Elbow braces for tendonitis

M 5'9 27yo around 162lbs unsure whether to continue to bulk more or cut in time for summer?

2023.03.26 14:57 3Sword M 5'9 27yo around 162lbs unsure whether to continue to bulk more or cut in time for summer?

I've been doing the RR since August last year, missed a few weeks here and there for holidays and went from 140lbs to 162lbs. Gained some great strength and weight. I've put muscle on but also some fat and probably sitting just below 20%BF? I'm a bit of a hard gainer and had to increase my calories from 2.8k to 3.1k over time to continue to gain weight and strength.

I'm quite happy where i'm at with most progressions apart from i'm struggling to hit CtB pull ups (I also had a minor set back with golfers elbow). Couldn't even do 1 proper push up to begin with and now slowly increasing my lean on PPUs. Went from 30 second support holds at 140lbs to weighted 10.5kg dips at 162lbs. Standing ring rows to horizontal weighed ring rows, etc, etc...

I'm wondering if I should to continue to bulk to gain strength or try to lean out and cut some fat off myself so I'm lighter and leaner. I've noticed a lot of calisthenics guys are leaner than me even though I've always had a bit of a chubbier waste and stomach, even at 140lbs I never really had proper abs and I did a lot of running and swimming (I guess it's just genetics as my dad is a similar shape!).
Apologies on the pic quality my phone camera is a bit busted atm but the changes are visible.
Pics: https://imgur.com/a/R9F5oWi
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2023.03.26 14:57 VikingKingdom Feedback on routine

I bought OG2 in summer last year and have been using it to structure my workouts. Would be really grateful for any feedback on my current workout plan!
The workout - same workout done 3 times a week
I normally do 4-5 weeks of the above routine and then take a deload week. Some questions I had:
Thank you so much for any feedback in advance!
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2023.03.26 14:55 swagNextTuber Biden Declares Disaster in Mississippi As States Brace for Extreme Weather

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2023.03.26 14:48 hug-a-cat What's a "normal" amount to get yelled at by your partner? [34M/34M]

Tl dr - my partner yells at me when he's pissed off, and im not sure at what point it stops being normal and starts being an issue.
This probably sounds like a ridiculous question, sorry - I know I'm in my 30s and I shouldn't need to ask shit like this but I have very little experience of healthy relationships, romantic or otherwise, so sometimes it's hard to judge what is/isn't normal.
My partner and I are engaged and living together, it's a really great relationship overall but when we have an argument (or if he's just generally pissed off about something) he tends to yell and swear and stomp around and stuff. In general he's a pretty loud, animated person whereas I'm softly spoken and never really raise my voice, so the yelling is partly just what he's like. He's not swearing at me as such - it's more like "for fucks sake" or "why the fuck did you do that" kinda thing. We don't argue that often so it's not like it's happening all the time.
I have mental health issues due to a lot of past trauma and I'm extremely jumpy. I don't cope that well with people yelling. Typically I'll either dissociate or hide away somewhere and panic. In the moment, when someone yells at me it feels like I'm going to get hit (my current partner has never done that to be clear) and I guess I visibly brace myself which sometimes pisses him off more because he's like, why tf would you think I'm going to hurt you. Logically, I'm genuinely not concerned that he would hurt me, it's just an automatic response.
After he cools off he always feels guilty and is very apologetic and concerned but tbh I really don't find that helpful and I'd rather not deal with it which I've said. We had an argument last night and he's in that phase now, it's kinda stressing me out. To give an example of the kind of thing he typically gets pissed off about, the argument yesterday was about me pushing myself too hard physically when I've recently lost some weight (I'm in recovery from an eating disorder and I'm still underweight, it's hard for me to gain weight and the amount of exercise i did yesterday probably wasn't ideal). It came from a place of concern.
I'm definitely not saying he's not allowed to be annoyed with me or whatever. I'm just not sure what level of yelling at your partner is normal and expected, like do I just need to get better at tolerating it? Volume wise, he's loud enough to be heard by the neighbours. He does go to therapy and his tempecommunication skills is a big part of the reason for that. He's definitely made changes from how he used to be and part of me thinks this is just me struggling to deal with something that's actually completely normal.
Any advice anyone can give would be appreciated!
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2023.03.26 14:48 topdad82 I have my 🍿 let's start this show please 🙏 remember apes, JUST DON'T DANCE (too much) I love you all and pray for all of us ❤️. 💎 fucking 👐

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2023.03.26 14:46 gillkill8 [WTS] cherry bomb 5/8x24, p320 slide and tango6 contract optic, pistol braces, 14.5 complete upper

5/8x24 cherry bomb if I had to guess it was used for about 20-30 rounds
Black full size p320 slide. Used for about 300 rounds
Sig tango6 1-6 military direct view optic contract overrun, comes with fde alpha4 mount, throw lever, killflash and flip caps. Used for maybe one or 2 range trips
$1780 shipped and insured
Sba3 and sba4 braces. Sba4 has a camo and the standard black strap.
$55 each or $100 for the pair
14.5 “URGI inspired” upper build. Aero upper, ballistic advantage 14.5” mid length barrel (previously pinned and welded, barrel has a cosmetic blemish from the removal of the pin and weld), BCM gas block, griffin armament dual lock compensator, geissele Mk16 handguard, geissele ach charging handle, classified defense ultimate BCG
Barrel has seen about 2,000 rounds. BCG was used for about 300
$650 shipped and insured
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2023.03.26 14:46 Furryraptorcock M41 SPNKr from the Halo series. I'd give model credit, but I had to fix many things and redo internal bracing it is basically a new model. Overture PLA as always. Two, 2"D PVC pipes for rocket tubes.

M41 SPNKr from the Halo series. I'd give model credit, but I had to fix many things and redo internal bracing it is basically a new model. Overture PLA as always. Two, 2 submitted by Furryraptorcock to 3Dprinting [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 14:44 Faction_Chief @USATODAY: South braces for possible severe weather Sunday, two days after violent tornadoes smashed across the Mississippi Delta region, gutting rural towns and leaving more than two dozen people dead. https://t.co/LTFWihMyeX

@USATODAY: South braces for possible severe weather Sunday, two days after violent tornadoes smashed across the Mississippi Delta region, gutting rural towns and leaving more than two dozen people dead. https://t.co/LTFWihMyeX submitted by Faction_Chief to NoFilterNews [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 14:42 CallOfKyle Night Shift Nursing Home Story

This happened about 6 years ago during my first year as a CNA. Names obviously changed for privacy. I've recently gone back to school for writing and thought it'd be fun to convert some journal entries into stories. Primarily some of my favorites/creepiest. Hope you enjoy and I'd love to hear some feedback to improve my writing!

I was always pretty comfortable working at night. Staying up late playing video games was all I did on my days off anyway. I didn't think much of how different it would be somewhere else.
I had picked up at the job as CNA at a nursing home. I had done this kind of work before but in this case the home I worked at needed night shift aides. I was pretty familiar with how easy going the night shift usually is. A few patients will hit their call lights every now and then. And the patients who couldn't move I turned and changed every couple hours. The hardest part of the job was staying awake. If you've never worked in a nursing home, don't. The companies that run these places always gut the staffing ratios. The night shift got by okay because most of the patients were asleep, it did get overwhelming at times. There were two long hallways throughout the building. Housing about 60 patients or residents. The residents were there to stay long term. They had problems with memory, were on hospice, brain injuries, or whatever else. The dementia residents were my favorite. At least once a week I would get a fun story out of them. Anyways, on the night shift we had 3 CNA's and 2 Nurses. About 20 patient's a piece for the aides. The nurses were always elbow deep in charting and handing out medications. That left the aides to work amongst themselves. On the residents wing of the building, called long term, there was one nurses station. On the rehab side, which was a bit bigger, there was a station as well. I always got put on the long term wing of the building. Being a larger guy made moving and turning residents around in their beds a lot easier. The job wasn't half bad and always felt pretty rewarding. There wasn't much to complain about.
It was a hot August night that I came in for my shift. I knew I was going to be assigned to long term and headed down the hall. I met with the night nurse, Holly, at the nurses station. There, the two swing shift aides were eagerly waiting to give me their report and go on their ways. I won't bother with their names, it's not important. They had told me the usual rundown of the residents and I had been familiar with them for almost 6 months now. However, they had told me that David in 312 had been acting weird. They said he didn't really eat his dinner and he refused to be put in bed. David was this sweet, old, mostly blind man in his 90's. He had dementia, which made a lot of what he said hard to believe. They said that David doesn't like sharing his room and that's why he won't go to sleep. They had explained to David that he did in fact have a private room but he insisted and refused to go to bed. The aides told me that night shift has just been waiting for David to fall asleep in his wheelchair and then taking him to bed then. I figured that would be my case that night.
I parked David next to Holly at the nurse's station and started my first round. I usually worked down the left half of the hallway and back up the right. The hallway is quite long with a big emergency fire door at the end. An alarm would sound if anyone were to open it. I had worked my way down to the end of the hall. David's room was at the very end. Room 312, with a terrible construction paper name plate taped to the door. There was some clothes on the ground in David's room that I'd picked up. I made his bed in the event he was asleep when I finished my first round. I noticed the bathroom was open and the light was on. I checked and nothing was in there so I closed it. All the bathrooms in this hall were shared between two adjacent rooms. I know David was incontinent and wouldn't have used the bathroom. I figured it was either the neighboring room or one of the aides washed their hands in there. I carried on and finished my round.
By the time I had finished my first round it was already 12:30 at night. I sat at the nurse's station next to David and Holly to start charting what I had just done. David was telling Holly all about his job as a photographer for the newspaper. He said he was getting photos for a story on the Black Panther Party in Oakland. I thought that was really incredible. Both that he thought it was the 60s and that he had actually photographed the events down there. You really got a lot of neat stories from the old people we kept down here.
At about 02:30 David finally fell asleep in his chair. I wheeled him down to his room and started to change his brief. I went to close the blinds when I felt a warm breeze under my shirt. David's window had been slid open a crack. I hadn't noticed it earlier, but I didn't really go near the window. I closed it up and finished putting David into bed. He was fast asleep when I was pulling his blankets over him. I headed back down to the nurses station and had a pretty calm second half of my shift.
The next night I came back to work. Same place, same time. The evening aides gave me their report, told me again about David not wanting to go to his room. I figured the night was going to be the same as last. I parked David next to Holly and started working. I was getting sheets out of the linen closet when I heard a toilet flush towards the end of the hall. I headed down towards the sound until I reached the end of the hallway. The faint sound of game shows on Room 311's TV was all I could hear. I looked into David's dark room, the bathroom light was on. I stepped over toward the handle and quickly flung the door open. There was nothing in there. Then I realized that it smelled. Someone had used the toilet. I walked through the joining room door. The resident's name was Patrick. He was an old war vet that had a stroke. His left side was weakened and he needed a lot of help to get around. I asked Patrick if he'd gotten himself up to the bathroom. He said no. I said okay and started walking back. He then told me that he was tired of the neighbor forgetting to unlock the bathroom door on his side. I froze and my heart sank as he told me that. I didn't want to freak Patrick out so I carried on with my round and got back to Holly. I told her what Patrick had said and that I heard the toilet flush down there. She decided to call the cops and have them search the backyard of the building. One of the officers said that the screen was missing from room 312, but that was it. I told the officer that that was the room I heard someone using the bathroom in. He said he'd look around again but there's nothing out there. They still found nothing and suggested we put a stick in the window to block it from opening but that's all that came of it that night.
The next night I had a sense of dread coming into work. The evening aides talked to me about how creepy it was and how they're afraid to go to David's room now. I did my best to ignore it but I was terrified to put David to bed that night. I was making my rounds again when I heard some shuffling down the hall. The hallway seemed to get longer and longer as I stared down toward room 312. A lump in my throat formed as I stood frozen. I was jump scared by my coworker Mindy. She was the aide for the center wing. She asked me about what happened and I told her. I also told her that I had just heard something from that room. She invited herself to investigate with me. We walked slowly towards the room. We approached the doorway and I reached for the light switch. I flicked the light on and the room seemed normal. No bathroom light on. Nothing. I asked Mindy to help me make the bed and we started. I kicked something on the ground and realized it was the stick that held the window shut. I looked up at Mindy and held up the stick. Her face turned pale white as she looked at it and me. She let out a scream and pointed at the window. A set of eyes over a dark silhouette stood on the outside of the window. It was a crazy looking guy. His hot breath was making fog on the window as he stared at us. Mindy had run out of the room already and I was left staring at him. I stood frozen as he leaned toward the window. "Thanks for making my bed again." he said with a smile that made my heart drop. Grabbed the window and tried sliding it open. I quickly put my hands on top to hold it shut. He started yelling at me and banging on the window with his hand. Telling me all of his things were in here and cursing at me. Holly and Mindy had come back into the room screaming. The man picked up a rock and started breaking in the window. I held up the stick ready to beat the man. Holly and Mindy pulled me back from the window as the man climbed through the broken glass. I then could see Mindy was on the phone with the police. The man's hands were all cut up from the glass. We eventually managed to fend the guy off and he climbed back out of the window and ran. The cops caught him later and said he was pretty deranged. They had me help them go through David's cabinet, they said the man insisted his things were in the room and that he lived there. Going through David's closet I slowly came to realize that a lot of this stuff wasn't his. Two bags of clothes and a dirty backpack were stuffed in the bottom of the closet. It made me realize that this guy had been living in David's room for at least a little while. David wasn't able to tell us what was going on. He really did think he just had a new roommate. We moved David closer to a room closer to the nurse's station while his window was being repaired. I never heard anything else about the guy that broke in. I figured he was admitted to a mental hospital somewhere. Hopefully he got the help he needed.
All this wasn't enough to make me quit the night shift. I do take noises I hear a lot more seriously now. I started working at the hospital a couple months later and security is a lot tighter there. Dark hallways still make me uneasy to this day and I always find myself checking for open windows."
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2023.03.26 14:42 ThomasGregorich New York City braces for Trump indictment after ex-president urges protests

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2023.03.26 14:39 doinyourmommy Tendinitis

Does anybody else suffer from chronic tendinitis? I have tendinitis in most of my body and it is very painful and has been preventing me from doing a lot of things. I’ve been struggling with this for years now and it’s only gotten worse. I’ve tried resting for long periods of time (ie. Resting my arms for a few weeks when tennis elbow is bothering me the most), i have tried stretching and the other exercises showed to me by a physical therapist during the single visit covered by my insurance, NSAIDs, heat, ice, massage, and nothing helps even a bit. I’m not sure why or what is going on, I have not been able to get an answer regarding this (not the fault of any of the providers I’ve seen they have all been very sympathetic and tried their best to figure out why I am not experiencing relief from the symptoms). I have been very diligent with all of the above stated measures for weeks or months at a time and often multiple measures at once but nothing seems to help. It’s also just become increasingly difficult to try to treat using methods such as ice or heat because it is an issue in so much of my body.
I have fibromyalgia, I have been tested for a lot of other possible underlying causes such as MS and none of them came back with any results regarding that. I do have other issues with mobility like hyper mobility in some joints, maybe some of y’all have a similar problem and advice. I’m getting desperate.
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2023.03.26 14:32 alee137 My strange broken bone.

Last year i fell off a motorbike and put my hands before to protect me. My left elbow hurted me for 2 days and i only put ice and didnt go to hospital. 14 days later it was still a bit swollen, but i could use it and move it with no hurt at all since some days. I took x rays, compound fracture of radium (idk if correct english name). They couldnt believe i went 2 weeks with no hurt and could move, and i also fell on it with nothing. They said i must had proved pain because it is one of the painful bone to break. Idk i took 20 days of plaster and was all done. Strange experience
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2023.03.26 14:27 ConstipatedLemming Joint Pains from PPIs?

I took omeprazole for about a year after being diagnosed with gastritis - 20mg for the first half and 40mg for the second. After about a month I started getting pain in my knees when running. I stuck with taking the omeprazole because of how bad my stomach was, but now I get pain just from walking and have similar problems with my elbows too.
I’ve spoken to a few GPs and a rheumatologist, had blood tests and scans done, but none of them know what’s causing it, and despite me asking none offered any alternatives to omeprazole.
After talking to a GP recently I decided to taper off omeprazole because I wasn’t sure it was even helping my stomach anymore, and the joint pain has become a bigger problem. I finished tapering almost two months ago now and while my stomach isn’t any worse, my joint pains are not any better.
Weirdly, each time I reduced the amount of omeprazole while tapering, I found that for a few days after my joints started cracking more, before returning to just being painful.
I’ve tried taking supplements including magnesium, vitamin D and multi vitamins, but so far nothing has helped.
So, has anyone else here had joint pains when on PPIs, and how long did they take to go away?
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2023.03.26 14:24 BitchBaddest 'Like a bomb went off': South braces for more severe weather after tornadoes leave 26 dead. Live updates. — USA TODAY

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2023.03.26 14:22 cyclemam I hate this brace

So my gorgeous 8 month old, who was doing pretty well with sleep and who I was thinking of gently night weaning, is now wearing a rhino brace for hip dysplasia.
Frankly, it sucks. She's been a side sleeper and tummy sleeper since as soon as she could get there herself. We were able to gently train her and she didn't cry very much at all. Sleep is her jam, she loves it. And now she's screaming because she can't roll over properly in a half asleep state. (Yes we are daytime practicing.)
I just picked her up, and brought her to our bed, because she was screaming, and I was crying, and this just is awful.
This is hard.
But please save the platitudes. I know she won't remember, that I'm doing the right thing by her health, and that it's amazing what babies can do while braced- she managed to climb to an out of bounds spot and pull herself to standing in it today.
I just want my good sleeper back.
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2023.03.26 14:18 K-Eve Sprained my ankle. Worried about walking for my wedding?

A few days ago (Tuesday) I was walking on my treadmill and (I started to do Peloton tread). For exercise I alternate between Peloton bike, weights and now treadmill. This was only my second time trying their treadmill class. It went fine and I had a very normal day after that. No fall, no weird misstep that I even remember.
Around 2 am I woke up with an awful pain in my ankle. So bad I wanted to cry. I wanted to try to get up to get myself an ice pack but I couldn’t even move. I looked at my ankle that looked completely normal to the eye. No swelling, no bruising, maybe a little bit red but still very normal. I decided to go back to sleep and thought maybe I was having a spasm or something but that wasn’t the case.
I tried little by little and I could put weight on it, but it hurt to do so. I got so terrified it might be broken that I went to urgent care yesterday (Saturday.) Basically they took a scan and told me my foot is not broken, just sprained. She also used the term tendinitis, which I assume is the same thing? I’ll post a picture of how she told me to recover. She told me it will take a few weeks, probably around 2 in my case to feel better. She thinks because I didn’t feel it until later in the night it is not that bad of a sprain. She told me if it does not get better in a few weeks, to call a foot doctor she gave me the number for. I’ll post her directions and a picture of my ankle for reference.
I am going to try my best to take the time to recover. I luckily work from home but there are still errands I do for work that requires me to drive. I went out and got an ace ankle brace and a bunch of ice packs too.
I am a soon to be bride and my wedding is on July 1st. I am terrified thinking about walking on my wedding now. I am terrified weeks will go by, my ankle will not get better and this will still be a problem in the future. This is my first time with any major sprain (no sprains, no broken bones) so it’s just new for me. What if it’s not really a sprain, but something worse??!?! All I keep reading about is how I should get an MRI but I don’t really have the means to right now. I’m freaking out I guess. I don’t want to be able to not walk on my wedding day…
Do you think sprained ankles usually lead to something more?? Do you think I’ll be fine to walk in July?? Thanks for any input or comments.
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2023.03.26 14:15 bigfan357 [USA-VA] [H] I9-10850k, MSI Z490 Tomahawk (MS-7C80), 32GB (4x8gb) G.Skill DDR4-3200 CL16-18-18-38 [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Selling as a bundle:
Intel i9-10850k
-Original box available as well. Currently installed on motherboard.
MSI Z490 Tomahawk Motherboard (non wifi)
-Please note that the latch on the GPU PCIe broke off (see photos). This has never been an issue for me once the GPU was screwed in. This was with a RTX 4090 FE without GPU sag bracket/brace.
32GB G.Skill DDR4 Ram
$350 shipped, $300 local.
Local 22312
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2023.03.26 14:09 online_int1208 Hailey Bieber’s Trick for the Juiciest Skin Ever Is 100% Free

All skin is good skin, which is why good skin care is further of a trip than a destination. We all love a one-off trip, but at Byrdie, we’re more interested in how our skin evolves. The Product we have used for a decade, the component blend that made us glow, the step we noway skip, and all the advice in between. This is the stuff that makes a real difference. With What I Put on My Face, we’re bringing you the rituals, recommendations, and failed trials(we’ve all had them) straight from celebrities, authors, and influencers who’ve gone through it themselves.

There are thousands of quests on Google for “glazed doughnut skin.” And with just as numerous quests for Hailey Bieber’s skincare routine, the model–turned–brand author honored there was a need she could fill in the assiduity. But not without times of exploration. Through the epidemic, Hailey Bieber set up solace in skincare and honored that others followed suit. While a lot of the forenamed gleam is inheritable, it’s also a product of skin care education. I’ve come to understand that conscientiousness steers Hailey’s business opinions as much as it makes her beauty choices. She likes routine and stability and tries to avoid stress and vexation in her life and skin in equal measure.

You see, Hailey Bieber is a lot of effects all at formerly. She’s a celebrity with over 45 million Instagram followers, the face of iconic brands like Levi’s, Guess, and Tommy Hilfiger, and a YouTube channel with over1.7 a million subscribers. She runs in a veritably notorious circle. Those effects feel veritably out of reach for the average person. That said, I( and countless millions of others) feel deeply connected to how she presents herself through apparel, makeup, and of course, “glazed doughnut” skin.

It’s the skin thing that brought us together in person this time around. Hailey is launching Rhode, an affordable, curated collection of three skincare must-plutocrats, and I wanted to ask all the dewy-eyed, glowy, and lustrous questions. Along with a full breakdown of her products, I asked Hailey to run us through her entire skincare trip, from how she got into skincare to what products she uses daily. Below, find a complete companion to what Hailey Bieber puts on her face.

Hailey Bieber’s glowing skin


About Her Skin

My skin is susceptible, and it’s further on the dry side. My end with my skin is to keep it super doused. I indeed still struggle with flights. I am in the phase of my skincare trip where I want to start incorporating a little bit of Tretinoin. It’s solid, but most people say you must deal with the” purifying” phase.

For me, the thing is always to keep my skin healthy. I get perioral dermatitis occasionally, which technically goes down, but it can get touched off from vexation or stress.1. These bumps nearly look like short flights around my mouth and under my eyes. So, I’m always reaching for calming, simple products that don’t have a heavy scent. I surely break out a lot further when I am PMSing. That PMS week for me is hell. That — or when I’m traveling a lot and feeling exhausted is when I struggle the most with my skin.

But I’ve set up my routine and meter to keep my skin as balanced as possible. And I try to be conscious of what I put into my body. However, I see a big difference in my skin if I eat a bunch of crap daily. Overall, my skin’s just really sensitive.

How She Got Into Skincare

I have always adored skincare but took a deep dive during the epidemic. I had a lot of exchanges with experts and explored to understand my favorite skincare constituents, including why I love them and why they are so beneficial for the skin. I wanted to produce unique formulas that were affordable. So I took a lot of time to start that process. The absolute morality with Rhode is “making one of everything perfect.” It’s the same way I curate my closet the perfect brace of jeans, that one perfect T-shirt, that one good blazer — whatever it may be. It’s the same thing with skincare. Rhode is one excellent moisturizer, lip product, and so forth. I also love being creative. So bringing a relaxed, sharp, editorial vibe to a beauty brand was a commodity I wanted to do while also delivering a great product.

Hailey Bieber with flower


Her Morning Versus Nighttime Routine

I do not generally wash my face in the morning. I like to clean with warm water, which I’ve set up and has helped me retain humidity in my skin. The products I slept in the night ahead are friendly and soaked in, so I don’t want to strip anything out. I follow up with Environ’s Skin EssentiA Botanical Infused Toner, a vitamin C serum, Rhode’s Peptide Glazing Fluid, and SPF. I finish my morning routine with Rhode’s Peptide Lip Treatment.

In the evening, I twice cleanse with an oil painting cleaner first, followed by another cleaner. Also, I moreover use Skin EssentiA Botanical Infused Toner again or a light slipping color. So it depends on the day. Also, I follow up with Peptide Glazing Fluid, Rhode’s hedge Restore Cream, and a miniature oil painting on top because I like facial canvases. Not everybody does, but I am dehydrated, so I enjoy them. I’ll occasionally slug my skin at night with Vaseline or Aquaphor, but that can get messy.

How Her Routine Changed Over Time

As my skincare enterprises have changed over time, so has my routine. I am 25 now, so I’m starting to get into anti-aging. For me, the biggest thing is keeping my face out of the sun. At the once time, I wouldn’t have worn a chapeau in the sun. I would put on a little sunscreen and keep my face baking in the sun. That is a commodity I try my stylist to avoid now.

I also use a ton of peptides to soften any fine lines. It’s each about forestallment for me right now. When I was 17, I focused more on flights and chancing, a routine that worked for me. And indeed, at 21, my skincare enterprises were different than they’re now. You have to pay attention to your skin and how it’s changing.

The constituents That Make the Biggest Difference

I’ve two peptides and niacinamide. I adore niacinamide and have seen a massive difference in my skin using skincare products with both constituents.

Rhode skincare products


The Stylish Skincare Advice She’s Ever entered

When I started double sanctification, that was such a game-changer for me. It breaks down SPF and makeup. And when I began applying products on damp skin rather than drying off my skin and using the products, that made a huge difference.

Her Skincare Pet Peeve

Over-exfoliating! If I strip my skin accidentally, I am like,” Argh!!!”

Her Most- Used Product

My most-used Product is Rhode’s Peptide Glazing Fluid. I am really about that.

The Product That has Been in Her Routine the Longest

An oil painting cleaner has been in my routine constantly for the longest time. And Rhode’s hedge Restore Cream. We reformulated it 16 times to get it to the perfect place, and I have used it since the first slice.

Hailey Bieber’s glowing skin

Her Favorite New Product

We’re in the testing phase of a delightful vitamin C serum right now. I just got the samples from the labs! I am loving it and have it one moment.

The Skincare Step She noway Skips.

I would skip sanctification in the evening — I’ve no way gone to sleep with makeup on. I’m not joking! If I were drunk, if I were nearly where I did not have access to my skincare, I would make sure I went into the restroom and got as important off as I conceivably could. I can confidently say that.

Her Skincare Prep Before a Big Event

Before a big red carpet, I will generally get a facial. That’s the biggest fix of all. Also, the products you use to fix your skin under the makeup are essential. I’ll do an excellent hydrating distance mask, eye masks, a hydrating mist, Rhode’s Peptide Glazing Fluid, and hedge Restore Cream. In creating Rhode, I wanted to ensure the products worked well under makeup and that the finish of the makeup and the effects go beautifully together. I always use Rhode products to fix my skin under makeup.
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2023.03.26 13:59 OkSky8606 For science! Could wrist brace affect oura temp?

For science! Could wrist brace affect oura temp?
So I've been racking my brain this cycle then this morning it dawning on me ...last saturday march 18 i sprained my wrist and i slept with a wrist brace on all week then stopped two nights ago. Do we think its possible the wrist brace affected my oura ring Temps?!?! Surely not when it says it still had good contact all night?? I use oura to temp and normally have pretty classic charts. .
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2023.03.26 13:57 yapl0x Partner in denial about chid's diagnosis

My partner and I have a 3 year old child and have been together for a few years. We have always existed in a partnership but I have noticed that diminishing in the last year or so. Our son was recently diagnosed with autism which I, as a professional in the field, had been bracing myself for. It has been a process to accept this fact but once he was diagnosed I sprung into action. My partner was always on the "he'll be fine" camp so the official diagnosis threw him. He has completely shut down on us and will not acknowledge that autism is a lifelong condition but rather something he will "grow out of." I keep telling him that this is who our son is and we need to accept and create an environment to support him. Throughout the entire process it has been me seeking out the developmental evals, assessments, therapies, etc but handling the entire early intervention process, hearing out everyone's concerns. It has taken its toll on me. I even started researching couples counselors for us to talk to but I stop myself--why am I the one to facilitate everything? Can anyone else relate? I'm in a lonely position and don't know what to do next. I'm even considering ending my relationship because this has placed such a strain on us. I have jumped into action for my son and I feel my partner is at a total stand still. I know everyone copes differently but I need him to be here with me through this challenging time.
TL;DR: OP's son was diagnosed with autism recently and is working on getting him services while OP's partner is in denial and at a standstill, not participating in any part of the process.
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2023.03.26 13:49 Head_Pass2624 Advice

So; after 20or so years in retail; I’ve decided to take a career change and get into teaching. I’m currently on year 1 of 3 at getting my Ba in English language and lit; then I’ll start looking into QTS and whatnot once I’m a bit closer to clearing this first hurdle. (Being a 35yo student is a post in and of itself lol)
So the goal is to teach highschool English within 5 years. My question is; what advice; warnings or comments do you have? Anything I need to brace myself for? What’s the view from the trenches like?
Thanks in advance :)
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2023.03.26 13:42 ThomasGregorich New York City braces for Trump indictment after ex-president urges protests

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