china, cutlery, linen and uniforms. It also includes video-cassettes, video laser discs and digital video disks that you rent and do not expect to rent to any one person for more than 7 days in a 30-day period.
Most small tools in Class 12 are not subject to the half-year rule. They are fully deductible in the year of purchase. If the tool costs $500 or more, include it in Class 8 with a CCA rate of 20%.
Class 12 tools that are subject to the half-year rule include dies, jigs, patterns, moulds and lasts, as well as the cutting or shaping part of a machine.
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2023.06.05 03:53 DarpResearch Is The Bear Market Over? Will The Economy Fool Everyone and Not Go into Recession? Where Do Oil Stocks Go from Here?

I recently wrote an article that startled me with its reaction. Over 330,000 people read it in two days on Reddit alone. It was We Have Had 2 Recessions And 2 Bear Markets in 3 Years, Will It Be 3 In Just 4 Years? I suggest reading it first. It starts with "I have watched the stock market since the 1970s. Never in my life have I seen so many people think a recession was coming before. Yet this has gone on for about 9 months, and still no recession. "
This Friday, 6-2-2023, was a breakout day for both the SP500 and the Russell 2000 (small caps). The SP500 did a Cup and Handle breakout and the Russell a flat bottom base breakout. The NASDAQ 100 has already broken out, for a while. Yes, there are all sorts of bad things and stock valuations are poor. But does that mean the stock market will not go up? Look at 2020 and 2021 as recent examples of bad problems and extremely high valuations, and the stock market still went up big anyway. We have had two bear markets in the last 3 years, a rare event. One other factor. Oil stocks are at arguably the best valuations ever and maybe the best sector valuation ever. The Russell small caps recently made new lows in its ongoing bear market, which after Friday, is maybe over. The Russell blew away the NASDAQ on Friday, in terms of gains.
What happened on Friday? Well, the debt ceiling was kicked down the road as it always is and the Jobs report fooled everyone again This has been going on for about 9 months now, with almost everyone bearish and expecting a recession. The jobs market is actually hot. This was not predicted at all.
I totally agree with people like Danny Moses, Guy Adami, Carter Worth and Dan Nathan that point out all the bad things as they do in this video, but does that mean we will crash, as they have been expecting for months? They do a good job of making the bear case, but then what happened? The next day the Russell broke out of that range they talked about containing it, on their chart. YouTube link to that will be in comments.
So, will the economy fool everyone and not go into recession? Maybe, and sure has so far.
To the last question Where Do Oil Stocks Go from Here? This one I am much surer of; in my opinion they will go into a historic bull market. I have already experienced one, having bought them heavily in 2020 COVID crash. Received several 10x and 20x movers and just about any oil stock did a 5x in that rally.
Here is a happy story of what is possible in such bull markets in oil stocks. I bought Cardinal, a Canadian oil stock. Got a 20 bagger and now it has a 1% a month roughly dividend. Yes, that means I am roughly getting 200% yearly dividends now and have been getting them for a while. And in the last month have bought more Cardinal. At 1% dividend a month on a 4 PE stock with a CROIC of 30%, it is still a great deal. The valuations are better now than in 2020 for oil stocks. Back then they were in danger of going under, but dirt cheap. Now dirt cheap at higher prices, yet much higher safety with wonderful balance sheets and cash flows.
These two charts show that oil stocks are dirt cheap and spending less on CapEx than ever before, as a percent of Cash Flow. This time is different, they are not overinvesting as they did every time before when oil went over $100. Again, link in comments.
Eric Nuttal, who runs Canada's biggest oil stock fund, talked about the coming oil stock bull market in a recent video. About how buybacks can drive a $20 oil stocks to over $1 million a share, unless they go up greatly before the buyouts complete. Do not scoff, he is right. He makes the case for oil stocks and high cashflow oil stock buybacks so well in this video, I will not comment myself. The whole thing is worth viewing, but this link starts where he talks buybacks.
On buybacks will do some math here. In this case if a stock started at $20 a share, $1 billion FCF and mkt cap of $3 billion = 150 million shares you will get to $1 billion a share in 3 years if 100% of FCF goes to buybacks and stock does not go up before then. If it rerates to 9x FCF after 1 year then was 3x FCF, 33% of stock removed = 100,000,000 shares and $9 billion market cap = $90 a share a 4.5 X gain in one year.
Reality today June 2023 is the best, we have had big buybacks and prices have stayed about the same in last 12 months on oil stocks. Debt is way down, so they have more money for buybacks.
So, let's go 1 more year at current prices. $1 billion FCF is spent buying back stock. That is 50% of stock left, so now just 50,000,000 shares left. Then it goes to 9 FCF (still cheaper than avg stock out there) so $9 billion mkt cap / 50,000,000 shares left = $180 a share, so a X gain. Pretty good.
Let's go 1 more year. Let's say the market was as stupid as it was in 6-2022 to 6-2023 and price stays the same. That means the remaining 50,000,000 shares are bot back, except for just 1 share. Then it goes to 9 X FCF = $9 billion mkt cap and 1 share = $9 Billion a share. A 450 million times gain. This will not happen because eventually the market wakes up to how stupid it has been after 10?, 20?, 50? times increase in earnings per share, and it rerates the stock way higher, until it no longer is worth buying back. In fact, the company might sell some back for 20 times more than they bought it for, if it makes sense to. Also, if a company gets 2/3s of its stock back, then its EPS going forward, for every Q, will be 3 times higher.
As an example of what can happen with buybacks with far inferior cashflows, and valuations is Teledyne. George Roberts, who worked alongside Singleton, described the experience like this:
Henry was quoted as saying, with a laugh, “In October, 1972, we tendered for one million shares and 8.9 million came in. We took them all at $20 and figured it was a fluke, and that we couldn’t do it again. But instead of going up, our stock went down. So we kept tendering, first at $14 and then doing two bonds-for-stock swaps. Every time one tender was over the stock would go down and we’d tender again, and we’d get a new deluge. Then two more tenders at $18 and $40.”
The first six buybacks were all in the period from 1972 to 1976. The market reacted adversely to this at first, not understanding what Henry was accomplishing. But as the number of shares went down and the company’s operating income continued to grow, the earnings per share increased rapidly and dramatically. In 1970, net income per share was $1.64. By 1975 it was $6.09 per share; in 1976, $10.79; and in 1977, $16.23 per share.
With the first six stock buybacks, a total of some 22 million Teledyne share were repurchased, reducing the number of outstanding common shares to less than 12 million. A seventh stock buyback offer was made in 1980 and the final one in 1984, at the extraordinarily high price of $200 per share. This was about $30 above the current market price and eight million shares were bought back. By September of that year the stock had climbed to $302 per share and was the highest priced stock on the New York Stock Exchange.
The total value of these buybacks was over $2.5 billion, and more than 85 percent of common shares were retired. Shares outstanding had dropped from 88,827,372 in 1971 to 22,564,756 in 1980. Henry also purchased another 5 percent of Teledyne shares on the open market at various times, bringing the buyback total in the years 1972-1984 to over 90 percent of the company’s shares.
Singleton eventually paid off the debt used to buy back shares. By 1985, net income per share was $46.66. The buybacks created a compounding effect on earnings per share.
Remember oil stocks that are doing, or about to do, buybacks are at about 3-7 times better valuations than Teledyne, so they can compound better. Teledyne was never in a position to buy back at a fast enough rate, so that all of their stock could be bought back in 3-4 years, just with free cash flow. So, Teledyne was not even close to being able to do what oil stocks can do today.
An example is Cenovus. As Nuttal pointed out CVE has committed to 100% of FCF to go to buybacks soon, after debt drops. They can buy back all their stock in less than 4 years, unless the stock rerates higher. Teledyne was never even close to being capable to do that.
We just got a kicker for oil stocks, one guessed was coming, just a matter of size.
Sunday (Bloomberg) -- Oil advanced at the week’s open after Saudi Arabia said it will make an extra 1 million barrel-a-day supply cut in July, taking its production to the lowest level for several years following a slide in prices. West Texas Intermediate futures jumped almost 5% early in the session before paring some gains to trade near $74 a barrel. Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said he “will do whatever is necessary to bring stability to this market” following a tense OPEC+ meeting over the weekend. “The oil market now looks like it will be even tighter in the second half of the year,” ANZ Group Holdings Ltd. analysts Brian Martin and Daniel Hynes wrote in a note. “The move by Saudi Arabia is likely to come as a surprise.”
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2023.06.05 03:45 FarmersFeedtheWorld What am I supposed to do?

I keep seeing 11:11 and 1:11.
I have Type 2 diabetes, Diabetic Neuropathy, Small fiber neuropathy, GERD/Acid Reflux, and non-alcoholic fatty liver. Enlarged liver, Gull stones, gastric outlets syndrome, IBSC, Rapid Emptying syndrome, I can't be on my feet/legs longer than 15/30 minutes or they go the rest ah the way numb and stop working. I get debilitating nausea and most days have to go to the bathroom 3 or 4 times for 5 to 20 minutes. I have MDD, GAD, and PTSD, all officially diagnosed. I have a psychologist and therapist and BOTH said what's happening to me ISNT RIGHT. Going on 4 years fighting disability. My phycologist said just the stress from fighting it and the stress of knowing I can't work has GIVEN ME PTSD. All medical issues are officially diagnosed except the back. The back does show DDD and herniated disc. But they said it wouldn't cause my legs to stop working. 3 years and they still haven't found why.
I'm on the fast track to a colostomy and colostomy bag my bowel doctor Darcy Shaw says. The last step AFTER we did Sits Marker test, I did a defoagraphy and 6 months of Pelvic Floor Therapy, and the last step was Anal Botox. I was all ready to have it. IVs in and everything. And they checked my blood sugar and it was over 450. So they refused to do it. They said I had to show two weeks in normal ranges. This was August of 2022.
In October I saw my diabetic doctor and I got a Dexcom. But it hasn't been in range for 2 weeks since. But IN my denial letter, the Judge said I was told to do Pelvic floor therapy and I did. She said she found "Inconsistencies" in my story. WHAT?! 🤬 I haven't lied since day 1!!
Last year I joined Genesis Gym and my trainer put me in the hospital for 4 days with Rabdometrosis #s so high their machines couldn't read it for 2 days.
I went back right when I got out. I couldn't lift or do what he tried to have me do. I did 3000 meters plus a day on the rowing machine and between 8-12 miles on the recombinant bike. I went from the beginning of April to August. Most weeks I went 6 days a week. I would walk out feeling WORSE than when I walked in. Why? That's not supposed to happen!! I also did the Green Chef meals for over a month. Guess what? Blind sugar DID come down but NOT below 200. So those who say "Oh we can tell if you're trying, I have PROOF!! My WHOOP I wore. And their equipment. I keep track of EVERYTHING Then my new back doctor told me to stop rowing it's hurting my back worse.
Now I have no idea what to do. My girlfriend of 12 years left 3 months ago. Got a letter saying I'm losing my Missouri Medicaid. At 32, I had 40 work credits. Lawyers said that very well. They have no idea why I'm having a hard time getting it. Now I'm afraid they are gonna drop me!
I had my GPs social worker or whatever e they are called, called me and said she called around and NO ONE can help me. Both my psychology and therapist's jaw dropped. They said that's no wrong.
So is there truly no help for me? I've had a job since I was like 8 on the farm. Worked at Hyvee, mowed yards, and worked for farmers all 4 years of school 16 months in the Army and got a Chapter 5_13 Honorable under General discharge. Long story. Then I could hold down a job from April of 2000 to June of 2001 so I went truck driving. And did that for 15 years. I7
I have dyslexia so I learn differently. In school, I had to have my tests read to me. If I read now I have to read the book and listen to the same book on audio to fully understand, and sometimes that's a struggle. Idk why I could drive a semi but can't do basic math hardly.
I'm a physical worker. But I'm broken. At 42. And no one wants to help. Can you? I don't tnink my issues are somehow worse than anyone else's. I'm not saying that at all. I'm just taking the time to ask if anyone can help my issues. My reality??,? Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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2023.06.05 03:44 throwawayflapper1929 [SELL] SKINCARE CLEARANCE: BNIB: Drunk Elephant / Paulas Choice / Super Goop / Dr Dennis Gross / Sunday Riley / Laneige / Summer Fridays / Youth to the People / Belif / Murad

Thanks for checking out my post! I am selling a good part of my collection and backup products. I am a reliable and trustedseller on reddit with lot of history. I APOLOGIZE FOR THE POOR FORMATTING - REDDIT IS BEING CHALLENGING Some rules: Free Items with purchase only, Minimum of $30 spend before shipping. Bundles take preference. Discounting:- Take $5 off every $80 spent ; $10 per $140 (before shipment fees) Shipping is $6 for USPS First Class Mail, anything that is over 12 oz will need to be mailed USPS Priority Mail. The cost of that is $8 + and varies based on your location. Please be understanding about shipping costs for heavy packages. This is not under my control.
Paypal Goods and Services add 3.49% fee. Venmo - no fee. No Paypal Friends.
Happy Shopping :)
Combine with Makeup Post here:
-SKINCARE ALBUM 1\*AVENE Cleanance SPF 50 (bought in France) New exp 2025 $20 CAUDALIE Premier Cru Serum BN $60 CLARINS Total Eye Lift New. $40 DRUNK ELEPHANT Protini Cream BN $40 DR ZENOVIA Benzoyl Peroxide 5%. New. $5 FARMACY Waterless Vitamin C used 2x $10 FRESH Black Tea Advanced Age Renewal Cream BN $40 HYLAMIDE Pore Flush 95%+ Left $10 OLE HENRIKSEN Strength Trainer Cream BN $20 PIXI Nutri Eye BN $10 PEACE OUT Repairing Moisturizer BN $15 PETER THOMAS ROTH Max Vitamin D Fense SPF 50 BN $20 SUPERGOOP Glow Setting Powder BN $20 WISHFUL Yo Glow BN $15 YENSA pink Lotus peptide cream. New. $10

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SKINCARE ALBUM 2 DRUNK ELEPHANT Baby Facial Used once $30 DRUNK ELEPHANT Protini Powerpeptide Serum 5ml $8 FRESH Kombucha Facial Essence BN full sz $50 (heavy) ISLE OF PARADISE Mini Self Tanning Drops FREE (1 each) LANEIGE Retinol Firming Cream BN $25 $20 NEOGEN Cranberry Foam Cleanser $10 DR ZENOVIA Advanced Retinol Night Repair $20 $15 REN Limited Edition AHA Tonic. Used Once. $10 THE OUTSET Caffeine Micro Polish BN $20 SUNDAY RILEY CEO BN $45 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SKINCARE ALBUM 3: KATE SOMMERVILLE Hydrat Kate Recharging Serum BN $35 KIEHLS Ultra Facial Cream SPF 30 BN $10 KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop BN $10 exp 1/2025 KOPARI Face shield spf 30 BN $15 PEACE OUT Dark Spots Serum BN $15 THE INKEY LIST Succinic Acid Treatment BN $5 STRIVECTIN Multi Action Super C Retinol, 75% left $15 SUNDAY RILEY B Nice $40 TATA HARPER Regenerating Cleanser Mini 15ml $8 YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE Superberry Dream mask BN $30 $25 (heavy) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SKINCARE ALBUM 5 CHANTECAILLE Eau de Rose 90% left. $30 DR DENNIS GROSS Vitamin C BN $55 FRESH Black Tea Overnight Mask 30ml. New. $20 FRESH Rose Mask 1 oz. New. $12 FRESH Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. 1 oz. new. $20 INNIS FREE Green Tea Seed Cream BN. $15 (heavy) KORA ORGANICS Plant Stem Cell Serum $35 MARIO BADESCU Facial Spray - $5 MARIO BADESCU Brightening Eye Serum. $10 PIXI Rose essence oil - FREE - PAULA CHOICE C5 Super Boost Cream. $20 PAULAS CHOICE Hyaluronic Acid Booster BN $20 PAULAS CHOICE 1% BHA Sensitive SKin. $25 PAULAS CHOICE Healthy Glow Invisible Sunscreen Oil. 20. THE ORDINARY HA 60ml bottle used once. $5 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SKINCARE ALBUM 6 ALPHA H Balancing Cleanser, NEW. $20 $10 PAULAS CHOICE C5 Super Boost Eye Cream. $22 BANILA Clean it Zero BN $10 JOSIE MARAN Pineapple Enzyme Cleanser BN $15 heavy THE ORDINARY Salicylic Acid 60ml BN $6 THE ORDINARY Multi Peptide HA Serum BN $15 SUMMER FRIDAYS Midnight Ritual Retinol BN $35 NECESSAIRE The Body Retinol BN $25 heavy SUPERGOOP Unseen Body Sunscreen BN $25
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SKINCARE ALBUM 7 ALGENIST Liquid Collagen Gift Set - 10 day results kit $88 at sephora - BN $30 (heavy) BELIF Aqua Bomb 25ml LE design. $15 CLARINS Beauty Flash Peel $20 DR DENNIS GROSS Fill and Repair Serum $45 DERMALOGICA Circular Hydration Serum MIni FREE $10 PIXI Volume Infusion Sheet Mask BN FREE PIXI Collagen Tonic FREE (heavy) ST TROPEZ Self Tan Whipped Mousse and mitt, new $20 JLO Booty Balm BN $20 heavy MURAD Correct and Protect SPF 45 exp 5/24 BN $28
Combine with Makeup Post here:\_all\_must\_go\_chanel\_natasha\_denona\_gucci\_ilia/
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2023.06.05 03:42 No_Selection3035 IPTV Reviews: 6+Best IPTV Free Trial List

IPTV Reviews: 6+Best IPTV Free Trial List
Welcome to the world of IPTV! In this article, we will delve into the realm of IPTV reviews, exploring the top 6+ best IPTV free test trials available. IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, has revolutionized the way we consume entertainment, bringing a vast array of TV channels and on-demand content directly to our screens. With numerous options to choose from, finding the right IPTV service can be overwhelming. But worry not, as we have compiled a comprehensive list of the finest IPTV providers, along with their free test trial offerings. So, let's embark on this exciting journey and discover the best IPTV services available!


What to consider when choosing a free IPTV?

  1. Reliability: Look for a reliable IPTV service with positive user reviews and minimal buffering or technical issues.
  2. Content Selection: Choose a service that offers a variety of channels, including your preferred genres like sports, news, movies, and entertainment.
  3. Streaming Quality: Check if the service supports high-definition (HD) or 4K streaming and offers adaptive streaming for optimal viewing based on your internet connection.
  4. User Interface: Opt for an IPTV provider with a user-friendly interface, easy navigation, and a well-designed electronic program guide (EPG) for convenient channel browsing.
  5. Device Compatibility: Ensure the IPTV service works on your desired devices such as smart TVs, streaming devices, smartphones, tablets, or computers.
  6. Customer Support: Look for responsive customer support through live chat, email, or phone in case you need assistance or have questions.
  7. Security and Privacy: Prioritize IPTV services that prioritize user security with encrypted connections, secure payment options, and data protection policies.
  8. Trial Period and Pricing: Take advantage of free trial periods to test the service's quality and features. Consider pricing options that fit your budget while providing value for the content and features offered.
By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing a free IPTV service that meets your needs and delivers a satisfying streaming experience.

6+Best IPTV Free Test Trial List - IPTV Reviews


IviewHD IPTV is the best Firestick IPTV, also compatible with all Android-based devices, offering customized apps to provide users with a stable and unbuffered streaming experience. Offering 1300+ live TV and over 3000 movies and series, the package includes Premium Sports, EPG, Catch Up, recording, and a 3-day free trial.

IviewHD IPTV Pros and ConsPros:

  • Offers a 3-day free trial for new users
  • Provides access to premium sports channels
  • Offers PPV (Pay-per-view) content
  • Provides a 7-day EPG (TV Guide)
  • Offers three EPG formats: Grid EPG, Classic EPG, and Normal EPG
  • Allows users to add and manage favorites
  • Provides a 7-day catch-up feature
  • Allows users to record live TV
  • Runs on high-quality and stable servers
  • Offers instant activation with no waiting time
  • Provides a 3-day refund guarantee
  • Only allows one device connected at a time
  • Works only on Android or Firestick devices
  • Does not support Xtream Codes or M3U playlists
  • Fewer channels are available, mostly from European countries and regions.
Support device:
  • Android TV, Android TV box, Android phone , and Android tablet
  • Amazon FireStick
  • Nvidia Shield TV
  • and more
How to get and activate IPTV on IviewHD?
  1. Register an account on the IviewHD IPTV website and click the IPTV FREE Test page to obtain the IPTV test code.
  2. Download the APP link matching the device and test code from the IviewHD APP installation page. The installation is complete.
  3. The activation page is displayed. Enter the IPTV activation code.
IviewHD IPTV Reviews
IviewHD IPTV is my perfect choice when it comes to a top-notch UK IPTV subscription service. With its extensive selection of over 1300 live television channels, including more than 280 premium sports channels, I find it especially appealing as a sports enthusiast. The 72-hour free trial they offer is a fantastic opportunity to immerse myself in live sports events like football, boxing, MMA, and more.IviewHD IPTV comes packed with numerous features that enhance my viewing experience. I particularly appreciate the TV guide that includes a built-in 7-day EPG guide, as it helps me stay on top of my favorite shows. The IPTV Catch Up feature allows me to catch up on missed episodes, while the Cloud PVR recording enables me to record my preferred programs. Additionally, the multi-room sharing capability is a convenient feature that lets me enjoy IPTV across multiple devices. With three EPG guides available, navigating through the service is effortless, and the overall user experience is friendly and satisfying.However, it's important to note that IviewHD IPTV does have a few limitations. It only supports Android devices and Firestick, which may restrict access for users with other devices. Additionally, the payment options are limited, and only one connection is allowed at a time. Despite these limitations, I still find IviewHD IPTV to be a stable service with a wide range of live channels and VODs. It caters well to my IPTV content needs, particularly as a sports fan.Overall, I highly recommend IviewHD IPTV to fellow IPTV enthusiasts, especially those who are passionate about sports. With its impressive channel lineup, user-friendly features, and reliable performance, it has proven to be an excellent choice for enjoying high-quality IPTV content.
OTV IPTV is one of the most reliable and premium IPTV subscription services. It is affordable and an affordable service. You'll have access to a wide range of channels, including 4K and FHD quality live channels. Additionally, their customer service is top-notch, ensuring you have a seamless experience from start to finish. OTV IPTV offers a free 24-hour test, but you'll need to contact customer service on WhatsApp to get it.
Tribe IPTV Pros and ConsPros:
  1. Channel-rich content provides live channels from the UK, North America, and other parts of the world.
  2. Offer free IPTV trials.
  3. First-class customer support, 24/7 live chat via Whatsapp/WeChat /Skype/Telegram.
  4. Affordable subscription for UK IPTV users.
  5. Compatible with all devices, including third-party applications.
  6. Advanced server, quality service. Offer multi-screen, recording, viewing, and more.
  7. Simple setup, activate the app via M3U or Xtream code
  8. Timeshift and EPG
  9. The subscription validity period takes effect after activating the code.
  1. Few functional services, only EPG and time shift.
  2. To get more functional services, you can only download the advanced professional version of the application to get more.
  3. The payment method is simple, currently only Master is supported.
  4. Because of the number of channels, a little buffer.
Support device:
  • Android devices (phones, tablets, TV boxes)
  • iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV)
  • Amazon FireStick
  • Windows PC
  • Smart TVs (LG, Samsung, Sony, and more)
  • Mac OS
  • MAG Box
How to get IPTV Free trial of OTV IPTV
To get a free trial of OTV IPTV, you can follow these steps:
  1. Visit the OTV IPTV website and click on “24-hour free trial.”
  2. Register an account.
  3. Log in to your OTV IPTV account using the username and password you received in your email.
  4. View the M3U URL or extract the Xtream Codes information from the M3U URL.
Tribe IPTV
Tribe IPTV is a new brand in the IPTV industry that many people may not have heard of, but it has completely replaced the old brand Bestbuyiptv. Tribe IPTV provides users with a wide range of live TV channels and a rich collection of VOD movies and series, suitable for audiences of all tastes. It is compatible with all devices and IPTV players, offers login options through Xtream Codes or M3U URL, and provides a 24-hour free trial. It also has a fully automated activation system that allows you to enjoy live TV and sports events instantly.
Tribe IPTV Pros and ConsPros:
  • Offers a 24-hour free trial
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Supports Xtream Codes and M3U URL
  • Discounts available for multi-device packages
  • Multiple Premium sports channels
  • Activates automatically upon successful payment
  • Requires the use of a VPN to watch sports events
  • Limited EPG (Electronic Programming Guide)
  • No Catch-Up feature
  • No cloud recording feature
  • No refund guarantee
48 hours trial/1device=$2,1month/1device=$10,3months/1device=$24,6months/1device=$40,12months/1device=$69,24months/1device=$120.
Support device:
  • Android devices (phones, tablets, TV boxes)
  • iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV)
  • Amazon FireStick
  • Windows PC
  • Smart TVs (LG, Samsung, Sony, and more)
  • Mac OS
  • MAG Box
How to get IPTV Free trial of Tribe IPTV
To get a free trial of Tribe IPTV, you can follow these steps:
  1. Visit the Tribe IPTV website and click on “24-hour free trial.”
  2. Register an account.
  3. Log in to your Tribe IPTV account using the username and password you received in your email.
  4. View the M3U URL or extract the Xtream Codes information from the M3U URL.
Typhoon labs TV
TyphoonLabs TV is one of the best IPTV service providers that offer 5 Simultaneous logins with one subscription. You can avail free trial and purchase plans within the app and enjoy a contactless seamless streaming experience. With over 1200 live TV channels, including sports events, news, and TV shows, Typhoon Labs TV provides an unrestricted entertainment experience for customers.
Typhoon Labs TV Pros and ConsPros:
  1. 1500+ local and international live channels are provided.
  2. 300+ game channels. 24,000 +VOD
  3. Offer a free 48-hour trial.
  4. Flexible IPTV subscription plan, the standard package includes 5 simultaneous connections.
  5. No IP address is locked.
  6. Sports Pass special, PPV pay-per-view.
  1. There are no high-quality functional service options. For sports fans, there is a lack of catch-up services.
  2. The occasional buffer lag.
Support device:
  • Android devices
  • Firestick
  • Windows
  • Mac PC
  • Smart TV
  • Roku
How to get IPTV Free trial of Typhoon Labs TV
To get a free trial of Typhoon Labs TV, you can follow these steps:
  1. Visit the Typhoon Labs TV website and click on “48-hour free trial.”
  2. Register an account.
  3. Log in to your Typhoon Labs TV account using the username and password you received in your email.
  4. View the M3U URL or extract the Xtream Codes information from the M3U URL.
IPTVFarm is a premium IPTV service that gives you access to your favorite TV shows and VODs, offers over 13,200 live channels and 36,000 VoDs, is compatible with all devices, and offers a 24-hour free trial.
IPTVFarm Pros and ConsPros:
  1. A free 24-hour trial is available for testing the service
  2. 80% of channels support the EPG guide
  3. Compatibility with M3U and M3U8 playlists
  4. Over 10,000 live channels and 30,000+ VOD options
  5. Multiple video quality options: standard definition, high definition, full HD, 4K, and 3D
  6. Supported devices include Mag Device and Enigma2
  7. Support PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard
  8. Offer a large number of channels
  9. Standard definition, high definition, full HD, 4K, and 3D
  10. Compatible with all devices and third-party applications
  11. M3U, MAG, and Enigma2 formats
  12. A free 24-hour trial is available
  13. Subscription plans support 1 connection or 2 connections
  14. The subscription price is cheap, fast support, free automatic renewal
  1. After subscribing to the service, orders can be delivered within 5 minutes or 12 hours, not immediately.
  2. Few functional service options
  3. Subscription is non-refundable after buying.
Support device:
  • Android devices
  • Firestick
  • Windows
  • Mac PC
  • Smart TV
  • Roku
How to get IPTV Free trial of IPTVFarm
To get a free trial of IPTVFarm, you can follow these steps:
  1. Visit the IPTVFarm website and click on “24-hour free trial.”
  2. Register an account.
  3. Log in to your IPTVFarm account using the username and password you received in your email.
  4. View the M3U URL or extract the Xtream Codes information from the M3U URL.
BestBuy IPTV
BestBuy IPTV offers live channels 10000+ and VOD30000+ from around the world. Here you can view 4K paid channels, movies, TV series, sports, PPV activities, children's networks and VODs, and more. The service offers excellent IPTV prices and stable servers. For the majority of users to provide 24 hours of testing. IPTV is activated and compatible with all devices. If you are interested, you can try their IPTV Reseller program. This is definitely one of the best IPTV services available on Firestick devices.
BestBuy IPTV Pros and ConsPros:
  • A 24-hour trial is available.
  • The IPTV is activated immediately
  • Provide 20000+ pay live channels and VOD library
  • Compatible with all devices and third-party applications. Including Firestick
  • Online support 24/7
  1. Offer a 7-day money-back guarantee
  2. Antifreezing technique
  3. Affordable subscription
  1. One subscription can be used on many devices, but intelligent viewing on one device at a time.
  2. There aren't some quality features to choose from.
Support device:
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Android TV, Android TV box, Android phone, and Android tablet
  • Kodi, VLC...
  • Vu+
  • DreamBox
  • Enigma, MAX
  • and more...
How to get IPTV Free trial of BestBuy IPTV
To get a free trial of BestBuy IPTV, you can follow these steps:
  1. Visit the BestBuy IPTV website and click on “24-hour free trial.”
  2. Register an account.
  3. Log in to your BestBuy IPTV account using the username and password you received in your email.
  4. View the M3U URL or extract the Xtream Codes information from the M3U URL.
In conclusion, the world of IPTV offers a diverse range of options, each with its unique features and advantages. By taking advantage of the free test trials offered by these IPTV providers, you can experience their services firsthand and make an informed decision. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, a movie buff, or simply looking for a wide range of channels, the top 6+ best IPTV providers we've explored in this article are sure to cater to your entertainment needs. So, go ahead, explore the world of IPTV, and elevate your TV viewing experience with the best IPTV services available. Happy streaming!
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2023.06.05 03:42 mariontherari An INFP looking for some life advice!

Hello, intj! I'm directing my question to this sub, because I hang out here a lot (although I mostly lurk), and you guys tend to give genuinely good advice. Right now, I feel like I need some sort of guidance.
To put things simply, I feel completely lost. Recently, I had decided that I'd go to art school; I was planning on becoming a professional comic book illustrator, as that's what my course specializes in. However, it just so happens that my enrollment in school happened to directly coincide with the AI art boom that's been taking over social media. At first, I took it in stride. I told myself- it doesn't matter. I still love making art, and I'll give it my all! And that's what I did. For months, I worked for hours and hours, staying up until the crack of dawn to get everything done. But as time went on... I felt more and more hopeless. And it came to a point that- something snapped, I suppose.
It wasn't just the progress that AI had made that demotivated me- it was people's reaction to it. Artists who were rightfully concerned about their livelihood are mocked, told to "get with the times", that their blood, sweat and tears are worthless if a machine can do it better-and way, way faster. Companies are implementing AI more and more into their products. And why wouldn't they? It's cheaper. More convenient. More efficient. And that's what the system wants and demands. I realize that I'm certainly not the only person who's concerned about AI; it's not just artists, after all, many people from all walks of life are feeling hesitant and uncertain in the face of new technology. And that's, also, normal. How it always is, and how it always has been.
But, I guess, for me- this blow was debilitating, in a sense. I've realized that I'm not really cut out for most work, or even for college. For a variety of reasons. I felt like I had finally found one thing that I truly enjoyed, that I could make a living out of. And now that that's been taken away from me, now that what I felt was my only option is no longer viable, I'm left with... nothing? It's like a rug has been pulled out from under my feet.
I feel unfit to exist in a society that demands efficiency and labor. I don't think I could ever work a 9 to 5. And, consequently, I feel like some sort of leech: a parasite with nothing to offer, too lazy to contribute anything of value to society, and too cowardly to remove themselves from the picture, and stop wasting resources.
And I haven't picked up a pencil in months.
So, what should I do? Should I persist anyways? Should I drop out, and maybe try and find some sort of part time job, and see how that pans out? Go back to college and try again (maybe pick a major that isn't too demanding), grit my teeth and get over it, like everybody else? Try stronger medication? (I have ADHD, in case that's relevant). Because I really, genuinely don't know.
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2023.06.05 03:39 horsetooth_mcgee When subs overlap. I thought I was in this sub when I came across this and I was like hold up Ireland's gonna do WHAT now??! 😂😂

When subs overlap. I thought I was in this sub when I came across this and I was like hold up Ireland's gonna do WHAT now??! 😂😂 submitted by horsetooth_mcgee to HilariaBaldwin [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 03:38 throwawayflapper1929 [SELL] ALL MUST GO: Chanel / Natasha Denona / Gucci / Ilia / Glossier / Charlotte Tilbury / Surratt / Westman Atelier / Diptyque / Rose Inc / Paulas Choice / Drunk Elephant / Hourglass / Lys / Dr Dennis Gross / Rare Beauty / Lawless / Kosas / Milk / Supergoop / Pat McGrath

Thanks for checking out my post! I am selling a good part of my collection and backup products. I am a reliable and trustedseller on reddit with lot of history. I APOLOGIZE FOR THE POOR FORMATTING - REDDIT IS BEING CHALLENGING
Some rules:

COMPLEXION PRODUCTS- Foundation/PowdeHighlightePrimer:


VARIOUS: Brushes / Hair / Body Care

ALPHA H Balancing Cleanser, NEW. $20 $10
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2023.06.05 03:33 everyday_trades ETF and Market Evaluation for week of 06/05/2023

Recap On Last Weeks Market Action:
** For some reason images were not allowed to be posted, can be access through my website but not necessary**
Good evening everyone, I hope this past weekend has allowed you to relax and prepare for the upcoming week. Although this was only a 4 day week we still saw nice upward moves across the market. We are also beginning to see broader participation in the market rally. The only major schedule announcements for this week are jobless claims coming out Thursday morning.
SPY continued pushing above a long base and closed strongly on Friday. Even though this was a shorter week, volume on the weekly chart was only marginally below average. SPY also had larger weekly price gains than QQQ. This could be signalling that the market rally is finally broader and spreading to other industries and sectors. Price is approaching August 2022 highs which may act as an area of resistance.
QQQ has been much stronger than SPY over the past few weeks. This is largely due to a select few mega cap stocks making huge advances. QQQ is somewhat extended and it would not be surprising to see a pause soon. Sideways action here would be constructive as it would give underlying stocks the chance to form new bases. With that in mind, there are still plenty of ETFs that have broken out of bases as well as those that are currently approaching base breakouts.
ARKG is an ETF that focuses on genomics companies and has a trigger price of $33.70. There are two things that catch my eye when examining this chart. First, in the last few weeks there is more heavy buying volume than selling volume. Second, there is a large tail bar that got rejected at the trigger price. Therefore, if price begins to breakout, it must be associated with heavy buying volume to get past the sellers at that price. If price is advancing on only average volume this would be a risky purchase.
CLOU is a cloud computing ETF that is approaching a long downward trendline that began forming in August 2022. This is not the cleanest chart as it is clear that there is alot of variability in price. A push above Fridays buys could be an entry point. However, a safer entry would pushing above $19.50 with heavy buying volume.
FFTY is an ETF that tracks 50 stocks that match IBDs growth selection criteria. Friday saw a large pop in price that put FFTY within striking distance of a base breakout. This base breakout could be met with extra resistance as the base roughly coincides with the 200 day EMA (white).
IJH is an ETF that tracks mid-cap stocks. IJH is fastly approaching the trigger price of $251.60 as a result of Fridays price gains. We saw a sharp decline in price that coincided with several bank collapses. However, price found support and has been trading sideways since.
TNA is very similar to IJH except it tracks small-cap stocks instead of mid-caps. The price action is just below the trigger price of $33.00. However, TNA is sitting below the 200 day EMA (white) which may lead to some resistance.
While there are only a handful of ETFs that I found to be approaching base breakouts, there are many more that are currently beyond their price bases. This is a positive sign as is shows stocks that broke out are working and new setups are still forming. The most encouraging ETFs on this list are the mid-caps and small-caps. These demonstrate that there is finally a broader participation in the market rally. This is what is truly needed for the market to actually advance. The best way to capitalize on these bases is to look at the top ten holdings in each and exam the chart setups.
As always you should conduct your own research before making any sort of investment.
If you have any comments or question on what is discussed in the article or otherwise please feel free to reach out!
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2023.06.05 03:28 iSportsAPI Swedish Allsvenskan-VARBERGS BOIS FC VS HACKEN


Varbergs BoIS FC Team Analysis
Varbergs BoIS FC are 16th in the Sweden Allsvenskan Division with 5 points. In their 11 most recent matches of the Sweden Allsvenskan, Varbergs BoIS FC have achieved just 1 win.
Hacken Team Analysis
Hacken are 3rd in the Sweden Allsvenskan Division with 22 points. Häcken are undefeated against Varbergs BoIS FC in their last 6 league games.

Odd Analysis
In their last 6 head to head meetings in all competitions, Varbergs BoIS FC have not managed to win any of the matches, Hacken have managed to win 4 of the matches and their has been 2 draws between the two teams. In the Sweden Allsvenskan Division, Hacken has a better performance compared to Varbergs BoIS FC.

Hacken win
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2023.06.05 03:25 everyday_trades ETF and Market Evaluation for week of 06/05/2023

ETF and Market Evaluation for week of 06/05/2023
Recap On Last Weeks Market Action:
  • SPY closed up 1.45%
  • QQQ closed up 0.75%
  • Dow Jones Industrial closed up 2.12%
  • VIX closed down 6.59%
Good evening everyone, I hope this past weekend has allowed you to relax and prepare for the upcoming week. Although this was only a 4 day week we still saw nice upward moves across the market. We are also beginning to see broader participation in the market rally. The only major schedule announcements for this week are jobless claims coming out Thursday morning.
SPY continued pushing above a long base and closed strongly on Friday. Even though this was a shorter week, volume on the weekly chart was only marginally below average. SPY also had larger weekly price gains than QQQ. This could be signalling that the market rally is finally broader and spreading to other industries and sectors. Price is approaching August 2022 highs which may act as an area of resistance.
QQQ has been much stronger than SPY over the past few weeks. This is largely due to a select few mega cap stocks making huge advances. QQQ is somewhat extended and it would not be surprising to see a pause soon. Sideways action here would be constructive as it would give underlying stocks the chance to form new bases. With that in mind, there are still plenty of ETFs that have broken out of bases as well as those that are currently approaching base breakouts.
ARKG is an ETF that focuses on genomics companies and has a trigger price of $33.70. There are two things that catch my eye when examining this chart. First, in the last few weeks there is more heavy buying volume than selling volume. Second, there is a large tail bar that got rejected at the trigger price. Therefore, if price begins to breakout, it must be associated with heavy buying volume to get past the sellers at that price. If price is advancing on only average volume this would be a risky purchase.
CLOU is a cloud computing ETF that is approaching a long downward trendline that began forming in August 2022. This is not the cleanest chart as it is clear that there is alot of variability in price. A push above Fridays buys could be an entry point. However, a safer entry would pushing above $19.50 with heavy buying volume.
FFTY is an ETF that tracks 50 stocks that match IBDs growth selection criteria. Friday saw a large pop in price that put FFTY within striking distance of a base breakout. This base breakout could be met with extra resistance as the base roughly coincides with the 200 day EMA (white).
IJH is an ETF that tracks mid-cap stocks. IJH is fastly approaching the trigger price of $251.60 as a result of Fridays price gains. We saw a sharp decline in price that coincided with several bank collapses. However, price found support and has been trading sideways since.
TNA is very similar to IJH except it tracks small-cap stocks instead of mid-caps. The price action is just below the trigger price of $33.00. However, TNA is sitting below the 200 day EMA (white) which may lead to some resistance.
While there are only a handful of ETFs that I found to be approaching base breakouts, there are many more that are currently beyond their price bases. This is a positive sign as is shows stocks that broke out are working and new setups are still forming. The most encouraging ETFs on this list are the mid-caps and small-caps. These demonstrate that there is finally a broader participation in the market rally. This is what is truly needed for the market to actually advance. The best way to capitalize on these bases is to look at the top ten holdings in each and exam the chart setups.
As always you should conduct your own research before making any sort of investment.
If you have any comments or question on what is discussed in the article or otherwise please feel free to reach out!
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