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2023.06.05 05:22 MoistureZone Apexlfg [NA][PC][18+] MoistureZone Non-Toxic Friendly Community

MoistureZone is a guild were we chill and vibe! Looking for Active Apex players any region. We welcome all members to join our community and we have many experienced players. Good Sportsmanship & Friendly staff.
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2023.06.05 05:22 gkyer Fever, lung, kidney and intestinal pain? Please help me diagnose my girlfriend.

Before anything, I have to say that neither she or I can afford a doctor unless this is a real emergency. She’s unemployed atm, doesn’t have Medicare and I or anyone else she knows can’t really help her with much since at least I am real tight on money :/
Ok so, right after she came back from a vacation in Mexico (hardly paid by her parents who live there, just in case) she was boiling hot and complained about having pain in the chest, kidney and intestinal area and she could not sleep the night she came back because of the pain, she coughed often, made pain/wheezing noises and breathed fast and on a “weird” way, she was also feeling weak. She said those symptoms were in since like 1-2 days prior but very mild/little, but after running around in the airport everything became worst.
After 3-4 days apparently it all went away but she got her period, and after that she was fine for like 3 days when she felt like this again. Now she also mentioned that her pee looks brown and she can’t really hold it once she feels like peeing. She’s sleeping fine but has pain before going to sleep, the temperature and pain seem to lower a little at times but then it comes back in. She’s not hungry and mentions that when she ingests water or food she feels pain, like if her insides were hot and food fell straight into her intestine walls? That’s the way she explained it but I can’t tell what that means. Her chest pain appears to come from the lungs especially the left side, and the area in between the breast and the end of the rib.
In case this may have relevance, she went to Mexico to get a reconstructive nose surgery, all screening and blood tests previous to the surgery seemed normal. This all started like 2 weeks after the surgery tho she says she’s not been feeling so good ever since that day, tho it wasn’t this bad before either. (I have to say before anyone mentions the money, this was part of her insurance in Mexico, she has double nationality and have insurance there but can’t go back again to get checked atm).
She was diagnosed with asthma when she was a kid but apparently it went away 2-3 years ago. I have to say that she’s never had the greatest diet, water intake (this especially), or exercise.
She’s 5'3", 121lbs. 23 years old.
What can this be? And how should we treat it or does it go away on its own? The only things that I can think about is UTI and pneumonia but I can’t tell…
Any help would be seriously appreciated, thanks to anyone who takes the time to give us a hand with this.
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2023.06.05 05:21 wakeupsmelltheashes Looking for advice/ insight, what is typical treatment for chronic

33F USA, kidney stones since I was 17, 2-10mm all birthed naturally. When I first started having them they were more frequent but with lifestyle changes, being mindful, etc, I don't have them as often as I used to but they still occur more than I'd like haha
For the first part of all this I didn't have insurance so when I had a kidney stone attack I went to the emergency room bc I kinda didn't have any other option. I would be referred to a urologist but since I couldn't pay at that time, I never followed up. All that debt went to collections and eventually was written off. That was a long time ago.
Now, things in my life are much better provided for and I have insurance. I've gone to a urologist, had a stone looked at, 24hr urine test all kinds of stuff. This is great but the bills add up.
I've been going to the same ER all my life, there is records of my kidney stone history at this hospital; basically what I'm saying is that this is a known recurrent issue. Furthermore, both my father and his father both have the same condition, however I am estranged and not in a position to seek advice about it.
Coming to my real question, am I really expected to go to the ER any time I have a kidney stone? It's kinda really expensive and I end up waiting like a really really long time sometimes in unimaginable pain... I just ask bc I have several times passed kidney stones successfully at home using just a little bit of leftover medication from the last time around. Sometimes I only resort to the ER bc I don't have any old meds laying aroundor went thru them already.
I realize that kidney stones carry potential risks, but having done this rodeo several dozen times, I'm familiar with them and know what to look for. I wouldn't want to lose a kidney, but if I keep going to the ER I might have to sell one to pay the bills.
I guess I'm not really satisfied with my treatment options being raw dogging it or going to the ER on a prayer and hope that I can find some relief there in a reasonable time... since history has shown me how unreliable the ER is, I really want another option, but when I've asked to have any kind of small stash of pain meds to keep at home as needed, my doctor has denied it? It just feels like a rock haha and a hard place. Sorry this turned into a rant, it just feels like nobody cares about my pain or quality of life. Maybe it's an unreasonable ask but IDK what is reasonable either. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.05 05:21 HuckleberryMission62 Guys please help me out on this one

My girlfriend's birthday is in 2 weeks and i don't know what to gift her. She has been my gf for around 8 months and is a very good human being. Please give me some suggestions for her gift.
My budget is around 2.5-3k. Some of you may suggest perfume but I can't gift her that as her male bestfriend is already gifting her that soo...
And about a handwritten letter, i can't give her that either because i just recently did and i don't have anything left to write.
Thank you!
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2023.06.05 05:21 strongterra 8 month old dog and nipping, biting

I have an 8moth old male AmBully. Have had him since he was 3 months old. A constant issue that we are having with him is play biting and nipping. There are times when he will target lock on biting at my feet when we are chilling in the family room at night. I have tried to redirect him onto a toy or chewy, but he will come right back to my feet. If I attempt to play with him he will start nipping biting me as if I was another dog he pesters our older dog in this manner.
I have attempted walking away when he gets nippy and he will be ok for like 5 mins and boom right back at it. Putting him out is the room behind a baby gate. Again give him 5 mins and he is back at biting. Finally, Crating. Well, now we have an aversion to going in the crate. And he is pretty good after he is released from the crate, but now he does not want to go in the crate. :-/
He is crated at night, and intervals during the day (this is lessening as he is starting to settle during the day and just chill)
Other times he will nip at me when I am working or when I am cooking. These are mostly attention demands. For these times we are working on a place command, which has shown improvement..
We go on walks morning and evening. Play with a flirt pole, chuck it, basic obedience training for about an hour daily and hikes on the weekend. He is a high energy boy, which I knew getting him, but the nipping is so frustrating.
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2023.06.05 05:20 TheOneAltAccount I sacrificed myself for my school

The day after HS graduation, my mom found my HRT. My parents blew up. They grounded me, tried to convince me I was gonna die from a blood clot & if I didn’t die I’d regret it, & eventually things got so bad I ran away.
But my school hadn’t given me financial aid, and told me they couldn’t change their aid offer even if I wasn’t living at home. And even then the cost of living at my new school was gonna be so high I probably couldn’t afford it anyway even if I got some aid.
So I came back to my parents home. Still professing how they were doing it for my good, they told me they’d only pay for my college if I never got on HRT while I was there. After all, they couldn’t pay for me to “hurt myself.” They said if they got suspicious they’d blood test me. I am not sure but I honestly think they would.
And so I agreed. My dream of being the person I wanted to be was basically crushed. At best I have to wait till grad school in another 3 years. Meanwhile the “best years of my life” in my literal dream college that I’d spent all my high school longing to go to have been terrible. I have no friends. I have no self confidence. I hate how fucking hairy I am fucking everywhere, I hate how I’m fucking fat, I hate everything about myself.
The only thing I have left is my major. I don’t know anymore what to do or if I can even do it. I’m just so tired. I just want to start the fucking long ass journey to being myself. But I can’t because I gave it up to study the subject I love.
It’s so hard to repress this shit.
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2023.06.05 05:20 Dr0cca PokerGo Chat

I’m watching Polk and this killer Khun plays head’s up for a bracelet and the commentary is really funny. Polk’s rail is wild, heavy drinking and chants. Ali said some hilarious “nice to see the boys are recycling back there.” I want to talk about it live with people watching it but the chat, even when clicked on, on the iPad has never worked. I wish the app was a bit better, the production is so good.
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2023.06.05 05:20 Enigmatic-Unicorn03 Mushrooms not working anymore??

I am 35 and have done mushrooms 2-3 times per year for the last 20 years. I typically take somewhere between 2.5 and 3.5g and get the giggles, wild hallucinations and a deep sense of connection. I did not do them for some time due to finishing school and then covid happening. I started again 2 years ago.
I have tried them 3 times in the last 2 years and I havent gotten high any time. The people Im with are high but I feel literally nothing. I am on no medications. Supplements include beef liver, vit c, magnesium and a mushroom blend of lions mane and turkey tail etc.
Things that have changed since they stopped working:
I used to be in a deeply loving relationship with a man I was open to completely (he was gay so we broke up) and I was recently doing them with a man I have since broken up with who was quite emotionally abusive so my heart was completely closed to him. Additionally, the first time I did them with this man I did get high but it was the closest Ive ever had to a bad trip because this man WOULD NOT SHUT UP. Holy shit he wouldnt shut up. Im used to mushrooms being an internal journey where occasionally you say "mmmm a goddess is pulling black cords out of my throat" and he says "mmmm, thats good" and then you lapse into silence for another half hour. Not an aggressive monologue of everything thats happening (it was his first time but still). Can you make yourself not get high if youre around bad people?
I started lemon teking instead of a grotesque peanut butter sandwich
I have been meditating most days, live a life of zero stress, connect with nature daily... I have a good gig. My spiritual journey has been on point and the last time i did them I felt like my body was trying to get high but it simply was no different than my regular life. I can also just stare at things and make them do the swirlies, no fractals but they can move about like on mushrooms. Is there a chance its just become like my normal life so being on them isnt different?
Anyway, if anyone can shed light on this Id appreciate it. My therapist and a friend who studies Ram Dass said that its a level of enlightenment where you just dont get there anymore but while I am kind and grounded I do not think myself even in the same sphere as Ram Dass so that one doesnt check out for me.
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2023.06.05 05:20 bleachbones Double Barrel / Naughty Busters Lyrics Inquiry

I'm on a hunt for written/romanized lyrics for Double Barrel. If not that, I'm willing to pay someone to just make a color coded video visualizing who is singing what in Double Barrel. I have auditory processing issues and it's kind of hard for me to tell who is singing what at some points. If anyone is good at differentiating voices, especially anyone familiar specifically with Ichiro/Subaru Kimura or Kuko/Shoto Hayamas vocals, shoot me a message. I'm working on a HypMic fan project and would really greatly appreciate it. Or if anyone could point me in the direction of someone who could help me, I'd be super grateful!
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2023.06.05 05:20 cofi52 How to grow out a combover to a "bowl cut"?

I call it a bowlcut since another redditor (who was a huge help btw) said that the style i want is basically a "razor treated, layered bowl cut" so thats what im calling it
I'm growing out a combover at the moment and my goal is to get to something similar to this hairstyle and texture except with shorter sides and back. Another good example of this is the hair of the guy on the left in this video except i want shorter sides and back.
However, having a combover means that my hair on the side and the front of my head is very different in length and to get this type of hair cut, i would need all the hair to be the same length. This is a dumb question but how would i go about that? I guess just wait for everything on my head to grow out and trim everything to about the same length? I know buzzcutting would be the best thing but i feel like if i buzz my head, I would lose alot of progress.
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2023.06.05 05:20 Bananerbot_44 I don't know how much longer I can last

Don't read if you don't like bad stuff like suicide or S.A or anything that has to do with depression so anyways this is just a big vent I am depressed and it sucks I hate the fact that I just sit there every day hating myself every second I am in school or at home all I can think about is different ways I could kill myself I will be in math doing algebra and the next second thinking about what my head would look like after shooting myself with a twelve gauge and the worst part is I don't even cry anymore when everything first went wrong I would cry for hours but it would stop during some parts of the day now it's there the pain lesser but constantly there when I sleep when I wake up for fucks sake I feel worthless when I take a shit and I am so done my friends are fake I am the fucking backup friend I have to plan everything and they usually still cancel on me the day of just to find out they are hanging out with other people to blatantly talking about things they are going to do that i am not invited to and besides my friends my relationships have been shit i am asexual which means i don't like sex and my first girlfriend druged me and raped me and was cheating on me and my only other slowly ghosted me and then started dating one of my good friends I eventually tried to kill myself last October but failed then told a good friend who told my mom who ended up brushing it off partially because I don't think she believed me and I didn't went to therapy or anything i eventually tried to kill myself again by jumping off a bridge but the cops found me before i did and i ended up in a mental hospital that one of the kids at my schools mom works at so everyone leaves me alone like I am the fucking plauge because i am suicidal and everyone knows I eventually started seeing a therapist but i don't know how to talk about shit so eventually he said he can't do anything more and i haven't seen him in 3 months but i still feel like shit and my mom would never let me take meds for my depression and i just have to pretend to everyone i am fine even though i can't stop thinking of what my corpse will look like every day people ask me whats wrong or are you okay and a part of me wants to tell them but i can't just make people feel like shit for me to feel better well it's a good thing my mom won't let my dad own a gun or else i would have been gone awhile ago lol
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2023.06.05 05:20 LadyTalah Well..didn't see that combo coming.

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2023.06.05 05:20 Suitable-Ad-4258 Please let me know what essentials I am missing!

Please let me know what essentials I am missing!
I already pre-ordered the X-Wing books and have the entire Yound Jedi Knights collection! Anything else, please advise. I don’t want every book, just the ones that are really good or essential for extended lore purposes. Thanks!
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2023.06.05 05:20 Opposite-Sweet1378 Is this one good to upgrade for Laura. Add broken armor to it?

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2023.06.05 05:19 PM-ME-BIRDS [FC][LFM][RP][C][Primal][Famfrit]Hey come here for a second and read this recruitment post

Hello you absolute STINK 👏 here's why you should join the ChocoPro Racers FC: ⭐ We're the rootinest tootinest shitposting FC around. ⭐ We know that real life is suffering and you can't always log in every week- that's okay! ⭐ Are you a Roleplayer disillusioned by /beesknees and Twitch DJs and seeking more substantial RP? So are some of us! (You don't need to be into RP to join it's optional) ⭐ We've got all that mandatory shit other FCs boast about- buffs/airship+sub/Discord, and a spicy decorated mansion. ⭐ We're a casual FC, so you typically won't find us progging the newest Extreme unless the communal braincell comes together in a freak accident ⭐ We are immune to content drought because we constantly play other games together- Path Of Titans, Diablo, AMOGUS, etc. You can never escape because we will always be around! (For legal reasons this is not a threat) ⭐ We welcome newbies and vets, returners, etc. As long as... 🌟 YOU HAVE THICK SKIN! This is a big one. If you can't joke around with us and know that we mean no harm, then we don't want you in here. Please be honest about what you can handle. (It's nothing personal! ♥️ ) ⭐ If you wanna trial us and see if you'd be a good fit before joining, we'll let you into our Discord to shid and piss with everyone first. ⭐Applying is as easy as clicking the Finish Line Casino placard at Famfrit Shirogane Ward 12 Plot 46, sending a DM to this Reddit account, or a /tell to Ren Sasaki or Lumi Hazar! Pic of the SpeeD admins welcoming their newest member:(circa 2023 colorized) Website for our Roleplay venue, the Finish Line Casino!-
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2023.06.05 05:19 ricox269 I was surrogate to a couple who didn't want the child and I [26] am the child's [7] parent. We got back contact and their situation has improved and they want to make visits, but behaviour is off and mother-in-law is being inappropriate. Conflicting feelings.

I am here for advice but here to vent hoping others can also find a comfort that they're not alone going through something like this.
I am not from the US and my culture is different. They are from the US and probably view this differently
When I was younger I was surrogate for a couple that I knew. Ifit matters, the egg was mine and mum to be was not involved. beyond that, she didn't do much to accommodate or interact, she missed some appointments and things despite being available, being seen at bars etc, sometimes both would be unseen and would come and go as they pleased. They cycled between sending me long lists of things to do during pregnancy or telling me to do what I thought best and then sometimes getting mad about it.
Since gender mattered to them, I set a time to tell them about their son in person, but they weren't very pleased. Not exactly angry but as if their hopes had been given up, they had wanted a girl. Not only was I judgmental upon that but I had they didn't know how pregnancy worked, as they began leaning towards the idea that it was my fault. They reminded me of talks they had with family about how We are going to try for a daughter, they cannot wait to see their daughter for the first time. In the beginning I should have seen the red flag, however it did not look like one at the time, I overheard bits and I assumed they were talking hypothetically son/daughtebaby. It was now my fault for not taking all those hints and doing whatever I did to either guarantee or increase the risk of a boy.
We got imaging, they requested 4d, and they got a pretty decent hit of the baby's face, and while I was ecstatic, and expecting them to be, they weren't very pleased. The more we went over it I became confident that they were judging the child and not the technology.
It was at this time as well as another time when a doctor said she was a little concerned for the child that the parents decided there was something wrong with the child, I overheard them, how they think the child is going to be "r-ed", what they're going to do, wondering how bad it's going to be. Now I work in medicine, I understand these concerns, so often people are not able to care for so-and-so or they're concerned about quality of life, but such topics did not come up and it was out of no concern for the child.
There were many personal situations where they had made me very angry. One day I said that they don't have to worry about the child anymore and if they want to leave they can. Their response was to cut me off, I had legal counsel and things were handled. I loved the child, still do with all my heart, I was in a good place in life, still am, and I was agreed by their whole family to be godmother and nanny anytime they were in my area, and so I had the (very healthy) child as my son.
It's been a wonderful 7 years. I never knew how they were doing because they never reached out. They didn't know much because I only use social media privately for family, birthdays etc. Part of it could be my fault for never reaching out. Until recently.
Recently they started messaging me on Facebook, I was casual and gave small details, son's fine, he had a good birthday. These details slowly got bigger, cool things he's doing at school, a community award he received, how proud. They seem to be genuinely proud and happy and eventually I trusted them to talk to him online and the mother of the Father (MIL) also got involved. We were getting along well and had similar hobbies and opinions and they wanted to make amends with me. I was fine with chatting but I never planned for it to go beyond, and I never clearly said anything that would lead them on. But I'm not actively discouraging them from trying to be involved. I understand, people can change 180 and almost 10 years is a long time. People can also be influenced by would-be grandparents, etc. These people have made changes over the years, they have a good business, a nice home and many daughters, they don't behave the best but I know parents aren't the only factor. The couple has been trying to pay to help with my son and have been actively trying to make visits and I said I appreciate the efforts.
I decided not to tell my son about his sisters, but the parents went behind me last month and told him about the kids they had at home. They told me it was MIL who did it and I won't know for sure. Yes, my son does have the right to know his sisters, I agree, but my reasoning was that he does not know these people, I felt it would be too much for him, and once I understood for myself what I was going to do THEN I could tell him and let him decide.
MIL scolded me for this and since then she nag me for increasingly smaller things. Before the previous event, I found out she got pictures from my son from Facebook when I was in the bathroom as well as pictures she found in the news/school site, and she posts them online talking about her grandson. I wouldn't mind this if she wasn't crossing so many boundaries or acting as if she raised him herself and just being a little bit too proud.
Back when we started talking, I denied her my address but I gave PO because she insisted on sending birthday gifts. At first I appreciated it but now the gifts are getting out of hand, for example he likes a certain book series which he has the entire collection to and she proceeded to send him a special edition set and will send books he wants the minute they come out instead of us going to buy it and read it together. if I get him something with the allowance he earned she will go ahead and send something even better, i feel she'll try to one up everything that I buy for him even if it's T-shirts. I asked her to stop and she said that she's just being a good grandma. The father is doing nothing about this and also sending gifts, helping her (imo) dig into me about how proud I should be of the things my son is doing as if I'm not, also shaming me for not recognising how smart my son is even though I've explained that I don't focus on how smart he is but rather how hard he works. It's not as often as I make it seem, it's a trivial thing that's built up over time. Father was adopted as adult because his mom passed away and family had problems so he sucks up to her.
Of course son is more curious about them, he didn't explicitly say he wants to visit, never said that he didn't want to, he's asked questions. I Have nothing good to say about them personally beneath the surface, as what I know personally are the bad things from 10 years ago that I have no way of determining don't still apply, and the only things I know now are material or their social reputations. He doesn't know that we discussed visits.
As for visits I said I wasn't sure. I don't know them enough to trust them even if a visit was completely public with me present. Mum to be is trying to push visitations, the reason being "let's see the little champ"and "He's a great kid he needs his father more than ever" and MIL this MIL that.
A big part of me wants to say no, or is afraid that if I ask my son that he would say yes or it would create more drama. I don't know if my feelings are founded or if it's paranoia because I do have trouble with my own family. I do peaceful parenting and I hate family drama. I wish not to deprive son of a father, I wish he could get all the bonding and attention and learning and gifts and other things that dad and grandmother offer. Even though my son knows he was once going to go to a different mum and have a dad, he's never questioned until now, he told me he only likes me and he doesn't want another mum. I feel He's too young to understand the entire situation and make a decision. I don't want to deprive his siblings of him or them of their brother, but the parents said if they can't see my son then their children can't, mother-in-law said they're willing to tolerate me and I should do the same. They said they will get to know me if they can see my son - but otherwise they have their own lives to worry about and they don't have time for making buddies, and I can understand that, parenting and careers and personal matters has to be even more difficult with multiple kids. I don't know what to do if I say yes and I don't know what to do if I say no.
TLDR: people I was a surrogate for turned out to be bumholes and I raised the child as my own. Now they want to see him and while their lives have improved, they're having suspicious behaviour and I'm also feeling bad. I'm hoping for advice from people in a similar situation
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2023.06.05 05:19 anonymousaccount247 Watching the movie "Click" destroyed my anxiety. Here's what I learned.

I've always had a huge level of anxiety from a young age, even took Lexapro for a few months but quit it due to side effects.
Something that was a complete game-changer for me today was watching the movie Click by Adam Sandler. The entire movie plot revolves around anxiety.
[Spoiler alert].
So Adam Sandler's character is gifted a remote controller that is able to fast-forward his life into the future and he starts using it.
But the thing is that every time he transports himself, he loses something good he had in his past. Like when he wished "skip me to when I get promoted", but when he got there his dog had died, or when he wished "skip me to when I'm CEO" but had completely lost his health when he got there.
So the point is that we shouldn't crave to live in the future, because only now you have your parents, only now you have your wife, only now you have your health, and you can only enjoy those things now.
At the end of the movie, the main character gets a chance to live his life again, then throws the remote in the trash can and proceeds to live life in the moment.
There's a phrase I repeat to myself "it will come at the right time".
It feels like I untied a knot in my brain, I feel so much better now, my leg isn't shaking anymore. I hope this text will help you as well.
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2023.06.05 05:19 throwaway040323 Losing my entire life 2 months ago

My grandpa raised me because my parents were dogshit. He passed away in April and ever since then, my mom has gone psycho controlling and refusing to help any of us with anything. She's sold the houses he had that we were staying in despite one of them being paid off since 1940. She's refused to even let us go shower at her house.
One of my brothers just up and left. No one's heard from him in days. The other brother has at least stayed in contact and helped a bit but he's in the same spot as me.
We were taking care of our grandpa who was unwell for a long time in exchange for a place to love rent free. This was clearly an oversight since none of us, specifically me, were prepared for the kick in the balls known as adulthood.
I've had 3 close attempts that only my grandpa knew about. It was a dark time in my life and to help me, he got me a dog that's now become my lifeline. It stopped the ideation for a few years but since his passing, it's returned heavier than ever.
I've not had contact with any of my friends. Really only online friends because social anxiety irl hindered my ability to make friends in person. The one good friend I made online and have known since I was in high-school and confided in heavily has joined the army so he gets his phone for like 30 minutes once a week.
Today the realization of the entire situation came down like a hammer. I have no where to go. No one to talk to. Savings ran out from my work that I left a while back. All I have is a car filled with clothes, trinkets of my grandpa, and dog food/water.
I'm just completely lost sitting in the parking lot of a walmart with my dog sitting next to me and I just feel like I'm about to implode
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2023.06.05 05:19 cjacksixty I Feel Brain-Damaged

I am working on my music studio this evening and something that should have taken 20 min maximum has now become 2 hours.
All I’m doing is trying to mount a couple of monitors, but I can’t find the second bracket for the back of the second monitor because I put it down somewhere and can’t remember where.
I lose everything! I spend so much of my day just looking for things: my phone, my keys, my pen—everything!
I don’t usually feel like my abnormal brain is really that abnormal, but lately I feel… disabled like I just can’t keep up with basic things. I haven’t really felt this way before.
I don’t think of myself as disabled but…lately I wonder. I struggle with activities of daily living more and more. I’m ashamed of that.
I just moved across the country a few months ago and bought a house for the first time. I am struggling to adapt to caring for a building and with moving in. All of my little problems related to operating like a normal human being are huge right now.
I lose everything. I cannot get organised to save my life. I feel like I’m drowning in to-do lists, I have no motivation without drugs (prescription), and I’m just…really unhappy.
This is everything I pretty much wanted: a home, the country, good job, freedom—and I can barley get out of bed.
I know I’m not really upset about losing the bracket: stuff can be replaced and things show up, I’m upset about struggling through dumb, easy stuff. I hate this and I’m so tired.
Thanks for letting me rant.
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2023.06.05 05:18 ThrowRA-7483929 my fling (21 M) no longer wanted to be serious because of my worst traits (21 F)

We were friends before eventualizing our feelings and met during our studies. He was from a different country that does not mainly speak English. One of the main challenges were language barrier, so I tried to think maybe that should not be a hassle since I have seen success stories of relationship being evolved despite having a language barrier. We confessed online, and he told me he liked me from months ago.
But with one condition that he could not get into a relationship, at first I accepted it that we could just have fling beforehand. We did intimate stuff online through video calls and being vulnerable with him. To the point, where I visited him in another city. We had a date in our room, and almost did an intercourse. He seemed to have fun but we need to leave as soon as possible since we have our errands.
The next day he did not wish to meet any longer, unless it is for having a one night stand and nothing more. I was petrified and hurt, after all this time we could not be more than what we have now. Throughout our fling I wanted to make him feel as much comfortable as it can, by telling him that I will always be here for him whenever he faced any problems or undergoing stress. Even when we were in our room, he did not say much about his life when I gave him the chance too. Tried to be responsive to his needs as well.
Last night, we had an argument that started from him returning the money he borrowed for transport since I refused that offer, because it was one of the things to show I cared for him too and I could not return it since he gave it from his friend.
Ended up with the topic on why he can no longer get more serious, he said that I was self centered, thinking that I am too good (note in mind I never felt this about myself I AM HIGHLY INSECURE), and forceful since I wanted a serious relationship if he wanted to have an intercourse. Ironically he kept on insisting before I left. He probably made a metaphorical state that I was dense since he said I was like a glass of water and no longer wanted to argue.
Now I would like to need your opinion on this matter, whether I should just give it up and how to recover from someone who does not want a commitment?..
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2023.06.05 05:18 Extra_Lavishness_403 Weird chart this month?

Weird chart this month?
Hi! I’ve been using natural cycles (to try) since late December.. currently in my 6th cycle. My cycle has never been super consistent, but generally 28-32 days with a random short or long one every once in awhile. The last 6 months, my cycles have been 32-36 days, with a random 40 day cycle and then last month was 27 days. All that to say, I’m not super regular. My ovulation has been confirmed for each cycle and I have had a 14 day luteal phase for each cycle, with my temp dropping a day or so before my period.
I’m pretty good with temping as soon as I wake up, but also not perfect (not the best sleeper at night) and I’m a teacher that just ended a really wild school year, so my sleep the last few weeks hasn’t been ideal.
Okay.. so my cycle is confusing me. I started taking digital lh tests on cycle day 10, got a positive (solid smiley) the evening of cycle day 13- so I should have ovulated day 14 or 15? On day 14 or 15 natural cycles notified me that it confirmed my ovulation between day 8-15, with the likely day being day 9.
When this was happening, I hadn’t dipped below the line. It has since adjusted my average temp (used to be like 96.6ish, now it’s 97.56). I don’t know if it’s confused because I’ve had a weird month and my temp seems to be different?
My main concern is that there is a big difference between ovulation on day 9 (like natural cycles says) and day 14-16 (according to lh). Natural cycles says I should have a 21 day cycle and start my period tomorrow 6/4, lh says i should start around June 10.
I don’t know where I’m going with this- but does anyone have any insight? Has anyone had a month like this- with very different ovulation prediction dates? Thank you!
Attaching my graph to see if it helps!
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2023.06.05 05:18 Pink_butterfly- New day

I binged last night and I was so sad. Today I felt sick and couldn’t get out of bed till late cause I was feeling extra sluggish and tired and depressed. My dog woke me up at 4;30am to walk him then i was up till 6 with him cause he wouldn’t go back to sleep. Then I woke up at 9 and I usually feed him at 7 and I felt guilty even though he’s the family dog and idk when anyone else couldn’t make his food 😵‍💫 then I fell back asleep till literally 3:30pm idk why but I was still hesitant cause my family was arguing when I wake up and sometimes eating is really hard cause I’m afraid they are gonna to use it against me when they are mad. But I ate something
But my real win was I ordered a smoothie bowl with granola and fruit and honey and all a whole bunch of stuff, but I ordered a smoothie base and they gave me chia seed pudding and like last month I would of lost my mind if my order was wrong . But i was calm about it and tried to eat it [first time eating chia seed pudding not a fan :(] but I look a step back and just reordered my right order which in the past I would be like “no it will get here too late” and I’d be having a full blown panic attack . But I’m fine I did l think my sister was scared when the orders was wrong cause she’s seen me at my worst 😭😂 it was harder for her .
But anyway now my stomach hurts from the chia seeds and coffee so I’m gonna go lay down with a heating pad ! I hope y’all have a good week 💓
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