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2023.06.09 16:56 schumi23 More expensive properties are generally under-assessed, paying lower property taxes for their value, while cheaper properties are over-assessed, paying more. Is this an issue and if so how should it be addressed?

For example a property near me sold for $300M a few years ago, but in the latest assessment, the county said it was worth only $100M, which represents a 2/3 savings on what they will pay in taxes.
This is a consistent problem around the country. One of the main factors is that wealthier households and businesses will usually appeal or sue to get their taxes lowered, so the assessors, wanting to avoid the hassle of going to court, will pre-emptively undervalue the property so that it doesn't happen.

On the other hand the houses of lower income folks, which have lower values, tend to be assessed more in line with their sale price or even higher. For example "58% of the lowest-value homes are overassessed while 36% of the highest-value homes are overassessed

This has nothing to do with the tax rate - but rather the basic data that the tax rate is then applied to. This also has nothing to do with tax rebates or other programs to encourage development which build on the assessed value (discussed in the 11alive article)
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2023.06.09 16:55 SensitiveBig5437 how long is it going to take for my guy to spark back up? (Details below)

how long is it going to take for my guy to spark back up? (Details below)
Marvin has been with me for about a month now. I got him from a friend who kept him in the cup for weeks, then moved him to a .5 gallon tank. He was suffering, not eating, had no stimulation so I offered to take him. He currently lives in this 9gal fluval tank by himself until I can assure my tank is fully cycled and ready for some tank mates.
I’m concerned he isn’t going to become bright and happy again? I’ve noticed quite a difference in his tails end, it’s growing out more (the white part) but other than that same old.
He eats with me now, but not nearly enough. He typically eats a pellet (sometimes two) a night so I throw in some treats and he eats those. I’ve tried 3 different types of food with him and he really just doesn’t like anything I feed him. I believe she fed him pelletes. I even tried flakes, nothing.
any suggestions on how to make his life more comfortable and happy? I just got him the new decor piece in the middle, he has a cave, a floating log, plants (that need to grow in) and aqua soil. My perimeters have been in tact as I’ve been doing consistent water changes waiting for the cycle.
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2023.06.09 16:54 guestkakkonen 30[M4F] Finland/Anywhere I've been looking for you~

Searching for the love of my life. Can I find her here? Possibly so let's try! I'd also like to meet irl at some point but until then let's get to know each other here first.
So who am I? A student studying ICT, an artist (a printmaker to be specific), cat dad, a Jack of all trades if you will!
I enjoy quite a variety of things such as, riding my bike, getting into better shape, learning new things, gaming, playing the piano, trying out new activities among all other things. I am also a pretty good cook of basic foods plus I think I can be pretty funny too (I hear people like that 😁)
I am trying to live a healthy and balanced life so I am hoping you do too.. I don't smoke or do drugs and don't really enjoy that near me either. I do have a drink occasionally though.
I am quite open so you can ask me anything and I'll try to answer the best I can. I am also quite curious about you and want to learn more.
I would describe myself as kind, compassionate, honest, caring and respectful. I am equipped with blue eyes, a short hair and a varying beard style. I don't mind exchanging pics as I feel that mutual attraction is important too. I am also a whopping 5'7" (170cm) tall but I don't care about your height, I care about your personality 😎
People of all races are free to approach me~
I am excited to see what kind of a person you are!
Take care beautiful people all over the world
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2023.06.09 16:54 bikingfencer Galatians chapter 5 - vices and virtues

Galatians   Chapter Five  
-1. The Anointed frees [שחרר, SheeHRayR] us unto freedom [חרות, HayROoTh], therefore stand, and do not submit [תכנעו, TheeKhahN`Oo] again [שוב, ShOoB] to yoke [לעל, Le'oL] the slavery.  
“The expression for freedom [επ ελευθερια - ep eleutheria] (in slightly different Greek form) appears in the certificates of sacral manumission which were given to slaves who purchased their freedom. The slave would deposit the money in the temple of his god for the priest to transfer to his master “for freedom.” He then became the slave of his god, free from his human master.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 545-546)  
“Among the Jews, the Messiah’s reign was to be a reign of liberty, and hence the Targum [ancient Jewish commentary] on Lamen. [Lamentations] ii. 22. says, “Liberty shall be publicly proclaimed to the people of the house of Israel, על יד משיחא âl yad Mashicha, by the hand of the Messiah, such as was granted to them by Moses and Aaron, at the time of the Passover.” (Clarke, 1831, vol. II p. 393)  
-5. And we, in spirit upon foundation [of] belief, waiting [מיחלים, MeYahHahLeeYM] to hope [for] fruit, the our righteousness [δικαιοσυνης - dikaiosunes, justification, righteousness].  
“The language is so compact that Paul’s meaning has to be inferred from 3:14; 5:22-23; and Rom. [Romans] 8:23-26.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 548-549)  
“The full measure of human righteousness is still a thing of the eschatological future (cf. [compare with] Rom 5:19).” (Joseph A. Fitzmyer, 1990, TNJBC p. 789)
“That they could not have the Holy Spirit, without faith, was a doctrine also of the Jews; hence it is said, Mechilta, fol. [folio] 52. ‘That faith was of great consequence, with which the Israelites believed in Him, who, with one word, created the universe; and because the Israelites believed in God, the Holy Spirit dwelt in them; so that being filled with God, they sung praises to him.’” (Clarke, 1831, vol. II pp. 393-394)  
-6. That yes, in Anointed YayShOo'ah ["Savior", Jesus] there is no thought [חשיבות, HahSheeYBOoTh], not to circumcision [למילה, LahMeeYLaH] and not to foreskin [לערלה, Lah`ahRLaH], rather to belief, the laborer in way [of] love.  
“No passage in Paul’s letters is of greater importance for integral understanding of his religion and the relation of his faith to his ethics. The mutuality of faith, hope, and love – a theme repeated with many variations – runs through everything he has written and forms the substance of his theology. … Paul’s religion is distorted whenever his ethics and his ‘good works’ are made to appear as an incidental by-product of his faith rather than as one of its essential ingredients.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 550-551)  
“This humble, holy, operative, obedient LOVE, is the grand touchstone of all human creeds, and confessions of faith. Faith, without this, has neither soul nor operation: in the language of the apostle James, it is dead, and can perform no function of the spiritual life, no more than a dead man can perform the duties of animal or civil life.” (Clarke, 1831, vol. II p. 394)  
-12. Would that [מי יתן, MeeY YeeThayN] and be cut [ויכרתו, VeYeeKahRThOo] the misleaders [המתעים, HahMahTh`eeYM] [of] you!  
“‘I wish that those who are upsetting you would even emasculate themselves!’ This is what Paul said and meant. … for a similar outburst see Phil. [Philippians] 3:2-3, where the advocates of circumcision are ‘dogs,’ and by a play on words – περιτομη [peritome’], κατατομην [katatmen] - ‘circumcision’ becomes ‘mutilation.’ Paul may have been thinking of the mad spectacle of the Cybele-Attis cult, whose priests in frenzied devotion used to emasculate themselves as a sacrifice to their deity. … The shock of Paul’s statement to the Judaizers can be measured in the light of the prohibition in Deut. [Deuteronomy] 23:1. To a devout Jew his blunt language would be as sacrilegious as a Christian would find the wish of a disbeliever in sacraments that all advocates of baptism would drown themselves. Never happy after making such denunciations (II Cor. [Corinthians]1:23-2:11; Phil. 3:18-19), Paul quickly changes his tone…” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 554-555)  
-13. My brethren, to freedom you have been called,
only that not be, the freedom, means [אמצעי, ’ehMTsah`eeY] in hands of the flesh,
rather that minister, [each] man [את, ’ehTh (indicator of direct object; no English equivalent)] his neighbor in love.  
“To be freed from the ceremonial law, is the Gospel liberty; to pretend freedom from the moral law, is antinomianism.” (Clarke, 1831, vol. II p. 395)  
-14. See, all the Instruction included [כלולה, KLOoLaH] in saying [במאמר, BeMah’ahMahR] one – “and love to your neighbor like you.”  
“The quotation is from Lev. [Leviticus] 19:18; cf. Rom. 13:8-10 [and Matt. [Matthew] 7:11 (Joseph A. Fitzmyer, 1990, TNJBC p. 789)]. The tense of the verb ‘fulfilled’ is perfect; thus Paul says that the whole law is fulfilled, in the sense of ‘has been fulfilled’ whenever one man loves another as himself…. Paul the Christian loved his neighbor not because a commandment disobeyed would bring punishment, or fulfilled would merit reward, but because it was his new nature to do to.  
But who was Paul’s neighbor? He was, first of all, ‘the one who was near,’ the fellow member of the society of Christ who needed help to bear life’s burdens (6:2). Then, with continuously lengthening radius, Paul drew a series of concentric circles to embrace all men (6:10; I Thess. [Thessalonians] 5:15; I Cor. 9:22). Even his enemies were included, for Christ received sinners, and personal vengeance was no fruit of the Spirit (6:1; Rom. 12:20; 15:1-3). … He bore the burden of his neighbor’s sins, and although he sometimes had to threaten them, he was never without hope for their repentance (I Cor. 4; II Cor. 12:19-13:10; II Thess. 3:14-15). He could hurl anathemas, and his friends did not always find him easy to get on with … but the love of Christ would never permit him to contract the circle of his neighbors (Rom. 9:1-3; 10:1; II Cor. 7:5-16; 1:23-2:11). (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X p. 557)  
Fruit of the Spirit and usurpations of [ומעללי, OoMah`ahLahLaY] the flesh
[verses 16 to end of chapter]  
-16. Say I to you, walk in way the spirit and do not fill [את, ’ehTh] desires [תאוות, Thah`ahVOTh] [of] the flesh,
-17. for the flesh desires [מתאוה, MeeTh’ahVeH] to what that is in opposition [שבנגוד, ShehBeNeeGOoD] to spirit, and the spirit is opposed [מתנגדת, MeeThNeGehDehTh] to the flesh. [The] two [of] them oppose to this to this, and to that [ולכן, OoLeKhayN] you are not able to do [את, ’ehTh] what that is in your want.  
“This is Paul’s way of stating the Jewish doctrine of the ‘two impulses’ which are at war within the heart of man. The rabbis declared that God created Adam with two inclinations, one good, the other evil, and required him to choose which to obey. He was free to follow his good impulse, but he chose the evil, and so did all his descendants. Consequently every man became the Adam of his own soul. Some maintained that the evil impulse awakened at the age of nine, others at twelve. Study with practice of the Torah was the sovereign remedy to wear it away …” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 561)  

-19. Deeds of the flesh are revealed [גלויים, GLOoYeeYM], and these are they:
adultery [נאוף, Nee’OoPh] and fornication, impurity [טמאה, TooM’aH], licentiousness [זמה, ZeeMaH], 20. slavery of idols, magic [כשוף KeeShOoPh in my Hebrew New Testamenti ; the Greek here is “φαρμακεια pharmakeia - the use of drugs of any kind, whether wholesome or poisonous...” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X p. 562] hatred, contention [מדון, MahDON], stinginess [צרות עין, TsahROoTh 'ahYeeN, “squint eyed”, Ζηλος Zelos jealousy], anger [כעס, Kah'ahÇ], strife [מריבה, MeReeYBaH], divisions [מחלקות, MahHLahQOTh], factions [כתות, KeeThOTh], 21. envy, drunkenness, profligacy [הוללות,HOLeLOoTh], and as similar.  
Say I to what that I already said: doers of deeds like these will not inherit [את, ’ehTh] kingdom of the Gods.  
“Πορνεια [Porneia] ... fornication ... means ‘prostitution’, but includes sexual vice and unfaithfulness to the marriage vow. The task of the church in creating a conscience on this matter was made doubly difficult by the practice of prostitution in the name of religion. Long before Paul, the prophets had denounced the fertility cults and made prostitution a synonym for idolatry.  
Φαρμακεια [pharmakeia] ... Since witches and sorcerers used drugs, the word came to designate witchcraft, enchantment, sorcery, and magic. The law of Moses prescribed the death penalty for it, and the prophets denounced the Egyptians, Babylonians and Canaanites for practicing it; but this did not prevent the Jews from producing some famous practitioners (Acts 13:6-12; 19:1-20). Next to state-worship, magic was the most dangerous competitor of true religion... claiming to specialize in the impossible, it prostituted faith to superstition, and divorced religion from ethics. ... In Paul’s spiritual arithmetic, faith plus miracles minus love amounted exactly to zero....  
Ερις [Eris] is ... strife ... The spirit of Eris is perfectly described in the words of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland – ‘ambition, distraction, uglification, and derision.’  
The fact that he expected the near return of Christ to end this present age must not be permitted to obscure the equally important fact that he regarded his own life and witness for Christ as an essential element in hastening that event.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 561-565)  
-22. In opposition to [לעמת, Le`ooMahTh] this, fruit of spirit:
he is love, happiness, peace, patience, [ארך רוח, ’oRehKh Roo-ahH, “length [of] spirit”] generosity, good heart, faithfulness, 23. modesty [עננה, `ahNahNaH], restraint [רסון, ReeÇOoN] [of] self– upon such [מדות, MeeDOTh] as these there is no instruction further [חלה, HahLaH, sic ["so in cite"] for חלאה, HahL’aH!].  
“Since love is a personal relation it is not a matter of law, and cannot be commanded; and since it is God’s own love growing as his ‘fruit’ in the hearts of men, no one can claim it as a merit for self-salvation. ...  
... in every age ... men have found it hard to see how God could have anything in common with humanity, and Christians have been tempted to make a distinction in kind between God’s love and man’s love. Paul’s authority has been claimed for this dualistic view. Αγαπη [agape’] is set against ερος [eros]. God’s love is said to be αγαπη reaching down to save man by his grace, and ερος man’s self-love aspiring upward to save himself. Paul’s αγαπη is associated with justification by faith, the Greek ερος with salvation by works.... Jerusalem and the Christian faith are made to oppose Athens and human reason, and the conclusion is drawn from the history of Christianity that ερος, man’s self love, has always been a source of corruption of αγαπη, love inspired by God’s grace.  
This interpretation of Christian love is intended as a defense of the doctrine of justification by faith and as a means of securing scriptural support for a dualistic philosophy which aims to protect the transcendence of God against humanism. But to draw such sweeping conclusions from a word study of two Greek nouns, without adequate consideration of other related Greek words and ideas, is to oversimplify. The LXX [The Septuagint, the ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible] is full of evidence that this distinction between αγαπη and ερος cannot be maintained on the basis of lexicography. The Greek O.T. [Old Testament] uses both the noun αγαπη and the verb αγαπαω [agapao] to express not only God’s love for men, but man’s love for God and for his fellow man. Although there is no certain evidence that the noun αγαπη was used by nonbiblical writers prior to Christianity, the argument from silence may be invalidated by future discoveries, and it would be precarious to conclude that αγαπη was a specifically Christian word.  
One-sided emphasis on God’s love as ‘unmotivated’ by anything in his creatures tempts men to regard him in the light of an egotistical philanthropist who expects gratitude and praise but neither needs nor desires the mutuality that is inherent in the very nature of love... Without a faith that dares humbly to believe that God needs man’s love ... the Christian’s conception of his high calling to be a kingdom builder is liable to reduce itself to blind obedience to commands given arbitrarily for man’s good while awaiting God’s eschatological fiat. Such a misconception is bound to give aid and comfort to the inclination of human nature – ‘the flesh’ – to divorce religion from ethics.  
Grave moral consequences result from such a view of Christian love. It is associated with a doctrine of predestination that makes God’s choice of the objects of his salvation utterly arbitrary.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 565-566)  
“The peace which was the fruit of the Spirit ... could be trusted to keep men's hearts and minds (Phil. 4:7), so that they need have not anxiety about anything. This explains the sublime recklessness of the Christian peacemakers. Being colaborers with God (Rom. 8:28), they were aggressors for peace. They aimed to live at peace with all men (Rom. 12:18), but fear of making enemies did not turn them from their task of producing soundness, wholeness, and harmony in a world of chaos. Their reasonable service was to ... substitute the righteousness and peace and joy of his [God's] kingdom (Rom. 14:17) for the low aims of 'the flesh,' thereby creating the conditions for peace. Their ideal was to live so that quarrels could never get started.  
Christian peace was therefore neither the calm of inactivity nor the mere passive enjoyment of freedom from strife. It was not the imperturbability of the Epicurean, or the apathy of the Stoic, or the contemplation of the mystic. The man who possessed it was not exempt from storm and shipwreck, but by faith he knew that he would arrive in port (Acts 27:21-25), and that all was well for him and his fellow men of faith ... And so, where all else was panic, he played the man.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 567)  
“... just as God’s patience was not to be presumed upon, so the Christian’s patience was not a spiritless good nature that would put up with things which it could not escape, or would not prevent. It was patience with a purpose, as in Paul’s pleas to Philemon, which contrasts so sharply with the Stoic motive for self control... Those who bore this fruit ‘turned the world upside down’ (Acts 17:6), and the enemy did not know how to deal with such unheard of patience and persistence.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 568)  
“Negatively defined, gentleness is everything that the ‘insolent, haughty, boastful’ men of Rom. 1:30 are not. It is the opposite of υβρις [hubris], the worst of sins in the eyes of the Greeks – deliberate, arrogant defiance of the gods by overstepping the limits set for human beings. In the O.T. such men are called ‘sons of Belial,’ the turbulent, highhanded wicked, who rage against God, kill, rob and enslave the righteous ‘meek’ and take possession of the earth for themselves. The psalms are full of moans and complaints against this rich and powerful majority, who used religion as a means of gain and kept their consciences in flexible subservience to the exigencies of power.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 569)  
“’Εγκρατεια [Egkrateia] is temperance (KJV [King James Version]), self-control (RSV [Revised Standard Version]) ....  
The Stoics had helped to prepare the soil out of which this fruit of the Spirit was to grow. They insisted that the sovereign reason could and should control the passions. They believed in a law of nature to which they must conform, and they endeavored to maintain their inner freedom under all circumstances. But their motive was very different from Paul’s, the one being devoted to the glory of the God of grace, the other to the preservation of the sovereign self-will. When the Stoic collided with things beyond his control, his inner independence turned into apathy, practicing the motto ‘When we can’t do what we want, we want to do what we can.’ He took orders from his commander in chief, an impersonal God who had the power of life or death; but he did it in such a way as to make it clear to God and men that he, the Stoic, was after all the captain of his soul. He controlled his anger because he found it a nuisance to be under the power of any passion and in his sight meekness was contemptible weakness...  
Paul exalted humility: ‘It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me’ (2:20). ... His self-discipline was the result of his spiritual experiences, rather than an undertaking to induce them; and his self-control was sane compared with the ascetic excesses of later Christian groups such as the ‘Encratites,’ who forbade marriage and followed fantastic dietary rules.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 569-570)  
“Unrepentant sinners have no appetite for the fruit of the Spirit, and when its production and distribution require changes in the political and economic status quo, men ... pass laws against it ... Especially in time of war these traits of Christian character have been forbidden fruit, though given for the healing of the nations. Occasionally the world, exhausted with fighting, and sick of its cynical Epicureanism, has professed a desire for the fruits of the Spirit, but on its own terms without the cross required to produce them.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB X p. 570)  
... 26. Do not, please [נא, Nah’] be panters of [שואפי, ShO’ahPhaY] honor vain [שוא, ShahVe’], the provokers [המתגרים, HahMeeThGahReeYM] and enviers [ומקנאים, OoMQahN’eeYM] a man in his neighbor.  
“The right stood in terror of the iconoclasm of the left, and the radicals labeled all other men reactionaries ... Both sides professed to love liberty and defend it, but neither was willing to grant it to the other.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X p. 572)   END NOTE  
i ספר הבריתות, תורה נביאים כתובים והברית החדשה [The Book of the Covenants: Instruction, Prophets, Writings; and The New Covenant] The Bible Society in Israel, Jerusalem, Israel, 1991.  
  An Amateur's Journey Through the Bible
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2023.06.09 16:53 its_Warlock [WTS][USA] // BIG SALE// N!k3 Jord@n 1 UNC / [email protected] 6 carmine / [email protected] 2 union / dunks / 4s / hats

Tagged and Timestamp photos provided for each
Tag/Timestamp -
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Retail y33zy slide onyx size 9
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Price is always negotiable
DM me, im always open to discuss any quesions or offers
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2023.06.09 16:53 DisorganisedPigeon Ex called me a sociopath and blocked me after contacting her mother about our breakup. Do you think I am one or was she lashing out?

Me and my ex had broken up a couple of times in our 9 months together. I was always caring and loving, but we did have bouts of arguing and disagreements which eventually drained her and she called it quits. She lost her son 3 years ago and had been getting counselling lately, suffers from depression, autistic and doesn’t like to go out much because of it.
When she broke up I pushed a bit questioning why as she was so into me a few days before. It got to the point we sent a few long messages back snd forth but could tell she was getting annoyed so I dropped it and apologised.
She replied back but I decided not to. The following morning she sends me this: “Right no! Absolutely not! Why the fuck are you messaging my mum! Fuck off! Leave me alone. I don’t want you anywhere near me! How fucking dare you message my mum and show her conversations of us! Your a fucking psychopath! Keys gone in the bin! Now! Now I don’t want anything to do with you!!”.
Her mother had been helping me understand how she works in difficult times (as my ex didn’t speak much about it) and I’d brought up a conversation of when she was excited for a holiday and house and told her I was confused why she wanted to break it off. Her mother was supportive but I realised I crossed a boundary here.
My ex found out as I forgot I asked her mother to chase up my spare key and then I’d already asked my ex after.
Two hours after she sent that message, she saw me typing then blocked me on whatsapp.
I’ve attempted to apologise on instagram last week but she left it unread, so this week I posted a letter apologising it was wrong for me to cross that boundary, wishing her luck in future.
Our relationship had it’s problems and I was responsible for not being as fun towards the end hence the breakup, but I absolutely hate she sees me as a sociopath now. Was this just her lashing out and do you think one day she could forgive me?
(I planned to message her mother again to see if she got my apology letter, but realised this would go against what I was apologising for. I know the letter got there, but obviously don’t know if she read it or not)
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2023.06.09 16:53 Antique_Fix5480 Does my gym crush like me?

Almost a year ago I would work out in the afternoons. Once in awhile I would run into this really cute guy at the gym. At that time I was 30lbs heavier. I am attractive, so the face card was looking good but the body wasnt matching. I would catch him staring once in a while but never say anything to me.
I ended up switching to working in the afternoons, so had to start hitting the gym in the mornings. Fast forward a few months, I had a week off of work and went back to working out in the mornings. By this time I lost 30lbs so my face is still attractive and now I dont have a protruding gut. Of course I see my crush during this time, and he went back to staring. Usually I am good with eye contact because I can hold it. But with him he holds his stare even if I look back at him and I get nervous cuz hes cute lol. He wouldnt say anything ever to me even with all the staring he did. Two times he was staring and i gave him head nod, he ignored me. With that I was like ok maybe he stares because he doesnt like me.
Another day when I was done with my workout I went to wash my hands in the bathroom. He was in there and we gave each other some awkward eye contact and just gave each other a head nod. When I left the bathroom, he was at the front desk and we were looking at each other my whole time because I had to walk past him. When I got near him we gave each other another head nod and thats it.
So he stares at me a lot, sometimes says whats up and other times ignores my nods. Does he like me or am I looking too much into it? He looks like he could be straight and I am masc and straight passing. If he doesnt like me, does he have a problem with me?
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2023.06.09 16:53 aasocial146 Brakes Question on a used car I bought

Hi, I just bought an used 2017 Honda Accord with 62k miles on it. The owner mentioned that he never replaced the brake pads or routers on the car. So obviously getting anxious, I called the service centers near me and they are quoting around 1.3k for Pads, routers and Blake fluid flush. I need to wait around 2 weeks before my paycheck. So, Is it safe to drive the car for time being? Was I given a reasonable estimate for replacement of all three things?
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2023.06.09 16:52 fnovd You've Circled your last Jerk, Music City

Hello fellow Nashvillains,
We know you rely on this subreddit for your daily Altima updates. Many of you owe your job or even your life to this subreddit. For most of you, browsing in this subreddit isn't just part of your daily routine but actively makes up a majority of your personal identity.
On June 12th, this is all changing.
On account of all the bad technology and business decisions Reddit is making, we are stomping our feet and saying, "NO!" And we're saying it loud, too, really really loud. We're gonna stomp so loud and say NO so loud that it's going to be really, really, really, really, really, really, really important.
I know this is a sacrifice, but it's one I'm willing to make on your behalf. I kind of know better than you what's good for you, and this is what it is. You're welcome
If you want to help, there are a few things you can do:
  1. Don't come here. We will be closed, so there really won't be much going on anyway.
  2. Encourage other people not to come here. We're full, dammit. I mean, even outside of this protest, we were full. Over 300 million subscribers, and you think I want to accommodate a bunch of rich Californians and New Yorkers who show up buying up all the best posts and stealing our karma? NO
  3. Take a shower and brush your teeth. You've earned it. Or, rather, I've earned it, so please do it. You stink and when you come back I expect you not to smell like a used diaper that's been baking in the hot sun.
  4. Vote in the upcoming mayoral election. This is the biggest way you can have an impact on absolutely anything the world. We're the center of the world, folks, and we need to act like it. Let's choose a mayor that will help usher in a new era of peace, prosperity, and free parking near downtown like it used to be back when I was a kid, coming up to Nashville from way out in the boonies just to hang out and see what was around, before we got "big" and before all the bars on Broadway got replaced with tourist trash, when you could actually find a gem of a guitarist hanging out on Printer's alley playing his heart out for a nickel, when country music was still good and you could grab a plate at a meat-and-three without some stupid copper cup, cloth napkin, seltzer-bar garbage bringing your bill up to $40 effing dollars when the mac-and-cheese isn't even good, they just used a powder mix and I could see it, I actually saw them open up a Kraft box and pour it into a pot with their "homemade" pasta, and the cook had the gall to tell me that I was just confused like I didn't really see it when I know I did, I know for damn sure what I saw and I'm not going to have some hipster cook with bees living in his hair gaslight me like I'm some kind of doofus. I am NOT a doofus.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.09 16:52 Medium_Board_4336 How “self improvement” ruined my life

Hello everyone if you got a few minutes please read my story, I’ll appreciate it. Before we start a little about myself you would probably like to know, i am 18 years old i have been training martial arts and fitness for past few years,i have ocd, never drunk or smoked, healthy lifestyle fan. So let me stop wasting your time and let’s get into the story: The last few months I was watching a lot of “self improvement” youtubers, millionaires etc.. and I’ve been applying their methods in my life such as eating healthy working out 4-5 times per week reading more books, getting more sleep, which all worked great and for sure improved the quality of my life. But one day I came across this “dopamine detox” trend which I must say didn’t work so well for me. As the days and weeks passed by I got into this trend and decided to delete mostly of my social media, very low to no screen time, just training and reading and reading and gaining knowledge, it has also inspired me to become a “ghost” which these self improvement gurus say it’s a crucial step for every masculine man to take in his life. So I stopped hanging out with friends completely(besides school), absolutely no communication with other people, to sum it up with few words, basically I took it so serious i gave my life to self improvement that led me nearly to a mental breakdown yesterday and 1 day after, here I am writing in panic, burning stomach, feeling like my whole body is shaking and shivers and that has been going on for a day now and i can not stop it no matter what I do. I’m scared I will never be the way I was before. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so nervous for no reason before. If you came all the way through here i must say thank you for taking your time and reading my story❤️
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2023.06.09 16:52 Deep_Opposite_896 [In Progress] [29K] [Adult Fantasy] Title in Progress: But it is enemies to lovers/slow burn/witch and a witch hunter/dual POV

Hi :) I am not entirely sure if I am doing this correctly because I have never used reddit before. I have written a little under half of an adult fantasy novel, and I am looking for feedback. I will take any and all feedback, but I am mostly looking for unbiased parties to tell me if I have an potential at all with this story/as a writer. Honestly I am mainly looking for peers/friends. I am happy to read your work in return (though I am mostly only familiar with fiction/fantasy work)! If you are interested, comment below or chat me (IDK how that works but I shall figure it out hehe).
Content warnings: So far the story is not spicy but I do intend to take it there. I am 22 and the characters are around 20 so I am looking for older readers, not minors. I wouldn't be comfortable discussing that sort of things with younger readers though you are still ofc welcome to read it! There is very minor violence but nothing too grim. There is also some LGBTQ+ rep so bigots stay away!
Disclaimer the first chapter is only one of the main characters, but I do have to say, once they meet there is some wonderful witty banter so I swear it gets more intriguing.
First chapter:
Chapter 1: Bearnas The innate driving force of human nature is vengeance. This was a certitude I had come to realize from a young age, and it was a concept I relied on as I got older. Vengeance was the primary motivator for my people. It was our currency. The way we managed to survive. I didn’t stop to consider the morality of this outlook. I didn’t like to contemplate the state of my existence. Found that to be a waste of time. I focused on the here-and-now. The mutable present. It was simply the way the world was, so I had to deal with it like a man should. This was an ideal my father had instilled in me since the time of my birth. I was the son of a victorious warrior. Osgar Nieva was a well-respected war lieutenant during the Great Slaughtering. He never let me forget that I had a legacy to uphold. I knew my father hated me. I figured his disappointment began from the moment I received my name. In Dolag, tradition dictates that the father names their son. Names were believed to be prophetic. Osgar had a strong name-befitting of a warrior. His name meant “divine spear.” My grandfather claimed he could sense that Osgar would be a brave warrior from the moment he was born. So he was prophesied to be graced by the luck of God in battles. Typically, women were only allowed to name the baby if it was a girl. I was the exception. The process of my birth brought my Mother to her deathbed. The doctor was certain that she wouldn’t recover. As she lovingly admired the newborn baby boy in her arms, her attention was drawn by a bird pecking gently on the window. Tears streamed out of her eyes as it took off soundlessly into the winter dawn. “Wren.” She’d muttered softly, still gazing peacefully out the window. The room of family members and midwives stood in puzzled silence. The world seemed to pause in wait for her next words. She turned her head back to meet Osgar’s eyes. “He shall be named Wren. He will be gentle. Beautiful. Free.” She reached down to caress her baby’s face. “And he will be loved.” Despite my Father’s protests, the council voted to accept the name. The wishes of the dying outweighed naming traditions. Only my Mother never died. Doctors considered her survival a miracle. She returned back to full health only a few months later. She and I have paid for her decision every day since. Osgar refused to call me Wren. Anyone who referred to me as such, other than my Mother, was punished accordingly. To the rest of the world, I became known as Bearnas Nieva. Bearnas was the name Osgar would have chosen for his son if he had been given the opportunity. Bearnas. Meaning bringer of victory. My father did everything in his power to ensure that I would fulfill this destiny, whether it was the result of prophetic nomenclature or resolute determination. The story of my name was all I could think about as I prepared for my sendoff. I was tightening my last bootstring when a small hand clapped me on the back with a force intended to knock me off balance. “The famed Bear Nieva preparing for his grand expedition. What luck I must possess to witness you in all your glory.” I was grateful for El’s arrival, despite the copious amount of sarcasm she brought with her. My sister's presence was probably the only thing that could pull me out of my thoughts right now. “Using mockery as a mechanism to cover up your total despair about my departure, I assume.” I tried to keep my tone light, but in truth it was myself I was worried about. El held the chief role in keeping me sane throughout the later part of my life. She was my only tether to my true self. I worried about how I would stay grounded on my Hunt without her there to tease my worries away. El flopped on my bed with feigned anguish. “Yes, whatever will I do without my idiot older brother around to hog all the scrambled eggs at breakfast. Oh, how I will miss the putrid scent you plague the house with after training all day. Your constant nagging about my lack of tidiness will be missed most ardently.” I swatted her gently with my leather gloves. “Speaking of, get your disgusting outdoor shoes out of my clean bed immediately.” I shooed her out of my room, and chased her towards the door, nearly colliding with my father as a result. “This isn’t befitting behavior for a man about to begin his First Hunt” Osgar admonished. “Elowen, go to the kitchen and help your Mother tidy up before we head to town.” El skirted around our father into the hallway. Safely out of his eyeline, she directed one last mocking tongue in my direction before slinking away. “Are you ready to go?” He raked his disapproving gaze over my gear, searching for any flaw he could call attention to. “Yes, sir.” I responded. I did feel ready. This was the moment I had been preparing for my whole life. My body was honed by years of workouts and my skills were unquestioned. I had graduated top of my class in my training group. I was certainly ready to leave the house, as I wanted nothing more than independence. Besides my Mother and sister, I had nothing keeping me here. Not anymore. So I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. When my family was all ready, we began the walk to the edge of town where the sendoff was taking place. There we would eat, drink, dance and say our goodbyes. I spent my time standing on the outskirts of the group, hoping my stern face would signal everyone to leave me alone. I didn’t have any desire to get my ego fluffed by a bunch of people who just wanted to get in the good graces of my Father. I just wanted to leave. The one person I actually wished had come to bid me farewell had decided not to show up, not that I could blame him. Eleven other men would be sent off at the same time as me. We were all being sent in different directions, but we were all given the same instruction: go kill a witch. That is exactly what I intended to do. Success rates had been much lower over the past few years. After the Great Slaughter fifty years prior, there were only so many witches left to kill. In fact a witch hadn’t been successfully hunted in around 4 years. Most hunters came back many months after their departure unable to track any down. The people of Dolag figured the warriors of the Great Slaughter had ushered the witches into near extinction. The only evidence we had that they weren’t entirely eradicated were the cases of the men who never returned. Every once in a while, there was a man who was assumed to have met his demise at the hands of one of the remaining witches. So the Hunts continued on. After a few hours of festivities, it was time for us to set off. I was ready to say my goodbyes. I knelt down so El could wrap her arms around my neck. Her hot tears dampened the fabric covering my shoulders. “Promise me you will come back,” she said. I squeezed her a little tighter. “Don’t worry, you’ll get a few months of the stench free, scrambled-egg-filled, only-child experience and then I will be right back to boss you around.” El released me from her grip in order to look me in the eyes. “I’m not kidding around Bear.” Her piercing gaze mirrored the intensity of her voice. “Promise me.” Even though I knew it wasn’t something I could realistically guarantee, I hugged her once more and said “I promise, Elly.” After a moment, I stood up and ruffled my little sister’s hair. Then I turned to my Mother, who watched with watery eyes. The hair that had escaped from her tight bun was wisping around her face in the gentle breeze. The sun shining behind her produced an effect reminiscent of a halo. She embraced me with a level of care only a Mother could deliver. “I love you, Wren. You will always be my darling songbird,” she whispered into my ear. I released myself from the hug, and smiled one last time at my adoring Mother. I nodded once before forcing myself to turn to my Father. “Don’t disappoint me, son.” He stuck out his calloused hand and I shook it begrudgingly. It felt like cold leather in my grip. That was it. That was my final farewell from my Father. ‘Don’t disappoint’. No good luck, no I love you, nothing of the sort. Only a damn handshake. I knew I shouldn’t have expected anything different, but it still put me in a sour mood. What a great start to my expedition. I looked one last time at my sister and Mother in an effort to preserve some positive thoughts about my home. When I cemented this image in my mind, I omitted the withering glare of my Father beside them. I spun around and started down the path towards Deirtalamh. I marched towards witch country without so much as a glance over my shoulder. I was days into my trek when I came across the cabin. Being the son of Osgar Nieva gave me claim to the most promising Hunt. My journey was actually mapped to this location, whereas the rest of my group had to resort to aimless meandering. I heard the gentle melody of a person humming drifting out from within the house. How odd. My superiors swore it was a witch that lived here. A hunter from a few years prior reported catching a glimpse of a cabin before he was suddenly lost in the woods. Who could be humming so pleasantly within this peaceful home so deep into witch territory? I maneuvered my head to look through the open window and saw the source of the cheerful noise. She appeared like the sun incarnate. Her dark skin contrasted beautifully against the pale yellow of her clothes. Her hair curled unbound around her face. She stirred a pot of stew as she swayed softly to her own music, the fabric of her dress swishing mesmerizingly around her thighs. Beautiful suddenly seemed like an insufficient word to describe someone of her standing. I knew she was not the witch I had come to hunt. Of course I was no fool, I was aware that witches could glamor themselves to be beautiful. But their false beauty was always like that of a succubus, unnatural and deadly. No witch would have been able to conjure up the effortless and soft beauty of the woman in front of me. I was sure of it. Never mind the fact that if she were a witch, I would most certainly be dead. She would have sensed me coming from the moment I stepped foot onto her land, and she would have been ready to strike. If I had let myself get distracted for this long in the presence of a witch, I would have paid for my mistake in blood. I wondered how she had come to live in Deirtalamh. I’d heard tales of villagers who’d tried their luck here out of desperation, choosing to brave the dangers of witch territory rather than living in the impoverished slums of Dolag. I’d also heard of extreme cases where dangerous criminals were exiled here. This woman looked neither criminal in nature nor desperate to survive. She looked content. Regardless, I must get her to safety. I walked briskly over to the door and entered the cabin.
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2023.06.09 16:51 its_Warlock [FS][USA] // BIG SALE// N!k3 Jord@n 1 UNC / [email protected] 6 carmine / [email protected] 2 union / dunks / 4s / hats

Tagged and Timestamp photos provided for each
Tag/Timestamp -
Vouch -\_warlock/
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New Balance 550 green size 11
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Retail y33zy slide onyx size 9
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Y33zy season 6 sweatpants grey size L
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Retail Kaw$ un1q1o tees
- Size Medium all / Worn once / $25 with shipping
$tu$$y hat black x2
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$tu$$y hat white
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Bap3 hat
- Deadstock / $20 with shipping
Price is always negotiable
DM me, im always open to discuss any quesions or offers
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2023.06.09 16:51 Medium_Board_4336 How “self improvement” ruined my life

Hello everyone if you got a few minutes please read my story, I’ll appreciate it. Before we start a little about myself you would probably like to know, i am 18 years old i have been training martial arts and fitness for past few years,i have ocd, never drunk or smoked, healthy lifestyle fan. So let me stop wasting your time and let’s get into the story: The last few months I was watching a lot of “self improvement” youtubers, millionaires etc.. and I’ve been applying their methods in my life such as eating healthy working out 4-5 times per week reading more books, getting more sleep, which all worked great and for sure improved the quality of my life. But one day I came across this “dopamine detox” trend which I must say didn’t work so well for me. As the days and weeks passed by I got into this trend and decided to delete mostly of my social media, very low to no screen time, just training and reading and reading and gaining knowledge, it has also inspired me to become a “ghost” which these self improvement gurus say it’s a crucial step for every masculine man to take in his life. So I stopped hanging out with friends completely(besides school), absolutely no communication with other people, to sum it up with few words, basically I took it so serious i gave my life to self improvement that led me nearly to a mental breakdown yesterday and 1 day after, here I am writing in panic, burning stomach, feeling like my whole body is shaking and shivers and that has been going on for a day now and i can not stop it no matter what I do. I’m scared I will never be the way I was before. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so nervous for no reason before. If you came all the way through here i must say thank you for taking your time and reading my story❤️
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2023.06.09 16:51 whatup66 Jhana practice: motivations, hesitations, critique?

I'm curious if anyone doing jhana practice would want to share how they understand their motivation?
I believe something happened a few months ago that could be understood as entering one of the formless jhanas. I'm listening to Rob Burbea's retreat on practicing jhanas now.
After that experience, I was in many interesting places in subsequent meditations and experienced intense body sensations. It was all completely novel and and I had no idea what it was or how to work with it. I did not know what piti was. It's true what he says: piti feels very coarse in comparison to the formless jhanas.
I had the sense that entering that state was incredibly good... for the world. There was a lot of insight there in that blank place.
I'm new to these discussions but there seems to be an idea floating around that people shouldn't be concerned with jhanas... or thay they are concerned for the wrong reasons? As tho there is ego or selfishness in it. Or obsessive fixation. Am I imagining this?
Entering that state left me in total ecstacy for many days afterwards. I certainly struggle with this. I am not comfortable with feeling that high or with working hard in pursuit of feeling that high.
Sitting in rapture, connected to a source of infinite well-being, pleasure, and fulfillment: what is it for?
Rob thinks it's important to master all of the jhanas and to really clearly differentiate between them. (I'm still near the beginning of the retreat recordings.) My thoughts are: you learn this so you can guide others towards this well of liberation. That's why the buddah talked so much about it, it's why he, and Rob and all the other teachers worked so hard to master the jhanas.
It's actually impossible to be self focused because the self cannot go there.
I wonder if people have insights or resources to share about the purpose of this work, understanding the why...
Or insights into the source of criticism and hesitation around focus on jhanas?
Thank you all for your beautiful work and support!
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2023.06.09 16:51 GeetaBite 30 [F4M] I hope you find your special someone

If you're like me, you want an easy to read post with additional context if I want to learn more.
Me: 30, single, South Asian raised in TO, 5'4, plus sized
You: 29-38, single, progressive, South Asian raised outside of South Asia, > 5'5, bearded
I've settled into my career in tech, have the best sidekick dog I could wish for and am excited to continue personal development throughout my life.
I'm looking for someone passionate, ambitious and level-head. Ideally, you can meet regularly and want a long-term relationship.
I am a city girl but I enjoy balancing excitement and high-energy with content & relaxation. I love to travel - solo, with friends, weekend road trips, backpacking, slow travel - I love it all! I enjoy having a plan even if the plan is to be flexible.
My cultural roots are important to me; the food, the music, the people, the cringey bits, all of it. Ideally, you enjoy watching South Asian movies. (PS2? 👀)
Communication is really important to me and I find it critical for all phases of any relationship. While I don't have a preference for voice, I think how you communicate and speak can be attractive for the right person.
What I bring:
Other than the cutest dog, I will be your best friend and show/give you all the love you deserve. I have a feminine and compassionate spirit. I can be the person who supports you and the person you support. The best cheerleader in your court and a partner for all of the desires you want to share.
I want to add so much morale and value to your life that it becomes the best life you could ever dream of.
Some caveats:
I have commitments that require me to live in the GTA (or near the GTA) long-term.
I do not feel a sense of calling to have children of my own. I am open to adopting, fostering or having no children.
Let's chat. :)
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2023.06.09 16:50 mialg Top 10 Penis Enlargement Exercises

Top 10 Penis Enlargement Exercises
When you want a bigger penis, you are going to try a lot of different methods that have given people some huge gains in the past. However, if you are going to stay on top of things and keep up-to-date with the top penis enlargement exercises if you are going to be smart in penis enlargement. There are several ways that you can go about doing this and there are plenty of exercises to choose from. You are going to have to research if you are going to be able to maintain that gain that you have.
Here are ten simple exercises for helping to increase your penis size, and give your main member some extra heft:

10. The Big Stretch

The power stretch is a basic penis growth exercise for increasing your penis size. Simply grasp the penis by the glans (head) and stretch upward. Hold while counting to 10. After, repeat this process by stretching and holding in other directions - up, down, left, and right - for up to 5 minutes per day. This is a surefire way to get longer.

9. Handyman

Most of the penis enlargement exercises in this list involve hands, whether they be your hands or your partner's. There are many hands-free devices available to help you achieve your goals, but taking matters into your own hands is the most surefire way to control the enlargement of your penis.

8. Knuckle-Head

Grasping the head of your penis in one hand, stretch it away from the body. Place the thumb of your free hand near the base of the penis and hold it there while stretching for 10 seconds. Perform this exercise for a maximum of 5 minutes per day, no more than that.

7. Maintenance

Being diligent with your exercises ensures that you increase your penis size and then maintain your final penis size. Much like exercising at the gym, your penis responds to the stimulation of stretching and expanding to grow in size. Once you achieve your desired size, it remains rather than shrinking back to its original size.

6. Pulling In Reverse

Begin by pulling the skin of the shaft back and toward your body with the thumbs. Use the rest of your fingers underneath your shaft for support. Hold this firmly for 10 seconds. Repeat and perform for up to 5 minutes per day.

5. Opposite Day

No, you aren't pushing in this one. You're pulling as always, but this time you pull with one hand on the head, and another hand at the base. Maintaining a grip on the respective parts, pull in opposite directions (left-right, right-left, and so on) for ten seconds. Perform this for no more than 5 minutes per day.

4. Kegels

Classically, Kegels are used by women to help make their nether regions feel tighter. However, men also have the same pelvic floor (PC) muscles that contract during orgasm and halt the flow of urine so Kegels can be useful for men as well. To perform a Kegel, you flex to contract the muscle.
Begin with 20 to 30 repetitions of this contraction throughout the day and work your way up to a higher number. Making this love muscle stronger helps maximize the blood contained in the penis during erection as well as maintain erection quality, which will be important as your penis grows in size.

3. The Majestic Jelq

Jelq is supposedly where the term “jerk,” as in “jerking off,” originated. It's claimed to be an ancient enlargement method. Essentially the jelq is a “milking” motion of the semi-erect and lubricated penis. Taking one hand in a gentle yet firm grip, make an OK sign with the thumb and forefinger at the base of the penis, then slowly drag the hand up the shaft to the head of the penis. Repeat with the opposite hand. Be gentle and start with a low number of repetitions before working your way up. Jelqing helps to increase the girth of the penis and adds a little bit of length too.

2. Twister

A variation of the basic stretch, except after pulling the penis outward in a stretch, you rotate it clockwise. Hold for 30 seconds, then repeat while rotated counter-clockwise. Repeat this five more times, and perform the whole regimen once per day. This should help increase penis girth over time.

1. Weighting Around

This is a fairly advanced penis enlargement practice and not for the feint of heart. You simply attach a weight of some type to the penis, letting gravity do all of the stretchings for you. In time your penis should increase in length. This particular method was supposedly used by the Chinese and achieved the desired results in most cases.
However, this method can cause great injury if it's not done correctly. For that reason alone it is highly recommended that you perform the previous exercises mentioned in this guide before ever considering the weighted stretching method.


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This awesome 100% guaranteed result program is effective, safe, and permanent and you can download all techniques IMMEDIATELY.
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‬Telegram: +1 (863) 732 7599
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2023.06.09 16:49 jasondfw Finally have crow visitors, but need help getting them to the backyard

TL;DR: I've attracted crows, but I need to lure them to the backyard instead of the front.
I've been working on getting crow visitors for about 2 months now. I slowly started adding feeders and baths to my backyard so I can watch right out my home office window. You can see my backyard setup below. Shepherd's hook with a tube feeder and platform feeder, window mounted feeder, and 2 bird baths. There's also a giant catalpa tree to the right. I replace the bird bath water every 1-2 days and have been testing out different waste free seed/nut/fruit mixes. I started out with just peanuts in the shell, and I still put them in the platform feeder or on the ground sometimes.
As you can see, the yard is wide but not very deep, so I know they're probably cautious about such an enclosed ground area.
So I currently get several other birds (grackles, doves, blue jays, cardinals, finches, starlings, and more), squirrels, and rabbits. I enjoy those, but I want the crows.
I found the local crows a few weeks ago and have been walking by them every few days tossing peanuts as I go. On Monday, we heard them outside so I ran out into my front yard and saw them on top of a house nearby. I started tossing peanuts into the yard and then went inside. Shortly after he swooped down and started eating them. SCORE! He brought a few friends and we had 4 crows visit on Monday. They've actually visited every day this week, so I'm finally on their food route!
But there are a few problems... First off, as luck would have it, a bunny dropped a couple kits in a nest in our front flower garden on Monday. So she's been guarding our front yard and charging anything that gets near, including the crows.
Second problem... My new friends like to visit at around 6-6:30am. I get up for work around that time, so I don't mind it, I enjoy waking up to cawing outside before my alarm goes off. But the crows sit on the neighbor's house across the street when they caw. I don't want to upset the neighbors with my new friends. I'm really going to look like an asshole if they see me tossing peanuts to the crows that are waking them up every morning. They also sometimes sit on the houses behind me that can see into the backyard, but I haven't been able to get them to visit these feeders.
So, how do I lure my new friends into the backyard? I've tried leaving a trail of peanuts along the side of the house with the gate open leading into the back. I've also tried a couple of bowls of peanuts. The grackles and squirrels eat this up, the crows don't. I also tried lining the top of the fence with peanuts. I did that this morning while one of the crows was on top of the house behind me, but again the squirrels and grackles ate them all, the crows did not.
Sorry for the long post, but I'm very close to cementing the murder I've been seeking for the past couple of months and just need a little help.
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2023.06.09 16:49 deegoesoutside [For Sale] Cavapoo x Shih Tzu Puppies Lower Antipolo Area

[For Sale] Cavapoo x Shih Tzu Puppies Lower Antipolo Area
Puppies for sale !
Date of Birth: March 26, 2023 (2 months old) Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Cavapoo) x Princess-type Shih Tzu
Male - 4k each (full brown, brown and white) Female - 5k (black and white)
  • No papers
  • No vaccines
  • 2x dewormed
Location: Lower Antipolo, Rizal (Marcos Highway); near Marikina City
Interested furparent must be willing to answer a few questions.
Message me and we can talk on messengeviber.
Thank you!
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2023.06.09 16:49 MaNtr3 [discussion] I've been looking for the best hydra case hardened gloves patterns and found 6 which can be considered the best.

Ranged from 1-6 (1 being the best and 6 the worst)
  1. Pattern 310= Overall the best. Has most blue on the left hand and a lot of blue on the right hand which stretches out throughout the entire glove. (note this is the only blue gem so far we've seen in game so I could be biased)
  2. Pattern 221= Left hand has a very clean blue spot near the thumb and it coveres 50%+ of the left glove but it is not the best compared to the others. Where pattern 221 really shines is its right glove. So far it's the best right glove I could find with a clear blue pattern spreading on the entire glove.
  3. Pattern 31= People called this the number 1 pattern. Overhyped but still very good. Left glove is mostly covered in blue but the right glove has more of a scar pattern than a fully blue one. That's why i put it in number 3.
  4. Pattern 393= This pattern has an amazing left glove but worse than 31. The right hand overall is very decent with lots of blue near the thumb, but lacking on the knuckles and the bottom.
  5. Pattern 399= I recon 393 and 399 are pretty the same. 399 have a better right glove because of the bottom side but the top is pretty weak. Left glove is very good on the top but lacks blue on the bottom.
  6. Pattern 143= Very good left glove having lots of blue top and bottom. Right glove is also decent but has no blue on the bottom and the top seems to be a scar pattern.
Overall the best 6 patterns with 120 gloves in total supply. If you manage to find more blue gems let me know and I'll make a more detailed list for the future. Thank you
Ps. Pattern could be caused by a bug so DYOR since it could be re-verted.
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2023.06.09 16:49 Odd_Wolf_NW Any affordable places with moderate temps to live near the water on the west side.

I live on the east side fairly close to Spokane where it’s super hot and smokey in the summer and cold, icy, and gloomy in the winter. I like being near the water, but around here, unless you live close to a river or a lake, you’re out of luck. Can’t even walk in the winter for fear of falling on the ice which I’ve done too many times. I actually enjoy rain but months of nothing but gloomy skies like we have in the winter, and the abundance of right wing politics, have taken their toll on me. I visited Langley and liked just about everything there for example. So, any affordable suggestions?
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2023.06.09 16:48 FoundationDew2897 Proposed Hymn Lineup #3

As the MYTG nears, there's been a lot of changing with the hymns and the hymn lineups. So here's the new proposed hymn lineup and could be the final one:
Officers' Prayer: 204
Opening Hymn: 333 (NEW HYMN)
2nd Hymn: 525 (NEW HYMN)
3rd Hymn: 524 (NEW HYMN)
Before Sermon: 526 (NEW HYMN)
Offeratory Hymn: 375 (NEW ORGAN ACCOMPANIMENT)
Recessional Hymn: 432
Also for some reason, in the letter that my source sent me, there's like a "potential hymns" section in the notes. I don't know what that means since my source didn't explain it. So here are the potential hymns: • REVISED 46 • REVISED 108 • 522 • REVISED 113 • 112 • 395
Actually for some reason, this year's midyear thanksgiving has a lot of Jesus hymns. Wow, a rare occasion lol. And again, my source said again didn't gave any news on the hymns.
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