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Annie Cloth Reviews 2023

2023.05.09 20:41 ReviewsOffers Annie Cloth Reviews 2023

Annie Cloth Reviews 2023
Annie Cloth Reviews 2023. is Annie Cloth legit or scam?
Find Customer Service Reviews for Annie Cloth at website.
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2020.11.10 19:05 disposable20201110 Short list of sites to avoid

Please excuse the burner account. I'm probably being unnecessarily paranoid thinking that the owners of these cheap sites care at all what negativity pops up about them on the internet.

Earlier today I saw an ad for a clothing website, and the sweater in the ad looked like something my wife might like. After clicking around their site for a bit, I saw a DMCA take down link, which I thought was odd for a clothing retailer. Curious, I looked at the about us page, which stated they're a platform for reselling independent fashion designers wares. This made me wary about quality, so now I felt like I had to learn some more about the site.
Turns out it's ran by a company that runs dozens of similar sites, and just drop ships cheap stuff. When a site gets too many negative reviews (which they all have), they just shut it down, and spin it up again as a new company.
A quick image search shows the same clothing on other lousy wholesalers (the same ones that rule four is talking about). Definitely not who I think of when I read "independent fashion designers."
I noticed they use the same description in all of their sites, so I thought I'd make a list to save someone else the time of verifying and potential hassle of having to deal with their wily ways. Anyway, here's 129 sites you can avoid this shopping season.
Stay safe out there!

Fuliens, Mosinia, Onlylula, Hawalili, Chicmoc, Romoses, Etcase, Doracoco, Snkini, Voguetag, Timrosh, Pihigher, Morechoo, Cozlady, Anniecloth-au, Wellpieces, Dencypro, Pickygal, Homeymore, Gogovchic, Cozyvery, Junmyshop, Momomew, Ellafancy, Rselifeee, Freshbias, Fieeddy, Marvhome, Moderngaga, Kissluna, Irisruby, Evalaura, Evameet, Cozymission, Missarty, Fashfront, Inhomepi, Misscoca, Buranan, Florylook, Jolienana, Justfashionnow, Zolucky.

Here are some sites that I do not believe are owned by the same company, but they popped up in the image search, so they should also be avoided.

Anniecloth, Lightinthebox, Beautifulhalo, Shelynn, Chicmony, Moontica, Stylewe, Oumiss, Noracora, Roselinlin, Andynzoe, Roseriva, Magcloset, Ilove-dear, Wotoba, Chicsoso, Flipom, Vonitata, Lilicloth, Veryvoga, Shewaves, Wear-show, Getilove, Mostata, Shopmossa, Heavyhot, Merioal, Vencano, Borizjerseys, Mofylook, Comfortwalkingshoes, Giytosp, Wearshows, Upustyle, Trendspole, Meetelegant, Damensein, Casualshoeshop, Abelwat, Inbuffy, Moracochill, Mybeautymalls, Mondadays, Bellapick, Nakoer, Joyfornice, shownow0, Mirachics, Feynacy, Junestorm, Popzora, Misonlly, Pearlclo, Rosedoris, Fayeinstyle, Miumalls, Eoppp, Hotslove, Ailylily, Cozytoo, Modsweater, Blackholeshipping, Candieslady, Subniceshop, Picclick, Stylenvibes, Lotimena, Jenefashion, Berylady, Laddygo, Vogueyes, Comfyrs, Comfymiya, Verakeve, Carambolamall, Milled, Katteraser, Habseligkeits, Lunzo, Allforall, Juretro, Myjolieoutfit, Ealamode, Zebraneo, Harilainne, Milanoo.
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2020.05.12 00:53 oldenuff2know ANNIE CLOTH - Random clothing site question

So you know those sidebar websites that pop up when you're surfing something else? Well, todays was something called AnnieCloth. So I liked a few things and the pricing seems really reasonable. The things I like tend to be the linen/linen blend things. Now, I know it isn't going to be Eileen Fisher quality but it isn't EF pricing either!
Has anyone ordered from this or any of the other random sidebar sites? Horror stories? Glowing reviews? Will the garment last more than a couple wearings? Is it remotely true to the measurements stated?
Thanks in advance for your input. Here's the site:
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