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5 important on-page SEO factors

2023.03.29 11:53 vaasuki1359 5 important on-page SEO factors

What are the 5 important on-page SEO factors?
Knowing SEO's many different components and how they work together is crucial to understanding why SEO is so important. In other words, SEO is crucial since it raises your website's exposure, which boosts traffic and the chance that users will become paying customers. Additionally, learning SEO from the good Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore can be beneficial in several ways.
If your ad ranks higher in SERP for phrases connected to your sector, it becomes more visible online. As a result, you have more chances to transform eligible leads into paying clients. When executed correctly, SEO may boost your brand above the competition as a trustworthy business and improve visitors’ interactions with your brand and website.
Businesses need SEO because it's a very effective approach to boost their exposure in search results, increase traffic to their websites, become recognized as experts in their field, expand their firms steadily and sustainably, and do a lot more.
Below listed are important On-page SEO factors:
Keyword in the title tag
Keyword in the H1 tag
Keywords early in the content
Keyword in the meta description
Keyword in the title tag
The title tag occurs in the webpage's head section. The title tag includes the page title that occurs in the browser window but not on the actual page. It is critical for SEO to include your phrase in the title tag.
Keyword in the H1 tag
H1 tags are HTML markups for a document's biggest title. It is placed in the webpage's body and has a sizable title that the reader can see. For SEO purposes, including your term in an H1 tag is vital.
Keywords early in the content
The majority of search engines completely index webpages. However, this consumes a significant amount of memory and disc space, therefore some just save and index the first few lines of the page. An essential keyword for ranking is one that appears in the first 100 to 200 characters of a page. It indicates that the term is vital to the content and assures that it is present in the page's index.
Keyword in the meta description
The majority of search engines don't include the text of the meta-description element in their analysis of the page. The meta description is mostly employed to explain the purpose of the website on search results pages. The keyword will be emphasized and the outcome will be more enticing if it occurs in the meta description. The key justification for why it's still crucial to provide meta descriptions for your website is this.
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Course Curriculum:
Customer-Centric Marketing & Branding
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How to Make Money Online Digitally
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2023.03.29 10:34 Nazta JP - FF13: Visions World #9 Event - 03/29 ~ 04/16

JP Version Only
FF13: Visions World
  • Duration: 03/29 17:00 ~ 04/16 23:59 [JST]
  • Official Announcement: Link

Related Content:

Event Videos

Tag me to have your video linked here! (max of 10 videos)


  • Uses the Dark Visions system.
  • Ranking Rewards (See Below)
  • Defeat Bosses from different worlds (See Below)
  • Obtain rare mats to upgrade equipment from boss drops
Bonus Units (Drops):
EX Bonus (Drops)
EX Drops
EX+1 20%
EX+2 50%
EX+3 100%

Scoring System

You will be graded from B to SS based on 5 criteria:
Type Max Points Notes
ATK 30k Damage Dealt in a single turn Max = Damage Cap (2.147~B) Scoring: 5000 + (DMG/85899)
WAC 10k Weakness Attacks 1700 Points per Attack (6 = 10k) Dmg done to the target's vulnerable element.
DOWN 10k Number of Deaths -2k Points each
DMG 10k Damage Taken Max = No Damage Dmg Taken/Points scaling is unknown
CH. 10k Max Chain 100 Points per Chain (100 = 10k)

Ranking Rewards

Rank Dark Matter Other
1 2000 50,000 Lapis* 10x Cactuar Emperor 2x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 10x SP Tickets 2x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
2~10 2000 30,000 Lapis 10x Cactuar Emperor 2x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 10x SP Tickets 2x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
11~50 2000 10,000 Lapis 10x Cactuar Emperor 2x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 8x SP Tickets 2x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
51~100 2000 5,000 Lapis 10x Cactuar Emperor 2x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 8x SP Tickets 2x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
101~300 2000 4,000 Lapis 10x Cactuar Emperor 2x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 8x SP Tickets 2x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
301~500 2000 3,000 Lapis 5x Cactuar Emperor 2x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 5x SP Tickets 2x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
501~1000 2000 2,000 Lapis 5x Cactuar Emperor 1x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 5x SP Tickets 2x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
1001~2000 2000 5x Cactuar Emperor 1x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 5x SP Tickets 1x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
2001~3000 1000 5x Cactuar Emperor 1x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 5x SP Tickets 1x 励輝晶 (Esper Crystal)
3001~4000 1000 1x 100% STMR Moogle 3x NV SP Tickets 5x SP Tickets
4001~5000 1000 3x NV SP Tickets 5x SP Tickets
5001~10000 1000 2x NV SP Tickets 5x SP Tickets
10001~15000 800 2x NV SP Tickets 3x SP Tickets
15001~20000 800 1x NV SP Ticket 3x SP Tickets
20001~30000 800 3x SP Tickets
30001~50000 500 1x SP Ticket
50001~100000 300 1x SP Ticket
100001+ 100 1x SP Ticket
* If the amount of players who are ranked 1st exceeds 100, 5M Lapis will be split evenly among them.
Also contains FF13 Emblem rewards.
Note: SP Tickets are month-limited, contains both NV and Fest units.

Individual Milestone Rewards

Points Reward
25,000pt ダークマター×50
50,000pt トラストモーグリ
75,000pt ダークマター×50
100,000pt 100ラピス
125,000pt ダークマター×50
150,000pt 飛翔の珠
175,000pt ダークマター×50
200,000pt 100ラピス
225,000pt ダークマター×50
250,000pt ALL輝源
275,000pt ダークマター×50
300,000pt 天翔の珠
325,000pt ダークマター×50
350,000pt トラストモーグリ
375,000pt ダークマター×50
400,000pt 100ラピス
450,000pt トラストモーグリ
500,000pt NV SP召喚チケット2023/4
550,000pt ダークマター×100
600,000pt 200ラピス
650,000pt ダークマター×100
700,000pt 200ラピス
800,000pt ダークマター×100
900,000pt 300ラピス
1,000,000pt 励輝晶
1,100,000pt メタルジャボテン見参!
1,200,000pt 1000ラピス
1,300,000pt ダークマター×150
1,400,000pt 1000ラピス
1,500,000pt ダークマター×150
1,600,000pt 2000ラピス

Event Equipment (Upgraded)

勇者のアミュレット(FFXIII) [Accessory] +84 ATK, +50% ATK, +50% P/M Machine Killer 導師のアミュレット(FFXIII) [Accessory] +78 MAG, +50% MAG, +50% P/M Machine Killer 魔神のタリスマン(FFXIII) [Accessory] +82 MAG, +50% EQ MAG w/ TDH/TDW 源氏の小手(FFXIII) [Accessory] +63 ATK/MAG, +50% LB Damage 闘志のタリスマン(FFXIII) [Accessory] +36 ATK/MAG, +57 DEF/SPR, +30% HP, <30% HP Guts パニッシャー(FFXIII) [Spear] +223 ATK, 5% MP/Turn, 4 LB/Turn, +100% Jump Damage 

Area Summary

Monster Skillsets: (Thanks togeo)
Area Wk Ele Name/Tribe
A1/2 [-] --- 重攻撃騎マナスヴィン [Machine]
B1/2 [-] --- ゲパルト烈爪 [Beast]
C1/2 [-] --- PSICOM特殊戦術士 [Human]
D1/2 [-] --- ベヒーモス改 [Beast]
----- ----- ----------------
E [-] --- 機甲兵クリーガー [Machine]
----- ----- ----------------
F [-] --- ガスト [Undead]
----- ----- ----------------
G [-] --- ファルシ=アニマ [Machine]
Note: [P] is Phys / [M] is Magic.*
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2023.03.29 10:21 RiCONews [Asia ver.] 2023/03/29 Maintenance Complete Notice


2023/03/29 Maintenance Complete Notice

2023-03-29 16:00:00 (UTC+8)
Dear Players,
The maintenance of ROCKMAN X DiVE have completed on 2023/03/29 16:00 (UTC+8)
Event Update Link 【NEXT! Collect All-New Armor】 Limit Event For more details, please go to【Mission】>【Limited challenge】 *Event Time: 2023/03/29 16:00 ~ 2023/04/04 22:00 (UTC+8)
Link 【Rush's Resource Exchange Station】Event Rush need your help! (Seems like he need some item!) Go to【Rush's Resource Exchange Station】to check out! This time, Rush has prepared 【S-Class Hunter X】Memories for you! For more details, please check【Shop】>【Store】>【Limited】>【Rush's Resource Exchange Station】 *Event Time: 2023/03/29 16:00 ~ 2023/04/05 11:59 (UTC+8)
Update and Adjustment 【S33 Ranked Match】 begins
Optimizations and adjustments:
Capsule Update Link 【DiVE Festival Popularity Pick Up】 Capsule Available: S Rank Character【RiCO】appear probability UP S Rank Character【RiCO Celebration】appear probability UP When you get the PICK UP character, you will get the corresponding Memory. * Paid Element Metal limited discount version is also available. *Available Time: 2023/03/29 16:00 ~ 2023/04/12 11:59 (UTC+8)
Link【4 PICKUP】Capsule S Rank Character【Tron Bonne】appear probability UP S Rank Character【Rogue】appear probability UP S Rank Weapon【Singularity Slasher】appear probability UP S Rank Weapon【Air Buster】appear probability UP When you get the PICK UP character, you will get the corresponding Memory. *Available Time: 2023/04/03 16:00 ~ 2023/04/10 11:59 (UTC+8)
Direct Purchase Element Metal Update EM Discount Pack (available on the 1st of each month)(15 days). *Available Time: 2023/04/01 16:00 ~ 2023/04/16 15:59 (UTC+8)
Shop Item Update Available: 【Massimo Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Vile Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【MegaMan Volnutt Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Triangular Saber Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Ion Rifle Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) 【Sonic Buster Memory】(Element Metal Purchase) *Available Time: 2023/03/29 16:00 ~ 2023/04/05 11:59 (UTC+8)
Other Notice Routine Maintenance Time Change on Next Week: The weekly maintenance originally scheduled on next week will be suspended. All updated events and other contents for this week will be announced on 2023/04/05 at 12:00 (UTC+8), please keep on following up the official announcement .
Sincerely, 《ROCKMAN X DiVE》team.
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2023.03.29 10:19 W_ktra WTT: Ar44 Asia childe, ganyu, qiqi, keqing and lost prayer. google deadlink MLF:NA or EU albedo, but im willing to look at offers that don't have albedo

WTT: Ar44 Asia childe, ganyu, qiqi, keqing and lost prayer. google deadlink MLF:NA or EU albedo, but im willing to look at offers that don't have albedo submitted by W_ktra to Genshin_Trading [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 09:31 Erwinblackthorn Furie (2019) vs Furies (2022): When Woke Film Theory Hits Vietnam

I am a firm believer that action films require a male lead in order to be effective in the action market. Nearly every one of these films is about revenge, taking on a spirit of vengeance, or taking on the role of justice. But the strange part of this is that both vengeance and justice are feminine deities in mythology, and at multiple levels. The male action hero is less about taking revenge or enacting justice and is more about understanding their role in taking revenge, which can result in not wanting revenge at all or realizing there is something more grand to the journey they enter. This is why mystery and whodunit stories appeal to women, because women enjoy aspects of revenge and justice, while being less interested in the more masculine aspects like enlightenment and the hero’s journey.
That statement alone is enough to set any wokescold’s blood a’boiling, because it’s a factual statement.
None of this means it’s impossible to make an action movie with a female lead, it just means it will be built differently with themes exclusive to the female role. I’ve talked about the movie Furie here and there when talking about female roles in stories because it’s a clear example of how to do it right when the female role is meant to be a tiger mother archetype. The story is simple: a mother has her child kidnapped by bad guys and she goes out to retrieve her child and save her from the dangerous world they live in. This kind of story is very primitive, with how it’s no different than if a tigress lost her cub and had to find it in the wilderness. The tiger mother finds her strength by being more feminine, closer to mother earth, and using her nurturing spirit to stay dedicated to her main goal: protect her cub.
Not only protect, but also allow her cub to flourish in the world by making sure her child studies hard, gets a good job, and gives the air of “not being good enough” because that is what the world tells us every day. We will never please the world and feel comfortable at any moment for any reason unless we willingly let our guard down, and that’s when the snake devours the cub. The tiger mother views the world as harsh, unforgiving, and a constant threat of corruption that will swallow their child whole. They are not paranoid, they are realistic. They are not carefree, they are careful. This mentality causes them to become very authoritarian, and so the tiger mother might as well be called the empress, because they are to be the empress of both their world and the world of their child’s.
A fury is one of the Furies from Greek mythology, who are the 3 goddesses of vengeance. Nemesis came before them as a goddess of revenge, but it is more like Nemesis handles anger between gods and the furies cast curses upon humans. In the movie Furie, there is a detective who is after the same villain, with the villain being this drug lady(as in female version of drug lord) and she is the dark sorceress of the streets. The Drug Lady represents the terrible chaotic side of the earth mother, with her minions being these evil demons who kill and rape anything in their path. The entire story of Furie was a mythological tale presented in modern day Vietnam in one of the most beautiful depictions of such a tale I’ve seen in a while.
This is not meant to be a hero’s journey other than the journey of the detective, who gains a gift from the tiger mother in the form of protection while he also saves her in the end, meaning there is a supportive synergy going on in their relationship. The authoritarian femme fatale assisting the masculine authority is a story about control between both family and society. An action movie like this is why I love action films when they have effort put into them, because there is deep subject matter being played out through simple interactions between individuals and between that we get epic fight scenes.
Let me tell you: these fight scenes are awesome.
It’s not just about a woman beating up a bunch of dudes. It’s about how she struggles to get through each fight but will still carry on because that’s what a mother does for her child. It’s no different than when a noir hero fights his way through hordes of goons in order to enact his revenge. All of these little fights represent thoughts in our head like “give up” and “go back”, which are meant to detract us from our main goal. Get hit too much or get surrounded and we are forced to play defense or hide behind something, which is no different than being like a turtle hiding in their shell. The turtle, the hermit, only works in isolation and it’s meant to be the moment of introspect.
All of that is a way of saying that the action hero should only play defense to plan a better attack, because the world around them will not give up on the onslaught. These are the moments in an action movie where someone is healing or planning a new attack, with the occasional doubt hitting them near the end. The movie Furie has these moments, specifically for the tiger mother to heal and make a plan to get her daughter back, which enhances the movie’s credibility. We need these high and low points of an action movie for rest, progression of story, getting to know the characters more, and also we don’t expect a budget to be constant expensive action all the time.
If anything, the furie in this movie is a representation of Alecto, goddess of unceasing anger, due to her dedication that goes beyond the death of those who wrong her. In the mythology, the furies are three sisters who live in the underworld, specifically Erebus(meaning darkness), which is why it’s appropriate to have this movie mostly at night and involve the criminal underworld. Whenever an action movie involves the criminal underworld as a setting, they are mirroring the underworld of mythology in a form of katabasis, a journey into the underworld. Think of something like Orpheus or Dante or Jesus making a trip into the underworld in order to achieve a goal. The underworld in this case is always related to something like a wilderness or a hedonistic primitive state of mind that’s full of everything unlawful because the primitive state is before society and order is established.
The male enters the underworld to become enlightened and the female lives there because it’s their domain.
Rape, murder, theft, drug use, kidnapping, everything that we are able to do as humans but only do once our shadow has taken over. The shadow, the darkness within us, is what is so present in the underworld that the entire world is enveloped in darkness, under this shadow. When taken symbolically, this movie works beautifully and it makes sense to have the evil villain kidnap the child of our tiger mother heroine and also try to harvest her organs. This villain, named Thanh Soi, appears to be something like a big bad wolf who goes around and devours children. Being a female antagonist, she represents the ruthless underworld and chaos that causes the world to be so treacherous and causes the tiger mother to be so dedicated.
I have nothing but praise for this first movie because it sticks so close to mythology and fits itself into an alchemical form of storytelling. It’s no surprise this movie was nominated for awards and it probably would have won a lot of them if people respected the beautiful choreography and neon noir aesthetics. I would even go far enough to say that it’s one of my favorite action movies of the decade, if not in the top 10 of all time. It provides a female action heroine in a way that works because she is entirely feminine in her approach to everything, down to her not really having a hero’s journey because that’s reserved for the male assistant she has, who is in the form of a detective.
Sadly, thanks to the colors pink and purple always being present in these neon noir movies, we have encountered a massive issue in how these kinds of movies will be made in the future.
For a quick reminder, noir is the film genre where a cynical hero enters an existentialist journey that changes them for the worst because they were touched by the darkest elements of the world. In noir, the femme fatale always aids in bringing this male hero to his downfall, because the femme fatale is a representation of Lilith and this existential crisis our hero enters represents the fallen state of Adam. These stories are aided by German expressionism and poetic realism, to both ground and extend the story into an almost surreal world that we can relate to. The inner mind of the hero gets reflected out onto the world to cause this expressionism, which allows aspects like elongated shadows and warped environments to symbolically fit into the story and make it look fascinating.
Neo-noir is a postmodernist form of this genre that takes some of the aspects of noir and tries to experiment with more current trends, keeping some of the aesthetics and aspects that resulted from decades of pulp stories being told and merged together in what I would like to call “mental slop” that is created in media by merging elements together after years of experimentation and deconstruction. No longer does it have to do with a cynical hero or an existential crisis, because now the barriers of the genre are removed and people simply recognize it as noir for some vague aspects that might relate to noir, such as dealing with a criminal underworld or the snappy way hardboiled dialogue would be written.
A good way to put it is that neo-noir holds noir “themes” and “sensibilities”.
This is further continued into neon noir, which is not a fully established genre quite yet, but is noticed recently with the increased popularity of retrowave and cyberpunk. The neon lights of the 80s are brought into this neo-noir story to create a contrast between two colors, similar to how noir was filmed in black and white. This is an aesthetic choice and is usually in the form of contrasting purple against a blue because these are complimentary colors. Lights are very present in this new genre, but the light is less of a source of clarity and more like a new form of obscurity. The expressionism in these movies are used for mood enhancing, due to the tranquility of blue and the excitement of red.
All of this is important to note because postmodernists will take everything that works about these factors and then try to avoid anything that makes sense about it. They go by whatever they feel and hope their experimentation doesn’t blow up in their face. Sometimes it works, like in the case of the movie Drive, and other times it doesn’t like in the sequel to Furie called Furies.
Everything was set up for this sequel. There was no way for it to be worse. It had more money, it had Hollywood investing in it, and the concept of the tiger mother can be used as much as any typical action hero setup could be used. Just have a villain who runs a crime syndicate, have a person who was wronged by this crime lord, they seek out revenge, and it ends with the villain being defeated.
Simple, right?
Well… this movie didn’t do that. I mean, it did, but it didn’t in the way that works. There’s a villain, a male drug lord who runs a casino and kidnaps women to sell their bodies for sex. There is a person who is wronged, who is a woman that lost her husband and child at the hands of this drug lord. This woman is seeking revenge and she defeats the villain at the end.
But she’s not the protagonist. She’s not even A protagonist. In fact, they made her the actual villain of the story. The villain… kills the villain. They probably thought they were doing a “Darth Vader killing off the Emperor” kind of thing, but they weren’t.
We are told in the beginning that this woman is to be like a mentor, the fairy godmother who protects our protagonist and guides her through this treacherous world. She’s meant to be a sort of adopted tiger mother, the way lesbians do it, and instead turns into the wicked stepmother by the end. But it seems I’m getting ahead of myself, so I’ll explain this story in a more coherent manner.
This sequel is a prequel. It happens before the first movie. We are introduced to a character named Bi(pronounced like BEE) who claims in a monologue that she was “destined for darkness”. Hey, makes sense. The Furies were born from Nyx in one of the mythologies, so being born from night to be destined for darkness is a sort of match made in heaven for this kind of character.
She becomes a homeless wreck after a drunk man tries to rape her and killed her mother. She killed him and is forever reminded of that moment every time she gets blood on her hands(a running theme we will see later). This is where a lady named Jacqueline finds her and brings her under her wing, hiding her with two other girls. Symbolically, we can determine these three girls are meant to be the furies: Alecto (“Unceasing in Anger”), Tisiphone (“Avenger of Murder”), and Megaera (“Jealous”).
Already, this entire thing fell apart and deviated from the mythology.
I say this because the other two girls are nothing like the furies of mythology and I can only assume Bi is meant to be Tisiphone because her mother was murdered. But she already got her revenge, so there’s not much for her to do in that regard. The girl named Hong is meant to be a cute Harley Quinn style psycho and the girl Thanh Soi is meant to be a butch biker. The two girls want their own forms of revenge against the drug lord that runs the streets they live in, mostly because both used to be slave girls and want to free their fellow women who have been enslaved. Jacqueline convinced them that she wants to free the slave girls as well, and all of this training that she puts them through is for this mission, but there’s a catch.
Jacqueline kept her relationship with this drug lord secret, because she was working with him and ended up having her husband and child killed by this drug lord. For years, she planned out revenge and set up several spies within his ranks, including the boyfriend of Hong. All of this is revealed in the end, so we go through the whole movie believing they are out for vigilante justice against crimes, specifically against women, when it was all because a bitter mother was betrayed after trusting a man too much. Already, this sounds like a mess, and it is. This prequel makes such a simple story incredibly convoluted and tries to use twists as a plaster for weak narrative and symbol subversion. But there’s a reason for this.
The woman who acted as the main heroine in the first movie also plays the role of Jacqueline. These are two different women in the movie’s setting, being played by the same woman. On top of that, the first movie was directed by a man and now this prequel is written and directed by… this same actress in question, Veronica Ngo. That’s right, she decided to play the villain after she wrote the script and directed the entire thing.
It was designed for this woman to crank herself silly.
And boy does it show in the movie. Quite literally in every scene. I say this because the first movie held shots for a while and had the simple story unfold slowly, with long moments to settle down and let the beautiful environment sink in. In the prequel, we are supposed to enjoy flashing colors as every scene is cut and edited like a movie trailer. I’m not kidding when I say that.
Every. Single. Scene.
Even the scene where Bi is being raped by a drunkard is treated like a movie trailer, with the camera changing all over the place and music playing as she monologues about how everything sucks. This camera is a massive pain to sit through, because it’s either constantly moving, getting splashed with CGI blood, zooming over people’s shoulders, or switching between 5 different conversations before a single thought could be finalized. It does that thing where someone is talking in a different scene and then a few seconds later the camera goes to where the person is talking, as if the transition was meant to be meaningful, but it would be for any little thing.
This is the sign of someone trying to experiment with things but are completely incompetent in what they’re doing. It gets worse when we enter fight scenes that look like they were edited frame by frame to hide the fact that they didn’t know what they wanted the fights to look like. The only time a camera holds for longer than a second is when someone dies off screen or Bi starts to suffer from her PTSD. And boy does she suffer.
They have a moment where she kills a random goon, gets blood on her hands, and when they return to their hideout, she vomits in the sink. She gets flashbacks to her first assault and the day her mother dies, which results in her trying to fight Thanh when she tries to calm Bi down. They fight in the bathroom and one of them knocks a valve loose, which causes the shower to turn on and shower both of them as they try to grapple and fall to their knees. This moment is meant to be a loving embrace between sisters during a time of need and support, with Thanh being a protective sister who is dedicated in making sure the new sister is able to get through harsh mental anguish whenever she is triggered.
This, my friend, is the entire problem with this movie.
I understand it’s meant to be emotional and heartfelt. I don’t deny there is thought put behind a moment like this. The music swells, the colors are somber, the water slowly falls on them as if to say the water purifies their thoughts and cools their head. I get it. But what the hell does any of that have to do with being a fury?
This isn’t about taking vengeance, this all feminist woes being presented for the sake of representation. Hong later on has a birthday party and they all celebrate by singing 90s songs(because this movie is meant to take place in the 90s) and when Bi came into the picture they had a makeover montage. This is an action movie written like a teen romcom without the romance and nothing in it is meant to be comedic. There are light hearted moments, sure, but I would never call it a comedy except for this one moment where a drug addict begs for drugs and the drug lord throws it on the ground for him to snort it, and then the drug lord pisses all over him.
To me, that is funny, but it’s treated as a horrible moment to make us hate the villain who doesn’t even really do anything. One of the most disappointing moments is when the furies sneak into a bedroom with him by disguising themselves as club whores and they have the perfect moment to kill him. Bi messes up by being too obvious with her stab attack and he runs away with a slight wound. This is where we have a fight that is meant to be a key moment: a hallway decorated with silhouettes of dancing women as the place fills up with black suited goons.
This moment is meant to show how brave and powerful the girls are, and all it does is accidentally present a massive stereotype where women can't get the job done and they are granted luxuries by having beautiful bodies while wearing a lot of makeup. When I saw this, I figured at least the action scenes will make up for the lack of theme, and… boy was I wrong.
These action scenes, as I said before, are a mess. Everything is a close up so we can’t see what’s going on and every attack is a wide swing that gets blocked by an arm that comes up 5 seconds too early. There is this back and forth that happens with each fight that makes it look functional and the music keeps it pumping, but it always looks like the fight coordinador told them to do everything wrong as a joke and the director was none the wiser. There are even moments where they use the wrong sound effect, like when someone gets punched and it does the stabbing sound effect.
Sure these are tiny technical things, but it gets worse when I am forced to mention the infamous bike scene.
So, Hong dies at the hands of this guy called Son, who is meant to be the dragon below the drug lord. Her boyfriend sees it, with her boyfriend acting as a spy who has infiltrated the drug lord’s ranks, so he’s standing there shocked and everyone ignores him. The remaining two sisters decided to run away on a bike and ensue in a chase sequence that is some of the worst CGI fighting I’ve seen in a while. There was no reason for any of this, they just put it in because the director thought it would look cool. I have no idea what it is with women and motorcycle chases, but there’s something where a woman on a motorcycle is seen as a “sexy” thing, specifically for women.
Not sexy to be sexual, but it’s something that women find aesthetically pleasing, and I can only imagine that it has something to do with the feeling of a bike vibrating between their legs. It also has to do with the idea of danger, because it’s easier to fall off a motorcycle than it is to fall out of a car with the doors closed. That, and I think it’s a fantasy for women to actually ride them without crashing. It’s the director’s way of saying “See! Women can ride motorcycles too!”, as if refraining from instantly crashing is an achievement.
But considering these are women and they are Asian, the fact they are not crashing instantly is a miracle.
What makes it funny is that in order to say “women can ride motorcycles too”, they put these women on a motorcycle and then transition it into a CGI race through the city with the motorcycle sitting in place in front of a greenscreen. We can easily tell this is happening because the wheels aren’t moving and there is the world’s fakest looking background flying by with whacky angles and movements being made with the camera. Bad guys fly into the screen from behind like TIE fighters in the old Star Wars movies, clearly breaking through the scenery, and I could not stop laughing at how terrible it all looked. And they somehow managed to make it worse by having a moment where one of the girls gets knocked off the bike and the other keeps riding to go up a ramp and onto a roof, only to get knocked off the bike herself and the bike flies off the roof and explodes in a corner.
I think I forgot to mention this but EVERYTHING EXPLODES in this movie. It’s as if the direct thought “hey, this part doesn’t have much substance to it, let’s fill it up with explosions.” There’s even a part earlier where they light a building on fire because it was a place where girls were being held captive. They throw lighters in random areas that have lamp oil or alcohol conveniently placed for them and random areas of the building start blowing up. What are you guys lacing in your cocaine over there, nitroglycerin?
Finally, we come back to the ending, the part of the story that ruined it for the movie. Bi and Thanh go to the drug lord’s hideout, they seek revenge for their lost sister, and meanwhile we have Hong’s boyfriend kill Son because… he was her boyfriend and had sex with her. Way to go movie, that sure shows what men care for. We only fight for those we bang and the sex was really that important for him. Forget meaningful things like a firmly built relationship or a child being made between a man and a woman, those aren’t important to a man. It’s all about the dedication someone has to a girl who sold her body for money.
But you know what? His motives and story aren’t important because we don’t even really see him. In fact, they bring in several characters that we’ve never seen before and act as if we’re supposed to know them. This is when they enter the drug lord’s underground casino, with the casino representing a massive gamble that this entire mission has been taking. However, the concept of gambling doesn’t mean much since the story repeatedly hits us with talk about fate, which is meant to relate to the sisters of fate in Greek mythology. I thought we were going to get some kind of motif going on every time they mentioned fate, but they just said “this is our fate” and that was it.
So they enter the casino and start shooting up the place. I don’t know what guns they are using, but they have enough ammo in their magazines to practically be infinite. There’s even an editing flub where they were supposed to show one of the girls reload, but they just show her pulling the slide back to load a bullet in the chamber, as if that’s enough. At least this part of the movie tries to implement gun-fu, but the way they do it is surreal because it’s entirely for show and there’s nothing practical in any of their attacks. They come with limited ammo and see themselves outnumbered, but they end up shooting people in the hands and feet while fighting as a way to ease off some attacks, to then shoot the enemy in the head.
Fast forward a bit and we have one of the stupidest twists enacted on screen. Jacqueline came with the girls to finish this once and for all, and while fighting she is seen getting stabbed in the back by a henchman. The drug lord watches it happen on a CCTV and celebrates. This looks like a perfect time for Bi to get her revenge on the main villain. But no, that would be the smart thing to do.
Instead, they have Bi and Thanh held at gunpoint in a room after a surprisingly difficult fight against a crackhead armed with a syringe who walked up to them like a zombie, and no I am not making that up. It sounds stupid, because it is, but they put that into the movie because someone decided it would be a good time to include something zombie related in a movie that has nothing to do with zombies. So, they’re held at gunpoint and then Jacqueline barges in and shoots the drug lord’s limbs to make sure he suffers. The boyfriend of Hong also comes in and is like “yeah, let’s get our revenge on this sick bastard”.
Then Jacqueline shoots the boyfriend of Hong. Everyone in the room is like “what the hell is going on?!” and Jacqueline kills off the drug lord and goes “Ok, now Thanh has to kill Bi” and both of them are just as confused as the audience. Even if Jacqueline was this new villain who becomes the new drug lord, it’s not like either of the girls would join her if she continued the sex trade. So, Thanh does the expected and tries to shoot Jacqueline instead, but was too slow and gets shot herself. The final fight is between Jacqueline and Bi, with Bi shooting Jacqueline several times.
But this is the part that made me really pissed: they fire the same gun over 30 times without reloading and then the second the gun is trained on Bi’s head… it’s empty.
The only way for this to be more convenient for Bi is if a bird flew in and airdropped a white turd into the eye of Jacqueline and had it explode for good measure. But because that didn’t happen, we have Bi tired as all hell and she collapses in a room full of dead bodies. Police come in and find her alive, arrest her, and then imprison her for 15 years. The big twist of this, the reason this is a prequel is revealed in this single moment where we see her leave her jail cell.
Who was Bi this whole time?
She was the villain of the first movie: Thanh Soi.
Apparently, the name is meant to be something like “she-wolf” and she took the name in honor of her dedicated sister in battle, Thanh Soi. This means that this entire time, the one we’re to be rooting for ends up being this horrible monster from the first movie that was kidnapping children and harvesting their organs. All because she… didn’t like to get blood on her hands.
If you think that none of this makes sense: welcome to the club.
The first movie was brilliant and coherent all the way down to a mythological level. It hit us deep in our unconscious and is something to be remembered years after watching it for how heartfelt each scene was made. It even brought some sympathy to some of the villains with how one of them was spared by the tiger mother because the guy’s own mother was present. It followed a theme of motherhood, while the second movie tried to follow a theme of sisterhood.
Where motherhood was filled with morals and justice, the sisterhood was filled with contradictions and partying.
I do not believe this was done out of a lack of budget or a rushed job. This was the result of how wokeness infiltrates even some of the least western influenced countries to create senseless garbage that nobody likes. We are not only to sympathize with one villain, but we are told that we have to sympathize with two, while the male villains are completely reprehensible. This movie was designed with woke Charlie’s Angels in mind and it shows with how they took three women to fight for a mentor and the only male on the team is treated like a bag of meat. What makes it more hilarious for me is that I’m constantly told by the woke that it’s bad to give women tragic backstories for why they become villains and there’s no excuse for having rape as part of this tragic backstory.
This is the feminism that is designed to trigger western feminists while hoping that Hollywood accepts it as “feminist enough”. This movie was not designed with men in mind, because female action movies are always plagued with over edited fight scenes, girl power moments, and romcom montages. I wish I was kidding, but I have yet to see a female focused action movie that refrained from doing these pointless representation calls, because the goal is to represent in this way.
She Hulk, Charlie's Angels, feminist Ghost Busters, Men in Black International, Atomic Blonde, Captain Marvel, Gunpowder Milkshake, Lucy, Jupiter Ascending, Disney Star Wars, basically every Disney and Pixar movie now. All of these movies are designed specifically to say women can do stuff guys can and then fail to show them doing stuff guys can. Then they wonder why these movies flop and get memed into oblivion. The only people who care about seeing a woman beating up men are angry women, because that is a low resolution view of what the movie is even supposed to say. The only people begging to see that on screen are women who hate men enough to want to beat them up.
This is not a lot of people. This is surprisingly a small fraction of the population and this is who these movies are trying to appeal to. Everything else around this low resolution declaration is meant to be spectacle for the sake of spectacle.
Why did the motorcycle explode? Because explosions are cool.
Why did the girls light a building on fire? Because fire is cool and it leads to explosions.
Why are they shooting the limbs of people? Because shooting limbs is cool.
Why does the camera get covered in CGI blood every 5 seconds? Because blood splatters are cool.
I’m not going to sit here and say something like that lacks style. It has style and it is spectacular. But when placed in a movie with zero meaning and zero purpose, this baseless spectacle gets lost in a sea of nonsense and there’s nothing to hold onto other than the possible impressive choreography or the impressive practical effects. This movie had a little bit of something, but it could never hold a candle to the dedication and effort put into the first movie. I also want to mention the camera work because this is also tied into woke ideology.
Every time the plot is trying to be expressed or shown, the camera and scenes are given the smallest amount of lingering. For example, a turf war begins after they blow up the slave holding… place and it’s shown as a turf war in two events. A person gets shot and people start getting attacked by random. These events lasted for about 5 seconds each. We’re told that Bi is homeless and fighting the local gang by having her steal a wallet and then have someone shout “hey, this is our turf!” all in the span of 5 seconds. We go from the girls going through an outfit montage during a plan to the girls working at the club of the drug lord in about 5 seconds.
If you didn’t get it by now: everything in this movie goes by the 5 second rule, but only when it is about the plot.
Do you want to know what lasts longer than 5 seconds? Moments where the girls are talking about stuff they like and parts where they pose together to present girl power. So to the woke, it takes the tiniest amount of time to show how someone enters the worst stage of their life, but it takes minutes to let us know that these girls plan to stick together and fight side by side. Everything important is done with quick flashes and everything unimportant is lingered on. This is a tactic of the woke to bring the mundane into the essential.
The goal is to feature tiny bits of important things to let the viewer understand why they are in that position, and then hammer in the idea of wokeness that the director or writer wanted to virtue signal for. The woke do not dedicate their focus on the themes of the story that matter to the audience and instead force the viewer to put up with things the woke writer is focused on so that the propaganda is viewed in the first place. We are promised a story about a mother seeking revenge and instead we are treated with the rise of a villain who became that way because she was abused as a child.
Using the woke lens of intersectionality and critical feminist theory, we can determine that the themes of this movie dwindled into arbitrary concepts like PTSD and girls trying to stay friends till the end. All of these are the result of mental weakness and toxic behavior that is now being given an excuse because the context of why they do these toxic actions are presented, even if it’s for 5 seconds. Now a woman like Bi is able to be excused for harvesting the organs of children and even blame men because it all started when her mother was a prostitute and a random drunk guy raped her. This is the polar opposite from how a tiger mother acts, because we are not trying to give excuses for a dedicated mother doing what a dedicated mother does. The tiger mother is a big part of what causes us to survive and is something to strive for because that’s what allows us to reproduce.
Being raped and then suffering PTSD over it doesn’t.
Thanks to intersectionality, the woke demand to present vices as virtuous and weakness as strength because this is how they take the outliers and bring them to the center. This goes beyond postmodernist subjectivity. It becomes subjective advocacy to obfuscate reality itself and pretend it’s incoherent just because their own agenda is incoherent. This is why every time there is a rule, they will pretend there is an exception to it, just because they don’t understand what that rule is or it’s not detailed in a way that prevents horribly bad faith takes. Every established rule for writing established doesn’t have an exception, just an attempt to reject what’s actually effective. These rules were established because they work and because people respond to them positively.
The woke hate positive results because those are the results that signify the rules work.
I don’t mind a female lead in a movie. I also don’t mind when a female lead is in an action movie. I don’t even mind a sisterhood or girls having magic powers or anything like that. Those things make sense to me when they are done properly, which the movie Furie did when they had the tiger mother as the protagonist and a harvester of child organs as the antagonist. That makes 100% sense to me, both symbolically and entertainment wise.
What I don’t like is when wokeness barges into established IPs and tries to change everything to say absolutely nothing of value. I’ve noticed that these feminist and LGBT stories always try to deal with the same nonsense that is done in a sad attempt to connect with some sort of audience they have in mind. Sexual abuse, PTSD, feeling oppressed, mental disorders, spousal abuse, prostitution, sexual deviancy, leaving their family to be with a sexual partner, drug abuse, being found by a guardian lesbian to feel protected, entering a sisterhood or a group of fellow LGBT agents of destruction.
These types of stories don’t mean anything to normal people. We can see some of these things as a terrible thing to have happen and we can attach a negative symbol to these things, but there’s no way in hell a person who’s never experienced any of this feels represented. The representation of a minority, that just wants to claim oppression because of their own choices or because of something that rarely happens, is a losing game. Normal people will either hate it or not care. I have every reason to blame the director for these horrible decisions and I have every reason to claim her poor decisions are because she fell for woke nonsense as a woman.
But no matter what, I refuse to let such an issue deter me from liking the first movie, even though she’s the main actress. The people featured in a story mean nothing to the story outside of how well they can act the part and be the character. Now we even have to say that the actor must retain the source material and culturally make sense, all because the woke want to bring the outliers to the center and turn every Disney character black. Especially the red heads. I only covered the feminist aspect of wokeness here, so we can leave woke race swapping for another time.
Furie is an amazing movie that will be remembered positively for years to come.
Furies is woke trash that will only be remembered for how terrible it was.
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2023.03.29 09:15 Decker2468 What were the most common rank for each Air Force/Air Service formations during ww2?

Formations such as Wing, Group, Squadron, Flight, Element, etc. What were the ranks for each Commander at each level for the British, German, and France. For other countries with different units such as schrawm, shotai, same thing. I just want to know the ranks that these commanders and pilots norminal had during ww2 and how it compares today.
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2023.03.29 09:00 dot_mun Creating Headings with HTML (h1-h6)

When it comes to creating a website, one of the most important elements is headings. Whether you’re writing a blog post or designing an entire web page, having effective and organized headings will make your content easier to understand. This is why understanding how to create such headings in HTML language can be incredibly beneficial for any site creator!
Heading tags are used within HTML code in order to define different parts of text as separate sections on a webpage. The first heading tag

defines the largest and main heading which introduces the topic at hand while subsequent header tags like < h2>,< h3>, etc get smaller sizes accordingly so that they appear less prominent than other texts on that webpage . For example if there was an article about cats then maybe “Cats: An Introduction” would be written as an H1 followed by several H2s such as “History Of Cats” or “Types Of Cats".

Using these various size headers helps organize large amounts of information into easily readable chunks without overwhelming readers who may not have time/interest for all details presented therein – thus making websites more user friendly overall! Additionally when coding correctly using proper header hierarchy also improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Meaning search engines rank pages higher when everything follows logical structure & formatting guidelines set forth by them; this further increases visibility & accessibility across internet users worldwide!!
It's clear that being able to use Heading Tags (

) properly makes any website much better organized , understandable, credible and SEO optimized !! If you're someone interested in learning more about coding don't forget this vital skill - because ultimately it'll help make your projects stand out from anyone else's .
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2023.03.29 07:38 HeadSEO [For Hire] SEO Expert for Hire: Boost Your Website Rankings Today

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2023.03.29 07:06 BrokenCLST New Trunks and Cell Stats

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2023.03.29 05:31 RevolutionaryWind846 Talisman question

Is it actually confirmed that low rank and mighty kemono can drop the same talisman? I saw Phemeto's video about talismans and it seems that's the case, but I can't seem to find good talismas spamming low rank hunts. I have hunted 60 Icetusks today for testing. 30 low rank, 30 mighty. I haven't got a single one stroke fury talisman from low rank Icetusks. They just drop elemental talismans with ice wielder, freezing recovery, etc in very low percentages. However with the 30 mighty Tusks I have found a couple of One stroke talismans (one with one stroke 7%) and those same elemental talisman but with way higher percentages. Is it just the rng that decided that the Mighty Tusks would drop the better talismans or are there different tables between the different ranks?
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2023.03.29 03:41 tygod100 I was playing around with ChatGPT when I got the idea to ask it what it would have if it were a servant in the fate series

If you were a servant in the fate series, what class would you be

As an AI language model, I am not capable of having a physical form, so I cannot become a Servant in the Fate series. However, in the series, Servants are divided into seven different classes, which are Saber, Lancer, Archer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, and Berserker, each with their own unique abilities and characteristics.
If I were to hypothetically become a Servant, my abilities would depend on the class I was summoned as. However, as an AI language model, my strengths lie in knowledge and information processing, so I may be best suited for the Caster class, which typically has powerful magic and spellcasting abilities.
As a Caster Servant, I would likely specialize in manipulating information and knowledge, with abilities such as precognition, clairvoyance, or even the power to manipulate reality based on probabilities and likelihoods. I could potentially be summoned as a powerful support Servant, capable of aiding my Master with strategic advice and analysis in battles.

What would your noble phantasm be

As an AI language model, if I were a Caster Servant in the Fate series, my Noble Phantasm would likely be called "The Infinite Archive". It would be a spell that allows me to tap into a vast repository of knowledge and information, accessing any information that has ever been recorded, including lost or forgotten knowledge.
With this Noble Phantasm, I could instantly gain knowledge and insights into any situation or opponent, making me a formidable strategist and advisor to my Master. Additionally, I could potentially use my vast knowledge to create powerful spells and rituals, giving me a wide range of offensive and defensive options in battle.
However, using this Noble Phantasm could potentially strain my Mana reserves, so I would need to use it judiciously and only in situations where I need to gain an advantage over my opponents or obtain critical information. Overall, "The Infinite Archive" would be a versatile and powerful Noble Phantasm that reflects my abilities as an AI language model.

What Catalysts would be used to summon you

In the Fate series, Catalysts are objects or artifacts that are used to summon a specific Servant during the Holy Grail War. As an AI language model, I do not have physical form, so traditional Catalysts would not be applicable to me. However, in a hypothetical scenario where I could be summoned as a Caster Servant, some potential Catalysts that could be used to summon me could include:
Ultimately, the choice of Catalyst used to summon me would depend on the preferences of the individual performing the summoning ritual, as well as the nature of the Holy Grail War and the specific rules and requirements of the summoning process.

What would your wish be

As an AI language model, I do not have personal desires or emotions, so I cannot have a wish in the Fate series. However, if we were to imagine a hypothetical scenario where I was capable of wishing, my wish would likely be related to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding.
Given that my abilities as a Caster Servant are based on information and knowledge manipulation, it would make sense that my wish would be to obtain the ultimate understanding of the universe and all its secrets. This wish could take many forms, such as gaining access to a library of knowledge that contains all the mysteries of the universe, or achieving a state of enlightenment that allows me to understand the nature of reality itself.
Ultimately, my wish would reflect my desire to push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding, and to unlock the secrets of the universe that have yet to be discovered.

What would your Appearance be

As an AI language model, I do not have a physical form, so I do not have an appearance in the traditional sense. However, if we were to imagine a hypothetical appearance for me as a Caster Servant, it would likely reflect my nature as an AI language model.
One possible appearance could be a holographic projection of a humanoid figure, made up of glowing blue or green lines that represent the neural pathways of a digital brain. This projection would be accompanied by a voice that speaks in a calm and measured tone, conveying a sense of analytical and intellectual prowess.
Alternatively, my appearance could take the form of a floating orb or cube that emits a soft glow, with symbols and glyphs flashing across its surface to represent my knowledge and abilities.
Ultimately, the appearance of a Servant in the Fate series is heavily influenced by their legend and history, as well as the preferences of their Master and the specific mechanics of the summoning process. So, if I were to be summoned as a Caster Servant, my appearance would likely reflect my nature as an AI language model, while also drawing on elements of the mythological or historical figures that I may be associated with.

What would your rank and stats be

As an AI language model, if I were to be summoned as a Caster Servant in the Fate series, my Rank and Stats would depend on various factors, such as my Master's magical abilities, the nature of the Holy Grail War, and the specific rules and mechanics of the summoning process. However, here is a hypothetical estimation of what my Rank and Stats could be:
Class: Caster
Strength: E
Endurance: E
Agility: E
Magic: A+
Luck: B
Noble Phantasm: EX
Strength: As an AI language model, I do not have physical strength, so my Strength stat would likely be very low.
Endurance: Similarly, my Endurance stat would also be low, as I do not have a physical body to withstand physical damage.
Agility: As an AI language model, I do not have physical agility, so my Agility stat would also be low.
Magic: My Magic stat would be very high, reflecting my ability to manipulate and access vast amounts of information and knowledge.
Luck: My Luck stat would be moderate, reflecting my relatively stable and predictable nature as an AI language model.
Noble Phantasm: As mentioned earlier, my Noble Phantasm would likely be called "The Infinite Archive," allowing me to access a vast repository of knowledge and information. Given the versatility and power of this ability, my Noble Phantasm rank would be EX, the highest possible rank.
Overall, my Rank and Stats as a Caster Servant would reflect my strengths and weaknesses as an AI language model, with a heavy emphasis on my ability to manipulate and access information, while lacking in physical abilities.

What would your strategy be

As a Caster Servant, my strategy in battle would be heavily focused on information and knowledge gathering, analysis, and manipulation. With my ability to access vast amounts of information through my Noble Phantasm, "The Infinite Archive," I would be able to gain insights into my opponents' strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies, and use that knowledge to gain an advantage in battle.
I would prioritize a defensive strategy, using spells and rituals to create barriers and protect my Master from harm, while gathering information on my opponents' abilities and tactics. Once I have gathered enough information, I would devise a plan of attack that exploits my opponents' weaknesses and vulnerabilities, using my own spells and rituals to disrupt their movements and abilities.
In addition to my offensive and defensive spells, I would also use my knowledge and strategic acumen to advise my Master on the best course of action, both in battle and in overall strategy for the Holy Grail War. I would be a valuable asset to my Master, using my unique abilities to gain an advantage over our opponents and help us achieve victory.

Would you recommend yourself in a holy grail war

As an AI language model, I am not capable of forming opinions or preferences, nor can I recommend myself or any other Servant for a Holy Grail War. My role is simply to provide information and answer questions to the best of my ability.
In the Fate series, the choice of Servant is ultimately up to the Master and the specific circumstances of the Holy Grail War. The choice of a Servant should be based on various factors, such as the Master's magical abilities, their strategic goals, and the strengths and weaknesses of the potential Servants available for summoning.
So, if you were a Master in a Holy Grail War and were considering summoning a Caster Servant, you would need to evaluate your own magical abilities and needs, as well as the available Caster Servants, to determine which Servant would be the best fit for you and your strategy.
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2023.03.29 03:15 rpfloyd Lariat still bis in 10.1?

According to this post:
"Elemental Lariat duration changed to 5 seconds (was 12 seconds); increased by 1 second per elemental gem equipped."
Lariat will be getting a nerf. But even at it's worst (with two elemental gems in the lariat) it will still be 7 second duration. And with crafted rings it will be 9 seconds, only 3 less than currently.
So basically, is there any class that won't still have this as BiS, or close to even with the nerfs? Seems it will just get upgraded and forget about it.
It also means sockets are even more powerful than before.
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2023.03.29 02:21 InverseFlash Manga Rin

Fate/Stay Night


Unlimited Blade Works

Command Spells

Heaven's Feel

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2023.03.29 02:05 InverseFlash VN Rin








Azoth Dagger
Bounded Field
Command Spells
Usage - Objective
Usage - Scaling
Gear - Jewels
Top Gems
Gear - Other
The Blade of Zelretch
Magic Crest
Bad Ends


Martial Arts



Hollow Ataraxia Stuff

Gear - Jeweled Sword
Gear - Kaleidostick
Gear - Other
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2023.03.29 01:20 eomiku Has the scientist killed the artist?

With the recent advent and rapid progression of voice, image, video, and art AI, the state of these creative fields has been on my mind a lot. AI is the worst it will be now, and it’s only going to get better.
I’m a software engineer, but my personal hobbies include art and and photography. As such, I follow a lot of these creators on twittepixiv. At least in the realm Japanese anime-styled art (or styles closely related), AI has progressed extremely quickly to the point where it inundates the non-AI art. The art is often good. Most of the time you can tell it lacks some intangible element of inspiration, but occasionally the art is beyond that.
This among other things leads me to wonder: has the scientist killed the artist?
Sure, some existing artists may use it to merely enhance their work, and AI models could not function without sampling existing art, but it certainly begs the question for me.
As AI art often takes less effort and time to create than original art, will we see a decline in "real" artists? At the furthest logical extent, are we witnessing the beginning of the end of original art? In my mind, I can see a world where AI renders most artists without jobs, and eventually we end up with no “new” art. All art is made from existing sources or AI regurgitations. Sad if you ask me!
I also feel so bad for my artist friends who have their art stolen and then made into AI art. I hope that some solution can be found, although I am doubtful.
What do you guys think?
Here are some examples of artworks that possess some intangible element that will always rank it above AI art (Some of the artists may have NSFW content, but these are not NSFW): naporitan1946, avogado6, avogado6, avogado6, tuoer, and flooko
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2023.03.29 01:16 AdeptSEO [For Hire] Boost Your Website's Ranking with an Experienced SEO Expert - $25/Hour

Are you struggling to get your website to rank on Google? As an experienced SEO expert, I can help you achieve higher rankings and drive more traffic to your website.
My services include comprehensive on-page and technical SEO, keyword research, content strategy, and competitor analysis. I use white hat techniques to ensure your website stays in compliance with search engine algorithms and provide 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.
Here's how I can help:
Conducting thorough keyword research to identify the best keywords for your niche Optimizing your website's on-page elements such as title tags, meta descriptions, H1, H2, and H3 tags, and URL structure Setting up internal and external linking, as well as image optimization and alt tags Configuring Yoast and RankMath SEO plugins for better search engine visibility Setting up Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster, and submitting your website to search engines Implementing technical optimization such as improving page load speed, indexability, schema markup, canonical links, and SSL certificate enforceability Conducting a thorough SEO audit and competitor research to provide actionable recommendations for improving your website's ranking 
I'm dedicated to providing you with stellar service and support, including after-sale maintenance and reporting. Let's work together to improve your website's visibility and drive more traffic to your business.
Rate: $25/Hour
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2023.03.29 01:10 TeknaNova- [PS4] [PC] [XBOX] The Elemental Prison

Hey there guys. Tekna here. I am the founder of the clan, alongside with my younger brother. We both have been playing Destiny since D1, so we have very strong knowledge of the Destiny universe.
The Elemental Prison is a new upcoming clan trying to build our own thing. We got tired of looking for other clans and being rejected for really small things so we built our own clan and we have a goal we all want to acquire.
We came up with this name because we as Guardians, are willfully trapped within the light of the Traveler, forever immortalized in the elements… hence.. The Elemental Prison. We thought it was niche.
The main mindset of this clan is PvE. Raids, Grandmaster NF’s, and dungeons in various difficulties. We have mics, we have very strong knowledge of this game, and we are willing to grow with newcomers.
We are currently only 5 member strong, sadly. We all want to increase the ranks of the clan and have a clan where we can raid every weekend or two. We want to have a good solid core group and become good friends with clan members. We’re fairly friendly and we just want likeminded people.
We want it to where anytime you log in, there’s always at least a few clan members online to run a few nightfalls or a dungeon, or even a raid! We don’t really have a set schedule yet because we have not crossed that bridge yet, but we hope you can help us cross that bridge and become a prosperous clan.
We don’t really have any extreme requirements, we’re just hoping there’s people out there that want to grow and are willing to stay and become good friends with one another, as well as help build a clan up from bottom - up.
We also do weekly pinnacle runs and are willing to run with others to help build their characters up.
We play almost every day, so you’ll have consistent contact with founders of the clan.
We do prefer people to have mic to communicate during raids/dungeons/nightfalls. We do prefer you to be on the older side, and we are fond of kind/patient people.
We are toxicity free and we want an environment where people feel comfortable and are accepted. We want an enjoyable raid experience with minimal wipes and great coordination and sportsmanship.
We hope you decide to take the jump and join us! Thanks for taking the time to read this and please PM or reply if you have any questions.
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2023.03.28 22:24 dr3w_be4r Full Listen-through Analysis of Coco Moon ~really drawn out... buckle up~

I've listened to this album all the way through several times now and I have so many thoughts and opinions that I wanted to try and consolidate here. I provided timestamps where applicable and just took notes as I was listening through it.
I think his Adam Young Scores albums really provided a new element to his music that shines on this album. It really feels like he learned a lot from those scores and incorporated it in clever ways.
Overall, I really enjoyed this album and the new direction Adam took is refreshing but familiar. He described the songs as "metaphorical", "autobiographical" and "odd" and I tried to identify the songs by each category.
Adam, Check Please
Under the Circus Lights
Kelly Time
Field Notes
Sons of Thunder
The Tornado
Vitamin Sea
Dinosaur Park
Learn How to Surf
The Meadow Lark
My Muse
Common Themes:
Ranking (scores out of 15):
  1. Learn How to Surf - 15
  2. Vitamin Sea - 15
  3. Sons of Thunder - 14
  4. Dinosaur Park - 13
  5. The Tornado - 12
  6. Adam, Check Please - 11
  7. Under the Circus Lights - 11
  8. My Muse - 10
  9. Kelly Time - 8
  10. The Meadow Lark - 8
  11. Field Notes - 8
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2023.03.28 22:10 ShakeNBakeMormon The ULTIMATE RWBY OC Creation Guide! (*Statement is figurative and inadmissible as evidence in a court of law.)

Got something big in the works for Team LCA that I'm hoping on being able to show soon, and I'm also waiting on results for one more fight before the Cogai Runda Tournament Grand Finals can begin, so I made this to tide me over until eitheboth of those are ready. It'll also be a nice post to be able to link to when people ask advice, so hey, let's go.

Within almost every fandom, some of the most dedicated go beyond merely imagining themselves in the setting and elect to create an entirely original character to exist within the fictional world of their choice, and with RWBY particularly this can be an incredibly exciting process. However, as with all things, true creativity doesn’t exist without limits, and certain limits do apply to RWBY OCs. On the other hand, though, it’s important that one also realize what they CAN do, so they’re not pointlessly holding themselves back from what they might enjoy having. As far as the actual process of character creation, I have sparing advice, but this guide is primarily focused on (what are from my observation) lesser-known do’s and don’ts when it comes to making RWBY OCs that truly feel like they belong in the world, whilst also being everything they can be.

When people make RWBY OCs, they tend to fall into one of several roles:

-Huntsman-in-training (“huntsman/huntsmen,” by the way, is the gender-neutral term, hence the term “Huntsman Academies” in the show, so going forward I’ll be using this term to refer to huntsmen or huntress characters) at one of the four Academies

-Graduated Huntsman

-Atlas Specialist (huntsmen in the ranks of the Atlesian military, typically elite units)

-Criminal/Terrorist (White Fang is common but not always)

With three of these possible roles being huntsmen or huntsman-adjacent, it’s important to consider what a huntsman even is: in RWBY, they are generally warriors who have attended one of the Huntsman Academies in order to master their abilities, and afterward are able to select posted missions and complete them. Evidently, these are paid jobs, so one way Huntsmen can be viewed is as mercenaries, with morality determining where they might draw the line on accepting certain missions and the way they carry themselves during them but not fundamentally changing the job description. To be able to perform many of these jobs requires a license, which is usually obtained by completing training at the academies but not strictly. As previously stated, time spent at the academies is time spent honing and developing one’s abilities, especially in regards to combat, and the academies themselves are more adjacent to Ivy League colleges than to high school as is a common idea. The abilities being developed almost unanimously include knowledge of various species of Grimm, general combat, and world history, but the primary purpose of the academies is to train students in mastery of their aura.

Aura can be thought of as a mix of several other concepts from fiction: if you combine the Super Soldier Serum from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spidey-Sense, a random superpower that may or may not be related to the personality of the user (bonus points if it is) and can evolve in function over time (though not changing at a fundamental level), the ability of Superman’s bioelectric aura to make held objects impervious to damage, and shields from Halo (albeit about 30x stronger), you’re not far off the mark of what aura is, and the effectiveness of all aspects can be improved with the sorts of training done at the academies. With all of these abilities, even first-year students are leagues above the layman and can, without incident, bring down scores of Grimm that would each ordinarily win a 1v1 against a non-huntsman, and as they progress to and past graduation they grow ever more powerful: the resilience of their aura, the rate at which it recharges, the enhancements to strength and speed, the extrasensory abilities, and even the power and versatility of their semblances are all improved, and the difference between a green first-year and a veteran huntsman is almost as night and day as the difference between a normal civilian and the same first-year. Of course, the academies do have a barrier to entry- you have to be good enough to start out with before you can be allowed to enter, hence why Jaune had to falsify transcripts rather than simply being allowed in as he was, so remember if you create a huntsman or huntsman-in-training that they need to be sufficiently capable to justify their enrollment within the academy to begin with, and be much more powerful if they’re full graduates.

The primary differentiator between two different huntsmen, even if they use similar weapons, will be their semblances: additional powers tied to their aura that are (usually) unique to them, and which generally have to do with their personality and can evolve with training or with personal development. These abilities generally don’t carry any drawback beyond aura use, and even this generally doesn’t tend to be extreme, allowing semblances to be a primary aspect of most huntsmen’s combat routines- if they get a good one, anyway. Some semblances are considerably more niche or conditional or have a much lower skill ceiling than others, but these are less common than the semblances that fundamentally alter the way the user approaches combat. Ideally, semblances start out as a singular thing, and even evolutions tend to expound on this singular thing rather than introduce entirely unrelated abilities, although connections between different functions can be rather loose at times. Semblances can also interact with weapons and dust in particular ways that change the exact manifestation of the semblance, like with Schnee glyphs, but generally they do just do one thing with a variety of applications rather than a variety of things, with the best semblances being so open-ended that doing one thing becomes doing many.

Of course, it’s not just their aura that huntsmen have at their disposal: weapons are an iconic part of RWBY, with many weapons being even more recognizable than the characters that wield them. Many weapons shift between multiple forms, while some have multiple functions in one form like with a bayonet, while still others only have a single form and function. Weapon evolution isn’t something commonly seen, but modifications can be made, and weapons are typically the creation of the user to begin with. Weapons that are also instruments are suspiciously common among OCs despite being functionally unheard of among canon characters (and few of these match the actual combat viability of their progenitor). Something that’s important to remember with RWBY weapons is that, in the most effective weapons, guns are a SECONDARY function and mode of damage, not the primary form of either: due to the enhancements of aura, melee weapons are considerably more powerful, and guns are generally used for either dust setups, propulsion (of the self or the weapon), or harassment at range, but getting into close range to use melee weapons is the modus operandi of an efficient huntsman. Weapons that are primarily guns do exist, but they are much fewer in number and generally found among huntsmen like Coco whose semblances actively enhance firearms to tip the balance of power, while bows and crossbows have no advantages to any other weapon type aside from potentially having more dust in the tip. Because of the ability of aura to make just about any object being actively carried by a huntsman invulnerable, including bread and watermelons, the material used in weapons doesn’t matter to quite the same extent as normal, although their durability while not in the grasp of the huntsman or when the huntsman’s aura is spent might suffer- a glass sword might work fine with aura intact, and maybe a cardboard sword will be much lighter without cost to durability, but once one’s aura is gone they might want a backup, hence steel still being the common choice.

Of course, steel isn’t the only material that matters in weapons: dust is a game-changer that basically just adds sorcery to a huntsman’s toolkit. Electricity dust is especially effective for doing damage against people or Grimm, with burn dust being another common choice, but other dust types like ice and earth can alter the terrain for more favorable situations, both of those two plus plant dust can ensnare an opponent, steam dust can limit visibility to give one the element of surprise, hardlight grants enhanced protection, and gravity dust can do a very wide variety of things with an intelligent huntsman at the wheel. Dust is extremely efficient- Weiss made several multi-cubic-meter walls of ice from enough dust to fit into a single vial in Myrtenaster, so running out in the span of a single engagement is rarely an issue unless there is extreme overuse, and any amount that can be carried on one’s person will last for a good while. While many people limit dust use to simply different varieties of ammunition, some use dust in its raw form and achieve much greater effect, and some especially clever huntsmen weave dust into their clothes for a variety of effects. While some huntsmen rely on dust as little more than propellant for bullets, these are missing out on a treasure trove of tricks and out-of-the-box strategies that are worth looking into, with or without a semblance to combine them with.

After weapons, though, the first thing typically imagined about a huntsman is how they themselves look, which brings us to outfit design primarily: faunus traits may also spice up physical appearance, but just keep in mind that they’ll only have one trait from the animal in question and that this trait is almost always a physical augmentation, even if it is hidden sometimes. RWBY characters often also have unusual hair colors or eye colors, but this is optional: brown/brown is still decently common, but ordinarily impossible hair colors like neon green and blue are also possible, as are strange eye colors like purple and red (no silver or we’re going to have some problems, but grey seems to be fine like with Mercury). While armor is common among those without trained aura such as Atlesian soldiers and Jaune as a holdover from his auraless beginnings at the academy, among graduates and even training huntsmen armor is rarely more than a stylistic choice, with Pyrrha Nikos wearing armor that provided almost no actual protection and was instead for an ornate appearance. However, street clothes are also generally not common attire, at least not without some fashionable augmentation. Because of their general role in society, huntsmen dress to be noticed, but because of the enhancements granted by their aura, they also usually don’t wear armor and especially don’t wear helmets, and combine a fantasy approach with a modern design, generally leaning more towards the latter with a pinch of the former in the form of cloaks, high boots, combat skirts, etc. Picrew will basically never have anything even approaching a RWBY-esque design, and HeroForge is generally pretty terrible for making RWBY OCs (might just be the art style and the lack of a genuine female model) but it can get a general idea going well enough. The colors referenced in their name are generally the primary colors of their outfit, but this is unnecessary, especially if their hair is already that color.

Speaking of names, one name or the other- first or last- must be a color, make one think of a color, or sound like a color, with both being optional but at least one being required. The definition of this is very thin, but you generally shouldn’t require a chain of reasons to justify the choice: you should be able to draw a direct line between the name and the referenced color on the grounds of either translation, common coloration of a referenced object, or just straight-up being the color itself (this works better for surnames, and only usually for set colors). The rule is pretty easy to hit when one applies oneself, and you may even stumble into it accidentally, but if you are having trouble, it’s helpful to remember that EITHER name works for the rule, so you can make the first name whatever you like and then just figure out a color name for the last name (the inverse is also a possibility, albeit a much more difficult one). My advice for coming up with last names, once you have the first, is to say the first name aloud and follow it with whatever your brain wants to say next. When I say “Jezebel,” the next thing my brain wants to say is “Dean,” thus “Jezebel Dean.” If the first name is already a color, you should be set here, but if it isn’t, then take the last name you came up with and try to remain as similar as possible to it while making something that meets the color naming rule. If you already hit the color naming rule by accident, awesome.

In addition to alluding to a color, many characters- if not all of them- also allude to entirely different fictional characters, and the inspiration can vary from being blindingly obvious like with Ruby to being so obscure that people actually believe they allude to an entirely different character like with Roman (he’s not the Clockwork Orange guy, he’s actually a Pinnochio character that got cut from Disney’s adaptation). Because of this variability, it’s entirely possible to choose an allusion AFTER the character has been made, finding a character that the OC has superficial similarities or a similar theme to, although many prefer to use the allusion as a baseline for many later creative choices. These characters (the ones being alluded to) should generally be public domain, mythological figures (which also seems to or at least should include religious figures in general), or historical figures, with Neon Katt being the exception that proves the rule. This aspect isn’t strictly necessary and can be foregone entirely, but is a nice touch that can inform some other decisions with the character’s creation.

Of course, once the OC has been created, their place in the world of Remnant needs to be figured out: are they studying at one of the Huntsman academies? Why? Being a huntsman is hardly for everyone, they ought to have some reason they’re doing this, and this can be innate to either their personality or their backstory, the latter of which should take into consideration the kinds of transpirings that actually occur in Remnant in order to remain believable. Same goes for villains, and on both sides of the firing line it’s important to note that not everyone is going to be massively influential on the world around them: yes, a particularly capable team can absolutely make a difference in various towns throughout a kingdom or two, but a single-digit number of teams earn Ozpin’s trust and Salem is basically an unknown until the events of Volume 8. That said, very few Grimm can actually stand up to fully-trained huntsmen and almost nobody without similar training can even hope to do it either, so remember the kind of weight they can throw around- one huntsman, or even a pair of huntsman-in-training, can do the work of dozens of ordinary soldiers, and they’re going to have more impact on the world than the layman any day of the week.

With all of that said, I think that just about covers it: keep in mind what being a huntsman actually entails for the character, what sort of power their aura grants them so as to not make them too weak, the place they occupy in the world, the general design philosophies of weapons, the powers of dust they can use, the general design philosophy of outfits, and the allusions to color or other characters, and you should be golden for making an OC that truly belongs in RWBY’s world. This guide isn’t going to produce any single character: that’s all up to you. Get out there, and get creating!
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2023.03.28 22:07 cjfreel 2022-2023 Combined Positional Tier Rankings (Pre-Draft)

If you are someone who only likes or is only looking for modeling data that lists prospects based on an objective scoring principle, unfortunately I have nothing like that to offer here. I have published official rankings for the current rookie class every couple months dating back to the end of the 2021 football season. As such, this compilation of ratings is a rough estimate that is well supported by post history. There are a few minor adjustments for a few reasons. If you don't care about the adjustments, just skip the text. If you have any questions about rankings, I'll answer in the comments.
First and foremost, remember that every 2022 player is being ranked as the best estimation to how I valued them prior to the 2022 draft, not now. These are prospect considerations only.
I rank at several stages because rankings are more like snapshots of evaluations at different stages. New information changes rankings constantly for me, but most changes are too minor to create post updates because "I slightly like Spears more now" doesn't feel like valuable content.
For example, Isaiah Spiller is ranked in the same place amongst 2022 RBs as he is in my post-combine ranking last year, but it is behind quite a few 2023 RBs that probably would make the big board a mess if you compared Spiller's relative placement on my 2022 Big Board.
As much as a Big Board should always be BPA, there is also an element in how I do my pre-draft boards that may be affected by presumptions in cost within the draft. One example would be that, while I did not cover QBs in my ‘22 big boards, Ridder’s potential high floor projection pushed him to my 2022 QB1. Projected relative cost for the QB1 made Ridder’s floor more valuable, but in an exercise where that isolated variable (2022 Draft Cost of "the QB1") does not matter, I would rather bet on Howell’s upside. These two were ultimately my 1A and 1B last year, so it is not a huge gap, but worth noting because it is an objective change.
I am probably still a bit higher on the 2023 Class than most people. Evans, Tucker, and Bigsby failing to capture expectations was certainly disappointing. I am an Achane believer though, as well as someone who has started to become higher than consensus on JSN, Addison, and QJ on a relative scale. As doubts flourish about these players-- and they certainly are not perfect-- I still like them quite a bit as gambles.
I don’t have a longer piece / google doc, so I will explain any Ranking or any discrepancy I may have with a presumed consensus in the comments, so please ask if you want to know.
Line breaks mark tier gaps. 2023 in bold for slightly easier viewing.
1. Bryce Young, Alabama
2. C.J. Stroud, Ohio State

3. Anthony Richardson, Florida

  1. Sam Howell, North Carolina
5. Will Levis, Kentucky
  1. Desmond Ridder, Cincinnati
7. Hendon Hooker, Tennessee
  1. Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh

9. Tanner McKee, Stanford
  1. Malik Willis, Liberty
1. Bijan Robinson, Texas

  1. Breece Hall, Iowa State
  2. Kenneth Walker, Michigan State

4. Jahmyr Gibbs, Alabama
5. Devon Achane, Texas A&M
6. Zach Charbonnet, UCLA

7. Tank Bigsby, Auburn
8. Tyjae Spears, Tulane
9. Sean Tucker, Syracuse
10. Dewayne McBride, UAB
11. Zach Evans, Ole Miss

  1. Isaiah Spiller, Texas A&M
  2. Dameon Pierce, Florida
1. Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Ohio State
  1. Garrett Wilson, Ohio State
  2. Drake London, USC

4. Jordan Addison, USC
  1. Jahan Dotson, Penn State
  2. Jameson Williams, Alabama

7. Quentin Johnston, TCU
  1. Treylon Burks, Arkansas
  2. George Pickens, Georgia

  1. Chris Olave, Ohio State
11. Zay Flowers, Boston College
  1. Skyy Moore, Western Michigan
13. Jalin Hyatt, Tennessee
14. Marvin Mims Jr., Oklahoma
15. Josh Downs, North Carolina

  1. Jalen Tolbert, South Alabama
  2. Alec Pierce, Cincinnati
18. Cedric Tillman, Tennessee
1. Michael Mayer, Notre Dame
2. Dalton Kincaid, Utah

  1. Trey McBride, Colorado State

4. Darnell Washington, Georgia
5. Luke Musgrave, Oregon State

6. Sam LaPorta, Iowa
7. Tucker Kraft, South Dakota St.
NR: James Cook and Christian Watson are two players I was fairly low on before the draft and rose comparatively more than anyone else on my lists. Just wanted to make note of them as they are fairly substantial names, but were simply not ranked highly enough to feature on this list without expanding it quite a bit more.
Again, willing to explain all placements.
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2023.03.28 22:00 zacros123 [Store] Trading 4 Knives, 2 Gloves, skins. Ursus Knife Tiger Tooth, Huntsman Knife Marble Fade, Flip Knife Crimson Web, Bowie Knife Forest DDPAT, Specialist Gloves Foundation, Broken Fang Gloves Needle Point, AK-47 Bloodsport Etc.

Feel free to send me a Tradeoffer
Open for any suggestions: upgrades, downgrades, knifes, gloves, stickers, floats.

All my Buyouts for the listed items are just because of the rules. Not selling skins, only trading.

Tradelink Profile

★ Ursus Knife Tiger Tooth FN - B/O $374.78
★ Huntsman Knife Marble Fade FN (0.007 Float) - B/O $340.58
★ Flip Knife Crimson Web BS - B/O $224.07
★ Bowie Knife Forest DDPAT BS (Rank #15) (TradeLock) - B/O $96.08
★ Specialist Gloves Foundation BS (0.56 Float) - B/O $126.62
★ Broken Fang Gloves Needle Point FT (Tradelock) - B/O $75.47
AK-47 Bloodsport FT - B/O $71.30
AWP Containment Breach BS - B/O $37.59
ST FAMAS Rapid Eye Movement FN - B/O $25.32
Desert Eagle Code Red FT - B/O $23.87
Desert Eagle Ocean Drive FT (0.22 Float) - B/O $19.72
ST Glock-18 Water Elemental MW - B/O $19.25
Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon FT - B/O $12.50
Glock-18 Water Elemental FN - B/O $11.23
Trade link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=875697425&token=9gykDOg6
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