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2011.08.15 06:27 tptbrg95 ICanDrawThat

Request a drawing, or offer your drawing skills!

2011.02.02 23:02 ZeppelinJ0 Shake that groove thang

For those of us that enjoy the smoother, groovier side of electronic music. A place where we can all share the music we love and discover something we can fall in love with. Turn up the volume, add some friends and maybe a dash of disco ball and dance until the sun comes up,

2022.04.09 14:16 MightyHugo NudesToken

A subreddit devoted to the discussion of the cryptocurrency coin "Nudes," the next-gen decentralized meme token with actual utility built on the Neo3 Blockchain and soon to be on The Metaverse.

2023.06.08 10:37 CloverUTY Having issues with my Minicopter swerving unexpectedly

I decided to post this now since I nearly lost a few mini helis, and since the sub blackout is happening soon and I need answers.

Recently for the past few months, I've been having a problem with every heli I've flown in Rust where the only thing I do is hold W, and the heli just unexpectedly swerves upwards and back for no reason at all. I don't touch my mouse, and I also don't have these abrupt movements at all when I'm outside the heli. Can someone please help me figure out what's going on?
If anyone wants a recording to help, I am more than happy to do so.
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2023.06.08 10:36 No_EvidenceOfCrimes My story of addiction from age 7 to 18 (long and advice part marked)

Idek where to start this since it's mostly out of the blue for me, but my one hope is some of my experience may be able to help someone else suffering the same way I am.
So from the beginning, 7 year old me was in the living room with my parents and a sex scene in the movie they where watching came on and I didn't even know what sex was or what a naked woman looked like so that was the first time in my life that I ever saw someone else naked and that basically a butterfly that started a hurricane.
7yr self curious as ever stumbled over to the little laptop I got for Christmas and roughly typed in naked girl or smth like that, it was like 11 years ago. But I remember the first image of porn I ever saw and I was weirded out but couldn't stop looking, It felt like a urge came over me. From age 7-9 I didn't touch myself but I watched porn maybe 2 times a week as my addiction grew.
I think at around age 10 or 10 and a half is when I actually started jerking off and I was instantly hooked from the small dopamine spikes and promptly went on the same process 2-4 times a week for about 3 years and over those 3 years my life was basically in ruins. I gained a lot of weight, everything I did felt boring, I was severely demotivated to the point even getting out of bed didn't seem worth it, it was nearly impossible to make me happy and I had depression by the age of 12 and had random times where I would just breakdown and cry and small things would almost always lead to a mental breakdown, I was clinically online cause nothing really made me happy so I thought watching other people be happy would make me happy (it didn't).
Of course I had several times where I quit but I always ended up relapsing 10x worse and going like 2 times 7 days a week. Which was really unhealthy not just for my mental health but for my physical health I felt weak and just felt like I was on autopilot most of the time.
At around age 14-17 puberty didn't make it any easier but it was also the time I got into my religion and masturbation was a sin and all that so I felt even more guilty but this was the time where I tried to step up and knew I needed to do something and I'm currently in that process right now of quitting. Now for the advice.
1.Get the device or whatever you watch porn on and put it as far away as possible. No this doesn't mean like out of your house or smth but like on the other side of the house.
  1. Whenever you feel an urge, practice or do something productive even if it's night get up and just stand or do jumping jacks for a little or you could even watch a movie.
  2. Therapy, I know people don't wanna hear it but this is one of the best methods is for professional help. Personally I had to get through myself cause therapy was expensive and my therapist wasn't good.
  3. Wear headphones or play something loudly like music or even rain/white noise I prefer headphones personally but the reason for this is it makes my mind go blank cause I'm focusing on the noise and can't concentrate on thought.
  4. Don't go looking for serious things on here unless its for advice or your trying to learn from someone else. This is mostly optional but the reason for this is all these serious things can bum a person out sometimes it's nice to just look at some anti porn memes to give you some encouragement to keep going.
Sorry if the grammar is bad it's 4:35 am and I'm tired and a lil sad now lol. Much love and good luck everyone.
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2023.06.08 10:35 BestDistressed Question about resignation notice

I am contractually obliged to provide 4 weeks notice prior to resignation at my current place of work. My workplace has been known to let people go immediately upon handing in their notice for reasons such as the employee going to a business in the same/similar industry or not disclosing who has hired them. If I were to resign and my current employer let me go immediately, would they have to pay me out for the 4 weeks that I am required to give notice for?
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2023.06.08 10:34 limaoscarlima_ I (m27) want to show my (f25) ex how much I love her

TLDR; Drove 12 hours to see my ex who I still love. She said she isnt ready to see or talk to me. I have an idea to make a sign that says I Love you and post it near her house. Grand gesture or overstep?
Myself (m27) and partner (f25) decided to breakup after almost 2 years. We were having alot of struggles communicating through hard stuff (the rest of the relationship was amazing) and things needed to change. She said was not happy. So I moved away for a new job because I thought that it was the best for us. Its been 2 months and Ive gone to therapy, done some serious work and came to some life changing conclusions about myself and our relationship. I had so much doubt about our love because I was scared to commit and be vulnerable and didnt love myself in the ways I needed to. I finally feel like I know what I want. I want her. (I knew this all along, I just needed to work through my own stuff)
We had planned to talk this week, so I decided to drive 12 hours to see her and give us the opportunity to talk in person. She has always been someone who deeply appreciates grand gestures. However, I gave her a warning instead of showing up unexpectedly and she said she wasnt ready to see me. I asked if we could talk on the phone. She said she wasnt ready to talk.
I did the drive. Im here but I cant do any of the things I was hoping for.
So... I have a crazy idea. I know where she lives (we lived together for almost a year). I want to make a sign that says: "Her name, I Love You - My Initials"
I would post it on the corner by her house so when she leaves she would see it.
Is this an overstep? Am I crazy? Am I breaking her boundaries? Is there a better way to have the same effect? Am I better off leaving her alone?
Would love to hear everyones thoughts! Thanks!
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2023.06.08 10:34 Delicious_Maize9656 Explain your perfect conditions for a lazy weekend of reading.

For the best lazy reading weekend, I would find a comfy spot in my home maybe a chair or part of my bed, while my wife is peacefully sleeping. I'd love to hear a thunderstorm outside, providing the only sound in the background, making the atmosphere calm and peaceful no music (not even classical music) just the rumble of the storm. I would make the room nice and cold, just how I like it. Near me, I would have some easy snacks (Sushi or Oreo) and a cool glass of Lipton iced tea. The book I would be eagerly diving into would be a suspenseful Stephen King novel a real page turner that would keep me engrossed (Or Brandon Sanderson, Tom Clancy). I would make sure I have a lot of free time with no tasks to do, so I can really get lost in the world of my book. I'd be wearing my most comfy clothes like pajamas. To keep my focus on the book, I would put away all distractions like my iPad, smartphone, TV, PS5, and even cable TV channels like HBO or National Geographic . With the cold room and the mesmerizing sound of the thunderstorm outside, I'd be all set for a perfect weekend of reading.
Explain your perfect conditions for a lazy weekend of reading.
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2023.06.08 10:33 Wise_Carry_9290 Tuition for Class 9 near me

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2023.06.08 10:32 Significant-Soup-693 Brook’s Advancement: A True Soul King

Brook’s Advancement: A True Soul King
Soooo, yeah. First post here and I don’t really know what to put this as, hence the Misc thing. It’s one part theory, one part speculation, and one part fun thing to think about. Basically, this is going to be one of several post about what I PERSONALLY believe/think the straw hats are going to evolve into power wise. Haki awakenings/advancements, DF awakenings, the works. Obviously, I’m starting with Brook and working my way backwards through the straw hats till I end with Luffy. Now Disclaimer: This is not by ANY MEANS to discredit my boy Jinbei. I feel like he is pretty strong as is and has some room for growth but not as much as the others. Not to mention, these 9 are the OGs and I feel like I’m speaking for us all when I say I wanna see them reach their peak. Secondly, this isn’t me straight up saying “this is what’s gonna happen.” I ain’t Oda. This is just a fun thought experiment thing that I wanted to share with y’all and get reactions. In any case, let’s get the show going with my boy, “Dead Bones” Brook. Strap in, this is a long one.


So Brook’s Haki. Personally, I can see Brook awakening both Armament and Observation Haki. Obviously, the armament would help with his sword work a lot, plus Brook with black bones is just a badass mental image in my book. The Observation Haki would work just as well in that department as well and I would even see him advancing it into the Future Sight like Luffy. My only real evidence I have to this is that Brook (at least from what I can gather and think, don’t quote me on this) is based off of Baron Samedi of Vodou Religion. Both have canes, both are skeletons, both have ties to the underworld to a point, I could go on. So I feel like Future Sight would fit Brook because there is a lot of “Fortune Telling” in Vodou, especially in New Orleans. Plus, It would make him opposite Zoro both in the sword work work AND in the Haki world, with Zoro being obviously more Armament/Conquerors based. Not to mention, Brook with glowing red eyes is also a good mental image.

Devil Fruit Awakening

So I could go on about Brook’s sword work and how many moves I can think for him BUT, I feel like the real interesting nugget for Brook is his DF. The Yomi Yomi no Mi, or the Revive-Revive Fruit, is a very interesting Paramecia on various levels so I feel like the awakening is gonna be something great and not that far off. Correct me if I’m wrong but, Brook has had his DF the longest out of all the Strawhats so I think if anyone is close to having an Awakening the most out of the DF users that haven’t (Aka, between him and chopper because I think Robin is already awakened but I’ll get to the that when I talk about her). If ya need evidence to why I think he’s close to an awakening, I splint you to the Soul King thing from Whole Cake where his literally ripping the souls out of the chess soldiers. If that ain’t close to an awaking of the fruit, I don’t know what is.
In any case, let’s first talk about what it would look like and well, I think we already seen it…kinda. Let me explain, in two color spreads (maybe more), Brook has been seen with that kinda green “soul-fire” that made up the Soul King thing I mentioned before in his Afro [ Evidence Above ]. The raid suit one shows it a little bit but the ninja one shows it complete consuming the Afro. I think that’s perfect and exactly what it would look like, not to mention it could give Brook eerie green eyes within those empty sockets of his. (Bring on the sans memes). As for a name, why not Soul Requiem, may sound a bit cliche but I think it fits.

Soul Requiem

This would be a form where “Brook’s Soul Dances”, kinda like Luffy’s Gear 5 form. Now, this ain’t to say Brook has a God Fruit like him. As much I would like to make that meme a reality, no. It’s just a kinda a mechanic I wanted to give his awakening for reasons. In any case, while in this form, Brook would get your typical boosts but mostly to speed because of how Brook Fights. As for abilities, I have several ideas. For one, that soul-fire I mentioned. It can be manipulated be Brook in various ways, one of the main ways is to imbue them into his sword by sticking Soul Solid into his new flaming Afro. His new flaming sword would, obviously, give him some new offensive and defensive abilities as these are no normal flames. These are the flames of the underworld. Flames so Cold they Burn…..yeah, it doesn’t make sense when I say it like that but ya know what I mean. Basically, instead of this fire burning you, they freeze you as they slowly spread over your body until you’re nothing but a frozen statue, soul included. I can see moves that stem from this being enhanced version of his “Soul Parade” techniques and new ones, like one being a move similar to Zoro’s Lion Song. I would call this ”Soul Parade: Maman Briggitte’s Wedding Song”, as a reference to Baron Samedi’s wife in Vodou myth.
For another ability, soul manipulation. We kinda see this with the Chess Soldiers I mentioned before but imagine this with ALL things with souls in them. People, animals, the works. I can see a variation of Brook’s Lullaby Parry that I would dub, “Baron’s Lullaby”. Instead of using a Violin, yes I miss it too, Brook would hum this song. When heard, the targets of this attack will slowly fall asleep and when they drop, their souls would, for the lack of a better word, “pop” out of their body and into the air. They would be “alive” technically, as their bodies would be in a comatose like state of neither life nor death while their soul are separated from their bodies. This would lead into another move, “Baron’s Lullaby: Lost Festival”. Here, Brook would raise his sword like a Conductor’s Baton and Orchestrate the souls as he pleases before sending them into random directions. Doing this would send the souls in different bodies, objects, animals, ect, causing mass panic for his foes. Think like Silver Chariot Requiem’s ability from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s Part 5. Another move comes in the form of “Baron’s Lullaby: Black Parade”. Same thing happens, the enemies fall asleep but instead of their souls leaving their bodies, they would just fall asleep standing up. Taking his sword like a Baton once more, he would control these sleeping individuals like toy soldiers. Sure, this may lean into a bit more “villian-like” powers but I feel like it would still be useful to him AND it brings in the Haitian Zombie idea.
Another ability I see him having is something we have seen before actually. That being, the creation of Homies. I know, I know, this is already a DF on it’s own but what else do you think Brook’s awakening could do? Turn building’s into Souls? As stated in the wiki, Paramecia Awakenings extend the user’s powers to the world around so this seems like a good evolution for it. However, there are differences between this awakening and Big Mom’s Fruit. For one, the type of “souls” Brook can make. By pulling off pieces of his soul-flame Afro, he can imbue things with either simple souls or complex souls. Simple souls are well, simple. They have no free will and just are animated, moving to Brook’s command. Think like this living weapons from DND. Complex Souls are your typical Homies, having their own personalities and all BUT take much more energy to create/maintain since it’s an awakening thing, not mention more of his Afro. Simple souls return to Brook after he revers from his awakening while Complex stay around until Brook orders them to return. Not only does this give Brook some background singers, who I would name after Different Loa from Haitian Vodou Myth like how Big Mom had Greek names (mostly), but it could give an answer to Nami’s Zeus problem. Let’s face it, Big Mom won’t live forerver so that means Zeus won’t as, I think, he would disappear after Big Mom passed away and her fruit goes back into the cycle. However, with this power, Brook could just replace Big Mom’s soul power with his own since, he’ll probably live forever for as far as we know, meaning Zeus will have a much longer life.
Finally, I can see him talk to dead people and utilize the souls of the dead. I know this maaaayyyy be a bit fanfic-y but hear me out. We know that souls exist thanks to both Brook and Big Mom’s fruits, not to mention ghosts (maybe) from Perona. So I don’t think it would be THAT out of the question for Brook to communicate with the dead. Maybe not full on conversations, at least at first, but maybe some whispers here and there. Maybe he could even see dead folks, giving use a good scene where Brook meets Ace from beyond the grave. Not to mention, I can see Brook going full Return of The King and summon an army of fallen souls to help in a battle. However, I would keep this to only pirates he met personally so he doesn’t whip Ghost Roger out of his pocket. This would be a move I would call ”Deadman’s Tale: Epic of the Rumbar Pirates”, where Brook would pull out his guitar and play a damn good metal cover of Bink’s Brew. As he plays, the fire from his Afro will build and build before exploding around him, reforming into the images of his old crew to aid his new crew. With them being ghosts and all, they would be a helpful addition to combat as they can’t be hurt by traditional weapons, only Haki as haki is one’s spirit manifest so spirit on spirit. However, Brook will have to keep playing the song or they will disappear, meaning Brook can’t fight while he uses this attack.
Finally, for a weakness to all this, it’s awakening so Brook can’t use this stuff for long, it is taxing. Plus, for the Homie part, Brook can’t just create things whenever he wishes. He only has so much Afro to around, unlike big mom who can just still souls for her homie creation. That ain’t Brook’s style, at least in my book. Not to mention, Brook has to keep his soul “in Rhythm” like how Luffy needs to keep his heart drumming to the beat of the Drums of Liberation or he will fall out of it. Again, just another fun mechanic I wanted to throw in.
Soooo yeah, that be it for my boy Brook. Hope y’all like this long boy post. Next up is Franky so stay tuned for whenever that gets posted.
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2023.06.08 10:32 PinksLipsMurree1807 03282888008 Fresh Student Escorts in Murree

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2023.06.08 10:31 Vibrantes [FOR HIRE] Colorful character illustration commissions in anime style. Original characters or Fanart! (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)/ Lots of examples! Prices and info on my website in the comments. Feel free to DM me!

[FOR HIRE] Colorful character illustration commissions in anime style. Original characters or Fanart! (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)/ Lots of examples! Prices and info on my website in the comments. Feel free to DM me! submitted by Vibrantes to artcommission [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:31 Ok-Lavishness-1314 Time-Based mode misbehaving

I have solar and a couple of days ago I had a powerwall installed. I have a Tariff called Octopus Flux in the UK which gives me the following rates:
 Import Export Day rate 32.40p / kWh 21.40p / kWh Flux rate (02:00 - 05:00) 19.44p / kWh 8.44p / kWh Peak rate (16:00 - 19:00) 45.36p / kWh 34.36p / kWh 
I set my powerwall to Time-Based control. I added a schedule with the above times and import/export prices. It is set to allow exporting to the grid from my battery.
I am getting more than enough solar at this time of year to cover my usage for the whole day
Here is what it has done so far:
  1. Between 2am and 5am when it is cheap to buy, fills to 100%
  2. For the rest of the day, excluding peak time, it just uses the solar and grid to power the house, leaving the battery at 100%
  3. For a few brief minutes during the peak period when my solar can't cover the usage, the battery will kick in to cover the rest, rather than leaving it to the grid.
Now, that's not nearly as smart as I expected the Time-Based control to be. I expected it to supplement my solar with battery power rather than grid power if there is more than enough in the battery and solar supply to cover me past my peak period. But instead, during the majority of the day, it supplemented the solar with 32p/kWh grid electricity instead of the stuff I filled my battery with for 19p.
I was wondering if it would get to the peak period, see I have a 100% full battery, and then dump some of it onto the grid for 34p/kWh, but it didn't do that either.
Is this just the way this mode behaves, or will it adjust when I've been running in this mode for longer? Will it ever do anything like what I want in this mode?
I've seen in a couple of instances that people are running in self-powered mode during the summer and switching to time-based during the Winter when there is less Sun. That seems less than ideal though. I'd need to check when it's not sunny for a few days in the Summer to make sure that self-powered mode will get me past the peak period. I'd also need to decide when is a good time to switch modes.
Ideally I think I'd run in self powered mode with two additions:
  1. Fill up the battery between 2am and 5am to a level depending on how much solar I'm predicted to get that day
  2. Dump excess battery onto the grid during the peak period to a level which will allow me to survive off battery until 2am when the off-peak period kicks in.
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2023.06.08 10:31 LorahTyrell Who is the damn mole?!?

I'm watching from the beginning (well, while doing other things) and it's with an eye out for moles. If the writers knew who's going to turn out to be a mole, then we won't see character-true emotional reactions from them when nobody else is around. The moles also shouldn't have nightmares/visions, since they aren't normal residents and aren't scared of the monsters. I think that we can exclude Kristi, Boyd, Tabitha, Jim, Ethan, Jade, Marielle, Kenny, Sara, and Elgin from the mix. And probably Ellis.
Tian-Chen seemed to react to her husband's death the diner, but she also knew that Sara would be arriving. I doubt that Victor is a mole, but he may have some type of arrangement with the monsters that keeps him alive. People are thinking that Randall might be, but I don't: he reacted to the monsters outside the bus, and it seemed like genuine fear, so I think that he's out. The monster at the end of episode 7 does look like Fatima. It struck me as weird that she was able to avoid the monsters and save Ellis with her talisman in a room trick, but that could just be plot armor. Someone else pointed out that you see a picture over her at one point that looks like "Fatima light/Fatima dark" and she does always act the same, almost as if she's playing the perfect character to fit in and have everyone's trust. It's a calm and cheerful character, like we see from the monsters. Elgin is obsessed with water, and I think he needs to stay away from it or Monster Fatima may be the last thing he sees.
Donna's another one that's on my maybe list, as well as Tillie. Tillie showing up with a bottle of morphine right at that time doesn't make much sense unless it was to get Marielle to relapse. In fact, it doesn't make sense that she'd have it at all, when she would have been prescribed pain pills for when she started needing them. And what was the deal with her rain dance? We're seeing lots of primitive/pagan symbols, and she was just so happy to be there! The bus group is suspect itself, since Kristi's fiancee showed up, as well as Elgin, who's been having visions about the place. It would make sense to put a monster or two on a bus.
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2023.06.08 10:30 thththrowawayayayayy I (23F) am wondering if my relationship with my partner (23M) is dying (on my end)

Hi all, I made a throwaway so my bf or family won’t find this post. I’m struggling and have not opened up but to one person (who doesn’t know my bf personally) and I need external advice.
So to start, my (23F) boyfriend (23M) have officially been together since the later months of 2020 although we started talking and hooking up in the early months of 2020 (right before covid) At first (like literally from when we started seeing each other until about Feb 2021) it was perfect, no suspicions, it was all flowers and confetti for us (or so I thought) in Feb 2021 I found out he had been asking girls he had history with for nudes, had an onlyfans he was buying content on (he created this account WHILE together) and sending his noodle pics to sex workers on Twitter and OnlyFans. I went BALLISTIC and ransacked his phone (with his permission, although I know it still doesn’t make it right) Well, after finding everything (it took me from Feb 2021-October 2021 to access and cope with what I was finding) we decided to put it behind us with some new boundaries and continue to strengthen our relationship. The details of his cheating are too specific for him not to recognize this post. ANYWAY, we met at my first job (his 2nd or 3rd) and had a few friends in common. This is only important because I had a close male friend introduce us and when he was the only one who knew about us from the start. My bf (we’ll call him P) was close friends with G (close male friend) and had told me if I ever needed to vent about our relationship I was only allowed to tell G. So of course I told him everything. Some things happened with the job to where P and I quit and started a new job together. One night, G confesses feelings for me while drunk (he said he had always felt that way for our 2-3 year friendship) and I told him if he could forget it I would because I didn’t wanna mess up my relationship or my friendship. Well P went through my phone and found G’s messages and that’s when he started making me cut off everyone from my old job (G worked with us too) and anyone he didn’t like. Well, after blocking G and everyone, I was down to 2 friends from middle school. Besides that I thought I was happy, but now as we’re nearing our official 3 years (we hit our unofficial 3 years earlier this year) im starting to question all of his actions. He berates me for sleeping “so much” (and im actually on meds for depression, anxiety and a mental/hereditary disorder and theyre night time medications because they make me sleepy, hence the over sleeping) he also has tried to control what piercings and tattoos I want to get. Another big one is we wrestle a lot, I’ve always been a person to play wrestle, having grown up with boys only and having mainly male friends growing up. Well more constantly than I’m comfortable with he will “accidentally” use too much force in these “play fights”, for example, he once went in for a “playful” punch as I was moving my leg and he ended up nailing my shin so hard I started crying. He did console me and apologize profusely. He “playfully” slaps my face when I told him I don’t like it, I’ve just accepted him how he is. Not only do I have to hear it from him but while I was living with him (we lived together with his family for about 2.5 years) his grandma would always give me her 2 cents and then to top that off, apparently his parents were displeased with my behavior and told him and he told me. Now, where I’m asking for advice is, do I let this go or do I keep trying in this relationship? As of the past month, I’ve been living back at my mom’s and it gave me a clearer view on how his family and himself have treated me. My parents and brothers have all (each conversation with each parent and brother was separate but they all expressed the same concerns) spoken to me individually and voiced concerns that based on what they’ve seen and what I’ve told them, I deserve better or he needs to treat me better. After bringing this up to my best friend of 12 years told me she agrees with my family. I thought this was the man I was going to marry and build a life with, but now im not so sure… can anyone enlighten me with an unbiased opinion?
Also, our intimate life is more than excellent, our current emotions with each other have been nothing but pleasant, but with the past we’ve had, even though his cheating was in 2021 I still think about it sometimes. Do I save this or leave it where it lays?
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2023.06.08 10:30 Master-Witness4101 Boyfriend went out with other women, what do you think?

boyfriend yesterday went out with his ex female flatmate. I never met her before. They met for something easy like beer and a diner. He met her in town around 8-9 pm. Around 11 pm he texted that he will go home soon because he is super tired. I told him ok text me when you are home savely. I havent heard anything from him afterwards and today he told me he got home around 2-3 pm in the night. I wonder why he told me that he will go home soon if he stayed so long with her. He also did not invite me to join with her which I found to be weird too. I know they havent seen each other for a long time so I did not want to ask to come with, but he also did not ask me to joing
. I feel very weird that they went out for so long although he told me before he left its going to be something super easy and he wont stay for too long, now he ended up talking to her nearly until 2-3 pm. I know he went home afterwards without her to his apartment because his roomate told me. So I know he wasnt cheating but I feel very uncomfortable that he goes out with other women alone, text me that he will go home soon because he is tired and then stays with her so late in town outside. How would you feel about it? I never met her so I dont even know the dynamic between them and I felt furious yesterday evening full of panick he might cheat on me. To him it is no issue at all he has other women as friends and goes out with them. I dont know, I told him that I would have been happy if he would have asked me to join and maybe introduce me to his female friends in the future but maybe that is too much to expect? He is 31 btw. It is a trigger point to me for some reason and I feel insecure about it.
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2023.06.08 10:30 green-bow I(28F) don’t think I am happy with fiancé(30M), but feel stuck

When I met him, I was assistant store manager of a restaurant, while he was on furlough (at the end of the rona times). I had my own place, lived alone, paid all my bills, this was something he said attracted him to me, my independence and work ethic.
We started dating, eventually living together.. instead of his furlough ending, he was made redundant (unemployed) so I got him a job at my restaurant.
Looking back it was an awful idea, every stress I had, he would witness and share.. after two month he told me to quit, saying they didn’t appreciate me, they used me, promised things they’d never give me.. so I left, hating the job.
So then we’re both ‘unemployed’ with bills to pay - I’m working any small jobs I can to bring money in, because nothing full time came through, he said he’d “take on two factory jobs if needed”. He got a call from (Internet company) to interview him in a month, then started training two months later. During this period we lived off my small income, his savings, then our credit cards and a loan in his name as I had one in mine already. To be clear: the loan included a ticket for a holiday we went on and actually got engaged (id paid for mine before unemployment) his car repayments, and bills.
He started working full time and that kinda stabilised us (we could pay rent, but not afford debt repayments plus bills etc) however I still struggled to find full time work after leaving the restaurant. So he suggests we move, 200 miles from my family and hometown, to live with his parents.
It’s been 6 months we’ve lived here… I’ve seen my family 3 times. I work part time (30 hours) and my coworkers tell me there’s no full time work here either.. I get “spoken to” over any slight mess or inconvenience I make to the in-laws eg. Left a coffee cup by the sink(to reuse), once I sprayed too much hairspray, not quitting smoking, buying unhealthy food, not offering to make everyone lunch/tea when I make myself food, or even drinks… OH gave me “a talking to” for buying a jumper 50% off on sale rack when shopping with MIL. He is pissed at me for spending 1/4 my income on myself, which is apparently disrespectful to the in-laws.
My part time job, he told me to apply for after not hearing anything back the first month of looking for full time. When I got hired, he was happy for me to be earning again - a week in, he and MIL are telling me not to get comfortable, look for new job that’s full time.. etc. A month in, I’m employee of the month and they’ve doubled my hours.
I’ve told OH I don’t want to be here anymore, I feel scrutinised and judged for everything. Sometimes he speaks to me like “oh you’re just gunna quit then? And give up? Just give it time… we have debt together”
Being so far from home.. having no control over my life anymore…. I don’t know what I can do to change things.
Tl;dr moved in with in-laws, nothing I do is good enough anymore
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2023.06.08 10:30 lucia_petrovska [A4A] Long-term, story-driven roleplay via Discord (UK)

Hello everyone,
I'm an experienced female writer with over fifteen years' writing experience, looking to write with males or females 25 or older (with a preference for 30+.) I am happy writing females or males in FxF or FxM pairings.
!!! I am British and only looking to roleplay with other Brits, with no exceptions. Please be literate and able to contribute something to the discussion if you contact me. Please note that I am looking for something fairly regular and long-term. !!!
I play via Discord, and in real time. By that I mean, the two of us sitting down at the same time to exchange moderately short (semi-para to paragraph length) posts, rather than longer posts at any time throughout the day.
My interests range from the vanilla to the embarrassingly dark, and can be discussed in private. Settings I would be interested in exploring include: - Political set-ups: intrigue, plotting and manipulation! - Sci-Fi: near future dystopias and totalitarian states! - Post-apoc: fairly self-explanatory! - Alternate history: I've a few ideas for how this could go!
I am not interested in fantasy settings, or superheroes and prefer to fade-to-black.
Please feel free to get in touch via PM or chat (not via comments) and I can provide my Discord handle.
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2023.06.08 10:30 gunslinger_snave New to the game, trying to see what I am doing wrong

Completely new to magic but decently familiar with other card games, I've been trying to play in a style I enjoy but it simply doesn't feel viable. I've been playing Standard Brawl with a Red/Blue with Balmor as commander, and a Mono Red Urabrask. I've been trying to focus on a Instant/Sorcery deck that can kill from spell damage and do a lot of chip damage but the lack of board control and having no solution for enemy removal consistently lost me games. I don't think I am getting unlucky draws necessarily, and the Red/Blue Hybrid can protect my commander and units decently with the blue spells, but past that point I feel like I have nowhere near enough tempo to win out games before the enemy can board-clear and scale far beyond a recoverable position for me. The spell damage that can actually target face feels like it's nowhere near enough to be able to actually win through it.
I suppose I am looking for deck building advice that can pull off the spell damage playstyle well? I can draft a deck with a central focus but am really bad at finding alternate win cons and determining my win con mid game. It's why I normally default to aggro/face decks in most games. Are there any decks/commanders that fit a very aggro/early playstyle I should check out? I've spent some time scrolling through commanders but there are so many options it's a bit overwhelming, and there's a chance I pick a commander that just blows, which really sucks when I have limited resources to build decks being new and all. I am playing on MTGA on steam, so it's not like I am wasting real money, but still lmao.
I've posted images of the two decks I am currently running if anyone cares to give suggestions
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2023.06.08 10:29 octergon Is it really gone or there is a chance of another date ?

I recently went on a couple of dates with a girl. Our first date was perfect - we went to a bar and then to a light party with my friends. We had a drink and everything was good. Our second date was at an arcade with drinks and good food. She even proposed the second date and she looked happy and cheerful. We kissed and then I left. The next day, our texts were constant and better than before. We met up again at a pub after she drunk texted me. We danced and made out. She asked me if I liked her and I said yes. I also asked her if she liked me and she said yes.
However, things took a turn when she cancelled our next date with a valid excuse. I sensed something was wrong because our texts were off. I asked her if she was uncomfortable on Saturday because I was drunk as well. She explained that our lifestyles didn’t match and she would feel bad to continue because I had been good to her and she had been really comfortable talking to me. She said we would continue talking. She is 27 years old.
My plan is, ive got nothing to loose and the least i want to do is make her feel uncomfortable. So ill try again next week to ask for 1 more date to see how things are, 90% she would not accept, but that would me my last try.
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2023.06.08 10:29 DankuBot Might be too dark 😬

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2023.06.08 10:28 UnfairBill7482 My dog asks for rubs but after a minute or two becomes reactive?

So my 2 year old golden is a very sweet girl. We had behaviour issues with her in the first 18 months but, as I suspected, she's mostly grown out of them.
But one thing she hasn't grown out of is becoming reactive when people rub her for too long.
For example, yesterday when we were out walking her, I sat on a bench and was rubbing her a little bit and stopped as I know how she is.
A stranger came towards us and she became very excited, jumping on her and presenting her bum for a rub. The lady asked could she rub her and I said yes just don't go near her face as she doesn't like it.
The lady was rubbing her for a couple of minutes, my dog lied down on her side and seemed very relaxed as the lady rubbed her belly, side, bum, everywhere but the head really.
After about 2 minutes of this, my dog showed her teeth, then barked and gave a warning snap at the lady?
Why does she do this? She asks for rubs and is very friendly initially with people and loves strangers, but after a couple of minutes she's like "OK I got my rubs now get away from me before you lose your fingers".
This isn't just strangers, we've learned not to rub her too long at home either for the same reason. We'll give her a few quick strokes and then stop so as to not over stimulate her.
Has anyone else experienced this or have advice?
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2023.06.08 10:28 Minato-ku9 Hear me out, there is 2 different Miguel in the Spider-Verse movies

Its something that nobody suspect, wich is understandable because it would be more complicated. But let me cook.
The Miguel O'hara from post credit scene is not the same Miguel from Across The Spiderverse. Why ?
1) When Lyla informed Miguel about Into The Spiderverse events, she mentionned that Miguel could be the first person to do a multiversal jump, but that is something you say when it's like the first time you do it right. But we know that Miguel from across the spiderverse already went to another dimension to replace the dead Miguel from this universe and be with his daughter. Wich proves 2 points, there is variants of Miguel, and it wasnt the first time he travel through the multiverse so why would Lyla says "you could be the first person to travel through the multiverse" and "don't be excited" like okay but didnt he supposedly do that before ? why are you telling him that now Lyla ?
2) In the post credit scene, Miguel says "I was gone for 2 hours, what happened?" Wich makes sense because in the begining of the movie the Collider was activated (when Peter Parker was still alive) and that's why Miguel ordered Lyla to make up a "goober" the device to go through the spiderverse because he prob detected an anomaly in the spiderverse. Then here we are 2 hours later, he was gone for 2 hours and the goober is ready, and lyla says good news the multiverse was nearly destroyed, then Miguel proceeds to go recruit some spider-mens. And that's the reason he started Spider-society. Now, in Across the Spiderverse Miguel explain the reason he started to create the society is to protect the multiverse because he himself destroyed an entire dimension by mistake.
So chronologically, if the 2 Miguel were the same. It means he went to another dimension and destroyed it by mistake before the movie into the spider verse. Then Lyla would of completly ignore this incident, and not mention it the post credit scene like nothing happened. And then Miguel starts the spider-society. No it doesnt make sense at all. Only explanation is that there is 2 Spiderman 2099.
3) arguable, but they are not built the same, not the same suit, even their personality post credit scene Miguel seems more fun and is not angry whenever the multiverse was nearly destroyed like he never destroyed it once himslef, he literally took it as a joke. And I feel like the post credit scene Miguel looks like Edge of Time Miguel, same funny tone, they both use humor and sarcasm. And would make Beyond the Spiderverse more complex because the Miguel O'hara from Edge Of Time, broke his rule by saving MJ (even tho it could break the timeline) and this Miguel would of helped Miles bcs he grew up mentally when Peter in Edge of Time said "Whats important is allowing someone to suffer or die, because you do nothing. If you don't get that, then you don't know the first thing about being Spider-man" But thats would be taking the thing very far even tho I like it, I wish they bring these version of Miguel and Peter into Beyond the Spiderverse. Lemme hear you out, and Whats your opinion
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2023.06.08 10:26 I-melted No no no yes in real life

I’m British, but now live in LA.
The reason I live here it’s because I’ve had a successful music career
I’m a drummer, and my brother taught me how to play drums.
And his gift meant that I got to go to Japan seven times.
I played on Kimmel. Dressed as a zombie.
Wall-E danced to one of my tunes at the Academy Awards in a specially commissioned Pixar short.
All thanks to my best friend and brother Pete.
Pete loved the album Joshua Tree by U2.
We went and saw them together on ecstasy. It was absolutely amazing.
He booked flights to come and hang with me, and go to Joshua Tree for the first time.
We were going to go to Disneyland, Hollywood VIP tours, the lot.
But the silly cu*t died.
He actually went and died on me.
My best friend.
The stupid twat.
So his son Joshua, named after the album and the place, is bringing his ashes. He’s applied for a license and everything.
I guess we’ll listen to the album…
While sprinkling my stupid brother over one of the most beautiful places on earth.
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2023.06.08 10:25 TheGodsWillBow Something's changed

Your horns, the open wound of my name carved into your thigh
My sharp teeth and your name carved into my belly.
Our markings weren't active until lately
You heard my call.
It felt good to dissipate your energy last night and show you how i want to give you a feeding you've never experienced.
Are you excited for me to execute my kill move?
I love you.
Please lets have a date night tomorrow night. I've missed having wife time.
Im invoking wife time after i invoke wife rights. Time to bring my whore to heel.
I hope you respond as hoped if the past couple days are any signifier of anything.
I mean it. Good friends were made this past weekend and the energy...there was no indulgence on our part but you...i cannot wait to be your active dom around them, and having you get sadistic over people coming near me, only to back down when i give you the same two words i give you tomorrow.
We need to define some things so you can play while im gone, and so i can have my own toys, but, i think our current rules should still stand. No one gets a label higher then "boyf/girlf"
Im your wife and you mine; Until we're legally together and have your sweet succubus ass here with me, we dont need to act like we're exclusively eachothers. We're ours when it matters. And your toys dont need to know- unless you want them too or you wanna cause a fun "scandal" for them.
You know I'll happily play the role for you.
I love you. Im excited to come home. We deserve eachother.
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