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2023.06.08 02:38 scuuurp Diablo IV Character Missing After Linking Console to Battle.net

For anyone that may need it. I had to wait 24 hours after submitting ticket but they informed me of the email I signed up for battlenet with back in 2010. I felt dumb but at the same time I feel like there should have been something indicating your battlenet tag on the game prior to letting you link it to a new account.
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2023.06.08 01:59 Acrobatic_March_159 New beat check it out

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2023.06.08 01:48 Careful-Somewhere-63 Streak 264: New Year's Resolutions (moment of truth)

At the beginning of this year, I wrote a post about my resolutions for 2023. Let's see what I've accomplished thus far.
I said I'd read every book Ligotti has written. Until now, Songs of a Dead Dreamer still remains the only book I've read from him. So yeah, this goal isn't going very well. In my defense, it was not a matter of discipline. I could've read more books from him if I wanted to, I just chose not to. But if you do like his writing, you may ask, why didn't you pick up any of his books? Well, I have this one problem that when I'm going to read a book or watch a movie I know is top-notch, everything has to be perfect. Like, my mind has to be in a clear state. I need to make sure that I won't have any distractions for the few hours I'll be doing that activity. The Sun has to be in the right position. The quality of the air can't exceed a certain threshold, and so on. So I've been basically postponing the reading because the perfect moment hasn't arrived yet. That's the problem of expectations. When I read Songs of a Dead Dreamer, I had no expectations whatsoever. It was just a random book with a cool cover. Now I have expectations.
The second goal was to get back to running. I haven't run a single mile yet this year. But I also have many excuses for that. In this case, the problem is that I have little free time. The only period I still had some time was in January, but I felt my feet weren't 100% yet. When I walked for long periods of time, it would start hurting. Now I can walk however much I want that it won't hurt, but I don't have time anymore. Oh, the paradox of life. But this one is my fault too, really. If I truly wanted to run, I could make time for it. For instance, I could leave the bulk of my running on the weekends, when I have more time, and just run two or three miles one day or the other during the weekdays. So it's partially my fault too. It's not that hard to run twenty miles per week, even if you're busy. I may consider running again. But it's not one of my top priorities right now.
My third goal was to keep writing here until the middle of the year, and then reconsider if I wanted to keep focusing on my English or move on to French. Well, I think I'll actually do both. I've never tried to learn two languages at the same time so I don't know if this is going to work, but I think it shouldn't be that hard. English already comes easily to me so I'd be only slowing down the learning rate of French. I'm in no hurry though so whatever.
I also made another post where I set the goal of reading sixty books this year. I was doing good, but earlier this year I faced some period of stress that set me back. But in theory, I should still be able to keep up with my initial projection.
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2023.06.08 01:39 South_Fox6094 Can we really hack university servers and get a good result?What do hackers study in college? Is it hard to learn how to hack? How hard is it to be an ethical hacker? How do I know if my IP address has been hacked?

Allhackgecko.com---------------- Do you need to change your university grade? But do not understand how to hack a university server? How can you hack the server yourself? What is needed to hack? Where to find hackers? You will know all this.
Can we really hack university servers and get a good resultWhat Is A Server?
How To Hack University Server. A web server is a place to store web page or website data. When you type something in a web browser and click the enter button, the information from the web server appears in the web browser. The web server has a running application that receives requests from the user and responds to the desired request.
The server can run on any computer. The computer used for the server is made specially. In many cases a computer can offer different services. Servers use many computers for data security purposes only.
Most servers are designed to be a great process for running special computers. A server is a type of computer program that is set up to serve requests from other programs (clients / users). The server is managed in a client-server design. The server is designed according to the server user. Allows the user to share data, information, software or hardware resources.
The user is usually connected to the server through the network. In the light of Internet Protocol Networking, a server is a program that acts as a socket listener.
Is It Possible To Hack University Servers?
Yes, it is possible. Different hacker groups do this kind of work. Not only university servers, but almost all servers can be hacked.
However, how difficult it will be to hack the server depends on its security system. Many times the server has an advanced level security system. Then it becomes almost impossible to hack the server.
How To Hack University Web Server
Customers usually turn to the Internet for information and to purchase products and services. Considering this aspect, most companies have websites. Most websites store valuable
information such as passwords, email addresses and credit card numbers. Similarly, a university has the details of a student’s name, address, result, fee payment. This information becomes the target of attackers. Hackers hack by targeting faulty websites.
Contact us at Allhackgecko.com for technical problems about your task or issue regarding hacking services.
Here you can learn more about the techniques of server hacking and what methods are used for server hacking and how you can protect yourself from such attacks.
What are web server vulnerabilities?
A web server is a program that stores files (usually web pages) and makes them accessible over a network or the Internet. A web server requires both hardware and software. Attackers typically target the exploitation of the software in order to gain authorized entry into the server. Let’s learn about a few common weaknesses through which attackers take advantage.
Default Settings: The default settings are the default passwords of the server. The default password is the same for all users so the attacker can easily guess it. The default settings allow the server to perform certain tasks such as commands that can be used.
Incorrect Configuration: Incorrect configuration can cause dangerous commands on user-run servers.
Password: If the user cannot choose a good password then the access can easily go to someone else. Operating system and web server bugs – Bugs in the operating system or web server software can also be used to gain unauthorized access to the system. In addition to the web server vulnerabilities described above, the following can also lead to unauthorized access.
Lack of Security Policies and Security Procedures: A security policy and antivirus software updating system, operating system and web server software problems can create security loopholes for attackers.
Web Server Type
There are different types of web servers. A list of common web servers:
Apache – This is the most commonly used web server on the Internet. Apache is a cross platform. Apache is generally installed on Linux server. Most PHP websites are hosted on Apache servers.
Internet Information Services (IIS): This was created by Microsoft. It runs on Windows operating system, and it is the second most used web server on the Internet. Most Asp and Aspex websites are hosted on IIS servers.
Apache Tomcat: Most of the world’s Java server pages are hosted on this site.
Different Ways To Hack A Web Server
Directory Traversal Attacks: These types of attacks are to be done for public domain. Hackers use server bags to get access to files and folders . They also do things like change data and inject malware into servers.
Farming: This type of attack attacker’s updates server or user domain name system (DNS)। so that the traffic is redirected to another malicious site.
Denial of service attack: With this type of attack, the web server may crash or be unavailable to legitimate users.
Sniffing: Unsecured data sent over the network may be prevented from gaining unauthorized access to the web server
Phishing : This type of attack disguises websites and diverts traffic to fake websites. Unsuccessful users may be deceived into submitting sensitive data such as login details, credit card numbers, etc.
Domain Name System Hijacking: This type of attacker changes the DNS setting to point to the attacker’s web server. All traffic that was supposed to be sent to the web server has been redirected to the error.
Defacement: This type of attack replaces the attacker’s organization’s website on a separate page that may include the hacker’s name, images, and background music and messages.
The Effects Of Successful Server Hacking Attacks
An organization’s reputation may be tarnished if the attacker edits the content of the website and includes malicious information or links to a porn website on the site.
This web server can be used to install malicious software for users who visit the website. Malicious viruses, trojans or botnet software may be downloaded to the computer without the knowledge of the viewer. Compromised user data can be used for fraudulent activities that could harm the business.
Some Tools For Hacking Common Web Servers
Metasploit: This is an open source tool for developing, testing and using code. It can be used to discover vulnerabilities on the web server and to write exploits that can be used to compromise the server.
MPAC: This is a web exploitation tool. It was written in PHP language. It is supported by MySQL as a database engine. Once a web server is compromised using MPAC, all of its traffic is redirected to malicious download websites.
Zeus: This tool can be used to transform a compromised computer into a bot or zombie. A bot is a compromised computer that is used to run Internet-based attacks. A botnet is a collection of compromised computers. Botnet services can then be used as a denial of attack or spam mail sending.
University server hacking or any type of web server hacking is a complex process. This requires unlimited knowledge as well as practice. At the same time, the legal issue remains. It is best if you hire a professional hacker to hack the university server. Then you will be safe with the successful completion of your work. If you want to hack University server then you can contact us. We provide such hacking services. For more such hacking services send us a reach via Allhackgecko.com
For further information about how Can we really hack university servers and get a good result and other related hacking services, Speak to a hacker anonymously on Allhackgecko.com for all your hacking needs
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2023.06.08 01:26 One-Yam2819 A true banana republic.

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2023.06.08 01:08 lawya2023 Accountability Study Buddy

Anyone in Manhattan interested in being each other's accountability study buddies? Never tried it before but thought it might help me stay on track with prep and figure it's worth a try! We can grab some quick tea/coffee sometime in NYC and chat a little if you're interested and see if it might work out? Comment/message if you're interested! I'm a 30 year old woman, ideally looking for someone similar.
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2023.06.08 01:03 Ricardi11 [23/M] looking for people to vibe with!

Hey! My name is Ricardo from Portugal and i am 23 years old!
I think i’m a pretty chill guy and we can chat about anything pretty much.
As far as my hobbies go, i enjoy watching series and movies, so if you have any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it! I also like doing sports since i played football for a few years, i also enjoy going out, i am pretty much an ambivert so i got a lot of interest in both indoor and outdoor things, so i’m sure we can find something to chat about!
So if you are interested in chatting or maybe even being friends, hit me up!
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2023.06.08 00:59 iF_Blow Aim assist now only works when I'm strafing AND tracking (console)

Aim assist now only works when I'm strafing AND tracking (console)
So it definitely was not like this yesterday. This happened to a friend of mine last week so we were testing it out yesterday and it was working fine. Not sure if this is a known bug with a fix, but I couldn't find much looking up "aim assist" on this sub. We all know how that goes. Any ideas?
(For anyone wondering, yes it makes a big difference and is very noticable in game when playing a match)
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2023.06.08 00:45 ShellShocker5 [5600] ShellShock #2YLPLPJ2 Looking for members who are active in war!

Hi everybody, we here at ShellShock are currently looking for new members who will actively participate in war. All donations and trades here are fulfilled in a timely manner. We also pride ourselves on providing a friendly and non-toxic environment and are looking for like-minded individuals who want to become a part of our Clash family.
We currently have 69,504 clan trophies and 3455 war trophies. Our goal is to place top 2 in war every week so that we can get guaranteed Legendaries from the rewards chests and help everyone in the entire clan level up their cards and decks ASAP. In order to maintain this standard all clan members are expected to score at least 1500 points per week in war, however if you end up having an emergency, illness, time constraint, etc. you can request to be excused for that week with no repercussions, we only ask that you let us know in advance.
Promotions are done on a quarterly basis with the criteria being your participation level in war, donations, and seniority with the clan. Being friendly and active in the clan chat is also a major plus.
English speakers are preferred but all applicants are welcomed, so long as you are able to understand the clan messages that are sent out even if you require using a translator app to do so. If you have any questions feel free to DM me on here and I'll be happy to answer you to the best of my ability.
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2023.06.08 00:23 savpoststhings [F4A] Somewhere beyond the sea... [BioShock/BioShock Infinite RP!]

Hello! My name is Sav, and I am a fairly experienced roleplayer who's been RPing and writing for 10+ years! I'm 30, and I really want to get back into the hobby. Do you like writing with someone who loves fandoms, angst and is super excited to get to know you??? I might just be the person for you!
A little about me: I'm a long-winded writer and I appreciate length in my RPs -- I usually respond with multiple paragraphs, but I can adjust to match my partner. I prefer more than one or two line replies! I am pretty busy on the regular (job, personal life, etc.) but can promise at least one response a day! I also love to plot and chat outside of our roleplay, so some (a lot of) OOC chatting is something you can expect from me. I prefer playing female characters and I am open to FxF, FxNB or MxF ships! I am open to lots of different genres, plots and ideas after discussion and plotting! I'm definitely also open to doubling and playing multiple characters.
What I hope for from you: A multi-paragraph RP style with some OOC chatting! Willing to plot and chat with me, maybe even you're just excited about our plots as I am! Willing to play a character of any gender against a female character from me! Be over 21 (I am not comfortable roleplaying with someone under 21!). Is cool and friendly. :)
What I hope for our RP: I'm interested primarily in RPing a storyline from or based upon the BioShock games and universe. I am not currently interested in any other fandom or ideas -- Because these games are ruining my life! Here's what I'm looking for! - Rapture Timeline (Pre-games, BioShock 1, BioShock 2)
I am either interested in playing a canon character or an OC. I'm really interested in doing a storyline before the "fall" of Rapture, that maybe moves into the war and the subsequent nightmare scenario Rapture becomes.
I do have an OC -- Josie, an accomplished recruited lifestyle journalist brought to Rapture by Ryan as a prominent force for society & culture documentation... She's meant to be writing glowing articles about Rapture's best and brightest, but she seems to write little more than a gossip rag these days. In the search for a more meaningful story, she is going to start to uncover more and more about Rapture's true nature. If you're interested in her, she's here! I can also brainstorm other OCs, but I'm primarily interested in working with this one.
Below are the "ships" I am interested in exploring during this vague timeline. I have bolded the character I would like to play! These are super specific but this is where I'm at right now! I am open to doubling if there's a ship you'd like to explore that isn't on my list.
Brigid Tenenbaum x Frank Fontaine/Atlas Definitely interested in exploring this interesting and potentially incredibly toxic ship. Either looking for something before the war -- perhaps when Brigid is working for Fontaine Futuristics. Or looking for something during the war or after, where Brigid meets Atlas... Very interested in seeing how that goes down!
Brigid Tenenbaum x Sofia Lamb For this I mostly see something pre-civil war. Perhaps Lamb wasn't always the zealot she was. Perhaps Brigid and Sofia found something in common living in male-dominated Rapture. Or some kind of enemies to lovers situation in 2. Who knows!
Brigid Tenenbaum x OC The world is our oyster here! Got ideas?? Bring 'em on!
Brigid Tenenbaum x Rosalind Lutece Oooh a crossover ship! Can you tell I have a favorite character?? I can see these two getting along. Maybe Rosalind has opened a tear and come to Rapture -- Or maybe it's a universe where she's always been there. We can get super creative here!
Eleanor Lamb x OC This would need to take place post-BioShock 2. I don't have any solid ideas, I just love Eleanor and would love to play her. A chance for us to plot!
OC x OC Obviously completely down to play OCs! My OC mentioned earlier, Josie, a journalist, is my primary OC for BioShock. Definitely interested in something that starts before the war or in the middle of it -- And explores how characters we obviously didn't see in the game are managing to survive.
Also -- Platonically I would love to explore something with Tenenbaum and Jack. I just don't want this mistaken for a romantic ship, as I think their dynamic is strictly motheson.
There are other things I might be interested in exploring! Tbh I am very willing to play any of the following: Brigid Tenenbaum, Eleanor Lamb, Diane McClintock, Jasmine Jolene, even an OC! I also really love the dynamic between Jack and Brigid Tenenbaum, so a non-ship RP there could be fun. So any idea you might have, feel free to toss it my way! -
Columbia Timeline (Pre-game, BioShock Infinite)
I am mostly interested in playing a canon character, and exploring some alternate timelines or moments in the game. This one is a lot more vague, and I'm a little less interested in Infinite, but I thought I would mention it nonetheless.
I don't even have any particular ships to mention, but I would like the chance to play Elizabeth. I just adore her. She's my preference -- But I could be persuaded to flesh out a Vox Populi OC.
Also a crossover ship between Elizabeth and Jack might be fun! I haven't finished Burial at Sea yet, but I do know the gist of what happens and canon is just a sandbox for us to play in anyway!
I hope someone out there is in the mood for a BioShock roleplay and will reach out! Looking forward to hearing from you! :)
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2023.06.08 00:12 IntriguedStarfish $50 Referral + $10 Many Times Over + $10 From Me - Spritz Finance (USA)

$50 Referral + $10 Many Times Over + $10 From Me - Spritz Finance (USA)
Spritz Finance lets you easily use your crypto for everyday expenses. They currently offer a virtual debit card, crypto-wallet-to-bank transfer, bill payment using crypto and paying anyone to his/her bank using crypto.
Right now, if you sign up through my referral link and fund your Spritz virtual debit card with $50 or more with your crypto, you get $50 instantly! You can shop with your Spritz card or transfer your money to CashApp. There is also a separate promotion that rewards you a $10 matching bonus for your 1st payment for EVERY bill you have! I was able to score $110 total, for paying $10 each for all my 11 different credit cards.
Plus, I will personally thank you by sending you $10 for using my referral, upon payout confirmation!
Spritz accepts several kinds of crypto, but I recommend using MATIC (Polygon) because its transactions are dirt cheap (5-10 cents each time) and fast (seconds). Do use MATIC on Polygon Mainnet, NOT MATIC that's ERC-20 on Ethereum chain (Learn more). I'll be using MATIC throughout this guide, though you can use any supported crypto.
To Get $50 Referral Bonus + $10 From Me:
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  4. From a crypto exchange, send at least $53 worth of MATIC (Polygon) to Metamask. Make sure you're withdrawing to Polygon mainnet, NOT to Ethereum/ERC-20. You want to have extra room of $3+ in MATIC for paying transaction fees later and $1 extra when withdrawing your bonus credit. Make the send amount $53 + $10 x number of your bills, in MATIC, if you are going for the bill-pay bonuses as well. You can read my tips section for how to transfer your crypto the same day and saving $ on fees when sending your MATIC.
  5. Back on your Spritz page, press "Spend" to set up your Spritz virtual debit card.
  6. Click "Fund with Crypto" and connect your wallet (Metamask etc.). Select/switch to Polygon network at the top of the screen.
  7. Enter $50 or more for the funding amount. Remember, you'll want to leave $3+ worth of MATIC in your wallet.
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  9. You'll see $50 added to your "bonus credit" INSTANTLY!
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In Step 5, you can choose "Off-ramp" instead to cash out $50+ your crypto to your bank account to qualify for the $50 referral bonus.
To Get The $10 Bill-Pay Bonus Many Times Over:
  1. Within 7 days of signup, go to "Pay" at screen-top to begin a bill-pay.
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Press "Apply" to apply your "reward balance". Do note that you do have to add minimum of $1 in MATIC for one of these transaction.
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Coinbase is a great choice if you're starting out with crypto because it's easy to use. But Coinbase and many other exchanges will make you wait a few days until you can withdraw your crypto you buy from regular ACH bank transfer. If you want to buy and withdraw crypto the same day, try this method:
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This page lists exchanges with low withdrawal fees for MATIC. Kraken and Crypto .com are good choices.
Spritz charges you nothing if your monthly total transaction is below $100. After that, you start to incur small fees. See Fee Table.
Spritz' referral program is described here (clarification: funding Spritiz card IS a qualifying bill payment).
Spritz' bill-payment bonus is described here.
USA only. There is no credit check.
Please feel free to DM me to ask questions. I appreciate you using my referral link!
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2023.06.08 00:10 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator (Complete Course)

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator.
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Over the span of 20+ hours, Agency Incubator has training that covers EVERY aspect of building an agency. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! You name it... signing clients, running killer Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you!
The lessons inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator course include:
1. Foundations
2. Mindset
3. Systems & Processes
4. Finding Leads and Setting Meetings
5. Sales
6. Service Delivery
7. Operational Supremacy…
… and more!
To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator contact me on:
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Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@]yandex.com (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.07 22:59 Its-Mobb Rear Bumper looking iffy

My rear bumper looking clapped, I want to get a new one but Toyota Solara’s are considered a “sport” car so it cost half a grand to get a replacement. I don’t wanna spend even 200 on a ‘06 car I wanna know if any other car bumper would even fit on a Solara or should I just buff it out and put putty on the cracks
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2023.06.07 22:55 AutoModerator Jesper Nissen – Ultimate Linkbuilding SEO Course package

Jesper Nissen – Ultimate Linkbuilding SEO Course package
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Jesper Nissen – Ultimate Linkbuilding SEO Course package

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  • I will use you how to scrape and find strong expired tumblr accounts. I will show excatly how to activate them, in order to not get them closed down again.
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  • About Course Cloud Stacking SEO Course
  • In this course you will learn how to build powerful and very advanced html pages on Amazon S3. The html files can also be uploaded to other cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.
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  • Included in the course will be videos and the html template for the cloud page. Included is also a very specific and detailed SOP.
  • The course is not for beginners.
  • The course is VA friendly, since it includes a detailed SOP.
  • About Course: Twitter Moments SEO Course
  • In this course you will learn how to use Twitter and Twitter moments to leverage your SEO.
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  • I will show you what at Twitter moment is, and excatly how to make it. I will go over how you setup your Twitter profile and how you keep it healthy.
  • Making the Twitter moments are one part of the puzzle. I will also show you how to create embed codes, and how to use these embed codes in different ways that can improve the power of your Twitter moment profile and the individual Twitter moments.
  • I will also show the greater picture of how a linkbuilding strategy can be built using Twitter moments.
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2023.06.07 22:52 Inside_Resolution719 I made a site that ranks 1000 mental health professionals based on anxiety proficiency, reviews, and ratings called OkMind.io

Hi everyone,
This week I made a very simple website (https://okmind.io/) that looked into 20.000+ therapists/psychologists and their public Google reviews. This website includes the 1000 best rated of those (mostly US based but also Canada, UK, and Germany).
You can search on different keywords e.g. "CBT", "Anxiety", "Depression", "LGBT+", "Couples Therapy" and what not.
All of these should offer online/tele therapy. Hope you like it, and please let me know if you have any feedback. Would you use it? What is missing and what is it doing good? :)
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2023.06.07 22:44 Ulysses545 Help with a backstory Idea?

Hey all I’ve had an idea I’ve been thinking about for a while for a back up or future character but I’m not quite sure how to make it work logistically and thought I’d come here for opinions/help it’s early stages though so bear with me. Pretty much I want to play as someone who has possessed/replaced someone else, transmigrate may be a good term but not from a different world or anything, essentially I’ve been trying to see if there are any spells or monsters that would work with this, maybe even from older editions. The main points I want to have is a backstory for this character with people they knew etc. and let the dm come up with a history for the body that I know nothing of essentially having to balance interacting with people/places I knew as someone else and having no idea about people/groups who would recognise “me”
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2023.06.07 22:44 SuccessfulShine3282 [Kaye] “This is really the first time that we’ve really been coached up, receiving-wise, other than us trying to figure it out on our own.” Panthers TE Tommy Tremble is embracing a fresh start with a new coaching staff.

[Kaye] “This is really the first time that we’ve really been coached up, receiving-wise, other than us trying to figure it out on our own.” Panthers TE Tommy Tremble is embracing a fresh start with a new coaching staff. submitted by SuccessfulShine3282 to u/SuccessfulShine3282 [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 22:35 Cookie_Loop First encounter with a wild hedgehog, may have disturbed it's nest. Need advice.

So while walking my cat just now, she approached the large pile of dry grass trimmings at the back of my yard, and something started hissing at her. To my ears it sounded a lot like a cat hissing and lashing out under the pile. Still convinced it was a cat, and it was not running out from under the grass, I grabbed a stick from the adjacent pile of thin branches and dry grape vine trimmings and started digging to get a visual of the animal, it still hissing and lashing out (to me it sounded like a cat striking it's claw and hissing on both the exhale and inhale, and some grumbling). Finally after some digging aroumd carefully to not hit or hook the ball of unhappy possibly trapped under the dry hay, I catch a glimpse of a few reflections of light from my small flashlight (11pm), and after 10-ish seconds of intense stares, they we dark coloured needles and my brain caught up to what I'm looking at and shifted my gaze to see it's snout peeking from under it. From what I could tell, it's a rather large hedgehog (seemed slightly larger than my head - adult male), it was alone (no other sounds other than it and me... and my curious cat that I had to step on the leash to keep it away). After a bit of thinking, I put back some of the dry grass I had disturbed (overall maybe 6% of the grass pile was displaced), and said to head here to ask: Is the hedgehog safe where it is, or was there a possibility it was stuck?
This is in eastern europe.
TL;DR: Found hedgehog under pile of dry grass, was it there on purpose, or stuck?
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2023.06.07 22:32 cjmadethisaccount Can't unlock characters in MVC2

So I was using cheats to unlock characters in Marvel vs Capcom 2 and for some reason in the shop after unlocking quite a few of the characters using the infinite points cheat, everything says sold out in the shop even though theres still some characters that I need to unlock. To try and fix this I used the unlock all characters cheat and it sort of work, I was able to select any of the characters but when selecting the characters that were unlocked by the cheat on player 2s side, you can't select them. Is there any solution to this?
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2023.06.07 22:30 KD547934 HELP! How to get mods?

The full version recently dropped and I can't figure out how to get mods. I know it used to be just jumping off the edge a few times, but I've tried that and it doesn't work. Does anyone know how to get the in-game mods in the new full version.
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2023.06.07 22:26 AllUrMemes Rules / Tutorial status update

Current excuses for not having rulebook done:
-Needed to finish Armor and Weapons update since there were pretty big changes (back side Armor movement, off-hand stuff). Basically any tutorial would become obsolete very quickly until these are done. That's now complete, and you'll see these introductory Weapons and Armor (Unarmed/improvised; chains/rags) that present logical stepping stones of increasing complexity.
-STILL TOO DAMN LONG. I mean, probably not for you regulars around here, but for the unwashed masses we're trying to save from crappy d20 combat. I was able to trim about 25% of the QuickRules off on my last go-around. My goal is 50%, which may or may not be doable as-is.
But these two bullet points have lead me back to an improved version of my old idea for Intro adventure(s) and a kinda HeroQuest-inspired Quest Book.
Basically, here's the plan:
-Stupidly short QuickStart rules. 10-20 pages of mostly pictures that essentially tell you the icons and basics of reading the cards
-Quest 1 (page 1): Escape from Camp Stereotype: Players start with Chains and Unarmed as their equipment. Stunt Hand size is 0 so they don't even need to know about that. Players get a paragraph of exposition, then spend 2-3 rounds learning to walk and make a basic attack on a passive enemy.
-After Quest 1 (page 2): Wooo! You're so amazing. Here's some exposition and encouragement as a reward. Make a simple multiple choice Attribute-related RP/skill challenge decision thingy. Small reward/consequence.
-Quest 2 (page 3): Exposition. Get Improvised Weapons that have front/back stuff and some meaningful decisions to make. Teach them about Stunts, they can now draw them. Heroes beat up some mooks who now kinda fight back (but still pretty basic).
-After Quest 2 (page 4): INCREDIBLE! Some more exposition and encouragement/rewards. Another multiple choice RP thing. Heroes get their chains cut.
-Quest 3: Chains are cut, so the Heroes get upgraded to Rags for Armor. Rags have Dodge, so explain how this works. Fight enemies that outnumber the Heroes and/or are mobile so that Heroes have to learn to utilize their Dodge.
-After Quest 3: UNNNNBELLLIIEEEVVAABBLLEEE!!! You're the smartest players ever! Exposition, Level up! (Raise an attribute). get some decent basic weapons and Armor. The multiple-choice/ RP element here determines where/how they engage the enemy in Quest 4 (end of Intro).
-Quest 4: Heroes now have some upgraded attributes and got to choose some basic Weapons/Armor and got a taste for customization and now know everything about WoS. Quest 4 culminates in a big combat. Maybe even introduce an optional PvP thing here (or after, optional Quest 5 is kill each other...).
So, that's pretty much it.
-~15 pages of actual "read this before playing" quickstart rules.
-10 pages of intro quest book, with a combat encounter on the left page and some exposition/rp/rewards/choices on the right hand
-Ideally this Intro adventure would take about 2.5 hours to play through (30 minute setup/rules read, 30 minutes per 'Quest') short enough to make a nice 'let's play' video of the whole thing
-Intro Quests can use abridged decks for Stunts/Wounds and only need a handful of weapons, so total card count can probably be >50
-A page of prefilled Hero Cards available as well. (1-1-1-1, 2-1-1-1, 1-2-1-1, etc)
-Want to skip the Intro? Sure. Then read the Quickstart Rules, and the Advanced Quickstart Rules supplement which basically skips over the whole chains/unarmed -> rags/improvised -> basic armor / weapon hand-holding.
TL;DR: Use beginner equipment cards + tutorial quest book to cut Quickstart rules down substantially
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2023.06.07 22:18 Right_Resolution6823 vps in mauritius

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