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Mostly Real Estate Company offered potential buyers, sellers and brokers for the resourceful administration to complete the process of property listing, buying and selling.

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2023.06.10 05:32 Infinite_Yellow_1149 Need Advice Regarding Family Civil Law Case.

I was served a petition on May 25th, 2023. This case is taking place in Texas.
The petition states that I am being sued for full custody of my son, and for child support. The petitioner is my son's paternal aunt. I am his paternal father. My son is 5.
My son's mother passed away on April of 2023. I was not notified of her death, until I was served May 2023.
When my son was born, I signed his birth certificate, and a seperate form acknowledging that I am his father. I am not sure what this form is called exactly, but I do have a physical copy.
What the petitioner is alleging: • Petitioner alleges I have not seen my son in over 4 years. - I've had a relationship with my son phsyically, and was with him almost everyday until I had a falling out with my son's mothers family (4 Years Ago). After this falling out, they threatened me physically & made it clear that if I were to come around to see my son, they would find ways to have me put in jail. Not knowing my rights as a parent or laws, I let them scare me into thinking I could never see my son again. • Petitioner alleges she feels I'm a violent person, and my son will not be safe around me. - This is far from the truth. My son lived with his mother & her immediate family at her home. When I would spend time with my son & his mother, it was ALWAYS in the company of her family, at her home. Not once did I ever get physically violent with the mother of my son, or my child. We did have verbal disagreements, but they were never physical or violent. Her family would often step in during our verbal disagreements, and try to turn them physical against me, but I was always smart enough to leave their home before it escalated. • Petitioner is alleging that before my son was born, I had asked the mother of my child for an abortion, which she feels means that I did not want my son. - For context, when I met my sons mother she was on dialysis, and had began entering stage 4 of kidney failure, due to Lupus. She was told she would never have children, and her chances of survival due to lupus were low. Her doctors made it CLEAR it was a miracle she was still alive. I did ask for an abortion, but it was due to me being afraid of my sons mother's health condition, and how healthy our child would be after being born. It was NOT because I didn't want to be a father. My son is a GIFT I am proud of, and love more than anything. • Peitioner is alleging that my son does not know who I am, and that I should not have custody or even visitation rights. - My son knows who I am, he knows I am his father. I have plenty of pictures with my son, his mother, and I celebrating moments. Going out to stores, dinners, buying him gifts. I was financially taking care of my son, until his mother stopped accepting anything I bought or tried to send to my son. I was forced out of his life. IF my son no longer recognizes me as his father, it is because he was taught so.
My son's mother was told she would never have children. She made it clear to me, that if our personal relationship did not work out, she would not want me in my son's life at all. Prior to meeting me, she was looking to start IVF treatments to give her family a child before she passed away, which she knew was was inevitable. She had passed away once before, and was resuscitated after my son was born. After that incident, conversations with her only became more clear that she no longer wanted me around. I felt I was only used to conceive a child with her.
Notes I feel are of importance:
• The petition states that my son remain ONLY at her families home address named in this case. She claims to have moved back to said family home to take care of my son, which is 3 minutes from my home, however I suspect she has taken him to her actual and main residence in another city, with her boyfriend. I had a welfare check done at family home where my son should reside and police were not able to locate him. I do not have proof of this as I can't hire a PI.
• In 2018, a protective order was placed against me by my son's paternal grandmother, because I spat at her after a verbal altercation where she promised I would never see my son again. This has since been lifted years ago, and no other restraining / protective orders have been placed against me.
• After I received the petition, I had my brother type a short heart-felt letter offering my family & I's condolences, and explaining I would like to see my son via facetime or an in-person meeting to ensure his wellbeing. This note was left on the family home's door by my brother. I did not ask to take my son, just to see or speak with him. I've since found out she has filed for a temporary restraining order against me and used this letter as evidence. Her attorney states that "While this letter is not inherently threatening, we feel that My name does not need to see My sons name as this is a senstive time for him."
• I am financially stable, have stable housing under my name. • I want full custody & want to include visitation rights to his mothers side of family as he has created a bond with them. • I have since filed an answer & counter sued.
I am still actively looking for an attorney.
ANY advice, questions, or tips I am open to. I understand courts dig deep, So I am being as honest and forthcoming about my situation as possible to get the best advice.
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2023.06.10 05:31 Ambitious-Mind9040 am i being too needy

hi all. i’m gonna start this off by saying i’m super mentally ill so this whole post might just be bitching and moaning so i thought i’d warn ya if you don’t wanna read that. anyway, here it is-
so i have this one friend, he means a lot to me, but i don’t think i mean a lot to him. he’s one of the few people i really enjoy hanging out with, so he and i plan to hang out nearly every weekend. which sounds absurd, yes, but we only plan to hang out every weekend because he always cancels, and so he’s says “let’s just hang out next weekend” and when next weekend rolls around, he cancels. over and over again. however, we did actually hang out twice, but the first time was when his boyfriend was gonna be at my house, and the second time, we both had a list of things we wanted to do in town, so first we went to a restaurant and ate, then we did what he wanted to do (go to antique store) and as we were walking out of the store, he says he’s feeling sick so he’s just gonna go back home. and like, i totally understand if he was actually feeling sick, but like, with his track record of canceling hangouts, and only showing up when there’s something specifically in it for him, i don’t know if can trust him anymore. am i just being too needy or is this something else? and i don’t want to talk to him about this because i’m really afraid of making him unhappy. i think he has depression and i don’t wanna make it worse for him (i have it too so i know how bad it sucks.) . any help is greatly appreciated, but don’t feel obligated to do so, thanks!
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2023.06.10 05:31 akrish_17 TH11 maxed and BH9 semi max for sale

Selling th11 max with 550 gems and bh9 semi max with Otto unlocked + skins for barb king, arch queen and home village. Dm for prices, pictures and other info.
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2023.06.10 05:30 BiotoCSthrowaway Please critic my situation and help me optimize my finances.

Income: ~$170k/yr
Debt (includes mortgage): $2000/month
401k: $80k in target retirement date fund. I contribute about 20% of my paycheck. Employer match is 3%. Effectively maxing out the allocation.
Savings: About $7k in my checking account. No other real liquidity outside of these funds.
I feel like I'm too low on cash and always stretched thin because of my large 401k allocation. Good news is I own my house and have very low mortgage payments since the loan amount is quite low. I would likely to save for another down-payment and buy a house in the 450-500k range. What can I do to reach this goal?
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2023.06.10 05:29 lhwang0320 Dana white back on his bullshit again 🤣🤦‍♂️

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2023.06.10 05:29 A_Wooden_Ladder Returning player looking for info

Hey all so I pre ordered the most expensive version of this game when it came out and played it to death at launch then played it on and off, I've just noticed there's a new dlc that I need to pay for (I guess season pass meant something different back on 360 then it does now).
Anyways I was just wondering if it's worth paying €15.99 for or would I be better off waiting for a sale. I played a couple matches of the base game a few minutes ago so it definitely has a decent playerbase but they might just be game pass players so would there be many people to play through the new levels with?
Oh and I appologies for the essay.
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2023.06.10 05:29 i_donthavea_name (WTS) Thinning the herd: Steve Karroll, Grimsmo, Shirogorov, Olamic, Benchmade, Fox, Pena X Series, WingmanEDC, APurvis, SBD, Lacanico, Civivi, Kizer

The purge continues! As stated before, I`m getting ready to retire and travel for several months so I'm drastically thinning the herd of safe queens and uncarried blades (round 4). I don't really have the room in the camper for as many knives as I have now. My downsizing can benefit you!
-Not looking for trades but all prices are OBO, all reasonable offers are considered.
-PP G&S, all prices are including shipping, US sales only, first YOLO/comment/message gets the blade.
-Up for sale this round is:
1.) **Steve Karroll AEB-L Fixed Blade.**
AEB-L Blade. Previous owner had Karbadize make some scales for it. Comes with kydex sheath. Sheath was cut down to fit the new scales, the cut isn’t the most even but holds super solid. Small bit of wear from the sheath. OAL is about 7 7/16". Never sharpened. Comes with COA. SV $180
2.) **Grimsmo Norseman #1781.**
Blue reverse honeycomb pattern anodized titanium handle with gold accents, gold anodized titanium hardware, stonewashed RWL 34 blade, ceramic bearings. Knife is in great condition. It's had a few different owners and it's seen pocket time and some very light cutting tasks. With that being said, there really aren't any stand out signs of use or wear. Blade is in great shape and the edge is factory sharp. Clip side handle shows some light ano wear and maybe a scratch or two here and there, but nothing significant. Lock up is excellent and action is what you'd expect from a Norseman. I really hate to let this go, but I have multiple Norsemen. Comes with Grimsmo hard case, COA, T9 tool, and Nano-Oil. SV $600.
3.) **Shirogorov Neon NL**
3.375″ full flat-ground Elmax blade with jimping, 7.5″ overall length, Runs on MRBS (Multi-Row Bearing System), Titanium frame-lock handle scales with contoured edges, Smooth Micarta inlays, Steel lockbar insert doubles as lockbar stabilizer, Polished stand-off, 3D machined tip-up Titanium pocket clip attached with hidden hardware. Action is phenomenal (as usual per Shiros), no play, shaving edge (barely been used on Amazon boxes). Centering is near perfect. I cannot personally find any marks on the handles or the blade. Comes with the box and COA. SV $550.
4.) **Olamic Wayfarer 247.**
M390 blade with Olamic's acid dark wash finish. This knife has been carried, fiddled with, but never cut anything besides opening some Amazon packages. The only blemish is a small snail trail on the show side of the blade. The centering is dead-on, action is good. Solid lockup. The scales have a deep-sea finish/sculpting that reflects light beautifully and is even better in person. Bronzed hardware and backspacer, the latter of which is also sculpted to match scales and the clip. Comes with the original zippered pouch, the COA, and the pivot tool. S/N T495-H, DOB 10.30.2020. SV $425
5.) **Olamic Swish.**
Elmax blade with satin finish. Titanium scales in Olamic’s blue seabed contouring. Titanium Clip with nugget backbar anodized bronze. A few very slight marks/scratches on the blade, but not much. Handles look good with no noticeable signs of wear. Detent is very good and the blade fires out nicely with the flipper tab or a Spydie flick. Drop shut and the lock up is solid. Comes with the Olamic case, the COA, and 2 business cards. SV $350
6.) **Benchmade 940-1 Osborne**
S90V steel and carbon fiber scales. The 940-1 is highly regarded as one of the most quintessential EDCs of all time. Designed by Warren Osborne, this knife sports a plain reverse tanto blade with a Carbon Fiber handle. The manual opening mechanism features AXIS® lock technology. Up for grabs is this beauty of BM 940-1. Amazing fidget factor. It has a couple trails/marks on the clip and a small scratch on the blade. Never used or carried by me, but I am not the first owner. Comes with the box with corner wear, sticker, and warranty info. SV $180.
7.) **Fox Knives 40th Anniversary #005.**
M390 striped blade and carbon fiber scales. You won’t find many of these on the internet. This one has a really cool blade. Appears to be a sharpened blade from the previous owner and general signs of carry. Really cool knife though. Perfect size, great ergos, that blade. My only complaint is the detent is a little soft so the action isn't super snappy. No original box but will come in a zippered pouch. SV $375
8.) **Pena X Series Rhino.**
M390 blade and Titanium scales. An awesome Enrique Pena and Jared Van Otterloo design that will make a great addition to any collection. This beautiful knife is built with a satin finished blade with a deep belly and a subtle recurve. The titanium handle comes in a satin finish with blue and bronze ano hardware. The blade rockets open on stainless steel caged bearings and the lock up is solid. A milled titanium pocket clip finishes off the solid design. Has been carried and shows some snail trails: scales and clip; leading edge of show scale has a cosmetic mark. Comes with the box. SV $250.
9.) **WingmanEDC MDD-K.**
M390 hand rubbed satin blade with Titanium ceramic bead blast handles. Utilizes Lee Williams’ innovative KickStop flipper mechanism and runs on ceramic bearings. Ceramic bead blasted pivots and hardware with steel lock-bar insert which doubles as lock-bar stabilizer. Lanyard pin. Steel backspacer and 3D machined titanium pocket clip. This does not have the original pivot screw. A previous owner stripped the head put because they didn’t have the proper tool for the proprietary screw. I was able to get the pivot out and replace it with an exact specs pivot screw with a regular hex head. Unfortunately, WingmanEDC does not offer replacement parts. Locks up solid and has an excellent action. I adore the bayonet style blade grind and the Kickstop action. Comes with the box, COA tag, and original paperwork. SV $250.
10.) **APurvis Progeny V1.**
M390 blade with a satin finish and purple anodized scales. Action is solid and the detent is on point. There are some marks from a previous owner’s sharpening on the choil and a couple of barely visible scratches on the pocket clip. Great knife with good ergos. No box but comes with a pouch. SV $225
11.) **Sharper By Design Micro Exo Typhoon with carbon fiber inlays.**
M390 blade with carbon fiber inlays. Second owner but the original owner got this one directly from the original drop. Beautiful action, fit, and finish. One of the sharpest factory edges I’ve seen. Comes with the box. SV $300
12.) **Ray Laconico & Massdrop Keen.**
S35VN blade with brushed titanium scales anodized bronze. Gorgeous knife that shows almost no signs of being carried. This thing literally snaps open with early lockup, perfect centering, and no lock stick. Drops shut with the slightest shake. Comes with the box, taco, and R. Laconico cloth. SV $140
13.) **Pena X Series Lanny’s Clip Flipper.**
S35VN clip point blade with green G-10 scale inserts. Beautiful two tone satin and stonewashed blade and blue anodized hardware. The fit and finish is amazing and the action is smooth. Small snails on the titanium bolster. Previous owner added the lanyard and bead. Comes with taco only. SV $210.
14.) **Civivi Elementum Damascus flipper.**
Damascus blade steel that offers dependable blade strength beauty. Carbon fiber overlay on G-10 scales that complement the lightweight design. Stainless steel clip for secure deep-pocket carry. Caged ball bearing pivot ensures a smooth and reliable action. I am the original owner with very light carry. Small mark on clip and lock side pivot screw wear. Comes with the box, rag, and stickers. SV $80.
15.) **Civivi Elementum Damascus Button Lock.**
Damascus blade. Push button lock that rides smoothly and locks the blade in place. Marbled Carbon Fiber handle scales with a simple shape for a sure grip. A stainless steel, reversible clip and caged ball bearing pivot for a smooth and reliable action. I am the original owner and never carried this one, like NIB. Comes with the box, pouch, rag, and stickers. SV $80.
16.) **Kizer Splinter Ti.**
S35VN blade with Titanium scales. This is a collaboration with Kizer and Tomcat Knives. Has a contoured and textured titanium handle with an S35VN steel blade. The action is smooth with the ball bearings. Frame lock provides a reliable lock up of the blade with zero blade play. There is a natural stonewash finish on the blade and the handle is equipped with a custom pivot, lanyard hole and a reversible titanium pocket clip. I’m the original owner and have never carried it. LNIB. Come with the box, rag, pouch, and extra screw. SV $65.
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2023.06.10 05:29 liamisnoice DOAWK:Gone Broke(Pages 5 - 8)

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2023.06.10 05:29 Specialist_Yak1236 Moved back in with my family (temporarily). My mother feigns symptoms of various illnesses, is always solemn. It’s rough.

Hi everyone. I am 23/F.
I am moving across the country to pursue a graduate degree with my partner next month. Our landlord cut our lease early (inconveniently before our move) so I am staying with my family and he is staying with a close friend until our move.
There is quite a lot to unpack here so I am going to bullet point a few details.
•My biological father and my mother are not together. They have not interacted in many years. Every time I talk to my mom for more than a few minutes (every. single. time.) the topic of my dad and how much he destroyed her comes up. She always says “but it’s not your fault” while simultaneously making me feel like being born was my fault.
• My mom is married to my stepdad who I love very much. My stepdad is very well off. They have a 5 bedroom house and the only other person living there is my 19 year old sister. Stepdad pays mortgage, medical bills, everything.
•When I told my mom I may need a place to stay temporarily, she hesitated. “Well your stepdad is already doing so much to take care of me. I have a very timed schedule with all of my appointments. I’m just not sure if it would be an easy adjustment for everyone.” I mentioned a room I could stay in at the house, she was like “But that’s my zen room with my massage chair. I need access to my medical things at all times.“
• My moms entire life consists of going to every local doctors office, having labs done, complaining that said doctors never listen to her, obsessing over her extensive list of illnesses, and being solemn or “exhausted” around the house.
lyme disease chronic lyme disease sceloroderma chronic autoimmune anemia encephalitis enterovirus meningitis pericarditis anoxic brain damage vaccine injury drug induced parkinsons herx reactions fibromyalgia liver disease cytokine storms dysautonomia staph infection coxsachie virus mast cell activation rupture of heart sac chronic epilepsy blind going deaf PAN/PANDAS “Quetiapine Induced Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia” TBI on various parts of skull and brain stem cysts as large as ovaries on each ovary crush injury / compartment syndrome neuroleptic malignant syndrome
“cervix totally towards right, over thigh bone” “belly distended” “cyst on top of pelvic stents” “neutrophilia is back” “small cyst on spleen” allergic to iodine “stage one alzheimer’s”
Ever since I started staying at the house, my stepdad and sister have been fine. I help out, I do chores, I make my own food. I just wish I had my mothers support and attention before my move. I wish she received help.
My stepdad has tried to intervene, but she demonizes anyone who “shames” her for being sick or doubts her illnesses. She has completely cut off friends and family for doubting her.
Every time I see my mom at home, she can’t even smile at me. She doesn’t ask about my day. She frequently will come into the room i am in and take medicine in front of me, groan, and then leave.
What do I do?????
Thank you for listening.
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2023.06.10 05:29 BrolysShadow Lux, the Lady of Luminosity

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2023.06.10 05:29 Fisherman_30 2017 Sorento 2.0 T Biggest POS Ever

I bought it brand new, maintained it religiously, yet it's still the most unreliable POS I've ever owned. Putting it up for sale.
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2023.06.10 05:29 novaskyd Anyone who has been sober for a while and then successfully eased into only social drinking -- how long were you 100% sober?

Curious about this as someone who's been doing TSM. After a couple months, I'm honestly feeling like tonight's the night. I have no more alcohol in the house for me and no more need to buy any more. I'm going to try total sobriety starting tomorrow. I would eventually like to be able to drink occasionally in social situations. It's not a make or break but it would be nice.
Would it be best to commit to like 2 months, 3 months? of no "occasional drinking nights"? Before I risk it?
I hope this question makes sense.
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2023.06.10 05:28 1971FordPinto Useless Life, Searching for an End

I’m 25, never been in a serious relationship, no college degree, currently unemployed, and living in my dead grandfather’s house. I haven’t been unemployed long, I have worked the last 5 years with much success achieving the title of engineer without any diploma. I made well above my friends and colleagues my age and was certain of longevity and success. I don’t have a significant other and never have. It was never an issue that bothered me as I didn’t need that type of love to lean on. It has now occurred to me that (maybe the frontal lobe completing development?) without a woman to start a family and begin creating a legacy, what is all this for? What is working 90-100 hours a week 1000+ miles from home all for? I don’t need that! —if it’s just me! Working in the oil/gas industry, there aren’t a lot of what I’d say are “mother-of-your-child” material women, if any at all, in these work environments or locals. So, I’ve spent the prime of my adult-youth on the road and away from females my age. Without that equal part, I feel incomplete and without purpose. Achieving a high salary job and the prestige within a company that joins it, now seems pointless… I can’t end it. I know what that would do to my mother and father, a few friends and extended family as well. Either it will appear as accidental or it’ll wait until they’ve passed. I truly can’t believe this is what my life has come to, I was born with so many advantages that probably 95% of the world aren’t offered. I hope that ending yourself doesn’t keep you out of heaven. That’s another deterrent I’m not sure what I believe on. I so so so wish I could go back just a few years and change a couple things. I feel like just after you’ve started a new level in a video game and lost most of your “lives.” Like, what’s the point in finishing now? What a waste of an attempt. That’s my story rn.
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2023.06.10 05:28 sonofttr How is it possible SuperVision is coming to the Polestar 3 if the 2023 Polestar 3 is using AAOS with GAS with HD Maps?

How is it possible SuperVision is coming to the Polestar 3 if the 2023 Polestar 3 is using AAOS with GAS with HD Maps and Nvidia?
The 2023 Polestar 3 is using the Android Automotive OS (AAOS) with Google Automotive Services (GAS) with Google HD Maps.
The Polestar 4 was the only announcement by Polestar.
"Polestar 4 launches first in China, with production planned to begin in Hangzhou Bay, China, in November 2023.
A full-scale launch for other markets, including in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, is planned for early 2024 – with sales and production ramping up for these markets through the course of that year. "
Why doesn't Mobileye publish a detailed semi-technical overview of the REM Roadbook system for the general public consumption?
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2023.06.10 05:28 ReflectionOld3292 I resent my boyfriend.

Me and my boyfriend are both on our mid 20s, we've been dating for almost 3 years, we both met through some mutual friends and it was practically love at first sight for both of us. We were friends for about 1 year and after a while we ended up deciding to date, the problem is that my boyfriend would have to move to another continent, that for both of us was never a problem, we always adapted to the distance and we talked absolutely every day. We never had fights or anything like that, we were always extremely communicative, there was only once that we asked for some time for some reasons like psychological problems on my part (borderline) but our agreement was not to be with anyone else, it was genuinely just a while away make another. In the meantime I realized that I was extremely emotionally dependent on him, because I had panic attacks, overthinking a lot and I completely stopped eating and sleeping for 2 weeks, in the meantime I was completely unstable and went to therapy, it helped me a lot to open my eyes and try to become a more independent person. My boyfriend and I share our social media passwords, we don't poke around in each other's stuff, we just have the password and I never have to worry about anything on his social media.
He came to visit me between Christmas and New Years, I was obviously excited, I had planned some dates and couple things for us to do and of course also wanted to let him stay with his friends who also live here. On one of the days when he was going to go out with his friends (I didn't go because I wanted to stay at home and play for a while) he didn't have any internet because he hadn't bought my country's simcard, so I came up with the idea of ​​switch the phones so he can talk to his parents and talk to me, he hesitated a bit but accepted. He went out with his friends and so far so good, but when I was left alone I started to have a gut feeling, an indescribable anguish, it wasn't right on my part but I started snooping around to see if I found something or it was a baseless feeling, I entered all the social networks and found nothing, but then I entered the blocked discord and saw 2 blocked girls, at that moment I had the feeling 10 times worse. When I opened the first conversation, I saw conversations like "I love you", "I miss you" and even explicit photos and videos, and I couldn't stop watching and reading and silently crying, this all started 10 days after my birthday in august and had only stopped in november, in the second conversation with the girl he was playing with an adult content seller and she had even sent her the +18 twitter link, i got so irritated, that i started taking screenshots and I sent him a message and the screenshots, and then the following conversation happened:
me: "oi you cheated on me? really?"
bf: "hm? what are you talking about?"
me: "Really? I fucking trusted you, I gave my life to you and you did this shit to me? nah man, fuck you"
I even send the screenshots to some of our mutual friends and talked to my mom, i was not feeling safe anymore. At that moment he saw the screenshots he started to panic and I started sending him the prints, he got confused and said he was going back to my house, since he was going to stay at my house for two weeks. I told him that I would pack his bag and leave it at the entrance of my building, but I couldn't pack it until he arrived. The moment he arrived I didn't even cry anymore, I was just in limbo, I was tired and I just wanted to end it all, he came close to me and started swearing that he had never cheated on me and that it wasn't him who sent these things, he cried a lot and didn't leave my foot while I asked him to leave and that it was all over, he sometimes grabbed my arm, but he grabbed so hard that hurts. He would follow me to the bathroom and wouldn't let me be alone, I was extremely overwhelmed, after about 2h of this I just gave in to him and let him keep saying "I believed in him", I didn't, I was just too tired to continue with it all. He went to sleep and I couldn't, while he was sleeping I kept thinking of what to do, but my mind was so confused and so full, I started to get extremely unstable again, I stopped eating and sleeping properly, I never really believed him until he starts showing me some evidence that he really wasn't him. He did knew that I didn't trust him fully, it was obvious. it's been about 7 months since this happened and I'm never myself again, I can't stop resenting my boyfriend even though he proves he wasn't him, I I've been to therapy, I've talked to him but nothing seems to work, I definitely love him but this is all just frustrating, all those memories live in my head and now I'm extremely insecure, I try not to show it but every time he has something interaction with any woman I get bitten. I don't know what else to do, I don't want to break up with him because he's a great boyfriend and I clearly see myself marrying him, but I don't know if I could go on with this feeling that lingers in my chest. I don't know what to do, I just feel like crying
submitted by ReflectionOld3292 to offmychest [link] [comments]