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2023.06.05 05:24 Good-Sport-5252 Using DNA matches to find my 5th great-grandmother's family

I am very new to genealogy and using DNA matching to prove relationships without a direct paper trail. It has been so much fun trying to piece together puzzles. I would appreciate insight into this situation! My 5th great-grandmother was named Olive Follet and she was born in Maine in 1790 according to census records from 1850 and 1860 (1790 would be approximate based on her reporting her age as 60 and then 70). We have no idea who her parents are because there aren’t any records for an Olive Follet (other than her son’s death certificate). There were only a handful of Follet households in Maine in the 1790 and 1800 censuses. I hypothesized that Olive might have been one of the females under 10 in the 1800 census living in the James Follet household. Then I started looking for matches on Gedmatch with family trees with Follet. I found someone who reports being a direct descendant of James Follet through his daughter Freelove (James is the DNA matches's 5th great-grandfather). There are so many tools on Gedmatch and I don’t fully understand them, but I think we share at least a 12cm segment and maybe 21 cm depending on the settings and tool used. Does this seem conclusive that Olive was James’s daughter? James has a brother named Jesse who also lived in Maine, so in theory our most recent common ancestors could be James and Jesse’s dad Benjamin Follet and Olive is Jesse’s daughter. Either way….Benjamin Follet was definitely Olive’s grandfather, right? Not sure if this is significant, but on a DIFFERENT chromosome I have a triangulated match of about 8 cm where the common ancestor that I have identified is John Follet (4 generations up from Benjamin Follet). Would it be possible for a 8 cm segment to date back to a common ancestor born around 1600? That seems crazy, but all of this together doesn’t seem like it would be just a coincidence!
Thanks for any insight!
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2023.06.05 05:23 Aveldaheilt [Event Megathread/Guide] Azure Horizon

[Event Megathread/Guide] Azure Horizon

Please feel free to use this thread to ask any questions or share your rolls!
  • This guide is based off the TW version. Note that Global is subject to change.

【 Azure Horizon 】Megathread

Event Duration: June 6th, 2023 — TBA (UTC +8)
Limited Time Summon: SSR Hazel Grouse Soup & SSR Shunde Raw Fish
New Units
  • SSR Hazel Grouse Soup
  • SSR Shunde Raw Fish
  • SR Lotus Seed Rock Candy
  • SR Sweet and Sour Icefish
Neither of the SSR units are meta-breaking or a must-pull, but shine in their respective niche.
Limited Time Furniture
Limited Time Paid Costume: Imperial Court Har-Gow

Event Overview

Faction Menu: Red (Hazel Grouse Soup) vs Blue (Shunde Raw Fish)
So this is a different kind of event where the new two units introduced each have their own faction. You can choose to join either one. Hazel Grouse Soup represents the red side while Shunde Raw Fish represents blue. As you clear stages, you will earn points for your respective faction.
There will be three rounds total, each with four difficulty levels (different depending on faction chosen) to farm Dragon Scales and faction points with. You must score at least 100 points in your faction in order to receive faction victory rewards. This means you will need to spend 1200 stamina every three days as each round is open for that duration. Whichever faction wins at the end will determine the reward that everyone receives. For example, if you chose Shunde Raw Fish and the round ends with Hazel Grouse Soup as the winner, then you will receive the Soul Core rather than the two Seasoning Fragments. In other words, either choose your favourite Food Soul to battle for or go the practical route and choose the reward you like better.
The event currency drop per stage without bonus are (1) Dragon Scale 50, (2) Dragon Scale 55, (3) Dragon Scale 60, and (4) Dragon Scale 65. My recommendation is either to farm the last level for 65 drop per round if you don't have any bonus units. If you're able to get at least 23% bonus (e.g. SR Yangzhou Fried Rice + SSR Hazel or Shunde), then you can farm the second stage for at least 67 drop per round.
Bonus Dragon Scale Drop Food Souls
  • SSR Hazel Grouse Soup (15%)
  • SSR Shunde Raw Fish (15%)
  • SR Sweet Lotus Seed (10%)
  • SR SweetSour Whitebait (10%)
  • SR Yangzhou Fried Rice (8%)
    Remember to place bonus units in your team while reading the story for additional Lunar Blossoms!

Mini Games
Mini-games make yet another return! Relevant to the new event's theme, this will be a fishing-related one. You get three chances a day to earn stamina and event currency. Don't forget to do it!
World Boss
Another world boss makes it return. This time, only bring your highest ST damage dealer once a day for the highest score possible. My recommendations are SSR Hazel Grouse Soup, SSR Lianhua Blood Duck, SR Sweetsour Whitebait, and N Rolling Donkey.
The boss itself will inflict a debuff that cannot be purified and will cause attack damage down across your entire team for four rounds. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you bring Spring Roll in for the ability to grant your team immunity to all debuffs and avoid this attack damage down debuff as it will greatly affect your damage score.

Event Shop

Two screenshots of the event shop's unique items. You know the drill by now—the second half of the shop opens during the latter half of the event. There will be a toggle on the right of the screen to access this other half when it is available.
Recommended Exchange Priority:
  1. Soul Core
  2. Utensil Box (M)
  3. Miracle Stone
  4. Pentachrome Soil (M)
  5. Bunny Bun (M)
  6. Shells
  7. Music Coupons (up to you though as this may be expensive)
The rest is up to you in terms of what you personally value and want from the shop. I would leave ingredients for last as the exchange value for them is roughly the same as farming the stages themselves. If you need SR SweetSour Whitebait as a bonus, feel free to go for him as well, but he isn't necessary if you have a strong team already built up.
Happy farming!
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2023.06.05 05:23 The_Butt_Annihilator On my coal posting for the next MU

I’m not apologizing because I’m him. But I’ll admit I’m probably a little off that we are now three Match Up’s into the new season and I have yet to care for any of them so far.
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2023.06.05 05:23 Inevitable-Union7691 Shiv's case

alright so season 2, Shiv is up for the big job and we're supposed to think she's at a disadvantage cause she's a woman.... but also like she has no experience. She hasn't been Ceo before or even worked at ATN before. she doesnt know any of the management team or workflows or business model. I don't understand how she thinks she can just do it when running a company usually involves understanding the company in any way at all.
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2023.06.05 05:23 NiceEnthusiasm3 My experience and numbers from a recent job search

Hi all,
Thought I would contribute to this forum with my experience looking for a new job in the current market and some numbers from offers I received.
Current situation:
I work at Xero as a Senior Engineer with around 6yoe. Current total compensation is 145K base salary + 10% in company shares + super, which adds to ~175K. I decided to look around since I've been at Xero for a while and I'm not enjoying the vibe after the layoffs that much. There's also a tech restructure coming up in July and wanted to sharpen my interview skills in case of more layoffs.
I started learning algorithms and data structures properly mid-last year as I was never too good at them. I slowly read most of the chapters of The Algorithm Design Manual by Skiena, with a bit of leetcode on the side but not too intensive. I wanted to focus more on having a solid foundation rather than memorizing leetcode solutions.
I've also been reading Designing Data Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppmann over the last 6 months.
I've always done well in behavioural interviews so didn't do too much prep for that.
I set my LinkedIn to Open to Work around early April and got contacted by recruiters. I only responded to opportunities that sounded interesting and did not apply to any jobs directly.
All in all happy with my progress. I think preparing slowly (almost 1 year) and focusing on fundamentals really helped. I think for now I will stay put at Xero and try my luck again next year if the market picks up, or if I hear back from Atlassian.
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Many brothers lived together, very many.
From there these many people could hear women ; for two very pretty women lived beyond there, and thither in the northwest this lot of people were going to go courting, they say.
Two very pretty women lived there, Wild-Parsnip's brother's daughters.
Now, on top of this mountain were the Mountain-Tossing people.
A man, listening to those women, would not be able to reach to the top, it is said.
"You must go up over, and do the best you can there," they said.
So a man started off, after having packed up some food.
Going along, he camped close by a spring at the base of the mountain.
In the morning he went up; and as he went, when he was halfway to the top, he was killed.
"That man will not return.
I shall go and take a look at that dangerous country there," said one of the brothers who was going after him.
"All right!" they said.
"Look out! Go ahead!" said the oldest man.
"You shall say, 'I will tell you carefully when I shall come back,'" he said.
"Then, on whatever night you name, we shall look for you," he said. Then the other said, "All right! All my brothers may not, indeed, have crossed over that mountain.
So, following them, I shall arrive, if alive, after seven days are passed; but if dead, I shall be later than that night.
'He is dead,' that ye shall say of me," he said.
Then he went away, kept travelling until, having arrived at the spring where there was a hut, he camped.
In the morning, after having breakfasted, he went up; and going up, when he was halfway there, he saw where his brother had been killed.
Still he continued on, going upwards; and when he was almost at the top, he was killed.
Now, the many people here in the house watched; kept watching until that day had passed that he had told them,
"I shall return then."
"To-night he will return," they said, and watched.
Then, when that day was over and he was not come, "Well, he is dead," they said.
Then Atatim-Man said, "I will go myself.
Do ye remain here.
"--"All right," they said. In the morning he spoke to them, saying, "Where I am going, I can conquer any kind of a man.
I shall go," he said.
"My people, ye must not watch for me there.
I shall return on the day I wish to, when he has failed to conquer me," he said.
Then he dressed himself, put on a fine netted cap, put on new beads, and feather plume-sticks and bands, and stuck down upon his head.
"Now," he said, "I am going! Ye must stay;" and he went off.
Travelling along, he camped at the camping-place.
By and by, in the morning after he had slept, he awoke, and, having finished breakfast, he went up.
He sang; and when he had gone a little ways from the fireplace, he sang, swinging his body from side to side.
He kept on singing, turning first in one direction, then in another.
Now, Coyote heard him from somewhere this side of the mountain.
"Ah! I wonder what that may be!" he said.
"Well, well! It sounds very pretty. I'll go and see," he said, and trotted off towards it.
He came halfway to where the man was singing.
"Halloo!" he said. "In another's country shall I sing, looking down; in another's country I shall sing, looking about," he said.
Coyote said, "Well, my cousin! you sing very prettily.
What country are you going to? Tell me truly where you are going."
Atatim-Man remained sitting on top of a rock.
Coyote, standing around, talked to him.
By and by Atatim-Man spoke.
"I am not doing anything," he said. "Recently, a while ago, two of my brothers were travelling in this country; and since they did not return, I am looking for them.
What is the matter,"
Then Coyote spoke.
"Who is following you, going with you?" he said.
"If you go alone, people will see and talk about you."
Then Atatim-Man said, "I am alone. You stay here!" telling Coyote to remain where he was. But Coyote shook his head.
"No," said he.
"Why do you go alone? I will go with you, my cousin.
I am one who may talk with many chiefs.
In going where there are many people, it is sufficient if you go two together.
If you go alone, no one will see and talk about you; but if this man has a chief with him, a good man, then all the women as well as the men will be talking about you," he said.
"I shall go there.
I shall follow you," he said.
"Very well! If you wish to go, you may go.
In going, you must seize hold of my belt, on both sides."
Now, when the sun had risen but a little ways, they went up.
A little distance up, Atatim-Man said, "Now seize hold of my belt! and, by shutting your eyes, you shall reach the top.
Only when you reach the top may you open your eyes.
You must not open your eyes.
"--"Very well!' said Coyote, "I will not open my eyes.
By going along with my eyes shut, I shall reach the top."
So, without his opening his eyes, the two went on up.
(Coyote) walked along with his eyes shut; and, going on, they had nearly reached the top when he said, "I wonder why he tells me to shut my eyes! Huh! I guess, if I open my eyes, I shall not die! Why, when he has his eyes open, should I go keeping them shut?
It will be well if both of us are looking about.
I, too, want to see something," said Coyote.
He thought thus to himself: "If he looks back to see if my eyes are still shut, I'll say, 'My eyes are still shut.'"
That is what he thought as he went along.
He opened his eyes; and just then, when they were almost at the top, something just touched him as it went past.
He wanted to see it very much.
"What kind of people can they be?" he said.
So he opened his eyes a very little, looking about.
Before he had seen anything, without giving him a chance to see anything, they seized him, carried him off, and killed him.
(Atatim-Man), without looking back there, went on; kept travelling and travelling until he reached a place where there was a house.
The house lay on the other side of a river, they say; and when he got there, he camped.
In the morning, having arisen, he sang, kept singing, until after a time he spoke, saying, "Do ye give me a canoe."
Then he went on singing.
Then Wild-Parsnip-Man said, "Do ye take over a canoe."
So two men went down to the canoe, and, having reached it, they crossed over.
"I did not call ye two," said Atatim-Man.
So they went back again; and when they had reached the other side, they went up to the house.
"'I did not call ye two,' he said to us," said they.
Wild-Parsnip-Man said,
"He is a man of great power.
Understand that well.
Do ye two take the canoe over."
Then two women went down, and, having reached the canoe, crossed over with it.
"I did not call ye," he said, and they went back.
Having crossed over, they went up to the house.
"'I did not call ye two,' he said to us," they said.
"He is a powerful man," said (Wild-Parsnip-Man).
"Do ye two do the best ye can.
Be careful! Do ye two take the canoe over again."
Then two middle-aged men went down, and, having reached the canoe, took it across. When they had reached the other side, "Did I call ye? I certainly did not call ye two," he said. So they went back; and, having got across, they went up to the house.
"'I certainly did not call ye two,' he said to us," said they.
Then Wild-Parsnip-Man said, "Well, he is a powerful man.
Ye must do the best ye can and survive.
Do ye two take the canoe over.
So two middle-aged women, having gone down to the canoe, went across.
When they had reached the other side, he said, "Did I call ye two?
I certainly did not call ye." So crossing back again, when they reached the other side, they went up to the house.
"'I certainly did not call ye two,' he said to us," they said.
"Well," said Wild-Parsnip-Man, "Ye two perhaps, ye two crawl out there."
Then those two beautiful women, who rarely went out or about, they, having crawled out, took the canoe over.
Now, Atatim-Man sang, turning his body from side to side.
He sang quite loud.
The two women, arriving at the canoe, took it over; and when they got there, he said, "All right! It was ye that I was calling."
He got into the canoe, and they, taking him across, when they reached the other side, went up to the house and went in.
Then the two women, having prepared good food, gave him something to eat; and when he had finished eating, he remained there.
Atatim-Man married the two women.
After a few days he went away, and returned with those two women.
They kept travelling; and reaching the top of the mountain, when they walked down the other side, they found Coyote lying there, nothing but bones.
Those who killed people did not trouble them if they were returning; but those who were going, who were climbing up that mountain, they overcame.
So Atatim-Man was a very strong man, they say.
Being stronger than that other kind of people, he conquered them and went on.
He journeyed on still with the two women.
Having picked up Coyote's bones, they carried them along.
He saw his brother.
He lay there, nothing but bones; and, gathering them up, he went on down.
Halfway down there was another lying there.
So, gathering up the bones, he went on.
They kept travelling until they came to the spring, and there they camped.
After they had eaten supper, they slept.
In the morning, waking up, after they had breakfasted and finished eating, they went on.
Going up to the spring, they put Coyote in it.
Then they continued on; and when they had returned, they took the bones of the brothers that they had carried, and put them at night into the water.
In the morning they came out from the water, and came to the house.
And then they all remained there, in those olden times.
Now Coyote, waking up in the morning in that spring, looked about him.
"I wonder if my cousin has left me behind!" he said.
"He left me when I had been asleep a little while.
Yesterday morning my cousin went off.
Well, I wonder where all my cousins live! I'll go and see.
Going hither and thither, from east to west, I will make a circuit around," he said.
He pointed about as he spoke, they say.
He was all alone; and when he started off, he came in this direction, kept travelling, and at length heard a man who was carrying something in a buckskin sack, tied up tightly.
"Well, I wonder who it is! He is a big man, a man as large as I am," he said.
"I will ask him to fight," he said, and, so thinking as he went toward him, they met.
"Halloo!" said Coyote, "where are you going? My! You are a very great man, my cousin!
My cousin, let us fight! We are exactly the same size."
Then the other replied, "No, I am tired, I am not strong enough to fight.
I have come a long distance, I am going that way."--"What are you carrying," said Coyote. "Let me look!'--"No," said the other, "I shall not show it to you.
It is something bad."--"What kind of a bad thing?" said Coyote.
"I want to see what it is. Let me look!"
"No, it is magically powerful," he said. "You had better tell me.
If you tell me everything, I will let you go, you may go on your way, and I will not trouble you," said Coyote.
Then the other man spoke.
"I have come from afar to this country, for I do not like to see these bad winds blowing about.
The Wind-Man is a bad man, one who carries much sickness; and if he blows upon mortal men, they will be very ill.
So I was going to stop this Wind-Man.
The Wind-Man carries many weaknesses, he carries many coughs and colds, carries many sicknesses of all kinds.
The Wind-Man carries very cold winds; and when they begin to blow in this country, mortal men can hardly see the ground.
That is the kind he is.
I do not want to see him do that way.
The Wind-Man carries great sickness.
For him to blow upon mortal men made me feel sorry.
I am carrying off that very powerful man, and shall not let you see him."
So said the man who had the winds.
"So, there afar off, travelling about from the ends of the earth, I have been going, carrying them in a sack.
All kinds of Wind people--North-Wind-Man, Whirlwind-Man--all kinds of Wind people I have been catching.
Travelling over this world continually, going for very many days, a great many days I have gone all around the world, hunting.
And so, catching them and tying them up; seeing another in another country, and tying him up; going from there to another land, and seeing another there and tying him up,--that is the way I have been doing.
Going all over the world, hunting for them, I have not missed one; have been catching all kinds of Wind people.
I think I have caught them all, and carried them away," said he.
"I think I have caught every one, and now I am carrying them off.
And making them stay in my country, keeping them there, then this world, wherever one goes, all over the world, wherever the world extends, the country will be good," he said. Now, there I tell you the truth," he said.
Coyote, saying nothing, listened, kept listening until the other had finished speaking.
"All right!" said he. "That is good.
I think if you gave me a little, if I also had some, I think I could be very good.
It will be a good thing for two persons to own them.
My cousin, you had better give me some.
I am a chief. I shall be very careful if I have some of them."
So said Coyote.
Then the man who had the winds refused.
"No, it would be a bad thing," said he. "Mortal men in this country, in all countries, will feel bad at having this pestilential wind blow on them.
When, preparing their food, mortal men eat, then the whirlwind, blowing up, makes the dust rise, blowing it into the food.
That will be very bad. I do not want to see that.
I want this world to be good," said the man having the winds, not wishing to give any to Coyote.
After Coyote had staid there without speaking, after he had listened, and when the other had finished speaking, then, after a while, he spoke up.
"That is good," he said. "You think rightly. I, like you, am a man who wishes well.
In the many countries I go through they call me a good man.
I think nothing but what is good.
And as I go about through this world, many men and many women speak of me as a good man, a great chief.
Give me that. I am like you, and shall be a good man if I have it," said Coyote.
Then the other man stood up without saying anything; and when he had stood for a while, he spoke.
"What I say to you, you must believe.
I said to you I would not give you any.
I told you I would not give any.
Many days again going, for many days travelling, I shall carry off what I have caught.
In this same country, if it starts to blow, if it blows in this country, it makes the dust fly in this country, throwing about little twigs of all kinds, as if angry.
I don't want to see quantities of all kinds of rubbish made to move about.
So, carrying it off away from this country, it will be made a good country.
That is why I shall go away," he said.
"I shall not let that loose here," said the man who had the wind.
Then Coyote, after he had listened for a while, spoke.
"I am not an outsider, a stranger, who asks you to give.
Many men do not address you with good talk.
So I ask you, my cousin, my good cousin.
I myself have been thinking of you for many days.
I wonder who has talked to you, saying good things! I am a good man, my cousin.
I have been thinking only of you.
Give me that. You had better give it to me," he said.
Then the other, not saying anything, thought, and he got angry.
Meanwhile Coyote still listened; and when he did not answer, Coyote spoke still again.
"Did you hear? If you hear what I say, you will give it to me.
Don't you wish any kind of people, even your brothers, to own a little with you?
We are brothers and cousins together, not strangers.
It will be better if all sorts of things are owned by one good man rather than by many persons.
So, not knowing me, and considering me a stranger, you did not give it to me.
I guess you never saw me," he said.
"Long ago I was in your country, when I was small.
My father went there to make friends with your father.
When he was there, I knew you as a child.
So you do not know me.
I have been thinking of you, but you do not know me."
Meanwhile the other listened, saying nothing.
Coyote spoke, they say; and after the other remained for a time without saying anything, he replied, "All right! I will divide with you, and give you half.
Carry it away out of this world, and take good care of it as you go.
You must do that way if you want to have it.
You must not open and examine it in the middle of this world.
Don't do that! Don't untie the bag, except when you have carried it out of this country!
For in whatever country you put it, there make it stay, make it stay there certainly.
Only there you may open it.
There you will make it remain," he said.
"All right! I shall do so," said Coyote.
"I shall not open it.
I will carry it far away.
There having carried it to my country, there only will I open it.
You said you were taking it to your country.
I say I shall take it also to my country," said Coyote.
The man who had the wind was very unwilling to give it; but, not being able to help himself, he gave it when he was beaten.
When Coyote told him to give him half, he refused, and gave him only a little.
After he had given it to him, he said, "Well, go! I also am going."
Then the man who had the wind, starting on, went off.
And Coyote started and came on hither.
Having come a little ways, he looked back.
"I wonder what there is to be afraid of! It would be well if I look, I think. I'll untie it, And peek in," he thought.
So again he looked back, standing up; he looked all around, then sat down, kneeling.
Then he untied it, but held it tight as he did so.
When he had all untied it, he let go.
When he let go, rushing out with a whistling noise, the wind carried him up to the sky.
After a while he fell down, but only as bones, for the flesh was all gone.
So Coyote died.
Then the wind, blowing, knocked down many trees as it went.
The Wind-Man, they say, is going in the same way still.
Always the wind, as it goes along, throws down the Tree people.
Long ago it was when he let the Wind-Man go; and he has been going about and blowing ever since, it is said.
That is the way that Coyote made the world evil.
And therefor, they say, this Wind-Man exists in this world.
Meanwhile the other man, he who had the wind, went off.
He kept going toward the country whence he had set out, and, having reached it, let the wind go there.
And in that country, they say, the wind was only a little strong.
And the man remained there in the long ago.
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2023.06.05 05:22 chowies It seems all my previous dota knowledge has been subverted.

Title. There were some fundamentals to which I understood the game and played the game and worked. However, with 7.33, all these understandings have either become wrong or opposite of the correct thing to do.
For example, as a pos 1, early game if your team starts a fight with maybe 3v3, the right thing to do would be take the space your team is giving you, come out of Jungle and shove the lanes abit. HOWEVER, in patch 7.33, the truly best thing to do (if you're able to) was to join the fight and contribute however minorly. This may mean TP-ing to the fight or walking awkwardly all the way there (your teammates might have died BUT enemy has no more BIG SPELLS OR ULTS). The assist gold and exp for just being around often means it's worth it. If you had farmed away from the fight, you might struggle if your farming item isn't up. Only fringe cases where you really have 0 contribution and your safe farm is really efficient (think heroes like medu) is it good for you to stay away from the fight.
Another example would be how if you were losing fights, the correct thing to do as a team would be to take less fights, split up and farm, try to turtle up and farm up 1 key item before trying again. Plus, with a bigger map, there would be more space for you to split up and farm. But, in 7.33, that's the WRONG thing to do. You need to just pull up your bootstraps, group up more and continue fighting in hopes you get a pick off using smoke or hope the enemy goes in 1 by 1. The reason is because the gold and xp from killing and assisting would be extra juicy and help you comeback faster than if you tried to farm it back.
So, tell me I'm wrong or your thoughts, or any other subverted truths. From what I've seen on streamers, the way they play the game also reflects these new understandings/fundamentals. As an old player, becoming aware of these new truths has been shocking to say the least; paid at least 500 mmr to learn these.
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2023.06.05 05:22 Ill-Brick4235 Discoder Network

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2023.06.05 05:21 Diyfixtools #Silca SBB Key Programmer Car Safety Equipment

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2023.06.05 05:21 subahsharmaseo Top Summer Shoes for Men’s and Women’s

Top Summer Shoes for Men’s and Women’s

Women’s Summer Shoes

As the temperature heats up, it’s time to upgrade your summer wardrobe with the latest trendy shoes. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pair of sandals, flip flops, wedges, or even sneakers, there is something for everyone. We’ve rounded up the top summer shoes for both men and women to keep your feet stylish and comfortable all summer long. For the ladies, get ready for the hottest flip flops, wedges, high heels, and espadrilles. And for the gents, get ready for a pair of sandals, slippers, loafers, and sneakers. Check out the best summer shoes for men and women here!

Flip Flops

are a popular choice for summer shoes, particularly for women. Whether you’re going to the beach, or just want something casual and airy for summer, flip flops are a great option. Not only are they lightweight and comfortable, but you’ll also be able to find a wide range of designs and styles – from fun and funky to slick and stylish – to suit your individual tastes. When looking for the best summer shoes for women, make sure you take a look at flip flops and see if they’re the right fit for you.


are a great option for any woman looking to stand out and look stylish this summer. With a wide range of colors and designs to choose from, you can easily find the perfect wedge for any summer outfit. These stylish shoes offer a great blend of form, comfort, and fashion. They provide the perfect balance of support and style, making them the best summer shoes for women who want to dress up their look. Wedges can easily be dressed up or down, and they look great with a wide variety of outfits. Whether you’re looking for summer sandals or dinner-date heels, wedges are a great choice.

High Heels

High heels are a timeless classic when it comes to women’s summer shoes. Whether it’s a classic black stiletto, a bright platform wedge, or a strappy sandal, high heels can instantly elevate any look to glamour status. Not only do they look chic, but they can also be surprisingly comfortable! If you’re looking for the best summer shoes for women, be sure to include a few pairs of heels in your wardrobe. From timeless to trendy, you’re sure to find the perfect pair that your unique style.


are a classic choice for summer shoes and can be seen on the feet of some of the world’s most stylish people. For women, espadrilles are the perfect summer look, they are lightweight and comfortable, making them a great option for casual summer days. They come in a variety of styles and colours, so you can find something to suit your individual taste. Look for a pair of espadrilles that have a comfortable sole and a breathable upper to keep your feet cool in the summer months. Best of all, espadrilles can be paired with any outfit for a summery look. For men, leather espadrilles are a great option for a classic summer style. These shoes are a classic wardrobe staple and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. They can be worn with shorts, jeans, chinos or even dress trousers for an effortless summer look.

Men’s Summer Shoes

When the heat of summer comes, so should a new array of shoes to match the season. Summer shirts and shorts aren’t complete without the perfect shoes to complete the look. Everyone has their own sense of style, and it can often be difficult to sort through all the options when it comes to footwear. To help you make the best choice, we’ve compiled a list of the top trendy summer shoes for men in 2022.


are the quintessential summer shoe for both men and women. With their stylish and comfortable design, they are perfect for days spent at the beach or lounging around. Not only are they fashionable, but they also provide essential support and protection to your feet. When looking for the best summer shoes for men, sandals can prove to be a great option. They come in a wide range of styles and colors, making it easy to find ones that match your personal style. Some popular sandal styles include flip-flops, slides, thongs and platform sandals. Whatever your choice, you can be sure to find sandals that are perfect for your summer wardrobe.


are a great option for the summer months, as they are light and provide plenty of ventilation. Whether you are going for a stroll in the park or to the pool, slippers can be a great alternative to sandals and flip-flops. Slippers are available in a variety of styles, materials, and colors for men, women, and children. For men, look for styles that include features such as memory foam insoles, adjustable straps, and waterproof materials. For women, look for slippers with pretty embellishments, fur-lined footbeds, and air-cushioned outsoles. When choosing the best summer shoes for men, try to choose a style that will be comfortable and breathable. Slippers provide a great combination of comfort and style.


are one of the best summer shoes for men and are a classic choice for all ages. They are comfortable and trendy, and come in a variety of styles, from slip-on classic loafers to boat shoes with a hint of nautical flair. Whether you choose a timeless black or something more fashion-forward, like leopard print or tasseled loafers, they make a great addition to any summer wardrobe. Plus, they’re versatile enough to wear with everything from shorts, to jeans, to khakis. For an extra finishing touch, pair with a dapper hat or belt.


have become one of the most popular shoe styles of the last several years and they continue to be a summer staple for both men and women. From classic canvas looks to modern designer styles, there is a sneaker for everyone. For men, some of the best summer shoes for men include lightweight slip-ons and canvas high-tops. For women, sneakers with vibrant colors and innovative materials are popular choices. Whether you want to add a sporty touch to your outfit or just want an easy-to-wear shoe for a fun day out, sneakers are the perfect choice.
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2023.06.05 05:21 RadioaKtiveKat Great garage sale find, I think?

Great garage sale find, I think?
My wife found this at a garage sale for $25 dollars, no case. Brought it home, I checked it out. Neck is straight, no scratches or marring in the finish. Could probably use new strings and a bit of a set up. Anyone know anything more about Raven banjos? Thanks in advance. I play guitar, but played mandolin many years ago and I’m going to give it all I got to learn to play this and excel.
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2023.06.05 05:21 ValorQuest Valor Quest RPG

Valor Quest is an RPG for the web browser that I'm making - an open-ended, persistent game you can play at your leisure. If you've played games like Ultima Online, Torn, or MUDs, you'll feel right at home. Many of the item aspects are reminders of early Diablo games. Gameplay resembles a hybrid between pure text games and popular graphical action RPGs.
Play here: https://valorquest.net
Signup is fast and free. More info:
Slavery is a staple in human history and it's no different here. Choose a faction: slaver or abolitionist. Either way, do you think you can earn enough Valor to change the world? It may just be possible...
Exploration: Navigate with a smooth graphical interface and convenient map viewport. Discover new areas, negotiate dangers, and progress in your quest for Valor.
Character development: Create and customize your player, choosing which skills and stats to invest in as you level up. Each of your stats controls different aspects of your gameplay, and specializing will make sense as you play.
Combat: Configure your setup and do battle with monsters and players alike. Battles feature instant autocalc results with battle reports detailing every move.
Items: Find, buy, equip or trade weapons and armor, which come with a wide variety of properties and effects. Manage your inventory and customize your equipment your way for any occasion.
Puzzle-solving: Some mild puzzle elements are present with some tricky dungeons and map areas. More intensively, playing Valor Quest is a process where you will grow more powerful as you figure out how all the game systems work.
Social interaction: Chat with NPC's to gather useful information or gossip, send messages to other players, and coordinate attacks and other activities. Engage in PvP battles or form alliances. Choosing to be a slaver might seem like the path of least resistance, but at what cost? Engage in the social and physical mechanics of buying, owning, and managing your slaves, or vow to destroy all those who do! The choice is yours. For Valor!
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2023.06.05 05:20 MASSIVE_HORSE_PENIS Thought I’d give some insight on the Ange Appointment as a Australian living in Glasgow.

I’m originally from Brisbane, grew up supporting my mums team Tottenham and my local Brisbane Roar. I now live in Glasgow and have for a while. I am over the fucking moon with Ange. Everywhere he has gone whether that be Brisbane Roar or Australia i have seen the best football i’ve ever seen with my own two eyes. Honestly.
I was there, at the final in the stadium when Australia beat South Korea in 2015. I remember going to many ‘Roarcelona’ games in 2011. The best we have ever and will ever play. Not up for debate either. When Brisbane Roar appointed him the club was criticised for it. All he asked was he be critiqued a season in. And a season later, everyone shut up. Everywhere he has gone, there’s question marks over him. And i have seen time and time again the once doubters became prophets to the next set of fans when he left to a new club that doubted him. That’s where he thrives, when he’s got something to prove.
All my celtic friends laughed when he got appointed. Said they’d finish 3rd now, no hope for next season. Now, they’re all fucking depressed he’s probably going. I’ve been to many celtic games this season aswell, and his football is no joke. He’s a man that gets behind the fans and understands what it means to love a football club. Let them doubt him. That’s where he shines.
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2023.06.05 05:20 TheOneAltAccount I sacrificed myself for my school

The day after HS graduation, my mom found my HRT. My parents blew up. They grounded me, tried to convince me I was gonna die from a blood clot & if I didn’t die I’d regret it, & eventually things got so bad I ran away.
But my school hadn’t given me financial aid, and told me they couldn’t change their aid offer even if I wasn’t living at home. And even then the cost of living at my new school was gonna be so high I probably couldn’t afford it anyway even if I got some aid.
So I came back to my parents home. Still professing how they were doing it for my good, they told me they’d only pay for my college if I never got on HRT while I was there. After all, they couldn’t pay for me to “hurt myself.” They said if they got suspicious they’d blood test me. I am not sure but I honestly think they would.
And so I agreed. My dream of being the person I wanted to be was basically crushed. At best I have to wait till grad school in another 3 years. Meanwhile the “best years of my life” in my literal dream college that I’d spent all my high school longing to go to have been terrible. I have no friends. I have no self confidence. I hate how fucking hairy I am fucking everywhere, I hate how I’m fucking fat, I hate everything about myself.
The only thing I have left is my major. I don’t know anymore what to do or if I can even do it. I’m just so tired. I just want to start the fucking long ass journey to being myself. But I can’t because I gave it up to study the subject I love.
It’s so hard to repress this shit.
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2023.06.05 05:20 AutoModerator [Download Course] Duston McGroarty – The Underground Goldmine (Genkicourses.site)

[Download Course] Duston McGroarty – The Underground Goldmine (Genkicourses.site)
Get the course here: [Download Course] Duston McGroarty – The Underground Goldmine (Genkicourses.site)
Our website: https://www.genkicourses.site/product/duston-mcgroarty-the-underground-goldmine/

The Underground Goldmine – You’ll learn the secrets to tapping into a lucrative niche market and making a killing. What will you learn in The Underground Goldmine? The “secret” here is understanding how this niche works and how to insert yourself right into the middle of the money that’s already flowing. And I’m gonna show you how to do this by recording every single mouse click and keyboard stroke I take to build this new “arm” of my business… So you can replicate exactly what I’m doing. You’ll see the exact traffic source I’m using (no, it’s not FB or Google)…
The exact ads I’m running… The exact landing pages I’m using… The exact emails I’m sending… And the exact products I’m promoting.
There’s literally NOTHING held back here.


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2023.06.05 05:20 AutoModerator [Download Course] Roland Frasier – Ethical Profits In Crisis Accelerator (E.P.I.C.) (Genkicourses.site)

[Download Course] Roland Frasier – Ethical Profits In Crisis Accelerator (E.P.I.C.) (Genkicourses.site)

Get the course here: [Download Course] Roland Frasier – Ethical Profits In Crisis Accelerator (E.P.I.C.) (Genkicourses.site)
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It’s a DEEP DIVE into all the nuances, additional strategies and tactics that we just couldn’t possibly fit into the short EPIC training…
This Accelerator has EVERYTHING we wished we could have taught in the training, all organized into a series of micro-steps and personalized mentoring to help you close your next deal.
Acquire new revenue streams from existing businesses and traffic assets and buy them without investing money out of your own pocket! If you want to grow your company’s Revenue, Profits and Valuation, through the COVID-19 crisis, this will be the most important mentorship you’ll ever experience…Join Us to Gain Strategic Mastery in All Scenarios of Business…Transform your life and the lives of business sellers and employees as you do your part to restart the economy. If you want to scale every aspect of your business, from your bottom-line to valuation, from your systems to culture, and everything in between; join us to learn everything Roland Frasier, Ryan Deiss and Richard Lindner are doing for their portfolio of businesses, orchestrated to apply to yours immediately.📷Strategies That WorkIn these 8 “intensive” weeks, you’ll develop a step-by-step implementation guide as you walk through exponential acquisition growth strategies directly framed for your specific business to survive and thrive through the COVID-19 crisis.GrowLearn how to achieve your 3 year growth goals over the next 12 months.LeverageDiscover leverage to decrease the need for outside $$$ to fund growth.ScaleGet a specific, proven strategy to 10X your business in the next 12 months.Meet Roland Frasier…
Roland practiced business, tax and securities law for over 12 years and is now an active investor who drives growth and scale in his portfolio companies.
He is co-founder and/or principal of 5 different Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies, and he has founded, scaled or sold 24 different 7 to 10 figure businesses ranging from consumer products to industrial machine manufacturing companies with adjusted sales ranging from $3 million to $4 billion.OPA MagicLeave with 3 killer strategies for tapping into the magic of OPA to rocket customer acquisition.Zero Dollar M&A’sLearn 159 ways to acquire other businesses for little to no money out of pocket.Bolt-on-BusinessesDiscover how to generate more customers, more quickly than any other business tactic.


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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.05 05:20 Nova6661 New album is bad, and you’re all in denial.

I keep seeing people saying they like it. I don’t believe them at all. They claim those who don’t like it just hate prog. But that shows ignorance on their part. Is album is not just prog. It’s pretentious noise, meant to push listeners to the edge of what they are willing to put up with. Prog is what The Stage was. Prog is what much of the self titled album was. This is not prog. From nearly every standpoint, nothing in this album is good.
I love A7X. Unlike many, I didn’t care what they made. I just wanted to hear music. I was the same way with Linkin Park. I didn’t just love their metal stuff, but their electronic and pop stuff too. But this new A7X stuff is barely music. It feels like Matt and Syn are just screwing with us. I am happy they are happy with the album, but from here on out I’m done with them, and I’m done with the fan base. If no one wants to be honest about this, I can’t stand with you guys. I listened to you all talk about what you wanted and didn’t want out of the new album, and it completely contradicts with what you’re now saying.
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2023.06.05 05:20 goodstorytellitagain Help Me Decide Between 3 RAV4 XLEs

I happily drove a 2008 RAV4 up until a few months ago when I sold it in order to upgrade to something with lower miles and from the last decade. I’ve settled on wanting a 2020 or newer RAV4 XLE with the weather package, and ideally convenience package. The convenience package is less important to me than weather.
I have 3 great options (all things considered given the market and lack of private owner stock on the market anywhere nearby) but I could use this group’s advice deciding between the below 3 cars. I have been a couple months without a car and don’t see the market changing in the next few weeks to make the below options seem considerably less attractive… but if you know something I don’t let me know!
Questions I’m weighing: • Should I avoid buying cars whose previous owners lived in Ohio / Vermont (due to rust concerns)? • Does CPO have a big advantage over the other two non-CPO cars? • Is 2021 that more reliable than 2020 (i.e. less issues)?
Car 1: 2020 rav4 xle with convenience + weather package Price: $30K + $500 dealership processing fee + taxes and titling fees for my state 33,100 miles Previous owner from Vermont, regular maintenance at Toyota dealership (rear break pads and rotor replaced by dealership before sale, among other basic work)
Car 2: 2021 rav4 xle with convenience + weather package Price: $31790 + $500 dealership processing fee + taxes and titling fee 16,500 miles Original owner in Ohio, regularly serviced Estimated to have 17 months of original factory warranty on it
Car 3: Arlington 2020 rav4 xle with weather package only (no moonroof) Certified pre-owned toyota Price: $31500 plus $900 dealership processing fee + taxes and titling fees 14,500 miles Original owner in Georgia, no history of service records via carfax Car had a few scuffs on the inside and was a little less “new” than car 1 but still overall close to new
I will be paying in cash. The first two are from no-haggle dealerships.
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2023.06.05 05:20 finallyjoinedreddit1 Found my 66 Chevelle Malibu

It has a 327, numbers matching, with 112,000 original miles. Column shifter but they have a new floor shift column if I want to go that route. The car is all original minus paint which was done in 85. Looks amazing still honestly. Original floor mats, original cigarette lighter. Zero rust, super clean. Power steering. Drum brakes. No AC. They want 40k and the price is negotiable. Am I crazy for not making an offer or should I be asking why it’s so cheap?
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2023.06.05 05:19 aroobakay I’m 16 weeks pregnant and had a meltdown at 4:30am with my husband

I don’t know if it’s my hormones raging because of the pregnancy, or it’s the actual incident itself. But this morning I had an actual meltdown at 4:30am with my husband.
Last night his brother gifted him his dream car and him and his brothers took it for a ride. He left at 10:30pm and I fell asleep not hearing from him until 4:30am. I woke up and didn’t see him in bed so I called him on FaceTime and he was in the new car still with his brother and nephew. And I honestly lost it on him. Because he didn’t even text me like he was running late or would be home late. He told me the reason he’s so late is because there was a huge accident on the road and it was a one way road and showed me proof. Which is what happened, but why didn’t he text me like “oh I’m running late cause of abc”. He said it was because I would’ve been sleeping but I honestly find that to be such an excuse. I only know if the tables were reversed and I did that, he would’ve been so upset at me.
And when he got home, I honestly flipped out on him. We got into such a bad fight and he gas lighted me the whole time and even swore at me.
He has no empathy for my feeling and what I’m going through. Am I over reacting or what? Ugh
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2023.06.05 05:19 CandyMonsterRottina Is there a connection between boardgaming and being anti-car??

How many of y'all are boardgamers??
I was quite surprised to find out how many of my bike friends are boardgamers, and I came up with a theory. I'm curious to hear whether others see a similar connection.
My thoughts:
Boardgames teach players to look outside the status quo. In strategy games, you're always trying to think of new ways to combine tactics in the game-world, in ways that're different and wouldn't be expected in the real world, in order to exploit some resource or process or whatever, before your opponents do. Gamers get good at imagining different approaches and predicting their consequences.
So when a gamer learns about the effects of cars and car-infrastructure: climate change, the killings, destroying and disconnecting communities; they are able to imagine what their community might be like with transit and active transportation. Many car-brains, on the other hand, can't imagine things outside what they know, and assume the current structure must be the unavoidable result of the various rules of how-things-work. (“You'll never have bikes instead of cars, because there's no money in bikes” etc.)
So that's my theory: Boardgames teach players to regularly think-of and evaluate approaches outside the status quo. So boardgamers are more likely, as compared to non-gamers, to imagine alternatives to car-culture and reject that car-culture.
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2023.06.05 05:19 usernamenottaken122 Does cast speed matters a lot?

Pretty much title
I'm a new player, playing Firestorm Inquisitor. I got a new weapon recently that has much better mods (much higher increased spell damage %, crit multiplier and flat spell damage) than the one I was using, but has no increased cast speed (the old one has + 20% cast speed). POB says my overall DPS will be reduced by roughly 5% if I'm to switch to the new one; but at the same time, my average skill damage and burst damage will be much closer to DPS.
Should I make the switch? Would it be better for bossing? I struggle a lot fighting the uber version of end game bosses
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