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2023.06.08 11:47 maccaheartney Toxic couple next door break up - newly single guy gets a drumset

So, me and my partner moved into an apartment on March 1st.
The bedroom has a huge window facing east, so getting curtains was a big priority, especially when entering the summer months with sunlight from 4 am to 11 pm. When drilling the holes needed for the curtain rod, we had to use a metal drill, which was…. loud and annoying. We did this at 7 pm. Between the drilling, we hear loud banging on the wall from the neighbor. We check the apartment rules, which state that you should keep noise to a minimum after 9 pm on weekdays and 11 pm on weekends. We kept on drilling, and the neighbor eventually opened her window and reached out to knock on our window, right where we were drilling. We calmly explain that yes, it’s noisy, but we’re not going to be long, we just need to hang the curtain rod. She complains that she can’t even hold a conversation with her boyfriend because of the noise, and suggest we drill someplace else.
In the time after this, through March, April and most of May, we can hear them screaming at each other. Including during the night. It sounds like things are being knocked over, too. Their chihuahua is going crazy.
In May, she moves out, and takes the dog with her. Or, at least, I assume that’s what has happened. The guy, newly single, of course starts going into bachelor pad-mode, playing the same dubstep song over and over for hours on end while gaming with his buddies. One night, at 1 am, he had been playing this music since at least 7 pm. My partner and I both had to get up early the next day, so we went over and knocked on the door - he couldn’t hear the knocking, so we had to time the knock with the silence at the end of the song. He apologized and turned off the music, and we finally fell asleep.
A few days later, he’s bought a drum set.
I’m just about to lose my mind over this. So, what is the next step? I’m very bad at confronting people, so I’m considering a letter. If he doesn’t do anything, should I contact my landlord?
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2023.06.08 11:47 bazaarsapp Bazaars making ecommerce marketing simpler

Bazaars is a proof-of–stake blockchain network that also serves as a decentralized marketplace for P2P transactions. This position allows Bazaars to take the marketing of products to the next level.
Let's take a look back at the history of marketing. This is where different goods or services are exchanged with one asset. The exchange currency in the marketing sector has evolved from special metals and fiat to cryptocurrency and NFT, as it stands now. While there are many critics of "hashed" digital assets a large percentage of economists and experts support blockchain assets as a viable means of exchange in the future marketing.
The blockchain space has had a remarkable growth rate of market value, compared to other notable initiatives that were launched years ago. It is not showing any signs of weakness or regression, despite the strong opposition from different centralized forms of government.
People were tired of suffering injustice and losses from the centralized system of global industry rule. They sought a way out. Bitcoin, the blockchain, was the solution. Because everyone is involved in decision-making, there has been no need to fear theft, fraud or other unfavourable principles. With Bazaars anyone will be able to create and deploy smart contracts, or dapps, for e-commerce purposes that work without the involvement of an intermediary.
The traditional use of fiat currency as currency in marketing has been replaced by cryptocurrency since the introduction of blockchain technology. It has proven to be a formidable opponent to fiats, being more trustworthy, faster and safer than its whipped counterparts. In recent years, with the advent of Web 3.0, more businesses, organizations, communities, and individuals are starting to encourage Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to integrate tokens and cryptocurrencies into their payment gateways via e-commerce platforms. Users can trade digital and physical assets through Bazaars without restrictions.
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2023.06.08 11:46 iamswedakapoor Sheet Metal Bench with Backrest For Street & Gardens from Ozone India

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2023.06.08 11:46 TheWolflance Can I buy Athletic Tights in World Tour mode?

currently playing WT still in chapter 8, wanted to know if there is somewhere i can buy this leg wear cuz only place i found it on mooks is some evil thots on a boardwalk and the challenge is perfect parry their wonky ass attack twice i hate it plz someone tell me i can just buy these later cuz these bitches attacks are so weird i can't get the timing for a perfect parry to save my life aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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2023.06.08 11:45 chanon17 A longer-than-you-asked-for life update filled with trans joy and complications

Hello friends! Chelsea here. 😊
I've thought about making this post for a while but just hadn't gotten around to it. But as I said in the title, I slept most of the day because 🤷🏻‍♀️ so I'm up late drinking coffee and trying to figure life out. If you're interested in being up-to-date on my life story (and why wouldn't you want to know the intimate details of a random stranger on the internet?), here are past updates for your convenience:
This will likely be a lengthy post, so sorry not sorry! I found that, especially early in my transition, it was really helpful to read perspectives and experiences of those going through experiences that either matched my own or were down a path similar to what I hoped for myself. So maybe I can be that for someone!
June 2022:
Further complications following coming out to my parents:
I came out to my parents and there were complications, which you can read about in the linked posts above. What happened after that is that a couple of weeks later, my parents asked me to come over to 1) see if anything had changed (uh, duh, it hadn't) and to warn me: they were going to go camping with my grandparents and aunt/uncle, and my mom wasn't sure that she could keep things to herself regarding my trans identity. Specifically, she warned that she might tell her brother (my uncle) in order to gauge what his thoughts on how their parents (my grandparents) would react to the information.
I told her that I'd rather she didn't, and her response was "well I just don't know if I'll be able to help it". So that was fun. The weekend passed, and the day after they had all gotten home, I received a cryptic text from my aunt, where she told me she loved me and prayed for me constantly. She said that she had noticed from my book-tailored Instagram account that I'd read a specific book about churches and LGBTQ issues that she was going to read too because she likes to "read lots of things and try to consider all sides of issues before [making] a decision", and that she was going to watch a specific video made by the author of this book. (I'm leaving out the name of the book and the author for my own privacy reasons.) I assumed that this text meant my mom had told my aunt/uncle after all because I had made no mention of this book's author or any videos he had made, so her mentioning the video indicated that she had been pointed in a specific direction. Anyway, nothing further was said, about me being trans or otherwise, for a long time, but I more or less operated under the assumption that my aunt and uncle now knew.
December 2022:
Christmas time with family update:
Christmas at my aunt and uncle's house with the rest of the family, sans my grandparents because my grandma came down with Covid. Towards the end of our stay, my dad pulled me aside and asked me what my plan was around "telling my aunt and uncle", to which I responded "I thought that you and Mom did tell them", and he said no, that they figured that it should come from me. I still call BS, that even if they didn't outright say "[deadname] is trans", they hinted pretty heavily that something was going on. In any case, I told him I had no plan of telling them and didn't. The months leading up to this were weird because I was taking HRT but otherwise not presenting femme because of my work and family situations, so my parents never said a word about it before that moment with my dad even though I ate dinner at their place once a week.
January 2023:
Okay, now we're getting to the good stuff!!
Coming out to my bible study class:
If you didn't read my previous posts: I have always valued my Christian faith, and it was important to me early in my transition to find peace between my transition and my relationship with God. I'd found a local church in March/April-ish that was fully affirming and accepting of LGBTQ individuals and had been attending in person since May. And let me tell you everyone, finding this church is maybe the best thing that has ever happened to me!
When I first started attending, I filled out a guest registration form and disclosed that I was trans but not presenting yet, and the person who responded directed me to a bible study class of people around my age. In that class, I made friends for the first time in literal years, and not just one or two, but many! I didn't come out to them, but I also didn't try very hard to hide things like my budding breasts or longer hair or other changes like I did in other social spaces. I joined the choir, played in the band (there's a wind ensemble at the church that I play my French horn in once a month), was enlisted into the New Member Committee, and just had the best time.
That said, in January of 2023, I decided I wanted to come out to my class, so I recorded a video myself, posted it in the class group chat, and then put my phone on Do Not Disturb before going to the gym. When I got back to my car, I opened my phone and was overwhelmed with messages of love and support and acceptance; it was everything I could have hoped for! I told them that I didn't have a timeline for presenting femme or for changing my name and pronouns, I just wanted them to know so that they could be on the journey with me.
Getting a church name tag of my chosen name in secret:
ALSO: I mentioned that I was enlisted into the New Member Committee, and we had our first meeting this month. The staff liaison to the committee, who just so happened to be the person who had responded to my guest registration form and directed me to my Bible study class, was going to order everyone in the committee name tags so that we could wear them around church to be hospitable to people. I emailed her afterwards, reminding her that I was trans if she had forgotten and asked for her to make an extra name tag: one for my deadname that everyone still new me as, and one for my chosen name. And she was more than happy to oblige!
February 2023:
1-year HRT anniversary:
Firstly, this was the 1-year anniversary of me starting hormones! Just a few stats: I'd lost around 45-50 pounds, grown my hair from bald to just past my earlobes (with a stubborn patch of male-pattern-baldness right in the front 😔), and felt good in my body for the first time in my life.
Coming out to the rest of my mom's side of the family:
Secondly, this was the month when I came out to the rest of my (mom's side of the) family. Not because I felt especially like I wanted to but because I was more or less cornered into it.
I was at church choir rehearsal when the family group chat lit up: my uncle was asking us to look at our emails so that we could make plans for a family cruise to celebrate my grandparents' 60th wedding December. And we had to book the vacation ASAP.
My heart sunk into my stomach. I was still only out to my parents and brother, and here we were trying to make travel plans for 10 months from now? When I wouldn't look the same, when my documents hopefully wouldn't match what they are now? I knew that I would have to come out to everyone because I didn't see this vacation as something that I could plan for at this point in time.
My dad called me that night, asking me about my thoughts on the vacation, to which I told him I didn't think I could do it. He was beating around the bush, saying that if it was a money issue that he and my mom could help, to which I responded "you know why I can't go". His response was that I needed to call my uncle and come out to him. But I didn't that night. I did type out a coming out letter addressed to the rest of the family, and I debated between sending it in the group chat, sending it to individual family members, or recording a video of myself reading it, but never did.
The next day, I was basically in a fugue state all day at work. I had a sense of impending doom knowing that I would likely have to come out to my family by the end of the day. My dad texted me asking what I was going to do, and I just told him that I wasn't going to go on the cruise, which he passed on to my uncle. Around midday I got a text from my uncle since he hadn't heard from me and he was the one booking the cruise, but I didn't respond. He called later on my way home from work, and again, I ignored it.
When I got home from work, I set about trying to record the video of me reading the letter I mentioned before, but I couldn't get the tone always sounded too angry. Eventually, my aunt messaged the family chat, asking for confirmation from each person about their availability and willingness to go on the trip, and one by one everyone responded except for me. The moment came...I had to do something.
So I called my aunt. Crying, I came out to her, confessing that I'd been on hormones for a year (this actually happened the day before my 1-year hormone anniversary). She responded that she and my uncle weren't blind, that they had noticed something was up (or my mom had told them👀), and that no matter what, they still love me. She did say that she wanted to talk with me about this at some point to learn about my perspective, especially regarding my faith and how it was that my church and I had come to justify being trans/LGBTQ with what the Bible says (more on that later).
But she also understood my concerns regarding the trip, and she said there was no version of this trip that they would go on without me. But I needed to come out to my grandparents because there needed to be a reason for the trip to be called off all of a sudden.
So I gathered my courage, drove to my grandparents' neighborhood, and after a bit of hesitation, called my grandma. I asked if I could come talk to them, and warned that it was likely not going to be a happy conversation...I didn't want to blindside her.
So I came out to the two of them, sitting in their living room, and it went...better than it did with my parents?! I mean, let's be real, no one was necessarily happy about it, but no one yelled or stormed off in anger. My grandma told me she'd noticed something was going on too but just assumed I was gay (I mean...not in the way she thinks), and my grandpa, bless him in his 80 years of age, said that I'm an adult and can make my own decisions. (Imagine that!) And they both reiterated that they loved me.
My aunt had also asked if it was okay if she talked to her kids/my cousins about me being trans. Maybe I shouldn't have said yes because I don't know exactly what was said to them, but my oldest cousin, who is four years younger than me, texted me separately saying she and her husband-to-be loved me just as much as they did before and that she's "always make sure that [I] still feel loved and know [I'm] a valued family member".
And that's the story of how I came out to my mom's side of the family! My dad's side? TBD...but also less important because I don't see them very often.
Oh, one more thing: we're going to go on that cruise after all. My uncle asked the travel agent he was booking the cruise with if it was possible to change/update my booking information if all the identification changes that I'm hoping for happen, and she said as long as I've got updated documents by a certain date, they can be changed on the reservation. So now I just have a casual email from my uncle discussing my gender transition, which is surreal.
March 2023:
Coming out to my church choir director:
My church choir director had announced his retirement and impending move across the country, which was coming at the end of April. I had started making plans around this time to debut as Chelsea later in May, after he'd be gone, and I had a sense that I didn't want him to learn after the fact that I came out after he had left and think that I had waited for him to leave. So I wrote him a letter thanking him and coming out, and I gave it to him after rehearsal one night.
He emailed me in response the next day, expressing all the same joy and acceptance and love that my bible study class had shown, and he also asked if he could know my chosen name, which I happily shared, because at this point I'd gotten the name tags I mentioned before and had taken a picture.
I told him in the letter that I'd be stepping away from the choir for at least a little while once I started presenting as Chelsea, and he said he understood but hoped I wouldn't stay away for too long because "this is the most remarkable group of people" and "they will accept you however you choose to present".
April 2023:
My cousin's wedding but then ears pierced:
My cousin got married Easter weekend. Even though I was out to this side of the family, they weren't ready for me to be Chelsea around them, and to be honest neither was I, but that doesn't mean that I was happy wearing a men's suit. I drove the three hours back home late after the wedding so that I could be at my church's Easter events starting early the next morning. And the day after Easter? I got my ears pierced! They're still healing, so I haven't worn any cute earrings yet, but soon!
(By the way, I told my family about getting my ears pierced ahead of them seeing me a few days later. I didn't want them to notice them on their own and think I was trying to hide it. My mom texted my aunt about it, saying she wasn't handling it well, and my grandmother straight-up cried. They never said anything to me about them though. 🤷🏻‍♀️)
Coming out to the man whose writing brought me to my affirming church:
That book that I mentioned earlier, the one that my aunt said she would read? Well, the author of the book attends my church. Up to this point, I had only met and spoken with him once, back in January: he had just published a new book and was signing copies at church, so I went up to him and bought the new one, but I also brought my copy of the other one and told him that I was at this church because of him. I didn't tell him why, though.
At a dinner party saying goodbye to the retiring choir director, I found myself next to this author in line, and he mentioned a job opening that he thought I might be a good fit for because it was in my field, but what he didn't know (yet) is that I am trans and was leaving my job shortly and would be looking for something completely different.
I messaged him later that night, coming out to him, and he thanked me for confiding in him, asking if we could meet up for coffee or dinner sometime soon so he could hear more of my story.
May 2023:
Coming out to the church congregation at large:
My church has a weekly bulletin/newsletter that each week has a member profile in it, where church members share a picture of themselves and answer some questions so that the rest of the congregation can know them better. I had been contacted to participate in this member profile really early in my time attending the church but had refrained, probably not knowing at the time that I'd save my chance as my method of coming out to the church at large.
And on May 1st, I emailed the staff member who had made me the name tag with my chosen name on it my copy of the profile, including a picture of myself as Chelsea, and I requested a specific date later in the month to be featured. And she said yes!
A few days later, I had dinner with the author mentioned before, and we had a lovely time talking about my life path bringing me to this moment. I shared with him the picture of my name tag, and I also told him that I'd be making the switch to Chelsea in just a few short weeks.
Just a reminder that even though I was out as trans to my bible study class, I was still known as [deadname] and used he/him pronouns. I had only shared my chosen name with a couple of people; I had decided that I didn't want to make the switch until I could make it permanently with them. The week before the member profile was set to go live, I told my class that it was my last time attending church as [deadname], so they needed to keep an eye out on the upcoming newslettebulletin.
The newsletter went live on that Friday, and I was once again flooded with messages from my class expressing their love and acceptance of me, and they all told me they had updated their contact for me in their phones. I was also added to the women-only group chat, which I'd been invited to before but didn't want to join until I was officially Chelsea to them.
The night the newsletter went live, I had my first Chelsea test run. There's a couple in my class who I go see plays/musicals with on a regular basis, so I chose that opportunity to go out with them. I wore a black dress and ballet flats, and we went out for Thai food before seeing the play together. It's funny, before coming out to myself as trans, I'd crossdressed and gone out a few times over the years, but since starting HRT, the most I had done was wear femme pajamas at home and maybe tighter pants on occasion. I didn't even practice makeup on my own. So going out to the play as Chelsea was my first real experience doing so, and it went great and felt so good!
That first Sunday, I arrived with my nails painted navy blue, wearing a floral dress and makeup, and I was so at ease driving to church that morning. One member of my class had arranged for everyone to meet earlier than normal so they could celebrate me, so we had donuts and coffee together before class officially started, and many of them wrote notes of encouragement to me to take home and read later. Even our senior pastor stopped by to write a note!
As for the rest of the church? They were amazing! I met so many new people who wanted to come meet me after reading my member profile, and many of the people who I had already interacted with on a regular basis came up and hugged me, including the author I'd had dinner with and the staff member who had made me the name tag (that I was now proudly wearing) and my bible study teacher. So I am exclusively Chelsea at church now. 😊
Coming out to my coworker and leaving my job:
In other news, I finally came out to my coworker (we're teachers) and told him that I was leaving. I'd been at this school for 6 years, and 5 of them had been with him as my coworker. I knew that he would be affirming and supportive when I told him, but it was still really hard to tell him. For the rest of the school year, though, he was really careful to be sensitive to gendered language, even trying to leave the "Mr." off in front of my last name when addressing me in front of our students.
There was still one more week of school after I came out at church, which meant that after a full weekend as Chelsea, I had to go to work Monday morning as [deadname] again, which really sucked. My coworker even pulled me aside that first morning to acknowledge how weird it must be for me.
Packing up my office on the last couple of days of school was really hard. I was in the career that I had more or less envisioned for myself since I was 13 years old, and here I was at 31 just packing it up without knowing for sure what was next career-wise. There were definitely parts of teaching that really sucked, especially in the time since the pandemic, but I did still enjoy it a lot of the time. Saying goodbye was difficult.
Family update:
For Mother's Day, I had considered writing my mom and my grandma letters expressing understanding that getting used to the idea of me being trans was difficult for them, and saying that I hoped that I could start sharing more of myself with them soon, and signing it with my chosen name...which my family (aside from my brother) still doesn't know, by the way. But I decided my original letters were a little too much too fast (I mean, not really, but I was trying to be courteous), so I wrote shorter versions, and instead of signing with my deadname, I simply signed "C". There were lots of tears and mouthed "I love you"s from across the room.
I mentioned before that I used to go over to my parents' house once a week for dinner and hangout time, but ever since that day in February when I came out to everyone, I hadn't heard from my parents about coming over anymore. To be honest, it was probably just a lack of communication on both sides, but I felt that since we always met at their house, they should be the ones to reinitiate the weekly hangouts. They eventually did resume, more or less the same as they were before, but even though I'm still not dressing femme around them, now I'm more willing to wear shorts to show off my bare legs, or keep my nails painted, or not be concerned if they feel a bra strap or see my breast growth under my shirt. I even went to my grandparents' house my bare legs and navy blue nails, and no one batted an eye! Progress! I think the Mother's Day notes helped.
Meeting with my aunt to talk about me being trans and my faith:
I mentioned before that my aunt wanted to talk with me about my journey into my identity and Christian perspective on LGBTQ acceptance, and we did have that talk. She was in town for work and texted me asking if I wanted to have dinner with her, so we met for tacos and talked. She had read the book I mentioned before, and she didn't necessarily agree with what was presented in it, but she also didn't fully condemn it. We had a perfectly lovely, civil conversation.
June 2023:
Pride month update:
Well, here we are. I'm currently Chelsea a few times a week, which has been so much fun, but it has also made being [deadname] so much harder. With it being Pride Month, I'm really itching to officially come out to the world so that I can stop hiding behind [deadname]'s Facebook page and trying to save my family's feelings about my transition.
There's still one more friend who I haven't come out to yet, and I kinda want to come out to him (and to my dad's parents) before I make anything super public. Along with the friend who was the first person I came out to back in March of last year, this friend is one of my high school best friends, and we lived together in the 2+ years immediately preceding the pandemic. But while that first friend and I have both grown more liberal over the years, I don't know if the same can be said of this other friend, and I still fear his reaction. I don't want to lose a friend, but I know that I can't hide it much longer. Nor do I want to!
I'm actively searching for work, which always sucks. I need something soon though because my money situation is not super great. I have a paycheck from my teaching job until the end of August, but I'd really like to earn more money on top of that and double up while I can. I thought for a while that I would learn coding and become a programmer or web developer of some kind, but at the moment I'd rather find a job using skills that I already have rather than taking all the time to learn something completely new. I realize I didn't plan ahead for this very well, but I'll be okay.
The author I've mentioned several times is also a preacher, and this past Sunday he was out of town guest preaching at another church. That afternoon, he messaged me a link to the archived livestream of his message, telling me part of his sermon was about how I inspired him. 🥺 I've only watched it 50 times so far.
I've thought about using this video as a way of coming out to my friend, or to reveal my chosen name to my family (as well as the fact that I'm actively femme much of the time I'm not around them). I've also got a video recorded for the purpose of coming out on social media, though I might rerecord it or do something different when the time actually comes.
By the way, I went to my first Pride this last weekend, and my church had Pride shirts made and also had their own booth at the festival, giving out Pride versions of their logo stickers! I'm so lucky to be where I am, even though Texas be scary.
In any case, this was a looooooooooong post. If you read any of it, thank you for your time. Really, this was just therapeutic for me to get it all out of my head a bit, but as I mentioned before, reading others' trans experiences has been really helpful to me, so I hope others can find hope in my story.
I'm happy to answer questions if you have them. Otherwise, best wishes to you all - happy Pride Month!
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2023.06.08 11:45 Glass_Wish7134 AT commands on bare metal C++

I have a GPRS modem on a Cortex-M4 microcontroller where I'm trying to implement some AT commands using bare metal C++.
I have no RTOS or anything, just a super loop.
My current application is mostly in C and I'm trying to add some classes for better abstraction and re-usability and of course to learn better C++.
I have a serial object for read and write. Write method is blocking but read method is not. This is because everything must be non blocking to allow everything else on the system to operate properly.
Currently I'm a little stuck on the class design for the AT command.
My C code uses a boolean flag to hold the current status of the AT command. When a command is issued the flag becomes true indicating a response is pending, there a read function is called while a timer is polled to watch for possible timeouts
I'm opening this thread for brainstorming and get some ideas.
I was thinking to have a base class
class ATBase { public: virtual void sendCommand(void) = 0; }; class ATSimple : public ATBase { public: void sendCommand(void) override { serial.send("AT\r"); } }; ATresult send_at_command(ATBase * at) { if (response_pending) { if (timeout() == true) { response_pending = false; } return parse_response(; } else { at.sendCommand(); response_pending = true; set_timeout(); } } 

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2023.06.08 11:45 bonus_prick Could my friend's T be rubbing off on me?

I've (22/m) been living with my friend for a year and we share a bathroom. He uses Testogel (16.2mg/g) daily and keeps it in the bathroom. I've read the infamous news story about the kid who grew body hair via the Testogel on his dad's skin. My friend has reassured me that he uses his gel safely; however he's generally a messy and unobservant person, particularly around the house. I often find the Testogel lying open on the sink, near our toothbrushes and soap.
My living with them has coincided with a sudden, rapid hair thinning around my crown, and I'm paranoid that I'm getting second-hand testosterone from touching door handles and such.
But, I have read that testosterone doesn't last long on plastic/metal surfaces, so I don't want to force my friend to hide the Gel in their room on some baseless idea. My dad (55) has thin hair too, and my uncle went bald when he was 20.
Are my Testogel concerns legit?
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2023.06.08 11:45 Playful-Ad6177 Why bother with COUNT() at all?

I'm using the northwind.sql.
This is the schema diagram for the northwind.sql.
Write a query to get the name of customers and the numbers of orders placed by each.
SELECT c.CompanyName,count(o.orderid) FROM customers c INNER JOIN orders o ON c.customerid = o.customerid GROUP BY c.CompanyName; This query works And generates the following output.
If I change count(o.orderid) to count(1) or count(*) , it still works and generates same output albeit with different column header.
Why do I need to write the count() statement at all if it's not meaningful?
AFAIK, COUNT(column); example say COUNT(o.orderid) counts total numbers of orderid barring NULL in the table.
count(*) returns the number of rows as selected by SELECT statement.
And in the same way COUNT(1) should just count 1 no matter how many rows are there.
Edit: I was wrong about COUNT(1), the first google search says this:
COUNT(1) The COUNT(1) function replaces all records from the query result set with value 1. If you have NULL values, it is also replaced by 1. Therefore, COUNT(1) also returns the total number of records (including NULLs) in the table.
please use new reddit.
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2023.06.08 11:44 Playful-Ad6177 Why bother with COUNT() at all?

I'm using the northwind.sql.
This is the schema diagram for the northwind.sql.
Write a query to get the name of customers and the numbers of orders placed by each.
SELECT c.CompanyName,count(o.orderid) FROM customers c INNER JOIN orders o ON c.customerid = o.customerid GROUP BY c.CompanyName; This query works And generates the following output.
If I change count(o.orderid) to count(1) or count(*) , it still works and generates same output albeit with different column header.
Why do I need to write the count() statement at all if it's not meaningful?
AFAIK, COUNT(column); example say COUNT(o.orderid) counts total numbers of orderid barring NULL in the table.
count(*) returns the number of rows as selected by SELECT statement.
And in the same way COUNT(1) should just count 1 no matter how many rows are there.
Edit: I was wrong about COUNT(1), the first google search says this:
COUNT(1) The COUNT(1) function replaces all records from the query result set with value 1. If you have NULL values, it is also replaced by 1. Therefore, COUNT(1) also returns the total number of records (including NULLs) in the table.
please use new reddit.
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2023.06.08 11:44 fucking_kruger this sub and the overall community is ass

The general opinion of jjk changes chapter to chapter. Its "peak" or "gege is cooking" when Gojo seems to be in the favourable position but if sukuna starts to turn the tables it becomes "rushed" or "mid". Fans talk shit over characters like miwa who have no significance in the story?? Its okay to hype up a character if it has potential. Attention based posts usually starting by saying something like ____ is a trash character. Low quality posts and moderation and low quality community for a great manga
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2023.06.08 11:44 Economy_Analysis587 Need help for traveling Sydney for the first time

Hi :)
I just booked a round trip to Sydney, and it's 16 days staying.
It was an impulsive decision. I've been through depression over a year and letting it out through buying things, which apperantly doesnt work. Looking for another thing to buy and stack, I found a sale for the tickets and here I am. I had no clue about traveling Sydney, just with the images of nice people and peaceful scenery, which I think is exactly what I want. It's been a year and half since my 10-year relationship ended, and this is my first time traveling alone. So it worries me that it might worsen my depression.

So, could you give some advice for me? I like to walk and see the architectures, read with coffee, love arts and museums. Jogging in the morning and watching the sunrise is kind of my thing when traveling. I want to have a peaceful time there, hoping it will help me get through.

Some of my friends said it is too long to stay just in Sydney and I have to try another city or some recommend me to cancel the tickets. Maybe it was a silly decision but still my heart leans toward Sydney. Sorry that I am not making myself clear here. Idk what I want to say either. I think I just want to know what Sydneysiders think about my decision, since I think I am being too optimistic without any information.
Thanks :)
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2023.06.08 11:43 treatmentinallen Braces for Adults in Allen, TX

Braces for Adults in Allen, TX
Braces have long been associated with teenagers, but more and more adults are turning to orthodontic treatments to improve their smiles and overall oral health. In Allen, TX, Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics is a leading provider of orthodontic care for adults. With their expertise and modern treatment options, adults in Allen can achieve the smile they've always dreamed of. In this article, we will explore the benefits of braces for adults and how Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics can help.
Aesthetic Improvement:
One of the primary reasons adults seek orthodontic treatment is to enhance the appearance of their smiles. Misaligned teeth, overcrowding, and gaps can make individuals self-conscious about their teeth. Braces effectively address these issues, aligning the teeth and creating a more symmetrical and harmonious smile. Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics offers a range of braces options, including traditional metal braces, clear braces, and even invisible aligners like Invisalign, ensuring adults can choose the treatment that suits their preferences and lifestyle.
Improved Oral Health:
Crooked or misaligned teeth can contribute to various oral health problems. Overlapping teeth can make it difficult to clean properly, leading to a higher risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. By straightening the teeth with braces, adults can improve their oral hygiene routine and reduce the likelihood of these dental issues. Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics provides personalized treatment plans, taking into account the specific needs of each adult patient, resulting in improved oral health and overall well-being.
Enhanced Functionality:
Orthodontic problems not only affect the appearance of the smile but can also impact a person's ability to chew and speak properly. Malocclusions, such as overbites, underbites, and crossbites, can cause difficulties in biting and chewing food, as well as speech impediments. Braces correct these issues, aligning the teeth and jaws to improve functionality. Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics utilizes advanced orthodontic techniques and technology to ensure adults in Allen achieve optimal bite alignment and restore proper functionality.
Increased Self-Confidence:
Having a beautiful smile can significantly boost an individual's self-confidence and self-esteem. Adults who feel self-conscious about their teeth may avoid smiling or feel embarrassed in social situations. By undergoing orthodontic treatment, adults can achieve a straight, healthy smile that they can be proud of, leading to increased self-confidence in both personal and professional settings. Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics understands the importance of a confident smile and is dedicated to helping adults in Allen achieve their desired results.
Long-Term Dental Stability:
Orthodontic treatment not only provides immediate cosmetic benefits but also contributes to long-term dental stability. By aligning the teeth and jaws, braces help distribute bite forces evenly, reducing the risk of excessive wear, tooth fractures, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics offers comprehensive follow-up care to ensure the results achieved with braces are maintained, promoting long-term dental health and stability for their adult patients.
Adults in Allen, TX, no longer have to settle for a smile they are unhappy with. Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics offers a range of braces options tailored to adults, providing aesthetic improvement, improved oral health, enhanced functionality, increased self-confidence, and long-term dental stability. With their expertise and commitment to patient care, Creekview & McKinney Orthodontics is the go-to destination for adults seeking orthodontic treatment in Allen. Take the first step towards your dream smile and schedule a consultation with
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2023.06.08 11:42 IndigoPill Customer service is useless, I need to know why I am being disconnected.

I am running OpenVPN on a PFsense box, bare metal and it runs nothing else. It is connected directly to the modem.
It runs well and didn't really have anything more than occasional hiccups until recently.
Now I suffer periods of disconnections. Every server connection fails everywhere. The logs indicate "MANAGEMENT: Client disconnected". "Customer service" just runs the script.. change your DNS.. screenshot the certificate.. etc.. they don't listen, they don't understand, they ask questions that just make me want to bash my face against the call centre wall.
They are following a script and there's 5-10 minutes between the useless responses. They are just making be jump through broken hoops... like do all the crap I have already done multiple times. "Customer service" (aka: Worst call centre of the century) won't help, I asked many times to be passed onto someone qualified and "Makayla" refused. F*cking call centres.. this is how you lose clients NORD. They are not worth the savings.
Seriously, no internet connection at all and they want me to change to Cloudflare's DNS when I can't even ping it. No connection at all.
Rant over...
So I need to know what is going on and what has changed recently so hopefully I can figure this out because customer service doesn't have a clue.
I get kicked off, nothing has changed on my end, the certificates are correct, settings all correct and persistent (I have lowered the MTU in experiments etc) and nothing works. They refuse every connection or kick it off within seconds. Then it comes good for some reason (not my ISP, that connection is fine).
I am at wits end and unless I can figure something out it looks like Ill have to change VPN. I had it go out today while I was on the phone to my ISP, no server connection worked. I needed the customer portal, couldn't even get that.
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2023.06.08 11:42 PrestonFirebreather Looking for a crafter

 Hi I am a new player playing on xbox EU servers I was looking for a DK magicka build and this is ehat I found . But I need dlc to craft these gear which I do not have so I am making this post to see if anyone can help me out. 
Magicka Hands Law of Julianos Light Divines Max. Magicka Legs Law of Julianos Light Divines Max.Magicka Chest Law of Julianos Light Divines Max. Magicka Waist Law of Julianos Light Divines Max. Magicka Feet Law of Julianos Light Divines Max. Magicka Necklace WillpoweArmor of the Seducer Jewel Arcane Magicka Recovery Ring WillpoweArmor of the Seducer Jewe lArcane Magicka Recovery Ring Armor of the Seducer Jewel Arcane Magicka Recovery Staff Armor of the Seducer Flame Precise Absorb Magicka Staff Armor of the Seducer FlameInfused Weapon Damage
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2023.06.08 11:42 Nearby_Bet_782 Metal vs Rubber Vs Leather Vs Silicone Cock Rings?

Hey guys, looking to buy some new cock rings.
I’ve tried rubber and it tends to tug on my pubes if I’m not too tightly shaven. What are your experiences with other materials?
I worry metal might be cold to the touch and could be too inflexible. I also worry about the clasps for the adjustable leather cock rings. Silicone seems like a happy medium because it has some give to it but I remain dubious.
Help a guy out pls..?
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2023.06.08 11:39 ry4n23 My friend is in an abusive relationship and i don't know how to help.

Warning, this is fairly loaded and might get quite distressing. If this is posted in the wrong place/subreddit please just point me in the direction of the proper place and i'll be on my way.
TL;DR - My "friend's" girlfriend has come out saying that he has been abusive to her in the past and feels like he is now just using her as a place to live. I'm not sure how i can help.
For the sake of the explanation, i'm going to refer to the "friend" as M, and his girlfriend as F.
This might need quite a bit of context, i apologise for any rambling. Around August last year, M joined our discord call and very casually announced that he and his girlfriend (Both 17y/o) are expecting a child. They decided they were keeping it, then decided they were going to get an abortion, and then ended up keeping it anyway for whatever reason (after a visit to the clinic she apparently had a bad reaction to some kind of substance and was meant to go back the following week, which they never did)
Fast forward to around 6 months into the pregnancy. F has just told another friend of ours that she found messages on M's phone of him messaging a few girls from their high-school, trading nude pics and planning to meet up for sex. She is obviously pissed but decides to forgive M and stays with him. Around this time is when the two found out that they would be recieving a council house and F would be getting benefits (This is just the welfare system in the UK for those who dont know).
Fast forward yet again to February when the child is born, very premature probably thanks to their midwife telling F it's okay to continue smoking/vaping while pregnant. M decides that being at home and playing Roblox is more entertaining than spending time with his newborn and his gf who just gave birth, whatever.
Fast forward to present day. M,F and Baby are living in quite a rough area (Guy got stabbed on their estate just a few days ago) M has just started working at McDonalds after losing his promising career in engineering as he decided that TikTok and vaping in the toilets was more important, F is stay at home ofc with Baby, they're both now 18. M decided to spend £8000 in just over a week, buying a shit ton of designer clothes and gambling over 1k on CSGO. This left them with no money and now M has to beg one of our wealthy friends for money to feed themselves.
2 Days ago, F messages one of our friends, the same guy she messaged about the cheating incident. Telling him about how M made the pregnancy a living hell up until around 7 months in (Just around where they found out about housing + cash benefits) She says that he had cornered her, yelling at her saying that he would never tell his family about the baby, and that he was going to leave without ever paying her a penny of child support, he only stopped when she threatened to call the police. She also sent pictures of her legs covered in buises/marks from 2021, where she says he hit her in a fit of anger.
This is where i'm lost. Only the friend she told and I know about his now. F doesn't know that i know, and i'm not sure what to do. We live in Manchester, UK - If that is needed for any information. I apologise for rambling on and probably not making much sense near the end, this is all still very fresh in my mind and i'm really not sure what i should do. Cheers.
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2023.06.08 11:39 Elmyth1 Call of the Netherdeep and General Adventures in Exandria. Looking for DM [Online] [5e] Firday 5:30 CST/CDT to 9:30CST/CDT

I have wanted to play in the world of Exandria for some time just due to the rich lore behind it. I want the chance to explore this world from the point of view of the books and the influence of myself and fellow players. Preferably I would like Call of the Netherdeep to be a starting point for the rest of the story. Perhaps it could still be the ending if the DM wishes by extending the length while having us do other things in Wildemount and Marquet. I myself would love to wander around in Tal'Dorei. That being said though I really am just looking forward to having a Friday group more than anything to get to know and play with.
I am able to supply Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, Tal'dorei Campaign Setting Reborn and Call of the netherdeep in their digital forms on Roll20 along with Maps with Dynamic Lighting via Roll20 for Call of the Netherdeep. Additionally I own all of the sourcebooks (Apart from Volo's and Bigby Presents: Glory of Giants) and can share them with the game to make prep easier.
The following are general expectations for joining the table.
A mixed balance of both Roleplay and Combat favorably leaning towards the Roleplay
Simple Table Etiquette (Respecting players, 0 Politics from outside the game, Allowing others to share in the gameplay, ETC)
Access to all sourcebooks on roll20, Access to the Dunamancy subclasses and spells, and Access to Matthew Mercer's Blood Hunter class.
Character to NPC & Character to Character relationships that are cut away from when to intimate.
Generally an adult sense of humor
Voice done in Discord in a server made for the game
Additionally while I don't expect them to be a lore master I do hope that the DM is at least semi familiar with the setting beyond the adventure and books or at least is able to know the world well enough to come up with things on the fly in a pinch.
If this interests you as a Player please see this link.
If this interests you as a Dungeon Master Please see this link.
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2023.06.08 11:38 jefesfc On the Road with a Prosthetic Leg Can You Drive -

As an amputee relying on a prosthetic leg in your daily life, one question that may frequently cross your mind is whether or not you can drive a vehicle.
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2023.06.08 11:38 VarmintLP USB-Stick starts being slow

USB-Stick starts being slow
Hey, I have this one USB Stick Kingston USB 3.0 or 3.1 (maybe) of 32GB.
Lately I really noticed that sometimes just connecting and trying to access it, takes much longer than needed. It usually makes the Windows Explorer say "not responding" as well. And then opening a tiny txt file of 1-5 KB takes a long time for no reason.
I've formatted the disk, ran a "chkdsk E: /f /r" (E: = USB Stick) and nothing was found. It's formatted to NTFS and in the past I had it with 2 partitions, one NTFS the other FAT32 or whatever was compatible with both Windows and MacOS. MacOS can read but not write on NTFS, no idea why Apple isn't fixing that.
Anyway it's strangely slow at times and even copying is only at 10MBit/s for 1 file of 1GB. Other USB-Sticks have around 50MBit/s on reading.
Any ideas on the issue or solutions?
Edit: Result of last CHKDSK
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2023.06.08 11:38 blumpkinator2000 Snagged a bargain

Snagged a bargain
After three years with a Sage Barista Express (superb machine, but needed way more manual input and cleanup than I was willing to deal with), I'm so happy to be back with a superauto again! Found this as an unused ex-display unit on eBay for £299, so jumped right on it.
Happy with the espresso it makes, although the milk could do with being a little hotter. I find preheating my cups with hot water first solves that issue nicely, though. Cleanup is easy enough, with the drip tray, grounds bin and entire milk system being dishwasher safe. That's what swayed me more towards this machine over a couple of others I was looking at.
I'm quite sure it wouldn't pass muster with the connoisseurs, but really, I just want a decent coffee without turning it into a whole new hobby. Suits me perfectly, and really enjoying it so far.
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2023.06.08 11:38 AutoModerator Copyhackers - Copy School 2023 (latest)

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2023.06.08 11:37 lewdrev Where can I find a Stretching Kit for 25MM 1” to 50MM 2” that isn’t cheap metal/steel?

I bought the Super Stretching kit awhile back cause it goes up to 2” but my ears do not like the material. Im using Glass right now, but once I put in my 25MM Steel Jewelry it gets irritated. And there’s legit NO other stretching kits I can find for the size I want.
Do I really have to drop $20 on every seperate MM until I reach 50MM? There’s seriously no stretching kits for 25MM to 50MM?
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