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2023.03.29 09:26 acetaldeide Via Farini, auto in doppia fila, registro delle infrazioni.

Più di una volta ho fatto una chiacchierata con i vigili urbani sul tema delle auto sui marciapiedi e in doppia fila.
Pare che debbano applicare certa tolleranza sia per "ordine di cavalleria" (dal Comune) sia perché siccome è impossibile fare 100mt senza trovare problemi, per sopravvivenza chiudere un occhio altrimenti non riuscirebbero a svolgere gli impegni di giornata.
In bicicletta attraverso via Farini quotidianamente. Le auto in doppia fila fanno parte dell'arredo urbano: davanti alla pescheria cinese o alla banca le potete trovare fisse.
Via Farini è un rettilineo piuttosto lungo dalla carreggiata larga, condizione che stimola importanti velocità. La combinazione di binari e auto in doppia fila costituiscono una sfida alla vita giornaliera per chi va in bici.
Pochi giorni fa ho incontrato 6 vigili in pausa nella via. Alle mie lamentele mi spiegano che fanno multe tutti i giorni, anche ripetute alle stesse persone, ma pare che alcuni preferiscano la multa a parcheggiare l'auto con decenza. Uno di loro mi invita a verificare al commissariato, pare che su un certo registro vengano raccolte le multe comminate. La cosa mi ha incuriosito perché sarebbe uno strumento di trasparenza sull'operato dei vigili. Siete a conoscenza di questo registro?
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2023.03.29 09:03 cuirasat De ce nu dau românii în judecată furnizorii de servicii?

Am stat în străinătate, o perioadă, ca mai toti românii și am avut parte de servicii și mai bune, și mai proaste. Și am tot auzit că nu știu ce păgubit - ca urmare a serviciilor proaste - a fost DESpăgubit, în urma unui proces.
Ei bine, locuiesc într-o zonă a țării în care cei mai mulți locuitori stau fără apă potabilă; apa se oprește în fiecare noapte, deși e în topul celor mai scumpe din țară. Foarte des se oprește furnizare chiar și în timpul zilei, pentru ore întregi. Furnizarea energiei electrice lasă de dorit, cea a televiziunii/internetului la fel iar acum aștept mila statului, din nou, ca să rămân cu o formă de asigurare auto după insolventa Euroins samd.
Toate astea mă fac să mă întreb ce zice și în titlu: de ce nu apelează românii la instanță? Credeți că ar avea șanse să câștige procesele?
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2023.03.29 07:33 iMetalocalypse [WTS] X-Products SCAR X-17 COMPLETE Lower (Black) - $1000 shipped/insured

Bottom Line Up Front: I am only selling this lower because I have recently been very pleased with Lingle Industries customer service and would like to support their business. THIS IS NOT A FIREARM!! The upper on a SCAR is the serialized part for anyone wondering.
With that being said I am looking to sell my now discontinued X-Products X-17 lower. This is UNFIRED, as I am still building my SCAR 17 from scratch, however there is light salt from handling/assembly. I included detailed pictures of the wear but most is where mating surfaces engage, including the tensioning screw in the KDG ACR stock.
I have about $950 into this lower with many upgraded parts so the other $50 is to hopefully cover G&S fee, shipping and insurance (this WILL ship insured). Build list is as follows:
Right now parts for the SCAR are insane with no clear indication of getting better. That isn't to scare anyone into buying, just an observation from checking MGW for the last 6 mo/1 yr and to say building a lower with the same parts will cost this much if not more. So I won't lie to you and tell you this is a smoking deal or the absolute cheapest you can complete a lower, BUT this does have some of THE BEST upgrades you can currently get for the SCAR.
If you have any questions please pm me. Not really looking for any trades. PP G&S preferred, although I'm willing to try and use other means if a proxy is involved. Lower is nice and I prefer the looks in many ways to the MTM/Lingle, again only selling because reasons not related to quality. Thanks for looking!
P.S. I work in a place that doesn't allow me constant phone access so drop a message on the post followed by a pm and I'll try to check as soon as I can (usually within 45 min).
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2023.03.29 07:15 thinkingstranger March 26, 2023

Vice President Kamala Harris and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff landed midday today in Accra, the capital of Ghana, a country of about 33 million people slightly larger than Michigan on Africa’s west coast.
The 54 countries in Africa vary widely in language, religion, and culture, and Harris will visit three countries which initially seem unrelated. During her week on the African continent, in addition to Ghana, Harris will also visit Tanzania, a country bigger than Texas of about 62 million people on the east coast that is known for its natural wonders—Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti plain are both on the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage List. She will then visit neighboring Zambia, a landlocked country slightly larger than Texas with about 20 million people, where about one third of the country is game management areas or national parks, including one that protects the famous waterfall Mosi-oa-Tunya, or Smoke that Thunders—also known as Victoria Falls.
Harris’s visit is part of the Biden administration’s plan to counter Chinese and Russian influence on the African continent. That continent is rich in natural resources, and other countries want access to them. Between 2000 and 2016, China invested heavily in a number of African nations, sometimes in exchange for resources, sometimes for political alliances. It has become Africa’s second most important trading partner with about $250 billion in trade in 2021, just slightly behind the European Union, while U.S.-Africa trade in 2021 was about $64 billion.
Russia’s interests in Africa have tended toward support for authoritarian regimes. Russia focused on Africa after its 2014 invasion of Ukraine began to isolate it from other nations and their resources. The Russian Wagner Group of mercenary fighters has been a key player in Africa since then, often called in by authoritarian leaders to suppress political opposition in exchange for access to mines or other valuable resources.
The Wagner Group has supported anti-democratic movements across the semi-arid Sahel region, which stretches across the northern part of the continent in a band above Ghana. After recent failures in Ukraine, the leader of the Wagner Group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, says he will turn his attention back to Africa, although it is unclear that he will be able to raise the necessary forces to make a major push.
African nations have historical reasons to be leery of European governments, who have tended to want to exploit the continent’s resources for themselves at the expense—often the deadly expense—of Africa’s inhabitants. They are also leery of the U.S., for when African nations began to throw off colonial rule, the Soviet Union tended to support those movements while the U.S. tended instead to support right-wing forces. More recently, the Trump years continued to weaken ties between the U.S and Africa as the United States withdrew from engagement with what the former president allegedly called “sh*thole countries.”
The Biden administration has worked to repair relations between the U.S. and Africa on the stated principle that Africans must have control over their own countries and their own future. The administration hosted the U.S.-Africa leaders summit in December 2022, where it announced that it backed the admission of the African Union to the Group of 20, welcoming the 55 member states of the African Union to the intergovernmental forum that focuses on global issues. The African Union has wanted admission to the G20 for years, noting that they are currently left out of discussions that affect them—most recently, the plans to address the coronavirus—and the administration’s promise that it would back the African Union’s admission was an important sign of the administration’s focus on strengthening ties between the continent and the U.S.
Since then, the Biden administration has pledged more than $6.5 billion to the continent to aid security, support democratic institutions, and advance civil rights and the rule of law. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield, First Lady Jill Biden, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken have all visited the continent.
Harris is the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit and will emphasize the deep connections between Africa and the spread of Africans around the world, a process known as the African diaspora. In Ghana, Harris will visit the Cape Coast slave castle, used to hold enslaved Africans before they were shipped across the Atlantic for sale, primarily in the Caribbean. But the connections between Africa and the Americas reach far beyond the legacy of enslavement: Accra is the burial place of early twentieth-century U.S. writer and intellectual W. E. B. DuBois, for example. Harris will also visit Lusaka, Zambia, where as a child she visited her maternal grandfather when he worked there as a civil engineer.
The administration’s outreach to Africa is not simply a way to counter China and Russia on the continent. The White House explained that Harris is visiting these three countries specifically because their governments are investing in their democracies at a time when democracies around the globe are under siege.
Harris will launch her meeting with Ghana’s president Nana Akufo-Addo. When the two leaders met before, in September 2021, Akufo-Addo identified the key issue facing Africa and the world, saying: “[O]ur big challenge—and it is a challenge of all those who want to develop democratic institutions on our continent—is to ensure and reassure our people that democratic institutions can be a vehicle for the resolution of their big problem—that is economic development as the means to eradicate poverty on the continent.”
This is a great summary of the central issue for democracy today.
In Africa the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic, alongside a rise in interest rates, has made it hard for a number of nations to pay their international debts, which quintupled between 2000 and 2020. At the same time, the Russian blockade of Ukraine has cut food supplies while international sanctions against Russia for its 2022 invasion of Ukraine has cut fertilizer supplies to the continent, increasing food shortages.
Those crises offer possibilities for international cooperation to invest in the African continent, especially as the new African Continental Free Trade Area agreement smooths trade across the continent and, with luck, brings rural regions into better contact with more urban areas.
But those same crises also open the way for strongmen to take over by promising to solve their country’s shortages. Russian disinformation in Africa drives pro-Russian and anti-European sentiment; a new Russian social media network launched on the continent in February 2022. Last week, Russian president Vladimir Putin claimed to have written off $20 billion of African debt and blamed the West for his inability to deliver the fertilizer he had promised.
But while democracy is under siege around the world, Freedom House, the non-profit organization that tracks the health of democracy worldwide, noted last September that African countries have shown important efforts to expand the rule of law and strong democratic institutions. Ghana, for example, has become more democratic but is threatened by the instability to its north.
Still, in August, the pan-African, nonpartisan research network Afrobarometer found that African voters want democratic institutions. According to a report from Chatham House that reviewed the polling, Africans “believe that the military should stay out of politics, that political parties should freely compete for power, that elections are an imperfect but essential tool for choosing their leaders, and that it is time for the old men who cling to power to step aside.” Seventy percent of Africans say they prefer democracy to any other form of government, 82% reject “strongman” rule, 77% reject one-party rule, and 75% reject military rule (even in countries that have recently experienced military coups).
Those impressive numbers in a continent of very young people—the median age is just 19—are an obvious reason for the U.S. to want better relations at a time when both President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken have been very clear that they believe democracy at home depends at least in part on democracy overseas.
And the danger to democracy at home was crystal clear last night, as former president Trump held a rally in Waco, Texas, where in 1993 a 51-day government siege of the headquarters of a religious cult gave birth to the modern anti-government militia movement. Since then, Waco has been a touchstone for violent attacks on the government. There, last night, Trump stood on stage with his hand over his heart while loudspeakers played not the national anthem but a song recorded by January 6 insurrectionists. Footage from the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol played on a screen behind him.
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2023.03.29 07:06 thinkingstranger March 24, 2023

A follow-up to last night’s examination of the confusion among the Republicans about their budget plans: today when a reporter said to House speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) that the chair of the House Budget Committee, Jodey Arrington (R-TX), had said that he and McCarthy were finalizing a list of proposals to give to President Biden about spending cuts, McCarthy answered: “I don’t know what he’s talking about.”
Noise also continues from former president Donald Trump, who early this morning posted on social media that his indictment could lead to “potential death & destruction”; hours later, Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg received a death threat in an envelope with white powder in it. For three days this week, Russian accounts have emailed bomb threats to the court buildings where the grand jury is meeting.
Tomorrow, Trump will hold a rally in Waco, Texas, where a 1993 government siege to extricate the leader of a religious cult who witnesses said was stockpiling weapons led to a gun battle and a fire that left seventy-six people dead.
Although a Republican investigation cited “overwhelming evidence” that exonerated the government of wrongdoing, right-wing talk radio hosts jumped on the events at Waco to attack the administration of Democratic president Bill Clinton. Rush Limbaugh stoked his listeners’ anger with talk of the government’s “murder” of citizens, and Alex Jones dropped out of community college to start a talk show on which he warned that the government had “murdered” the people at Waco and was about to impose martial law.
After the Waco siege the modern militia movement took off, and Trump is clearly using the anniversary to tap into domestic violence against the government to defend him in advance of possible indictments.
But will it work? His supporters turned out on January 6, 2021, when he was president and had the power—they thought—to command the army to back him. In the end, that didn’t happen. Since then, Trump’s foot soldiers have been going to prison while he dines at Mar-a-Lago and rails about how unfairly he has been treated.
Trump is also in more trouble today, as Judge Beryl Howell ruled last week that Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows, former director of national intelligence John Ratcliffe, former top Department of Homeland Security official Ken Cuccinelli, former national security advisor Robert O'Brien, former top aide Stephen Miller, former deputy chief of staff and social media director Dan Scavino, and former Trump aides Nick Luna and John McEntee all have to testify before the federal grand jury investigating Trump’s attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.
Special counsel Jack Smith had subpoenaed these members of the Trump administration, and Trump had tried to stop their testimony by claiming it was covered by executive privilege. Howell rejected that claim. In the past, she rejected a similar claim by arguing that only the current president has the right to claim executive privilege and Biden had declined to do so. Meadows is the key witness to Trump’s involvement in the events of January 6.
Also today, Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a repeal of so-called right-to-work legislation passed in 2012 by a Republican-controlled legislature, whose members pushed it through in a lame-duck session without hearings.
That legislation had a long history. U.S. employers had opposed workers’ unions since the organization of the National Labor Union in 1866, but the rise of international communism in the early twentieth century provoked a new level of violence against organized workers. In 1935, as part of the New Deal, Democrats passed the National Labor Relations Act, popularly known as the Wagner Act, and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed it into law.
The Wagner Act confirmed workers’ right to organize and to bargain with employers collectively (although to appease southern Democrats, it exempted domestic and agricultural workers, who in the South were mostly Black). It also defined unfair labor practices and established a new National Labor Relations Board that could issue cease and desist orders if workers testified that employers were engaging in them.
The Wagner Act gave workers a unified voice in American politics and leveled the playing field between them and employers. But while most Americans of both parties liked the Wagner Act, right-wing Republicans hated it because it put large sums of money into the hands of labor officials, who used the money to influence politics. And organized workers had backed Democrats since the 1860s.
So, in 1947, a Republican-led Congress pushed back against the Wagner Act. The previous year, the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) had launched “Operation Dixie” to organize Black workers, which seemed a threat to segregation as well as white employers. Together, business Republicans and segregationist Democrats passed the Labor Management Relations Act of 1947, better known as the Taft-Hartley Act. Ohio Senator Robert Taft (who was the son of President William Howard Taft) claimed that the Taft-Hartley Act would simply equalize power between workers and employers after the “completely one-sided” Wagner Act gave all the power to labor leaders.
The Taft-Hartley Act limited the ways in which workers could organize; it also went after unions’ money. Although the Wagner Act had established that if a majority of a company’s workers voted to join a union, that union would represent all the workers in the company, it didn’t require all the workers to join that union. That presented a problem: if workers were going to get the benefits of union representation without joining, why should they bother to pay dues?
So labor leaders began to require that everyone employed in a unionized company must pay into the union to cover the cost of bargaining, whether or not they joined the union.
The Taft-Hartley Act undermined this workaround by permitting states to get rid of the requirement that employees who didn’t join a union that represented them must pay fees to the union.
Immediately, states began to pass so-called right-to-work laws. Their supporters argued that every man should have the right to bargain for his work on whatever terms he wanted, without oversight by a union. But lawmakers like Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ), who pushed a right-to-work law in his own state, were clear that they were intent on breaking the power of organized workers. He was determined to destroy the political power of unions because, he said, their leaders were stealing American freedom. They were, he said, “more dangerous than Soviet Russia.”
Michigan had been known as a pro-union state, but in 2012, Republicans there pushed through two right-to-work laws over waves of protest. Repealing the laws has been a priority for Democrats, and now that they are in control of state government, they have made it happen.
Joey Cappelletti of the Associated Press notes that twenty-six states currently have right to work laws, and although Missouri voters overwhelmingly rejected a right-to-work law in 2017, it has been 58 years since a state repealed one. Indiana voters repealed theirs in 1965; Republicans put it back into place in 2012.
Republicans say that since the neighboring states of Indiana and Wisconsin have right-to-work laws—although there were huge protests when those laws went into place in 2012 and 2015—Michigan’s repeal of right to work will make that state less attractive to employers.
But after signing the law today, Governor Whitmer embraced a different vision for the state, saying: "Today, we are coming together to restore workers' rights, protect Michiganders on the job, and grow Michigan's middle class."

📷Acyn @AcynReporter: Arrington said you were finalizing a list of proposals to give to Biden about spending cuts McCarthy: I don’t know what he’s talking about 3:45 PM ∙ Mar 24, 2023481Likes104Retweets
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2023.03.29 03:33 autotldr ‘In awe’: New Zealand aurora hunters entranced by unusually bright southern lights display

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 56%. (I'm a bot)
The lure of unusually vibrant views of the southern lights in New Zealand has prompted aurora-hunters to drive for hours through the night to capture the "Elusive" sight on camera, with social media groups devoted to swapping tips growing in size.
The aurora australis is always more visible in New Zealand and Australian skies during autumn and winter - beginning in March in the southern hemisphere - but this month, the southern lights have been more visible than usual, analysts say.
The southern lights are usually more visible from New Zealand's South Island, but in recent weeks, the light show has been so bright that it was visible as far north as Auckland on the North Island.
Last Friday, O'Dea found spectacular views of aurora australis in Kaikōura, a coastal town north of Christchurch, which was one of the few parts of the South Island not under cloud cover, he said.
With New Zealand's population of 5 million people in an area the size of Britain, there are "Many" places dark enough for spectacular auroras to be seen, says Griffin, the astronomer - particularly south of Christchurch on the South Island, at any location where there is no bright city light.
The sun's cycle lasts about 11 years, Griffin said, so auroras will probably be more prominent in New Zealand's night skies until a period of solar maximum, which will occur sometime before 2026 - giving aurora-hunters a couple more years to perfect their shots.
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2023.03.29 02:38 MoonCobbler Far From Perfect - The mod list from my Stable Boston Videos. Please be Nice.

This is not a fully tested load order. There is still bound to be errors or possible mods being in the wrong space. But I’m mostly just sharing this so that other people can take notes on my set up. As I’m rather happy at how I have implemented all the changes I’ve done to all the enemies, weapons, encounters, as well as setting a sense of atmosphere for my play through. I just hope that I have this all set up correctly.
I have many more light sources throughout the game. Some of the members of factions will have flashlights, while some items have glow mapped textures to make them easy to see in the dark. NAC X is also used to take out the HUD in the game and instead replaces health and radiation warning with visual effects. Also hiding the hud and all its pop up and animations means its not taking up processing power on my xbox. While I use other texture mods to make the moon bigger while the stars are more pronounced in the sky. All around I am proud of how visually I’ve improved the game while giving all the enemies more variety through very vanilla means of script mods.
Settlement Framework
Far - Faraway area reform
Better Coastal Waves - Wilder Water
Distributed DLC Leveled Lists – I have it set to unhinged. Love what it does to all the enemies!
Retro Radio Replacer
Gatorclaws revamped
SKK Fast Start
NAC X - Nuka World
NAC X - Far Harbor
Faction and AI Overhauls
Randomized Weapon Templates
Deleveled World
Friendly Radroaches - Makes them an ambient creature. Don’t activated tell after saving in Root Cellar.
Mirelurk Eggs Never Hatch
Wave Spawner
OCDecorator - Static Loot
OCDecorator - DLC
Home Decoration Daisy Rugs
Fusebox Generator Plus
The Zap Gun, a Makeshift Laser Weapon - I put this here because it adds turrets under defense,
Graf’s Security Fences
You Can Crash on the Couch
Guard Posts and Towers With Spotlights
Improved Shack Bridges
More Legendary Enemies
Non-Lethal Radiation
Please note that the two mods above are xbox exclusives and that they may not work for everyone. So far they’ve not given me any trouble.
Radiation Overhaul
Effective Melee Blocking
Economical Sprinting
SolarPowered Perk Alternative
Realistic Death Physics - No Animation
Realistic Ragdoll Force
Drinking In the Zone
Lunchboxes - More Food, Less Junk
Valuable Robot Models + Buttercup
WRVR - New Companion and radio station
Follower Stealth Distance Fix
Ball - A Fetching Mod - Can be handy and fun to play fetch!
Legendary Kellogg - Also makes changes to all Coursers.
Protected Unique Brahmin
Enemy Workshop Turrets - I think this is another xbox exclusive mod. I haven’t gotten it to work tell I put it in this spot. Tell me if it gives you all any trouble.
(UI ONLY) ScreamingLake Soundscapes - Horror
Classic Fallout Ambient Music Non-Replacer
Not Great Not Terrible - Scarier Geiger Counter sounds
Real Heartbeat Sound
PipBoy Flashlight Sounds - Metro
Existence 2.0 Radio
Visual, Texture, Atmospheric Improvements
Bye Bye Clouds - Removes the clouds in the distance. But helps with FPS. IT JUST WORKS!
Fallout Texture Overhaul - Stars
Vanilla Moon (4X)
Clarity - A Visual Overhaul
Clarity + NAC X Patch
Vivid Fallout (HD) - Trees
Vivid Fallout (HD) - Roads and Bridges
Optimized Vanilla Textures - Main
Wooden Shacks Re-Done
Jester’s Better Destroyed Vehicles
Valius’s High Quality Textures
No Ugly Plants and More
Wetness Shader Fix by Ablaze666
Remove Ugly Flat Trash - Helps a little with FPS. But also just cleans the environment up just a little.
Gritty Subway Stations
Redder Rocket
Retextured Chems - Ephla’s
Glowing Children of Atom Armor
Nugs instead of Rad Rabbits
Fallout 3 NV Feral Ghoul Replacer - This is a good performance ghoul texture.
Glowing Animals Emit Light - All DLC
Pre-War Food Classic Volume 1 - We don’t have the second one sorry!
Resident Evil Ammo Boxes (Clean)
The M38 Gas Mask - A ‘Gas Mask Replacer’
ETSGS - Easy To See Glowing Stuff
Immersive Mouth And Teeth - It always bothered me how people’s mouths looked in the game.
Glowing SuperMutant Eyes
Gibs of Glory - Head Explosions and More (Gore)
Limited Blood Decals
Power Line Physics
Swinging Animated Meat Bags - For some reason these have a light on them. But it kind of helps when it’s night out.
Immersive Candles
Water Enhancement Textures
Forest Fungus De-Lit
Live Action Handy
Neon Lights
Dynamic Lights for Glowing Drinks
Shadow resolution 2048 > 512
Pip_Boy Dual Colors - Green Ghoul
Pip-Boy Flashlight - Large
Dogmeat Helmets and Hats - DLC - It also adds to the Rader dogs level lists!
The Charger Pistol - A Gauss
Dak’s Ballistic Mask
Scavver’s backpacks
TNR Shoulder Lamp - These can be found on both Gunners and BOS. You will see enemies using flashlights in the dark.
K-9 Harness - Tactical Body Armor
Stealth Boy Classic
A Simple Sleeping Bag
Mogomra’s Home Plate Overhaul
Settlement Salvage Bot - Still Can’t find other spots for it could possibly go to.
Flirty Commonwealth(Female Player)
Flirty Commonwealth(Same Gender) - What I love about these two mods is that they make everyone say more things. All of it uses Vanilla voice lines and some maybe choppy at times. But I’ll never forget having and old lady comlement my but in Good Neighbor.
Tactical Weapon Mods - Mounted Lasers, flashlights, bayenets
See Through Scopes - GOTY
RE4 Ammo Pickup Sounds - Moved it here because it does the sound when you pickup a gun. Thought I’d put it here just in case.
Hollywood Laser Bolts
Hollywood Bullet Tracers - What I love about this mod isn’t just that they make the bullets and bolts more pretty. But they Also slow down their velocity. Making it possible for you or enemies to dodge.
Realistic Recoil - look up KupoKinz if your not finding this.
Automatically Lower Weapons - Up loaded by KupoKinz
Free Weapon Downgrades - DLC
Unique Explosives [Season Pass] - Note that this is an xbox exclusive and that it maybe different for everyone as we can’t look deeper into it on Nexus. Still having it here seems to stop the troubles I’ve had with it before.
CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul
Restored Radium Rifle
Perforation - Automatic Weapons - the more you land your hits with automatic weapons the bigger the damage you cause to enemies. Works by scripts to put an invisible gun mod on. May cause you to go unarmed for a little while if your console is being slow. Also does this if you pick up the same kind of gun you're holding.
VAFS - Vaultec Accelerated Focus System - Bullet time!
VAFS Patches
NOTE ON VAFS WITH PERFORATION: These two mods basically work the same way. They both add an invisible mod to your gun. Having just one means their scripts will run faster. While having them both it will be slower to switch to your gun and you may be unarmed while the scripts work. This can also happen when you pick up the same kind of gun that you're holding. So be careful.
Notes of the Commonwealth
Advanced Stealth Ring - Another xbox Exclusive mod. So who knows if it will always work for you!
Dead Financial District
Boston - Less Enemies
Fallout 4 AI Overhaul - I’ve not tested this mod. But I think it shouldn’t be activated tell you save in the Root Cellar.
Cheat Terminal
—-------------------------Keep these unactivated until you save in the Root Cellar —----------------
English Full Dialogue Interface
No Combat boundaries
Search and Destroy - Extended combat range and stealth searches
Ferals Can’t Open Doors!
Unlimited Combat Followers
Quick Step
Combat Settlers
Hack Protectrons as Settlers
SKK Companion Weapon auto upgrade
SKK Dynamic Damage Manager
Dynamic Loot reduction
Flashy(Joer) - Feral Infestations
SCDC Subjective Cinematic Dialogue
Silent Protagonist by StupidDunmer - This may not work for things like WRVR or may have trouble in DLC areas. As I’ve found it to not work in Far Harbor. But I love what it does with the cut scenes and makes dialogue a lot quicker and better.
—-------------------------------- INI Changes mods that shouldn’t be active tell in the Root Cellar—----
Longer Power Lines
Disable Tutorials
Faster Enemy Respawns - Diamond City Security just got a lot more busy.
Fast Corpse Despawn
Please note that the faster respawn and despawn mods work by time on the wall. Not by waiting or sleeping. If Bodies don’t disappear it's possibly because your to close for them to despawn and should leave.
So here is what your gonna have to do when you first leave the vault. Your gonna head on over to the Root Cellar. Go in there and hot the clothing you get for NAC. Your going to go through and turn off all of it’s features except for just a few. You’ll want to keep the Comlex hit FX, chem FX, weather fx and radiation FX. You can now fully hide your hud if you wanted to and make it a modern FPS. Best of all this will help with performance to get rid of those pesky Pop ups.
Everything else should be turned off as it will eat up the processor in terms of what it will be needing for everything else. Then you save your game and go to the main menu.
When on the main menu you’ll go in and activate the rest of the mods. Then back out and let the xbox load all the new mods you activated. Then you’ll want to restart your xbox. When it comes back on you’ll load the save. Don’t leave the Root Cellar just yet as you’ll want to do another save. Maybe look at the beautiful retro Radio when you save so you’ll know which save is the right one.
Then after the second save you’ll want to fully close Fallout 4 by quitting and fully turning the game off. Only then is it safe to load that save game in.
Now there are a few problems that I’ve noticed and can’t seem to find. For the most part my game runs great. I do have crashes still in Boston. But they’re not as often. But it’s when I’m in the workshop and I’ll get screen tears. They are not often and it’s usually when I’m weapon crafting or building new things. If anyone has advice for me on what it could be. Please let me know.
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2023.03.29 02:10 DodgerBot Game Chat 3/28 - Dodgers (0-0) @ Angels (0-0) 6:07 PM

Dodgers (0-0) @ Angels (0-0)

First Pitch: 6:07 PM at Angel Stadium
Team Starter TV Radio
Dodgers Ryan Pepiot (1-1, 3.29 ERA) SNLA 570, KTNQ (ES)
Angels Reid Detmers (2-1, 2.60 ERA) BSSC KLAA
MLB Fangraphs Reddit Stream Discord
Gameday Game Graph Live Comments /baseball Discord

Line Score - Game Over

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
LAD 1 1 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 5 11 1 10
LAA 1 1 3 0 3 0 4 1 13 12 0 9

Box Score

LF Ward 2 0 0 0 0 1 .340
LF Adams 4 1 2 2 0 1 .359
CF Trout 2 0 0 0 0 0 .217
CF Phillips, B 2 0 0 0 1 1 .133
DH Ohtani 0 1 0 0 2 0 .455
DH Thaiss 1 2 0 0 2 0 .194
3B Rendon 2 0 1 1 0 1 .500
2B Fletcher, Da 3 0 1 2 0 0 .240
RF Renfroe 2 1 1 2 0 0 .289
RF Jackson 3 0 0 0 0 0 .222
2B Rengifo 2 2 2 1 0 0 .405
3B Gregorio 3 1 1 0 0 1 .400
1B Drury 2 0 1 1 0 0 .277
1B Palmeiro 2 2 1 0 1 0 .583
SS Urshela 2 0 0 0 0 2 .361
SS Neto 2 3 2 1 1 0 .261
C O'Hoppe 2 0 0 0 0 1 .265
C Wallach 0 0 0 1 2 0 .136
Detmers 2.2 6 3 3 3 4 73-48 3.60
Rosenberg 3.1 5 2 2 1 6 76-45 3.46
Moore 1.0 0 0 0 1 2 13-8 9.35
Tepera 1.0 0 0 0 1 1 12-6 4.91
Estévez 1.0 0 0 0 0 2 11-9 10.57
RF Betts 1 1 1 1 0 0 .278
CF Outman 2 0 0 0 1 2 .283
1B Freeman, F 3 0 2 0 0 1 .316
C Barnes, A 2 0 0 0 0 1 .182
C Diaz, W 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
C Smith, W.D. 2 1 1 1 0 0 .333
3B Williams, L 2 0 0 0 0 0 .152
DH Martinez 4 1 3 0 0 1 .232
DH Avans 1 0 0 0 0 1 .200
3B Muncy 2 0 1 1 0 0 .304
LF Peralta 3 0 0 0 0 2 .143
3B Taylor, Ch 2 2 1 0 2 1 .158
SS Leonard 1 0 0 0 0 1 .375
RF Thompson, T 1 0 0 0 2 1 .086
RF Heyward 1 0 0 0 0 1 .200
2B Vargas, M 3 0 1 0 0 1 .250
2B Vivas 1 0 0 0 0 1 .238
SS Rojas, M 2 0 1 2 1 1 .283
1B Nevin 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Pepiot 3.2 6 5 5 4 5 86-51 5.19
Scott, Tay 0.2 2 3 2 2 0 25-12 5.59
Harris 0.2 0 0 0 0 1 4-4 0.00
Nelson 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 12-7 10.80
Pilarski 1.0 4 4 4 1 0 26-14 15.43
Morillo 0.2 0 1 1 2 0 19-6 18.00
Hurt 0.1 0 0 0 0 1 6-3 0.00

Scoring Plays

Inning Event Score
T1 Will Smith out on a sacrifice fly to right fielder Hunter Renfroe. Mookie Betts scores. 0-1
B1 Anthony Rendon doubles (5) on a sharp line drive to center fielder Trayce Thompson. Shohei Ohtani scores. 1-1
T2 Dodgers challenged (force play), call on the field was overturned: Mookie Betts flies into a sacrifice double play, left fielder Taylor Ward to second baseman Luis Rengifo. Chris Taylor scores. Miguel Vargas out at 2nd. 1-2
B2 Brandon Drury doubles (4) on a line drive to left fielder Chris Taylor. Luis Rengifo scores. 2-2
T3 Max Muncy singles on a fly ball to center fielder Mike Trout. Will Smith scores. J.D. Martinez to 2nd. 2-3
B3 Hunter Renfroe homers (4) on a fly ball to left field. Matt Thaiss scores. 4-3
B3 Luis Rengifo homers (4) on a fly ball to right center field. 5-3
T5 Miguel Rojas singles on a line drive to right fielder Jeremiah Jackson. J.D. Martinez scores. Chris Taylor scores. Trayce Thompson to 2nd. 5-5
B5 Zach Neto singles on a sharp line drive to left fielder David Peralta. Osmy Gregorio scores. Preston Palmeiro to 2nd. 6-5
B5 Jordyn Adams reaches on a fielding error by first baseman Kyle Nevin. Preston Palmeiro scores. Zach Neto scores. Chad Wallach to 2nd. 8-5
B7 Chad Wallach out on a sacrifice fly to center fielder James Outman. Preston Palmeiro scores. Zach Neto to 3rd. 9-5
B7 Jordyn Adams singles on a ground ball to center fielder James Outman. Zach Neto scores. 10-5
B7 David Fletcher doubles (2) on a line drive to left fielder David Peralta. Jordyn Adams scores. Matt Thaiss scores. 12-5
B8 Jordyn Adams strikes out swinging. 13-5


Description Length Video
Will Smith's sac fly puts the Dodgers in front 0:23 Video
Anthony Rendon's RBI double ties the game at 1 0:24 Video
Taylor Ward's incredible inning-ending double play 0:28 Video
Brandon Drury rips an RBI double to left 0:18 Video
Max Muncy bloops an RBI single into shallow center 0:16 Video
Breaking down Reid Detmers's pitches 0:08 Video
Hunter Renfroe's two-run homer 0:29 Video
Luis Rengifo's solo homer 0:25 Video
The distance behind Hunter Renfroe's home run 0:10 Video
Luis Rengifo: Home Run Statcast Analysis 0:14 Video
Analyzing Hunter Renfroe's home run through bat tracking 0:09 Video
A deep dive into Luis Rengifo's home run 0:09 Video
Breaking down Ryan Pepiot's pitches 0:08 Video
Luis Rengifo and Hunter Renfroe go back-to-back 0:29 Video
Miguel Rojas' two-run single ties the game at 5 0:22 Video
Ryan Pepiot strikes out Taylor Ward in the 1st inning 0:22 Video
Zach Neto rips an RBI single to left field 0:27 Video
Breaking down Kenny Rosenberg's pitches 0:08 Video
David Fletcher's two-run double against the Dodgers 0:26 Video


Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Save
Rosenberg (2-1, 3.46 ERA) Scott, Tay (0-1, 5.59 ERA)
Attendance Weather Wind
66°F, Partly Cloudy 9 mph, R To L
HP 1B 2B 3B
Malachi Moore Nestor Ceja Alfonso Marquez Mark Ripperger
Game ended at 9:14 PM.
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
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2023.03.29 00:52 teconcriollo Por qué los médicos de guardia son tan chotos?

Fui a la guardia del Allende porque el domingo me golpee jugando al fútbol y tengo un hematoma de 10 centimetros en la parte interna del muslo. No puedo flexionar la rodilla ni estirar porque me tira y duele mucho. Camino en una sola pierna. Me atiende el traumatologo y me manda rápido a hacerme una ecografía. No me pregunta el grado de dolor que tengo, si puedo caminar con normalidad, nada. Un trámite.
Vuelvo y el flaco me dice "Es el hematoma, levantá la pierna y reposá", le pido que me indique reposo, y me dice "no, para laburar no hace falta, solo no hagas deporte" ¡¡¿¿¿¿????!! Estos tipos piensan que todos laburan sentaditos en una sillla como ellos (con el respeto que se merecen por haber estudiado y recibido). Casi le tuve que rogar que me de reposo y me dió 48 hs nomás. Pareciera que es el dueño de la empresa para la que laburo.
En fin. Perdón por el rant. Pero me da bronca. También me pasó que tuve lesión de meñiscos y el traumatologo andaba en la misma, mirando una placa me dice "No tenés un grado de dolor muy alto", amigo como verga sabés cuánto me duele????
No sé si esto pasa solo en el Allende. Pero ya me rompe demasiado los huevos la falta de vocación que tienen estos pelotudos. Estudiaron la carrera más larga que existe para atender como el orto.
Ni hablemos de la cara de ojete que tienen los secretarios. A esos me dan ganas de agarrarlos con un matafuegos a lo Darín.
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2023.03.29 00:33 smartybrome List of FREE and Best Selling Discounted Courses

Courses for 29 March 2023

Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.

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2023.03.29 00:33 smartybrome List of FREE and Best Selling Discounted Courses

Courses for 29 March 2023

Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.

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2023.03.28 23:25 AccessPatrolServices Seguridad privada para escuelas en Santa Ana

La seguridad privada para escuelas en Santa Ana puede ser una opción viable para la protección y tranquilidad para todas las personas.
Sabemos que la seguridad en las escuelas es una preocupación constante para los padres, estudiantes y docentes en cualquier lugar.
Al contratar una agencia confiable de seguridad privada para escuelas en Santa Ana como Access Patrol Services, te proporcionamos con un ambiente seguro y protegido para todos los que se encuentren dentro y fuera del establecimiento.
En los últimos años, los eventos violentos en las escuelas han sido un riesgo creciente en la sociedad.
Como el caso que ocurrió el día 2 de mayo del 2022, en donde 2 primos identificados como estudiantes-atletas del equipo de béisbol de la escuela secundaria Century High School en Santa Ana, recibieron disparos el jueves por la noche, uno de ellos fatalmente, por lo que se inició la búsqueda del tirador, mencionaron las autoridades.
Las dos víctimas se encontraban sentadas en un auto antes de las 7:30 pm en el bloque 1400 del sur de Minnie Street en Santa Ana, cuando el sospechoso se acercó a ellos a pie y disparó, de acuerdo con la policía.
«Ya sea que él (sospechoso) tenía un auto cerca, aún lo estamos averiguando», mencionó la sargento de policía de Santa Ana, Maria Lopez.
Una tercera persona se encontraba dentro del auto en el momento del tiroteo, según los detectives.
Esa persona no estaba relacionada con los primos.
Los oficiales llegaron a la escena en un callejón y encontraron a un hombre inconsciente, sufriendo de múltiples heridas de bala en la parte superior del torso, dijeron en un comunicado el Departamento de policía de Santa Ana.
Los bomberos-paramédicos del Condado de Orange transportaron a ambas víctimas al hospital.
No se supo inmediatamente si la tercera persona fue alcanzada por disparos.
Roberto Izelo, de 18 años, fue declarado muerto en el centro médico, mencionó la policía, citando a la Oficina del Forense del Condado de Orange.
Su primo de 19 años, cuyo nombre no fue revelado, figuraba en condición estable.
«Las circunstancias o el motivo que envuelven el tiroteo, están siendo investigadas actualmente», mencionó el departamento de policía, añadiendo que los detectives están investigando la posibilidad de que el tiroteo estuviera relacionado con pandillas.
Cualquier persona con información sobre el caso, se le pide llamar a los detectives de homicidios de la policía de Santa Ana al (714) 245-8390 o a Crime Stoppers del Condado de Orange al (855) TIP-OCCS.
La policía mencionó que el caso es elegible para el programa Gang Reward.
Con Access Patrol Services te podemos proporcionar una capa adicional de seguridad privada para escuelas en Santa Ana.
Para mayor información llama al 866-964-1054 o visítanos en nuestro sitio web seguridadaps.com
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2023.03.28 22:47 Purple-Push2015 Estou sendo atropelado pela minha rotina

Via de contexto, Sou homem, formado no E.M a 3 anos agora e atualmente estou estudando num cursinho de prestígio da minha cidade, não tenho muito oq falar, estou estudando visando medicina, mas pra ser bem sincero as vezes fica super difícil pq eu simplesmente não tenho vocação, eu tenho sonhos obv, mas nada na bolha profissional, fui aquele caso de aluno q só estudava pela nota, nunca pensei sobre durante meu E.M e então... BOOM o sistema da vida me acordou com uma notificação peculiar um dia "Parabéns (meu nome) você agora foi oficialmente PROMOVIDO de estudante a DESEMPREGADO!" por sorte minha família tem uma situação financeira estável, eu devo ter a opção de ser sustentado até meus 24 anos ou 27 caso eu acabe entrando na faculdade.
Dito isso, a carga horária dos meus estudos ficou mt apertada, saí de uma rotina em que eu sentia q tinha tempo pra mim para oq 8 horas de estudo em sala por dia, fora o trabalho q eu deveria levar pra casa, estudo pela tarde e deveria fazer exercícios, redações e afins pela manhã, mas seja pelo cansaço, sono ou ansiedade eu tenho pecado nessa parte, então acabei me atrasando em diversas matérias depois do carnaval
O que me trás ao presente, em que me encontro na situação de, por algum motivo, não conseguir dormir a noite, acordar as 8hrs da manhã e não ter tempo pra estudar , já que eu cozinho e vou pra academia (oq ocupa cerca de 1:30 do meu tempo) e sempre q eu tento estudar a tarde os assuntos atrasado, filando alguma aula q eu já não estou entendendo direito por estar atrasado, eu acabo travando sabe? eu olho pro livre e percebo que meu progresso não está rápido o bastante pra eu matar aquele conteúdo a tempo de pegar o que está sendo passado agora, lembro das outras matérias, percebo q o tempo q eu to perdendo pensando nisso tá me deixando mais pra trás ainda e quando eu vejo, já tá de noite e eu não fiz praticamente porra nenhuma.
Pra finalizar, as vezes me falta sangue nos olhos porque eu nem sei direito oq eu quero da minha vida, "decidi" por medicina, mas sempre me pergunto quanto sou EU que quero isso, e quanto é minha família. Particularmente não acho a área ruim, já pensei em algo relacionado a TI tbm, pq tenho o sonho de morar fora, oq pra mim seria o único demérito de medicina, também não gosto da ideia de ficar fazendo vestibular diversas vezes perseguindo um sonho que eu nem sei se quero, tô meio q naquela de "pra quem não tem caminho qualquer um serve" ( mas quero cursar alguma área q me dê retorno ou liberdade obviamente kk ou os dois) e é isso, não tenho tido tempo pra mim, minha auto estima tem estado uma bosta e to super isolado pq meus amigos estão ocupados com suas vidas//faculdades//estágios//projetos e afins. A e antes que perguntem, eu me consulto com uma psicóloga, mas faz mais ou menos um mês q eu não consigo ver ela, seja por não dar conta dos meus horários ou por outros motivos, enfim. obrigado por lerem até aqui, o texto ficou maior doq eu pensava kk
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2023.03.28 22:40 astralrocker2001 The Esoteric Mystery of Flight MH370

On March 13, 2018, a twitter user who went by the name strayedaway, or Ty, posted a thread about a creepy voicemail he received regarding the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The thread went viral and many more people came out claiming to have received the same one. This prompted people all over the internet to get involved and help solve the mystery. However, there was never a real conclusion, and after receiving an overwhelming amount of publicity and even death threats, Ty and many others linked to the thread deactivated their accounts. Many people claim the whole thing was an elaborate hoax or even an alternate reality game, but I am not satisfied with those answers. Ty’s thread and the bizarre disappearance of MH370 still linger in the minds of many to this day.
For those who are unaware, MH370 was an international flight that disappeared on March 8, 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The voicemail Ty received 4 years later was an SOS message thought to be recorded on the missing plane’s black box. Some theorized that an unknown force may have briefly extended the reception range which resulted in the message being picked up by cellphones.
The voicemail was a recording of a robotic voice speaking in military code. After twitter investigators deciphered it, they discovered a chilling warning about aliens followed by a string of numbers that turned out to be coordinates close to the place MH370 vanished from radar. Besides the voicemail, there are many more oddities surrounding this event and there seems to be a synchronistic pattern hiding in plane sight. Flight 370, a Boeing 777, left on the 7th day of the 3rd month and Malaysia Airlines is said to fly nearly 37,000 passengers daily.
The television show Lost seemed to predict the event as well, 10 years before it happened. In the show, a Boeing 777 deviates from its path, turns around, and disappears somewhere off the coast of Australia. This is exactly what MH370 did. The show also seemed to predict who would be on the plane. In Lost, some of the passengers included an actor and two men who used fake passports. On MH370, there was an actor and two men who used fake passports as well.
The actor was Ju Kun, Jet Li's body double, and fake identities were used by two Iranian men seeking asylum in Europe. Oddly enough, in Lost, a psychic predicts the plane crash. MH370‘s disappearance also seemed to be predicted by the Nigerian prophet T. B. Joshua. In 2013, T. B. Joshua warned that an aircraft carrying over 200 passengers from an Asian nation would have some serious problems. MH370 had 227 passengers on board. The video of his proclamation went viral on YouTube after the flight’s disappearance.
Another strange synchronicity is Lost was first aired on September 22, 2004. September 22 would turn out to be big day for CERN, exactly 7 years later. If you‘re unaware, CERN is a facility that smashes atoms together to create mini black holes and look for other dimensions. On September 22, 2011, CERN succeeded in sending particles faster than the speed of light. Physicists hypothesize that going faster than light speed could actually result in time travel. However, the claim was supposedly debunked sometime later. But this is still up for debate.
But what I find most strange, is the fact that the man who made this discovery was forced to resign. Conspiracy theorists claim CERN did in fact achieve time travel and caused the past to change, a phenomenon known as the Mandela Effect. They say this historical event constantly switches back and forth between having happened on the 22nd or 23rd. Supposedly, every year around this time, new inconsistencies in history pop up.
Ironically, the plot of Lost is centered around a time travel experiment called the Dharma Initiative. In The Lost Experience, it’s revealed that the goal of the experiment was for people to alter the timeline and push back doomsday. Oddly enough, its logo looks just like CERN.
CERN compared to the Dharma Initiative's logo
Coincidentally, The Lost Experience was an alternate reality game. Remember that the voicemail received by Ty was thought to be part of an ARG as well. Similarly, the investigation sparked by Ty’s thread uncovered the date of a supposed doomsday event, April 18, 2018. Many speculated that on this day there would be an alien invasion. Obviously this didn’t happen, but perhaps uncovering the plan pushed back doomsday, like in the Lost game. With UFOs now in the news, the idea of an alien invasion or apocalyptic event seems even more relevant. If you’ve read my other threads, you know I think the apocalypse has something do with something known as the Black Sun. Oddly enough, MH370 also has connections to this concept. The Black Sun is a symbol that some say represents a portal to somewhere beyond space and time. This strange mural dedicated to the disappearance of MH370 depicts the plane flying straight into something resembling a black hole. The portal seems to be luring the passengers inside by telling them to come in.
\"Come in!!\"
Another mural seems to depict this as well. In this picture, we see a plane flying right into what appears to be a tear in the fabric of reality. Yet another mural shows the missing flight returning through one. Were the passengers of MH370 taken to another dimension?
Some suspicious murals show MH370 piercing the matrix barrier.
This all seems reminiscent of Donnie Darko, a movie about doomsday, time travel, and a plane falling through a black hole in the sky. Just like in Lost, the main character, who is guided by a demonic humanoid rabbit, is tasked with closing a time loop and stopping the apocalypse. The Black Sun is also symbolic of Saturn, which was known to the ancients as the god of time. Saturn is also famous for having a hexagon on its North Pole. In the painting above, we see MH370 trapped behind a net of hexagons. Were the passengers victims of a groundbreaking Saturnian ritual?
Even stranger, in the 2013 film Man of Steel (released prior to the vanishing), a trident shaped UFO that resembles the Malaysian Airlines logo crashes off the coast of Australia, just like MH370 did. The movie shows the coordinates of the UFO being 37° S 76° E. Here we see more numerology at work. But it gets weirder. If you type in the opposite coordinates, 37° N 76° W, you get the location of King Neptune‘s Park on Virginia Beach. At the park there is a statue of King Neptune holding a trident. The streets leading up to the park, which are adjacent to 33rd Street, form a trident as well.
Ironically, Virginia Beach is an hour drive from Middlesex, the town where Donnie Darko takes place. In Mission Impossible III, another movie centered around chasing a white rabbit, there’s a scene where the Malaysian Airlines logo can be seen from behind, revealing a hidden 666.
The same exact scene was also used in the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The movie is about sun harvesting robots who reside on one of Saturn’s moons. I find it odd they reused the same footage with focused emphasis on the Malaysia Airlines logo in reverse (to signal 666) for two films released roughly three years apart, and both prior to the disappearance of MH370.
Relevantly, Boeing P-8A Poseidon (Neptune with trident) aircraft were used in the search for MH370.
In the film 'Man of Steel', the coordinates for the Trident UFO attack are revealed to be the locations of the King Neptune statue in Virginia Beach, and the GPS blackout location of MH370.
When you connect a line between the two coordinate locations for the Trident UFO attacks, the line perfectly bisects the precise point where the Equator and Prime Meridian cross.
The initial flight path of MH370 after departing from Kuala Lumpur encode esoteric numbers 777 in distance and 911 in location coordinates, before heading on its mystifying southerly path into the vast Indian Ocean.
In the 2015 film Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, the flight MH370 is alluded to yet again with the vanishing of a "Flight 606" from Malaysia which heads south across the Indian Ocean and disappears with all 236 souls - just three passengers short of MH370's 239 passengers in what is obviously another blatant reference pointing to the vanished MH370.
Ethan Hunt, the protagonist of the film played by Scientology actor Tom Cruise, is connected to the extremely important Corona/Eclipse sign and the Freemasonic Pyramid with Eye of Horus. Also note the checkerboard floor.
Masonic Pyramid and Eye of Horus with Corona/Eclipse connected to Ethan Hunt.
Strangely, in real life, the leader of the 'Reward MH370' crowdfunding campaign for victims of MH370 was a man by the name of Ethan Hunt, a name which just so happens to be exactly the main protagonist of the 'Mission: Impossible' movie franchise.
Coming back full circle, we discovered that two films of this very franchise, both Mission: Impossible 3 and 5, have direct references to MH370 contained within well hidden scenes which are importantly linked to the usual occult symbolism of the Antichrist Beast, always depicted by the Freemasons as their "Chosen One", the messianic hero of their secular world empire.
The name 'Ethan Hunt' was chosen for its key value of 111 in the English Gematria, which is 666 in the English Sumerian cipher, which counts by 6. Ethan Hunt is quite literally representing the 666, that is the Masonic Beast, which is directly linked to the Malaysia Airlines rituals and the Trident.
The rabbit hole goes deep with the Trident. The façade of the World Trade Center's Twin Towers were designed with the Tridents. Both the 9/11/2001 attacks and the Malaysia Airline attacks were both "terrorist" acts, linked by the Trident motif, 666, and the Blue/Red enigma tied to the jetliners.
The façade of the World Trade Center Twin Towers were Tridents. 911 we have an emergency.
The destruction of MH370's sister jet Malaysia Airlines MH17 by a Russian BUK missile over the Donbas of Ukraine also occurred in 2014, just months after the vanishing of MH370. Note that the Ukrainian CIA-led coup began that year, in 2014. Both MH370 and MH17 were jet airliners of the Malaysia Airlines whose emblem encodes 666 and the Trident bearing the highly esoteric Blue and Red polarity.
It is important to note that MH17 was shot down over the Donbas, which would later turn out to be the primary regional catalyst for the 2022 Russo-Ukrainian war, an invasion which began precisely 7 years, 7 months, and 7 days after MH17's destruction. Ukraine's coat of arms is the Trident. Both jets were Boeing 777s.
The Trident is a three-pronged fork. The trident is mentioned in the Bible, but only once and is used by Satanic forces in relation to blood sacrifice. The Old Testament records that when the tabernacle (temple of YHWH) was at Shiloh, the priests became corrupt. First Samuel 2 recounts the practices of the wicked sons of Eli.
Three-pronged forks, like the one mentioned in this text have been found at a number of archaeological sites where sacrifices were offered by the Canaanites to their Satanic pagan gods. The trident and tongs pictured below is from Akko, and is said to date to the 14th-13th century B.C.
MH370 is figured to have crashed into the watery depths of the Indian Ocean with its victims alive.
Neptune/Poseidon with Trident. Aqua (Sea) Man. \"A Tide Is Coming\".
The TV shows 'Lost', 'Manifest', and 'Departure' all center around commercial jets that completely vanish without a trace, crossing into another dimension, and returning with passengers that are effected by some supernatural, paraphysical, or extradimensional phenomena.
The MH370 mystery takes an even darker turn down the rabbit hole where the numbers 666, 777, and 911 connect to the sinister rituals of the Thelemite O.T.O. occultist Aleister Crowley, dubbed "the wickedest man in the world", whose personal title was "the Great Beast 666".
Contact with extradimensional intermediaries and the clandestine global manipulation through ritual sacrifice was the primary activity of Crowley's endgame, and this continues on into the present day through an ever growing pool of initiated individuals carrying out the necessary ritual activities. Day to day, a cleverly observant researcher can actually follow this global trail of the 666/777/911 chaos rituals being carried out as time progresses, the plans of which are quite literally the secret process of Crowley's primary agenda on the world stage. TPTB that are responsible for these deathly ritualistic activities are guided and encouraged onward by the dark spiritual powers in high places.
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2023.03.28 22:30 Dantherocket One of these things is not like the other!!

One of these things is not like the other!!
Not every day a mimic is next to a chest
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    2. Pooram Vibes..!! 🕺💃😎 (1834 points, 73 comments)
    3. Damn! Now we have a dosa printer as well! (1806 points, 265 comments)
    4. You got pubs, DJ parties and night life in Kerala?? Our Pallellachan - Seriously kiddo?? ( From St.Joseph's Church, Veroor ) (1364 points, 189 comments)
    5. Wow! This is interesting! Uber was built in 2007 with Travis Kalanick,the founder, and a few other developers coding in from Varkala Beach, Kerala! Travis had made to Varkala several times post that. (972 points, 32 comments)
    6. This is such a heartwarming story of KSRTC driver-conductor couple from Alappuzha! (962 points, 20 comments)
    7. Love this kind of spirit. More power to her! 21 year old Ann Mary Ansalen, a law student, from Cochin (943 points, 79 comments)
    8. When Malayalis invade the office space.. (927 points, 48 comments)
    9. Not Your Usual Thrissur Pooram Shot! (872 points, 50 comments)
    10. 88-year-old Devaki Amma from Muthukulam, Alleppy has grown a forest in her backyard with over 3K trees which is now home to peacocks, monkeys and various exoticbirds. She is a winner of "Nari Shakti Puraskar", India's highest civilian honour for women. (870 points, 12 comments)
  2. 20678 points, 25 submissions: frosted_bite
    1. Original driver fled after the load of straw on the truck caught fire. An onlooker jumped into it and drove the truck into an open ground in a zigzag manner to dislodge the burning straws. Happened in Kozhikode (2289 points, 99 comments)
    2. Results advertised by a women's college in Vengara, Malappuram. What's the purpose of publishing like this when the person can't be identified? (1567 points, 322 comments)
    3. This video from the chaayakada made my day ❤️ (1542 points, 103 comments)
    4. Students forced to stand in rain as they're only allowed to get inside the bus when it departs. Many such incidents happen every day as Private buses hate students who travel on concession. Often, the conductors shower abusive words if the students attempt to sit on a vacant seat. (1163 points, 215 comments)
    5. Harassing innocent auto drivers and commuters as part of the Strike. The police are witnessing it but doesn't take any action (1142 points, 189 comments)
    6. Kerala Police boat club cheats by shoving opponent to win boat race, later lathi charges those who questioned it (1137 points, 82 comments)
    7. Kerala Groom Dresses Up As 'Minnal Murali' For Wedding (1068 points, 196 comments)
    8. Part of a speech by Askar Ali who was assaulted for renouncing his religion (922 points, 163 comments)
    9. FaFa's exponential rise in Indian cinema (868 points, 56 comments)
    10. Nostalgic Asianet theme song 'Shyama Sundara Kera Kedara Bhoomi' composed by AR Rahman (777 points, 76 comments)
  3. 12053 points, 16 submissions: village_aapiser
    1. I like how they mentioned kerala, india (2903 points, 221 comments)
    2. People who are paying for someone else's incompetency (1263 points, 113 comments)
    3. KSRTC bus accident in Konni Pathanamthitta, three victims critical (996 points, 355 comments)
    4. merry Christmas kerala (760 points, 58 comments)
    5. Pwd digging a hole in the road the very next day after its construction. (727 points, 85 comments)
    6. Pre Marine drive Kochi. View of shanmugam road from the roof top of Sealord Hotel (710 points, 59 comments)
    7. India's most modern freight loco WAG12B touching മലയാളകര for the first time. Its a fully electric automotive and with a power of 12000 hp, it is one of the most powerful train in the world (634 points, 91 comments)
    8. Kerala is far superior in terms of home construction and its aesthetics. I have been to a lot of states and can assure that even our budget homes has far better aesthetic value than the average mansions of other states. What would have made us better in this regard? (562 points, 277 comments)
    9. How many of you know that there is a protest going on to shift the capital to Kochi 😂 (553 points, 195 comments)
    10. എന്നും രാവിലെ കൃത്യം ഏഴു മണിക്ക് വാഹനാപകടം. കാരണം ഒറ്റക്ക് കണ്ടുപിടിച്ച് പരിഹാരം കണ്ടെത്തി പഞ്ചായത്ത് പ്രസിഡന്റ് (530 points, 58 comments)
  4. 9887 points, 14 submissions: -plomo_O_plomo-
    1. This made me smile today (2535 points, 82 comments)
    2. കേറി വാടാ മക്കളേ 😎 😎 (971 points, 52 comments)
    3. Announcement gone wrong 😄 (772 points, 36 comments)
    4. Professor TJ Joseph, whose hand was chopped off by PFI terrorists in 2010, wins the Kerala Sahitya Akademi award for his autobiography 'Attupokatha Ormakal'. (679 points, 64 comments)
    5. Dubai's Burj Khalifa lights up to celebrate launch of Lulu’s 200th hypermarket (644 points, 25 comments)
    6. Great song, അണക്കെട്ടുള്ള വെടിക്കെട്ടുള്ള പവർകട്ടുള്ള കേരളം 😂 (605 points, 34 comments)
    7. ആരോ ഹോൺ അടിച്ചത്കൊണ്ട് രക്ഷപ്പെട്ടു. (595 points, 39 comments)
    8. Chambikko by Police Dog squad (540 points, 25 comments)
    9. Chad Wayanad guy from 1928 (533 points, 33 comments)
    10. Truth has been spoken! (450 points, 40 comments)
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    1. Kerala Boat league is coming soon. This ad is dope (1441 points, 47 comments)
    2. The Ten Rupee meal available in Kochi!. (740 points, 50 comments)
    3. Kerala Tops Happiness Index in the country. (636 points, 189 comments)
    4. Kochi has got the looks now. Somewhere near CSEZ (569 points, 42 comments)
    5. St Joseph's Higher Secondary, Thalassery. (473 points, 40 comments)
    6. Newly installed Tetrapods save the day in Chellanam. (470 points, 28 comments)
    7. Gap Road, Munnar- Pre Monsoon (439 points, 19 comments)
    8. incredible transformation story of a government school that was about to shutdown! (438 points, 30 comments)
    9. Media one Journo asks the rape victim why she did not accept the settlement of 30 lakhs by INC MLA eldhose Kunnapalli since she is an orphan. (423 points, 71 comments)
    10. CCTV helps bust Asianet News' fake news (421 points, 55 comments)
  6. 7334 points, 9 submissions: johnyjohnyespappa
    1. Alcohol menace! Someone taped this scene at Kannur Caltex junction yesterday. (1520 points, 93 comments)
    2. The egg puffs that went abroad to study (1500 points, 135 comments)
    3. Electric vehicle fined for Pollution control certificate (820 points, 67 comments)
    4. Vlogger World Nomac meets kochi locals...In-trouble is Kochi!!! (727 points, 53 comments)
    5. PFI member sabotaging shop after the shopkeeper refuses to close the shop. (638 points, 103 comments)
    6. AI Cams in action! Pidichirunno... (586 points, 127 comments)
    7. Nithya Menon about the Aaradukayaanu guy who went proposing! (563 points, 92 comments)
    8. India'il ninnulla athi bheekaran maaraya 2 CID'kl (542 points, 19 comments)
    9. Yes,I'am the answer! (438 points, 47 comments)
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    1. I animated my nephew's voice clip: (1754 points, 129 comments)
    2. Kidilam Kids 3! I animated my baby niece narrating a story. (1584 points, 131 comments)
    3. I animated another one of my nephew's voice clips! I did the first one mostly for my family, but your response was so overwhelming that I was inspired to make more! Presenting the second in the series of "Kidilam Kids"! This was an old clip from when my nephew was 3, during prayer (1279 points, 111 comments)
    4. Kidilam Kids no.5 : I animated my nephew's voice clips! (755 points, 68 comments)
    5. I animated my niece's voice note: A Kidilam Kids Short! (736 points, 41 comments)
    6. My Short Film 'Kali Karyamaayi' (The Game Turns Serious), about an NRI girl who goes to boarding school in Kerala and how Naranathu Pranthan and the Goddess Kali help her overcome her fears. (575 points, 71 comments)
  8. 5884 points, 8 submissions: subins2000
    1. 100 രൂപാ ആയിക്കോട്ട് ! (1527 points, 101 comments)
    2. I made a new "On Screen Button" in Android to convert Malayalam to Manglish anywhere on screen. For all of you who can't read Malayalam script. (897 points, 118 comments)
    3. Average Household Monthly Expenditure on Gold Jewellery (737 points, 140 comments)
    4. Kunnamkulam's New Bus Stand (640 points, 65 comments)
    5. ഹോട്ടലെന്ന് കരുതി അസിസ്റ്റന്റ് കമ്മീഷണറെ വിളിച്ച് പൊലീസുകാരന്‍; അര ഷവായിയും കുബ്ബൂസും പോരട്ടെ! (622 points, 46 comments)
    6. Metro thott meleyaanu vro (579 points, 49 comments)
    7. Internet Penetration in India & Kerala (481 points, 73 comments)
    8. "രാഷ്ട്രഭാഷയിൽ സംസാരിക്ക് മിഷ്റ്റർ " (401 points, 58 comments)
  9. 4865 points, 7 submissions: Astronaut_Free
    1. Protest by students in Mampad, Malappuram against flex board advertising moral policing diktat by the locals. (1467 points, 121 comments)
    2. Old footage showing "Vegetarian" temple crocodile Babiya feeding on live chicken. Source: Documentary directed by E Unnikrishnan. (843 points, 114 comments)
    3. Unpopular facts behind Temple ownership and revenue handling by government of Kerala. (597 points, 196 comments)
    4. Glimpse of Kochi Water Metro. Let's hope it'll get inaugrated around August this year. (573 points, 63 comments)
    5. "People can't stand one day of inconvenience, Our families and friends are living in cement godowns for the past 7 years"; says Vizhinjam protestor. (529 points, 169 comments)
    6. Beverage കിമ്പളം; Refrigeration is done on the basis of commission given by the Beer companies. (469 points, 99 comments)
    7. Halal Hotel attack is a fake news! This is the real incident reported in Malayala Manorama Kochi edition. It's a property dispute between this right wing Lady and adjacent non - muslim owners Nakul Babu and Bejoy George. Please take down fake narratives and keep this sub clean. (387 points, 154 comments)
  10. 4724 points, 3 submissions: ykris97
    1. I tried teaching my class mates in Moscow how to speak the "The Kochi slang" in Russian (3102 points, 266 comments)
    2. I tried teaching my class mates in Moscow how to speak the "The Kochi slang" in Russian ( VERSION 2 ) (1089 points, 90 comments)
    3. Brazilian machan tries guessing Malayalam words ( Subtitled for the Russian ) [from BRICS Youth conference, Ulyanovsk, Russia] (533 points, 35 comments)

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  10. Could have cost his life. Close call. by eziorobert (2063 points, 263 comments)

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2023.03.28 21:35 jessinhou Auto financing question. All opinions and anecdotes welcome.

This is a two-part question.
First question: has anyone ever had a dealer check their paystub’s or do employment verification when applying through the dealer for an auto loan? I ask because I’ve never had the dealer ask for my paycheck stubs, do employment verification, or ask for any income or asset documentation, but I’ve always had very good credit when applying for a loan, so I’m curious if there is a difference if you have lower credit? Is there a threshold on credit score where the financing department will need to see income documentation?
Second question, and this may be a question for those with dealership experience, when one completes a loan application online, will there be a different requirement for documenting your income versus applying for financing in person at the dealership. i.e. is there actually a requirement to document income that the staff at the dealership is able to override, and that’s why the applicant is often not asked for documentation. (But someone doing an app online in advance of visiting wouldn’t be able to skip over)
In the state of Texas, if it makes a difference.
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2023.03.28 21:02 South_Ad_6801 Miami JOB SEARCH - Employers With Largest 401k's by Participants

Department of Labor - 5500 Form Search

I used the Department of Labor website to compile this list. Please use this list if you are looking for work. These are the largest 401k plans by participants in Miami. Some of these might be a PEO but still it's a good source to start from in your job search.

Plan Name Sponsor Name Address City State Zip Plan Year Participants Participants EOY Assets BOY Assets PDF Document Link
ADP TOTALSOURCE RETIREMENT SAVINGS PLAN ADP TOTALSOURCE 10200 SUNSET DR MIAMI FL 33173 2021 284485 318269 $6,897,744,071.00 $7,855,931,614.00 File
Ryder System, Inc. 401(k) Savings Plan Ryder System, Inc. 11690 N.W. 105 Street Miami FL 331781103 2021 40065 43935 $1,739,214,732.00 $1,975,599,489.00 File
Ryder System, Inc. 401(k) Savings Plan Ryder System, Inc. 11690 N.W. 105 Street Miami FL 331781103 2021 40065 43935 $1,739,214,732.00 $1,975,599,489.00 File
Ryder System, Inc. 401(k) Savings Plan Ryder System, Inc. 11690 N.W. 105 Street Miami FL 331781103 2021 40065 43935 $1,739,214,732.00 $1,975,599,489.00 File
The MasTec, Inc. 401(k) Retirement Plan MasTec, Inc. 800 S. Douglas Road 12th Floor Coral Gables FL 33134 2021 19108 22530 $314,200,215.00 $410,817,472.00 File
SOUTHERN GLAZER'S 401(k) PLAN SOUTHERN GLAZER'S WINE AND SPIRITS, LLC 1600 N.W. 163RD STREET MIAMI FL 33169 2021 18990 20497 $1,544,328,768.00 $1,789,525,983.00 File
VITAS HEALTHCARE CORPORATION 401(K) PLAN VITAS Healthcare Corporation 201 South Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 331315354 2021 13328 12642 $384,590,929.00 $442,631,565.00 File
Royal Caribbean Cruises LTD. Ret. Savings Plan ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISES LTD. 1050 CARIBBEAN WAY MIAMI FL 33132 2021 6696 6815 $568,750,338.00 $660,084,921.00 File
Watsco, Inc. Profit Sharing Retirement Plan and Trust Watsco, Inc. 2665 S. Bayshore Drive Miami FL 33133 2021 5650 6692 $199,060,200.00 $422,436,131.00 File
OPKO Health, Inc. 401(k) Plan OPKO Health, Inc. 4400 BISCAYNE BLVD MIAMI FL 33137 2021 5529 6189 $207,426,248.00 $251,868,252.00 File
HEICO Savings and Investment Plan HEICO Corporation 3000 TAFT STREET HOLLYWOOD FL 33021 2021 5424 5702 $687,206,215.00 $740,808,242.00 File
Laureate Education, Inc. 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan Laureate Education, Inc. 78 SW 7th Street Miami FL 33130 2021 6994 4961 $301,732,863.00 $260,299,486.00 File
GREENBERG TRAURIG 401(K) PLAN GREENBERG TRAURIG, PA 8400 NW 36TH STREET, STE 400 DORAL FL 33166 2021 4696 4922 $1,071,053,414.00 $1,246,521,688.00 File
COSTA FARMS, LLC 401(K) PLAN COSTA FARMS, LLC 21800 SW 162 Avenue Miami FL 33170 2021 4456 4706 $21,184,236.00 $25,794,946.00 File
Harvard Maintenance, Inc. 401(k) Savings Plan Harvard Maintenance, Inc. 201 South Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33131 2021 1930 4603 $15,598,985.00 $19,786,369.00 File
ChenMed, LLC 401(k) Plan CHENMED, LLC 1395 NW 167TH ST MIAMI GARDENS FL 331695373 2021 3627 4167 $76,871,641.00 $109,063,266.00 File
Big Bang Enterprises, Inc 401(k) Plan Big Bang Enterprises, Inc. 800 Douglas Rd Coral Gables FL 331343189 2021 4379 4063 $1,374,357.00 $2,032,426.00 File
REGIS HR GROUP 401(K) PLAN THE SIMPLEX GROUP, INC. 10625 N KENDALL DRIVE MIAMI FL 33176 2021 3185 3455 $53,184,522.00 $72,133,892.00 File
AGI-CFI Holdings, Inc. 401(k) Plan AGI-CFI Holdings, Inc. 9130 S. Dadeland Blvd Miami FL 331567858 2021 3839 3433 $8,790,004.00 $11,742,371.00 File
AGI-CFI Holdings, Inc. 401(k) Plan AGI-CFI Holdings, Inc. 9130 S. Dadeland Blvd Miami FL 331567858 2021 3839 3433 $8,790,004.00 $11,742,371.00 File
AGI-CFI Holdings, Inc. 401(k) Plan AGI-CFI Holdings, Inc. 9130 S. Dadeland Blvd Miami FL 331567858 2021 3839 3433 $8,790,004.00 $11,742,371.00 File
CARNIVAL CORPORATION FUN SHIP SAVINGS PLAN CARNIVAL CORPORATION Tax Department Doral FL 331782418 2021 3507 3372 $341,828,100.00 $392,528,281.00 File
NCLC 401(k) Plan NCL BAHAMAS LIMITED 7665 CORPORATE CENTER DRIVE MIAMI FL 33126 2021 3433 3313 $219,684,214.00 $255,364,181.00 File
Restaurant Brands International Savings Plan Restaurant Brands International 5707 Blue Lagoon Drive Miami FL 331262029 2021 3873 3243 $113,093,764.00 $126,686,541.00 File
World Fuel Services Corporation 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan World Fuel Services Corporation 9800 NW 41st Street Miami FL 33178 2021 2466 3047 $245,690,792.00 $287,147,318.00 File
SEMINOLE TRIBE OF FLORIDA 401(K) PLAN SEMINOLE TRIBE OF FLORIDA 6300 STIRLING ROAD HOLLYWOOD FL 330242153 2021 2626 2799 $126,545,975.00 $152,317,499.00 File
VitalMD 401(k) Plan VITALMD GROUP HOLDING, LLC 3225 AVIATION AVENUE MIAMI FL 33133 2021 2645 2696 $257,380,121.00 $299,553,655.00 File
LARKIN COMMUNITY HOSPITAL 401(K) PLAN LARKIN COMMUNITY HOSPITAL, INC. 5996 SW 70TH STREET SOUTH MIAMI FL 33143 2021 2712 2692 $10,849,984.00 $12,633,144.00 File
Leon Management International, LLC 401(k) Plan LEON MANAGEMENT INTERNATIONAL, LLC 8600 NW 41ST DORAL FL 331666202 2021 2718 2653 $94,055,025.00 $103,899,087.00 File
CANO HEALTH 401(K) PLAN CANO HEALTH, LLC 9725 NW 117TH AVE - 2ND FLOOR MIAMI FL 33178 2021 1862 2566 $2,578,687.00 $10,150,282.00 File
AVANTE GROUP, INC. 401(K) PLAN AVANTE GROUP, INC. 4601 SHERIDAN STREET HOLLYWOOD FL 33021 2021 2598 2529 $9,664,137.00 $10,922,610.00 File
The Service Companies 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan and Trust The Service Companies, Inc. 2900 MONARCH LAKES BLVD MIRAMAR FL 33027 2021 1705 2480 $3,215,445.00 $3,274,033.00 File
BRAMAN DEALERSHIPS 401(K) PLAN BRAMAN MOTORS, INC. 2060 BISCAYNE BLVD, FLOOR 2 MIAMI FL 33137 2021 2150 2328 $47,739,142.00 $56,229,216.00 File
GOODWILL INDUSTRIES OF SOUTH FLORIDA INC 401(k) Plan Goodwill Industries of South Florida, Inc. 2121 NW 21st Street Miami FL 33142 2021 2390 2215 $10,521,258.00 $12,402,448.00 File
BOEING DISTRIBUTION SERVICES INC. RETIREMENT PLAN Boeing Distribution Services Inc. 3760 W. 108th St. Miami FL 33018 2021 2281 2141 $73,476,061.00 $83,003,087.00 File
BANKUNITED 401(K) PLAN BANKUNITED, INC. 14820 NW 77 COURT MIAMI LAKES FL 33016 2021 2062 2130 $163,998,916.00 $192,667,297.00 File
QUIRCH FOODS 401(K) PLAN QUIRCH FOODS, CO. 2701 S LE JEUNE RD 12TH FLOOR CORAL GABLES FL 33134 2021 1629 1823 $14,411,304.00 $41,879,748.00 File
PERRY ELLIS SHARED SERVICES LLC 401(k) PLAN PERRY ELLIS SHARED SERVICES LLC 3000 NW 107TH AVENUE MIAMI FL 33172 2021 1554 1618 $87,654,403.00 $92,969,854.00 File
Atlantic Coast Automotive, Inc. 401(k) Plan Atlantic Coast Automotive, Inc. 5875 NW 163rd Street, Suite 104 Miami Lakes FL 33014 2021 1402 1599 $7,905,674.00 $17,962,675.00 File
C & C NORTH AMERICA INC. 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan and Trust C & C NORTH AMERICA INC. 355 Alhambra Circle, Suite 1000 Miami FL 33134 2021 1461 1584 $32,744,536.00 $43,152,074.00 File
ABB Optical Group, LLC 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan ABB/CON-CISE OPTICAL GROUP LLC 12301 NW 39TH STREET CORAL SPRINGS FL 330652403 2021 1807 1558 $53,680,158.00 $58,653,033.00 File
AREAS USA, INC. 401(K) PROFIT SHARING PLAN AND TRUST AREAS USA, INC. 5301 BLUE LAGOON DRIVE MIAMI FL 33126 2021 1269 1557 $2,772,917.00 $3,263,281.00 File
Armor Health 401(k) Plan Armor Correctional Health Services Inc. 4960 SW 72nd Avenue, Suite 400 Miami FL 33155 2021 996 1545 $13,513,168.00 $14,105,276.00 File
POINT BLANK ENTERPRISES, INC. 401(K) PLAN POINT BLANK ENTERPRISES, INC. 2102 SW 2ND STREET POMPANO BEACH FL 33069 2021 1308 1540 $9,651,153.00 $12,295,122.00 File
VIKING HOLDING COMPANY, LLC 401(K) PLAN VIKING HOLDING COMPANY, LLC 1111 BRICKELL AVE, SUITE 2625 MIAMI FL 33131 2021 1448 1513 $38,766,098.00 $42,262,244.00 File
JAE RESTAURANT GROUP 401(K) PLAN Jae Restaurant Group, Llc 1100 Park Central Blvd Unit 3300 Pompano Beach FL 33064 2021 2155 1505 $3,119,172.00 $3,859,897.00 File
Verifone, Inc. 401(k) Retirement Savings & Investment Plan Verifone, Inc. 2744 University Drive Coral Springs FL 33065 2021 1553 1485 $176,558,949.00 $186,760,711.00 File
Bacardi U. S. A. , Inc. & Affiliates 401k Savings and DC Retirement Plan Bacardi U.S.A., Inc. 2701 Le Jeune Road Coral Gables FL 33134 2021 1394 1439 $218,029,276.00 $257,288,529.00 File
Del Monte Fresh Produce Company Incentive Savings & Security Plan Del Monte Fresh Produce Company 241 Sevilla Avenue Coral Gables FL 33134 2021 1449 1418 $96,645,605.00 $97,603,747.00 File
Duty Free Americas, Inc. Retirement Savings Plan Duty Free Americas, Inc. 6100 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood FL 33024 2021 1303 1316 $30,399,971.00 $30,740,210.00 File
GUIDEWELL SANITAS I, LLC 401(K) PLAN GUIDEWELL SANITAS I LLC 8400 NW 33RD STREET MIAMI FL 33122 2021 1207 1265 $3,864,963.00 $6,392,643.00 File
COLE, SCOTT & KISSANE, PA 401(K) PLAN COLE, SCOTT & KISSANE, P.A. 9150 SOUTH DADELAND BLVD, STE 1400 MIAMI FL 33156 2021 1184 1256 $30,542,462.00 $38,722,256.00 File
KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC 401(K) PROFIT SHARING PLAN & TRU KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC 8200 NW 33RD STREET MIAMI FL 33122 2021 1410 1250 $10,280,516.00 $13,665,265.00 File
JCSA SERVICES INC 401K PLAN JCSA SERVICES INC 1420 SW 88TH AVE PEMBROKE PINES FL 33025 2021 1364 1243 $0.00 $2,583.00 File
Starboard Group 401(k) Plan Starboard Group Employment Services 12540 West Atlantic Blvd. Coral Springs FL 33071 2021 1604 1210 $3,914,449.00 $4,152,520.00 File
F&E AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE 401(K) PLAN F&E AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE MIAMI, 657 SOUTH DRIVE, SUITE 306 MIAMI SPRINGS FL 33166 2021 1003 1204 $6,512,773.00 $7,858,717.00 File
MAGUIRE FLEXSAVER PLAN CDR MAGUIRE, INC. P.O. BOX 771750 MIAMI FL 33177 2021 489 1197 $13,312,193.00 $18,506,134.00 File
HackerUSA Inc 401(k) Profit Sharing Plan and Trust HackerUSA, Inc. d/b/a ThriveDX 7360 SW 53rd Place Miami FL 33143 2021 522 1171 $51,424.00 $1,305,054.00 File
City National Bank Retirement Savings Plan City National Bank of Florida 100 SE 2nd Street MIAMI FL 33131 2021 1053 1155 $72,787,148.00 $83,489,465.00 File
Monte Nido & Affiliates 401(k) Plan Monte Nido & Affiliates 6100 SW 76TH ST SOUTH MIAMI FL 331435002 2021 893 1153 $2,732,057.00 $4,696,148.00 File
Professional Airline Services, Inc. 401(k) Plan Professional Airline Services, Inc. 8601 NW 27th Street Doral FL 33122 2021 996 1144 $4,131,198.00 $4,675,514.00 File
Professional Airline Services, Inc. 401(k) Plan Professional Airline Services, Inc. 8601 NW 27th Street Doral FL 33122 2021 996 1144 $4,131,198.00 $4,675,514.00 File
UNIVERSITY OF ST. AUGUSTINE FOR HEALTH SCIENCES 401(K) RETIREMENT SAVINGS PLAN University of St. Augustine For Health Sciences, LLC 800 S. Douglas Road, North Tower Coral Gables FL 33134 2021 983 1108 $15,954,013.00 $20,573,049.00 File
BARRY UNIVERSITY 401(k) PLAN BARRY UNIVERSITY 11300 NE 2nd Ave Miami Shores FL 331616628 2021 1350 1050 $85,698,101.00 $93,625,695.00 File
THE CYXTERA 401(K) SAVINGS PLAN Cyxtera Management, Inc. 2333 Ponce De Leon Boulevard Coral Gables FL 33134 2021 1220 1048 $73,409,318.00 $73,591,955.00 File
THE HACKETT GROUP, INC. 401K PLAN THE HACKETT GROUP, INC. 1001 BRICKELL BAY DRIVE STE 3000 MIAMI FL 33131 2021 1253 1043 $117,135,234.00 $129,758,565.00 File
Independent Living Systems 401(k) Plan Independent Living Systems 5200 Blue Lagoon Drive Miami FL 33126 2021 1023 1015 $18,524,495.00 $22,270,753.00 File
Independent Living Systems 401(k) Plan Independent Living Systems 5200 Blue Lagoon Drive Miami FL 33126 2021 1023 1015 $18,524,495.00 $22,270,753.00 File
Amerant Bank, N.A. Retirement Benefits Plan Amerant Bank, N.A. Amerant Bank Miami FL 33182 2021 994 1010 $144,126,439.00 $155,047,001.00 File
Amerant Bank, N.A. Retirement Benefits Plan Amerant Bank, N.A. Amerant Bank Miami FL 33182 2021 994 1010 $144,126,439.00 $155,047,001.00 File
GUARDIAN DENTISTRY PRACTICE MA 401(K) PROFIT SHARING PLAN & TRUST Guardian Dentistry Practice Ma 5803 NW 151 St Suite 201 Miami Lakes FL 33014 2021 633 1007 $1,352,025.00 $5,500,056.00 File
TracFone Investment Plan TracFone Wireless, Inc. 9700 NW 112th Avenue Miami FL 33178 2021 1000 982 $103,519,230.00 $123,082,481.00 File
The Swatch Group (U.S.) Inc. 401(k) Plan The Swatch Group (U.S.) Inc. 703 Waterford Way Miami FL 33126 2021 978 965 $56,173,225.00 $65,427,009.00 File
CMX Cinemas, LLC 401(k) Plan CMX Cinemas, LLC 175 Southwest 7th Street Miami FL 33130 2021 953 956 $2,015,546.00 $2,588,698.00 File
KASEYA 401(K) PROFIT SHARING PLAN KASEYA US, LLC 701 Brickell Avenue, Suite 400 Miami FL 33131 2021 733 933 $20,352,090.00 $23,800,491.00 File
POTAMKIN RETIREMENT PLAN PMC, LLC 5800 NW 171 STREET HIALEAH FL 33015 2021 886 909 $21,299,911.00 $25,051,532.00 File
SOUTH MOTORS OF DADE COUNTY 401(K) PLAN SOUTH MOTORS OF DADE COUNTY 16165 SOUTH DIXIE HWY MIAMI FL 33157 2021 910 862 $12,794,738.00 $14,393,566.00 File
SOUTH MOTORS OF DADE COUNTY 401(K) PLAN SOUTH MOTORS OF DADE COUNTY 16165 SOUTH DIXIE HWY MIAMI FL 33157 2021 910 862 $12,794,738.00 $14,393,566.00 File
Fontainebleau Florida Hotel 401(k) Plan Fontainebleau Florida Hotel LLC 4441 COLLINS AVE MIAMI BEACH FL 33140 2021 797 861 $20,189,830.00 $23,034,647.00 File
Fontainebleau Florida Hotel 401(k) Plan Fontainebleau Florida Hotel LLC 4441 COLLINS AVE MIAMI BEACH FL 33140 2021 797 861 $20,189,830.00 $23,034,637.00 File
Ocean Reef Club Employee Savings and Retirement Plan Ocean Reef Club, Inc. 35 Ocean Reef Drive Key Largo FL 33037 2021 889 834 $33,390,438.00 $36,133,264.00 File
777 Partners LLC 401(k) Plan 777 Partners LLC 600 Brickell Avenue Miami FL 33131 2021 722 830 $12,078,854.00 $18,158,121.00 File
Ocean Bank 401(K) Savings Plan Ocean Bank 780 NW 42nd Avenue, SUITE 427 Miami FL 331265597 2021 805 817 $84,615,293.00 $97,441,492.00 File
Inktel 401(k) Plan Inktel Holdings Corp. 8200 NW 33rd Street Doral FL 33122 2021 919 810 $4,797,094.00 $6,212,023.00 File
UNITED HOME CARE SERVICES, INC. 401(K) PLAN UNITED HOME CARE SERVICES, INC. 8400 N.W. 33RD STREET MIAMI FL 33122 2021 674 800 $5,632,690.00 $4,536,672.00 File
Kent Security Services, Inc. and Kent Security of Palm Beach, Inc. 401(k) Retirement Plan Kent Security Services, Inc. 14600 Biscayne Boulevard North Miami FL 33181 2021 863 799 $5,521,752.00 $6,554,323.00 File
THE PALACE 401(K) PLAN PROFESSIONAL CARE I INC. 10850 SW 113 PLACE MIAMI FL 33176 2021 878 792 $7,427,666.00 $8,530,676.00 File
H.T.A. CAST RETIREMENT PLAN HISTORIC TOURS OF AMERICA, INC 201 FRONT STREET, SUITE 206 KEY WEST FL 33040 2021 785 780 $14,813,327.00 $17,109,026.00 File
QUINTAIROS PRIETO WOOD & BOYER P.A. 401(K) PLAN QUINTAIROS PRIETO WOOD & BOYER, 9300 SOUTH DADELAND BLVD 4TH FL MIAMI FL 33156 2021 787 775 $45,888,786.00 $57,167,780.00 File
BEAN AUTOMOTIVE GROUP 401(K) PLAN Kendall Imports, LLC 10943 South Dixie Highway Miami FL 33156 2021 816 768 $11,437,307.00 $15,066,778.00 File
BETHESDA HEALTH, INC. 403(B) EMPLOYEE SAVINGS PLAN BETHESDA HOSPITAL, INC. 1500 SAN REMO AVE. CORAL GABLES FL 33146 2021 834 761 $46,427,325.00 $48,671,151.00 File
TRAVEL TRADERS HOTELS INC. 401K PLAN TRAVEL TRADERS HOTELS INC 6205 BLUE LAGOON DRIVE, SUITE 550 MIAMI FL 331266020 2021 736 759 $9,821,295.00 $10,781,286.00 File
Cordis US Corp. Retirement Savings Plan Cordis US Corp. 14201 Northwest 60th Avenue Miami Lakes FL 33014 2021 724 758 $0.00 $32,146,877.00 File
Cordis US Corp. Retirement Savings Plan Cordis US Corp. 14201 Northwest 60th Avenue Miami Lakes FL 33014 2021 724 758 $0.00 $32,146,877.00 File
goTRG 401(k) Plan The Recon Group, DBA goTRG 20200 W Dixie Hwy Miami FL 331801918 2021 502 741 $592,572.00 $1,199,086.00 File
El Dorado Furniture 401(k) Plan EL DORADO FURNITURE CORPORATION 4200 NW 167TH ST MIAMI GARDENS FL 330546112 2021 777 738 $18,136,836.00 $22,217,810.00 File
El Dorado Furniture 401(k) Plan EL DORADO FURNITURE CORPORATION 4200 NW 167TH ST MIAMI GARDENS FL 330546112 2021 777 738 $18,136,836.00 $22,217,810.00 File
The Retirement Savings Plan of Sunbeam Television Corporation Sunbeam Television Corporation 1401 79th Street Causeway North Bay Village FL 33141 2021 758 738 $69,032,072.00 $77,207,054.00 File
Alpha Industries Management, Inc. 401(k) plan ALPHA INDUSTRIES MANAGEMENT, INC. 2919 CENTER PORT CIRCLE PAMPANO BEACH FL 330642105 2021 724 733 $42,533,742.00 $49,334,728.00 File
H.I.G. Capital Management, LLC 401(k) Plan H.I.G. Capital Management, LLC 1450 BRICKELL AVE, 31ST FLOOR MIAMI FL 33131 2021 667 733 $64,480,743.00 $78,316,965.00 File
DermCare Management, LLC 401(k) Plan Dermcare Management, LLC 4000 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood FL 33021 2021 630 725 $6,302,773.00 $11,669,999.00 File
JOHN KNOX VILLAGE OF FLORIDA, INC. 403(b) Plan JOHN KNOX VILLAGE OF FLORIDA, INC. 651 S.W. 6 STREET POMPANO BEACH FL 33060 2021 938 697 $1,596,304.00 $3,065,028.00 File
Alcora Corporation 401(k) Plan Alcora Corporation 10000 NW 15 Terrace Doral FL 33172 2021 629 686 $5,864,980.00 $8,840,894.00 File
Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, Inc. 401(K) Plan Hellmann Worldwide Logistics 10450 Doral Boulevard Miami FL 33178 2021 608 667 $24,475,887.00 $29,182,519.00 File
WESTCHESTER GENERAL HOSPITAL, INC. 401(K) PLAN WESTCHESTER GENERAL HOSPITAL, IN 2500 SW 75 AVE MIAMI FL 33155 2021 587 666 $8,362,628.00 $8,058,788.00 File
JL Audio 401(k) Plan JL Audio, Inc. 10369 North Commerce Pkwy Miramar FL 33025 2021 509 651 $16,401,546.00 $20,348,825.00 File
GrandVision USA Retail Holding Corporation 401(k) Plan GrandVision USA Retail Holding Corporation 3601 SW 160th Ave. Miramar FL 33027 2021 649 648 $18,092,178.00 $18,581,360.00 File
FAENA HOTEL & RESIDENCES, LLC 401(K) PLAN FAENA HOTEL & RESIDENCES, LLC 3201 COLLINS AVE MIAMI BEACH FL 33140 2021 403 640 $4,188,839.00 $5,358,783.00 File
Fontainebleau Development Hospitality 401k plan Fontainebleau Florida Hotel LLC 19501 Biscayne Blvd. Aventura FL 33108 2021 685 623 $12,424,573.00 $14,024,224.00 File
NPW 401(k) National Auto Parts Warehouse, LLC 5801 E 10 AVE Miami FL 33013 2021 512 609 $2,714,214.00 $4,537,377.00 File
Ivy Healthcare LLC 401(k) Plan Ivy Healthcare LLC 9429 Harding Avenue Surfside FL 33154 2021 571 600 $4,228.00 $229,297.00 File
Prevailing Multiple Employer Plan Milum, Inc. 8175 W. 32nd Avenue, Suite 1 Hialeah FL 33018 2021 587 594 $1,268,477.00 $1,275,549.00 File
HIDDEN EYES LLC 401(K) PROFIT SHARING PLAN & TRUST Hidden Eyes LLC 4171 W Hillsboro Blvd Suite 2 COCONUT CREEK FL 330738308 2021 524 590 $3,189,523.00 $3,550,332.00 File
Best Labor 401(k) Plan Best Labor Contractors, LLC 3211 Ponce de Leon Blvd Coral Gables FL 33134 2021 608 589 $717,512.00 $1,284,290.00 File
ONE SPA WORLD 401K SAVINGS PLAN I ONE SPA WORLD,LLC 770 SOUTH DIXIE HIGHWAY, STE 200 CORAL GABLES FL 33146 2021 660 581 $33,061,683.00 $33,142,446.00 File
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2023.03.28 20:06 alpha_bionics Golf News - (events/cuts made odds)Chris Kirk (6/8; +2500): Racked up three top 10 paydays since his return in 2015.

(events/cuts made odds)Chris Kirk (6/8; +2500): Racked up three top 10 paydays since his return in 2015. Instant access to the latest news videos and photos from around the world of golf. “What (O’Brien) was trying to do was spread tourism” native Texan and World Golf Hall of Famer Ben Crenshaw said in 2022. Copyright © 1996 - 2023 Golf Channel All Rights Reserved. GOLF DIGEST MAY EARN A PORTION OF SALES FROM PRODUCTS THAT ARE PURCHASED THROUGH OUR SITE AS PART OF OUR AFFILIATE PARTNERSHIPS WITH RETAILERS. Back-to-back top 10 paydays in 2018-19 were followed with a return last year at T18. Si Woo Kim (5/6; +2000): T23 or better as hes cashed his last five. Easily book tee times on the go. Charley Hoffman (+10000) has made a very nice career at this event and especially at this course as hes pocketed over $4. 7 million. By signing up you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. T42 and T20 in his previous two. Troy Merritt (6/8; +15000): Nobody loves a trend more than I do and his last four are his best four posted totals. En route to setting the tournament scoring record (20-under 264) he led the event in GIR Ball-Striking AND Putting: Birdie or Better Percentage. Only result outside T13 in that stretch was T35 last season. Kevin Streelman (7/7; +8000): Never missed and five of those results are T18 or better. MC last year. Martin Laird (8/9; +15000): 2013 champ won on his second visit. Jordan Spieth (not entered) was first Texas Longhorn alum to win since Justin Leonard in 2007. For the fourth time a field of 72 players—including 24 of the top 25 in the Women’s World Amateur Golf Ranking—will be competing for the title. - Alpha AI
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2023.03.28 18:26 jtmart007 M18 Guide to Undervolt and Performance - Follow at your own risk, involves BIOS modification

Guide Version 1.0
Written: 3-28-2023
-------------------PART I-----------------
Baseline: We need to establish a baseline to start from so you can expect similar performance numbers once all of the adjustments are made.
OS: Dell’s OEM Windows 11. If you have already installed Retail Windows 11 to eliminate Dell’s software – I get it, I am with you. However, I was only able to achieve this performance with Dell’s provided OS since we need AWCC at least for initial setup of fan curves based on temps, more on that later. If you need to revert to Dell's Windows 11, you can download their recovery tool here: https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-us/drivers/osiso/recoverytool
-You will be asked for your service tag #.

Drivers: Install ALL of Dell’s recommended drivers/software packages via Dell Support or Alienware Update once you are booted into the Dell OEM Windows 11 OS. This includes, as of 3-28-2023, the 1.5.2 BIOS. DO NOT install retail Nvidia GPU drivers from the NVIDIA website, only install GPU drivers from Dell Support, specifically version: “NVIDIA-GeForce-RTX-4050-4060-4070-4080-4090-Graphics_Y24JP_WIN_31.0.15.2852_A01”
BIOS: Check the images on this post for my exact BIOS setup. I only changed about 16 items on my BIOS. The recommended changes should also keep you on BIOS 1.5.2 UNLESS you manually update the BIOS yourself.
BEFORE CONTINUING RESET BIOS TO FACTORY DEFAULTS. This option is available as a load defaults button on the bottom left of the BIOS screen. Select this option and boot back into bios before continuing.
BIOS Settings:
Boot Config: Disable/Enable Secureboot. This is disabled to boot into the USB flash drive you created, and re-enabled once you are done: https://imgur.com/eDl6f6B
Display: Disable hybrid graphics (Advanced Optimus): https://imgur.com/WA0Qg02
Power: Disable the lid switch. It has been a culprit of my system turning on unintentionally: https://imgur.com/E6y4fjI
Power 2: Set AC setting to your desired need, this is a desktop replacement PC for me so I set it to Primary AC use. https://imgur.com/XD8pzOh
Pre-Boot: Set Fastboot to minimal if you want a little faster boot times. https://imgur.com/P2II8zQ
Storage: Set to AHCI mode, if it is set to RAID it has seemed to cause issues with 2ndary NVME drives dissapearing in windows. https://imgur.com/xe9BYyk
Update/Recovery: Disable UEFI capsulated updates so OS can not push BIOS updates. https://imgur.com/wAdXXGg
Connection: Disable UEFI network stack for faster boot times as well: https://imgur.com/tCNSzdV
Performance: Leave all settings toggled on, but enable ResiZable BAR support: https://imgur.com/yf1puSl NOTE: Remember we reset the BIOS to default settings so in your BIOS screen your overlock settings should be modifiable and set to OCLevel2. It greyes out but is enabled the next time you load into BIOS.
If you have installed Intel XTU. Uninstall it before continuing. This software will revert the BIOS setting for the undervolt hack. I do not use XTU at all in this guide.
Used to set fan profiles but not to control CPU or GPU:
GPU monitoring and clock tuning:
MSI Afterburner: https://www.msi.com/Landing/afterburnegraphics-cards
UV Application and Enforcement:
Throttlestop 9.5: https://www.techpowerup.com/download/techpowerup-throttlestop/
Temp and Power monitoring:
HWInfo: https://www.fosshub.com/HWiNFO.html
-Use the Installer option if you want it installed or the portable option if you want it standalone.

-------------------PART II-----------------
OK – once you have all of that in place we can get to the hard bit.
DISCLAIMER: Any process followed beyond this point is at your own risk. I do not encourage or recommend changing any BIOS settings with 3rd party tools. This part of the guide is a means to prove that it is possible to undervolt without adverse CPU effects when the BIOS is set to allow for it.
1x USB Flash drive.
RU.RU.EFI: https://ruexe.blogspot.com/
-Download the file by clicking the green link on the page “encrypted zip file here”
-Password: CC!2AmMWZSa4f3D8
EFI Shell file to enable the ability to boot to the RU.efi tool:
-Rename the downloaded file to bootx64.efi it is going to go into the efi > boot folder on the USB drive. (see below)
Once you have the above files downloaded:
  1. Format the USB flash drive as FAT32 ( https://imgur.com/anOlRaO )
a. Drive label can be anything you want it to be. I used BIOS for mine.
Setup the file structure for the USB Drive as follows: -Visual aid: https://imgur.com/kd5HSI0 / https://imgur.com/1i1WlSN

You are now ready to boot into the USB drive. Restart your laptop and at the first splash screen as soon as the laptop screen powers on and shows the Alienware logo press the F12 key: https://imgur.com/B74QiXW
You will be brought to the boot screen. Select your USB flash drive by left clicking it. It will then boot into that drive: https://imgur.com/wtZ1J7A
When booting into the drive it will briefly show the alienware logo again and should take you to the efi shell like this: https://imgur.com/Y36yV2X
You then need to type a few commands to boot into RU.efi: https://imgur.com/ihYjVQL
Commands: Type in: fs0: (then press enter) Type in: cd efi (then press enter) Type in: dir (then press enter) -This shows the list of files to confirm you have the file structure correct. You should se RU.efi Type in: RU.efi (then press enter)
The above set of commands will launch RU.efi and take you into the software: https://imgur.com/RrFADy2
-Dismiss the initial window by pressing any key. I use Spacebar or ESC keys. They do the same thing.
You will then see this screen. It can be overwhelming, but changes have to be committed in this software, so the ESC key is your friend to undo temporary changes if a key is accidentially pressed. https://imgur.com/UJXCZWz

You will need to navigate to the section of hex values for CPUSetup as you see in the image above. To get there, press a key combo ALT + = keys together (ALT key plus equal sign key) -This takes you to a list of sub menus, use the arrow keys to navigate down to CPUSetup. The list is in alphabetical order. https://imgur.com/UXb5Vo3
Once CPUSetup is selected, it has 4 pages of values (the bottom right shows pages 0000 of 0004) Take note of this as you will need to navigate the pages later. https://imgur.com/UJXCZWz
The values are ordered by hex value location, the left side rows define the primary place value and the columns across the top represent the secondary place value. This is important for locating the correct values to adjust such as changing it from 01 to 00.
First, these are the only two values you need for this laptop: VarOffset: 0x43 (CFG Lock) 1 -> 0 VarOffset: 0x381 (Undervoltage Protection) 1 -> 0
There are two more values, but they should be set correctly if you followed my BIOS settings prior.
VarOffset: 0x10E (Overclocking Lock) 1 -> 0 VarOffset: 0x1D9 (Overclocking Features) 0 -> 1

How to understand the page and section you need to be on. For the 0x43 setting, on page 0000 of CPUSetup, scroll down to the 4th line which is 0040, and then scroll over to the right until you get to 03. This location represents 0043 with 004 being the 4th row and 0003 being column 03. This value will be set to 01, change it to 0 and press enter. It will then be highlighted. Press CTRL + W to commit the change to BIOS. https://imgur.com/sMTU8vR
To Disable Undervolt protection we need to then change pages within CPUSetup. You hold the CTRL key and then press the down arrow key on the keyboard for PAGEDOWN. You can also use the Numpad BUT MAKE SURE NUMLOCK IS OFF so it uses the function and does not enter values, as you would accidentally change a value on one of the values you have highlighted instead of changing pages.
Change pages until you see 0300 as the topleft most value. Then navigate line by line down to 0380 and then navigate to the 01 column to reach the 0381 value. Modify this from 01 to 0 and then press CTRL + W key combo to commit the chances.

You can then press ALT+Q to leave the software and press the power button on your laptop to power down. Undervolting is now unlocked! Don't forget to re-enable secureboot and remove the thumb drive before booting back into windows.

-------------------PART III-----------------
--Section A--
Windows Settings:
I recommend some windows settings as well to make sure you are setup and ready to go.

Sleep: Windows 11 sleep mode is borked at the moment, so I disabled sleep settings and only use shutdown or hibernate to control power states of the laptop.
Start Menu > Type "control" and open the control panel. I prefer the classic list view so in the top right of control panel select View by: and Choose small or large icons. Then find "Power Options". Under the balanced power plan (default), chose "Change plan settings". Under "put computer to sleep" chose never / never. Display turn off time is up to you. Press the Left arrow back button to go to the previous menu <-- and then click "chose what the power buttons do". In this menu, select "Change settings that are currently unavailable" with the shield next to it. Confirm you want to edit that menu and there are 4 radio buttons at the bottom of that page that will go from gray to blue / unchecked. Uncheck sleep and Fast Startup (also not 100% working without issues). Check Hyibernate and Lock. Then click save changes at the bottom of the page. Done.
--Section B--
AWCC: This software is bugged, esp version 6, but it does do a good job of fan control once you get it setup. The settings stick once you go to disable it later on. Open the software (requires a reboot after install for values to be correctly adjusted) and then go to the speedometer icon on the far left near the top of the window to modify the performance plan. I chose "custom" and left all of those values for clocks AS-IS. But at the bottom below the different sections is a toggle between Performance > Thermal. Selecting that will change the view to show the fan profiles. For all 4 sections, choose custom and then "smooth" and then set your fan profile. I used a smooth curve starting at 0 and then ramping to 100% at the top right. it looks like a straight line from 0,0 (bottom left) to 100,100 (top right) for all 4 sections. -After this is all set and applied, close the software then go disable these dell services. Stop the service then set it to disabled.
  1. Alienware Client Management Service
  2. Dell Data Vault Collector
  3. Dell Data Vaule Service API
  4. Dell Data Vault Processor
  5. Dell TechHub
-You will need to re-enable these if you use the Alienware Update Service. Alternatively you can update driver from their website using their detection tool which works well enough.

--Section C--
HWInfo: When launching the software, it prompts you for 2 checkboxes, I use "sensors only" and click OK. This will pull up a window with a list of values. I collapsed all sections except for GPU and GPU related ones to watch temps. The value I search for when undervolting to make sure my values in ThrottleStop stick are: https://imgur.com/FsyaqPy

--Section D--
ThrottleStop. Place the extracted folder after downloading it into a folder you can easily access. Example: C:\Tools\Throttlestop\ -This makes it easier to find during setting up of the Scheduled Task for auto-launch on boot up.
Once the folder is placed in the desired location, start it by launching throttlestop.exe you will see the intiial window here: https://imgur.com/gfF8iIO click FIVR button near the bottom right to open the next page to enable undervolting.
FIVR Page for CORE: https://imgur.com/7zmTBYl
FIVR Page for Cache: https://imgur.com/rmBCLkN
Once the above values are set, we need to modify our options in Throttlestop: https://imgur.com/vQhAA3E
Finally for Throttlestop we need to set it as a scheduled task that launches automatically on boot.

--Section E--
Open Task Scheduler by searching in the start menu for "task scheduler"
Right-click Task Scheduler Library and select "create basic task". Give it a name in the next window.
Trigger: Select When the computer starts
Action: Start a program
Click browse to navigate to where you stored throttlestop.exe. And then NEXT
Before closing the window, check the box for "Open the properties dialog.." for this task and click Finish.
You will then have the properties menu open for your new task: https://imgur.com/kiIQYeC -Copy my settings, you will be prompted for your user password when saving changes after selecting "run whether user is logged in or not" and "run with highest privileges"
Then click the Conditions tab and match my settings: https://imgur.com/hFiUbeh
Then click the Actions tab and match my settings: https://imgur.com/bA74u1z
Click OK to save (you will be prompted for your user password). This saves the task into your task library.

--Section F--
MSI Afterburner:
Setup your GPU overclocks however you want, I need to clean up and dial in mine further, but the below settings will help you set it up to start with windows and apply your set profile. https://imgur.com/wg7dKJe
-Everyone will have different results on what frequencies are stable for them due to silicone lottery. Tweak and adjust as needed on your own.
Be sure to click the gear icon on the left of the software and select the options for "Start with windows" and "Start Minimized".
-------------------PART IV-----------------
Source References:
Thread posted by Think_Noise7109
BIOS Mod Guide: https://starkeblog.com/firmware/uefi/ru.efi/bios/2020/08/01/modifying-bios-using-ru-efi.html

RUefi source: https://ruexe.blogspot.com/

P.S.- If I missed anything let me know I can adjust and provide help. Remember, this guide is at your own risk. I am not affiliated with Alienware or Dell.
submitted by jtmart007 to Alienware [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 18:15 peaceman14 Humans don't do magic Chapter 6: The begining of the end


Across the seas separating the dwarven Alpine from the lush beaches of california, The green forests stretched off into the horizon covering the rolling hills and towering mountains in a blanket of green,slowly fading away to reveal grey rock and white snow as the mountains stretched higher and higher into the clouds. The howl of the wind was all that could be heard from these mountains.Distant screeching of jet engines and howl of artillery shells and rockets quickly replaced the calm rustling of leaves and quiet chirping of birds.In an instant, the white capped mountains of the Dwarven alpine were covered in a blanket of fire, beginning the long grind of the mountains into the ground
Enhanced by dwarven magic, perfected by experience and technology accumulated from years of warfare, the human arsenal had no shortage of explosives. The tall mountains stretching high into the clouds will soon find themselves flattened given the time, just as the Dwarven Archmage had flattened the Tibetan mountain range almost a year ago, humanity will now return the favour. It will take time but soon the dwarves will find themselves cornered, but for now the bombardment served to ensure that no dwarven force would be able to cross the sea and reinforce the patches of resistance forces hiding underground in human territory.
Underneath these towering chunks of rock, The Dwarven city of Ganzir sprawled outwards across a rocky plateau,surrounded by an abyss that led directly to the planet’s mantle, High above the city distant rumbling gently shook the stone roof. The dwarves would be safe from all human attacks for now but they knew it is only a matter of time before the humans would find some way of circumventing their underwise air tight defence. Smoke stacks spewing black smog, churning out new equipment for the dwarven war effort, electrical cables stretched haphazardly from them reaching every building providing them with the lifeblood of any sufficiently industrialised civilization with the help of primitive coal generators stolen from the humans. Within this city. A dwarf by the name of Hallthrim was running up the steps of a towering stone palace, a loud creaking echoed throughout its massive halls,as the dwarf signalled the large stone doors to be opened, inside tall dwarven statues stood, holding gigantic braziers which served as the halls sole light sources. Its decorated pillars stretch up towards the tall ceiling, strolling into the chamber Hallthrim walked up the red carpeted floor towards a second reinforced stone door. Which opened to reveal a single empty stone throne overlooking a long wooden table, filled with paper maps, and stone figurines, around which 5 dwarves clad in shining enchanted armour, their hammers, swords and spears, literally glowing in their holsters.1 was sat at the head of the table clad in fur robes and a gold crown with 2 sat on either side of the table, 1 had was clad in shining white the other was clad in polished black. Both bearing a different insignia on their shoulders. On the table itself in the place of several empty chairs were the helmets of several dwarves, laden with shrapnel and bullet holes, placed on their respective parts of the table. The room quite similarly to the last one was silent. The atmosphere was grim, the 3 dwarves stared at the paper map on the table, as another stone figurine that had been silently moving across a part of the map marked as the Neptune Sea, crumbled into rubble before their very eyes with 7 more stationed in what was marked the Ironside highlands following suit.
“ How the hel did this happen!” One of the generals yelled his head in his hands as he watched his division literally crumble before his very eyes, “ A Year ago these insect’s barbaric weapons could barely scratch us!” he yelled
“ Its all because of Baldur! If only that damn idiot hadn’t gotten himself killed.” The dwarf clad in black, with the insignia of a red gryphon slammed the table with his fist.
“ Calm down Treant, none of us could have predicted the humans would have been able to take him down” The dwarf in white bearing the insignia of a golden dragon answered, as yet another similar dragon figurine on the board crumbled.
“Yea, but what shall we do now, Halvar?”
“I…I know not.” He said, his face looking down onto the board in defeat “Forgive me my lord, we have failed you.”
The dwarf at the head of the table sat forward, “ It is alright, the humans have yet to figure out how to properly enter our lands. Let us retreat what we can on the surface and shore up our defences, underground. Lure them into our element.”
“ That is an excellent idea my lord. We shall execute this at once.”
“ I’m sorry to interrupt my lords..but I have a request from the Elven mage we had harboured known as Eva.” Hallthrim interrupted. “ She claims she is on the verge of something big.She just needs a little more time”
“ We have no time for more of her outlandish claims of the power of ‘atoms’ and ‘molecules’……we have invested far too much into her ‘endeavours’ and have received far too little. We had given her everything she had claimed she needed, human databases, human analysis equipment, even the giant metal ring thing that she wanted so badly we had stolen for her yet she has yielded no results.”Halvar yelled, before being interrupted by a distant rumble, followed dust falling from the ceiling
“ Alright, fine, I will pay her a visit and we’ll decide from what she has got so far.” Halvar
“ Thank you my lord.” Hallthrim said before running back out of the war room.
“And in other news, celebrations are erupting across freshly liberated Europe and America as liberation forces have now pushed the remnants of the dwarves off all human lands… Yes you heard that correctly, viewers. Earth is now officially back under human control” A news reporter’s voice reverberated through the speakers of the holodesk in front of Jean, inside a well furnished victorian era style office.Muffled cheers and celebrations of troops and civilians alike could be heard from both outside her door as well as in the streets below as long separated families are finally after 4 years of constant reunited within the Terran capital. The once grim and smog filled industrial zones of the core human territories,was now entirely unrecognisable as multi-colored fireworks lit up the night sky, and the humm of heavy machinery, as well as the typical chatter of the human workforce had been replaced entirely with cheers and pops of fresh champagne bottle being opened. Most of these fresh bottles had text written on their fronts in dwarven tongue,many still held contempt for the dwarves for the enslavement of many of their friends and family, as such they had no quarrel with using the captured dwarven supplies for our own recreational needs. The air itself had a nice lavender scent to it, the once smog filled air completely cleansed of its pollution, thanks to the help of what were once Elven high ranking officers and concentration camp wardens who now with the help of a little invasive surgery and corrective neural implants now ‘willingly’ used their magical abilities to better give back to the human community.
The news report was playing in an open tab next to multiple tabs of wordy military reports and civilian reports, which Jean flipped through disinterestedly with her left hand, whilst taking a sip of her wine with her right. The Orcs had easily capitulated following the neutralisation of their Arcmage, They might have had our access to our military technology but without their Arcmage, they had no idea how to use them in combat, as such many of their tanks ended up dying in a cavalry charge at our more superior tanks and anti-tank infantry squads. Their air force was quickly crippled as the Orcs had no idea what stealth or radar actually meant. Which meant that even with access to advanced stealth jets like the F22 and Su57, many were easily shot down when their pilots engaged our air superiority fighters in head to head combat resembling primitive dogfights of WW2. Or even worse tried to do gun strafing runs on anti-aircraft batteries in open plains with clear skies. Once their human equipment ran out the Orcish tribes quickly agreed to our terms of surrender. They apparently had no problem turning on the Dwarves once we promised them that they could use them as livestock instead of us.
The dwarves however are another problem, though we have pushed them off our lands,finishing them off proves another issue,The dwarven underground tunnel network is immense,and ever changing. Cramped ever shifting underground tunnels prevent us from even beginning to find an entrance to their cities. Not to mention the fact that the earth itself on dwarven ground seems to have an appetite for literally swallowing any heavy equipment that landed on their beaches. Jean had thus ordered a pause to the offensive, having liberated almost all of the human population from their concentration camps and all of our lands. There was simply no reason to even continue with a ground invasion of Dwarven lands. Thus she had given her men a well earned break,for after this week. High command will order a high intensity bombing of dwarven lands, the lights of which this world and even humanity itself has never seen.
Thinking on this, she swiped through another report, a seemingly routine logistical report of the newly liberated CERN. These reports were ordered to be taken by her in order to take account on what human technologies were stolen by the dwarves so as to be able to create effective counters to them should the dwarves decide to employ them, thus Jean would usually overlook reports on the civilian sector, but this one was interesting everything had been accounted for except for the large hadron collider, an obsolete piece of research equipment that was supposed to discover new quantum particles.That had since been turned into a tourist exhibit in the early 2050s. Now why would the Dwarves want that, of all the equipment in cern and all the military industrial complexes they had access to, they decided to take the one thing that was effectively useless? She had vigilantly read through all the logistical reports, fearing that our hydrogen centrifuges, nuclear reactor cores, or even calcutrons would be found missing but they were all there. Instead the dwarves took a tourist attraction? She leaned back into her office chair and stared at the ceiling overhead for a few moments, before getting up from her chair and walking towards her office window.
The celebrations continued to echo through the hallway outside her office as well as in the streets below. She looked out above the squat military factories into the well lit streets and towering skyscrapers of the residential districts,which stretched high into the skies, fireworks launching from their roofs.
For this first time in 3 years, the threat of extinction has been lifted, For the first time, soldiers and pilots have the chance to stand down, and for the first time, our missile silos and artillery pieces that line the grand wall in the distance lay silent.Silently watching over the large sprawling cityscape and industrial sprawl below. 3 long years of war, death and misery had finally seemed to pay off. The Elves and Orcs have been defeated and the Dwarves are on the brink of joining them soon. She breathed in the lavender scented air, through her open window the skies were clear and the full moon shone bright in the night sky, “Maybe I’m overthinking this.” She muttered to herself, it is likely the Dwarves simply did not understand how we manufacture and create our nuclear weapons and went for the flashiest and most alien looking thing present.
“ Marshall!” a voice shouted from the street below, it was one the members of high command, currently shitfaced, with a bottle of Dwarven brew in his hand surrounded by other members of command all equally wasted. “ When are yer joining us.”
Jean looked down and smiled, “ I’ll be there in a bit!” She called.
“ Your working too hard Ma’am come on down and enjoy yourself a bit, we know your part robot but it can’t hurt to live a little.” Another officer shouted
“ Yea! Science assistant Kim here suggested that we test the capabilities of the cyber-liver we installed. ”The ballistics division head added
“ What? I did not say that!..” She shouted playfully punching Frederick in the shoulder,
Jean looked down endearingly at her celebrating team, it had been forever since she last had a proper celebration. Walking back into her office, she closed her holoprojector before leaving, to join the celebrating crowd below. She was sure she was just overthinking this.
Meanwhile, in the lush green jungles of the Elven Archipelago, A mix of white concrete and clear glass skyscrapers had been built alongside the towering trees of the thriving Elven megapolis. Inside one of these massive trees, Marshall Jean was taking a tour, accompanied by Fredrick who was now walking with the aid of a black cane. His cybernetics was making a slow recovery after the encounter with the Orcish Archmage had nearly fried half his brain. A few power armoured guards accompanied the 2 as a security detail and led by an Elf known as Professor Greenstead.The newly appointed Governor and liaison between the human government and their newly acquired Elven colonies. Having been head of an Elven group known by the Elves as the Human Rights Activists,her group had worked alongside captured or separated human military forces to help break out and save many human lives from Arcane experimentation and concentration camps. At the price of being branded heretics by her own government, in the end when the war had ended, the human expeditionary force had found her and her group hidden deep in the jungles of the fringe islands within a small camouflage town which housed thousands of rescued humans. So as a recognition of their actions she was appointed the new governor of the Elven Colonies and her closest officers were appointed as high ranking administrative staff.
The corridor around them had a homely feel, but yet mystical. The walls were made of oak bark while the floors were polished stone brick. Many smaller wooden doors flanked the Marshall’s entourage, with Elves, clad in blue robes running up and down the corridors with scrolls in hand. Leading the Marshall down the corridor was a tall elf,with red hair. She was clad in green robes and walked with a certain spring in her step. Her aura was extremely energetic and lively, as she introduced the Marshall and the Director to the facility.
After a short walk the entourage came across a large open wooden door, which opened up to a massive clearing, a wooden spiral staircase, sprawled both up and down as far as the eye could see, leaving quite a large empty space in the centre of the stairwell, where a steel bridge led to an elevator that was being built in the centre of the stairwell. Around it many wooden platforms floated up and down with Elven scholars riding upon them, their arms filled with scrolls, accompanied by human scientists. Human scientists walked alongside the Elven mages up and down the spiral staircase, rushing to their respective labs or arcane chambers and classrooms.
“And now that you are familiar with the dorms, here is the central staircase. Each level of the tree has been specialised to a different field of arcane discovery, with a new level expansion being dedicated to the field of combining the Human Physics research with Elven Water magics. That is if your grace would allow us that honour that is.`` The Elf spoke,
“ Thank you Professor Greenstead, and, please do call me Marshall. We humans are not governed by the imperial system.” The Marshall replied to the lively professor.
“ Ahh of course! You humans are governed after a ‘Merry to crazy’ right?” Greenstead smiled.
“ A Meritocracy professor.” Frederick corrected
“ Yes! A government where the ruling class is decided by the academic or military achievements of the individual, Rather than bloodlines. Maybe if we Elves had that kind of sense we could have avoided the war altogether.” The professor said, her smile disappearing for a second as she led the group down a level through a glass auto door and into another smaller corridor. Instantly the environment was a far cry from what it was,natural wooden bark was quickly replaced with concrete and glass, the plank wood floor was replaced with that of white sterile ceramic tiles. To the left and right large glass windows peered into labs filled with a mix of Elven magical equipment and human electronics, stone runic tablets stood next to human electronic ones, while Elven spell scrolls sat upon keyboards in front of flatscreens or holo displays. Large biovats stood upon floors inscribed with arcane circles. Inside Human Scientist, worked alongside Orcish warlocks, and Elven Mages to further their understanding of all their respective fields, “Anyway, here we are at the Aracnoscience level.” The professor said as she introduced them to the labs which surround them. “ Thanks to the approval and funding from you Mr Fredrick, we have made tremendous breakthroughs in multiple fields, the labs you see here are dedicated to life magic or as you humans like to call it, biology.” She said as their group walked down the corridor. “ Ahh, its no problem professor, Though I am sorry we had to put that chip in your head in order to do this. It's just… the safety of our own people has to come first, you know having no magic and all that.”
“It's no problem at all, director, as long as it does not hinder our abilities ‘most’ of us are ok with it.”
“ Ah, that's great to know and all, professor, but why exactly have you called us here?” Marshall Jean interrupted as they continued to walk down the rows of laboratories and libraries.
“ Oh Oh, I’m glad you asked Marshall, its because of this.” She said as they reached the end of the corridor stopping before a large stone door, carved with runes and engravings. She gently knocked on the stone door, causing it to slowly creak open. Greeting them behind the right side of the doorframe, was a human scientist in a white lab coat,holding an electronic table. Her long blonde hair tied in a bun. To her right was a slightly taller red haired Elf clad in white robes and holding a wooden tablet in her hand, and to her left a towering green muscular Orc warlock with black hair clad in a similar white lab coat which looked like it’s buttons were about to burst should the Orc decide to flex and holding a 2 metre long wooden staff tipped with the skull of an oxen. “ These are the researchers that are responsible for the breakthrough.” Professor Greenstead said gesturing towards the team of 3, whilst stepping into the poorly lit stone antichamber. A large transparent glass tank was placed in the centre of the room, The stone circle around it was inscribed with various symbols compromising Elven script. In front of the tank was the cloned bodies of the 3 archmages, Dwarf, Elf and Orc, Each of the bodies was placed in the centre of an Orcish Arcane symbol. Their skulls were cut open and their cloned brains were removed and placed at their feet, facing the tank with an array of electrodes covering each brain, their wires linking them to the tank.The tank itself had Dwarven Rune carved into the base reading absorb. Inside the tank was a sort of brain, it was suspended in the air by wires hanging from the roof of the tank which then stretched down the back of the tank into the base, on closer inspection, the brain was not organic, it looked like a brain from afar but instead of the grey squishy biomass, it was made of warm black steel. The back of the room was a large table filled to the brim with human computers, Elven wooden tablets, and scrolls as well as Orcish bone charms.
“ Hello, It is…an hon…a pleasure to meet with you, Marshall, I am lead scientist Amelia. These are my colleagues Guranak and Windstrider.” She said introducing herself and her colleagues.
“ Please the honour is mine,do explain to me wha.. What exactly am I looking at right now”
“ YES!” Amelia’s face lit up, a little similar to Fredrick when he had first introduced his breakthrough in enchantment.
“ We have, after extensive…very extensive… research and effort, created an artificial blank slate,a mind capable of absorbing the souls of the archmage without their memories and in turn wield, their magical abilities as well.” She explained gesturing to the tank. As she led the group around the circle. “ However, what you are seeing is simply a testbed we had set up to test whether what kinds of minds could take that kind of magic. Guranak and Windstrider will explain the rest” She said, passing the explanation on to her colleagues as the group approached the large table at the back of the room.
“ Souls, and memory are very hard to separate, so we use elven life magic to leave memory in body while Orcish soul magic absorbs the soul.” Guranak began
“ Yes indeed, however the mana released from separating 2 fundamental parts of life from one another will squash any human, Elven, Orc or Dwarven mind, it has even proven too much from some of the ‘syn-tee.thick’ minds you humans have made. Thus we have made use of your new found mastery of dwarven enchantments to help resist this mana explosion.” Windstrider continued
“However since according to Guranak, and Windstrider our clones don’t technically have the proper souls, we would require the use of the original bodies and brains of the Archmages to create one capable of wielding the full might of these 3 formidable foes.” Amelia completed.
“ So your telling me, this thing would allow the user to use the power of all 3 archmages.”
“Yea.” Amelia answered, Meanwhile Fredrick was just staring at the tank in awe, his mouth agape.
“ Holy crap, you guys actually did it, my guys have been working on this for years t o no avail and you guys finally did it.” Frederick smiled, a wide grin appearing on his face. “ The possibilities behind this are endless.”
“ I don’t know, is there a possibility this thing might go rogue?” Marshall Jean asked
Amelia let out a worried sigh, “ Yes we thought of that, and that is why we need to ask you for one more thing….” She said, looking away for a second. “ We need a human host, more specifically, you. We need you to host it. ”
“ Wait, wait ,wait…” Frederick turned away from the tank. “ You want the Marshall to host this.”
“ I mean why not, Being the only human to ever merge with another mind and survive, The Marshall would be the best candidate to host this thing.”
“ Hmm, I see, and what are the chances of failure.”
“ Unknown, we have not had the chance of merging the testbed to a human host and we do not know what that might do to the person’s personality, or even soul for that matter.”
“ Then we cannot pro…”
“ I’ll do it.” Jean interrupted.
“What? We don’t know what it could do to you. You might go insane, die, or worse.”
“ I’ll do it, Fredrick, this… this thing would be the key to ending the war once and for all.”
“ Marshall, I cannot allow the Jeopardisation of humanity’s greatest asset.”
“ Please, for once just trust me.”
Frederick looked at the Marshall in the eyes before turning to look at the machine
“ Alright, but I will be overseeing the process.”
“ YES! Alright!” Amelia jumped into the air, cheering.
“ You will not regret this, Ma am. I am confident this will work.”
A few day later, in a lab in the human capital in the same facility that turned the tide of the war, the facility that gave humanity the power to save itself from extinction. Jean was hooked up to the synthetic brain, the cloned dwarven brain that had once resided on the nape of her neck was now removed, replaced with sprawling cables linking her directly to a glass tank with the synthetic brain. It was set up the same as seen before in the Human-Elven labs, except the 3 bodies were in different stages of decay as opposed to the fresh ones before. Their brains were still fresh though as they had been kept as fresh as possible to provide the blueprints for their clones. Frederick stood in front of Jean, who was lying on an inclined bed. Amelia and her team were watching the 2 from a glass viewing window above them.
“ Are you ready for this Jean?”
“ Ready as I’ll ever be.”
“ Alright, this is going to hurt.” He said, signalling a thumbs up to the team above. Instantly, an arc of electricity surged through the tank, its runes began to glow, as did the Orcish symbols and the Elvish circle. The bodies and the brains began to hover upward as electricity in the form of lightning came from the base of the tank, and arcane energies alike flowed from the circle and the texts through them. Soon the brains began to disintegrate its fragments flowing into the tank through the base of the tank, through the dwarven runes, their biological mass being absorbed by the runes and converted into an electrical signal which was sent directly to the mechanical brain which now surged with power. Jean screamed in pain and agony as this happened, the power of the synthetic mind being passed onto her own, sending every single pain receptor left in her body into overload. Passing out from the pain soon after, The lights began to flicker and soon after the bodies began disintegrating as well, their biomass quickly turned to ashes before exploding, coating the entire room in ash. The pulses of electricity slowed and the runes all began to slowly dim. Once the pulses stopped and the runes went dark. The room fell silent, the humm of the overhead lighting the only thing making a sound. “ Jean?” Frederick whispered as he slowly walked over to her. Jean let out a loud gasp as she shot upright. A muffled cheer could be heard from the viewing room above.
“ Oh thank god.” Frederick said, “ How do you feel.”
“ Amazing!” She said unplugging herself from the synthetic mind. She felt powerful, unlike the power she had before with the dwarf, one of pure rage. This time she felt in control, but she did see the world completely differently. She could see the blood flowing through Fredrick’s veins, she could see his soul, a bright blue glow just above his brainstem.Its a shame she couldn’t have any of the memories absorbed, having been corrupted by memes and all. Though She could still feel the air move in and out of his lungs as he breathed. Similarly she saw this through the one way glass of the viewing deck. Every air current, or movement she could see. Similarly, the earth underneath her didn’t even feel properly solid anymore. She felt it move and slide above the mantle of the planet, even ever so slightly. It felt like clay that she could just… A boulder was immediately lifted from the ground, tearing through the ceramic tile from and slamming through the ceiling tearing a hole all the way to the roof before being flung into the sky and off into the horizon.
“Damn.” she said staring at the roof. “ Oops” we let out a weak smile. Frederick was staring at the ceiling with his mouth agape, “holy shit… it worked” he muttered, before looking back at the Marshall. “Now that you have their magic, what will be our next move?” He asked recomposing himself.
“ I think…it's time we put an end to this Once and For all.”
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2023.03.28 17:35 Irisofdreams Hi ! I'm planning on writing a fanfiction with them acting as mentor figures/ guardians to our main crew during a war. Could you please tell me if any sound too Mary Sue-ish or too OP ? And please feel free to give any criticisms or suggestions you want [all]

Serenity Spring :
Son of Hades.
Weapon - a double-ended spear named Soulreaper, with one end made of Stygian Iron and the other of Celestial Bronze.
Powers :The Heart of Nyx, or the Nyctos Crystal, a strange black diamond containing the powers o f darkness and shadow
The Title of Lord of the Damned, giving him the ability to control the rate at which something decays
Sexuality / Gender : Gay/ Cis male
Born in Britain at the height of the AIDs Crisis, he underwent severe abuse at the hands of friends and family for both his sexuality and lack of father. Eventually, he was accosted by a group of bullies near a river, stabbed, beaten and shoved in accidentally, at which point he encountered my second OC, Sapphire, who nursed him back to health. However, the river had a time-dilution effect, meaning that when he came out, twenty years had passed.
Charge : Nico and Hazel

Sapphire / Anaklusmos:
Son of Poseidon
Weapon : The celestial bronze blade Anaklusmos, his namesake [formerly]
A trident made of Abyssal Ice, giving him the ability to call on even the darkest of sea beasts, and to manipulate even the Sea of Monsters
Powers : Hydrokinesis, Temperature Manipulation
The Title of the "Horror of the Deep"
Sexuality/ Gender : Gay/ Trans Male
Born a prince of Athens in ancient Greece, his mother had an affair with Poseidon, producing him. In stark contrast to his half-brother Theseus, he was heavily abused, forced to train day and night from a young age, never allowed rest, all for the sake of making his father proud. Eventually he ascended the throne of Athens, only to be faced with his mother, who also sought the throne. After defeating her in open combat, he sought then to make his father proud. In the process of doing so, he was killed and his corpse sank to the bottom of the sea. A nymph, Pleione, saved him and helped transfer his soul into a body made entirely of water. As a reward, he gave her his sword, Anaklusmos
Charge : Percy

Son of Zeus
Weapon : Doubled edged sword- half Imperial Gold, half- Celestial Bronze, named Skybreaker
Powers : Electrokinesis, Electromagnetism, Flight, Wind manipulation, Self-ionization
Sexuality/ Gender : Bisexual/ Cis male
Born to a woman living in Texas, his mother was always strange. She was obsessed with Zeus to an unhealthy degree, naming her son Rapture, as in "rescue from a burst of light". Despite this, he loved her. Rapture was Latin-American, and heavily discriminated against, giving him a hatred of authority figures. Eventually they were attacked by monsters, who burnt their house down, killing his mother, who remained inside, believing Zeus would rescue her, and giving him a large scar across his face
Charge : Thalia (dislikes authority, and so dislikes most Romans, including Jason)

Grandson of Athena
Weapon : The Owl's Talons, a celestial bronze dagger emblazoned with the head of an Owl, given to him by his father, who was given it by Athena
Powers : Incredible intelligence
Sexuality/ Gender: Aromantic asexual/ Cis male
In the year 1980, the goddess Athena took a lover, the mortal, Hibou, and to them was born a son, the grey-eyed Nebula. For a while, they were happy and all was well, but Athena grew colder and colder with each passing day. The child was not unskilled by human standards, and yet his skill was not near enough to the perfection she desired. Then, Hibou was shot and killed in a robbery. Athena mourned her lover for a day, and then, placing her son in an orphanage, left for the golden halls of Olympus.
Nebula grew up unloved, desperate for love from the one family he had. He devoted every second to her, and sought to live the perfect life for her sake, and yet it was all in vain, for she never once looked his way. He married a beautiful, if cold woman and had a son, and it was then, looking into the eyes of his son, named Owl after his grandfather , his eyes of molten silver, he mourned for his life, which he wasted.
He turned to drink, and his wife left him, and yet his son loved him, and he loved his son. And on his son's eleventh birthday, he came home, sober, and with dark circles under his eyes, and pulling out a knife, claimed that it was given to him by his mother, and begged his son to live a good life.
A year later, he was dead, in his bed, lying in a pool of blood that streamed from his gaping mouth, from either an overdose of sleeping pills and alcohol, or suicide. His son witnessed everything yet refused to speak
Owl was brilliant, shrewd and cold, callous and clever. His mind was faster than his father's by far. He was placed in an orphanage, and on his fourteenth birthday, he broke a window, and escaped, desiring vengeance against his grandmother, whom he blamed for his father's death.
The Owl wandered far and eventually ran into the Eagle, the King Of Thieves. He joined Eagle's gang, and at the age of sixteen, split off from him to form his own group. He was called the Eye of Phoebus, for the belief was that he could see into the future. This was untrue, he was simply brilliant.
And yet, his brilliant mind hid a darkness in his heart. His overwhelming guilt at breaking his father's final wish, and the scarring memory of his father, spread-eagled on a bed, blood streaming from his mouth. The dulcet tones of the piano, and the clink of laboratory equipment seemed to be the only noises he was comfortable with.

Eagle of Hermes
Son of Hermes
Weapon : The Talons of the Winged God: Two Celestial Bronze Blades with ribbons attached at the end, giving Eagle's silhouette the appearance of a winged man. These help in swinging the sword and can act as grappling hooks for short distances
Powers : Incredible stealth, ability to steal anything he wishes, The eye of Thanatos-letting him see people's lifespan
Sexuality : Demisexual/ Cis male
Born in a city devastated by a massive war, his first thing he saw was an abandoned hospital, and his heavily injured mother. His mother cared for him as best she could, but her injuries limited her. At the age of ten, he learnt to steal from the wealthy elites who had established a city atop the ruins of his own. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to steal enough, and his mother died giving birth to his baby sister, a mortal. He swore to protect her and eventually earned a reputation as "The King of Thieves", forming a small gang. However, eventually he and his sister were caught in yet another war, in which his sister died in the crossfire. Enraged, he ventured into the Underworld to speak with Thanatos. Thanatos offered him a deal- his eye and a game for a ritual he could use to bring back his sister. He agreed, tearing out his eye, and winning the game. However, after receiving the ritual, he tore out Thanatos' eye, and replaced his own with it. After this, he ventured back and performed the ritual, returning his sister to life

The Wolf/ Lupus
True name : Zihuang, the Purple Phoenix
Son of Hephaestus / Vulcan (he never specified)
Weapon : Nanites, Drones, Hard-light blades made using Celestial Bronze generators
Powers : Incredible inventive ability, Heat resistance, ability to breathe fire
Sexuality : Asexual/ Cis Male
Born in a small city somewhere in China, he lost his mother at an early age when monsters swarmed his city, burning it to the ground. All that remained of her was a wolf-shaped mask, which he carried at all times. He was taken in by Ruan, son of Ares and master of the Wumu Zhi Ren, an assassin's league. He was put through many years of gruelling training before he finally escaped and returned to his home-town. Desperate to prevent his tragedy from repeating itself, he allied with Foxglove, OC #3, to bring peace to his city. While Foxglove helped eradicate crime within the city, Wolf searched for a legendary artifact- The Dream Crystal, forged from the birth of Gaia. He found it buried deep beneath Mount Etna and used it as a power source, creating a vast shield over his city

Weapon : Shandian, a whip-like blade, made of double-edged Celestial Bronze and titanium
Power : Agility, Electrokinesis
Sexuality: No idea
Born a poor orphan in Shenzhou, Wolf's city, her life truly began when she was picked for a set of experimental trials by Xeno, a son of Athena. They injected godly Ichor into her, specifically Zeus', making her terminally unstable, prone to random flashes of lightning, but also extremely powerful. Eventually, she escaped, making a deal with Wolf, who forged Shandian for her

Son of Aphrodite
Weapon : L'Amore, a Celestial Bronze bow, with an Imperial Gold filament as a bowstring
Powers: Love's Fatal Sting, a pink mist that highly increases susceptibility to suggestion along with libido
Obsession: a highly-advanced form of charmspeak
Sexuality : Omnisexual/ Cis male
Born to an orthodox Catholic pastor in Texas, into a family of two boys (one other son of Aphrodite) and one girl, he was always highly feminine from a young age, resulting in severe abuse. At the age of 15, he and his brother officially separated from their father, taking away his other children as they went. As they grew older, they realized the danger their presence posed to their siblings and so, leaving them in the care of their paternal grandmother, left

Non-allies :
The Empyrea
Minor God of the Flame, Part of a now long-dead pantheon
Weapon : The Imperial Gold spear Xuanyuan
The golden warhammer (that can elongate into a whip of red lightning) Hongdian
Powers : The Phoenix Down, a magical feather that gives him the ability to move at incredible speeds
Pyrokinesis, Super-strength
Sexuality : Male-attracted/ Genderless
the Phoenix , the God of Fire. Born a mortal in the fortress city of Kel-nu-Ras, the Hope of Man. His father had fallen in a war, and returned "in a matchbox". He was thrown out when he was unable to pay rent. He was a poor orphan, spat on and scorned, until he met the First Empyrea, a kind and caring God. The god took him to Mount Taixuan, his mountain fortress, which he conquered from the dark god Leven. There he was raised as the god’s successor, which he eventually became.
He then adopted a young girl who had been orphaned in the Emergence of Corruption. The Corruption is a hostile race of virus-like organisms that hate all inhabitants of Earth. They are led by Carad the Terrible. The other gods fought and fell to Carad, including the First Empyrea. Finally, before the gates of Kel-nu-Ras, he faced the Phoenix, and killed him. As he lay dying, the Phoenix released a burst of energy that killed Carad once and for all, and a single feather, mark of the Phoenix, floated before his daughter, marking her as his successor

The Tortured King Prodotis
Second King of the Monsters, Son of Echidna and a mortal
Weapon : Godkiller, a sword made from the spine of another demi-monster
Emperorshell, a shield-like formation formed from organic material
Scorpiontails, thousands of explosive Stygian Iron knives
Power : Incredible regenerative abilities, ability to form bony exoskeleton and bony tentacles which can be manipulated and reshaped
Sexuality : Gay / Cis male
The son of Echidna was born when she took a mortal form after falling in love with Leven, a son of Ares and a particularly brutal monster-hunter. They had a child together, but when the child emerged, it had burning red sclera, a clear sign of its true heritage. Disgusted, he abandoned the child and saw that the mother, Echidna had vacated her body, returning to her ordinary state. The boy grew up on the street, believing his father was dead, only to be taken in by Moabitus, a son of Athena, renowned as one of the "strongest demigods". He grew up killing monsters, until he was kidnapped by an empousai, who ruled that particular area. She tortured him for days, eventually revealing his heritage. In anger, he broke free and devoured her. Running away, he soon collapsed from blood-loss, only to be helped by Percy Jackson. This was the first kind thing anyone had done for him, and he instantly fell in love. Later, he returned and claimed the title of "King of the Monsters"
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