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2023.06.09 16:04 DemiGodInsanity Honkai Character Analysis: Himeko

Honkai Character Analysis: Himeko
Hello everyone!
Today we're going to be talking about a character who has sadly been left out to the wolves in Star Rail, but that is still liked by many, Himeko! As a side note, this is also the first of these that I'm not doing directly on the Star Rail sub, instead doing it on the new community I've created specifically to discuss the lore of the Honkai series, HonkaiLore! But anyway, let's get right into this!
Himeko's splash art
First of all, disclaimer:
The Honkai: Star Rail characters and Honkai Impact 3rd characters who have the same name and similar appearances, except for Welt Yang, are NOT the same person, but instead you may think of them as something akin of parallel versions of each other! I go into detail about this and how the Honkai universe works here! Also, spoilers for Honkai Impact 3rd ahead, be warned!
Now let's get started!

Star Rail's Himeko

To summarize a bit about Himeko in Star Rail, we know her as the "leader" of the Astral Express gang. As a young woman, she found the Express when it became stranded in her world, and decided to fix it up so it could once again travel through worlds. Once she did, she boarded it and since then has been travelling around the universe. Along the way, she's met many companions, starting with Welt and "his blond friend", up to the current crew with the Trailblazer being the newest member aboard.
Though Star Rail has not yet given us much else in terms of her story, we'll now take a look at what her story is in Honkai Impact 3rd, and how this Himeko, Star Rail's Himeko, is important even outside of her own game.

Honkai Impact's Himeko

Himeko Murata, born on June 11th, 1987, is the captain of a battleship known as the Hyperion, as well as the leader of Schicksal's Valkyrie Squad V. In the game, she is a mentor to the main characters, much like her role in Star Rail towards the rest of the crew. She's also their teacher at St. Freya High School.
Himeko's base battlesuit, Battle Storm
However, before she became all these things, she went through a lot in her life.

Himeko's early life and Ryusuke

She was born to her father, Ryusuke Murata, and an unnamed mother. Her mother had a chronic disease, and spent all her time in a hospital. The doctors always requested that Ryusuke stay by her side, in case her condition would worsen, and in any case, to have someone close to her by her side. But Ryusuke would always leave.
Himeko as a child and her mother
You see, Ryusuke worked for Schicksal as the leader of a research facility, specifically the one in charge of a satellite, known as the 4th Divine Key. This was a satellite built by the Previous Era, a civilization from 50,000 years in the past, and it was a tool that would repair the world if and when that civilization was wiped out by the force known as the Honkai. 50,000 years later, it had completed its task and now floated around the Earth without a purpose, enticing Ryusuke to join the team. He had become obsessed with the prospect of alien life and its discovery through space exploration, and believed that his research would change the course of human civilization forever.
Though these may have seemed like selfish and impossible dreams (and selfish they most definitely were), the truth is that Ryusuke would indeed come across alien life. More than that, he would befriend it. But instead of finding it, he was found by it himself. One night, after one of his projects were cancelled for lack of credibility, Ryusuke went home in a rage, especially as this was the same day he received a notice from the hospital, notifying him of his wife's death. At the moment that he decided he would not let anyone or anything get in his way, someone, or more specifically something, approached him.
Ryusuke receives a letter from the hospital, and is watched by something
This little furball is known as Pepper Mint. He belongs to an alien race known as the Sugars, a race that travels from planet to planet, forming their civilization in a sort of "pocket dimension", a world of their own where they are never interrupted. They normally do not interact with humans, as they feel as though if they are discovered they must leave the current planet and move on to another one, but Pepper Mint decided to attempt to meet a human to become his "host". This is because the Sugars have an ability to become monsters, and lend this power to a host, and Pepper Mint had heard the story of Sugar Molass, another of his race who had traveled to Earth and found her host around this area.
Pepper Mint, after coming into contact with Ryusuke, informed him of another alien race, known only as the Sky People. This was a dangerous race, unlike the Sugars, who travelled across different worlds to find places that had high amounts of Honkai energy. They would then take over said places, take all the Honkai energy to feed their own devices while also replacing all living things with their own devices. Ryusuke made it part of his mission to stop the Sky People, perhaps in an attempt to justify the intensity of his research to himself.
Later, in 2005, Himeko had enrolled into the California Institute of Technology. She was studying Space Engineering, following in her father's footsteps, while also having become keen on following alien sightings and rumors of the sort. During her class under teacher Welt Yang, she received a notification for an alien sighting in New Mexico.
Himeko receives a notification for a new alien sighting
Welt Yang, as you may know, was not just any ordinary teacher. He was the sovereign of the group known as Anti-Entropy, as well as the Herrscher of Reason, a super powerful being. After becoming friends with Himeko accidentally, he saw this photo and immediately recognized it. It was not an alien, but instead the Arahato, a mech developed by Anti-Entropy. Of course, he couldn't tell Himeko this, as Anti-Entropy's actions, and the Arahato, were top secret. In order to protect the secret without allowing Anti-Entropy to hurt Himeko in any way, Welt decides to board the same plane as her, and they go to New Mexico.
Here, Welt and Anti-Entropy do their best to cover up the Arahato's existence, eventually finding a way to fool Himeko by plastering up a movie poster for the upcoming Arahato movie (in a rush, the word "coming" was mispelled), which upset her as an explanation but she believed it and left.
The Arahato movie poster
All the while, Ryusuke Murata had his own plans. He had contacted Anti-Entropy, warning them that Schicksal was to use the 4th Divine Key and its immense power to attack them directly. He had requested that they give him asylum in exchange for information on how to stop this attack, to which the Anti-Entropy scientists, Tesla and Einstein, agreed.
After meeting, they discuss the intel that Ryusuke had for them. He had brought a device for unlocking the 4th Key, as well as a document detailing its uses. Einstein shared her worries, as she had not found any information that hinted at the 4th Key even having any use as a weapon, but they took Ryusuke's gifts anyway, as he went to visit his daughter.
Ryusuke meets with Tesla and Einstein
Upon arriving to find Himeko and Welt talking, Welt feels a strong presence coming from Ryusuke. Though he didn't know it at the time, this was the presence of the Sugars' monster form. He decided to look into it immediately, even though Ryusuke didn't seem highly suspicious.
Upon activating the device Ryusuke had given them, Einstein and Tesla found that the 4th Divine Key began releasing Honkai energy and creating a storm over Houston. As Ryusuke, who was spending some time with Himeko, received notification of this, he left in a hurry and met once again with the scientists, claiming that Otto, Schicksal's Overseer, had planted a trap in the device that would activate the Key if anyone attempted to stop it. After helping them break into the device's emergency shutdown, they are able to stop it, but the device's existence, and the fear of reactivating it in an attempt to break its code, leads to Tesla deciding to launch Anti-Entropy's special Anti-Honkai missiles, the Silver Bullet, against the 4th Divine Key to destroy it. Ryusuke, with a small and fast smirk, states that he knows how to find the key's exact location.
Ryusuke offers to help find the key's coordinates
Welt, having his suspicions about Ryusuke, decides to go to his house, where the two men are forced into an amicable conversation due to Himeko's presence. Eventually they are left alone, and Ryusuke introduces Welt to his alien friend, and his monstrous form.
Ryusuke takes Welt into the Sugars' world, where they learn more about the Sky People. This is in an attempt by Pepper Mint to form an alliance between humans and the Sugars in order to stop the Sky People, not just from taking Earth, but to stop their plans entirely. However, the rest of the Sugars race is opposed to this alliance, and decide that they will leave the planet as they have been found out by humans.
Pepper Mint explains some details of the Sky People
As they leave this world, they find that Himeko has been attacked by the Sky People. Taken into Anti-Entropy's care, they find that she has been infected by them, and Ryusuke decides to reveal his intel in full to help his daughter. It turns out that his plan was to give the scientists of Anti-Entropy the wrong coordinates to launch the Silver Bullet, instead having it hit the asteroid the Sky People were using to survey and attack Earth. After having Welt use his powers to destroy this asteroid, it seems Himeko's infection recedes and disappears.
However, Ryusuke is not done. He reveals to Welt that he had been investigating blueprints from the Previous Era, that detailed a project named Project Ark. He wished to create a spaceship that would be able to save a few humans and send them into space, in the meantime allowing the Sky People to take the Earth, or the Honkai to destroy it. Welt is obviously opposed to this, as a majority of humankind would perish as a result, but Ryusuke has become obsessed with the prospect of space exploration and breaking free from the limitations of the human race. He is even willing to sacrifice his daughter for this. In a fit of rage, he crushes Pepper Mint, killing him and taking his power for himself to battle Welt.
Ryusuke crushes Pepper Mint
Despite this monstrous power, Welt is able to defeat, and kill, Ryusuke. Himeko, completely unaware of any of this, or even her father's motivations, is later informed by Anti-Entropy that her father had indeed died. However, his actions, as well as his cause of death, are kept secret from her, being written off as some sort of accident. Himeko, however, is not so easily fooled, and has her suspicions that they may be covering something up. In the end, she decides to join Schicksal after finishing her PhD to find out what truly happened.

Himeko's life in Schicksal

Himeko was not someone with any special abilities. In fact, she had lower Honkai adaptability than most, she was taken in by a mentor, a woman by the name of Ragna Lothbrok. Ragna incentivized Himeko, believing that anyone can become a Valkyrie with enough effort, and Himeko was eventually able to become one, at the age of 19, considered late compared to the average person. In an effort to become stronger against the Honkai, Himeko received an artificial stigma, an implant given by Schicksal that enforced a person's capabilities, but, for Himeko who had low Honkai adapability, this stigma reduced her lifespan, slowly corroding her body.
Ragna Lothbrok, as seen in a stigma art
In 2010, the Valkyrie squad Himeko belonged to, with Ragna as its leader, was sent to subdue the Herrscher of the Void, who had reappeared 10 years after its initial awakening. Her entire squad was killed in front of her eyes during this mission, with Himeko herself being the only survivor. Shortly after, she decided to join St. Freya High School as a teacher, perhaps in an effort to not allow other Valkyries to end up like her squad.
In 2014, the Herrscher of Thunder manifested for the first time in the city of Nagazora, and Himeko was sent to subdue and stop her from destroying the city. Here, Kiana Kaslana, Bronya Zaychik and Mei Raiden had all met and were traveling together, attempting to survive in the midst of a large scale Honkai attack on the city. However, the reality was that the Herrscher of Thunder had manifested within Mei herself. Himeko, using the Scarlet Fusion battlesuit, was able to match up to, and subdue, the Herrscher of Thunder.
Himeko dons the Scarlet Fusion battlesuit
Following this, Himeko and the principal of St. Freya, Theresa, persuade the three girls into joining the school and becoming Valkyries of their own, with Himeko becoming their main teacher, and leader of their Valkyrie squad.

The Herrscher of the Void

It turned out that the Herrscher of the Void had actually manifested within Kiana, Himeko's "favorite" student due to how much she saw of herself in her. In 2016, this Herrscher once again was released into the world, prompted by a plan by Schicksal's own Otto Apocalypse. Himeko was given a serum, known as HSN-b46, by Fu Hua. This serum had been created by a man known as Dr. Magi, when asked by Kiana to create an antidote to Himeko's Honkai corrosion.
Kiana asks Dr. Magi to create Anti-Honkai serum for Himeko
Himeko was led by Fu Hua's powers to find the Vermillion Knight battlesuit, a prototype of the Godsbane series which held a gem with Honkai energy close to the level of a Herrscher. This, combined with Himeko asking Tesla for help to create an anti-Honkai weapon using the serum, known as the God-Slaying Spear, would ensure that she'd be able to defeat the Herrscher of the Void.

The Final Lesson

(You can see the following section for yourself [here](!)
With serum in hand and equipped with the battlesuit, Himeko prepares to battle the Herrscher of the Void. Though she is continuously overpowered by her, she continues to fight, though completely unable to touch her. She continues to take attacks, and her corrosion worsening to the point of almost completing the process of zombification, but she does not stop, as she wishes to save her student.
Himeko's face and body show signs of Honkai corruption
In one final attack, using up the rest of her strength, and with a lesson to Kiana to always continue to fight and change the world in the way she wishes to see it, Himeko brings down her greatsword on the Herrscher and... misses. Well, seemingly. Himeko never intended to hit the Herrscher at all. After all, she is using Kiana's body, and Himeko does not wish to hurt her. Instead, all Himeko did was for one purpose only: to get close enough. At this moment, while the Herrscher is stunned before her brain can process what's happening, Himeko injects the God-Slaying Spear, with the serum, into the Herrscher, forcing her out of Kiana's body. Having used up all of her power, Himeko peacefully passes away, as the world created by the Herrscher of the Void crumbles around her. Himeko's journey ends after saving her dear student.
Himeko stands, almost lifeless, over the Herrscher
Himeko's journey ends here, but her legacy does not. Kiana would adopt her ideals, fighting for the beauty she saw in the world. Despite it not being perfect, she would fight to turn it into the world she wants to see. Kiana would eventually take on powers similar to those Himeko displayed using the Vermillion Knight battlesuit, fully solidifying her legacy. Finally, they hold a funeral for her, only having the pieces of her sword that they were able to recover.
Himeko's sword fragments lay upon her coffin

Full Circle

13 years later, in 2029, Welt Yang finds himself traveling to a spaceship owned by the Sky People, along with his "friend", Void Archives. I won't go into too much detail about Void Archives, as his identity and details are not important here.
On this spaceship, they find the portrait of someone Welt recognizes: it's Himeko, but not the same Himeko he knows. Void Archives explains this is a Himeko from a world not the same as their own, and Welt decides that, since the Sky People were interested in her, she might be in danger, and he feels a sense of responsibility to help her.
Star Rail Himeko's portrait, visible on the left side slightly cut out
This leads to Welt and Void Archives, through yet unknown means, traveling to the world inhabited by the Himeko we see in Star Rail. From there, we know from lines in Star Rail that Himeko takes the both of them in, before Void Archives eventually leaves for some unknown reason, and that leads us to where we are today with Star Rail!


This ends the story of Himeko Murata! As always, some details were cut out to make sure everything fit in a decent length post. The last thing I want to point out is that, as you may have already seen, the Herta Space Station holds an easter egg to this story.
Shards of Himeko's sword, kept as a Curio
We can find the remains of Himeko's sword, as they were found in Honkai Impact. Though it's unclear how they got here or why, one can see that interacting with them while using Himeko brings some special dialogue, which you can see in the image above, as a small easter egg. This dialogue is a refence to a specific scene, the last scene in which we see HI3's Himeko, during the Everlasting Flames cutscene of the game.
\"Turn into a moon that always tells the warmth and brightness of the sun\"
Himeko appears one last time, within the flames brought about by Kiana's newfound powers. She smiles, before disappearing into the flames, solidifying her legacy within Kiana and her influence on not just her but the entirety of Honkai forever.
This ends the story of Himeko! Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you've enjoyed! Himeko is a very important character, perhaps not for her own characteristics or actions, but she is both the reason Kiana, the main character of Honkai Impact, is who she is today, and also the reason Welt ended up on the Astral Express, and why the Express can even run at all! I look forward to see how her story and character will develop now that we see her on this new path!
(As a side note, Himeko being keen on the Express and even able to fix it reminds me of a Himeko that continued to follow her father's path in being excited and fascinated by space, which is a very poetic thing, what do you think?)
As always, feel free to leave any suggestions, corrections or comments you wish, and I'll respond to everyone! Besides that, I'll see you next time!
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2023.06.09 16:02 74762 Multi-Headed Ductless VS Central Ducted System?

Happy Friday, All!
I need advice from the folks that live and breathe this trade.
In general, does a multi-head ductless system make more or less sense than a new central system reusing the existing ducts?
Details: 1800 sqft home, three bedrooms (one is my office). The house is ideally 75 degrees and has 50% humidity year-round. We currently obtain this through the furnace and window shakers (AC units).
My office runs hot from the monitors, equipment, lights fixtures, the dog, and me. The window faces West, so it gets afternoon sun as well. For this reason, I THINK I need a dedicated cooling system here.
The bedroom is 65 degrees at night (window shaker), but the same as the rest of the house (75) during the rest of the day.
I have had two salesmen out so far. I explained to both the situation that I want the house 75, and the ability to cool the office and bedroom separately when needed.
One said a (5) headed ductless system is the way to go. One said to put in the central system and add a mini-split ductless to go with it. If
If I have to install a two-headed system for those two rooms does it make more sense to install the 5 headed system to condition the whole house, or is a central system with supplemental cooling a better design? All in all, they will cost nearly the same to install.
I'm more concerned with comfort than the electric bill.
My gut tells me air circulation (stagnation) might be an issue with the multi-headed system by itself.
TLDR; In your home, would you install a central system with additional cooling where needed or a whole house central system? And why?
Any (related) advice is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.09 16:02 anononyny What is the most cost effective way for parents to sell a home to son

Before reaching out to a real estate lawyer, I’m trying to do some research on the most effective way for a parent to sell their home to their children.
I’m currently living in a condo and looking to upsize. Due to the current conditions of the market, my parents have graciously offered to sell me their home at a price lower than fair market value, since they are planning to downsize anyways. I’m an only child so they think of this as an early inheritance. However, my parents also need money to purchase a condo that they will downsize to, so we plan to sell the house to me instead of transferring ownership. This way I can get a mortgage from the bank and it will fund my parents purchase of the condo. I have a few questions:
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  2. What are the fees associated with a private deal? Just real estate lawyer fees and land transfer tax? Is the land transfer tax calculated based on the purchase price?
  3. Is there any benefit for my parents to sell me the house at 1 mil (or any other price) instead of the fair market value? The home will become my primary residence so I believe there won’t be any tax implications in the future if I sell?
Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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2023.06.09 16:02 BeautyInUgly Half of you don't fucking get it, the problem are your fellow VOTERS

Every fucking thread I see in this chat someone comments, our politicians need go to they aren't serving the average Canadian !11!! they are corrupt and have 12 houses.
Who the fuck do you think the average Canadian is?? You really fucking think the average Canadian is a renter? Canada has the highest home ownership rate in the fucking world at almost 70%. Home owners a much more likely to vote than renters, of the non homeowners a good chunk of them are set to inherit property!
Now does it make sense? it's not some shadowy corporation, it's not some foreigners who are buying up our democracy, it's not extreme government corruption, no everything is working it's just not working FOR YOU.
When property values goes up, 70 - 85% of the population is happy. Those who aren't, you are the ATM and the retirement fund for those that do have housing. It's not a battle against the 1% but a battle for us to survive against the 85% who directly benefit from this bubble. Who vote time and time again for people to make sure the property values sky rocket. Who gain from your suffering.
If you want to change this we need to organize us renters, target some cities and wards and start a movement to get people to vote our local NIMBYs, only then can there be a solution.
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2023.06.09 16:01 Leriehane I won't feel sorry when my (maternal) grandmother dies

Just writing the title feels liberating, to be honest. I (28F) still live with my grandma and my parents, when they got married they figured it was cheaper to live in the same house since it was going to be divided anyway, my grandpa's suggestion. I have no problems with my parents, actually the three of us have a very open and honest relationship, we share hardships and happy moments and I'm grateful for their love and support. The problem is my grandmother. There is no other word to describe her, outside of "selfish", everything has to be about HER, it's HER money it's HER everything, you know? Ever since I was a child, her behaviour was suffocating...not only to me, to my mother as well. I remember one time, mom had to come home from work because she was running a fever, and my grandma had the audacity to look at her own exhausted daughter and say that she went upstairs (where we live) and the balcony is a mess! and that she should clean right this instant! Oh, what do you mean you have 30°C fever and there's a storm outside? clean now! Or that time, when I was 12, and asked if I could borrow some money for ice cream because I had forgotten to ask my mother, and then in the evening I heard her downstairs say "your daughter asked me money, give them back" It was... It was like two Euros max
I have to keep my room under key, because she comes upstairs and looks trough my stuff, if we buy anything we have to hide it or she will berate us for spending money, no matter WHAT it is. She lives life as if everything is owed to her simply for existing, and if you say no to her once, it's "oh, well, I can NEVER ask you for anything can I?" I have too many stories of what only recently I started to think about as abuse, I always felt guilty just thinking about it but the older I get, the more I feel like it's the right term for everything she put me and my mother through. I won't feel sorry when she dies, I won't grieve for her, and if she wanted me to be sad about her death maybe she should not have repetedly come into my own room and threathen to throw away everything I own because she "didn't like" it and then secretly complain to my mom that the door is closed and she doesn't have the key.
Sometimes I feel bad for it, for whishing the day comes soon, but I know these are the thoughts of the child who just wanted a loving grandmother. And I do have one, thankfully my paternal grandma is the rock that keeps us together. Unfortunately, that's not the one living with us.
I don't know if this rant even has any sense, I just found out about this subreddit and I figured it was the best place to let this finally get off my chest.
Thank you to anyone who will read this and I'm sorry for the spelling mistakes.
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2023.06.09 16:01 Distinct-Custard7259 Is it too late to take photos

My home was destroyed in Hurricane Ian and I had to find someplace to live. I was lucky enough to find a small condo for rent that I could afford, very close to work and my old house. Due to the high stress situation and immediate need for housing, I failed to take pre move-in photos of existing damage to this apartment. The condo still has original old carpeting and other trims which are starting to show wear and tear from previous occupants. I discussed this with the property manager and he was well aware of the stains and other small items in need of updating. Well, a new property manager has taken over and she seems nice, but I have yet to meet her. The owner lives abroad and never comes around. My lease is up in October and I would like to stay here but just in case, I don’t want to be charged for damages I didn’t cause. Would it be too late to photograph and document the issues with this apartment?
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2023.06.09 16:01 Extreme_Pickle550 When you think divorce is inevitable but pt doesnt believe in it

I am a psych PA, NAT, but would love ya'll opinions. I recently saw a new patient who was referred to me for med mgmt by our in house therapist. He had one session with her and his wife a couple weeks ago, but says after the session, he left feeling hopeful and wanting to work on things while his wife proceeding to call him names and berate him. He says when they tried cpls therapy twice in the past, both times she would leave feeling worse and more angry while he would leave feeling a little better so it never worked out. He basically talked to me for an hour about how she is the one and only reason for his dysphoria and anxiety. As he looks back on the last 15-20 yrs he realizes she was always manipulative, unsupportive, and insulting to him. He tries to show her affection on their "good" days and she says "no" dont hug me. I asked for an example of how she treats him and he said that she's good at finding good deals so he asked where can he find the best deal on avocados and she responded, "you get avocados at the grocery store, are you f*cking stupid?" She sounds downright nasty and probably has some sort of personality disorder. I asked what does he even like about this woman or why did he marry her and he said "I dont even know".
I am all for trying to work on things when there is a chance of repair but this situation feels pretty far gone. I gently and carefully suggested that if she's not even going to work on repairing the relationship then maybe he should think about moving on and he said he's a christian and doesnt want to do that. He's like 70% sure he wants to work it out but continued to say that shes the reason for his depression. I encouraged him to see the therapist again, with or without his wife but how do you handle this when it seems clear that one party has no interest in making an effort to fix things? I told him marriage is a two way street and that he deserves to be happy and treated well and he said he knows.
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2023.06.09 16:01 kolky12 Finally caught the Dark Souls games on sale

After playing Elden Ring and Bloodborne, I’ve been wanting to play Dark Souls for a while but could never catch it on sale. That PS store sale just came in clutch and I got all 3! I know my controller is about to be going through it but I’m excited to finally play them
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2023.06.09 16:01 AutoModerator Agency Navigator (Iman Gadzhi Here)

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2023.06.09 16:00 mushroomlicker Summer

Do we think he’s doing a pallet/ collection for summer? The new skincare is dropping soon, so when will the the makeup drop? A lot of sales right now and weird additions, like a leisure clothing line, and teddy jumpers? I guess I’m super confused, as also he is grieving tremendously over Diva, and all the loses this past year of the souls in his life. He needs recuperation!
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2023.06.09 16:00 HellKaiserFox Summer sale

Summer sale
Y'all I don't know if the same games are on sale elsewhere, I am from Europe and use the German eshop, but there are some great games on sale. I just got The Witcher 3 complete edition and Diablo Evil Collection for under 50€ and I'm on vacation for the next two weeks, so anytime I'm not outside I'm probably gonna spend in front of my switch 😁
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2023.06.09 16:00 aikimatt Web Development Question

Earlier this year. I setup a Wordpress website for a company who "needed their site done yesterday" and I had to purchase licenses for plugins directly to expedite the process when the client / owner were unavailable. From the very beginning the new site was handling six figures worth of sales monthly, but getting paid by the client / owner was always a struggle. Last month they stopped communicating, cut off my access to the Wordpress Dashboard and don't seem willing to pay my balance.
I informed them they should scourer their site to make sure all plugins and software is licensed in their names because I was uninterested in paying for any software necessary for their site operations if I would not be reimbursed. I also informed them I would deactivate / disconnect items I paid for and this could have an impact on their site operations.
Like a fool, I had no contract.
Now the legal question, if I follow through on my intention to disconnect items in my name and their site operations are affected / goes offline am I opening myself up to legal liabilities if they lose business? They have asked me which plugins would be impacted and I let them know I am no longer willing to perform additional work free of charge, but they have access to the Wordpress Dashboard and should be able to figure it out.
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2023.06.09 16:00 psugrad98 I am really sick of my wife and kids

I love them, But I am sick and tired of them. I have been married 22 years, I have two kids, age 15 and 10. And I am sick of them.
It seems that every interest I have, they express zero interest or outright hostility toward, so much so that I hardly ever want to be around them.
Like hiking. A few years ago we would do adverntures EVERY WEEKEND; going to state parks, hiking backpacking, going on bike rides, etc. Now every single time in the past two years, with maybe two exceptions, they have said they were not interested. I do enjoy hiking and stuff by myself. To me it's almost spiritual, but I do want them to come with me to enjoy that part with me..
Last weekend I came home from work, set up our campsite, I started a campfire and had stuff to roast smores, and no one came out with me. I sat out there by myself. Tomorrow there is a festival at our local state park. Very close to my house, I suggested we hike the trail INTO the park to go to the event, and have fun doing that, and I was met with "why would we do that?"
Yesterday I was at home, coooking dinner for the family, I was playing the Grateful Dead on the alexa, and my son came in and asked "What's playing" and my wife responded with "That's anxiety music. That music gives me anxiety". I love when someone tells me that something that brings me joy causes them pain... It really makes me feel good.
I'm also told that me playing the drums in the garage causes anxiety.. Or when I have my painting stuff out and I"M painting that the mess causes "anxiety".
Anything I do that causes me pleasure people complain about. So I no longer share it with them, or do it while they are around. For example, if I'm playing music and someone comes in the room, I shut it off.
My son plays guitar, and I thought he'd enjoy the movie "That thing you do", since it's about a band, and it's a favorite movie of mine. He left 1/2 way through it and went inside never to return. This is the second or third time that while watching a movie I wanted to share with him, he did that.
I feel so hurt and unloved and unappreciated. I have these things that I love; playing drums, or watching star trek, or listening to Grateful dead or Pink Floyd, and NO ONE to enjoy them with. No one to talk about them with. No one asks me about it, or tells me I sound good when I learn a new drum fill or something. Just complaints that it bothers them.
I can see why some men (and women) pack up and leave their families for other families. At this point it may not take much for me to find another perosn that cherishes me and be attracted to them.
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2023.06.09 16:00 DivinePenguin227 [Artisan] Bubblegum Orb Raffle sale

Hi fellow keyboard nerds !
I made some very bright and shiny orbs this week !
These keycaps incorporate a glass ball so please be careful when handling to avoid breakages.
Upon shaking, the balls within the orb move freely, Videos of this can be seen in the imgur album linked below. They're all hand made so the pattern and distribution of colour is random and each cap is unique.
Form will be open for 24hrs @ 3pm(GMT+1) on 09/06/23, Closing at 3PM (GMT+1) on 10/06/23
Bubblegum Orb Photo Album
Limited Keycaps are available, each keycap comes with a numbered identity card and Stickers !
This is a raffle sale so entry does not guarantee a keycap
Price is £30 plus £10 Shipping (International) £5 Shipping (Mainland UK), all keycaps are MX stem style
Dispatch by the 16/06/23
Tracking info will be sent out via email (if available), estimated delivery is 7-25 days. (This may change due to issues with the Royal mail but it seems ok at the moment)
Invoices must be paid within 24hrs of receipt, Please only enter if you intend to pay your invoice
All Keycaps are handmade and there may be differences between caps
Keep up to date on sale progress and other caps on Instagram
I also just made a Discord server for sales notifications and general shenanigans, there's not much there atm but I'll be building on it and doing some stuff soon :)
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2023.06.09 16:00 FuckingAtrocity These are our options now

I am trying to collect ideas together here.
Buy non-aw stuff.
Lowers can still be bought but must be built as non assault weapons.
Still have time to register some others as sbrs (no more amnesty) or sbss.
Wait for sflu guidance on aw certificates. Others pre house bill are assault weapons.
Wait for sflu guidance on high cap mags.
Cheeky ideas of trying to register sig p320 as assault weapo with the idea of trying a flux raider (or trying to sbr it). I am going to see what swamp Yankee thinks on this next time I go in
Follow court cases and write your representatives. Although from writing my representative, the response I got was essentially that they don't care about the second amendment.
Pay off items that were constructive possession (my bank account hurts badly from all of this).
Argue with family members.
Don't comply. USA! USA!
Any other ideas? If I am wrong about something above, please let me know
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2023.06.09 16:00 graciousonionthrowra Leaving RN program to move home and become LVN… thoughts?

Hello all, so I am in a tough situation. I got accepted to a university 800 miles away from home 2 years ago during covid and moved down here with some good friends from home. Well, when I moved it was during covid and i was locked in the house for a couple years before they allowed classes to go back in person. During that time, a lot of my friends including the ones I moved down with went back home. I was extremely depressed because I was lonely and literally knew no one. I ended up getting accepted into a nursing school separate from my university I moved down here for and have been going for a few months. There are 8 modules until graduation from the program and I am going into module 3.
I met my BF down here and his family and unfortunately, his mother is super mentally ill and has been very abusive to the both of us mentally and emotionally out of nowhere after Because of this I will probably be leaving my bf after a year (there’s a lot to it) of us being together. I’m afraid to do this because if we break up, I literally have nobody at all. All my friends moved, etc.. where i am is a very small town and i’m just afraid. If an emergency happens I have nobody. I’ve been extremely depressed because of the abuse i’ve suffered from my bfs family and just feeling so alone. I’ve put on 100 pounds because i’m constantly stressed and just so depressed… I went and visited my hometown and family for two weeks and my family members were sick to see how i looked and just how depressed i am and my sister talked to me and told me to think about maybe moving back home and finishing in my hometown with all my family and friends. My mom is afraid I’ll have regrets but is also worried too since they’re so far away. Covid just really ruined my college experience
I’ve looked at programs at home and there is an LVN program I can apply to and start next January at home. It is cheaper, and being at home I wouldn’t have to pay rent and save lots of money. I would get my rn while working as an lvn and in the future come back and get my bsn at the university i would be leaving. Id hate to leave my nursing program but I miss my family, Im lonely and depressed and being home for the two weeks was the best i've felt in a very very long time and I even lost some weight because i wasn't stress eating. I’m 22 years old if that changes anything, lol.
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2023.06.09 16:00 mlo96 Miserable with horrible mom guilt

I have the cutest 5 month old girl. I teach high school and went back to work around 3 months (around the end of March). When I was at work, I was miserable. I typically like my job but all I wanted was to be back at home with my baby. I think I cried every day. We got out for summer mid-May and it’s been so hard. She started sleep regressing around the same time and now only naps 30 minutes max (unless I contact nap). Since her sleep has been crap, she also is so cranky. I’ve tried longer wake windows and shorter wake windows and nothing helps. I know that it’s developmentally normal for her to just start extending naps around 5-6 months. I’m so mentally exhausted from trying to entertain her. So I feel like I never get a break until my husband gets home from work. In the limited nap time, I’m trying to clean the house and do laundry so I can spend time with my husband and daughter in the evening.
I just want a break, but every time I think about wanting a break I feel so guilty. I can’t even let MIL watch her so I can nap because I feel so guilty for not spending time with her. Sometimes I think it would be easier to be back at work just to have a break from the fussiness, but then I feel guilty for rather being at work than with my baby.
Has anyone else experienced this? Feeling guilty for being miserable at home with the baby? How do you get past it? Is it just an age she has to grow out of?
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2023.06.09 15:59 Whodisonionring Calling Lisbon Real Estate Professionals: Share Your Insights on the Housing Crisis!

Hey everyone!
I'm Sébastien, a Belgian student working on a group project about the housing crisis in Lisbon. We're interested in hearing from real estate professionals who have firsthand experience dealing with the challenges posed by the crisis.
We'll be in Lisbon from this Friday (09/06) for a week and would love to interview professionals who can provide insights into how they handle the housing crisis. If you work in the real estate industry in Lisbon, whether as an agent, broker, or developer, we'd greatly appreciate your expertise.
We want to understand how the housing crisis impacts your work, the challenges you face, and any innovative strategies you've developed to tackle the crisis. Your insights will contribute to our project and help us gain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of affairs.
If you're interested in sharing your experiences or have any questions, please reach out. We'll provide more details about the interview process and address any concerns you may have.
Thanks for considering being a part of our project. Your input and expertise will make a real difference, and we're excited to hear from you!
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