404 Error in MyAkron

2020.07.31 04:44 curlsofhoney 404 Error in MyAkron

Everytime I try to log into MyAkron on Chrome, I get a 404 error code, saying that the browser sent a "bad request". Can anyone help me fix this?
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2019.11.13 14:50 wilzibbus can’t connect to the secure network?

so i have this issue where every time i have to change my myakron password, I get kicked off the secure network and it won’t let me back on. I solved the problem last semester through a shit ton of fiddling with my settings but now I have the same issue and I can’t connect on my phone or my macbook. Has anyone else had this issue? It’s a pain in the ass not being able to get on brightspace on the guest network..
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2019.09.11 15:11 upandrunning463 Akron wifi?

I'm in campus twice a week w CCP and can never seem to access myakron/brightspace on their WiFi..besides using vpn on my phone, is there a way to get past this? 😅🙃
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2019.01.16 19:47 spirosdextros MyAkron not working?

Does anyone experience their laptops not wanting to open myakron from the uakron homepage or from a bookmark? Or is it just my computer being an ass?
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