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2023.06.04 07:18 Logical-Tomorrow-325 Let’s go fishing

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2023.06.04 07:14 Alfaromero97 I keep getting these intrusive emotions even though my ex girlfriend was so toxic and didn't value me,while also holding sex from me and only doing it when she wanted to, showing her true colors who she really was, I cant get over that she's going to have sex and be with another guy at some point🥺

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2023.06.04 06:12 cookejake88 Chex Mix Bold

I figured I would get this started with good old Chex mix bold, One of the most popular snack mixes around. Not my favorite out of the Chex mix universe, but definitely the most common.
Let’s get this out of the way first, my ingredient rankings. 1. Rye chips 2. Bread sticks 3. Dark Chex 4. Light Chex 5. Circle pretzel 6. Square pretzel
I don’t think that’s anything too crazy, although it does seem like a lot of people I know sleep on the rye chips. I literally buy them by themselves and just snack on them so #1 by far for me. Dark Chex > light Chex because they have more flavor and more crunch. Pretzels are my least favorite snack so they go to the bottom.
Let’s talk combos baby!! Naturally, pretzels are my least favorite so most of my top combos do not include them. I’ll go over some of my other favorites before telling you my go to best combo.
The pig in a blanket- Breadstick+circle pretzel+2 dark Chex+1 light Chex: 7/10 The problem with pretzels is that I just feel like they overwhelm the bite. They really take over and I would prefer the main star to be something else, but I do really respect this combo. The breadstick fits inside the pretzel and the dark Chex bring the flavor. Circle pretzels are less volume than squares so it really isn’t bad. These pretzel combos are really just my go to when I run out of rye.
The sticks 2 breadsticks+1 rye+1 light: 8/10 The breadsticks are beasts. And you pair it with a rye it’s just blasting with flavor. Add in a light Chex just for the volume and wow. This one is a killer. The problem is the lack of breadsticks in the bag. There’s not enough to be hitting this combo a lot.
Good ole Chex: 6/10 3 dark+1 light Let’s be real the majority of the bag is Chex, so when I’m just eating those it’s always three dark and 1 light. The darks bring the crunch and flavor and it seems to me like the perfect ratio is 3 to 1.
Pretzel fingers: 5 circle pretzels This isn’t really a combo but it is how I will get rid of most of the circles. Putting 1 on each finger and then eating them off is just a classic go to way to enjoy them.
Sandwiches A sure fire way to get rid of the squares pretzels is just to make sandwiches. I’ll quickly just rate ever sandwich Square pretzel+2 breadsticks+square pretzel: 8/10 Square+2 dark+square: 6/10 Square+light Chex+square: 5/10 I would never waste a wonderful eye on a pretzel sandwich
I will definitely post more with other combo reviews but this seems good for now. And the moment you’ve all been waiting for… my personal favorite combo.
The 1 rye+1 breadstick+3 dark+1 light: 9.5/10 I mean this is just a blast of flavor with the rye and TRIPLE dark. The rye is still the star of the show even with all the Chex. The breadstick adds it’s beauty while the light Chex adds it’s volume. This is 100% the best combo I’ve found. To my, the best bites are always going to be rye heavy.
It’s really unfortunate how little breadsticks and ryes we get in the bag because it totally limits our comboability. Be sure to leave your favorite combos in the reply’s and I’ll try them out. Happy eating 😃 ✌🏻
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2023.06.04 05:12 Son703 New Members Intro

If you’re new to the community, introduce yourself!
All questions are confidential.
You may post Topics like: World events Societal structures Spritual ideas and beliefs History Love Sex War
Its pretty open here. Just no gaming or movie banter that some people will not understand, or care about.
Feel free to ask me questions. I cannot garuntee I will respond right away, but I will do my best.
Peace and love, its what we need.
Stay safe
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2023.06.04 03:51 Loose-Source-2583 Relationship OCD

Interested to hear how OCD affects others in their relationships.
Seems like I live by obsession phases, and occasionally they're relationship centered. Sometimes I'll be obsessing over an old relationship, running over all the examples of me being a bad partner and constantly testing myself to see if I've changed. Other times I'll be talking to someone new, but hesitant to start a new thing because I'm afraid I haven't improved enough or given myself enough time. Wish I could just give myself a little slack, because I've made a ton of self-development since my last breakup almost a year ago.
Anyways, I'm always open for advice, or to hear about this affects other people.
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2023.06.04 03:33 SpaceBoii_uwu Cool CEV (closed eye visuals) + sensation with binaural beats while tripping

Tuesday Night, I had my 3rd ever acid trip with 2 tabs (not sure of the exact ug dosage). At some point, I went on YouTube to find binaural beats for astral projection. Found a 50min one, closed my eyes and the sensations were insane. The best way I was able to describe it to my friend - who I got the acid from) was this: imagine ur head or brain is a sphere of sorts with holes in it. There are cone-shaped brushes or ridged tools going in and out of the holes and u can feel the vibrations of the tools rubbing along the inside edge of the holes. To clarify, said tools enter + exit the holes in sync with the rhythm of the binaural beats and u can see it with ur eyes closed. I also occasionally saw a bunch of geometric shapes and symbols but couldn't really figure out what to make of em.
I later found a guided meditation audio and compared to my past failed attempts while sober, this was def my most successful attempt. Once I was in a trance state, the woman guiding the meditation instructed me to visualize various sensations in parts of my body like my fingers, shoulders, mouth... etc and I could 100% feel them! When it came time to actually project, idk if I fully succeeded in that but I def think I was on a different plane bc it seemed like I was in space and surrounded by stars. Also had moments where my body seem to involuntarily twitch and whatnot. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences?
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2023.06.04 03:32 No_Risk_9050 I'm (19/F) constantly arguing with my partner (20/M) and I need some help

Before I start later on in the post there is a slight trigger warning for those in an abusive relationship, I don't go into detail however if you can't read that it's okay. If you or a loved one is going through any form of abuse please seak help. Know that you are loved and supported.
I F-19 am currently in my second relationship with my partner M-20. We've been together for 2 years known eachother for 7. He and I haven't always had the best relationship as we both grew up in different cultures and countries making what we expect of a relationship completely different, I expected us to be our own people and he wished for us to be the same person (preferably him). We live in different cities about a 4 hour train ride away. We met when we were in highschool as we had some of the same classes together, he was always polite, kind and sweet. He was the shy kid whereas I was a little more outgoing and social.
After about a month of dating I sat down and clarified what I need from him within the relationship and asked him to do the same. I stated that I needed full trust, support, patience and a safe space with him. My partner said that he needed me to like the same things as him and to just love him.
I gave him that and the stuff that I needed as well however over the past two years whenever I suggested that I loose a bit of weight so I remain a healthy BMI or mention getting a haircut or saying I'm going to go out with my friends he's not supported me and just complained that I'm not using that time to spend with him.
I have asked what I can do to make him feel like we sufficient time with eachother and that I give him all of my free time. To clarify I am a full time carer for my mum who has a chronic illness and my brother who has autism, I am a student getting my degree and I work two jobs. I don't get much time to look after myself and I made sure at the start of the relationship that he knew that I had responsibilities and commitments to work.
This has led to him accusing me of cheating on him with my cousin, him accusing me of not respecting his boundaries and being uncomfortablely close to other men. When I asked him if there's anything that could have caused him to think like that he says "that one time you huged your cousin made me uncomfortable".
The past month this has gotten worse, I recently got diagnosed with ADHD. Since then he insists that I am normal and that I don't need to change anything to better accommodate my ADHD. I have begged him numerous times to trust me and to let me have what I need in this relationship and I'm at the end of my rope.
I know he's done some good things such as looking after me when I was in a wheelchair due to having an operation on my leg, he helps with chores when he stays at my place, he used to call me when I had nightmares about my ex and he buys me sweets when I'm on my period. I've tried doing things such as getting eachother to talk about our love language and to go to therapy but he's never really actively tried at anything I've suggested. He thinks that we'll be fine and can be a functional relationship after we get all the arguments out of our systems.
I've only had one relationship before him and I was physically abused in that relationship. I don't really think I have the best veiw on a healthy relationship even after several rounds of therapy.
I don't want to break up immediately if there are other options to take but I need some advice on what else I can do. I am exhausted and I can't keep going like this. I need better ways to communicate as I don't think what I'm doing right now is working, can anyone help?
TLDR: me and my partner keep fighting due to two completely different veiws on how a relationship should be like, I need help communicating better so we argue less.
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2023.06.04 03:07 flyaway-5 Why was my coworker distant and is friendly now?

I have a coworker who is from India. She is older than me by 20 years. We are both females. I first met her in January when she started. I saw her three times in the break room first and smiled at her. Then we worked together. She talked to me about herself and gave me a hug and that was it.
The months went by, and we never worked together again. If we saw each other at work, she was still polite and said briefly, "Hi, how are you?" Then she would go about her day. I also noticed that she stopped hugging me.
Lately, about 3 weeks ago, she gave me a hug after a long time and said, "It has been a long time that I didn't work with you." She never knew my name and finally asked me. She talked to me and spent time with me for a few minutes. She also said, "What is that eyeliner you're using? I noticed that you always wear it and it stays on all day."
I thought she needed space at first, because I thought she was new and needed time to sort things out. I gave her space. She was distant before, why is she friendly now?
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2023.06.04 03:03 Novel-Negotiation-94 Does anybody here have a job, or volunteer?

Just curious. I really want to either get a job, volunteer at an animal shelter, or start babysitting but my mom won’t let me. I wanna hear from other ppl my age who do this stuff, that it’s like
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2023.06.04 02:38 throwawayacc82730 24 [M4F] Melbourne/Anywhere - Looking for a Serious Relationship

Heya, I'm Aidan. 😊 I'm looking for a serious relationship (open to long-distance). About me:
My interests include:
I'm interested in a relationship with a kind and compassionate female who cares about their career and future, is also non-religious and looks after themselves health-wise. I'm attracted to Caucasian girls, and others too but not Asians unfortunately.
If you feel there may be a spark between us, feel free to reach out and I'd love to talk with you. :) Please be interesting in your initial message, and don't just send a "hey" or "hi". Thanks!
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2023.06.04 02:33 Barch3 Why are people leaving Russia, who are they, and where are they going?

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2023.06.04 02:07 NationalEquipment798 My weight feeds into my anxiety

I have really really bad anxiety I have 1 to 2 anxiety attacks a week and I'm genuinely just pretty nervous and because of my weight I like wearing baggy hoodies rn it's the summer so it's roasting outside and I k ow it sounds fucking stupid but I'm nervous to take it off because I feel like people will make fun of my weight even worse it's happened to me before so imma tell how It happened so I was sitting in school then this guy I was sitting next to dropped something so he tried to grab it but then he shoved me right out of my chair started calling me fat and stupid and no one liked me (I had no friends at this point) so my anxiety fed into it now I just feel like a massive piece of useless waste of oxygen and I'm writing this at 1 am and I'm just losing it cuz I have school soon and I just wanna dissappear
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2023.06.04 01:55 LivinLikeLarry3000 An unexpected Ego Death and the aftermath

Hey guys! Has anyone else had something like this?
When I was 19, I decided I was going to smoke weed for the very first time. I was always very wary about any drugs because my older brother has a very terrible substance abuse problem and warned us away from all drugs. I was with my then boyfriend, who was experienced with weed, and I decided after many months of convincing to give it a whirl. He had been smoking from the same weed we used to create the joint for a couple of days, and we literally shared the same joint. It wasn’t laced with anything, but I’m positive that in hindsight I smoked too much for a beginner (about 7 hits consecutively). I think it was my anxious mindset, the amount I smoked, it being my first time getting high, and my general reaction to weed spawned the ego death. It happened as the weed hit; I unknowingly took my last hit, looked up, and the ego death started.
It took me about 2 hours to fully remember who I was and recognize the things around me. I know now after speaking with a therapist, that an ego death is really just, “memory blockage.” The literal neural connection you use to access any and all memories of yourself and the things around you is misfiring or not firing at all. I’d describe it as experiencing everything (emotions, the 5 senses, your surroundings, the people around you, etc.) ‘for the first time’ all at once while not knowing who you are.
For some people, this is a desired event. They strive to have an ego death, maybe just to know what it feels like or to reach a state of higher consciousness? I’ve heard that it can be wonderful experience in the moment and then positively impact people’s lives, make people feel more connected to nature or make mundane troubles not seem so important. It wasn’t like this for me, and I credit that to not being experienced and having it happen unexpectedly while in an anxious mindset. You could use the reference of good trip vs. bad trip to help you understand my experience (though I think that an ego death in and of itself is a different experience completely from being high). I’d also like to mentioned that, while it’s called an ego death, nothing actually dies and your brain starts firing again normally after a couple of hours.
For me, having a ego death was a truly traumatic event. I thought that it was psychotic break in the days after it happened because I was dissociating so hard. I struggled for months after, and to this day to a lesser extent, with not believing my reality or even objects were real (derealization). Plus, any existential thoughts about the concept of self or of anything really gave me severe panic attacks. The ego death was bad enough for me that I’ve since been diagnosed with PTSD. (This event was traumatic enough to my psyche that it causes a true feastress/panic response, but I’m not going to compare or say that the experience that caused my PTSD was objectively worse than that of say war veterans or abuse survivors. It was heavily traumatic to me, and I have PTSD concurrent to the trauma I experienced.)
It’s been over a year now since it happened, and I only really talk about the negative effects and what happened with my therapist. My family/friends don’t really like to hear about my trauma because it hurts them to hear of my pain. I’ve gotten a lot better about the derealization, and I deal with panic attacks and PTSD as they effects come with the methods I learn about in therapy. I haven’t used any substance since the ego death out of fear of a negative response, I guess it’s one and done for me. I just wanted to share what I’ve been going through and what I learned about ego deaths themselves. As you can see, I’ve got a lot I haven’t been able to say.
What was your ego death like? Was it better?
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2023.06.04 01:53 CharacterPraline2580 I need help making a final boss

I'm writing a campaign for a jojo based homemade ttrpg for a few friends set in Chicago in either the 90s or 60s (haven't decided yet). I've made all the other stands and planned most of the campaign out already but I want to make the boss very different. For most of the campaign my players are going to be fighting part 8 kind of stands so kind of weak but goofy like a Pimp that can put things in jewelry or a drug dealer that can teleport things into people's hands so more gimmick fights than "I punch you really hard" fights. I want to make a stand with the name Freebird because it's a song everyone in my friend group loves and jokes about but I can't think of an ability that hasn't been used in the anime or manga and something they won't immediately get but I also want to have some punchy combat too. Any extra ideas are welcome too I might want to change some of the stands
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2023.06.04 01:39 stripped_pillowcase my boyfriends ex messaged me

UPDATE: so in the message she called me crazy for trying to follow her. my intentions for following her: i wanted to close the drama out. i was hoping to head in to summer break with a clean slate between us, and for there to be a mutual civilness between us. she didn’t want that, so i respected her decision.
hey. so i’m just going to get right in to it and try to keep this short :)
so i have a bf and we got together in january. his ex is an old friendly acquaintance of mine (like we were on the same basketball team in elementary school). well after i started dating my current bf, she got mad. she started spreading nasty rumors about me and him and it was awful. a very low point in my life and she would sometimes ruin the fun aspect of the start of a new relationship. don’t get me wrong, it was still the magically honeymoon phase, but me and him had to have a lot of deep conversations about how to handle it all.
well a while ago she unblocked me (like in late april). so i decided yesterday (start of june) of follow her. what’s the worst that can happen? she blew up at me and idk what to do. i haven’t fully opened the message. all i can see is her calling me crazy. i’m going to open it later with my bf so i can get some help from him. my intentions were to just be nice to her. should i hate her? definitely. do i? no. we all make mistakes and she was in an emotional state. my plan was to tell her that if she reached out.
any help or advice? what to say?
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2023.06.04 01:24 CockyWasabi1776 Feeding friends cat

My friends are out of town and asked me to feed their cats. One of their cats was extremely aggressive towards me today. There are still 5 more days to go. Any advice or tips for dealing with this? I just kept my distance put food in their dish and left.
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2023.06.04 01:23 vi1lage1 [M4F] Long Term Partner wanted for SOL/Forbidden Romance Plots! Realism and Slow Burn!

[M4F] Long Term Partner wanted for SOL/Forbidden Romance Plots! Realism and Slow Burn!
Hi there! I am Chris - I usually lurk around on here, but I decided I wanted to get writing a roleplay of my own!
I am highly literate. I write anywhere from 1-3 paragraphs per response, but I typically match my partner’s response length. I reply FAST and OFTEN, and I’d appreciate it you could do the same!
I am highly detailed oriented: I want to know what our characters are doing, saying, feeling, thinking, etc as this builds tension! I also NEED this roleplay to be REALISTIC when it comes to human emotions - we should feel a bit guilty for doing what we do!
I have some specific roles and pairings in mind, but we can discuss that in chats! I like off limits pairings and age gaps, but those can be adjusted! A FAVORITE of mine is Friend x Friend’s Parent! A few topics I want to chat/include (or not) are age gaps, naive to naughty, and cheating.
Most of all, I want to BUILD something TOGETHER!! Let’s combine ideas and talk things over and over and over until we figure something out that we both enjoy! I roleplay on Discord.
If you like the sound of this, please send me a chat!
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2023.06.04 00:56 No-Cream8848 📲 I have 5 peoples phones with me rn!... We will Sign up for your Temu!👀

We need referalls as well that's how we've been doing this well. YOU have to use one of ours link firstly. I am going to see who you are by the way so make sure before you comment your temu link you did alr 👌 Alright. I would love to help you as well.! Stay safe remember to create a new acc with the link! Very important. This is my friend Noah's link. Comment your Temu after. https://temu.com/s/nhjaTchzz535h
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2023.06.04 00:54 CagedSub85 Caught in a never ending cycle.

I just need to vent, sorry if it's long. I've lived with major depressive disorder (suicidal thoughts are a daily occurrence, I know how I would do it) since I was 5 or 6 years old, I'm currently 37. When I was young I expressed these feelings to my Mom and while I'm sure it put her on edge she made me promise I would never be the reason she had to bury one of her own kids. I kept that promise and last October we laid her to rest. Since then I have been struggling to bring myself back to center. I always had that promise that I held on to; that was my lifeline in my darkest hours. Now I feel like I'm hopelessly sliding into the abyss. I've started back on medication, but was advised to seek psychiatric help on a more advanced level. The problem is that I'm in Rural America where "Therapy" is prevalent but psychiatry is an anomaly. The worst part is that because I kept a promise to my Mom I've never attempted suicide and never been hospitalized for depression; I have no record of being a threat to myself, but I've had all the time in the world to plan it out. I'll probably never "attempt" suicide because I've planned it out to the final detail. I just wish that Mental Health in this country was something that was taken a little more seriously. Thanks for letting me rant, sometimes that's all I need.
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2023.06.04 00:47 MadeOnThursday is there an alternative rbn outside of reddit?

I use RedReader and for reasons beyond my comprehension (money, probably) Reddit will soon start charging 3rd party apps a LOT of money, effectively killing them.
I can't use the official reddit app because ads trigger my anxiety. But I don't want to lose rbn.
Where can I go that's not reddit, to find a similar helpful, kind and empathic community?
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2023.06.04 00:45 drawingcommonsence The same friend still being self centred

just before i begin i thank everyone who has sent me love and responded to my last post on here i do really appreciate it but my notifications have been turned off so some i have not replied to, but anyways heres what happened. i came down with covid yesturday and so did my mother and i have extremely bad symptoms and i literally sound like a teenage boy with a continous voice crack who just sucked a giant balloon of helium and i was looking for my year coordinators email to tell him i may not be in for the whole week bc my school is catholic and we have a special day for the school and stalls are run by students and roles are given by the teacher so if your coming you have no choice, anyways im talking to much so my friend jess the same person in my last post has access to his email because he is her math teacher, and since i dont have access i literally can find it anywhere i even searched the year book i asked her to email him for me and i admit this is probably where i was annoying in this part but she does dance competitions and was getting ready for one today so when i asked her after literally labeling all my symptoms like im struggling to breath from both my nose and mouth she lists the things she must do to get ready, like straightening her hair which was the only thing she labeled apart from where she would be and would not have her mac on her but she said i guess i could. the same time i asked if she had time when she said that and she responded with idk and asked if we could call and i said yes but warning her that if her parents hear my they will be concerned that the person shes talking to may be dying while on screen, anyways she asked me why i wanted her to email him and i explained again, she told me to just tell him when i get back to school which may not be anytime soon that i was dying or smth and asked me why i dont ask talk to my home room teacher and that was the second time she asked that question so i said again that he doesnt respond to emails and often some teachers dont but i did just in case, the reason why i NEED to email him is because if you have covid but no symptoms you can carry on with daily life but if you do you isolate and since i dont think i will be getting better soon i need to tell him because he has a checklist he needs to mark if students are and are not there so letting him know prior that a student may not be coming for good reason as we have a 10 minute shift at our stall and 4 people running it, also my home room teacher said that if we dont turn up he will be pissed so i dont want to get in trouble. but as she always does she continued to go on about her dancing and i just hung up and lied that my headphones disconnected anyways i made that much longer than needed i do apologies-
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