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2023.06.08 10:50 ppeorpolscianu I really wish I was smart

More than anything. I am a “gifted kid” but not gifted enough. I fit all the stereotypes, peaked in high school, mental illness, social ineptitude etc. I am good at humanities but just not good at STEM. Definition of midwit. My IQ is about 120 most likely, earlier tests say 130s but more recents say 120 but I took that test while tired and depressed so idk. Either way I’m just not good at maths, I’m in the final year of high school and am in a maths without any calculus, while all my smart friends are in advanced maths. I regret my subject choices and wish I did a science and a higher level maths. I might do a bridging course and try and do maths at uni, but I think I’m just not good enough for it. I wish I was really smart instead of linguistically gifted and just able to trick people into thinking my ideas are worth listening to.
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2023.06.08 10:49 Just-Shift8580 Hi guys I'm starting my calisthenics journey

Hi guys I'm 23M i want to start my calisthenics journey but i don't know what to do where to start as a beginner, the local calisthenics gym is very costly, so i mostly reply on internet and home workout. I started doing pull-ups, I was very bad i wasn't able to do even one pull up. Now i can do 3 pull ups! So i just wanted to know if there's any tips useful websites or YT that's good for beginners like me?
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2023.06.08 10:49 Normal-Function6917 Tips for pumping one side at a time?

I normally use willow wearables as my go-to pump, but one of the pumps stopped working a couple of days ago bc of a leak (I blame sleepiness!). Willow will replace it for me, but it will take a few days to ship to my address in the States and I live abroad, so likely another week or so after that to get to me.
I’m 4.5 mpp and already someone who needs to pump for ~40 mins to empty. Plus, due to some illnesses, my supply had already dropped and I’ve been working diligently at trying to get it back up 6ppd including 1 power pump.
Do you all have any tips on how best to pump with just one pump? I have a manual pump, and when I’m not busy I can use that on the other side, but I don’t always have the time to do that. Does it make the most sense to do 40 mins on one side and 40 mins on the other? Or some other back and forth? I feel like I’m pumping almost all day, which is so exhausting and frustrating, but if I’m going to be doing it for a while, I want to make sure I’m at least doing it in a way that is efficient/makes sense. Any ideas??
Thank you!
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2023.06.08 10:49 Lakshya1505 PTE, IELTS, and NAATI: Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Scores

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2023.06.08 10:49 Zagaroth [No Need For A Core?] - CH 091: Serpent Time

Cover Art <<Previous Start Next >>
The first serpentine dragon form he was going to work on was a variant of river drake. Preferring as always to grow and change existent creatures rather than make new ones from raw mana, Mordecai sent his mind searching among the small creatures that had become part of their ecology. Snakes were obvious choices, as well as most lizards, but less reptilian creatures could work as well.
True Dragons were not mammals, birds, reptiles, or any other common animal type. Yet all of those and more were capable of becoming draconoids, and the draconoid races often had some potential to evolve into True Dragons. So what made the difference? How did things that were not related species become related species like that?
As far as Mordecai could tell, it was a case of a faith-like interaction with a concept that every sentient race held. It reinforced itself as well, for True Dragons certainly would always claim that they could recognize another True Dragon compared to a mere draconoid, and for something like this they counted as being on the ‘mortal’ side of the equation. It probably didn’t hurt that the primary creator deity of this reality was a dragon, creating a very strong focal point of the concept of dragon.
It didn’t take him long to find a selection of animals that resonated positively with the concept he had in his mind, and he drew those creatures to the fifth floor. It didn’t matter that they were not all the same species, the transformations would fix that. Changing a creature was magnitudes easier than creating one, and reforging them into being the exact same species was only a little harder than starting with the same base.
The biggest issue with starting from scratch was not the physical structure, that was only a little bit harder than creating some of the items available as treasures. No, it was holding everything together at the same moment and filling it with synchronized animus and spirit while kick-starting every single chemical process at once in proper harmony. He had vague memories of having tried this before, just enough to have been left as a warning of ‘don’t do this’ by his more complete self.
Oh, if he wanted constructs or something relatively simple, creatures that had animus but not true life and spirit, those weren’t too hard. The bookwyrms and biting words were examples of that. Though creating constructs might become harder soon if his suspicions were right. Well, he’d have to wait and see on that.
These thoughts only took a portion of his concentration as he reworked his volunteers to match his vision. For these river drakes he used a classic sea serpent/leviathan model, a long sinuous body with various frilly fins running along its length, a narrow head and snout with sharp teeth at one end and a flat tail for speed and maneuverability at the other. But that wasn’t enough to make them a real threat to travelers, even if they were three feet long.
The first customization he made was some minor chameleon abilities. Nothing magical in this case, just the same ability to subtly shift the structure of their scales to reflect different colors of light that many normal creatures had, if slightly more efficiently designed. The effects were enhanced by the fact that the waterways were going to be filled with floating motes of light, making it hard to accurately measure depth and distance by vision alone.
And of course, any quality drake needed an important draconic feature, a Breath Weapon. In this case, he gave them a powerful, narrow jet of water that could pierce many materials as well as potentially knock foes back.
Now for mobility. They were already great swimmers of course, but he wanted more than that. He’d already made sure their scales and skin wouldn’t dry out easily, now he gave them a minor flight ability. It was closer to being a magically enhanced jump with a little bit of levitation for extra distance and a soft landing, and just a tiny bit of mid-air guidance. They could do this from water or land, and they had the sharp teeth and powerful snake-like musculature to act as constrictors, though they were too small to do so to a typical humanoid. Their land speed was pretty comparable to most snakes as well, though their side fins interfered somewhat.
There was a final important touch that wouldn’t affect anything in the immediate future but would come into play when they had more levels. These two to three-foot-long drakes were juveniles for the species he had designed, and he would be creating habitats for their later life stages as the dungeon gained more levels, and eventually some spawning grounds back in the hidden pools along with a way for them to get there in their adult forms.
Mordecai now turned his attention to the second serpentine form he wanted for this floor. Winged Serpents. Oh, not actual Couatl, these were not divine creatures after all, but he modeled them on the famous celestial serpents, giving their snake-like bodies both rainbow-colored feathers and scales as well as growing a pair of powerful, wide wings. They wouldn’t be able to soar the skies elegantly, but what they needed was maneuverability and the ability to leap upward in a quick burst.
Instead of free-roaming creatures like the river drakes, he made these pack hunters, and created a special mushroom for their nests: These were low, squat structures that grew from the ceiling, with a structure that was soft enough for tunnels to be chewed into it, but with enough tensile strength to continue to cling to the ceiling so long as the tunnels were not excessive.
From either these nests or from the tops of the mushroom trees they could keep watch for potential prey, and called out to each other with ultrasonic cries to communicate, the tones too high for most creatures to hear. They also used a separate set of clicks in that range for echolocation, allowing them to ‘see’ no matter how dark their environment was.
In order to capitalize on this, he gave them a pair of abilities. The first was a simple globe of darkness spell, about 40 feet in diameter that they could cast on an area about once an hour. This was readily countered with any sufficiently strong light-themed spell, but it could still cause problems for unprepared groups.
The second ability was related, but not so easily countered. Once a day, they could release a billowing cloud of dark ‘smoke’ from underneath their scales. This was a chemical reaction instead of a spell, and was a strong irritant to most species, creating effects not unlike that of pepper oil. The combination made it hard to see them and was extremely distracting, but also shorter-lived than the darkness spell. This was generally going to be used to enable the winged serpent to escape when injured.
Their primary combat ability was a poisoned bite. These were ambush predators, and typically would dive in on prey and deliver several bites before retreating, and would repeat the tactic as needed. And for a final touch, he gave them a razor-sharp tail tip, more than capable of flaying flesh and enabling them to eat prey in pieces, unlike a snake.
Now, he knew what he wanted to do for the two ‘warring’ factions already, but the ‘wildlife’ didn’t feel quite fleshed out yet, and he wanted to nail that down first. Well, he had water and air covered, and the warring factions would cover the surface of the land well enough, so why not something from underground?
While snakes could fulfill this role too, Mordecai felt that it would be overdoing it at this point. And definitely nothing plant-like, he’d done enough with the mushroom already. So a burrowing animal of some sort. Hmm. Let's see what his options were.
Well, no burrowing birds, he already had a flying challenge in a dense forest, he didn’t need more. Rabbits and polecats have been used in other levels already before even considering what his warring factions were going to be like. In the end he had two choices he liked, and decided that the mammal would probably work better with the warring factions, so he developed the other into a proper predator instead.
Not that it wasn’t already, but it was a little small for humans, and he could make some other improvements as well. Mordecai began channeling magic into a selection of trap door spiders to enlarge them to about the size of a horse and set to work ‘improving’ them. The first step was to make their poison more potent, namely into a mix of paralytic agents and digestive enzymes. Then he enhanced their silk weaving abilities, giving them different web types by adding ‘normal’ webs, thrown net-webs, and the ability to lay out sensory threads on the ground in addition to using webbing to reinforce their layers and create the trapdoors.
Of course, having them only use ground lairs would be boring. So Mordecai made sure they could dig into some of the larger mushroom trees to create lairs there too. Getting through this floor was going to require some proper paranoia. Now, while both the river drakes and the feathered serpents were going to be able to come in great numbers, the giant spiders were tougher foes, so he was going to limit them to hunting in pairs. This still wasn’t normal spider behavior, but that would help make things creepier and keep people on their toes.
He had a nice selection of fungal hazards and dangerous creatures, so now it was time to start working on the two war camps and their denizens.
<<Previous Start Next >>
My Discord if you would like to talk about the book or see what else I am up to (I also try to stream once a week, but that's strictly hobby level).
My Patreon if you want to support me directly.
Also to be found on Royal Road.
$3 Patreon: Early chapters, lore excerpts $5 Patreon: Short Stories $10 Patreon: New stories not published anywhere else (Until after I finish this story at least)
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2023.06.08 10:48 gravemind_95 Made my first ever dress!

Made my first ever dress!
Very new to sewing (got my machine in April) and so far made catnip sacks and a gardening apron 😅 but I took the plunge to make my first dress, and while I can see some areas for improvement I'm really pleased with how it turned out and wanted to share!
I used 100% black cotton as an easier fabric to work with, and the black hides some sins 😂
I used the Easy Shirred Dress tutorial by Rosery Apparel on YouTube, but my machine doesn't like elastic thread in the bobbin so tried a different technique by feeding through elastic band instead 😊
Any beginner tips or tutorials please share below! (If allowed in rules)
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2023.06.08 10:47 Sweaty-Theme7203 Click for click I got everyone who replies pls help out if you can I’m close lol

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2023.06.08 10:47 RainyXR new player

so basically I’m wondering if siege is still worth it since it’s been out for a while and I’m thinking of picking it up soon since it’s on sale on steam currently if so what version should I get? and any tips or recommend videos to watch?
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2023.06.08 10:47 CamelNo3192 Heading to university this upcoming fall, how should I bring my plants?

I’m heading to university this upcoming fall and I plan to bring 2-5 plants from home(2 plants for sure). They’re all fairly small typical houseplants(snake plant, pothos, etc). I’m taking my car to university, which is a 3-4 hour drive, and I’m planning on moving by myself, so no parents, help, or extra cars unfortunately. I know people might say to only bring 1 or 2 max, but I really love all my plants and I know my parents won’t water them or won’t take care of them so I want to take them with me.
The plan I have currently is that they’re all gonna be located on my passenger seat, whether that be the actual seat or the floor, so I was wondering if anyone had any tips that would make the process as smooth as possible.
I’ve read to wrap the roots and soil inside plastic and put the entire plant inside a cardboard box with air holes in it, but I don’t know how credible that information is and if it is I wouldn’t be able to do that with my snake plant since it’s pretty long.
Also anyone have tips to hang plants on walls or the ceiling? My dorm doesn’t have a windowsill and we’re not allowed to put nails in the walls, but I’ve seen people use command hooks/strips but I’m worried it won’t be stable.
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2023.06.08 10:46 Apprehensive_Buy9641 birth control patch advice

20 yrs old wondering if going on the patch is the best and easiest option for me. i’ve been thinking about it for awhile but just afraid of gaining weight or like even the placement :/ Do any changes happen, this will be my first time on birth control and honestly feel bad cuz i’m not very educated on this. please someone give me piece of a mind abt this + tips. thank u :)
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2023.06.08 10:46 University_Dismal Newbie here and having a question

So I’m currently working on my drivers license and got contradicting tips on which breaks to use in a curve. Some say the front break, some say the one in the back. Each faction calls the other one crazy and even though they gave their reasoning (like front break: the bike is gonna yeet out the curve and back break: the wheel is gonna block) I don’t know which one weighs heavier. I can’t remember properly what my instructor said, but I’m gonna ask him next week. Btw. I’m not a native English speaker - I hope I got the correct terms and if not, that it’s not sounding too weird.
What’s the general consensus if there is any?
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2023.06.08 10:45 shanian2 Best way to farm online (normal)

Hello there, I'm relatively noob (I only completed the game once with an Amazon). Now I'm playing a Summonmancer in normal and I want to farm some runes and exp before fighting Diablo. However playing online I cannot adjust the difficulty scaling, so do you have any tips to farm more efficiently in online mode? Thanks in advance
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2023.06.08 10:45 kiwibreakfast Genshiro Ashina jumping arrow spread -- how to counter?

So, this fight is a bit of a brick wall, and I've been gradually making headway I just ... the attack where he jumps up in the air and fires a spread of five arrows has been utterly vicious and I have no idea what to do about it.
  1. they come out fast enough that if you fail to counter one, the rest WILL hit you during the stagger
  2. the track/spread is too good for me to dodge out of the way
  3. he only seems to initiate it when I'm too far away to interrupt with the sword
  4. the fan deploys FAR too slowly to be useful
  5. I'm just not that good at parrying. Harhar git gud, etc etc, I'm trying, I've gotten okay at parrying his big flurry, but the arrows nail me every time.
Is there some trick here I'm missing? The rest of the fight seems difficult-but-manageable but every single time he jumps in the air I can feel my heart falling, I just do not know how to deal with it.
EDIT: the good news is I've kind of starting figuring it out. The bad news is HE HAS A THIRD PHASE????????????????!!!!!!!!
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2023.06.08 10:44 Jche98 Aaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!

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2023.06.08 10:44 RabbiCartman Do I (26M) stay friends with the girl (23F) I'm in love with?

Story goes I (25M) had been friends with this girl (22F) for just over 2 years, just around the time we'd met she'd started a relationship and I and her boyfriend became close friends also. We'd all bonded to the point that all 3 of us were hanging out on an almost weekly basis, together and separately.
I liked the girl of course but she was happy with my friend whom I respected deeply and the emotions her and I shared were clearly platonic so my feelings for her stayed that way. One day girl messages me asking to go out to a gig, I think boyfriend was out with Covid or they were taking a break from each other or something, I don't know. We spent the day together just enjoying each other's company, We ended up back at my place for smoking, drinking and music and I wouldn't even touch her at first because I worried what it could do to our relationships. The night is over and I offer her my couch to sleep on, she insists on sleeping in bed with me which I originally didn't perceive as a sexual advance cause my couch isn't very drunk crash-out friendly. We lie in bed and she starts spooning with me for about 30min, both of us actively resisting the increasing sexual tension between us. We both indirectly confirm that we're not having sex and she orders an uber home. Just before she leaves, she thanks me for the night and we end up making out for about a minute, she immediately apologies and we both admit it shouldn't have happened and we pretend like it never did. We keep our mistake a secret and our relationship stays relatively the same.
I obviously have feelings for her at this point, but I keep my emotions at bay because she was in a happy relationship with someone I respect. About 3 months later we all sort of fall out of contact for about 6 months for personal reasons and I find out from the boyfriend that he and girl had broken up while he was overseas on holiday, first thing he says is he misses hanging out with me and her. It broke me finding that out because I was sad that 2 of my closest friends had fallen apart and I had extreme guilt for my indirect contribution. Couple months later he makes the decision to stay overseas forever, he hasn't talked to me or any other local friends since, Girl has confirmed she hasn't told him we kissed.
I still hang out with the girl. Less frequently and with slightly less personal and emotional intimacy than before, she's very flirty and teases me when we hang out but not exclusively to me. She's just very outwardly affectionate, especially when out drinking, and it became more noticeable in my emotional state because she was single, and I could feel the immense sadness and heartbreak she was hiding. I slowly realized I was in love with her and that I really didn't want to be because I knew it was going to hurt us both. I couldn't tell her how I felt because she had basically shut herself off emotionally and spiritually and she was still in love with her ex and extremely sad about it. The only bonding we were doing was drinking and flirting with each other and I couldn't even play into that because it felt very emotionally flat and the last time we followed through I got my emotions reciprocated and rejected simultaneously. On top of all this she'd only just started dating some random guy she worked with as an obvious rebound and he immediately took a disliking to me because his "girlfriend" and I had an obvious emotional bond and because of how physically affectionate she is. She has shown absolutely zero fucks about his issues with me and hasn't let it get the slightest bit between us.
I began feeling hurt because I kept having to internalize my emotions and she kept pulling them back out of me. I thought it was either malicious intent or just blissful ignorance because I thought she at least sort of knew how I felt. I had invited her to an event I'd been hyping up since we'd met. I can't explain why but I had a lot emotionally tied that event and all I wanted to do after that show was tell her how much it meant that she was there and how much I loved her, but I couldn't so I panicked and told her we shouldn't be friends, which I'd thought about doing for months prior. I was expecting and almost hoping she would respond with indifference, anger and/or disgust to justify my actions but she responded with sadness, guilt and remorse, she tells me she cares about me a lot, that I "had a piece of her heart" and that she valued our friendship and me as a person more than I'd realized. All of this cut me up inside because I ended our friendship with the intent of avoiding sharing my true emotions and getting hurt, and instead we both end up telling each other feelings we didn't know about and getting hurt.
She told me that she genuinely cared and didn't want to disrespect my emotions or hurt me unintentionally and agreed we both be more honest about how we feel and make the time for each other to do so. A month later we went to a 2-night camp festival and confronted our feeling again with booze, drugs and partying influencing us. We both did a lot of genuine bonding and talking about our emotions but we also both said a lot that we shouldn't have and hurt each other the way I was trying to avoid by running... but by the morning we'd hugged it out, admitted it wasn't the time nor place and agreed that we should kinda forget about that talk in particular. Haven't seen her in person since, I've casually tried a couple times to set up things outside gig's (painting, movies, music, whatever) Which she has showed genuine interest in but has also been blowing off for the past month. I've been unhealthily obsessed with this relationship and my self hatred has been destroying me. It used to be so easy taking to her and hanging out and now every word and every action is drenched in painful overthought. Really all I want is for her to be happy, So do I break this friendship off like I originally intended and save myself and her from hurting each other any more in the long run? or do I continue dealing with this emotionally overbearing situation at the risk of hurting her and I more? Any tips?
TLDR - Kissed my friends girlfriend (emotionally not sexually) They break up for unrelated reasons and he moves country. She shuts herself off emotionally but is constantly being flirty and teasing. I feel hurt that she's shut herself off from me and feel like she's using me and fucking with my feelings, so I attempt to end our friendship. She unexpectedly responds in sadness and guilt, tells me "I have a piece of her heart" and opens herself up emotionally but continues to flirt and tease. I'm left extremely confused about our relationship and where to take it and am still considering just terminating it for the greater good.
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2023.06.08 10:44 PureShimmy People with low stress jobs, what do you do?

I've worked myself to the bone long hours in a high stress environment for years to save. Now I have my house, I've had my wedding and I have a decent car, I've been very fortunate and I think it's time for a reset with most of my biggest life expenses out of the way.
Was diagnosed with an illness at the start of the year aswell so I'm just tired now, I want to prioritize my loved ones and my health.
I'd honestly do anything at this point. A nice, relaxed job where I can tip away at my work unbothered with colleagues who are working to live and not living to work sounds amazing to me right now.
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2023.06.08 10:44 bttfltyg Silicone build up?

Last month I started noticing that after washing my hair, I have a section of hair in the back of my head (the middle back section where my pony tail would lay) feels super greasy/oily?? It’s literally only that little middle section in the back of my head! The first two times I felt it I just thought maybe I didn’t wash out my conditioneshampoo well enough. I definitely did though! I even used one of those like shampoo brushes to make sure I’m evenly washing all the sections of my hair! I rinse it out for what feels like forever too. I even bough a detox shampoo just in case it was silicone buildup (The ouai brand) but it hasn’t helped. I thought maybe I don’t let my hair dry up fully before I put it in a ponytail so maybe that’s why that section is like funky but I stopped putting it in a pony tail and let it fully air dry on it own/or I just blow dried my hair but that specific section still feels/looks oily. It’s been really stressful and makes me feel gross lol. My siblings even mentioned that it visibly looks oily behind my hair. It’s embarrassing I just need someone to give me tips/advice/reasoning for all this! Pls and thank u x100000 (I can add a picture in the morning if that helps) Also!! I brush my hair after I get out the shower and I noticed that my hair brush gets like a sticky residue after. I use the tangle teezer hair brush so I can clearly see on the edges it looks like there was product placed on the brush after I brush my hair after the shower. I wash my brush like every 2 days now to make sure whatever is on the brush isn’t spread to the rest of my hair but every time I use the brush I get that sticky residue on it :(
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2023.06.08 10:44 robertsonjasmine403 9.

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2023.06.08 10:44 Andrinho7x Camino Primitivo Santiago (August 2023)

As the title says, I'm requesting a shakedown (or just comments and tips) of my gear list for the Camino Primitivo de Santiago, that I will be hiking in the first half of August.
I will sleep mostly in my tent and occasionally in albergues.
Each comment will be appreciated but I will point out that I'm not willing to switch to albergues only and ditch the tent. So please do not comment things like: "albergues are cheap", "the spirit of the Camino is there", and such things.
Here's the list:
The starred elements will need to be weighed again before departure.
I'm thinking about ditching the poncho entirely, but I'm still doubtful. I'm also unsure about my sleeping bag: can't decide between the Aegismax one (present in the list) and the slightly lighter Decathlon 15° C one.
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2023.06.08 10:43 robertsonjasmine403 8.

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2023.06.08 10:43 LeadingSufficient105 How can I improve my critical thinking skills?

Yo, I'm looking to level up my critical thinking skills, but I don't want to read a boring textbook or attend a stuffy seminar. Got any practical tips or engaging exercises I can try out? I want to sharpen my ability to analyze, evaluate, and think outside the box in a fun and interesting way.
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2023.06.08 10:42 robertsonjasmine403 6.

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