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2023.06.08 06:10 iixelx Tranq-ing gone wrong

After a long break I got back into ark today, right next to my base was a cool looking spino that was black and blue and I wanted it immediately. When I got to that point I started using tranq arrows, got down about 20 but then it died. Instant heartbreak.
Anyone else have any moments like this?🥲
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2023.05.24 19:52 ImpressSilent Would you guys wanna see Monster Hunter type territory wars between carnivores in Ark 2?

I think the territory wars between the giant monsters in MH: World was one of the coolest features in that game. I think such a feature in an Ark would game would be pretty cool. For example, a Rex wanders into a river bank that's the territory of a Spino and a fight between the two apex predators ensures. It would add some realism to the creatures and make the interactions between dinosaurs cooler.
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2023.05.19 18:25 witkowskipe Ark Survival Spino vs Otter - Aberration

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2023.05.16 07:22 Mister_Yeet69 Feedback maybe? (TL:DR at bottom)

Hello, fellow dino enthusiasts. I recently got into ARK a couple months ago, and instantly fell in love with it. Having only around a half a year's experience with the game I'm what most would refer to as a "noob." I still have yet to clear a cave and I've only played single player. (After learning about parts of the drama, I'm glad I stayed that way.) I wouldn't say that I'm bad at the game, as I impressed myself when I was able to tame both a Spino AND a Carnotaurus before I even had a flyer. (Then I was stupid, and when transporting my dinos to a new base via raft I made the mistake of letting Shank, the spino, swim, and I accidentally led her right into a pack of megalodons, where she promptly died. RIP.) That being said, I AM NOT looking for feedback on how to get better at the game, or useful tips, etc.
This brings me to the second part. I'm sure many of you have used, or at least heard of Dododex. The users are also likely aware that there is a section specifically for "stories." Whether they be fanfictions, experiences, whatever, it doesn't matter. I've read some of the fanfictions there, and some are, well, mediocre. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there's some good stories out there, but I just haven't seen any worth giving a second glance. Now, I've always been a writer, having taken interest in it ever since I could type, and still remaining an avid writer to this day. In case you can't put two and two together, I took the liberty of writing my OWN ARK story. I prefer not to use the term fanfiction, for...reasons.
Why should you care? Well, remember my rant about how I was still relativity new and experienced with ARK? Well, at first I thought I was experienced ENOUGH with the game and its mechanics, but now that I've gotten quite a bit progressed, its becoming difficult to integrate video game mechanics into a story standpoint without making it seem like I'm narrating a video game but rather a new, fleshed out experienced. Primarily because I don't really understand the mechanics that well in the FIRST PLACE.
This brings me to the whole point of this post. I was wondering if any of the more experienced ARK players would be so kind to take time to read over what I have so far, and see if it even makes sense, as well as possibly giving me ideas or tips on how I can truly integrate the ARK into a whole new light, without straying too far from its original source. Also, when I say "experienced" players, that doesn't mean they have to be good at the game, as skill in this situation does not matter. Also, overall critiques and constructive criticism are welcomed.
If you read this, I thank you for your time and patience. Sorry for rambling lol
Heres the link for those willing to help: Tales of the ARK

TL;DR Looking for experienced ARK players to provide some feedback or insights on how I can make my ARK fanmade story better.
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2023.05.12 23:40 CreativeGhost1 Nature of the ARKs chapter 11

hello everybody! today we get a look at some tamed beasties, and one of the keys to unlock the island's secrets... credit to u/SpacePaladin15 for his world, which I have blended with the game ARK: Survival Evolved. I hope you enjoy.
Krikillo, Male Arxur Survivor
Date: ???
(Subject taken from the year 2567).
Survival Quotient: To Be Determined
I rose from my bed better rested than I ever thought I would again in this nonsensical mystery of an island, woken up by a bell tolling somewhere in the Southeast Trader’s home base. My tail had noticeably healed, and I wasn’t sick in any way from that healing concoction. Guess Votilla really knew what she was doing after all. I have to talk to Sir Thero today.
I wandered out of the guesthouse to find the tribe members already going about their day, tending to all sorts of responsibilities in the greenhouse or somewhere outside the stone wall. The metal building with the smoke had a great deal of resources hauled to it, from metal chunks to meat and plants to what looked like containers of pitch black oil. Laurence appears to have risen earlier than I did since he was standing directly in front of the guesthouse door waiting for me.
“I must thank you, Krikillo. I’ve been relieved from working today to show you around the place like a tour guide. Anton has not been spared from his work so he couldn’t come with, unfortunately.”
“You’re welcome, it’s sad he couldn’t come. What did you have in mind to show me?”
Laurence clasped his hands together in a clapping motion and grinned like the cheshire cat. The resulting expression looked as if he was a shady businessman about to offer me a deal I couldn’t refuse. “The creature pens. I have a feeling you’ll really like what’s over there.”
“Alright then, lead the way Sir.”
I trailed behind Laurence as he led me outside the stone wall’s gate. He turned left around the giant cliff until it was a gently sloped hill, then continued up some stairs and onto the great wooden wall where he walked almost to the opposite end of the island from the bay. The belltower I heard earlier was here, a giant structure built into the wooden wall keeping watch on this side. The lack of a certain beach bird at my side brought a question to my mouth.
“Where’s my bird?”
“The dodo? Somebody took him to the pen last night. don’t worry about him, he’s safe there.”
That was good to hear. I was slightly worried Uilleam had wandered off and died in a corner somewhere, I wouldn’t put it past him honestly. We entered the belltower and descended a staircase back to the ground where we followed a beaten trail into the forest.
The trail led us to the third gate I’ve seen on this island, surrounded by a great wall made of both wood and stone. Laurence removed a log from the doors with noticeable effort, then pushed them inwards to reveal what lies within the creature pen.
The first thing I noticed was that almost everything was incredibly massive. The second thing I noticed was the great many teeth protruding from a majority of said massive things’ mouths. Several heads turned to me, and I was so intimidated I took a few steps backwards.
Laurence saw my reaction as clear as day. “There’s nothing to fear here, they’re all more obedient than the family dog.”
“You didn’t tell me about the dozens of different monsters that could make mincemeat of a mazic with ease! They could swallow you or me whole!”
“But they aren’t going to do that. They don’t attack anything unless we tell them to, so are you coming in with me to see your dodo and the cool dinos or not?”
Hesitantly I entered the den of monsters, and marveled at the sheer variety of complacent beasts all at peace with each other. The giant carnivores made no real move at me, content to simply stare at the newcomer from their resting places. One had a longer, thinner snout and a magnificent orange sail that differentiated it from the rest of the massive reptiles.
Laurence saw fit to explain this. “That’s Votilla’s Spinosaurus, his name is Vordt.”
The tilfish doctor owns this beast? Interesting. The herbivores were also massive in their own right, some were spiky things with a bulky physique and a club-ended tail while others had back plates and wicked tail spikes. Laurence explained these as ankylosaurus and stegosaurus respectively. Pigeon sat atop one of the pavilions, staring at me like the rest of the beasts.
Taking in these sights my nervousness gave way to enthusiastic wonder, befitting of my job working with animals back in Cobrastan. Funny how it’s only been three days and I’m already treating my past like it was a lifetime ago. I spent more time surveying the lazing beasts. There was a black scorpion so large a human could ride it, and it was basking in the sun. One reddish skinned carnivore was smaller than the spino and the other beasts Laurence called rexes, but had an intimidating set of horns to make up for it.
“Shaunt’s carnotaurus, boringly named Horns.”
This went on for a bit. Valin’s baryonix Krom, David’s allosauruses Valor and Tenacity, the universally owned paracer named Bill, and many dozens more. Uilleam was in a coop near the corner of the area with a few other dodos and small creatures, happy in the safety of his new home. I decided to leave him there undisturbed.
In the end there was one beast that seemed to earn reverence from all the others, a particularly huge rex with atramentous scales adorning every inch of his great body. He rested in the center of the largest pavilion where it seemed he found it most comfortable, uncontested by all his lessers.
“Euviaven, Thero’s old and melanistic rex. Never seen a stronger rex in all my time on the island.”
I approached Thero’s bituminous beast, still somewhat intimidated up close by the teeth rexes have. Euviaven had no reaction as my hands made contact with the inky hide. His sides rose and shrank with each thunderous breath, signs of aging apparent in their laborious nature.
I spoke as I ran my hands against the ebony scales, petting the monster as I would any domesticated household animal. “Is this the last of your animals to show then?”
“Oh no no, there’s still the megatheriums kept in their own section far away from the invertebrates, even tamed ones go berserk at the mere sight of bugs. Then there’s dung beetles and snails in the greenhouse and gardens, and in the water-“
The bell rang thrice in quick succession, interrupting Laurence as it repeated this pattern multiple times. Every tribesman in the area paused, then ceasing their activities they all hurried out to the front gate.
“That’s the announcement bell, Sir Thero has something important to say,” Laurence beckoned for me to follow as he too began heading down to the brazier platform, “come with me.”
I didn’t dream of missing it. My chance to see their leader! A private talk with him will end my guesthood, either joining the Traders or heading back to the wilds alone once and for all. It just depends on how… content he is to ignore all the secrets of the isle simply begging to be answered.
I admit I don’t really know what I was expecting Thero to look like. I thought perhaps maybe he would be a grizzled, experienced human composed entirely of scars from head to toe, or maybe an old arxur or mazic of similar appearance. Those last two didn’t make much sense since the Traders don’t have either of those species in their ranks, but I never really wondered about the man’s appearance before now.
Thero was a yotul.
An elderly one at that, his scraggly fur was greying in many places and glasses adorned his eyes. His facial fur had been groomed to have the appearance of a magnificent human mustache and beard. An expertly made blue longcoat draped across his back, a huge fanlike collar sitting just behind the yotul’s head leading down into lapels either side of a cravat on his chest. He looked like he came straight from an era of steam and trains. Knowing this place, that’s exactly when he came from.
Thero stood on the elevated platform with the brazier, surrounded by a crowd. A bag sat next to his feet, its contents glowing with a pulsating light.
What could that be?
The crowd was murmuring excitedly. Whatever this gathering was for it was probably pretty uncommon given everyone’s reaction. Thero motioned for a few helpers to silence the crowd, then began his speech.
“Good afternoon everyone, there are some important matters to address in this particular announcement. Let’s get started with some good news and some bad news first, shall we?”
Everyone was silent, listening to their leader with rapt attention as he continued, “Good news first, we have found the location of the ninth cave!”
There was some cheering in the crowd, others clapped hands. Why would a cave be important?
“You all remember the resounding success of the last expedition, we entered the frozen den of beasts on our own feet and took its treasure with nothing but our own strength!” He shook his fist in the air at the last word, riling up the audience a bit, and then reached into the bag at his feet, pulling out an object.
It was like nothing I had ever seen before. The thing was a spherical ball of metal roughly the size of a basketball that floated just above Thero’s paw, engraved with pulsing lines of blue light forming rings around its middle and four sides. It had a great many cube-like knobs protruding every which way from its surface, except for its equator which was devoid of the blocky extrusions. I was so enthralled by it that I had completely missed the bad news.
“-none of these caves have failed yet to provide us with one of these artifacts, and why should this one be any different? We send our expedition out to retrieve the final treasure tomorrow! Those who participate in our spelunking must say so before the sun sets.”
With this Thero calmed down from his adventurous zeal a bit, and I continued to be entranced by the artifact even as it was set down to float on the stone platform. He said ninth cave, does he have eight of these already? What are they made of? What do they do? The questions kept piling up as the yotul listed off several less interesting things from a piece of parchment such as resource management and new developments between some tribes. I do not know how long that list was, I was staring at the object.
“-and the redwoods are now officially completely taken over by the New Dominion, all paths we and our allies once took through or above them must take a detour around the forest or risk being raided. Let’s see here…” he adjusted his glasses as he squinted at the bottom of his notes “oh yes, we have a newcomer everybody! I hope you all made good first impressions for our arxur guest Krikillo.” At the mention of my name the crowd focused its attention on me, and I withered a bit inside. I never dealt with stage fright well.
I believe he caught the fact I was uncomfortable since he quickly brought the attention back to himself. “Anyways, that concludes today’s news. You may all resume whatever you were previously doing. Good day.”
If Thero had not shown off his artifact and that kindred spirit of curiosity we both shared then that may not have been enough to stop me from leaving. He did however, and now I could not even tear my eyes away from that ethereal ball, let alone deny myself this one and only opportunity to examine it and potentially unlock this island’s mystery.
I hurried towards the old yotul as the crowd dispersed, Laurence curiously following shortly behind. I must be on that expedition, no matter what.
“Sir! Sir Thero!” I called out as I drew closer. He turned to me, anticipating my next words.
“What is it my friend?”
“I have made up my mind. I would like to be a tribe member.”
“That’s splendid! We-”
“On one condition.”
“Oh, what would that be son?”
“I must go on your expedition.”
Thero’s ears flattened “Well I won’t turn down any extra hands we can get, but to go cave diving at the bottom of a sea of monsters? Surely you have safer things in mind for your first few days as a newcomer!”
I paused. It appears I had missed the part where the cave was underwater. No matter, a satisfying life is full of risks, and this is but one more. One that I know will prove well worth it in the end.
A life spent here without trying to find my way back home is meaningless to me anyway.
“I insist.”
we have met Sir Thero now, and he has won our arxur friend over quite thoroughly by showing off an artifact. what do you think of him? all constructive criticism is welcome, and please comment below if you ended up liking this chapter.
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2023.05.10 22:31 ArkwithTVR [S1E7] Carcha Dino Event and Spino Taming - Ark Survival Evolved Ninte...

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2023.04.25 21:32 pokemonguy69420 Join the evolution ark server it’s a great community

Evolution Ark PVE PS4 Server
Maps- * Ragnarok - X - Yuty, X - Otter, X - Spino, X - Argy * Ragnarok 2 * Crystal-Isles -Rock Drakes * Valguero - Bloodstalkers * Fjordur - Bloodstalkers * Abberation * Island - Astrodelphis * Center - X - Megalodon. X - Mosa, X - Dunk, X - Basilo * Extinction * Gen1 * Scorch Earth _ X - Allo, X - Trike, X - Anky, X - Rex, Tek Trike * Alpha Fjordur for Alpha Donators with higher lvl dinos and lower breeding timers
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2023.04.15 09:11 Ultimateguy01 I'm starting to understand the love/hate relationship people have with Ark

So I've been playing Ark for a little over a month now and I've gripped the basics, and taming is something I'm particularly good at, even though I don't use traps. However, that may change soon, cause after my experience with trying to tame spinos on my solo aberration session, in which both times I knocked down the high level spinos something assaulted them, with the male getting absolutely boxed up by a Pulmoscorpion, then one of the two females I knocked out got massacred by my Karkinos cause I forgot it wasn't in passive, and then the second female got munched on by the 500 different piranha fish in the small river I was in, making her taming effectiveness a whopping 37%, I'm gonna start making traps, however, do you guys have any suggestions for general traps I can make? I don't like making traps for specific creatures, cause then I'll use it like, twice, and then It'll never be used again.
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2023.04.10 20:41 GoldenWafflez333 Gorgonopsid, Adaptable Hunter

Gorgonopsid, Adaptable Hunter
I'm really loving one of the ideas posted in the comments for this creature submission. Someone suggested:
"Weather changes gameplay…
Heatwave – now more aggressive, Gorgonops has greater damage and health regen, and gains a modified bleed which targets stamina on tamed creatures and watewater regen on players. This is the fighting-form of the creature, and should be approximately equivalent to rex/spino in power.
Electrical storm – Speed and stamina are now greatly increased. This is a traversal mode, and with the ability to keep using advanced weapons, might make a good scout.
Sandstorm – Gorgonops does not lose stamina and gets a passive detection which highlights nearby creatures (thus alleviating the reduced visibility). It also gets a stealth mode, similar to the rock drake, representing its ability to camouflage itself within the storm. This would make the creature great for stalking and picking off stranded players and tames."
I think this would make an excellent addition to Scorched Earth and the Gorgonopsid would finally be added to Ark after all these years.
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2023.03.30 06:12 shaidyn Enjoying the game but feeling lost - Not sure how to progress the game state

Hey, folks. I set up a server for my wife and myself using ark server manager and we've been having a hoot. We're up about level 70 now and have a nice little house with a fair few dinos tamed.
We're at the point where we need a ton of crystal and obsidian. We've collected a tiny bit by doing runs with pteranadons, but it's a bit exhausting flying up and out and back and forth.
We had a pair of spinos levelled up and a few assorted helpers, so we gathered the herd and headed out to get some stuff. Things went okay, until we ran afoul of a megatherium, which was able to dispatch literally all of our dinosaurs and then us.
This has been something of a pattern throughout the game. We tame the dinosaurs that are closest to us, explore with a pack, find a bigger dino, and it wipe us out.
Is the expected gamplay that we look up the single strongest dinosaur in the game, ignore everything else, and tame that before we do anything else in game?
It just feels like there's some key piece of gameplay that we're missing. We have the best weapons, armour, gear, and dinosaurs available to us, but if we step foot off our safe little starting island we get smacked around.
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2023.03.30 02:59 Ecoshi Is there a way to get better progression systems in the game?

Recently, some friends of showed some interest in Ark so I plan to buy a server over the summer to play on with them. With this in mind, I kinda wanted to introduce a sort of progression system into the game. I was thinking maybe some creatures could only be tameable at a certain level. I.E. Pteranodons are only tameable at level 38 when their saddle is unlocked while Spinos and Rexes are only available after level 80. Is there anyway to integrate that into the game?
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2023.03.21 13:22 Striking_Edge_7590 Ark play through no dinosaurs

I wanna do a no Dino run and when I mean no dinosaurs I just mean no dinosaurus so I can still use mammals and birds etc etc and I’m gonna do this on crystal isles due to I haven’t completed that map yet but should I up this challenge to be ark but no reptiles this greatly changed the challenge due to no main boss creatures like Rex’s spinos or theris also barley and flyers just moths and argents so any recommendations for what I should use ?
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2023.03.19 07:42 Affectionate_Net497 Am I missing any creatures?

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2023.03.17 01:11 animadaogamer ARK SVARTALFHEIM #22 - PEQUENO PASSEIO COM NOSSO SPINO!

ARK SVARTALFHEIM #22 - PEQUENO PASSEIO COM NOSSO SPINO! submitted by animadaogamer to animadaooficial [link] [comments]

2023.03.14 03:33 Neonz_nb Spinosaurus logically sucks...

Now hear me out, the Spino isn't all bad...
It has great stats, a hydration buff, a high tier predator (Most smaller aggressors will not attack a mounted Spino)
So then why am i nitpicking such a great dino? Well because its not as strong as it should be. For the largest carnivore ever designed by evolution it pains me to see wildcard make the carcha and Giga not only stronger but bigger then the behemoth that Spinosaurus actually was. The poor thing is dwarfed by them, which leads me to think wildcard dealt a bad hand to the great river monster.
Now onto a solution.
Make it bigger! for the largest carnivore ever, its ashame to see them in their current pip-squeak form. They should be highly aggressive and territorial. To further this idea why not make it so they need a river to breed (Hydration buff), If you would attempt to breed them in incorrect circumstances they would dehydrate rage and kill everything in their paths till they arrive to the nearest water source (Ai would get them to it and would have a "Give-up timer" if they could not reach said water source in a given time frame) It would have a basic bite move, and then a grab move, using the switch button could turn the grab move into its standing up position.
Now the flaws in this idea
Welp most ark maps rivers are high activity and essential to the players well being and survival, issue 2 is that other dinos need fixes, buffs, and reworks much more then Spinosaurus, such as the Rex, the baryonyx, the pteradon, the tapajara... All amazing creatures that have potential to be so much cooler or need fixes.
To end this, i do think it would be cool to have a realistic Spinosaurus, but there are more important issues to be fixed, just nitpicking Arks puny tyrant.
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2023.03.13 11:37 Sad_Device2097 I'm new to Ark. Do all dinos respawn in multiplayer server? and I have been looking for a Spino. spawned too early when level 12 but can't see it anywhere when I'm 62.

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2023.03.12 18:45 Versalord Where should I spawn and what stats should I focus on at the start of The Island?

I recently came back to Ark after a while. I used to play Ark on Mobile when I was younger, and recently I bought Ark on my Nintendo Switch.
I've tried different South End spawns, and the best spawn for me was South Zone 1, but then I have to deal with the occasional Spino. I also don't know what stats I should focus on at the start. I mainly go for Weight and Health, but I always seem to get over-encumbered sooner or later.
Also, resources take so long to respawn, especially when I need them and I end up needing things such as Metal, Wood, Crystal, Obsidian, and other materials that apparently spawn far away.
I'd like some advice on where to spawn where there is safe to spawn, has a healthy amount of Dinos for meat and hide, and has a good amount of resources. Also, what should I set the resource respawn rate to so I don't have to wait so long for it to return?
Also what stats should I immediately focus on leveling up (the max level I got to before I restarted again was about 30)?
Any advice would be very helpful,
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2023.03.11 23:09 animadaogamer ARK SVARTALFHEIM - LEVANDO O NOSSO SPINO PARA UPAR!

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2023.03.10 17:47 yorton00 My friend’s and mine first journey together on Ark: Chapter 6

We finally figured out that using dinos to gather materials = more materials gathered, who knew? Using our newfound knowledge of dinos, we used Crunk to gather a metric fuck-ton of berries, especially Narcoberries. We made a whole lotta narcotics, and used said narcotics to make a whole lotta tranq darts. Meat finished the houseboat while Smitty started to build a seaside bar. While they were doing that, I set off on Frontal Lobe to tame the Spino that killed me. Conk is Conk, and we never really know what he’s up to. He just does his own thing most of the time.
On the way to where the Spino was, I tamed a female Sarco named Darcy. I went up the wrong river thinking that this is where the Spino was, but instead I found a Beaver dam. The Boys decided they wanted to investigate the Beaver dam, so they loaded up on the house boat and headed towards me. When they got to the beach I was on, Smitty spotted an Otter so we tamed him and named him Gerald. This is also where they met Darcy. After The Boys investigated the Beaver dam, they joined me on my quest to tame the Spino that has been harassing us ever since we moved to our new location. They didn’t want to help me tame it though, they just wanted to watch me fail and die a horrific death, so they all stayed on the house boat like cowards while I flew up onto a cliff with Frontal Lobe so I could fire down on the Spino with my tranq darts. It took 4 darts to make the Spined sumbitch fall asleep, and I tamed that sucker and named him Murder Machine. I also tamed two raptors and named them Alpha and Beta.
While we were in the area, we went back to the cave for more metal and crystals. It was a successful spelunking trip. Near the end of our cave exploring we tamed a scorpion and named it Pointy. Not even 5 seconds later, Conk accidentally killed Pointy. After we left the cave, we loaded everyone except for Frontal Lobe and Murder Machine up the house boat and headed home (I rode FL home and had MM following me). Darcy proved how capable a fighter she was when she fell off the boat and fucked up a Megalodon. She then started fighting a jellyfish because Conk whistled her aggressive on accident. She sadly lost that battle.
We got home and I made saddles for everyone that we could make saddles for. I then decided I wanted to build a Fuck Shack so our dinos could start making babies. While I was doing that and Smitty was finishing up his bar, Conk decided to go on a solo adventure. I don’t know what he was doing or where he went but he died a bunch and Europa got killed. Meat decided he ALSO wanted to go on a solo adventure, separate from Conk’s adventure. I don’t know what HE was doing either but Phrob II somehow got put to sleep underwater and drowned.
After we lost Phrob II, I decided I was going to go out and help Meat recover his things and get some more tames. Meat and I were trying to tame another Sarco. We tamed the Sarco but she didn’t live long enough to get a name, because she was killed by a Baryonyx right after she finished taming. We decided to tame that Baryonyx, and we named him Barry. I was standing on a rock killing some Titanboas and something that was incredibly fast with a naked man on it flew out of the sky, landed in front of me, looked at me, spit some fire, and I instantly died. It was a Zombie Fire Wyvern and it is level 1077. We all freaked out and we looked it up, why tf is this thing on the Island? As far as we know they only spawn in events that ended in 2021 and they’re not even supposed to spawn on The Island. This was when we discovered that Ark was cross-platform, and other people can find and join non-dedicated sessions. We decided on the explanation that someone on PC joined our world, spawned in that Wyvern somehow, and tried to grief us but couldn’t locate our base, so opted for killing me and quitting out instead. Going forward, I will be privatizing and password protecting our sessions. But that leaves the problem of a level 1077 Zombie Fire Wyvern in our world, and we don’t know how to get rid of it.
After the whole Wyvern ordeal, Meat and Conk tamed another male Sarco named Dundee while I tamed another male Otter which we named Jerry Seinfeld. Conk also tamed his very first dino by himself! He tamed a giant frog named Phorg, he was laughing like a giddy schoolgirl while making a saddle for it, and we all erupted into laughter as this man rode his frog away. If only you guys can see what we’ve made our characters look like, you’ll understand why seeing Conk fly around on this frog is the funniest thing we’ve ever seen.
Here is our adventure so far, I hope you guys have been enjoying reading our very first journey, we’re definitely having fun with it and I am enjoying writing these stories for you. We have plans to fight the 3 bosses, and then transfer our dudes to another Ark. Which Ark should we move too after we finish our adventure on The Island?
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2023.03.10 10:39 MarioMMG05 What dino would be the best to start breeding?

Hey guys, I'm a quite experienced Ark player that went through all the maps on both official PvE and PvP for lots of hours on Switch (at the very release of the game) and PC. Now that Switch's edition got upgraded and it's slowly getting the same content as PS/Xbox/PC version, I came back because... everything is already done on PC! There are even capped dodos, plus the best places are all pillared (even some base spots I owned a long time ago. But sadly all my bases but my Gen2 one decayed). Now that I'm playing on Switch, I have seen that the dinos they have are way weaker than I thought they would be, and most of the lines are really dirty. Since I don't have that much time to play right now, I think I can just take care of creating one clean dino line by myself. What dino should I start breeding? I'll put the names of the dinos I'm most interested in + the best ones I've seen on Switch markets.
Rock Drake (anyone is breeding them with serious intentions. I haven't seen anyone selling drakes with good stats) Rex (18k hp and 738% dmg. Maybe the only clean line that I've seen so far but I think I can make a better one with luck and patience) Aberrant Spino (7k hp 430ish dmg) Aberrant Ankylo (same as Rock Drake) Giganotosaurus (250% dmg is the PvE top right now... and its line is really dirty. A PvP guy tamed some days ago a 265% base lol) Carcharodontosaurus (it'll release later this month so anyone has a carcha yet tho) Tek Stegosaurus (same as Rock Drake and aberrant Ankylo. If you wanna vote this please just comment cuz Reddit doesn't let me add more options)
Please, before replying take into account that I'm playing PvE official atm, and that the next map Switch is receiving will be Extinction. Thanks you for reading the whole Bible lol, and sorry for my bad English.
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2023.03.09 15:39 ProffesinalPoop What do you guys think of ARK’s Spinosaurus? I think the ability to go Bipedal or On all fours makes this a strange mix of “Media Spino” And “Scientific Spino”

What do you guys think of ARK’s Spinosaurus? I think the ability to go Bipedal or On all fours makes this a strange mix of “Media Spino” And “Scientific Spino” submitted by ProffesinalPoop to Dinosaurs [link] [comments]

2023.03.02 21:13 Vkelly123 Where do u find spinos most often in ark and why aren’t they spawning in my game when they do spawn once every week or sum they r level ones and it’s so annoying

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