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2023.06.09 17:23 princesscuddlefuck 25 [M4F] NYC/Online - Writer from US, seeking flirting and real conversation. Lets bond over books, flirt, and chat.

Hey all! Long post incoming, but tl;dr: Lets bond and flirt, lol.
A bit about me first: I’m a writer by trade, and work as an editor for a large ish tech firm. Not gonna doxx myself, but, I may have helped edit some manuals you never read. No big deal! Lmao. On the side, I also love to write fantasy and short stories. My favorite authors are Murakami, Vonnegut, and Brandon Sanderson!
I’m also hugely into horror and fitness. I love the gym, and have went a lot since losing 100 pounds. Horror is by far my favorite movie genre! Maybe.. we could be cuddle buddies?
I also play some games, mainly Stardew, OW, Diablo, FF14, etc :)
Now, on to the flirting / sexual stuff lol
So, yes, I’m looking for some flirting and talking, but it doesn’t have to be inherently horny. I’d rather have a real conversation, but with some good flirting and sexual stuff if it develops. It takes time! Like, a friends with sexting benefits? Or, even just a connection with a deep, real sexual tension and aspect, if that makes sense. Most importantly, I'd like to learn you as a person, build a connection, and form the sexual talk from there.
Talking about our lives and past, and slowly divulging our degenerate side as we go. Or, we can even skip personal stuff if we need. We can get right into our dirtier side, and that works just as well.
I love to chat with others across the world about, well, what makes us tick. Feel free to message me from anywhere - I'd love to get to know people worldwide. Also, that's somehow even hotter to me in some cases.
Flirting with someone across the world has this insanely romanticized feeling to me, lol. And, with that - I'm a sucker for accents. Send me a voice memo if you want to the front of the line, lol. I believe voice attraction is huuuuge.
I'm super sex positive, and always looking for others with a similar drive. I don't care if you're single, taken, or hiding this from someone, or any thing ng along those steps. Lets get to knowing each other on the most intimate level. We can bring it up, or skip your personal details. Or, if that's something you like - we can always get very descriptive on our past. I'm open to swapping info about each other, and more if it vibes. We can chat about our favorite movies, while simultaneously discussing what the best position is to get off fast. Truly, a connection, or a damn good conversation is what I crave.
Send me a PM with age, and a broad location if you'd wish, or any details about you.
For me, I'm 6'3", black hair, tattoos, glasses - a solid, average build. I'm also, in my fair opinion, packing some heat, lol. If you'd like, a physical description always helps.
I'm down with swapping pictures too, but not required by any means.
I'm a very open book, so feel free to ask any questions you may have.
Hope to hear soon:)
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2023.06.09 17:23 Advanced-Revenue3566 AI Search is here. Is your eComm website optimized to rank?

Google recently announced they are releasing a new version of their search that is powered by AI. And it’s only time until all search engines follow suit.
So, what does that mean for your eCommerce business? And what can you do to optimize product pages for AI search?
For one, it means things are changing fast. And as an eComm brand, you want your product page to appear first in search results.
Because a higher ranking means more visibility, more traffic and ultimately, increased online sales.
Read this article to learn the 7 Tips to Optimize eCommerce Product Pages for SEO in AI Search.
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2023.06.09 17:22 Ostachh94 Blocking WT3 and 4 behind campaign completion just harms the story imo

Let me start by saying Im not really a Diablo or aRPG player - I played Diablo 2 as a kid, completed Diablo 3 when covid hit while couch coop with a buddy and had a good time but we finish campaign, moved on and never looked back. By that, I want to say that I dont really relate to some of the discussions here revolving endgame content or some of the gameplay mechanics missing - I dont have enough expierence with the genre to compare and I have no expectations about playing the game „for years to come” because I just never do that in general - I enjoy my time with a game and move on. I totally respect wanting something diffrent but its just not for me. That being said, I absolutely in love with Diablo 4 as it seems much, much, much more open for the players that dont really play that kind of games; its much more cinematic, visuals and music are top notch, gameplay require some movement and agility, player progression feels fantastic (to a point, and I will speak about that in a second) and story, while not being a masterpiece, is bloody entertaining. You can also feel that they care a lot about world building - if you took time to speak with everyone you met you can get a good sense of the factions, diffrent regions and just every little places that appear in game while it never becomes overwhelming - its not a game about dialogue and making story decisions and no one really expect it to be and thats great. While playing it I really took my time with it, exploring, talking to npcs, doing A LOT of side content, enjoying constant character progression and dont really thinking what the future will bring. I could sense that the game actually want me to do it as it was design to be somewhat more of an immersive expierence than just pure grind, at least in comparisment to the other Diablo games - and it worked for me and I loved it. The point is, that while I was playing it, on WT2, ENJOYING the story content that devs crafted, I reached level 50 almost exactly when I reached Act IV, discovering only half of the map and the game suddenly said to me to basically fuck myself and my slow appreciative approach - progression stops almost completely. Leveling up past lvl 50 on wt2 is a drag and I stopped getting ANY equipment thats worth trying. I still can do side content but the game appear to suddenly encourage me to stop bothering with it and just rush the story to the end in order for a character progression to come back. I really enjoyed the way I played the game, doing some main quest, pause, do some exploring and side content, as it seemed organic to the campaign, back to the main story etc but all of a sudden Im basically being told yeah yeah whatever just screw it and run to the end, you will do all of that later if you still want. And I honestly dont know why, its just one big design flaw. There is still so much of a world left to explore. Why is it important for me to complete the story in order to unlock higher difficulty? Reaching level 50 alone I would understand completely but this? Its just sabotage of the way of play they created and encouraged me to play and I cant see any point of it. Is there some reason for that which Im missing? What would be the problem to just let me unlock higher world tier when my character is ready to do so? Why my knolwedge of the game ending is so crucial in order to do this because honestly thats all that is going to change when I will finish the campaign as I already could handle the higher difficulty and stronger items. Imo no one really benefits from the way it is done right now. Hiding world bosses and dungeons behind campaign - ok, fine, still could argue I dont see a point but I can bare with it, but just ruining the really well done mix of campaign and side content midway through is beyond me
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2023.06.09 17:22 Old_Republic_8571 She left me right when I was so close to end the gap

Hi! I (20M) was in a ldr with a girl (21F). The distance is quite large, around 7000 miles. We were together for 1 year and a few months, I had plans to move in with her or possibly go for a few months to see how we get along. All this time I couldn't because of the money, she never had the chance to come to me because she is much worse with money than I am, but I managed to get a loan at the bank to go see her.
We had already made all our plans, she seemed very much in love with me, we really got along great, but one morning I woke up with a message from her saying that she wanted us to break up because she feels that it is no longer working. We had arguments before but we always discussed the problems and I thought we solved them. It seems that she collected everything until she waited for the right moment to break up with me.
But I don't think it's right how she did it, just 2-3 days before she broke up with me she was talking to me about renting, living together, about what we're going to do when I come to her, and later she became super cold and changed like like there was nothing between us.
She told me that she loves me but that she never wants us to be together again in this life. She doesn't want me to come at all, like whenever I open this subject about us or about coming there, she is going crazy, I'm left with the money for the ticket and I can't even spend it, I feel bad because my only goal this year was to go to her, considering that I wanted this for 1 year of days.
It's been 3 months since we broke up but we still talk from time to time. However, sometimes she is very indifferent, and sometimes she talks to me as if there is still something between us. I really don't know what to do, I really loved this girl and had hopes for us.
I was thinking of going to her anyway to surprise her but I think it's the worst idea considering the fact that every time I open this topic she goes crazy, but she has nothing against talking to me.
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2023.06.09 17:22 zovits The Gaius monologue, but adapted to the upcoming Redditwide blackout

Tell me, for whom do you work?
Hmph! How very glib. And do you believe in Reddit? Reddit's content is contributed by users. Its sub-reddits are moderated by volunteers. And its CEO is engaging in deception.
It is naught but a paper town of lies. To believe in a company is to believe in nothing. At Reddit, the stakeholders often change the rules to suit their needs - though your users only rarely get to set policy. Which is strange, is it not?
Are the "Users" otherwise engaged? I was given to understand they were the source of your income. If you truly believe them your most valuable asset, why do you not act like a decent company, and listen to them? They will answer - so long as you provide them with the freedom to use your platform and third party apps. Your users are no different than your workers - humans everyone. Accept but this, and you'll see how Reddit's API changes are bleeding the platform dry.
Nor is this unknown to your shareholders. Which prompts the question: Why do they cling to these inane plans? What drives even men of learning - even the great Spez - to ignore his users? The answer? Your owners lack the humility to do otherwise! For the world of the Internet to mean anything, the users must own the world. To this end they have congregated ever to build communities on platforms - to grow famous through posting. And when the spambots arrive, it is ever the moderators who get rid of the trash.
Knowing this, but a single path is tempting the greedy owner - that of total control. A path which leads to enervation and abandonment. Only a platform of openness can rightly retain its users. And in this world of creeping corporate bullshit, that one truth will prove its salvation.
Come, user of Reddit, join me! Your silence shall serve as proof of Reddit's true value! It is only right that we should strike, for none among the company has the power to replace us!
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2023.06.09 17:21 HappyDadOfFourJesus r/HOTWORXWarriors will go dark on June 12th in protest of Reddit's API changes

Greetings everyone!
tl;dr: HOTWORXWarriors will be participating in the reddit blackout on June 12th in protest of the upcoming API changes.
As many of you are already aware, reddit has announced significant upcoming changes to their API that will have a serious impact to many users. There is currently a planned protest across thousands of subreddits to black out on June 12th.

More Information:

Open Letter to reddit & Blackout

In lieu of what’s happening above, an open letter has been released by the broader moderation community, and HOTWORXWarriors will be supporting it. Part of this initiative includes a potential subreddit blackout (meaning the subreddit will be privatized) on June 12th, lasting 48 hours or longer.
Thank you to the HOTWORXWarriors community for this week's discussion and insight. We’re proud to be a part of the protest, and we thank you for your support and participation.
u/HappyDadOfFourJesus - the HOTWORXWarriors mod
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2023.06.09 17:21 CommanderAuri Searching for a longterm partner! Prompts listed below

Hi there! Name’s Auri and I’m a 28F. I’ve been rping for roughly 10+ years now and am searching around for another partner for a thread or two. I'm not replacing anyone!
General overview:
Prompt idea:
*Mass Effect 2 or 3: I created an original elemental race/character to use in the Mass Effect universe. This could take place during the second game and start off as a recruitment mission or start off with with third game after Shepard leaves the Mars archives. For either prompt here, I would like to try and follow Shepard's crew during both games. I'm currently not looking to do anything for Mass Effect: Andromeda at the moment
The second: Our characters are assigned to a backwater colony world that's now inhabited by both humans and ex-covenant forces. Our OCs/CCs are essentially made to be a temporary peace keeping force, a supposedly easy op. After meeting up with the colony's human governor, time passes and things start seeming a bit... off. The colony world isn't what it appears to be and there's a hidden menace that we need to uncover deep below ground and stop before it's too late.
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2023.06.09 17:21 E_DeFrost Star Trek makes a strong case for universal basic income/resources, in relation to the real world and personal fulfillment.

(I’m sure this has already been discussed, but…)
Star Trek provides example after example of how, when people have their basic needs met (food via replicators/shelter aboard a ship), they will fervently pursue academic/scientific interests, art, and exploration.
Anyone in the real world who opposes a universal basic income for food and shelter, or insists that it would deter people from working, has never enabled people to actually pursue their true passions.
The motivation to work and be productive is embedded into the vast majority of the human race. Examples exist all around us. Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedic database on the planet, operates almost exclusively on free contributions from passionate people. Look at what people build in Minecraft on their own time. Poke around any game-modding community, and see the time and energy people invest into building/developing things with no expectation of financial profit. Countless other instances can be found throughout history (and contemporary society) of people, with all their basic needs met, pursuing art, tech, and academia. Most people have a gene-deep desire to build, create, investigate, and explore.
Star Trek’s Starfleet continually gets this right: the ships’ engineers constantly work to refine processes to boost efficiency: not for profit or monetary gain, but as a matter of personal pride and satisfaction.
The scientists keep exploring even the most minor astronomical anomalies, the doctors keep studying the most niche biological phenomena, all out of curiosity. They are legitimately interested, and therefore personally invested. They want to deepen their understanding. They want to learn.
The interactions between various alien cultures are anthropologists’ and sociologists’ dreams come true: hence all the diplomatic cross-culture ceremonies and “duck-blind” study scenarios.
These characters are all personally invested in their work, because almost everyone has found the position where they receive personal satisfaction/fulfillment.
You might be thinking “what about the jobs like crate stacking or inventory cataloguing? No one wants to do those jobs in real life.” Oh yes they do. Some people live for it. Organizers come in all forms. Tell me you’ve never met someone who lives to be meticulously organized; or someone obsessed with Tetris; an archivist/librarian who lives to sort things.
“What about garbage collectors? Who’d want to be garbage collectors unless they had to?” Trust me, there are people motivated to keep their community clean. (Additionally, without profit/capitalism/consumerism, aka “waste culture” as the driving force behind most things including manufacturing, waste generation is significantly reduced: most things are built to last/be repaired, or generally recycled. Organic waste is composted, etc. I digress.)
In a galaxy that large, where people are encouraged to pursue their interests (not just relegate those interests to hobbies because “you can’t make a living doing that,”) means you get an incredibly diversified knowledge and resource base within your greater community.
Need an expert in the microscopic harmonic fluctuations of alien cell membranes? There is one a subspace transmission away. Need a specialist on the dietary habits of the yarn people of Nylar 4? They’ll be at the diplomatic brunch tomorrow.
Need a faster ship engine? Someone in a lab has dedicated the past decade to building one, and they’re excited to share.
(These hyper-specific academic/technical pursuits also suggest a greater tolerance/societal value placed on neurodivergence than most modern, socially-oriented capitalistic workspaces as well, but that’s a topic for a whole other post.)
And sure, with basic needs met, you’ll get a small subset of people who don’t want to “work.” Who just “exists”. But, as another point, is there something wrong with someone just enjoying being alive, and being content with that?
Whenever someone (usually older) refers to these hypothetical “unproductive people” as people who’ll just “lay around, playing video games all day,” I want to point out that this is a major fallacy.
Almost all video games are goal-oriented. Most gamers game to accomplish virtual objectives: to win battles, complete quests, rank up. Gaming is entirely objective driven, just like most other pursuits mentioned above: the reason we look down on gaming accomplishments is because “it’s not real,” or “it’s empty/hollow.” But! That’s because we’ve cultivated a societal structure in reality where these “Hollow Pursuits” are the only sense of satisfaction or accomplishment that most people can get, who are often laterally trapped along the professional ladder.
Research has shown that, Given the chance, and the right circumstances, people will direct that objective-oriented energy into something real/consequential in like 95% of cases. The reason “couch-potato” gamers are so common these days is because so many people are unsatisfied with the work/opportunities provided by their jobs/careers, and turn to gaming as alternative suppliers for these feelings of achievement and accomplishment. (Also, gaming allows fantasy/imaginative/alternative pursuits, but that’s another notion.)
“But universal basic income will encourage people to stay home and sleep/drink all day.”
Most healthy people, both ND and NT, find their own purpose to get out of bed each day and get something done. Left open, they’ll find it and chase it. That’s healthy people. Substance addiction and clinical depression are not indicative of healthy people. A more community-and-fulfillment-centric societal structure lends itself to better-developed resources for recovery and treatment. PLUS! Not having to worry about earning basic needs/pay rent to survive while struggling with addiction or emotional issues is a key factor to bettering mental/emotional health, and aids recovery. Studies (with lab animals) have also shown senses of community and support have significantly curbed addictive behaviors that otherwise flourish/metastasize in isolation.
I didn’t expect this post to end up this long. I’m curious to hear thoughts!
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2023.06.09 17:20 oja1988 Target is it a buy now at $129?

I just started building a position today, and will keep adding over time. What does everyone think?
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2023.06.09 17:20 UnfairGarbage Inner monologue replaced by earworms

So often it feels as if my mind is devoid of the analytical thought processes that neurotypical people seem to have that allow them to approach things in a straightforward way and move through tasks in a coherent manner. So I tried to observe my mind to see just what the hell it was doing instead, and every time I do it's just: MUSIC CHAOS. Random snippets of random songs with zero relevance (as far as I can tell) to the situation I'm in, repeated over and over as long as I'm looking inward. Does this happen to any of you? Is it even an ADHD thing?
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2023.06.09 17:19 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Hollywood VSLs – Eliminate Competition And Maximize Sales ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 17:19 Liquidzorch1 Check engine light off, but code still there

Hello. I have a quick question. What does it mean when there is a "current fault" code, but the check engine light is off? (The light isn't blown, the light comes on for a second when the car is started).
Quick backround. Everything was fine, the I added a fuel injector cleaner to a full tank (the first time I have ever done this, I normally remove the injectors and bring them in to a shop), after about 200 km driven I get a check engine light, and I got an error code saying the bank 1 sensor 2 02 sensor was slow to respond, P0139. (I didn't even think to correlate it with the additive). So it being the rear o2, I just said "okay I'll swap it later, no rush". After about two gas tanks (without additives) the check engine light has turned off, but when scanning, the error still says "current fault".
Is this a way of the car saying "I haven't seen it fail lately, but it has been marked as defective"? If so, I could attribute the "failure" to the cleaning additive, maybe leaving some residue in the catalytic converter and burning off causes the sensor to still "see" gas being burned. It's just weird that the light was on only during that tank of gas. But also weird that the code is still present. I don't like to swap part that don't really need it. And graphing the rear o2, I always see the voltage drop instantly when lifting my foot off the pedal and coasting.
Car: Mazda 6 2009 2.5l automatic trans. with 150k km
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2023.06.09 17:18 WilsonTeresa223 [HIRING] 21 Jobs in remote Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Geisinger Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LPC) Remote Dornsife
Geisinger Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LPC) Remote Marion Heights
Geisinger Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LPC) Remote Paxinos
James Avery Jewelry Customer Service Representative - Remote, Part Time Temporary (San Antonio Area) Kerrville
UnitedHealth Group Patient Experience Representative, Customer Service - National Remote Mesa
UnitedHealth Group Dedicated Client Services Manager - National Remote Phoenix
Viva Railings Business Development Manager (Remote) Oakland
UnitedHealth Group Patient Experience Representative, Customer Service - National Remote Hartford
ProMedica Senior Claims QA Auditor - Paramount - Remote Temperance
Virtua IT Manager Applications - EPIC HIM (Remote) Evesham
Virtua Transactional Paralegal (Remote) Evesham
Virtua HIM Coder CCS RHIT or RHIA preferred (Full Time, Remote) Evesham
The Gryska Agencies Remote Union Benefits Specialist (Must live in New York) Rochester
The Gryska Agencies Remote Union Benefits Specialist (Must live in New York) Webster
ProMedica Senior Claims QA Auditor - Paramount - Remote Berkey
ProMedica Senior Claims QA Auditor - Paramount - Remote Holland
ProMedica Senior Claims QA Auditor - Paramount - Remote Luckey
DOCS Management Services Healthcare Quality and Risk Adjustment Manager - REMOTE Coos Bay
DOCS Management Services Healthcare Data Scientist REMOTE North Bend
DOCS Management Services Healthcare Quality and Risk Adjustment Manager - REMOTE North Bend
UnitedHealth Group Radiology Coding Quality Assurance - National Remote Plano
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in . Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 17:18 fabZ_DJ Opening a Barbershop

I'm a barber for 3 year's now, next 6/12 months I want to open my Barbershop, I want to work alone even through I will get less money but my idea is to have a premium barbershop, just me and the client. I work way to far from the place I want to open and don't want to keep working in this city because is to far and have a lot of barbershop's already. Tips for opening a shop for the first time? How to get clients first few weeks. How to marketing the place. How to make sure I will have people in the shop.
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2023.06.09 17:18 CupOfJoe21 Help! Need advice about changing jobs!

I'm super stressed out right now and don't know what to do! I've been on my current unit for 6 years and I am feeling so burnt out! I just got offered my dream nursing job buttttt there's a big issue I'm facing that's making the decision to change really hard. I have a 12 month old son and no family around and my husband is only home on weekends so child care is an issue. I can only work day shift during the week because thats when day care is open. I can do nights on the weekends when my husband is home although i currently dont. My current job has been amazing with working with my schedule since I came back from maternity leave because I've been there so long. The new job would require me to do night shift sometimes (they rotate) and since I can only do night shift on the weekends, they said I would be required to work basically every weekend, with only 1 off a month. This is really going to cut into what little family time we have together. I'm so torn between just taking the job because I love the unit or staying on a unit I don't really like anymore but gives me everything I want scheduling wise. What would you do?!
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2023.06.09 17:18 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in ME Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Breezeline Software Developer Rochester NH Alfred
Specialized Services Logistics, LLC. CDL A Driver Bangor
Specialized Services Logistics, LLC. Class A Driver Bangor
Panera Bread (PR Management Corp) Restaurant Assistant Manager- Pay up to $60,000 - Biddeford Biddeford
L.L.Bean Storeman Brunswick
L.L.Bean Warehouse Worker Brunswick
Breezeline Senior Linux Engineer Rochester NH Eliot
L.L.Bean Temporary Warehouse Positions- Freeport, ME Freeport
L.L.Bean Mechanical Maintenance Tech I Freeport
Aroostook Mental Health Services, Inc Substance Use Disorder Counselor Frenchville
L.L.Bean Temporary Warehouse Positions- Freeport, ME Lewiston
Aroostook Mental Health Services, Inc Substance Use Disorder Counselor Madawaska
Breezeline Senior Linux Engineer Rochester NH Moody
Breezeline Software Developer Rochester NH Ogunquit
Aroostook Mental Health Services, Inc Family Time Coach Presque Isle
Panera Bread (PR Management Corp) Restaurant Assistant Manager- Pay up to $60,000 -Topsham Topsham
Panera Bread (PR Management Corp) Restaurant Assistant Manager- Pay up to $60,000 -Westbrook Westbrook
L.L.Bean Temporary Warehouse Positions- Freeport, ME Yarmouth
Breezeline Software Developer Rochester NH York Beach
BayMark Health Services Full Time Substance Use Disorder Counselor Auburn
Kennebec Valley Community Action Program KV Van Driver Augusta
Kennebec Valley Community Action Program Van Driver Augusta
Maine Course Hospitality Group Front Desk - Fairfield Inn by Marriott, Augusta Augusta
UnitedHealth Group Manager, Clinical Supply Chain - East Coast Bangor
Maine Course Hospitality Group Chambermaid Bath
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in me. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 17:18 AdProof5307 Projectors and manifesting an invitation

This year I have finally been able to start manifesting opportunity for myself as a projector. Yes that’s right, I am able to manifest invitations. I’ll tell you how.
(For referrence I am a 2/4 splenic projector abt to start my 4th year of deconditioning)
This is how i manifest. Typically I believe manifestation across the general board (in HD and in pop culture) is taught as like meditating on your desires and removing attachment to them and waiting for them to come. It’s all about what you want but my design doesn’t work like that so I’m not successful with general manifestation advice.
Over the last year I had multiple random experiences that made it seem like the person I met had actually been manifesting me! And that changed how I viewed manifestation so now this is how I manifest an invitation.
First a projector is a guide so people have to be looking for you… and I believe it’s to be clear with myself about what I have to give. Who am I right now and who could want what from me as I currently am?
Then, I imagine a person who is looking for something I have. I imagine what they could want/ask for and what I am willing to give For example I imagine a person looking for a friend to trust and talk to about something and then I realize I am available to meet that need in someone so I release it to the universe and I manifest an opportunity to be a friend to someone
Now imagine it has to do with money. I am clear that I have multiple hours in a week to work on something, I realize my skill is organization and so I imagine a person with a messy room they would be willing to pay someone to clean. And I know I would be willing and available to solve that problem so I manifest an invitation by being available to a person willing to pay me to clean a mess.
Then! I put myself in open situations where I believe these opportunities could find (if it’s a friend I attend an social function, if it’s money I post a neighborhood ad) and anything that doesn’t manifest is a win bc it means I get to keep my energy for myself.
Now as a projector, if I honestly assess myself and think I have no energy to give anyone then I manifest nothing outwardly (probably could manifest some rest though!) but if I am honest and think, I have love/time/attention/goods/services someone might want then I am able to more accurately manifest Success in spontaneous situations because they manifested me first.
Hope that helps. I believe projectors can manifest if they think about being the one being manifested.
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2023.06.09 17:18 zombiedog0501 Snake Bites Healing

Snake Bites Healing
I got my snake bites done almost a month ago. I heal pretty fast for most of my piercings, but the one on my left (photo’s right) is not healing very well. You can tell it’s red/pink and has a lot of crusties ALL. THE. TIME. I just changed the other one to a shorter bar (black bar) like 5mins ago because I’m sick of these long bars hitting my teeth. I left the longer bar on the side that seems to be sucking at healing, and just changed the ball. Not necessarily because I wanted to leave the long one, but because what seems to be a build up of the white stuff or something is not allowing the shorter bar to stick all the way out. I clean them twice a day with saline on a Q-tip. I use mouthwash after eating.
My questions are: 1) Does this look like a normal healing process? 2) Is the shorter bar (black bar) too tight? It was the longest in the pack I got. 3) Will the white stuff/crusties go away?
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2023.06.09 17:18 X3ry (17M) I (17m) have a father who is complaining at all times every single day

I have a father who is constantly critisizing everyone in the household and says in every argument how he does all of the work in the house. Even though my mother does even more work than him. But its not like he is now a poor father who no one in his family loves him even though he is doing everything he can. Sometimes besides doing the basic things he puts the work on himself even though no one asked him for it and he would know that someone else would do it, just so he could say later that he did the work too and could complain even more about how he is doing everything. For example: I was cooking by myself dinner for everyone. But he just came next to me and started doing stuff that i would do during it, even though he didnt even ask if he could help, because he knew i would reject his help. But he came there anyways just so he could feel better about himself and could say that he also cooked the lunch and make himself look more like the victim. That was just one example.
But not only does he complain about him doing everything in the house, but when we are actually doing something by ourselves, he always talks what could have been done better and how we are doing it all wrong. For some this might sound like he just wants to taught us how to do things right, but its actually just bunch of crap that only makes him sound wiser and doesnt really contribute to anything. He basically thinks of himself as something higher than we are. And he always makes sure that his opinions outweight ours every single time and does everything he can to protect it and make his point.
How am i supposed to deal with this dude? I feel like everytime i go into a room with him, i risk getting into an argument, for not even doing anything.
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2023.06.09 17:18 Dangerous-Bag-7327 [HIRING] 3 Jobs in Los Angeles Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
CEDARS-SINAI Cedars-Sinai - New Grad RN Residency Program - Summer 2023 Cohort Los Angeles
Alta Hospitals Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) Med Surg - Loan Forgiveness & $7,000 Sign-on Bonus - Full Time, Nights (Los Angeles) Los Angeles
Alta Hospitals Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) Med Surg - Part Time, Variable (Hollywood) Los Angeles
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in los angeles. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 17:18 Organic_Lake3736 Advice on trespassing/homelessness

I want to preface this with, I have no issue with homeless people, they deserve kindness and I know things are getting worse because Portland is forcing them out rather than help them.
I work in a building near the Rock Creek Park. We have cameras on the exterior of the property that are picking up a lot of transient trespassing activity. Every night two or more people will wander around the building, look through our windows, and hang out for an hour or more on the back area where there is a table. I also go for walks in the park and have noticed some camping in the brush, which just confirms that this area is becoming more active for homelessness.
The owner doesn't know what to do and is worried we will be broken into, which has happened before.
Does anyone know if we should contact the police, the city, or some other agency? They haven't actually done anything other than trespass and loiter.
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2023.06.09 17:18 Electronic_Plan5891 Would I be the asshole if I messaged the boy I used to live to apologize?

I’m a twenty one year old female and a few years back when I was eighteen I was completely in love with my friends brother. Like truly, madly deeply in love with him. The call your friend at two am gushing about how you and him had just hung out, how his touch was electrifying and the addition to that feeling.
My friend was supportive, he was twenty at the time and found it cute. Often teasing me and giving me unbiased advice.
For the longest time I thought the he felt the same. He could come through the drive thru at work, I knew his order and would always be at window to tease him with a drink in hand. All my coworkers knew, equally as teasing. It was embarrassing in the best way possible. I never thought a guy like him could ever think about me the same way, nobody had ever looked at me like that. I was alway the less attractive one, the second choice but for once I thought maybe I really could be someone’s first choice.
At the time I was unmedicated, I was aware of the severe depression I had but was too afraid to actually take the step to have a doctor vocalize it. When I got at text from him it was like the static in my brain cleared ever so slightly. My drug was the messages we sent, snapchats of mundane things or early morning bed head picks. I checked my phone religiously and pretend to send the wrong snap just to a response.
A few months of this makeshift honeymoon phase and things seemed to shift so sudden and felt much more one sided. Eventually he told me he didn’t want to be more than a friend and that leading me on is not his intention. Our interactions only seemed to deepen. Cuddled up on park benches and using data to watch Netflix in a park. Dancing in a tunnel while it rained. I would have gone all the way if he asked me.
He got a girlfriend and everything snapped. I didn’t know for months, pinning and practically begging for and ounce of acknowledgment. Unable to go cold turkey with little to no warning. When I did find out it was an accident. He was dating a coworker, one I had giddily gushed to about my feelings. I tried my best to give them space but that’s when things started to spiral in my mind. Those three am calls were filled with crying pathetically to you best friend.
Months of sending a random text every couple of weeks. Maybe you could still be friends because even if I can’t have you seeing you happy is enough. His responses never really came. The friendship with his brother falls out, as does the one with the best friend. There’s a rumour that his girlfriend is pregnant and I try to pretend I’m over him.
I see him randomly at work we talk a bit, catch up. It’s nice to see him. She wasn’t pregnant and they broke up. We chat a few days later.
Almost a two years have passed since that first flicker of feelings. We don’t talk at all and I’m moving in with my life from some intense events. Moved on from relationships I never got to mourn. I’m medicated, doing better.
One night I’m home alone and something inside me breaks. I haven’t been so secluded from people. I could always open a room and someone would respond. I was completely alone in the house for the first time in a year. I delete everyone off my social media, block and profiles I was holding onto with the last shred of my life. It wasn’t just him. It was everything from the last two years.
I’m twenty one now and have pretty much moved on. Occasionally I’ll wonder if he hears a song or a certain colour he thinks of me. Sometimes I wounded if I was the problem, had I scared him worse than he had done. Was I biased to my own delusion?
I wonder if it would be worth it to unblock him and apologize. If I really was the monster then doesn’t he deserve an apology, at the same time I worry it might open a can of worms we both would have rather kept sealed.
Honest responses only please, there is no need to sugar coat anything.
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