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Boxing for boxers, not spectators.

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Boxing for boxers, not spectators.

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Best workout bench for home gym 2020, flat/adjustable weight bench with leg extension, olympic weight bench, cheap weight bench with weights, weight bench set and bench press and weights for sale, commercial adjustable weight bench. How to use a weight bench at home.

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2023.03.29 10:55 PzKpfw_Sangheili Gunboat Diplomacy: Prologue

Hi! This is the first post in what I hope to be (about) a 7 part series following the adventures of a human destroyer with a crew who was not trained for diplomacy becoming the last chance for peace between two alien species who aren’t very happy that their first contact with humanity is a purpose-built warship blundering into their space. Kida sorta. This is my first time writing anything like this, or really anything at all for public viewership, so feedback is welcome!
This is the prologue, the framing sequence is kinda vague here, this is mostly just to set up the main cast of this show and the titular gunboat, the UNS Crazy Train, so apologies if it drags a bit in a couple places, but I figured it’d be best to exposit now and focus on a more character driven story later (unless y'all really like exposition). Future chapters will probably use the memory transcription framing sequence, the next one will for sure, but I'm not great at writing in first person, so it depends after that. I’m aiming for one post a week, but IRL may have other plans for me.
Credit to u/SpacePaladin15 for his original series, The Nature of Predators, It is very good! Read it if you haven’t because, 1:why are you on the NoP subreddit without reading NoP? Silly. And 2:None of this will probably make sense unless you already know a good chunk of NoP’s plot.
I started working on this before part 98 came out, but this story is not set in the primary canon, so effectively that's about where it diverges from the normal timeline. I'll do my best to avoid contradicting lore from before 99 wherever possible!
That's enough introduction, on with the prologue!

Historical Record: July 12th, 2137
“Captain Krenshaw?”
The captain didn’t look up from his datapad, beckoning the visitor into his office. Probably just another new batch of paperwork for me to sign. While he was enthusiastic about captaining the UNS Crazy Train, the first in the UN’s new class of siege-breaker destroyers, he hadn’t anticipated the amount of documents he would have to sign and submit before. Liability waivers for every new piece of equipment on board, confirmations of deliveries of a dozen different ammo types, and signing the admittance documents for every one of the six hundred and thirty souls on board. Maybe the engineers have a new type of wrench they need approval to distribute to the workstations, he thought with a rueful smile.
The ship had been scheduled to launch five days prior, but the fueling shuttle had somehow brought fuel rods half again too long to fit in the reactor, and so the geniuses in engineering had figured out a way to cut them down to size. It was faster than waiting for replacements, but by no means a fast process, and some logistician had decided to take advantage of the ship sitting in dry dock above Mars and managed to add thirty tons of cargo to the manifest.
“The last of the ammunition has been loaded, we have one last matter to attend to before we are cleared for cast off.” The visitor said while handing him a clipboard.
The captain stood, recognizing the voice of Commander Wilson, his second in command and long time friend. If the commander was hand-delivering a hard copy, this must be an important piece of cargo. A cursory reading of the document proved him right, much to his consternation.
“We’re transporting war criminals now, Hanah? I thought four hundred incendiary bombs for the Fissan’s new “terraforming” project was a bit much, Lieutenant Kiref was already complaining about how he wouldn’t get any time to train with his marines with all this guard duty, and now he’s going to have to have to incorporate at least ten people into prisoner watch.”
Wilson shrugged. “I tried to argue with them, but apparently these criminals need to be delivered to the Venlil High Courts pronto. UN command wants any Arxur sympathetic to our cause to know that we don’t use exterminator tactics on defectors.”
Krenshaw sighed, “Great, just what I need to be worried about, racist pyromaniacs on a ship packed to the brim with napalm charges. I suppose I should go and talk to them before we set off, acceptable conduct and all that.” He rolled his eyes. “We’re ready to go other than that?”
Wilson nodded, and Krenshaw followed her out of his office, leaving her in the battle bridge to make final preparations, while the captain got in a lift down to the dock connecting them to the Martian Shipyards.
As he passed the levels, he again marveled at the warship he was now in command of. The Crazy Train was not a particularly large ship, coming in at just under half a klick long and a quarter of that in width and an eighth in height, but the armor made her literally second to none. While the lower half of her twin hulls were armored comparably to any other human warship, the top halves were covered and connected by a series of armor plates collectively thicker than the wingspan of Earth’s largest fighter, not even including spacing. In order to account for her massive weight, the four primary propulsion thrusters (one at the front and rear of each hull) could rotate to face straight down for atmospheric flight.
Her design had been the result of information gleaned during the UN Shadow Fleet’s marauding attack through Chief Hunter Shaza’s sector, notably the complete lack of any anti-capital ship weapons on the surface of any of the Arxur cattle worlds. A conversation with some of the Arxur sympathetic to humanity, and interrogation of one of the cattle farm overseers revealed the reason: apparently, about sixty years ago a cattle world had been drained of guards for another all-out attack, leaving just under one hundred Arxur in charge of roughly three thousand Mazics. One stampede later, and the Arxur had lost control of the farm and all of its anti-starship heavy plasma railguns. The facility was removed with antimatter bombs, but over a hundred bombers were lost in an operation that, had the guns not been operational, could have been handled by three or four. Rather than rework their entire military strategy to rely on smaller, more flexible forces that didn’t require reducing entire galactic sectors to skeleton crews, the Arxur just moved all the heavy guns to orbital installations.
As a result, the UN commissioned three new classes of warship under “Project Rustler,” with the objective of creating purpose-built warships for eliminating orbital defense platforms and liberating cattle farms. The designers of the Crazy Train had come up with the quintessentially human tactic of building a ship so heavily armored and with such powerful engines that she could hard burn past the platforms, dumping dozens of boarding torpedoes and enough countermeasures to cloak a small fleet in her wake, hover above the farm, drop the onboard detachment of marines to the surface, rescue as many cattle as possible, and escape virtually unharmed due to the upper armor plate being thick enough to take dozens of shots that would split a larger ship in two in stride.
Captain Krenshaw’s musings were interrupted by the bell indicating someone else was getting on the lift. The doors slid open, and the massive form of an Arxur blocked the doorway before quickly ducking inside the elevator.
“Mornin’ Captain” growled Lieutenant Kiref, crouching slightly to avoid whacking his head on the seven foot tall ceiling. “I’m heading down to the docks to take delivery of that batch of prisoners. Where are you headed?”
“Same place actually, I figured you might need some help.”
The Lieutenant waved his tail to indicate his skepticism. “Captain, I am more than capable of taking delivery of three Venlil, who are already cuffed. If they are that heavy, I can requisition some marines to help drag their bodies to their cells after they faint. Why are we hauling prisoners anyway? The version of the orders I got were blocked out.”
“Kiref, these are war criminals, exterminators deployed with the UN army on an Arxur scientific research base.”
Kiref cut in, “Well at least they should be accustomed to seeing sentient predator species then, shouldn’t that make them easier to handle?”---”Sir?” quickly correcting his mistake. Captain Krenshaw is tolerant of a lack of decorum, but I really need to get the hang of these human honorifics for the next time I have to justify my service to some admiral Kiref internally chastised himself.
“They were found by their commanding officer after having burned several defectors to death, so I think fainting is nowhere near the worst situation we could have.” Kiref’s yellow slitted eyes went wide, then narrowed with anger. “What’s more, there was another defector who was still on fire, and survived, so this will definitely go public. The UN wanted to try the exterminators at the Hague, make sure everybody else knows that’s not how humanity treats defectors and POWs, but Tarva insisted that they be tried on Venlil Prime. The UN wants to announce the trial before the story breaks, so the prisoners are taking the next ship to Venlil Prime, which is us.”
“Thanks for the heads up, and glad to know the ship’s leaving soon.” The captain nodded in agreement to the last sentiment, as the doors to the lift opened, revealing the ready deck, which was supposed to be kept clear for troops and equipment for planetary landings, but which was currently packed to the brim with shipping containers full of napalm and canned fruit. The pair made their way through the labyrinth to the airlock connecting the Crazy Train to the dock, Kiref taking note of the lack of any dropships within the hangar.
“Captain, has there been any word on when we will be taking on any landing vessels, and of what type they may be? I was hoping to run disembarkation drills with the landing party.”
“Some new Nevok design they don’t want to be sending the schematics over long range broadcast, probably a good idea given how poor the cybersecurity on those old Fed transmitters is.” The captain replied, with a chuckle at the last part. “You should have at least some time to train on the way to the rest of the fleet. I understand you had planned on using the ready deck to train for surface combat, but since that isn’t an option, I’ll set aside the living quarters and sickbay for the freed prisoners as a simulation for boarding actions.”
Kiref swung his tail in a gesture of appreciation. “I thank you for your consideration sir. I will make sure my men will be capable of securing any ship in the Dominion or Federation within less than a half an hour after boarding.”
Stepping through the airlock, the pair walked onto the dock, which was as large as a highway, and populated sparsely by crewmen loading the last few containers and a squad of marines who snapped to attention as the two officers walked passed. Sticking out like a sore thumb among all the sailors were three of the baldest looking Venlil either man had ever seen seated in benches a little way down the dock, flanked by four uncomfortable looking guards in UNMP uniforms. Upon seeing the alien’s strange haircuts, Kiref glanced quizzically at his commanding officer, who just muttered “exterminators” in response, causing Kiref to roll his eyes. The exterminators were wearing hand (or paw) cuffs clearly designed for someone much larger than them, and The lead exterminator, judging by the insignia pinned to his fire-resistant uniform, glared at Kiref with a look that betrayed not so much fear as anger and disgust.
As Captain Krenshaw began signing over custody of the prisoners, the lead exterminator let out a yell. “Hey human! You know you got a monster in your crew?” The captain put down his pen and turned to face the Venlil, a terrifying look in his eye that made the other two Venlil back down. The leader carried on, oblivious “We could take care of it for you! That thing’s a danger to anybody on board, at least get your chief of security to confine it to a cell!”
Lieutenant Kiref snapped his eyes over to the Venlil, and unsheathed his claws, causing the exterminator to take an involuntary step back. “I’m sorry prisoner,” said the Arxur, his every syllable dripping with venom “I didn’t quite hear you, would you care to repeat that?”
The captain jumped between the two aliens. “THAT’S ENOUGH!”
“Look, human, that thing-”
“I SAID ENOUGH. For future reference, his name is Lieutenant Kiref, not ‘it,’ mine is Captain Krenshaw, not ‘human,’ and as commander of my ship’s marine detachment, he is the security chief. You are under his charge for the duration of our voyage, so I suggest you treat him with the respect he is due.” The captain turned to the Lieutenant. “Take these war criminals to the brig. You know the handbook on prisoner transport inside and out, I trust you will have no problem keeping them confined?”
“None whatsoever” said Kiref, grinning at the now cowering Venlil. He motioned for two marines who were coming back from the interior of the shipyard, and the three of them escorted the cuffed Venlil into the bowels of the ship.
The captain sighed and turned back to the four military police officers, and finished filling out the clipboard before handing it back to the officer who had given it to him.
“Safe travels, captain, and good luck” The man said.
“Thanks, we’ll definitely need it.” Captain Krenshaw turned and began calling over his radio to the crew, “Alright, seal all airlocks, disconnect all umbilicals and prepare to release docking clamps, we will be underway within the hour.”
The ship wasn’t under way for very long.
The UNS Crazy Train exited hyperdrive about four lightyears from the edge of the Sol system, just over a day and a half after departure in a patch of seemingly uninteresting space. Captain Krenshaw ran onto the bridge, disheveled but attempting to put on a professional face, buttoning the last button on his jacket. “What’s the status?” This was a charted area of space, if there had been an asteroid or large space rock,it should have been marked on the map, and the only other plausible option was an enemy fleet, which seemed absent.
Commander Wilson turned at his entrance, vacating the command chair “We’re not sure what it is, the automated navigator detected an absurdly large object in our path, but only picked it up at the last second, and was able to break us out of FTL within just forty klicks of the object. Scanner Officer Casey is investigating now, but we haven’t seen anything since going sunlight.”
The captain took a seat and looked over at the sensor station. “Any ideas yet Caysey?” Officer Casey was by far both the youngest and least experienced member of the Crazy Train’s bridge crew, but Krenshaw was somewhat concerned with the Dossur’s ability to perform his duties under stress. He had been diagnosed with “predator disease” which manifested as an extreme lack of fear response, which meant that he was capable of exchanging small talk over lunch with Kiref for three whole minutes before fainting. Krenshaw had been assured multiple times that the diminutive officer would be just fine in performing his duties as long as the enemies stayed on the other side of a screen, and the Dossur’s natural extremely fast reflexes proved Caysey was adept at identifying and distinguishing targets, so the captain was hopeful, if a bit cautious.
Caysey looked up from his screen, his field of view severely limited by his blinders. “Captain, the only thing that could have blipped into and immediately out of sensor range that fast was another ship passing dangerously close without announcing it’s heading, headed inbound for Earth.”
“An invasion fleet perhaps? Should we turn around?”
“I don’t think so, It would have skipped in front of us for a fraction of a second. The object was detected for over a second, at the speeds we’re talking about, in order to do that the ship would have to be literally light-seconds long, and wide too given the distance this thing seems to stretch on to the sides” The scanner officer looked back to his panel and took several deep breaths before continuing. “I think sensor error is the more likely option. Possibly also some sort of energy field orbiting a local sun at superluminal speeds, but that’s not supported by any scientific theories I know of,” Caysey hastily added.
“I think we’ll avoid examination of theoretical physics for now, drop a beacon and we’ll see if anyone wants to send out a science ship later, helm, continue at sunlight speeds until we clear this field.” The captain said, relaxing a bit. We were needed at the front weeks ago, every day we aren’t there, more people die in Arxur farms.
The ship slowly trundled forwards at sunlight speeds for a few minutes, all eyes were looking at their instruments. The bow punched into the zone, the bridge crew collectively taking deep breaths.
“We should be clear in twenty seconds” Wilson called out.
The whole ship was in the space where the disturbance had been now.
“Fifteen seconds…”
No objects on scanners within the collision warning perimeter
“Ten seconds…”
The bow had reached the far side.
With one and a half seconds to go, Caysey yelled out “WAIT-” but it was too late. Within half a second the entirety of the UNS Crazy Train was engulfed in a bizarre energy field. The standard lighting on the bridge cut out and the emergency bulbs burst from the power surge, plunging the ship into total darkness. The ship rocked violently as the engines gimbaled in random directions. Faster than even the Dossur could react, every electrical system on the ship was flooded with power levels dozens of times higher than what they had been designed to handle. The helmsman screamed as his hands were electrified by the absurd amperage traveling through the ship’s wheel. The ship's reactors tripped, dropping the control rods within another half second, triggering warnings on every panel on the engineering decks.
Within another second the energy had passed, leaving the Crazy Train drifting lifeless in deep space. The turbines slowly winding down triggered the emergency batteries to connect to the ships power, keeping the remaining systems functional, for now. The backup computer activated, rerouting power through backup conduits wherever possible, and developing a list of what needed to be replaced.
Captain Krenshaw was the first to get to his feet. “Is anyone injured?”
“Helmsman Jones' hands are burned pretty badly, should I escort him to sickbay?” said Commander Wilson, helping the injured man to his feet.
“Please do, then help Dr. Mulvan get a triage going.” The captain replied. “Is there anything on scanners, Caysey?
“No s-sir” panted Caysey slowly getting to his fleet. “I should be able to check the beacon we dropped just before we entered the field.” The Dossur was quiet for several seconds. “Sir our comms and scanners may be more damaged than the computer says, I can’t even establish that the beacon is there. Should I launch another?”
“If we have that functionality, then do so. It seems your superluminal energy field hypothesis may have some merit after all” replied the captain, still a bit shaken.
Caysey punched a few buttons before frowning. “The next beacon is launched, and it’s meeting all expected readings. It’s like the other probe just disappeared.”
Krenshaw didn’t give it much thought, contacting engineering to see when the situation on damage control was. The damage turned out to have been mostly superficial or to redundant components, mainly to lighting systems and some CIWS targeting systems. All things that could be replaced in-flight or swapped out quickly at the next port. The only crucial component the ship was missing was the long range communications array, leading to the captain's decision to continue on towards Venlil Prime. At least they have an approach vector lined up for us, we would be cruising into extremely heavy traffic with no comms and dodgy sensors if we head back to Earth. So much for a peaceful maiden voyage, although at least it’s not the worst thing that could have happened...

Thanks for reading, it means a lot! Again, thanks to SpacePaladin15 as well! Hope to see y'all next time on Gunboat Diplomacy!
(also did anybody else know disembarkation was the proper word? I just kinda assumed it was disembarkment until google and spellcheck corrected me)
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2023.03.29 10:55 onesciemus Upper body work out routine (need advice)

Hey guys, I just started going to the gym 2 months ago. One of the guys at the gym gave me an upper body workout which I modified a bit. Anything you would change? Exercises to remove or to add? I do this 2-3x a week. In a few weeks time, I'll start incorporating a leg routine (just started with this one to get going). This takes me approximately around 80-90 minutes to complete with breaks in between.
  1. Barbell bench press (2x10)
  2. Dumbell bench press (2x12-15)
  3. Dumbell inclined bench press (2x12-15)
  4. Dumbell seated shoulder press (2x12-15)
  5. Biceps curl (2x10-12 or to failure)
  6. One arm inclined lateral raise (2x15 or to failure)
  7. Lat Pull down (2x12-15 or to failure)
  8. Triceps push down (2x15 or to failure)
  9. Declined weighted sit-ups (2x15)
  10. Leg Raises (2x15)
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2023.03.29 10:52 ThrowRA_192 My (f31) boyfriend (m34) of 8 years won't propose to me unless I lose weight.

We have had a pretty rocky relationship over the years. We met at work and within 6 months, he was keen to move in together (rent). A year later he was purchasing a house for us to both live in (I considered it too early to be financially tied, and I didn't have enough savings to contribute). Cut to a few months later and I suffered a very severe bout of depression. I won't go into detail but it was regarding my career and long standing family issues. Over the next few years my boyfriend was very supportive whilst I had quit my job and was unemployed for 6 months. During this time I went from a UK size 10-12 to a size 16, especially during covid.
In the last couple of years we've been going from strength to strength and we have purchased a house together, large enough to start a family.
I'm also no longer depressed, and I've managed to take control of my emotions and how I deal with issues, along with a new career where I am earning similar to my boyfriend. Enough that I can splurge on holidays, whilst being able to save plenty.
The issue is, I've been waiting the last year atleast for my partner to propose. I've never expected him to when I was still trying to get myself together, but now I'm in a much better place I feel that an engagement should be soon. He is aware I want to be married before I have kids, and that is non-negotiable. I don't plan to be too old (pushing 35) by the time I have kids. One thing to also mention, I have also made it clear throughout our relationship I wanted to be engaged by the time I was 30, that time has since been and gone.
I've recently accepted a promotion at work where I will need to move abroad to Ukraine (atleast a year) and I felt that was a good time to propose before I go. I raised this with my boyfriend as I felt that this wasn't coming anytime soon, and he said he still hasn't decided and has issues with my weight.
I was shocked he still was undecided after all this time and I said I can't promise to lose weight quick enough for him to propose and that his proposal shouldn't be conditional. He's had 8 years to decide if this relationship is what he wants, and I can't feel like I'm forever on "probation" until I'm the perfect person he wants me to be. He said that he can't lie and say he doesn't have "reservations" about our relationship, and that he was thinking about proposing last summer and he wanted to see how this year goes (I've heard this all before). I said I was surprised he felt this way, given we have purchased a house together (why would you do that if you didn't see a future?) and I won't wait around forever and he needs to decide if he wants this. I said I don't need to be proposed to now, just that it needs to be soon (in the next year).
We have a very loving and fun relationship, and he's been great and someone I 100% see my future with. I just feel like I'm not good enough and he is still undecided whether he wants to "commit" in that way. I feel upset and its made me really feel down in the dumps and less than. What do I do?
TL;DR My boyfriend is undecided whether to propose to me after 8 years and purchasing a family home together, and wants me to lose weight before he does.
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2023.03.29 10:50 gonnaketchupall Just need to catch shiny pansage to complete the shiny family

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2023.03.29 10:50 AutoModerator [Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator

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2023.03.29 10:49 Carlondion99 Don’t know where to start?

Hey guys, so I’m contemplating whether to join a Pilates class or yoga for my specific issues? So I like to lift weights but I’m really struggling getting a position for deadlifts (you can see my form on my profile) In any sort of hip hinge exercise like a deadlift my back always rounds.
I’ve been told by both sides it’s a flexibility/ mobility issue with the hips/ hams and core and back!
This ties me into the question on which should I take first. Now I don’t want to give up weights and I have time for one these respective types of exercises (pilates/ yoga) I can commit to two classes per week, with more home practice when I get to grip.
Which do you guys recommend? That will help with this issue? I have Vinyasa yoga/ Yin yoga that I can attend regularly or Classical pilates?
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2023.03.29 10:46 cranck17 First raid🙏🏻

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2023.03.29 10:45 j6ce3Hfe6L I Am SOLO S13E07 - Ep. 90 2023-03-29

Reality Dating Show

In search of a marriage partner, hyperrealist dating begins where singles gather and struggle to find love.


[From KOCOWA description]
Six men and six women, who desire to get married, are invited to Solo World, which is arranged on an enormous scale. The singles of "I am Solo," who are no celebrities, show off their charms to find their partner and date on this real dating program. An all-time romantic yet shocking love story, way more heart-fluttering than a melodrama that will provoke everyone's passion for love, will be revealed.


Cast of Season 13


Name Age Notes
Young Soo 39 ('85) Doctor (GP - Botox/Laser treatment @ plastic surgery clinic). Moved to Seoul from Busan 1 year ago. 183cm. likes Busking
Young Ho 38 ('86) Public financial institution in "Intake Department". Seoul. Hobby: Piano at an Academy for Adult students.
Young Sik 37 ('87) Weight lifting instructor at a sports high school. Busan. Former member of Weight Lifting National Team (1yr). Won Gold in Asian Club Championship. Graduated Korea National Sports University (Masters in Exercise Physiology). Former Strength & Conditioning coach for the National Bobsled & Skeleton team.
Young Chul 31 ('93) Oriental Orchid farmer (100K pots, 4 farms in Cheongju, 2 farms in China). Family was victim of $5m USD robbery which affected his university plans. Graduated Yonsei University. Played golf since middle school, prepared to become a Pro Golfer, but canceled due to injury.
Kwang Soo 35 ('89) Software engineer, Samsung Electronics, Cell Phone division. Self-professed weirdo.
Sang Chul 35 ('89) Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Chiropractor.


Name Age Notes
Young Sook 33 ('90) Pharmacist from Busan. Opened her pharmacy 2 years ago.
Jung Sook 32 ('91) Organist & Music Teacher (Adjunct Prof at a university). Yonsei undergrad, MFA & Ph.D. in Music (Munich)
Sun Ja 35 ('88) Cloud Engineer at Amazon. BS Computer Engineering. Worked in Shanghai (3 years), 12 years total. Hobbies: Crossfit, Pilates, Gaming (Cyberpunk 2077, PUBG)
Young Ja 33 ('90) Corporate Accountant. Section chief Tax/Accounting team (Doosan(?) affiliate). Fan of IAS since "Couples", Hobbies: Weight training, Hiking
Ok Soon 33 ('90) Cabin Attendant (domestic airline, probably Hi-Air). 170cm (unconfirmed). Previous media appearances list. DOX: 심효정 (Shim Hyo-Jeong). Hobbies: Staying at home, drinking wine.
Hyun Sook 29 ('94) VIP Marketing Team for a department store (started as Network planner). Electrical Engineering (Double-E). Instagram/Influencer. Originally from Yeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do. Lots of hobbies.



Info Link Notes
Stream Kocowa Subs +24h from broadcast

Previous S13 Discussion Posts


NOTE: This discussion post may (and probably will) contain spoilers

To promote free and flowing discussion, spoiler tagging is not required in this discussion post.
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2023.03.29 10:44 Cold-Body4067 What are some things I can do daily to actually start living and enjoying life?

I'm in my early 30s and have suffered from clinical, treatment resistant depression for almost 20 years. I live in a HCOL state rent a single room. I drive a shitty car that I'm 2 months behind payments on because I had to pay what financial aid didn't cover for my tuition. I go to school online but probably won't be able to graduate this year due to several labs I still need to complete, but I haven't been able to find a place that will let me yet. My day-to-day is spent working 2 dead-end jobs (one at night, and the other in the morning) over 70 hours a week. I'm often stressed, anxious, and physically tired. I'm obese and just started going to the gym a few months ago, started off great and lost a little weight, but gained it all back due to my dog dying recently, and right now I just feel...stuck. And discouraged. Most of my life is spent either working or in my room. I have a few friends, but find it difficult to regularly socialize--mostly due to me not feeling up to it most days.
I go to therapy weekly, and am on the right combination meds that take the edge off and help me function, but am still deeply unhappy. I feel depressed because I feel like I have nothing to show for my life, which has been fairly lonely and hard due to growing up in an abusive, narcissistic household. I have PTSD from the things I went through. All my friends and peers are out their living their white picket fence lives and I'm just here...in my room...lonely and alone. I have no gusto for anything. Nothing to look forward to. On paper, my life looks...like it has promise. At least that's what everyone, including my therapist, says. But most days I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's like I have all the right tools, but something stops me from using them the correct way.
I want to change. I want to have hope that things will change and get better, but how?
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2023.03.29 10:43 FanNo8142 Help, I’m miserable !// parenting ?

Before i start my very large rant, I would just like to say, I love my parents and am grateful for everything they have done for me HOWEVER, I just can’t seem to add up the remnants of my past 18 years. Okay, so where do I begin ? I’m 19 this year and I don’t think I can handle the constant loop of unproductive days followed by waiting for what seems to be FOREVER to go to bed to avoid everything. I was a bright kid who talked using dramatic gestures and the people loved me. I’m not sure what happened but I then became this extremely shy kid who had major separation anxiety/social anxiety. I cried during my first year of school and cried for many more years. I loathed the idea of being around other kids and demanding teachers for 7 hours and I never woke up without trying to find a way to call in sick until i was in 10th grade. I’m lonely, I feel sad and jealous seeing others at the shops. Eventually, I feel as though I’ve transcended into a void. I feel numb. Growing up, I had friends, some that left quickly others that were my friends for many years. I always felt left out . My parents are religious but aren’t strict upon it to a large extent. They did, however, use religion to deprive me of what would have made many childhood experiences and memories. I was allowed to go out with friends, maybe twice in my life without supervision , the other four with my parents being there. I begged for a phone and got one in high school but wasn’t allowed to message or call any of my friends ( I lived near my school, so the phone wasn’t really of any use ). My life consisted of going to school, then back home. Any outings had to be with family. I never face timed , or went to houses. I never watched any popular shows or movies because any show/movie that involved human actors was deemed inappropriate by my mother so I was never able to relate with any of my friends. My friends often told me that I probably didn’t consider them as friends since I “never wanted to hang out”. In reality, I didn’t want to make my parents look bad and simply told my friends that I didn’t have time to go to their plans. My 14 year old sister stays in her room all day with the door closed, when I until now have someone barge in on me. I always told to get out of my room and be with family so I basically lived in the living room. Remember the COVID-19 lockdown? I did all my zoom meetings in the living room when I had a perfectly spacious room. My father told me that he liked this new house better because everyone is together. No double storeys to keep people separated and the rooms are all near each other. After graduating high school, I thought I would become a more improved version of myself in uni ( college, whatever you want to call it ) but boy was I gullible. I got my learners license 3 years ago but I don’t have my license because : 1- Anxiety 2- I saw no point in having one. It’s not like I was going places. I made all my classes online except for one day on campus. Despite all of my parent’s friends asking why I didn’t take the bus or train, whenever I brought up their comments, my parents would answer for me. “ Oh but you’ll be scared since you’ve never used public transport. You’ll be so lost or even miss your train!” True but I’m not scared. So my mum offered to drive me there. Getting ready, she’d tell me not to wear baggy clothes because it didn’t look nice. She’d also comment on how certain things made me look like a ball ( thanks to that extra 15kgs lockdown gave me ). Then she’d tell me to wear something different in case people notice that my pants were the same as last time. Then, she’d ask why I used my own shade of foundation, I needed a lighter one because fair skin looks nicer than tanned. She’d finally end up wearing something that looks like all her other black coloured clothing and we’d drive off.Around 40 minutes away, she decides to stay at uni since there’s no point in driving all the way back. I definitely didn’t enjoy it when she walked with me all the way to my class on the first day. Or when I have to walk back to the units coffee shop to meet my mum and walk back to the car together. Don’t get me wrong, its lovely spending time with parents but being privileged plus being heavily dependent on your parents gives other the impression that you’re an ignorant and spoilt snob. Or you’d get made fun of for not knowing how the outside world works. She makes sure to emphasise how she never has time because she always has to take the kids to school and take me to uni. Anyways, then I’d go back home, try to study with all the noise, end up wasting my entire day making empty promises to myself and have nothing done. Then at around 10-11pm, mum would announce that she’s tired and when she’s tired, we have to give her all of our electronics ( phone, iPad, laptop, switch, everything ). Then I’d have to wait until she waked up in the morning until I get my things back and thankfully she charged the phone but oh god she forgot the iPad this time, looks like lectures will have to be watched later. Nowadays, she tells me that I can keep my IPad /laptop with me until late so that I can study. I refuse each time. Why? I don’t enjoy pity. So now I sit here, not doing my skincare, not happy with my weight, no motivation to study, not bothered to complete simple tasks such as making my own bed, not going out with friends despite my parents getting mad and telling me that they aren’t stopping me from doing so. Well, surprise surprise, I’m pretty sure that none of my friends message me anymore since I never put in the time for them. Now, I watch my 14 year old sister FaceTiming and messaging all her friends. I look back and see my 9 year old sister FaceTiming her friends on her iPad, playing Roblox together. It’s messing me up and I sure as heck am jealous. My parents do love me but all of this pointing out my flaws, treating me like a child, not allowing me to be able to grasp a single fragment of a childhood memory really has turned me into this miserable, anger consumed person. I need to learn to suppress certain feelings while emphasising others. E.g. I could be so emotionally driven, anything would make me cry ( children’s movie, celebrities being cheered at, etc ) but I also can’t tell the difference between nervousness and anxiety. When I see my mother or sister cry, I feel awkward, sometimes annoyed. I’m not moved yet I remember what I need to do in steps and I only take action out of guilt so step one, see if they need to be alone, step two coax them, step three move in for a hug and so on. SO so sorry for this rant, was never given psychological help so I’ve kept most of my problems to myself. This would only accumulate to a quarter of my issues. Any advice is greatly appreciated !
P.s - I can’t move out ( religious reasons ) and I’ve never ignored my parents as it would make them fume with rage so I can’t do either of the two.
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2023.03.29 10:39 Temporary_Look_9064 Reducing sets or number of exercises? And additional questions.

Hello Steven! First of all, thank you for writing OG2. It's an astonishing book that has helped me a lot in my bodyweight training!
A short background: I have trained at gym for many years, when covid pandemic hit and gyms closed I decided to explore bodyweight training. Loved it so much that when gyms opened I decided to stick with bodyweight for upper body, while going back to weights for lower. I started with the recommended routine and made good progress. Later I bought your book and constructed my own routine, that looked just like the recommended routine but substituted chin ups and dips for pull ups and pike push ups.
I started this year with a hypertrophy focus for upper body and increased volume by adding a push and a pull per workout, so 3 push and pull for 3 sets each of 5-8 reps totalling 9 sets. Lower body volume has been unchanged. This worked well for the first mesocycle, as I started the second stronger. During the second I stalled and started the third mesocycle weaker. Mid third cycle I got problems with sleep, fatigue, legs felt heavy all the time so I did my recovery week earlier followed by a week of complete rest and now I feel much better again. So the lesson from my hypertrophy attempt was that it was too much workload and not enough recovery for my ability. The hypertrophy focus worked though, as I have made visual progress in my upper body. Both my girlfriend (who of course is biased) and friends have commented on my body composition progress. Anyway, now I need to go back to a workload that I can handle and a routine that incorporates what I liked from my hypertrophy routine. The routine i followed 3 times per week looked like this, with 3 sets per exercise and 5-8 reps:
chin ups pike push ups FL row progression pppu pull ups dips
I liked the 3 push and pull structure as it had both pike push ups and dips. I was also thinking about progressing with weights for chin ups and progressing with higher pulls for pull ups. Reducing sets to 2 per exercise would total 6 sets per push and pull, which has worked well for me before. the possible downside is imbalance between vertical and horizontal pull. I have had imbalance in my gym training and horizontal pull has significanty improved shoulder and back health for me.
Another option I thought of is an A and B full body split, looking like this 3 times per week:
A chin ups pike push ups FL row progression pppu
B FL row progression pppu pull ups dips
This would be balance between vertical and horizontal pull. However frequency of pike push ups and dips would be 1,5 times per week. A solution to increase push frequency could be to also include a workout C:
pull up dips FL row progression pike push ups
This would increase frequency of pike push ups and dips to 2 times per week. but from what I understand it is better using the same workout template as much as possible with full body routines?
So as the title says, my main question is: Using my hypertrophy training template as a starting point and modifying it, would it be better with reducing sets or reducing exercises? I train 3 times per week, occasionally missing one due to life circumstances but it is quite rare. For that reason I prefer full body training and I did the same when training in the gym. I haven't listed lower body training but it is included and my question is only about upper body. I am not asking about a new hypertrophy focused routine, as I am looking for a new starting point with general strength and hypertrophy for a while. My next hypertrophy focus attempt I will maybe try something else than what I did, or I will try what I did again and see how it goes.
Additional questions:
1 - Pppu with feet at shoulder vs hand level. I understand that if planche is the goal then elevated feet is superior. But if general strength and hypertrophy is the only goal, does it matter? I find that feet at hand level is significantly harder at bottom while feet elevated is significantly harder at top. I find it hard to decide which variation to include, since achieving a planche is not a goal for me at the time.
2 - Leaning dips and pppu. I have started doing leaning dips and wonder if they, due to the lean, have the same strength and hypertrophy effect as pppu? As the progression is more lean, do they over time accomplish the same thing, perhaps the dip even starting to look more like a planche push up variation?
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2023.03.29 10:32 hrsn_shred Move back home for a year to save,good or bad idea?

Hello everyone,
I have a job offer in my hometown that would allow me to save up a substantial amount.This is a year long contract which is as much I could put up living there without going mental.After the year's up I will have another job lined up in a great HCOL,so it's not like I'll be stuck in my hometown forever.
Suck it up for a year in current job or make the move?
Thanks for taking the time to read my dear diary story!Any advice dearly appreciated
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2023.03.29 10:31 Chytrylis Is my weight loss rate that bad?

Hi! First time posting there so I hope I wont break all the rules in the first post!
I am trying to gauge my weight loss progress and if I am doing something wrong.
So Ive started going to the gym 5 months ago with weight of 83kg. I am going consistently 4 times per week with 2 days upper body, 1 day legs 1 day cardio training. I am also on a diet througout that whole time and I am eating 2000-2100kcal per day (trying to keep macro of 150P,78F,175C).
Ive never skipped a gym day and only few times I had a cheat day maybe 4-5 times in 5 months. However, besides gym I am not doing too much activities: I work at desk job, I commute by car, I play video games on my spare time.
Still, I am assuming I am burning aprox 2600-2700 kcal a day which is a reasonably big deficit of 600kcal.
However, over the period of 5 months Ive only cut to 76.5kg (-6.5kg loss), which is about 0.3kg/week or 0.66lbs/week. I think it is really slow compared to some posts here or even google searches.
My personal trainer says its fine and Ive lost more fat but Ive gained muscles. Since this is my first time ever going to the gym, this might be partially true. My lifts increased obviously but this is probably because Ive never lifted before. Also I am taking creatine so I was expecting some strenght improvement.
Can anyone let me know how am I doing? Any feedback? I am at this point just super worried that I am doing something wrong but I dont know where to improve other than eating less and doing more activity?
Many thanks!
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2023.03.29 10:28 Change_Playful Lf shiny meltan and melmetal

Lf shiny meltan and melmetal submitted by Change_Playful to PokemonHome [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 10:24 Physical_Gazelle4644 My arm inside the cow! Milk, fitness girl, stretching girl, yoga at home, stretches for flexibility, morning yoga, yogagirl, gym girl, yoga girls, flexible yoga,Hot news, top news, Europe, USA, China, France, Spain, Brazil, cryptocurrency, btc, war, trump, body, girl, canada, japan, japanese massage

My arm inside the cow! Milk, fitness girl, stretching girl, yoga at home, stretches for flexibility, morning yoga, yogagirl, gym girl, yoga girls, flexible yoga,Hot news, top news, Europe, USA, China, France, Spain, Brazil, cryptocurrency, btc, war, trump, body, girl, canada, japan, japanese massage submitted by Physical_Gazelle4644 to u/Physical_Gazelle4644 [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 10:16 ElmSeedling Skipping breakfast has actually been a gamechanger

I've been in a really bad downwards spiral for the last year or so. Lot's of partying (I'm a student), going out to eat, just having a snack there and here etc. Low motivation and non-existing willpower. At the same time, I've been thinking about food and my weight every single day, every time I eat. Feeling guilty and ashamed. Some of my clothes doesn't fit, I've felt ugly, fat, the whole range of self-hatred. And it sucks, so I've been trying to change things.
First, I've started shopping for clothes. Instead of thinking "I'll buy it when I loose weight", I opt for "I can just use a belt, I can alter it, I can sell it later etc.". This makes me feel GOOD. I feel like I look great, and it has enhanced my confidence a lot.
Second, I've startet skipping breakfast. It seems like I start the day motivated, and then 'gives up' in the evening. When I'm tired and the days are long. So I figured out, how about skipping breakfast (saving 250kcals ish there), and eat my usual lunch at 11? It's in the morning I have zero cravings and are ready for the day afterall. I live with my bf and another person so we always eat dinner together. I'm not making the dinner usually, so I have little control over what goes in it. My bf is very aware of the use of oils etc., so he's helping the best he can. I start the day by achieving a goal, and that feels great. I don't overthink the whole dinner-ordeal, and that stops me from eating my feelings (shame, loss of control etc.).
Third, I've been trying to not eat very late at night. Because I'm not being eaten by guilt every minute of the day, it's so much easier to not "eat my feelings" during the night.
Fourth, I've been trying to reach my step goal every day by actually going out for walks. I've found a great round that takes about 45 minutes, gets my pulse up and some nice views of the city.
Fifth, I've almost completely stopped eating late night junk food when I'm out drinking. I go home and make myself a toast. It's easier to go home and eat when I'm not in the state of "I'm the overweight girl with ugly clothes anyway, so who cares if I eat a bunch of crap". And no, it's not exactly few calories in toast with cheese and ham, but I can at least track the calories AND I don't feel guilty the day after. Win-win.
I truly believe skipping breakfast is key here, as everything else just seemed impossible when I was feeling like shit every single day, not giving a fuck, but also giving a lot of fucks at the same time.
Tldr; Buying clothes that fit, change my eating routine and walking more has caused an upwards spiral
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2023.03.29 10:12 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA 6 Launch Windows Possibly Outed By Take-Two SEC Filing, Here's What We Know

Video game publisher Take-Two has one of the biggest video game franchises on the market thanks to Grand Theft Auto. The latest game in the franchise is GTA V, which is still incredibly popular despite having launched way back in 2013. Recently, Take-Two filed a 10-K with the SEC that shows what the company plans to spend on marketing over the next five years. That form showed that in fiscal 2024, more money would be spent on marketing than any other fiscal year over the next five years.
The marketing spend for fiscal 2024 ending March 31, 2024, is $89 million, more than twice the amount for other years listed on the form. Analyst Jeff Cohen from investment firm Stephens believes that massive marketing budget will coincide with the launch GTA VI. In other words, the filing suggests the highly anticipated video game may be several more years out than many fans expected.
gta v planes Being a publicly-traded company, Take-Two is required to file a 10-K with financial details each year that outlines its marketing spending for the next five years. The last 10-K form filed in May 2019 showed a spike in marketing costs in fiscal 2023, but that spike has now been shifted to fiscal 2024. Many companies have delayed major projects by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic that forced workers to operate from home and shut down production across the world.
Cohen pointed out that marketing spending has been an accurate predictor of the launch of major games from Take-Two in the past. For example, a marketing spending increase was noted on the 10-K form during the launch year for Red Dead Redemption 2, well before that game was announced. GTA VI is expected to launch sometime between April 2023 and March 2024 according to the filing, assuming there are no further delays.
Past rumors suggested a 2021 launch date, so a launch no sooner than April 2023 is a long time away for gamers. With GTA V and GTA Online still incredibly popular, Rockstar wouldn't be in a rush to launch the new game. And a delayed launch would also ensure that the game is optimized for next-generation Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles.
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2023.03.29 10:11 Verrgasm The Ineffable Detective

Detective Geoffrey Jones hunched down beside the woman's body to get a good look at her face, slowly turning it over. To his horror, he realized in an instant that the corpse was that of his own wife. Flashes overtook Geoffrey's fractured brain as it reeled for purchase on the footholds of his crumbling mindscape, but his composure failed him as the room continued to spin relentlessly. The veteran detective with the face that wasn't quite a face but obviously, clearly, still was one in a way, fell to the rickety wooden floorboards along with his beloved wife; who, fortunately, did have a tangible facial construct. He held the memory of her tangible facial construct dear to him. Dearer than anything else in the world. Her petite nose and those adorable big brown eyes... Eyes that would never open again. That smile that would light up a room… gone forever. The grubby water-stained ceiling above surged and warbled atop Geoffrey as the boards began to writhe and constrict beneath him, until suddenly, they had splintered free and pierced through his navy blue three-piece suit and straight into his fickle broken heart.
Geoffrey awoke in his bed in a sweat. He brought two fingers to his unface and caressed it tentatively, just to make sure that he still didn't have a face. To ensure that he still possessed that enigmatic unface which his darling Clara had fallen in love with so eagerly, so completely, despite the then recently trained detective's best warnings. He told her time and time again, "Clara, honey, I don't have a face."
Yet she loved him still. Geoffrey hoped that she carried that love into the ground with her, even though he knew that she probably hated him now, if she could even feel a thing besides death's indifferent pins and needles. Geoffrey sighed mournfully, tired, rubbing the temples of his unface in an effort to soothe himself; although he knew that the only real comfort on offer for him was a night in a whoreden with the town's skankiest broad at best, and a cruel whiskey-riddled stillborn dream at worst. That goddamn hoor was the only one left around that could stand to love that ineffable unface anymore…
The rotary phone on the bedside table began to ring, the receiver rattling in its hold. Geoffrey considered letting it go and closing his eyes, but he knew that sleep was way out of the picture once more. Any hope of seeing her again, alive or dead, was crushed under the oppressive weight of another day. Groaning, he snatched the phone, dragging it into bed and pulling the receiver to his ear; cradling it between his unface and his shoulder.
"Jones here, state your business."
"It's Lou!" The kid, Lanyard, was Geoffrey's new assistant. Excitable as always, fresh out of high-school with something to prove. Geoffrey had resisted Lou's attempts at charming him into letting him help out with cases at first, but he'd quickly proven himself to be an invaluable asset to the agency. People often didn't react so well when Geoffrey showed up at their house chasing leads. The jarring sight of his unface was enough to scare most women and children, and the affable young Lou with his normal features opened doors for Geoffrey that otherwise would have been firmly slammed shut. "We got another stiff down by the docs, it's a lady this time!"
"Don't sound so chipper, kid." Geoffrey began sternly, rubbing at his temples again in an attempt to quell his burgeoning headache. "That's a woman you're talking about. Have some respect, goddamn it."
"Ah-I'm sorry, boss! Fact is I'm down at the docs right now as it happens! Coppers are swarming, shaking down all the boatmen who came in this morning for information." That damn kid. Geoffrey had laid it out for him that Lou wasn't to go out on his own, not until he was ready. Problem was, the kid was ready, an innate investigator with an inquisitive sensibility, and Geoffrey knew it; but he didn't want any danger to come to the boy on his watch. He'd lost too many people over the years already. Seen too many good ones turn bad. "There anything you want me to do here first? I called you soon as I knew what was what. Honest, I did!"
"Just stay put and don't ruffle any feathers. My deal with the station's shaky enough as it is, I don't need you rubbing those cops the wrong way." Geoff sat up, feeling his bare feet on the coarse exposed wood of the decrepit floorboards. Suddenly, he remembered the dream and the details flooded through him, fuelling his throbbing headache. "Look, I'm on my way. Keep your head down and your ear to the ground."
"Will do, boss-"
Geoffrey slammed the phone back onto the bedside table, groggily getting to his feet and walking over to the pin board fixed on the wall. He looked over the documents and photos and handwritten notes scattered across its wide cork surface, wondering with dismay at what had all gone wrong. The case had been ongoing for just over a month after Geoffrey had been contacted by a relative of the first victim. Now after just a few weeks, they not only had a second but a third body; two men and a woman. He hoped that dead dame lying on those docks was unconnected, because if she wasn't, then what the city was looking at was a killer unlike any it'd seen before. The thought made Geoffrey sick to his stomach. Scribbling a fresh note, he tacked it to the board before getting dressed and heading for the door, grabbing a fedora from the rack before he left. If he kept his head down, sometimes Geoff could make it halfway down the street without somebody gawking after him.
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2023.03.29 10:10 inthebushleagues A baby step forward...

I posted a couple of weeks ago asking for some advice about how to tackle communal showers and showering naked after having panicked and avoided showering the first time and want to thank you guys for all the understanding and helpful advice everyone who responded showed in your responses to it. A few people encouraged posting an update after my next try and I can see now that other people seem to be coming here with similar questions or worries so figured it might be worth writing a few of the things that helped…because am pleased to report that I actually showered this time!
Don’t get me wrong…I’ve definitely got waaaaay farther to go before I feel properly comfortable with it or be anywhere near as uninhibited approach taken by all the other players on the team. But I got in that shower and that feels like an accomplishment in itself after having panicked and thrown my clothes back on in the far corner of the changeroom to avoid showering with all the other guys. Not to mention having made my work clothes gross, getting to spend the rest of the day at work totally sweaty and disgusting.
Anyway, a few people here suggested that approaching it by baby steps might be good which seemed to me like the way to go because I’d had such a strong reaction the last time that I was probably anxious enough that if I just tried to rip the band aid off I’d probably end up just panicking again with the same result. I got a bunch of great suggestions about how to work toward or ease into it.
One thing a bunch of people suggested was to try finding a gym where I didn’t know anyone so I could go to and basically practice showering there because the stakes/pressure would be lower compared to a bunch of guys who work at the same place as me and who I’m hoping to get to know. This was a great suggestion and I really wish I’d been able to find somewhere, but wasn’t able to at least not in time before this week’s game. So even though not the same, not public in the same way, I started off trying to just generally get more comfortable being naked by trying it out at home, especially post-shower including not rushing to get dressed like I normally would. That was actually super helpful.
A few people said not to stress about covering up when changing and stuff if that helped reduce the pressure. Someone suggested bringing a big beach towel in case it’d make it less stressful to change under it and wear to/from the showers and being okay with that even if nobody else was. In the end, I did exactly those things and it made it so much less daunting. I’d like to get less excessively modest, but I guess this was still a start right?
I also needed to go out and get some cheap flip-flops for the shower so when I was at the sporting goods store I saw they had some swimming briefs on clearance, which someone suggested so that if getting fully naked felt too daunting I could wear those instead. Now I found out the day before that I was definitely going to have to face the shower once way or another because my boss scheduled a team meeting for the afternoon at the without a ton of notice which meant crowding into a small office. So I knew I needed to go for it otherwise would definitely be that smelly guy everyone wanted to get away from… not ideal in a new job! And while I didn’t end up wearing the swimsuit in the end, I was glad I had it in my bag as a back-up plan to ensure I got in the shower one way or another.
I tried to not give myself time to think/get anxious so headed straight to the changeroom after the game, getting my kit off as soon as I got there, throw my towel on, grab my shower gel, and head straight to the shower. There was only one other guy who beat me there, so it wasn’t busy, either. I ended up grabbing the shower at the opposite end in the corner and faced the wall the whole time…which honestly wasn’t very long in total. Nerves (pretty sure I was shaking like a leaf) plus discovering that the showers would only turn on for like 10 second at a time max which was incredibly annoying and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to juggle pressing the button, shower gel bottle and try to get clean all at the same time, ending up being more of a rinse than anything. Plus I think I managed to hold my nerve (and patience with the stupid shower control) for maybe 3 mins…so didn’t exactly come out of the shower feeling as clean as I’d have liked. And I’d made a hasty exit before most of the guys had even made it to the shower, so once again excluded myself from the socialising everyone else was doing. But regardless, it felt good to have got a step closer to those things if nothing else!
Taking that first step, I’m now trying to figure out taking the next one next time I play, which I think will be in a few weeks. If you have any advice about what might be some good next baby steps to aim for would be, that’d be awesome!
Also, once in the shower I realised I wasn’t sure if there any unwritten rules or shower etiquette so also want to ask if there’s there anything I should be keeping in mind/doing/not doing?
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2023.03.29 10:09 adityapanwaar How can commercial interior designers incorporate technology into a commercial interior design?

Commercial interior designers can incorporate technology into a commercial interior design in a number of ways. Here are some suggestions:
  1. Smart Lighting: Smart lighting systems are becoming increasingly popular in commercial interiors as they can automatically adjust brightness and color temperature according to the time of day or activity taking place in a particular area. This technology can help commercial interior designers create a comfortable and productive work environment.
  2. Video conferencing: With remote work becoming more common, video conferencing has become an essential tool for businesses. Commercial interior designers can incorporate video conferencing equipment and technology into meeting rooms or other collaborative spaces, making it easier for remote team members to connect with each other and participate in meetings.
  3. Digital Signage: Digital signage can be used by a commercial interior designer to display promotional content or important information like schedules, events, or announcements. These displays can be placed throughout a commercial interior, including lobbies, reception areas, and common areas.
  4. Wireless charging: Many modern smartphones support wireless charging, and commercial interior designers can incorporate wireless charging stations into furniture or workstations, making it easier for employees to keep their devices charged and ready to go.
  5. Voice Control: Commercial interior designers can use voice-controlled assistants like Amazon's Alexa or Google Home that can be integrated into commercial interiors to provide a hands-free way to control lighting, music, or other smart devices.
  6. Virtual and Augmented Reality: Commercial interior designers can also use virtual or augmented reality technology to give clients a realistic and immersive view of how their space will look and feel before any physical changes are made. This can be a useful tool for visualizing different design options or layouts.
Overall, incorporating technology into a commercial interior design can help a commercial interior designer create more functional, comfortable, and productive space for employees and customers alike.
Interested in seeing how the tech-enabled tools work at Flipspaces? Schedule a demo today and see how they can help simplify your design process.
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2023.03.29 10:09 dioisnotme12 [offer] I'll customize you a 4 week Workout Plan for only 25$ tailored for your goals. It can be home-workout or gym workout. Build Muscle or Strength.

I am Coach J! An Online personal trainer with 7 years of experience in strength and conditioning and 4 years as a fitness instructor. I am passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals and have a deep understanding of how to tailor workouts to meet the specific needs and abilities of my clients.
I offer personalized training programs for only 25$ that are designed to help you achieve your goals in the most efficient and effective way possible. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, improve your overall fitness, or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle, I can help you get there.
I pride myself on being able to adapt to the needs and preferences of my clients, and I always strive to create a positive and supportive environment where you can feel comfortable and motivated to push yourself to new limits.
If you are ready to take control of your fitness journey, I am here to help. Contact me today to learn more about my personal training services and how I can help you achieve your goals.
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