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2011.06.03 23:42 dyebhai Get your bike fixed here

A forum for folks with questions about bicycle repair. Post your problems, and we will try to get your bike rolling again. It really helps if you can provide pictures and/or video.

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home of the scariest stories, trust me.

2023.06.05 05:37 suffini My mental health crashing

Hi y’all.💔💖 I don’t know if I’m the only one who has this kind of issues here but… I’ve started “dissociating” a Big time. I’ve been in constant anxiety over 3 weeks after i got dumped from 1 year very close relationship. I got the normal “”shock “ reaction on first week and after that I’ve been drowning into something new, I’ve never experienced the anxiety like it. I have anxiety and depression background but boy if I knew back then that what anxiety really was…
I threw up sometimes, then I started to experience super intense mood swings and sometimes felt strong then weak again. Then.. I burned our paintings and filmed it (as some kind of ritual) and on that day I felt I’m getting over him. lol Well. Next day all this anxiety came back and it’s been worse than ever. Crying so much, but then started this dissociating and escapism-like episodes, talking weird stuff and thinking about very very weird things. (Not going to say which they were, but let’s say something that’s not normal and my mom got worried too)
I have psychologist today and tomorrow psychiatrist (trying to get myself into psychotherapy). I think I need to get very radical ways to manage my anxiety, I ask today if there’s anything else than breathing techniques and safe place imagining-trainings for anxiety because I am afraid I’m going to get psychosis or something soon. I really try not to go through this without medication, except ketiapine for my sleep. I never dissociated this level. I used to dissociate but not in this way. Also physical pain, I’ve got pain in my left ear and throwing up at times. Am I the only one who experiences heartbreak this level?
I’ve stayed in no contact and no social media but it’s hard to about everything because I need to to go work and I need to go to doctor which is on the area that reminds me of us…
I am so afraid my mental health gets even worse from here. I try not to manifest it, but sometimes feels like manifesting me going deeper is something my mind wants to do. That’s serious shit. m I going really crazy? 🤷‍♀️💔
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2023.06.05 05:37 Sudden_Dig_1173 Employer did not pay the agreed incentive. What should I do?

After graduating, I started looking for a job as a trainer in English language. So, I was fairly new to the working environment but I've always tried to maintain good with ethic and a professional relationship with my employer. When I started the job, I was promised an incentive on every student that I teach as long as they get a desired result.
Fast forward to one month in, 3 of my students did achieve a very good score, but I was not given any incentive. It was said to be that I only trained them for a few weeks so it wouldn't count. This was not specified when I joined the institute but I let it go.
I was also told to motivate the students to sign up for universities and colleges the boss recommends even if it doesn't exactly match with their goals because he would earn a huge chunk of profit (in lacs of rupees per student) for sending them there. And I'm not sure if withholding documents is legal, but he used to keep the students' passports and other documents in a locker at the institute so they wouldn't be able to go to a different agency. I didn't think this was right so I refrained from engaging in conversations about this stuff with students.
After two more months, they had a trip planned to another state over the weekend. Since I could not join, boss asked me to handle it all by myself in the absence of staff. This was not acceptable to me and as I did not want to ditch him, I communicated my requirements, but he refused to listen. It was expected of me to still come and teach the students while they were on vacation because one of the students had her exam in the upcoming week.
The said student has never been consistent in attendance or homework. I've communicated this time and again with my employer that I need her to be consistent on the material I teach her for her to ace that test.
On that particular weekend, I called in sick as the rest of the students were okay with an off. When I called in sick, I was never asked if I was okay or not; not even as a form of professional courtesy. The student kept calling me non stop and demanded I take her classes online at night, beyond my working hours. My boss conveyed the wrong things and told her I 'would be' taking classes when I clearly said I would not.
Anyways, I did not want to ruin her test, so I heard her end of the story over text and motivated her as much as I could. This seemed to have worked and she did get the desired result to get into the university she was targeting, but since I did not donate my time for free to his student, he did not pay me the discussed incentive.
This just happen to a lot of people but I'm fairly new in this sector and just needed to get this out. I know I won't be getting my money sigh
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2023.06.05 05:36 strayqrow [No spoilers] Question regarding uninstalling the MELE game and modding on Steam

Hello not sure if this goes here, so let me know if you would like me to remove or move this post, but here's what I want to ask:
I want to uninstall MELE on Steam because I want to take a break from it and then play it again later when my schedule isn't as busy. However, I installed many mods, so if I were to uninstall the game on Steam, it would also uninstall all the mods?
Furthermore, I was thinking of getting a better computer after I finish Grad school. In addition to installing the game again will I have to reinstall the mods?
I tried looking for answers but most posts seem to only tell me that "If you want to do a clean install manually delete all files in the MELE steam folder" which I am not sure I want to do, nor does it answer my question since most of those were directed towards people doing complete uninstalls.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.05 05:36 throwawayimconcern Why did you hurt me? Was it worth those 15 seconds of pleasure?

I drove home that night like nothing had happened. Little did I know that there was a rouge darkness lurking inside of me waiting to come out months later.
I pleaded with you to stop, I was in pain. You continued, looked me in the eyes and said “no” angrily. I tried to move your hand but wasn’t strong enough. I froze, and let you have your way with me. The pain was excruciating, and those 15 seconds felt like 15 minutes. I have relived that moment in my nightmares, and in my memories. It never goes away, and I’m terrified of that happening to me again some day.
Your arrogant choice to violate me has left me with irreparable scars that I’m going to bear the rest of my life. My life now is confined to those 15 seconds of torment you put me through for your selfish pleasure. I have been imprisoned by your selfish need for control and power for eternity. I will never recover fully, and I’m doomed to forever chase my tail and relive the pain and betrayal I felt that night. I have trouble even accepting it happened some days.
I was in denial until it all came out this winter. My dignity, my sense of self, and my body image have been shattered and I’m left to pick up the broken glass with my bare hands. I look in the mirror at myself in disgust after every shower. I watch my back in public because I’m suspicious of everyone around me. I don’t sleep some nights because I’m replaying the events of that night in my head. I wake up sweating from nightmares about being revictimized.
I just want to know why you did it? Was it worth the 15 seconds of pleasure you received from watching me in pain as you had your way?
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2023.06.05 05:36 urfavspookybabee Plenty of Fish and Urban Exploration do not mix well

About 8 years ago, my girlfriends and I would download Plenty of Fish and meet random guys to take exploring with us. Definitely not the smartest…especially since we were out in the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. This one night we met a guy, let’s call him Todd.
Todd was an odd guy, he seemed socially distant and when he slid into the back of my SUV…I instantly got the feeling of regret.
We were going to a place called Roneys Point (a very interesting place in WV, you should look it up if you’re into ghost and haunted history).
Todd wanted to stay in the car for a bit to scope out the area while us girls went ahead to explore. RED FLAG. I was so sure he was going to try and steal my car.
We went into the abandoned hospital and out of nowhere, here comes Todd around the corner. Scared us so bad, we let out a slight scream. Todd started making comments about how his great grandfather was a security guard at the asylum (it’s right next to the hospital) and that his grandfather told him stories about how they would shoot at the sick individuals for fun. He laughed and said “how much fun would that be?” We continued to explore and Todd just hung out in the background.
We eventually left and Todd insisted on sitting behind me in the car. I needed gas so I started driving to the nearest gas station. Maybe 2 minutes up the winding road…I left his slimy hands creep up and start massaging my shoulders. (As I’m driving). I kept leaning forward to give him the hint I was not interested. As he is massaging my shoulders, he’s telling my friends and I how stupid we are for inviting random strangers out. How we never know who is getting in our car and how they might hurt us, etc. He started laughing again and I will never forget the tone of his voice or the grip of his hands on my shoulders…he said “Maybe that persons in the car with you right now.”
I pulled into the gas station and demanded he got out of the car, he did and I left him there.
We got back home and my friend went onto POF to block him but he already blocked her or deleted his account.
We never heard from him again but we stopped inviting random people to urban explore and ghost hunt with us.
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2023.06.05 05:35 GroundBreakerP WCOFUN For desktop?

I use to watch cartoons on my firestick and phone. However, when I tried to do this on my pc, it wouldn't allow me to stream any videos. It gave me an error code something like "The browser I have may not be supported, or there may be something harmful. I have tried a different browser, and still nothing. Also, I stream ppv events, and none of these would work on my pc recently either. Has anyone else experience this?
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2023.06.05 05:35 mincedduck Exercising while listening to music, suddenly music sounds off key?

The other day I was going for a run which I’ve only started doing quite recently after a 3 year break (covid). It was quite cold so I was layered up more than usual. Towards the end of the run I started to notice that the music I was listening to sounded like it was off key or out of tune, particularly in the bass. I tried listening to other songs and the same thing was happening, so I stopped listening and walked the rest of the way home.
A few key points: - I am a musician (I play bass) and had a gig the previous day - then the next day I drove home for 2 hours listening to music again - it was a cold day so while my body was hot my head and ears were quite cold - I was quite exhausted towards the end of it when I started feeling these symptoms
As of now everything is back to normal, but just wanted to ask if anyone could explain or has any answers to what happened? My mind could’ve been playing tricks on me but as a musician I know when things sound wrong or right, especially with the instrument I play…
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2023.06.05 05:35 fletcherjeff55 27 [M4F] Illinois/USA - Oh hi there, fancy meeting you here.

It's weird how people bump into one another in places you wouldn't expect, right? Like you probably didn't expect to see that title when scrolling late at night, but here we are. And now we're having a conversation.
Well, not really, but we could be!
I'll be honest, this isn't the first post I've ever made here. It's probably not yours either. And that's totally okay. Sometimes things don't work out, or people don't see your post because you always decide the optimal time would be to post it at 10pm on a Sunday night. You know, there's all sorts of reasons we may find ourselves coming back here. But that's okay too! It's never too late to try again, right?
Hi. My name is Jeff. You probably already guessed that, but maybe not. I don't know, I'm not next to you. I was never good at these things, so, I guess here's a list of things about me. That's what people usually do when they don't know how to communicate their personality, right? So, let's see here:
What am I looking for in a fellow person?
I'm sure there is plenty more that we could talk about, but I am traditionally yelled at on the rare interactions these posts bring that I am not clear enough and have too long of posts. So, I tried to make this one a bit more fun, even if you aren't interested in me. If nothing else if even a little bit of what you read made you laugh or go, "Wow, look at this guy. What a post." in a slightly mocking way (without needing to explicitly tell me), then I'll consider my job done.
On the off chance you want to see what I'm like in a normal, non-mocking conversation, by all means feel free to reach out and we'll go from there. That's about it, I'm sure I've gone on too long in some cases, but hopefully you enjoyed the title atleast nonetheless. For all those out there looking for something fulfilling in their life, I wish you all the best.
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2023.06.05 05:34 aziax5 Giant Elite Mob in the Ocean.

Hello, guys. This is my first time using reddit and I am also a newbie in wotlk. Earlier today I was flying from Borean Tundra to Howling Fjord and saw a giant Elite monster with lots of health in the ocean. Now I tried to find it again, but with no success, so I was wondering do any one of you know what I saw earlier or ? I am not entirely sure where it was. I just did not pay attention, cuz I got scared, literally. So I drew a red circle around the area I think I was in.
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2023.06.05 05:34 iforgotthecannoli How do you deal with your own emotional response when you see bad parenting in a public place?

Before I even jump in, a couple clarifications: • I know that there are myriad choices any parent can make, and that it’s not clear-eyed to necessarily label decisions “good” or “bad”, but I imagine anyone familiar with child development would respond with concern to what I’m recounting. • This is my response to what I was able to see and hear in a small sliver of time, and I understand that I may not have heard every word or known the whole story. • I know this is minor compared to what others have witnessed, or witness on a regular basis, but it’s simply a recent example that is fresh on my mind.
I took my kid to the playground. Another dad showed up with a kid who looked to be 4 or so, which is isn’t that far from my own. Here are a few things that I overheard, as we were the only people in the park:
• They’re on bikes, and literally as soon as they enter the park, the dad is speeding up and distancing himself at least 10-15 paces from this kid. The kid is physically struggling to keep up, pained look on his face, saying “Dad, wait, this isn’t a race!” And dad responds with “Then you better hurry up!”
• The sidewalk they’re biking on encircles the playground. After one lap, no surprise, the kid wants to stop and play. He neatly parks his bike at the bike rack and gets off to walk to the playground. Here comes the dad passing by him: “Get back on your bike! You said you wanted to bring your bike, so we’re biking. We came here to ride our bikes. Come on, let’s go!” The kid hesitates and sees my child and me on the playground. “Guess you don’t want that bike then!” Yells the dad. “Nope, you don’t need that bike anymore! Now I’m going to sell it.” The kid gets back on his bike for another lap. After that, he’s so antsy that he parks it again and chases his dad on foot for fun. His dad just keeps biking at a decent speed in the wide circle around the park while the kid tries to catch him.
• Finally the dad relents and lets the kid play. He sits down on a bench and stares at his phone while his kid runs off. Within a couple minutes I hear the kid thud onto the mulch and start to cry loudly, running back to his dad. His dad responds with “What happened?! What happened! What’s going on?!” The kid is so upset that he’s not putting words together, the dad tells him he needs to calm down and breathe, and then “Back up, look, you’re getting me dirty.” He sits his kid next to him on the bench, no physical contact that I can see, and gets his kid to admit that he had tried to run up a slide. “If you want to be a big boy you need to play smarter. This isn’t about doing whatever we want, or racing around, or showing off here at the park. Here, brush yourself off, you’ve got to smarten up.” Kid’s still crying and getting no comfort. Meanwhile dad is imparting his “don’t show off” lesson loud enough that I can hear him.
I spent the time keeping distance when possible, keeping my kid focused on what we were doing, singing with and talking with my kiddo so all that mine would pick up on was simply that there was another kid there to play with their dad.
I’ve seen enough posts here to know that engaging to address something would have been a terrible idea. The only interaction I had was saying “thank you” when the dad complimented my kid’s hat, and when the other kid got curious enough to play near us as we were walking away, I asked him if he had seen an interactive feature on the playground — he looked and interacted with it a bit, and I said it was one of our favorite things there.
But the whole time, I’m wanting to scoop this kid up and give him a hug, or just do something to shine a little more light into his day. Every time I witness a kid who could use more in a particular moment, it really sticks with me, and I think about how many millions of kids could use more love, more comfort, more acceptance, more support.
When you see things like this in passing, how do you handle it? What do you do in the moment, and what do you do or tell yourself in the time that follows? I get stuck thinking w about all that a particular child might be experiencing in their lives, and although empathy is an important thing, I don’t know that getting stuck on this set of thoughts helps me move forward constructively.
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2023.06.05 05:34 itstheroyaljester Lurk V2 in scum and villainy

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2023.06.05 05:34 shyguylh Rant Over Bad Day (Cashier Gardening), But Also A Useful Workaround

Today was a bad day, starting with my mistakenly wearing my house slippers (closed toes) instead of my normal work shoes, which resulted in horrible foot pain.
Then there was the customer with enough plants for the Biltmore Estate and he thought all of them were half off, but 3 out of 40 weren't, and he thought I was supposed to go through and find them (impossible when you have that many and they don't stand out on the screen) and when I said "the only way I can be sure is to rering everything all over again and besides some of them aren't marked down" and he flat out said to do so that he didn't care how long the line was, I told him "I'm going to have to skip you and come back later, I can't have the whole line waiting over 3 plants."
The worst perhaps was this situation where I rung up probably 34 items only to see that very few of them actually scanned because it became stuck on a tricky item and unlike other places where the scan sound changes and alerts you, Lowe's doesn't so you don't know unless you watch every item as you scan, and I flat out refuse to do that because it's too busy and I'm not walking all the way from the flat bed to the screen with every single item as I scan it. That's way too inconvenient and tedious. I became so angry I turned the machine off and kept turning it off again numerous times to where it was probably 10-15 min before I was ready to resume, and people left the store. In my mind, if you can't work properly and have the damn sense to change the scan sound from "beep" to "dee doo" so I know immediately something is wrong, then we might as well just eff up everything else while we're at it.
Now for the useful workaround.
I hate it that you can't quickly mark a plant as distressed with the scanner gun, and that it doesn't show on the screen to where you can easily see it. When you try and go back to the screen to mark them, you can't tell where you've been because there are no obvious flags on the screen such as a symbol or by changing the color of the row.
My fix: using the gun I add 9+ to the quantity, so I can mark it with the gun vs having to walk back every time, and so when changing multiple line items I can see my place easily because the large quantities make it obvious. Thus, if it's 1 distressed plant, I mark it 91. If it's 4, I mark it 94. If it's 36, I mark it 936. I simply go back when I'm done and remove the 9 from the quantity, and with the large dollar amounts it's really obvious which ones to override, you don't lose your place.
I appreciate your listening to me vent, and maybe my workaround can help some of you.
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2023.06.05 05:34 honeybee_mumma Scammers on FB Market Place

So husband bought an iPhone 14 last Friday, decided to sell it as he has a work phone and we need the money to pay some bills. Thought we were pretty savvy to the scammers but this one particular dude from Clarkson said he'd lost his license from DD and could my hubby drop it off if he pays extra. Did all the checks possible, fb profile looked legit etc thought sure we can do that, give this guy a break. Didn't want hubby to go by himself obviously so me and the kids piled in the car. Told the guy we were on our way and we drive from Ellenbrook to Clarkson to address. Pretty sketchy area, hubby started feeling uneasy. We got out the car together and walked up to the front door. House looked pretty quiet and empty. We knocked, rang the bell, no answer. Hubby said let's get out of here. Walking down the driveway there was mail sticking out of the letterbox and hubby pulled out an envelope just to check to see if the name matched the guy who supposedly lived there. The envelope was addressed to The Agent for The Deceased Estate. Got to the car and we both tried ringing the guy from our separate phones, no answer, switched off etc. We thought oh well that's that then let's go. What a waste of time. Then the dude starts msging saying where are you, how far away are you?? Pull the car over and try ringing him again still not answering. Send him a msg asking what the heck is going on why doesn't he answer and we were just at his address? He msged back and said "sorry bro was on the toilet and my phone was in my room charging, come back now, I'll meet you out front"🤦‍♀️ So we foolishly gave him the benefit of the doubt and headed back. He asked how long we would be but we didn't answer that question. As we headed into the street we saw these two shady punks dressed in black walking down the street towards the house. We drove past them and did a lap around the block and sure enough when we got back they were conveniently sitting on the front wall of this house and neither of them looked like the FB profile picture. We drove slowly past them and 1 of them kept his head down and the other one eyeballed us. We were like yeh nah let's go and hiked it out of there. Thankfully dashcam got good pics of them and we got out unscathed. Lesson learnt. Feel like we could have been robbed/bashed pretty easily.
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2023.06.05 05:34 Flimsy-Seaweed9468 This game is too easy?

Heyo! I finished the game on my 3rd run and was honestly quite disappointed with how easy this game is. I really like the concept of the game, but I honestly think it could've had another 5 levels and a harder final boss. I'm very tempted to refund the game, as I don't see myself playing the main route again. Is there more to this game and if there is, what should I try to achieve next? I'm not really into getting 100% of the achievements, because it tends to get more tedious than rewarding.
e; Oh and Rebirth was the version I finished.
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2023.06.05 05:33 trojanprints Advice or help please?

For legal purposes I will take out some sensitive info.
My friend got caught vaping in the plane bathroom and triggered the silent alarm, which just basically alerts the crew and pilots, not the whole plane.
When my friend went in, within 5 seconds he unzipped started urinating and reached in his pocket to grab his vape so he can try to sleep for the rest of the ride.. The smoke detector, which looks like a vent lol, beeped quietly 3 times. He really thinks it could have been the prior person, as he smelled the odor before even entering the bathroom + the silent alarm went off literally within 3 seconds of him peeing. He said his urine barely hit the water before the guy came barging in (by the way is that even legal? No idea how he opened a locked door)
Literally, and I mean literally, within 3 seconds the door started violently shaking and a male flight attendant (seemed a more senior level, he was wearing a suit type outfit) is furious and yelling all this scary legal jargon. Meanwhile, friend is in panic and shock, first at the fact he's still peeing, and the fact that he has a vape in his pocket. The attendant says to show him what he has, a vape battery or something with actual fire/lighter...and my friend stupidly in panic showed him it that he just had a vape in his pocket, and it wasn't a lighter or anything with fire.
Friend comes out, and attendant basically just scares the shit out of him and demands seat number. He give it to him right away and he says to go get seated and he'll be right there.
He comes back 10 min later with a small yellow slip of paper that says "notice to cease objectionable and illegal behavior" After reading it thoroughly, he was relieved because this notice officially confirmed its just a warning. The last sentence states "failure to cease such behavior may result in removal from this aircraft ...blabla...and/or civil penalties, imprisonment, or ban from future travel". Reading this, he just had enough and didn't want to deal with it anymore, and wanted to take the warning seriously and move on and not be stupid again in the future, so he threw away his vape cartridges. (this is important for later)
Friend's anxiety and paranoia is at peak level at this point, so he throws away the vape cartridges into a beer can he ordered earlier in-flight. so he can breathe and get to his work trip with a clear mind.
The same attendant came to pick up trash and make sure to come to my friends seat. When he was collecting trash, the beer can made a rattle noise as it was going into the trash bag.
Fast-forward... Deboarding the plane...the worst is waiting. 1 officer, 1 rep from the airline, the captain, the attendant, and another person. Guess what, they pulled out a Ziploc baggy with the 2 cartridges in it... Then they stated that my friend "handed" the cartridges to the attendant.
This is not true, the only way the attendant had these cartridges was by digging thru the trash in the back.
A part of me thought, maybe they will say hey, these cartridges definitely belong to you because they were in that beer can, and only you ordered that beer that flight. But is this proof that it was actually being vaped? Throwing away vape cartridges isn't admittance of actually vaping is it?
After about 20 minutes, my friend stuck to his guns and did not admit it was him and states he did not hand the attendant the cartridges. In fact, he asked "did you find that in that trash?" (He did). And also asked "did you open a locked bathroom door?" (He did). To which the attendant replied "I don't need to respond to a some kid who sucks on vapes all the time" (friend is epileptic and has high anxiety disorder, requires CBD and anticonvulsant meds so prevent seizures. He was just dumb bc he used the vape and not like an edible or tincture/oil)
The officer was extremely nice, and said likely nothing will happen. The attendant said "they are going to press charges" but I don't know if he was serious, bc he also told me I am going to be fined $25,000...anyone could tell his main objective was solely to scare the living shit out of my friend for no reason...a blind person could see that.
The only information they took from was a picture of his driver's license and said we can go.
He went to bathroom to unleash panic attack, debrief, And throw up ...
Then, walking to ground transport, we saw the same officer walking around.
Friend had a change of heart He went over and said thank you for being kind and apologized for wasting time. He asked if he can rest easy, and officer said they won't be pursuing anything, but definitely could if they wanted.
It doesn't make sense to me that a massive company like this would go out of its way to ruin a young stupid kids life...I think you scared the living shit out of him enough already.
Anyone know if my friend will be ok? Anyone been in a similar situation? Anyone know if my friend will receive a subpoena or legal letter in the mail a few weeks from now (that's what he's most stressed about rn). He has 0 dui, felonies, misdemeanors, or even a traffic ticket lol. Works hard too.
Tldr; Friend caught vaping on plane bathroom. Denied it and said it could have been any previous persons, (there was indeed a decent line for either of the 2 lavatories). Threw away 2 vape cartridges when they were collecting trash, (later we found this was pointless, as possession of the cartridges was not the problem, it was the act of vaping them). they dug it out the cartridges out of trash and claimed we handed it to them. Police officer said we'd be fine, but airline rep only spit out threats.
Who can we believe and what can we expect?
Already feel like shit and friend def won't be vaping on planes anymore. Id appreciate sharings of any similar experience or some words of advice.
Tbh think friend will be fine and just still in panic mode but who knows.
P.s. we really don't mind about a no fly ban with the airline, or like a small fine....but that male attendant and also the airline rep were talking crazy. Mentioned like "pressing charges", "federal crime", "jail time", "prosecution" and "writing reports and subpoenas" "$25k fine"...when he know full well my friend already learned the lesson jeez. What were mainly concerned about is any sort of permanent/ criminal legal repercussions, and how likely is that?
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2023.06.05 05:33 moishepesach [HR] [MS] For Whom The Willow Weeps

Question: If April flowers bring May showers, what do May flowers bring?
Answer: Puritans and misery.
Part 1 - May Flower Moon
I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure this is a ghost story. It all started in early May under the, "Flower Moon".
In the still of the night, I awoke from a deep sleep to witness a moonlight so spectacular it hurt my eyes.
Fumbling for my glasses, I found them, dropped them, cursed, then almost stepped on them. I finally got them where they belonged thinking I needed to use the bathroom. I glanced at the digital clock on my desk.
3:33 am. Again.
Willow weep for me
Bend your branches down along the ground and cover me
-Ann Ronell as sung by Billie Holiday
The birds were chirping loudly. I shuffled to the window. I looked up wide-eyed at the sky. There was the moon; big, round and golden like it didn't mind a big electricity bill. As I used the bathroom, I remember thinking that I didn't ever remember a full moon so bright it could light up my apartment.
I washed my hands then splashed warm water on my face. I cracked my neck. I dried my hands and face with a towel. I remember thinking if I didn't get back to sleep the day was going to suck.
Shuffling back into my bedroom I thought to look for my ski hat. I figured I could pull it over my eyes and escape the light under the blanket. Flower Moon was beautiful but so too is sleep. If I could just hide under the blanket perhaps it wasn't too late for sleep to creep up on me.
I have been renting the same sunny shoebox in old Brooklyn for more than 20 years. It's a corner apartment on the second floor of a 19th century walkup. Across the street, diagonally resides a community garden fronted by a very tall and expansive weeping willow tree that won't let me move away. I didn't know it's age until recently. But it's younger than me. Most things are these days.
I shuffled to the corner window to squeeze the blinds tight and that's when I felt grateful, grateful I had decided to use the bathroom first.
There, at the base of the hundred-foot-tall willow, behind the wrought iron fence, illuminated beneath the moon's glow, I witnessed something that froze my blood and tested my aging bladder. Standing beneath the moonlight, I saw, clear as day, a little boy in footed pajamas with a trap door. The little boy was holding a blue stuffed Grover Muppet in one hand and crying.
Trying to get a good look at the boy was like trying to look at something from behind a campfire. There was a shimmering distortion. What I could clearly see was that he was pointing down at the ground in front of his feet with the non-Grover hand. Suddenly, the little boy spun his head up and around looking directly at me. Eye contact occurred and then too, something I can't explain.
First, a truck transporting fuel broke loudly for the red light at the corner. Through the open windows I smelled what seemed like diesel. I grew light-headed. The room spun around. I remember thinking this feeling smelled both nauseating as well as timeless.
I reached down to try and pick up the floor and that's when it hit me in the face. A sharp pain across my cheek like I had been slapped in a 3 Stooges short. I felt icy fingers grab the hair I had not had in over 30 years and jerk my head back. I smelled more diesel. I grabbed the edge of the desk to keep from losing my balance.
Holding on to the desk, I noticed my mind's eye was playing the little boy's face like a movie. The camera panned in. His little boy face filled my consciousness like I was watching from the front row. He was about four or five years old with long dirty blonde hair. His face looked familiar from a dream.
Then, another slapping pain turned my last good cheek. Losing my balance, I fell ass first to the floor.
Out the window, from on my ass, I watched the traffic light turn green. I heard the truck lurch into gear, rev it's engine then drive away. As it rumbled off into the distance my equilibrium returned.
Muttering my life sucked I gently shook my head and felt for damage. Just my non-existent pride. I got myself vertical, yet once again; feeling a distinct twinge of anxiety.
I looked out the window but the little boy was gone. An FDNY ambulance took his place, it's siren jarring me back to reality. I closed the blinds and got under the blanket. I never did really get back to sleep that night. Or ever since.
Part II - Unhappily Ever Since
Sad as I can be Hear me willow and weep for me... -Billie I keep seeing a little boy under the tree... - me ...
The first thing I want to say is that I keep waking up for decades at exactly 3:33 am.
It's the exact time my decrepit birth certificate claims I was introduced to this world. Can't say why, but ever since digital clocks became a thing, I'm up more often than not to witness 3:33 am transpire. Never remember it happening before digital.
One of my friends recently told me it was an angel number. I don't know anything about angels. Never met one. But I for sure have met some demons in my day. In fact. you might say I was born of demon mother, and I might not be offended. Back to my birth certificate. I was born and yes, still live in Brooklyn, New York. There were gaps but it's my home.
I moved to this particular apartment building a few months after 9/11. I had moved in with a woman at the tail end of doing a romantic nickel, but that fell apart like Madoff, Abramoff or Fuckoff, and she married another dude a year later. So, there in 2002, I and my faithful golden retriever, Spenser, found ourselves, for the very first time, on our own. And, we liked it.
Like I mentioned, Spenser and I lived diagonal to a community garden that fronts a big and beautiful weeping willow tree. I felt an immediate kinship as my favorite book as a child had been, "The Giving Tree" and that's what she reminded me of; only more beautiful.
There will be more about the tree. Anyway, the tree and I dwell in an old part of south Brooklyn called Park Slope, infamous for being the stomping grounds of a young Al Capone, and, believe it or not, young me.
That was a long time ago. Things have changed a lot since Al and I, were separately roaming the streets of Park Slope, looking for adventure and whatever came our way. I came up in the day when if you cried your mother would give you something to cry about. And, not going to lie, I cried a lot. I don't remember my dad that much.
I remember he was a hippie. I remember he had a big beard and moustache and long hair. I remember his denim jacket was always cold, smelling like weed and cigarettes. I remember he gave me, "The Giving Tree" and taught me how to read it. And then, I remember he was; gone. Just. Gone.
I also remember my mother. I remember her never talking much. I remember her just smelling like hair spray, cigarettes and instant coffee with sour milk. I never was able to drink milk, not even as a child, and to this very day just the sight of a milk carton turns my stomach to acid.
I lived alone with the old lady about half a mile from where I live now. Yeah, in over thirty years I made it a whole thirteen blocks. Like I said, my pride was non-existent these days unless I was sitting on it. Another, weird thing besides waking up at 3:33 am is I have a lot of memory lapses. It has been getting worse the last few years. Especially, since old Spenser had a seizure in my arms back on the 9/11 of '09. He was fifteen and my best friend. I'd always loved dogs. But after losing Spenser, I couldn't quite remember things right all the time.
Sometimes, it was little things. Like did I turn off the stove or lock the front door. Other times, it was deep things, like did the telephone repair man try to do something to me when I was five and left home alone. Like did I pull a kitchen knife on him before he scampered out like a thief in the night; scared he'd be caught by my screams for Batman? Did I remember my mother having strange guests over late at night? Did I remember being locked in my room? I just couldn't remember anymore.
I had taken to obsessively keeping lists. But you can't put ghost-busting on a list, can you? And that was my real problem. Ever since, the May Flower Moon the haunting just kept rinsing and repeating. Eat edibles, Nyquil, and Advil PM and still wake up at 3:33am. Smell diesel. Wave of nausea. Little boy in garden. Little boy crying. Little boy pointing at something. Little boy looking up at me. Little boy. Little boy. Little boy.
By last Friday, I was a mess.
My work is suffering. I am too embarrassed to tell my aunt or besties I see a little boy. They already think I am weird enough and last thing I need is a wellness check.
To remain scientific, I have continued my daytime visits to the garden whenever it is open. Everything seems so lovely in the day. I even brought the new woman I am seeing. She fell in love with the tree at first sight. The flowers are gorgeous. And the roses; so mesmerizing. Even the fish in the koi pond are happy.
But at night. Something isn't right.
...Weeping willow tree Weeping sympathy Bend your branches down along the ground and cover me Listen to me plead Hear me willow and weep for me...
My new friend at work I mentioned, who told me about angel numbers, asked me recently if something was bothering me. She told me when we met, she is in the midst of a spiritual awakening.
Part of it includes awakening every morning to read the Tarot cards and commune with who, or what, she calls, "spirit".
I cracked and told her about the little boy under the tree. She didn't bat an eye. She told me spirit wants something from me. I didn't know what to say to that so I just left it alone. I guess I'm afraid what if she's right. And what if I don't like what, "spirit" wants?
Last night was Saturday. I had a dream.
That night I dreamed about a collie I had when I was a very young boy right after my dad split. Her name was Pearl. I had found her on the street on my block and for some inexplicable reason had been allowed to keep her.
Not long after, one hot summer day in Prospect Park, when my mother was going to give me something to cry about, Pearl suddenly ran down the hill she was frolicking on, making a wide sweeping arc that screamed, "ride or die, full throttle, and damn the fucking torpedoes," it's trajectory directly between my mother's legs. Fur overcame flesh just in the nick before I was given something to cry about.
Instead, I laughed.
I laughed so fucking hysterically at the sight of her on the grass, on her ass; smug look gone with the wind; replaced by an expression seething red menace that would have been McCarthy's wet dream.
And, like the little boy at 3:33 am, Pearl's eyes met mine. She seemed to nod her collie head, as if she were acknowledging that, yes, she was the best dog and don't you forget it. I didn't cry much for a while after that till I came home from school and Pearl was gone. Just gone. To some farm I was told. Where she could be happier. So, I guess I did get something to cry about after all.
And then last night I had a dream.
Part III - It weeps for me?
I dreamed of Peter Pan and buried treasure. I dreamed of Stove Stop stuffing and commercials loud enough to drown out a breech birth. I dreamed of Spider-Man letting Uncle Ben's killer go free. I dreamed of being American. I dreamed of Watergate, the fall of the Berlin wall, 9/11 and watching people jump out windows to avoid burning to death out the window of my office.
I dreamed of Iraq and Afghanistan and George Floyd and Covid and never-ending cycles of boom and bust. I dreamed of a golden carrot on what started out as a stick but soon morphed into what I realized was a branch. A long flowing beautiful branch covered in red. A branch that hung low. It swayed along the ground, swayed above my head and there I was.
I was in the garden. Under the tree. I felt drops of warm dew caressing my face. I was about to reach up to caress the tree. My tree. I noticed I was wearing pajamas. Not the black satin jammies I had been wearing for decades but old footie pajamas. They were Star Trek pajamas. With three golden rings on the cuffs and a trap door.
A drop of dew fell in my eye. I wiped it away and looked at my hand. It was red. Red with blood. My Mickey Mouse watch involuntarily color-coordinated with the blood. It appeared to be just after 3:30 am.
Suddenly, a dog appeared. It was Pearl. Then another, it was Spenser. They jammed their snouts into my flannel covered crotch. I pet them both and noticed my tears mixing with the dewy blood drops turning them a soft pink under the moonlight.
"Good boy. Good girl." I said.
"Hi," a voice I recognized but couldn't place said.
I looked around. And there, was, the little boy. And, in his hand was Grover.
"Hi," I heard myself say.
"Who's the dog?" he said.
"That's Pearl. And this is Spenser." I answered.
"I know Pearl, silly. She's my dog," then, "Hi, Spenser."
Spenser left my crotch for the little boy's. They went together like peanut butter and sandwiches.
"Where are your parents?" I heard myself ask.
"Dad left. Mom told me to stay here until she comes back."
"When was that?" I asked.
The little boy shrugged then, "Been a while I guess," and he started to cry. Spenser got agitated and started to whine. I approached. I went to put my hand on the boy's shoulder and he jumped.
"Hey, it's okay." I took my hand back.
He looked up at me. Then he said, "You want to see something?
I said, "Yes."
The little boy fished around in his pajamas and pulled out something, it looked like a piece of rolled up construction paper secured with a red ribbon that matched the bloody dew drops.
He un-scrolled it then solemnly showed it to me.
It appeared to be a child's treasure map. That ended in the garden. Only it wasn't a garden. It said, "JUNK YARD" and there was a big X next to the corner of the rectangle the words were written in. I looked down at him.
"There's no junk yard here, son," I said.
The little boy looked away from Spenser and up at me. Pearl ran to his side. I felt six eyes on me.
"That's what you think," he said
A moment later there was the loud cracking of fireworks being detonated. I awoke in my bed. Fumbling for my glasses, I found them, dropped them, cursed, then almost stepped on them. I finally got them where they belonged thinking I needed to use the bathroom. I glanced at the digital clock on my desk.
3:33 am. Again.
I ran to the window to look out. But, unlike every other time for the past month, the boy was not in residence. He was gone. Just. Gone.
Part IV - The is The End
Gone my lovely dreams To weep my tears along the stream Sad as I can be Hear me willow and weep for me
This was fucking ridiculous. I am sane. I am not mad. I'd been reading, "The Giving Tree," too much. Spending too much time alone working from home. Maybe I just needed to get away. Take a trip somewhere.
I realized getting back to sleep was going to be impossible. So, I went into the kitchen and made a pot of tea. No milk.
Back at my desk, my "SHIT. FUCK. DAMN." glass mug of tea firmly in hand, I took a deep breath. There was no point in giving myself a heart attack. Maybe it was just anxiety. Maybe panic attacks. I had dated lots of neurotic women. That could be it. Maybe some Lexapro and I'd be good as new. I decided to check my email.
A woman I used to date from Queens and stayed friends with had sent me a link entitled, "Birth of a community garden." It was video to my garden. Before it was a garden. Over forty years ago. It was a decrepit vacant lot filled with dead cars and refuse and apparently had been a neighborhood drug bazaar. Like I said, things have changed a lot since Al and I were young as springtime.
By the time I moved back you would have never known what things had used to look like. Spray painted signs that read, "NO DRUGS SOLD HERE!" and the like. Just like the Batman, Dark Knight, the 80s were a time when Urban Renewal was striking back. And before you could say, "corruption at City Hall," there was fecund soil where once had stood God knows what.
It gave me hope that humanity wasn't so bad. Maybe I had just been going through a tough time. Maybe I should quit while I am ahead and get a good night's rest. So, I closed the blinds and went to bed.
Why I am never sleeping again
That night I dreamed I was part of the junk yard's saviors. Hauling out decades of festering trash and replacing it with good old Mother Earth. A whole community coming together to commune with nature. I felt myself smile.
All day we hoed the rows. The fecundity of the soil filling my nostrils. There was food and laughter and soon day turned to night. One by one all the gardeners left into the dusk. Soon I stood alone next to a young woman. She held a green army duffle bag. And two shovels.
"You look like a big, strong man. They're going to be planting a weeping willow tree here soon. But first, I wanted to leave the earth a special gift to grow up with the tree. This time I think we should give to the tree. Won't you help me?"
I felt a passing twinge of disgust. I rubbed my upper lip with the back of my hand and thought I smelled the faint smell of diesel. I heard myself say, "Hand me a shovel."
An hour later I had fulfilled the lady's request to deposit the duffel bag deep within the new garden's soil. She lit a cigarette I recognized. She blew some smoke in my face and it smelled like sour milk.
"Ever read a boy and his dog?" she asked.
I nodded.
"This is the opposite," she said. I smelled the diesel again and then remembered no more.
This morning I awoke feeling none too swell. I got my glasses on without dropping them for a change then sort of hobbled to the kitchen area to make some tea. I opened the blinds and there was my weeping willow tree. Swaying gently in the Sunday early June overcast chill.
Implacable. Inscrutable. True to it's nature. The day was gray as a widow's anniversary.
Well, there's always tea, I thought, ever the optimist. And then I dropped my, "SHIT. FUCK. DAMN." mug on my foot, simultaneously battering and scalding it. I let out a yelp.
Then, mouth agape, I smelled the diesel waft in the window by the fire escape. The window, where, leaning against the fire escape's stairs I witnessed something that froze my blood and tested my aging bladder.
I spied two shovels and an empty duffle bag.
I wonder what spirit will have to say about that?
Gone my lovely dreams To weep my tears along the stream Sad as I can be Hear me willow and weep for me
Willow Weep For Me?
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2023.06.05 05:33 supah_cruza Grandpa's intervention

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2023.06.05 05:33 Arc_au NSW 5/8 - Stat comparison

NSW 5/8 - Stat comparison
As per request off the back of NSW Halves - Stat Comparison post I've gone through and detailed out the comparison between the NSW 5/8 prospects. Obviously with Luai the incumbant, his decent showing in game 1, not injured and the "Penrith connection", I expect he retains his spot. But for argument sake, how does he stack up against the likes of the force that is Cody Walker, Matt "Big Boot" Burton or the other two?
As pointed out in my original post, it is important to mention upfront that stats are all well and good on paper but don't always correlate to the eye test. What this has shown is from a purely statistical point of view:
- First and foremost, unlike the halves, we have a clear leader and close second across the span of the stats and then an absolute chasm. Cody Walker has been in incredible form this year and has the stat lines to back it up. Removing the count for 'teams avg possession' and Luai falls further behind.
- Cody is dominating all scoring metrics, line breaks, LB assists and TB % show Cody to have the highest 'touch potency' of all of the halves. This is extremely obvious when looking at Cody's LBA % by run - 33% of his total runs (61) for the season have resulted in a line break for a team mate.
- Luai while decent around TBs and offloads, falls short in a lot of the attacking departments and sits at the lowest overall involvement for his team. As caveated in the halfback thread, Cleary dominates posession with almost double the touches per game - but given Luai's low possession count, his 'touch potency' isn't what it should be to constitute touching the ball less.
- It is no surprise that Burton leads by a country mile around the kicking statistics, but outside of that and comparable numbers around tackle breaks per run and solid run metres, he has been relatively weak when creating opportunities for his team mates despite his try assist tally. This might suggest his kicking has opened the door for the Bulldogs more often than not.
- Keary's possession numbers and game involvement have seen a considerable spike since Walker was dropped as he took over the reigns at Halfback. Prior to this, he had the lowest team involvement. Despite his apparent lack of form though, there are some good signs around his work with his team mates, albeit are relatively middling with the rest of the pack.
- Moylan was included purely for anyone that wanted to think about a 'club connection' for Hynes. Moylan has made the least errors, that is all.
Based on this breakdown, it is no surprise to anyone that Cody Walker is the form 5/8 in the comp and would be best utilised to partner Hynes in the halves. This is obviously just stats though and we saw how his club form didn't correlate into Origin form - if I were the Rabbitohs, I'd almost prefer Walker not be picked. As last time he was, his club form plummeted off a cliff after being hooked.
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2023.06.05 05:32 Grilledsalmonfan How to become less sensitive (or something) - advice appreciated

Hi everyone,
Thanks for taking the time to read this post. It's kind of painful for me to write this, and if you're struggling with depression, maybe it's not the best post for you to read since it might be triggering.
At the moment I'm finding it difficult to attend church and other church-related gatherings. Nothing wrong with my church- If anything, it's fantastic, biblical, Christ-centered. Very humble people, quick to repent.
But I guess now that I'm in a depressed rut, old struggles just take a whole lot more effort to get through.
I'm surprised by how bothered I am by the occasional macho/indecent joke or comment said by someone immature. It never happens when the most mature members are present, so the theologically sound pushback/correction rarely happens in these moments. The teens can get a laugh out of it, and I just watch in silence.
I'd like to be the one to say something, but I don't because I just get too flustered due to having been bullied and ostracized for my effeminate traits in middle school, so I try hard just to not look effeminate or shaken.
Last week, I was in the middle of a gathering and we were taking prayer requests. Everyone seemed to have such big plans and hopes for their lives with their big budgets. I forced myself to laugh at the jokes and appear carefree to not break the celebration and praise reports, but it was really hard.
I'm sometimes the first person, regardless of setting, to notice something is off, church or not. I often end up protecting people and kids out of reflex. (Children just before an animal claws out their face, adults just before they say something they cant take back).
I'm just kind of stressed out by having to be one to be vigilant and be the "maid" who cleans up after everyone's mess (to quote Mr. Incredibles). Of course I have my blind spots too. And I need others too. But life seems like a series of pains right now. I know that part of the Christian life is to have a limp, like Jacob did. But am I just always going to be this discontent?
Im calling in on hotlines day by day just to get through each day. Multiple times a day. I'm so tired of this limping and forced smiling.
Every time I see someone's faces, I think of the hurtful thing they said, the aggravating expression they made. And the things they should've said but didn't. It's torture to talk myself out of doing this and repent again and again. Knowing that I'll see them again next time and have to repeat the whole ordeal.
I'm tired of all the peoplepleasing, pouring hearts to one another without any particular resolutions, noticing people's everyday sins here and there and having to overlook them (both from me and others).
If you have any word of advice, it would be really appreciated. Thanks.
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2023.06.05 05:32 Formal-Camp-9333 Zoey's way too gullible and stupid for her own good.

You know Zoey, green body, black hair, 7 years since 2008. Well, there's just a tiny problem with Zoey that Puppy needs to be with her for all times because of that problem. Zoey's way too stupid to sense anyone dangerous. Someone could be on a massive killing spree or burning down random buildings, and Zoey wouldn't even realize the danger even exists until the very last second. She can point at some random guy down robbing a bank and go "That's my friend over there!". Not only that, she is insanely gullible and will believe anything one person says, and not believe the other because "person 1 says so". People like Fred and ZJ!Ruby will take that as an advantage to manipulate Zoey into doing stuff she wouldn't normally do, and again, she wouldn't realize it until it's way too late. Sure, she canonly somehow manages to escape (via FNF rap battle), but there's a handful of AUs where she doesn't. Right now, she's (trying to be) friends with Bella, u/Beylah_ray09's OC. Puppy and I already knows there's several problems in that, but Zoey doesn't believe us. She also left my Gacha Club again, so I'm just gonna be praying she's okay and comes "home".
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2023.06.05 05:32 spaghetticourier Gosh pa, Home Depot made my life tough as nails today.

Jeysus it was a mess, I paid to rent a chainsaw so I can cut a tree limb my insurance company wanted me to take care of. The stupid thing won't start. I look up the manual online (the rental came with zero documentation, real classy) and from what I could tell it just wouldn't. I call em up, they ask me if I pressed every switch and told me just to bring the thing in.
Im angry but I was taught respect. They didn't give me a busted chainsaw on purpose, so I drive up there and they confirm it won't work(I got to keep my man card there, 😅) they give me a new one. It runs!
I take it home, get the tree limb down. I turn it off to xlimb down the ladder, go to start it again.
It wont.
I check gas and oil, press every button while tuggin on the cord, try locking and unlocking the blade...nothin.
Worst part is the limb was blocking a road leading to a different house, it was too heavy to move easily, so I had to use my hand saw to trim off the longer branches and get it out of the way. It's still just a giant tree limb sitting next to my fence so thats great. Could have been worse.
I have had a life long fear of heights and ladders, but I bought a house last year and I had to buy a ladder accept that I would have to climb it.
It's been a tough year. And Home Depot selling me crap equipment didn't help me at all today, but I got the tree limb cut and my insurer will be pleased.
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2023.06.05 05:32 noddylady Need help with feeding the stray dog mum.

I don't know which subreddit would be fine for this post so I posted it in advice a while ago but it wasn't it lol so here I'm trying again.
There are a few stray dogs in my campus and they are very friendly to students and the in-campus residents. Occasionally I bring treats for these friendly furbabies but not regularly because I'm broke as of now. About two weeks or something ago one of the female dog has given birth to two adorable puppies and they are just so fucking cute but let's not get me started on that lol.
I noticed that mum is quite malnourished and I don't think she has enough milk for the babies because they look kinda starved so I decided to feed the mum regularly but I don't want the babies to follow me around because they might get hurt by getting in other stray dog's territory. What can I do in this situation? And where I live, shelters are not easily available and I'll be leaving uni in about a year or so. Also I won't be able to feed them except the occasional treats once they grow up a little and are not dependent on milk anymore. So am I doing the right thing by getting them used to this?
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