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Help with accommodation for Semester 2 intake. Are there any rooms left?

2023.06.05 04:21 HelpfulSmile9737 Help with accommodation for Semester 2 intake. Are there any rooms left?

I know I'm a bit late but I only recently secure the funding for my accommodation . I am wondering if anyone wants to transfer lease of their room or know an available room that I could rent.
My budget I am looking for is less than $600,somewhere near the Uni of Syd campus. I do appreciate any help or response to this post .Feel free to dm me
PS I am an international student from Malaysia
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2023.06.05 04:20 BoringInvestigator88 Mental Check In Day 79: gratitude, roadblocks, questions and more beasts to slay

I took the free PP1 today because I really wanted to know where I stand. Happy to share that I made a significant improvement despite initial technical difficulties etc
V160 Q163 VR Section 3 - 16/20
VR Section 5 - 12/20
QR Section 2 - 18/20
QR Section 4 - 17/20
Quant: felt like there was a lot of things to that relied on knowledge of integers intervals, geometry interior vs exterior angles. Will finish up u/gregmat prepswift then gobble up the OG. And really write out a map later to have smth to glance through
Verbal: managed to improve on my verbal. Improved from 154 to 160. Nearly cried knowing how much I “fought” through life, full time work, house work and care taking for my my parent’s cancer and appointments stuff to make this happen. That said I have a lot of work to do here. Memorising vocab more thoroughly, reviewing prepswift TC and reviewing PP1 errors
Technical issue: I am using a Mac and I needed to download a partition of sorts to download a windows only app to run the test. This took me 2 hours of pure panic
Immediate Problem, Advice needed : I applied for test accommodations awhile back and filed my docs in about 3 weeks but haven’t heard back.
Q1 Do I have to call them as they don’t seem very helpful over?
Q2 Also how do I review my practice in reality. Feels like once the session ends. I can’t exit.
Q3 And for AWA is there a score given ?? I really wrote the test for real so I was keen to know where I stand as I saw an evidence question instead of the typical question prompt
Any advice to cross beyond from 160 onwards for verbal and quant esp quant
Q4 apart from what I mentioned, I am trying to retrace my steps to see what else I should have done better and really think how I can specifically improve by focusing on skills -> probably one of (many and) best takeaway from u/gregmat
In reality trying to get a higher quant score but I am happy at the moment with my current verbal leap given how much I have been pulling my hair at RC and CR and had to grapple with stones life threw at me without warning :(
Q5 Also how much more difficult is the real GRE than PP1?
Q6 Also is it true PP1 intentionally depresses our scores down?
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2023.06.05 04:20 Illustrious-Fuel-807 What is the pettiest/wildest/most ridiculous reason someone broke up with you?

New to this subreddit … not even sure if that’s what it’s called. I’m an elder millennial and it takes me a minute 🤷🏼‍♀️
I’m asking because my girlfriend of four years broke up with me ~days~ before the four year mark. Due to a number of factors, we were in a LDR. Nothing I considered ‘close’ but a bit over 2 hours so wasn’t a big deal to me to go see her. And I’m having a petty betty moment— I can count on one hand the amount of times she reciprocated and came to see me. Ok, back on track— she did this all over text. I’m a person that responds well to logic and the outline of reasons for the breakup were very logical. Obviously I was quite torn up about it.
She began to blow up my phone to the point where I actually blocked her on all socials and so I thought it was done. Nope… unbeknownst to me, she had begun texting my son’s father (ex-husband) with the intent of communicating with me somehow. It has escalated quite terribly over the few months, but I’m a big believer in therapy (just my process, you do you!) and so I’ve had an outlet for things and there would’ve been a very, very different reaction 10 years ago, even 5 years ago. However, my ex-husband showed me a text thread where they’d been communicating and his sign was fairly benign (except for a few nearly unforgivable text exchanges but that’s neither here nor there— but I can elaborate if y’all wanna know). She was texting him multiple times a day (and yes, I’m tired of parentheses too, but I blame my ADHD and inability to prevent a mild tangent— I was angry with him as well because like… why are y’all even talking? Y’all couldn’t stand each other) and I came across a text about the breakup. In it, it was absolutely nothing related to the reasons she gave me.
Now to the reason for the title I chose. She was mad about gas. More specifically, gas money. She makes easily 3x what I make and when gas prices were super high, I asked if could chip in some gas money because I couldn’t pay for the gas every weekend with the way things were. She did, but dang, she let you know it! I just stood there, in complete disbelief. I had driven there so often and at times, my account was in the negative from the trips.
But gas money when your bills aren’t excessive and you make 3x as much as me and I’m the one driving and the wear and tear on my car? That had to be the pettiest or most ridiculous reason someone gave as part of their reason for the end of one of my relationships!
So, will some of y’all share a breakup that occurred for a ridiculous or wild reason so I don’t feel like a moron for wasting four years?
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2023.06.05 04:20 No-Summer-9591 I don’t know where I am. I am… So lost. I’m just drifting around, since you’ve… been gone.

It’s been nearly 13 years since I first heard this song. For some reason this part still always hits me.
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2023.06.05 04:20 poopoocacapee Am I screwed

I am a relatively new player, and I finally tamed my first flying mount. I was flying my lvl 16 argentavis above the trees of the swamps close to the redwoods on the island. You can guess where this is going. The demon of the island started beating the shit out of me and my mount. I was forced to land my mount and whistle for my bird to stop following me, before I hopped off and attempted to lead the hellspawn out of the way before eventually succumbing to bug impregnation. I didn't get far from my mount, but I never got the notification saying my bird got killed. After I got destroyed, I died far too many times in order for me to see where my loot and my mount was. If I were to attempt to scavenge the area for my mount and loot, what are the chances of me finding my stuff? I play without mods
TL;DR: I got fucked by the bug while I was on my argentavis in a treacherous swamp area near redwoods on the island as a new player without mods, is it worth it to attempt to find my stuff?
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2023.06.05 04:20 SavingsSpare8104 How can hard gel nails be removed without using a drill?

How can hard gel nails be removed without using a drill?
In the salon, hard gel nails are removed with a drill. But what if you are unable to travel there? Next, you must learn how to cut off hard gel nails without using a drill.
If at all feasible, seek the help of a professional wholesale nail supply professional if you're wondering how to remove hard gel nails at home. This is so that not all hard gels can be removed with acetone. Hand-filing the gel down requires a lot of time. Additionally, you must take care not to harm the natural nail.
Nevertheless, we recognize that things happen. (During the pandemic, many people had to deal with situations like this.
Let's discuss non-drill methods for removing stubborn gel overlays and extensions.


Because the molecules are tightly packed, hard gel is durable. As a result, it is not porous like soft gel, making it challenging for acetone to penetrate and dissolve.
You won't be able to soak off extensions unless the product's directions specifically state that you can. Additionally, you might not be aware of the brand of hard gel used if you had your nails done at a salon.
What is the remedy? Here are some professional nail product suppliers things you should avoid doing when removing gel extensions:
What is the remedy? Here are some things you should avoid doing when removing gel extensions:
Avoid using tools like nippers, clippers, tweezers, etc. to pry them off since you risk breaking the natural nail.
Avoid picking or pealing them off.
Instead, get to work by grabbing your reliable nail file.


Start with a rough 80-grit file because you'll need to remove around 90% of the hard gel before you can soak off the remaining portion. Later, a fine-grit file or buffing block might be useful.
Additionally, gather cotton, foil, and acetone to soak the fingers in after filing them. Utilizing something like foil remover wraps makes things even more convenient.
Additionally, gather cotton, foil, and acetone to soak the fingers in after filing them. Utilizing something like foil remover wraps makes things even more convenient.
Later, to remove the gel, you'll require an orange stick or cuticle pusher.
If you cut yourself accidently, styptic fluid will stop the bleeding.
Last but not least, to restore the dryness brought on by soaking in acetone, cuticle oil and hand cream are crucial.


Select a nail to test out. Be kind and move slowly until you acquire a sense of what to anticipate.
Sand the top layer of the gel with a file until you notice the colored polish beginning to peel off. You must pay great attention if you have translucent polish (such as a French manicure). About 90% of the hard gel must be filed away, leaving only a thin coating.
Stop there and cover the fingertip with foil and an acetone-soaked pad. As opposed to putting the finger in acetone, this causes less skin damage and is more effective. Before inspecting it, wait for at least 15 to 20 minutes.
Apply cuticle oil to the skin if you have hangnails before soaking the nail in acetone, according to professional advice.
You're almost done if the gel is crumbly, lifting, or soft enough to remove the finger with an orange stick. If not, soak for an additional five minutes and recheck.
Lift the debris, scrape it off, and, if necessary, form the nail. It's acceptable to keep the natural nail covered in a thin coating of firm gel. It can be filled where it has expanded.
Apply cuticle oil and moisturizer, then buff the nail with a fine-grit buffing block to make it shine. As usual, you can do a manicure.



You're in luck if your nails have IBD hard gel additions. This brand uses acetone for removal. File away any shine, then wrap the nails and soak them for at least 10 minutes. Using a wooden cuticle stick and softened gel, remove it from the nail. Then, clean the nails.


Why are soft gels simple to remove while hard gels are so challenging? Soft gel has more molecular gaps and is more porous. These minute openings allow the acetone to penetrate and dissolve the bonds.


Builder gel is another name for hard gel. Additionally known as sculpture gel or sculpting gel.
There are various kinds, arranged according to their thickness or consistency. Some are self-leveling and flow naturally, while others require effort. The latter kind works well for sculpture.


For gel tip extensions that must last, hard gels are fantastic. Furthermore, a soft gel polish can be applied over hard gels. This implies that you can alter the color of your manicure without removing the hard gel that is underlying. Simply soak off the gel polish and apply a fresh coat.


You might be hesitant to have this kind of manicure again if you had trouble removing hard gel nails at home. But there are several benefits to using hard gel for nail enhancements rather than soft gel.
Hard gel is stronger and less flexible most popular dnd gel colors than soft gel, but it is also less stiff than acrylic. It is resistant to cracking under extreme pressure. However, it is adaptable enough to withstand lifting. In the event that it does begin to lift, it stays close to the original nail and is simple to mend. Compared to acrylics, strong gel is less likely to damage the natural nail if it does break.
Hard gel is additionally hypoallergenic. Instead of polymer, it makes use of a material called oligomer. The molecule's size makes it improbable that it will pass through the skin and into the bloodstream. It is therefore unlikely to irritate you.
Finally, hard gel makes it simple to construct many nail art forms and tip shapes, like square, stiletto, and coffin. Because of this, building gel is a common name for it


Interested in knowing more about nail care? For advice wholesale nail supplies for professionals near me on the newest trends and a ton of how-to articles, check out our blog. Check out what's new and what's on sale.
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2023.06.05 04:19 ficklebrain95 Am I the Bad Apple for calling out my father?

I(22M) currently live with my father(52M), and recently went away for a couple days to attend my sister's graduation in Florida. When I got home, I walked into my room to find a pair of my father's dirty boxers on the floor in my room. Immediately I was disgusted and annoyed, but I just took it and threw it in his room. When he got home, I brought it up. He said he went into my room to put some plants near the sun and must've dropped it while doing that. I thought very little of it and move on with my day. Later in the evening, I went into his room to return an iron that I just used. My father, with his girlfriend in the room, brought up the fact that I called him out on his mistake, and they both looked at me like I did something terrible. There was a short back and forth, then I just walked out of the room. Then, while I was in the kitchen, my father walked in saying that he's still "in shock" over what I said, saying "I can't believe you think so little of me to do something like that on purpose." I said to him that all I did was point out a strange observation. He walked away saying that I was acting strange. This whole situation is strange to me because it could've been a simple thing, but he kept bringing it up and made it a bigger situation than it needed to be. Am I missing something here? Am I the bad apple?
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2023.06.05 04:19 jazinthapiper I think I know why I find it hard to apologise to the kids

So after answering this post, I kept returning back to it and mulling it over. I was trying to think why I felt shame when thinking about apologising to the kids whenever I yell at them. And I've been yelling a lot lately. The baby hasn't been sleeping, my health has been in decline (a lot of chronic issues) and overall my brain had been very mushy. I even had to jolt myself awake when it was my turn to talk during a playdate with other mums.
I felt intense shame when my daughter brought in a "contract" that she "signed" at school, about choosing the "right" actions when upset instead of giving in to the instinctual ones. It was right after I yelled at her sister too. It took everything I had to resist screaming at her and destroying her work, for shaming me and reminding me that I didn't have the same level of emotional regulation as a five year old child was supposed to have. I had to walk away and hide for a bit after that.
As part of an apology, one has to promise to do better. But the thing is about my yelling, is that although it happens less and less, it still happens. What I think should be "better" isn't good enough, in my opinion, even though my husband pointed out that better, however small, is still better. I don't feel like my improvement is measurable, and still feel like my responses are all the same.
But maybe there are different ways to apologise, different ways to do better, than just "stop yelling". I read a book to my children during daylight hours for the first time in months this week. I pushed through my discomfort and spent some time alone with my eldest in the playground. I recognised the deeper needs of my middle child when she felt lonely, rejected, even ignored, when all she wanted was dedicated care and connection.
It's been hard to feel good with the little progress I've made, when I feel like "good enough" isn't actually enough, especially when I know what "ideal" actually looks like.
So I think I find it hard to apologise after yelling at the kids because I feel like I "know" I can't do any better - or at least, better than what I did - because I can't just "not do it anymore." I can't promise them that I will pause and take my deep breaths, I can't promise them that I will just walk away, I can't promise them that I can regulate myself when triggered. I feel like I don't trust my body, that I don't have enough control over it to do what needs to be done, and I don't want to dishonour that by making promises I know I can't keep.
I don't know what promises I CAN keep, though. I don't know what the alternatives are. Some days I just have to power through until the coffee kicks in, some days I have headaches that nearly blind me but we have to do an entire week's worth of groceries in two hours, some days I can't even remember if I had taken my meds or if my eldest had done her homework or even if I have dinner in the fridge. Sleep deprivation is an absolute bitch and totally reliant on a baby who has no idea what's going on either - she could be teething, she could be snotty, she could even be gassy, for heaven's sake.
I'm a totally different person when I'm not fatigued, or in pain, or depressed. I just wish that person can come out more often.
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2023.06.05 04:18 gechun888888 My name is Elin. 35 female and it's the end of another perfect weekend!

Today a few of my close friends and I decided to go hiking in the Big Bear Lake mountains near Los Angeles. The decision turned out to be the right one, as we had an energetic and fun enjoyable day. We left early in the morning, laughing and smiling all the way, and we all quickly got into the swing of things. We started our journey at the foot of the mountain, all with great energy and a brisk pace. We enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery along the way, as if we had completely forgotten that this was our exercise trip. By the time we reached the midway lookout, we were all a little tired. But when we saw the beautiful scenery standing there, all the fatigue was instantly left behind. We took off our backpacks, drank water, and rested. Each of us was there to take pictures, create memories and share experiences. Together we admired the stretches of mountains in the distance and felt the amazing beauty of the world. The climb after that became a little harder, but we remained discouraged. We encouraged each other and helped each other over the steep rock face until we reached the top. As we stood there, looking down at the endless city below us, we felt an overwhelming sense of joy. We hugged each other and gazed at this unbelievably magnificent place. We stayed at the top of the mountain for hours, just sitting, talking, sunbathing and eating food. We felt our muscles rebound, our blood boil, and we were filled with confidence and courage. The energy in all of us became infinitely more optimistic, pleasant and purifying. Eventually, when the sun went down, we all packed up somewhat reluctantly and slowly walked down the mountain, leaving behind this superb and unforgettable memory. This hike not only made me more confident, healthy and energetic, but it also made me feel the joy of being with my friends and the feeling of being one with nature. I will always cherish this wonderful day. Translated with (free version)
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2023.06.05 04:17 throwaway_2ndbest How do I manage my discomfort around sleeping in a bed with my half sister?

Hello Reddit! I am a 21F, currently going to college close to both my parents houses but still living on campus (not THAT close, I’m about 2 hours away from mom’s and 1 and a half away from my dad’s). There’s one issue I keep running into when I visit my mom. On my mom’s side, I have a half sister (6F). My parents divorced when I was 11 and my mom remarried when I was in high school, so I pretty much grew up an only child before this. I love my half sister. I really do, she’s a great kid with a lot of energy. And she really REALLY looks up to me. So sometimes when I visit my mom, she’ll ask for me to sleep in her bed with her (I don’t have a permanent bedroom at my mom’s anymore, so usually I’ll sleep in the office on a futon by myself). Sometimes I find excuses to say no, but it’s just so hard when I know she hasn’t done anything wrong, it’s just my own discomfort getting in the way. I never had to share a bed growing up, so I guess that would partially explain my aversion to it, but idk. Sometimes I think I should just suck it up since she won’t be asking this of me forever. But other times, I feel really uncomfortable, especially since my mom and stepdad don’t really step in for me here. (I’ve tried to tell them my feelings, they still always resort to “ask [my name]” when my sis asks them first.) Both of them grew up with siblings so I guess they don’t see the big deal like I do.
I can’t even really explain what exactly it is that I don’t like about it, it just makes me feel weird. I like my privacy. Sometimes I have my period and I don’t want anyone sleeping near me, regardless of who they are, but ESPECIALLY not a 6 year old girl who doesn’t understand that stuff yet.. Being completely alone in a space helps me unwind for the night to sleep well. I’m an extremely light sleeper when I’m next to someone, even a romantic partner. The littlest of movements will still wake me up.
How do I go about this? I don’t want my sister to think I don’t love her, I already struggle with showing affection as it is. (my parents divorced for a reason, I never had a healthy level of affection modeled for me). I guess, how can I tell her no and what reason can I give? Or should I not say no and just deal with it for now? If you think I should deal with it, how do I overcome this aversion I have?
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2023.06.05 04:16 silly-stilly [WTS] Kaweco AL Sport Vibrant Violet (B), Tactile Turn Nexus, plus FREE LAMY Safari rollerball!

Good morning and happy weekend swappers! Today I find myself in need of funds so I’m moving some of my lesser used inky babies.
Kaweco AL Sport Vibrant Violet (B) - Comes with a buttery smooth broad nib. A condition, no visible marks or signs of use. SOLD $8580 shipped. SOLD
Tactile Turn Nexus - Limited seasonal release. B condition, it does have a scratch near the tip that I’ve done my best to capture in the photo. I put a tiny bit of white paint and sealant to hide it, it kind of looks like a healed over scar. Don’t know what I did with the metal card though. *$175150 shipped.
*I normally see these limited drops going for roughly $200 after market so with the scratch I think this is fair? Call me out, make an offer! :)
And lastly I have a purple LAMY Safari rollerball taking up space that I don’t think is worth charging for. If you buy one of the other pens and want it and it isn’t gone already, it’s yours!
PayPal G&S, ConUS only. Please comment before you reach out! These will ship Tuesday next week as I’ll be out of town until then. Thanks for looking!
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2023.06.05 04:16 Horcsogg How expensive are Suzhou and Hangzhou compared to Shanghai?

Hi all, I will be moving to China in a few months and I am considering Suzhou and Hangzhou as options for living.
I`ve read that Shanghai is a very expensive city, can some of you give me a breakdown on cost of living in the 2 smaller cities I mentioned?
How I want to live: I just need a small studioroom, but I`ll be eating out 3 times a day. I read that a hotpot in Shanghai can cost around 150 rmb, whats avg price for chinese food in Suzhou and Hangzhou?
I won`t be going to Western restaurants and bars much, maybe a pizza once a week.
Also how is transportation in the smaller cities?
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2023.06.05 04:15 Top_Natural8477 Issues starting with ledger

Hey there!
I finally decided to experiment with ledger and I am hitting a wall with my very first transaction.
I have a file me.ledger
2023-06-04 * Opening Balances Assets:Cash:Bank:Checking:Me 1000.00 Equity:OpeningBalances
2023-06-04 Move some money Assets:Cash:Wallet 50.00 Expenses:Restaurants 550.00 Assets:Cash:Bank:Checking:Me
and whenever I run 'ledger -f me.ledger balance' I see something along the lines
While parsing file $filepath, line 3: Error: Posting with null amount's account may be misspelled: "Assets:Cash:Bank:Checking:Me 1000.00" While parsing file $filepath, line 8: Error: Posting with null amount's account may be misspelled: "Expenses:Restaurants 550.00"
ledger --version outputs Ledger 3.2.1
Any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.05 04:14 Ambitious-Adagio8953 If customer provides wrong address and calls you to tell you the right one, do you go? Or you call support

Ugh so I’m so annoyed with myself. But anyways the guy orders and tips well. Everything is great. Until I see the address is at a chicken plant. He put a location on the app that wasn’t where he was and he was mad at me for not knowing where he was talking about. Because there’s two locations that has a gas station and near railroad tracks but I was tired af I was only thinking one way I forgot there was another location near a gas station and railroad tracks. Anyways I was in the verge of a breakdown bc I simply couldn’t process where he was talking about. I called Uber and they told me to cancel the order. I spent 15 minutes circling bc I had no clue. Apparently according to the app I was at the right location, and I feel so bad for the guy cuz I was really trying but my brain was not processing where the location he was talking about was. Anyways what do y’all do in this situation? Where the customer provides the wrong address? Do you try to look for the right address or just call support?
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2023.06.05 04:13 South-Golf-2327 Are we ready to talk about teaming up in DMZ?

I’ve played DMZ since launch and the game has changed a lot, however mostly for the worse imo. A lack of engaging content has forced sweats and tryhards into premade 6 man teams that queue up together and pull every bounty on the map and helicopter drop on everybody trying to complete challenges. In my mind, DMZ was supposed to be a slower-paced game mode where PVP can be optional but every single game now (no hyperbole) I’m being chased down by sweaty 6 mans in discords. Stealth vest? Doesn’t matter when a bounty can still pull a solo with a vest. What’s the point of a stealth vest if one contract will mark me everywhere I go? I honestly can’t remember the last game of DMZ I played where I didn’t get a bounty pulled on me and I play a good amount.
My solution is to modify the teaming up or the contracts in some way. Either make it so that teaming up has a cooldown (once per 2 hours or once per day, something like that) or to remove it entirely. I truly believe the best version of DMZ is 3 man teams vs 3 man teams. Unfortunately, tryhards ruin everything and the current state of DMZ is nearly unplayable. With the contracts I think they need to get rid of Hunt Squads and replace them with Most Wanted contracts. This way if you want PvP you have to mark yourself on the map and give other operators the choice to hunt you, verses the other way around. Again, this is DMZ not Warzone. I just think there are too many failed Warzone sweats that can’t hack it with the other sweats so they go into DMZ and grief players that are preoccupied and it is turning DMZ into Warzone 2.0 which I personally would prefer for it not to be when Warzone already exists.
Lastly, I think helicopters need to be removed from the vehicle pool. I run a joker often but even then the helicopters move so fast that by the time you’re able to lock onto them it is already right above you. Right now the helicopters are being abused to chase down bounties and is making the game nothing but PVP.
I already know I’m going to get a bunch of “you must be bad at the game” comments and I would disagree. I have a 1.75 Exfil success ratio and a 2.0 K/D in DMZ over 2k deployments. Yeah, I’m not a streamer but I’m not bad and I still end up losing to many 6 mans that would have got wiped if they were a 3 man. I know the discord kids are having a blast, but I started playing this game mode because it was something different than Warzone and now it is turning into Warzone.
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2023.06.05 04:13 PhotographsWithFilm Help! Tethering from a Laptop to a PC to share an internet connection

Hi Folks,
I need to urgently move my PC into another room that doesn't have ethernet connectivity. My PC also doesn't have Wifi connectivity and I don't have any cables that are long enough.
Can anyone tell me if I can share internet by tethering my Windows 10 Laptop to my PC (USB C to USB C)?
I'm a little bit clueless about it. I'm also currently no where near the devices to try it right at this moment. I need to work out if I need to source some long ethernet cables if it doesn't work.
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2023.06.05 04:12 Sensitive-Jaguar8215 AITA: For getting my daughter’s mother kicked out of her graduation ceremony?

I have been a single dad to my daughter Olivia (fake name) since she was 3 months old and her mother Erin (fake name) decided she didn’t want to be a parent anymore and bailed. Until Olivia was almost 8 years old, Erin had virtually no contact with her. And when Erin, with her husband John (fake name), did try to get back into Olivia’s life, the results were about the same as pouring gasoline on a lit firework. For reasons that would get me banned for telling, John is not allowed to be near Olivia.
Olivia just graduated (with Honors) from High School on Friday. She has worked really hard to get to that night as not only did she, like every other kid, have to deal with Covid lockdowns and virtual classes, but she had to do so while battling ADD, and the teacher’s voice droning on through a laptop isn’t the best learning environment for a ND kid.
In the weeks leading up to Olivia’s graduation, I had asked her if she wanted Erin there. Olivia was kind of dismissive of the notion; stating that she had emailed Erin the time of the ceremony, but she wasn’t holding her breath for Erin to show up. Sadly, Olivia never expects much from Erin; and rightfully so. But Olivia did make it clear that she didn’t want John within 100 yards of her (There was a no contact order for years to ensure this).
On Friday, Olivia left for the ceremony early to be in place for the lineup. I arrived moderately early to get a good seat and meet up with the extended family who was joining the cheering section. The gymnasium was filling up and one of my relatives spotted Erin and John coming into the gym. They took seats that guaranteed that Olivia would see them when she was getting her diploma.
Knowing that John’s presence would upset Olivia, I excused myself and found the SRO who was there as security. I’ve known him for years as we live in a small community, and I know he is aware of the situation with the NC order. He tells me that he will take care of it, so I go back to my seat. When I did, I could see the SRO approach Erin and John. While I can’t hear the conversation (yet), I can tell that Erin is not happy. Finally, Erin and John leave the gym after only a minor scene; and the ceremony happens without incident.
When I check my phone and email later, I have several messages from Erin basically ripping into me, saying that I had no right to have her removed from “her daughter’s” graduation. When I told Olivia what happened, she reacted with her usual indifference towards Erin’s actions.
Right now I’m questioning my action and wonder if it was really the right thing to do?
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2023.06.05 04:12 Ok_Chart_7043 how do i stop doing something i know i shouldn’t be?

i have a bad habit of talking to multiple girls at once. i’ve never been in a relationship, which i use the excuse of “the don’t live up to my expectations” when in reality it’s because i can’t decide, and when i feel like i’m ready to i realize how shitty of a person i was during however long we started talking and just don’t commit. i don’t know if it’s because i don’t really talk to people near me (near me being 15-20 minutes) that i don’t commit, or if it’s because of some other issues. i’ve only ever talked to people 30-40+ minutes away from my house, mainly because i hate seeing people more than 2-3 times a week (if i’m seeing someone often, i stop talking to other girls), because it scares me. i took a 2 year break from people to try and learn about myself, but i’ve barely figured anything out about myself, except that i’ve barely managed to change into the person i want to be. i don’t know what to do.
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2023.06.05 04:11 faithoverfear1230 Trip planning with friends

Just a PSA if you’re planning a trip with friends. If you’re going to be that person who doesn’t participate or help with the planning whatsoever..just says “I don’t care” or “I’m down for anything” during the whole planning process..then you have ZERO right to complain on said trip. I planned a trip for a friends birthday recently and one mutual friend was “that person”…contributed nothing to planning and said she is “down for anything” then complained the ENTIRE trip. She didn’t like the house we stayed in, didn’t like the menu at this restaurant, it’s too hot for this activity, it’s too long of a walk to this activity, this restaurant is too expensive.. yet during planning she was “down for anything!!!” 😒😒
Planning a trip is fun but to do it right it takes a lot of research if you’re not familiar with the area..figuring out activities, transportation, lodging, budgets etc. And then when you get there the planner feels personally responsible for everyone having a good time.
If you didn’t contribute to planning then don’t complain..that’s all. First world problems I know but this girl made me want to scream.
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2023.06.05 04:10 bcluff Mcdoubledown Hashbrown sandwich™

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2023.06.05 04:09 No-Report2427 Inflamed, bleeding gums after lanap laser gum surgery.

Inflamed, bleeding gums after lanap laser gum surgery.
39/f. About a month ago, I had lanap gum surgery on both sides of my mouth (two different visits). My right side seems to be doing well, but my top right side (more severe side) have bleeding gums and seems to be a bit inflamed again (nowhere near what it looked like before). My bottom front gums are inflamed as well, but again nowhere near what they were. I go to the dentist for a follow up/fillings for cavities on Tuesday, but wondering if someone could tell me if I would need the surgery again, or is this something that may take more time to calm down? I don’t drink or smoke. My periodontal disease started when I was pregnant with my son and just went downhill from there. The dentist also said there may be a possibility of losing my bottom front teeth, but won’t be able to tell for sure until everything heals (I’m including the X-ray of my teeth BEFORE lanap. I do not have any to post after the surgery).
Can someone provide any input please??? I want to keep my teeth! 😩
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2023.06.05 04:08 Dyltron9000 Level 20 difficulty spike, am I doing something wrong?

Hey all, long time casual player of the series here. Bought the early access for d4 last night and have been having a great time.
That is, I WAS having a great time until I hit level 20, then I got hit by a pretty rough difficulty spike that is making the game a slog to get through. Even the basic enemies all seem to be able to kill me in 4 or 5 hits.
My basic skill (bone splinters, rank 2) is doing virtually no damage to enemies whatsoever and even though I am using the dagger type weapons with the highest attack speed, I can't attack fast enough to generate nearly enough essence to regularly use my other abilities.
My core skill (bone spear, rank 5) does okay damage to normal enemies but not enough to do much against elites or bosses.
My corpse explosion (rank 5) is no longer doing much against anything other than the very small regular enemies.
And my bone spirit (rank 2) does some okay damage against elites and bosses, but when I have spend all of my essence just to deal a moderate chunk of damage it just doesn't feel worth it.
I've been consistently updating my gear whenever I find something that's better than what I currently have, so I don't know what's up.
Is anyone else experiencing this? Any advice?
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