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~Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors LIVE [email protected]

2022.04.18 22:04 Lanky_Mall_88 ~Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors LIVE [email protected]

NBA Streams. 76ers vs Raptors LIVE [email protected] NBA games, Basketball time, TV channel, FREE live stream showdown between Raptors vs 76ers at Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday, April 16th (4/16/2022). The game will be broadcast live at 9:30 p.m. ET..

2023.06.10 07:22 Naive-Distance-6830 I am such an idiot

I am (34f) met my husband (52m) at work 9 years ago. I was married at the time (divorcing, we got together way too young and it was awful) and he had a live in girlfriend. In 2016, the owner of our company died and his wife sold it. It was then we started dating. But it was flipping awful! He was mean, he cheated, I lost any and all confidence, became highly insecure, jealous. All these identities I have never been. It was about 9 months of dating before he considered me his girlfriend, after that I tried to leave 2x.
Why did I try to leave? Well there is a man who I fell deeply in love with the prior year. Yes it was an affair while married to my ex-husband. He was married too. But we have this undeniable connection. He of course didn't leave his marriage and moved away. Well about 9 months into this relationship, this man I love contacts me. It was like a dream come true. At that point I wanted to drop everything to be with him, including the 9 months I have spent with my now husband. But I couldn't. I didn't trust him and although my husband wasn't nice to me at the time, he was a safe choice.
Then, few months goes by and I find my husband was cheating on me with his ex sister in law. He said that is wasn't they were doing but they were exchanging photos and talking. He said he was giving her advice on her marriage. Ya, ok. I wanted to leave the relationship again. But he asked for another chance to improve.
Things seemingly improved over the next few months. Then I got pregnant. Then we get married. Then we buy a house, sell a house, live with his parents to build a new house. All the things. We've been married 5 years now, with an almost 5 year old son.
Somethings have remained the same though, intimacy has always been terrible. I went from an active and adventurous gal to I have no idea how to even be naked in front of a man. My husband always has a comment for everything, an opinion. And it's always opposing mine and what I think or say. He's upset that I am in the prime of my career. I am the VP of a small business with about 30 employees. I am busy, he wants to retire and is upset I work all hours. My 16 year old daughter has health problems that are still getting diagnosed and it majorly affects the whole family. And now the best part. I have lost 60# and my husband suddenly accuses me of cheating. But I am.....
For 8 years, I have never stopped loving the man I had an affair with. I have never not thought about him, my dreams are of him, I see things everyday that remind me of him. When I look into the future, I see him.
We've text off and on my entire marriage. 90% of the time just checking in, making sure everyone is healthy. But this last time? Things have changed. I am thinking more than ever what an idiot I am. I chose safe and I hate myself. I love this man more than anyone I have every loved in my life. He's 1100 miles away so it's not like we're banging.
I know what I need to do and I just don't have the energy. I am so upset I will hurt my husband. We also have a lot of assets. "tl;dr"
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2023.06.10 07:22 Large-Ad6498 Medcan STT01

Medcan STT01
This batch of Medcan STT01 is nicely dried/cured and is quite effective for PTSD/CPTSD, cerebral palsy pain, nerve pain, PTSD night terrors but only for a few hours if not combined with oil. It helps with my autism sensory overload and GAD as well as slows my OCD compulsive thoughts down. It also helps slow my adhd brain to help unwind before bed. Id write a better review but my cerebral palsy pain today is very constant and its hard to think right now. Enjoy your weekend everyone, hope your all treating your medical conditions effectively. Vapes great and smells like vanilla ice cream after storing it in a jar.
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2023.06.10 07:22 Sufficient-Reply9355 I need some serious assistance, andI don’t even know what for

I’ve never played a street fighter game before but I have played quite a bit of mortal kombat, so I thought I’d get this one and try it out. But I just can’t seem to win a single match. I’ve played all the basic tutorials with Luke and Ryu as well as all the character-specific trials and tutorials for my main (Cammy). So when I’m in a game, I know what is going on and what I should do as per the tutorials, but I’ve been stuck in rookie for 5 hours with a win rate of less than 1/3. 30.27%, to be exact.
I can recognize what patterns you individual people do and input the correct attacks/blocks/whatevers at the most optimal times to counter, but it just doesn’t seem to matter. One bad block or one mistimed overdrive and I’m cooked. I always lose unless the person playing me is similarly braindead. I’ve tried modern controls but prefer classic and it’s what I’ve been using pretty much the entire time, so I’m not having that much difficulty executing inputs.
I get that since this is my first time playing a fighting game in a while, it would take a bit of time to shake the rust off since mortal kombat is pretty similar to SF. But I just didn’t think it would be this heartbreaking. I’ve looked at tutorials on YouTube and higher level matches with cammy to learn, but they pretty much only tell me things I already know. Any advice beyond the usual git gud?
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2023.06.10 07:21 Imaginesafety Link’s Awakening, Skyward Sword, 3D World, or Mario Maker 2 for second voucher?

Been loving TOTK and am taking my sweet time with the game so haven’t used my voucher yet. Of the games I mentioned what would you suggest?
Never played the original Link’s Awakening, but another Zelda game could feel tiring while I already have TOTK. The amazing reception of the game and art style make it so tempting to just go with it.
I started Skyward Sword sometime in 2018-2020 and got to the first encounter with Ghirahim. I recall him blocking all of my swings. I was loving that game too with the unconventional controls and got a third party Wii motion plus controller just to play it. Got busy/distracted and never finished it, but again, another Zelda rn could feeling exhausting. And the game looks like it’s showing it’s age a bit gameplay wise but I could be wrong.
3D World would just be good reliable quick fun. I had it on Wii U but probably haven’t played it in 5+ years. Never 100% beat it, but I did love that game as well as 3D Land. Outside of Bowser’s Fury, the majority of the experience wouldn’t be new like the Zelda titles would be.
Mario Maker 2 is a game I haven’t followed up on much since release. I got hand on the 3DS version a long time ago and enjoyed what I played. But I don’t know how I feel about relying on user created levels. I’m not into the extremely Kaizo type levels nor am I that into creating levels, but I do love Mario platforming games in general. With all the 2D Mario games on the virtual console I have access to now, it makes it harder to justify getting this.
Dark Horse: Pikmin 4. I have never owned a Pikmin game, but I played a Pikmin 3 demo on the Wii U and remember finally understanding why so many people love that series. I sunk hours into the demo and wanted to play the full game, but wasn’t willing to spend $60 on it.
Based on this info what should I go with? Feel free to mention another game I may be overlooking as I don’t own most of them. I own the major ones like Splatoon 3, Smash Bros, MK8, and Odyssey. Thanks.
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2023.06.10 07:21 tischler20 Help me pleaseeee‼️‼️‼️‼️

Plate # : 121 3185
I’m in need of some help, I have seen videos of a baby that’s with parents that seems to care more about themselves then her, the mom is on drugs and the dad videos her and outs in on social media he seems to do that a lot, one of the videos u can see her banging her head multiple times telling him to give the drugs back, all while that baby is on the hotel bed, and in this video u can hear him says I’m feeding her bc u haven’t fed her all day bc ur passed out, apparently before he started recording the mom he had to give her cpr bc she ODed, she so iterate she slaps the food off the table that’s for her baby, this is y the only time she been violent in the videos, another was of her fighting her mom over a brush, she runs her mom over in this video her mom looks like she’s on drugs as well, if this is happening in camera imagine what’s happening without the dad around, all of this leading up to the cops being called but they didn’t seem to do anything bc there’s a video from 2 days ago where she beating the dad over the head with a cellphone while the baby’s laying next to him, I was able to get the plate of one of the cop cars but I can’t see the state they r from, I have spend at least an hour trying to hear the phone number of a business on the road in another video
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2023.06.10 07:21 Significant-Notice- Why mediocre gdp growth and a strong labor market?

That is the topic of my latest Blooomberg column. This exercise is speculative, but here is my tentative resolution:
Workers have been undergoing a serious crisis of morale since the pandemic — and they really are doing less. So businesses, in turn, have to hire more of them just to keep pace.
Does this hypothesis fit with these economic signals? With inflation still in the range of 5%, slow economic growth cannot be due to insufficient aggregate demand. More likely, it is due to supply-side and productivity considerations. The biggest natural disaster of the last half decade has been Covid, which damages not capital but labor — whether workers’ health or their morale…
Could part of the explanation be the broader adoption of the work-from-home option? I know there are studies that say WFH increases productivity, but even the author of one of the more widely cited papers says that more research is necessary and that a lot depends on how well the arrangement is organized. Meanwhile, America is experiencing a mental health crisis, arguably made worse by both Covid stress and the accompanying lockdowns.
The productivity question is even more puzzling. If worker productivity is low, why keep on hiring? The key may be to look not at total productivity, but at productivity per hour — and not per reported hour, but per hour actually worked.
I concede that there exists no measure of productivity per hour actually worked. (The official number, which is not doing great either, measures productivity per reported hour.) But if the average office worker only puts in say two to three hours a day — and it is not implausible — then there is a lot of slack in the worker’s day, especially if they are WFH.
So consider this thought experiment as a possible explanation: You are a manager and have noticed that new hires tend to be more enthusiastic and hard-working than current employees. Under this theory — and that’s all it is — you decide to hire more contract workers for well-defined, short-run tasks. Meanwhile, you redouble your efforts to bring workers back into the office.
Viewed through an economic lens, it is puzzling why there aren’t more gains from trade. That is, workers agree to put in more effort, and employers agree to pay them more. That is a trend which _should_ be expected — but WFH makes monitoring difficult.
Note this same pattern of mediocre output growth and labor scarcity is evident in many other economies, including Germany and Czechia, as discussed in the column.

The post Why mediocre gdp growth and a strong labor market? appeared first on Marginal REVOLUTION.


](https://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2023/06/why-mediocre-gdp-growth-and-a-strong-labor-market.html#comments) - Is there more to it than just running large deficits? I think ...by Law Dog

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2023.06.10 07:21 flowerpetal45 I (18F) drunkenly kissed a girl (17F) and she says she felt forced?

Hello everyone, I (18F) am traveling right now, and am on my way back home soon. I just broke up with my first boyfriend (he was my first everything), and I was honestly sort of semi-open to rebounds on my trip. The issue comes when I was hanging out with a girl (17F) that I met through a mutual hobby. She invited me to hang out and dance/drink with her friends in a park together, and so I went and got a little too messed up. I kissed her friend, but quickly realized that I was not into him so I turned him down and he was very respectful about it. I was still upset about kissing someone other than my ex, so the two girls (one of them being the one I kissed), went off to leave, and ended up talking about how it was okay that I was moving on from my ex boyfriend.
This is where it gets weird, I was alone with the girl since her friend had to leave, so we tried to get food and eventually started to make out. I was still very very drunk at this time, and she asked me how people kiss in a certain way, so I offered to show her and she accepted. It led to basically making out for half an hour, in a situation where I was drunk still and she was completely sober. It was okay, but I regret it even without what she said, so I was already feeling strange about it.
Today she texted me and said that she felt I forced her into it, and that she was uncomfortable but did not know how to say no. She also said she was trying to push me away a bit, but at the time she was kissing me back, so it confuses me that she was apparently doing that. Also that she did not know how to say no, and that it was sort of her fault she gave me the wrong idea, and that she regrets it.
The main part of why I am so thrown off, is that I asked her explicitly if she was okay with things I was doing, and she said yes. I specifically asked her for consent while we were kissing, and each time she said yes, and I was drunk and unable to realize that her yes was secretly a no??? She says she did not know how to say no, but I feel like since she was sober, there were many opportunities when I specifically asked her if I was ok or not to touch her or kiss her, where she said a clear yes. She is the third person I have ever kissed, first girl, and I don’t really know where to go from here.
I texted her in response that I regretted it but that I wished she said no when I asked her if it was okay, instead of being enthusiastic with kissing me and saying yes. I am so weirded out that I went past someone’s boundaries, but at the same time am sort of upset that she said yes to things and went along with it, especially with the parts she said she was uncomfortable with. I know for a fact I asked if it was okay to touch her, to which she said yes and she was touching me too, and I just feel so uncomfortable.
She knew I was very drunk the entire time as well, which just makes me feel even stranger personally, especially as I would assume that since she was completely sober, she could’ve said anything other than yes when I asked for her consent. If she had said something, anything, I would’ve stopped, I just can’t understand why she accepted my requests for consent and kept going with me if she felt the way she did this morning about it.
What do I do from this point? I regret it so much even without knowing that she felt like that (kissing anyone honestly so soon after my breakup), but now I regret it even more with her telling me she didn’t want it. I just can’t understand, since I asked for consent and got the green light. She seems to regret it too at the least, and I asked if she was okay/mentally stable after it and she says yes, it just weird me out.
Any advice would be appreciated, thank you for reading :(
TLDR: I drunkenly kissed a sober girl (3rd kiss in my life), and she feels I pressured her into doing uncomfortable things (touching her and kissing) after the fact. She says she did not know how to tell me no, but I feel upset because I specifically asked for consent multiple times, and do not know why she would say yes and then tell me I forced her into what we mutually (?) agreed to. Am so confused right now.
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2023.06.10 07:20 Sharingline Dancie no more pt.1 (by: u/Sharingline)

Hey there! I asked a few days ago which one yall wanted to see first and this one won by a landslide! So, here we go!!!
We start our story with a young woman in her 30's, named, Susie. She doesn't have a stressful life but it's enought to where she decided to get a fluffy foal. It's a light blue Pegasus colt, and she got it when it was a day old. It's now 2 weeks old and it was fun for the first week she had it, but now it's nothing but a chore. And Susie is already tired of its antics.
"Nu!! Babbeh sowwy fo make bad poopies!! Wook!! Babbeh be dancie babbeh fo mummah! Mummah no be anqwy at babbeh?" Cried the little foal, sitting on its ass and wiggling its front 2 hooves. Which is what it calls 'dancing'. Susie stood above the foal, sorry stick Jr in hand, her eyes glowing with rage at the fact that it shit on the floor AGAIN! And it was right next to the box too! Susie stared at its pathetic attempts at trying to quell her rage, leaned down, pet the foal, hiding her true intentions, "Awww how could I stay mad at such a cutie like you!" Susie said, lying through her teeth, "YAAAY!! Squiwt knew bestes dancies gubernatorial mummah bestes heart happies!" It cried, celebrating its evasion of punishment (or so he thought). In an instant squirt felt a pain shoot through him, coming from his poopie place! "OWWIES! POOPIE PWACE HAB OWIES! MUMMAH HEWP!!" It squeeled, realising it did not infact, escape punishment. "Yeah, I know your ass hurts, I swatted it with Mr. Sorry stick! This is what you get for not using your litter box! And because I have to do it for you, I might as well help you!" And with almost lighting speed she put squirt over the litter box and began to squeeze his stomach, forcing the excrement out of his ass, "Nuu! Squiwt nu wike deese huggies!! Pwease mummah nu mowe!" "There will be more if you don't use the litter box! And because you decided to talk back, here's another swat!" pap! Susie swats the foal on the nose, making squirt to put his hooves over it and begin crying, "EEEEE! WHY MUMMAH HUWT BABBEH! Am gud babbeh! Pee! peep! peep! Peep! Am dancie babbeh fo mummah! Peep peep!" UGH, It won't stop talking about dancing this fucking thing, if I see it try to dance its way out of trouble one more time, I'm taking drastic measures Susie thought.
Tossing the foal onto its bed, unable to shit, having its bowels emptied it flies throught the air farting until it hits its soft bed, "EEEEEEEEEEE! OWIE! Huuuu huuuu.. squiwt be dancie babbeh fo mummh, am bad dancie babbeh? Huuu huuuu, peep peep peep." The miserable blue ball cried to itself, holding its nose all the while. Susie cleans up the shit and the stain it left behind and left the safe room, slamming the door on her way out, squirt giving a CHEEP and a loud fart as a goodbye. "Uuugggghhhh for the love of god, I am sick of his shit! Both literally and metaphorically!" Susie sighed, slumping into her couch, not even out of her work uniform as she got home not even 10 minutes ago. "He was never this difficult when I first got him, so good that he wouldn't shit unless I said he could, (she would hold him over a sink and slowly rub his stomach up and down to encourage him to do so) and this whole 'dancie' thing needs to end, it stopped being cute after the 30th time." Susie's mind began to wander, what could she do to make this stop? She likes squirt, he's cute at times and a real moral booster when she's been feeling down the past 2 weeks, but the annoyance is starting to out grow the relaxing moments with him around. She could get him to shit and piss in the litter box all the time, that part wouldn't be hard, it's the fact that he ALWAYS tries to dance his way out of trouble. He did dance quite a bit when he was still really small, he would chirp and dance when he heard the door open when Susie got home, as that meant mommy was home! And Susie loved it, it was the cutest thing she had ever seen. She even recorded it at one point and sent it to Sarah, her close friend (and the muscle mommy from foal in the wall) which, despite her dislike of fluffies she found it quite cute. GAH!! what to do?
Cutting his legs off is to severe, then squirt would just be a nuisance, boring, and do nothing but bitch and moan about his missing 'weggies' and how he couldn't dance anymore. Getting rid of him would hurt Susie too much, as she spent a total of 100 dollars on all the safe room supplies and just tossing squirt out after 2 weeks would be a waste of money, and again, she likes squirt. But whatever, it's getting late and she is still in her work uniform. She'll think about it later, right now she needed to shower, eat, and just relax and watch squirt do his thing before going to bed.
30 minutes later and Susie is preparing dinner in her pajamas, getting ready to watch squirt be, well squirt. Grabbing her meal and a chair,l head back to the saferl room and opens the door. Squirt is doing his thing, playing with the toys she got him, stuffed animals, balls and blocks. On top of that when squirt announces he needs to use the bathroom he uses the litter box, no doubt due to the fact that she's watching. Finishing up her meal she steps into the safe room and plays with squirt, picking up, kissing him, petting him and letting him sit in her lap. "Coooooo... squiwt wub mummah, does mummah wub squiwt?" The foal asked, completely forgetting what transpired not even an hour ago "Yes sweetie, mommy loves squirt, but mommy really doesn't like it when squirt doesn't use the litter box" part one of Susie's plan, making sure he uses the litter box 110% of the time, "why Dat mummah?" "When squirt doesn't use the litter box, it gives mommy the BIGGEST heart owies, and mommy has more heart owies when having to give owies to squirt, because mommy loves squirt and doesn't want to hurt squirt" fake sniffle fake sniffle almost got him... "gasp! squiwt sowwy fo gib mummah heart owwies!! Squiwt promise to nebah ebah make bad poopies! Squiwt wiw aways make good poopies fwom now on!" Bam, hook, line and sinker. "R-really? You'd do that for mommy squirt?" "Ues mummah! Squiwt promise! Squiwt do squiwts promise dance!" And just like that squirt jumps out of Susie's lap, sits on his ass and starts wiggling hiss hooves from side to side while peeping.
This is one of the good times that squirt dances, making Susie genuinely smile. After more playing and dancing, Susie checks her watch, 10:30 pm. "OK squirt, time for bed ok? Mommy doesn't want to be late for work!" Susie called out, tired from todays kerfuffle "Otay mummah! Can squiwt make one mowe gud poopies befow sweepie time?" With Sarah giving squirt the nod of approval, squirt goes to the litter box, does his business and head to his bed. Susie tucks him in, kisses his head and heads to bed herself. Forgetting to check if her alarm was set.
Waking up, Susie checks her phone, "FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! Ih forgot to set my alarm! Shitshitshit!" Susie huridly gets ready and quickly opens the saferoom door, squirts already awake, but is standing at the door waiting for Susie. whoosh! SLAM! "Heysquirtimsorrysweetiebutiwokeuplateandineedtorushoutthedoorillbebacksoonsweetieok?okbye!" And Susie is out the door.
"OWIE!!!!! WHY safwoom doow gib squiwt owies? Dis wostest owies ebah! Huuuuhuuuu peep peep.... whew mummah? Peep peep?" Squirt mumbled, holding his nose tightly with his hooves, blood leaking from it. The door had hurt him! Why? Squirt never did anything to the door! But, wait, the door is... opening? It's never open for very long... maybe the door is trying to tell squirt that mummah needs help! "DOWNT WOWWY MUMMAH! Squiwt wiw Sav ou!!" With that, squirt rushes out the room, determined to find his mommy and give her the bestest dancies she has ever seen! To give her the biggest heart happies!
Little did little squirt know, that this would be a big mistake....
Hey there! That is the end of part one! I know it's not very 'abuse box' but every good story needs a setup! And don't worry, squirt will get what's coming to him, soon......
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2023.06.10 07:20 Bubbly-Region Don’t boink your coworker. I don’t know what to do forward.

I (23F) started a new job in January with a very good position with a lot of learning and was practicing it very well as well. In April I had a new subordinate join in (28F). No instant connection nothing but I did recognize that he was a cool guy, very different walk of life than I’m used to, giving me angry young man and bad boy energy. Now I am very comfortable with a FWB arrangement and that’s what I went into after a bit of flirting, what I didn’t account for is how spending 10 hours together would bring us weirdly closer. Somewhere along the line after a month, I felt attached and goofy and kinda into him. But I do know logically and practically I’m not doing shit about it. So just to test the waters I took him out for a doobie and movie last night. AND BRO, NO CHEMISTRY AT ALL. It was like being out w a friend. Barely 12 words spoken and awkward cuddling. It was torturous. Now I feel like I only find him attractive and lovey Inside the 4 walls of the office. Maybe the secret sneaking off and risk of getting caught is what made it hot. Suddenly now I don’t wanna go from love bombing to coworkers overnight and make shit weird but I have no idea what to do. The action is hot no doubt but this was stupid of me. Gonna see today how things go, already got another date lined up tonight.
TLDR: FWB w coworker but going out on a date with him was weird.
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2023.06.10 07:19 CosmoGlitch When little adventures with women hit you hard!

3 months i have been fucking this petite lady, So yesterday night (9:00 pm) she was walked in the apartments I stay, not by me though but by another guy. Reverse back alittle , I was getting out of the gym had a great leg day feeling all weak and shit and am almost at my place but ahead of me, a hairstyle that looks familiar, she has a bag, and a short dress. From a distance she looks abit taller am like not her, so I get close she turns back and damn, that light shock hits me stomach knots and stuff I bet y'all have experienced it. So I casually pass them ignoring everything and walks confidentily the remaining 100 metres to the flats. Well she ain't my girl, I casually screw women no attachment and I tell them upfront, that am giving them an adventure, I engage in their fantasies and we all have fun. So for the lady she tried to initiate a relationship.. confessing feelings and stuff, I told her it can't work out and I even encouraged her to find a boyfriend. But the worst part is the little experience caused some heartache, and I guess that's the price you have to pay. When you decide you won't have a relationship, but you will have adventures with women, you might get attached, and if hurt comes your way it will hit you, well for a few hours or days before you continue spinning plates. For me , that's worth it.
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2023.06.10 07:18 Good_Permission_1479 Do I just start considering charters atp?

Hey all,
I am a NYS teacher close to fulfilling my first teaching gig — I have been a HS ELA leave replacement for 1.5y. Two tenured teachers are returning next year — amidst a budget cut — so… I’m out. I have been spending much of my time on LPing/grading/whatever rather than practicing for interviews and… well.. that was a huge mistake. I’m coming to terms that, since I was picked up internally after my student teaching experience, I truly SUCK at interviews (I interviewed and demo’d for the leave, but I think there was… obvious bias). I do not doubt my teaching strengths, but I struggle to articulate what good work has been done in my classroom. Ironically, I am also anxious around adults (not kids), and I have not been performing up to my personal standard (and, with the outcomes in mind, I am not performing up to public school standards either). I fluffed two in-person interviews and was rejected from two screeners. It is nearing mid-June and my OLAS options are slim pickings… I have already applied to every position available. This has been a really discouraging process, as I consider my district as one with certain prestige, and my colleagues have been asserting that it would be maddening if a recruiter ignored that fact.
I transitioned to LinkedIn/Indeed and applied to some city charters. I have already received a few responses and interview requests; yet, I have some reservations. For example, I live outside of the city and I am apprehensive about the commute and traffic — especially because I would typically be released during rush hour (+later working hours. I already feel burnout with a 7-2). I also am worried about commuting to a scripted curriculum… it seems disingenuous to me.
Am I being annoyingly picky? I know I am a newer teacher. Any insights or advice? I am wondering if I should find a low-committal job and get my master’s instead….. (I have a bachelor’s and two initial certificates).
Also, does anyone know if charter contracts typically include an “at will basis” clause? I was wondering if I should attend my demos, secure a job, and keep looking on OLAS… Sorry, I’m new. TYSM!
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2023.06.10 07:18 discard_3_ Just stressed

My grandma is dying. She broke her hip about a month ago and has been in rehab and a nursing home since getting out of the hospital. Now her health is declining and she probably won’t make it past this next week. I can’t be there with her because we are in the middle of moving and have to be out by Wednesday. At least my mom and her sisters are there with her.
Speaking of moving, we sold the house last week and we have to be out really soon. It’s only me and my dad moving all of our stuff one car load at a time across town to a house that’s still under construction so the transition will be a bit rocky for a few more months.
We have a couple 8 month old retriever puppies that are more than a handfull. We can’t hardly let them into the backyard because it’s been raining and they go digging and swimming in the mud and bring it inside. They also chewed a hole in the wall tonight for whatever reason and that stressed out my dad quite a bit. They have so much energy. I walk them about an hour and a half pretty hard every day and then play with their toys on and off throughout the day as well. They just love to destroy shit. We love them to death but they are extremely hard to train and barely respond to treats.
Adding all of this on top of my chronic headaches that have gotten worse over the last couple years and I’m just in a really stressful time. I know it will pass but it just sucks right now and I need to vent it a bit.
That’s all I guess.
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2023.06.10 07:17 Lower-Reward-1462 34 / PC / Central Time -- Really miss having a friend to game with

I dream of one day having a good close friend that I play video games with everyday. I've slowly lost all my gaming friends through the years and I seriously miss it. I don't really know how to go about finding a friend to play with. I've tried playing with random people in Last Epoch, for example, but it's just not working out. I don't want to play some random game that is boring alone, like, say, New World, just to look for a friend. It sounds a bit much.
So I'm looking for people here, though it doesn't seem to be working that well either. People keep ghosting me with no explanation why. But who knows, maybe one day the perfect person will come along and read this. And it only takes one person, right?
Gaming alone is not nearly as fun. I don't really care what game we play, as long as we're having fun. That said, here's some games I like:
I just got Age of Wonders 4 and have been playing it a lot in my free time. I have never played an AoW game before. I also just got Darkest Dungeon 2. I've also got back into Pathfinder: Wrath of the Rigtheous. But those latter two are single-player games, and AoW4 doesn't seem like a game I'd want to play multiplayer anyway.
Just before that, I had gotten back into Last Epoch, with the 0.9 patch that released not long ago, and now multiplayer is a thing! I mostly played my offline necromancer by myself, but let's make new toons together and play together! (Or we can use our old toons if you already have one.)
I also like Old World some, but have never played it with another person. Maybe we could, if you want?
Aside from that, I used to play Hearthstone a lot. But not anymore. I would love to find a new TCG/CCG type game to play. Not Marvel SNAP or Legends of Runeterra.
Would also like to find someone to play Slay the Spire with too where we watch each other. I'm not sure about the co-op mod as I hear it sucks, but maybe. I've played it a lot and have beat Ascension 20 and then some with the Silent, been getting into the Defect some but don't play the other 2 classes at all. Would love to have someone to play this game with or show them the ropes.
And I play some other obscure titles like Thea 2. Would be nice to find somebody to play that with.
I would really love to find someone to introduce a new game to me in a genre I like. TCG, MMO, ARPG mainly. Really, I'm just looking for a friend to play with that is fun and we get along. That's all that really matters. Sucks playing alone every night.
MMORPG's I have played and enjoyed include Elder Scrolls Online, ArcheAge, Bless Unleashed, New World, and Wakfu. I would love to get back into one of those with someone! I'm NOT interested in playing FFXIV, WoW, GW2, or Lost Ark! Don't ask! If you know of any other good MMO's, though, let me know and maybe we can play it together. Though I could definitely have fun playing one of those MMO's I've played before if I was playing with the right person.
ARPG's I have played and liked in the past include Path of Exile, Last Epoch, Diablo 3, Undecember, and Grim Dawn. I think I might be permanently done with playing PoE alone, but would like to try playing it with someone else, especially someone knew who I could teach everything to. Diablo 4 looks lame.
A little about me: I'm 34 years old, live in the US in central time zone, and live alone with my 2 cats. I'm looking for friends to game with because I don't really have many. I'm online every night and usually gaming! I'm super friendly and talkative and looking for the same, and someone who has time to talk and to play. I'm also LGBTQ+ friendly in case that needs to be said. Also looking for people who have a sense of humor. I don't care about your age as long as we get along. Voice chat is mandatory (sorry!).
I pretty much game 24/7 when I'm not working or sleeping. I sleep odd hours but I will be online for the rest of the night and into the morning! You can add me on Discord: MeltedWater (Yes, no #whatever anymore, I guess it changed, if it don't work try MeltedWater#9972 but should work WITHOUT the numbers.) (Please don't message me here on Reddit, the messages aren't going through for some reason.)
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2023.06.10 07:16 mach_reddit Knock knock, first door to door visit in many years

sorry, I just need to share this door knock experience I had today.
I just had the Jehovah's Witnesses call. One of them knew my deceased mother and myself though I can't recall his name but I was surprised they called. I've been waiting for this but still my heart was beating fast. After my pimi father passed away my elderly pimi mother lived here with me until her death a couple years ago due to not accepting a blood transfusion. When I heard the knock on the door I was surprised since I had been through the angry phase of grief and leaving a cult so the local JW’s knew my feelings. I’ve since calmed down and am now probably more in the activism phase having spent time recently talking to the JW’s on the carts, usually until they left the area, or until I got bored and left. I was still surprised one of them would venture back to my place. Anyway we caught up about mum initially then started talking about the bible. I tried to ask what evidence there was for the bible being a true document from God and they talked about the resurrection being evidence, so I asked for proof but they just pointed to the bible so I said that the bible makes lots of claims but how do you know they’re true, it says that God created plants before the sun and bee's...thousands of years apart, despite it saying “an evening and a morning a new day” after each creative day so why would they not be 24 hours days. Even your creation video online says it was written from a human perspective but they're not 24 hour days? They kept talking about water above and waters below and that they cleared to reveal the sun. I showed them the flat earth model on my phone and said read it again looking at that picture and you'll see it's talking about a flat earth model.
They disagreed but couldn't defend it so kept saying the same thing. I had my bible by this time and my "was life created" brochure and tablet with the references from the brochure. I tried to argue the bible's account of creation was flawed and not scientific. The creative order is wrong and doesn't work creating plants before the sun and bee's. They kept trying to say that there were waters above that filtered the sun despite me showing them verse 16 where it says God made the sun and moon…on day 4, not made it visible. They said that it was just a summary of the previous day so I pointed out that day 3 ends at vs 13 and day 4 ends at vs 19 so wouldn't everything between be what happened on day 4? They wouldn’t agree and I forgot to ask them about why the creation order is different in Chapter 2 from vs 4 but if they come back I’ll be able to save that one.
Anyway I then showed then the “Was life created” brochure and asked why the Watchtower misquotes scientists and showed them the quote of Wolf-Ekkehard Lonnig in the paper “mutation breeding, evolution and the law of recurrent variation” where they add a capital “M” and mine quote a section to say that “Mutations…” do not create new species when the paper actually says that it is not viable…not that it’s not possible.
I tried to ask them what the Watchtower had done to show them that God supports them. What evidence has the WT supplied? The men that say they represent God but have to lie to provide evidence of his existence like in the brochure I showed them. They tried to say that they supported people in natural disasters so I had two questions, 1, show that they helped anyone that wasn’t a JW and 2. Show exactly in their financial records which disasters they gave to and how much? I said that other organizations did a lot more at natural disasters so does that mean that God is behind those groups instead or as well? Again I came back to what evidence has the WT provided to support their claim that God supports them?
They then said that obviously I didn’t like them to which I quickly replied, “no, you’re wrong” I have no animosity to Jehovah's Witnesses, I feel sorry for them allowing the WT organization to continue to tell them lies that they won't fact check. I’m disappointed that they won’t research anything without using WT material and that you’re allowing the WT corporation to fleece you. I wanted to say like lambs to the slaughter but wanted to keep it light. I don’t understand why anyone would think being told to be sheeplike is a good thing. I continued, the WT buy and sell properties and make the Jehovah's Witnesses pay for them. They don’t provide any social services or aged care facilities. To which he agreed and said “No, they don’t”, I continued that they don’t care for the elderly in their homes, they provided nothing for my mother who was a lifelong member, I had to provide her a safe home in her golden years because the WT had taken every bit of spare money from my parents over their life and told my parents “don’t worry, the end of the world is coming soon”. They’re building a big new video studio in Australia but the end is so close, the last of the last days. To which he quickly added that it will be used after Armageddon so I said, Oh is God going to protect them, is that in the bible? Do you have a scripture to back that statement up? He didn’t so I continued, they’ve sold all those properties in NY and even the local KH making my elderly mother have to travel 10 times further to a local hall. Expect to be told that you need to buy them a new KH here to replace the one they sold, sometime soon and if the organization is growing why did they sell off the local KH?
He evaded that question by asking if I had ever brought up these views with my mother when she was alive and I said no. She was safe here in her golden years but I knew that you are told that if anyone says anything bad about the WT or questions it that you have to flee. If I had said anything to her I knew she would have tried to leave this safe environment. I returned to, what is it that proves to you that God supports the Watchtower? He tried to say that he follows Jesus but I said so without the WT you could still follow Jesus? But he didn’t reply to this and was starting to leave at this point. I said I really urge you to do some research outside the WT material. I looked him in the eye and said calmly, “you’re not going to do that are you?”. To which he admitted he wouldn’t, I nodded and said “I know” it’s a pity that you’ll continue to allow the WT to lie to you and the brochure “was life created” has many examples of how they twist things to say what they want it to say…but’s it just lie’s. I’m really sorry you won’t do any real research but you’re welcome to come back and talk some more about it, I really enjoyed our talk. Then I looked him in the eyes again and calmly said “you’re not going to come back, are you?”, to which he replied no as I expected.
If you’re the person that came to my door today and are reading this, please come back when you’re ready to talk some more. We don’t dislike Jehovah's Witnesses, we dislike that you’re being lied to by the Watchtower Organisation.
Stay safe friends.
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2023.06.10 07:16 InstanceLate3534 Flying out of the "Gates of Hell" (O'Hare) in a month, HELP!!!

I have Aspergers and severe anxiety disorder. Deep breathing makes things worse, and therapy was ineffective, so I quit. Most therapists are frauds anyway. I also quit seeing my psychiatrist a year ago due to a condescending nurse (filed a complaint). The only anti-anxiety medication I have is hydroxyzine and that doesn't work for severe anxiety.
I have had a tooth yanked while awake, was numb for a whole day, was given pain meds, drove and did errands afterwards and didn't get stranded.
I have an upcoming dental appointment for a cleaning and filling. That is child's play compared to flying out of O'Hare. Especially with hearing about poor service and passengers getting stranded at airports in the news.
My mother moved to Virginia almost a year ago, and I can't get enough time off work to drive or take the Amtrak Train to see her (live in Wisconsin).
I am stuck flying mid-July and am very nervous, and of all places, it is O'Hare. I, like most people have been hitting the highway these days, and more people are also hitting the rails as well due to poor service from the airlines with no accountability (Southwest Airlines) with passengers being stranded at airports across the nation and the world. There have also been cancelled flights not due to bad weather, but due to administrative errors which is inexcusable. Then when you call to try to remedy the situation, you get bounced around on the phone, website, get someone who doesn't speak English, etc., and are left stranded. I would rather go to the dentist and get a tooth yanked while awake! At least you get sympathy, nitrous, Novocain at the dentist with a slim to nothing chance of getting stranded. You are numb all day so you can drive and do errands after your dental appointment. I know about the 311 rules, will arrive at the airport via Van Galder 5 hours before the flight, but am scared that the KIOSK at check in will give me an error message instead of my boarding pass, scared of not finding my gate, scared of my gate being switched at the last minute and then missing my flight because of it. Scared of hidden fees, scared of my flight being cancelled due to administrative errors and being left stranded. If that happens, I will faint right there at the airport, pee my pants or both. I am also worried about not being able to get home in time to get back to work. I also have overactive bladder trouble, when anxious, Aspergers and worry about things going wrong beyond my control. Let's just say as of now, I support building thousands of new highways and railroads after hearing about airport horror stories in the news.
What do I do?
Please help!

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2023.06.10 07:16 Large-Ad6498 Medcan STT01

Medcan STT01
This batch of Medcan STT01 is nicely dried/cured and is quite effective for PTSD/CPTSD, cerebral palsy pain, nerve pain, PTSD night terrors but only for a few hours if not combined with oil. It helps with my autism sensory overload and GAD as well as slows my OCD compulsive thoughts down. It also helps slow my adhd brain to help unwind before bed. Id write a better review but my cerebral palsy pain today is very constant and its hard to think right now. Enjoy your weekend everyone, hope your all treating your medical conditions effectively.
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2023.06.10 07:16 wsppan Today In Phishstory - June 10th

# Today In Phishstory - June 10th Brought to you by tiph-bot. Beep.
All data extracted via The Phishnet API.


Phish, Sunday 06/10/2012 (11 years ago) Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 2012 Early Summer Tour
Set 1 : Down with Disease > Funky Bitch , The Moma Dance > Sample in a Jar , Axilla , The Gambler 1 , Possum > Wilson > Tweezer > Free > Backwards Down the Number Line > Cavern
Set 2 : Golden Age > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Chalk Dust Torture , Carini -> Shafty > Rock and Roll , Alaska > Harry Hood 2 -> Light > Character Zero > Rocky Top
Encore : Show of Life > Julius > Tweezer Reprise
1 Phish debut, with Kenny Rogers. 2 Unfinished.
Show Notes:
The Gambler was a Phish debut and featured Kenny Rogers on vocals. Possum featured The Gambler and Streets of Cairo teases. Tweezer contained a Walk This Way tease from Trey and I Am Hydrogen teases from Fish. Shafty was played for the first time since December 30, 2003 (159 shows). Hood was unfinished.
Listen now at Phish.in!
Phish, Friday 06/10/2011 (12 years ago) Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 2011 Early Summer Tour
Set 1 : Rocky Top , Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove , Stash , Tube > Guyute , Guelah Papyrus , Scent of a Mule , Cavern , The Sloth , The Curtain With
Set 2 : Down with Disease 1 -> Free > Possum , Big Black Furry Creature from Mars , Swept Away > Steep > David Bowie , Julius , Golgi Apparatus > Fluffhead > Joy
Encore : Bold As Love
1 Unfinished.
Jamchart Notes:
The Curtain With - There are a few spots here and there in The Curtain and the beginning of With that seem a bit off. Nonetheless, Trey soloing in With seems particularly inspired, and Mike is also noticeably strong. The jam reaches a fairly intense peak, before expectedly settling to conclude.
Steep - Trey's wonderful, pretty, and soulful soloing, accompanied by Mike's on-point, cascading runs, work to create a truly notable version. Per netter @jerryguscia, Trey quickly shifts towards a bit of jamming featuring some rhythmic, low-key strumming, play which breaks to become dark and funky improvisation before dissolving into those hazy waves of sound typical for the era.
Show Notes:
The Theme from Rocky was teased before Rocky Top and Trey teased Pop Goes the Weasel before Down With Disease. Disease was unfinished.
Listen now at Phish.in!
Phish, Wednesday 06/10/2009 (14 years ago) Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville, TN, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 2009 Early Summer Tour
Set 1 : Runaway Jim , Punch You in the Eye , Ocelot , Foam , Train Song , Undermind , Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove , The Squirming Coil , Character Zero
Set 2 : Back on the Train , Waves > A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing > David Bowie , Army of One , Reba 1 , Hello My Baby , Julius > Cavern > Harry Hood
Encore : Frankenstein 2
1 No whistling. 2 Page on keytar.
Jamchart Notes:
Foam - Powerful Page solo with a ragtime feel. Trey brings the volume way down at first before a big peak. Sounds like '93 - '94.
Waves - This is a very well-played version with a full length "Waves" jam. 3 minute outro jam leads to transition to "ASIHTOS."
Reba - Excellent full-band play featuring quiet, expansive and contemplative work from Trey, whose warm tone is complimented in great part by Page. Mike and Fish modify the beat, and the musicians dial the jam down to an all but erasure of sound. Mike and Trey team to rebuild momentum, before Trey summons a few chords and, shaping his sound, directs the band into a passage of measured and progressive space.
Show Notes:
Reba did not have the whistling ending. Hello My Baby was played for the first time since December 5, 1999 (138 shows). Frankenstein featured Page on keytar.
Listen now at Phish.in!
Phish, Saturday 06/10/2000 (23 years ago) Zepp, Koto-ku, Tokyo, , Japan
Gap Chart, Tour: 2000 Summer Japan Tour
Set 1 : Down with Disease , Sample in a Jar , Piper , Lawn Boy , Guyute
Set 2 : Heavy Things , Sand , Sparkle > My Soul , Bathtub Gin > Jam > Twist , Albuquerque , Wading in the Velvet Sea > Loving Cup
Encore : The Inlaw Josie Wales , Limb By Limb
Jamchart Notes:
Down with Disease - A very upbeat groove develops and grows more intense as it progresses. Eventually the jam becomes more subdued before rebuilding with spacey effects and returning to "DwD" to conclude.
Piper - Beginning with a style and sound so typical of '00, the band then twists this jam into a bleak, nightmarish soundscape. From there, it breaks into a decent groove before finally succumbing to space.
Show Notes:
Disease included San-Ho-Zay teases. Mike teased Dave's Energy Guide in Piper.
Listen now at Phish.in!
Phish, Saturday 06/10/1995 (28 years ago) Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1995 Summer Tour
Set 1 : Makisupa Policeman -> Llama , Prince Caspian > It's Ice > Free > Rift , You Enjoy Myself -> Hold Your Head Up 1 > Lonesome Cowboy Bill > Hold Your Head Up , Suzy Greenberg
Set 2 : Maze , Fee 2 > Uncle Pen , Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove , Amazing Grace , Sample in a Jar
Encore : A Day in the Life 3
1 Vocal jam. 2 Trey sang verses through megaphone. 3 Phish debut.
Jamchart Notes:
Mike's Song - The 1st jam segment (to 7:20) is loaded with tension and moderate dissonance. The 2nd jam begins with sounds akin to "Simple," but gradually descends into a murky caldron of eerie and spacey improvisation. At 14:00, the jam begins to emerge from the underworld with low key play, a rhythmic pulse, and growing, dissonant energy, before finally returning to "Mike's" proper to wrap up.
Weekapaug Groove - Some "CYHMK"-like jamming leads to a quieter improvisational section which pushes the bounds of "Weekapaug" proper. Released on Live Bait Vol. 6.
Show Notes:
This show marked the first Phish performance of A Day in the Life. YEM segued into a HYHU vocal jam. Page teased Fanfare for the Common Man several times before Lonesome Cowboy Bill. Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone.
Listen now at Phish.in!
Phish, Friday 06/10/1994 (29 years ago) Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1994 Summer Tour
Set 1 : Runaway Jim , Foam , Sample in a Jar , Nellie Kane > Demand > David Bowie , The Lizards , Cavern , Julius
Set 2 : Axilla (Part II) > The Curtain > Tweezer > Lifeboy > Sparkle > Possum 1 , Hold Your Head Up > I Wan'na Be Like You > Hold Your Head Up , Harry Hood , Tweezer Reprise
Encore : Sleeping Monkey > Rocky Top
1 Random Note signal.
Jamchart Notes:
David Bowie - Typically strong '94 "Bowie" that gets mean, nasty and thrashing as it progresses.
Tweezer - A short, but magnificent version, though controversial, as some remain deaf to its majesty.
Possum - Awesome pump-it-up jam. Excellent musical variation from 3:55 - 4:30, then it's off to the "Possum" party.
Show Notes:
Bowie included a Leprechaun tease by Trey. During Lizards, Trey talked about the rocks that looked like a giant lizard and referenced the last time they played at Red Rocks (August 20, 1993). Lizards also contained a Fanfare for the Common Man tease from Page. Cavern included Purple Haze and Voodoo Child teases from Trey. Tweezer contained What a Man (Linda Lydell original that was remade by Salt-n-Pepa in 1993) quotes from Trey. Possum contained a Random Note signal.
Listen now at Phish.in!
Phish, Saturday 06/10/1989 (34 years ago) The Living Room, Providence, RI, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1989 Tour
Set 1 : Run Like an Antelope , McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters > Ya Mar , You Enjoy Myself , AC/DC Bag > Foam , Good Times Bad Times
Show Notes:
YEM was played for "Max's" "Goddard Springfest birthday" and contained a Happy Birthday tease from Trey. This setlist is incomplete, and may also be incorrect. This set also has incorrectly circulated as the second set of 8/23/89.
Listen now at Phish.in!

Trey Anastasio

Trey Anastasio Trio, 2023-06-10 Mission Ballroom, Denver, CO, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/trey-anastasio-trio-june-10-2023-mission-ballroom-denver-co-usa.html
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes:
Trey Anastasio Band, 2006-06-10 Nissan Pavilion at Stone Ridge, Bristow, VA, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/trey-anastasio-june-10-2006-nissan-pavilion-at-stone-ridge-bristow-va-usa.html
Tour: TAB - Early Summer 2006 Tour
Show Notes: This single set performance was as the opening act for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.
Jazz Mandolin Project, 1993-06-10 Last Elm Cafe, Burlington, VT, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/trey-anastasio-june-10-1993-last-elm-cafe-burlington-vt-usa.html
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Tree Fist featured chords and lyrics improvised by the audience. Kitty Litter Blues was also improvised and featured Anne Weiss on vocals. I Saw the Light, Alabama Jubilee, and Better Get It In Yo' Soul featured Shane Brodie on guitar and vocals. This is the first public performance billed as Jazz Mandolin Project.

Mike Gordon

Benevento/Russo Duo featuring Mike Gordon, 2005-06-10 Bonnaroo, Manchester, TN, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/mike-gordon-june-10-2005-bonnaroo-music-arts-festival-manchester-tn-usa.html
Tour: Mike - The Duo Feat. Mike Gordon Spring 2005 Tour
Show Notes: This performance took place in That Tent. 9X9 through My Pet Goat were performed by The Duo only (without Mike). Foam contained a Lengthwise tease. The Beltless Buckler featured Gabby La La on sitar. This show was made available on LivePhish.com and officially released on CD as The Benevento/Russo Duo Featuring Mike Gordon, Live at Bonnaroo 2005.

Page McConnell

Page McConnell, 2007-06-10 The Vogue Theatre, Indianapolis, IN, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/page-mcconnell-june-10-2007-the-vogue-theatre-indianapolis-in-usa.html
Tour: Page McConnell Spring & Summer 2007 Tour
Show Notes: Page performed "Army of One" solo on piano.
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2023.06.10 07:15 ayyx_ Tinnitus driving me fucking insane

I’ve had tinnitus over a year now which was caused by fucking nothing.
It happened when I used to be on ADHD medication. A doctor told me the medication caused it and recently another told me this wasn’t the case.
It’s so loud and recent got louder I’m going into horrible outbursts of anger and can’t sleep properly. I’m practically yelling in my sleep. I’ve been able to deal with it well up until a few days ago and have no idea why, I just was to rip my ears off and scream.
First I was told my tinnitus was due to an infection and should go away in 1 week. It didn’t.
Then I was told my tinnitus was caused by earwax and should go away within a few hours after visiting the doctor, it didn’t.
Now I’ve got this shit screeching at me when I just want to sleep, as well as a heartbeat in both ears.
Idk what the point of this post was, I’m struggling to think atm
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2023.06.10 07:14 Springrose-tac I am awful at my minimum wage job, should I get better or leave?

I have had a minimum wage job as a housekeeper at a hotel for 6 months. I am 21 and am in university to be a high school teacher. This is not my first job, my first job was working in a fast food restaurant as the drive through server for two and a half years. I left that job for the hotel because I kept losing my shifts to high school students who are cheaper labor.
I was very good at the fast food job, the managers liked me and I got compliments from customers on my service and positivity almost every shift (Although I got a lot less towards the end because I was getting bored of the job and it must have shown). I also get very good grades and am on my university's version of the honors role. I say all this because I know I'm capable and have evidence for it, so I'm not sure why I can't get this job right.
I SUCK at this house keeping job. Nearly every shift the manager texts me saying something I missed in one of the rooms. I miss things that are things you are required to do in every room. I have the most trouble with the toilets, I don't scrub them hard enough or long enough and don't check them once I'm done, so tiny pieces of literal crap remain. Sometimes I forget to wipe the underneath of the toilet seat. My manger told me today I don't mop properly, that he sees hair on the bathroom floors I do. I forget to check the mini fridge half the time, so it goes unstocked and with whatever the previous guests left in there. Those are my common problems but I have also had a lot of one off complaints from my manger.
Today my manger lectured me for 15 minutes about the mistakes I make an how I should know better after being here for 6 months and he's correct. In all honesty, I have NO idea why he keeps putting me on shift. I would have fired me by now if I were him. He told me it takes him an hour to check my rooms when it takes him 15 minutes maximum to do the other cleaner's rooms. He has told this to me many times. I asked him if I am the employee who makes he most mistakes and he dogged the answer saying "most people here make mistakes" or something to that effect. He always says to me he doesn't want to get angry at me, but I think the fact he tries to be nice about it makes it worse for me.
I have tried to get better. I know what I have to do to not make these mistakes, so every time he gives me a lecture I'll work well for a week and then go back to my careless ways. I've tried going slower (which is not a sustainable option because there is an expectation to do x amount of rooms in x amount of time). I made a checklist once in my notes app and after I had done every room I would go and tick off everything on the checklist. That worked very well, but I got too cocky and thought "I don't need this list anymore" and in about two weeks went back to my old ways. It seems every time I have the drive to get better, it lasts two weeks maximum and I go back to my old forgetful, careless ways. And also, every time I get a lecture, it makes me feel AWFUL about myself and can ruin the rest of my day.
There are two huge benefits of this job to me that are making me want to stay:
  1. I am by myself all day and use this time to listen to AI readings of my uni readings. I'm quite time poor and would do worse in uni if I couldn't find time to listen to my readings instead of normally reading
  2. It is right in-between my house and my boyfriend's house. My boyfriends is a 35 minute drive from my house and I'd say I spend nearly half the week at his. The location of this job is extremely convenient for me
I have a six week break from uni until I go back. How could I change my mindset to stick to doing my job correctly? Or should I spend this break searching for a new job that my forgetful and careless personality won't be as much of a problem in? Which is the better option?
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2023.06.10 07:13 AccidentalFolklore My DM boyfriend just took on another campaign and is becoming consumed by it. Idk how to talk to him about how spending less time together is making me feel without it souring his hobby.

Been together almost 4 years and live together. Our relationship is wonderful. The only thing I don’t give him is a love for anime and D&D. He’s been a DM since way before we met. I don’t like to play D&D because it’s incredibly boring for me 85% of the time and doesn’t spark my adhd. I’ve always respected his love for it. I try to listen to him talk about it, buy him themed gifts, and even enjoyed watching Vox Machina with him. I’ve done a couple one shots with him and it was relatively fun, but I don’t want to devote 4-5 hours of my life to that every other weekend.
I’ve never really cared that he played every other weekend and did some gamebuilding for a few hours through the week. If anything it gave me some alone time. However, that has recently changed. Some people at work asked if he would run a game for them and he agreed. It was three people and he decided he would rotate the weeks (play his original campaign of 4 on Saturday week A, and the new campaign group on Sunday Week B alternating like that). I told him before he agreed that it might be easier to just group the campaigns together but he said it would be too much work and bring him up to 7 people which was too big of group.
So now he’s spending double time gamebuilding and starts getting stressed. Then the three people found 2 more people. Then they brought in another one. Now he’s at 6 people. He asked his original campaign if they would be okay if he took a month off to avoid burnout and they said yes. It kind of annoys me because he said 6 was too big but here he is with 7. And 4 people taking 4-5 hours per game means 7 will probably turn into 6 on those weeks.
Every day after work from home he cooks and then gets on his laptop for 2-4 hours. I don’t want him to feel like he can’t do what he wants in his down time. He works hard and deserves it. I just feel like we are spending less and less time together now since we work during the day. We do eat dinner together but then he grabs his laptop and we get to cuddle and watch maybe 10 mins of tv before he goes to sleep. I also worry about being on the computer too much because he works tech and won’t leave his desk to walk during the day and then transitions to a laptop after 8 hours of work.
Yesterday we went to get dinner and he was on his discord app talking to a new player who needs help before the game on Saturday. As soon as we get home he tells me in 30 mins he has to get on video chat at 9pm to help. Says it’ll take an hour. Okay no problem. He doesn’t get done until 11:30pm.
Today he gets off work and starts helping another player. He doesn’t let me know. I just come downstairs and his door is closed and I hear him talking about D&D stuff. We’d agreed to cook together tonight because we’ve been too tired and busy with DM stuff the last few days but I didn’t want to bother him. I went and ran an errand at 5:45 and got food to eat. I got home at 7 and he had just finished. I’ve told him I don’t want to eat late because of my acid reflux and I would have been fine if he had just texted me earlier to let me know he would be jumping on a call.
I want to talk to him about everything but I don’t know how. I want to say “your game is taking over your time and affecting your mental health. It’s also annoying me.” Obviously I’m not going to put it that way but what do I say? He’s already bummed out and if I say it in the wrong way it’ll seem like I’m kicking him while he’s down after losing players the last few years. Basically he’s had players come and go and it really saddened him since this is a huge part of his life. The last player from his original campaign before he brought new people in just left. Then this new campaign opportunity came together a couple weeks ago and perked him up. Now he’s just consumed by it. Please give me advice. Is it something we should have discussed before he committed to it or would that have been controlling? I had some worry he would overwhelm himself but I didn’t think it would get so bad.
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2023.06.10 07:13 trippster0712 Help what's wrong with me???

23F (5'7 205lbs)
Since Wednesday night i've not been feeling well it started with a migraine so I took my migraine meds and laid down thought it would be better. I woke up the next morning and attempted to go to work when I got there I left within an hour I felt like absolute garbage like I was going to puke or pass out luckily I did neither but I did have diarrhea and my vision got very blurred could barely see how to walk. I also had a bad sore throat and dizziness. Went to the doctor then to the hospital they ran blood work, urine, ekg, chest x-rays, flu, strep, covid and everything was normal. Last night my fever got up to 103 but I was freezing cold wearing a thermal hoodie and pants in 80 degree weather. The hospital released me and basically told me to drink and get rest. This morning I woke up my shirt covered in sweat i've sweated through 2 shirts today still have the chills and having dizziness and my throat now has several blisters on it. What could this be??
Edit: I should also note no medical issues aside from congenital heart disease (pulmonary stenosis) and I had a valve replacement a year ago. Also I had a cold sore for the first time ever the same day this started that has since became a bit infected
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2023.06.10 07:12 SCM0013 wanting to become an architect but cant start a portfolio

I am currently a freshman in college and considering a double major in Architecture and engineering. I know I need to create a portfolio for the class if I want to be accepted but i dont really know how to start this. In high school i took many classes with a creative outlet such as art, animation 1 and 2, music technology, graphic design, and art exploration. many of these works are straight up not good and i dont want to use them for my portfolio, I have however made many things in a other creative way which I would like an opinon on for if i should add it. I have made at least 50 different buildings with their own style in minecraft and they have taken me well over 200+ hours. I know its weird but ive gone into great detail including color pallet, roof alignment, and style of houses. ive made gothic revival, Queen Anne, American queen anne, folk victorian, and so on in these buildings. would the college just laugh at this as a portfolio? i would certainly add sketches of other building ideas to this but is it even worth adding to it?
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