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2023.03.26 14:59 tulipgardens0 I know we’re not supposed to compare ourselves with others- who had normal upbringings but, sometimes I can’t help it.

I (20f) know we’re not supposed to compare ourselves with others, because most of us grew up in terrible circumstances. But, sometimes I feel like I really can’t help it.
I compare my life to the lives of other people my age, all the time. While I was growing up, my n-parents compared me a lot to everyone around me (in terms of looks, academics, etc.) So, I have a really hard time unlearning that behavior.
Atleast now, after a lot of working on myself, I’ve started acknowledging that other people had different parents, different (better) childhoods and it’s unfair to compare myself to them.
Though, I feel really triggered today. My cousin, who is 2 years younger than me, recently got into some of the best universities in the country. Meanwhile, I’m struggling so much, due to my mental health. I struggle to get basic tasks done, I’m not going to college, I’m basically doing nothing. I can’t help but feel like a failure. He’s the son of my n-mom’s brother, so I’m sure he didn’t have the ideal upbringing either. I keep asking myself— how come he’s able to keep it together and succeed in life? I keep ruminating and overthinking over this.
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2023.03.26 14:57 TheBestCECEmployee PSA Marriott is not a loving wife [Written by an Case Resolution Specialist at Bonvoy] [Bonvoy Rewards]

Hello everyone!
I am writing this post because I, during my time at Marriott Bonvoy, have heard the phrase ''I wish I had known this sooner'' way too many times. I have gone through many emails and spoke to a plethora of guests over the phone over the years and I, through this post, wish to share the best tips I have as well as give information on what is possible and what is not possible when requesting exceptions to be made. Just FYI; I have gone through sales, account management, supervisor, ambassador service and finally case resolution. The sales -> account management -> supervisor is standard flow. The Ambassador Service and Case Resolution teams are later stages.
First and foremost. Marriott Bonvoy is not a loving wife. You can love it but it will not love you back. Bonvoy is a system and you need to use it.
1.) Let's start with what riles everyone up and that is status.
Marriott has a strict policy that a status must be earned. Exceptions are EXTREMELY rare. I would say approximately 0.1% of the status exceptions get approved. I have seen a single exception be made and that was for a customer who had 8 years of Platinum and Titanium and was, due to illness, unable to reach Platinum that year. It was late December and he had 49 Elite Nights. An exception was made for him that one time. Same rule wouldn't apply for higher tiers and this was only because he would probably have retained it if he had registered for the Platinum Elite Challenge. For Titanium and Ambassador no exceptions will ever be given.
That brings me to the next point. Use the Platinum Elite Challenge to your advantage. You can register once in a calendar year. If you are aiming for the Lifetime level and are already close to the required amount of Nights, you can just fill in the years with the Challenge. Please do note that retroactive registration is impossible. You have to register prior and there is no exception. Once you register, no changes to the dates will be offered, no exceptions whatsoever that I have seen and that's the policy.
We do not offer status match with other programs. If you wish to avail of our bonuses, you have to stay at our properties. Marriott Bonvoy has the most hotels in the world and we don't care about your status at other programs. There was one exception to this and that was the pandemic time. During the pandemic we did offer it. It was the decision of corporate to try and steal customers from other brands. Use the Platinum Challenge if you really wish to have a status.
2.) Points expiration
Agents are able to give exceptions both via email and via phone if you encountered issues and were under circumstances that have prevented you from travelling. The circumstances eligible for exceptions are military service, long term illness and delay when purchasing Points. The agents will not proactively name these but if you do, they will offer a small extension.
You can always purchase 1000 Points online for 12.5 USD to extend the validity of your Points. Alternatives are to go and buy a coffee at the hotel and send us the hotel bill but that's more of a bother than just buying the Points.
Considering this data is considered protected by data protection regulations, we will not save nor relay the information to anyone. You can decide to share the details of your illness but the agents are not allowed to save it.
Only one exception is given per account.
3.) SNA availability / expiry / reinstatement
The Suite Night Awards do not entitle you to every suite. The categories at Bonvoy are Standard Room, Premium Room, Standard Suite and Premium Suite. You can only use them for Premium Rooms and Standard Suites. Higher category Suites are not offered using the Suite Night Awards. No exceptions. That is the contract given to hotels.
Only hotels that have rooms and suites offer the use of Suite Night Awards. Resorts rarely offer the use of Suite Night Awards. If you wish to stay at a resort, book your stay and if they are offered, you will see the pop up to use SNA. If it doesn't, it is safe to assume that they simply do not accept them. Alternatively and especially if all rates are prepaid, call the service hotline and we have a list that we can use to check if the property participates.
No exceptions will be given to expiry of the Suite Night Awards. NONE. If you have cancelled your booking that had SNA approved later than 2 PM 1 day prior to arrival and have lost them. Nothing can be done. It is simply the policy and we have to follow it. We do not have the option to reinstate them.
For best results; if you have sufficient SNAs and the trip is an important trip for you.. book two different properties and submit requests to both of them. Wait for approval. If both get approved, simply cancel the one you like less or cancel the one that didn't get approved.
4.) Special status requests for credit cards
We can not adjust your status if you have a credit card. The request needs to come from the card issuer. Call the number on the back of the card to request it. The requests will be approved and your status updated within 10-15 business days. There is no bypass to this. The request has to follow a single straight line. We can not contact the card issuer on your behalf.
Customer -> Card Issuer -> Bonvoy -> Status Upgrade Approval
But doesn't work like this:
Customer -> Bonvoy -> Card Issuer -> Bonvoy -> Status Upgrade Approval
5.) Compensation and resolution of on-property issues
If you are still on property, the main point of contact should be the front desk for any facility issues. You should report immediately as the hotel staff might be able to resolve them and improve your stay quality. If you call the CEC, most agents will then call the front desk on your behalf but in general it is the hotel solving those. We can not influence them much.
For members that are entitled to arrival gifts, if the hotel staff doesn't offer it you have to take it up with them. There is a compensation for this but you need to demand this while on property and discuss it with the front desk manager. Please do bear in mind that that compensation can not be given out once you have left the property. It is simply the rule and we can not bypass it.
If it is benefits and policy related, most hotels will know what you are entitled to and you can always use the benefits sheet if they are being stubborn. If, after that, they still are denying you access to what you are entitled to by the program, we will step in. You can call or send an email. Calls are better for a timely resolution whereas for bigger issues I'd say you write an email and have the response in writing.
Staff related issues should be reported to us... as we are above property supervision.
6.) Third party bookings
I see a lot of escalations for benefits with third party bookings. We can not do anything in regards with those. You will get jack s***. We do not care about who booked it for you, you get nothing. I had an Ambassador who arrived at a property and expected the benefits. It was his company that booked it for him through a third party website and he got nothing. You can forget about it. The property will MAYBE be lenient or oversee the fact but you can, in general, forget about your on property benefits, Points and Elite Nights. Marriott is open to establishing discounted rates for companies if they wish to book through us. They will get either a code for website bookings, employees can call and book it and some companies will get a system to book through.
Some agents will, if you request credit for such a stay, add good will gestures to your account in form of a little bit of Points but no nights. Such exceptions are mostly given to new members to incentivize them to book directly but no such thing will happen for higher tiered guests who know the policy. These Points will only be given once.
7.) Missing stays
Missing stays can and should only be requested once the 14 days timeframe has passed. We count the stay as missing then. This is as per the policy and hotels have to pay a small fee each time we credit a stay. If we do it ahead of time we are harming the hotels. The website will also not allow you to submit it if the timeframe has not yet passed (sometimes buggy and allows it). Sending them via email directly will get you in most cases the ''wait for the timeframe to pass'' template. We can make an exception if you have a stay that you wish to book immediately and need the Points to complete the stay. You should call but do be ready to book it with the sales associate.
Titaniums are the biggest violators of these and usually are really crybabies when it comes to this policy. I often see 5 requests being sent immediately after they leave the hotel. Stop. Please.
Design Hotel properties have to add the stays manually themselves as per their contract. We can not add it. We will simply forward your request to the on-property team. You will usually get them faster if you contact the hotel directly.
8.) Best Price Guarantee
Absolutely has to be done through the website. We can not adjust prices over the phone. There is a dedicated team arranging the prices and approving the guarantee requests.
Please do bear in mind that the rate has to have the same conditions as our flexible rate. Prepaid rates do not count. The reasoning behind this is that a reseller might buy the rooms out in advance and offer them at a later date with a price slightly lower than ours. That doesn't mean that their price is better. They are just trying to sell what they already paid for. Bundled travel rates do not count. Special discounted rates offered by some third party loyalty programs do not count (reasoning is that they are actually paying for the price difference or are taking no profit whatsoever).
9.) Requesting compensation will often net you 0 Points
When you are sending a complaint, be descriptive and state your issues. Do so in a non demanding way and be honest. The agents that are entitled to give compensation will then offer it proactively as part of our First Contact Resolution procedure. We will report to the property to improve then.
Demanding will make us investigate more.
Please also do not abuse this system as it will get you banned. I have banned more than a couple of accounts for this matter. The bans are indefinite and non reversible if given out by the case resolution specialists.
If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I am open to adding noteworthy ones to the main thread.
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2023.03.26 14:57 Mamalashama_501 Get 3 permanent subs in exchange for some watchtime.

Note: This will only be credited towards those who read the full description and followed the rules
I have already given out my subs to many of you in the past so please note this is not a scam all you have to do is:
  1. Watch at least 2 to 3 minutes of this video
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  3. Comment Something relevant.(Anything other than a relevant comment will be ignored)
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Lastly when you are done please comment on this thread with what you commented on the video and I will personally subscribe to your channel plus give you an additional 2 subs permanently. (you do not need to sub to my channel)
Please be patient! I do have a job and am often busy but I will get to each of you accordingly.
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2023.03.26 14:56 Cold_Click_7545 23’ RWD LFP Spring Range Efficiency in Canada

Hi all, I wanted to share my efficiency results to see if those with LFP are getting similar range numbers as me. For context, I have had my RWD for 2 months now. I live in the Toronto area and did a day trip to Niagara and back yesterday with temperatures around 8 - 10 degrees Celsius. Started with 100% and had scheduled departure to ensure battery is warm.
My results for the trip:
According to the results, my full range is ~304km (189 mi) and full battery is only ~49 kWh.
I always use the battery % instead of the range but from my knowledge, 57.5 kWh is usable in the battery pack so I am not sure why it is limiting me to 49kWh on a battery % basis.
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2023.03.26 14:56 00sub000 Naughty America Abbey Brooks fucking in the living room with her tits

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2023.03.26 14:56 DeMooch456 Do I Call for a Welfare Check?

Stratford, Ontario, Canada
At some point on Friday afternoon (not sure on exact time as it happened while me and my partner were at work), my neighbour (other half of duplex), had someone parking in the driveway and at her house. No big deal as she is allowed to have guests obviously. Didn't see or hear anything from them. My partner gets home from work at about 10:30pm and we decided to sit outside for a bit. Around 11pm another car pulls up (behind our car making it impossible for us to leave) and goes to our neighbours house to talk. They all kinda start talking outside being loud. I don't care as we are still up but I don't want them being super loud outside for long as I was planning on going to bed soon. The people who parked behind us were thankfully just in and out in a few minutes and left, and everyone went inside.
While they were outside we learned out neighbour had gone through a breakup, obviously had friends over for some support.
This is were it gets weird. I leave for work next day at 8:30am. Friends car is still parked in the driveway. Around 9am (partner still sleeping) all of a sudden there is a huge commotion outside he is woken up by. Neighbours friends are out there yelling, screaming, fighting and trying to get someone to leave the premises. After they got the person to leave (which took a while) they went back in and for multiple hours my partner reported hearing screaming/yelling, shoving of things throwing things, and breaking things. This is completely unlike our neighbour (she has people over on occasion and is almost always very quiet and respectful, never seen anything like this). Later, after the screaming and throwing heard from inside, the neighbours friend came out to have a very loud phone call, talking about how before the commotion outside there was fist fights and strangling happening in the house. They were noisy through the day but my partner was only at our house until 1pm when he went out with a friend. When I got home at 6pm, the car was still in the driveway. Now we haven't seen our neighbour specifically since Friday night, haven't even heard her speak. It's now Sunday morning and still no sign of neighbour and friends car is still parked in our shared driveway.
I'm getting a little concerned as this is totally out of character for her (as far as I've seen, we've been living here for nearly 2 years and nothing like this ever). When should I be concerned enough to call for a Welfare/wellness check? Should I do anything?
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2023.03.26 14:56 trey338 New Parent Bowling Night @ Round1 in North Riverside Sunday (4/2)

Hello everyone,
I run a Meetup group for expectant/new parents living in the west suburbs. I’ll be hosting a family friendly bowling night @ Round1 in North Riverside on Sunday 4/2. If you’re a new parent (expectant to 2 years old) and looking for cool parents to hang out with, this is the perfect opportunity.
They serve food and drinks at the facility. Event starts at 3pm. The Meetup page is linked below. DM or comment to lmk if you’d like to go.
Event Link
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2023.03.26 14:55 mnop22 Why does this article suggest SSA benefits can be discontinued for those who renounce citizenship, and reside outside a certain list of approved countries? I thought it was only a matter of different taxation.

I see in the article below from Greenback expat tax services that the continued receipt of SSA benefits if and after one renounces US citizenship, is contingent on other citizenship and residency. From what I've read this seems incorrect.
I understand there may be a 25.5% tax if I live in a non tax treaty country, but I haven't seen any other information that says my payments could be discontinued, as the Greenback article states. Even going to the source and using SSA's "Nonresident Alien Tax Screening Tool", there seems to be no such situation where benefits would be simply discontinued for NRA.
However, this tool isn't specifically for those who renounce just the state one would be in after renouncing. Would that matter?
Does anyone understand this discrepancy? Can I renounce, and continue to receive SSA benefits in any non-sanctioned country (even if it's taxed)? Or do I have to be a citizen or resident of certain countries, as the Greenback article suggests?

1) Greenback article (Benefits can be discontinued without certain residency or citizenship):
As an NRA, you can generally continue to collect US Social Security just as you would if you remained a US citizen. However, there are several factors that impact this: US bilateral agreements (or lack thereof), your current citizenship, and your country of residence. source
2) SSA’s Nonresident Alien Tax Screening Tool (No mention of benefits being discontinued in any country for NRAs, only a tax in some countries):
The United States has tax treaties with other countries not listed below, but only these tax treaties exempt Social Security benefits from U.S. income tax withholding.
List of countries that are exempt from SSA withholding tax

SSA will withhold a flat tax of 30% from 85% of your Title II, Retirement, Survivors or disability monthly benefits. This results in a withholding of 25.5% of your total benefit.
All other countries
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2023.03.26 14:54 Far-Shoe-656 Which one would you take.85 inch X90k ,75 inch X95k or a 77 A80K.Living room is on the darker side but reflection can be a issue with the curtains open.

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2023.03.26 14:54 sluttyxsnake ADHD Assessment gone wrong ig??

TW - mention of suicide.
ok y'all so im 18M and today i went to Psych to you know ask for an ADHD assessment. i have felt like i have adhd for about 3 years. today was finally the day i had the courage and enough money to go for it. Also sidenote - I'm not self diagnosing. I think I might have adhd and that's the reason im there for to get a professional opinion i mean that's the right thing to do right?
So I went in there and I sat down and I wrote most of the things that I suffer with and feel might indicate to ADHD, like sensory issues and terrible time management, impulsivity, usual emotional detachment and an extreme lack of social skills to the point it makes me so tired and anxious that the Only thing i can do after a social event is sleep. and ofc none of this means that I have ADHD but I still wanted to go and see him because I've been struggling really badly with these things for like past 2 months and I've been having suicidal thoughts for most of it and last night it got really bad so i wanted to yk "try to get better".
so as soon as I told him that I feel like I might have ADHD, he said oh so you saw this thing on TikTok? and smirked in my face and called me out on being a self diagnosed person even though if I wanted to be self diagnosed that I didn't need to go and see him... I can be self diagnosed in the beauty of my own home.
Anyways like the start of the session really broke me mind you I had almost committed suicide yesterday but oh well my fragile psyche doesn't matter at the moment. I told him about my issues with lights and how the only lights I can tolerate are the ones that are warm night lights and how tubelights and coloured lights make me uncomfy and nauseous to a point my schedule is being awake at evening and night and sleeping in the morning and afternoon to even avoid sunlight he literally said, " What's the problem then?" he told me that I had a problem and I found a solution so it's not a problem anymore.
then I told him about sounds that I have issues with loud ones but any sound tbh can drive me crazy and I can struggle in exams because of the noises and do bad and he said but you passed all of your exams, there's no problem like yeah I passed but I'm capable for way more. Anyways after that, same with touch, I hate touching things of particular consistency etc he told me that's not a problem if I don't encounter them in daily lives.
well then um I told him whatever else I had problems with. He told me that he couldn't diagnose me because I need my parents to come with me, without that he can't even start this and he would only even think of it if it's a collaborative effort because he can't just believe me because I can be yk lying and I understand it and I respect it however I have two issues with this 1. I live 1200 Miles away from where my mom lives and she doesn't speak English, like not even basics and the only language he knew were English and Tamil and my mom can't speak either. And she can't just uproot herself for this
  1. She knows almost nothing about me, like to the point she can't name any of my friends, she hasn't seen my struggle ever because I struggle behind closed doors and even when I lived with her I rarely only saw her because I locked myself in a room and we barely talked once a week EVEN WHEN I WAS AT HOME so I don't know how much she would know... he also alluded to the fact that I'm just here to get the drugs and that's why he couldn't "just believe everything I said"
and we aren't close, like to a point I would much rather attempt suicide 10 times than go to a psych with her and it's not even a joke y'all I'm dead serious. I don't want play this man card but I'm a man in an Indian Household I'm not supposed to have emotions and struggle and I'm not allowed, culturally to seek out help because that makes me "less of a man" like being fr, if I told my mom this she would go to psych with me but get some Voodoo magic done on me to get the demons out of me or something, like she's illiterate (not making fun of her, she was born in a time where women's education was my prioritised) and she's very religious too and I'm the complete opposite, she would probably take me to a preacher to pray and guilt trip me and tell me I am like this because I don't believe in God like I already don't feel guilty enough as it is. (Like I'm an adult, a very young one but still and I need help and first it's so hard for me to even recognise I need help and I've tried everything in my power to pretend that it's just a phase and it's all going to away since even before Covid and finally when I went for it my entire self confidence just got shattered 'if' I had any... people commit suicide all the time and everyone blames them for being suicidal and say that they should just get help from someone and that they are selfish but like how can anyone seek help when it's a way worse experience than literal suicide) anyways idk what I'm gonna do next. Right now I don't feel like I'm going to any therapy session anytime soon. and yeah um tell me what y'all feel like from an outsider person if I'm just overreacting or anything. Like I don't have any friends and I don't talk to anyone quite to a point that I wanted to call someone really bad and like talk about this and I couldn't even think of one person so y'all are the only ones I'm talking too which is very depressing but oh well😃😃
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2023.03.26 14:54 Emperor_Xenol Frumply-Pudge Penguin ASW.1

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2023.03.26 14:53 Jormakalevi Difficulties with making ends meet - a subjective indicator of poverty - in European households

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2023.03.26 14:52 Cop_663 Why was Jennifer Lien written off of Voyager?

Howdy y’all,
I’m on my first watch of Voyager and just got done listening to the Delta Flyers episode on Season 4’s ‘The Gift,’ Kes’ last regular episode (I’ve heard that she appears later on in the show at least once). It’s clear from Robbie and Garrett’s recap that everyone on the crew, Jennifer included, was really saddened and surprised by her departure.
I’ve seen a few different possible explanations including the writers didn’t have any material left for Kes’ character, that they had to get rid of one of the cast to make ‘room’ for Seven, and possibly there were issues behind the scenes with Jennifer related to substance abuse.
I don’t know how much I believe there wasn’t more to do with Kes’ character because it seemed like they were finally starting to get some interesting stuff written for her. In Season 1 and early Season 2, I thought she was pretty extraneous but by the time she leaves it felt as if she was a pretty integral member of the crew/family. So I don’t really buy this explanation.
Does anyone on here have any better knowledge of what the actual reasoning behind her departure might be?
(For transparency’s sake, I am not looking to smear Jennifer at all if substance abuse was part of or the primary reasoning. Many members of my immediate family/friends are either recovering or active addicts, myself included. I harbor nothing but compassion and empathy for those who struggle with substance abuse/dependency issues. Just want to get that out of the way up front.)
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2023.03.26 14:52 Ok_Alps_8595 Girlfriend has weirdly close relationships with other men

I am 23M and I have 19F girlfriend. We met in September and got in a relationship quite fast, about a month after.
I broke up with my previous girlfriend in March 2022, our relationship lasted for over 6 years. Break up was a decision by both of us, no fights about it whatsoever and it was fairly easy to go on with my life. There was nothing catastrophically wrong in our relationship, but we were more like just really good friends. I won't go into more detail about the breakup here, I don't think it's relevant. Anyways, after the breakup we still got along really well, met up occasionally and maybe once every 2-3 weeks had a call to catch-up. Theres nothing romantic anymore, we even freely shared stories about our new relationships with the opposite sex, gave dating advice etc and I've never felt any jealousy about her now going out with other men. I'm happy for her. It's more like we're brother and sister now, because we got into a relationship very early in our lives and we grew up together, becoming adults.
The decision to get into a new relationship that quickly wasn't easy, but it just seems like we're a perfect match, we get along very well, have similar values in life, like the same things and we both have lots to learn from each other. This is the first serious relationship for her. It's been almost half a year now, things are going very well overall and we love each other, but there are some things I'd like to discuss and know your opinions.
Let's get back to my previous girlfriend now. Basically, my current girlfriend just couldn't handle me still being in contact with my ex and getting along that well. I tried to explain the situation to her many times, but she just feels hurt and it's causing problems every time there was any communication between me and my ex. She says she trusts me, but she thinks my ex still has feelings for me and she doesn't trust her. I was very open with our convos with my ex, tried to make it as comfortable as I can for her, sharing when and what we were talking etc to make her understand that it's just friendship, but it didn't make anything better. It only created problems and conflicts between us. Since everything else between us is perfect, then I decided to stop talking to my ex. Of course I explained the situation to my ex too and she was very understanding and agreed with my decision. It wasn't easy decision and I didn't want to do it, but for a healthy relationship I think it was necessary.
Now, let's get to the things that make me jealous about her behaviour and relationships with other men. First I want to note that I DO trust her 100%, I know she isn't going to cheat on me or anything. My trust has never been broken before and I have no reason to be afraid of anything, but I do feel jealousy about certain things. Few months back, she went to a Berlin trip with her friend (girl) to go to rave parties. Every day, they (not my GF, but her friend) swiped men from Tinder to hang out, attend to parties and do drugs together. Okay, I do understand that it's easier with men because there's less drama. But Tinder? I don't know. I don't like the idea other men flirting with her at all, especially when they don't know that she's in a relationship. It's OK that men do it, especially with girls found from Tinder, of course, but since she is not letting them know she's not available, it's not fair and men will obviously try, buy them drinks and flirt. Like, as a guy, I would like to know such information. She said no men were ever interested in her and made no moves whatsoever. But at the same time, she said one guy massaged her scalp in one of the clubs (and she told me that only just at this point she said that she's taken to the guy) and there were lots of hugging and stuff. She says it's completely normal and just good behaviour, guys being kind to them. I see it as obvious flirting. Feels like she really enjoys attention from other men... When she came back, I told everything about how I feel about it. She defends herself and says it's all OK. However, we agreed that in the future she'll always tell guys who are trying to flirt with her that she's taken. But again, it seems that she's kind of naive and doesn't even understand when guys are trying to flirt with her and labels it as just kindness.
Yesterday, she was at work (she works as a bartender in a spa). She works together with a guy who makes music and is pretty well known in my country. She said that the guy said to her that she has beautiful eyes, they hugged and even before the end of her shift, he gifted her a lollipop. She was very happy about all of that. That made me very jealous. After her shift, we met and I asked her about it. Since it was pretty late, I was tired and have thought about that all day, my communication style about it may have a bit aggressive and not so friendly and it sparked a huge conflict between us. I asked about the hug, who initiated it and how long it lasted. Obviously, the guy did and she said it was ~15 seconds, so a very long hug. Again, she says it's all very normal, only kindness by him, they're getting along well and they are just goofing around... She says that it's all in my head, I shouldn't feel what I do and I have to deal with my issues, go to therapist etc, she thinks jealously is one of the worst things to feel and I shouldn't.. And I asked if the guy knows she is in relationship. She said yes. Because apparently some other men from her work know that she is and "men talk to each other and obviously he knows".. So she hasn't said that to him directly and I really doubt that he really knows and is trying to hit on her. It seems that she really enjoys the attention from him (also since he is kind of well-known guy in my country).
IDK, what do you think? Am I being overly jealous and should I really deal with it and search for help, go to therapy to get over such feelings? I really want our relationship to work out, but the attention by other men she seems to really enjoy, but she labels as kindness and good friendship, bothers me. Again, I know that she won't cheat, she's not such person who could do it. Or should I just say to her that she shouldn't share such things with me so my feelings won't trigger?! I don't know, I really need some of your opinions. Thank you!
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2023.03.26 14:52 FrankieOnPC2080 In Love with a girl I've known for 7 years ... but I barely know her

It was a holiday back in 2016, I was about 14 years old, My family and I went to their friend's house to celebrate and it was my first time meeting them, while doing that their daughter came into the room greeting everyone, in my eyes, she was the most beautiful thing I've seen, She sat right in front of me and kept looking at me and waiving while I am just frozen and stunned looking back at her, after 10 minutes of doing that I stood up and just left and went down to my cousin's apartment(both live in a 3 story building). After 20 minutes, she followed and came to hang out with us, but I never said a word. she leaves after a bit, My family finished with their visit and also took their leave. The next day comes while the thought of her never left my mind, mid-day she sends me a follow request on Instagram, I accept and she messages me saying that when we were a lot younger we used to play together, I ask her for her age after a long convo and she turns out to be 2 years older, and what was also crazy is that we were born on the same day, 19 November. We talked from time to time on Instagram but I was only a child, and I wasn't able to create any outings with her at the time. year after year we stopped talking and it's been 3 years since I've talked to her. I lived my life normally since but the thought of her never left my mind for 6 years. The last thing I heard was she was talking to someone and I wanted to try to say something but If I were to say something and get rejected I would be humiliated in front of many and I say many people in the village where we both live, it would never be the same. I'm still in university and she already graduated, I heard from my mother that her father is thinking of an engagement sometime soon. I was and still am not able to say how I feel, I needed to type this and just get it off my chest
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2023.03.26 14:50 Main_Spread2084 Never been in this position living with a ex as friends and hanging out with her family still

Sorry this a vent haha. Been on my mind. My and my ex were together for 2 and half years a bit longer. It hurt but Kinda odd seeing us breakup and now she’s with another guy, after only a few months I don’t think they will last idk she might’ve moved on she thinks I never loved her still do I miss us
It still hurts hoping she comes back but anyone still been good with them ex’s family? My and my ex still live together and it’s like a new start to a friendship with us. No more stress.
Me and my ex’s mum she still messages me asking how I’m doing. Honestly I’m happy everything’s going well but I feel like they hate me but idk why her mums asking about my work and offering lifts
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2023.03.26 14:50 dcstechno All About Excavator Types and Attachments – DCS TECHNO

DCSTS was founded as a cooperation company specifically feeding the need of construction and mining companies looking for reliable reserves and consumables at reasonable prices.
We are a truly presto-growing company with largely innovative mates with a charge to lead the transformation into a more digital and sustainable henceforth. Inside mining and advancement, we have accumulated plan understanding and devoted guests in multitudinous exercises in India as well as in import requests. still, mines, highways, if you operate in a chase. We have a result for you.
We cover sectors from mining, construction, brand, cement, structure, Pharma, Hospital, and recovery industriousness. We have products and attacks that can feed the industriousness mentioned. High Durability With 40 times moxie manufacturing the mini excavator, we design the products paying attention to every detail to help damage and destruction. Thus, in this way, Kubota laid out a person for high congruity with callers all over the earth.
Superior Performance Kubota’s mini excavators have the power and versatility to take on nearly any kind of task, indeed in the toughest terrain.
Joining bettered digging and lifting power with smooth drivability, they will finish the work properly.
Zero-tail Swing the Kubota mini excavator adopts a zero-tail swing structure. When the machine is swinging, the tail always remains within the track range. It realizes solicitude-free operation in tight places.
The Excavator Attachments accompanied a General Device transporter, which reacted in an important high position place of machine operation and viability. Excavator attachments are planned and raised to the most extreme prosecution well-being. Excavator attachments are finagled to boost the power and acceptability of your backhoe and convey the most effectiveness.
Excavators come all the farther actually progressed every time. Trendy machines have better energy operations, lower discharges, produce lower bouleversements, and give farther power than one model. Progressed PC fabrics screen the earthmover’s well-being and estimate director execution.
important with important attachments, your Excavator will be further than just an excavator and help you with multiple high-intensity shops at multiple job spots with ease.
Reliable DCS Techno attachments will help you grow your business, gain versatility, replace fewer effective machines, and give you the tools to negotiate major systems. Effective Robust and reliable attachments that give effective and safe operation combined with durable and reliable pivotal advancements from our long involvement with the worldwide Excavator Business
DCS Techno Excavator Attachments are known for their responsibility, heavy-duty structure, and excellent performance in the field. DCS Techno Excavator Attachments are designed to perform different operations analogous to road construction, irrigation, mining, material handling, substance recycling, etc.
We are continuously working to add further attachments as per the requested conditions & our ultimate thing is to make Hyundai a one-stop result for products and all attachments.
These excavators correspond to an innovative hydraulic system that makes the machine presto, smooth, easy to control, and can navigate through a wide range of landscapes in smaller spaces.
These reliable hydraulic excavators combine safety, comfort, effectiveness, and durability to give you complete control over your quotidian operations and allow fast cycle times. These hydraulic excavators feature advanced and upgraded ECO Mode & energy saving accouterments for maximum energy effectiveness, ease of operation, and advanced productivity.
DCS Techno outfit Excavator Attachments have no way of Surrender and are the toughest in the sedulity. With the right attachments, you can conquer any job not only excavation, but also mulching, cutting, ripping, breaking, compacting, lifting, loading, and much further. Our containers and different connections are intense and staggeringly adaptable.
Expand the avail of your mini excavator’s bucket with a thumb attachment to get a better grip when scuffling debris or carriage your excavator with a ripper to pull up beams and sums and scarify earth. still, there is a DCS Techno Equipment attachment to conquer it, if there is a handicap.
Excavators are necessary to outfit pieces in the earthmoving business. They are also inestimable for general construction and mileage work, obliteration and scrap businesses, chase, and aggregate operations as well as handling waste and recycling products. However, no mistrustfulness you will find an excavator hard If there’s material to move.
It is not only an issue of utilizing a tractor to dig, freight, or spread. It is new requests like what farm truck types, what sizes, what power, and what associations you'll get around revealing positions. It is easy to get confused when probing excavators.
You’ll find several different types of excavators available, similar to mini excavators, backhoe excavators, extended-reach excavators, and indeed excavators erected to use suction rather than teeth. Excavators also have complex corridors and a surprising array of attachments available.
There are a lot of excavator designs, sizes, and shapes on the request, and an equal or lesser choice of excavator attachments. Excavators are limited to digging, loading, backfilling, or spreading material for canted job spots. With the right work tool attachments, you can turn your machine into a protean supporter that can perform numerous places.
Work tool attachments are what really brought excavators into the ultra-modern construction world. Where excavators were formerly limited to bulwarks, they are snow cross-industry outfits with tools that transfigure your job point performance. They are just many excavator-friendly attachments available.
Augers An auger will enable your excavator to drill holes in the ground snappily and efficiently. Typical operations include digging footings, potholes, and tree and shrub plantings.
Pails Equipping your excavator with the right pails will enhance its material handling capabilities. We can give pails designed for tasks like remittal, digging, gutter cleaning, grading, and colorful general, heavy, extreme, and severe-duty tasks.
Compactors Our selection of vibratory plate and barrel compactors for rent will enable your excavator to perform presto, effective contraction of loose accouterments for a variety of construction and landscaping systems.
Couplers Pin Grabber and CV Series Fast Couplers from Caterpillar will empower you to change the work apparatuses you use with your earthmover in a flash.
Hooks A catch will make it simpler for your machine to get bigger articles. We offer grapples for rent that are compatible with colorful Cat hydraulic excavator models.
Hammers Use hammer attachments for breaking up accouterments at construction, chase, and obliteration worksites. We offer them in several impacts energy classes and blows-per-nanosecond capacities.
Multi-processors We offer multi-processors with exchangeable jaw sets for operations like concrete slice, obliteration, pounding, and shearing.
Rakes Rake attachments can transfigure your excavator into a protean land clearing, point medication, or encounter piling machine. You will find rakes in a variety of extents and apex lengths.
Rippers A ripper connection is great for slicing through the intense landscape or frozen ground. Use it on the gemstone, shale, permafrost, or hard layers of cloud.
Thumbs Hydraulic thumbs will allow your excavator to pick up, hold and transport awkward accouterments like jewels and branches that will not fit in a pail. You will witness better cargo control as a result, which will ameliorate your job point effectiveness and productivity.
There are different connections accessible as work apparatuses for your backhoe. The utilization you have as a top priority for your connection and the sort of tractor you are working with to figure out what instrument you will source.
There are numerous excavator sizes and types available for trade and rent, and there is a plenitude of situations when you would use your machine. Demand opened the door for invention and invention, leading to exceptionally well-designed excavator types. Now there are more excavator models on the request than utmost other pieces of construction outfits.
It is useful to sort excavators by use order and also list all the specific jobs and places the machines can handle. You will find excavators in narrow specialties like forestry workshops and swash dredging as well as pile-driving and pole setting. still, the maturity of excavation uses falls into these four orders Construction and serviceability. The largest order is where you will find excavators hard at work in construction and serviceability.
Construction and mileage systems take place all time long. It might be a domestic branch or a road structure job, but you are sure to find different excavator types in the blend. obliteration and scrap. However, you know that an excavator is no way far down If you’re in the obliteration or scrapyard business. It might be a long-reach machine that’s tearing down walls or mounding persecuted buses or it might be a simple decent steer with a backhoe attachment as well as a straggler with a grapple attachment.
Chase and total. Open recesses bear big machines. You are bound to have a large capacity excavator with a big bailing pail on a chase and total point.
You might also use an old-fashioned dragline. Anyhow of type, you will want to rent the most suitable excavator for your beach, clay, and gemstone excavation work. It could be a wheeled machine as well as a conventional straggler.
Waste and recycling. tip and recycling spots have their challenges. They are places where normal excavators on buses on regular tracks struggle with
flotation and traction. Backhoe makers know this, and they have answered with imaginative undersides that let their waste and reusing earthmovers cross delicate ground with no sweat. numerous excavators transferred to the tip spots have a series of sword buses equipped with sharp and piercing harpoons.
There is no one type of excavator. You will see an array of earthmoving and material-running outfits labeled “excavator." The type of excavator you need has to match how you will use it. For utmost excavator drivers, that function can change rather snappily.
There are seven separate excavator types. Some cross orders and serve binary purposes, but these different types had specific purposes when the design and engineering brigades allowed them out. Then are the general excavator types you will find serving numerous diligences.
Crawling excavators.
dawdlers are the most common excavators you will see operating across America. These are machines on tracks, and they have earned their name from an emotional capability to crawl about the harshest terrain and take traction on steep pitches. Crawling excavator sizes range from rubber-tracked mini-excavators to huge outfits moving on sword tracks. dawdlers ply lower ground pressure than machines on buses, making them the excavator of choice for numerous jobs.
Wheeled Excavators.
While dawdlers leave a light footmark and have superb traction, they are slow when mobile. switching tracks for tires on the undercarriage increases an excavator's speed. Wheeled excavators move a lot quicker than tracked machines. While they are not as stable as tracked undercarriage due to an advanced graveness center, buses give the excavator excellent mobility and better transport times around or between job spots.
Descent steers excavators.
utmost people associate descent steers with wheeled payload and compact track payload rather than real excavators. Do not be too quick to dismiss these fast and protean machines as being dig-able. numerous descent steers multi-terrain payload and tracked compact payload readily accept work tool attachments like an excavation arm. You will find digging attachments that suit your descent steer and economically transfigure it into a compact excavator that can move a lot of material in a veritably short time.
Backhoe excavators.
There is banter about whether customary excavators have a place in the excavator camp Every backhoe holds a digging arm on the contrary end of its house from the haul pail. The main difference between a backhoe and other types of excavators is that a backhoe’s excavation medium cannot fully revolve. That is a small interference when you are operating a backhoe for its designed purpose.
Long-reach excavators.
Long-reach excavators are big-classed machines used in technical situations. They have extended arm lengths with smash-and-stick measures far in excess of conventional machines. Some long-reach outfit has over 100 bases of vertical extension. They are ideal for working across delicate conduits and tricky obliteration spots where the driver can place the machine in a strategic spot and reach out to their work from there.
Dragline excavators.
Draglines work well in mining situations. Before current hydraulic excavators with 360-degree gyration arrived on the request, numerous excavation companies kept a dragline or two in their line. These dateless tools operate on a smash, pulley, and string system where the pail is dragged from a line attached back to the machine’s arm. Although conventional draglines do not fluently rotate, their huge capacity makes them a top choice for open-area earthmoving.
Suction Excavators
Toward the finish of the phenomenal scale sit suction excavators. These unusual but practical outfit pieces do work that no other excavator design can handle. They move material by shooting a high-pressure water sport into the ground and creating a vacuum that sucks loose material through a sock into a hopper. Suction excavators are common in high-viscosity civic work where they perform close-quarter mileage work with little damage threat to conterminous property.
Each excavator type has its purpose. Whether you perform regular construction, make roads, demolish structures, or mine material in a marketable capacity, there is a suitable excavator available.
Although a wide range of machine types and outfit sizes are available, most hydraulic excavators operate on the same principle. They use a machine, generally diesel-powered, to drive hydraulic pumps that pressurize oil painting and move drive and dig factors. The main difference is the capacity and magnitude of the corridor.
You will find three main element groups in hydraulic excavators. One is the drive system or undercarriage. The alternate area is called the house. It contains the machine, hydraulic pumps, counterpoise, and control grouping. The third part is the digging arm or the business end of the machine.
An excavator is truly a system where each element contributes to the machine’s overall operation. Excavators are a high illustration of the total being lesser than its corridor. No piece of a hydraulic excavator is a higher priority than the other. The factors work as a digging platoon, and without an individual player, the digging game would be lost.
An Excavator's underside is its adjustment and drive unit. It contains the drive medium that allows the machine to push ahead, in reverse, and sideways. The undercarriage is a complex system on its own with numerous interconnecting pieces that cooperate to drive the excavator around its plant. You might assume that all excavators have tracks. While utmost hydraulic excavators use sword or rubber tracks in their undercarriage, wheeled excavators do live.
The brilliance of a true hydraulic excavator is its capability to revolve in a complete circle. Excavators differ from backhoes and their digger relatives because they can rotate 360 degrees without restriction. Excavators can dig like excavators; however, they are restricted to a 200-degree side-to-side development. An excavator’s house sits on a turntable joining the hack and machine to the undercarriage. The house also connects to the digging arm, making it the central command and control center. It is also the hustler where energy gets converted to digging force.
Without the digging arm, the machine would be an undercarriage-mounted house with only the capability to move about. Yet, add an arm and the machine goes to work. excavators' arms are shrewd creations that work as a progression of pivots. The arm element can raise and lower, open, and close, and extend and retreat. Combined, the hinged arm factors let the machine dig, bail, cargo, gamble, and place material.
It is the blend of house, arm, and underside that set a tractor to work. The reach, lift, and cargo capacity depend on a mix of the corridor. It is generally true that the larger the excavator undercarriage, arm, and house, the further performance it has within a fixed time. These marvelous machines have come a long way in design, power, and capability since the 1800s. moment, excavators offer drivers convenience and safety.
To know more information about Excavator Attachments visit: https://www.dcstechno.com/kubota-mini-excavators/
Contact us:
Plot No 169, Road No.11,
Prashasan Nagar,
Jubilee Hills,
Telangana – 500096
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2023.03.26 14:49 Shagrrotten The Non-English Language Movie Tournament: Round 1

We have arrived here at the non-English language tournament, FG. This will be a long tournament, as we had nearly 300 movies nominated from all over the world (though as to be expected from the history of cinema the most nominated countries were France, Italy, and Japan), so this will take us over the next few months. As always, the polls will last for one day, so get your votes in and come back tomorrow for the results and the next battle.
Letterboxd list of all the participating movies: https://boxd.it/lOu1o
Results of Round 1
8 1/2 (1963) - Italy (48) beat Martyrs (2008) - France (26), Elevator to the Gallows (1958) - France (11), and The Aviator’s Wife (1981) - France (5)
The Battle of Algiers (1966) - Italy/Algeria (28) beat 3-Iron (2004) - South Korea (7), Embrace of the Serpent (2015) - Colombia (5), and Massacre Time (Tempo di massacro) (1966) - Italy (2)
The 400 Blows (1959) - France (34) beat Memories of Murder (2003) - South Korea (32), Battleship Potemkin (1925) - Russia (21), and Eyes Without a Face (1960) - France (12)
Metropolis (1927) - Germany (51), beat Fanny and Alexander (1982) - Sweden (32), 5 Centimeters Per Second (2007) - Japan (16), and The Bothersome Man (2006) - Norway
Fantastic Planet (1973) - France (23) beat Minari (2020) - USA (16), A Brighter Summer Day (1991) - Taiwan (14), and The Conformist (1970) - Italy (13)
Mirror (1975) - Russia (21) beat Farewell My Concubine (1993) - China (10), The Cranes Are Flying (1957) - Russia (10), and A City of Sadness (1989) - Taiwan (6)
Fists of Fury (1972) - Hong Kong (21) beat A Man Escaped (1956) - France (15), The Cremator (1969) - Czech Republic (9), and Moolaade (2004) - Senegal (5)
My Neighbour Totoro (1988) - Japan (44) beat A Separation (2011) - Iran (22), Fitzcarraldo (1982) - Germany (20), and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007) - France (12)
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (1984) - Japan (25) beat The Double Life of Véronique (1991) - Poland (22), A Short Film About Love (1988) - Poland (11), and Gangs of Wasseypur (2012) - India (6)
Night and Fog (1956) - France (14) beat A Very Long Engagement (2004) - France (8), The Emigrants (1971) - Sweden (6), and Girlhood (2014) - France (4)
Nosferatu (1922) - Germany (39) beat Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972) - Germany (26), Godzilla (1954) - Japan (24), and The Exterminating Angel (1962) - Mexico (10)
Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (1979) - Germany (36) beat Ali: Fear Eats the Soul (1974) - Germany (21), Goodbye Lenin (2003) - Germany (12), and The Foreign Duck, The Native Duck and God in a Coin Locker (2007) - Japan (5)
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (2009) - Sweden (17), beat All About My Mother (1999) - Spain (16), Grand Illusion (1937) - France (16), and O-bi, O-ba: The End of Civilization (1985) - Poland (3)
Grave of the Fireflies (1988) - Japan (33) beat Amarcord (1973) - Italy (14), One Cut of the Dead (2017) - Japan (10), and The Green Ray (1986) - France (9)
Amelie (2001) - France (79) beat The Handmaiden (2016) - South Korea (40), Only Yesterday (1991) - Japan (10), and Hamlet (1964) - Russia (6)
Harakiri (1962) - Japan (33) beat The Hidden Fortress (1958) - Japan (22), Amour (2012) - Austria (12), and Ordet (1955) - Denmark (10)
Andrei Rublev (1966) - Russia (29) beat The Holy Mountain (1973) - Mexico (26), Headhunters (2011) - Norway (10), and Obsession (1943) - Italy (4)
The Host (2006) - South Korea (30) beat Another Round (2020) - Denmark (29), Hedgehog in the Fog (1975) - Russia (7), and Out 1 (1971) - France (7)
High and Low (1963) - Japan (33) beat The Hourglass Sanatorium (1973) - Poland (10), Pale Flower (1964) - Japan (5), and Any Number Can Win (1963) - France (2)
Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) - Mexico (85) beat Apocalypto (2006) - USA (42), Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959) - France (19), and The House is Black (1963) - Iran (5)
Parasite (2019) - South Korea (106) beat Holy Motors (2012) - France (16), The Human Condition I: No Greater Love (1959) - Japan (16), and Army of Crime (2009) - France (1)
Hour of the Wolf (1968) - Sweden (16) beat Army of Shadows (1969) - France (13), The Human Condition III: A Soldier’s Prayer (1961) - Japan (9), and Pastoral: To Die in the Country (1974) - Japan (3)
The Hunt (2012) - Denmark (42) beat I Saw the Devil (2010) - South Korea (25), Ashes and Diamonds (1958) - Poland (9), and Pater Brown – Das schwarze Schaf (1960) - Germany
Ikiru (1952) - Japan (34) beat The Killer (1989) - Hong Kong (25), Au Hasard Balthazar (1966) - France (10), and Pater Brown – Er kann's nicht lassen (1962) - Germany (4)
The Lives of Others (2006) - Germany (42) beat Au Revoir Les Enfants (1987) - France (27), Pauline at the Beach (1983) - France (11), and Il compagno Don Camillo (1965) - Italy (1)
Il Decameron (1971) - Italy (14) beat Pépé le Moko (1937) - France (13), The Man Without a Past (2002) - Finland (11), and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion 2017) - India (10)
Battle Royale (2000) - Japan (76) beat Persona (1966) - Sweden (36), The New Land (1972) - Sweden (7), and Il ritorno di Don Camillo (1953) - Italy (4)
Beauty and the Beast (1946) - France (19) beat Phoenix (2014) - Germany (14), The Platform (2019) - Spain (11), and In a Year with 13 Moons (1978) - Germany (5)
In the Mood for Love (2000) - Hong Kong (42) beat The Raid (2011) - Indonesia (30), Belle de Jour (1967) - France (16), and Pixote (1980) - Brazil (10)
The Red Balloon (1956) - France (23) beat Playtime (1967) - France (22), Inside (2007) - France (12), and Belle Époque (1992) - Spain (10)
Bicycle Thieves (1948) - Italy (39) beat The Rules of the Game (1939) - France (14), Intouchables (2011) - France (6), and Port of Shadows (1938) - France (2)
Ip Man (2008) - Hong Kong (37) beat The Saragossa Manuscript (1965) - Poland (11), Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis (2008) - France (6), and Pratidwandi (a.k.a. The Adversary) (1970) (India) (2)
Princess Mononoke (1997) - Japan (73) beat Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983) - India (47), The Sacrifice (1986) - Sweden (17), and Black Girl (1966) - Senegal (13)
The Seventh Seal (1957) - Sweden (53) beat Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013) - France (18), Jauja (2014) - Argentina (6), and Pushpak (1987) - India (3)
Raise the Red Lantern (1991) - China (28) beat The Skin I Live In (2011) - Spain (23), Bob Le Flambeur (1956) - France (14), and Jean de Florette (1986) - France (6)
Ran (1985) - Japan (32) beat Breathless (1960) - France (14), Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975) - Belgium (9), and The Tin Drum (1979) - Germany (2)
Johnny Gaddaar (2007) - India (45) beat Rare Exports - Finland (17), The Turin Horse (2011) - Hungary (15), and Cairo Station (1958) - Egypt (13)
Rashomon (1950) - Japan (37) beat Castle in the Sky (1986) - Japan (23), The Twilight Samurai (2002) - Japan (7), and Joyeux Noël (2005) - France (4)
Raw (2016) - France/Belgium (35) beat Jules and Jim (1962) - France (32), Celine and Julie Go Boating (1974) - France (19), and The Ugly Swans (2006) - Russia (3)
The Virgin Spring (1960) - Sweden (25) beat Red Beard (1965) - Japan (20), Katyn (2007) - Poland (4), and Cemetery of Splendour (2015) - Thailand (3)
Rififi (1955) -France (27) beat Kin-dza-dza (1986) - Russia (8), Children of Heaven (1997) - Iran (6), and The Warped Ones (1960) - Japan (3)
Chungking Express (1994) - Hong Kong (25) beat Three Colors: Blue (1993) - Poland/France (24), Roma (2018) - Mexico (18), and L’avventura (1960) - Italy (17)
Cinema Paradiso (1988) - Italy (23) beat Three Colors: Red (1994) - Poland/France (15), Rome, Open City (1945) - Italy (10), and La Belle Noiseuse (1991) - France (6)
City of God (2002) - Brazil (63) beat La Dolce Vita (1960) - Italy (31), Run Lola Run (1998) - Germany(27), and Three Times (2005) - Taiwan (5)
Throne of Blood (1957) - Japan (42) beat La Femme Nikita (1990) - France (25), Cold War (2018) - Poland (14), and Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam (1962) - India (5)
Come and See (1985) - Russia (50) beat La Haine (1995) - France (27), Through a Glass Darkly (1961) - Sweden (24), and Samurai Rebellion (1967) - Japan
La Jetee (1962) - France (26) beat Cries and Whispers (1972) - Sweden (19), Sansho the Bailiff (1954) - Japan (18), and Time Regained (1999) - France (3)
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000) - Taiwan (80) beat La Notte (1961) - Italy (21), Tokyo Godfathers (2003) - Japan (14), and Santa Sangre (1989) - Mexico (13)
Tokyo Story (1953) - Japan (31) beat Satantango (1994) - Hungary (11), La Vie de Bohème (1992) - Finland (5), and Daens (1992) - Belgium (1)
Das Boot (1981) - Germany (47) beat Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001) - India (7), Tokyo Tribe (2014) - Japan (5), and Satya (1998) - India (1)
Scenes from a Marriage (1974) - Sweden (21) beat Day of Wrath (1943) - Denmark (11), Lakshya (2004) - India (6), and Touchez Pas Au Grisbi (1954) - France (4)
Seven Samurai (1954) - Japan (90) beat Train to Busan (2016) - South Korea (51), Death Rides a Horse (1967) - Italy (4), and Landscape in the Mist (1988) - Greece (3)
Sholay (1975) - India (74) disqualified, Troll Hunter (2010) - Norway (36) beat Dekalog (1989) - Poland (33), and L'atalante (1934) - France (17)
Solaris (1972) - Russia (40) beat Delicatessen (1991) - France (22), Late Spring (1949) - Japan (13), and Ugetsu (1953) - Japan (12)
Umberto D. (1952) - Italy (16) beat Le Cercle Rouge (1970) - France (14), Soy Cuba (1964) - Russia (11), and Departures (2008) - Japan (8)
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring (2003) - South Korea (19) beat Victoria (2015) - Germany (9), Le Doulos (1962) - France (5), and Der Mann, der Sherlock Holmes war (1937) - Germany (4)
Stalker (1979) - Russia (43) beat Le Samourai (1967) - France (16), Der Untergang (2004) - Germany (6), and Viridiana (1961) - Spain/Mexico (5)
Wages Of Fear (1953) - France (19) beat Dersu Uzala (1975) - Russia (14), Le Trou (1960) - France (7), and Sunset (2018) - Hungary (5)
Werckmeister Harmonies (2001) - Hungary (11) beat Les Amants du Pont-Neuf (1991) - France (7), Survive Style 5+ (2004) - Japan (4), and Die Feuerzangenbowle (1944) - Germany (2)
Suspiria (1977) - Italy (36) beat Wild Strawberries (1957) - Sweden (19), Les Diaboliques (1955) - France (18), and Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1972) - France (17)
Winter Light (1963) - Sweden (22) beat Les Miserables (1995) - France (17), Syndromes and a Century (2006) - Thailand (7), and Do Bigha Zamin (1953) - India (5)
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2023.03.26 14:49 No_Fly3027 My thoughts on adoption

From day one ripples plans were to challenge global remittance and settlement, eg Swift.
Over the last ten years the XRPL has been built on, multiple use cases; all been a burn on cash, several projects cost tens of millions of dollars and went no where, the one that still seems to be a strong prospect is “ODL” on demand liquidity for financial institutions.
Over the last 10 years ripple to company have obtain around 500 partnerships with financial institutions and have secured several enterprise implementation partners like Accenture, R3, VolPay, and have relationships with AWS/Amazon and Microsoft/MoJoLoop.
Around ten years ago, the “IMF”, World Bank” “Federal Reserve” “DTCC” “Bank of England” sat with global leaders, regulators, and swift members to raise the topic of tokenisation and interoperability through the payments infrastructure.
The results were, obviously private, but insiders have suggested the ripplenet products were showcased and a 10 year timeline was provided, eg you have 10 years to create and compete otherwise this private company will most likely secure market dominance.
On the last year, Jay Clayton received orders to stall/delay this process and a very ambiguous argument was raised, suggesting a decentralised token was actually part of an investment contract.
This entire process was exhausting and was designed to stop Ripple and their executive team.
Fast forward..
  1. Ripple now has the support of 500 financial institutions to migrate onto their ISO20022 compliant payment and settlement messaging system.
  2. RippleNet has now become the infrastructure for FedNow, DTCC, majority of CBDCs, and will most likely be an API partner to Swift through interoperability
  3. The result will be, post court case, and regulatory clarity; most institutions will use ripplenet for low cost 365/247 settlement.
  4. 10% of Swifts $5/6T per day volume will result in XRP price becoming $250-500
  5. What amusing, all the banking collapses have evidenced that fractional reserves 1:10 don’t work.
  6. Ripple financed two companies that provide institutional custody and deposit services, as a service, eg inadequate incumbent institutions, can simply provide custody responsibility without the execution of payments.
  7. People still think XRP is a crypto, once the product goes live, it will become the infrastructure to a global economy.
  8. A $2T crypto market cap will be seen as one dimensional, let the crypto tokens fight over imaginary use cases and minute gas fees.
My only disappointment is I didn’t buy more.
My advice; invest in rental properties with low maintenance, think long term passive income, don’t tell everyone you are an XRP OG. Don’t fall for instagram lifestyle unless you have a passive sustainable income.
Let’s check back in 25.03.24
Good luck.
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