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2023.06.10 05:38 stayclassypeople 1985-86 Bowl Season

I'm analyzing every bowl season from 1974-1997. Check out the link below for prior seasons.

Team Record AP Coaches
Penn State 11-0 1 (47) 1 (36)
Miami 10-1 2 (3) 4
Oklahoma 10-1 3 (5) 2 (1)
Iowa 10-1 4 (3) 3

Important Games

#1 overall Penn State entered the bowl season as the only unbeaten, which gave them the inside track to claim a 2nd consensus national title in 5 years. The Orange Bowl quickly snatched them up to create a de facto national title game vs Big 8 Champ Oklahoma, who was #2 in the Coaches Poll. One problem, Miami, who beat the Sooners head to head, was ranked ahead of the Sooners at #2 in the AP Poll. This created the potential for a split national title. If Oklahoma won the Orange and Miami won the Sugar against SEC 'champ* Tennessee, its more than likely the AP would have awarded the national title to Miami, and the Coaches to Oklahoma. Also, because of the Orange Bowl match up, #4/3 Big Ten champion Iowa's National title hopes were slim to none.

The Bowls

Rose Bowl #4/3 Iowa vs #13 UCLA (January 1st, 4:30PM EST)
In all reality, Iowa was probably playing for, at best, 2nd in both polls, which would match their highest final ranking ever at #2 in 1958. Maybe just maybe, a route of UCLA would give them some first love too? Unfortunately, Iowa would end up participating in a decade plus time honored tradition of Big Ten teams losing to lower ranked Pac 10 teams. The game was tied at 10 mid 2nd, when UCLA scored two unanswered TDs to lead 24-10 at the half. The Hawkeyes would get within 7 in the 3rd quarter, but UCLA's offense was too much as the Bruins would go onto win 45-28.

Sugar Bowl #2/4 Miami vs #8 Tennessee (January 1st, 8PM EST)
Despite getting little love from the AP, a #1 rank in the Coaches poll and a split national title was very much on the table for Miami. This would still mean a 2nd championship season in 3 years for the burgeoning dynasty. Their opponent was Tennessee, who also suffered its only defeat (not counting 2 ties) at the hands of Florida. Although this game was the same time as the Orange, it was pretty obvious that Penn St and Oklahoma were playing for a national title by the 3rd quarter. Tennessee spotted Miami 7 in the first but scored 14 apiece in the 2nd and 3rd to go up 28-7, before cruising to a 35-7 win.
Orange Bowl #1 Penn State vs #3/2 Oklahoma
Penn State knew a consensus national title was on the line, while Oklahoma knew a win meant at least a split for them with Miami. The Nittany Lions drew first blood with an early first quarter TD. The 2nd quarter was dominated by the Sooners who scored 16 unanswered thanks to 3 field goals and a 71 yard TD pass to lead 16-7. Penn St managed to get it back to 16-10 with a late field goal to make it 16-10 at the half. Entering the 4th quarter, up 9, the fans likely knew how the Sugar bowl was going and that their Sooners were in the drivers seat for a consensus natty. The defense led by Brian Bosworth pitched a 2nd half shutout and the offense iced the game with a long TD run in the 4th to win 25-10. By the time the clock ticked to 0 the Sooner players would also know that a consensus championship was there's. Also, Oklahoma's place kicker was named the game's co-MVP. A kicker winning MVP in a title game? How neat is that?!

Final Results

Team Record AP Coaches
Oklahoma 11-1 1 (55) 1 (41)
Michigan 10-1-1 2 (1) 2
Penn St 11-1 3 3
Tennessee 9-1-2 4 4 (1)
Of course there has to be contrarians, as 1 voter in each Poll had a different #1, but the Sooners were an overwhelming, if not easy choice for #1, which would make it their 6th overall national title and 3rd for head coach Barry Switzer. I imagine both Tennessee and Michigan, like many others before them, lamented the fact that overtime did not yet exist since, since their ties likely cost them any real shot at a title.
Sources and recommended reading

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2023.06.10 05:30 bam92027 Lameme James is the best. Cheers to him 🍻

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2023.06.10 05:30 Affectionate-Roof615 A little progress every day

A little progress every day
Was a tad annoyed this evening when I saw someone already knocked me down one spot from my high score rank yesterday, so I came back for more.
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2023.06.10 05:24 DocWatson42 The American Health Care System

This thread is about the recurring topic on Reddit.
My lists are always being updated and expanded when new information comes in—what did I miss or am I unaware of (even if the thread predates my membership in Reddit), and what needs correction? Even (especially) if I get a subreddit or date wrong. (Note that, other than the quotation marks, the thread titles are "sic". I only change the quotation marks to match the standard usage (double to single, etc.) when I add my own quotation marks around the threads' titles.)
The lists are in absolute ascending chronological order by the posting date, and if need be the time of the initial post, down to the minute (or second, if required—there's at least one example of this, somewhere). The dates are in DD MMMM YYYY format per personal preference, and times are in US Eastern Time ("ET") since that's how they appear to me, and I'm not going to go to the trouble of converting to another time zone. They are also in twenty-four hour format, as that's what I prefer, and it saves the trouble and confusion of a.m. and p.m. Where the same user posts the same request to different subreddits, I note the user's name in order to indicate that I am aware of the duplication.
For information on the American health care system (pre–Affordable Care Act (ACA)/Obamacare) compared to those of a selection of other developed nations, see:
See also:
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2023.06.10 05:21 AstronautPuzzled6733 A Russian Tourist Is Killed in a Shark Attack in Egypt

A Russian Tourist Is Killed in a Shark Attack in Egypt
A Russian tourist has been killed by a shark while swimming on an Egyptian beach. A tiger shark dragged him under the water as onlookers shouted for help, and a video of the attack has been circulated online. The man is seen screaming "papa" as the shark circles him and pulls him under. The video ends with a small boat arriving on the scene seconds after the attack.
The attack happened Thursday in Hurghada, a Red Sea resort city, near the Dream Beach Sheraton, according to local media. The victim, named by Russian media as 23-year-old Vladimir Popov, was at the beach with his father. A witness told local media that the family was preparing to swim together when a large shark approached and attacked.
Popov was dragged under the water, and onlookers can be heard screaming for him to fight back. He resurfaced and fought the shark, but the animal pulled him under again. His father could be seen on the beach watching helplessly as his son was mauled. The man was dragged underwater several more times and was then left in a pool of blood. He was dragged under so many times that his arms and legs were torn from him. The shark then returned to eat the remains of his body.
It was a horrific scene for onlookers, and some began throwing rocks at the creature. A local fisherman later caught the shark, and it was beaten to death with a rope, local media reported. The fisherman said the shark was responsible for a number of attacks in the area.
International experts have been analyzing the evidence from the beach, including interviewing witnesses and studying the environment. They are trying to determine why the shark was acting as it did, though they do not believe it was a rogue shark. It is likely that the shark was simply looking for food, and was provoked by people.
Theories have been put forward by the team investigating the shark attacks, including that fishermen are feeding sharks in popular diving areas, causing them to associate humans with food. The team also believes that a lack of natural food in the sea may be forcing sharks to become bolder and more aggressive in their search for prey.
Despite the recent tragedies, shark attacks in Egypt are still very rare. There were only five fatal unprovoked shark attacks worldwide in 2022, and two of them were in Egypt. That is a far lower rate than the number of people killed by cows, which kill an average of 22 people each year. Despite this, there are steps that tourists can take to make themselves more safe when visiting the Red Sea. They should avoid swimming in areas where there are coral reefs, and should always swim in groups or with a guide. They should not swim at night, and should not enter the water if it is stormy or rough. Also, they should not swim or dive if they are bleeding or injured.
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2023.06.10 05:18 Sami_15 I always believed

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2023.06.10 05:15 Funny_Language4830 USA is just discovering the Reservation system of India

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2023.06.10 05:12 Traditional_Ad_2910 Does it get better?

Hey all,
Im currently a commercial trainee with just over a year experience. I work at a boutique national firm but focus on the mid atlantic region. Ive only appraised core 3 property types.
I feel like im hitting a plateau. Work used to be super busy around this time last year but now there doesnt seem to be much to work on. I try to take classes when I have some free time but after graduating last year, taking more classes doesnt entice me or get me excited. I can write reports with little to no supervision and have solid foundation in argus.
Since things arent busy i usually have days with not much work and I spend that time golfing or traveling somewhere within a 2-3 hour drive.
But with the low work volume, im not making any fee splits which makes me less motivated. My boss says work will pick up and be hectic again later this year ~q3 q4 but I’m just not sure.
Anyone with commercial experience have any advice and recommendations to keep me going? Is this career worth it? Does it get better after getting the CG license? Im also just feeling kind of burnt out after 2022 and busting out hundreds (maybe 140 total) of reports and havent gotten any motivation back since starting out after grad.
Thanks in advance for any advice!
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2023.06.10 05:09 Michami135 Survival Solo RPG

Survival Solo RPG
I got into solo RPGs as a source of entertainment for survival training. Watching the show, "Alone" really drilled home how important entertainment is when you're by yourself for weeks on end. So after trying many different systems, I decided to try my hand and inventing my own version. This version is designed to be made in the field, using easy to make d4 dice.
This is more of a thought experiment than anything, but it was fun to make, and I'd love any feedback!
Also, I've rewritten this a few dozen times, so if there's some odd wording, it's probably from an old rule that I've become blind to after rereading this so many times.
I have more information, as well as a bunch of computer simulated battles on my github page: https://github.com/michami/SurvivalSoloRPG

Survival Solo RPG:

Example dice
Use two d4 dice valued 0 to 3. Use rocks as tokens to indicating values that change during play. Trait values can be represented by notches on a stick, etc. "3" is the magic number for many of the rules.

Oracle: (Check the Github page for additional dice notes)

Roll one die as an oracle. Roll multiple times to get modifiers.
Die Trait Element Race Relationship Fighting Style Gender No / Yes
0 HP Earth Dwarf Family Support Manly man Definitely No
1 STR Water Human Friend Fighter Male Probably No
2 DEX Air Elf Lovers Thief Female Probably Yes
3 INT Fire Beast Enemy Magic User Girly girl Definitely Yes
For ranged values, roll two dice to get a value from 0 (very bad) to 6 (very good) with 3 being the average.


Dwarf: Elemental magic. Durable elemental weapons.
Human: Electrical magic. Electronics. Constructs. Complex mechanical traps. Complex weapons such as firearms, crossbows, etc.
Elf: Nature / spiritual magic, healing others, golems, sentient weapons.
Beast-kin: Self transformation / boosting magic. Can change into an animal with +1/2 point per level, rounded up, to traits based on animal type. Can change into a human with +1/2 point per level, rounded up, to INT. Animal form cannot use weapons or armor. Can only use magic in their natural form. Transformation always succeeds, takes one full turn, and costs two manna.
Any race can learn the magic of another race through practice. Since this is not natural for the race, no more than 3 spells from other races can be learned.


Traits: Each attacking character has four traits, HP, STR, DEX and INT. Start with 12 points and distribute as desired.
Lucky Shots: You may trade trait points for 3 lucky shots each. One lucky shot is exchanged for an extra roll at any time, picking the more preferred result. Lucky shots are restored whenever you gain an XP.
Charisma: Charisma uses INT. Roll INT for both characters. Must beat the target's score to win. Modifiers can be used based on the circumstances.
Magic: You have one manna (magic) token per level of INT. Any time you use manna, choose how many levels to use, then temporarily drop your manna by that many tokens. You regain one lost manna per turn.


Rolling the dice: Roll 2 dice and add the appropriate trait.
Challenge Difficulties: Trivial(4), Easy(6), Medium(8), Hard(10), and Heroic(12). Roll to match or better. Rolling 0 (6.25%) always fails.
Fray die: Before hero attacks an enemy, roll one die. If it's a 3, do 1 damage to the opponent before attacking. These are attacks "in the fray" such as dagger swipes, critical hits, etc.
Speed (DEX) based attacks: Attacker rolls on DEX. Defender rolls on either DEX (dodge) or STR (block). If the attacker rolls higher than the defender, the difference is the damage done.
Strength (STR) based attacks: Roll on DEX for both attacker and defender. If the defender rolls higher, this is the amount of damage dodged. Then the attacker and defender roll on STR. If the attacker rolls higher, this is the damage done, minus the damage dodged.
Magic attacks: Because of the different ways magic can be used, there are no set rules for magic. Depending on the spell, magic may be used in place of DEX or STR using the same rules as above. These rules may be modified for the spell used, such as AoE spells.
Damage overflow: If you do more damage than a single enemy can take, you can spend the overflow damage on an enemy, of equal or less level, adjacent to the first. This can be repeated for as many enemies are there are, as long as they are adjacent to each other. Any one of the remaining enemies can return an attack before you attack again.
Weapons and armor: Weapons add (or subtract) levels to your attack rolls. Armor adds (or subtracts) levels to your defense rolls.
Saving throws: If poisoned, burning, etc. roll for easy difficulty (6) on your STR or HP. If you fail the save, you lose one HP and must roll again on your next turn. Repeat until you succeed or your HP reaches 0. If your HP reaches 0 for any reason, including battle, roll for hard difficulty (10) on INT for divine intervention. If you succeed in a divine intervention, restore 1 HP and remove all status effects. (Negative and positive)
Breaking Objects: Objects only have a LVL. Attacker rolls on STR to beat the LVL difficulty.
Traps: Traps have a LVL which must be beat with INT to disarm. LVL acts like DEX if triggered. A failed roll to disarm will trigger the trap. When creating a trap, roll on INT to find the trap's LVL.
Constructs and Golems: Roll on manna for the level. Use the rules for monsters to determine how many trait points to distribute.
Meditation: When not in battle, you can choose to meditate. For each turn you meditate, you temporarily increase your manna pool by one token. There is also a 50% chance to be attacked by a low-level monster each turn. If your meditation is interrupted, you loose the manna bonus and the monster attacks first. You keep this manna boost until it is spent.
Leveling: At the end of a single adventure, (or whenever you feel is right) each hero gets one XP and all spent lucky shots are restored. You need the number of the next level more XP to advance to that level. (level 4 is 4 XP higher than level 3) Each time you level up, you get 2 points you can choose to spend on any traits or lucky shot tokens.
Healing: Each ally can heal 1 HP between battles. Elves may attempt to perform a full heal at a medium(8) difficulty, or raise the dead at a hard(10) difficulty. Beast-kin may attempt a full heal on themselves.
Monsters: A level 1 monster has 4 total trait points. (Often one point to each trait) Monsters level the same way as Heroes, so a level 5 monster will have 8 additional trait points, or 12 total, the same as a level 1 hero.
Creating a Map: Roll multiple dice, or a single dice multiple times to find what exits the current room has. Zero is the way you entered the room, 1 is to the left, 2 is straight ahead, 3 is to the right. Ignore duplicate values. Ask the oracle about any room features.
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2023.06.10 05:08 jGatzB The Land of Chasm (Labeled Nations w/ Tech Levels)

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2023.06.10 05:06 Professional-Lab6990 CPU and GPU Running VERY Poorly on 3DMark

Hey all! I recently upgraded to a 4070TI and 5900x. It's felt somewhat like my gaming performance hasn't improved to the extent that I thought it should, so I ran a timespy benchmark and it seems like something isn't quite working right. Utilization on the GPU test doesn't seem like it ever breaks over 70%, but temps remain pretty low for both GPU and CPU, neither breaking over 60-70 degrees.
CPU is set to Auto OC, and GPU is OC'd by Curve Optimizer in Afterburner.
GPU got a score of 11368, CPU had a score of 12005.
Other related info:
Currently using a B450 Asrock Phantom Gaming Velocita
32gb 3200mhz ram
CPU cooled by a Corsair H150i AIO cooler.
Any ideas what to try to remedy these strange results? Average Time Spy score for these parts is 20281, and I'm hardly hitting half of that currently.
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2023.06.10 05:03 heartlikeatrugg 86 on BRGHT and 126 FSIQ on CAIT, why the discrepancy?

Today I took both of these tests within a few hours of each other. I scored 86 on my first try on BRGHT. Took it two more times, got 87 the 2nd try and 108 the 3rd, so my average is about 93. I then took the CAIT.
I got professionally tested a long time ago using the WAIS-IV and scored 106 FSIQ. I don't have the results of that old test handy but I remember the general strengths [verbal] and weaknesses [working memory, processing speed] being about the same.
To me, the BRGHT seemed harder than the CAIT because it had more math and logic puzzles. But I also get anxious doing tests. By the time I did the CAIT I was calmer.
My CAIT scores if that helps:
Verbal Comprehension: 130/31
Perceptual Reasoning: 122/28
Cognitive Performance: 111/24
FSIQ: 126
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2023.06.10 05:01 bbt104 Looking for another Mastercard with 2% or higher cashback, can be in be in specific categories.

Current cards: Discover It $7,000, December 2022 (For restaurants currently, soon to be for gas next month) Citi Double Cashback, $6,000, February 2023 (catch all card) Citi Custom Cash, $6,500, May 2023 (used for merchants category) Amazon Chase, $3,200, May 2022 (used only on Amazon) Curve, $500, August 2022 (redirects charges to proper cards for rewards)
FICO Score: 748 Experian Score: 720
Oldest account age: 9 years 5 Months
Income: $78000
Average monthly spend and categories: dining $500 groceries: $1,100 gas: $200 Shopping: $700 Bills: $500 Other: $600
Open to Business Cards: Possibly
What's the purpose of your next card? Cashback
Are you OK with category spending or do you want a general spending card? Yes
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2023.06.10 04:51 Reasonable_Law_1102 This was a cool stat and additional feat this year…

Read the article: Napoli score a European record number of headers in 2022/23. Download the official app of Napoli https://sscnapoli.it/download.html
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2023.06.10 04:47 I_r_hooman One of the most impressive goals you'll see an Australian national team score. Jovanovic for the u-18s

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2023.06.10 04:45 Complex_Doubt1 U World Average

For those that passed the NAPLEX or those planning to take it soon, what is your average score (performance stats) on the U world questions?
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2023.06.10 04:43 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Austin Belcak – The Dream Job System ✔️ Full Course Download

[Genkicourses.site] ✔️Austin Belcak – The Dream Job System ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Austin Belcak – The Dream Job System ✔️ Full Course Download
Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here

The Dream Job System bring you quick, highly actionable strategies to help you land a job you love without “traditional” experience and without applying online. These modern job search tactics stem from Austin Belcak’s personal experience landing offers from Google, Microsoft, and Twitter as well as his experience helping thousands of job seekers get hired at the world’s best companies without applying online. What You Get Inside The Dream Job System: Module #1 – THE UNCONVENTIONAL JOB SEARCH BLUEPRINT
Introduction & what to expect from the course Discover why 99% of people fail to land jobs they love Reveal my 7 step “Dream Job System Blueprint“ Leverage my “Find Your Why” formula to discover the right career path and role for you (even if you have no idea what you want to do!) [Templates Included]
Module #2 – YOUR RESUME
Learn how to transform your resume into an interview generating machine Revealing my proprietary process for writing highly effective resumes that both ATS systems and hiring managers love Discover how to choose the right resume template, identify the right resume keywords, leverage formatting, & writing value-driven resume bullets [9+ Templates Included]
Answering the question of “do Cover Letters still matter?” Learn my 3 step framework for writing a crazy effective cover letter in 30 minutes Breakdown of real Cover Letters from real people who landed jobs at companies like Google, etc. Access to my proven Cover Letter Template [2 Examples Included]
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Discover my 5 research-backed relationship building principles Leverage the 90:9:1 Rule for starting strong relationships Learn my process for become a highly effective cold emailer [Templates Included] Break down the 5 most effective relationship building strategies, including my “Goal Getter,” “Show Me You Know Me,” & “Testimonial Method” tactics How to use the Dream 50 technique to turn total strangers into referrals and advocates [Worksheet Included]
Discover the single most effective tactic for landing a dream job (this is my “secret sauce!”) Create a project that makes your value irresistible and crystal clear to recruiters and hiring managers Learn 5 unique ways to come up with a killer Value Validation Project idea Break down my process for creating an high quality Value Validation Project for free! Deep dive into 5+ Value Validation Project Examples from real students at companies like Microsoft, Instagram, AirBnB, Twitter, & more [Projects Included]
Revealing the science behind my research-backed interview preparation strategy Discover the 7 core interview questions you’ll be asked in 90% of interviews Learn how to craft and deliver interview answers that will blow your interviewer away [Examples Included] Proven frameworks for answering trick questions like What’s Your Biggest Weakness?, Tell Me About Yourself?, and How Many Golf Balls Can Fit Inside of a 747 Airplane? [Templates Included] Learn the secret to “turning the tables” and using your non-traditional background as an advantage over other candidates
Learn how 3 simple principles of behavioral psychology will allow you to get inside your interviewer’s brain and help you build a strong relationship with them Utilizing Conversation Ratio to leave a positive impression on your interviewer down to the molecular level (seriously…I’ll show you the science behind it) Illustrating how The Recency Effect can allow you to choose exactly what our interview remembers about you 5 psychologically-rooted questions I asked every interviewer and the breakdown of why they are so powerful [Templates Included]
Learn the salary negotiation strategies that DJS students have used to boost their salaries by an average of 36% – 44% Leverage a simple framework to control the conversation when your future employer asks about your salary expectations Discover the different types of negotiators and the specialized techniques you can use to be successful with each type Share other forms of compensations that you can negotiate beyond salary (that might actually be worth more!)
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2023.06.10 04:41 I-Am-The-Yeeter Weird thing so be salty about, but when I play Big runs I consistently get my high score early. It demoralizes that my first try is 15% higher than my second best and 50% more than my average.

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2023.06.10 04:31 Punjavepoonpoon Americans who played abroad today: 6/5-9/23

June 5th
Bundesliga - Europa Conference League Semi-Final Playoff (Austria)
Maurice Malone (Wolfsberger AC on loan from FC Augsburg) Started at LW and went the full 90’ in a 2-1 Loss against Austria Lustenau (7.6/-) 0/1 shot on target, 24/27 passing, 2 chances created, 1 penalty won

Allsvenskan (Sweden)
Kristoffer Lund (BK Hacken) Started at LB and went the full 90’ in a 2-0 Win at Varbergs BoIS FC (7.8/-) 0/1 shot on target, 37/49 passing Match Highlights
Tomas Totland (BK Hacken) Subbed on in the 81st‘ in a 2-0 Win at Varbergs BoIS FC (-/-) 2/2 passing
Joe Gyau (Degerfors IF) Started at LWB and played 84‘ in a 5-0 Loss at Malmo FF (5.9/-) 0/1 shot on target, 10/14 passing Match Highlights

Superettan (Swedish 2nd Division)
Marcelo Palomino (AFC Eskilstuna) Subbed on in the 56th‘ in a 1-0 Loss at Skovde AIK (-/-)

First Division (Irish 2nd Division)
Ryan Flood (Finn Harps) Started at LCB and went the full 90’ in a 6-0 Loss at Galway Utd, Picked up a yellow in the 54th’ (-/-) Match Highlights
Vincent Borden (Galway Utd) Subbed on in the 46th‘ in a 6-0 Win against Finn Harps
Giles Phillips (Waterford FC) Started at CB and went the full 90’ in a 6-0 Win at Kerry FC (-/-) Match Highlights
Patrick Hickey (Athlone Town FC) Started at RCB and played 89‘ in a 3-1 Win against Bray Wanderers (-/-) Match Highlights
Matthew Leal (Athlone Town FC) Started at LCB and played 66‘ in a 3-1 Win against Bray Wanderers
Isaie Louis (Athlone Town FC) Subbed on in the 83rd‘ in a 3-1 Win against Bray Wanderers
Franz Pierrot (Athlone Town FC) Started at ST and played 89‘ in a 3-1 Win against Bray Wanderers
Jamar Campion-Hinds (Athlone Town FC) Started at CAM and went the full 90’ in a 3-1 Win against Bray Wanderers. Scored their third goal in the 71st’
Matthew Baker (Athlone Town FC) Subbed on in the 89th‘ in a 3-1 Win against Bray Wanderers

June 6th
2. Bundesliga - Promotion/Relegation Playoff Leg - 2 (German 2nd Division)
George Bello (Arminia Bielefeld) Started at LWB and went the full 90’ in a 2-1 Loss against Wehen Wiesbaden. Picked up a yellow in the 33rd’. Their now relegated to the 3.Liga (6.5/-) 0/1 shot on target, 18/23 passing

Super League - Promotion/Relegation Playoff Leg - 2 (Switzerland)
Lucas Pos (FC Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy) Started at LCB and went the full 90’ in a 4-2 Win against FC Sion. Their Promoted to the Super League 6-2 on aggregate (6.6/-) 0/2 shots on target, 8/13 passing, 1 conceded penalty Match Highlights

June 7th
NM Cup - 3rd Round (Norway)
Kobe Hernández-Foster (Hamarkameratene) Started at CDM and played 58‘ in a 3-1 Win at Baerum (-/-) Match Highlights

Veikkausliiga (Finland)
Jack de Vries (FC KTP on loan from Venezia FC) Started at RWB and played 56‘ in a 2-1 Loss at FC Inter Turku (-/-) Match Highlights

South America
Copa Libertadores - Group Stage (International)
Johnny (Sport Club Internacional; Brazil) Started at RCM and went the full 90’ in a 1-1 draw at Nacional(Uruguay) (7.2/-) 32/38 passing, 2 chances created Match Highlights
Michael Hoyos (Independiente del Valle; Ecuador) Started at ST and played 64‘ in a 3-0 Win against Corinthians(Brazil). Scored goals in the 17th’ and 24th’ (8.6/-) 2/3 shots on target, 9/9 passing Match Highlights

June 8th
South America
Copa Sudamericana - Group Stage (International)
Alexander Succar (Universitario de Deportes; Perú) Subbed on in the 85th‘ in a 2-0 Loss at Santa Fe(Colombia) (-/-) Match Highlights

June 9th
First Division (Irish 2nd Division)
Ryan Flood (Finn Harps) Started at CB and went the full 90’ in a 3-2 Win at Longford Town. Scored their second goal in the 58th’ (-/-)
Vincent Borden (Galway Utd) Started at LM and went the full 90’ in a 2-0 Win at Wexford Utd FC (-/-)
Giles Phillips (Waterford FC) Started at CB and went the full 90’ in a 3-1 Win against Bray Wanderers (-/-)
Patrick Hickey (Athlone Town FC) Started at LCB and went the full 90’ in a 1-0 Win at Kerry FC (-/-)
Matthew Leal (Athlone Town FC) Started at RCB and played 65‘ in a 1-0 Win at Kerry FC
Franz Pierrot (Athlone Town FC) Started at ST and went the full 90’ in a 1-0 Win at Kerry FC

South America
Liga 1 (Peru)
Claudio Torrejón (Club Cienciano) Subbed on in the 70th‘ in a 1-0 Loss against Sport Boys. Picked up a yellow in the 90th’ (-/-) Match Highlights

Past weekend's Post
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2023.06.10 04:30 Specific-Mobile-1817 Nursing or OBGYN

So I have average to low grades and test scores and applying to colleges after summer. My heart lands with OBGYN but my low stats scare me with not getting into a good college. A option I have is two years of cc BUT I have seen this will decrease me getting into medical school later on. Another option is a nurse practitioner focused on OBGYN. I could just use some guidance right now. Do I all in one lose sight of gynecology or do I still have hope?
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2023.06.10 04:30 Blue_orca_ Are we living within the Arab century of humiliation?

Are we living within the Arab century of humiliation?
China’s century of humiliation involved the downfall of the qing dynasty and the division and occupation of their land by western powers and the japanese , their social , economic and overall situation seems similar to the current Arab nation situations, we have an occupied Palestine along side a couple war-torn countries and many others became either puppets or a playing ground for local and global powers and the average Arab is suffering to feed his/her family, this has been going on for about 80 years So are we living in our Century of humiliation like the Chinese did?? (I’d appreciate your opinions)
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2023.06.10 04:22 AreaPuzzleheaded8008 We are happy to announce the first coach for the 2024 Project28 IMCA Stock Car Driver Development Program, Dustin Vis!

We are happy to announce the first coach for the 2024 Project28 IMCA Stock Car Driver Development Program, Dustin Vis!
The 2022 Bristol Dirt Nationals Champion has an expansive resume to his name and brings a wealth of knowledge to Project28 and Osman Racing. As a coach, Dustin will provide at track technical support to all program drivers in terms of teaching what to look for in track conditions, how to communicate with crew members on what changes to make, how to adjust driving styles base on track conditions, and more. Dustin will also make a select number of driving starts behind the wheel of the Project28 car throughout the 2024 season.
Please join us in welcoming Dustin Vis to the team!
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